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Karl Sutherland And The Enemy Of The Sun by Karlos Montana

Format: Novella
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 741
Status: Abandoned

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Violence

Genres: Action
Characters: Draco, Hermione, Ron

First Published: 07/25/2004
Last Chapter: 07/25/2004
Last Updated: 07/25/2004

Involves secrets, prophecies, action adventure, death, violence and much more. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: Prologue: Filling In The Gaps
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A boy with a scar on his face was squaring up to a tall, very pale man, with long fingers. A body of a very old man on the floor. His half-moon spectacles cracked he was wearing were cracked and he looked dead, yes he was definitely dead. The two living people were carrying what almost looked like, but no that was silly, not wands, magic didn’t really exist. Beams of light were erupting from these objects. Both people were being hit straight onwards by these beams of light. The tall man looked outraged and in very much pain, where as the boy looked calm, almost hero like. From behind two people were watching, unable to stop what was going on. One was a tall scruffy looking boy with messy, long ginger hair. The other was a girl with wavy dirty blonde hair. She was not exactly beautiful, but had an odd, modest beauty to her, which made her seem like a nice person.
The beams had been around for a couple of minutes now and the two figures looked weary. Finally something happened to the tall man. Something shiny and ghost like was torn from his body. The body dropped lifelessly to the floor. The shiny ghost like thing was flying all over the place, looking for somewhere to escape. The boy with the scar raised his object again and pointed it at the shiny ghost. He muttered a couple of words beginning with “A” and “K” respectively and then the shiny object seemed to erupt. It twirled around in the air for a while, almost mesmerizing, then disappeared. With this the boy dropped to the ground and the invisible barrier separating the boy with the other two was now broken and they came over to him. The boy and the girl began to cry and it became evident that this hero-like boy, with a scar, had died.
Then the scene changed suddenly, it was now focused in some kind of huge hall with a lot of children with uniform in. It was obviously a school. An old lady with funny robes and a strange hat was being given something, which had the words “HEADMISTRESS” written on it. Once again the scene passed on and it was the scene of happiness yet some kind of sadness was lingering in everyone. After a few seconds the scene became clear and was portrayed to be a wedding. The bride and groom where strangely familiar, they were the surviving boy and girl from before the tall ginger boy and the subtly pretty dirty blonde haired girl.
The wedding then blurred and a new scene was presented. This scene was much more vivid then the last ones, it seemed so much more real. And in this scene was a strangely familiar black haired boy with olive skin. It was himself. This part was new. It hadn’t come to him before. He was in a dark, dank, foul smelling room, which was lit only by dim candles. Then he screamed. How could he not with what he was facing. For what he saw was almost human but not quite. It was in the shape of a tall man, very pale, but that wasn’t what bothered him. For protruding out of his snout like mouth were huge fangs, were his teeth should have been. The figure moved towards him. He tried to run but found himself ground to the spot. The figure drew closer and closer and then his fangs moved downwards and where about to pierce his skin… and then Karl Sutherland woke up.
He had been screaming and was absolutely drenched in sweat. Karl Sutherland had been having the same reoccurring dream for several weeks but never before had he dreamed that last bit. He had no idea who all these strange people where, but he had an odd feeling he would soon found out. He knew it seemed ridiculous but he couldn’t help it. For now however his world was normal, he was reasonably happy and he hoped it would stay that way, but as he settled down back to sleep something told him that the world he was in now was fake and he was yet to discover the real world.
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