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Painful Memories by GreyGranian

Format: Short story
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,211
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence,

Genres: Angst, Mystery
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Remus Lupin, Ron, Snape, Fred/George

First Published: 07/21/2004
Last Chapter: 07/21/2004
Last Updated: 07/21/2004

A werewolf story , and a story about the children of the Harry Potter characters. Please read and rewiew, or else I wont continue writing it.

Chapter 1: Chapter one: Werewolf
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Chapter one: Werewolf

The darkness lowered itself over the eerie woods. Distant cawing was heard, bouncing against the trees and echoing. A faint mist covered the ground. The trees rose darkly against the sky, towering above a little black heap on the ground. The bundle moved a little, causing several large magpies to take off from a nearby tree. The “bundle” groaned and stirred a little, shifting uncomfortably on the ground. With a small shriek the creature raised itself from the ground.

Melody looked around with a frightful expression on her face. She stared at the intimidating trees and searched with her eyes for any signs of human life. She saw nothing except for trees, mist and a piece of the cloudy sky. “Great, she thought for herself. What am I now going to do? I’m stranded in the middle of a censoreding forest with no idea how I got here.” She sighed deeply and brushed some twigs from her robes with a annoyed wave. Then she noticed the state of her hair, and tried desperately to brush it with her fingers. It was no use. Her beautiful golden hair was so messed up that her fingers just got stuck.

“Great, she thought darkly. I’m probably going to die all alone and friendless in the middle of this damned forest.” This was not the first time Melody had found herself in strange places, so she started to get used to this kind of stuff. But really, enough is enough. She is in the middle of a forest for heavens sake! And everything is that wolfs fault.

It happened four months ago. Melody had been outside the house, playing with her broomstick when the wolf had appeared out of the woods. Melody had seen it, and immediately understood what it was. A werewolf. She had tried to run into safety, but the wolf had caught up with her and bitten her in her leg. She remembered the pain, but after that there’s a huge black hole in her memory. She only have a few foggy memories of trees, more trees and villages, dark dangers and blood.

She buried her head in her arms and looked around again with the beginnings of panic. “Where the hell am I? Help! Can’t someone help me?” She screamed in panic, letting go of all her fear and desperation. Painful memories flashed in her head: her Dad, smiling and beaming at her, the wolf, growling, her transformation, the dark that followed her, her friends at Hogwarts, laughing and her mum, looking sadly at her.

censored, I want to return!” she shrieked out loud, running through the forest, branches whipping her across her face, tears streaming down her chins. Suddenly a voice sounded behind her, a cold, drawling voice.

“Where do you think you’re going, werewolf? sneered the voice of Draco Malfoy.

Melody whirled around and stared at the cold grey eyed auror. Her heart bumped in her chest and she was on the verge of tears when she saw his wand, pointing directly at her heart.

“I…I don’t know what you mean,” she whispered anxiously.

“Oh don’t you try that with me girl, you know very well what I mean,” he snarled coldly. “Running away like that, you almost scared the hell out of your father.”

“I…I didn’t mean to…” Melody said, bowing her head.

Draco Malfoy shrugged and lowered his wand a little. Then he pointed it straight up at the sky and sent red sparks over the treetops. There was many cracking sounds as the rest of the searchers Apparated to him. Melody looked miserably at one of the searchers, and bowed her head even more.

“I didn’t mean to run away Dad…” she whispered.

Severus Snape rushed forwards and pulled her into a deep hug. Melody sobbed miserably at his shoulder while he patted her on her back.

“Calm down Melody, it’s all right…Calm down”

In a few minutes Melody had stopped crying and when Severus stopped hugging her he noticed that she had gone off to sleep. With a small and grateful nod towards Draco he picked her up in his arms and carried her away through the woods.

The first thing Melody noticed when she woke up was that she was lying in a very comfortable bed. She opened her eyes with a small sigh and noticed her father on a chair beside the bed. A strange odour reached her extra sensitive nostrils and she scanned the surroundings carefully. Everything seemed clean and pure. “No…she thought for herself. I’m in St Mungos!” Desperately she tried to rise from the bed, but her father stirred and gave her a very sour look.

“Stay in bed, dear.” he said sleepily. “You aren’t supposed to go off wandering just yet.” A Ministry member is on the way to register you and discuss the facts of your…illness.”

Melody looked in chock at her father. “A Ministry member? Register?” she thought with slight panic. Severus noticed the look of chock on his daughters face and felt a twinge of guilt. If he only had kept better watch over her so that none of this would have happened.

Melody gazed at her bedside table and was surprised when she found it packed with sweets and flowers. Severus followed her gaze and saw her astounded look.

“Those are from all your friends and admirers, “ he said with a slight scowl. “You’ve been missed you know, everyone has been worried since you didn’t turn up at Hogwarts after the summer holidays. How could you even think of running away!”

Melody stared open mouthed at the items, but as her father spoke anger stirred inside her.

“I’m a WEREWOLF! I’m a censoreding WEREWOLF! Why would anyone bother about me!” she said with a snarl that reminded strongly of her father.

Severus face darkened at his daughters words, and his fingers closed hard around her wrist. Melody whimpered of pain.

“Don’t you dare say that none cares! They all care, I care! I was so worried when you ran away, everyone thought you were dead until the werewolf came and confessed what he’d done! We have searched for you for months! Don’t you dare say that!”

He was scowling furiously at his teenage daughter, rage written in every line of his face. Melody looked at her Dad for a while, then she bowed her head, tears streaming down her face. Severus Snape softened when he saw her sadness, and with a sigh he draw her in a tight hug.

“Don’t you ever scare me like that, never again…”

“No Dad, I promise I won’t…” Melody whispered back through her tears.