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Fairies on the Wind by poprockzwitch14

Format: Novel
Chapters: 28
Word Count: 55,267

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Action, Humor, General, Mystery, Drama
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Voldemort, Fred/George

First Published: 07/11/2004
Last Chapter: 11/20/2004
Last Updated: 11/20/2004

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Come with me, and discover your deepest fears... When Jessica Mauring first discovers an unusual talent, she is disturbed. But as the years go by and secrets about her are revealed, she realizes her gift is needed to save the lives of her friends, even if it costs Jessica her own.

Chapter 1: Uncovering the Truth
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Chapter 1: Uncovering the Truth

The window that looked over her backyard showed a pleasant view. There was a family, obviously enjoying each other’s company. They had food set out on a table, a little inflatable pool, a volleyball net, basketball hoop, and many other fun things to do. The family had a mom and a dad, two sons and three daughters. But one of the daughter’s was inside her room, looking down on the party rather than being there.

Jessica felt like she didn’t belong to that family, not really. She was different then them, then everyone in the entire world. If one wanted to label her, she supposed that she would be a witch, but she was different from the rest of the witches and wizards out there. She had known for five years about the other world, where they used wands and had big castles used as schools and even had the threat of some serious evil and a war. But that was not her world. She didn’t own a wand, and only knew about them because of her visions.

Her visions were what separated her from everyone else, muggles and wizards alike. Since she was eleven years old, she was able to touch someone and get flashbacks of their past. She would see them as they grew up, know every fight they had had with their parents and which teachers they loved and hated. People were able to tell that something was different about her, but some still ended up being her friend. That all changed one day when she was foolish enough to confide in her then-best friend. She told her everything, about her visions, and about how she was starting to be able to move small objects with a wave of her hand. The girl didn’t believe her, but then after Jessica told the girl what had happened in the girl’s past and moved things for her, she became scared. The next day at school everyone treated her differently. They would avoid looking directly at her and not one of her friends sat by her at lunchtime. Jessica then decided to tell her parents to see if they could do something.

Her parents were as skeptical as the best friend, but Jessica again moved things for them. But they had the complete opposite reaction of her friend. They were excited and said that they were pleased about having a witch in the family. They were overly nice to her, which was a surprise to Jessica, as they usually yelled at her more than the rest of her brothers and sisters. But it all became clear one day: her father told her of an exciting new lab which tested on people with “abnormal” powers, as he had put it. She was suspicious, but her father continued to tell her it was just a good way to find out more about her and for the family to learn along with her.

Jessica had believed him up until the point when she accidentally touched his hand at dinner the night before she was supposed to leave for the testing. She had more recent flashbacks, and one of them included him talking to the owner of the lab. She heard Dr. Forkes tell her dad that he would be rewarded with a large sum of money if he lent Jessica for some testing. When her dad asked what it was about, Dr. Forkes said that recently there have been complaints about people with “strange talents”. He, Dr. Forkes, wanted to research this more carefully. He had said that sometimes the kids might not be able to come back home though. But when he handed her dad a piece of paper with a number on it, when Jessica saw how much she was being sold for, the image faded. She was back at the dinner table, with her father looking at her the same way he always did. There was nothing on his face to show he regretted, even the littlest bit, for sending her away, perhaps permanently.

She had never been so angry. With one swoop of her hand, the table and all the plates and silverware went flying. A thrust of her hand and her dad was sprawled out on his back, gasping for breath. The rest of her family was too surprised and frightened to do anything. She confronted him, moving objects at him until he finally confessed. Her mother then tried to step in, but Jessica glared at her, willing with all her might for her mother to stop talking. And she did. She would move her mouth, but no sound came out. Jessica had a new power, one that worked from her eyes. She turned back to her father, finding a knife and holding it inches away from his chest. She made sure he heard her, inside his head. She inscribed the words inside him, inside his brain, so he would always remember: ‘I could do it, with a twist of my hand, so easily you would be dead. But killing you is something that would not make me happy. No, I think I can make you regret your decision more then you would if I just outright killed you.’ She let the knife fall harmlessly on top of him and ran up to her room, locking the door and never seeing her family again.

She sat alone in her room for four years, constantly wondering how to get revenge on the family she thought had loved her. Not until she was 15 did she find another power, one that would be far more helpful than the ones she already possessed. By a lucky chance one day around the end of May or early June, she had woken up early and saw an owl flying outside her window. What was strange about the owl was that it seemed to be carrying something on its leg. She stared at it and willed it to come to her window, and it did. She took what looked like an ordinary newspaper and glanced at the front page. She saw the headline only for a second-‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-Returns’- before she was shuttled into images.

She saw a little boy staring up at a grown wizard with a wand. Jessica could tell he was evil, she could feel it radiating off him. Next thing she knew there was a flash of green light and the evil wizard was gone, a high pitched moaning scream filling the air. Next, a boy with black hair holding onto a red stone while a man with a face on both sides attacked him. The boy plunging a sword into a huge serpent’s mouth. Fighting dementors, holding another teen boy’s arm and summoning a gold trophy from the distance. Finally she saw the same evil wizard that had disappeared so many years ago, fighting an old wizard with very long hair, and the black-haired boy watching behind a statue.

She came out of the visions only for a second, just in time to register the names of people and places. The evil wizard was named Voldemort, the black-haired boy was Harry Potter, and the good wizard with long hair had the name of Albus Dumbledore. As soon as her brain told her about Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she was off.

She was following Voldemort around, watching him converse with people called Death Eaters. Heard them talk about terrible things, about the Harry Potter boy and Dumbledore. Flashed over to Harry and Dumbledore and a dozen other people in a very dark, musty home. She gathered that this was a secret society called The Order of the Phoenix, and they were busy fighting the Death Eaters. But they were not talking about what she had just heard Voldemort saying. They obviously had no idea what was going on out there, really.

Jessica fell forward, toppling onto her desk, gasping. She was certain she had just seen the future, she was certain she was the only one who knew what evil Voldemort was planning. Jessica had to let this Dumbledore know, and also the boy Harry Potter. They were in grave danger, whether they knew it or not. She had to tell them, warn them. She was the only one who had the power to stop the evil. It gave her something to do at least. Better then sitting in her prison of a room another day, doing nothing but watch her family have fun outside.

Looking out the window for only a second, she sat down and began to write, the owl watching her from its spot on the desk.

Chapter 2: A Failing Plan
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Chapter 2: A Failing Plan

Jessica was tired of waiting. Too many days had passed since she had written letters to Harry Potter and Dumbledore. She knew the owl had delivered them correctly because it came back and told her so. So she waited. And she waited. She had expected to receive letters back within a week at most to let her join in and help fight the evil wizard Voldemort. But no such luck. Jessica had waited in vain, staring out the window once again, seeing her family below and an owl-free sky above.

She was frustrated, to say the least. She was so sure that they would come to her house and take her away forever, let her into the Order and help save the day. She had dreams of finding Voldemort, confronting him about everything she had seen, and felt the glory in finally eliminating him for good. Dumbledore would shake her hand and present her with medals, and Harry Potter would quickly hug her and they would all go back together and tell the Order what they had accomplished. The perfect day would be set off with an excellent feast, with hundreds of dishes Jessica had never seen but all tasted absolutely marvelous.

It would all fade away however as soon as she would wake up, her desk as messy and devoid of any owls just as it had been the previous night. Maybe they were busy, busier then she had thought they were from what she saw in her vision. But they couldn’t be so busy as to not have time to sit down for five minutes and write a response, thanking Jessica for the information and telling her exactly how she was to help them in the battle. It had been almost two months since she had seen the owl, two months since she had written, and still nothing came to her. It was as if she was invisible to the wizarding world as well as to all the muggles.

Being invisible was one of Jessica’s strong characteristics. Some of her family members-mostly her brothers and sisters-would come by her door every holiday and ask her to come out and join the family. They would leave her notes about all the fun times they used to have together. Her father and mother wanted to apologize, but they wanted to do it in person, so would she please, please come out of her room, at least for a day?? Jessica would read them, then tear them up in disgust and throw them away. How could her brothers and sisters imagine that she would sit at the same table of the guy who she thought had loved her, but instead would sell her off just to get some extra cash? Once she had opened the door for her little sister, the one who Jessica had always loved more then the rest of them, because she had treated her the same after she had found out about her powers. But when she realized her sister was just as horrible, just as stupid as the rest of her family to try and trick her into seeing her dad again, she had thrown her down the stairs with such anger that her sister had to go to the hospital because she had gotten a concussion and a broken arm. After that no one came to visit her.

The only friend she now had was the owl. Sometimes it would zoom through her window, bringing her gifts of dead frogs and rats. She would ask him about the Order and whether they had used her information, but the owl just looked at her sadly and she knew her letters were written in vain. Her temper flaring up after the fifth visit with no more news, she told the owl to leave and not come back until he had two letters for her: one from Harry Potter and one from Dumbledore. The owl left that night and she hadn’t seen him for three weeks now.

Jessica stared out her little window, her gaze unfocused, her mind daydreaming. Remembering all the thoughts she had of the triumph over Voldemort, being accepted at last by people who she thought she could help her understand her gift more. Yet here she was, still alone and isolated in her little room. She could feel her temper rising, feel it bubbling inside her, but she couldn’t control it. Seeing her family once again, she decided she needed to vent some of her frustration on real, living things, not the objects like her books and chairs that were now thrown everywhere around her room from all her other little temper-tantrums.

She focused very hard on that stupid little pool. No one was in it now, but that was probably better anyway. She didn’t want to hurt them physically anymore, not really. Just leave them a little reminder that she was still here, watching them. She saw her father come out with a boiling pot of something and watched everyone go to the table and start to eat. Perfect, she thought. With a little flick of her hand, all the silverware jumped out of their hands and off the table and started dancing. They would do-si-do and do flips and cartwheels, coming close to but never actually touching anyone. While her family was sitting in shock, she took the little pool and levitated it right over their picnic. When she had seen every single face looking up at it in horror, SPLASH!! it turned over on them and soaked them all to the bone. One more thing, Jessica had thought. She saw the volleyball net first. Taking it off its poles, she wrapped it around her family, so they were sitting there, wet, tied together in a volleyball net, with silverware dancing around them. Jessica laughed at the sight, feeling better, and then saw something out of the corner of her eye.

Instinctively she looked skyward. The owl was flying straight towards her window-and it had a note clamped in its beak. Forgetting her family, she opened her window and made the owl fly faster to her window. It appeared in her hand a moment later, feathers all ruffled and looking very confused.

”Sorry,” Jessica whispered to the little owl, stroking its head. “But I have to know.”

The owl hooted, obviously very pleased with itself. He gave the letter to her and watched her read it from his usual spot on the desk. But the owl became more and more worried as Jessica’s face became less and less happy and more and more angry. Finally she looked up and read it out loud to the owl.

Hi, Jessica, if that is indeed who you really are,
This is Harry Potter. You had written to me and Dumbledore a long time ago about some plan that Voldemort is doing. It did scare me at first, with everything that you said in very great detail, and I wanted to have you help us right away. But Dumbledore was not so sure. He said that the Order has never heard anything of the Cave of Vanderas, or indeed anything about a person with your sort of powers. He said that your letter was probably a decoy sent by a Death Eater to persuade us to set our powers elsewhere, so Voldemort would have an open door for whatever he was planning. But I think differently. The owl that gave us these letters has been back here numerous times, each visit having him looking more sorrow-filled and confused than before. I could only take it from this owl that you are indeed a real person and are not lying, but I am not allowed to bring you here or let you in on what we know. I thank you for your letter, but I don’t think Dumbledore will let it throw him off his plans right now.
Happy Summer,
Harry Potter

Jessica looked at the owl and sighed. It obviously thought it was bringing her good news instead of the worthless letter she now held in her hands. At least Harry Potter believed her, but he couldn’t do anything about it if Dumbledore didn’t. She agreed that her letter was probably suspicious if he had never heard of any of the things she had mentioned, but she thought with the urgentness in the letter she would get through any doubts. Apparently she was wrong.

Jessica gazed at the letter and then had an idea. She needed a flashback, one of where they were staying. She would go there and convince them she was not lying, let them do anything they wanted to her so she could prove her truth, and then she would help them. She focused on the letter, closed her eyes and willed for a flashback to come. Nothing. She tried again. Still nothing. She opened her eyes and stared at the letter, then put in on her desk. She was suddenly very tired. She looked at the owl and pet it before it flew off into the sky. She read the letter one last time, and then threw it into the garbage.

Getting up and walking to her bed took more energy then she realized. She was suddenly so tired she could barely keep her eyes open. She took two steps forward, and fell forward, consumed with dreams and flashbacks alike. She gathered in her brief nap everything she needed to know about the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, located at Number 12, Grimmauld Place. She saw a piece of paper with spindly writing on it, saw a house grow out of nowhere. Then, quite suddenly it was all over and was awake again.

Without pausing to realize she had another strange way of getting her visions, she packed some clothes hurriedly and flew out of the house, stopping only to untangle her family from the net and tell them she was leaving forever.

“Try not to miss me too much,” were the last words she ever spoke out loud to them. Little did she know the words would have much more meaning then she ever expected them to have.

Chapter 3: After Hours
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Chapter 3: After hours

Jessica was marching along streets with no way of knowing exactly where she was going. She relied on her vision that was now the only thing she could see. Her brain somehow knew where to go, which seemed to be really far away. She had been walking for about 5 hours, and still the scenery didn’t look like the vision. Her legs were shaking from walking so long, but she had to get to Grimmauld Place, quickly. So she therefore walked past a bench, only pausing long enough to imagine sitting down on it before continuing on.

Once night had fallen, really fallen to where Jessica couldn’t see where the sky and the ground changed places, Jessica looked around to see if there was someplace she could take a quick nap until sunrise. She spotted a little bench, under a tree. She figured the tree would be good in case it decided to rain. She took her little bag of clothes for a pillow, and curled up and fell asleep almost immediately.

Up above her, her little owl friend was in the branches, watching over her. Jessica was in more danger then she could imagine. She had put herself into the danger by leaving the house. Harry had warned the owl that she was to stay there until he convinced some people to go rescue her. But before the owl could warn her, she had left, and he had no choice but to follow her as she wandered. Now he had to become a sort-of “watch owl” to protect her in case the dark shadows held more then just that-dark shadows.

Jessica didn’t know any of what was going on above her, but her dreams were troubled nonetheless. The tree above her split in half, in which a dark swirling mist flew out of it and sped off. Next, there were clouds, pulsing and full of different energy. They would come lower and lower, surround her, and then spread out in all directions, finally disappearing. Her last nightmare was one that would wake her, and one that she would never forget. It was a warning, but she wouldn’t realize exactly what it meant until it was too late.

She was walking in a dark tunnel. There were people behind her, she could hear them talking, but they were of no threat to her. They were her friends. But as she walked, it became darker and darker. She would take passages that led off to her left and right, but she knew she was not getting closer to whatever was hidden there. It was something she wanted, more then anything else in the world. It was her one true desire.

Jessica suddenly felt as if she was alone, completely and terribly alone. She looked behind her, mystified at where everyone went. But suddenly there was a presence, but it wasn’t the friendly ones of before. It was filled with a feeling so evil, so horrible that it made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She suddenly knew if she turned around, terrible things would happen. But she didn’t even have the chance to run. Before she knew what was happening, a hand grabbed her and shoved her headfirst into the wall. She fell back, conscious but just barely. She looked desperately around for something, anything to fight her attacker with, but before she could, she was hit with a jet of red light. It was more painful then anything she could ever have imagined. She was screaming, begging for it to stop, to release her…

The owl watched as Jessica thrashed around on the bench below. He was very worried, but something moved right when he was about to go fly down and wake her. He only had to glance over to see that the something was carrying what looked to be a tiny stick of wood. Immediately the owl flew off, stopping only to peck Jessica’s cheek in warning.

She sat upright, sweating and shaking. The dream Jessica had just been having was so real. She tried to think about it, about all of her nightmares, when she realized that there was something here besides herself. She looked left, right, and finally behind her. She had time to register a man with a mask on holding out what looked like a wand. Seeing the wand pointed right at her, she instinctively ducked.

The curse that flew from the wand sunk into the tree. Jessica stood up, facing her attacker. He was growling, walking around the bench, trying to get a clear shot. Her first thought was to throw something-like the bench-at him, but the back of her mind told her that she should refrain from using her own magic. Therefore she had to rely on her ducking abilities, which thankfully were full of adrenaline and ready to be of use.

She knew that sooner or later this man would get her though, and then what? She didn’t know anything about wand magic. She had been on her journey to find out about it, and here she was facing her first test. One that she hadn’t studied for. After ducking and rolling out of the way of 5 curses, the man spoke.

“Stop playing games like a little baby,” the voice was cold, dripping with darkness. “I can help you find out exactly what you need to know. I’m trying to help you.”

Jessica laughed. She knew she must seem stupid, ducking little light streams, but she knew that he would never help her. “Yeah right!” she said, and quickly jumped to her left to avoid another curse.

The evil man took in a hiss of breath. “Fine, you leave me no choice.”

Jessica watched in horror as he lifted his wand. She seemed paralyzed to the ground. She heard him say the word ‘Avada’ before he was lifted off his feet and thrown to the ground, some twenty feet away. He did not move.

Wildly, Jessica looked around. She stared in the darkness, seeing nothing, then jumped slightly at hearing a soft hoot. The owl came and landed on her shoulder. She relaxed tremendously.

“What are you doing here, little owl? Watching over me, eh?”

“Actually, he was. You gave us quite a scare, running away from your house before we were ready for you.” A kind voice said, its owner stepping out of the shadows.

At first glance, the man seemed to be old. His face had many lines and scratches on it and his hair was graying, but his blue eyes were alert and watchful. She noticed his robes seemed very shabby. He walked toward her, put his wand away, and extended his hand. “Remus Lupin. Part of the Order of the Phoenix. Mr. Harry Potter told me to rescue you when the owl told us you had left. Now, if you’ll come with me, I’ll take you back to headquarters. It’s a bit of a walk still, so I have a different way.” He took an old CD from his pocket and held it out to her.

She stared. What was she supposed to do with a CD? Listen to it? She couldn’t help trusting this man, but she didn’t feel like taking a perfectly harmless CD from a complete stranger. Perhaps he was a little mad, she thought.

Her thoughts must have shown on her face because Lupin chuckled. “Never used a portkey before, have you? Well, it’s easy. All you do is grab onto it, and it’ll transport you to wherever it has been decided on beforehand. This particular one will lead us to Grimmauld Place. Come on, come on, hurry!”

She grabbed hold, hesitantly. Lupin smiled and muttered “hold on” before she felt herself pulled from the ground, seemingly from her belly button. She was swirling through space and time, and finally came to a stop on an unkempt lawn. She fell over, and looked up at Lupin, completely winded. He smiled. “Happens to everyone.”

She got up and brushed herself off. Lupin handed her a piece of paper with spindly writing. “Read this and memorize, then repeat it inside your head.”

Jessica looked down: The Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix may be found and Number 12, Grimmauld Place. Lupin took the piece of paper and made it vanish within the blink of an eye. She thought hard about what she had just read, and watched in amazement as a house grew out of nowhere. She recognized it instantly as the house from her vision.

“Be quiet once you get inside,” Lupin warned, and with a tap of his wand, the door opened.

Jessica walked in, feeling calmer than she had for the past two months. That all changed when she saw an old wizard step out of a doorway, fury etched upon every line in his face. Jessica gasped and backed into a wall as he took his wand out and pointed it straight at her heart.

Chapter 4: Burning Desire
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Chapter 4: Burning Desire

“What the-” Jessica had muttered before the old wizard spoke.

“Get in here…NOW!”

Jessica scrambled over to the doorway Albus Dumbledore had just come through, tripping over a coat rack on the way. The whole thing fell to the floor and made a tremendous amount of noise. Jessica froze and looked fearfully up, preferring to look at Lupin rather than Dumbledore.

Before either wizard could talk to her, curtains to the left of her went flying open. She saw what looked to be a picture of an ugly old witch, but what the weird thing was was that it was moving. Before she could comprehend how pictures could move, she shrieked. The picture had started yelling at the top of its lungs.


More to look away from the horrible picture and the two wizards trying to shut the curtains, she looked up at some sort of banister connected to the stairs. At first there was no one there, but then a person came flying down the hall to look down below. The boy was the one she had thought about for more than two months. He had black hair, glasses, and was very skinny: It was Harry Potter.

For a second they just stared at each other, and then he started to come down. However, at that particular moment, the curtains finally were pulled over the witch and Dumbledore again pointed his wand at Jessica. “Not yet, Harry. We do not know if this is an imposter.” And with that, he pulled her into the kitchen.

She sat down on the closest chair and looked up at Dumbledore, a little frightened. She was sure he was going to put her through some tests to make sure it was her, but she didn’t exactly know what the test was. Harry Potter spoke up before Dumbledore could do or say another word though.

“Can’t you just give her some veritaserum?” he questioned.

“And how exactly do you expect me to get that? It takes about a month to make, Harry. Please, just go upstairs with everyone else and let me handle this.”

Harry looked at Jessica, sorrow written in his eyes. She smiled. Don’t worry about it, she thought. He smiled and left.

Dumbledore spoke again, but this time to Lupin. “Where did you find her?”

“She was fighting in the park with a Death Eater,” he replied calmly. “She was ducking his curses and he was about to perform the Killing Curse when I saved her.”

Dumbledore shook his head a little. “Still could have been a decoy. She wasn’t fighting back?”

At this point Jessica stepped in. “Sir, I don’t even own a wand and have nowhere to buy one. How was I supposed to fight him back?”

“You said in your letter that you have the power to make things move with your hands and eyes, as well as see visions. Why didn’t you do any of that stuff?”

Jessica faltered and lowered her gaze for a second. Then, remembering people look away when they’re lying, she again stared into Dumbledore’s eyes. “I-I just had a feeling that I shouldn’t…that something bad would happen if I did.”

Dumbledore sighed. “Jessica, or whatever you go by, you have a very convincing story. But what I am about to do to you is going to prove to me once and for all if you are indeed who you say you are. Please look into my eyes.”

She laughed before she could stop herself. “What, are you going to hypnotize me or something?”

He didn’t smile back. “Somewhere along those lines, yes.”

Jessica intstantly stopped laughing and looked at him. “Oh.”.

“On the count of three then, ready? One, two, three…Legilimens!”

Before Jessica knew what was happening, she was looking at pictures from her past. There was her 4th birthday party, where she got the stuffed animal of Nemo that she had wanted ever since they went into the Disney store, her first day of school, the first time she ever saw someone else’s past, and then more recent things. She saw her father telling her about the lab, saw her family eating outside while she watched miserably from her room, she saw again Harry Potter and Voldemort, saw her family wrapped up in a volleyball net, and finally saw the Death Eater shooting sparks at her.

At once everything stopped. She was gripping the edge of her chair very tightly and breathing very ragged. What on earth had just happened? Dumbledore had just read her mind, she was sure of it. But didn’t he say that he had never heard of anyone else who could do that?

Dumbledore also appeared exhausted, but looked a whole lot nicer than he had before. His eyed were twinkling, and he had a bit of a smile on his face, though it looked a little pained. “Let me explain, because I feel I owe you that. I can see certain memories, flashes of people’s past with the spell I just used on you. No matter how many lies someone would tell, their memories will always say the truth. It is true that I have never known anyone with the power to read minds before-without a wand. Everything you can do we can also, but there must be something special about you if you don’t need a wand. I am sorry, but once you get to know our world a little bit better, you will understand the need to be overcautious and not trust people you have not heard of before, especially if they have unusual-powers. These are evil times, Jessica, and one can never be too wary. But I know now that you are indeed who you say you are, and I must say that this puts your letter and your warnings in a new perspective. For right now though I suggest you go upstairs and meet the people your age and wait for dinner. I’m sure you are hungry, and it will be finished soon.”

Jessica gave a quick glance to Lupin, who smiled and nodded encouringly, and she quickly got up off her chair and left the kitchen. She had planned to go upstairs in order to find Harry Potter, but she was wrong. As soon as she got out of the kitchen door, she started to run, but collided with something very solid.

“Ouch!” she said, then looked up into Harry’s face.

He smiled. “I wanted to show you where you’re going to be staying. Come on, everyone wants to meet you.”

And with that, he took her by the arm and led her up the stairs and into another door, this one full of beds and people.

Chapter 5: Find a Penny
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Chapter 5: Find a Penny

As soon as they walked in, people started talking all at once—but they were all speaking to Harry. Not one single person seemed to notice that a strange girl they had never seen before had walked in with him.

“Harry, Harry guess what!! I’m beating Ron at chess!!” A girl with long red hair shouted gleefully, looking up at Harry with a big smile on her face only for a second before looking back down at the chessboard.

“For the last time, no you’re not, I have a plan so don’t get too cocky,” an exasperated voice replied. She looked at the other side of the chess table to see a very tall, lanky boy with the same equally vivid red hair studying the board, his head resting on his hand. She didn’t know him, but she had a feeling he really didn’t know what to do at all, and really was losing to this girl. Harry laughed and explained.

“This is Ron Weasley, one of my best friends, and his sister Ginny. Normally Ron beats everyone in chess, but apparently Ginny has gotten a lot better and will be able to take his cockiness down a level. Way to go, Gin!”

Ron picked up a couple pieces of a destroyed chess piece and whipped it at Harry. Then, finally he noticed Jessica. “Who are you?”

Jessica swallowed. She was normally very nervous and shy around people she didn’t know. However, she reminded herself that these people wouldn’t judge her the way most people did and would help her. She walked forward and extended her hand. “My name is Jessica Mauring. I live in America, but decided to come over here and help you guys.”

Harry gave her a weird look. “You live in America? Lupin said that you were walking here! How were you planning on getting over the ocean?”

Ron didn’t seem to hear this question. “Harry, is this that girl that wrote to you earlier? Man, Mr. Famous Harry Potter!! But, blimey, how did she get into here? I mean,” Ron continued with another quick glance up at Jessica’s face, “I don’t mind it, not really.” Jessica saw him turn a little red.

Harry whispered to her quickly before she could respond. “I didn’t tell them what you wrote; just that a girl named Jessica had written me a letter. No need to freak them out.” Jessica nodded and grinned and Ron.

Then somebody spoke out of the corner of the room. Jessica didn’t notice her at first, but she had seemed to be reading a big leather book away from the noise of the chess game. The girl had big bushy hair but was pretty nonetheless. Jessica thought she seemed to have the air of someone who knew everything and wasn’t afraid to tell people she knew everything. “What exactly is she doing here, Harry? If she’s just another admirer she can’t really help us. I don’t think Dumbledore will let her stay. You know what’s going on Harry! She shouldn’t be here.” And with that, she crossed her arms and glared at Jessica in a way that said she didn’t trust her, not at all.

Harry gave Jessica a warning look before he answered the question. “Dumbledore knows about her and already trusts her. He performed Occlumency to make sure she is who she says she is. He believes that she can help us because she has powers we don’t. She has the ability to see people’s pasts and sometimes their futures, and can move things using her mind. She had written to me and Dumbledore because she knows what Voldemort is planning and wants to help us stop him. That’s why she really is here.”

His explanation was met with silence. Finally Jessica, looking around at all the stunned faces, decided to clear a few things up. “What Harry said was true, but this doesn’t mean I am not normal. I love doing things that all teenagers do, and would love to learn how to use a wand like you guys. If you give me a chance, I’m sure I can help you out but I would rather be your friend than anything else.” She glanced at the chessboard. “So, as a first step in our friendship, I was wondering if I could watch this exciting chess game going on right now.”

Ginny gave a quick laugh. “Yeah, and lucky you, the very first game of wizards chess will be one that goes down in history!!”

And with that, everything went back to normal. Jessica sat down on a spare chair and watched the game with curiosity. The pieces were alive. They would move wherever their owners told them too, and whenever one was taken, they would smash them and drag them off to the side. It was completely fascinating. Then, quite suddenly, a resounding CRACK filled the room and two people appeared out of nowhere. Jessica screamed and fell off her chair.

She got up and looked at the people in amazement. They were twins, and were probably also related to Ron and Ginny because they had red hair as well. There were also smiles on their faces that told Jessica these two people were mischievous and pranksters. She looked at Harry, completely bewildered.

Harry and all his friends started laughing. “Guess you’ve never seen someone apparate or disapparate.”

The twins looked at her, and she once again explained who she was. They introduced themselves as Fred and George, then turned to Ron and Ginny.

“So, ickle-Ronny, she beat you yet?” Fred said with an evil grin.

“Yeah, we wanna see the prefect get beat by a little girl!” George smirked.

Ron looked as though smoke was going to come out of his ears, he seemed so mad. “It’s Ginny’s turn right now, so shut up I need to concentrate.”

As soon as Ginny made her move, Ron stood up in the air and gave a whoop. “HA! I GOT YOU! TAKE THAT, LITTLE SIS!!!” And within five moves, Ron had won.

Ginny stared at the board in amazement, trying to figure out what had just happened while Ron danced around the room in joy. Jessica watched him in complete amazement until there was a knock on the door. She and everyone else looked up. Dumbledore looked in at the scene only for a second, his eyes twinkling more than ever, before he said, “Dinner’s ready.”

Ron stopped dancing immediately and quietly helped put the board away before they all left to go downstairs. Jessica smiled at him, and he immediately looked down, becoming red once more.

* * * * *

The next month Jessica spent at Grimmauld Place was easily the most fun she had had in a long time. They introduced her to a whole bunch of games and things she had never played before. She loved Gobstones, and before everyone else knew what was happening, she was the champion. She was also very good at chess, but could not beat Ron, who was still the champion and proud to remind everyone. Her favorite thing to do though was go to Diagon Alley.

The stores they had there amazed Jessica completely. She couldn’t name a favorite because they were all so different and exciting. She had gone to Gringotts bank to exchange her money that she had taken into Knuts, Sickles, and Galleons so she could buy robes and other stuff she longed to have. Jessica remembered the day with fondness.

She was being helped by one of the many goblins that ran the place when she was taking out her money from her bag. They all looked strangely at the dollar bills and coins that she held out, but Ron was the most surprised. He gaped at her hand every time she would pull more money out. When Jessica finally received the trade, they were about to leave before Ron quickly bent down and scooped something up in his hand. “I think you dropped this,” he said, staring at it closely.

Jessica looked at it and saw it was a penny. “Well, it probably wouldn’t get me much wizard money, so why don’t you keep it. Actually, only keep it if it was heads up.

Ron looked startled. “Why?”

Jessica was remembering a little poem her mother had told her when she found her first penny. “My mother always told me that if you find a penny and pick it up, then all day you’ll have good luck. But if it was upside down,” she recited, “Find a penny, upside down, then all day you’ll wear a frown. So, was it heads up or down?”

He thought for a minute and smiled brightly. “Heads up.” And with that, he put it in his pocket and they went along their business.

That was almost a month ago, and it still made Jessica smile. She was back in Diagon Alley, but this time by herself. She wanted to buy gifts for all her new friends, so they knew how much she appreciated them being there for her. After that first night, Hermoine had left all her doubt and was now Jessica’s closest friend. They would sit up late at night, talking about everything that teenage girls love to talk about, muggles and wizards alike. Jessica would hear all the funny stories about Harry and Ron, and also shared Hermoine’s love of reading, which thrilled both Hermoine and Ron tremendously. Hermoine would give Jessica many books to read, while Ron would rejoice that now Hermoine would tell all her annoying random bits of information to Jessica and not him and Harry.

Jessica finished her gift shopping and was about to leave when she noticed the owl emporium. She loved going in there to look at all the magnificent birds, all different colors and sizes, but they all were wonderful just the same. Realizing she had a lot of money left, she decided to buy a gorgeous creature. She was in there a good two hours before she had decided on the perfect one: it was dark brown with random feathers either white or a deep red. She decided to name it Amber because of the color of its eyes and paid three Galleons and eight sickles for her.

Everyone was anxious for Jessica to return. When she walked in the door, Hermoine shrieked and gave her a huge hug. “Oh, Jessica, the owl is gorgeous!!! But, why were you gone so long? We have to tell you something, hurry!! What’s in the bag?”

Jessica looked suspiciously at Hermoine. “Just little surprises for you guys, that’s all. But what’s the matter? You guys are all leaving for Hogwarts tomorrow and I’m going to be stuck here, with no-”

Hermoine quickly cut her off. “Put your stuff away and get into this kitchen.”

Jessica did as she was told and walked in to find the kitchen full of beaming people. The entire Weasley family was there, plus Harry, Hermoine, Lupin, and Dumbledore.

Dumbledore got up as soon as she entered and steered her towards the empty chair. “Now, Jessica, I know you must be sad that all your friends are going away, but we wanted to tell you that it is not as bad as it seems. You will be able to see them on breaks and can write them frequently. Hermoine told me you bought an owl.” Dumbledore’s eyes were twinkling again, but Jessica couldn’t see how he would be happy if he knew what pain was going on inside her chest. She finally had friends for a wonderful month, but now they were all going away. Dumbledore cleared his throat and continued. “However, we feel that you have a special need, far more than any of us could imagine-”

At this point Ron cut in. “Quit dragging it out Professor, she’s about to cry. Jessica, you’re coming to Hogwarts with us!!!” And with that he ran to a bag and took out books, a cauldron, quills, and everything she needed to start at Hogwarts. She looked at the things, then finally everyone in the room. She was in complete and total shock.

Dumbledore gave a quick look at Ron and then continued. “Yes, well as I was getting to, I have decided to let you come to my school and learn everything you need to know to help you on your journey. But, you are still missing an essential supply. I know you were just at Diagon Alley all day, but would you accompany me back there to get you a magic wand?”

Jessica leaped up and hugged the old wizard before she knew what she was doing. “Of course, of course I will! Oh, thank you soooooo much!!!” And with that, she ran out of the kitchen and grabbed her new light blue cloak before her and Dumbledore stepped out of Grimmauld Place for the last time before the new term.

Back in the kitchen, everyone was cheering and laughing, talking about what happened.

“I think she’s happy,” Lupin said, raising a glass of butterbeer to the toast that was now happening.

“Poor Jessica, did you see her face when Dumbledore started the speech. You would have thought he said her dog died or something,” Ginny remembered.

They all laughed, raised their glasses high in the air, and muttered, “To Jessica, may this year be much better then the dark ones that are now so far behind her.”

As they all drank, Harry was thinking to himself. He knew Jessica was troubled, but hoped this was really the best thing for her. He was very excited she was coming. Hopefully, if they spent more time together, she would get the same feeling in her stomach every time she saw him. He was falling for her fast, but didn’t want to let her know in case he was refused. Dealing with Cho last year made him in no hurry to start another romance, but all the same, he couldn’t stop thinking about her—her face, her smile, they way her eyes looked when she was laughing…

“Are you all right, Harry?” Hermoine questioned. “You seem a bit distant.”

Harry gave himself a little shake to get out of his memories. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Just thinking about having Jessica with us at school. It’ll be fun, won’t it?”

Hermoine smiled. “If this year is even a tiny bit like our others, I’d say she will have plenty of stuff to keep her satisfied.”

Harry smiled back and drank the rest of his butterbeer in one gulp.

Chapter 6: Gifts and Curses
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Chapter 6: Gifts and Curses (taken from Yellowcard's song...omg best song EVER!!!! spiderman soundtrack, no. 5!!!)

Jessica didn’t know when she had ever felt so wonderful, like a big bubble was inside her, full of giddiness. She had gone with Dumbledore and gotten her very own magic wand. It was 13 inches, a light brown, bendy and had dragon heartstring in it. Mr. Ollivander had said it was good for charms and jinxes. Dumbledore smiled a little when Mr. Ollivander told her this, and she paid and left. As soon as she got home she told everyone everything he had said and showed them her wand. Harry also smiled at the jinx part and said that would probably come in useful in the fight against Voldemort.

“Or at least his supporters,” Hermoine had corrected. “I doubt Voldemort will be killed by a jinx given by a girl who just got a wand. No offense,” she quickly said afterwards.

Jessica smiled. “I don’t mind, just being a part of all of this is wonderful enough.”

At that exact moment, Mrs. Weasley came to their room and told them to go to bed since they would be up early in the morning tomorrow to catch the train. Jessica smiled even more widely and hopped into her bed obligingly. Mrs. Weasley came in and tucked the covers in around her.

“Try to keep them out of trouble this year,” she whispered in her ear as she left.

She was a little startled. Having heard all the stories of what had happened, she felt pretty sure that she wouldn’t be able to keep then inside the castle. No, she thought to herself, if anything I will get them into even more trouble. But what Jessica thought about most that night was that Mrs. Weasley was genuine. She cared for her kids, and even her kid’s friends as if they were her own. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt that from her mom. She didn’t think she had even ever felt it from her dad.

Jessica was woken the next morning by Hermoine and Ginny jumping on her.

“Wake up!! We’re going to the station in a half hour!!! Wake up, WAKE UP!!!” Ginny screamed into her ear.

She didn’t need telling twice. Quick as a flash she got dressed and did her hair and makeup. She had a little breakfast, but most of it wouldn’t go down because of her excitement, and now a little nervousness. When she saw two cars pull up outside she went to go get her stuff and handed them to Lupin, who was driving her car. Mr. Weasley was driving the other.

Lupin squeezed her hand as she past. “You doing okay? Ready and everything.”

Jessica looked back at him square in the eye. “I have never been more ready, Lupin.”

The journey to the station was uneventful. They talked, played with Croookshanks and talked a bit more. But when it came time to get onto the platform, she didn’t believe what they told her.

“You mean I walk straight at a column made out of very solid bricks and I won’t end up getting hurt?” she said skeptically.

Ron nodded. “Yup, that’s what I’m saying.”

“I don’t believe it.”

This time Harry spoke up. “Watch and learn, little one!” And with a whoosh, he disappeared into the bricks.

Jessica was afraid of getting hurt. She wasn’t really a witch like them, so how did they know it wouldn’t reject her? But Harry had called her little one, referencing her height, which she was very self-conscious about. She was only 5’3” and he knew how much she hated that. He was about to get his butt kicked.

“Alright, here goes nothing.” And without a second thought she turned her cart around and ran straight at the column. She did not crash.

She looked up in amazement. There was a sign that said Platform 9 ¾ and a scarlet train that said Hogwarts Express. Then she looked around, hearing laughter. Harry was sitting next to her, laughing very hard at something, and Jessica figured she knew what that something was.

“Knew I’d get ya through with that,” He giggled, looking up at her with tears in his eyes.

She rummaged through her purse and threw something at him. He picked it up and laughed even harder. “A mint container?”

“Well, it was round and I thought it would hurt more than my pack of gum,” she grumbled, snatching back her mints and popping one in her mouth.

Once they were all there, they hugged and kissed the adults goodbye and found a compartment. While the train was speeding along the countryside, Harry, Ron, Hermoine, and Ginny filled Jessica in on all the teachers and what school was like. They were just going over Snape and all his unfairness. Jessica was rather enjoying the stories about him and what Ron would like to do to him if there were no such things as punishments.

“So then,” Ron was saying, “I would take the perfect mix of the Draught of Living Dead that I finally mixed together in his classroom, and when he came over to inspect it, I’d grab him by his long nose and plummet his head, greasy hair and all into the cauldron.”

They all laughed, but then the sound of the door opening got their attention. Jessica looked at the people, two big guys that didn’t look very bright, and one skinny one with slicked back blonde hair, who seemed to be the leader. She gathered from the sudden silence in the air and the looks on everyone’s faces that these people were not friends.

“Malfoy,” Harry finally said, to break the silence. He seemed to have the worst look on his face. It was a look of pure evil, but there was something else mixed in too. Sadness? Jessica couldn’t figure out why.

“Potter,” the blonde boy said. “How are you?” When nobody answered him, he gave a little laugh. “Hey, I had an idea for you over the summer. SInce your old dog died, why don’t you get a new one. But try to keep it on its leash better; you seemed pretty sad when the other one left.”

At this point both Harry and Ron stood up quickly but were held back by Ginny and Hermoine. Jessica didn’t know what to make of this-this analogy, it seemed like. But then a moment later she knew why she didn’t understand it.

Malfoy spoke again. “I don’t know if your new friend here,” he nodded at Jessica “knows about your pets. So I figured you can be the one to tell it over again. I know how much you loved him; surely you’ll want to talk about him one last time, wouldn’t you?”

And with that, they left.

As soon as the door shut, Harry scooped up some Chocolate Frog packs and threw them with all his strength at the door. He then kicked the seats. Everyone sat back in alarm, mostly at the look on his face. Then, just as quickly, he went to the door, stepping on the Frogs, and left, slamming the door shut very hard behind him.

Jessica started to get up to follow him, but was held back.

“I think he needs to be alone right now,” Hermoine said softly. She also looked scared and on the verge of tears. “What Malfoy said was really hard on him.”

“But what did it mean? I didn’t know Harry had a dog that died.”

Hermoine just looked at her for a moment, then sighed. “We’re not the right people to tell you. Only Harry should have that right. He was closest to him, he was there…” her voice cracked. “Go find him.” was the only thing she could manage after that.

So when she found him crying in the last compartment of the train, she quickly sat next to him and hugged him. “Look,” she said. “I don’t know what that Malfoy kid meant, but whatever happened, don’t let him get to you like this. He seemed like such a snot, and you are good and…” she looked down, blushing. “I like you a lot, Harry, and whatever demons are in your past should not be something to bring you down. Let them make you stronger and more determined to do something. I should know,” she was now whispering, holding his head up barely an inch from hers to let him look into her eyes. “I have demons too, but they are what have made me who I am. And if who I am is someone who can help you, I’m thankful for those demons. More than you’ll ever know.”

And as soon as she had finished speaking, Harry leaned in, without thinking, and kissed her.

Chapter 7: Secrets
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Chapter 7: Secrets

After a second or two, Harry came to his senses and pulled away. “I’m…I’m sorry.” He stuttered, completely out of breath. “I don’t know why I did that.”

Jessica looked as startled as he was. “No, no it’s okay. I enjoyed it.” And she tried to give him a smile, but her mouth wasn’t working properly.

They sat in awkward silence for a couple of seconds before Jessica suggested they go back to the group. Harry agreed.

Everyone jumped out of their seats as soon as they walked in to comfort Harry. There were many “He was way below the line there, mate,” and couple “Don’t let him get to you,” and one very vicious “We’ll get him back in time,” before Harry interrupted them.

“Guys, I think it’s time we told Jessica what that was all about.” He said, getting right to the point. “She may think I overreacted if she thinks that only a dog got killed.”

So the rest of the train ride, they went over Sirius: How they had encountered him in the Whomping Willow, learned he was innocent and helped him escape the dementors. How he would poke his head in the fire 4th year and visit them at Hogsmeade to make sure Harry was alive while in the Triwizard Tournament. How Grimmauld Place was his family’s house and how he had to be stuck inside there all last year because Voldemort knew about him and his dog disguise. How he was best friends with James and was Harry’s godfather. How he had come to Harry’s aid in the Department of Mysteries and fought with his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange. How he fell through the veil. Everything about Sirius Jessica learned there.

At the end of the tale, everyone was crying, even Jessica. True, she didn’t know him, but he sounded like a decent person. He seemed genuinely concerned for Harry’s safety all those years, even when he was in Azkaban. He broke out to find Peter Pettigrew and make sure Harry wasn’t harmed again. Jessica decided to tell them of her life.

She told them all about her gift, when she had told people at school they started treating her differently, how her father was going to send her off, how she hid in her room, experimenting with her powers on her own personal stuff and sometimes on her family. She told them how she came to know about wands and Harry and the Order. Explained about her powers and how she has grown with them. Just as she finished, the train was slowing.

As they walked off, they heard a grunt of “Firs’ years over here, firs’ years!” and looked up into a gigantic man’s face that was very shaggy.

“Jessica,” Harry introduced, “this is Hagrid.”

Hagrid said hi and then led the first years out to the boats. The group went the other way towards the carriages.

“Just wondering,” Harry asked Jessica as they got into one, “can you see anything pulling the carriages?”

She gave him a look. “Should I?”

He explained about thestrals as they got nearer to the castle. Everyone laughed when Jessica saw her first view. “Holy crap!” she had exclaimed, and everyone wondered what she was so amazed about. Then they realized that this was her first year, and fondly remembered their first years here.

As they were all walking in to sit down, Professor McGonagall took Jessica aside. “It is the Headmaster’s wish that you be sorted properly among the students. So please join them before the Sorting Ceremony.”

She nervously walked over to the little boys and girls standing and the foot of the stairs. She was at least a head taller then everyone. Nervously, she looked around and smiled at a little girl with short spiky blonde hair. The girl grinned back, just as nervously.

While they were walking down the rows of tables to be sorted, she saw Harry, Ron, Hermoine and Ginny sitting all together at one table. All of them gaped at her except Hermoine, who was in silent fits of laughter. Jessica gave her a murderous stare, which made her laugh even harder.

“When I call your name, please place the Sorting Hat on your head. It will tell you which house you will be in.” McGonagall was saying. And with that, she set the old patched hat on the stool and it began to sing. (Not writing the song now, not enough time. Maybe later!)

When it finished, everyone applauded politely and the sorting began. Michelle Canddet, the little girl Jessica had smiled at, was sorted into Gryffindor. She cheered with the rest of them, feeling as if she was already a part of that table. But then she realized: This hat didn’t put you where you asked it to; it put you somewhere it thought you would be best at. What if she ended up at the table with the Malfoy kid? They didn’t look very friendly, any of the kids at that table. She would beg and plead with Dumbledore to switch here if she was put there. The other two tables didn’t look too bad, but she wanted to be with Harry and his friends. They had already accepted her, strange powers and all, but she wasn’t sure how many other people would be that understanding.

McGonagall looked at her list. “Mauring, Jessica.” She said.

Jessica stumbled on her way to the hat and started shaking. Stop it, she told herself, you’ll be fine.

Back at the table, Hermoine had grabbed Ron’s arm in worry.

“Ouch! Hermoine, she’ll be fine! I’m sure Dumbledore told the hat to put her in Gryffindor or something, he wouldn’t make her separate from us.”

After about a half-minute, the brim opened wide and shouted out, “Gryffindor!”

Everyone in the group screamed with appreciation and laughter as Jessica ran over to them and made herself a seat in between Hermoine and Ginny.

“Sure, I guess you can sit there,” Ginny said sarcastically.

Jessica laughed, and suddenly realized how hungry she was. “How long until we eat?” she wondered out loud.

“Unfortunately, not until everybody is down being sorted,” Ron grumbled, holding his stomach and looking at the plates with longing, not paying any attention whatsoever as to what the old hat was doing.

Finally, after the last student had been sorted, Dumbledore stood up.

“This better be a short talk,” Ron said, looking up at the Headmaster.

“I just have a couple short announcements before we all eat our hearts out,” Dumbledore began, his twinkling eyes looking over Ron for a second before they landed on Jessica. “Some of you may have noticed an older girl being sorted this year. Jessica Mauring, new Gryffindor, is really a sixth year, but is coming to this school on my wishes. I, however, felt that she should not be any more special than other new students, the first years, so that is why I had her sorted by the Sorting Hat. Hope you enjoy it, Jessica. And also, as a result of the recent times, I feel that we have a special need for Defense Against the Dark Arts this year, and however many years after that. So, this year, I am going to be teaching the class to everyone. I also heard last year, about a secret club called either The Defense Association or Dumbledore’s Army, is that correct? Well, Mr. Harry Potter ran that last year, and I was wondering if he would like to do it again, only this time for anybody who wants to join. Of course,” Dumbledore went on, “you can still use the Room of Requirement, or another classroom, now that you are free to say what you are doing. What do you say, Harry?”

Every head turned to look at him. Ron looked confused, but Hermoine was ecstatic. “Oh, do it Harry, you know how much everyone loved it last year!”

“You just want it to go on because it was your idea,” Ginny laughed.

Harry’s eyes locked on to Jessica. “What do you think?” he asked her.

She smiled. “Knock ‘em dead,” she whispered back.

He stood up and looked Dumbledore in the eyes. “Yes, Professor, I would be glad to teach the DA again.” And he then immediately sat back down, turning red.

“Excellent,” Dumbledore said. “Well, I’m quite hungry, so I think this feast had best get started. And with that, the plates in front of everyone magically filled with food before their very eyes.

The group left before all the first years got up. Hermoine and Ron knew the password into Gryffindor tower, but had let the new 5th year prefects take care of the new students. Ginny happened to be a prefect. She stood up and glared at the 1st years and her friends walked away, giggling. “Let’s go, I have to take you to the tower and give you the password. Come on, aren’t you guys tired at all from all the food?” And she impatiently crossed her arms and clicked her tongue as they got up quickly from the table and looked fearfully at her. “Finally,” she snapped, and they followed her down the hall.

Harry, Ron, Hermoine and Jessica all got to the picture of the Fat Lady first and said the password. Then Hermoine took Jessica upstairs into their room.

“Oh, look how cozy!” Jessica exclaimed as she walked in. Now there were six beds instead of five, but there was ample room still. “Hmmm…guess this one is mine.” She pointed to the bed closest to her. It had all of her bags at the foot of the bed. Happily, she jumped into the bed and pulled the covers up. “I’m going to bed so then I can start my first day sooner!” And with that, the curtains started moving and covered her bed up.

“Wait, you have to learn how to use a wand!” Hermoine stuttered. “You can’t use your magic in Hogwarts!” But Jessica didn’t answer and just then everyone else came into the room.

“Is that Jessica’s bed?” Parvati Patil asked, pointing at the curtains.

Hermoine sighed. Jessica was sometimes like watching a super-hyper three year old: You had to be there at all times because you never knew what kind of havoc they were going to start next. “Yup, that’s her’s.”

* * I know it’s a little bit of a boring chapter, but her week gets better, promise. Please keep reading, as soon as I update! Thanks!!* *

Chapter 8: Suprise Ending
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Chapter 8: Surprise Ending

Jessica awoke with much of the same energy and excitement as the day before. But this time she woke up by herself, three hours early. However, she couldn’t go back to bed, so she decided to read some of her books so she knew what to expect.

She carried down her Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts books because those were the classes she really wanted to excel in. Halfway down the stairs she turned around to go get her Transfiguration book, thinking she should do well in McGonagall’s class because she was in the Order.

When she got down to the common room though, she realized there was someone else there. She saw a shadow next to one of the chairs, and it had the outline of a shorter person. “Hello?” Jessica called out quietly.

There was a squeak and suddenly a little blonde haired girl’s face appeared around a corner of the chair: Michelle Canddet, the first year who Jessica smiled at.

Michelle stumbled out of her chair and stood very far away from Jessica. “I’m sorry, I- I think I’ll go back to bed now. Sorry if I was in your chair.”

Jessica laughed. “What are you talking about? This is my first day too! I’m just as nervous as you are. In fact, I came down here so I could read some of my books to know what everyone else was doing. And I didn’t know people had chairs reserved for them any time, let alone at 4:30 in the morning.”

Michelle looked guiltily into Jessica’s face and then crept around the chair to pick something up. Jessica recognized it instantly as a textbook. A smile spread across her face before she could stop it.

“Looks like you and me, we have a lot in common,” Jessica said. “Let’s sit here and read, I don’t think anybody will kick us out of these chairs. They sure look a lot comfier than those over there.”

They sat down and began to read, sharing out loud pieces of chapters that seemed very interesting. Michelle probably helped Jessica more than Jessica helped Michelle, just because Jessica’s books were a lot more advanced. Still, they were able to goof around with each other at some of the things they found in the books.

“Hey! Listen to this word-I don’t even know if I can pronounce it or not…umm… destractious momrily…I guess it’s a plant somewhere in Asia.” And they would go into hysterical laughter while racing through the books to find words to outdo the other person, thoughts of learning anything to help them in classes long gone from their minds.

Soon they started talking about their families. Michelle was a Muggle-born who had never known anything about magic or Hogwarts until she had gotten the letter. One of her friends at school had actually also turned out to be a witch, but she decided to go to Eton instead of Hogwarts. So Michelle had no friends as of yet, and told Jessica she was very shy because being a witch made her different from all the people in her school back home.

“Don’t worry, here everyone is the same as you, remember?” Jessica encouraged her. “You’ll find lots of new friends, besides, you’ve already got me, and I’m a sixth year! That should make you feel special!” She smirked at Michelle, who started giggling again in spite of all her worries. Jessica strongly wanted to tell her of her powers, how she was different from everyone, Muggles outside of the castle, wizards inside. But she knew from experience just telling about her gift before really trusting someone would have very negative effects. But she wanted to give her friend more confidence on her first day, so she was vague about her powers.

“Trust me, Michelle; you are more like everyone in here than I am. You came here, as you should, as a first year and were sorted with other people who had the same personality traits as you, plus they have magic as well. They will be the easiest to bond with. Me, I came here, new, after everyone has known each other for 5 years, and I am still not like them. I have…” At this point Jessica caught herself before she let slip about her gift.

Michelle looked up adoringly at her new friend, her new role model. “Do you really think it’ll be that easy?” She asked timidly.

“Do you remember Dumbledore asking Harry Potter to teach the DA again this year, in front of everyone?” When Michelle nodded, Jessica went on. “Before he told Dumbledore yes, he asked me what I thought. I told him what I’m going to tell you. Knock ‘em dead. If you believe you can do it, you will.”

“You’re very…intuitive, I guess you could say, for lack of a better word.”

Jessica was a little surprised but pleased at the compliment. She hadn’t had anyone give her praise like that in a long time. Instead of thanking her, she ended up saying, “Intuitive? That’s like what mothers say…not little bitty first years! What a vocabulary!” before she could stop herself, and they were hyper all over again.

Around this time, people were starting to wake up and walk, drowsy-eyed, to the Great Hall. They all stared in disbelief at Michelle and Jessica, both new and wide awake. As people would pass, they would make up crazy nicknames for what they thought that person looked like. When Jessica saw Ron come down, she figured this was the perfect opportunity to make fun of him.

“Whaddya say we call that weird looking tall boy with red hair Gangles? His real name is Ron and he’s my friend, but we could do some serious damage to his self-confidence.” When Michelle looked at her questioningly, Jessica explained about his lack of Muggle knowledge and the penny story. Then she explained about his reign at chess. She knew Michelle would find his just as cute and innocent, and yes, a little dorky as Jessica did herself.

Ron marched over to them grumpily. “How are you so happy? It’s the first day of school with gits like Snape as a teacher! Why are you awake anyway?”

They both tried to hide their laughs as they explained. When he was still grumpy and irritated at the end of their story, Michelle piped out a very quick “Guess you’re not a morning person,” and in an undertone so only Jessica could hear her, “Gangles.” They both burst out laughing, tears flooding into their eyes.

“Girls!” Ron muttered angrily and stormed off to the Great Hall. Still cracking up, they both followed him.

* * * * *

After breakfast, Jessica was following Harry, Ron, and Hermoine to their advanced Potions lessons. She had not gotten a schedule like everyone else, but was instead given a letter that said she could go to whosever classes she wanted, but then wherever she went the first week would make up her schedule for the rest of the year. This was more than okay with Jessica, and she spent her way to the dungeons bouncing and talking happily.

“Just a little piece of advice, you might want to cut off the little girl attitude when we’re in Snape’s class. He’ll probably take 50 points off for you not being a sullen, ugly, bat like he is.” Harry warned her as they got nearer and nearer to the doors. Jessica tried to act more depressed like Harry and Ron were acting, like it was the end of the world, but her excitement outdid it, and she walked into the classroom with a smile on her face and a hop in her step still.

At the end of the class however, she came out grumbling like everyone else, except Malfoy, who was gloating. She shot him a murderous look before talking about the class.

“How could he laugh at my stupid potion? I’ve never done any stupid stuff like that before. It’s not even a real class, it doesn’t use a wand! And taking off points because Harry accidentally spilled a teeny-weeny drop of his potion when bottling it and caused a little burn in the floor. Boo-hoo! And the stupid Malfoy kept throwing stuff at us, and Snape was, like, completely blind to it! How unfair is that?” Jessica ranted as they walked down to lunch.

“I warned you,” Harry said grimly. “Snape hates all of us, even though we’re all in the Order, he still treats us like crud.”

Jessica started. “He’s in the Order! But he’s so evil; I would have thought he was a Death Eater himself!”

Hermoine interrupted. “He was, but then came back onto our side.” She explained all about how Snape was supposed to be a spy now and how he alerted people about where Harry had gone at the end of last year. Jessica didn’t believe a word of it. He was evil, right down to the core, that’s all she was sure of.

After all the afternoon lessons, she saw Michelle in the common room, talking to another little girl with blonde hair, but her hair was long and curly and very thick. Jessica waved to Michelle, who waved energetically back and motioned for her to come over.

“Jessica, I want you to meet my new friend Amber,” she said breathlessly.

“Hi, I love your name! That’s my owl’s name too!” and she smiled warmly at her.

Amber did not answer. She instead turned red and looked down at the floor, avoiding Jessica’s eyes. Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have told her that was my owl’s name, Jessica thought. Or, maybe she’s just to shy to talk to a sixth year, like Michelle was at first, was Jessica’s second opinion. She said a quick goodbye and was heading up the stairs before Harry stopped her.

“Hey, meet me in front of the Great Hall in a half hour. I want to show you something.” He looked at her mysteriously and left as soon as she said okay in a very startled tone.

She quickly got a light yellow cloak out of her bag and put her hair up into a ponytail. She thought she could use a little more lip gloss, but then decided against it. He could be showing her some ugly slimy creatures and she certainly didn’t want to get dressed up for that. So she went down the stairs and left to go to the Great Hall.

She saw him there, leaning against the wall, hiding something behind his back. She could see a bunch of twigs at one end though, and immediately a thought went through her head. There’s no way wizards use broomsticks, she said to herself. I figured
that was just in books.

Jessica had a puzzled expression on her face and had just opened her mouth to speak when Harry walked up to her and gave her a quick kiss. Instantly all of Jessica’s thoughts went blank. He then brushed a finger across her lips to let her know to be quiet, grabbed her hand, and led her out into the beautiful grounds outside.

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Chapter 9: Haunted
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Chapter 9: Haunted

Harry led her out to the Quidditch stadium. Jessica was in awe. She had never imagined anything that looked like this, even in her wildest dreams. While she was staring in wonder, he put down two broomsticks and left to go to a shed. A moment later he returned with a trunk.

“Okay,” he said, panting a little. “I’m going to teach you how to play Quidditch. It’s a really fun game. I’m seeker, and this is my broom, the Firebolt. Fastest ever.” At this statement he tried but failed to suppress a grin. Jessica could tell he really loved the game. “Ron is our keeper. This is his broom. Fred and George used to be Beaters, but earlier they got a ban and so did I. Ginny then took my spot, but said she wants to try out as chaser next year. So, first things first. Take Ron’s broom, and put your hand over it and say UP!”

Jessica’s mind was reeling with all the names of positions and information about people on the team, but she decided to give it a shot. But she was wary. How could people ride brooms for fun? “UP!” she said, but the skepticism was dripping in her voice and the broom did nothing. Harry frowned.

“You need to want to play and ride before the broom will do anything for you,” he scolded. “Trust me, you’ll want to learn this.”

So Jessica said it again, trying to keep her doubts out of her voice, and the broom flew up into her hand. Harry clapped.

“See? That wasn’t so hard was it?”

Jessica smiled. He would never know she had made the broom come into her hands by using her powers.

So after that they went over how to sit on a broom, and they did flying lessons. After a while Jessica figured that this was actually fun and started a game of tag with Harry. She couldn’t normally catch him, but he also had his fair share of being it, thanks to her wonderful ducking and swerving abilities. Harry then decided that she would be a good Chaser and then plunged into the rules of Quidditch and positions. When he got a little carried away, talking about past games instead of the rules, she touched him lightly on the arm.

Immediately Harry and everything around her went black. She was staring into an infinite nothing. She tried to move, but realized she was chained to some sort of post. A soft laugh came from her right. Instinctively she turned that way, and saw Voldemort. He was twirling his wand, watching her with great amusement.

“You will help me, my dear. I know what you can do, and it will help me greatly. This task will be worthless without a different power other than mine, and his, that we share. You don’t want him to die now, do you?”

“You can’t touch him, you filthy piece of shit!” She screamed at him, trying with all her might to be released. But the more she struggled, the tighter the cords became. She desperately cast her mind around, searching for him; she needed to find him, anywhere, to know he was safe. But it was in vain. Her head was empty. She shut her eyes in frustration. Voldemort laughed again.

“My sweet Jessica,” he spoke the words in almost a purr. “If you had any idea how close I was to touching him, I’m sure you would be screaming in agony. Just like you were the first time we met, although this time the pain would come from your own heart, not mine…”

Jessica opened her eyes to find herself staring into a pair of green eyes, which held great concern in them. She gave a scream and hastily stumbled back, rubbing her wrists where the chains had been. What was that all about? That was not a vision of Harry. Why did she see that?

“Jessica?” Harry was staring at her. “Jessica, are you all right?”

But Jessica didn’t hear him. As he repeated the question, she found herself agitated at him. Why wouldn’t he leave her alone?

“Jessica? Please, say something!”

“God, Harry, can’t you see I want to be alone right now? Just, stop getting into my business!” Jessica snapped at him.

Harry took a couple of steps backwards as if she had physically slapped him. Something was not right with her. He could tell that something was different; he could see it in her eyes when he was peering at her. As soon as she had brushed his arm, she froze, and her eyes became unfocused. He watched in alarm as they went from pale green, almost the same color as his, darker and darker until they were almost black. He thought he would get lost and fall into them at that time. They were so deep, and so unlike her own. And then she snapped at him, in a much different voice than her soft accented one. Did she have another vision?

Hesitantly he took the trunk back to the shed and grabbed the two brooms. He watched her sadly as she walked over to a gold post, sitting next to it and wrapping her arm around it. A second later she rested her forehead against it, as if trying to cool off her head. He turned around and walked away, occasionally looking over his shoulder at the strange girl sitting there, frozen as a statue. And then the night sky came out and swallowed her into the darkness, the darkness that matched perfectly what was in her eyes.

* * * * *

The next morning Jessica joined them at breakfast, looking very tired but wearing a smile all the same. Harry looked at her eyes. Pale green. He breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at him, and in that looked he saw so much pain in her eyes and realized she did not want to bring last night up. He felt his heart go out to her as she sat down and started talking as if she was the happiest person in the world. He didn’t know how anyone could act like that if they had such a horrible, yet helpful gift like Jessica’s. Harry decided to watch her more than take part in the conversation.

“Hey, guys, watch what I can do!” Jessica was saying with excitement. They all watched in amazement as she pointed her wand at a salt shaker and said “Come here!” and it zoomed towards her. Ron laughed, while Hermoine looked on incredulously.

“Jessica, you need to learn the right incantations! You can’t just have a wand for show! If we’re gonna sell you as a regular witch like us, you can’t be going ‘come here’. It’s accio!”

Jessica laughed and rolled her eyes, stopping at Ron’s face. He was laughing, but when she caught his eye he laughed even harder.

“Oh fine, just go ahead and screw up everything Dumbledore is working for!” Hermoine said in a huff and left the table.

“Oops!” Jessica gasped, laughing out loud now that Hermoine was gone. “Wonder where she’s going?”

“Oh, don’t worry about it! She’s always getting into a bad mood on something or other. In fact, I think now that she’s had a fight with you it means you guys are even better friends than before! Don’t you think, Harry? Harry?” Ron looked at him in concern. “You all right, mate? You seem…well… distracted, I guess.”

“Huh?” Harry hadn’t been paying any attention. He had been looking at Jessica for a little bit, but then something caught his attention. Down the table, about five people from Jessica, was that little first year, Michelle. She was watching Jessica with almost a hungry expression on her face, and seemed to be oblivious to her friend trying to get her attention next to her. Weird, Harry thought.

“Ugh, Earth to Harry!” Jessica rapped on the wood next to his arm. She was too afraid to touch him, afraid of the power that might unleash in her, the evil one so unlike her own that had taken over her last night. She hardly remembered anything, having been pushed to the back of her brain while the powers fought out of her body, but she remembered looking into his eyes and seeing a pained kind of hurt in there. Did I do that? She had thought in the morning. It was awkward talking to him today.

“Hey, let’s go, we got Dumbledore today!” Ron said, stuffing his mouth with food before grabbing his bag. “Comon, I du’wadda be lade!”

And with that, they all got up from the table and headed down to Defense Against the Dark Arts, all three of them trembling with excitement, not noticing the little shadows that seemed to follow them wherever they went.

Michelle Canddet stood in the shadows, watching the trio go with great interest. “This is the girl?” She asked the little owl on her shoulder. It nipped her ear in reply. “What you’ve told me to do might take more efforts than I realized from before, but I think I can handle it.”

And she continued to watch them walk, completely blocking out the world around her, focusing on Jessica. She had pity for her. She must feel completely alone, no matter what, because of her powers. Now Michelle knew what Jessica was talking about when she said that she was different than people here. Still, the owl had given her a task, and she must try her best to fulfill it. Taking in a final glance, she then turned back around into the Great Hall to find her friend Amber before heading out to their classes.

Chapter 10: Dreams and Things
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Chapter 10: Dreams and Things

Early as they were to get to Dumbledore’s class, they were among the last people to get there. Apparently, everyone else was just as excited to have him teach them. After about 15 minutes of pushing and excited glances, the door finally creaked open.

“Hello,” Dumbledore said, looking around at everyone’s faces. “Well, come in, why don’t you?” And he left the door open and quietly sat behind his desk.

Harry, Ron, and Jessica all scrambled in and went for seats right in the front of the class. A second later, Hermoine joined them, looking completely out of breathe.

“Where did you go?” Harry asked her.

“Where do you think?” Ron said, smiling. “Whenever she storms off from the Great Hall, she always goes to the library.”

Hermoine gave him a sarcastic smirk. “Ha, ha. No, I was in the common room, looking up some stuff for class. Oh, guess who I met!” Hermoine then turned and continued her conversation to Jessica. “Your little friend, the first year…Michelle, I think she said her name was. She seemed nice, but a little strange. You were the only thing she could talk about.” Hermoine grinned. “She said hi, and she misses talking to you, and wants to know if she can talk to you later tonight.”

Jessica was surprised. She had just seen Michelle the night before. Maybe something had happened in her classes that she was confused on? “Umm…sure I guess that’s fine?”

Right at that moment, Dumbledore stood up and the class immediately became deadly quiet. He had a look on his face that was grave, and Jessica figured the speech he was about to give was a serious one about Voldemort. And she had guessed right.

“As you all know,” he started out somberly, “this year is going to be very different. There is evil lurking outside the castle, and it presents an even greater threat inside the castle. I am, of course talking about Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. I know-” At this point, several people in the room gasped and Dumbledore held up a hand to make sure he was interrupted more than need be. “I know that some of you are very wary of this subject, and for good reason. Voldemort has the ability to cause death and sadness wherever he goes. Many people in this room have had families broken up because of his power. I am not saying to foolishly go and seek him out without a plan, because that will not work. But my aim this year is to help you know what kind of tricks Voldemort and his followers pull, what his strong points and weaknesses are, and what kind of spells will help you in this war against him in the long run.” Dumbledore then looked at Harry, a pained look. Harry knew he was remembering the Department of Mysteries, as he himself was. “The DA will of course, be about the spells that have helped Harry fight him, and will no doubt help you. And so, onto business.”

The rest of the lesson was spent taking notes about how Voldemort has worked before, and how to try and figure out who was going to hurt you and how. Their wands were never touched, but people still paid attention with every once of concentration their body possessed. At the end of the lesson, Dumbledore stood up and bid them goodbye with the following words of advice. “These are dark times, and one can never be too careful. Although making friends is a good thing to do, as Voldemort has no real friends, make sure you can trust that person. If any doubt lingers, don’t confide in them. The one thing that will save you, above all else, is friendship. It is one of the few things that Voldemort cannot understand, and therefore cannot beat. Good day.”

The foursome walked to their next class, Herbology, in a serious mood, but still talking excitedly anyway.

“At least now everyone believes you, Harry, so that talk will be much better than the one that he gave at the end of fourth year.” Hermoine was saying.

“Yeah, now people won’t disregard it because the Daily Prophet isn’t telling everyone that I’m a nutter,” Harry said, a little louder than he expected.

Herbology passed by without great excitement, and they all went up to the castle for lunch, Ron practically running because he was so hungry. As soon as they sat down, Ron started eating everything he could grab. Jessica watched him, amused, for a second or two before she reached for a piece of chicken. However, she was interrupted by Michelle coming up to her and looking all nervous.

“Jessica?” she heard a tiny whisper behind her and a little poke on the shoulder. She turned around, her mouth full, and tried her best to answer without spitting food out. “Yes?”

“I just-” she looked around nervously and lowered her voice. Hermoine turned back to her plate and started scolding Ron for eating too fast, but Jessica knew she was listening. “I just wanted to give you a warning. I heard some boy saying something about you near a statue. Um…be careful of anything shimmery and semi-solid.” And before Jessica could even fathom what this meant, Michelle hurriedly ran down to the other end of the table and sat with Amber and another first year, a boy with black hair.

Hermoine narrowed her eyes at Michelle’s figure, cutting off her conversation immediately. “What on Earth did that mean? Did you understand that at all?”

Jessica shook her head. Who would she hear talking about shimmery things? The only boys who talked to her were Harry and Ron, and she was always with them. Maybe she was pulling a practical joke on her. She gave herself a little shake and continued eating.

* * * * *

Later that night, the four of them sat up doing homework. As usual, Ron was pestering Hermoine to help him.

“Come on, Hermy,” he said with a smile, “You know Snape makes impossible essays. Help me out, miss perfect.”

“Ron, calling me names and making fun of me is not going to help you get your answers. Try listening in the class, and then it won’t seem so impossible.” She rolled her eyes skyward, and finished off her last sentence. “There, I’m all done. Goodnight.” And with a very dramatic sweeping up of her parchment, she went upstairs, leaving Ron grumbling after her.

“Fine, don’t help me, we’ve just been friends forever…” He looked at Jessica. “What’s up?”

She had been doing her homework just like everyone else, but got sidetracked when she looked up at the fire. Michelle had been staring avidly over at the group, but as soon as Jessica had spotted her she quickly turned away. Jessica had continued to watch her, and saw her make various glances over at her, always turning away when she met Jessica’s eyes.

“Um…just daydreaming, I guess.” But Ron wasn’t listening to her answer. He was staring at her piece of parchment with utter fascination. “Wait, you actually understand this stuff? Like, is this all right?”

“Yeah, well, it’s what Hermoine and I both got on our notes, so…why? Do you want to copy it or something?”

“Yes!” Both Harry and Ron said immediately. Jessica laughed.

“Okay, but let me just finish it first. And don’t use it word for word, otherwise Snape will get mad at us, not to mention Hermoine!” So she quickly finished and left it there, having Ron and Harry look at it as if it were a priceless treasure.

As she was crossing the room, she saw Michelle again looking at her, but then she started to get out of her chair and follow her. Feeling a little creeped out, she sped up and quickly shut the door to her bedroom behind her, startling Hermoine, who was reading behind her curtains.

“What’s wrong? You look…a little freaked out.” Hermoine peered at her face. Jessica told her about Michelle’s continuous staring and starting to follow her up the stairs. Hermoine frowned. “I don’t like her. She seems kind of suspicious. First she gives you a completely useless warning, then she watches you and seems to be obsessed with you. It’s almost as if--” Hermoine stopped.

“It’s almost as if what?” Jessica was surprised to find that she seemed a little agitated. No matter how strange Michelle was acting, Jessica still considered her a friend, and she didn’t like people criticizing her friends.

“It’s almost as if she’s watching you…for someone else.”

Jessica thought this over, and then frowned as she got Hermoine’s meaning. “Hermoine, she’s a first year. Eleven years old. How could she be a Death Eater? How?”

Hermoine narrowed her eyes. “I didn’t say it made sense, but you have to admit a normal eleven year old would not act like that. I think you should tell Dumbledore or Lupin or someone from the Order about this.”

“Whatever, she hasn’t hurt me yet, and I’m not going to have them waste their time on some perfectly normal eleven year old girl.” Jessica got into bed and they both shut their curtains, both mad at what each other had said.

Jessica fell asleep almost at once. But her dream made her life more troubled than it was already. She was again in a black place, except this one seemed to not have any walls, or ceiling, or in fact any thing to enclose Jessica anywhere. It felt as if she was standing in air. Looking into the distance, she saw two tiny pinpricks of light; the eyes of some animal. Slowly, not exactly sure how she was moving, she walked towards the lights, which upon closer inspection turned out to be a black dog. She noticed it was holding what looked to be like a book inside its mouth.

The dog slowly walked up to her, wagging its tail. As soon as it got close enough to where Jessica could have reached out and pet its head if she wanted to, it stuck its head up a little and wagged its tail harder. Jessica gathered it wanted her to take the book. She grabbed the book, expecting to be full of saliva, but it was completely dry and even a little warm, as if it had been recently held. And then, she realized something about this dog… except now there wasn’t a dog, but a man…

She stared in wonder. He couldn’t possibly who she thought he was. He had raggedy black hair that hung in his eyes. Eyes that had a tragic, empty look in them. Harry Potter’s godfather, the one who had died by falling through the veil the year before, was standing there, in front of her.

“Sirius?” she said, her voice shaking. But as soon as she said it, he transformed into the great black dog, and she could feel herself and everything around her dissolving.

“Jessica?” came a worried voice from above her.

She sat upright, sweating. “I just saw—I just saw--” But she couldn’t say it to anyone. Sirius was there, very much alive again.

She then tried to concentrate on the facts. It was a dream, she told herself. Dead people can show up in dreams and it’s perfectly normal. Then her eyes fell on her bed table—or rather, what was on it. Lying there, looking perfectly harmless, was the book the dream Sirius had given her.

Before anyone could say or do anything, Jessica fainted.

Chapter 11: All my Life
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Chapter 11: All my Life

Jessica slowly opened her eyes and tried to lift her head up. She was immediately pushed back down onto the bed and she heard someone bustling around her bed.

When her eyes decided to work properly, she realized she must be in the hospital wing. There were white walls all around her and there was a nice looking lady wearing an apron attending to her, checking her pulse and everything else. “Who are you?” she asked the nurse.

“Madame Pomfrey.” She replied crisply and began peering into her eyes. “You have visitors.”

At these words, Jessica heard the door open, a squeak, and quick footsteps getting louder and louder. She smiled: Hermoine was here.

“Jessica, oh Jess, you’ve had us so worried! You’ve been up here nearly a week, you’ve missed so many classes, everyone is going berserk! You just fainted after waking up, I couldn’t understand why at all, the only thing that seemed out of place was a book, but I figured that it was yours and you just woke up saying you saw you saw but you never said what and then we couldn’t get anything out of you so naturally when you fainted I went to go get Dumbledore and you hadn’t even changed when we came back still all pale and clammy and--”

“Miss Granger, please, let her breathe.” Dumbledore walked up to her bed and smiled warmly, his eyes twinkling like always. “I’m sure she is a bit confused right now.”

Jessica nodded. She couldn’t remember anything that had happened, but slowly it all came back to her. The black empty space, the dog, Sirius, the book, the book both in dreamland and real life…she gasped and tried to sit up quickly, but it made her head hurt, and she allowed Madame Pomfrey to push her back into a laying position. Next she saw Ron, Harry, and Ginny, all standing awkwardly behind Hermoine and Dumbledore. Jessica looked at them and motioned for them to come forward. Ron and Harry seemed nervous about separating Hermoine from Jessica’s bedside: Apparently Hermoine had been really worried about her best friend. However, Ginny nodded back and promptly pushed Hermoine out of the way.

“I brought this for you,” she said, handing Jessica a get well card.

“That had better not be a singing once,” Harry warned her. Ginny narrowed her eyes at him and stuck her tongue out.

Harry and Ron had decided to get her a get well gift together, so they went to Hogsmeade and bought her something from one of the ‘girly stores-full of frill and stuff’ as Ron liked to call them. Harry handed it to her. It was wrapped in a beautiful purple plaid box, with a yellow sheer ribbon tied into a bow. Jessica smiled: Her two favorite colors together. She didn’t want to even open the box and ruin the bow. But she did, and she gasped and almost dropped it.

“It’s the wizard version of a charm bracelet,” Harry said matter-of-factly. “Actually, I think this one is more accurate, considering a charm is placed on it.” He smiled at Jessica, who didn’t return the favor because she was looking at the bracelet and everything seemed to disappear around her.

The bracelet was made of tiny flecks of diamond that were weaved and threaded through each other so that it would never break. There was no clasp: instead it would magically expand to fit over your wrist and then conform to hug your arm perfectly. Some diamonds were different colors, but the most intriguing thing was that there were pictures braided into the bracelet, yet hanging in midair. Upon closer inspection, she realized the pictures were—

“Moving? How can a picture move?” She stared at the pictures, so tiny, yet she could see every detail. There was the day before they left for Hogwarts, at Grimmauld Place, everyone beaming into the camera. There were individual pictures of Ron, Hermoine, Harry, and Ginny. There was a picture of Harry on a broom, the Snitch a few feet ahead of him. Ron, wearing a triumphant expression at having just beat Ginny at chess. Also there were Fred and George, in their joke shop, laughing as someone had just turned into a huge canary. She looked up to find everyone watching her. She was a little surprised to see them all standing there; she had gotten so involved in the pictures she forget the when and where of now. But of course, it all returned full swing as she saw what Dumbledore was holding. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

“Um, thanks guys, I appreciate this a lot. It’s perfect, and I’m never going to take it off.” With that, she slipped it over her hand, and she felt warmth radiating off it. She tore her eyes away from Dumbledore a second to stare in shock at it.

“Oh, yeah,” Ron said, “as long as you are safe, it will be warm. But if danger is lurking around you, beware of icy pains shooting throughout your arm.” Everyone stared at him. “Well, that’s what the saleslady said.”

Jessica jumped out of her bed, deaf to Madame Pomfrey’s stutters and complaints and gave Ron a big hug and kiss. When she pulled away, he was bright red in the face. She laughed and then did the same to Harry. Funnily enough, he seemed used to it. She then hopped back into her bad as if nothing had happened, which made Madame Pomfrey completely at a loss of words.

Dumbledore then spoke up. “I know that you guys are probably dying to ask Miss Mauring here some questions about what actually happened. But I beg you, please let me have some alone time with her first. There are some serious matters I would like to clear up, and then you can gossip to your little heart’s content.” And with that, he shooed them out of the hospital wing. “Poppy, I ask you also to please leave me alone with her. I shall inform you of when I am leaving.” Dumbledore turned back to Jessica’s bed, knowing that Madame Pomfrey would not be happy about not being able to check on her patient, but she would go into her office anyway.

“Miss Mauring, Jessica, please, I know that this year has been a difficult one, but I beg you to tell me everything that has happened. And I would like you to start from when you were at your parent’s house. How you came to know about the Cave of Vanderas, what is in there, what happened on the Quidditch field with Harry, and finally, what the dream and this book is all about.” He sat back expectantly.

Jessica tried to explain what she was thinking. “Sir, I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t know if I can do that. Having to live through it once is hard enough; I don’t know if I would be able to survive another time.”

The old wizard sighed. “In Harry’s fourth year, he witnesses some very terrible things. He saw one of his fellow classmates get murdered, saw Voldemort come back, fought him, and saw ghost images of his parents. He also didn’t believe he could tell me what exactly had happened that night in the graveyard. Please trust me on this, Jessica, once you start it will be easier to go all the way through.”

Jessica put her head in her hands, trying with all her might to be strong for this man. He was the one who was leading the attack against Voldemort, she reminded herself. He was her friend. She took a great, shuddering breath, and with that breath released everything she had been holding in from everyone else. She told Dumbledore how Voldemort had found a cave in some mountains in the United States. The specific place was in the smoky mountains in North Carolina. There was some sort of energy particle in there that Voldemort wanted. The particle was supposed to be full of a certain energy that could not be found anywhere else in the world, and whatever wizard possessed it would become incredibly powerful. More powerful, perhaps, than any other wizard alive. She then told him about her dreams, the one where she was chained and Voldemort was talking to her, taunting her about Harry and how she couldn’t find him in her mind. How at that time, when she had come out of the vision, her powers seemed to overcome her senses, and she couldn’t react. Something else was talking inside her, yelling at Harry, and she was powerless to stop it. She said she was pushed to the back of her mind, while the good tried to outdo the bad. Finally she told about the last dream, the empty black nothingness, the dog wagging its tail at her, giving her the book, turning into Sirius before everything dissolved, yet the book still remained when she woke up.

At this point Dumbledore took the book and placed it in Jessica’s hands. “If Sirius gave it to you, and not any of the rest of us, then I’m sure he would be very mad at me if I didn’t allow you to do the honors.” He placed Jessica’s hand on the cover, but from that point on Jessica did everything by herself. She opened the front page and stared. Words were written there in a very different style of handwriting. Dumbledore took in a breath. That was Sirius’s writing. The inscription was short.

Just in case the memories ever become too much.

There was no signature, but instead a paw print of a dog. Jessica looked up at Dumbledore, tears in her eyes.

“Why did he give this to me? He was Harry’s godfather; he never even met me. How could he possibly give this to me?”

“Jessica, you are different from us. Maybe Sirius felt that, and felt as if he had to help out somehow. He gave this to you to be a comfort, not a burden. He must know something else about you that we have yet to discover. My advice would be to keep it and treasure it. I’m sure sometime in the future, whether near or not, it will come in handy. Perhaps you should write your dreams in there. I’m sure Sirius would love to have something to do in his spare time.” Dumbledore got up, but immediately stopped halfway because of the look on Jessica’s face. “What’s wrong?”

She didn’t answer for a moment. How could she have been so stupid? How could she have forgotten? She didn’t tell Dumbledore everything: She had forgotten her dreams while she was sleeping on the bench under the tree.

“Professor, I have one more dream to tell you. I was sleeping on this bench, and I dreamt I was walking down a tunnel. Friendly people were behind me, but then all of a sudden I was alone. Not long after that, some evil wizard came up behind me and bashed my head into the wall. Then he put a curse on me…and it hurt…my body felt as if it were being ripped open in every possible direction…” she trailed off, remembering.

Dumbledore’s eyes were not twinkling anymore. If anything, he looked almost too old to be able to walk. “Was this the only dream that night? Or were there more?” He asked sharply.

“No, there were more, first the tree split in two and a swirling mist came out of it. Then the clouds were around me, pulsing and shimmering, and--” she gasped and put a hand to her mouth. Shimmery? And clouds were semi-solid, weren’t they? And after that, she had almost died from a Death Eaters attack. “Professor?” she managed to say, softly and in a little girls voice, so unlike her own. Dumbledore was there in an instant.

“What is it? Did something else hap--”

“I need you to find me this first year by the name of Michelle Canddet. She’s blonde, and in Gryffindor.” She didn’t care right now that she had interrupted the Headmaster. She needed to find out if Michelle’s warning actually had some meaning to it.

He quickly left, and Jessica was by herself for about a half-hour. Her head was hurting badly, but she didn’t want to bother the nurse. She decided to look at Sirius’s book, and the words inscribed on it. Just in case, he had said. Jessica knew exactly what this book was going to be used for. Jessica had always loved to write poetry, but in her later years, she found she could cope with her gift easier if she wrote poems. She figured that writing again could help her make sense of what was going on here, so she gave it a shot:

All my Life
Sometimes I just need to be alone
To think.
But no matter what happens, I am alone.
People always say opposites attract.
Yet my life is only opposites.
When I think of happiness it makes me sad
Knowing other people are happy
Happier than me.
I am alone.
It is only a matter of time before…
Before something falls.
The struggle within is the hardest.
To stay alive knowing
All the opposites of the world.
All my life I’ve tried
All my life I’ve failed.
Something needs to crack, to break,
Shatter in a thousand pieces.
But the heart is strong,
Stronger than the opposites.
And it keeps me alive
For all my life.

Jessica smiled. She already felt better, and the ending of the poem cheered her up greatly. She always got into a zone when she wrote, and couldn’t remember any of the poem until she read it over again. If her mind thought that her heart could keep her alive, then obviously she was not going to go insane from her gift. She re-read it, then jumped slightly at hearing the door open and close. Looking up, she saw Michelle approaching her, anger in her eyes. Jessica had her own fury to match.

“So, are you going to tell me what exactly is…” she trailed off, however as soon as she saw what was sitting on Michelle’s shoulder. The little owl that had given her the first look into Harry’s life, helped her escape to Grimmauld Place, had become her guardian to look over her while she was still at her parent’s house. “Is he, I mean that owl—do you own him? How did you get him here?”

But Michelle was not going to answer any of Jessica’s questions until Jessica answered hers. “Are you ready to listen now?”

**All better, thanks Skylar Daniels!!

Chapter 12: Rising Tide
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Chapter 12: Rising Tide

Jessica stared mutely at Michelle. For a crazy second, Jessica had listened to Hermoine’s worries about Michelle. But now that the owl was there, she wasn’t so sure. The little owl had watched over her, looked out for her while she was sitting in her self-pity. It had woken her up before the Death Eater attacked and therefore saved her life. So why would it be friendly with someone who Hermoine thought was working for Voldemort? Jessica was confused, that was one thing that was certain.

The little owl gave a soft hoot and flew over to Jessica’s shoulder. She relaxed for a moment, the slight weight reassuring her. She asked it a simple question in her mind: Is she a friend? And when the owl nipped her ear affectionately, she turned to face Michelle.

“Okay, I trust you now. What was the warning about?”

Michelle took a deep breath. “I think it will be best if I start from the beginning.” And she started to talk, Jessica listening intently, everything else going into the back of the mind for the time being.

Michelle told Jessica about her plans with the owl. How Michelle had known nothing about Jessica except that she was nice. “When you had first smiled at me,” Michelle had said, “I knew that you would be a person who would be loyal to their friends. So naturally, I wanted to be your friend.” When Michelle and Jessica had both met in the common room early on the first day of classes, Michelle was happier than ever. But she had doubts. Michelle had realized that something was not quite right. “Although you put on a smile for the world, I sensed something was holding you back; some tragedy from your past. And when you told me that you were different from everyone in here, I knew it had to be something with your magical abilities.” That morning, the owl had come to her with a note. The note was anonymous, but it told Michelle all about Jessica’s powers and told Michelle that Jessica was in grave danger, even though she was in the safe halls of Hogwarts. The letter had stated that Harry, Ron, Hermoine and Ginny might have been able to keep a watch on her more closely, but Jessica might become suspicious if they began acting oddly. Also, they might also show her the letter, and that would have been bad. The letter writer therefore entrusted Michelle, a friend, but not good enough of one to arouse suspicion, to watch her. She was told to look out for anyone suspicious that treated Jessica and her friends unfairly. And she saw them immediately.

“As you were leaving the breakfast table, I looked around the Hall to see if anyone was watching you,” Michelle remembered, shuddering. “There were three boys over at the Slytherin table who were narrowing their eyes at your group. I decided to follow them, to see if they knew anything that might cause you harm.” She had followed Jessica and the group out of the Hall, but then hid in the shadows until the three boys came out. She heard them talking about Voldemort and Harry Potter. “At this point, I knew I had something, as long as I wasn’t found eavesdropping.” Although Michelle didn’t know the three boys, they were Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle. She found out that Voldemort was planning on finding something in a cave, but there was one obstacle: Jessica. Whether she knew it or not, she seemed to have a power that was stopping Voldemort. Her power was the reason he was failing at achieving his plan. He decided to get rid of her.

Michelle’s voice was growing hoarse, but she kept talking in a rush, almost glad to be getting rid of her secret agent burden. “The blonde kid said something about shimmery things. I think Voldemort was going to try and lure you somewhere with pretty things that would get your attention and then try to get your power. At that point, Amber found me and I had to leave. I couldn’t hear the end of the conversation. But I learned two things, Jessica; if you see something shimmery, it will hurt you somehow, and second—never use your power against You-Know-Who or any of his followers. Your power is a secret weapon, one he cannot gain unless you allow him access. Do not use it unless it will keep you and your friends from death.”

An awkward silence filled the room after her dire warning. Without Jessica seeing, Dumbledore had brought in Hermoine, Ron, Harry, and Ginny and they were also standing there, completely dumbfounded. Finally, Dumbledore took a step forward, and the little owl flew to him. Jessica immediately realized who must have sent the note to Michelle.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” Jessica asked him. The little owl hooted and Dumbledore smiled gently.

“Jessica, watching you I have realized you have a gift that everyone underestimates, including me-at first. But as I looked through your past, seeing all the pain you went through, I knew that you were different, more different than any other person I have known. But I could not tell you this, or watch out for you, because it would seem suspicious to—certain people, I guess one could say, that something was special about you. So I asked Michelle here to do it. Although, I did not expect a first year to do such a tremendous job. On her very first day she found out some very valuable information for all of us to benefit from. But I knew you would grow wary, as you did. So I told Michelle to tell you what she was doing for you, so that you would not disregard her warnings. But you ran away, and incidentally had the dream…and came across the book. I hope he treats you well; he always was a kind person. Do not be afraid, but most importantly, listen to Michelle. Many will ignore her because she is a first year, and that will work to our advantage. Being invisible is key when you are a spy.” Dumbledore gave her a little nod, and she returned it, dazed, and he left.

Hermoine sat down next to Jessica’s bed and poured her a glass of water. Nobody really knew what to say. Michelle was standing uncomfortably on the other side of the bed, and Jessica felt like hugging her. She looked so cute and innocent and shy. Jessica then gave her an apology.

“Michelle, I’m sorry. It was just weird to hear that warning, and not know what it meant or what you were doing. And when you kept staring at me it gave me the creeps. But I should have known you would never hurt me. Can you forgive me, and the rest of my friends?” Michelle hesitated, looking at Hermoine. When Hermoine—finally—gave her a smile—a pained smile, but a smile nonetheless, Michelle nodded her head and quickly ran out of the door.

“There’s something I didn’t understand about Dumbledore’s explanation,” Harry suddenly said. Jessica whirled around to look at him. She had a feeling she knew what he was talking about. “Do you know who Dumbledore meant when he said ‘he was always a kind person’? He motioned at the book, so I’m guessing whoever the guy was, he gave you the book? Do we know him?”

Jessica looked down at the book, trying to stall for time. She didn’t know how much of what really happened she would be brave enough to tell Harry, but Dumbledore obviously thought it would be best to be a secret. Therefore Jessica lied to him, something she hated doing but felt she had no other options. Perhaps later, the right time would come.

“Harry, I don’t know how well you are going to take this, but I don’t understand all of what he says. I know how the book came to be in my possession, but I have a feeling you and everyone else here might not be okay with that explanation. I think Dumbledore wants it to be just between me and the person that gave me the book, at least for now. I’m sorry I can’t tell you more, but I don’t even know exactly how and why it came to me.” Well, she had kind of told the truth; she knew who the person was. But she did know how it came to her, and Hermoine might see through that, but Jessica changed the subject before anyone could question what she just said. “I think right now it would be best if you let me rest so I can get out of here. I am already bored and miss classes. So I am going to go to bed now and hopefully I’ll see you all tomorrow morning.” The curtains were closing as she said this, and by the time she finished no one could see her anymore.

“Jess, can we please talk to you?” Hermoine asked timidly. A second later the chair she was sitting in threw her off and she wildly landed in Ron’s arms. After an embarrassingly long silence, they all left, Harry closing the door quietly behind him.

* * * * *

It was the Tuesday before Christmas break before anything happened in Jessica’s book. She had written in there almost daily, not knowing exactly what the purpose was that Sirius had intended but liking her poem diary just the same. She was just reading over one of her favorite ones, Happiness.

Going up, way up high,
Past the clouds and past the sky.
To a place where happiness is free,
For a while that’s where I’ll be.
Up above there is always a happy song,
And all the rights outdo the wrongs.
There’s always a better choice than to be in a fight,
And no kids are sent to bed crying at night.
This place, see, is where I often go,
When my heart is on pause and my brain works so slow.
But lately I find that I cannot escape,
Loneliness is becoming an everyday trait.
In my dreams I remember the place,
Devoid of the tragedies of the human race.
But now there is a guard watching over my prison,
The pillow of my bed is stained with tears colored crimson.

Yes, Jessica thought, this is a perfect thing. Lately Jessica had been feeling ever more isolated, thinking about what Dumbledore had said and realized she was alone, no matter what. She stared at the page a little, and was about to go onto the next one when she saw it. It was tiny, yes, but she knew it hadn’t been there when she wrote it. A tiny little paw print was at the end of the poem. Jessica was about to go show Dumbledore, but decided to wait at see if it meant anything. Maybe it was a smudge from something that somewhat resembled a paw print. She went to bed that night, troubled and thoughtful at the same time.

She fell asleep almost at once, at first her dreams were completely irrelevant, but suddenly she found herself in the middle of the black space again. She knew Sirius was ahead of her, and walked forward quickly. She had a million questions to ask him, if he didn’t dissolve as soon as she spoke to him like last time.

There he was, in human form, sitting cross-legged and apparently very interested in his fingers. She stared at him, and as she got closer he looked up and smiled.

“Those are some good poems,” he said. His voice echoed bit, but other than that, he looked real. Not like someone dead should look. She talked quickly. She didn’t know how long she had.

“Why me? You don’t even know me,” she said.

“Jessica, I am Harry’s godfather, and I care for him just as much in death as I do in life. When I saw him and saw you, I watched you, knowing there was something different, yet magical about you. Your gift is something that you do not understand, try as you might, for you are too young. But in death, we often learn secrets that we were blind to on Earth as the living. Trust me, Jessica; the book could only be for you. In time, you will understand.”

She tried to listen to him. “How can I not know about my powers, though? They are mine, aren’t they? And I’m the only one who has them?” He didn’t answer, just stared at her. She had a feeling he was wondering how much to tell her, now or later. “Have you visited Harry?” But as soon as she said Harry’s name, everything dissolved, and she saw him for the briefest of seconds as a dog chasing his tail before she woke up.

She quickly sat up, trying not to wake any of the other girls. She knew she must write to Dumbledore, tell him everything that she could remember, now while the dream was still fresh in her mind. She grabbed a pen and paper, and took a few calming breath. Though she knew Sirius was good and would not hurt her, there was still something eerie about talking to the dead.

She quickly finished her letter and went up to the Owlery, where she fortunately saw Amber eating a dead frog she must have just caught.

“Come here,” she whispered, and Amber threw her a reproachful look before letting her frog drop. Another owl immediately caught it, and Amber gave that owl and evil stare and clipped her beak. The owl quickly dropped the frog. Jessica watched in amusement, and then spoke again to Amber. “I know he’s in this castle, but I’m not allowed to go out of my dorm room after hours. It was hard enough coming here, let alone to an office I don’t know where it is, no password, while he’s sleeping. Just leave this at his bed or something. “Amber gently took the note and flew off.

Jessica shivered. Her left arm was freezing. The wind must be really cold tonight, she thought, the realized that her right arm was closest to the window. Odd. She frowned, the felt a tingle near her wrist that accompanied the cold. She looked down and saw her charm bracelet moving, the diamonds glowing eerily. Jessica remembered what Ron had said—‘… But if danger is lurking around you, beware of icy pains shooting throughout your arm.’ She quickly drew out her wand, as was now habit, and turned swiftly as she heard a rustling of a cloak behind her. But her words got caught in her throat before she could utter a single curse.

“Well, well, well, look who it is. The new girl.” Draco Malfoy was standing there, blocking the doorway with his wand out and an evil look in his eyes.

Chapter 13: Trips, Tricks, and Traps
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Chapter 13: Trips, Tricks, and Traps

“Excuse me. You’re in my way. What do you want?” Jessica was pleased to hear that her voice did not shake, masking over the trembling that was taking place inside her heart.

“Nothing. Fulfilling my duty as a prefect. Students aren’t allowed to be out of bed after hours, Jessica Mauring.” His eyes got a hungry look in them as he said her name, and she became even more frightened. Her left arm was numb now from the cold. “I think I’m going to have to hold you until someone gets here that can punish you right.”

“And who’s that? Lord Voldemort, your master?” Jessica spoke before she could think of what she was saying. She tried to brush that off by changing the subject quickly. “Why are you out of bed? You couldn’t have heard me get out of my common room unless you were standing right there watching it.”

“What makes you so sure I wasn’t?” Malfoy said softly, his eyes becoming hungrier every moment. Jessica gasped and instinctively raised her wand higher. Malfoy was quick, though, and caught Jessica off guard.

“Expelliarmus!” He said and her wand flew out the window, disappearing into the night. She ran to the window, horrified. She felt a rush of wings next to her head and remembered she had just put her back to the enemy. She whipped around, eyes frantically searching every place there could possibly be an escape, her breath coming now in short gasps. But there was only one way out, and that place was blocked right now.

“What, you’re not going to fight me?” Draco laughed softly, taking a step towards her. She backed up and ran into the wall. She stared into those cold, grey eyes.

“I don’t have a wand; in case you forgot, you just made it fly out the window.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Well, I don’t think that you will go much for Muggle fighting, so what other options are there?”

“You know, and I know. Think for a minute, Jessica. I’m your enemy. You need to beat me, and that’s near impossible if you don’t have a wand. There is only one other thing to do to get past me.” And he folded his arms and waited expectantly. For the minute, she decided she was going to play dumb. Michelle’s warning was on repeat in her head, and she knew that all he really wanted was her power. He could care less about her name, or her wand, or even if she was killed or not. He just wanted her power to give to his master. But she definitely wasn’t going down without a fight.

“I have no idea what you’re-ah!” Jessica screamed and ducked, the red blast that came from Malfoy’s wand missing her by inches. Just then, a snowy white owl came in through the window: Jessica recognized it instantly as Harry’s owl, Hedwig. She dropped something at Jessica’s feet. Her wand. For a brief second that contained an eternity in Jessica’s mind, they both looked at it. Then Jessica picked it up and shouted “Expelliarmus!” before Malfoy could even think of stunning or cursing her. Jessica’s heart skipped a beat. She was able to do Hogwarts magic. If only she could remember some of those curses Harry and the DA had taught her. She spoke again, braver this time.

“Don’t underestimate me just because I’m new,” she said in an evil voice. “Now, once again, you are between me and my way out, and now, you have no weapon.” (excerpt from POTC- in the blacksmith place with Jack Sparrow and Will Turner!! Yay!!)

Malfoy’s eyes scanned the place for only a second. As Jessica followed his gaze up into the rafters, he suddenly charged straight at her. They both flew into the wall and fell down, the wind knocked out of them. Malfoy and Jessica struggled with her wand before Malfoy grabbed it and raised it in the air in triumph. He pinned her hands to the ground using his knees and pointed the wand at the door. “Colloportus!” And she watched in horror and the door swung shut and unmistakably gave the sound of a door locking. He then pointed it at her mouth and said ‘Silencio!’ She struggled against the curse and Malfoy, but he was now totally on top of her, and she was unable to move. All she could do was look into his eyes, eyes that were evil and hungrier than she had ever seen them. He put his face so that it was barely an inch from hers, and smiled. “Now it’s time to have some fun,” he whispered in her ear. As his lips touched hers, her mind went loose. HARRY! she screamed inside her head, inside Harry’s head. Please help me!

* * * * *

Harry woke up with a strangled cry. He had heard Jessica’s voice inside his head, filled with a passion of helplessness that was almost unbearable to feel. Her very voice was screaming, crying, losing control. He had to help her. Where was she?

“Ron! RON! Wake up!” He roughly pushed his best friend until he opened his eyes sleepily.

“Whassamatta?” He muttered, his sight blurry.

“Jessica is in trouble; big trouble. We need to go right now!”

They quickly exited, only stopping for Harry to grab his invisibility cloak and the Marauder’s Map. As they entered the common room, they realized they were not going to be alone. Up ahead of them, almost out of the picture hole were two girls; one with long brown bushy hair and the other with short spike blonde. They turned around as soon as they heard footsteps coming across the floor, and visibly relaxed when they saw who it was.

“I think she might be in the Owlery,” Hermoine said quickly, not bothering to say hello. They were all there for a reason. “She woke up again, clutching that book and I saw her take a quill and piece of paper downstairs. She never returned.”

“Let’s go then, she’s in trouble; she called to me, and I know that something evil’s got her and she can’t use her magic.” Harry said, voice trembling a little with emotion. He was shaken up. He couldn’t let Jessica fall into the wrong hands.

The foursome quickly set out underneath the invisibility cloak, Harry holding the Marauder’s Map close to his eye. In the corner, the Owlery, there she was: Jessica Mauring. And…Draco Malfoy? “Oh, god, Malfoy’s there.”

“That scum! If he touches her…” Ron said murderously as they set up the stairs, taking a few shortcuts along the way.

* * * * *

Jessica was in shock. This can’t be happening! she kept repeating, over and over inside her head. Draco was still kissing her, as much as she tried to move her lips away from his. And then his hands started to move in, towards her chest. No! she said silently in her head. She quickly moved her head up to free her mouth and spit in his face. He hissed and quickly jerked upwards.

“Bitch,” he whispered murderously and released her right hand for a second to wipe off his face. This was what Jessica had been hoping for. Like lightning, she reached up and grabbed at his hair. His hand closed upon her wrist, but she would not let go, and he was screaming in pain as he tried to release her grip. Someone come! she thought desperately. I can’t go on like this forever. Just as she thought that, he turned and bit her wrist. She gasped and let go on instinct. He wore a triumphant look, but she had just realized one key detail; her voice was back. She took a deep breath and screamed, filling her mouth with all the air in her lungs. Malfoy smacked her. Hard.

She felt his leg push her cloak higher, higher, way past the point of where her skirts would end. She was paralyzed, both with fear and with the weight of him on top of her…and slowly, she felt him lower himself closer to her…

With a bang, the door flew open, sending several owls flying about in surprise. Four people materialized out of nowhere, each wearing a look of murder and loathing. Malfoy was taken aback. “How cute, Potter,” he said. “Rescuing the little damsel in distress.”

He picked Jessica up and held her close to him, pointing her wand at the rescue group. Jessica was struck by an odd thought; this was exactly what happened in the movies. The bad guy took some girl hostage, and the people who were saving the girl were afraid to attack. She took control of the situation. Attack him! she screamed inside all of their heads, and she saw them all jump a little. Take his wand away or something!

Hermoine acted instantly. “Accio Wand!” The wand went flying out of Malfoy’s hand. The smug look on his face flickered. Jessica quickly stomped on his foot, making him double over, and she wrestled her arm free and elbowed him where—well, let’s just say that it would make him not be able to move comfortably for a few minutes.

She wormed out of his slackened grip and ran over to the group. Harry decided to finish him off. “Stupefy!” he yelled, just as Ron yelled “Silencio!” Malfoy keeled over, not being able to move or speak. Harry came over and kicked him in the ribs. Only Malfoy’s eyes reflected his anger. Harry looked down at him with disgust in his own eyes before turning his back onto him. “Well, I think we can leave him here. After all, he doesn’t have a wand, and the teachers will be very curious to know why he spent the night up in the Owlery.”

He walked over to Jessica and grabbed her hand. When he felt her trembling, he looked at her. “It’s nothing, I’m fine,” she muttered, but he didn’t buy it. Only total fear and lack of what to do would have made her scream so ferociously inside his own head. He scooped her up by her feet and carried her down the stairs. She watched the Owlery get smaller and smaller, and when they reached the bottom of the stairs, Hermoine pointed her wand back up at the door and said, “Colloportus!” As soon as the door clicked shut and Hermoine handed Jessica back her wand, she burst into tears. Sobbing into Harry’s shoulder, she realized she Friday couldn’t come fast enough. She needed to talk to someone, and she knew just who she wanted that to be. Not Harry or any of her friends, because they only knew so much. Dumbledore would probably confuse her further. The person was just as singled out against his friends as she was, and he could relate to her more than anyone else could at that particular moment: she needed Remus Lupin.

Chapter 14: In Due Time
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Chapter 14: In Due Time

Jessica wouldn’t talk to anyone for the last days before break. She would try to talk, but then would remember the feeling that arose in her body when Malfoy was on top of her, and would lapse into silence, staring at the Slytherin table, where Malfoy would be talking to his two gorilla friends and a girl with a pug-face.

“That’s Pansy Parkinson, she’s in Care of Magical Creatures with us, do you remember?” Hermoine whispered to her one day. Jessica didn’t bother responding. She just continued to stare.

The train was leaving Friday afternoon, and Jessica couldn’t have been more pleased. She was finally going to get away from Malfoy for two whole weeks, and maybe then she could go back to her normal life—or as normal as it had ever been for her. Malfoy hadn’t even raped her, and she was still letting it control her life. Harry and his friends had tried to get her to have fun again, but she just wasn’t responding. They watched in concern as she retreated farther and farther into her own head, spending more time alone and writing in the mysterious book. Jessica needed to talk to Sirius badly, to see if he knew and if he could help, but she hadn’t seen a footprint since her Happiness poem.

The train ride home was uneventful in Jessica’s eyes. Everything seemed that way to her now, but this passed the standard. For the first couple of hours all they did was talk about boring stuff, school and Hogwarts magic and the classes. The one thing that she listened to was talk about Dumbledore’s classes. He had continued to give them notes on Voldemort’s personal style and his strengths and weaknesses, but now he was beginning to teach them more advanced curses and defenses, stuff that he said would mostly likely come up on NEWTS. Only Jessica, Hermoine, and Harry had been able to master the Ciranase jinx, a jinx that would slow the attacks down from the other person and cut their strength in half. Jessica and Hermione were paired, and after three times of getting jelly legs each, they were able to slow it down and Hermoine would utter a countercurse, while Jessica would, once again, dodge the light. Harry and Ron’s pairing was a little more interesting. While Harry was able to block almost all of Ron’s attacks, Ron had been hit with the tickling jinx, full body bind, silencing charm, crazy legs charm, and many other before he finally gave up and threw his wand on the ground in disgust. Dumbledore had told him not to be discouraged, normally seventh years learned it, but Ron refused to cheer up. He and Jessica were sulking on the train while everyone else was laughing. But at least Ron was joining into the conversations, even if there was much grumbling coming from his mouth.

About twenty minutes before they got home, however, something happened to make Jessica’s day both better and worse. She was going to the bathroom, and Hermoine had decided to go with her since she thought Jessica should never be alone if Malfoy was able to see her. They were three compartments away when it happened. Jessica had been glancing into each compartment when she saw him staring out at her: Malfoy. Hermione suddenly stopped, tensing up and her right hand clutching her wand harder. Jessica could see her knuckles turning white. For a moment, Jessica and Malfoy just stared at each other. Then he smiled a half-smile, one that showed Jessica exactly what he was thinking about her, about doing to her if he got another chance, and she couldn’t help herself. Scum! She said to him in her mind. He looked down for a second, as if studying the floor, and then looked up at her again, this time giving her a full out evil smile. She didn’t trust it, but she didn’t know why he would do that. She continued to watch him silently after he turned back to his friends, until Hermoine pushed her forward, reminding Jessica she needed to continue walking to the bathrooms.

* * * * *

Later that night they were all having dinner at Grimmauld Place. Jessica was trying her best to act normal while everyone was there, especially Mrs. Weasley. She knew Mrs. Weasley would try and give her some sort of magical remedy and ask her many questions following up how she was feeling for weeks, maybe months afterwards. Only one person noticed something was wrong with her: Lupin.

“Jessica, what’s wrong?” he asked in a low voice while everyone else was clearing away their dishes. Jessica wanted to tell him everything, to break down and say everything that no one else knew, but she couldn’t. It was harder than she imagined it to be.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me,” was the automatic response that came out of her mouth. She must have said that a million times in the past three days alone.

Lupin put his hand on her shoulder and gently led her out of the kitchen into a spare room. He had expected her to resist and repeat she was fine again, but she seemed to almost fold and she let herself be steered up the stairs.

“Jessica, I know something happened. When you left for your first day, you had suffered, but you were still a happy girl, overenthusiastic, eager. Now all you do is pick at your food and stare into space, a look of sorrow on your face and misery in your eyes. You don’t look healthy; you must have lost at least 10 pounds.”

“I have not!” Jessica exclaimed.

“Well, then, the way you carry yourself now makes you look like a stick that lost its tree. Please, Jessica, you have helped us in so many ways, ways you don’t even know. I want to help you, help return the favor. Let me,” he finished in his soft, caring voice, and she broke down. She told him about Sirius giving her the book, talking to her in her dreams, yet he was so real. How her poems were becoming more and more depressing and she didn’t know why. How there were periods her powers seemed to control her, and she lost sight of her actions and words. How Sirius had come back to tell her about how the book will help her, Michelle’s warning, Dumbledore’s talks and Malfoy…Malfoy in the Owlery and on the train…

Jessica had begun crying while she was speaking, getting so involved in her memories everything else was fading around her. That had been happening in increasing measurements lately. She would think of something, and everything around her would disappear, and she would become so wrapped up in her memories that she didn’t remember where she was or sometimes even who she was when she returned to the present.

Lupin got up from his spot across from her and sat down on the bed next to her, not saying anything, just sitting. He knew that she just needed company; right now she didn’t need advice, just to have someone there. Jessica leaned into his body and stayed there, crying softly, until Lupin heard her breathing slow down and her tears stop. Slowly, he got out from under her and covered her. “Sweet dreams, Jessica.” He whispered and shut the door quietly behind him.

* * * * *

Within the next week, Jessica visibly was getting better. She would eat some of her food again, and would sometimes join into the conversations. Exactly one week after they arrived Jessica let out a short, quick laugh.

Sunday night they were all in Harry and Ron’s room, and the scene was exactly like when Jessica first was introduced to all of them. Ron and Ginny were playing chess, Hermoine was reading, and Fred and George were working on some mystery thing for their joke shop. Their business was booming more than ever, and even Jessica, when she went in, had to be dragged away from the Headless Hats.

“These are funny! How did you make it do that?” she giggled, looking at Hermoine’s hand furiously working in midair for a second before her face appeared, scowling. Jessica had ‘accidentally’ dropped the hat on her seconds before.

Fred and George had given a hint to Jessica what they were working on, but she was the only one. She knew it was some kind of robe, but she didn’t know what powers—or lack thereof—it contained. But she knew more than the rest of the gang, and that made her feel special.

Jessica was looking at her poems one more time, hoping to find a paw print. She hadn’t seen Sirius in almost two months, and she was starting to miss it. She really thought he was a good man, and knew what Harry must’ve gone through when he died. Just then, the door opened, and Ginny gasped and the chess board and pieces went flying. Everyone looked up.

“You might want to pick that up, Miss Weasley,” a silky voice said. Snape was standing in the doorway, looking upon the scene with obvious disinterest. “Mauring, I need to talk to you.”

Harry got up. “What do you want with her? Last year you came here to teach me Occlumency, and that didn’t work very well, now did it? Why do you insist on trying to be useful, when you can’t be?”

Snape’s eyes flashed dangerously. “While we are not at school, believe me, once we get back there, you will have two week’s of detention. As for Occlumency, am I the one who didn’t learn how to control my emotions so I could tell dreams from fake visions?” He eyed Harry, then turned back to Jessica. “I need to speak with you.”

Jessica followed Snape hesitantly out of the room to the kitchen. Snape was looking more horrible than ever, but his back was tightened as if he was nervous. When they walked into the kitchen, Jessica was surprised to see everyone from the Order sitting there. She had expected to have to bear listening to Snape one on one.

“Normally, this would be a private meeting for members only,” Dumbledore stated when she walked in and nervously took a seat. “But what Snape has told us concerns you far more than it concerns us, and it is very necessary you know. So…Severus, please repeat what you just said.”

Severus gave a mock little bow before turning to Jessica. “Well, this cave you had mentioned, the Cave of Vanderas, in indeed what Voldemort is after. And the energy particle also matches up. But Voldemort cannot access this particle for one reason: you. For this energy particle to be released, he needs an energy particle with the opposite charge to activate it. This opposite energy particle is inside you. And only one exists as of now, and you are guarding it. Apparently it was hidden in a book, a book that you opened and therefore gained the particle. Voldemort is now focusing on capturing and killing you. That is the only way the particle can be released, is if you die. And Mr. Potter is still in grave danger too. He knows you two are very close friends, and is planning on eliminating both of you at the same time. That’s really all I know, or all I can tell you at this time.” He turned away, but Jessica had a few questions to ask before he shunned her.

“What do you mean, I have this ‘opposite energy particle’? How come I don’t feel any different? I think I would notice if some random energy thingy all of a sudden appeared inside me. I think you’re lying!” she spit at him. She didn’t know why she was getting so angry.

“You just proved my point.”

Now, Jessica was outraged. “How? You didn’t even answer any of my questions, and somehow I proved your point? God, why do you guys trust him?”

“The Dark Lord said the particle you possess is full of unexplainable emotions and actions. The person in which it resides will become angry or sad or happy, and there will be no limits and no telling when or why the emotions come up. Also, later on, the person might see something and act before their brain even comprehends what is happening. There are times the energy takes over the person before the person can even fight back. Even though these periods never last long, they always stand out as to call the other energy particle to it.”

“What are you now, Mr. Big Guy just because you know this?” Before Jessica could realize what Snape had just explained was happening at that very moment, she ran out of the kitchen and into Harry’s room.

“Jessica, what--” Jessica ran out of the room with the book before Hermoine could finish her question. Jessica needed to know now whether this book was the reason for all this unhappiness. Sirius had told her it would be a gift, not a burden. Yet what Snape had said just explained why crazy things had been happening to her, almost turning her mad. That was not a blessing, in Jessica’s mind. She quickly wrote a poem to beg for Sirius to come. She knew it wouldn’t be as good as the others because she was writing the words with a purpose, not just letting the words flow out of her but harshly striking the paper with a burst of energy and hatred that made the words indent the page and become messier and messier as she finished.

A Star is Shining, Somewhere
Friends and enemies, they’re all the same,
Just lots of people that have a name.
Yet more come in and more rush out,
Away to a place with no trace of a doubt.
The wind comes and gives me the news,
But then swirls back to take its dues.
To be singled out, different at best,
While strangers laugh and sing and talk with the rest.
My eyes always see different things,
Instead of the plane I see only the wings.
People are nice; however they are fake.
Smiling at the lonely game in which I partake.
Dreams are where I can escape the world,
Everything normal here is uncurled.
I live for the nights, you know this is true,
Please come today; I need to speak with you.

Jessica stared at the page, lost in the words, tired but she refused to go to bed until she saw the little paw print next to her poem. And then, slowly, slowly, the little brown ink started to spread, the four claws growing from the paw. She threw the book down and climbed onto the bed in the abandoned room.

Jessica had never fallen asleep faster.

**Yes, Katie, she is a loner. Get over it. :)**

Chapter 15: And so it begins
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Chapter 15: And so it begins

Jessica looked around. She was supposed to be in the black empty space, but instead she was in a…restaurant? She bit her bottom lip, trying to figure out exactly what Sirius was trying to pull. Just then, a waiter came up to her, wearing roller skates and a pink apron with a dog sewn onto it.

“Can I take your order, miss?” Sirius was standing there with a pad of paper and a pencil, looking at her with his eyebrows raised.

“Sure, I’ll have a what the hell is this?” Jessica looked at him in shock. She hadn’t expected to see him in a pink apron. Although, Jessica thought, relaxing a bit, he looks good in pink.

“Okay, okay, just trying to have some fun. Black space gets a little boring after a while. Really gives me the creeps.” With a clap of his hands, the booth and restaurant disappeared, along with Sirius’s outfit. They were back to the normal dream world.

“So, what can I do for you? You seemed pretty urgent in that poem, so I decided to talk to you tonight. How nice am I?” He flashed her a smile. Jessica didn’t return it.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Jessica said in disbelief. Sirius sighed.

“Just trying to make you laugh a little, because I know that right now you are furious with me. I knew that you would find out what the book really contained sooner or later, although, I must admit, the stupid slime ball Snape had you find out sooner.”

“Well, you’re right, and now I’m asking you exactly why you gave this book to me? Why make me more unique than I already am?”

Sirius sighed again, this time very deep, and looked down at his hands before answering her question. Jessica sensed something bad had happened, or would have happened, and she immediately felt sorry for yelling at him.

“The truth is, Jessica, that particle has been through more people and to more places than anything I’ve ever seen. This particle was, in fact, created before the other particle; the one Voldemort is so desperately seeking for. There are ways to get the positive particle without the negative particle. By the way, you have negative, it makes the story easier.” Jessica nodded once before gesturing for him to go on. “Well, the positive is…well…an offspring of the negative, I guess you could say. The positive’s power, when alone, look like mere baby magic when it is combined with negative. I have been doing my fair share of snooping, Jess, and I have a pretty good hunch on what is going on inside Voldemort’s head. I’m thinking he already has found a way to get the particle, but wants to be powerful. Well, of course he does, he’s Voldemort. But the book, how the particle got to be in the book. Sorry,” and he grinned again, and Jessica felt something melt in her heart. He was good looking. This time she smiled back.

“I had stumbled across the particle by accident. The thing is, oh god, how to say this. The thing is Lily had the particle before me. James had given her a necklace with it in there. I don’t think he knew what it was, but he knew it was powerful and pretty and most girls would love it. But he didn’t know its powers. Lily would become frequently agitated with him and he didn’t know why. And then, when Voldemort came looking for them, well James and Lily had found out by that time what negative was and that Voldemort wanted it. They went into hiding and trusted me to keep their secret, or shall I say secrets; where they were and what they were carrying. But foolishly, I gave their home secret away to Pettigrew, the only one of our friends who I made a mistake in by trusting him…” Sirius’s eyes became more haunted than usual, and it was clear he was letting the one fatal mistake come back to him, again and again, even in death. Jessica put her hand on his shoulder, just like Lupin always did to her when she was feeling down. He grabbed her hand and squeezed. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry; I know how you feel. Not exactly, but pretty darn close, I think, considering the entire weight of the world as we know it is now unwillingly on my shoulders.”

“Hey, it’s not that bad!” Sirius gave his dog laugh/bark and continued on. “I went to go check on Pettigrew that night. I felt something was wrong. I got to the house, what used to be their house, and I realized Pettigrew was the one, the spy. He was looking for something else, the negative. Voldemort had told him about it, and he was looking for it. The only thing that could allow him to kill Harry while he was still young was that particle. I refused to let it go over to the dark side without fighting with my life to save it.

“I walked in and there was Peter. He was looking through the drawers, his back showing to me. I took aim and silenced him, then took his wand. He made to move towards me, so I stunned him. I reached down to Lily’s…Lily’s body and grabbed the necklace and ran. I knew Peter had seen me grab it, knew he knew what I was carrying, and I knew it would be soon that I would be caught. So I ran to my house and grabbed the first book I found. Of course, because of my luck, it was a spell book, and it absorbed the particle. The pages immediately went blank, so I have no idea what the spells were—good, bad, I doubt it even matters—but I hid it in my house, under my mattress.

“The next day, Peter found me. He threatened me to give it to him in quiet, but I won over. I knew how to talk to him. Stupidly, I said I would fight him, and that’s when he screamed to the street, in his whimpering voice, ‘Lily and James, Sirius! How could you?’ And before I know what’s happening he’s running down in this huge crater as a rat and Aurors are struggling with my arms. But I could care less. The particle was still safe. The particle was still safe. I laughed as I saw a tiny rat’s head poke up out of the sewer. Kept laughing all the way to Azkaban. But then, of course, I spent thirteen years worrying about Peter finding it. He had been to my house a million times before. But the dementors were still guarding his worst supporters, and I would go to bed again knowing my other secret was still safe.”

Sirius stopped talking all of a sudden and looked to his left and upwards. “Time’s short. I have been abusing this, I’m sorry. You haven’t even talked at all.”

“I don’t want to. I want to listen. I still don’t get why you gave it to me.”

“I couldn’t give it to Harry. How do you think he would have reacted to get something that both his parents and his godfather kept protected, and in a way it killed all of us? He would’ve thrown it away out into the open before I could even explain part of the story that you now know. Again, I’m sorry. I know you are different, but you were the one that really had the power, the mental power, the power within, whatever you want to call it, but I thought you could handle it. You’re doing a great job, by the way.” He started to blur a little.

“Wait! I have one more thing!” She reached out her hand, but he was falling backwards, his shape becoming unfocused, and she opened her eyes to find her arm reached in front of her, clutching for imaginary robes.

She got up; grabbing one of her sweatshirts she took from home. The one from the Grand Canyon, the last family vacation they had all taken together. Trying not to think of her family, how they were probably getting along just fine without her, secretly loving that she was gone forever, she went downstairs into the kitchen. She had a craving for hot chocolate.

She found Lupin in the kitchen, reading a piece of paper with a mug of something halfway to his lips. He didn’t hear her come in and jumped a little when she said his name.

“Hi, Jessica, sorry I didn’t know you were awake. Is something wrong?” He asked when he saw the look on her face. “Here, I’ll make you something.”

A minute later she was sitting down at the table with Lupin, holding a steaming mug of hot cocoa in her hands. Weird how he knew that, Jessica thought to herself. She started to tell Lupin about her last dreamlife with Sirius, but he raised a hand stop her.

“I already know.” He said. He motioned to the piece of paper. Jessica noticed his hand was shaking a little as he did. She started to reach for the paper, but then stopped in midair and looked at him. “Go ahead.” She grabbed the paper.

My Dear Moony,
Today Jessica learned about the particle from Snape. I have to tell her about it, and I should then tell you too. It is the same one that Lily and James had. But, Jessica is safe-for now. I should tell you this, though: DON’T LET HER GET NEAR—

“I’m sorry; I forgot what was in there.” Lupin quickly hid the paper out of sight.

“What? No, I need to read more!” Jessica should know if she needed to avoid something, something else that might cause her harm. She rested her head in her hands, frustrated. What now?

Fight it.


Fight it.

Who are you?

You know me.

No, I don’t.

You will. Here we go.

Here we go where?

There are times when a great mind has to cease…

Jessica’s head snapped up. Lupin quickly looked to her in concern. “What happened?” He asked sharply.

“There was someone talking, talking inside my own head.” Jessica whispered. She cocked her head to one side, listening, as more thoughts came into her mind.

There are times when a ruler will fall to their knees…

What do you want?

“Jessica, please speak to me!” Lupin’s voice contained worry now. But Jessica wasn’t listening to him. She was listening to the voice, the rest of the poem.

There are times when little ones do something big…

Go away.

There are times when a dog, just has to dig…

Sirius? Is that you?

There are times when nature can be very disturbing…

I don’t like this.

There are times when your parents won’t be perturbing...

What about my parents? They don’t care about me.

Don’t be blind; you must see…

See what? You’re not telling me anything!

Illumination of these problems is the key…


When reality strikes, we must hit back…

Stop, please!

Or we won’t be a candidate; we’ve run off the track.

Are you done? Tell me what’s going on!

Be brave.

I am brave.

Don’t cry.

I’m not crying!! I’m happy, I’m smiling. Look at me, I’m fucking smiling!

The voice paused for a second, and Jessica thought she had finally won. She started to get up when she heard it again, for the last time.

And so it begins.

Chapter 16: The Storm Hits...Hard
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Chapter 16: The Storm Hits…Hard

The next day they were all going back to Hogwarts. Sure, it was a few days earlier than term was supposed to start, but once Lupin had told Dumbledore what had happened in the kitchen and showed him the note Sirius had written him, Dumbledore decided they should all come back to the school where he could keep a closer eye on them. They were to go by Floo Powder.

“Not the best way of traveling, but I guess it’ll have to do.” Harry explained to Jessica when she asked what it was. “Make sure to keep your elbows tight, don’t sneeze, speak clearly, get out at the right grate, don’t fidget, close your eyes…did I miss anything Ron?”

Jessica was staring at them in disbelief. She could travel in fire? She supposed anything was possible in their magic world, but it didn’t sound very fun. And the way Harry was poking fun at it made her that much more afraid.

“Here, watch me first Jess,” Hermione said kindly and grabbed a handful. “Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry!” she said loudly and clearly into the fireplace. The flames turned green and rose even higher. Jessica took a step back as she felt the heat of the fire. Hermione smiled and waved at her and then disappeared, starting to spin in the flames.

“Your turn,” Ron smirked at her. He held the pot out to her and then gave a sarcastic little bow. She smirked at him and grabbed the pot quickly out of his hands. Taking a handful, she turned to her friends before leaving.

“Just want to let you know to come looking for me if I fall out of the wrong place.” She said.



“It’s called a grate,” Harry explained, a grin coming onto his face.

Jessica shook her head in disbelief. “You know what I mean. I just want to say that I loved having you guys as friends and I will really miss you.”

“Going one grate too far doesn’t mean you’re dead, fairy. It means you’ve gone one grate to far. The next fire over or something.” Ron said to her.

“Oh.” She paused, then remembered something else. “Did you just call me fairy?” she asked in amazement.

“Harry and I thought you reminded us of a fairy, so we’ve secretly been calling you that for months. It slipped,” Ron said, becoming red and looking down.

“I’ll take it as long as it’s supposed to be a compliment.” Jessica replied.

“Don’t worry; it is.” Harry said. “Now shoo! Hermione will get worried.”

Jessica went into the green flames, which actually felt very nice on her skin, took a deep breath, and cried, “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!” And with a whoosh, she was off.

Moments later, she flew out of the grate, landing with a flop on the floor. She picked herself up and groaned, looking at her robes. I’m a complete mess! she thought, and tried to wipe some off. Hermione looked up and then started to speak.

“I would probably mo--”

Jessica suddenly heard a ‘whoa’ behind her and the next second was face down on the floor with Ron on top of her. “Oh, I’m sorry.” Just then they both looked up to see Hermione laughing.

“That was funny!” She exclaimed between bits of laughter. Jessica walked over to her and started brushing some ashes on her head. “Hey, cut that out!”

Just as Harry arrived, Dumbledore stepped out from his study. They immediately stopped talking and looked at him curiously. He smiled, but Jessica suddenly got the impression that he really was an old wizard. It was a strange thought to have at that particular moment, but as Jessica continued to look into the lined face, she wondered why she had never thought of it before. Dumbledore was old, she then told herself, but he always acted young. Now he was moving slowly and taking long breaths.

“I had decided to bring you back after a talk with Remus Lupin. There have been some strange things going on lately, and we feel that these should be concerning us more than they are already. Voldemort’s presence is growing ever nearer, and right now, the safest place I can keep you guys is in Hogwarts. So, please, I know you three, and I have a feeling Jessica here is following in your footsteps,” he paused, glancing at each of them with the merest hint of a smile. But the situation was too grave, and the smile didn’t fool any of them into relaxing.

“Just tell us what it is, Professor, and we’ll do it.” Harry quickly responded in the brief silence that occurred.

“You four and Miss Weasley are the only people who know all of this. Do not trust other people. Even if you guys talk to fellow classmates, be wary. We now have no idea who is who, students, teachers, strangers. I just want to know that you guys will be careful.”

“We will,” they all promised.

“Okay. Jessica, can I have a word?”

She hung back while the other three left, giving her curious looks. Feeling that this talk would have no good come out of it, wouldn’t lift the weight off her shoulders any, she sat down with a heavy heart. Dumbledore started.

“I don’t know if you will be happy with Lupin, but he has told me everything. He told me how Sirius has been visiting you in your dreams again and told you about Lily and James having the particle first. I also saw the letter that Sirius wrote Remus, and I beg you, you especially--”

“It’s great that you got to see it, when I didn’t even get to finish reading it even though it concerns me!” Jessica said angrily.

Dumbledore closed his eyes for a second. “I know, he told me you didn’t see the whole thing. But it was for good reason. Later on, as the danger becomes closer, the warning may become something, it may become nothing. We both feel that if you knew the whole thing, you would act differently, and that’s the last thing we want going on. Although Sirius is dead, and therefore knows much more than we do, he too is limited.”

“So, you’re telling me that Sirius offers an extremely important message that he has to leave Lupin a note to get his point across and you think he might have made a MISTAKE?” She leapt up from her chair, fury dancing like flames in her eyes. “He is smarter than all of us, you even just admitted that, and you still won’t tell me! That’s how Sirius died in the first place! You kept a secret you thought should be kept but instead led Harry to the Department of Mysteries and Sirius had to go running after him! Sirius would have never fallen through the veil! He gave up his life for the one mistake you made last year, and here you are doing it again! How could you do this to me, to all my friends?” She was panting. She had never felt so angry in her life. She tried to calm herself, but suddenly she was pushed back into her brain and no longer had control over her actions.

Dumbledore immediately sensed this was not the normal Jessica. It was in her eyes. As she started to rant, it looked like a storm was going on. Black mists started swirling in, her green eyes sparkling brighter than ever before the dark mist took over. That was when she had slammed her hands on his desk and her voice had changed. It was ragged, and Dumbledore was sure the particle was taking over her, for this brief time. He waited until he saw her green eyes again, clear and confused.

She was shaking. She looked at Dumbledore’s blue eyes—eyes that held many secrets and wisdom gained over the years. How had she gotten so close to them? The last thing she remembered was Dumbledore saying Sirius might have made a mistake, and then she felt something rise up inside her, freeze her instincts and paralyze her soul. She slowly sat down, her entire body trembling more and more as she realized what must have happened.

“It was that particle, that Snape told us about, wasn’t it? I had a temper tantrum, right?”

Dumbledore looked down at his hands. Although he had known that the real Jessica would be back soon, he was still a little frightened. How could this one particle do this to someone like her. He understood how in normal wizards it would do that, but she was different, that was why Sirius had entrusted it to her…she should be able to fight it…

“Jessica, I have one more favor to ask you. I know it will sound heard, almost impossible, but Remus and myself are here for help if you ever need it, and I’m sure Sirius would love to have something to do in his spare time. He certainly has a lot of that.”

“Yes, Professor, I’ll do whatever it is. Even if you told me to go jump off the Astronomy tower into the lake, I would.” Jessica was being blunt, but she felt so horrible for letting the stupid particle take over her that she would do anything to get out of this embarrassing situation.

“Jessica, I need you to learn how to control this particle. I know it will be hard, but it will help everyone. It is very tough to have that particle inside of you, but please, come to me, or Remus, or Sirius if he can show up, and we will help you. Be brave, Jessica, I need this from you. It will help everyone out in the long run.”

Jessica nodded mutely and hurried to the door. All she felt like doing was sitting on the steps, hugging her knees to her chest, and crying her eyes out. She felt the tears begin to sting her eyes and blinked furiously. Don’t cry, she told herself.

Wait a minute. That phrase rang a bell. She racked her mind and then realized it belonged to the bodiless voice. And Dumbledore had said some of that stuff also. Fight it, be brave. Those three sentences were now on repeat in her head.

Fight it. Be brave. Don’t cry. Fight it. Be brave. Don’t cry.

She needed someone’s help. Not Lupin, she barely saw enough of him. No matter what Sirius had said, she was still a little angry at him for giving her this particle, thrusting it into her unexpectedly, when she hadn’t asked for it. It’s not like she didn’t have enough troubles on her plate before then. And people would start to talk if Jessica was seen talking to Dumbledore on more than a professor/student relationship. She needed one of her friends, someone who would know exactly what to say, but wouldn’t become frightened. That put Ron out of the question. And Ginny was younger, she didn’t want to scare her. Which person, Harry or Hermione?

As Jessica walked to the Fat Lady, she decided on Hermione because Sirius was right, Harry would probably flip if he found out she was talking to his godfather, and he would become insanely worried about a particle that his parents, his godfather, and now she had. She gave the Fat Lady the password and climbed to their bedroom. She breathed a sigh of relief when she noticed all the other beds were empty besides Hermione’s; they had clearly gone home for Christmas.

“Jess? What happened? What did Dumbledore say to you? Oh, no, sweetie, sit down, sit down.” Hermione led her over to her bed, where Jessica was using all of her control not to burst out crying like a baby in front of Hermione. This was probably going to be hard enough for her to understand, but it would probably frighten Hermione more if Jessica was crying. So instead she took a deep, shuddering breath.

“Hermione, I need to tell you something.” She said.

“Of course, anything.” Hermione responded without missing a beat. Bless her, Jessica thought silently to herself.

“Do you…do you remember that book that was on my nightstand the night that I fainted?”


“That book was from Sirius. He gave it to me.”

There was a tense silence. “But, how? You never knew him. He, he was dead before you met us.”

“I know. He gave it to me in a dream.” After this Jessica spun on to tell Hermione about all the dreams Sirius had been in, told her about the book and how it was for her poems, how Snape had told her about the energy particle and what it does, how Sirius transferred negative to her, how it used to belong to Harry’s parents, how Voldemort was looking for the positive in the Cave of Vanderas and he wanted to lure Jessica out so he could get the negative and be one of the most powerful creatures in the world.

Jessica had spoken for about twenty minutes, and Hermione had been silent all that time. Now, as Jessica was ending, she suddenly gained a look of horror on her face and clapped her hands to her mouth. “What?” Jessica asked.

“This, particle—negative, or whatever you called it, it was Harry’s parents?”


“And then when they died, they had Sirius take care of it?”


“And when he died, he had you take care of it?”

“That’s what I told you. Is there a problem?”

“Did anybody else become controlled by it?”

Jessica thought for a moment. “I don’t remember. I don’t think Sirius mentioned anything about it having possessing powers before, but it doesn’t mean they weren’t there.”

Hermione frowned and her eyes started brimming with tears. She slowly turned her back to Jessica, shoulders slumped. But Jessica was not going to take that.

“Wait! You have to tell me what’s wrong! Those questions are not nearly significant enough to make you have that scared look on your face! You are hiding something from me, Miss Hermione Granger, and since I told you my secret, you need to tell me yours.” She put her hands on her hips and glared across the room at Hermione.

Warily, Hermione turned around, not quite catching Jessica’s eyes. “Jessie, think about the questions I just asked you.”

She thought. She was checking to make sure the facts were correct, that’s what Jessica figured at least. She wanted to make sure that the Potters had it, then they gave it to Sirius, then he gave it to her. What was so horrific about that?

“I still don’t get it.”

Hermione shuddered, lost in her thoughts. Finally she came out of them to tell Jessica what she was thinking. “Did you not notice,” Hermione said, speaking very slowly, “That all of the people who had possessed the negative particle, have had to die before their time. They all met a horrible fate, and it was while they were still young.” Hermione looked up fearfully into Jessica’s eyes, not breaking contact. She watched as the eyes were confused for a second, then worked out the intensity of what Hermione had been thinking. Jessica shut her eyes, from fear and from pain.

“Oh, my God,” she whispered slowly.

Outside the window, a resounding boom! filled the air and lightning streaked across the sky. The drops began to fall, slowly at first, then became a downpour while the two girls inside cried for things past, present, and things unknown to come.

**sorry, this is becoming really dark, i think. I didn't know it was going to be like this, but i dont think it's going to get any happier...but of course there will be a happy ending, or will there? i don't know**

Chapter 17: Powerless to Resist
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Chapter 17: Powerless to Resist

Hermione and Jessica had sat up half the night talking about everything: Jessica’s powers, Voldemort, the Order, everything. Hermione was a great person to comfort another friend, and that’s exactly what she did for Jessica. With her use of logic and brain skills, they decided Jessica must have been given the particle because she was different. With her powers, Sirius possible knew that she would be able to overcome it and not follow the same fate as the other Hogwarts magic wizards. Jessica and Hermione, finally too tired to keep the subject going any longer, went to bed.

Jessica was still a little wary. Sirius had obviously not mentioned that people who were possessed the particle had all died early. Maybe it was coincidence, maybe it was just the price to pay to holding something so sacred and powerful. There were always of course those little nagging doubts in her head. What if Sirius was wrong? What if the particle does the same thing to her? And then another thing came bubbling to mind, something unexpected that made Jessica frown the more she thought about it…

The first time she had ever not been in control with her body, the first time the powers fought within her while she fought with Harry outside her, had been the day before Sirius had given her the book. Sirius had told her in his long overdue explanation that when he had given her the book he had also given her the particle. So how was it that she could have two exact same reactions when she got mad, when one time she didn’t have the particle, and the other time she did?

Jessica had hoped that these questions would bring Sirius to her that night, but no such luck. As soon as she woke up Hermione and her walked down to breakfast, Jessica filling her in on the latest news she had just realized.

“Maybe, do you think you could have had the particle all along, but Sirius could only talk to you if you had the book or something? Maybe the particle explanation had the right descriptions and everything, but Sirius put it out of order.” Hermione suggested.

“That makes sense, but I don’t get what was so wrong with that explanation he couldn’t have told me that. Not like I didn’t know I had some different power in me or anything.” Jessica grumbled, looking up at the sky today. There were a few clouds, and snow was falling gently a couple inches before vanishing into thin air.

Right when Hermione was going to open her mouth to answer Jessica, Harry, Ron, and Ginny appeared next to them at the breakfast table. Hermione immediately closed her mouth shut.

“Tired, Hermy?” Ron grinned.

“Wha-yeah, yeah a little.” Hermione realized he thought she had yawned and quickly went with the stories. Jessica was able to hide from everyone what she was carrying around, but Hermione didn’t know how she would hide the secret from her friends. She tried to act normal, but kept side glancing at Jessica, to try and follow her movements, something that Harry noticed.

“Is there something wrong, Hermione?” Harry asked her as he noticed her looking at Jessica for the fifth time in a minute. “You seem a little…distracted.”

“Hermione and I are going to the library soon to start our break homework and possibly study for exams. I guess she’s done and wants to go. You know Hermione,” Jessica smiled, “can’t wait to go to the library. Well guys, guess I better not keep her waiting.” With that, she put down her knife, hooked arms with Hermione, and briskly walked out of the Great Hall, leaving three very confused friends behind them.

“What are you doing?” Jessica asked her as soon as they were out of earshot.

“I’m sorry!” Hermione apologized. “I just wasn’t sure how to act to not have them suspect something, so I tried to watch you so I could do the same thing!”

“Yes, ‘cause staring at me when we’re having perfectly normal conversation with them wouldn’t cause any suspicion whatsoever.” Jessica said sarcastically.

“Just wondering, how do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Pretend like nothing’s ever happened. You fool everyone. People think you’re amazing, and funny, and pretty, and besides the one week after the Malfoy incident…”Hermione trailed off before continuing. “Well, you had an excuse to be miserable and inside yourself that time. But for the entire year?”

“You want to know my secret?” Hermione nodded. “I pretend that I’m you. I switch places with you in my mind, pretend like I only know about this stuff because you told all of the Order what was going on. I pretend you have the secret particle and talk to Sirius in your dream world. It, well it works really well. So, just pretend like you’re you too, and I think we’ll be all good.” Jessica smiled. “Actually, I think we should start on homework. Christmas is tomorrow, and I don’t feel like doing much after Christmas…ever. So let’s head out to the library.”

Hermione tightened her grip on Jessica’s arm and steered her towards the front doors. “I have a better idea.”

* * * * *

“So,” Hagrid said, handing Hermione and Jessica two cups of steaming tea. “Do ya like Hogwarts so far?”

“It’s wonderful. I’m so glad that Dumbledore let me come.”

Hagrid smiled. “Don’ you werry, he knew all alon’ you were gonna be comin’ here. Once he found out who ye were, yer safety was as important as anybody else’s.” He leaned forward and puffed out his chest with pride. “Here’s an inside scoop. Nuttin’ you guys should be repetin’, anyway. But Dumbledore, see, he found out bout Grawp. Well, had ter tell him. Was curious bout all my injuries, see. Decided were gonna go up to the mountains ye said ya saw. Grawp will feel be’er bout bein’ in a closed tunnel anyway.”

Hermione and Jessica tried to get more out of him on what they would be doing in the Smoky Mountains, but he was close-lipped. “I shouln’t a told ya what I did already. Don’ go tellin’ Harry and Ron, I don’ feel like hearing them complain bout me leavin’ class again for Dumbledore. Great man, he is. Grubbly-Plank will be takin’ over fer now.”

“I love puffskeins though!” Jessica exclaimed at once. “I love how you teach it! And you promised to give me one at the end of the lesson and she won’t if you leave!”

“Okay.” Hagrid got up and went to his backyard. A moment later he returned with a yellow ball-like thing that had eyes and was purring.

“No way!” Jessica said in awe, grabbing the puffskein and holding in happily in her hands, putting it up to her face and rubbing it, content to hear the purring of her new pet. “Oh, its amazing. What should I name it?”

“How about Bida?”

“What on Earth does that mean?”

“It means beautiful women, or something like that.”

“This isn’t a woman.”

“No, it also has another meaning: fairy.”

Jessica started. “What?’

“I found it in a baby book name that was in my parent’s attic. I loved the names because they were all foreign-sounding. This one was Malay.” Hermione grinned. “I think it could be very original, and also has a hidden meaning with your nickname.”

Hagrid then spoke up. “Yer finally fairee to everyone? Harry and Ron would come down here an’ talk bout sum fairee girl. Never knew it were you till bout a month ago. Accidentally slipped outta Ron’s mouth.”

Jessica snorted. Dumb Ron let another thing slip. She loved him so much for his cute dorkiness. “Yeah, that’s how I found out about my nickname as well.”

“Well,” Hagrid said, yawning and getting up from the table. “Tis getting dark, and ye don’ wan’ Harry an’ Ron wondering where ye are. Both of ye better go up to the castle for dinner.”

So they said goodbye and headed up to the castle, talking about Hagrid’s second secret mission. They were both excited to know some confidential plan that Harry didn’t know about. Hagrid knew Harry best and normally told him stuff he didn’t tell anyone else.

They sat down at the dinner table, grabbing food and elusively evading the demanding stares and questions of the two guys, plus Ginny.

* * * * *

“Hey! Get up, you two! Who could possible sleep in on Christmas but you two nerds?” Ginny threw pillows at them and ran out of the room, chuckling, as they grumbled, but Jessica managed to make her trip at the last possible second and the result was that Ginny fell down the flight of stairs. Jessica and Hermione could hear her going down with a loud thump! and many OW!’s following a second behind.

“That was brilliant!” Hermione whispered throatily, rubbing her eyes and gave a hoarse laugh.

Jessica smiled. She hadn’t been able to use her powers in such a long time. It felt good to finally release them. She smiled evilly and looked sideways at Hermione.

“Oh, I’ve seen that look before, I better--” Hermione was suddenly riding her bed, which had begun to buck wildly. “Cut—it—out!” Hermione gasped, grabbing onto her bed leg to stop being thrown off.

Jessica conceded, and Hermione picked up a package and threw it at Jessica, who reversed it to Hermione and it caught her off guard and hit her square in the face. “Hey! Happy Christmas to you too. That’s your gift, but if you want it to be broken, keep using your stupid powers against me and see what happens!”

Jessica quickly threw Hermione’s present on her bed, and summoned her own gift back.

Hermione ended up giving her a glass jewelry box that was semi-see through but was obscured with see through pictures of the two of them doing everything best friends do. The pictures seemed to be inside the glass. It was gorgeous. Inside was a beautifully crafted ring, a huge stone of tiger eye in the middle, and silver roping going around for the ring part.

“It’s a Muggle ring, but I loved it, and hoped you would too. Obviously the box is magical.” Hermione then opened her gift and laughed out loud.

Jessica had given her a picture in a frame. It was basically an electronic scrapbook. There were about twenty pictures of just the two of them, plus about 15 more of the whole group. The thing that Jessica found interesting was that it could talk, and Jessica had narrated each memory, ending in the inside joke that had come from the story. Hermione hugged Jessica.

“It’s amazing!!! It’s funny though how we both gave each other pictures.”

Jessica had gotten a very pretty light purple cloak from Ron and Ginny, and Harry had given her a necklace and earrings set. It was the same braided diamonds that were in her bracelet, but Harry told her only the bracelet had the charms and therefore the warning. Hagrid gave her a book on how to care for puffskeins, including a basic-care starter kit. Lupin gave her a mini model of a tiger, since that was Jessica’s favorite animal. It would growl and stalk around on her hand, and when she put in on her bed, you could see its body moving slowly and then attack. It came out with a spider in its mouth and began its feast. Jessica had moved all her presents aside when she realized there was something small that went unnoticed by her at first. It was Hermione that noticed it.

“Hey Jessie, you forgot something,” Hermione said right before they went down the stairs.

Jessica handled the grubby little brown package. At the very corner, she saw it: a tiny dog print, almost blending in brown on brown with the paper.

Her heart caught in her throat. With trembling hands she unwrapped it, and noticed two things. A perfectly normal looking mirror and a pink apron with a dog sewn on it.

“Always has a sense of humor,” she muttered under her breath. She couldn’t understand what the mirror was for, and she turned it over before she saw a note.

Hi, Jessica,
I gave the other identical mirror to Harry last year. If you say his name into the mirror and he has his on him, his face will appear and you can talk to each other freely. Sorry, but I can’t really do a lot of shopping over here.
Happy Christmas,

Jessica handed the package to Hermione, laughing and thinking at the same time. How would she know if Harry had the mirror? If she showed it to him, he was bound to be suspicious. But her thoughts were interrupted by Hermione putting the pink apron on and twirling around. “How do I look?”

Jessica quickly untied the apron. “Hey, just trying it on. What’s it for, anyway?” Hermione asked.

“One time in my dreams, Sirius set up a restaurant and came up to me in that. One of the days he tried to make me laugh. Inwardly I did. Outwardly I acted furious, because I was that too. That was the day he explained most of the particle to me.”

“I see.” Jessica could tell she didn’t really see at all.

“Well, come on, we better get downstairs.” The two girls set off, happy as ever and not having a care in the world.

* * * * *

The first day back was hectic. Even though Hermione and Jessica and even sometimes Harry had studied in the library and worked hard on their homework, not one of them felt like being in classes again. They were studying the Patronus charm in Dumbledore’s class, as well as in the DA, so most people mastered it quite easily. Jessica’s was (obviously) a tiger. She was proud of being able to do complex Hogwarts magic, and would randomly jinx people in the halls. Of course no prefects or teachers caught her because she always did it right before a secret passageway to sneak into.

Wednesday morning was when it happened. She had just come out of Charms, feeling very proud because Flitwick had given her 25 points for her house and beat Hermione in mastering the spell. She was bragging a little, strutting ahead, happily looking back at the disgruntled look on Hermione’s face. She turned to face the front of the hall again.


She was standing alone in the hallway. Every person, people she knew or complete strangers, they were all gone. The place also had a graying look to it, as if she were standing in a black-and-white TV program. She grabbed her left arm as the bracelet started sending warnings up and down her arm. There was a figure at the end of the hallway, and she took a sharp intake of breath as he drew closer.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it, my dear Jessica?” An evil voice hissed. The voice of Lord Voldemort. Jessica took a step back automatically, still clutching her left wrist.

“Why are you afraid? I’m here to help. You have something I want, and I will get it, but if you give it to me voluntarily I will pay you back something in return.” He held out his arm, hand closed over something that was emitting a strange purple glow.

“What’s that? What could you possible give me that I could use? I’m not interested in the Dark Arts, or any of your bribery.”

“But look.” He opened his hand, and Jessica, against her will, was becoming curious. The glowing purple thing was so pretty. Involuntarily, almost, she took a couple of fumbling steps forward.

Inside his hand was a necklace. The chain was gold and thinner than paper. It was almost invisible, but had just enough shine to be noticed. But the pendant…Jessica had never seen anything like it before…

It had tiny carved gold hands of a child. They held the little model of an open book, and the pages were rustling as if an everlasting breeze were sifting through them. The book was what was giving off the strange glow. It was purple, but up close there were other flashes of color—a dash of red, a sprinkle of yellow.

“You can have it.”

All Jessica’s. She reached out her hand to grab it. Suddenly she saw something flicker behind Voldemort. It was a shadow that was coming and going. On its fourth attempt, she saw a form and heard a faint voice go ‘Jessica, no!’ before Voldemort whipped around, hissing as he pulled out his wand. But the shadow was gone. Jessica came to her senses, stumbled backwards, and ran the other way…

“Oy! Jessica, where do you think you’re going? The Great Hall is this way!” Ron had automatically reached out to grab her when he saw her stumble backwards.

All three of them had watched in horror and fascination as Jessica turned around, and suddenly went rigid. A shiver went through her, and she grabbed her left wrist. The diamond bracelet was giving off a white light, and they figured something was happening in her mind that they were powerless to stop. They watched as she walked forward and extended her hand, paused for a few seconds, then stumbled backwards and ran. Luckily Ron had the quick reflexes for once.

“Jessie? What happened?” Hermione looked into her face, and gasped at her eyes. They were black, bottomless holes that had no light. Hermione quickly made to move away, but steadied herself and tried to comfort her friend. “Another vision?”

“Why do you care? I want that necklace! So stop interfering!” Before Hermione could reply, Jessica turned and ran up the nearest flight of stairs, knocking several second-years down in the progress.

Harry watched her with a dejected look on his face. “She had the eyes again, didn’t she? The evil ones?”

Hermione nodded, then said more to herself than the others, “The particle. Something happened with it that called her to danger.” Then she turned to Harry and Ron. “I need to find her. I know what happened and I can fix this. Go to lunch, we’ll meet you there.” And she turned and followed Jessica’s path.

Harry and Ron looked at each other. “Particle?” Harry muttered. “What on Earth does that mean?”

Ron had already started towards the stair, the second-years eyeing the two boys with caution. “Here’s my answer; you don’t know what Hermione is talking about but she gives you clues on where to go? Follow them!”

The second-year group just managed to flatten themselves against the banister before the sixth years came hurdling up, worry and the excitement of adventure shining on their faces.

Chapter 18: The Fabled Secrecy
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Chapter 18:The Fabled Secrecy

Harry and Ron were quickly out of breath, and were just on the point of giving up trying to find the two girls when they heard someone crying in a classroom next to them. Inching closer, they heard Hermione’s voice talking to Jessica, who was sobbing harder than they had ever heard.

“Jessie, I think you need to talk to Sirius.”

“How? He won’t come anymore! I try to make him, but all he did was give me the stupid particle, which that might not even be the truth anymore, and then he disappears forever!”

“He gave you that mirror, didn’t he? And the apron?”

“Big whoop.” Jessica grumbled. “He gives me a huge responsibility, and then my reward is to have a pink apron and a mirror that Harry has the other half of but I can’t even use it because Harry would flip if he knew I was talking to Sirius!” Jessica burst out crying again. “I just want that necklace. That’s all I need right now.”

Hermione paused, and then asked hesitantly, “necklace? What necklace?”

Harry and Ron leaned closer to the door as they heard Jessica answer.

“In my vision just now, I was still in the hall, but everyone was gone. It was old and depressing too, there was no color. And in front of me, Voldemort was there, holding out a necklace. At first I was scared, but when I saw that necklace, every little piece of me yearned to go and grab it. I was about to, I was so close to making it mine, forever, but then something behind Voldemort flickered. It took a couple tries, and then it turned into a person, who said ‘Jessica, no!’ And I dunno, I just came to my senses on what I was doing and I ran, and that’s when Ron caught me. But there was something in that necklace that makes me want it, and I’m scared, but I so desperately want it I can’t concentrate. Even now, I picture it, and I get goose bumps.” Jessica said. “Why do you think?”

Hermione seemed to be pondering the question. Finally, very slowly, she replied, “I don’t think it was some normal trick of Voldemort’s, to give an illusion of something or anything like that. My hunch, although I could be dead wrong, is that the positive particle was inside that pendant. You told me that in one dream Sirius told you the negative and positive will call for each other. It makes sense, because every single piece of matter on this Earth has an opposite charge that they are attracted to. I think Voldemort somehow got the positive into the book and if you had grabbed it, oh I don’t know, maybe somehow it would pull the negative out of you. But you wanting the necklace more than anything was probably the negative wanting the positive more than anything. But the thing I’m most confused on is the shadow person. Do you know who it was?

“It was really hard to see; they kept flickering in and out, and the voice was faint. I wasn’t really paying attention to them; I was focused on that necklace.”

“Do you think it might have been Sirius?”

Jessica gasped. “No, no it wasn’t him, but I’ve just realized; I’ve heard that voice before! Did I ever tell you about when I was talking to Remus in the kitchen, and a voice started talking to me inside my head, and recited a poem?”

“Maybe. I don’t remember everything perfectly.”

“Well, yeah, that’s what happened, and it was the same voice there, in the vision. But it wasn’t Sirius; I have no idea who else it could be!” Jessica had stopped crying, but her voice was still a little shaky, and she would occasionally hiccup.

“I’m sorry sweetie; I really don’t know what else to tell you. Just, try and get Sirius to talk to you again, but we better leave, because Ron and Harry will start to wonder.”

Harry and Ron looked at each other in alarm. Harry then took a step forward. “I’m going to confront them,” he decided out loud. Ron hesitantly grabbed his arm.

“You can’t do that!”

Harry whipped around to face him. “And why not? Did you not listen to what they were saying? Jessica knows Sirius! She’s been talking to him! And they’re hiding something from us, from the Order! I want to know how she’s connected to Sirius!” he finished in anger.

“Harry, what are you going to do? Jessica can’t control who she sees in her dreams. She’s different then us, maybe she just told Hermione how she was different? Maybe it’s a different Sirius? But if they knew we had been listening, they would never talk to us again! We have to pretend we don’t know!” Ron said reasonably. Inside his head he was having a conflict. He also wanted to know what exactly they were talking about. What was this particle thing that seemed to have taken over Jessica’s life? But he also knew that the girls already thought them untrustworthy because they were boys who acted like idiots at times. Ron decided to let them keep their secret. He pulled on Harry’s arm again, who hesitantly turned away from the door and walked down the hall with his shoulders slumped and a dejected look on his face.

“I’m sorry, mate, but you know it’s for the best.”

“I just don’t get why Sirius would talk to her, if he can talk to people from the dead. I was his godson. I loved him.” Harry’s voice started to crack.

“Maybe that’s exactly it.” Ron said. Harry looked up at him, wonder in his eyes. “Maybe Sirius felt he was too close to you, to all of us in life, it would make it so much harder for us to see him in death and be able to live properly. Suppose he picked Jessica because he knew she was close to us, but didn’t know him in life, so she could have a nice dream relationship with him and still be able to live.” They turned the corner and went through a secret passageway up to the common room, still talking quietly about what they heard just as Jessica and Hermione walked out of the classroom.

“Hey, Hermy, guess what,” Jessica said suddenly, as the girls had been walking in silence for a moment.

“I don’t know. What?” Hermione asked.

Jessica gave a little smile. “I think next year, I’m going to try out for Chaser on the Quidditch team. Got my broom yesterday! Want to see it?”

“Wow! That’s awesome!! Harry and Ron would love that! What kind of broom?”

“A pretty one.” Jessica answered in all honesty. Hermione laughed.

“You don’t even know the model?”

“Well, the store owner said it was one of the fastest brooms out there, and it was pretty expensive, so I think I’ll do okay.” The girls went through the same secret passage Harry and Ron had exited, talking about Quidditch and not having any idea the two boys were in on Jessica’s secret.

* * * * *

That night, Jessica wrote another poem, hoping against hope this one would call Sirius to her. She wrote in silence for a half hour, then looked at the page to see if it would be something that, if she were dead, she would come to dream world to talk to herself. She decided she would.

Tricks of the Trade
The clouds above are a beautiful sight,
Soft violins playing in the background.
An image of innocence cloaked in white,
But to this world of shadows I am bound.
Scribbling words down to escape the pain,
Although it does not help my heart at all.
Polka dots, flowers, and a candy cane,
They cannot help me as I stumble and fall.
Some things take patience; I know that they do,
However I think time has expired.
It’s difficult, but I need to have the truth,
Spells cloaked in lies make my brain feel tired.
I beg you to teach me the tricks of the trade,
Have some confidence; I won’t be afraid.

Hermione, Harry, Ron, and Jessica were sitting next to the fireplace studying for Transfiguration. Jessica kept the book open on her lap and glanced down at it often to look for the paw print, but no such luck. Jessica decided she was done studying and told Harry and Ron what she had told Hermione earlier.

“I can’t believe you’re going to try out!” Ron said in awe. “You never even come to our games!”

“Yeah, and you didn’t seem much into it when I tried to teach you a long while back,” Harry added, then immediately turned red. That had been the first time she had gotten evil eyes, and he had made a mistake bringing that day up. He looked at Jessica, but besides the sides of her mouth becoming a little tighter, she let it pass.

“Well, after hearing everybody else in the whole school talk about all the exciting matches and hearing you guys speak with ecstasy after every game, I am going to come to the Cup game on Saturday to watch exactly how it’s played.”

“Do you have a broom?”

“Does she ever!” Hermione had also put down her book and was joining into the conversation, scratching Crookshanks behind the ears. She bought a FireJet 360. Came out half a year ago, do you remember? Not as fast as your Firebolt, but pretty darn close, I’d say!” Hermione said, watching the boys faces light up.

“You’re kidding! Let’s go out right now and practice! That’s brilliant; I can’t believe you bought that one! Must have cost a fortune, though.” Ron said jealously.

Hermione snorted. “She could have cared less what the name was. When I asked her which one she got, she said a pretty one!”

Jessica blushed. “Well, I don’t know the first thing about broomsticks, but I wanted to surprise you two, so I didn’t ask you to come along! But I did a good job. Ron, thanks for the invite, but I’m exhausted. I think I’m going to go get an early rest and finish my homework tomorrow.” She picked up her poem book, and scanning the poem one last time before shutting it, she packed it in with all her other books and went upstairs.

She quickly changed and got into bed. The miniature tiger was on her nightstand, and she pet his head. He turned around and gave her a play bite and tried to grab her finger before she shut her hangings and went to bed.

Unknown to her, a tiny little paw print was growing in the lines of her poem book, but so was something else; an open book with two hands holding it on each side. Jessica was in for a very interesting night.

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Chapter 19: Trying to Fly
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Chapter 19: Trying to Fly

Jessica was running down a road. There were no houses on either side, just a road with flat land stretching out in all miles. She was running towards the horizon; she knew there was something there that would help explain everything she was confused about. She needed to reach that place otherwise terrible things would happen to her and people she loved.

Finally a building grew out of nowhere on Jessica’s right. She sighed with exhaustion and relief and hurried through the doors. She walked in a couple of steps, and then she froze. Apparently she was in some sort of hospital or doctor’s office, because there were many people waiting around and a desk where people were making appointments. Cautiously, she approached the desk.

“Name?” the wizard asked from behind the desk. He appeared to be around Jessica’s age and had black hair. Something in his look reminded her of Harry just a little bit.

“Uh, Jessica Mauring? Where am I?” she responded.

“The hospital,” he said, and left it at that.

Suddenly, the door behind her was thrown open with such force everyone around her screamed in surprise. Looking to see who had done it, she gaped as she saw Sirius running towards her, already clearly out of breath. He looked really angry and confused about something, but Jessica couldn’t imagine what that could be since she figured this was one of his clever ideas to spice up her dreams.

“About time you come and talk to me!” She exclaimed and put her hands on her hips.

“Jessica, this isn’t my dreamland. It’s Voldemort’s; we need to get out of here as quickly as possible.” Sirius started pulling her arm towards the doors, but suddenly there was only a brick wall in front of her: all the doors and windows seemed to have vanished.

“And where, exactly, were you two planning to go?” The boy with black hair stood up, a look of triumph on his face. “You haven’t been in to see the doctor yet.”

Jessica’s breath caught in her throat. That voice was evil. She had heard it many times before, but never from a person with his appearance. Still, it was clear; that was Lord Voldemort’s voice.

“Jessica, I see you are confused. This is my old, school-boy appearance. My name is Tom Riddle; I was an orphan and Head-Boy during my time at Hogwarts. I am a blood descendant of Salazar Slytherin. And I am the most powerful wizard in the world.”

Sirius took a step forward. “You scum, Dumbledore is much greater than you, and you know it!”

A soft smile played on Tom Riddle’s lips. “Yes, but he can’t do much help in this-dream world, as you call it.”

“Oh, God,” Jessica whispered. She was becoming faint, and could barely stand up. “Sirius, help me!” she cried out before falling down.

She was still able to look through her eyes and think, but her very body seemed paralyzed. No matter what she tried to do, she couldn’t move a muscle. Tom Riddle laughed. She saw Sirius whip out his wand to try and help wear off the spell that was coursing through her veins. A second later, he was thrown backwards into the wall where the doors used to be. Tom started to move towards Jessica’s limp form when Sirius stumbled back up, a thin line of blood left on the wall behind him.

“Finite Incantatem!” He shouted before he was again thrown many feet away, this time knocked unconscious. But no matter. Jessica could again move, and she quickly scrambled up and ran to a corner, pulling out her wand as she went.

“You’re going to use that worthless stick of wood against me?”

“You’re using the exact same thing!”

“But I don’t have a special gift like you, Jessica. Just use it against me, and it’ll all be over. You will never see me again.” Tom Riddle’s eyes flashed as he mentioned Jessica’s powers and Jessica knew he was lying. He took another couple of steps towards her, and she just realized she was trapped.

Frantically, she looked around. How stupid was she to run into a corner? How stupid was she to walk into the building in the first place? She had seen the graying look of the building and people, but since she thought it was something of Sirius’s, she hadn’t thought about it at the time. Now, a heavy brick was settling in her stomach as Tom moved closer. Then a soft voice echoed inside her head, the one that belonged to the shadow.

Don’t worry. You will be fine.

I’m scared.

I know that. I’m coming to help you.

Can you move a little faster?

Jessica screamed and shouted ‘Protego!’ as she saw Voldemort shoot a jet of light at her. He turned around, and immediately disappeared, appearing a second later at his desk.

Where are you? She asked the shadow. But she got no reply.

“Jessica, look. Come closer,” Tom held up something in his hand. The necklace. Oh, shit, Jessica thought inside her head. Here comes the particle taking over me. And sure enough, her feet started walking against her will towards the desk. She glanced over at Sirius’s limp form against the wall, but then did a double take. Sirius was gone. He was nowhere to be found. Thinking if Tom Riddle noticed this nothing good would come out of it, she quickly focused her attention back on the desk and the necklace.

She was a few feet away from grabbing the necklace when several things happened. A black dog came charging out of nowhere and bit Tom’s arm-the one that had the necklace in it. Tom gave a cry, and as Sirius dragged his arm, Tom’s hand opened up and the necklace was thrown on the floor, skidding several feet to a place close to Jessica.

No! The necklace! Jessica cried out in desperation and lunged for the necklace, but something grabbed her and pinned her so she couldn’t move. She struggled for a second, and then relaxed.

Boo. Guess who.

There you are!

Look over there, by the cubicles. It will save you. We can’t keep fighting this battle and expect to win.

Jessica was confused by what he meant, but she looked over anyway. There, standing with an alarmed look on her face, was Michelle Canddet. Jessica also noticed she didn’t have the graying color as most of the people in here, but she was full of normal colors. As soon as Jessica locked eyes with Michelle, Michelle started to spin and fade into nothingness.

A yelp jerked Jessica back to the battle. She looked back at the desk to find Sirius on the table, on his side but rolling off. Tom got out his wand, panting, and bleeding from Sirius’s bite.


Wait, don’t leave!

Jessica was flying into the cubicle, her shadow form going to rescue Sirius. And as she watched the shadow transform into an animal, she suddenly realized who the shadow was.

James Potter was transforming into a stag to continue the battle that Sirius had started. He reared up and caught Tom right in the back just as he was about to perform some curse on Sirius. Jessica tried to stand up, and was surprised to find two hands other than her own helping her up.

Stumbling to her feet, Jessica looked up. There was a woman with a kind face, with reddish hair and eyes that seemed very familiar. A second later, she placed them with Harry’s eyes.

The women smiled. “Unlike James, I am not going to play silly mind games with you to make you guess who I am. I’m Lily, Harry’s mother. You will be leaving shortly, but I just wanted to say nice to meet you.”

Bewildered, Jessica shook the hand Lily was extending. Out of all places to meet Harry’s dead parents, she had to do it while they were fighting Voldemort and she was hiding in a cubicle.

“Lily, it’s time!” Jessica heard Sirius shout. Apparently he was back in human form. Lily grabbed Jessica’s hands.

“Be careful of that necklace; Hermione was right—Voldemort stored that particle in there and it will only bring you into greater danger. Do not use your powers at all in the school, you never know who might be watching. And finally, dream land, as you and Sirius call it, is not safe anymore.”

“Yeah, I figured that out.” Jessica muttered, suddenly sleepy again. Everything was starting to go out of focus.

“I’ll be quick. If you need to talk to someone, right to Remus Lupin. He can help you understand more, Sirius explained everything to him. Be safe, and help your friends…”

The world was slowly spinning into black, and Jessica started shaking violently.

“Cut it out,” she muttered angrily.

“Jessica, wake up! We need you to wake up!!” Hermione’s voice was full of worry.

Jessica sat up instantly, not quite awake yet, but glad to be out of that building. She looked around to see everybody staring at her from their beds. She sighed. She really was awake. Voldemort was gone, she had escaped, yet again.

Michelle was there too, standing next to Hermione and looking just as worried, but was also shaking and crying. When she noticed she was awake, she gave a little squeak and began to drag her downstairs.

“What happened—Michelle?”

“I’m not sure; but please come here, we need to talk about this somewhere private,” Michelle whispered as they walked down the stairs.

At the bottom Harry and Ron were groggy but had worry on their faces. Jessica made to go sit down in her chair, but Michelle kept pulling.

“Not here, people could still come down. We know the perfect place.”

And they all walked out of the common room door, Jessica still being pulled along by the skinny first year who had just saved her life.

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Chapter 20: Show and Tell
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Chapter 20: Show and Tell

Michelle and everyone else ended up leading Jessica to the Room of Requirement; the same place Harry led the D.A. When they walked in though, there were no books or cushions; instead there was a comfy atmosphere with a fireplace and chairs. It looked a lot like the Gryffindor common room.

“So,” Jessica said as she sat down in one of the chairs, “How did you end up in my dream?” She was uncomfortable with having Harry and Ron there, since they knew nothing about what was going on, but she really couldn’t ask them to leave.

Michelle looked at the ground and shook her head a little. The way she spoke next, her words were heavy and it seemed as if she was older just by thinking about the night. “I don’t really know what happened.” She started out. “I just was having a completely normal dream about—about something else.” Jessica saw her eyes glance up towards Ron before she looked down again, becoming red. “Then all of a sudden everything went black, and there was someone walking towards me. I didn’t know who it was, but something about them looked really familiar. A second later I realized it was almost an exact look-alike of Harry.”

Jessica closed her eyes at this. Harry and Ron would be very interested to know how James was related to Jessica’s dream.

“Well, he told me to take his hand, that one of my friends was in grave danger and I was the only one who could stop it. He had an echoing voice, but somehow he was very much alive. It wasn’t a normal dream. I had a hunch it had something to do with you, just because everything weird that happens in my life is connected to you. No offense,” she quickly added.

“I’m getting used to it,” Jessica grumbled, uncomfortably aware of the two boys watching her and deliberately not meeting their eyes.

“Okay, so I took his hand, and immediately the scenery changed. I found myself in that building, with the dog and the guy with black hair fighting. Something skidded across the floor and I saw you start to go for it. The man left me and grabbed you. He must have told you I was there or something, because you looked over at me. As soon as that happened, everything started to spin and moments later I was sitting up in my bed. I was shaking; I knew that was not a normal dream and you could be hurt. Immediately I rushed up to your room where Hermione was already awake because you were tossing and turning and screaming. A few moments later, you woke up, and your eyes…there was something different about them. But you became normal and now we ended up here.” Michelle looked hesitantly at Hermione, for some odd reason.

Jessica was staring hard at the floor. Michelle had been another person who didn’t know James or Lily or Sirius, and somehow was dragged into the battle. Why were they picking people that were strangers to them in life? It made no sense, and every time she tried to think about it, it made her head pound.

“Jessica?” She heard Ron say softly. Unwillingly, she looked up.

“I guess I should tell you what’s been going on,” She finally said.

Ron and Harry shared a look. “Um, well, don’t be really mad at us, but when you froze in the hallway then ran off, we kind of followed you, and heard…bits and pieces of what was happening.”

Hermione instantly started scolding them. “You two are so immature. If someone wants to be left alone, you don’t go nosing around! You always get into trouble for that, and you still haven’t learned your lesson!”

“Hermione, it’s okay. I should have told them, and you and Michelle too, what was going on as soon as Sirius gave me the book.” Jessica explained everything, for the third time, out loud. She also told them, in great detail, what exactly had just happened in her last dream, since Hermione hadn’t heard about that yet.

“So, you can’t talk to Sirius anymore?”

“Lily told me no, and I kind of figured that once Voldemort trapped us inside the building. That was probably one of the scariest moments of my life. But she said Sirius told Remus something—I don’t know what, or how; just that Remus knows some stuff Sirius still hasn’t told me.”

Harry had a weird look on his face and hadn’t spoken at all. Jessica looked over at him and grabbed his hand. He seemed to wake up from a trance, but his eyes were still a little vacant. She knew he was remembering his godfather.

“Harry, Sirius must have mentioned how much he loved you and missed you a million times. He told me to tell you hi before also, but I hadn’t told you what was going on because I didn’t know how you were going to take the news I was talking to your dead godfather. But for Christmas, he gave me a mirror, one of a pair that you have the other half. I guess if you say each other’s names into it, you can talk and see the other person. I don’t know if you saved it, but I think it would be pretty cool to use them.”

Harry looked for a moment as if he hadn’t heard a word she said. Finally, he spoke up. “I threw the mirror across the room after Sirius died. But I just had this feeling if Sirius knew I had done that, he would have been disappointed in me. So I kept the pieces, waiting for the right time to repair the mirror. I guess I should do that now.”

Hermoine stood up, yawning. “I think right now we should go to bed, and then tomorrow do two things; talk more about this when we’re all awake, and write to Lupin. He should have some news for us to use.”

The group slowly got up from their seats, and Jessica turned around as they left to watch the door shrink back into the wall, invisible. It reminded her of her own life, she thought sadly. An invisible soul that few people knew was there and even less knew how to enter.

* * * * *

April was coming up, rainy and muggy at different times. This also meant the Quidditch final was coming up. Harry, Ginny and Ron were spending every free moment they had on the field, along with the rest of their teammates, and if Michelle, Hermione, and Jessica could, they would always come out to watch. Jessica was amazed at how easily they seemed to get along; it was as if they were really all one person, one heart and soul, split up into seven parts to dominate.

The Saturday the match was supposed to be played was foggy and humid. Jessica wouldn’t let a stupid trifle like the weather interfere with her newfound obsession. Against their will, Hermione and Michelle came along too.

The match was Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw. Slytherin had suffered a horrible defeat thanks to Ron not letting them score one single basket, Ginny performing some amazing moves, and Harry catching the Snitch 10 minutes into the game. The final score was 260 to 0.

As the doors opened and both teams flew out, Jessica caught sight of Hagrid making his way up to them. She waved energetically but stopped when she saw who was with him. Looking tired and as shabby as ever, Remus Lupin was following behind Hagrid.

“Budge up there, Ye can’t espect me ter fit into this lil spot, do ya?” Hagrid said, and immediately the people next to Jessica went down a row, shooting frightened looks up at Hagrid. Lupin came and sat next to Jessica.

“Heard you had a pretty interesting night a few days ago.” He smiled.

“Yeah,” She was distracted by the game beginning to take place. “Why are you here, anyway?”

“After that letter you sent me, I realized how wrong Sirius was to tell me to keep the letter secret from you as long as possible. I thought it best if I showed you the letter and then helped explain some stuff in more detail. Don’t worry; you’ll be fine for now.”

The statement caught Jessica off guard, but when she looked at Remus, he put a finger to his lips and pointed at Harry’s form in the sky. Jessica nodded and quickly paid attention to the game.

After 25 minutes of some intense Chaser moves and a few very daring saves on both Keeper’s parts, Harry and Cho Chang went into dives right in the middle of the field. Everybody on the field and in the stands held their breath as the two Seekers quickly went upwards and veered left. Suddenly Harry swerved a little close to Cho, and she dropped down and to her right to avoid a collision. A second later, she zoomed off to the ground as Harry raised his fist in triumph. The Gryffindor stands exploded in a tidal wave of screams and cheers, and the team flew down to the ground in one big bundle of scarlet robes.

“That boy is better than James, I think,” Lupin said softly, smiling down upon the scene.

Jessica, Hermione, and Michelle ran down to the changing room, where they waited in joy for the team to come in. The team had long ago let them stay during their pre-game and post-game talks, realizing there was no way Jessica was going to leave anyway, and they would rather not have a fight right before an important match.

“That was wonderful!” Jessica screamed as they came in and she jumped on Harry and gave him a kiss on the lips. Harry’s expression was priceless. It had been so long ago he had kissed her, and that Jessica had been replaced with someone else; someone enjoyable to have as a friend, but not the same person. But she was back, in his arms, smiling at him with tears in her eyes.

She finally got down and gave Ron a congratulations hug as well before they all talked about the game. They were going over the finer points of the match when there was a knock on the door and Lupin walked in. Everybody stared.

“Professor Lupin?” One of the beaters asked incredulously.

“Yes, Bole, it’s me, but I’m afraid I can’t stay for long. I’m only up here for a day, visiting. I wanted to watch the match. You all did a fine job.” He paused for a second. “However, I wish to talk to Ron, Harry, Ginny, Michelle, Jessica, and Hermione in a private place, so if that would be okay…”

“We’ll come.” Harry and Ginny answered at the same time. Ron seemed like he wanted to stay and talk over his amazing goal-keeping abilities, but Hermione grabbed him and pushed him out.

“Ow! Hermione, you’re going to break my back!”

“This is important! You guys talk about games for weeks afterwards. I think you can miss a half hour of it.”

Ron opened his mouth to retaliate, but Jessica gave him a look and he immediately fell quiet.

“So, what’s up?” Ginny asked him.

“Well, when I got your letter, I realized how important it was that I talk to all of you, not just Jessica. And what I needed to tell you had to be done in person. It was not the kind of thing to put into writing. It’s too easy to intercept or become lost en route. But first things first; and this is specifically geared towards Jessica, but if she feels like sharing it, it’s fine by me.” He took a breath, straightening his back. He reached a hand inside his robes and pulled out a piece of paper. “Jessica, this is the note Sirius wrote me that one night in Grimmauld Place. At the time, Sirius said it would be better if you didn’t see the letter, as it might raise suspicions in you he didn’t want shared at that moment. He wanted the complete story to wait, but as usual his thinking was a little impaired. Luckily, everyone was okay, but I know he would want this time to be the time for you to find out the truth.”

Jessica took the parchment he was holding out, a feeling of anticipation and dread filling her all at once as she took it, unraveled it, and started to read.

Chapter 21: On the Way Down
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Chapter 21: On the Way Down (song by a person, like Ashlee Simpson’s ex or something?)

My Dear Moony,

Today Jessica learned about the particle from Snape. I have to tell her about it, and I should then tell you too. It is the same one that Lily and James had. But, Jessica is safe--for now. I should tell you this, though: DON’T LET HER GET NEAR YOU OR THIS LETTER LONG ENOUGH FOR HER TO HAVE A VISION. I need to speak with her a couple more times, and I know time is short before Voldemort tries to trick her. But if she knows this, she will become wary and then I won’t be able to reach to her. I need her to meet James and Lily before we are cut off forever. Please pass this on as soon as the dream world danger is over: she is not alone. No matter how unique she thinks she is, or how furious she gets at me for supposedly giving her this particle, she is not alone. We are all here, by her side, invisible, but fighting for her just the same. Tell her about how Lily and James and I came across the particle. But you will know that what the particle leaves in her is different than what it did to us. So here’s the truth, which I know you will tell her when the time is right. She is reacting differently with the particle than we did because she was born with the rare gift of The Senses. That is why she was able to see visions and move things. There was a piece of an ancient particle that she was born with. As the guardian of the negative, I was watching her secretly, but once she became clouded in the mind and it bled through to her eyes, I realized she needed this negative to survive Voldemort’s attacks. It would link her to James and Lily, and even closer to me. Therefore I gave her the book that night. The negative and The Senses fused together, leaving her with the most dangerous power of all: I hope you know what I’m talking about. The one which the Potters explained to us the summer of seventh year. I just have a feeling that Jessica will share this information with her friends, and since Hermione would know it, that would not be good for them to know the power. You know it, and when the time is right, so will she. I have no doubt that she will succeed. But with the negative and The Senses also succeeding, I’m not positive but I would hope not. I wish all of you the best of luck.

Mischief Managed,

Jessica read it again, this time inside her own head, and looked up into Lupin’s kind face, which was studying hers. As she opened up her mouth to speak, he held up a hand.

“I cannot tell you what the power is. I can tell you that it is very rare; I don’t think it has been reported for about 350 years. The last girl with The Senses also had the particle, and did many great things for our world. As Sirius said in the letter, if you knew of the power beforehand, it would ruin its, well, its electricity, when the time came for you to use it. It is a once-only power, and it will save everyone you love in the darkest and most sinister times. It’s no good arguing; Sirius told me not to tell you, and I agree completely. Trust me; you will know what it is, and how to use it, when it calls on you.”

“Great, another gift I didn’t know I had but will end up being used to save the day,” Jessica muttered. She was still very cross with Sirius for just deserting her like this and explaining the truth in a letter where she couldn’t yell at him.

Lupin cocked his head to one side. “Since I am allowed to show you the letter, that means you met…” he trailed off with a look at Harry. He was sitting there, hands clenched tight onto his knees, and his face was masked. He didn’t appear to be listening to the conversation. Ron nudged him a little, and he seemed to come out of a trance.

“You saw my mum and dad?” Harry asked Jessica hoarsely.

“Yeah, but only the one time. I guess James was the one who was inside my head. He was the one who also saved me from Voldemort in the hallway. And you’re mother was just as nice,” Jessica said, before she realized talking to Harry about his parents was probably not a good idea. He looked into her eyes, and gave a weary smile.

“Don’t worry; the subject is a sore subject but if you got to talk to them, and Sirius, it means that you are truly a good person. I can’t imagine them talking to anybody less than that.”

Lupins had been listening to the conversation, and now butt in. “Well, I guess I can talk to you about it. Lily was most likely there to give you advice. I can’t imagine her fighting the way James and Sirius loved to. Well, she really hated when they would fight with people, especially Snape. You should have seen her face whenever she yelled at him for hexing people.” Harry suddenly jerked, and Jessica saw he had tears in his eyes. “Oh, Harry, I forgot. I’m sorry. But I told you last year, and I will tell you again: we were fifteen, and thought we were too cool to be associating with people like Snape. They grew out of it. So, as I was about to ask you, what exactly did Lily say to you?”

Jessica screwed up her face, trying to remember. “She said that dream world was not safe anymore, which I had figured as soon as I recognized Voldemort. She also said, um, save your friends, or protect them, or something along those lines… does that mean that something bad is going to happen and I’m probably going to end up using my secret super special power to save the day, and then some miserable fate is going to come upon me?”

Hermione jumped in. “Why do you always think something bad is going to happen to you? You could live, you know.”

“You’re the one that realized what the particle does to people!! You’re the one that told me!”

“Yes, but Sirius said he was sure you were going to succeed. You’re different, remember you have The Senses.”

Jessica gave her a quick disbelieving look and then turned back to Lupin. “But Lily told me to protect my friends. Wouldn’t she tell me to protect myself if I was going to be spared?”

Lupin paused for a brief second, but Jessica thought the pause seemed suspicious. “I cannot tell you the answer to that. I’m sorry, but I was not there, I would normally be able to tell you what Lily meant, because sometimes, yes, she did have hidden meanings in her words. I would have needed to hear how she said it though, but I don’t think you should consider yourself doomed.”

“Hey, Lupin?” Michelle said in a quiet whisper from the corner. She seemed really scared to speak. Odd, Jessica thought. She wasn’t ever afraid to speak anymore.

“Yes, Michelle?”

“I think it’s about time we start to head back. The grounds are dark, and I’m past my curfew. Plus, I kind of want to go to the party,” she finished in the tiniest whisper. Lupin gave a warm half-smile.

“Of course, I remember perfectly well staying up until our Head of House would burst through the portrait, screaming at us to stop partying, otherwise she would give us so much homework we wouldn’t be able to sleep for a month. James just took that as a reason to party even harder,” Lupin remembered with a wistful look on his face.

Slowly, everyone got up and started to leave. Harry took Ron and Ginny’s broomsticks to the shed to get locked up. Silently, Jessica followed him. She could hear him sobbing, and watched with a pain in her heart as he stopped and leaned against the shed for support, starting to cry even harder. Stepping out of the shadows, she walked up to him and gave him a hug before he could try and hide.

“Harry, your parents and Sirius are really, really nice and genuinely caring people. Their memories should fill you with happiness and pride knowing, remembering how loving the people closest to you were. I hardly knew them, compared to you and everyone else, and I sometimes feel like shouting at the top of my lungs, ‘I know Sirius Black! He is a good man!’ And now I could do it for James and Lily too.”

“You would never do that. That would be crazy.”

“Okay, so I wouldn’t do that out loud. But in my head I do. All three of them would want you to live a happy life, not filled with despair over the consequences of fate. You heard that letter: you are not alone.”

“That was talking to you.”

“It was general. I could tell by the way it was written, that message was meant for everyone. They are here, outside, right behind that tree. Or listening behind the shed. Be happy. I am.”

Harry wiped his eyes. “No, you’re not. You put on a show. But I can do it too. I got to spend two wonderful years with Sirius, and at the end of my fourth year I got to talk to my parents’ echoes of their bodies. I think I can pretend, just like you.” He put the brooms in the shed, locked it, and walked away, not bothering to wait for her or even look back behind him to see whether or not she was coming.

Jessica was standing still, in shock. How could he tell she was faking? How would he know that Jessica had been feeling all of the words Sirius had ever written, all of the warnings he had ever given, swirling around inside her at that moment, ready to explode out and leave her mind, body, and soul behind in a thousand pieces? She started to make her way back to school, going over thoughts miserably in her head.

Game over, she said silently to herself. You lose.

* * * * *

Final exams were coming soon, and all the sixth years definitely noticed an increase in the homework. They were getting essays from all the teachers, and some stupid teachers like Snape sometimes gave extra homework.

“What is his problem?” Jessica exclaimed angrily one day, as the four of them exited the classroom. “I mean, he already gave us two essays due next week, and now we have to find out all these stupid ingredients and what they do?”

Harry gave a grim smile. “I remember the first day of class, and you were so excited to be coming into Potions. What ever happened to that?”

“Snape ended up speaking, that’s what happened!”

“I hope Flitwick doesn’t give us too much homework in Charms,” Ron muttered angrily. “I’m up to my neck here, and we don’t even have O.W.L.’s or N.E.W.T’s this year. I don’t get the way teachers’ minds work sometimes.”

After dinner the group headed up to the common room to start on the homework. Jessica had been tutoring Ron, and he was pestering Hermione for answers less and less these days. That night happened to be the first night where Hermione had to pick up a book to look for the definition of ‘Grugles’ and Ron was able to tell her straight out. After that, they had a huge row because Ron was acting all cocky and Hermione was still smarter. They both went to bed early, huffing up the stairs in a very bad mood. Once Jessica and Harry had finished a couple of the numerous essays, they followed suit.

The next morning, Amber flew down to Jessica as she was eating. Jessica was surprised, since she rarely ever got mail. Jessica tore it open at once.

Dear Ms. Mauring,

I know in the aftermath of winning the Quidditch Cup, Remus Lupin came to talk to you and your friends. He also showed me the letter and told me what you guys talked about. I feel there is a need for me to speak to you in person, so if you could please come up to my office after your last class tonight. The password is ‘Sugar Quills’.

Albus Dumbledore

Jessica looked to the staff table in surprise. Dumbledore met her eyes for the tiniest of seconds before turning to Professor McGonagall. She stuffed the letter in her bag and finished the rest of her food.

“Time for Care of Magical Creatures,” she announced.

Her three friends got up and followed her, still half-asleep.

* * * * *

At five o’clock, Jessica put her bag up in her bed and set off to Dumbledore’s office. She knew it was by a stone gargoyle, but couldn’t remember how to get there. Suddenly, a beautiful phoenix came fluttering down beside her. Jessica instantly recognized it as Dumbledore’s bird, Fawkes.

“Hey,” she whispered, stroking its head. Its talons squeezed her shoulder, and she felt courage flooding into her body.

With the bird’s guidance, she found the gargoyle and said the password. Getting onto the revolving steps and riding to the top, she had halfway opened the door when something happened.

She felt it more than anything. Yes, there was a tiny vision, but it was faint and blurry. Around her, it seemed as if the lights suddenly dimmed. There were vague shapes around her, and she knew it was dangerous. She held out her hands, and this is where the mysterious force controlled her. There was heat, coming from inside of her and out. She could also feel electricity surrounding her, pulsing slightly, building up to strike. Almost at the boiling point, she felt a quick upswing in the winds that were pushing, and then it made her fall over with the force of its pathway.

She was falling, but suddenly something sturdy was bringing her back up. She peered, confused, into Dumbledore’s blue eyes.

“Come in, Jessica; there is much that I need to speak with you about.”

He led her to his desk, Fawkes leaving her shoulder to go sit on his perch, watching the pair of them with interest.

Chapter 22: The Last Wish
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Chapter 22: The Last Wish

Dumbledore disappeared into a room off to the side, leaving Jessica to stare at all of the strange gadgets placed about the room. Fawkes came over to her and she stroked him absentmindedly as she listened to the Headmaster rummaging through stuff.

After about ten minutes, she saw him come back, looking a little tired but happy nonetheless. He was also carrying a red book that looked very old and weathered. Jessica eyed it warily. She had had more than enough of mysterious books.

“Don’t worry Jessica; this explains things in great detail. About you, Emorra, The Senses, the particle, everything.”

“If this is such a rare thing, why is there such a huge book on it? It can’t all be that interesting.”

Dumbledore placed the book over on her side of the desk and opened to the first page. In amazement, Jessica watched as a silvery glow began to slowly mist off the pages. She touched the page in fascination, in wonder, and suddenly the pages were no longer blank, but full of words. Jessica flipped through, becoming absorbed in the passages she would pick to read and slowly forgot where she was. Only when Dumbledore cleared his throat ever so slightly did she look up.

“Sorry,” she muttered.

“Not to worry, not to worry,” Dumbledore smiled. “This book is incredibly rare because the only people that can unleash what it says are the people with The Senses themselves. It is a book of history dealing with the powers, but since The Senses were so rare, the people who possessed them were often prosecuted. Therefore, they decided the less that was known about this the better, and they placed a Touch spell on this book, forbidding anyone to read it unless someone undid the Touch spell.”

“So, I undid it then?”

“When you touched it, yes. It could tell you had The Senses, so it opened up the ancient secrets. I believe it should be of great use to you. I myself can now look at it as long as you are holding it, but I have gathered from outside informants all I need to know. However I thought this might be useful to you, as it was last updated by Emorra herself.”

Jessica frowned at the mention of that name. It sounded so familiar, but more so than just hearing her connected with The Senses. It was as if she had heard it when she was little, in a bedtime story perhaps, while the normal blood was still running through her veins. She shook her head to clear it, and started reading again, but this time flipping to the last pages, where curly, loopy handwriting was intertwining with itself to present girl’s handwriting. Jessica could tell by the way the words slanted the girl was troubled and may even have been depressed. Not feeling so great anymore, she pulled the book closer to read what Emorra, the last known person with The Senses, had written:

I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Everyone thinks I deserve to be such a hero, but they don’t know what happened. They think I’m so wonderful for saving that boy’s life, as if I meant to do it all along. No, it was just a fluke accident. This was the one time my powers ever came in handy—for someone else, mind you, not me. I don’t think they will ever help me. I know because of the spell only people with the ‘gift’ of The Senses can read this, and that is why I am going to write what really happened. They know my pain, but I have another, worse burden: Some particle deal that one day showed up in my dreams. Wait, I’m drifting: I will go in order.

I was walking down the street, noticing with unease the stares I was getting. I knew I looked different, more and more as the gift showed itself, but I didn’t know why. All the other diaries in here never talk about them being possessed by visions or being depressed. They all used their gift for happy deeds. Sorry to say that was not my case. I carefully tried to avoid everyone’s eye, but no such luck. I happen to glance at a little table on the corner, and briefly meet the man’s eyes. Suddenly the world goes black, and I know I am in a vision. This one—well I’m not going to go into extreme details. There is enough to be said already, and I know I don’t have much time. So, when I came out of the vision, I stumbled and ran away from the corner, into the busy street. I heard the bus honk its horn, but I was confused on what to do. I was still a little dreary from my vision. But instinct took over. I ran to the left just as the bus veered right. In making the bus swerve, I apparently saved it from running head on into a little blind boy who was wandering lost in the street. After that, I was a local hero. The Muggles thought I was so brave to go out there, the witches and wizards figured I had some greater power than the rest of them, and after some poking and prodding, one person realized I had The Senses.

I don’t think a celebration that big had been seen for quite some time. I was recognized everywhere, something I did not like. I was constantly stopped in the streets, with ignorant people asking questions about every tiny tidbit random fact about me there ever was to know. But then I met Aura, and everything changed.

I saw her walking towards me one day with a purposeful stride. Figuring she was just another admirer I gracefully tried to duck into an alleyway. But sooner than I had expected, she caught up to me. Instead of questioning me she handed me a book, pressed a finger to her lips, and reached for my hand. As soon as I took it, I understood.

She had transferred the particles into me. I saw their history, saw their powers, and realized what they did. Now I am writing this, hoping one day someone else will stumble upon the particles, and read this.

If these words show up, this means that you are like me. Not just with The Senses, but you also have a part of the pair of particles. They were both hidden, far away, but only time can tell how long that will last. I cannot keep them safe forever, and I now know it is entrusted to you to keep the task going.

Jessica looked up at the end of this paragraph to grasp what she had just read. This Emorra girl was the one who had hidden the particles? She had been taken over, just like Jessica, and had tried to save herself in the last moments of her life by stowing them away from human contact. It was a nice thing to do at the time, but if only she had left instructions for how to conquer these particles, once and for all. Maybe she didn’t even know. Maybe it wasn’t even possible. Jessica’s head hurt. She had been reading the book for many hours and Dumbledore’s office was dark. The Headmaster was nowhere in sight.

Jessica stretched out and started to get up. But, as if on cue, she glanced down at the book, then did a double take. There were more words forming. She squinted at them in curiosity, her head tilted to one side.
If you are reading this, it is time for you to face the destiny that has waited for you for many centuries. Come with me, and we shall protect the people we love.

Protect the people we love…the phrase rang a bell inside her head, but she couldn’t remember where it was from. Before she could think, the book grew brighter and started trembling violently.

“Stop!” Jessica shouted, alarmed, and grabbed the book to steady it.

Instantly the scenery around her started melting away. She was flying, that was sure, but to where? She didn’t know. Up ahead of her, there was a faint outline, growing brighter. The outline of a young girl.

“Dumbledore!” She managed to shout out before the office melted away completely.

* * * * *

Dumbledore ran out from his library. He had heard Jessica say his name, which meant she was done reading. But where had she gone? Then he noticed the book had also disappeared. Worry making its way into the creases of his face, he quickly sent Fawkes on a mission.

“Find Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Michelle Canddet and bring them up here at once! I need them to accompany me to the Cave of Vanderas, where I believe Jessica just went.” The last part was said more to himself than the phoenix, but Fawkes brushed Dumbledore’s cheek with its wings as it left. The bird knew its master was troubled.

Scurrying around his desk, Dumbledore found the one thing Severus Snape had given him as an artifact from Voldemort, and the one thing he hoped he never would have to use: a Portkey to the Cave of Vanderas.

“Professor?” A worried voice asked and he turned around. There were the five children who had faced so much trouble already. Dumbledore almost couldn’t bring himself to tell them what he thought had happened, so he offered a quick explanation.

“This Portkey will take us to the Cave of Vanderas. I believe Jessica is headed there, not by Voldemort’s powers, but an olden girl by the name of Emorra. She is trying to help Jessica, but I’m not sure if that will be the case. Please grab hold.”

Each person obliged, and they all crowded around while Dumbledore counted down.

“Three, two, one…”

They all felt the pull from behind their navel as they were thrown into the empty void, both as their surroundings and inside their own hearts.

Chapter 23: Set Me Free
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Chapter 23: Set me Free

Jessica had enough of the black empty void to last her a lifetime. But here she was again, with a peculiar feeling in stomach of flying the speed of light and standing still at the same time.

The figure of the girl was coming closer. Jessica knew who it would be before the vision even spoke.

“Hi, Jessica. I’m Emorra.” The girl was beautiful, even if she was dead. Her soul, her energy or whatever was brining her to Jessica was beautiful. She had long, flowing golden blonde hair, a little wavy in places but not so much like ringlets. Her face was a perfect peach color, her eyes were a deep chocolate brown, and her lips were very full and pale pink. She looked like an angel in Jessica’s opinion. A minute later Jessica realized she probably was.

“Hey. What are you doing?” Jessica was blunt. She wasn’t really in the mood to talk to someone who had made her life so complicated. Emorra smiled, knowing her thoughts.

“I didn’t do this to you; you were born with the powers, as was I. I had hid the negative and positive in a place I never thought would be found. Unfortunately, they were, far earlier than I had hoped. I knew then that I had to find someone to help me, so I put a spell on my writing that only the persons like you and me could read it. And you were the first person, and now is as good of time as any!”

“I was the first person in 350 years?”

“Technically, yes. There have been trivial cases, but none where the person has had all five senses, and therefore wouldn’t be able to cope with the negative. You can though, and you can destroy the particles, yes both, once and for all. I will be helping you along, and so will the others who have guarded it with their lives.”

Jessica raised her eyebrows. “Others?”

And then around her, three swirls of dust appeared and started taking shape. Before they were fully formed, Jessica knew who they were. Sirius Black, James Potter, and Lily Potter were standing there along with Emorra, smiling and encouraging her on as always.

“Hey, little fairy, did you miss me?” Sirius ran his fingers through his hair, throwing her a nonchalant smile as he did so.

Lily gave him a look, and he returned it by sticking his tongue out at her. “Oh, very mature, Padfoot,” was her comment.

“What? She hasn’t seen me in a while, and she’s sure to be going through some Sirius withdrawal, if you understand my meaning.”

“Why do you think everyone is in love with you? Honestly you haven’t changed one bit since Hogwarts. Still arrogant and cocky.”

“I’m not cocky; I just know that I’m irresistible.”

James cut in. “I never thought I would be the one to say this, but will you two stop bickering? We have to tell Jessica some stuff before she leaves, and that’s actually not too far away.” They both instantly stopped fighting and returned to the matter at hand, cheeks a little flushed.

Emorra gave them an exasperated look. “Right, Jessica, what I’m about to tell you is very grave. But you are the only person who can stop this, therefore I trust you. Before I continue though, you need to make a choice: Are you willing to sacrifice possible everything you’ve ever known to help better the wizarding world?”

She didn’t hesitate. “Of course I am.”

“Spoken like a true Senses girl--”

“Not to mention a Gryffindor!” Sirius piped up.

“SIRIUS!!” James and Lily yelled at the same time. He ducked his head slightly, and Jessica was reminded of a dog that had just been caught eating chocolate stored in his family’s pantry.

“Anyway,” Emorra continued, raising her voice a little in agitation, “This is what is happening. As you know, Voldemort has the positive and is looking for the negative. However, he does not know that the particles can only be destroyed by each other. He is so consumed about the power within these that he hasn’t bothered to read up on their history, as I did in great detail. To get rid of them is tricky but not impossible. The circumstances of today are perfect for improving the lives of tomorrow. The particles must be owned by two different people who do battle with one another. One must perform the spell from within, one that you already have acquired due to The Senses.”

“Hold on,” Jessica interrupted. “Is this the spell Lupin told me about in Sirius’s letter?” Emorra looked over at him, confused.

“Uh…yeah. But I didn’t tell her what it was or how to use it or anything!” Sirius was blushing and talking really fast. Emorra gave him yet another stern look.

“You didn’t tell me you wrote a letter…” she left the sentence hanging. He looked away. She turned back to Jessica, who saw amusement in Emorra’s eyes that contradicted the anger in her voice. “Anyway, this energy will protect the ones you love, even if they are so close to death it would take one more breathe before they left this world.”

“Hang on…” Jessica still hadn’t figured out where she remembered that phrase from, and she was sure Emorra could tell her. However, it was Lily that put a hand on her shoulder and caused her memory jog.

“Pro—protect the ones you love?” Jessica looked up into Lily’s face. She smiled, but Jessica saw sadness creeping into her eyes as well. Jessica wasn’t sure if she wanted to know why.

“Yes, Jessica, protect the ones you love. All of us here believe in you, and you need to believe in yourself in order to complete the task at hand. Can you do it?”

“Of course I can. But is that all the help you guys can give me?”

“We will be there, always watching. You will never be alone. Dumbledore knows where you are heading, and no doubt he is getting everyone else to come rescue you and fight the Dark Lord, perhaps for the final time.”

“Wouldn’t they already be there? We have been talking for a long time. If they were to Apparate or something, they could be wandering around looking for me, and I’m here!”

“Dreams work in mysterious ways. We can make something grow until there is no more room for anything on Earth, or shrink until we were invisible to the naked eye. When you leave this place, not more than perhaps a second will have passed. They will follow you, as will we.

“Are you ready?” Emorra took Jessica’s hand in hers.

Jessica threw her shoulders back and had a look of determination in her eyes.

“I am.”

The two girls gathered speed, black nothingness whistling by them, heading light years away into the unforeseen future. The Cave of Vanderas loomed ever closer, and just as Jessica landed hard on the floor, she felt her hand grip nothing but the moist air of a forgotten dark tunnel where dreams were shattered and hopes crushed into a thousand pieces.

Chapter 24: So Much For...
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Chapter 24: So Much For…(1/2 of a song title…1/2 of the climax! Get it?)

Jessica looked around wildly. As much as she had said she was willing to fight, she was not ready for it. But something about this cave looked mighty like something she had seen before…

Suddenly there were voices from behind her. Muffled, and many clumsy footsteps, but Jessica was scared senseless. Voldemort couldn’t find her here, now; she had to find her friends. She started running through different outlets, searching for something that would make her journey easier—her friends, or perhaps the positive particle, gleaming innocently on the floor, waiting to be destroyed.

“Is that her?” A voice came from behind her. She sped up, and heard the mysterious people do the same.

“I could use a little help right about now!” She shouted in frustration to the air around her. No reply, but suddenly she felt as if she was alone, completely and utterly.

Shit, Jessica thought. Why does this seem so familiar? As if on cue, her left arm became covered in goosebumps, which promptly spread to the rest of her body. Looking down she saw her bracelet glowing and vibrating, but not before she heard the ragged breathing of someone.

Jessica could tell they were evil, and she knew immediately the people following her before had been her friends. How could she be so stupid? This was one of her visions; she had seen it sleeping on the bench the night Remus came to rescue her. And that meant any time now…

“Crucio!” the shadow hissed, and Jessica was thrown against the wall, hitting her head hard as she did so. But that pain was nothing at the moment. A thousand red-hot needles were digging into her, as well as a million blunt axes chopping away. She was screaming, twisting, begging for it to stop…

Finally it did. Jessica lay on the ground, panting as if she had just run a marathon. Before she could even consider an escape plan, a hand roughly grabbed her and started dragging her deeper into the darkness. She struggled, but it was no use.

This is not what I meant by help, Emorra! she said crossly in her mind. But her mind remained blank. Where were they? They promised to always be with her. And now she was being help captive by Lord Voldemort, and had no idea what to do next.

Suddenly she was thrown on the ground with tremendous force. Not expecting this, her shoulder and hip painfully collided with the cold ground. Excruciating pain was tearing through her already bruised body, but she refused to show this on her face. She wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of knowing they were indeed hurting her. Again, she heard the tantalizing laugh of Lord Voldemort, the one she had heard so many times in her dreams and her visions. She immediately knew her day was only going to get worse.

Almost as if responding to her thoughts, another curse hit her and the world went black.

* * * * *

“Now what?” Harry said aggressively to Professor Dumbledore. He knew he should be grateful that the Professor was able to get them here so quickly, but he was worried about what would happen to Jessica. Would Voldemort stop at nothing?

“Harry, listen mate. There’s something ahead of us.” Ron was peering into the dark tunnel ahead. Harry noticed it too. What looked like a girl was slowly getting to her feet after seeming to have fallen over. He took a step forward and immediately the figure tensed, then started running.

“Is that her?” Michelle asked nervously.

“It has to be!” Hermione instantly took off, Harry right behind her. With a worried glance at Dumbledore, who waved them on saying he had ‘other matters to attend’, Michelle, Ginny, and Ron started running as well.

After a few minutes, everyone was out of breath except Harry. He seemed to have become less human and wasn’t showing the slightest signs of wearing down. He figured she probably thought them Death Eaters but couldn’t get close enough to show her his face. Suddenly he turned the corner after her and ran straight into solid rock.

“Ouch! What the--” Harry stared, confused, as the rest of the group came up behind him all out of breath.

“Wha-what’s the matter, Ha…” Ginny couldn’t finish her sentence.

“I know she turned this corner, I saw her!” He banged his hand on the wall in frustration.

On the other side of the rocks, the group then heard a voice whisper something, and screams began to follow, begging for the person to stop. High-pitched screams.

“JESSICA!” Harry bellowed, whipping out his wand, ready to break through and save his friend. However, Hermione put her hand over his wand. “What are you doing, Hermione?” he asked angrily.

“Voldemort is over there! What are you going to do to him? If you wait, perhaps we will be able to sneak up on him. If you go bursting through the rocks, he will kill you before you can even think of a spell to throw at him.”

Harry opened his mouth furiously for a few seconds, although nothing came out. Finally, grudgingly, he lowered his wand and stared at the wall with murder in his eyes.

“If he touches her…” he said dangerously.

“Um, Harry?” Michelle’s voice was full of fright.

“What?” He was curious as to why she could be so scared right now.

“We have company.”

Pointing, they watched in horror as dark shapes began coming closer and closer. The people had masks on and wands out, ready to do some serious damage. Harry felt behind him, making sure the wall was still there, as solid as before.

It was.

They were trapped.

* * * * *

Jessica awoke, groaning, only to find herself in another of her horrid visions. She was chained, and although she knew she wouldn’t be able to get out of the bonds, she struggled anyway, stopping when they became so tight her circulation was becoming weak.

“You will help me, my dear. I know what you can do, and it will help me greatly. This task will be worthless without a different power other than mine, and his, that we share. You don’t want him to die now, do you?”

“You can’t touch him, you filthy piece of shit!” She screamed at him, trying with all her might to be released. But the more she struggled, the tighter the cords became. She desperately cast her mind around, searching for him; she needed to find him, anywhere, to know he was safe. But it was in vain. Her head was empty. She shut her eyes in frustration. Voldemort laughed again.

“My sweet Jessica,” he spoke the words in almost a purr. “If you had any idea how close I was to touching him, I’m sure you would be screaming in agony. Just like you were the first time we met, although this time the pain would come from your own heart, not mine…”

Jessica wasn’t really listening anymore. She was muttering under her breath, trying again to find Harry, and only when The Dark Lord spoke again did her eyes fly open.

“You are wondering why you’re powers aren’t working, aren’t you? Yes, I hear you…’Harry! Harry please help me. I’m scared, I don’t know--’ what, you don’t want me to repeat your thoughts?”

Jessica stared in horror. How did this happen? How was he getting into her head? She hadn’t used her powers against him…then a thought, a memory came forced into her head. She watched as Hermione and she passed by Draco Malfoy’s compartment Christmas train ride. Heard herself scream scum at him inside his head, the felt what she had not felt that day. There was a chain hanging around Draco’s neck, and as he closed his eyes, the chain glowed and became hot. After a few moments it disappeared, and Draco smirked at her before she was pushed down the hall.

“Yes, Jessica, I had you under constant watch, waiting for one moment where you would accidentally slip with your powers, as you were bound to do sooner or later. Draco was carrying the particle around his neck, which would take any power from the negative if it was used against itself. After you transferred your that particular power into the necklace, Draco sent it to me, and that is why now Harry is unable to hear you.” Voldemort sat in triumph, watching as Jessica sat there, looking dejected.

Jessica was in serious trouble now. What good would her powers do to get her out of this mess if in the end they would only get her into a bigger mess? Just then another man appeared out of nowhere, hastily going into a bow before speaking directly to Voldemort.

“My Lord, they are here.”

“Can you see them?” came the sharp reply. Jessica figured only one person would make him that alert: Harry. She struggled a bit more, and gasped as her arms started bleeding from the cuts the chains made. Voldemort took no notice.

“We can hurt them, but only on your command.”

“Very well; but let me come along. I will have the joy of completing the long-overdue killing.” With a swish of his cloak, Voldemort disappeared, and with a crack, the man followed.

Jessica screamed in frustration. Her arms were numb, and the chain was digging into her even more with dried blood already caked on it. She wanted to use her powers now that Voldemort wasn’t here, but could she be so sure that he hadn’t left someone in here, invisible to her, to watch over her still? The only way she could now for certain was if she used her powers, which brought her back to the beginning of the miserable circle her life had become, all in a matter of minutes.

There was a light coming closer to her, and she watched it wearily. How many more tricks of Voldemort’s could she take before she cracked? A soft voice echoed inside her own head just as the misery was on the point of breaking her down completely.

Don’t give up. We’re here, just like we told you. Relax. Breathe. Everything will be okay.

Jessica felt hope and courage soaring through her body as the chains miraculously began loosening. A minute later, she was free, and as her arms began receiving blood again, the cuts also began healing.

“Thank you,” she whispered out loud as she quietly headed out of the room in search for her friends, the little ball of light glowing gently in front of her.

Chapter 25: ...My Happy Ending
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Chapter 25: …My Happy Ending *tear tear*

“What do we do?” Ginny backed up into the wall, grabbing her wand from her robe. The others followed suit.

Some of the Death Eaters laughed. “Do you really think you can take us on? You will all be dead before you know what happened!”

“STUPEFY!” Harry yelled, pointing at the Death Eater closest to him. Immediately the others did the same. Unfortunately, although Harry succeeded in surprising them, his friends did not.


“NO!” Harry flung a spell at the wand, causing the green light to go astray and make a thin hole through the rocks. The look on everyone’s faces told Harry they were thinking the same thing he was.Get them to blast this wall away. It’s the only way. Without fully thinking through his plan, he started jumping up and down tantalizing the Death Eaters.

“Come on, come on and kill me! Take aim, fire!”

“Harry, stop!!” Hermione’s voice was full of tears and worry. Harry instantly ducked the spell that was sent his way and watched in ecstasy as the wall let a few more rocks tumble down, one hitting Ron in the head.

“Ow!” Ron grasped the rock, staring at it in bewilderment for a second. Then, before anyone could do anything, he flung it with all his might at the closest Death Eater. A howl came from behind the mask, and he doubled over. Ron grinned in satisfaction.

But they were losing the battle. The Death Eaters kept closing in on them, and soon they were so close the group would not have been able to duck the curses sent their way. Fearfully, they looked at one another. Then—

A deafening roar filled the cave, and the wall behind them was crushed. Both the Death Eaters and the group looked around, astonished. There, standing just as huge as always, was Grawp, followed by Hagrid, followed by Dumbledore. There was a shiver in the suddenly silent group of Death Eaters. Dumbledore walked through the group as if they were nothing more than air. The Death Eaters stepped back, warily, and although their wands were still out, it was clear they had no idea of what to do.

“Com’ on, ye need ter get outta here,” Hagrid’s husky but soft voice said, making them tear their eyes away from Dumbledore. Slowly, they filtered out through the hole, Grawp standing there with his arms crossed, looking every bit the fearful giant part.

* * * * *

Voldemort stopped, a few feet back from where Harry Potter was supposedly trapped. He felt the presence of his followers, but also…of someone else…

“Wormtail!” He hissed, and the man accompanying him cringed. “Dumbledore is here! The boy is safe!”

“No, no sir, he cannot…” Wormtail’s blubbering trailed off.

“You are protecting the boy! And the girl! You are going to be my downfall. Again!” Voldemort whipped around, turning back the way he came.

“If I find that chamber empty, you had better run to a place in the stars,far far away because the Earth will no longer be safe.” He threatened, and with a swish of his cloak, Voldemort was gone, leaving Wormtail frozen to the spot.

A second later Voldemort let out a roar of fury. The chamber was indeed empty.

* * * * *

The little light sped up, causing Jessica to stumble a little bit here and there.

“Slow down, will ya?” she muttered after stubbing her toe on a rock for the millionth time. The light paid no attention, if anything it went even faster.

She turned the corner only to discover the light was gone. Frantically, she started running, worried it had gone so fast she had lost it. It was unexpected, then, when she ran into something hard.

“Oof!” She said, before gasping. Another person, another Death Eater.

“Jessica?” The voice was familiar. Harry! Harry was here! And everybody else too! She could see them, hear them, touch them!

“I have never been so happy to hear your voice,” she said.

“Quiet, wer almos’ there,” she heard Hagrid’s voice whisper. Hagrid! He had mentioned to her he was leaving for this cave, but it never actually occurred to her he was going to stay here until the inevitable happened, when she ended up coming here. She thought of her little puffskein, Malay, back in her dorm. Hagrid is so thoughtful, she thought, her eyes welling up with tears. Why was she getting so emotional all of a sudden?

“Uh-oh…” Hagrid had stopped, the rest of the group following suit. Suddenly, an unpleasant lurch in her stomach told her the floor was moving—and not in the direction of safety.

They were in a huge dome of solid, jutting rocks. Jessica had the instant feeling they were not alone, and no sooner had the thought occurred to her when she saw the outlines of many figures appear. There were too many to count.

We’re doomed. She thought to herself, before she realized this situation could get any worse.

“Don’t think you’ll be leaving so soon; we haven’t even had proper time to chat,” an evil voice hissed from behind Jessica, too close. A hand gripped her arm and jerked her away from the group. Looking up into the face of Voldemort once again, she was faced with an unknown terror. This was a remarkable resemblance to when Malfoy had taken her hostage in the Owlery. But he was just a kid, not the greatest sorcerer of Dark Times, and she had had her mental powers then. Now, all she had was the particle.

Which was exactly what Voldemort wanted.

* * * * *

Hagrid held on to Harry’s arm to keep him from rushing foolishly towards Voldemort. As long as Jessica didn’t hand over the particle, they were fine. But Hagrid wasn’t sure how long her mental toughness would hold.

He hadn’t figured she had the force of three dead people working alongside her.

* * * * *

Jessica could feel the fingers digging into her skin, as if he was going to rip the particle from her physically. With a little squeak of pain, she tried to wrestle free. Lily had told her not to use her powers, so she refrained, although it was very hard to do so.

With horror, she watched as her friends became involved with dueling the Death Eaters surrounding the perimeter. It was just her and Voldemort now.

“Sweet Jessica,” he whispered in her ear. “There is nothing stopping me from taking the particle now. Hand it over, and your life may be spared.” Jessica responded by struggling even harder. The result was a burning pressure in her back. Voldemort laughed softly and brought his hand out to show her the necklace charm, but now the pages were rustling like mad. What did he just do? Jessica thought, and immediately an answer came to her.

Use your powers! Do everything you can to resist him! It’s time…

Not worrying about the meaning of the words, she flung him off with her senses. Immediately after, the Death Eaters were frozen, their wands no longer working. She kept repelling Voldemort, although she could feel the power starting to lose its grip. Voldemort was struggling, a slight grin on his face nevertheless. Then it happened.


The dome was bright, almost too bright. Everything around her had stopped, but a gentle breeze was playing with her hair. She looked at her hands, mystified when she realized the bright light was coming from her.

Protect the ones you love…

Protect the ones you love…

The power will save you…and you will know what it is when the time comes…

Do it now

The scene returned to normal, but the gentle breeze remained. However, as Jessica concentrated on Voldemort, the breeze picked up and her hands again began to glow. Feeling an unknown power rise within her, she also felt the electricity in the air and knew instantly this was the energy she had felt outside Dumbledore’s office. With a crack, lightning was unleashed, being thrown all over the place with the wind’s ferocity. She willed with all her heart that the electricity would attack Voldemort, and it did. Suddenly the necklace exploded, causing all sorts of colors to mix with the startling green--the exact shade of her eyes. Voldemort let out a yell before disappearing. His Death Eaters, no longer paralyzed, quickly disapparated as well. The colors instantly faded, melting into the ground. All but a little light remained, the same light that had led her out of the chamber.

Jessica slumped to the ground, weary. Her friends rushed over to her, worried. She didn’t care about them, though. The little ball of light was taking form behind their backs. Emorra was once again present, her voice resounding inside Jessica’s head.

The Wind is your one true element. You are free.

Jessica sighed. The weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

* * * * *

“Jessica, please speak to us!” Ginny grabbed her shoulder and sat her up, but almost dropped her as she saw her eyes. They were no longer green, but empty holes that went on forever. In a quick movement, Jessica grabbed her wrist as if in alarm.

“The bracelet; it’s so cold.” She shivered, then slowly her hand fell limp from her arm.

Harry moaned in horror and slid to the ground next to her, watching as her face went white and her eyes became unfocused. Hermione brought his eyes away from hers for an even greater and more terrible shock.

“The bracelet; look at the bracelet.”

All heads turned in the direction of her left wrist, realizing the beads were vibrating with some fervent energy. After a moment, it all stopped.

Slowly, slowly, the beads turned black.

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Chapter 26: Dreading the Night
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Chapter 26: Dreading the Night

A dull pain was coursing through Harry’s veins. Utterly and completely in shock, he absentmindedly reached a hand towards Jessica’s unmoving figure.

This is not happening, Harry told himself. There is NO way this is real.

But it was. He could tell by the looks on everyone’s faces. The girls were crying, Ron had a confused look on his face. The silence echoed with her voice, her power.

A quick breeze passed by him, making him shiver in surprise. He looked around, but no one else seemed to have noticed it, except the first year Michelle. What Jessica saw in her Harry had no idea, but he wasn’t about to argue when Jessica befriended her. He had seen her in an angry mood, and definitely was more than happy to keep him mouth shut when he disagreed.

Jessica. Dead. Jessica was dead. There would be no more tinkling laughter, no more Quidditch talk, no more…anything that Harry had come to know and love. He even felt himself wanting to watch her eyes go from black to green. It was a part of her, and now it was no more.

He felt a ripple of anger inside him, and it started growing up to the point where he could no longer take it. Everything, everyone he had ever loved was ripped from his hands by Voldemort. Would he never quit? Was Harry doomed to have his friends killed, one by one, until the prophecy was fulfilled?

Ron seemed to realize what Harry was thinking. He grabbed Harry’s arm and gently steered him towards the tunnel. “Look, Harry, you can’t do anything about this. We need to get out of here; You-Know-Who will be back soon.”

“His name is Voldemort,” Harry muttered, feeling Ron’s grip tighten a bit at the sound of the name. Why was Ron such a coward? Why didn’t he want to get revenge on the person who had made their lives a living hell? A second later Harry felt ashamed and sickened with himself. Although he hadn’t said any of his thoughts out loud, he still felt bad for putting down his best friend. He knew Ron was feeling the same pain that was in Harry’s heart, but was dealing with it in a more rational way than seeking out a fight with Lord Voldemort.

The group walked towards the tunnel slowly, as if in a trance. The only sound that broke the silence was the muffled sobs of Hermione and the scuffling of their feet. Right at the end of the dome, a huge gust of wind made everyone topple over a little. Looking wildly around, Harry’s eyes fell on Jessica—and Michelle.

Michelle looked up fearfully. Harry had a look on his face that was dangerous, and everyone else that was looking at her was just plain confused. But how could she explain what had happened? She didn’t know herself…

After Jessica’s eyes had lost their color and her body gone slack, Michelle felt something in her heart break away. It was as if she and Jessica were connected by one soul and half had been ripped from her body. As the group was standing in shock, there was a faint wind she felt, but looking around only Harry seemed to have noticed it as well. Brushing it aside, she was about to follow the group out when something caught her eye. Looking down, she realized Jessica had a faint glow to her, as well as a shadow forming next to Michelle. Terrified, she tried to call out to her friends, but her voice wasn’t working. The blurry form of a young girl with blonde hair had materialized and put a comforting hand on Michelle’s shoulder.

Jessica is still here, waiting.

Michelle could not make anything out of this statement. Before she could ask what it meant, the girl was whispering inside her head again.

Touch her hand. You will understand soon enough.

Frightened, she did as she was told. Immediately a ferocious wind swept around the dome and Jessica’s body trembled. Within a few seconds, everything died down, but Michelle was troubled. She had just seen snapshots and visions of people and places she had never been. Staring in shock, she saw Jessica’s eyelids flutter a little before her eyes completely closed. The hand Michelle was holding was quickly starting to lose heat.

Ginny walked back to her and tapped Michelle, breaking her out of a trance. Michelle looked for the shadow girl, but she was nowhere to be found.

“Come on, Dumbledore will take care of her,” Ginny said softly, and Michelle reluctantly stood up and went with the group.

Emorra stood in the shadows. This little girl would continue the tradition. Emorra would have chosen another person if it had been up to her, but she sent out the test. People who felt Jessica’s true element would be the people that truly cared about her and would do anything for her. Deciding Harry was better off not having another burden on his shoulders, she was forced to give it to the youngest person there.

“It was the right thing to do.” Emorra looked to her left. Next to her, Jessica was smiling.

* * * * *

Everyone sat in the common room that night, foregoing dinner. Nobody was really hungry anyway. The topics of conversation were strained, and none lasted more than a few minutes. If anybody laughed, it would be short and awkward sounding.

Hermione and Ron convinced Harry to sit with them. They knew he was remembering the loss of Sirius as well as Jessica, but last year taught them some lessons. Having him hold in his anger just made it that much worse when he finally let go, and they decided that they should try to get him to talk about it. After a half hour of meaningless small talk, Hermione hesitated and took a breath. Harry seemed to know what was coming.

“Guys, I really don’t want to talk about it right now.”

Hermione looked at Ron, unsure of what to do. Surprisingly, Ron stood up for their thoughts.

“Harry, you have to. Holding it in isn’t good for you, for anybody. Last year--” Ron stopped talking immediately, becoming red. He was afraid Harry was going to start yelling at them. But to his surprise, he didn’t.

Harry sat there, looking like a lost little kid. His world had been turned upside down on his eleventh birthday. It had been enough of a surprise to find out he was a wizard, but now he found himself wishing he had almost never heard of wizards, never heard of Hogwarts, never heard of Voldemort. He looked up to find only Ron and Hermione sitting with him.

“Ginny and Michelle went to go talk to Dumbledore,” Hermione informed him. He nodded to show he understood. His throat seemed too clogged.

“Harry, we are here, and going through the exact same things as you are feeling. We can help you; we are your friends after all.” Hermione had tears in her eyes and was nervously wringing her hands together. Harry grabbed them so she would stop and Hermione looked up at him fearfully.

“I know…” he said, his voice cracking. “I trust you. I don’t think I would be able to get through this alone.”

The threesome started talking, Harry and his two best friends he had known since first year. The bond between them became stronger the longer they talked, and Harry remembered some words of advice Dumbledore gave them on the first day of Defense Against the Dark Arts:

The one thing that will save you, above all else, is friendship. It is one of the few things that Voldemort cannot understand, and therefore cannot beat.

Harry had a feeling his dreams that night would not be as troubled as he had thought.

* * * * *

Ginny had gone with Michelle to Dumbledore’s office. The two of them hadn’t really bonded before, but Ginny knew Michelle had had something happen to her in the cave, something that the rest of them didn’t know about. When Michelle had announced she was going to find the Headmaster, she immediately opted to keep her company.

They found the gargoyle all right, but then realized they didn’t know the password. Luckily, they were only waiting for about 5 minutes before Dumbledore approached them.

“What are you girls doing?” He asked them, saying the password (Acid Pops) and inviting them up to his office. “Hopefully you weren’t waiting too long, but I just had to have a piece of pie. The house-elves have really been outdoing it lately,” his tone was light but his face was serious.

“Professor,” Michelle said, wanting to get to the point. “Something happened in the cave, and I don’t know really what it was. Can you help me?” Both Dumbledore and Ginny looked at Michelle, and Dumbledore’s attention seemed to sharpen.

“What exactly happened?”

Michelle replayed everything after Jessica’s death. How she had felt the wind and the shadow girl, and seeing Jessica’s eyelids flutter after the disturbing visions that flashed in her head. At the end of the story, Ginny was looking on in amazement and Dumbledore got up and started pacing. He went to his bookshelf and grabbed a book, setting it on his desk. Michelle and Ginny watched curiously as he opened the book to the first page, then let out a sharp breath. Flipping through all the pages, which were blank, he seemed to have come to a conclusion about something.

“No, surely not,” he muttered, then looked up at Michelle. “Miss Canddet, I do not know exactly what your story means, what the messages are implying. You have had a very trying day, and what I would suggest is that you go to sleep. Your head will feel clearer, and I’m sure the next day some questions will be answered. The same goes for you, Ginny.” His reply was short and abrupt, and Ginny felt as if her name was added in afterthought. Dumbledore surely understood more than what he let on, Ginny figured, but decided not to contradict the Headmaster.

“Yes, sir, thank you.” Ginny and Michelle left the office and went back to their common room.

* * * * *

Michelle did not want to go to bed. Dumbledore’s actions tonight had aroused suspicions in her, all resulting in the end topic: Something was going to happen in her dreams tonight. It would be like the time James Potter brought her into that horrible building to save Jessica, except now she couldn’t save her. Everybody in her dreams was dead, and she was afraid that if she saw them again, she would become one with them.

Her brain began to feel dizzy as it approached 3 in the morning. She didn’t know how much longer she could stay up, and eventually laid down in her bed, looking out the window. A full moon. She had always been frightened of full moons, when her parents had read her stories about werewolves and vampires as a little girl. Her eyelids closed. She could remember their voices.

"And every night on the full moon, the man would become a monster. Terrorizing the village, after the night the streets would be a mess, mysterious animal prints shown in the mud. ‘What could it be?’ The villagers all asked, fear in their eyes. ‘Well, I don’t know. I’ve never seen anything like this before.’ The expert answered, taking out a microscope and examining the prints closer…"

As Michelle drifted off into sleep, the curtains of her bed rustled with an unseen wind, although the window she had been looking out of moments ago was tightly shut.

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Chapter 27: At the End of the Rainbow
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Chapter 27: At the End of the Rainbow

The End of Term feast was unusually somber. Many people seemed to have noticed Jessica’s absence and had taken to asking about her. Rumours began to spread, and Harry found himself being constantly bombarded with questions regarding her disappearance. Luckily Hermione had come up with an excuse that she had learned what she needed and went back to America. This satisfied everyone except the Slytherins. Malfoy, mostly, would stage loud conversations whenever Harry was near about how Jessica seemed to have vanished ‘like the wind’ and other comments unsuspecting people would have disregarded. Harry however was so close to jinxing Malfoy that Hermione and Ron had to physically drag him away. Normally, Harry and Ron would be in the opposite place, but Harry was going through more problems than anyone else.

Harry once again glanced down the table to Michelle. She was not talking to anybody around her, although they were trying to get her attention. Instead, she sat in solace, picking at her food without much interest. She looked up and met Harry’s eyes for a second, and in that second Harry saw such pain in her eyes he could never imagine. After that one night in the Cave of Vanduras, he had realized that she was now different: The next morning, she was sitting in the common room all day, hunched over a book and writing nonstop. He tried to talk to her, but she jumped when he approached her and quickly hid the book from site. Harry had caught a glimpse of it, and it looked strangely familiar…

“She knows something,” Hermione whispered, following Harry’s gaze to the blonde haired girl. “That night, when she stayed behind with Jessica, something must have happened to her that none of us know about.”

Ron swallowed his food with difficulty to add to the conversation. “Do you think we should…you know…ask her about it?”

Hermione gave Michelle a long, hard look. “Maybe after dinner, if she still doesn’t talk to us, we can go and ask her what happened exactly. I’m not sure how much she’s going to tell us though.” Biting her lip, she glanced once again at the lone girl before turning to her apple pie.

Dumbledore stood up after the feast to give a few words of caution and advice before dismissing the school. In the rush of people exiting the Great Hall, they lost sight of Michelle. Quickening their pace a little, they beat most of the people to the common room, except for one person: a blonde haired, 11 year old person who was sitting in a chair, in a familiar hunched over position.

“Michelle, we need to speak to you,” Hermione marched up to her chair and made to sit down in the chair next to her, but stopped and gasped. On Michelle’s lap was the book Sirius had given Jessica in their dreamworld. It was open to a page that had words written on it, but the writing was not in Jessica’s hand.

“Why do you have that?” Hermione demanded, pointing to the book. Michelle started to shake.

“It just…I mean…” Michelle trailed off, looking up fearfully at Hermione, then letting her eyes wander over to Ron, and finally stop on Harry. He had a pained expression on his face. She swallowed. She would have to tell them sooner or later. That was what Emorra and Jessica made her promise. She had just hoped that the time would come later.

“You felt it, didn’t you?” Michelle asked Harry. “In the cave, right after she died. You felt the wind. They told me you did, and I saw you react to it.”

Harry stiffened. “Who exactly told you I felt it?”

Michelle took a deep breath, and the three realized she was about to divulge her secret. The reason she had been so alone lately, the reason she had the book. Everything.

Michelle explained what had happened after Jessica had died. She said how she felt a light breeze play with her hair, and saw Harry look around in wonder too. How when Ginny and she went to go talk to Dumbledore, his advice was to go to sleep, and, terrified of what she would find there, tried to stay up. However, sleep finally won and she was tossed into the most unlikely place she had ever seen.

She was back in that dreaded dome, but the surroundings were somehow different. Everything had a faint green glow to it, and there was a constant breeze. It was very comfortable, but Michelle was still scared as to what was going to happen. Then Jessica came out from behind a rock, followed by a very pretty girl with blonde hair. The two of them went on to explain more in depth about the particle and The Senses, but all that was background information. The particles, although many people that were in that cave believe they are gone, are in fact still in existence. Emorra, the strange girl, told Michelle how she wanted the particle to be kept safe for some more time before it was a well-known artifact to the wizarding world. From what Michelle had gathered during her dream, each girl with The Senses had one true element: Jessica’s was wind. After she died, Emorra sent out a test to see who in their group was truly loyal to Jessica. As only Harry and Michelle felt it, she decided to pass the particle on to Michelle. Hermione interrupted at this point.

“Wait a second! I cared about Jessica too! What made you so special?”

Michelle closed her eyes, remembering but not speaking. Finally, when she spoke, it was as if the words were coming from deep within her, and she seemed much older than she really was.

“I don’t know, Hermione. All I know is that somehow, they figured I would be the best person to keep the particle, since Voldemort would be going after Harry some more. Jessica then decided to let me have her book, as it had helped her through some of the worst times of dealing with the particle. It has helped me out quite a bit.”

And with that simple explanation, Michelle grabbed all of her stuff, the book included, and headed up to her dormitory, leaving two saddened boys and one furious girl behind her.

* * * * *

The next day everyone was packing onto the train, talking excitedly with each other. Finding a compartment to keep to themselves, Harry, Ron, and Hermione settled in for the long ride home, talking here and there but mostly just staring out the windows. Finally, Hermione broke the silence a few minutes before the train stopped.

“Do you two think Michelle was lying?” Hermione said.

“What makes you think that?” Ron was casting various spells around the cabin to show that he was able to use magic over the summer this year.

“I don’t know, just…do you remember when I asked her about how she was able to feel Jessica’s wind and we weren’t?”

“I wouldn’t say you asked her, more like yelled in her face, but, yeah, I do remember.” Harry said tonelessly. Hermione decided to ignore the first comment.

“I think she knew why I couldn’t feel it.”

Harry could really care less. “Go ask her about it then, if you want to know so badly.”

Hermione gave him a scalding look. “You could be a little more interested, you know. The particle basically is all we have left of Jessica, and it was given to someone we just met this year. She’s practically a stranger. Wouldn’t you rather one of us got it?”

Harry sighed. “To be perfectly honest, no. Jessica had some tough times, and never seemed to be truly happy. The one time I saw a genuine smile on her face was back in the cave, right before…” He could not bring himself to finish the sentence, but Hermione understood and let it go. When the train stopped a few minutes later, she hadn’t said another word to either of them.

Getting off, Harry, Ron, and Hermione walked over to the Weasley’s, plus Lupin and Mad-Eye Moody. Apparently Harry still had a lot of people that cared for him, and for that he couldn’t be more grateful. Just as he was about to approach them, he felt someone poke him and he turned around, a little irritated. Behind him, Michelle was standing there, throwing terrified glances over to Hermione before addressing him.

“Here.” She thrust something into his hands. “She wanted you to have this. And she wanted me to tell you to read the last poem. And,” she rambled on, “I just want to let you know that although the handwriting is mine, the words aren’t.” With that, she walked away to her parents at the far end of King’s Cross.

Looking down, Harry saw that it was the book Jessica had kept. Fighting the initial emotion to throw it away, he carefully hid it in his jacket pocket. He would look at it when the time was right. Reaching the group, Mrs. Weasley pulled him into a huge hug and everyone else smiled at him.

“Harry, what happened?” Hermione asked him, pointing to Michelle and speaking a low tone.

“Harry, Dumbledore is going to let you come over as soon as the magic is complete! And now you can use magic outside of school, and learn how to Apparate as well. Isn’t that much better than last year?” Mrs. Weasley gushed.

“Yeah, and now I can really cause havoc against Dudley, not just threaten it,” Harry said, smiling a little. As the group moved forward, he hung back a little to talk to Ron and Hermione.

“What did she give you?” Ron questioned.

Harry pretended to be confused. The book had more meaning to him and Michelle than it ever would to his two best friends, and he intended it to stay that way. “What do you mean? She didn’t give me anything. Just a few goodbye words.”

Hermione and Ron exchanged glances, and Harry knew they had seen her put the book in his hands. But, thankfully, they let the subject drop and Harry broke off soon after to go meet his Aunt and Uncle. Apparently the Order had talked to them already because Mad-Eye was giving a seriously evil smirk over to them and Aunt Petunia was shaking, carefully avoiding looking at him. Harry grinned. As he settled in the back of the car for the ride home, he decided to look at what Michelle had told him. As he expected, it was a poem. That didn’t make it any easier to read.

At the End of the Rainbow

An overlooked flower can be deemed beautiful,

In two different states of mind.

A diamond is perfect and everybody knows this,

A person who owns them is fine.

But what would happen if suddenly everything vanished,

And left behind ashes instead.

All the gold in the world was now worthless,

The only things left were your heart and your head.

There are people who always push it off until tomorrow,

The breath of their soul is faint.

Why wouldn’t you say what you had to today??

The tears that fall stain like red paint.

Here are the words I wish I had said,

If I had known I wouldn’t be around forever.

I loved you, as both a friend and as more,

Freedom for you is what I endeavor.

Now it is past our time where we face to face meet,

Yet with our will, this separation of the worlds can be easy to beat.

~I’ll miss you forever

Harry’s eyes were misty, but thankfully his family didn’t pay that much attention to him. The rest of the ride home, he thought of all the good times he had spent with her, and also read her previous poems, and felt his heart slowly lighten.

* * * * *

Michelle stood nervously outside the front door of a strange home. The yard was full of flowers and it seemed very cozy. But still, Michelle was frightened. The stories she had heard were not pleasant ones, and she wasn’t exactly sure how Jessica’s final words would settle with her parents.

Almost immediately after she rang the doorbell, a tall guy with graying hair answered the door. He looked to be in his mid-forties. Michelle looked down. Out of all the people in the household, this was the man she had wanted to talk to least.

His expression was politely curious. “Can I help you?”

Michelle took a deep breath. It was now or never. “You are Mr. Mauring, correct?” She saw his eyes widen a little, and he nodded. “I have a message from your daughter.”

“I don’t know what kind of message that would be. My two daughters are both at home as of now.”

“Even Jessica?” Michelle’s words had come out harsher than they were meant to, and she saw his entire body stiffen.

“Who are you, and how do you know Jessica?”

“Can I come in? It’ll be quick, I promise.” Although Mr. Mauring was still staring at Michelle as if she had grown another head, he beckoned her in.

Sitting on the sofa, Michelle took a quick glance at her surroundings. On the fireplace mantel, there were many pictures of the family, but Michelle could not recognize Jessica in any of them. Perhaps she was right. Perhaps her family did not care for her at all. She wasn’t exaggerating.

“Can I offer you a drink?” Mr. Mauring asked, coming into the living room after her.

“No, I’m fine, thank you. I don’t have a lot of time. But I am sorry to tell you that Jessica…well, Jessica is dead.” She waited for him to start crying, but the only thing that happened was that he just stared at her. “She had a few final messages to give out, and one was to her family, but I think you in particular.” Michelle dug in her pocket and extracted a half sheet of paper. After she handed it to him, he stared at it in wonder, as if he was seeing something extraordinary.

When he finally came to his senses and opened it, Michelle finally saw the emotion she had been waiting for since he had opened the door. Letting the paper go as if it was a poisonous snake, he made a grab for his heart and closed his eyes. Breathing very heavy, she was startled to see tears in his eyes when he re-opened them. Hesitantly, she reached for the paper and read what was on it.
I love you, father, mother, and my darling siblings. Do know that although we had fallen out of sync with each other, never a day passed where I did not stop and think about you, and hope that everyone was doing well. I shall miss you, and hopefully I will stay in your thoughts as you were once in mine.

As the rest of the family lumbered into the room and read the note, afterwards letting their lies go and remembering Jessica in great detail, Michelle slowly got up and exited the house where broken memories and distant pasts were finally healed. Walking back to her own parents, she felt a light breeze play with her hair, and knew Jessica, as well as the others in dreamworld, was protecting her, both physically and spiritually, now and forevermore.

Chapter 28: Sneak Peek:Red Like A Rose
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Chapter 1: Times Past

The room was lit as if the person had never heard of electricity. There was a soft glow from candles that flickered as a soft breeze flew in from the open window. If one didn’t know of any people in the room, it might have been on the verge of a romantic setting. But this was not the case. As it were, there were many people who looked like black shadows pacing outside, stopping for a few seconds to converse with each other, but mostly just pacing. Obviously something big was going on in the room, but not one figure dared approach the door. However, there was a tiny crack open, and there were words here and there that filtered out. As a voice started hissing and another one started whimpering, there was a sudden silence outside, and it pressed in on the cloaked people as they all drew hesitantly towards the door.

“You have new information?” A voice said. There was no sign of emotion, just a simple question, as if one were asking about the weather.

“Y-yes…Master,” another voice stuttered, and it was plain to all the news was not good. The people could feel the man tense up, and his voice was holding back the next time he spoke.


“Last year…with the particle and everything…I came across-erm…”

“Spit it out Wormtail.” Voldemort barely whispered, and the stuttering from the other person in the room became more pronounced than ever, but he ‘spit it out’ as was ordered.

“Somehow, the particle was kept alive, and was transferred into someone else.” At these words, a person turned their head away from the door in a bowed position, as if embarrassed or ashamed. A second later, everyone else did the same, as their master’s voice thundered out into the hall. There was no more need for eavesdropping, every word could be heard perfectly and the shadows went back to pacing, although they were still listening.

“What do you mean, transferred? Into whom?” Voldemort’s voice ripped across the air. They could hear the shudder in Wormtail’s voice.

“I’m not sure yet. But I’m close to finding out!” He added as roar of fury escaped Voldemort.

“And when exactly is this information going to be clear to you?”

Wormtail answered immediately. It seemed he wanted to get something right. “In two days at the latest.” When Voldemort was silent, the pacers stopped pacing and again listened in. Had they missed something?

“That is not good enough.” Voldemort finally said, but his tone was not of anger, or impatience. It was more a thoughtful tone. “This never should have happened. When I touched the necklace to Jessica, the particle should have been removed.”

“I have some information on that too. It seems we were lied to on how to destroy the particle. Emorra and others that carry the gift of The Senses are the only ones that truly now how to get rid of it. And…” Wormtail trailed off, but Voldemort was able to finish the sentence for him.

“Dumbledore?” He said with malice. Wormtail must have confirmed this with a nod, because Voldemort went on. “This means…he should have known the truth…he will pay.” Voldemort paused for a second, and finally shared an idea that he had been contemplating ever since the beginning of the conversation. “If times were changed, and the future altered with the knowledge we know now, this will never have happened, correct?”

“Y-yes.” Wormtail agreed, obviously wondering what his master was thinking.

“And this Emorra girl, there are many books celebrating her, and I correct?” Wormtail agreed with him again, but his master offered no more insights. “Very well. I will need to talk to Severus Snape, please.”

As Wormtail rushed out of the room after a quick bow, Voldemort fingered his wand carefully. “Never meddle with time, because the alterations you make in the past with forever hold consequences in the future,” he recited, as if reading from a book.

And then, very slowly, a wide grin snaked across his face.

* * * * *

Somewhere in England, a young girl with blonde hair, quite a bit longer than the year before, awoke in her bed. She had just had a strange dream, but what was it? Pressing herself to remember, she was able to see outlines; a dark room, people muttering, a chubby man tripping over himself. There was something else, a glimmer of light that seemed to be in her thoughts, but Michelle had no idea where light would fit into that dark room. Suddenly, Michelle remembered everything she had just dreamt, with Voldemort and Wormtail…and Snape was in trouble!

Michelle walked over to her door, planning to go have a quick bite before writing to Dumbledore. She was still having trouble becoming used to the visions Jessica had passed along to her, but slowly was accepting them. Before she could touch her door handle, the shimmer of light appeared, and wouldn’t let Michelle through. Trying to just reach through it, Michelle was startled to find it was solid. After a few seconds of staring in wonder, she put her hands on her hips, and spoke to it.

“I know I need to warn them. But I can’t concentrate without eating first. I promise, as soon as I’m done I will send them a letter.”

In a second, the light disappeared and Michelle walked out of her room.

* * * * *

At the same time, a few towns over, a raven haired boy with glasses was untying a letter from a snowy owl. It was time.