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X-Treme Harry by Uvula

Format: Short story
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 5,170

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Romance, Action, Humor, Fluff, AU, Mystery
Characters: Draco, Harry, Hermione, OC, Snape, Voldemort

First Published: 06/27/2004
Last Chapter: 07/16/2004
Last Updated: 08/02/2004

Harry and Hermione were on a date, Harry had to go to the restroom, and when he was back, he looked where Hermione had been sitting, but she's not there! For Harry to find the person who took her, he needs “X-Treme” powers. What powers does he use? Who took her? Does Harry find her? Find out by reading: X-Treme Harry! Oh, and don't forget to review!!

Chapter 1: Where'd Hermionie Go?
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Author Notes: AU, OOC, that's what this is, if you don't like that, then don't read this!

Chapter I
~Where'd Hermione Go?~

arry and Hermione had some free time, away from Hogwarts, and so they decided to go on a date.

So they went to the movies. "Hermione?" said Harry as they sat in their movie theatre seats! "Yes?" replied

Hermione. "I am getting kinda full, we got too many snacks!" said Harry. "No, Harry, you can never have

too many snacks, especially when the movie is boring, and this movie is boring." said Hermione. "Well, this

movie is boring, but why did we have to get the Extra, Extra Large $20 popcorn bucket? And my 8 sodas is

too many, I drank 7 of them and I can't drink one more drop, do you want my last soda, Hermione?" said

Harry. "Quit complaining! But, uhh, sure, I'll have your last soda, even though I'm stuffed, I got the Extra,

Extra, Extra, Extra, Extra $50 popcorn bucket, and 11 sodas." said Hermione. "Oh my god, isn't your

bladder fixin' to pop?" asked Harry. "No, I just went to the bathroom." said Hermione. "Oh, I guess I was too

into the really good movie!" said Harry. "Oh, I thought you agreed with me and said it was dumb!" said

Hermione. "Oh, yeah, oh well, I just wanted is to be more agreeable, and romantic." said

Harry. "SHHHHH!!!" said a guy in the movie theatre. "I'm trying to watch the movie!!" "Sorry." said

Harry as he looked at Hermione to say: "I REALLY got to pee!" "Okay, said Hermione." Then Harry went to

the bathroom. When he got back, he looked around, but couldn't find Hermione. "Hermione?

HERMIONE??!!??!!" "SHHHHH!!!!!" said almost everyone in the whole theatre. Harry waited 'til

after the movie, and then for another hour or two. I need help finding Hermione, I gotta get help from

someone, about, Snape!" So Harry went to go find Snape.

Chapter 2: Three Powers, Five Suspects
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Chapter II
~3 Powers, 5 Suspects~

nape walked up to Harry, when Harry came in, and said "So, Harry? What powers would you like?"

"How did you know I needed powers?" asked Harry. "I got an e-mail from my girlfriend saying that there was

going to be a person come to me and ask for powers. And she said it was you." said Snape. "Well how does

she know all that?" asked Harry. "She is like Raven, from the show that's so Raven, she has visions of the

future." said Snape. "Oh, awesome." said Harry. "Now, what powers would you like?" asked

Snape. "Um......." "I KNOW!!" said Snape. "You may have these, they just for some reason seem like they

would be the best for this mission you have. Okay, they are: 1. Ability To Fly, 2. Super Strength, and last, 3.

Transformation." said Snape. "Wow!" said Harry. "When do I get those powers?" asked

Harry. "As soon as I tell you the 5 suspects. Let me look into this crystal ball. Hmmmmmmm.......I

see................Professor McGonagall, Draco, Draco's Father, Myrtle from the bathroom, and the guy in the

movie theatre." said Snape. "Okay, thanks!" said Harry. "Is there any way I can repay you, Snape?"

asked Harry. "Actually, yes, there is one thing, could you leave, NOW?!!" siad Snape. "Okay?" said Harry

with a preplexed look on his face. "I don't really like you, well, no, I just like to pretend I hate you." said

Snape. What a loser!!! thought Harry as he flew out the door. "Go get 'em googley bear----------I MEAN

HARRY!! Feush!" said Snape. (Monsters Inc.)

Author notes: I know this one is kinda short, but it tells a lot!

Chapter 3: Questioning Professor McGonagall
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Chapter III
~Questioning Professor McGonagall~

arry was flying around town to investigate Hermione's disappearance. He finally found the first

suspect; Professor McGonagall. "Hello, Professor McGonagall." he said. "Where were you last night?"

Harry asked. "It's none of your business, Harry." replied Professor McGonagall. Harry thought to

himself: Hmmm, she's refusing to tell me, that means she could have been the one that kidnaped

. "Do you have anything against Hermione?" Harry asked. "Well, why do you ask?"

asked Professor McGonagall. "Well, she's my friend, and something happened to her." "What happened?"

she asked. "Um....." Harry thought for a moment, and then decided to tell her, even though she could

have been the one that kidnaped her. "She was kidnapped last night, and I was wondering if you....."

Harry realized that what he was about to say, would hint it off to Professor McGonagall, that he thought she

was the kidnapper. ...."were at the movies last night and saw, who took her (Hermione)?" "Why, no." she

replied with a sort of stutter to it. "May I can help you look for her?" offered Professor

McGonagall. "Um......sure." said Harry. Harry was thinking; should I use my powers around her?

What would she do if I started flying, with no broom? What would she do if I picked up this humongous rock

next to me? What would she do if I turned into her (Professor McGonagall), or Hermione, or a cat, like

Professor McGonagall can transform into? What am I going to do?
"Professor McGonagall?" asked

Harry. "Yes, Harry?" replied Professor McGonagall. "I want to go question Draco and see if he kidnapped

Hermione!" "You mean you thought that I kidnapped her?" "NO!" Harry lied. "I just

thought I saw you at the movies!" "Mmmmhhhhmmmm!!" said Professor McGonagall with

a suspicious look on her face. So then Harry and Professor McGonagall went to question Draco.

Chapter 4: Questioning Draco
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Chapter IV
~Questioning Draco~

s Harry and Professor McGonagall walked down the street, on the way to Draco's house, there was a drunk

driver......driving! The car was swaying back and forth, it was headed straight for Professor McGonagall, Harry ran

towards the car, picked it up, and threw it across town. Professor McGonagall, stared at Harry, she was very

surprised that he could lift such a heavy thing. Then Harry lost interest in Professor McGonagall's staring, and saw who

had been drinkin' and drivin', it was Draco. "Draco?" Harry said. "What?" Draco replied, and then fell to the ground. "I

have some questions for you!" Harry said! But Draco seemed as if he was half dead, so Harry took Draco back to his

(Draco's) house, to rest. After Draco was "okay", Harry started asking Draco questions. Professor McGonagall, had

left quite a while ago, or so Harry thought! She had transformed into a cat, and was watching Harry. "Draco,

where were you last night?" Right then Professor McGonagall new Harry had been questioning her last

night. She was mad, and wanted to "bust" him! "At the movies." said Draco. "Did you like the movie?" Harry

asked. "No, not really, there were these two people a few of rows behind me. Who would NOT, STOP, TALKING!" said

Draco. "Oh." Harry said with a sort of giggle, knowing it was Hermione, and himself. "I was about to strangle them, or

kidnap them and murder them!" Harry gulped. "Why did you just gulp?" Draco asked. "I was just swallowing!" Harry

lied. "Well, I gotta go question some one else now!" "WHAT?" Draco yelled. "You thought I.........did

something to........Hermione?" Harry's jaw dropped in disbelief that Draco had actually guessed that he had

really questioned him, because Harry thought Draco kidnapped Hermione! Harry ran out the door, as fast as he

could!! The cat (well, Professor McGonagall, in deskies,) fallowed him outside. "Feush!" Harry said as he wiped his

sweaty forehead. Professor McGonagall (as the cat), was watching Harry around the corner, and then went next to

Harry, closed her eye to think for a moment, and this is what she planned: Okay, I am right in front of Harry, he is most

likely looking at me, but he will see me when I transform back into Professor McGonagall, and say: "BUSTED!"
Then she

opened her eyes, transformed into her normal human self, and said: "BUSTE............." "Professor McGonagall, what are

you doing?" asked Snape, Harry was not around. "I, don't, know." she replied. Snape rolled his eyes at her, and then

they both went their separate ways. After Professor McGonagall went around the corner, she started running

away, she was SO embarrassed!! As soon as Snape went around the corner, he transformed back into

Harry. "Oo-oo-OOO!!! I love my powers." Harry said with a gigantical smile. Then as he walked, he thought; Okay,

next, Draco's Father. I wonder what he'll say. I hope I don't screw anything up, and never ever see Hermione again

Harry was scaring himself!! So, to take his mind off of his scary thoughts, he decided to sing Jingle Bells.

Chapter 5: Questioning Draco's Father
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Chapter 5
~Questioning Draco's Father~

arry came up to Draco's Father's house, KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!! "Harry!" he said as he opened

up the door. Harry looked up at him, for he was......mmmmm.......sort of a lot taller than him. Harry

gulped, "May I come in?" "Of course you may." Then Harry walked in. "Where were you last night?" asked Harry. "Why

do you ask?" "JUST ANSWER!!" Harry yelled. Draco's Father hissed like a cat, "Just teasing." he said. "I don't mind THAT

MUCH to tell you where I was. It's not like I was out kidnapping someone. Harry's eyes got as big as the planet

Jupiter. "WHAT WAS THAT?" Harry yelled as his eyes shrunk down to Neptune size. "CHILL, I was joking, I wasn't

kidnapping anyone! I mean come on! Who would I steal, Hermione?" Harry's eyes got as big as the sun, "WOW!!

Harry, it seems as if your eyes are as big as the sun!!" "Don't worry about the size of my eyes, sir. It's not like they are

going to burst, it's just every once in a while, my eyes get really big!" Harry said. But they really felt like they were

about to burst. "AAACHEW!!!!!!!!" Draco's Father sneezed RIGHT into Harry's eyes, then they were tiny, tinier than

Pluto's moon, Charon. "OOOOW!!!!!!!" Harry yelled......wait, Harry screamed, LIKE A GIRL!!! Yes, like a girl, high pitched

and everything. "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU SON OF A FEEMALE DOG (Author's Notes: LOL)!" Harry

screamed. "You're at my house, why don't you just leave?" Draco's Father said/suggested. "FINE!!" Harry had his fists

all doubled up and his hand over his eye. "This is SOOOO gross. Snot, in my eye." yelled Harry. Then he thought to

himself; Next, Myrtle from the bathroom! Oh, great, I hate her, she's is so annoying, but I'll get over it! She's not

that annoying!
Then Harry kept walking towards the bathroom.

Author's Notes: The next chapter is going to be my favorite, I LOVE Myrtle, she's hilarious! It's going to be (fairly) LONG!!!

Chapter 6: Questioning Myrtle
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Chapter XI
~Questioning Myrtle~

arry walked in, and saw Myrtle, right there, she was talking to herself, that was already a bad sign, as

soon as Harry heard her say: "Myrtle, you aren't going to attract any ghost boys, if you don't brush these rats out of

your hair. I know, self." So, as soon as Harry heard he say that, he went: "OOOOOOO!!!!!" and slapped his

orehead. "Myrtle?" Harry called. "Yes, me?" "Um.......Myrtle?" "WHAT, ME?" "MYRTLE, IT'S NOT

YOURSELF TALKING, IT'S ME!!! "WELL WHAT DO YOU WANT HARRY?" "Listen, I have some questions for you!" he

said. "Well, ask away!" "Where were you last night?" he asked. "I didn't go any where, why do you ask?" "No,

reason." he replied. "YOU HAD TO HAVE HAD A REASON!!!" she screamed in her high-pitched voice. "Some one

kidnapped Hermione, and you are one of the suspects!" he yelled. "Okay, first of all, you just ruined it for yourself,

IF I was the kidnapper, and second, I love Hermione, she is a good friend to me, and 3rd of all, last of all, I couldn't

even grab her, I am a ghost, ever thing goes right threw me!" she said. "Oh, okay, you are smarter than I thought you


over reacted, I know you were joking." Harry thought: No, I really meant it! "But, I am still a little mad about that, I don't

take jokes too great! So, you have to listen to me sing my song." Oh great, Harry thought. "Oh, great." Harry

lied. *Music: * O beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the

fruited plain, America, America, God shed his grace his grace on thee, and crown thy hood with brothergood, from sea to

shining sea. O beautiful, for pilgrim....." "SHUT UP!!!" Harry screamed. "I hate your singing voice, wait, I hate your voice

period, and you freakin' suck at singing! And it's mountain majesties, not mountains majesty, and crown thy GOOD with

brotherHOOD! I am LEAVING!!" Myrtle started to tear up, but then she got mad. "YOU ARE NOT LEAVING, LET ME FINNISH

MY SONG, or else I'll kill you!" "How are you gonna do that, Ghosty Girl?" "I will scream, 'til you can't take it any more,

and die!" "Myrtle, I really can't stay, I have to go ask this guy that was in the movie theatre last night, some

questions!" "Hey, I was at the movie's last night!" she said as she picked up a roll of toilet paper that was lying on the

ground, next to her. "You were? Oh.......wait! You said you didn't go anywhere, and you just picked up that toilet paper

roll, it didn't go right throug you. You CAN kidnap people, then. Ooooooooooo, you make me mad, you

LIE!!!" "WHAT?" Myrtle said as she dropped the toilet paper. "I didn't say I went there, and you didn't just see me

pick that up, you are just having a dream, or a mirage." "Listen, I didn't come here, to have someone lie to

me, and sing to me, oooooo, getting a head ache just thinking about it, I came here for clues! You are wasting my time,

now, DID YOU KIDNAP HERMIONE, if you lie, the rest of your life is going to be horrible!" he said. "Okay, first of all, I wasn't

lying to you, second of all, I sing freakin' good, and 3rd, last of all, I can't have a terrible "life", I am already dead!!!"

she yelled, and then began to sing some more of America The Beautiful. "Grrrrrrrr, why does she have to be SO

annoying? Snape, why couldn't this suspect be a different person?" said Harry. Snape wasn't there, but he wishes that

it had been someone else. "What a coincidence!" Snape said as he found Harry, and walked into the bathroom. "Actually it

was Voldemort, for the 4th suspect, so, go question him!" And then he (Snape) walked out. "GOSH!!!" Harry said. I

wasted all this time being in here with, dare I say it.........Mer..........never mind, I don't dare to say it.

But, um, why did you lie about all that, Merdle..........oops, I said it." said Harry. "I am just the lying type, all's I do is lie, all

day long, well, this is the truth, I really didn't kidnap Hermione, but I DO hate her!" "HEY!!! That's my girlfriend you're talkin’


kept saying that. "STOP TEASING ME!!" he yelled. "Okay." she said in an innocent (and high, of course,) voice. "Well, I

gotta go question, Volde..........oh my gosh, I have to question Voldemort? This is NOT going to be easy! OH, MY,

GOSH!!! I've totally forgotten about all my powers I have, DUH, ME!!!" said Harry. "And you were making fun of me, for

talking to myself!" said Myrtle with a snobby voice! "Oh, sorry, well, hey, at least I wasn't answering my questions, or

was I? You weren't, self!" "SEE?!" she said. "I did that on purpose!" he said. "Grrrrrrrrr." growled Myrtle. "Well, I gotta

go, okay, Myrtle?" "Okay, Harry. HARRY'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND, HARRY'S GOT A GIRL......" "I THOUGHT YOU

SAID YOU WOULD STOP!!!" he yelled! "Hello? I lied!" "Sorry to say, but I hate you, Myrtle!" "Oh well!" said Myrtle. "Hey,

that's my friend you're talking about! Be nice to Merdle." said Hermione. "Oooooohh, Myrtle gerdle. Shut up Hermio-ne?

Hermione?" said Harry. "Hahahahaha." said Hermione/Snape as he transformed back into Snape. "I have the same

powers as you. HAHAHAHAH!!! Oh, and by the way, if and when you save Hermione, you lose 50 points from

Gryffindor! You cannot say gurdle." "It's not a bad word." yelled Harry. "60 points, then." said Snape. "Oh, shigs." said

Harry. "70." said Snape. "What, at least I didn't say the real word." said Harry. "80."

AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!" screamed Harry. "90!" Harry decided not to scream this time. "Okay!" said Harry. Harry

turned red.........."AAAAAAAHH!!!!" screamed Harry. "1,000." said Snape. "What? One hundred, is after 90!" "I didn't say I

was going in order, of numbers, by 10's! Oh, yeah, and now you lose 2,000." "Okay, I am leaving, I gotta go question

Voldemort." said Harry, and then walked out the door. "Gryffindor is SOOOO going to lose." said Harry.

Myrtle and Snape looked at each other (Harry was out of the room), and then they laughed, and then they stopped

laughing, then they laughed some more, then they stopped again, then they just stared into each other's eyes, and then

they started kissing! (Author Notes: and they didn't kiss American, they kissed French.) The Harry Thought: Okay,

Voldemort, be prepared, for X.......Treme.....Me, not going to say, well, think, Harry, that's like talking to myself

Author Notes: I hope I didn't bore you with this chapter, Myrtle is just one of my favorite characters!

Chapter 7: Questioning The Unexpected
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Chapter VII
~Questioning The Unexpected~

arry walked toward Voldemort's lair, and saw him, sitting in his throne. "Hello, Harry, I've been expecting

you." said Voldemort."I've been expecting you, to be expecting me!" Harry said. "I've been expecting you, to be

expecting me, to be expecting you." "Well, I've been expecting you, to be expecting me, to be expecting you, to be

expecting me!" said Harry. "Well, I've been expecting you, to be expecting me, to be expecting you, to be expecting me, to

be expecting............uhhhhh.........." "HAH!" said Harry. "I won the argument!" "Shut up, you bloodmud. "Huh?" said

Harry. "FINE! Budmlood, whatever." "It's mudblood." said Harry. "I don't give a crap!" said Voldemort. "Yes, you do."

said Harry, as he started getting bigger muscles. Harry ran toward Voldemort as his veins kept popping out of his VERY

muscular arms, and then punched Voldemort in the stomach, causing him to crap. "Ooooooh!" screamed Voldemort. He

crapped, like he said he wouldn't, you know "I don't give a crap." "I think you do." Anyways, Harry and Voldemort

were fighting. Then Voldemort lost Harry. "Where did he go?" he asked himself. "Then he turned and saw himself in

the mirror. "Ooooo, yeah. I look freakin' hott!" Then Voldemort started looking at himself as if he was sexy, he

was pretending to be getting glamour shots. He was doing fighting moves, and posing. Then he accidentally hit

himself. "Huh?" he said. "It didn't SEEM like I hit myself. OOOOOOFF!!! What? Why do I keep hitting myself?

OOOOFF!!!" Then Harry broke the glass (that was suppost to be the mirror), and then transformed back into

Harry. "What?" yelled Voldemort. "I was looking at YOU, the whole time?" "Yes, you were!" said Harry as he picked up

Voldemort, to set him on top of a shelf. "Answer this question. Where were you last night?" "Kidnapping people!"

Then Voldemort vanished into thin air. "What?" said Harry. "Oh, what's the point of asking questions now?

Voldemort is gone!" Then Harry walked out, and was thinking this: I am doing a TERRIBLE job! I am hardly getting ANY

information, everyone is perplexing my butt off! Well, I'll see what I can do, next; that guy who was in the movie theatre

Chapter 8: Questioning The Guy In The Movie Theatre
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Chapter VIII
~Questioning The Guy In The Movie Theatre~

s Harry walked to flew, trying to find the guy that was in the movie theatre with them (Harry and hermione),

he saw some one run behind a tree. He looked over, but he didn't find anyone, all's he found was a note. He picked it up,

opened it, and it said: Harry, I took Hermione, I hate her, that is why I kidnapped her, and I plan to keep her hidden

away for eternity, you'll never find me her, OR never. I am too smart for you, and I have powers you don't know about,

or maybe you do. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT, the point is: give up, forget Hermione, she's gone, gone FOREVER!!!

made Harry wonder, and think about who it would have been, a little more, he also cried a little bit too. But then he got

detracted, by the guy in the movie theatre. "Oh, hi." said the guy in the movie theatre. "Can, I help you." he said with a

questioning face, as Harry stared at him viscously. "Hi, do you remember me from the movie theatre, last night,

uh......what's your name?" asked Harry. "My name is Eric, and yes, I remember you. So, what do you want?" "Do you

remember the person I was with?" asked Harry. "Well, yes, what was her name?" asked Eric. "Her name is

Hermione." "Oh, yeah, she was really nice, when I asked her ---well, and you--- to be quiet, 'cause I was trying to

watch the movie, she said, "Okay," right away." said Eric. "Did you kidnap her?" "Hahaha, no, I didn't you can

check all around, or evil lie-dector-up-ify-detize-dify me." said Eric. "Okay. What was that word?" asked Harry. "What?

lie-dector-up-ify-detize-dify?" asked Eric. "YES!" said Harry. "Oh, I just made up that word, but I promise, I didn't

take her, do whatever you want, just don't yank my pants down, she's not in there." said Eric. "Okay?" said Harry, as

he raised one eye brow. "That doesn't sound right." "Whatever." said Eric. "Well," said Harry, "I believe

you, I gotta go, though, it's late, and tomorrow I have to narrow down the suspects. Left, I have, not

you...Professor Magonagal, Draco, Draco's Father, and Voldemort, not Myrtle, Snape messed up with her!" said

Harry. "You mean, you're like, a wizard?" said Eric. "Yes, oh, you mean...wait." said Harry, as he turned into Eric, and

the made huge muscles, and then flew up in the air. "WOW!!" said Eric. "Yeah." said Harry. "I gotta go, 'kay?" said Harry,

and then he flew off. "Wow!" said Eric, again.

Chapter 9: Narrowing It Down To Three Suspects
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Chapter IX
~Narrowing It Down To Three Suspects~

he next day, Harry got up early, to think about who would should be eliminated from his list of 4 suspects.

"Okay," he said. "Starting with Professor Magonagal. Hmmm..........." and then Harry thought through all 4 suspects

(Professor McGonagall, Draco, Draco's Father, and Voldemort), and decided to eliminate: Draco's Father. He

didn't know exactly WHY, Draco's Father, but everyone else, just, seemed, more suspicious. "Okay," said Harry, "Now I

got to narrow it down to two suspects, then, I will narrow it down to one suspect, the last suspect, and then, I go find

Hermione, rescue her, and live happily ever after. HERMIONE, I'M COMIN' FOR YOU!!!" Then Harry did some

more thinking.

Author Notes: These next couple chapters are short

Chapter 10: Narrowing It Down To Two Suspects
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Chapter X
~Narrowing It Down To Two Suspects~

o Harry thought, and thought, and thought some more, about who to eliminate this time. As he thought, Snape

came by. "Hello, Harry. I have come to retrieve your powers, you can't have them forever, you know." "WHAT?"

screamed Harry. And then Snape threw some magic dust over him, and three wods of air/gas, that looked like spirits

came out of his mouth and ears. "Aww, MAN!!!" said Harry. "Sorry, Harry, but you can't have those when school

starts again, tomorrow." "Okay." said Harry. So then Harry kept thinking, and he came to find that: Draco was the next

one to eliminate. Draco was also, just less suspicious, Harry REALLY had to ponder who to eliminate

next. So this time he thought, all night long.

Chapter 11: Who Kidnapped Hermione?
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Chapter XI
~Who Kidnapped Hermione?~

arry had thought for hours. "AAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Harry. "I'm going to kill myself," said

Harry. "I can't think, I am soooooo brain-dead! Wait a second, that's it, I know who it was. It was........." so then

Harry walked around and saw Professor Magonagal AND Voldemort. They were making out. "EW!!" said

Harry. "What." said Professor Magonagal as she yanked Voldemort's tongue out of her mouth. I know which one of

you two kidnapped Hermione." "So." said Professor Magonagal. "No, I really think he's serious." said

Voldemort. "Sorry, but, Voldemort, say good-bye to Professor Magonagal, she's coming with me. "NO!!!!!" said

Professor Magonagal and Voldemort at the same time. "How did you know it was my schmupsiepoo?" asked

Voldemort. "Yeah, how did you know it was his schmupsiepoo, me?" asked Professor Magonagal. "Well, you

see, Voldemort didn't want to answer the questions I was asking him, he just wanted to fight, and sense he is the

untruthful type, I knew he was lying when I said: Where were you last night? and he said: Kidnapping

Then Voldemort vanished. There is no way Voldemort would have been telling the truth. Oh yeah, and

Professor Magonagal's act of curiosity and innocence, was another way to tell that she, was fakin' it! So, you two,

say your lovely good-byes, and LET’S GO!" said Harry. "Oh, Minerva, I shall miss you greatly, while you dwell, in the hell,

of jell (jail), of course it will smell, you may swell, no, not really it just rhymes, and.......ell!!! Bye, Cupcake." said

Voldemort. "Bye Voldy, I wuv (love) you." said Professor Magonagal, as she blew a kiss and left with Harry. Harry

and Professor Magonagal left, and then Voldemort said: "I loved her, I loved her like a son, the way she touched my

face, and the way she grabbed my bun. Oh what a Hun! Well, I must run, good-bye son of a gun." he said as he

pointed to an old lady. "Huh?" said the old lady.

Chapter 12: Halleluiah, Hermione Is Saved!
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Chapter XII
~Halleluiah, Hermione Is Saved!~

arry brought Professor Magonagal to Hogwarts, and she told him where Hermione was, she was berried 30

feet in the ground, so Professor Magonagal was sent to jail, Harry and some other helpers helped dig out Hermione. "Oh,

thank you." said Hermione as Harry grabbed her hand to pull her up. "I hate that ---excuse me for this--- damn

Magonagal. She needs to stay in jail forever, die and burn in hell." said Hermione. "Woah," said Harry. "Don't worry;

Professor Magonagal will be in jail for 5 years, I'm sure you'll be over it by then. Yeah, thanks, Harry." said Hermione as

she put her arms around his neck. "Um......Hermione, why did you put your arms around my neck?" asked Harry. Then

Hermione said: "Harry, I think we both know why I put my arms around your neck." And then she brought her face

toward Harry's, and as her lips met his, they kissed. Harry smiled as Hermione slid her tongue into her mouth, bit his lip

and stretched it as far as it would stretch. "Ooooo, Hermione, you are thee, worlds best kisser." said

Harry. "And so are you." said Hermione. They both kissed for a few more minutes, and then they had to go back to their

dorms. And for the rest of their year, there at Hogwarts, was a good year.

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The End


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