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Sweet Revenge. by CountessKatook

Format: Novella
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 31,332
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Voldemort
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 06/14/2004
Last Chapter: 06/14/2004
Last Updated: 06/14/2004

Boy meets Girl. Boy has crush on Girl. Boy plays prank on Girl. Girl Seeks revenge. Girl gets revenge. Boy Loves Girl even more. When will the Girl see that she loves him too?

Chapter 1: New Beginnings
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Disclaimer: Lemme see, I don’t own any original Harry Potter characters, only the ones I squeezed in there. Yes. That’s it.

Every year on the first day of September, young witches and wizards pass through the barrier leading to Platform 9 3/4, located between Platforms 9 and 10 in Kings Cross Station in London. One warm, sunny morning in 1974, a tall, skinny girl –about 15- with radiant and vibrant red hair and dazzling green eyes stood in front of the barrier with a cart carrying her trunk. She leaned against the barrier that displayed the sign “Platform 9”, as if waiting for someone. She watched as her fellow classmates ran through the Platform 9 ¾ barrier, disappearing from sight, and watched the Muggles (non-magical folk) around the barrier, who were paying not attention to the people running into the barrier and disappearing from sight. After about 10 minutes, the girl was joined by a girl with shoulder length brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.

“Hey Lil’s.” said the girl with brown hair smiling as her friend gave her a hug. The new girl had an unmistakable American accent (A/N: I’ll explain this part later on in the story just keep reading.) and wore an American flag pin neatly placed on her shirt, directly over her heart.

“Hey Kate. I was afraid you weren’t going to make it.” Lily replied.

“Of course I would make it. I don’t want to miss my first day of school, do I?”

Lily laughed and said, “We should get onto the platform now, I have a meeting in the prefects car to attend to.”

The two girls ran through the barrier and arrived on the platform. Lily smiled up at the red train that would transport her to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She had always though of Hogwarts as her home and always looked forward to the new school years. Life at home went considerably well, besides the fact that her older sister, Petunia, always made it impossible for her to enjoy her stays at home, always calling Lily a freak or weirdo. Of course, still being a witch in school, Lily had a disadvantage and couldn’t curse her sister with an everlasting pimple on her gigantic nose (although Lily had been thinking of ways to get back at her sister after graduation. But who needs to know?). Her best friend in the world was Kate and they always had a great time except for the four notorious pranksters: James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew and two Slytherins: Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape. But besides that, life couldn’t get any better. She was at the top of her classes and had finally achieved the goal she had been working so hard to get ever since she arrived at Hogwarts: Gryffindor prefect. Lily went with Kate to put their trunks in the same compartment they usually sat in every year and left for the prefect’s car to meet with the Head Boy and Girl, leaving Kate sitting in the compartment looking out the window as the train moved steadily towards its magical destination. Kate had grown up in New York City and came from a rich and stuck up family. She had been given the choice of attending an American wizarding school, Holmes Academy (located on a tropical island outside the Bahamas and can only be seen by magic folk), but was accepted to Hogwarts first. Her father was a work-a-holic who was never home and when he was it was either for work or for a party her mother had thrown to show off all her “wonderful” possessions. Her mother had a strict diet for Kate. She could only have an apple and water for lunch and couldn’t have any sweets. For dinner she had salads and a bottle of water. Once Kate had realized the consequences of her mother starving her daughter, she immediately wrote to Lily and both Lily and her parents started sending her all sorts of treats, cakes, and food. Kate always looked forward to her return to Hogwarts, it was her home; living with her parents was like living in a prison. Her mother was always trying to set her up with boys at the parties but Kate turned them down because they were all jerks and shut herself in her room. Her room was quite big actually, there was a big bed, a desk where she could do her summer assignments, a small T.V. at the foot of her bed, a large walk-in closet full of all the clothes her mother had gotten for her, and a small wardrobe that had all her school things. Sure she had a lot of things, but who was there to talk to? That’s why she was always excited to go to Hogwarts. Lily was her best friend and she could always trust Lily with her deepest secrets.

‘I have to tell Lily. I have to. But what will she say? What will she think of me?’ Kate thought to herself.

Kate’s thoughts were suddenly and loudly interrupted by three boys around the same age as her walking into her compartment. One had jet black hair that was incredibly untidy and was always messing it up more. In his other hand he held the latest model broomstick yet: a Cleansweap. The boy on his other side had long, black hair and a pale complexion like he had been inside all summer. The other boy had blonde hair, a pudgy face, and sparkling blue eyes. When they came in, Kate frowned and turned back to looking out the window.

“Well, Prongs, it seems like this is where we’ll have to sit, I guess.” The boy with long black hair said.

“Very well, Padfoot, just sit down.” The boy with untidy hair said.

The three boys lifted their trunks on the shelves above the seats and sat down. It wasn’t long before the boy with untidy hair and glasses spoke. “And how was your summer, Hannigan?”

Kate turned around to face the boy and said, “ Well, James, it was very peaceful and quiet and there were no loud interruptions of pranks being made.”

“Sounds boring.” The boy with long black hair stated.

“Well, it would to someone like you.” Glaring at Sirius, the boy with long black hair.

“Someone like me?” Sirius shouted.

“What? It didn’t get through your thick skull the first time? I’m not surprised.” Kate said still smiling. ‘This is too much fun.’ Kate thought. “Well, if you didn’t understand the first time, I’ll be more than happy to repeat it slowly to you.” Sirius was now standing up, face red with anger. Behind him, James was holding back his laughter and trying to hold back tears of laughter.

“You-“ Sirius started but was cut off by the entrance of Lily and a pale looking boy with blonde hair.

“What’s going on?” Lily asked walking over to Kate, who was holding a hand over her mouth to hide her smile, and sat down.

“Your dear, dear friend has been calling me thick headed since you’ve been gone.” Sirius explained.

“Is that all?” Lily asked with a vicious smile on her face.

This last comment was too much for James; he immediately started laughing uncontrollably.

“Oh shut-up Prongs.” Sirius said sitting down and crossing his arms over his chest.

“Lily, can I speak to you for a moment?” Kate asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Lily said getting up and following Kate out of the compartment.

“I hate that girl.” Sirius said as soon as the two girls had left.


Chapter 2: Runaways
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“I hate that girl.” Sirius said as soon as Kate and Lily left the compartment.

“We all know that you fancy her, Padfoot.” The blonde boy called Remus said.

“Fancy?! Her!?” Sirius retorted in disgust. “She’s rude, she’s a know-it-all, and well, just downright annoying. How could you imply something so revolting? It sickens me at the very thought of it.”

“Well, Evans looks very nice today, of course she always does.” James said with a dream like expression on his face. Sirius looked at him with a great look of disgust.

“Ew, Prongs, I had no idea that you were such a big softie for Evans.” Sirius said.

“I’m not a softie!” James shouted back.

“ * In a girly mocking voice * Oh lily, you are so beeeeeeeeautiful! I want to maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarry you!”

“That’s not what I say. And I don’t really talk like that do I?” James said deepening his voice.

“Ha! On every homework assignment you always have the initials L.E. carved into the corner of your parchment. Now, did you write that or did it magically appear there?” Sirius asked crossing his arms over his chest.

“I prefer not to answer that question right now.” James said lifting his chin up in a dignified manner.

“Oh will you two just drop it?” Remus said looking over his book, sounding annoyed.


Out in the hall, Lily waited for Kate to start speaking. “Well?” Lily asked.

“Well, you know how my mother starves me?” Kate began.

“Yeeeeees. By they way, how are you feeling? Did you get our treats?” Lily asked.

“Yes, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Those treats helped me when I was famished to the point of no return. I have a card for your parents. I couldn’t owl you because Ace, well, he died.” Kate said handing the letter to Lily.

“What? How?” Lily asked taking the card Kate handed to her.

“Well, it was in the middle of the night and I had let Ace out and my mother woke up to put her face mask on. She didn’t have her contacts in so when she saw Ace sitting on the kitchen table she thought it was a big rat and picked up a broom that was sitting nearby and it Ace until he was dead. It woke me up and when I went into the kitchen it was too late. I tried explaining it to her but she kept insisting she was ‘saving her family from the mutant rat’. I finally got her to believe me and then she gave me some money to buy a new owl.”

“Well, you can use Moxy any time you want to.” Lily said.

“Thanks, Lil.”

“Is that all?” Lily asked.

“Er…well, no. Not quite.” Kate said looking down at her feet nervously.

“What is it then?”

“Well, I’ve been thinking long and hard about this and its no use trying to talk me out of it, Lil. I’ve decided I’m not going back home for the holidays. I saved up enough money and I reckon I can stay in the inn above the Leaky Cauldron.”

“YOU”RE RUNNING AWAY!?” Lily shouted.

“Shh! Lily, shut-up, will ya?” Kate persisted.

“I’m sorry! It’s just that- Kate, what the heck is going on in that head of yours? You can’t run away now! What about You-Know-Who? He’s still at large and who knows what will happen to you? You’re Muggle-born for christsake! If you need to stay anywhere, stay at our house. I’ll owl my parents tonight and see if its ok with them. I’m sure it will be.”

“Oh no I don-“

“Don’t be silly, you’re staying at our house. Now let’s go get some food for you with that money your mom gave you.” Lily said

“You’re the best, Lils.” Kate said hugging her best friend.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. I’m here for you, Kate.” Lily said hugging her back.

The two left the hallway and went to go get some snacks from the trolley. Of course, they were also looking for an excuse to get away from the four pranksters longer.


Chapter 3: Good and Bad Sides- We All Have Them- There's No Denying It
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Inside the compartment, James and Sirius sat back from the door. They had been listening to what Lily and Kate were saying out in the hall. They stood up and sat down in their seats and started talking again.

“Curiosity killed the cat, you know.” Remus said from behind his book.

“Thank you, Moony. Well, that was something I didn’t expect hearing.” James said.

“Yeah, and I thought my life at home was bad.” Sirius said.

“Yeah, you sit on your arse all day and have house elves serving you all day, life must be terrible.” Remus said sarcastically.

“Yeah-hey!” Sirius shouted.

“He’s right, Padfoot, compared to Kate’s life at home, your life is normal.” James said.

“Normal? Are parents who agree with You-Know-Who’s ideas but are too scared to join his Death Eaters sound normal to you?” Sirius said through clenched teeth. Nobody said anything, they all knew not to get Sirius mad, he could get very violent. After a while, the door to their compartment opened and Lily and Kate walked in. They silently walked over to their seats, opened a bag full of candy, and started talking quietly.

“So, do you think Matthew is still dating Rachel?” Lily whispered.

“I hope not. He’s muy caliente, hehe” Kate said smirking and taking a bite of cake.

“Yeah, but very off limits too, Kate.” Lily said.

“Darn.” Kate said sitting back and frowning.

“Oh, don’t tell me you like that bloke.” Sirius said loudly.

“That’s none of your business, Sirius Black.” Lily replied curtly.

“I’m just saying.” Sirius said putting his hands up in an offensive way.

“At least it’s not Snivellus, Padfoot.” James said.

“Yes, for a Mudblood to like him would be revolting, wouldn’t it?” a cold, icy voice came from the doorway. Everyone inside the compartment turned to see a tall, skinny boy with a big, crooked nose and greasy, black hair standing proud and tall in the doorway.

James and Sirius stood up and walked over to the boy, glaring at him, hands inside their pockets holding their wands, ready to fire any spells at the boy.

“Have a nice holiday, Snivellus?” James said smirking.

“Leave him alone.” Lily shouted. It was her duty as a prefect to make sure the students of Hogwarts didn’t get into fights.

“I think he should be the one to leave, Evans.” James said, with the same mischievous grin plastered on his face.

“We’ll be glad to give a little push out, if he needs one.” Sirius said with a grin similar to James’.

“That won’t be necessary, Potter, Black. I can walk myself out.” The boy said backing out of the compartment and leaving.

“I don’t see why you can’t get along. A little bit more interclass unity and we can all get along better.” Lily said.

Sirius and James looked at her like she was crazy. “You’re kidding right? You did hear what he called you, didn’t you?” James said raising his eyebrows in shock. His hair had grown so much over the summer that when he raised his eyebrows, they disappeared behind his untidy, jet-black hair.

“Yes, and I think I’ll live. I’ve gotten quite used to it.” Lily replied.

“Gotten used to be called a- well, you heard him!” James protested.

“If I can get over it, then I’m sure you can too. Or is that too hard for your puny brain to comprehend?” Lily said smirking.

“Oh you-“ James started. Behind him, Sirius had begun laughing hysterically.

“Please, sit down before you hurt your self by saying bigger words than your vocabulary.” Lily said smirking at James. Behind her, Kate sat with her mouth covered by her hand- behind her hand, she was smiling furiously and was blinking back tears of laughter.

Before James could say anything, Remus shot him a disapproved glance, as if saying that if he taunted Lily, he would get points take away from Gryffindor. James sat down without saying a word and glared at the floor angrily.

For the rest of they way to Hogwarts, Lily and Kate talked about boys, clothes, and anything they could possibly think of. After a while, Kate went to go change into her school robes, leaving Lily alone with the four pranksters. Lily sat quietly by the window, looking out into the distance watching as the sun slowly set and started disappearing over the horizon. Lily sat and listened as James and Sirius plotted against Severus Snape (Snivellus) and Lucious Malfoy. Lily rolled her eyes as they planned. ‘Boys, they’re so immature. Although Remus is very mature for his age and very unavailable. What?! I can’t believe your thinking about Remus in that…that…way. He’s your fellow prefect. A very sexy prefect. Ah! What am I thinking? Remus is a friend, that’s right, a friend. A friend with benefits. No, no Lily. No benefits, just friends. Friends are allowed to sneak around aren’t they? No!’ Lily cleared out those thoughts from her head and continued focusing on the world outside the red train. ‘What’s taking Kate so long?’ Lily thought to herself. ‘What? You want more time to admire your love Remus?’ she heard a voice say. She looked down at her left shoulder and saw spitting image of herself only dressed entirely in red, her vivid red locks falling at her shoulders, and her green eyes staring up at the real Lily in a mischievous way. “Oh, no, not you.” Lily said.

“What was that, Evans?” James asked from the other end of the compartment.

“Uh-n-nothing, just thinking out loud. Don’t mind me, hehe.” Lily lied. ‘Great, embarrassed in front of the famous James Potter.’

‘Don’t worry about James, it’s Remus you want.’ Her devilish side said lying on her side on Lily’s shoulder.

‘Remus is nothing more than a friend and that’s how it’s going to stay.’ Lily heard another voice on her right shoulder say. Lily looked down to see a more modest version of herself. She was dressed in a white gown and had a small harp in her right hand. The angelic Lily smiled sweetly up at Lily. Lily smiled back politely and she saw out of the corner of her eye that Remus was smiling back at her. Lily’s smiled widened and she turned back to the window.

‘Nothing more than a friend, eh?’ the bad side of Lily said grinning.

‘It would be better for them to be friends.’

‘And why, pray tell, would that be?’

‘Well, James-“

‘James, Shmames. What have you got to lose, Lils? Ask him out.’

“Remus?” Lily said out loud. Lily clapped her hand over her mouth making the bad side of her fall off her shoulder and land with a soft plop onto the spot next to Lily.

“Yes?” Remus said looking over the top of his book and at Lily. James and Sirius had stopped talking and listening attentively to Lily and Remus.

“Nothing, sorry.”

“That’s ok. Are you sure you’re ok?” Remus said.

“Yeah-yeah, I’m fine.” Lily said

‘Now even I have to admit, that’s cute.’ The angelic Lily said watching Remus disappear behind his book.

‘I wish you wouldn’t do that, Lils.’ Her bad side said climbing up onto her shoulder again. ‘So, I was right, they should go out.’ The devilish Lily said leaning one arm against the side of Lily’s neck and looking smug.

‘No, they shouldn’t. They aren’t meant to be.’

‘Yeah right, what could possibly keep them apart?’

All of a sudden, three girls walked into the compartment. The first one was very skinny, had blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a very pretty face. Although her physical appearance would have told people that she was a little angel, when she spoke, she spoke with sarcasm and rudeness.

“Aww, isn’t that cute?” she said tilting her head.

“What is?” Sirius said raising his eyebrow.


“What about her, Rachel?” Sirius said as if annoyed at Rachel’s arrival.

“Tsk, Tsk, Sirius, are you still bitter about our break up?” Rachel said.

“If I’m not mistaken, I was the one who broke up with you, so no, I’m not bitter.”

“Aww, I get it. Trying to look cool in front of her little friends. It’s ok, Siri, we all know I broke up with you.” Rachel said tilting her head to the side in a sympathetic way.

“No, I broke up with you because you were always hanging on me. Give a guy some room to breathe! Sheesh!”

“Whatever.” Rachel said refusing to believe him. “Lily, dear, how was your summer vacation?” Rachel said pushing past Sirius and sitting next to Lily as if they had been friends for a long time.

“Good, how about you Rachel? Still going out with Matthew?” Lily said sweetly. Even though she hated Rachel, she still felt sorry for her and was nice to her.

“Oh, no. I dumped that loser a long time ago.”

“She means the bloke dumped her.” Sirius whispered to Remus and James.

“No, silly,” Rachel said turning to Sirius and then turning around, she said, “He was just weird for my tastes, that’s all. Now, Lily, are there any special guys in your life?”

Lily glanced over at Remus and said, “No, Rachel, no special guys in my life.”

“Well, I’m going to have to set you up!” Rachel said in a perky voice.

“Oh no-“

“Don’t be silly! It will be fun!” Rachel protested.

Right then, Kate walked into the compartment wearing her school skirt, her button down white shirt, her tie hanging loosely around her neck, her vest and robe draped over her arm and her knee high socks pulled up. She frowned at the sight of Rachel “Kate!” Rachel squealed running over to hug her.

“Rachel…hi.” Kate said through the most pathetic attempt of a smile as Rachel hugged her.

“Oh, I’m good. I have a boyfriend.”

“Wait- I thought you said.” Sirius started.

“A new boyfriend. He lives back home. He’s rich and very handsome. No need to get jealous Siri.”

“No worries there.” Sirius said rolling his eyes.

“Well, I should really be going” Rachel said.

“Please, do.” Sirius said. “I can feel my brain cells slowly rotting away.”

“Hahaha, Oh Siri, you’re so funny!” Rachel said before leaving, followed by the other two girls who had followed her in.

“Hahahahaha, oh, Siri, I love you so much!” James said making swooning noises and pretending to faint.

“Shut-up, Prongs.” Sirius said.

Kate walked over to Lily and sat down next to her. “How was it? Was it bad?”

“Was what bad?” Lily asked curiously.

“Being here alone with these guys.” Kate said.

“Oh, uh, not that bad, really.”

“Weird. So Rachel has a new boyfriend. I always enjoy having her remind me.”

“Just don’t listen to her. I’m going to go change. I’ll be right back.”


Lily grabbed her robes and walked out of the compartment. On her way out, she glanced at Remus reading his book and smiled.

Remus had been sitting there reading his book for quite some time. He hid behind it once Rachel came in. She had gone out with both Sirius and James and wanted to date him but never really got the chance to ask him out seeing he had been hiding from her since Sirius broke up with her. The only thing he had really paid attention to while reading was how Lily somehow managed to get a few glances at him. He was curious at what she found so interesting about him. She couldn’t possibly have found him attractive. Could she? ‘No, of course not, Remus, you’re being silly.’ Remus cleared his thoughts and continued his book, waiting for the Hogwarts Express to pull into the Hogwarts platform.


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Chapter 4: Invisible Threstals and Flashbacks
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At six o’ clock, the magnificent red train pulled into the Hogwarts Express Platform. First years were lead off first, lead by a half-giant all the second years and above new as Hagrid. After all the fourth years had gotten off the train, Lily and Kate got off the train and followed their fellow fifth years to the horseless carriages and climbed in one, only to regret doing so; James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter were all sitting in the carriage the girls had chosen.

“Just go, Lils, we won’t have to sit next to them during dinner.” Kate whispered silently to Lily. Lily nodded and went in. She sat down next to Remus and Kate sat down next to her by the door. Since she was the last one in, she shut the door and the carriage started to bounce up the long, steep hill, to the magical castle the students knew as home. It was a silent ride up to the castle; the only sound they could hear was the sound of the wheels axils creaking as they turned. Lily looked over at Remus and smiled. Remus smiled back politely, pulled out his book, and began reading it.

“What are you reading?” Lily asked quietly hoping to make conversation with the quiet and reserved boy.

“Oh, well, it’s called Point Counterpoint: Are Werewolves Really As Dangerous as They Seem? It’s a collection of letters sent in to the daily prophets about what they think about werewolves.”

“Oh,” Lily said with feigned interest.

“I know you may not think it’s quite as exciting as Hogwarts: A History, but it satisfies me.”

“I see.” Lily said.

James sat quietly on the other side of the carriage listening to Remus and Lily talk about Remus’ book. James felt himself staring at Lily with great interest. James gave her his famous charming smile the Potters were famous for when she turned and looked at him. His grin was quickly wiped off his face when she glared at him, her emerald green eyes looking at him with a great amount of hate. James leaned his head next to Sirius’ ear and whispered something that had obviously been something about Lily, since it made Sirius laugh. Lily sat and watched the two boys with a great amount of interest of what they were saying.

“Are you mad?” Sirius whispered back to James, making sure Lily couldn’t hear what they were talking about.

“We’ll talk about it later,” James said, signaling his eyes towards Lily.

“Right, how silly of me.” Sirius said leaning back.

Kate sat in her spot, her head leaning against the wall of the carriage, watching the ground below her go by as the horseless carriage heaved them all up to the school. Kate took a sigh and closed her eyes. It felt good to be home. She remembered her first day at Hogwarts and had dreamt about her return every summer.

Sirius sat back in his spot and watched Kate closely. She seemed paler and more tired than usual. He had always seen her happy and laughing walking down the hallways with Lily after classes and meal times. He would have never guessed what she went through at home. Sirius looked down at the floor of the carriage and thought of his own home.


“Why can’t you be more like your brother, Sirius?” A pale looking lady said before taking a sip of her tea. Her bony little finger stuck out in a proper manner as she looked at her son over her porcelain teacup.

Sirius was slumped in a big, fluffy chair located on the other side of the room. His arms were hanging over the side of the chair and his legs were resting on a small coffee table in front of the chair.

“Because he’s a git.” Sirius replied with a malicious grin on his face. ‘Just kill me now. I will voluntarily let someone use one of the Unforgivables on me.’ he thought.

“Sirius Black! That is no way to talk about your brother. Ever since you told your father and myself that you had been sorted into Gryffindor and befriended Potter, the son of our most hated enemy, you have done nothing but brought shame upon your family!”

“Thanks” Sirius said smiling and perking up a little bit.

“As I was saying before, it is about time you joined the ranks of the Death eaters. Just like your brother.” Sirius’ mother said taking another sip of her tea.

“Just like I was saying before, he’s a git. Why would anyone join that murderer?”

“Get out of my sight! I do not wish to lay my eyes on such an idiot of a son. Go.” His mother said turning away.

Sirius slowly rose out of his chair and strode out of the room, ran up to his room, pulled out his trunk, and started putting his belongings in it. Regulus Black appeared in Sirius’ bedroom door way leaning up against the frame and crossing his arms over his chest.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Regulus asked.

“Shove off, Regulus.”

“It was a simple question, Sirius. Where are you going?” Regulus asked again.

“Here’s your simple answer: SHOVE OFF!” Sirius bellowed pushing his brother out of his room and slamming the door. The force shook the walls and sent the bag throughout the Black Manor. Sirius returned to his packing and after he had finished, he put his trunk by his door and sat on his bed. When it was dark and everyone had retired to their warm, soft beds, Sirius quietly picked up his trunk and carried it down the stairs and out the front door of Number Twelve Grimauld Place. Sirius dragged his trunk to a motorbike locked up in front of the house, put his trunk on the back of the bike, latched the trunk securely to the back of the bike (since he was a underage wizard, he couldn’t use magic to shrink the trunk), got on the bike and headed for Surrey. It was dark and hardly any cars were out. Sirius thought of only one place he could go to. James’ house. He knew where James lived. James had given him a picture of his house and the house address was on the back, almost as if James had been expecting Sirius to show up at his doorstep.


Sirius’ thoughts were interrupted suddenly and so roughly that his head hit the wall of the carriage sending a burst of pain through his head.

“Bloody hell!” he exclaimed clutching the back of his head.

James looked at him through a furrowed brow, “Uh, we’re here, Padfoot.” Sirius hadn’t noticed that the carriage had stopped. He looked around the carriage to see Kate looking at him. He smiled forcefully at her, giving her the impression that he was angry and he didn’t want to be spoken to right now. Sirius followed James out of the carriage and walked into the castle.


Chapter 5: Make-overs Make Men Melt over Lily
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After the fifth years and above had filed into the Great hall after the younger students, save the first years, everyone sat down and awaited McGonagall to walk in through the big, oak doors followed by the first years. After Lily and Kate sat down, they started talking about what they thought of the new DADA teacher who was sitting on left side of Dumbledore and looked like he was having a very interesting conversation with the Potions master, Professor Adolphus, an Irishman.

“I wonder what he’s going to make us do.” Kate said.

“I hope he prepares us well enough for the O.W.L.’s. They are coming up sooner than we thought.” Lily said.

“Ugh, don’t remind me!” Kate said putting her elbow on the table and leaning her forehead on her palm.

“Our teachers are going to be reminding us all year.”

“I know, I know.”

Just then, McGonagall walked in the Great Hall followed by the first years, who were all turning their heads around and staring at the Great Hall in awe. One of the first years tripped on his own robes and fell flat on his face. The whole hall erupted in fits of laughter while the boy stood up, his face beet red, and continued following his classmates to the front of the Great Hall. The sorting then began and Lily smiled to herself as the girls and boys who were sorted into Gryffindor sat down at the long table. As soon as everyone was quiet, Dumbledore stood up, looked at the students over his half-moon glasses, and began his beginning of the term speech.

“Welcome, to a new year. I would also like to give a great, big welcome to our first years and I would like them to note that the Forbidden Forest is strictly, just that, forbidden. Also, our care taker, Mr. Abhosen, has asked me to remind everyone that the third corridor is off limits, as some of our older students may already know.” Dumbledore said turning his head so that his crystal blues eyes looked upon James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. James and Sirius high-fived, Remus brought his book in front of his face to hide from all the eyes that were now on him, and Peter sunk back in his spot and looked as though he would be sick. “With that, let the feast begin!” Dumbledore raised his arms, waved his hands in a gentle way, and all sorts of food appeared out of nowhere. The students helped themselves to whatever their hearts desired. Lily and Kate served themselves some chicken, fruit, pumpkin juice, biscuits, and all sorts of treats.

When the meal was almost over, Lily went to lead the first years up to the common room, leaving Kate to finish her refreshing pumpkin juice and biscuits. After she had wiped the crumbs from her hands onto her thigh, she stood up, walked out of the Great Hall, and walked up to the common room. When she got there, a few third years were sitting on the big, red couch in front of the growing fire talking about how cute the Marauders were this year and how they were going to try to capture their attention as well as their hearts. Kate smiled at their plotting and thought to her silent self, ‘Poor girls. They are going to hate the boys by the end of the year. Those boys are going to go through those girls like they go through all the other girls. Date them for a week and then dump them and next week they’re going out with one of the girl’s friend.’

Kate walked upstairs to the fifth year girls’ dorm to see Lily at her desk writing (Kate assumed it was a letter to her parents) and Rachel sitting on her bed having her long, dirty blonde hair brushed by one of her cronies, whose name was Althea. Althea was a girl who had grown up with everything she wanted. Althea had short brown hair, boring brown eyes, and was not what you would call skinny but not obese either. Another one of Rachel’s cronies, Elizabeth, had long blonde hair, brown eyes, fair complexion, and was almost as snobbish as Rachel, almost being the key word. Kate went over to her bed and flung herself on it, her arms almost hanging off the sides of the bed. Lily finished writing her letter, went over to Kate’s bed, and sat down next to Kate.

“I wrote to my parents. I’m sure they’ll let you stay with us over the holidays as well.”

“Thanks, Lils.”

“It’s not a problem.” Lily replied lying on her side by Kate ( A/N: Sorry for putting this authors note in here but-all you sick minded freaks who think that there’s something going on between these two……*shudder* I am NOT a fan of slash. Noooooo sphank you. She’s lying next to her as a friend. FRIEND. Friend.). Kate scooted over to make room for her friend and they started whispering about how they thought annoying Rachel was going to be this year. And out of no where, the unthinkable happened.

“Lily! Oh I almost forgot!” a squeaky voice came from Rachel’s side of the room. Lily sat up shocked from hearing her name almost as if it was Death himself saying her name.

“Yes?” Lily said slowly, turning her head hesitantly to face Rachel.

“I told you I would set you up with some one. Ok, I have the perfect idea for you. He’s a real hunk. But we have to give you a make-over first of all.”

“A what now?” Lily asked not believing what she was hearing. ‘A make-over?!!?’ she thought to her-self.

“What? You need to look good for Remus.” A voice on her shoulder said. Lily brushed her off her shoulder and focused her attention on her surroundings.

“A make-over!” Rachel repeated. “We need you to get him to notice you.” By this time, Kate was standing by Lily, thoroughly enjoying what Rachel was saying.

“Aww, that’s sweet, Rachel. Isn’t that sweet, Lily?” Tilting her head in a “Rachel-like” manner and smiling at Lily. Lily glared at her and mouthed the words: “I hate you”. Kate smiled innocently and continued watching as Rachel and her friends go over what to do.

“Ok, we’ve thought about what to do long and hard. “Rachel started.

“Yeah, that was really long.” Kate muttered under breath.

“We’re going to take you into the bathroom. We can’t have any one watching until we’re done.” Althea said glaring at Kate.

“Yes, that would be a crime, wouldn’t it? Oh well, looks like you’re going to have to go by yourself, Lils. I’ll go over to my bed in my secluded corner and wait for you to come out of that bathroom completely transformed into ‘One of them’.” Kate said rolling her eyes and walking over to her bed as Lily was pulled into the fifth year girls’ bathroom. Lily was forced into a chair and immediately was bombarded by blush brushes, eye-shadow brushes, hair brushes, arrangements of lipsticks and lip gloss. She closed her eyes afraid to watch the “masters” at work. She was unsure about the situation since she heard a lot of giggling coming from the girls. She was then forced out of the chair and led out of the bathroom without being able to look at herself in the mirror. She walked over to Kate’s bed and tapped her shoulder. Kate turned around, jumped, and screamed at the sight of Lily.

“What, what?” Lily said screaming back.

“Who are you?” Kate screamed thinking it was someone else.

“I’m Lily!”

“You’re not Lily” Kate said slowly eyeing Lily with careful eyes.

“Oh quit being thick, Kate! It’s me!”

“huh? Oh! So it is!” Kate said looking more closely at Lily. “So, uh, Lils.” Kate said starting to laugh. “How long have you been working with-“

“Don’t you even finish that statement Kate Hannigan!”

“Ok, ok! Oh gosh, Lils. Why did you let them do that?” Kate said asking getting up and examining Lily with sympathetic eyes. Lily had dark green eye shadow up to her brow bone and dark, red blush, and purple lipstick on. Her hair was curly and was frizzing out all over the place.

“I haven’t. been able. to see.” Lily sneered through clenched teeth.

“Oh, um, maybe you should follow me.” Kate said quickly leading her confused friend to the bathroom. Once Lily looked in the mirror, she let out a big, loud scream.

“Omg! How could they do this to me?” Lily said.

“Lily, Lils. Shh, it’s ok. I can fix it. Trust me. Sit down. We’ll get it all washed off and when I’m done, you’ll like what you see. I promise, on my honor as a Gryffindor. Trust me, I will get you back to normal.”

“Ok, Kate.” Lily said sitting down. Kate took out her wand and washed off all the make up and washed her face to get out all the oils from the make-up. Kate then had Lily lean her head over one of the sinks and Kate washed her hair out with some Pantene PRO-V Volumizer Shampoo and conditioner. Kate wrapped her hair up in a towel, led her to her chair again, and sat Lily down. Kate dried Lily’s hair with her wand and got to work on her friends hair. After she had finished with Lily’s hair, Kate started talking.

“So, any one you’re interested in?” she asked walking over to the counter by the sink to get out her make- up from her own cupboard above on of the five sinks. All the girls had their own and they had a special code to be open it- no one could go through other people’s things. Kate took out her big make-up bag and took out a few eye shadow colors, mascara, and eyeliner. Kate then walked over to Lily and started applying the make-up. Lily had no idea what Kate was putting on her but she had complete faith in her friend.

“It’s the beginning of the year.”

“So? Come on. You can tell me Lils.” Kate persisted.

“Well, I don’t know. Maybe Remus…”

“I knew it!” Kate said.

“Then why did you ask me?”

“Because I would have never gotten it out of you if I just said, ‘So you like Remus, hmmm?’” Kate said finishing up with they eye-shadow and started applying the eyeliner.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Lily asked skeptically.

“Of course! My mother taught me all of this stuff when she found out Hogwarts was co-ed. It was all ‘ Oh my little girl is growing up so fast!’ ‘Pretty soon boys will be crawling at your feet begging you to marry them!’. I nearly gagged myself it was so horrible.”

“It couldn’t have been that horrible.” Lily laughed.

“It was. Ok, done with the eyes. Now, for ze blush.” Kate said in a fake accent. “No fear, my dear, hey that rhymed! By the time I’m done Remus is going to be head over heels for you.” She continued in her accent.

“I highly doubt that.” Lily said.

“And why is that?”

“How could he like someone like me?”

“How could he not, Lils? You’re smart, pretty, funny, great listener, and let me tell you, that’s a major key for a good relationship.” Kate said smiling at her friend.

“Thank you Kate.” Lily said even though she didn’t believe what Kate had told her. But she knew that if she would keep saying that she didn’t think all that about herself Kate would keep insisting that it was true. Kate continued applying make-up to Lily. When she was done, She led Lily up to the mirror and Lily gasped. She looked….good. Her hair had been layered and straightened and the ends had an edgy look to them and were lying on her shoulders. Kate had applied light purple eye shadow to her eyelids, silver eyeliner, and clear mascara with glitter. She had also applied a light pink blush to Lily’s cheeks and a light pink lip gloss that tasted a bit like bubble gum.


“If you like it I know a charm that could keep your hair like that and if you want to use the make-up I put on your face you can borrow it anytime.”

“Thank you so much, Kate! Yes, I love my hair. What charm do you know?” Lily asked as Kate took out her wand.

“Some thing I found in a charm book at one of the book stores in Hogsmade. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I’ve practiced this charm a thousand times on myself and not once have I failed.”


Kate raised her wand and said, “Estilo Permanente” and small, white crystals came out of Kate’s wand and flew around Lily’s hair and made a small white headband with diamonds on it and placed it perfectly on Lily’s head so that two long strands were left framing Lily’s face.

“Thought I’d add a little something special, since we’ve been friends for so long and you’ve helped me with all my guy and family problems.” Kate said.

“Thank you Kate.” Lily said.

“Also, on the inside of the headband there is an inscription. “Mejores Brotes para siempre” which means ‘Best Buds Forever’. Sure enough, when Lily took out the headband and looked on the inside of the headband, there was the exact same message in scripted into the headbands by small green emeralds.

“Thank you, Kate!.” Lily said hugging her friend.

“It’s not a problem. Now tomorrow, I want you to really start talking to Remus. I was very proud of you today in the carriage. Very proud indeed.” Kate said laughing a bit. Lily smiled at her friend and walked out of the bathroom and into the dormitory and smiled even more when she saw the looks on Rachel and her cronies’ faces. Lily sat down in her bed and started writing in her journal. Next to Lily’s bed, Kate was lying on her back and staring up at the ceiling. She hadn’t told Lily about her letters to Matthew over the summer and how he had become relatively closer to her. In fact, she was beginning to think of him more than just as a friend. Kate turned on her side and slowly got up and climbed on Lily’s bed. Lily quickly closed her journal and looked up at her friend.

“What’s up?” Lily asked.

“I just wanted to tell you something.” Kate said.

“What would that be?”

“Well, during the summer Matthew and I wrote back and forth from each other. You know how everybody in the school thought we were going out?”

“Yeah, did you get that resolved?”

“Yeah, we figured out it was just a misunderstanding and that it was really Rachel and Matthew that were going out.”


“You could say that.”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“Well, as I said before, Matthew and I continued to write back and forth from each other. And ever since he broke up with Rachel, he’s been writing more often and now I want to think of him as more of a friend.”

“What? Kate, you can’t go out with Matthew! Rachel will make your life a living hell!”

“I know! That’s why I don’t know what to do!” Kate whispered fiercely.

“Well- what does he think of you?”

“I don’t know. He just seems….I don’t know.”

“Well, if you want to go out with him, you can. I’m not stopping you. So, tomorrow I really want you to start talking to Matthew.” Lily said mimicking Kate. Kate laughed and replied, “Thanks, Lils.”

“Not a problem.”

The two climbed into their own beds and closed the curtains around their beds and went to sleep. They were really excited about what the next day was going to bring them and they would find out if the guy they liked, liked them in return.


Chapter 6: Pushes and Plans Make the Perfect Plot
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The next morning, Lily awoke to a flash of light flowing into her bed blinding her sight waking her from her deep sleep. Lily squinted her eyes to see the shadowed figure of Kate.

“Wha?” Lily murmured

“Well this I rare. Me waking you up. You always have to wake me up. Oh well, Rachel woke me up when she was running around looking for her fake nail. Now get up- Remus should be down in the common room. If you hurry, you’ll be able to walk down with him.” Kate said walking back over to her bed and brushing her hair.

Lily grudgingly got out of her four-poster bed and trudged into the bathroom and quickly applied her make-up and got on her school uniform. She came out with her hair still in tact and the same make-up applied to her flawless face. Kate was already waiting for her- she was wearing her vest on top of the white button up shirt with parts of the white shirt visible and her knee socks were pulled up to their desired spot. Her hair was pulled back in a simple pony tail. Kate got up and followed Lily out of the dorm and down to the common room where Remus was fidgeting with Peter’s tie, Sirius was slumped over a fluffy red chair with his head lying in his palm, and James was spread out across the couch and staring blankly up at the ceiling. Remus finished working with Peter’s tie and bumped Sirius’s elbow so that he head fell off his hand and he jumped up in his spot looking around for the person who dared to disturb Sirius Black when he was sleeping. It’s a known fact- always let sleeping dogs lay.

“Who ‘dere? Who ‘dere?” he murmured.

“It’s time to go down for breakfast.” Remus said walking over to James and pulling the pillow out from under his head making James’ head hit the arm of the couch roughly. “Ow! What was that for, Moony?”

“It’s time to go.” Remus replied smirking mischievously.

Remus turned around to see the girls watching them and smiled politely. He had to get these two pranksters downstairs before they fell asleep again. Fortunately, Sirius and James had both stood up quickly and stood next to Remus looking at the girls. Their looks were making Lily so nervous that she looked down at the floor and could feel her face getting hot from embarrassment. When she looked back up again to look Remus in the face, she saw that James and Sirius had bumped Remus totally out of he picture and were focusing on her. They were both standing shoulder to shoulder; Sirius’ arms crossed over his chest and James’ hand combing through his untidy hair making it even more messier. They way James looked at Lily made her want to stalk right over there and slap him across the face-both of them.

‘Ugh, boys. So Immature.’ Lily thought.

“Well, I’m starving,” Kate said. “Ready to go downstairs? ”She said hoping the boys would want to walk down with them so Lily would have a chance to talk to Remus. Kate turned to Lily and mouthing ‘Talk to him!’.

“Uh…” Lily started nervously but then stopped when Kate rolled her eyes and dragged her friend out of the common room, leaving Sirius, James, and Remus watching her being pulled out of the common room. Lily smiled at Remus before exiting the common room.

“Wow.” James said standing by Sirius with his arms at his side and his smile wider than it had before.

“Yeah, she looked…wow” Sirius said stroking his strong jaw with a gentle finger.

“Don’t even think about it. She’s mine.” James said.

“I know, I know- I can look but I can’t touch.”

“No- you can’t even look.”

“Oh just shut it- both of you. We’re going to be late for breakfast.” Remus intervened.

James quickly picked up his book and chased after Lily and Kate, quickly followed by Sirius, Remus, and Peter.

“Oy! Evans!” James shouted.

Lily turned around so fast that a strand of her hair stuck to her lip-gloss and she hastily tucked it behind her hair.

“What now Potter?” she sneered.

“Well, I was just wondering if you needed an escort down to breakfast.” James said smirking and ruffling his hair again.

“No thank you, and even if I did, you would be the last person to do so.” Lily said glaring at James. His face fell and he glared at her, “Alright, Evans, no need to get defensive.”

At that same moment, Sirius, Remus, and Peter caught up with James. Kate grabbed Lily’s arm and pulled her to the Great Hall. Once they had sat down and made sure the boys were at the other end of the table, Kate started talking….again.

“Why didn’t you walk with James?” Kate whispered fiercely.

“Because I like Remus?” Lily asked hesitantly.

“Well, you could have walked with James to make Remus jealous.” Kate said.

“Why would I want to do that?” Lily asked confused. Kate stared blankly at Lily. Sure Lily was at the top of the Gryffindor class- but when it came to boys, she was hopeless (when it came to herself that is).

“What about James? Wouldn’t that hurt his feelings?”

Another blank stare. “Lily, my friend, think of all those times he’s played countless pranks on you and embarrassed you in front of the whole school. Don’t you think it’s time you returned the favor?”

“But I’m a prefect.” Lily started but Kate interrupted her before she could finish.

“So is Severus Snape but he’s worse than James. “Kate stopped talking, looked at her plate, and said, “I can’t believe I actually said that, but I did. Any ways, it would be great, you would embarrass James in front of the entire school and then get to go out with a great guy in the end. Man, that’s a good plan- if I do say so myself.”

“Yeah, you’re starting to sound like your mom.”

“Don’t. Say. That. Ever. Again.” Kate sneered through clenched teeth making Lily chuckle. “I’m sorry, Kate, I was just joking.”

“It’s ok. Now, we have to really think about this. Crap, now I sound like…like…Rachel.” Kate retorted making Lily laugh.

“We’ll talk about it the next time he plays a prank on me.” Lily said helping herself to some bacon.

“Fine” Kate said pretending to be disappointed.

At the other end of the table, we see the boys flinging bits of bacon at each other. “If you want points taken away, keep. It. up.” Remus said as bacon bits continually hit him square on the forehead. The boys promptly stopped and there was silence for a few moments.

“I think another prank on Evans will brighten up the day.” Sirius said. “Don’t you think so, Prongs?”

“Haven’t you played enough tricks on her?” Remus said before taking a bite of a crumpet.

“You can n-never play enough tricks.” Peter said quietly.

“Peter’s right! A prank on her and her friend will bring up everyone’s spirits.” Sirius said.

“Yeah, except the girls.” Remus said.

“Well- after what Lily said- I think a pranks in order.” James said.

“Well, then, what did Kate do?” Remus asked.

“Well, nothing really. I guess we could leave her out of it.” Sirius said.

“Ok, tonight in the astronomy tower, we’ll start making our plans.”

“Could we stop by the kitchen as well?” Sirius asked.

James stared blankly at his friend and said, “If we must.”

“Wicked.” Sirius said grinning.

The boys continued to eat their breakfast, after throwing one more bacon bit at Remus. Little did they know what Rachel and her cronies were planning outside in the hall.

“No, how can I get Remus to notice me?” Rachel asked pacing back and forth.

“I know! I could, uh, push you into him.” Elizabeth said.

“Ugh, that’s so immature!” Althea said fancying her nails.

“No, she’s right! One of you push me, and then I’ll fall and he’ll have to catch me! I’m brilliant!”

“But I-“ Elizabeth started but stopped when Althea mouthed ‘no’.

“A-and then, then I’ll write him an anonymous letter! It has to work! It’s infallible!” Rachel exclaimed. “Well, come on! We have to get working on this plan!”

“Class starts in five minutes, Rachel.” Althea said putting a hand on her hip.

“Well, then. After class, we’ll start planning it!” Rachel started walking off saying how “brilliant” she was leaving Althea and Elizabeth standing in the hall outside the Great Hall.

“It really doesn’t take that long to plan out when we’re going to push her into a guy. Why do we have to go?” Althea asked.

“I don’t know.” Elizabeth replied.

From the other end of the long hallway, Rachel shouted, “Are you two coming or what?” The two girls quickly followed their “leader” and headed to class.


Well, I know that was shorter than all my other chapters but meh, I gots lots of work to do ^_^. Yup yup yup. Anyhow, I hope you liked this chapter. I know Rachel’s, pardons me, “Rachel’s” plans sound really retarded, but let me explain first. So we were watching this video in health about a couple who swore to put off sex until after marriage and so they go around the country talking to teens about why they chose this and what impact it has on their lives. So the guy was talking ( and omg he is hilarious) and he was going over how as girls mature, we come up with different ways to attract boys’ attention. For example (these are his examples- I do not own them), in fourth grade we all gather in our little groups and go, “ooo so and so is really cute. How can we get his attention?”

“I know, a letter!”

“yeah, yeah, yeah!” and so they write a letter and give it to one of his friends or maybe him and walk off giggling.

In seventh grade, the girls all get in their little groups again and go,

“ oh, so and so’s really hott, how can I get his attention?”

“Oh I know, we’ll write a letter!”

“ugh, that’s so immature!”

“Oh I know, one of you push me into him!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” And so your friends push you into the guy. I wish I had friends like them (NOT!).

And nowadays, in high school, we girls think that to get a guys’ attention is to flaunt our body. WRONG ANSWER PAL! (literally- that’s what he said). And then he went on explaining why- but do you see why I put those two ideas in my story? Do give you- the readers- a sense of how thick Rachel is. She’s really think isn’t she?


Chapter 7: The Marauders' Embarassing Day
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After they finished breakfast, Kate and Lily made their way to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Lily was eager to see what the new teacher had in store for them, while Kate went on and on about how Lily should have walked down to the Great Hall with James. Once they climbed the stairs and walked down the hallway to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, Lily pushed open the door and walked into the room that looked like it was decorated by an old historian. Books lined the walls on dirty old shelves and there where a countless number of globes in many different shapes and sizes, and a big tapestry with a history of Hogwarts painted on it hung on a wall in the back of the classroom.

“Huh, what’s with all the maps?” Kate asked.

“No idea.” Lily said walking to the back of the room to study the tapestry more carefully. In the top left corner, she saw four portraits- one of each of the four founders of Hogwarts. She smiled up at the portrait of Godric Gryffindor. She could have sworn that the portrait that was painted on the old and tattered tapestry smiled down at her- like a Shepard watching one his little lambs. Lily then turned her attention to a small portrait of an all too familiar face more towards the bottom of the tapestry. Albus Dumbledore’s portrait looked at Lily over his half-moon glasses and smiled lovingly. Lily marveled at the detail of all the portraits- the amazing details of every wrinkle on the old man’s face to the vibrant and exciting colors. Kate’s voice brought Lily quickly back to the world.

“Lils? You want to sit down now?” she asked waving a hand in front of her friend’s face.

“Uh, yeah, sure. Wonder where the teacher is.” Lily said sitting down in a seat next to Kate.

After a few minutes of waiting, and talking, the door to the classroom opened and a small, skinny old man trudged into the classroom, balancing a pile of books on his hip. His spectacles were pushed sloppily to the edge of his nose; he wore a red vest over a white cotton shirt and had brown slacks. Rachel and her cronies laughed at his clothes to themselves in the back of the room. His robe flared out behind him as he made his way to the front of the classroom.

“Good morning, class.” He said in a loud, booming voice. For such a small man, he had a loud voice.

“Good morning, Professor.” The class responded monotonously.

“I am Professor McDaniel. I come from Ireland and I worked as a Ministry official for many years. Now, excuse me if I forget your names. Age, it seems, is finally taking its toll on me and I find myself forgetting things that I was once able to remember.” He began reading the names of the students, pronouncing a few names wrong here in there. “Now, can someone tell me what your last teacher went over last year?” he said pushing his spectacles up over the bridge of his nose.

Lily rose her hand and waited as the professor turned his attention to her.

“Yes, miss…”

“Evans, sir, Lily Evans.”

“Yes, Miss Evans?”

“Well, sir, we studied the Unforgivables.”

“Really, now?”

“Yes, sir.”

“That’s tough stuff.” He gave a chuckle. “It seems the educational system has certainly changed since I was a little lad.”

The doors to the classroom suddenly burst open and James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter barged loudly into the room. From her spot, Lily tucked some lose strands behind her ear and flashed a smiled at Remus, who in return, smiled back politely. Lily’s insides went numb. ‘He noticed me,’ she thought happily to herself.

“Excuse us, Professor.” James said smirking. “We ran into a small problem on our way to class.”

“Which,” Sirius cut in, “we were eager to get to.”

“I’m sure you were.” Professor McDaniel replied curtly. “Being late on the first day does not look good for you boys.”

“Well, that certainly is a shame, don’t you say Prongs?”

“Sure is.”

“If you boys would kindly sit down, Miss. Evans will kindly tell us more about the Unforgivables.”

“Will she now?” Sirius asked loudly.

James laughed. “Shut-up Padfoot let the girl speak.”

“If you boys are asking to receive detention then kindly keep it up. What are your names?”

“I,” Sirius said standing up so that the whole class could see him, “Am Sirius Black. Born of the Black household 1959- a glorious day if I might add.”

“And I,” James said standing up, “am James Potter. Also born in 1959- but into the great Potter household.”

Remus sat in his chair his face hidden in his palms with his elbows leaning on his desk.

“Thank you for that brief history of your life young misters. But I am afraid that now you have disrupted my class, you will have to serve detention.”

“Alright then,” James started. “We’ll see you around seven?”

“Or eight?” Sirius suggested.

“It doesn’t matter to us,” James finished.

“See me after class to arrange a time. Miss Evans, if you’ll so kindly tell us about those curses.”

“Do tell, Evans.” James said from the back of the classroom.

Lily ignored them and began to explain. “First, there is the Imperius Curse. The person who cast the spell is then able to control that person’s movements. Like say, if the person who cast the spell wishes for the person under control to dance the cha cha- he’ll have the ability to make him do that.”

“Very good, Miss Evans.” McDaniel praised. “What other curses did you learn about last year?”

“There was the Avada Kadavra- the killing spell.”

“It’d suck to be that person!” Sirius yelled, high fiving James. The class, besides Lily, McDaniel, and Kate, erupted into fits of laughter.

“Mr. Black, Mr. Potter, if you would kindly approach the front of the room.”

“Anything for you, Professor.” Sirius said smirking. He and James stood up and walked to the front of the class. As James passed Lily, he nodded his head towards her in acknowledgement. Lily returned his nod with a glare. When the boys reached the front of the room, McDaniel stood next to them and started to talk.

“Back in Ireland we had a little game for the troublemakers in the class.”

“Well, it certainly is an honor to be a part of this little game, Professor.” James boasted.

“Yes, please enlighten us with the rules.” Sirius nodded in agreement.

“There are no rules gentlemen.” McDaniel replied.

“I like this game.” James said smiling stupidly.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Now, back in Ireland, when students misbehaved, teachers would bring them up to the front of the class and let students ask them about the lesson. Since it’s merely the first day, I thought we’d review your last term. Miss Evans, will you please ask them a question from your last term?” McDaniel said.

“Of course.” Lily said perking up. She knew very well, as did the rest of the class, that James and Sirius never paid enough attention in class to come out knowing what they had learned in class. They didn’t even take notes either. “Potter- when a person is cursed by the Crutio spell, what happens to them?”

“Well, that’s easy, Miss Evans.” James responded. “You see,” James started turning to McDaniel, “they uh…”James froze and rubbed the back of his neck thoughtfully and stopped talking. The class started to chuckle at James. Sirius laughed, “Prongs- that’s an easy one!”

“Then please, Mr. Black, explain to the class.”

“Certainly. You see, you get……hurt.” The class erupted into fits of laughter; Kate and Lily had to fight to keep the tears of laughter from coming out.

“I believe the class already knows that, Mr. Black. But if you aren’t having fun with this game- please sit down.” McDaniel said smiling.

“I don’t like this game.” Sirius said following James back to their spot where Remus was laughing at their misfortune. They sat down and shut-up for the remainder of the class-which was very rare. Lily sat back and enjoyed the class thoroughly without any interruptions from the back of the classroom.


After class, Lily and Kate walked up to the Gryffindor common room to get their books for the next class and to take a break (since the Gryffindors had this period free). Once they got to their room, they were relieved to see that the other girls weren’t there. Kate plopped down on her bed as Lily placed her books neatly on her desk.

“I like the new teacher. He’s cool. He’s definitely better than Miss Anderson. Ugh, I hated her.” Kate said.

“Yeah, finally a teacher who can deal with those two pranksters.”

“Yeah, ‘bout time.”

“What did you think about the essay topics he assigned us?”

Kate groaned before saying, “I’d rather not write an essay but otherwise I think they’re good topics to write on, ya know?”

“I’m going to do the ones on werewolves. I’m fascinated by them.”

“Why?” Kate asked her friend sitting up.

“Well, I don’t know. Why are you always fascinated with boys?”

“Because I’m a girl. It’s my job.”

“Not all girls are obsessed with boys as much as you are.”

“Well- I. Ooo, Touché, my friend, touché.” Kate said smiling.

Lily continued to organize her desk and then began on her essay as Kate laid on her bed talking about how they were going to get Remus to notice Lily. After about five minutes after Kate suggested going to Hogsmade with him, the door to their room opened and Rachel and her friends walked in.

“So, Lily, I see you didn’t like our make-over.” Rachel sneered. Kate sat up in her bed as Lily replied, “It wasn’t me. Kate helped me pick out the style I needed.” Rachel looked over at Kate, who waved politely, and turned back to Lily.

“Well, if you want to look like that, fine.”

“I do.”

“Alright, but don’t come crying back to me when you don’t get any dates.” Rachel said storming off.

“We won’t need to worry about that then.” Kate said.

“What. Did. You. Say?” Rachel sneered turning around.

“I said,” Kate said getting off her bed and walking to stand in front of Rachel, “that we won’t need to worry about that because she already has a date.”

Lily snapped her head up and walked over by Kate and whispered, “I do?” Kate turned around and smiled, “Yes, you do.”

“With who?” Rachel asked.

“With Remus.” Kate replied turning to Rachel.

“Remus!?!” Lily and Rachel shouted. Rachel eyed Lily suspiciously as Lily said, “Y-yes, Remus. Remus is my date to Hogsmade.”

“Right- now if you’ll excuse us,” Kate said pulling Lily towards the door and down to the common room where James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter were sitting. They stopped at the foot of the stairs and Kate whispered, “Alright, ask to speak to him and private. Then you ask him. Don’t get nervous- be cool. Be yourself.”

“Kate I-“ Lily started.

“SHHH! Ask him now!” Kate gave Lily a little shove and walked behind her.

“Er, Remus?” Lily asked.

Remus turned his head, smiled at Lily and said, “Yes, Lily?”

“Could I speak to you in private? Like in the Great Hall? Or something…”

“Sure, actually, I meant to tell you, Dumbledore wanted to speak to us during break. So we can talk on our way there.”

Lily was shocked and pleased. “Great! Uh, you want to go now?”

“Yeah.” Remus said as Lily walked next to him out of the common room.

“Hey, Hannigan, what was that about?” Sirius asked.

“That’s none of your business, Black” she said.

“Let’s follow them.” James said getting up.

“Not…so fast!” Kate said pulling out her wand.”

Sirius scoffed, “Hannigan, Hannigan, it’s two to one. What chance do you have?”

Kate smirked and shouted, “Accio wands!” and quickly James and Sirius’ wands flew out of their hands and into hers.

“You were saying?”

“We were, uh, just sitting down.” Sirius said as they both sat on the couch.

“This is a great day.” James said sarcastically.

“Yeah, imagine being embarrassed in front of the class and then being beaten by a girl. The horror of it all.” Kate said smirking mischievously.

Chapter 8: Pink Hair Plots Plans into Padfoot's Pink Head
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After Remus had escorted Lily out of the common room, he quietly anticipated what she wanted to tell him. It had been a few minutes since they had left and she still hadn’t said anything. Remus was getting curious about what she was going to ask him and had to grab her attention before they reached Dumbledore’s office.

“Lily? Are you ok? You said you wanted to ask me something.” Remus said.

Lily snapped her head up and smiled weakly. “Uh…yes. Actually. Um, I just had to ask you a question. And uh, well, Iwaswonderingifmaybebutyoudon’thavetoifyoudon’twanttogotoHogsmadewithmethisweekend.” Lily said all at once. (Translation: I was wondering if maybe, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to, go to Hogsmade with me this weekend.)

“Whoa, whoa, Lily. Slow down, please. Now what did you ask, slower, please?” Remus said smiling politely.

“Well, I was wondering, that, well, it’d be cool if we got together this weekend at Hogsmade and go to the Halloween Dance Dumbledore is having us prepare.”

“And get our costumes at Hogsmade?” Remus asked.

“Yes,” Lily said wringing her hands together nervously. Sure, she was a big feminist but when it came to boys…

Remus stopped walking, as did Lily, and stared down into her dazzling green eyes. He lifted up her chin with strong, but gentle fingers so that she was able to look into his crystal blue eyes. He smiled and said, “I’d love to.”

Lily smiled, jumped up, and gave him a hug. Remus, who was taken back by the sudden rush of excitement on Lily’s part, returned the hug. Lily released Remus from her arms and smiled up at Remus. Remus smiled and slipped his hand in hers, interlocking his strong fingers her long, slender ones. They walked the rest of the way to Dumbledore’s office.


Kate had kept Sirius and James in the common room for a good five minutes and she was debating with herself whether or not to release the two.

‘Lily has probably asked him by now, don’t you think?’ she thought to herself. The boys were sitting upright on the couch with their eyes on the three wands in Kate’s hand. Kate had all three in one hand and she was resting her elbow on her leg (since she had sat down on a chair in front of the boys) with her chin resting in her palm.

‘Yeah, so I could probably let them go…they’ve had enough for the day……Nah. I think I’ll hold them here for a little longer. This is kind of fun.’ She smiled at her thoughts and sat back in her chair. She stared at the boys mischievously. Another devious plan had crossed her mind: pick hair + boys=genius plan. The boys glanced at each other nervously as Kate sat back in her chair crossing her arms over her chest.

“So, Hannigan. H-how’s life been...treating…you?” Sirius said nervously glancing at the wands. All Kate could do was smile. She stood up and grinned at the boys.

“Now, Hannigan, before you get any ideas...” James said getting up along with Sirius.

“Yeah, w-we were just k-kidding when we said we were going to follow Evans and Moony” Sirius said.

“Potter and Black afraid of a girl? Excuse me while I bask in the glory of the moment.” Kate replied smirking

“Puh-lease don’t do anything unnatural to us?” James said falling on his knees. Sirius followed and they both clasped their hands together in front of Kate’s face pleadingly.

Kate was taken back by their pleads but still had to do what no other girl had done before. Turn the Marauder’s beloved dark locks of hair…into pretty pink locks. Kate raised her wand and pointed it at the boys.

“Pelo Rosa!” she shouted.

Immediately, pink, silky strands flew out of Kate’s wand and danced around the boys’ heads magically. They sprung up and tried pushing the strands away but really they were actually waving at air. Peter sat in his chair gaping at the sight. Kate had fallen over on the floor clutching her sides from laughing so hard. She had also put a spell on them that couldn’t make them hide their…ahem…lovely pink hair. They boys ran upstairs in hopes of figuring out ways to get their hair back- leaving Kate laughing on the floor of the common room.


Lily and Remus had reached their destination hand in hand. They stopped at the statue that held stairs leading up to Dumbledore’s office behind it. They ascended the stairs where they received a warm welcome from Dumbledore. Lily looked around the room and saw Severus Snape, a boy they had met earlier on the train ride, with his arm around the shoulders of a skinny, pale Slytherin girl Narcissa Malfoy. Severus smirked smugly at them sending shivers up and down Lily’s spine. Snape always gave her the creeps. There were also the prefects from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw and the Head Boy and Girl present in the room.

“Please sit down. First, I would like to thank you all for being here. I know it is hard to have a meeting on the first day of term, but I’m sure you’ll be able to bear with me for an few minutes.” Dumbledore started looking each and everyone of the students in the eye. “As you might already know, I have arranged for the prefects and Head Boy and Girl to help decorate, prepare the food and snacks, the theme, etcetera, etcetera. I will now let Barbara and Rob explain to you your duties.”

“Right, as Dumbledore said, we are in charge. But you will also have some responsibilities as well. We’re not doing al the work.” Barbara, the Head Girl explained.

“We have copied out handouts for you. The handouts will explain what your duties will be and there will be a simple paragraph under your duty explaining what you are to do. We will now hand those out.” Rob, the Head Boy said.

The handouts were passed out and the prefects were excused. Lily and Remus held their packets in one hand as they held each others’ hand in the other. They walked happily back to the common room only to find Kate sprawled out on the floor laughing her head off. Lily eyed her friend suspiciously and walked over to her, followed by Remus.

“Kate? Kate, honey, are, are you ok?” Lily said bending down by her friend.”

“Boys…pink…hair.” Kate managed to choke out. Remus sprinted up the stairs to the boys’ dorm. Lily heard loud laughing followed by Remus noisily coming down the stairs.

“What happened?” Lily asked.

“Kate, apparently, turned their hair pink and now they can’t get it back.” Remus said laughing

Kate stood up, walked over to Remus, laughing of course, opened his hand and placed the two wands in his hand and closed it. She stumbled up to her room, with Lily behind her in case she fell over from laughter, and collapsed on the bed.

“Kate, how could you?” Lily asked shocked and upset at her friend.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.” Kate straightened herself up and walked over to Lily. “ So how did it go with Remus?”

Lily smiled up at her friend and hugged her. “Apparently it went well.” Kate said laughing while returning Lily’s hug.

“It was great, Kate, you should have been there.”

“Tell me everything.”

They both sat on Lily’s bed as Lily began telling her how Remus replied to her request to go to Hogsmade and Halloween dance. They laughed and laughed until it was time for bed. As they shut their curtains around their beds, Rachel sat up in her and whispered, “So that’s how she wants to play. So be it.”


Remus stood quietly in the common room clutching the two wands in his hand. He had to admit, what Kate did was pretty funny. His thoughts were interrupted as Sirius yelled down at him, “ Are you coming Moony?”

“Yeah!” he yelled back up.

He turned around and climbed the stairs up to his room and thought of only one beautiful face. Lily’s. He smiled as he thought of her emerald eyes. This year wasn’t going to be as bad as he thought it was. Now that he had Lily anyways.


Chapter 9: Ummm.....Chapter 9?
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The first week of the term had flown by so quickly that it left all the first years dazed and confused. Piles of books piled up in dorm rooms and trash bins were overflowed with crumpled up pieces of parchment. The fifth and seventh years got an average of four to seven hours of sleep each night- including weekends. Tests were coming up the following week and many were already falling behind. In the fifth year girls’ dorm, quills and Potions textbooks were thrown carelessly on the floor. There were numerous times this week after dinner and during breaks where the girls found themselves falling asleep working on their assignments, finding themselves late to their classes, and hardly having anytime to eat (much to Kate’s disappointment) besides eating a quick breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For the Quidditch players, it was worse. They had practice almost every evening from dawn until midnight, leaving them with four extra hours to complete their homework after a grueling practice in the hott sun or in the rain, depending on the circumstances. But did the teachers sympathize? No. In fact, when Professor McDaniel found out about the four essays they had been assigned over the past few days, he thought it would be “fun” to give a pop quiz on the four symptoms of werewolf bites. Even James and Sirius had forgotten about their late night meeting in the Astronomy Tower to plan a prank on the girls. They were too busy trying to hide their pink hair.

Friday, they went up to Professor McGonagall one day after class to see if she could transfer their pink hair back to their original ‘gorgeous locks’, as they said.

“What pink hair? I don’t see pink hair. ” the professor replied looking curiously at the boys over her spectacles.

The boys smiled (without looking at each other) then went running out of the class room whooping and shouting that their hair was back to normal. Kate and Lily had been standing in the classroom, too, so that they could see what Professor McGonagall would say. McGonagall saw the girls smiling in the classroom and winked at them. The three of them knew that the boys’ hair was still bright pink and that it seemed to be getting pinker everyday. Lily was surprised that they didn’t try wearing a hat so that they could hide it, although she later found out that Kate had put a spell on their hair so that they couldn’t hide it.

“Kate, I think you really need to change their hair back. It’s been long enough.” Lily said later at lunch.

Kate looked over at the boys who were sullenly eating their lunch while Remus and Peter sat in silence. “Fine.” She said taking out her wand. She muttered the reverse spell and the pink and silvery strands flew over to James and Sirius’ heads and turned their hair back, the two boys not noticing. Remus and Peter sat back in their spots as the strands twirled around their clueless friends changing their hair back. Remus looked over at Lily and Kate to see that Kate was now the one eating her lunch sullenly. Lily looked up to see Remus and smiled. She never had a lot of time to see him during the week with homework. The only time she saw him was when they had prefect duties. Remus smiled back and turned back to his friends, smiling at their stupidity.

“What? What’s wrong now, Moony? Is our hair that amusing?” Sirius sneered.

“No, I like it.”

“Shut-up.” James said.

“It’s a nice shade of black.” Remus started again.

“I said shut” James started but then stopped and turned to Sirius. They both jumped backwards in their seat and shook each others’ hands. They then continued filling their plates and stuffing their faces, happier than they had been all week. Five minutes after the joyous discovery of their normal hair color, Rachel, Elizabeth, and Althea came over to their end of the table. Lily saw them walking over and stiffened. She knew Rachel was trying to get Remus to go out with her. As Rachel sat down next to Remus, he pretended to not care.

“Hi, Remi. Congrats on the date. I heard all about it.”

Remus shot his head up at this. He knew he was going out with Lily but he didn’t know they were going to be blabbing about it all over the school. “You did?”

“Yeah, she told her big-mouth friend and they were both squealing about it like little girls. Quite immature, really.” Remus calmed down a bit- he knew that Kate wouldn’t lie to Lily like that. As far as he knew, they both kept each others’ secrets.

“Why is she such a big-mouth if you just overheard them?” Remus asked.

“Anyways, I was wondering, in case that doesn’t work out, you can always come to me.” Rachel said stroking Remus’ hand. Remus pulled his hand away and set it in his lap. James and Sirius put their goblets down and watched Rachel hitting on their friend. Rachel smirked at Remus, who was looking straight ahead, leaned over, and kissed the edge of Remus’ ear. Remus scooted away quickly, got up, and left the Great Hall leaving Rachel as smug as a kitten on a rug.

James and Sirius got up and followed Remus out of the Great Hall and up to the Gryffindor common room up the stairs to their dorm. Remus sat down on his bed as Sirius closed the door behind him when James asked, “What was she talking about, Moony? Who are you going to the dance with?”

“Is she hott?” Sirius asked.

“And why didn’t you tell us about her before?” James finished.

“Be quiet!” Remus shouted standing up. “I’m going to the ball with Lily. She asked me and I said yes.”

Both James and Sirius stood silently before their friend taking in what he had just said.

“I’m sorry, what?” James asked.

“I said, Lily and myself are a couple.”

James stood confused as Sirius started laughing and said, “That’s great, Moony. It’s about time you got yourself a girl. Even if it is Evans. Hahahahaha, I never thought I’d be saying that.” Sirius shook hands with Remus as Remus replied, “er…Thanks, Padfoot.”

“Uh, yeah, Moony, that is great. You got yourself a great girl.” James said shaking Remus’ hand.

“Uh-oh, is ickle Jamsiekins jealous?” Sirius said.

“What? Who you calling jealous?”


“I am not jealous! Can’t a guy be happy for his friend? That’s what I am….happy! Well, I am!” James shouted as his friends looked doubtfully at him. “Can we just go to class?”

“Whoa, never have those words been uttered by that mouth. Someone is jealous.” Sirius whispered to Remus.

“Shut-up, prat.” James said as Remus laughed.

“Don’t call me a prat, doof.”

“Ooh, nice come back prat.”

“You too, dickhead.”

“Will you too just shut-up?” Remus intervened. “Listen, James, if me dating Lily is a problem for you, just say so.”

“It’s not a problem! Why does everybody think I have a problem with it?”

“Because you have a problem with it.” Sirius said simply.

“No I don’t! Leave me alone!” James said storming out of the common room. Sirius started going after his friend but Remus held him back. “Give him time to cool off.”

“Ok, let’s go find Lily, I’d like to congratulate her on a job well done.”

“Um, that won’t be necessary, Padfoot.” Remus said nervously. Lily wasn’t exactly what you would say fond of Sirius.

“Nonsense. Let’s go find her.”

Sirius walked out of the common room followed by Remus as they made their way down to the Great Hall again. On their way down, they ran into Lily and Kate. Lily looked upset, as did Kate, and they were both silent. Lily looked up to see Remus. Remus frowned when he wasn’t greeted by the same warm smile that usually greeted him. Remus frowned as he walked closer to Lily.

“Lily? What’s wrong?” Remus asked.

“I saw Rachel talking to you.” Lily responded softly.

Remus’ stomach did a double flip. Uh-oh, she saw Rachel hitting on him. How was he going to explain? “Luckily”, Sirius stepped in.

“My friend, Moony here, is only guilty of one thing.”

Both Remus and Lily looked at Sirius.

“And that is loving you too much. I saw what Rachel was doing to Remus. It’s Rachel you should be mad at. Remus pulled away from her.”

Remus smiled gratefully at his friend and turned back to Lily. Lily smiled and said, “I should have known better. I’m sorry I ever thought about being mad at you.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry for*****” Remus said taking Lily’s hands in his own and hugging her to his strong chest. Lily wrapped her arms around his waist and smiled. She knew Remus wasn’t like James or Sirius. He was gentle and kind and made her feel protected. Sirius stood next to Kate and smiled at his friend. He looked over at Kate and smiled.

“Hi.” He said, raising one of his eyebrows, one of his trademark moves that “always” got the ladies swooning over him.

“Don’t think so, Black.” Kate said still looking at Lily and Remus.

“I was just hoping we could become friends. I mean, our best friends are dating now. We should be on good terms, too.”

“Alright. Friends” Kate said holding out her hand as Sirius shook it. “I’m sure James feels the same way, he’s busy at the moment.”

“Right. I was wondering why he wasn’t with you.”

The four all headed up to the Gryffindor common room, Lily and Kate going back to their room and Sirius and Remus going back to theirs. Later that night, as the girls were sitting in the common room, Matthew walked up to Kate and Lily, sitting down in a chair next to Kate.

“Hey, I haven’t seen you for a while. Just passing by in the halls.”

“I know, I’m sorry, Matthew. How have you been?” Kate said apologetically.

“It’s ok, I know you’ve been busy. Oh and Lily, congrats on you and Remus.”

“Thanks.” Lily said blushing and disappearing behind her book.

“I’ve been good. Listen, I was wondering if maybe you’d want to go to the Halloween Ball with me. We could go to Hogsmade tomorrow for our costume.”

“That sounds great!” Kate said smiling furiously.

“Really? Y-you’ll go with me?”


“Also, I was, kind of hoping that we could continue going out after the dance. Like…as a couple.”

“I would love that, Matthew, I really would.” Kate said.

“Great, well, it’s late, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye.” Kate said.

Matthew waved bye to the girls as he walked up to his room.

Kate smiled. This was going to be the best year ever. She had a feeling. She smiled at Lily and went back to work on her Potions essay.


Well, I hope you liked it. I have a bunch of asterisks by something Remus said because I got it from Lord of the Rings, Aragorn said it to Legolas. Yup. Well, see you later and please review!

Chapter 10: Yay! Chapter 10!
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Saturday. The first Hogsmeade trip of the year. A right of passage for third years. Excitement crept over them like it did a child on Christmas morning. Oh, the places to go! What would Zonko’s have in store for them? And would the new model of broomstick, Comet 450, be in stock? Nobody knew what exactly what was going to happen or who was all going to be there. The dormitories were bustling with students, mainly girls, ok, it was all girls. While the boys were curled up in the fetus position, blankets covering and protecting them from the chilly October wind, the girls were running around their dorms looking for articles of clothing, make-up, and any female necessities they might need to get ready for the outing. Kate and Lily were purely sitting in Lily’s corner of the room. While Kate was sprawled out on the bed with books and parchment in front of her, Lily was sitting up straight in a chair, working fixedly on her essay for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Even though their personalities contrasted each other significantly, it was clear that their friendship would last throughout the ages.

The girls had talked with Matthew and Remus the evening before to make their plans for the Hogsmeade trip. They intended on meeting in the common room at noon. And it was already a quarter past eleven. But since they had plenty of time and weren’t planning on getting ready until eleven thirty, they decided to work on any unfinished homework they had. Rachel, Althea, and Elizabeth were all running around the dormitory making sure that their hair , make-up, and outfits were picture perfect for their dates. Rachel was to be going with the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, Casey Kavanagh, Althea was going with a sixth year Hufflepuff, Cahan Brogan and Elizabeth was going with a sixth year Gryffindor, Hagan Kendrick.

“I have three guises for a banshee so far, but Professor McDaniel said to name four guises on the assignment sheet but it’s not in the book.” Kate said through a furrowed brow as she flipped through the pages of her tattered Defense Against the Dark Arts textbook.

Lily looked up at Kate, rubbing her sore neck as she did, and said, “Well, if you were paying attention instead of doodling on your parchment, you would have heard him tell us the fourth disguise in class yesterday.”

“Well? What is it?” Kate said perking up a bit and placing the stained tip of her quill by her parchment prepared to write what Lily dictated to her.

“I’m not going to tell you. You’re going to have to look it up yourself.”

“Liiiiily.” Kate whined rolling over on her back and sticking out her bottom lip and batting her eyelashes. “Please? For me?”

“No. Tomorrow you can go to the library. Right now you have to get me ready for the Hogsmeade trip.” Lily said knowing that it would make her friend feel better.

“You mean for your date?” a voice said. Lily and Kate turned to see Rachel and her faithful disciples behind her.

“Duh.” Kate whispered under her breath making Lily smirk at her friend.

“What was that Hannigan?” Rachel sneered.

“What was what?” Kate asked innocently.

“Never mind that. Now, Lily.” Rachel said turning towards Lily, “You’re in need of a make-over? We’d be happy to help you out.”

“Yeah, since you did a great job last time.” Kate muttered. Lily turned around to her comrade and gave her the famed “Don’t-mess-with-them-it-will-only-get-you-in-trouble” look. Kate held up her hands defensively and mouthed, “What?”

“Anyways, how about it, Lily?” Rachel asked ignoring Kate, who was now mocking Rachel by screwing up her face and making silly faces and mouthing whatever Rachel said.

“Uh…no, that’s ok. Kate already has my outfit…”Lily started as she turned around. She stopped when she saw Kate making faces. Kate stopped when she realized Lily looking at her. Lily cocked an eyebrow as Kate put her hand in front of her mouth and coughed, “Rachel” so only Lily could comprehend her. “Like, I was saying…” Lily started again turning around to face Rachel, “Kate already has it all planned out.”

“Her?” Rachel asked disbelievingly pointing at Kate.

“Yes. I mean since she did such a wonderful job last time.” Lily said raising her chin up a little bit.

“Way to tell ‘em, Lily.” Kate said patting her friend on the back. “Way to tell ‘em.”

Rachel scoffed and said, “Whatever” before storming past the two, quickly followed by Althea and Elizabeth. They walked out of the dorm room, slamming the door on their way out, leaving Kate and Lily to get ready in peace. They went into the bathroom to apply their make-up and do their hair. Well, Kate was the one who would be doing the hair and make-up for Lily, since Lily was no expert in that specific area. First Kate applied a light-weight, porcelain colored moisturizer to Lily’s face. After making sure that it was all blended in completely, making Lily’s skin looking healthy and radiant, Kate then applied a light purple eye shadow on Lily’s eye lids. After applying black eyeliner and clear mascara, Kate brushed on a rosy, pink blush onto Lily’s cheeks. After applying a light pink lip gloss, Kate got to work on Lily’s hair.

“How would you like your hair?” Kate asked combing her fingers through Lily’s hair pulling it back in a pony tail and then letting the hair fall onto Lily’s shoulders.

“Well, it’s gotten wavy again and I really liked it straight. Maybe we could straighten it and pull it in a half-pony tail.”

“Well, who knew that you were the hair professional? That’s what we’ll do then.” Kate said laughing and getting out her wand.

“Not quite as professional as you.” Lily said smirking.

Kate turned around from the bathroom counter holding a bottle of hair spray and said, “Well, yeah, true.” Kate held the tip of her wand by Lily’s hair and shouted, “Pelo recto!” Blue and silver strands and glittery stars the size of the point of a needle flew majestically out of Kate’s wand and settled themselves in Lily’s hair. Almost immediately, Lily’s hair straightened, thanks to the help of the blue, silvery strands and stars. Kate shook the bottle of hairspray and then sprayed it all over Lily’s hair, some getting in Lily’s mouth.

“Ugh, Kate, I thought it would hold automatically.”

“It will. This is just hair fragrance. It makes your hair smell pretty.”

“Will he be smelling my hair?” Lily asked confused.

“You never know with boys. You always have to smell good around them.”


Kate finished with Lily’s hair and got ready herself while Lily picked out an outfit. Kate applied the same moisturizer she put on Lily, she put a light purple eye shadow on her lids, a white eyeliner on the bottom of her eyes, and a purple mascara on her lashes. She applied a pink shimmer to her cheeks and a light pink lipstick to her lips. After straightening her hair and pulling it back in pig tails, and putting a headband on, she went out to see what Lily had picked out. The only problem was, Lily had been having such a hard time picking out an outfit that she was standing in front of her bed, with all the clothes that Lily possessed thrown about on her bed, staring at them and thinking intently as if debating on what to wear.

“Pick something yet?” Kate asked bringing Lily back to the world.

“Almost.” Lily said going back to her clothes.

“Here, let me pick something out for you.” Kate said coming over and standing by Lily. After going through the clothes on Lily’s bed, Kate could only pick out a pair of dark blue flares and a white shirt with long sleeves that flared out at the ends. “Hmmm,” Kate said thinking.

“What? This outfit seems fine.” Lily said.

“It needs something…”


Kate went over to her dresser and pulled out a pink vest to go over the white shirt. She held it up for Lily to see and asked, “What do you think?”

“It looks great.” Lily said. It was a quarter till noon and she was getting nervous about her date with Remus. Lily’s insides froze. Date. She thought. I’m going on a date.

“You ok, Lils? You look kind of pale.” Kate asked lowering the vest and looking at her friend through worried eyes.

“Yeah,” Lily said smiling. “It’s just that, I’m going on my first date.”

“You excited?” Kate said smiling.


“I remember my first date- I was thrilled.” Kate said.

“Really?” Lily asked hoping her friend was trying to boost her confidence.

“Yeah. You’ll do good, Lily. I know it.”

“Thank you.”

“Right, now go get changed- I still have to pick out my outfit.”

Kate handed Lily the vest, shirt, and pants as Lily headed into the bathroom. Kate went over to her dresser and pulled out blue jean flares, a button up, 3 quarter length black blouse, and put on some tennis shoes. Lily came out of the bathroom shortly after Kate finished dressing.

“Ready?” Kate asked.

“I guess…” Lily started.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Plus, it’s Remus. He’s a great guy.” Kate reassured Lily.

“What about you? Are you nervous?”

“A bit. But Matthew’s just as nice as Remus, if not nicer. So, I’m trying not to be so nervous.”

Kate and Lily took a deep breath and walked down the stairs into the Gryffindor common room where Remus and Matthew were waiting on the couch. They were at different ends of the couch, talking quietly to each other. When Remus saw Lily come down, he froze. Wow. He thought. She’s beautiful. Remus slowly pushed himself up, which was hard since his knees were now shaking so much that it was hard to stand still. Slowly he walked over to Lily, gave her a big hug, and whispered softly in her ear, “You look great, Lily.”

Lily blushed, returned the hug, and said, “Thank you, you look good too.” Remus laughed. “Thank you Lily, shall we go?” he said holding out his arm for Lily to take. Matthew and Kate shared a hug as well and interlaced their fingers and walked next to Remus, who had his arm around Lily’s waist, and Lily, who had her arm around Remus’ shoulders.

“So, Kate, what do you think we should go as for the Halloween ball?” Matthew asked as soon as they were walking down the long, grassy hill to the gates leading into the small, magical village of Hogsmeade. “Well, I was thinking maybe we could go as a famous Muggle couple. Peter Allen and Liz Minelli.” Kate said wrapping both her arms around Matthew’s waist. Lily’s eyes widened. What happened to her usually shy friend? And where did she get the courage to do that?

Matthew wrapped both his arms around Kate’s shoulders and said, “Mind telling me who they are? Please?” Remus studied Matthew’s moves. How does he do that? He asked himself. Hell, how do James and Sirius do it? Stupid question, Remus.

“Well, Peter Allen is a song writer from Australia. He’s known for wearing Hawaiian shirts and tap dancing. And Liza Minelli is a singer, better known as Judy Garland’s daughter.” Kate explained.

“I don’t have to tap dance do I?” Matthew asked smiling down at the laughing Kate. “No, but you do have to wear a Hawaiian shirt.” She said bumping her hip against his (A/N: you know, the sides bumping into each other- kind of like a push fight with the hips- nothing sexual- I swear). Lily’s mouth opened in shock. She quickly snapped it shut as Remus asked, “What do you think we should go as, Lils?” Lils, he called me Lils. She thought dreamily to herself.

“Well, Sonny and Cher appeal to me.”

“I’m not very accustomed to Muggle groups, who are they again?” Remus asked.

“Very popular Muggle duet, like you said.”

“Ah, I should have guessed. So, what kind of clothes do they wear?”

“You’ll see.”

“Should I be scared?”

“With Lily you should always be scared.” Kate said laughing and sticking her tongue out playfully at Lily.

“Oh hush, this coming from the girl who falls out of her own bed.” Lily said sticking her tongue out at Kate.

“* gasp * Lily! That was low!” Kate said putting a hand over her heart as if Lily had really hurt her.

They were all laughing as they entered Hogsmeade. They stopped in the main entrance and looked around. Students were bustling all over the place, looking for somewhere to hide from the chilly wind. The foursome was able to tell what students third years- for they were the most excited. The only people they missed were James, his date Midge, Sirius, and his date (who was hanging on his arm) June. Once James spotted Lily with Remus, his smile was wiped off his face like unwanted words wiped off a dry erase board.

“Where should we go first?” Remus asked as a few fourth years pushed past him on their way back up to the castle.

“Well, should we go to Madame Puddifoots to look for our costumes? Just to get it out of the way.” Lily suggested.

“Yeah, that sounds good, what do you guys think?” Remus asked addressing Kate and Matthew.

“Yeah, sounds good to us.” They both said nodding in agreement.

So they walked down a small, crowded path to Madame Puddifoots, where they would get their costumes. As they opened the door, a tiny bell rang above their heads, telling the lady at the counter that she had customers. The lady at the counter had her hair pinned up in a frizzy bun, and purple eyeglasses with glitter and sequins on the edges. She walked around the counter and walked over to the four.

“Welcome to Madame Puddifoots. How can I help you?”

“Where are all the people?” Kate asked. “Usually it’s so crowded.”

“Ah, they are all down at a new store down the road. Bad for business, I tell ya.” The lady replied sourly. “Terribly sorry. I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Madame Puddifoot. Owner of this shop. How can I help you?”

“Well, we were looking for our costumes for a dance. Only it’s Muggle clothing.” Lily said.

“I can help you. I’m accustomed to the Muggle styles as well as the wizarding. What were you looking for?”

“Well, he is looking for white pants and a Hawaiian shirt.” Kate said pointing to Matthew.

“And you miss?” Madame Puddifoot said taking out a pad of paper and writing down what Kate has just told her.

“Well, I don’t know. Have you heard of Liza Minelli?” Kate asked hopefully.

“Of course! I have just the thing for you. And what about you two?” Madame Puddifoot said turning to Remus and Lily.

“Well, we’re going as Sonny and Cher. I don’t know what we would wear though.” Lily said.

“I could find something for you.” Madame Puddifoot said writing it down. “Well, if you follow me, I’ll find what you need.”

The four followed her to a back room with racks and racks of clothes. The four looked around them mouths hanging open in awe at all the clothes. ‘I don’t think even I’ve seen this many clothes.’ Kate thought to herself.

“Well, here’s the Hawaiian shirt and white pants. There are a few pairs of each- you can look for the right size that you need.” She said looking at Matthew. Matthew thanked her and looked through the rack for a shirt and pants in his size as Kate, Lily, and Remus followed Madame Puddifoot to another room. Madame Puddifoot turned around and said, “Now, for Liza’s outfit, I was thinking long, black pants, a black vest, a black bow tie, and black hat. You’ll only be wearing the vest though, it’s backless and the there are two strands that will tie around your neck and three more wide strands that will tie behind your back. And for Sonny, Blue pants with silver flares at the bottom and a white, sequin blouse. For Cher, a silver, sequin dress, the slit is in the front, it is also backless, and high heels. What do you think?”

“Sounds great.” They all said.

“Right, well, I’ll need all your measurements.” Madame Puddifoot said pulling out a tape measurer out of the frock she was wearing. She went over to Kate, lifted up Kate’s arms, and measured her chest, waist, arms, and legs. She went over to Lily and did the same. Next she measured Remus’ waist, chest, legs and arms. She quickly wrote the measurements on a pad of paper and disappeared into a different room and came back carrying clothes stacked up so her face was hidden. She put them on a counter in the room and separated them. She put them in bags and handed Kate her outfit, Remus his outfit, and Lily her outfit. The three then met up with Matthew who had picked out his shirt and pants and they all went to the front room to pay for their clothes.

“How much will this cost?” Lily asked taking out her coin purse.

“5 Galleons, 3 sickles, and 4 knuts.” Madame Puddifoot said pushing her glasses up the bridge of her pointy nose.

Matthew and Remus leaned over and whispered something in each others’ ears and pulled out their coins.

“Oh no, you don’t have to pay, you guys. We can all split the bill.” Lily said biting her lip.

“Don’t be silly, girls. We’ll be glad to pay for you. Besides, it’s a custom for guys to pay for their dates.” Matthew said smiling at Kate who gave a small smile in return. Lily bit her bottom lip nervously. She was still uncertain about the whole thing, she didn’t want Remus to think that he had to pay for her for every little thing. Remus saw this and said,

“Don’t worry about it, Lily, it’s fine. I don’t care.”

The boys paid and they all grabbed their bags and headed towards the Three Broomsticks to grab a few butterbeers to warm them up. As they opened the door, their mouths opened in shock. Damn. It was crowded.

“Well, it seems everybody had the same idea we did.” Kate muttered.

“There’s usually a table open in the back, let’s go check it out.” Remus said holding onto Lily’s hand tightly and making sure he didn’t lose her in the crowd. Finally, after weaving their way through the loud and growing crowd, they reached the table. That is, Remus and Lily reached the table. When they turned around, Kate and Matthew were no where to be seen (or heard for that matter). Lily and Remus had been pushed into the corner where their table was by students of all ages. One third year ineptly backed up into Lily pushing her into Remus. Remus caught her before she even started falling. Lily looked up at Remus and realized her position. Both of her small, gentle hands were placed on his strong, firm chest and his arms were wrapped carefully around her, telling the others that he had not intentions of letting go anytime soon. Lily looked down in embarrassment as soon as all the hustle and bustle around them continued.

“Um,” Lily said clearing her throat, “Thank you. I-I’m sorry.”

Remus laughed and said, “About what, Lily?”

“For-“ Lily said looking up but was immediately cut off as soon as she saw Remus’ face slowly inching its way towards hers. After what seemed like an eternity, their lips met. Lily’s insides went immediately berserk. If Remus hadn’t been holding onto her, she would have fallen straight to the floor. Remus brought one hand up to Lily’s soft cheeks and brushed his thumb along her cheek bone, which made Lily’s stomach do a double back flip. Remus deepened the kiss a smidge, as not to make Lily uncomfortable. Remus combed his fingers through her long, vivid red locks and held her even closer. Regrettably, those few minutes ended as Remus pulled his head away from Lily’s. Lily, whose eyes were still closed, whispered, “Wow.” Remus laughed and noticed that his other two companions had arrived. Remus whispered something in Lily’s ears and pointed to them. Lily turned around to see Kate, who had a hand covering her mouth in excitement, and Matthew, who looked pretty impressed with Remus.

“Oh. My. God.” Kate said before squealing and running to hug Lily who was expecting a punch on the arm or something unimaginable. Lily stood shocked at the strange behavior put on by her friend but returned the hug anyways. Remus had just kissed her. Remus Lupin had just kissed me! Lily Evans! She thought happily to herself. The four were all too busy ordering their drinks to notice a pair of hazel eyes staring at them from a different corner of the pub slowly taking a sip of the warm, buttery drink in his mug. Yes, James had just witnessed his most modest friend make out with the girl he had been trying to ask out for five years. Peter wasn’t really modest, he just had a hard time getting dates. James’ date, Midge was sitting in between James and Sirius, who was making out heavily with his date June.

“Jamsiekins, how come you’re ignoring me?” Midge whined twirling one long strand of her dirty blonde hair in her bony fingers.

James snapped out of his trance and turned to Midge, “Sorry, Megan, I’m just a little distracted.”

“My name’s Midge!” she exclaimed.

“Right, sorry.” James winced. ‘Damn, she can project.’

“No, James, you’re not! Everybody knows that you have a thing for Lily Evans. Why don’t you just ask her out? Or are you too chicken?” Midge knew she had struck a nerve as soon as James shouted, “JAMES POTTER IS NOT A COWARD!” Sirius and June stopped their making out and focused on James and Midge.

“Well, I’d like to disagree there, mate.” Sirius laughed, then turning to June, “There was this one time where he”

“PADFOOT!” James cried before Sirius got the chance to finish.

“What?” Sirius asked innocently. “I thought were sharing stories.”

“No! We’re not! So be quiet. I’m trying to think.”

Sirius shrugged and got back to his date while Midge continued to pout as James stared at Lily and Remus. ‘Who does he think he is anyways?’ James thought bitterly to himself. Wait a minute, this is Remus I’m talking about. He’s my best friend. How could I be thinking such horrible thoughts about him? I might as well give up on Lily. It’s obviously not going to work. James’ thoughts were interrupted as screams erupted from the middle of the tavern. James, Sirius, Kate, Matthew, Remus, and Lily all pushed their way to the screams. When they got to the source, their mouths dropped in shock. There, in the midst of all his classmates, was Rachel’s date, Casey, screaming wildly and rocking back and forth. Rachel sat back in her chair aghast at her date’s behavior. Lily and Kate approached Rachel and Lily asked, “What’s wrong Rachel?”

Rachel looked up at the girls, fear shining in her usually cold eyes, making Lily and Kate pity the poor girl, and said quietly, her voice hoarse and raspy, “I- I don’t know. He, he just started screaming. Something about a banshee.”

Rachel’s date continued to rock back and forth for a while, people staring at him curiously. Lily leaned over towards Remus (causing James to glare unintentionally at them) and asked, “What should we do, Remus?”

“Someone has to get the owner!” Remus shouted for the people around him to hear. Matthew volunteered to go get the owner and pushed his way through the crowd around the table. As soon as Matthew left, Casey stood up and wobbled out of the pub, tears rolling down his rosy cheeks. Remus, Lily, Kate, James, and Sirius followed. Since Casey was the captain of the Quidditch team, James was genuinely worried about someone he had considered a mentor. Casey continued to make his way up the stone road up to the castle screaming incoherent words that the five could hardly understand. Althea’s date, Cahan, ran up beside Casey and put a hand on his friend’s shoulder. In a nanosecond, Casey wiped out his wand and shouted, “ STUPEFY!” Cahan was immediately flung backwards by the force shooting out of Casey’s wand and was flung into some empty barrels outside the Three Broomsticks. Kate and Lily screamed in terror and clamped their hands over their faces. Remus pulled Lily close to him as soon as Matthew came out with Mr. Butch, the owner of the shop. Kate ran over to Matthew and told him what happened. Matthew rubbed her back lovingly and whispered, “It’s going to be ok” in her ear. James approached the owner angrily and shouted, “Well?! What are you going to do!?! Stand there like an idiotic bloke?!?”. The master backed up a bit so James wasn’t totally in his face and pointed over by Casey, “Well, it seems, your Headmaster ‘sgot things under control now, son.” James (as well as Matthew, Sirius, Kate, Lily, and Remus) all turned to see Dumbledore bent down by Casey speaking calmly to him and getting him under control. McGonagall helped Cahan up and walked him up to the castle, followed by the sobbing Casey and the calm Dumbledore. Lily and Kate took a huge sigh of relief as they saw that Casey and Cahan were in good hands.

“Come one, Lils.” Remus said quietly. “Let’s go. I think we’ve seen enough.”

“K.” she said quietly and letting Remus take her hand in his and leading her towards the Shrieking Shack.

“Where are we going?” Matthew protested as soon as he realized where they were going.

“Remus?” Lily asked.

Remus slowly turned around and smiled at Lily. He turned to Kate and Matthew and said, “Matthew, Kate, would you mind giving Lily and myself some privacy?”

“Yeah, sure.” Matthew said before Kate could open her mouth in protest. Matthew grabbed Kate’s hand and pulled her in a different direction. Lily turned to Remus and gave him a questioning look. What? Is he breaking up with me? Was it the kiss? Oh god, he hates me.’ Lily thought to herself.

“Lily I haven’t been completely honest with you.” Remus started. HE CHEATED ON ME!?!?! Lily thought.

“Oh?” Lily asked clearing her throat.

“You know how I’ve been going to my mother’s house every month or so?”


“Well, that’s not true.”

“What?” a barely audible whisper escaped from Lily’s full lips.

“I’ve been here, well, underneath the Shrieking Shack.”

“Doing what Remus?” Lily said cocking a suspicious eyebrow at him.

“Oh, no, Lily, you’ve got it all wrong.” Remus said putting a hand on her waist and pulling her closer to him. He brought a hand up to her cheek and combed it through her hair.

“Then what, Remus? What is it?” Lily asked impatiently.

Remus took a deep sigh and slowly said, “This isn’t easy for me, Lils. But every month I’ve been coming here with James, Sirius, and Peter because…because every month I tr- I transform into a…a…”

“A what?” Lily whispered bringing herself closer. They were now inches away and Lily could almost taste Remus’ breath. Remus closed his eyes and started talking again. “When I was a young boy, my family took me on a camping trip. They wanted me to have a real Muggle experience. Well, one night while we were there, I had to go to the bathroom. And since my parents had packed Muggle tents, I couldn’t go to the bathroom in those now could I?” Remus gave a small chuckle and fiddled with a strand of Lily’s hair. Lily gave a small smirk in return. “Well, while I was, you know, I was unaware of my surroundings.” Lily had absolutely no clue what was going on. She thought he was going to tell her that he had cheated on her. Perhaps that he didn’t love her anymore. But what does that have anything to do with the camping trip? Lily was getting more worried by the minute.

“When I turned around, there was the most fearsome beast I had ever laid eyes on. Foam was coming out of its mouth, his beady red eyes looked at me hungrily. It sent shivers all over.” Lily gasped. “Before I knew it, it was charging at me. There was nothing I could do to stop it. So you see, every month I come here, and transform and the next morning I come back to school. James, Sirius, and Peter come with me.”

Lily had no idea what to say, or what to think. All this time he had been sneaking out and coming to transform into a werewolf. Lily turned around to see James, Sirius, and Peter leaning up against the Shrieking Shack looking at the two. Lily stood staring at them.

“Sorry to ruin your day, Evans.” Sirius said darkly. Lily backed away from Remus, tears forming in her eyes, and ran out into the crowded street and ran past Kate and Matthew. “Lils!” Remus called after her starting to run after her but James put a hand on his shoulder and said, “Let me handle it, Moony.”

“James, I don’t think that will make her happy.” Remus replied skeptically

“Trust me, I’ll make sure things are alright between you two.” James replied. And he meant it. He wanted his friend to be happy. James smiled at Remus and ran after Lily. He spotted a flash of red hair disappearing behind a strange building he hadn’t noticed before. He followed it into and ally where Lily was crouched up in the corner, tears making their way down her cheeks. James slowly went over and put a hand on her shoulder. Lily jumped and turned around, furious to see James standing there.

“What do you want Potter? Are you here to torture me some more?” Lily said shakily.

“No,” James said.

“Then what!?” Lily screamed. At this point, her tears overcame her and she started sobbing.

“Lily, Shh, it’s alright.” James said going to hold her. But she pushed him back. “No, don’t touch me, “ she spat.

“Ok, ok. Listen, I know it’s a hard thing to accept but you have to learn to get over it. Remus is safe. The students are safe. You’re safe.”


James was just as furious as she was by this point. He grabbed her wrists and pulled her to him so that their noses were barely touching. “If you do, I swear, Miss. Evans, there will be hell to pay.”

“What right do you have to tell me what to do? I am a prefect! Let go of me!” Lily said struggling against James. But unfortunately, years of Quidditch made him unusually strong…

“Lily, please, be reasonable. Remus has your best intentions in mind. He only wants you to understand that this is who he is. And even if every month he turns into a raging beast, he’s still the nicest guy you’ll ever know.” Lily stopped struggling and looked up at James. Is he being serious? Should I really go back to Remus? Will it hurt me if I don’t? Will it hurt me if I do? Lily thought.

“I’d like to see my friends happy. And if you leave him, he won’t be happy. Please, go back to him. I know that deep down you do.” James continued. Whoa, this is a side of James Potter I’ve never seen before. Lily thought to herself. James slowly released his grip on her wrists. Lily pulled her arms back and rubbed her wrists and backed away. “Well, what are you going to do?” James asked. Lily looked up into his hazel eyes and realized what she had to do. She was going back to Remus.

“Lily!” she heard a familiar voice call. Lily looked over James’ shoulder to see Remus, Sirius, Kate, and Matthew appear from around the corner of the ally and come up to her. Once she saw Remus, she flung her arms around his neck and sobbed into his shoulder. Remus, who was shocked at first, returned the hug and whispered, “It’s OK, Lils.” In her ear. “I’m so, so, so, sorry Remus. I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge.”

“You didn’t judge, Lily. It’s fine. I know you didn’t mean it.” Lily backed up and wiped the tears away with her sleeve. “I just have one question.”

“Anything. Ask me anything.” Remus said softly.

“If James, Peter, and Sirius have been going with you, how is it that they haven’t been bitten?”

Remus, James, Sirius, and Peter all exchanged nervous glances. “Well, we’ll tell you but you have to promise not to get mad. You guys have to promise not to tell.” Remus said turning to Kate and Matthew. They nodded and Remus turned back to Lily and said, “They’re, um, animagaus.” Lily’s eyes grew to the size of saucers. Kate’s mouth dropped open and Matthew just kind of stood there.

“W-what?” Lily said. Remus put a finger on her lips. “You’re lips are sealed, remember?”

“Do you know how dangerous that is?” Kate asked.

“No, Hannigan, we don’t,” James said rolling his eyes. So much for the sensitive side. Lily thought.

“Please, don’t tell.” Remus pleaded.

“I promise.” Kate said while Lily and Matthew nodded in agreement.

“Well, I think we’ve all had a busy day. I think it’s time we went back up to the castle.” Remus said rubbing Lily’s back. Lily nodded and they all headed up to the glittering castle they called home.


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Chapter 11: How Oft Has the Banshee Cried
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The news of the Hogsmade trip had spread through the school as quick as gasoline poured on a raging fire. Students were trying to figure whether the beloved Gryffindor Quidditch team captain was sane or not. Those who had witnessed it had decided to try and forget it. Rachel had locked herself up in her room and would not eat, even when Dumbledore sent house elves up with trays of food. Kate and Lily heard her crying at night and actually missed her during classes and meals. Kate, Remus, Lily, and Matthew were sitting in the Gryffindor common room Sunday, the day after the Hogsmeade trip. Lily and Remus were sitting on a big, red plush love chair by the fire; Lily leaning up against Remus and her hand placed caressingly on his knee. Kate and Matthew were sitting on the couch sitting next to each other; Matthew's arm over Kate's shoulders.

"Say, Lils," Kate said.

"Yeah?" Lily said serenely.

"What did your parents about my staying at your house over breaks?"

Lily's stomach did a back flip. She had gotten a letter from her parents last night while Kate was out with Matthew. She had been wondering why her parents had avoided the subject for so long until she got a letter from her parents the night before.

"Well, they wrote last night." Lily started. Kate sat up, holding Matthew's hand excitedly, and said, "And?"

"Well, they said no."

"What?! Why?!" Kate shouted.

"Kate, I think you need to calm down and come upstairs with me to read the letter." Lily said evenly.

Kate stood up and followed Lily upstairs to their room. Lily walked over to her desk and pulled out an open envelope with a piece of paper inside. Lily handed it to Kate who took it and pulled out the letter and read out loud, "Lily, we've become conscious about the fact that you're still wondering about whether your friend can come stay with us. We've tried reaching her parents and they finally wrote back. Regrettably, they have decided to….get…a….divorce…" Kate said slowly. Kate looked at the paper and flipped through the other pages. Lily looked down at the floor, "The other pages are just about Petunia. The first two pages are about your parents. I'm so sorry Kate."

Kate continued reading, "They have decided that it is best for Kate to stay with her father. She may visit her mother for holidays and birthdays but otherwise, her father has complete supervision. Please express to Kate our sympathies. Tell her that she knows that we are here for her as well. I also want you to look out for her Lily." Kate stopped. "Why didn't my parents tell me?"

"I don't think they wanted to until now, Kate."

"Why?" Kate whispered.

"I don't know." Lily said hugging her friend tightly. Kate shut her eyes and let the tears roll down her cheeks. "I thought they were so happy. I never thought they would split up."

"I know," Lily said rubbing Kate's back.

Kate pulled back and wiped her tears away. "Well, let's go downstairs." Kate said handing Lily the letters. Lily put the letter away and followed Kate back down to the common room. Matthew stood up when he saw Kate come down, her face tear stained.

"Kate?" Matthew said walking over to her and pulling her into his arms. Kate let out a big cry and said between sobs, "My parents are getting a divorce." Matthew furrowed his brow and hugged Kate tighter as Kate continued to cry. Remus walked over to Lily and said, "Let's give them some time alone, Lils."

"I don't want to leave Kate in the state that she's in right now." Lily protested.

"Matthew's taking care of her now, you can when we get back."

"Where are we going?"

"We'll take a walk. The sun's out today. Come." Remus said escorting Lily out the common room and down the grand stair case out onto the green grounds of Hogwarts. "Do you think she'll be ok?"

"She will be in time. She'll learn to accept it."

Lily was silent as Remus slipped his hand in hers and they walked around the lake. After circling the lake 5 times, talking about anything they could think of, they headed back to the common room and saw that Matthew and Kate were no where to be seen. There was a patch of third years in one corner and one seventh year in the other corner but no Matthew or Kate.

"I'm going to go take a shower, Remus. Kate and Mathew probably just went for a walk somewhere."

"Ok, I'll talk to you at dinner?" Remus said kissing Lily's forehead.

"Yeah, talk to you later." Lily said softly heading up to the common room. Lily opened the door and saw that Kate was sleeping in her bed, blankets tossed all over the place covering only her thighs, chest, and her right arm. Lily smiled and collected her things and went into the bathroom and took her shower. 10 minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom fresh and clean and wearing some new clothes. Lily straightened her hair using the spell that Kate gave her and sat down at her desk to work on her Defense Against the Dark Arts essay. Lily dipped the tip of her quill in the black ink and pressed it against the parchment, writing, "The most terrifying aspect of the banshee is her mourning call, heard mostly at night when someone is about to die." Lily continued writing until around five thirty when she heard, "Lils?"

Lily spun around in her chair to see Kate sitting up in her bed with her hand over her forehead. "What th- what time is it? How long have I been out?"

"Pretty long. About three hours." Lily said walking over to Kate's bed and sitting by her friend.


"How are you feeling?" Lily asked. Kate's stomach made a long, gurgling noise making Kate smirk and say, "I guess that's your answer."

"Well, dinner's going to be starting in a few minutes. I was going to meet Remus down in the common room. Wanna come?"

"It's food, Lils. Of course I'm going to come." Kate said climbing out of bed and pulling the hair that had fallen out of her ponytail back in its place.

Lily laughed and said, "Good." They walked down to the common room to see that Rachel was sitting with one leg on Remus' lap. Remus was looking straight forward (and rather uncomfortable….) as Rachel let out a shrill, high pitched laugh. Lily and Kate smirked and walked over to Remus. Rachel saw them but didn't remove her leg.

"Remus, dear, you seem to have something on you." Lily said smirking. "It's a rather ugly thing."

"Revolting" Kate said laughing.

Rachel scoffed and lifted up her chin arrogantly. "I'm not getting up." She said.

"Well, I am." Remus said icily.

"Awwwwwww, Remie, Althea was just telling us her lovely story."

"Yes, stay." Althea said monotonously filing her nails.

"I'm afraid I can't." Remus said through his teeth. "So if you would kindly move your leg." Rachel hesitated for a bit and finally removed her leg, sticking out her lower lip in a pout. Lily held out her hands for Remus as he sat up and when he got up, he wrapped his arms slowly around her and said, "Why, thank you, Madame."

"It was my pleasure, monsignor." Lily said smirking. Remus smiled and look over Lily's head and saw Kate standing behind them, obviously bored and tired.

"Well, look who's decided to join the rest of civilization."

"Remus, you sound like my mother." Kate said.


"Not a good thing, Remus. Take note of that." Kate said walking out of the common room. Lily and Remus laughed as they followed her down the grand staircase to fill their stomachs with the school's exquisite cuisine. They sat down just as the food appeared. Kate filled up her plate with chicken legs, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, corn, and filled her golden goblet with pumpkin juice.

"Hungry, Kate?" Remus said scooping himself some potatoes.

"Remus, you try sleeping for three hours and then not waking up hungry." Kate said before taking a bite of her chicken. Remus rolled his eyes and glanced over at Lily who was giggling.

The next morning, Lily sat down next to the sleeping Kate and put a friendly hand on Kate's shoulder.

"Kate, time to wake up."

"eeerm, moan I dun wana. Go 'way." Kate murmured.

"Kate, I can't understand you. It's time to get up. We have to turn in our essays for Defense Against the Dark Arts."

"Damn. Why does this class have to be so early?" Kate said pulling away the covers and then getting out of the other side of her bed to see that Lily was already dressed. Kate put up her finger sleepily and said, " Few questions."

"Yes?" Lily said standing up and going over to her desk and putting her books in her carrier bag.

"What time is it now and what time did you wake up?" Kate asked.

"Well, I woke up at 5:30 took a shower and got dressed and right now it's 6 in the morning." Lily said still putting her books in her bag. When she turned around, Kate had already climbed back into bed and pulled the covers over her head. Lily walked over and threw the covers off her friend. Kate reached one arm out, her hand searching for the covers.

"Kate, come on. We're meeting Remus downstairs."


"Come on. Time to wake up." Lily said pulling Kate's leg. Kate immediately grasped the bed pole and shouted, "NO! It's unnatural to wake up this early! Let me sleep!"

"Kate! You'll wake the other girls! Shh"

"Then leave me alone." Kate murmured.

Lily sighed and let go of Kate's leg. Kate immediately pulled the covers up around her again and went back to sleep. "But I'll be back at 7 to get you." Kate grunted in approval and Lily grabbed her bag and went down to the common room and found that, much to her displeasure, James and Sirius had accompanied Remus down to the common room.

"Morning Lily." Remus said perkily.

"Morning Remus."

"Morning Evans." James and Sirius said monotonously. They were both slumped over on the couch in front of the fire and staring off into space- trying to stay awake.

"Morning boys." Lily said in the same tone.

"They wanted to come" Remus whispered as he bent down and kissed the tip of Lily's nose softly. "Ah," Lily replied smiling.

"Where's Kate?" Remus asked.

"I let her sleep later. Plus she was putting up a real struggle in the dormitory room."

"Well, Breakfast starts at 7. I was thinking we could get there early and then just head to class." Remus said. Behind him on the couch, James had started snoring. Lily clapped a hand over her mouth to smother the giggles as Remus started laughing.

"I'll go get Kate ready then. It will do her some good." Lily said putting her bag down by the table and going back up the stairs to the dormitory. "Kate, wake up. We're going to go to an early breakfast."

Kate brought her head out from under the covers and looked up at Lily through squinted eyes. "I really don't like you right now." Lily laughed. "Well, take your time. The tomfooleries are down there."

Kate groaned and said, "Well, in that case." Kate pulled the covers back over her head. "Kate, come on. Don't be difficult." Kate lifted her head up again and climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom with all her uniform clothes. Lily smiled at her method of persuasion. Kate hated people saying she was being difficult. Five minutes or so later, Kate emerged from the bathroom, her messy hair pulled back in a ponytail for the sexy-just-rolled-out-of-bed look and her shirt tail hanging out and her knee highs uneven. Kate scratched her head as she walked slowly over to her desk and put her books in her bag and followed Lily down to the common room. Lily dragged Kate over to the couch and sat her down in between the sleepy Sirius and James. Immediately, Kate leaned over sleeping and laid her head on Sirius' shoulder. Sirius was to tired to notice and James was still staring at the fire.

Remus and Lily stood in front of their friends and smiled. "Are you guys ready to go?" Lily asked. Kate lifted her head up a bit, looked at Remus and Lily and then put her head back down on Sirius' shoulder. "Seems Hannigan has the right idea." Sirius said finally. "Mmmmmmm hmmmmmmm." Kate and James both said.

"Well, Alrighty then. We'll just wait half an hour to go down to breakfast." Remus said sitting down in an arm chair across from the three sleeping figures on the couch. Lily sat down in another armchair next to Remus' and crossed her arms over her chest satisfied.

"Well then can we go back upstairs?" Sirius asked.

"Nope, we don't want to lose you."

"You won't" Sirius whined.

"You're the one who wanted to come down this early in the first place." Remus stated.

"Yeah well I regret doing so now." Sirius stated as James nodded sleepily in agreement and Kate yawned.

"I just want to keep them down here because for once, they're getting along." Lily said.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!" Sirius said with his eyes closed as he sat up in his spot and pointed his index finger to the ceiling. "This young lady and myself decided to be friends now that you two are a….a…."

"a thing." Kate finished.

"Thank you m'dear" Sirius said.

"Mmmmmmm hmmmmmmm."

"Well, isn't that sweet." Lily said. "Soon you two will be a couple."

At this, Kate snapped her head up. Sirius looked at Kate and Kate looked at Sirius with grimaces. Kate turned away and rested her weary head on James' strong should that was rising and falling due to him sleeping. As soon as he felt a head on his shoulder, he lifted his head groggily and looked down to see Kate's head on his shoulder- her eyes closed. James shrugged softly, looked over at Lily and then let his head hit the pillow once more.

"Darn." Remus said.

"What?" Lily asked tenderly.

"Oh nothing, I'm just wishing that I had a camera." Remus said making Lily laugh. He was right, the sight they saw was absolutely "precious". Sirius was on the left side of the couch, he head tilted not so slightly to the side of the couch, resting on a big, plush pillow with Kate's legs on his lap and her head resting in James' lap. Lily laughed and said, "It seems like I never have a camera at the right moments. And I always have a camera when I don't need it."

Half an Hour Later

"Why didn't you wake us up?!" Kate shouted.

"How could you just let us lie there like that?!?!" James yelled louder.

"IT IS UNACCEPTABLE!" Sirius bellowed. It was clear to Lily and Remus that he was the one who was most upset with them.

"Uh," Remus snickered, fighting to keep the laughter inside as Lily bit her lip to keep from laughing. " How is it unacceptable? You're the ones who wanted to sleep."

"You could have replaced us in the UPRIGHT POSITION when we fell out of place." Kate said offering her suggestion as James and Sirius nodded in agreement.

"You would have kicked us in your sleep." Lily said smiling.

"I highly doubt that." Kate said.

"Look, we let you sleep, isn't that enough?" Remus said. Kate looked at James, who looked over at Sirius, who looked back at Kate and James. Kate nodded softly and James signaled his agreement by staring Sirius directly in the eye. Sirius folded his arms across his chest and turned on his heel to face Lily and Remus. "Fine. Can we go eat now? I think I speak for all three of us when I say that we can eat a horse."

"A horse and a cow." Kate said rubbing her stomach.

"Very well said, Madame." Sirius said holding out his arm for Kate to take it. Kate smiled and wrapped her arm gingerly around his arm and placed her hand on his lower arm and walked beside him as they walked down to the Great Hall, Lily, Remus, and James behind them.

After breakfast, James, Sirius, Kate, Remus, Peter, and Lily all headed to their first class, Defense Against the Dark Arts. Kate, Lily, Remus sat at a table in the front row while, Sirius, James, and Peter took their seats in the back. They resulted in talking to each other as other students filed into the large, historical classroom and to wait for Professor McDaniel. Five minutes after the first bell had rung, signaling for stray students to dash to their next classes, Professor McDaniel strode cheerfully into the classroom, his long, maroon cloak sweeping the old, dirty floor behind him.

"Please get out your essays and pass them to the end of each row where I will pick them up." He said as he hurried to the front of the classroom. He slammed the pile of books that was resting on his hip on his cluttered desk, turned around, and said in his regular, squeaky voice, "Top o' the mahrnin' class.'

"Good morning, professor." The class echoed back monotonously.

"Well, you're a lively bunch today now aren't yah?" McDaniel said with a smirk as the rustle of papers could be heard as the students rushed to get their papers to the end of the row. "Now," McDaniel exclaimed, "What have yah learned from your essay?" McDaniel walked to the end of each row and picked up the papers. When he got to James and Sirius' row, he stopped, picked up Peter's paper and looked over his spectacles at James and Sirius who were smirking deviously. "Mr. Potter, Mr. Black, there is only one paper here."

"What?" James said sitting up in his chair. "Why, golly gee, there is only one paper!!"

"I wonder where the others have gone!!!" Sirius exclaimed.

"Boys, meet me in my office at seven, you will work on your essays then."

"Very well, Professor. We'll pencil you in."

"If we get another detention today- we'll say, "Oh drat, we already have a detention with McDaniel." James said as most of the class erupted in to fits of laughter.

"Quiet!" McDaniel shouted walking back to the front of the room. "Now, Miss. Evans, kindly inform us of what you learned while writing your essay."

"Yes, Professor." Lily said confidently looking McDaniel in the eye. "Banshees have three disguises that are seen the most amongst the creatures."

"There is a fourth one, is there not?" McDaniel said smiling.

"Yes. The banshee can appear as a young woman, a middle aged matron, or an old ugly woman. She can also be seen as a washerwomen washing the bloody garments of those who are going to die."

"Very good, Lily." McDaniel said. Then, turning to face the rest of the class. "As you have learned from your essays, banshees are only allowed to cry for five major Irish families: the O'Neill's, the O'Brien's, the O'Connor's, the O'Grady's and the Kavanagh's - but marriage between families has allegedly further extended this select list."

Intrigued by this new information, James put his hand up. "Yes, Mr. Potter." McDaniel said expecting a sarcastic remark. "Would that include Casey Kavanagh?"

"I was wondering when someone would figure that out. Yes, I heard of young Casey's story from McGonagall. Very upsetting. Mr. Kavanagh heard the cry of his family's banshee Saturday. We haven't learned of any of his family members' death yet but we are waiting for word. Dumbledore has made sure that Casey is safe in the castle."

The class was silent before Elizabeth raised her hand slowly. "Yes, Elizabeth."

"Well, sir. I mean, you're Irish. Is your family haunted by a banshee?"

Fear blanched McDaniel's already pale face. "Yes. My mother was Eileen O' Connor. Her family had been haunted for centuries."

"Has anything happened?" Sirius asked leaning on his desk.

"Last year." McDaniel stared blankly out at the class. "Last year during an attack by Voldemort and his supporters, when I was working with the Ministry, my family was murdered pitilessly by Voldemort. I was asleep and heard the banshee cry in my dream. The next day I received word that there had been no survivors. The Ministry officers in charge of fighting off Voldemort had all been killed, except one, who managed to get away, bless his soul. That's who told me. He knew that they were my family and he had been a close friend of mine ever since I first started working at the Ministry, that's why he wanted to be the one who told me. Everyday that I live is lived in agony of knowing that my family is gone. I will never let this rest, as long as I am alive I seek revenge against the one who killed those most dear to me."

The class was silent as McDaniel stared out the class apathetically. Kate looked over at Lily who looked back. Remus reached his hand over to Lily and softly placed it on Lily's hand, stroking her hand gently with his thumb. McDaniel snapped out of his daze, cleared his throat loudly, and shouted, "Let me share something with you. It's a poem by Thomas Moore. How Oft Has the Banshee Cried." McDaniel opened a large, tattered paperback book and turned numerous pages until it was obvious that he had found the page he had been searching for. McDaniel cleared his throat once more, this time not as loudly, and began reading:

"How oft has the Banshee cried!
How oft has death untied
Bright links that Glory wove.
Sweet bonds entwined by Love!Peace to each manly soul that sleepeth;
Rest to each faithful eye that weepeth;
Long may the fair and brave
Sigh o'er the hero's grave!
We're fallen on evil days!
Star after star decays,
Every bright name that shed
Light o'er the land is fled.
Dark falls the tear of him that mourneth
Lost joy, or hope that ne'er retrench;
But brightly flows the tear
Wept o'er a hero's bier.
Quenched are our beacon lights --
Thou, of the Hundred Fights!
Thou, on whose burning tongue
Truth, peace and freedom hung!
Both mute--but long as valor shineth,
Or mercy's soul at war repineth,
So long shall Erin's pride
Tell how they lived and died."

McDaniel rested the book open, book marking the page with his thumb. "That was written by Thomas Moore, as I explained earlier. Now, let us go into further detail about banshees. Get out some parchment and your quills. I must warn those of you who write slow, I am a very fast talker and I don't slow down for anybody."

Papers shuffled as the students hurried to get ready for some more notes. Once McDaniel has scanned the room, clarifying to himself that everyone had a piece of parchment and their quill out, he started his lecture, " The Banshee- a supernatural creature appointed to warn members of certain ancient Irish families of their time of death. As Miss Evans explained earlier, the banshee has three disguises, the fourth one as a washwoman- washing the bloody garments of those who will soon die. In Irish they call her: bean-nighe- which is Gaelic for 'washing woman'. She is also said to appear in animal forms- usually animals associated with Irish witchcraft. Animals such as a hooded crow, stoat, hare or weasel. Her most terrifying aspect is her mourning call- heard mostly at night when someone is about to die. Legend has it that in 1437, King James I of Scotland met an Irish seeress or human banshee, who told him of his future murder at the hands of the Earl of Atholl. Documents exist showing human banshees, prophetesses or seeresses attending the great houses of Ireland and the courts of Irish kings. In the area around Leinster, she is called the "bean chaointe" (keening woman) whose wail is so piercing that it shatters glass."

Lily hurried to capture everything McDaniel dictated. Once she had, she put her quill in her ink well and sat back in her chair. In the back of the room, Peter rose his hand and asked, "Um, Professor, could you please repeat that last sentence?" James and Sirius snickered, making Peter blush, as McDaniel say, "I'm sorry Mr. Pettigrew, but as I stated before, I do not go back for anyone. I'm sure one of your classmates would be kind enough to lend you their notes." The bell rung and the students gathered their things together- the Gryffindors heading to their tower, fingers in pain. As Kate, Lily, and Remus were walking up to the tower, the whereabouts of Sirius and James unknown, Lily heard a very soft voice calling out her name. She turned around to see Peter hustling to catch up with her. "Yes, Peter?" she said politely as he finally caught up with her. "Um, well, I was wondering if I could borrow your notes. Just for today. I'll give them back as soon as I'm done." Peter said rushing through the last lines.

"Sure, Peter" Lily said pulling out her notes and handing them the Peter, while balancing her books on her hip.

"Thanks so much, Lily!" Peter said rushing in the other direction.

"Hey Wormtail!!" Remus shouted. Peter turned around, still running, and clumsily falling over his own two feet. "Are you OK?" Remus shouted as Lily, Kate, and himself rushed to help Peter up.

"Yeah, fine thanks Moony, that happens a lot." Peter replied as Remus helped him up. "I know," Remus said laughing as Kate and Lily handed him his books. "Where are you going in such a hurry, Wormtail?" Remus asked.


"Padfoot and Prongs haven't gotten you writing their essays for them have they?"

"What would you say if I said yes?"

"Wormtail, you've got to stand up to those two! Next time you see them, tell them to talk to me."

"Yeah, ok. Thanks Moony." Peter said before he turned around and walked away.

"Why do they push him around?" Kate asked as they headed back up to the tower. "It's horrible the way they treat him."

"Yeah, but I think we can all agree that they're idiots all the same." Remus said.

"Idiots pushing around an innocent boy- their friend nonetheless." Lily said sourly. Remus put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to him. "I'll handle it, ok, Lils?"


At Lunch

"Oh, my." Lily said clapping a hand over her mouth. Kate finished chewing and looked over at her friend. "What's up, Lils?" Lily handed over her copy of the Daily Prophet and leaned her head in her hands. Kate took it slowly, almost afraid of what she was going to read. Kate looked down at the newspaper and read:


-LONDON- Ministry officials raced to the scene last night, precisely midnight, as supports of the Dark Lord attacked Muggles. One official at the scene, Daniel Kavanagh, was murdered mercilessly in the alley where the massacre took place. Brendan Heaney, a witness and Ministry official, said, " Daniel had misinterpreted the orders and jumped out from his concealed spot and started attacking the Death Eaters. He saved countless Muggles and will be missed deeply." The family of Kavanagh was notified shortly. Daniel is survived by his parents, Beth and Mark, his sisters, Bridget, Kathleen, and Clare, and his brother, Casey- all students at Hogwarts.


"Yeah, its bad." James said sitting down next to Kate as Sirius sat across from her. "His parents came to pick all of them up. I don't think they'll be coming back for a while."

"What do you think is going to happen?" Lily asked raising her head to look at James.

"I know probably as much as you do about that." James replied as Sirius nodded.

"Who could be so ruthless?" Kate asked.

"Voldemort." Matthew said.

"Yes, but what could drive someone to be that horrible?" Lily asked.

They were all silent- and it was obvious that the rest of the school had found out the news about Casey's brother as well. Rachel sat in her spot further down the Gryffindor table sobbing into her hands. Elizabeth and Althea rubbed her back and tried to calm her down. The rest of the students didn't seem to be as hungry as they were when they first filed into the Great Hall. Most had pushed their plates to the middle of the table while others simply poked their food with their forks. The rest of the day, students were unusually quiet during classes and didn't talk back to their teachers. Teachers had begun to wonder whether their students had been abducted by aliens and then sent back to Earth programmed to behave like 'good, well behaved children'. Some of the teachers even got fed up with it and let their class out early- knowing that just because they were quiet they weren't paying attention. As Lily settled into bed that night, she thought sullenly to herself, "What has this world come to?" Then, slowly and carefully, she pulled the curtains around her bed shut and disappeared under the curtains.

The Dance: Before, During, and….then some

"Lily?! Have you seen my hat?!" Kate shouted as she threw clothes from her dresser carelessly. Lily came out of the bathroom in her full costume and rolled her eyes as she saw Kate's clothes thrown about the floor. "Honestly Kate, have you tried your wardrobe?" Kate sprung her head up and ran over to her wardrobe- stepping on the spaces of floor that were not covered with her clothes. Kate opened her wardrobe to see her costume hanging neatly on a hanger (compliments of Lily) with the hat on a shelf above it. "Oh." Kate said as she discovered her outfit. Kate took her costume off the hanger and faced Lily, "Heeeeeeeeeeeeey, you look nice! You're going to knock Remus right out of his socks. If he wore any that is." Lily smiled and then rolled her eyes. "Go get ready, Kate." Kate ran into the bathroom before Althea was able to reach for the handle and slammed the door. Althea scoffed and went back to her bed.

Ten minutes later, Kate emerged from the bathroom, bowtie neatly in place. Kate smiled and said, "How do I look?"

"Like Liza Minelli, now come on, you have to do my makeup." Lily said. Kate came over to Lily's desk as Lily sat down in her chair and started doing her make-up. "So, tell me about Remus." Kate said.

"What? You know him- you basically go everywhere we go."

"Yeah, but I want to know about the times when I'm not there." Kate said wiggling her eyebrows.


"Hey- it's an innocent question. Might not be an innocent answer but – hey- can't blame me!"

"Watch me."

"I'm watching but so far nothing's happening!" Kate said as both girls laughed.

Kate finished applying Lily's make-up and started on her own. "So what about Matthew?" Lily asked standing next to Kate in front of the mirror they shared between their beds. "You know him- you basically go everywhere we go." Kate said. Both girls looked at each other through the mirror and started laughing. "Very funny, Kate."

"Well, I do try." Kate said.

"Right….so what do you think I should do with my hair?"

"Well, just wear it down, that's what Cher did. It's way to hott for a wig. But I think your hair is about the same length." Kate answered as Lily let her hair loose in a cascade of red radiance. "Yeah, I think you're good to go." Kate said. "What about your hair."

"A simple bun will do it I suppose." Kate said as she brushed her hair and put it into a bun. "What time were we meeting the guys?" Kate said turning to face Lily who was tugging at the sides of her dress uncomfortably. "We should be heading down in about five minutes."

"I wonder what they look like." Kate pondered staring off at the wall. Then, breaking the silence, she said, "Maybe I should go get my camera just in case."

Lily laughed and said, "Maybe."

At seven, the girls were ready. They anxiously held each others hands and walked step by step down to the common room. Remus looked up and saw Lily standing in the stairway in her beautiful costume. She seemed to be glowing. Every inch of her. Like she had thousands of lights inside of her making her skin glow with such radiance that it made Remus weak in the knees. Lily smiled at Remus. He was dressed in his flares- with his silvery shirt unbuttoned halfway- showing some serious chest. He also had put on a big brown afro. "Did Sonny had an afro?" Lily asked smiling.

"I think so." Remus said blankly- brought in totally by Lily's warmth and beauty. All of a sudden, a flash went off followed by a quick, "ha!" Remus rubbed his eyes and looked up to see Lily leaning against the railing for support and Kate holding up a camera for Remus to see. "Ah, well, I see you came prepared."

"You see correctly, Mr. Lupin." Kate said mischievously.

"But you see, I also came prepared." Remus said as he whipped out a camera and took a picture of the laughing Lily and the shocked-as-hell Kate.

"Lucky shot." Kate said as she walked over to Matthew and gave him a big hug. Matthew had unbuttoned his Hawaiian shirt so that a white work-out shirt was visible. Kate smirked and said, "you look good, Mattie. Real good."

Matthew smiled, placed his two forefingers under her chin softly and said, "As do you, Miss Minelli." Matthew slowly inched closer and closer and pressed his lips softly against Kate's for a few split seconds and pulled apart. He then backed up and offered Kate his arm, "Shall we?"

"We shall." Kate said linking her arm with his and walking out of the common room, Lily and Remus close behind. As they were walking, Kate and Matthew in front fo them chucking it up merrily, Remus walked closer and closer to Lily until finally he mustered up enough courage to put his arm around her slender waist. Lily smiled down at the floor, blushing a deep crimson red and then looked up at Remus who smiled down at her. "You look nice." Remus said.

"You do too." Lily replied.

For what seemed like an eternity, they finally arrived at the entrance of the Great Hall, transfixed by the decorations. With good reason too. The floor had been bewitched to look like a starry night, the walls as well, the ceiling was also very starry, with the moon providing the light needed to make the night romantic. But there were also candles floating in the air, dimmed perfectly to preserve that romantic feeling. The four continued walking into the Great Hall, excited to start dancing. Kate placed her hat on the table they designated as theirs and they all went out onto the dance floor to dance the night away.

After many fast, rhythmic songs (and all the girls competing against each other while dancing with their partners while 'Dancing Queen' played) the first slow song of the night came on. 'Teen Angel' by Del Shannon. As Lily and Remus swayed together, Kate and Matthew went to go sit down. Lily looked over at Kate and back up at Remus, "How do you think she'll be for vacation?"

"Well, by the looks of it- she doesn't want to talk about it. She likes to keep it to herself. I think she has it pushed back in her mind so she won't have to worry about it."

Lily groaned and said, "I wish she'd talk to me." Remus slowed down and lifted Lily's chin softly with his fingers, "Hey, she'll come to you once she thinks she's ready to come to you."

"You think so?" Lily asked serenely.

"I know so. Now let's enjoy the night while we can, ok?"

"Sounds like a plan."

Two minutes more into the song, a strong wind came in through the open windows and blew the lights out. Girls screamed unnecessarily as guys looked around, holding their dates close- in hopes of appearing strong and manly. Remus pulled Lily close to him so that her hands were placed on his chest. She could make out Remus turning his head around looking for a teacher. Unfortunately, the students found it unnecessary to bring their wands so they couldn't use the lumos spell. Although they wished they had once they heard the blood curdling scream that sent shivers up everyone's spine.

Chapter 12: We Remember
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Chapter Twelve: Disaster Strikes

Remus pulled Lily close to him so that her hands were placed on his chest. She could make out Remus turning his head around looking for a teacher. Unfortunately, the students found it unnecessary to bring their wands so they couldn’t use the lumos spell. Although they wished they had once they heard the blood curdling scream that sent shivers up everyone’s spine. Lily stepped closer to Remus, pressing her face softly against his chest. “LUMOS” they heard Dumbledore shout. ‘Why didn’t he do that earlier?’ Lily thought to herself. Lily squinted her eyes as a bright light expanded across the room. Lily heard more ear-piercing screams and turned her head around. What she saw on the other side of the Great Hall stunned her. A fourth year Hufflepuff, Maura Hanson, was laid out on the floor, murdered. Lily backed up into Remus who put his hands protectively on her shoulders. Dumbledore lit the candles with his wand and walked over to the lifeless girl’s body. He took a deep breath and closed the girl’s eyes with his two fore-fingers. Dumbledore stood up and shouted, “Professors, you know what to do.”

All at once, the teachers began shouting. Lily glanced over to see McGonagall shouting for all the fourth and fifth year Gryffindors to follow her. Lily and Remus walked up to Kate and Matthew, Lily and Kate linking arms so they wouldn’t lose sight of each other. They followed McGonagall and the rest of their group through the castle, weaving their way through the murky corridors. McGonagall kept her wand close and always made sure the students her following her. As Lily was walking, she forgot to watch her step. She suddenly fell onto the floor, putting her hands out in front of her to catch herself. She felt a strong arm pull her up off the ground. Lily looked up to see James holding onto her arm. “James?”

“Keep walking, Lily.” He said. Lily hooked arms with Kate again and kept following the group. “Are you ok, Lils? That was a nasty fall. Luckily James was there.” Kate asked worried about her friend. Lily nodded and watched as James, Sirius, and Peter walked up to the front, wands at the ready. They reached an unfamiliar corridor and followed McGonagall to a secluded door. McGonagall muttered a quiet password and the door slowly creaked open, revealing a small, damp room that looked like it could have fit all of them. “Get in quick.” McGonagall ordered, her voice crucial. They all sprinted into the room as fast as they could. McGonagall came in and said quietly, “No one is to leave this room. This is a serious matter. I trust that our prefects will make sure that no one leaves the room. Dumbledore will come for you when he thinks the time is right. I also suggest that you remain as silent as you can.” With that, McGonagall spun around on her heels and left the room. She closed the door and the students heard the gears in the door locking it shut.

Lily and Kate both sat down on the cold, hard ground, arms still linked. Lily looked around her. She recognized everyone. James, Sirius, and Peter where in a small corner of the room. Remus slowly walked over to them and in hushed voices began talking to them. Matthew soon joined the group of boys. ‘What are they talking about?’ Lily thought to herself. In another corner, Rachel, Althea, and Elizabeth sat in a group, holding hands for support. The fourth years had divided into boy and girl groups, the boys located in a corner across from the girls. Remus and Matthew slowly turned around and walked over to Lily and Kate. Matthew saw down next to Kate and put an arm around her, Remus doing the same. Lily turned to Remus, terror unblemished in her green eyes. “What’s going to happen, Remus?” her voice was unmistakably cracking. Remus frowned and said, “I don’t know. But I think we’re safe. We’re in a pretty secluded spot, James and Sirius agree with me.”

The silence was broken, however, as a loud screech was heard in the distance. Everyone looked up at the ceiling, sure that the sound had come from above them. The scream wasn’t close, but it still frightened them. Then they heard laughter. But It wasn’t happy laughter, it was laughter one would hear from a maniac. Lily situated herself on the floor a bit and looked up at James who was leaning against the wall, staring down at the floor. Why had he helped her up? Where was Remus when she fell? Out of no where, she felt sorry for the way she had treated James in the past. Maybe he was nicer and more sincere than she had thought. Lily leaned in towards Remus and whispered in his ear, “Why weren’t you behind me?”

“I saw a few of the fourth year girls trailing behind a bit and so I walked behind them so they wouldn’t get lost. I saw you fall Lily. I’m sorry if I scared you when it wasn’t me who helped you up.” Remus replied, his voice sincere.

“It’s ok. I understand. You were trying to help the others.”

Lily smiled at Remus and rested her head on Remus’ shoulder. “I’m scared, Remus.” Remus looked down at Lily and said, “I know. We all are. I think it’s best not to think so much on it.” Lily nodded slowly and took a deep breath. For a long time she sat there, looking down at the floor. She nodded off a few times but the image of the poor girl had planted itself in her brain, keeping her awake. She looked around the room. The fourth year girls were asleep in their corner, Kate had fallen asleep next to Matthew (her face red from crying), the fourth year boys were sitting in a corner, talking silently. Lily turned her attention to the corner where James sat. He had sat down on the floor quite a few hours ago but was still concentrating hard on the floor. He looked up and Lily caught his eyes. Lily smiled reassuringly. James smirked back at her and continued staring at the floor. Lily looked over to see Remus’ head leaned against the wall. He had fallen asleep a few hours ago when he thought Lily had fallen asleep. Lily eased out from under his arm, got up, and walked over to James’ corner, where Sirius and Peter were snoring beside him. Lily sat down next to him and quietly, she said, “Hey.”

“Aren’t you tired?” James asked.

Lily was taken back by the question. Does he care? “I can’t sleep.” Lily admitted.

“Neither can I.” James replied, his concentration fixed on a small stone. Lily leaned her head against the wall and sighed. She closed her eyes trying to blink back the tears. Lily hung her head and turned her head away from James trying to hide her tears. James glanced over at Lily and frowned. “Are you OK?” James asked.

“No. I don’t know. I just can’t stop thinking about….about…” Lily started before she allowed the tears to pour forth and splash on the ground. She hastily wiped away her tears and turned her body away from James, and pulling her legs up to her chest. Lily cried silently as she hung her head. She sprung her head up once she felt a strong, warm hand on her shoulder. Lily turned her head to the side and saw that James had sat down next to her, putting a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him, her eyes brimming with tears. “Shhhh, it’s OK.” James said slowly wiping away a stray tear with his thumb. Lily chuckled, “You must think I’m such a baby for crying.” She wiped more tears away as James said, “There’s a right time to cry and a wrong time. I’d say that this is a right time.”

Lily lifted her head to look James in the eye. “Why are you being so nice to me?”

“Well, you’ve never really given me a chance to before. And I figure it’s about time that I give you a reason to like me. I know I can be a bit big-headed.” James said making Lily laugh and respond, “I’m sorry I haven’t been that civil over the past years. I guess we’ve both been acting really childish, huh?”

James smirked, “I think you’ve matured more than I have, Lily.” Lily smiled gratefully. “Now, what can’t you stop thinking about?” James asked scooting closer to Lily. Lily situated herself so that she was sitting Indian-style next to James, who was giving her his full attention. She wiped away a few tears and turned to James, who was holding out a small white handkerchief. “You need it more than I do.” Lily smiled and took it gently into her hands. She saw that a large ‘P’ had been sown into the left corner. Lily ran her finger over the stitching and said, “I can’t take this James. This is personalized for you.”

“Take it, I don’t care.” James said. “Now what were you going to say?”

Lily dabbed her eyes with the handkerchief. It smelled like James. She erased the thought from her mind quickly and said, “I was thinking about that poor girl upstairs. I kept thinking about how close I was to death myself. And I kept thinking about all the people I would have left behind. Everybody that I love. And I just can’t stand the thought.” Lily had let all the tears loose, and they were now streaming down her cheeks. James pulled her closer to him so that her head was resting on his shoulder. He brought his other arm around her so that he had her completely enveloped in his warm embrace. Lily calmed down a bit and stayed silent as she slowly stopped crying.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking about.” James said thoughtfully.

“Really? You where?” Lily asked shocked.

“Yeah. I had these images of my mom crying. My dad was holding her up…she was….so weak with grief. Sirius, Remus, and Peter were all there.” James started. “You were there.”

Lily sprung up her head. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.” James stuttered.

“No, no, I was just….shocked. Why, of all people, was I in your visions?” Lily asked.

James took a deep breath and said, “Because of all people, you’re the most beautiful.” James hung his head embarrassed and looked away, wrapping his arms around his knees, pulling them to his chest. Lily was shocked. After all these years she had thought that he had pursued her just to be added to the list of girls who had their hearts broken by him. Now he was telling her that he thought she was beautiful. Lily didn’t know what to say. So she settled with, “Thank you, James.” James looked up at Lily and smiled. Just then, the door to their room opened abruptly. James and Lily stood up, James positioned himself in front of Lily with his wand ready. The rest of the room had been awaken as well. Sirius, Remus, and Peter stood next to James as Kate and Matthew went to go stand by Lily. Dumbledore walked in from the dark hallway, his expression grave and tired. The students relaxed. They were safe.

“Professor…” James said silently.

“Mr. Potter, students.” Dumbledore looked around the room. “After a long night of searching the grounds and numerous duels, the Professors and I have driven the Death Eaters from our castle.”

Everyone was shocked. They didn’t know what to say. “Professor?” Lily said pushing her way between James and Sirius. James smiled at her as she spoke again. “How are the other students?”

Dumbledore took a deep breath. “The majority of your classmates it made it to their safe spots.” Dumbledore shook his weary head sadly. Lily looked down at the ground and asked, “And….and what about the rest?”

“I’m afraid….that 13 students were injured. They have been taken to the infirmary to be treated by Madame Pomphery.”

“Was….was anyone else killed, besides the girl in the Great Hall?” tears were coursing down Lily’s porcelain cheeks. Behind her, Kate stepped back into Matthew and felt his arms being wrapped around her. “Oh no…” Kate whispered as she cried silently. Sirius noticed quickly and with a wave of his wand, he conjured a handkerchief. He handed the soft fabric to Kate and said, “Here, you keep that.” Kate looked from the handkerchief to Sirius. Slowly she reached out and took the handkerchief. “Thank you, Sirius.” Sirius smiled and said, “What are friends for?” They smiled at each other and focused their attention back on Dumbledore.

“Seven…I’m afraid. Seven were killed in the night. There was nothing we could do to save them, regrettably. Voldemort had gotten to them before any of the professors were able to save them.”

Lily clapped her hand over her mouth and turned around to face Remus, who pulled her to him and held her close as she cried into his shoulder. Kate turned around quickly and wrapped her arms around his neck and sobbed. “Voldemort….” James whispered.

“It was clear what his orders were. He had told his followers not to kill any students. It appeared that he wanted to do the killings himself.”

“Professor?” a fourth year girl stepped out from a dark corner.

“Yes, Kelleigh?” Dumbledore said turning around.

“How come Voldemort couldn’t find us?”

“This hallway is hidden, hidden from those who wish to release evil upon its occupants. There are many hallways like these in the castle. Once a Professor leaves and says the password, the door vanishes from sight and only the Headmaster will be able to open it again, unless something were to happen to the Headmaster, then the Deputy Headmaster, or Headmistress, would take charge.”

The students nodded, but remained silent. “You may go to your dormitories to rest. A memorial for those lost will be held at dinner. I will understand if you find that you are not able to come.” Dumbledore walked out of the room, leaving the students in the room, shocked and frightened. One by one, the fourth years left, followed by James, Sirius, and Peter. Kate and Lily walked out together with Remus and Matthew behind them. The door to their hideout closed slowly, creaking noisily. Without a word, the four made their way to the Gryffindor tower. Though they doubted they would get any rest after the night’s happenings.

About half of the school body showed up that night. Before allowed to come to dinner, everyone was to remain upstairs as mourning parents came to say their final good-byes to their lost children. At seven o’ clock, McGonagall came up to the Gryffindor common room, something the Head of House rarely did, and explained to the students that it was time for dinner. Lily and Kate walked down to the Great Hall together and sat down at their usual spot. The once cheerful hall was now a place of mourning, sadness, despair, and heartbreak. Slowly more and more students came down. Matthew and Remus came down and sat across from Kate and Lily. James and Sirius came in, James sitting next to Lily and Sirius next to Kate. Lily looked over at James through teary eyes and smiled weakly. James smiled and said, “It’s ok, Lily. Everything will be alright.” Lily nodded and went back to staring at the old, wooden table. James looked around the Great Hall. Parents were sitting at the professors’ table, many of them crying, and many of them in shock. Dumbledore sat in his usual seat, comforting a middle-aged witch beside him who sobbed into her hands.

Once Dumbledore gave into the fact that the other students wouldn’t be joining them, he stood up, holding the hand of the woman next to him. Dumbledore’s voice echoed through the silent hall, “Tonight we mourn the loss of our daughters, our sons, our brothers, our sisters, our friends, our classmates, our students, our mentors. They helped us through the worst of times, they were there with us during the good times. They were there, singing with us, laughing with us, writing with us, crying with us, and sharing their most beloved thoughts with us. Tonight, we remember those lost in a desperate escape from evil and know that they have gone to a much happier place. A place where there is no hatred, no cheating, no evil, no darkness. A place filled with light, hope, faith, and above all things, love. Tonight, we remember.”

McGonagall stood up and unrolled a piece of parchment. In the background, a choir sang:

“We remember how you loved us to your death

And still we celebrate for you are with us here.

And we believe that we will see you

When you come

In your glory

We remember,

We celebrate

We believe.”

McGonagall then began to say the names of those lost: “We remember Maille Smith. Third year. Hufflepuff house.” The choir started singing again, their voice ringing through the hall.

“We remember how you loved us to your death

And still we celebrate for you are with us here.

And we believe that we will see you

When you come

In your glory

We remember,

We celebrate

We believe.”

“We remember Audrey Johnson. Sixth year. Gryffindor house.” Again, the choir sang:

“We remember how you loved us to your death

And still we celebrate for you are with us here.

And we believe that we will see you

When you come

In your glory

We remember,

We celebrate

We believe.”

“We remember Amedee Davis. First year. Slytherin house.”

“We remember how you loved us to your death

And still we celebrate for you are with us here.

And we believe that we will see you

When you come

In your glory

We remember,

We celebrate

We believe.”

McGonagall continued to go down the list, everytime saying a name, the choir would sing. Kate, Lily, Sirius, and James all joined hands and remained silent as they remembered their fellow classmates. Once McGonagall had finished, Dumbledore stood again. “Let us also be aware of those injured. Let us hope that Madame Pomphery will be able to heal them.” Then, looking out at the students, he said, “Good night all.” Chairs squeaked as the students stood up and walked out of the hall solemnly. Kate and Lily still held hands and walked up to the common room to try to get the rest they were sure they wouldn’t get anyways. Lily couldn’t fall asleep at all. Her mind was filled with images of her parents mourning and all her friends crying for her….and an image of her fallen body. Lily sat up in bed, beads of sweat pouring down her forehead.

“Lils?” she heard Kate asked from her bed.

“Kate? What are you doing up?”

“Nobody else is sleeping. I didn’t expect to get any sleep anyways.”

“I know. It’s been a horrific night.”

“I talked to Matthew.” Kate started walking over to lie down next to Lily. “His parents are coming to pick him up in the morning.”

“What? Oh no! Kate, I’m sorry! What did he say?”

“He told me that we both knew that a long distance relationship would never work out. He’s to go to Beauxbetons. His parents are afraid of what might happen to him if he were stay at Hogwarts.”

They were silent for a while. Then Kate said, “Maybe it’s for the best. I mean, it’s not like I saw myself being with him for the rest of my life, ya know?”

Lily nodded. “Don’t you want to be with him?”

“More than anything but he says he wants to pack alone first. Then he said he’ll come down to the common room.”

Lily bit her lip and said, “Kate? Can I tell you something?”


“Well, when we were down in the hideout, I started talking to James. Everyone else was sleeping. He, um, he told me that he saw images of his parents and friends mourning and he saw himself, well, dead.”

“That’s awful.”

“Yeah.” Lily agreed. “And then he told me that I was in his images as well.”


“Yeah, I was shocked at first too.”

“Did he say why?”

“I asked him, yes. He said it was because he thought I was beautiful.”



“Are you going to tell Remus?”

“Do you think I should?”

“I don’t know. It’s not that bad, I mean, it’s not like he kissed you or anything.”


“I think I’m going to go wait for Mattie downstairs. I’ll talk to you later.”

“K. Night.”

“Night. See you in the morning.” Kate climbed out of Lily’s bed and walked out the dormitory room. Lily turned over on her back and took a deep breath. Why would James tell her that? Lily forgot about it and closed her eyes, hoping to get some more rest.