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Love in the Past by Atratus Lupin

Format: Novel
Chapters: 48
Word Count: 162,039

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Romance, AU, Young Adult
Characters: Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/Lily, Other Pairing

First Published: 06/02/2004
Last Chapter: 03/18/2010
Last Updated: 03/18/2010


While on the train to Hogwarts for her seventh year, Hermione has an accident with her time turner. Within moments she finds her self in the late 1970's, when the Marauders went to Hogwarts. The only problem is, it isn't an accident. Hermione finds that it has been planned her since before birth, that she has a task to complete before she can go home. What is her task? She doesn't even know, Dumbledore seems to know, only he's not telling.

Chapter 1: Prologue
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I’m standing in the nursery that Molly prepared for the birth of my twins when I returned. She had been ecstatic upon hearing the news a few months ago, so happy that there would soon be new babies to take care of. I let out a quiet sigh and run my fingers through my mess of curls. I didn’t brush them out after my quick shower this evening, and now they are ridiculous. I let my hand drop, and carefully lower into the crib of my sleeping son, Fabian. I don’t touch him, he’s too small and I am afraid to wake him. Once I do I know my other son, Gideon, in the crib next to Fabian's will start crying as well.

  Gideon was the screamer, as Molly had put it when he was born, Fabian on the other hand had been the quiet one, but didn’t dare hold back his cries when his brother was upset. I shouldn’t even have been out of bed, but I couldn’t just leave them alone. I know Molly will be upset when she finds me in the morning and sees the bags under my eyes. But I don’t care. I’m worried.

My babies sleep soundly now, but will they in a few days? I keep asking myself what will happen in a few days, they are so much like their father after all. They have his eyes, his nose, his hair color. The only thing they have of mine are my curls, which are like mops on their heads now, you couldn’t tell them apart if they had their nappies on. Molly has told me though, that their hair will most likely thin out in a few weeks and eventually grow in thicker as they get older. I’m not so sure. My hair was just as thick when I was a child as it is now.

I pull my hand away from Fabian as my thoughts drift to their father. I glance out the window, the drapes are open, letting the light from the nearly full moon enter the room. It casts a shadow on Gideon’s crib. I shudder and move to the window and sit on the seat there. My hand reaches up and traces the nearly full circle of the moon.

This is what is causing me to worry. The damn moon. My thoughts drift back to their father again. I dread the years to come when they will ask me questions about him. How do I tell them that he is right there, so close that they can touch him, feel his warmth, his kisses, his hugs, but he doesn’t know them as his children. How? I dread that day. I’ve already rehearsed the answer in my mind, but it’s no use. I know they will ask, and I have no answer. I loved their father when he was younger, I loved him in his past. I still do, but I he should not remember me.

Dumbledore was supposed to make absolute sure that their father has no knowledge of me but a part of me fears that is not the case. I have watched him, and in watching him, I have caught him watching me. Maybe he is curious, I do not know. But I know Harry knows something that he is not telling me. It gets me angry, but then again, I haven’t told him much about my trip to the past so I suppose we are on far ground.

He helped deliver them, their father I mean. He was there in the room and helped Molly and Poppy. That is when I really began to think that he did indeed know, and remember. But why had he not said anything? Why was he allowing me to go through so much pain in remembering the time we spent together if he himself had gone through so much pain for nearly 15 years. Was he doing it as revenge? No, he would never do that, couldn’t do it, it wasn’t him.

I shake my head and try to clear the image of him holding our daughter and the recognition and pain that shown brightly in his eyes. He knows, that’s all I think of now, that he knows, that he remembers. My thoughts are all jumbled together and I feel dizzy. I had begged Dumbledore to not rid him of his memories and it seems I wasn’t the only one who had done some begging.

I jump at the sound of the door opening. I do not have my wand on me, living in Grimmuald place is safe enough, but my wandless magic is weak because of the delivery and my lack of sleep. But a weak barrier rises over myself and the cribs of my children. Then it falters once I hear his voice.

“Hermione…” He breathes out, his voice barely a whisper. I glance up at the door and find him standing there, one and still on the door handle, he is in pajama pants and shirt that has Liverpool scrawled across it. He lifts his eyes to stare at me and I blink back slowly. It seems like ages that we look at each other, and his movements are slow as he walks across the room to me.

His lips are moving as his hand reaches out to brush a few curls away from my face. My mind doesn’t register what he has said until he looks into my eyes, his worried golden orbs staring back at me. “Hermione, you should be in bed. The children are fine.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” I whisper and his eyes widen in shock and he pulls away but I grab his wrist. “Please.” I beg, nearly collapsing in his arms. The pain in my heart is too much for me any more. I can not continue this madness that he does not remember me. The past was real, to him, to me. I did fall in love with Remus Lupin and this is our story.  

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Chapter 2: Hogwarts Express
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“Hermione, listen to me please!” Lupin shouted. “I can explain-”
Prisoner of Azkaban, pg.345

Hogwarts Express

Hermione Granger walked through the barrier separating the muggle world from the wizarding one. She didn’t know which world she liked the better, the one she had grown up in and known all her life, or the one she had been introduced into when she was only 11 years old. Hogwarts was definitely her second home and sometimes she thought of it as her real home away from home. She pushed her trolley forward and Crookshanks let out a yowl of annoyance as she jostled his cage a little.

“Sorry Crookshanks.” She murmured as she pushed it over to the loading dock. She smiled at him through the bars, “I’ll see you in a little while.” She said and he mewed at her before she went off looking for her friends, hoisting her canvas bag over her shoulder.

She sighed as she looked around and ran a hand through her thick curls and pulled the semi frizzy mass back to get her fly away curls away from her face. Her eyes searched the platform again as she looked for Harry and Ron. She had seen Ron a week previously, but still she missed him desperately. As for Harry, she hadn’t seen him since a few days after the battle, going off with Remus Lupin to get away from everything. She reached into her pocket and took out her Head Girl badge and pinned it proudly to her chest.

As she made her way across the platform she realized how many first years there were, which struck her as odd, since so many students had dropped out the year before. Then she realized why there were so many new faces, they were probably the kids whose parents wouldn’t allow them to attend the school last year and would start a year late because of the war.

She stopped suddenly and caught sight of what she was looking for, a mass of red that could undoubtedly belong to the Weasley clan. She made her way through the crowd of students and smiled when Mrs. Weasley started fussing over Ron’s wardrobe, straightening his wrinkled shirt. She was surprised to fine him in his uniform before they boarded the train, normally he, like Harry would wait until the last possible minute to change.

“Mum, honestly.” He groaned as she moved her hands to fix his tie. Mrs. Weasley pulled away and smiled teary eyed up at him. He was the last of her sons going into his last year at Hogwarts and from the train station on the last day of school he would be off to Quidditch training with the Chudley Canons.

She stood and watched the scene before her for a few moments, it was the first time in a few months that she had seen Ron smile even in the slightest. The past few months had been rough on the Weasley family, losing Ginny in the month-long war, and no one had expected it to come so soon. They had lost Percy, Bill had been terribly injured and Fred had lost one of his arms.

Other casualties had included, Moody, Kingsley, Diedalus Diggle, Hestia Jones, Tonks and many more.  The Death count was horrendous it included many muggles, witches and wizards innocent and death eaters. Few students had lost their lives in the battle, those who did fought bravely besides the Order and Harry.

Also, one death that had shocked everyone was Cornelius Fudge’s death. The Minister of Magic was found murdered in his office. Everyone had suggested Dumbledore be the new Minister, but he of course had refused. He had though, suggested Arthur Weasley and a surprise to the Weasley’s, he had become Minister of Magic.

Hermione stepped forward and tapped Ron on the shoulder. He turned around and his frown turned into a wide grin as he captured her into his arms. “Ah, Hermione. I missed you.” He said rubbing his face against her frizzy curls.

“Ron, you saw me a week ago.” She laughed as he put her back on the ground.

“Yeah, well.” He said and shrugged. Then his face paled slightly and Hermione turned to see what he was looking at. She smiled weakly as she saw Harry walking toward them hesitantly. He’d been at Ginny’s funeral and then that was it, they hadn’t seen him since. He looked better than she expected him to look. The bags under his eyes were gone and he wasn’t as deathly pale as she remembered, but the light that was once in his eyes was still gone. She expected it never to come back after all he had witnessed.

“Hi Harry.” She said as he approached them. He nodded at her and Hermione couldn’t contain herself, she laughed herself at him, catching him slightly off guard as she hugged him tightly. “Merlin I missed you.” She whispered in his ear and he hugged her back tightly.

“I missed you too.” He murmured.

“Did you have a good time staying with Lupin?” Ron asked a surprise to them all, Ron sounded a little angry when he said it too. Remus Lupin their former Professor was now legally Harry’s guardian, according to Sirius’ will that he had written one night in Harry’s fifth year before he died. Even talking to Ron was obviously hard for him.

Harry rubbed the back of his neck and nodded. “Yeah…er… I did…Look Ron I’m sorry I-” Harry started but then was attacked and brought into a big hug by Mrs. Weasley.

“Harry!” She said as she hugged him, only really going up to his chest. “How are you? Has Remus been good to you? Did he feed you? Harry dear how are you?” Mrs. Weasley questioned.

“Yes Mrs. Weasley, I’m fine, and Remus treated me right, would he not?” Harry asked confused, raising an eyebrow.

Mrs. Weasley waved her hand, “No, no of course not, it’s just very good to see you healthy and being at the weight you should be.” She said and the train whistle blew. “Oh my, you dears have to get on the train, hurry now.” She said and managed to hug them all at the same time. “Now go have a wonderful year!” She called as they stepped onto the train and went in search of a compartment.

Hermione checked her bag and made sure she had her robes, Harry was carrying his and Ron had his over his shoulder. “Oh and Hermione congratulations on making Head Girl.” Harry said and grasped her shoulder. She lifted her hand and patted his.

“Thank you.” She whispered. They walked along the corridor down the train, when they spotted a group of kids. They were crowded, right there in the middle of corridor. Hermione walked up to a small blonde girl and tapped her on the shoulder, the small girl turned around and stared at Hermione, she then squeaked when she saw Hermione’s Head Girl Badge.

“Excuse me, but what is going on?” Hermione questioned the frightened young girl. The girl stuttered at first and then blurted out what was happening.

“Er…there…Stewart Knott and Ben Ackerly are there fighting, Stewart said something really mean to Ben, I guess I don’t exactly know what it meant…” She answered quietly.

Hermione nodded. “Thank you very much. Hermione pushed through the crowd and thought, Where is Malfoy when you need him? As if right on time Malfoy was on the other side, trying to get through. Hermione rolled her eyes at the blonde, he was stuck behind a load of students.

Hermione shook her head and finally got through to see just what the little blonde girl had said. Ackerly and Knott fighting, well more like Ackerly choking Knott. Ben had Stewart in head lock and Stewart was gripping Ben’s arm, trying to pry it away. All the boys around were watching with interest, even the older years. Hermione groaned in frustration.

She walked over to them and motioned for Harry and Ron, they came in and tried prying to the two apart. Ackerly had an iron grip, and wouldn’t let go. Malfoy finally got through the pack of students. He rolled his eyes and pushed Harry and Ron out of the way. He grabbed Ackerly by the back of his shirt and he let go of Knott. Knott then fell to the ground coughing.

Harry picked up Knott, who was struggling against him and held him. “Take it back you stupid prick!” Ackerly yelled and struggled against Draco.

“No! Why should I you bloody bastard!” Knott snapped back. Ackerly glared and got loose form Draco. He charged at Knott, whom had gotten loose from Harry. They then fell backwards and knocked into Hermione. She felt one of the kids elbow her in the chest.

It was all in slow motion as she fell to the ground. She landed with a thump. “Oof” she groaned and looked around, where was everyone. She was in a compartment on the ground. She stood up and looked around. She saw four boys all sitting there, her age, playing a game of exploding snap and eating Honey Dukes Candy. She looked them over, not believing who she saw.

She grasped the chain around her neck and lifted something out of her shirt. She started breathing heavily when she saw that it was broken. She looked back to the four boys who were staring at her. She felt lightheaded as the darkness enveloped her.


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Chapter 3: Where am I?
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Where am I?

Time knows nothing.

Harry and Ron and looked around for Hermione. She just vanished out of thin air. They looked at each other eyes wide. They looked to Malfoy who was looking as shocked as they were. “Harry? What just happened?” Ron whimpered.

“I…I don’t know.” Harry said also unsure of what just happened. All the students were staring at were their Head Girl had once been. They were all waiting for her to appear just as she had disappeared.

Malfoy saw out of the corner of his eye Knott and Ackerly starting to slip away. He grabbed the back of their robes and they were pulled backwards. “Everyone back to their Compartments now!” Malfoy yelled causing several students to jump. They all hurried back to their compartments whispering. “Potter, Weasley come with me, I’m going to need some help.” Malfoy drawled.

“Harry, what do you suppose is wrong with Malfoy?” Ron whispered as Malfoy grabbed Knott and Ackerly and thrust them down the hallway towards the Heads compartment. Harry just shook his head and they followed Malfoy.

Malfoy slid open the compartment door and pointed towards seats near the window. “Sit over there, and if you make so much as one move I will take away house points.” He snapped and they walked over quietly, but sent each other a glare as they did so.

“Potter, I need you to send this with your owl to Dumbledore,” Malfoy muttered as he took out a piece of parchment a quill and a bottle of ink. He started scribbling across the parchment, it was neat, he just wrote fast. He messaged his temples and started writing again. He stopped put the quill back in the drawer and closed the inkbottle, he then rolled up the piece of parchment and grabbed his wand from his pocket. He muttered something and a small piece of string wrapped around the rolled up parchment and tied itself.

“This,” He said and paused standing to face Harry. “Is a letter to Dumbledore explaining what has just happened. Send this with our owl.” Malfoy asked, which was a surprise to Harry and Ron. Harry just took the parchment and left glancing at Ron quickly before he left.

Malfoy turned around to face the two boys, Ron watching him the whole time completely and utterly confused. He was also panicking inside, wondering where Hermione was. Malfoy walked and stood in front of the boys, who just looked up at him.

“I as Head Boy am taking 30 points from each of you-” He began but was interrupted by Knott.

“What! He started it! Your taking points from your own house! It’s not fair!” Knott yelled. Malfoy’s eyes flashed in anger and annoyance.

“I don’t care if I took points from my own house! You and him are the cause of the Head Girl disappearing! You are lucky I didn’t take more points away!” He yelled absolutely outraged. He took a step towards Knott who immediately sat down. “Now you will stay here until we get to Hogwarts. Then you will go straight to the Head master, explain your selves and he can decide what in bloody Merlin’s name to do with you!” He yelled, and turned to Ron, his cheeks pink with anger.

Ron just stared at him and looked past him to Knott and Ackerly who where sitting there with their arms crossed glaring at each other. Malfoy came up to him an angry look in his eyes. “I’m going to find Abbott, she can help after all she is Deputy Head Girl, and you are Deputy Head Boy if I’m correct?” He asked, giving Ron a searching look. Ron’s ears turned red and he nodded. “Right, well I’ll go look for her, in the mean time just watch these two. And if you move or talk to each other he will take away more points.” Draco called over his shoulder causing to two third years to grunt. “Oh and I will be telling your brothers, I’m sure since they are friends they would just love to know.” He said sarcastically and walked out sliding the door closed as he left.

The two boys looked horrified at the thought of their brothers knowing. Ackerly shuddered and Knott gulped, he wasn’t as tough as he made out to be. Like most Slytherins he was a coward. Ron went and sat at the opposite end of the compartment watching the two boys. He wanted to know where Hermione was. Even if he was going out with Lavender he loved Hermione, like a sister though. He was worried and for some odd reason he could tell Malfoy was worried too.

Harry walked down the train, towards the end where he knew he could find Hedwig. He looked around and saw her, she was screeching and biting on the bars of her cage. He walked over and opened it. He held out his arm and she flew to it. He closed her cage door and she nibbled his ear affectionately. He smiled slightly. He tied the rolled up parchment to her leg, “Ok this is very important I need you to take this to Dumbledore alright. And stay at Hogwarts after unless he needs you to send a letter back. Do you understand?” He asked and she hooted in acknowledgement. He then walked over to a window, opened it and watched her fly out of it.

He sighed he had an idea that Hermione’s time turner had broken. He knew she had this year because of N.E.W.T.’s he just hoped she was all right. He walked back along the corridor his head down. He was heading back towards the Head Compartment when he bumped into someone.

“Sorry” He replied, and then looked to see who it was. A smiled emitted on his face when he saw it was Remus. “Sorry Remus-er Professor.” He stuttered.

“It’s quite alright Harry and you can call me Remus, just not in class. But I was going to ask you something. Where is Hermione? I want to have a word with her.” He replied and Harry rubbed the back of his neck, unsure of what to say.

“Um…er Remus, she’s not here actually, she had an accident with her Time Turner and she went back in time, well that’s what Malfoy thinks anyway.” He said looking unsure.

“I can’t believe it…I wanted to stop her before it happened…” He whispered quietly, hoping Harry hadn’t heard. But he did.

“Sorry?” He asked he wasn’t sure if he had heard Remus correctly. “You knew?” Harry asked astounded, Remus only nodded.


A sandy haired boy watched as a girl who just appeared out of thin air pull something that looked broken out her shirt. He watched with curiosity as her eyes went wide then rolled back into her head. He watched as she fell to the ground in slow motion. He went for her and she landed gracefully in his arms. He picked her up taking in her features.

She had soft brown curls that framed her angelic face. She was very light, but being what he was it didn’t matter if she weighed a million pounds he could still lift her. He looked to his friends who inched closer. The shortest of his friends with blonde hair hanging in his blue eyes looked up.

The sandy haired boy was much taller than him and moved around them and placed the girl on the soft red plush seats. He laid her down gently and kneeled next to the seat. His friends crowded around him. The blonde haired boy right next to him peering at the girl from behind his bangs. He looked as if the girl were merely an angel, but she was more than that, she looked like a goddess.

His other two friends came closer also looking at the beautiful girl. His one friend with shaggy black hair that fell gracefully to his shoulders and deep brown eyes looked over the girl curiously from his place next to the blonde boy.

His last friend with Raven colored hair sticking up in all directions and hazel looked at the girl in awe behind his black-rimmed glasses. They all stared at her for some time before the compartment door slid open. They all looked away from the unconscious girl and to the door.

A red head stood in the doorway wearing her Head Girl badge pinned to her robes. Her vibrant emerald green eyes narrowed as she caught sight of the tall raven-haired boy. “Potter what in Merlin’s-” She began but gasped when she saw the girl lying there on the seat. She rushed over and looked at her. “Oh my.” She whispered quietly she carefully reached out her hand and touched the chain around the girl’s neck.

She very carefully pried the girl’s fingers away from whatever she was holding and looked at the small thing that was broken. She gasped again this time bringing her hand to her mouth. All the boys were quiet watching as the red head then dropped the girl’s hand, backing away. She reached inside her shirt and pulled out a chain with a small hourglass. The sandy-haired boy looked from the hourglass to the broken thing on the girl’s chest. His eyes grew wide knowing what it was.

“That’s a Time Turner.” He whispered quietly. “I’ve read about them…when they brake the person who wears it gets sent back to the time it was made. Hers must have broken. Time Turners are very dangerous if you-” He began quietly but the red haired girl interrupted him, finishing what he was going to say.

“If you go back in time you have to make sure not to be seen by your other self, and you can’t change the past. If you do you could change the future and that could be horrible.” She whispered she green eyes shining brightly.

“So you mean to say Evans that this girl is from the future?” The raven-haired boy asked with confusion. The black haired boy sniggered at the menacing glare the red head gave him.

“Yes Potter, I think you need to deflate that head of yours, I think its effecting your hearing.” She snapped and the raven-haired boy was about to snap a come back but the black haired boy nudged him and pointed to the girl on the seat who was stirring.

“Look she’s waking up, I think.” The short plump blonde stuttered. The sandy haired boy looked at her as her eyes fluttered open. She looked at them and her eyes widened she sat up moving away from them. She backed up against the back of the seat, breathing hard.

“Calm down.” He whispered and placed his hand on hers, she wrenched it away quickly. She then looked at all of them her eyes grew wide at the sight of the red head. She looked down at her time turner.

“Oh no…no…no…he’s going to kill me…I can’t believe it broke…I’m going to be in so much trouble…this can’t be happening, it’s just a dream…oh Merlin let it be a dream…” She whispered over and over again.

“Please just let it be a dream, I just want to see Harry and Ron, gods even Draco would be nice to see walk through that door and tell me it is a joke or a dream.” She whispered.

“Sorry but no one here goes by those names.” The small blonde boy stuttered apparently he didn’t get the fact she was from the future.

“I’m James, James Potter.” Said the raven-haired boy with glasses. He extended his hand for her to shake, which she just stared at. “I won’t bite…honest, though Moony or Padfoot here might.” He said chuckling. She smiled slightly and hesitantly extended her hand, which James shook.

She knew it was Harry’s father but she was amazed she was shaking hands with someone she knew to be dead. She nodded at him in acknowledgement and he withdrew his hand. The small plump blonde boy then extended his hand smiling widely. Hermione tried not to look repulsed by this but shook his hand too very quickly.

“I’m Peter Petigrew.” He said cheerfully. Just then Peter moved and the sandy-haired boy was about to take her hand but he was shoved out of the way.

“Push over Moony.” The black haired boy said and Hermione watched as the sandy haired boy landed on his bum. He frowned and the red haired girl helped him up, he brushed off his clothes and glared at the black haired boy’s head.

“Sirius Black at your service,” He said and kissed her hand and flashed her a charming smile. She knew not to get involved with Sirius he was always using girls. She smiled sweetly at him and moved to edge of the seat. He withdrew her hand and stood up, she walked over to the sandy-haired boy and extended her hand.

He took it and shook it, stuttering out his name as his cheeks turned pink. “Lupin…er…Remus Lupin.” He said and took away his hand. She looked to the red head that smiled and extended her hand, which Hermione shook also.

“Lily Evans pleased to meet you.” She nicely and Hermione nodded thinking while she shook Lily’s hand, this is Harry’s mum, if only he were here with me. She thought. She knew he would be ecstatic. “But who are you?” Lily asked curiosity taking advantage.

“Oh right how silly of me not to introduce my self. I’m Hermione Gran- Hermione Grant.” She had started to say her real name but soon realized she shouldn’t give them her real name, since in fact three of them were still alive when she went to school. Grant was the only thing she could come up with, it being her mother’s maiden name.

“Oh are you any relation to Amy Grant.” Lily questioned. Hermione almost fell over. Amy Grant was her mother. She grabbed onto Remus for support that grabbed her arm to brace her.

“Sorry.” She whispered as she steadied herself. “How…how do you know her?” Hermione asked her voice quivering.

“Well everyone knows her, she was Head Girl here last year, but your from the future are you her niece or something?” Lily said matter of fact. Hermione breathed in, holding her breath, her mother never told her she went to school here, well how could she her mother was dead. Voldemort had killed her before the war. Hermione had been living by herself with out Mrs. Weasley knowing, other wise she would have been at the Burrow.

Her mother was a witch, but what about her father. “Wasn’t she going out with that good looking bloke Joe, in Ravenclaw? She was in our house right?” James asked rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yes Potter, she was going out with him, they in fact are engaged now I believe.” She said a misty look in her eyes. James shook his head and Sirius sniggered, James elbowed him the stomach.

“Owe” He wheezed as he clutched his stomach.

“Argh! Potter we have to be in the Heads department! NOW!” She yelled in frustration and grabbed the back of James’ robes and dragged him out the compartment. He waved and winked at them

“Aw Evans I never knew you wanted me so much to drag away from my friends.” He said and smirked, she had grumbled something while dragging him away.

Sirius burst out laughing, Peter fell into a fit of giggles and Remus just shook his head. “James has always fancied Lily, ever since I can remember.” Remus whispered quietly as he passed her to get something out of his bag. She watched as he grabbed a book out of it.

She heard Sirius groan. “Moony…no books…c’mon, I don’t have Prongs to attack…c’mon he’s off trying to show off in front of Evans. All you think about is books, please play a game of Exploding snap with me and Wormtail.” Sirius whined, pouting, Remus just stuck his nose in his book. Hermione sat down next to him; he looked at her and smiled, then returned to his book.

“No Padfoot, and I thought you said James deflated his head over the summer.” Remus questioned his voice sounding so innocent. Sirius snorted.

“He did slightly. I mean its prongs we are talking about. Please! Remus, buddy ‘ol pal, please I beg you.” He whined getting on his knees stressing the please.

Remus smirked, and had a gleam in his eyes, “You beg huh Paddy. Well go on beg.” Remus dared. Sirius looked shocked.

“Remus I can’t not with her here.” He whispered harshly. Looking Hermione up and down. She rolled her eyes, when he looked back to Remus.

“Suit yourself Padfoot.” He said shrugging and returned to his book. Hermione then leaned forward.

“I’ll play a game with you Sirius.” She said and smiled Sirius’ face lit up and he turned around to set up the game. She turned to Remus and winked at him, giving him a smile. “Thank you for earlier, when you caught me.” She whispered and kissed his cheek. He blushed and nodded, shocked. He then stared at his book as Hermione sat down and playing exploding snap with Sirius.

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Edit: Also. I know Hermione's mother is a muggle in the Books, you don't have to tell me. I did read CoS too you know. But this is fanfiction. It all ties together in the end so chill out. I just tweaked it for my plot that's all.

Chapter 4: Questions and Answers
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Questions and Answers

Fear not the flame of my loves candle.
Evanescence “Give Unto me”

“I can’t believe it…I wanted to stop her before it happened…” He whispered quietly, hoping Harry hadn’t heard. But he did.

“Sorry?” He asked he wasn’t sure if he had heard Remus correctly. “You knew?” Harry asked astounded, Remus only nodded.

“Yes, oh yes I knew she went back in time.” He whispered sadly. “Why don’t we talk about this in here.” He said motioning to the compartment he had just walked out of. Harry only nodded for he was in a daze. Everything was going on so quickly.

‘He knew, how did he know? This is too much. Where is she? What time is she in?’ He thought as Remus slid open the compartment door. Harry sat down he sighed as Remus sat down. “Remus how do you know?” Harry asked concern quivered in his voice.

“First off you can’t tell anyone I told you, you can’t even tell Ron.” He whispered as he leaned forward. Harry leaned forward too. He had never seen Remus like this. Even over the summer Remus had acted a little strange.

But that was understandable, the war had just ended, there were many casualties in the past year. Sirius dieing was one of them. Remus and Harry had never been the same after Sirius fell behind the Veil. Remus had not come out of his room all summer after Fifth year, except for the occasional training and Order of the Phoenix meetings. Harry much like Remus had stayed hidden away from everyone, mourning the death of his beloved godfather.

Remus now was his legal guardian and Harry couldn’t be happier, no Voldemort, he was away from the Dursley’s forever. But it had its downs, his heart ached for Ginny and Sirius, and even more to see his parents. Over the summer on their travels Remus had told him stories of his parents, which made him want to see them even more.

Remus had been quiet while Harry thought about a few things. He looked Remus over; he no longer had his ragged, patched old robes, but new fitted maroon ones. His hair no longer was gray as used to be. He did look tired, but their travels did him some good. Made him look no so pale and he didn’t look as ghostly. Though he did look like he was trying to get away from something or someone. Harry passed it off him just wanting to get away from being a werewolf, as he watched as Remus scratched the back of his neck, thinking of something to say.

“Ok Harry. You want to know how I know Hermione went back in time?” He said and Harry nodded. “Well you see Hermione went back in time to when I was a teenager, she has gone back to when her time turner was created, which is the same year your father, Sirius, Peter and I entered our seventh year at Hogwarts. We all became friends and her and I a little more then friends, I fell in love with her…” He started but then realized he had said too much.

Harry just looked him up and down, astonished at what he had just heard. “You…you…what… in Merlin…is…that why you wanted to-”Harry stuttered and before he could finish Remus finished his sentence, saying exactly what he was going to say.

“Why I wanted to stop her from going back in time? Yes I wanted to prevent her from falling into the past and falling in love with me, and vise versa.” He whispered and sat back running his hand through his hair. They sat there in an awkward silence, Remus stared out the window and Harry stared at his hands, which he was fiddling with because he was nervous. Harry finally stood and Remus looked at him.

“I er I have to go find Ron…” Harry mumbled and Remus nodded silently. Before he left Harry asked a question he never thought he would ask. “Remus…do…do you s-still love her?” He asked voice quivering. Remus turned toward him; he looked hesitant as what to say. He gulped before nodding.

“I do, that is why I had tried to stop her Harry, and my heart aches for the girl I loved when I was a teenager. The girl spent almost everyday of seventh year with. But I can’t change the past Harry, you of all people should know that, so that’s why I told you hoping you would understand.” Remus said quietly and Harry knew Remus would never lie to him, he knew by the look in his eyes that Remus was telling the truth.

“I do understand Remus, and I thank you for telling me.” Harry said and Remus closed his eyes and nodded. Harry stood by the door watching Remus for a few more seconds as he rubbed his temples as if he had a headache. Harry slid open the door but stopped when Remus spoke again.

“Oh Harry…this doesn’t change anything, does it?” Remus asked hope in his voice. Harry shook his head and Remus sighed. “Thank you.” He whispered. Harry nodded and left the compartment, sliding the door closed quietly leaving Remus to his thoughts. He took out the chain in his shirt with a ring on it. It was a diamond with two small sapphires on each side. He sighed and held it in his hand. I remember the day she gave this back to me…it broke my heart…that’s the day she left my life forever, to return here. He thought sadly and sat back grasping the small engagement ring in his hand as he looked out the window a pained expression written all over his face.


Hermione tried to hold back a giggle as the game exploded in Sirius’ face. Sirius had a disgusted look on his face. Peter fell into a fit of laughter as Sirius’ wiped his face off. “You’re the only girl to ever beat him.” Peter squealed as he held his stomach laughing.

“Oh sod off Wormtail.” Sirius spat. Behind them Remus chuckled. Sirius turned and glared at Sirius. “It’s your fault, you wouldn’t play with me.” He said bitterly crossing his arms. Hermione burst out giggling. “What?” He asked somewhat annoyed.

Hermione stopped laughing when she saw the look the on his face, she couldn’t place it, but knew she may have crossed a line. “Sorry. It’s just you look so cute when your flustered.” She said stifling a giggle.

She heard Remus behind her groan. “Please don’t encourage him, he already has all the girls in the school after him as it is.” Remus muttered and Sirius smirked.

“Not my fault I’m so charming, good looking, sexy, smart-”He began smartly but Remus snorted putting his book down.

“Big headed, egotistical, smart ass, sarcastic I can go on forever.” Remus said smirking at Sirius whose mouth now hung open like a fish out of water. Sirius then scowled, placed a hand on his chest.

“That hurt Moony,” He said in mock sadness, Remus just shook his head and returned to his book. Hermione got off the floor and sat down next to Remus. She very gently lifted the book up to see the cover, Remus just watched her. She smiled slightly at the cover.

‘Werewolves and How to identify them.’ Her hand brushed against his as she gently lowered the book, Remus still watching her; she blushed as their hands touched. As did Remus, he then smiled weakly and returned to his reading. She could tell by the way his eyes were just staring at the page he wasn’t reading. She sat back and saw Sirius watching them; he winked at her and smiled shaking her head. Peter was just gazing out the window.

“I’ve read that before, hundreds of times.” She whispered in his ear, her voice making the hairs on his neck stand up. He looked to her he paled slightly.

“Really?” He asked glancing at Sirius out of the corner of his eye how sat up straight watching them. She nodded and smiled, getting lost in his eyes. She had always liked the way his eyes looked, she just got lost in the gray and blue swirling together, and she noticed some small specks of gold as well. She then realized he was staring at her in the eyes as well she blushed turning away and looking out of the window.

“Not another person in love with books.” Sirius groaned. Hermione smiled slightly thinking about the past hour and a half. Not even listening to Sirius’ bickering she got lost in her thoughts.

’What has gotten into me. Why am I so…why do I keep blushing as he looks at me! I mean for Merlin’s sakes he’s at least 18 years older then me. He knew my parents! Why do I feel like this I can’t like him, he’s my professor. A very cute, sexy, tall sandy haired blue-gray eyed, muscular…Stop! Just stop thinking about it and it will pass. It’s just a school girls crush.’ She debated in her head. She had to admit that Remus was pretty cute as a Professor, he was the hottest professor last year, and well seeing him young and happy that was always good too. He was very cute.

She sighed as she stopped all her thoughts on Remus and heard Sirius still bickering about people who like reading books. “Oh Sirius! It will not kill you to read a book.” She said with an exasperated sigh. She continued before he could interrupt. “ I happen to like reading and am the brightest witch of my age also the top student of my class and I have already gotten four scholarships to Salem Academy in America and offered jobs at the Ministry. Now if you excuse me I have to change into my robes before we get to the castle.” She said hotly and got up grabbed her robes which were laying where Remus had laid her down and slide open the compartment door, walking out and slamming it behind her.

As it slammed Sirius and Remus flinched and Peter stirred. He had fallen asleep his head leaning against the window, drool falling down his chin. Remus looked away disgusted, “Well Padfoot seems you, Prongs and Lily have a little competition, that is impressive, I wonder if we know her in the future?” He said and patted Sirius’ shoulder, who grumbled something in response.

Hermione walked down the train, towards the Train bathroom. She knocked no one answered so she gently opened the door and entered. She walked in and closed the door behind her. She pulled her robes on over her head, then fastened her gold and maroon tie around her neck and then saw her Head Girl Badge. She sighed, realizing she couldn’t wear it Lily was head Girl. She took it off and held the polished badge in her hand. She squeezed it and placed it in her pocket.

She looked in the mirror and smiled. She brushed a curl behind her ear and then she noticed the golden chain around her neck. She frowned and pulled it of her shirt. She gently held the broken time turner in her hand. Finally letting all that had happened sink in she felt her eyes water.

“What have I done? I could end up being stuck here. I’m never going to see Harry and Ron again.” She whispered sadly. She heard someone knock on the door. She quickly pulled the time turner away from her neck and stuffed it in her pocket of her robes.

“Is someone in there?” A girls voice said from the other side.

“One moment.” Hermione called, wiping away the tears that had started to fall down her cheeks. She checked herself in the mirror once more and opened the door. She saw a girl with white blonde hair leaning against the opposite wall inspecting her nails. She looked up and looked Hermione up and down.

“Your no first year, I’ve never seen you before? Are you new? I’m Narcissa Black.” She said curtly and sneered, she then noticed Hermione’s gold and red tie. “What did you say your name was?” She asked snidely.

“Hermione Grant.” Hermione said, Narcissa nodded and then her eyes widened.

“You’re not related to that girl who is engaged to Joey? Are you?” She asked eagerness clear in her voice. Hermione shook her head; afraid of Narcissa was going to say.

“Oh good, He was very sexy.” Narcissa said as she pushed past Hermione into the bathroom. Hermione stood there her eyes wide. She hoped her father had never done anything with Narcissa. She shuddered at the thought. She walked back to the compartment she had shared with the Marauders.

She slid open the compartment door, and hesitantly stepped in afraid Sirius would yell at her. “Sirius?” She questioned quietly he was sitting in the same seat he was when she stormed out. He didn’t move, his head was resting on his hand. She gently touched his shoulder and shook him.

“What?” He grumbled. She squatted down so she could be eye level with him.

“I’m sorry for before, I was just realizing that I am stuck here until I can contact Albus Dumbledore. But I am sorry for earlier.” She said and got up and went and sat down next to Remus again leaving Sirius to his thoughts.

“It’s ok, you’re in a different time, I’m sorry for bickering so much. I just hate it when Moony reads for hours.” He said looking down at the ground the whole time.

“Well get used to it I read all the time.” She said and smiled at Remus who had a gleam in his eyes. Hermione felt her cheeks get hot, as she blushed. She looked out the window and soon drifted off to sleep trying not to think about what would happen if she were to stay here.

Remus watched as Hermione drifted off to sleep. He gently and quietly placed his book down on the bench. He walked over to Sirius and sat down next to him. Sirius who was falling asleep looked up lazily. “Hmm.?” He groaned, and Remus looked back to Hermione. Sirius laughed quietly, and sighed. “Moony, Moony, Moony…you fancy her don’t you?” He whispered so only they could here.

Remus only nodded and blushed, just then the compartment door opened. James staggered in looking unhappy and rubbing the back of his head. The two looked up and grinned knowing full well Lily had probably hit him.

“So she slap you, back hand you or give you a swift kick in the nether regions?” Sirius asked smiling innocently stifling his laugh. Remus though couldn’t help but snigger.

“Oh sod off Padfoot, she just hit me up side the head. Not as bad a normal, I think she’s going soft on me.” He said as he sat down opposite them. Remus and Sirius nodded. Remus smiled inside, knowing that Lily had indeed gone soft for James.

Remus and her had been keeping in touch over the summer and she had told him she liked had liked him during sixth year. He smiled and walked back over to James. He sat down between James and Hermione. He patted James on the back. “Don’t worry Prongs, you’ll get her this year.” Remus said and leaned back in his seat.

James looked to him giving him a searching look as if to ‘what do you know?’. “You really think so Moony?” James questioned. Remus chuckled nodding.

“What did you two do over the summer when I was in Italy?” Remus asked. James sat up straight and Sirius glanced over at them.

“Well lets see we played Quidditch, tortured my little cousins, more Quidditch, swimming, Quidditch and lets see more Quidditch!” James said waving his hands about as he talked. Remus laughed at the sarcasm in his voice, clearly they had a good time.

“Oh yeah we had loads of fun.” Sirius grumbled sarcastically from where he sat. “Your little cousins jumping all over me…pulling my hair, practically drowning me in the pond, oh lets not forget your girl cousins that were like what seven, asking me if I would marry them.” Sirius groaned and rolled his eyes.

“Well Padfoot now you have even more girls at your disposal.” Remus chuckling, but in the process earning a glare from James whom was about to open his mouth to retort about those girls being his cousins when Sirius spoke up.

“Ha ha Moony very funny. You know it would have been better if we could have run around with you during the full moons.” He said sighing; Remus then felt movement next to him and realized that Hermione was there. Remus gave Sirius a Murderous look.

“Sirius you can’t mention things like that while she is around.” He growled, and Sirius rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Sirius, You know he is right, we can’t have another person knowing. I mean Lily already knows, and Snape now knows because of that stunt you pulled last year Sirius.” James said his voice calm. Sirius hung his head and nodded. Sirius leaned back and stretched his arms out, then placing his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

“This is our last year here guys, we have to make it memorable, so all will remember the Marauders.” He said his eyes still closed, his black hair falling in his face. James and Remus looked to each other and nodded.

Soon all five of them were fast asleep in their compartment awaiting the challenges of the New Year. Not knowing something terrible would happen in the time to come.

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Chapter 5: Old Friends
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Old Friends
Young teacher, the subject
Of schoolgirl fantasy
She wants him so badly
Knows what she wants to be
Inside her there’s longing
This girls and open page
Book marking – she’s so close now
This girl is half his age
STING, “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”

Hermione woke up to the some one shaking her arm gently. Her eyes fluttered open and she felt to comfortable to move. She was warm and felt very comfortable. She saw Sirius and James looking at her grinning. She felt warm and cozy, her eyes closed again. She heard the muffled chuckling and whispering of the two boys.

She heard someone groan. She figured it was Remus. The person she was leaning on groaned again and shifted. The person I am leaning on…oh Merlin. She thought, he eyes shot open to see black. It felt warm and soft against her cheek it was cotton. She groaned and pulled away from the warmth. She looked at a very disgruntled Remus. He looked as though he was trying to sleep. One of his arms had been around her shoulders and her head resting on his shoulder. She assumed his head had been on hers as well.

Her cheeks burned red and she mentally screamed at herself. He is your professor! Nearly 18 years older than you are! A voice screamed in her head while the other tried to convince her it was alright.

She looked to Sirius and James who where muffling their laughed so not as to wake their sleeping friend. “I think someone fancies Moony. Wouldn’t you say Prongs?” Sirius inquired is voice full of mischief.

James nodded, “ Why yes Padfoot indeed I think someone does fancy ‘ol Moony, proof of the picture before us.” He said waving his hands at Hermione and Remus who still was asleep. James only grinned slyly and took out what looked like a camera from behind his back. Hermione who had rolled her eyes and began straightening out her robes stopped in shock.

“You didn’t.” She said her voice full of malice. James gulped and tossed the camera into Sirius’ hands.

“I didn’t but Padfoot did.” He said, his eyes glinting.

If looks could kill Sirius and James would be dead. Sirius and James started fighting about who had taken the picture and whose idea it was. She ignored them and picked up the book Remus was reading before. She heard James stop arguing with Sirius and groan.

“Oh the old I think I’ll stick my nose in a book, silent treatment.” James said, Hermione just kept reading, She stop and glance quickly seeing Sirius jab James in the ribs indicating it was a bad idea and gave him that look that is was defiantly a bad idea. James obviously ignored because he just continued. “Yes well Sirius and I have gotten that from Lily and Remus many times. There is a good solution to end it.” He said and yanked the book out of her hands.

Hermione knowing it was going to happen because it was a daily thing with Harry and Ron. She just stared at James and saw the grin on his face fade away and he stared back at her. “Oh talk already!” He whined and continued after a few seconds. “This always got Moony to talk, and Lily too, granite Lily would just insult me or bite my head off.” He said and sat there in front of her with an exaggerated sigh.

Hermione just kept quiet, she knew it was killing him. She could only help but smirk in her mind. He reminds me so much of Ron. She thought as someone started to speak. “Who bloody says something?” A groggy voice said fm next to her. She glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw Remus stretching wiping the sleep from his eyes.

“Oh nothing much just that Hermione over here was, no, no is still giving me and Sirius the silent treat meant.” James said giving Remus a grin, who in fact turned to Hermione and gave her a questioning glance.

“Prongs just drop it already. You’ve already dug your self a big enough hole, why dig further.” Sirius said and continued before James could say anything. “Besides if she wanted to talk, she would have, so stop pestering her.” Sirius said, Hermione was shocked; he was sticking up for her. She liked that.

“No, what? Wait? Hold on, why is she giving you two the silent treatment?” Remus said directing the question more to Hermione than anyone. Hermione just looked out the window.

“Well we, as in me and Padfoot just figured that she-” James began stuttering at first then stopped all together by the loathing glare Hermione was giving him.

Hermione quickly said something before James could finish his sentence. “Potter, if you so much as finish that sentence you will wish you never met me some six hours ago.” She said her voice low and dangerous. James gulped and nodded; this girl scared him shitless. She is worse than Lily, in his mind anyway, one minute she’s all not talking to you and the next she threatens you. I could have some fun with this. He thought and smirked.

“Ok, ok I give.” He said throwing his hands in the air as a sign of Defeat. Hermione then smiled and nodded. The train then pulled to a steady stop and Hermione stood, as did the others.

“I guess we are there.” He said quietly and the others nodded. James went over and nudged Peter.

He jerked violently and his eyes opened wide, he stumbled for his wand. “What? What’s going on?” He said looking around frantically. James rolled his eyes pushing Peter’s wand down away from his face.

“We are at Hogwarts you dolt, c’mon.” He said as he reached down for his pack. Peter’s cheeks turned read and Hermione suppressed her giggle. Peter then stood, wiped his mouth and grabbed something from under his seat and jogged after James who just left the compartment.

Hermione grabbed her bag that she had totally forgotten about and looked at the doorway, Remus was standing there waiting for her. She then gasped, realizing something was missing. She searched her pockets in her black cotton robes and sighed when she felt the 9 inch mahogany piece of wood in her pocket. Her wand. It was 9 inches made of Mahogany wood, polished and sanded down to make a nice grip on the end with Hippogriff feather residing in it’s frame. “What? What is it?” Remus asked his voice full of concern. She held it up and he raised and eyebrow and shrugged.

“I thought I might have forgotten it is my time.” She said and as if it classified everything he merely gave her an understanding look and nodded. Remus watched as she swung her bag over her shoulder. His blue gray eyes looked her up and down. He gulped, she was beautiful and her scent was intoxicating, it just aroused him. He shook off the thoughts he shouldn’t be feeling this way.

Hermione walked over to him. “Ladies first.” He said and gestured for her to go. She laughed and walked out of the compartment, he followed stepping in line with her. They walked off the train and Hermione was greeted with the smoke from the train and the smell of the Hogwarts grounds. It smelled like home. She smiled and wrapped her cloak around her more. There was a light drizzle and a low breeze. Remus just shrugged it off as he glanced up at the sky and walked on looking over the crow of students to find Sirius, James and Peter.

“First years this way!” A voice all to familiar to Hermione called. “C’mon now all of yeh! Over ‘ere!” Hagrid called out. She smiled at the site of an old friend. Hagrid was younger looking, sort of. He was holding a large oil lamp in one hand and waving his free hand. He was wearing his large black over coat, she noticed his hair was still as wild and his beard still tangled. She then saw Lily and James talking to him. Sirius and Peter there as well. She tugged on Remus’ sleeve, he looked down at her, it was only then she realized she went up to his shoulder.

“Hmm?” He mumbled obviously deep in thought.

“Oh, um…they are over there. See?” She said and stood on her toes and pointed. Remus laughed at her antics and nodded. He started walking through the crowd of students. He then grabbed her hand quickly so they wouldn’t get lost. Both not even realizing as they pushed past the students. They made their way over to James, Sirius and Peter. Lily was talking to Hagrid about the first years that had just started to group near Hagrid. Most of them looked frightened at the site and size of him.

Sirius glanced at Hermione and Remus as they appeared behind a group of small first years. He stared at them, looking at their intertwined hands. Sirius then nudged James and motioned with his eyes at the two. James snickered and his eyes glistened with mischief.

Remus felt someone watching him and looked to Sirius and James who where beaming at him. Sirius wiggled his eyebrows and smirked, Remus looked down and saw why. Hermione’s small hand was in his.

She must have realized it too, because they both let go at the same time. Remus ran a hand through his hair blush creeping onto his cheeks. Hermione once again straightened out her robes and looked away her cheeks flushed. Why do I keep getting like this. I mean sure he was the hottest professor. But I can’t like him he is at least 18 years older than me. For Merlin’s sake pull your self together Hermione. A voice screamed in her head.

She watched James and Sirius try to hold back their laughter. Lily saw her and smiled, which Hermione returned. “Oh I’m sorry. Hermione this is Hagrid. Hagrid this is Hermione.” Lily said pulling Hermione over to stand in front of Hagrid.

She looked up and smiled at the half giant whom she called a friend since her first year in her time. “Nice ter meet yeh ‘ermione. Rubeus Hagrid, keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts.” Hagrid said in all too familiar booming voice. She smiled and shook one of his gigantic hands.

“Nice to meet you Hagrid, I’m Hermione Grant.” She said and smiled sweetly. He nodded.

“On with yeh now, on with yeh. First years this way! Ter the boats!” He yelled, making a few first years jump.

“C’mon Hermione we should get a carriage, I bet almost all of them are taken.” Lily said dragging Hermione away from the marauders once again.

Sirius walked over to Remus as he watched Hermione be pulled away by Lily. Sirius patted him on the back and walked on following them. James and Peter followed Sirius towards the carriages. Remus sighed and followed digging his hands into his pockets shuddering because of the dampness that had set into his cotton robes. His sandy brown hair was plastered to his forehead from the rain and walked over to the carriages.

Most of them had not left yet. That he was thankful for. He saw Hermione standing there out side the carriage patting the creature that pulled the carriage. Lily and the other three looked at her as if she had grown another head. He knew they couldn’t see it, but he could. It was a Threstal they were like great black winged horses with a skeletal body and a dragon like neck and face with large bright white eyes.

James, Sirius, Peter and Lily where watching her carefully. Remus wondered how she could see them. He saw only because he had witnessed his brother’s death some years ago the same night he became a monster. He walked over to them and held his hand out for the Threstal to sniff. It flicked it’s fork like tongue along his fingers. Her turned to Hermione and smiled slightly. She smiled back, stepping into the carriage. She had a distant, far off look in her eyes.

Lily followed after Hermione into the carriage, James followed, hearing a low groan form Lily as he sat down next to her. Peter went in to sit across from Hermione and then Sirius and Remus followed closing the carriage door. It was silent for some time, Sirius decided to break the silence. He had shifted uneasily the asked Hermione “So what exactly are those things pulling the carriages, I mean how do you see them?” He asked his voice full of curiosity.

Remus fidgeted in his seat, Hermione looked uneasily at him. Lily was a bout to say something when Hermione spoke up softly, her voice quivering. “They are called Threstals, people see them when they have seen someone die.” Said softly and sadly.

“Ah…I know why you see them Moony, but why do you see them Hermione?” Sirius asked, James and Lily both made disapproving grunts and gave him disapproving looks too.

“No it’s ok, he’s just curious. It’s fine. I just saw one of my best friends get murdered.” Hermione whispered sadly trying to force back the tears that threatened to fall. That’s not all you seen or done. A voice said in her head. She closed her eyes, forcing away the gruesome flash back. She felt Lily’s arm wrap around her, and a hand grasp hers. She opened her eyes and looked to James, who was holding her hand, she smiled at him and he squeezed her hand. She looked into his eyes, they were asking forgiveness for Sirius’ stupidness. She bowed her head and he let go of her hand.

“I- I’m sorry…I didn’t know.” Sirius mumbled and Hermione nodded in understanding. They are so nice. I can’t believe these are the same people I’ve heard about. I can tell Lily and I, are going to be friends, and great ones at that. But shouldn’t her and James be together? If they don’t get together soon, Harry wont be born…I will have to play match maker…I think Lily just needs a little push, it’s obvious she likes James. Hermione thought to herself.

They went on to Hogwarts in silence. The carriage pulled to a stop some ten minutes later. She never realized until now how long it took to get to the castle. She noticed how James had not messed up his hair at all being in the presence of Lily. She smiled remembering when she learned he used to do that. Remus and Harry had been talking one night at Grimmauld.

It was the summer before sixth year and Hermione was staying with Harry, Remus and the Weasleys. Harry had shown up a week before school started. One night she was going to visit Buckbeak. But she found two people were already in there talking.

One was Remus and the other Harry. She knew she shouldn’t have listened but she did anyway. She remembered their conversation perfectly.

“So my parents started dating in seventh year?” Harry mumbled.

“Yes,” Remus said chuckling slightly. “Actually, Lily had gone soft for James during sixth year, but never showed it. She was good at locking up her feelings, so no one could ever hurt her. She built walls around herself. She eventually went out with him when she noticed he had stopped ruffling his hair in her presence and stopped hexing most people for the fun of it. She also got a little push from a close friend.” Remus said, he sounded as if he was remembering fond memories.

“Really? Why didn’t he…well…why didn’t you ever stop him from hexing Snape?” Harry asked his voice low as if he knew someone was listening.

“I never had the guts to. I didn’t want to loose them as friends, you see I was always unsure if they were really my friends when we where younger. Especially in sixth year, when Sirius told Snape to come to the Shrieking Shack and nearly got him killed. I thought Sirius was using me as a sideshow freak. But he wasn’t. I did make them feel very guilty most of the time though. Especially when they really hurt him once. You want to know why his nose is crooked?” Remus said, Hermione guessed Harry nodded because Remus continued.

“In second year, Sirius, James and him were dueling in a hallway, near some stairs. Snape ended up falling down them and broke his nose in three places. That’s when the war began between your father and Snape” Remus said guilt was high in his voice.

Hermione was brought out her thoughts ad the carriage pulled to a stop. James jumped out first holding the door open for Lily offering his hand which she didn’t take. He let it fall to his side as if it where dead weight.

“Me first Moony.” Sirius said and pushed past Remus. Hermione sat there a small smile on her face.

“Go ahead Peter.” Remus grunted and Peter scrambled out of the carriage. “Ladies first as always.” He said again. Hermione thought he was so polite and charming. She smiled and jumped out. Only to be caught by Sirius who whirled her around in the air.

“Sirius Black put me down!” She shrieked as he laughed. He gently set her down and wrapped his arms around her. She felt him laugh as his arms wrapped around her. “Sorry if I scared you, I get ahead of myself sometimes.” He whispered in her ear.

She pulled away trying to give him a stern look but failing miserably. “Oh Sirius, don’t ever scare me like that again.” She said swatting him on the arm. He only grinned. She looked over his shoulder at Remus who seemed frozen at his spot on the carriage steps. When he noticed her staring he looked away and started towards the castle.

Most of the students where heading up the steps and walking through the Great Oak doors. Sirius and her followed James, Lily, Peter and Remus towards the entrance. As they neared the doors it started to down pour. Once they got inside Lily started to ring out her hair, as did Sirius. Hermione simply took out her wand and muttered the drying spell. All of them watched her amazed. Remus though had the funniest way of getting dry.

He shook his whole body, like a dog does when they dry off. Sirius groaned wiping the water from his face that had flown off Remus. “Remus just because you are an animal doesn’t mean you have to dry your self off like one!” Sirius snapped, earning a kick in the shins from James. He rubbed his leg and scowled at Remus.

Hermione pretended not to hear and waved her wand at them and their robes and hair became dry. “Thank you.” Lily said and the boys just nodded still looking amazed. “C’mon Hermione I should bring you to Dumbledore now before the first years get here.” Lily said grabbing Hermione’s hand and leading her away once again. Lily then turned a corner where they nearly collided with someone.

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Chapter 6: The Sorting
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The Sorting
I’m not listening when you say goodbye.

Dumbledore stood there. Hermione gulped and looked him up and down to make sure it was actually him. He still looked the same. His silver beard was shorter as was his hair; he could probably tuck it into his sash if he wanted to. His silver hair was pulled back away from his old wrinkled face, yet at the same time he looked younger. It was pulled back in a royal purple band and none of the hairs looked to out of place. His hands folded behind his back as he stood there. He was wearing royal purple robes to match the hair band. He had a dark colored cloak, fastened around his neck with a golden broach. His cloak looked almost a mix between black and purple, his golden sash matched his golden broach respectfully. He looked elegant in his royal purple robes, elegant and respectful.

His light blue eyes sparkled behind his half moon spectacles. He walked past them his lips twisting into a small smile. His high-heeled buckled boots making soft clicks as he walked. “I have been expecting you Ms. Granger.” He said his voice calm, his back still turned to both girls.

“Sorry? You have? But how, I mean-” she started then stopped answering her own question. Hello Hermione, this is Albus Dumbledore. The Greatest Wizard of all time. She thought and was glad these halls were dimly lit because she felt her cheeks turning slightly pink.

He turned swiftly towards them, he cloak flying out and swirling around him, reminding Hermione oddly of Snape. His eyes were still sparkling. “I simply knew you would have an accident with your time turner. How? I will tell you when the time is right. First off you are and will be known as Hermione Grant, not Granger. Second no one but those who already know must know where you have come from. Ms. Evans that means that you and the other four must not let it slip. I know you and Mr. Lupin know of the consequences. Third I have taken the liberty of buying you some clothes, schoolbooks and supplies for you, they are located in your room. I will also introduce you at dinner.” He said his voice full of seriousness. “Do you understand?” He asked and she could only nod along with Lily.

“I would like to talk to you after dinner along with tow of your new friends Mr. Potter and your self Ms. Evans. Then after our chat you may proceed to your dorm. But you will also need to be sorted.” He said calmly, and Hermione just gawked at him as if he were mad.

“But sir…” Hermione started, motioning to her robes that she was wearing that had the Gryffindor patch on them. Dumbledore held up a hand to silence her.

“Yes, yes I realize that you are already placed in Gryffindor, but that is in your time and students will wonder why you were not sorted. And of course a little magic can change all that. I will change them back later when we talk.” He said and waved his hand at her and she watched as her Gryffindor patch faded away and her tie turned from the maroon and gold to black.

“Now onto the Great Hall and I shall call you up after the first years Ms. Grant.” He said his eyes still twinkling. He bowed his head and turned away from them, disappearing down the dark corridor.

Hermione gulped and gently shook Lily who's vivid green eyes were wide open. Those eyes remind me so much of Harry. She thought and felt a small pain in her chest as she thought of one of her best friends not knowing when she would see them again. She was only here for a few hours and she already missed Harry, Ron and hell even Malfoy would be a sight for sore eyes.

“I don’t know how you can stand being near them. The first day I saw them I steered clear and have ever since because they annoy me to death. But since your friends with them I will sit with you and them. Remus is really the only one I consider my friend though don’t tell Sirius. I just can’t stand the Marauders some times,” Lily said with an exaggerated sigh as they walked towards the great hall.

“Marauders? Is that what they call themselves? It’s pretty silly if you ask me.” Hermione said, even though she already knew that little piece of information and the fact was she didn’t think it was silly. But she had asked incase Lily wondered.

“Yes well they have names that call each other which I’m sure you have heard. They are pretty odd nicknames.” Lily said as they came upon the Great Hall doors. They walked in and James and Sirius waved as they walked in indicating for them to come and sit down with them.

Lily groaned. “For me Lily. Please?” Hermione said. “I’ll even sit next to James.” Hermione offered but Lily shook her head and made her way towards the seat saved for her.

“Nice of you to join us my beautiful ladies.” Sirius said and bowed slightly. Hermione heard Lily snort as she sat down next to James, who's eyes were gleaming.

Hermione couldn’t help but giggle. She knew Sirius’ tricks, from the stories Remus told, Sirius had always playfully deined all of it. . She saw out of the corner of her eye girls watching her with envy clear in their eyes as well as jealousy. She was after all standing in the glory of Sirius Black, so they couldn’t help but stare.

Hermione sat down in between Sirius and Remus and across from James who had Lily on his right and Peter on his left. She smiled as she sat down, Remus though looked away when she smiled at him. She arched an eyebrow and was about to ask him what was wrong with him when the Great doors opened. Hermione turned swiftly and smiled when she saw the fist years walk in lead by a professor she didn’t recognize at first.

She then realized it was a younger Professor McGonagall. The only thing was her hair was black. Must have been Fred and George who turned it gray. she thought with an amused smile. Her hair was still brought back in the same tight bun like it was in her time. She wore square glasses and her face was still stern. She wore emerald robes with a black slash and her emerald cloak. Her black hat fit perfectly on her head even with her bun.

She walked up to the front where the stool was and on it sat the sorting hat. It was still patched, frayed, and extremely dirty. She watched as first years walked by them. Most of them were staring up at the ceiling, which was enchanted to look like the night sky.

Sirius tried to scare one of them but Hermione grabbed his hand before he could do anything. He pouted and withdrew his hand. She thought she heard him grumble “Your no fun.” When he probably did but she shook her head and focused her attention on the first years.

They all looked so frightened. She remembered when she had gone up there and practically jammed the hat on her head. She felt so stupid after wards. She then stopped thinking of the past and listened to the sorting hat's song.

I am the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
You may not think I’m pretty
But that will all change you see
When I place you where you ought to be
Never can you find a smarter hat than thee
You may be patient, true and loyal
Unafraid of toil, Hufflepuff you shall be
Or possibly brave and daring
Gryffindor shall be you pairing.
If your cunning and pure of blood
Slytherin may be your choice bud.
Or perhaps you’ll be in Ravenclaw
Where most of you shall join in protecting the law
So put me on and you shall see
Where you ought to be.

Hermione chuckled at the sorting hat's song, knowing full well it was almost exactly like the one he sang in her first year. Professor McGonagall unrolled the parchment with the list of names of the first years and called off the first name. “Ackerly, John.” Hermione realized this was some relation to one of the boys who made her end up in this time.

“RAVENCLAW!” The hat yelled out and the small brown haired boy ran quickly towards the Ravenclaw table, where clapping students greeted him. Hermione didn’t really pay attention while other students were sorted. She merely greeted the first years and clapped when Sirius nudged her. But a name in particular caught her attention as McGonagall called it out.

Weasley, Bill.” Hermione stiffed as she watched a younger version of Bill walk up to the stool. He obviously had the red hair, freckles and he was tall and lanky like Ron. His blue eyes sparkled as he sat on the stool and the hat lowered on his head. Before it even touched his head it yelled out “GRYFFINDOR!”

Hermione sat there stunned. Bill was at Hogwarts with Harry’s parents! Oh Merlin I can’t believe this. She thought as she clapped, here eyes glazed over. James saw her and waved a hand in front of her face.

“Earth to Hermione, hello?” He said and she snapped out of her trance. “What’s wrong with you?” He asked with a smile twitching at the corner of his lips.

“Yes I’m fine, it’s just, I know him.” She said still staring at Bill. She couldn’t believe it was Bill. He was so young she could hardly believe her eyes.

“Oh yeah that’s Annie Prewett’s nephew. Arthur Weasley is his dad, good man Arthur. His wife Molly is Annie’s older sister. I believe they have-” He said but Hermione finished for him. “Four other boys. Charlie, Percy, and twins Fred and George, .” She said in a daze.

“How did you know that?” James asked as the last student walked up to be sorted.

“I’m close with her family in my time.” She whispered and James only nodded. Lily had remained silent all through the sorting as had Remus. Hermione turned her attention away from James and focused on Dumbledore, who then stood.

“We all is in the teacher and I welcome you back to Hogwarts for a new year. I welcome all first years, may this year be filled with fun times and may you make many friends and enjoy these wonderful times. To our seventh years who are leaving may this last year be filled with fun times and I wish for you all to enjoy them and remember them. May this last year be filled with many memories of your friends and loved ones before you leave this school. Now I know you all must be hungry but I have one more announcement before we dig in. I would like to welcome a new student to Hogwarts. She will be joining our seventh years and I would like to you all to welcome Hermione Grant who has transferred from Salem Academy. Please come and get sorted Ms. Grant.” Dumbledore said a twinkle in his gray blue eyes. She stood, hesitantly, and made her way up to the front of the hall. She heard Sirius whisper to James as she walked asking why she was getting sorted.

She could feel everyone’s eyes on her as she made her way slowly towards the stool. She sat down and McGonagall placed the hat on her head. It started talking to her. Ah plenty of intelligence yes. You are very intelligent. Ravenclaw would suite you well. But also plenty of courage. You have learned much from your recent battles and lost much as well. You showed much courage in that battle, taking a curse for a person you hate. Your from he future you see I know this. I know of what your supposed to do. You have little time to do it as well. You would do well in Slytherin as well, your hatred for the killer of your friends and family is strong. But you hate your self for letting it happen. There is plenty of hatred in you, something you can use in Slytherin, power is what they seek and power is what you have. But your task requires you to be close to people in Gryffindor. So it better be….


The hat yelled and Hermione stood, dazed by what the hat had said and made her way towards the Gryffindor table back to her seat. Everyone clapped and Remus, James, Lily, Peter and Sirius all cheered for her as she made her way towards the table.

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Chapter 7: Explanations....Sort of?
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Explanations…Sort of?

It’s no use he sees her
He starts to shake and cough.

Hermione was stunned by what the hat had said as she made her way back to her seat at Gryffindor table. She was so preoccupied by the fact it had said she would be good in Slytherin she forgot the part where it had mentioned something about her task. She shook hands with a few Gryffindors and Sirius grinned and patted her back.

All through dinner Remus was quiet and Hermione listened partially to Sirius and James tell of their tales and previous pranks. She already knew most of these though from spending time with Sirius and when everyone else was gone and just sit there listening to him. She remembered how much he had enjoyed her just listening.

She heard McGonagall tap her glass for the hall to quiet down. Dumbledore stood. “It’s getting late and you all start classes tomorrow. Time to head back to your dorms. Prefects lead the first years and I would like see the Head Boy and Girl along with Ms. Grant please. Good night.” He said and waved. Many of the older students groaned one of them was Sirius.

“Well I guess I’ll see you in the Morning Prongs.” Remus said quietly.

“Moony what are you talking about?” James asked and Remus rolled his eyes. “What you aren’t coming to my dorm tonight? I want you to.” James said pouting and Remus shook his head.

He glanced quickly at Hermione. “I need to go talk to Madam Pomfrey about a few certain things.” He said stressing on a few words and walked away shoving his hands in his pockets.

“What’s got his panties in a bunch?” Peter questioned, Sirius and James looked at each other and shrugged. Lily though looked form Remus’ retreated form to a confused looking Hermione. A faint smile tugged at her lips and a glint her eyes.

Hermione, Lily and James separated from Sirius and Peter and walked towards Dumbledore’s office in silence. Hermione was thinking about what the hat had said. You would do well in Slytherin She shuddered at the thought.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked to see James. His hazel eyes where gleaming behind his black-rimmed glasses. She noticed Harry looked just like him, they where both tall with that hair that had it’s own mind and he was very handsome like Harry. She shook the thought away when he spoke. “You alright?” Amusement clear in his voice. She nodded and wrapped her cloak around her more. She hated how even during the summer Hogwarts corridors where still cold. “Ok.” He said and dropped his hand from her shoulder and sighed. He looked to Lily who was watching and he lifted his lips to a small smiled which to his surprise she returned.

They than came to the Stone Gargoyle. “Professor Dumbledore is expecting us.” Lily told it but it didn’t budge.

It’s eyes opened and they glowed yellow and it opened it mouth as if yawing revealing it’s stone fangs. “You must have the password.” He said his voice deep and threatening.

“But the Head Master is waiting for-” Lily snapped and the Gargoyle shook it’s head and interrupted her.

“No password no entrance.” He said and Lily looked outraged.

Hermione could have sworn she heard James mutter something like “I can’t believe he just did that…” She had to stifle her laugh. She thought about all the previous passwords. They usually had something to do with…that was it! “Lemon Drop?” She said unsure if it work, and indeed it did work. Lily and James stared at her in awe as she walked towards the moving staircases that the gargoyle had jumped away from.

She walked up the steps knowing full well James and Lily where giving her questioning glances. James and Lily followed her up and when they got to the door she knocked lightly. “Come in.” A voice said and she eased open the door.

She stepped in and allowed Lily and James to walk in behind her. Dumbledore’s office was still the same as it was in her time. Different Dark Detectors still in various spots in the room whizzing about in different directions emitting small puffs of colored smoke.

The large circular room was still full of funny little noises here and there. The walls covered with old portraits of past Head Masters and Head Mistresses. She recognized Phenous Nigleous immediately. A bookshelf behind his desk stretched from the ground to ceiling held few books and the sorting hat had been placed back on the shelf.

Dumbledore sat at his desk and Fawkes perched on his arm. He was stroking the phoenix gently. “Please sit down.” Dumbledore said waving his hand t the three chairs that just appeared. Hermione, Lily and James sat down hesitantly.

Dumbledore turned to face them, his eyes twinkling behind his half moon spectacles. “Professor…” Hermione began hesitantly he looked up at her as she began to speak. “You should choose a different password once in a while, or at least not your favorite muggle candy.” She said fiddling with her hands as she spoke.

He chuckled and a thin smile appeared at his lips. “Yes it appears I should.” He said and held out a small box. “Would either of you like a Lemon Drop?” He asked and raised an eyebrow.

James just looked at him quizzically while Hermione shook her head, as did Lily. Dumbledore’s creased in confusion. “Why is it no one takes candy from me? It’s not like I’ve done something to it.” He said confusion high in his voice.

James spoke up before Hermione or Lily could give a sensible answer. “Maybe it is because it is a muggle candy sir.” James said his eyes darting among the many portraits on the walls.

“Hmm, yes could be. Well now onto business. I’m sure all of you would like to get settled in.” He said, James and Lily nodded Hermione though didn’t. She wanted answers as to how he knew she would be coming.

“Well Lily, James I congratulate you both on making Head Boy and Girl. You two have neck and neck marks with Mr. Black and Mr. Lupin closely following. I will spare you both the speech alas I get tired of repeating it every year. But I know you both already know of your duties because of the letter I wrote both of you. But one very important thing is no one must know Ms. Grant if from the future.” He said calmly but his eyes showed he was not to be fooled with.

“I suggest you tell Mr. Lupin, Mr. Black and Mr. Petigrew of these circumstances. Normally Professor McGonagall would escort you two to you dorm where you could settle in but due to some complications you two will escort Ms. Grant to Gryffindor common room then Professor McGonagall will bring you to you dorm. Any Questions?” He asked.

Hermione was confused, her brow furrowed. “Yes Ms. Grant you look confused about something.” Dumbledore said his eyes twinkling again.

Hermione blinked and saw Lily’s green eyes searching her as if looking for something and James’ eyes on Lily. “Uh yes sir. Actually I was hoping I would get some of my questions answered.” Hermione said wringing her hands together nervously.

“Yes I should have guessed. Ms. Grant your questions will be answered soon. Preferably when your not as tired. I’m positive you have had a long day.” He said leaning forward in his chair and shuffling some papers.

Hermione sighed quietly, then stifled a yawn. “I suppose your right sir. Maybe when I have had a less eventful day.” Hermione said disappointment clear in her voice.

“Well you three should be on your way.” Dumbledore said folding his hands together. The three of them stood and made for the door and Lily was about to open it when Dumbledore spoke up. “Incase you forgot the password is Nimble Wimble.” Lily nodded and James opened the door before she could. Lily started to walk out and James motioned for Lily to go but Dumbledore spoke again.

“Oh and Ms. Grant please keep your Head Girl badge somewhere safe. I don’t want students to become confused and I believe you would like your Gryffindor robes back.” He said a slight smile appearing on his lips. She looked down and saw the Gryffindor badge appearing back on her robes and her tie now back to it’s original state. She smiled and bowed her head turning away from the Head master and smiled weakly to James who just grinned. “Goodnight professor.” She muttered before heading down the stairs after Lily.

She met her at the bottom of the stairs James following her. She smiled faintly. “You were supposed to be Head Girl in your time?” Lily asked as James walked towards them. Hermione looked down at the ground and nodded. She stuck a hand in her pocket and dug around for her badge. She withdrew the polished Head Girl Badge. It was different than Lily’s. Hermione’s had a lion on it for Gryffindor and Lily’s didn’t. Hermione’s badge was rimmed in gold and had a maroon back round. With a curvy writing saying Head Girl. The Lion’s head was sticking off to the side of the badge. She noticed when she had first got it that her name was written on the back in a neat curvy manor it almost looked like calligraphy.

“I like yours better.” Lily said looking at Hermione’s badge that was now in James’ hand.

“I want one too.” He said in a whiney voice as he inspected in his hand. Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at him. She took the badge back and stuffed it in her pocket.

“C’mon we don’t want to keep McGonagall waiting.” Hermione said and started off down the hall. Lily stepped in line next to her and James on the other side of her. They walked in silence until they came upon the portrait of the Fat Lady. Professor McGonagall was waiting outside the portrait talking with the Fat Lady quietly. They approached and the Lady who smiled at them. “Password.” She said as McGonagall turned around.

“Nimble wimble.” Hermione whispered. The portrait opened revealing the entrance to Gryffindor tower. She was about to step in but turned around first. “I’ll see you two in the morning then, at breakfast?” She asked and both Lily and James nodded. “Goodnight then.” She said and before she left Lily gathered her in a hug. She smiled and gave James a quick hug.

He returned the hug much to her surprise and she pulled away blushing slightly. “Night professor.” She whispered and tucked a curl behind her ear before disappearing into the common room.

She was greeted with the maroon and gold room. The large windows in which she loved to sit on. The one desk in the corner that she would work at while Harry and Ron where at Quidditch practice. The large fireplace that reminded her much like the one at Grimmauld Place. It was the last time she was with Sirius before the accident. She often felt upset and sad that he couldn’t go anywhere with them. She stared at the fire remembering how it was over Christmas break in fifth year when everyone had gone out and she had stayed behind to keep Sirius company. She remembered after a long and tiring snowball fight her and Sirius sitting in front of the fire wrapped in blankets sipping hot chocolate and sharing stories.

She smiled as a tear slipped down her cheek. She then noticed Sirius walking towards her. Looked exactly the same as she remembered him. He walked over to her and looked her up and down and raised an eyebrow. He lifted his hand to her face and wiped away the tear that slid down her cheek.

“What’s this?” he asked cocking his head to the side and rubbing his forefingers together. She closed her eyes and shook her head.

“It’s nothing.” She said and he snorted. She looked past him to see Peter staring at the fire and Remus talking with a girl who looked about a year younger than them. There were few students around most had headed to bed because of the early classes. She saw the girl giggle and Remus smile brightly. He’s flirting with her. She thought sadly. Her small smile turned into a frown and Sirius’ eyes followed hers. His amused expression soon turned grim.

“I think I’ll go get settled in.” She said and began to walk away when Sirius grabbed her wrist.

“Do you know where the seventh year girl’s dorm, never mind of course you know. Uh…let me walk you over to the stairs.” He said and she looked down and nodded. As they passed the couch she whispered good night to Peter but not goodnight to Remus who was watching out of the corner of his eye. She then walked to the stairs Sirius next to her. She turned and gave him a hug. “Thank you.” She whispered in his ear.

“No problem.” He whispered huskily in her ear sending chills down her spine. She pulled away and whispered a goodnight and walked up the stairs not looking back. She walked down the hallway towards the seventh year girls dorms. She found it and entered carefully. There where four beds all together in the room and trunks at the foot of each. The red hangings drawn around the posts. There where a few different windows around the room. She recognized this as Ginny’s dorm in her time. She noticed there was one girl unpacking her clothes and placing them in her dresser near her bed. The girl had red hair that fell to her shoulders in soft curls and she was about the height of Mrs. Weasley. She just stood there wondering which bed was hers. The girl turned around and nearly fell over. “Oh I’m sorry I never meant to frighten you.” Hermione said and the girl shook he head smiling slightly.

“No, no. I was just startled to see you there. Hermione…Grant right?” She said and Hermione nodded.

“I’m Annie Prewett.” She said tucking a stray curl behind her ear. Ron’s aunt, I wonder why he never mentioned her…wait Prewett…they where… oh my. She thought sadly. She forced a smile. “Nice to meet you. But a question which bed is mine?” She asked blushing slightly.

“Oh! I’m sorry. The one right nest to mine. Lily’s old bed.” She said pointing to the bed left of hers.

“Thank you.” Hermione said and walked over and set her bag down on her bed. “So is it only you and me or are there other girls?” Hermione asked looking around the room. She noticed there was a poster of the Beatles a muggle band that her parents used to listen to.

“Oh no. There are two other girls. Alice Smith who is down with her boyfriend Frank Longbottom.” Neville’s parents… She thought. “And Amelia Bones who is right now in the bathroom.” Annie said smiling as she placed a few more clothes in her drawer.

Susan Bones’ aunt. This should be an interesting time I’ll have here. Hermione thought as she crouched next to her trunk and inspected the clothes and books Dumbledore had gotten for her. he has good taste. She thought as she inspected the clothes. She was glad to have her own small pouch of coins though.

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Chapter 8: Nightmares
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I won’t forget the way you loved me

Hermione stood there her wand raised her free hand trembling in fear and anger. Her face stern, tears streaming down her rosy cheeks, anger clear in her chocolate eyes. She stood tall in front of the trembling and screaming black haired woman. She flicked her wand again and the woman screamed out in agony. Her robes where torn from the battling her face had small cuts and bruises. Her black hair plastered to her face from the rain.

Her screams echoed through the night along with many other cries of anguish and death. Beams of light flying this way and that as the battle raged on. A fight between good and evil, Light verse Dark. Hermione watched as the woman who had caused her all this pain withered in front of her. The woman had personally killed her parents, killed her best friends godfather and many more. Bellatrix Lestrange withered and cowered and screeched in pain as Hermione inflicted the unforgivable curse on her.

“Revenge is sweet Bella. This is for Sirius.” She spat harshly as she waved her wand again and screams emitted from Bellatrix, tears streamed down Hermione’s cheeks, Bellatrix’s body twisting and turning and the immense amount pain showing on her face reflected in Hermione’s eyes. “And this…this for killing my parents.” She whispered harshly leaning forward towards Bellatrix so her face was inches from hers. Hermione with trembling hands pointed her wand at the spot in between Bellatrix’s eyes. “Aveda Kedavera.” She whispered and watched as Bellatrix’s limp body crumbled to the ground, she was dead before she hit it.

Hermione turned around tears still falling, she watched in horror as Ginny fell to the ground. “GINNY!” She screamed as the red head’s body fell lifelessly to the ground and Harry pointed his wand at Voldemort…

Hermione woke up in a cold sweat panting heavily. “Ginny.” She breathed sitting up and drawing open the hangings. This particular nightmare had not threatened her sleep in a few months. She normally had a dreamless sleep potion she took every night but it was in her trunk in her time. This one was the worst of them dreams, two in one. It had always ended as Harry pointed his wand at Voldemort. She shuddered trying to push the thoughts out of her head. She pushed the covers away and swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood and made her way towards the bathroom. She padded over to the sink and turned it on. She washed her face and sighed looking at her self in the mirror.

She stared at herself in the mirror, she now had bags under her eyes and she had scrubbed her face until the tears stains had gone, leaving her cheeks reddened and rosy. She looked down and walked out leaving the door open as she walked out, climbing under the warm covers and drawing back the hangings she sighed settling down. Tomorrow I will talk to Madam Pomfrey about a dreamless sleep potion. She thought as she closed her eyes trying to get back to sleep.

Hermione woke up to the sunlight coming in through the small gap in her hangings. She groaned and rolled over only then did she realize that is could have been well past nine o’clock. She sat up quickly drawing back the hangings and grabbed her watch. She squinted at the morning sun that reflected off her watch as it entered her eyes.

She looked at her watch and sighed. It was merely seven o’clock. She sat up against her pillow and closed her eyes. Images of the nightmares that had plagued her sleep entered her head. Ginny’s ghost white body at Harry’s feet, Cursing Pettigrew, and McNair killing off towns people and most of all remembering the pain of the Curcio as she stepped in front of Malfoy to spare his life. She opened her eyes and shuddered.

For a while now she had been getting these dreams. Just after the war they had started and she had them ever since. There was one dream that haunted her beyond belief. The one dream she had had last night. If she even thought about it she would shudder, and feel an ache in her bones…a coldness…she of course had never told anyone about these nightmares. They were to her as if reliving the war every night.

She gulped and opened her eyes pushing the thoughts to the back of her mind. She got up and went over to her trunk and grabbed her uniform. She went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, she washed her hair and cleaned herself up.

She stepped out of the shower to see Alice had entered and was brushing her teeth. She had dark brown hair, fair skin and bright blue eyes. Her and Hermione had met last night and talked, Hermione thought she was a really nice girl and was looking forward to spending more time with her. She couldn’t smile but the joyful look in her eyes told Hermione she was glad to see her. Hermione smiled back while brushing her, she grabbed her wand that was on the counter and performed a drying spell on her hair and another small spell she learned to make her curls bouncy. She slipped on her clothes once Alice left and was just loosening her tie when Annie stumbled in.

Her hair was disheveled and she looked very tired. “Morning.” She mumbled as she walked to a stall.

“Morning.” Hermione replied with a smile.

“How can you be cheerful at this hour?” Annie grumbled as she came out of the stall and washed her hands. Hermione just shrugged, an amused smile on her face.

“Not a morning person then?” Hermione questioned and was answered by a groan and a small mumble ‘no, definitely not.’ Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at this as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair curls fell around her face, framing it and her white button up blouse was slightly un-tucked at her waist. Along with the first three buttons of her undone at the top. Her tie loose but knotted at around her neck. Her skirt falling above the knees, not too high and not too low either and her tan stockings, not the knee high ones she used to wear. She walked out of the bathroom and contemplated which shoes she was going to wear.

My knee high army boots or those nice high heels Dumbledore bought. I really should pay him back. She went for the knee high army boots she had worn yesterday. Sure they where a little heavy but she loved them. They where from her cousin Tom, but he had never worn them and there for got too small so he gave them to her.

She slipped on the boots, and tied them, and grabbed her watch slipping that on too. She checked her trunk for the pouch containing her time-turner’s pieces. She found it and grabbed it along with her cloak and stuck it in one of the pockets. She grabbed her wand, which she had thrown on her bed and slipped it in her pocket in her skirt.

She draped her cloak over her arm and walked to the door. She was stopped by one of the girls. “Hermione where are you going at this hour?” Alice’s voice asked from behind.

“Oh I may just take a walk around the grounds before heading to the Great Hall for breakfast.” She said turning slightly towards her, as not to be rude.

“Oh alright…just try not to get lost.” She said with a small smile.

Hermione returned the smile. “I’ll try not to.” She said and walked out closing the door behind her. She walked down to the common room and saw Remus sitting on the couch facing the fire. She sighed and began to walk out when a voice stopped her.

“Where are you off to?” His voice whispered from behind her, she winced at the hint of bitterness in his voice. She turned around to face him.

“I’m just going out for a walk then off to the Great Hall for breakfast.” She said staring at him. He was sitting there on the couch an unopened book, his hair was falling in his face, partially hiding his blue-gray eyes. “Would like to join me?” she asked secretly hoping that he would come. He looked up his hair falling away from his eyes, Hermione felt her stomach flutter at looking at his eyes, What is coming over me? She thought as she awaited his answer.

He looked as though he were thinking.” Sure if you don’t mind, I would love to go.” He said avoiding her eyes now, all traces of the earlier comments bitterness gone from his voice. She shook her head and he smiled faintly putting the book on the coffee table in front of him and standing up from the couch. She watched as he put his arms over his head and stretched, he noticed her watching and his cheeks reddened, she looked away as hers did the same.

He walked over to her and motioned for her to walk out of the common room first. She did so and waited as he stepped out. She smiled at him. “So did you, Sirius and Peter go and see James last night?” she asked trying to start a conversation and end the awkward silence. He nodded his head slowly and redness crept onto his cheeks.

“Erm…yes we did, Lily didn’t like it too much, but I don’t know she calmed down after a few minutes and went up to her room. It is a beautiful Common room, James’s room is huge, anyone would be grateful to have it, you would have been very comfortable in it.” He said slowly as if he where remembering every detail of them room.

She although stumbled when he finished, and he grabbed her hand so she wouldn’t fall. “Careful.” He whispered, he caught her just as she had lost balance as if he knew she was going to fall. Odd. She thought and blushed when she realized he was still holding her hand, they both pulled away.

“Thanks, but…er…how did you know…I mean you can’t tell anyone please.” She whispered almost pleading.

“Don’t worry, your secrets are safe with us.” Remus said, yes I know, you Sirius, James and Peter all keep secrets, specially the rat. Hermione thought and sighed. “ Besides…” Remus started trying to reassure her, “Lily already promised us years worth of torment and utter torcher, and knowing Lily she meant it all. Although I think she was talking more to Sirius and James than me and Peter.” He said chuckling slightly.

“Yes Lily really would keep her word wouldn’t she.” Hermione said smiling broadly as she found herself in on of the many courtyards. She looked around and smiled. This was one of the courtyards her, Harry and Ron would spend hours at a time in because it was so close to their Tower, her smiled faded as she noticed the tree they would always sit under during their 6th year studying for N.E.W.Ts or just to get away from the sun.

She noticed one student sitting on a bench. It was a boy he looked oddly familiar. As her and Remus got closer she almost fell over in shock. It was Snape. His hair was not as greasy as it was in the future or as Sirius told it to be, but it was long and fell into his eyes. He had his oddly crooked nose in a book, he looked up when he heard their feet in the grass. He looked up his black eyes cold and his lips curled into a sneer, which made a chill go down Hermione’s spine.

“Severus.” Remus whispered bowing his head slightly. Hermione turned to stare at Remus, he is friends with Snape!?!

“Lupin.” Snape said coolly. He glanced in Hermione’s direction, his black eyes searching her. He raised an eyebrow. “So you’re the new girl. I wouldn’t stick around with Potter and Black if I were you.” He spat both their names in disgust. “Disgraces to the wizarding world both of them.”

She watched as Remus just walked away, she turned to Snape and glared at him, he smirked. “I would stay away from Black, he’ll have you on your back before you can say Hogwarts.” Snape whispered in her ear as he stood and walked away. Hermione froze, she looked from Snape’s retreating figure to Remus, who was just looking over his shoulder sadly.

She jogged to catch up to Remus, who turned his head away as she came up. “Sorry about him.” Remus said kicking a stick as they walked on.

“It’s alright but why didn’t you defend James and Sirius? They are your best friends.” She questioned. In the future Remus would always have something to retort at Snape’s comments.

“I’m just not in the mood to deal with him,” he whispered and shrugged.” He went on before she could open her mouth, “and besides he insults them on a daily basis and I heard what he said to you.” He said and she stopped and opened her mouth.

“How? I mean, he…you…he whispered it to me.” She said, she always knew he had excellent hearing being a werewolf, she just never thought that well.

He waved his hand, “Just have good hearing and it’s well, Snape, Sirius isn’t like that, ok?” he said trying to reassure her. She nodded, and he looked up at the sky. “Going to be a nice day today.” He said looking at the clouds. Indeed it was going to be a nice day, the sun was already shinning and the sky was a wonderful light blue with a few scattered fluffy clouds.

She caught a glimpse of the moon and sighed. “A few days.” She murmured hoping he hadn’t heard her. In fact he must have because she looked at him after she spoke and saw he paled considerably. She frowned feeling guilty, it was harder for him now because he didn’t have the Wolf’s Bane potion.

“Maybe we should head in, I told Lily I would meet her fro breakfast.” She trailed off awkwardly. Remus nodded looking at a small pocket watch attached to his belt. It was small and gold and had a carving of the twins Remus and Romulus and the she-wolf that had saved them on it.

“Remus and Romulus, saved and raised by the she-wolf until found by the shepherd Faustulas, where they grew up and eventually killed their great Uncle Amulius. They built the city Rome. Romulus ended up killing Remus and made himself King of Rome.” Hermione whispered leaning over and looking at the beautiful carving. “Where did you get that, I’ve never seen one like it ever?” She asked curiosity getting the better of her.

“Oh so you like Mythology?” he said and before she could open her mouth to answer he spoke up again. “I got it from my grandfather when I was a little boy. He had hand crafted them. He was a watch maker.” His voice soft with a hint of sadness.

Hermione nodded as they stepped into the castle once more. Her curiosity got the better of her again and she couldn’t help but ask. “You said he hand made them…did you mean he made more than one? Or another one for a different person?” She asked and watched as his eyes went from being soft to having a sort of longing, distant look. “Oh…sorry…I shouldn’t have asked.” She said and picked up her pace. She felt his hand on her shoulder and she froze at first, then relaxed and turned around.

“It’s alright, no ones really ever asked about the watch, so it was just shocking. Most people aren’t interested in things like that.” He said blushing as he realized his hand was still on her shoulder and pulled it away quickly and shoved both hands in his pockets.

“Well I’m not like most people.” Hermione whispered and Remus smiled, like she had hoped he would.

“When I said them I meant there is another one my grandfather made. Although it’s probably collecting dust in the attic now, it was my twin brother Romulus’. He died when I was young, just a little over a year after we got the watches.” He said, his eyes now glazed over.

Hermione stared at him, she now felt really sorry for asking. “I’m sorry…if I had known I wouldn’t have asked.” She said and he waved his hand dismissing her comment.

“It’s quite alright, you asked so I told. Anyway Lily is an early riser and it’s about 8 right now. So we should head to the great hall.” He said and she nodded, still not knowing what to say.

“Thank you for walking with me.” She whispered as they came upon the Great Hall doors.

“Your quite welcome.” He said gleefully. She laughed as the doors opened revealing most teachers at the Head table and few walking around passing out schedules and students scattered about.

She saw Lily reading a letter and a large tawny owl sitting in front of her. As Lily read the letter she ate a piece of toast and tore off a small piece for the owl who took it from her fingers. Hermione laughed quietly. She walked over and sat across from Lily, and Remus next to Lily. She looked up and her eyes brightened.

“Morning Hermione, Remus.” She said, Remus had just bit into an apple and looked at her his eyes wide, he held up his hand as he chewed. At least he has manners. Hermione thought as she watched with interest.

“Morning Lily.” He said and both girls giggled.

“Good morning Lily.” Hermione said through fits of laughter. Hermione watched as Remus was about to take another bite out his apple when someone grabbed it out of his hand. He groaned and rolled his eyes.

Hermione looked up next to her to see Sirius turn the apple around and take a large bite out if. “A guy can’t even eat an apple with out someone taking a bite out of it, this is why I like summer. No one coming up behind me and stealing my food.” Remus mumbled as he reached for another apple, which was taken by James. Remus glared at James’ hand, he gave it a look as if he wanted to stab it with a fork. Or chop off one of his fingers with a knife for stealing the last apple.

“Mm whatcha say Moony?” Sirius asked bits of apple flying everywhere. Remus looked repulsed. Sirius sat down and wiped his mouth on his sleeve and took another large bite out of the apple.

“Nothing, but please spare us from seeing the chewed food in your mouth.” Remus grumbled as he grabbed for a piece of toast and took a bite out of it.

Sirius shrugged and, Hermione watched and couldn’t help but giggle at how they shared their food, well stole Remus’ anyway. “And what are you laughing about?” Sirius whispered in her ear, tickling the hair on her neck, his voice was so calm and soothing, Snape’s words echoed in her head and she regained her composer. “I would stay away from Black, he’ll have you on your back before you can say Hogwarts.”

“Oh nothing. Hey our schedules.” She said and she saw McGonagall down the table passing out the schedules. Lily’s head snapped up when Hermione mentioned the schedules.

She soon came to them, Sirius was now stuffing his mouth full of pancakes and James was watching with interest as Sirius tried to jam two whole pancakes in his mouth. Remus just shook his head and Peter seemed to be in his own little world eating his porridge.

“Good morning Miss Evans.” McGonagall greeted her square rimmed glasses sliding off her nose. She pushed them back up and Lily looked at her and smiled. She looked through some papers and pulled out Lily’s schedule and handed it to her. She gave on to Hermione and Remus who both muttered small thank you’s. Remus began to look his over immediately, as did James who was looking over Remus’ shoulder talking quietly with him.

Sirius took his schedule from McGonagall and swallowed his food. “Good Morning Minerva. Lovely to see you again, how was your summer?” He asked, and McGonagall’s eye’s narrowed at his words. She turned and faced him, giving him a menacing look, the smile didn’t fade from his face though.

“Black how many times must I remind you to call me Professor McGonagall.” She said through gritted teeth. James looked up as did Remus, Hermione, and Lily, Sirius just sat there smirking.

“Oh many more, Minerva.” He said stressing on her name, he turned away from her and looked over his schedule. McGonagall’s eyes widened and she glared at him muttering something before storming off to hand out more schedules.

Lily reached across the table and smacked Sirius upside the head. “What the hell was that for!?!” Sirius yelled rubbing his head causing some teachers to glare at him for language, he then glared at Lily.

“What is your problem Black?” Lily almost screeched. If you start messing with McGonagall now we will loose the house cup again. You did the same thing last year which resulted in you loosing Merlin knows how many points! Not only that the stupid pranks you four pull all the time have left us in last place for three years!” Lily whispered harshly returning to her schedule when she finished. They all gawked at her, even Peter who’s porridge filled spoon was dripping as he held it in mid air.

Hermione decided to change the subject. “So Lily maybe we should get going.” She said, she still had to grab her books.

“Damn. Do you both have double potions first thing?” Sirius asked and both girls looked at their schedules and nodded.

“I think all of us do Sirius.” Remus said and Peter and James nodded too.

“Well Lily and I are going to get our books. Any one else care to join us?” She offered and Remus was about to open his mouth, but Sirius beat him to it.

“Sure. I’ll meet you guys there alright?” Sirius said standing and they all nodded, Remus looked away from Hermione’s questioning eyes. Sirius pulled her along, “C’mon Hermione.” He said and she looked over her shoulder as they exited to see Remus watching and he looked away when he saw her looking.

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Chapter 9: Strange Happenings
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Chapter 9: Strange Happenings

“My dear sweet innocent Hermione would you allow me to carry your books?” Sirius asked as he held the portrait open for Lily and Hermione as they stepped out. Lily shook her head and rolled her eyes, used to Sirius’s gentleman like behavior. Hermione stepped out and shook her head.

“It’s alright Sirius I can handle it.” She said as she stepped out, stepping in line with Lily, who stopped and stared at her. No one had ever refused Sirius’s offers, Lily looked to Sirius, who’s eyes widened for a brief second, then he raised and eyebrow.

“Well then I will just have to take them from you.” Sirius said and reached under Hermione’s arm and grabbed her books and she squeaked as he did so.

“Sirius! I said I could carry my own books!” Hermione called as Sirius began walking backwards down the hall grinning and waving her books in the air. “Sirius! Come back with my books!” She screeched and ran after him, she caught up with him, Lily trailing behind her. Hermione tried to grab them but Sirius held them over his head, he grinned as she stepped back and glared at him, crossing her arms. “Can I have my books back? I can carry them myself.” She said and gave him a look.

He pouted and handed them to her, she took them and brushed past Sirius, Lily following, and Sirius stepped next to Lily. “Miss Evans.” He said in a serious tone. Lily rolled her eyes at him.

“No Sirius I will not go out with James despite yours, or Remus’ attempts.” She said and started to walk faster.

“That isn’t what I was going to ask!” Sirius said laughing, as they descended the stairs leading to the dungeon. “Prongsie!” Sirius cried and flung himself at James wrapping his arms around his fellow marauder.

“Honestly Sirius, you act as if you haven’t seen him in years, when it has really only been minutes.” Remus said from behind them, Hermione shook her head and walked into the cold potions room, Lily and Peter following.

“Ah cheer up Moony!” Sirius said and ruffled Remus’ hair, he then walked into the class room sitting down at an empty seat in the back. Remus glared after him and James only laughed.

“Something has him in good Spirits.” James chuckled as they walked in sitting down next to Sirius.

“More like someone.” Remus muttered walking up and sitting next to Peter, glancing at Hermione who was sitting in the front of the room next to Lily chatting quietly. The slytherins began to file in, talking and laughing, some of the boys Remus noticed shooting glances at Hermione and wiggling their eyebrows. He felt himself growl low in his throat and stopped when a piece of paper was chucked at the back of his head. He turned to see Sirius pointing to James and vise versa. He glared at the two, who’s grins faded and they lowered their hands, he then turned around to face front.

The door at the front of the classroom opened revealing a young flustered looking witch with black hair and bright blue eyes. She looked to be only a few years older than all of them. She walked to the front of the room, all the boys eyes on her form.

“That’s Professor Cleaver, she was new last year, took over for Professor Schwartz, he was pretty brutal, always favoring slytherin. She doesn’t favor any house, even though her own was Ravenclaw. She’s fare, and nice, so and she was head girl.” Whispered Lily, because of the confused look on Hermione’s face.

Hermione had been expecting some old geezer who favored Slytherin and well someone just like Snape. She smiled and nodded and the professor turned around with a piece of parchment and a quill.

“Lets see, Everyone seems to be here and we have a new student, Miss. Grant.” She said and Hermione felt her cheeks redden. The professor smiled and walked back and forth.
“Now I will spare you the speech I gave last year, most of you already know that if you do not do your work in this class you will fail, and I believe I don’t need to explain what will happen when you fail.” She said her eyes clearly pinned on someone in the back, she looked, Hermione glanced over her shoulder to see Sirius staring right back while leaning back in his chair.

Hermione saw that Remus was scribbling on a piece of paper, she was amazed that the quill hadn’t snapped with the force he was holding it at as he wrote away. He glanced up once, chewing on the tip of the quill as he took the piece of paper and carefully he placed it in his hand and tossed it over his shoulder, it landed gracefully in Sirius’ hand and he unfolded it. Remus saw Hermione looking at him and blushed removing the tip of the quill from his mouth he blushed and Hermione turned around and smiled.

Lily nudged her as she took out a quill and parchment Hermione did the same. She glanced up at the professor as she smiled slightly at her and she turned around to face the board and waved her wand. “Now you will copy these down and we will begin a potion today, and tomorrow you will take a quiz to see if any of you studied over the summer.

A muffled cough could be heard from the back of the room. “CkhhhhEvanss.” Lily’s ears burned red and she turned around and glared at Sirius who was looking so innocent and James was glaring at him from his place next to him. Remus was staring off into space and Peter was trying to keep himself from laughing.

“That will be enough Mr. Black.” Professor Cleaver said looking directly at Sirius, who only sighed in frustration.

About two hours later the six students appeared from the staircase leading down to the dungeons, Sirius loosening his tie grinning madly, James taking off his glasses and shaking his head with a smile a he cleaned them with his shirt, Peter’s face flushing purple and Remus grumbling, Hermione trying hard to keep her giggling to herself and Lily giving all the boys the evil eye. The class had taken notes and then started on their potions, first getting a new seating chart and partners.

James and Lily where paired with each other, Hermione had expected a masked murder then and there, or at least James or Professor Cleaver to drop dead with the look Lily gave both of them. Sirius was paired with Hermione, much to her dismay, he had acted as if he knew everything about potions, which he did know some, but the whole class he was pulling pranks on Remus and Peter who where paired together.

Remus was currently cursing Sirius under his breath as he tried to get some of the yellow goop out of his hair and ear. Sirius had been placing things in Peter and Remus’ cauldron and eventually it had exploded on them, causing Remus and Peter and few others near by to covered in think yellow foul smelling slime. Hermione made a note to keep Sirius occupied next class so he wouldn’t bother anyone. She thought maybe a nice shiny object would do, that would keep him occupied for hours.

They soon came upon the Head Boy and Girl entrance, and James looked around and said the password, “Fiddlesticks.” And the portrait of the old man nodded and opened. They all stepped inside and Hermione looked around in awe. It was simply beautiful. Decorated in Gold and Red. The carpets a deep maroon, while the brick red couches looking soft and comfortable, the borders on the walls and door frames golden while the walls a pale gold. The fireplace made of stone, and in front of it a small throw with the Gryffindor Crest on it, and all the furniture made of cherry wood, the candles where even red, and the candle holders where even gold.

“Look up.” Sirius whispered in her ear, catching her looking around the room. Hermione gasped as she looked up, there was a Gigantic chandelier with many white candles in it, all lit to give the room light. Hermione’s eyes grew wide as she noticed it was a circular room and all around at the top where rows and rows of books. She noticed that it was a balcony all around the room, with a set or spiraling stairs leading up to it, she couldn’t believe she was going to miss out on this. She was in awe and Sirius waved a hand in front of her face. “I think she’s gone mates.” He said and she blinked and smiled.

“Wow.” She whispered, she was about to ask if she could go up there when Remus said something from behind her.

“I’m going to get this gunk out my hair, and then I’m going to lunch, you guys can do what you want.” He said and headed for a door off to the left.

After he closed it gently Peter spoke up. “What’s got his pants in a twist?” James shrugged plopping down on the couch, Hermione stared at the door he went through thoughtfully.
“It’s probably because of-” Sirius began but was cut off by being kicked in the shin by James. He danced around on foot holding his leg. “What did you do that for?” Sirius wailed as he fell upon the couch and rubbed his shin glaring at James from underneath his black bangs.

“Um Hermione lets go down to lunch.” Lily said and dragged Hermione out of the dorm room. Once they got out to the hallway Hermione could James start to scream once as the portrait closed.

“You bloody dolt! Are you stupid! That’s the second time in two days you have almost exposed Remus! How can you be so stupid Sirius? You’ve never been this stupid. Think before you open your mouth for Merlin’s sake!” James yelled standing and pacing around waving his arms in the air as he yelled at Sirius. Sirius was about to talk when James turned on him. “Don’t say a word, must I remind you what happened last time you did this! You almost got Snape killed.” James said through gritted teeth his eyes flaring dangerously.

Sirius only stood up, pushed James away who was mere inches from his face and walked out of the dorm his face showing no emotion. James sighed and plopped down on the couch taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes.

Peter was sitting there being silent and James heard Remus open the bathroom door. “James?” Remus called weakly. James looked over the top of the couch to see Remus leaning against the bathroom doorframe he was as white as a ghost. James stood quickly.

“Moony, you alright?” James asked walking closer he carefully placed a hand on Remus’ forehead. “Remus you’re burning up.” Remus moved a hand to his mouth and wiped it, James saw blood on it as Remus moved it away from his mouth. “Remus…what is wrong?” James stuttered.

“I…I don’t know…” Remus whispered almost falling over but James caught him. James gently set him down on the floor, “James, you have to…get me …to… madam … Pomfrey.” Remus said between large gasps of air.

“Peter go look out the window!” James said from his place helping Remus up off the floor. Peter ran towards the window and flung open the curtains. James looked up and his eyes grew wide. The moon was full, it shouldn’t have been full for another two days, and it was a solar eclipse. “Close the curtains quick!” he yelled as he felt Remus start to shake in his arms. “Grab Floo powder, hurry!” He called and peter ran over to the fireplace and James walked over as fast as he could holding Remus up. He stepped into the fireplace and Peter threw down the Floo powder and James yelled out. “Hospital Wing!”

They where transported there in seconds, James stumbled out of the fireplace holding up a coughing and shaking Remus. “Mr. Potter! Was is the meaning of this?” Madam Pomfrey’s voice sounded from behind him.

“Madam Pomfrey…Remus…moon, eclipse…help.” He said panting from holding Remus up, He sank to his knees Remus going with him. Madam Pomfrey bustled over quickly and looked him over.

“Oh Merlin.” She whispered, She quickly went over to the fireplace and called Dumbledore, in moments he was there holding an object.

“James, this will take you to the Willow, bring Remus into the house and lock the door, get out of there as fast as you can for we are not sure if he will fully transform. You must hurry, you will not be seen by anyone, and touch this as soon as you are done and you will be transported back hear.” Dumbledore handed him the object and James took it.

He immediately felt a tug at his navel and soon found himself in the familiar entrance of the Whomping willow, He noticed his foot was on the knot that freezes the tree and he pushed Remus down into the secret door. He then slid himself down careful not to step on Remus, he took Remus and helped him up walking him to the door that lay some twenty feet ahead in the darkness, he opened the door revealing the Shrieking shack, dirty and dusty with dried blood and scratches and torn up furniture all around, James got Remus up the first flight of steps when Remus cried out in pain, telling James to leave.

James watched in horror from the door way as Remus assumed the fetal position clutching his sides and jerking. Remus threw his head back cried out in pain, his back bent at an odd angle, all the bones in his body breaking, every muscle in his body tearing and quickly repairing itself to that of the wolves. His clothes began to rip from his body, as he grew in size, his skin seemed to peel away and he ripped it away with his newly formed claws, underneath the skin was think light brown fur. James quickly saw that his friend’s transformation was almost over and panicked. He ran from the room, jumped down the stairs four and five at a time until he came to the door, he threw it open and closed it, shouted a locking spell he ran for the entrance, tripping over his own feet as he climbed out of the entrance.

He grabbed onto the small object and felt a tug at his navel, he then found himself on the cold ground of the hospital wing, breathing heavily. He looked up to see Madam Pomfrey and Professor Dumbledore. “Thank you James. You may go to lunch now, I award you 40 points to your House for doing that.” Dumbledore said and James stood wiping off his robes, he headed to lunch, rubbing his head. Why did the moon all of a sudden become full? That’s not right. he pondered this as he came upon the Great Hall. He entered seeing Sirius and Peter there eating quietly, and Lily and Hermione some people away chatting with a few other girls.

James sat down next to Sirius and Peter glanced up from his sandwich and Sirius swallowed his food and opened his mouth to speak. “One, I’m sorry, Two where is Moony?” Sirius asked, and James only nodded and took a small bite out of a sandwich.

James leaned forward and motioned for the two to lean forward. They did and no one around thought oddly of this. “He’s at the Shack, something is up with the moon, I don’t know, it’s odd, after he came out of the bathroom he just started his transformation.” James whispered and Peter’s beady little eyes grew wide and Sirius stood.

“We have to go to him!” Sirius whispered harshly, James grabbed Sirius’ robes and pulled him down.

“Sirius, calm down, it’s the middle of the day, just be calm and we’ll go tonight, I’d say it’s about time to get the old cloak out again.” James said and took another bite out of his sandwich.

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Chapter 10: Chapter 10
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Chapter 10

“Ow! Peter!” Sirius whispered harshly as James stepped on his foot.

“Sorry!” Peter cried quietly as he bumped into James.

“Be quiet both of you!” James whispered harshly. “If we are heard you’ll get us into trouble.” He said squinting trying to see through his foggy glasses. “Ok we are far enough away now, Peter change and meet us at the willow, make sure you press the knot this time so Padfoot doesn’t get smacked in the head like last time.” James said and Sirius huffed from behind him.

Peter transformed and ran out from under the safety of the invisibility cloak. They watched as he scurried in the direction of the Willow. Sirius nudged James on. “This is bloody uncomfortable.” Sirius swore as him and James walked slowly towards the Willow.

“It’s only because your too tall.” James snapped, annoyed by Sirius’ constant whining about the cloak being too small. Sirius muttered something under his breath as they came upon the frozen Willow. James slipped out of the safety of the cloak and through the small door, he found Peter sitting there on the knot in his form as he slid himself down to the tunnel. He grabbed Peter as he went down and he waited for Sirius placing Peter on his shoulder. He felt someone fall into him and he almost fell over.

“Sirius! Watch it!” He cried rubbing his head, which had come in contact with the dirt wall behind him.

“Sorry Prongs.” Sirius said as he pulled off the cloak. He folded it and gently nestled it in the secret spot they kept it in. He rubbed his hands together and grinned. “So who’s in for a romp around Hogsmade?” He said, although it was more a statement than a question.

James shook his head and turned and jogged for the entrance, he turned the handle opening the door and turned into his form, a stag. He nudged open the door with his antlers and he heard a bark from behind him and Sirius weaved his way through his legs as did Peter. James closed the door with a movement of one of his hind legs.

He followed Sirius and Peter up the stairs, Peter who was on the top of Sirius’ head because there where places were Peter being small couldn’t reach. James soon took the lead, leading the other two to where he had brought Remus, Sirius then bounded ahead of him, wanting to see Remus, and Sirius stopped short at the doorway. James came up and peered in, Remus was on the floor, shaking, and pools of blood around his semi naked body. James looked away, the transformation had not completed, or even fully finished, Remus was only half transformed.

James couldn’t look at his friend anymore, it was horrifying, Sirius had walked over and nudged Remus who had growled, but it sounded more human than wolf. James looked him over again as he very carefully walked into the room. Remus lay there in the middle of the room, quivering, he had patches of brown fur around his body, a brown tail that stuck out of a spot in his trousers, it was sad really. Not pathetic sad, but horrifyingly sad. He knew Remus would not want him to pity him, but he could not help it. Remus had slightly pointed ears, his nails where covered in blood, there where longer and sharper, his legs where bent at an odd angle as if they had begun to grow to those of the wolves, his back was curved at such an angle it looked painful and he had tears streaming down his cheeks mixing with the blood that came from his mouth. He had his mouth open, panting heavily, his fangs rubbing against his lips, his teeth just slightly sharper. The two large fangs digging into his bottom lip every time he tried to move his lips. James felt himself shudder. He looked away from his friend again. “We should go…” He whispered trailing off awkwardly.

Sirius stood swiftly, his hands balled into fists at his side. “We can’t leave him like this! He’s hurt! James can’t you see he’s in pain!” Sirius screamed he looked as though he himself where going to cry over their friends condition. None of them had ever seen him like this before.

“Sirius it’s not right. Something is wrong here. He has never changed when we have had an eclipse before. I really think we should go.” James said, he was back in the doorway now, Peter was behind him grasping his sleeve and peeking out from behind him looking at Remus, Peter made a soft noise and looked away.

“I think he’s Padfoot.” Peter whispered from behind James’ arm.

“You two…do you care about our friend at all! I mean look at him! He’s a complete mess!” Sirius screamed and was about to keep on talking when Remus began to speak.

“Go…just leave…” He whispered choking on his own words he reached for a blanket that Sirius seeing his friend couldn’t reach, put it over him, Remus smiled faintly his eyes closed. His friends stared at him, they watched as he went stiff. His body began shaking and his eyes where closed tightly. “Go…” He growled. “Leave before I hurt you!” He cried out. “I don’t want you to see me like this!” he cried and Sirius had squatted down to grasp his hand when Remus’ eyes shot open. Sirius fell over and moved back swiftly in horror. His eyes where a bright glowing yellow, wolf eyes. “LEAVE!” Remus cried, it sounded more like an animal than a human. Sirius scrambled away from him towards James. James shoved Peter down the stairs, he and Sirius jumped down them three or four at a time. The could hear the howls, and the loud noises of Remus throwing himself against the walls, the wolf wanting to get out.

One loud howl made them all stop. Their faces paled, as they knew that the wolf was now out. “Transform and get to the tunnel!” James yelled at Peter and Sirius. The two of them transformed and ran for the door; James could hear the werewolf smashing around on the floor above them.

“JAMES!” Sirius screamed, James knew they where waiting for him at the door. He ran as he heard the wolf running down the stairs, he did not look behind knowing as he rounded the corner seeing Sirius’ eyes bulge. He ran and slid through the opening in the doorway Sirius had made. He heard Sirius shut it and lock all the bolts on the door and then there was a loud noise on the other side of the door and a yelp of pain. James sat there panting; Sirius leaned against the door and slid down it sighing. “Your where stupid, what in Merlin’s name where you trying to do by not transforming! Are you an idiot!” Sirius said, James could tell he was out of breath.

“I was…I don’t know really.” James said ruffling his hair. “C’mon. We should get out of here.” He said hoisting himself up and extending a hand for Sirius who took it. “Where’s Peter?” He asked looking around in the dark.

“Went to the entrance, poor bloke was scared out of his bloody mind.” Sirius whispered walking by James’ side. James patted his back.

“Thanks mate.” He said and Sirius responded by ruffling James’ hair.


Remus felt the sun in his eyes and groaned lifting a hand to cover them as he opened them. He tried to sit up but felt a jolt of pain through his whole body. He let out a yelp in pain and lay back down. He opened his eyes now, and looked around. He realized he was in the Hospital wing. He could not remember getting here. He looked to his left to see if there was a glass of water on the table. There was not. However, what he saw shocked him. He saw Hermione curled up in the chair with a blanket over her. Her one arm was stretched out so her hand lay on his bed; he realized that it was where his hand was before he moved it to cover his eyes.

He reached out and gently shook her arm. She stirred and he watched as she stretched and her eyes fluttered open. She quickly sat up seeing he was awake. “Your up.” She said smiling and she flung her arms around him. He yelped and she let go quickly. “Merlin I’m so sorry Remus.” She said and he waved his hand indicating for her to forget about it.

She helped him sit up and the blanket fell away from his chest. Hermione’s cheeks burned and he looked down realizing that he wasn’t wearing a shirt, but there where bandages around his torso. She looked away, her cheeks red, and he felt his cheeks grow warm.

“Sorry.” She mumbled.

“Er…could you hand me that shirt?” He asked pointing to the shirt that was folded neatly sitting at the end of the bed. She leaned over, grabbed it, and handed it to him without looking at him. She heard him groan in pain as he fumbled with the buttons, she looked over her shoulder and saw that he his head was down; his hair was falling in his eyes as he watched his hands do up the buttons. She felt her breath get caught in her throat. She tried to tare her eyes away from him but when he was finished, he looked up at her and their eyes met. She felt herself letting out her breath she had been holding and gasp in, Remus turned a brilliant shade of pink as he realized she had been staring at him. She quickly tore her eyes away as she realized she had been caught and his eyes where searching hers for answers.

An awkward silence followed and Hermione shifted uncomfortably and Remus stared at his hands. He finally looked up at her; he could not take the silence any longer. “So…where is everyone?” He asked in a low whisper. Hermione almost jumped at the sound of his voice.

“Oh…um…” She started and stopped. A moment later continued. “They went into Hogsmeade today.” She said quietly. Remus gave her a questioning glance.

“Holy Merlin, it’s Saturday already.” He said his eyes going wide, Hermione nodded. “So I’ve been in here all week then, I didn’t think I was that bad…” He trailed off awkwardly. Silence followed again. This time Hermione spoke up first.

“I…uh…I have your work, I came right from classes last night to see if you had woken up yet. Sirius, James and Peter have been here all week, not leaving your side. You don’t have much work since it is only the first week of classes, but I brought it anyway.” She said reaching over and grabbing her bag, she rummaged through it, and set out a few books near his legs, and grabbed a piece of parchment. She handed it to him.

He was amazed that she had gotten his work. “Thank you.” He said as he took the parchment from her and unrolled it, only four assignments, Transfiguration, Potions, Divination, and History of magic. He cocked and eyebrow when he noticed the Divination. “You didn’t have to get my work you know, and how did you get the homework from Professor Wickliff?” he asked chuckling at the thought. “He’s a little-”

“Out there.” Hermione finished for him and Remus laughed.

“Yes. So did Sirius give you the work, or-” Remus began but Hermione interrupted him.

“No I went and got it, I had a few hours free. That Professor is bonkers. Just, he’s nuttier than the Divination teacher I had.” She said laughing quietly.

Remus laughed. “Did he try to make you stay for tea?” He asked and Hermione nodded, Remus just laughed harder. “Oh he must fancy you. Does that to only a few girls. He’s done it to Lily, luckily she doesn’t take it anymore and avoids going to the tower at all costs.

“It’s not funny Remus, he was seriously trying to get me to stay. You know I almost feel bad for the poor bloke. All alone up there.” She finished off quietly.

Remus stopped laughing at this and grew serious. “Don’t feel sorry for him Hermione. He’s not as lonely as you think. He’s a psycho, he talks to himself, thinks the spirits of the stars talk to him, just promise me next time you go up to that tower, you wont go alone.” Remus said and he had grabbed her hand now. He squeezed it, and she nodded. “Going up there alone will get you into all sorts of trouble.” Remus said as if he knew. “So…why aren’t you at Hogsmeade with everyone else?” He asked, changing the subject.

“Oh I had a meeting with Dumbledore today, about, well you know.” She said, Remus nodded, and she looked down at their hands. Remus’ thumb was caressing her hand in small circles. His hand where big, and soft, and she felt as though her hand fit in his perfectly. “Uh…Remus.” She whispered and he looked down at their hands.

He took his away and looked away from her glance. “Sorry.” He mumbled. She stood up and nodded.

“Um I’m going to go back to the Common Room, freshen up, and then head down for some lunch, do you want me to get you anything?” She asked and he shook his head. “Alright.” She said, and bent down to kiss his cheek when he moved, her lips brushed against his, her eyes closed as did his. He reached a hand up and ran it through her hair. ‘She smells wonderful, like strawberries and cream. he thought as his hand moved to her neck.

She cupped his face in her hands bringing his lips closer to hers. She felt his tongue slide against her bottom lip asking permission. This is when her eyes opened. She pulled away from him, she stared into his eyes, and she saw a yellow glow to them. She gasped, he shook his head. She turned and ran towards the oak doors. As she neared them she looked to see Remus with his head in his hands. She opened the oak doors and made her way to the common room. Bringing a hand to her lips, she touched them, remembering how warm his lips where against hers.

Remus sat there shocked that he had just kissed her, and his eyes. “Damn.” He swore. “Why, why do you have to do this.” He whispered. “Why do you arouse me to the point where I can’t control the wolf.” He whispered, placing his head in his hands. Clutching his head he tried to make the voices of the wolf leave his mind.

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Chapter 11: The shock of it all
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Chapter 11: The Shock of it All.

Hermione sat there at the dinner table, stirring her food around. She had not had much of an appetite since her previous conversation with Dumbledore. She sighed and remembered what the two of them had talked about.

Hermione whispered the password, and the Gargoyle bowed to her and jumped aside, the stairs started to spiral upwards, she stepped on, waiting until they reached the door. Once they stopped moving, she proceeded towards the oak doors. She knocked and one door opened. She popped her head in, seeing Dumbledore standing up behind his desk, his back to her.

“Glad you decided to join me.” He said, looking over his shoulder. Her face flushed as she stepped into the room, closing the door quietly behind her.

“Sorry, sir. I was freshening up after my visit with Re- er, Mr. Lupin.” She whispered, looking down at her shoes.

“There is no need for apologies, I should be the one apologizing, I have put this off for far to long. How is Mr. Lupin doing, I’m suggesting he has woken up now?” Dumbledore said turning to face Hermione. She nodded. “Please have a seat.” He said, waving his wand and a chair appeared in front of his desk.

“Yes sir. He is awake now, he woke up this morning. I brought him what school work he has to make up.” She whispered sitting in the chair.

“That was very kind of you Ms. Granger. Now I don’t have to go into detail about how important it is that you keep his secret.” Hermione’s head shot up when he said this. “Hmm, I simply guessed you knew, being that you where so concerned about him being sick. I also got news of you looking through some complex books in the restricted section, about mythology, Greek and Roman gods, as well as books on werewolves. You know your way around the section, I’m surprised by that.” He said, as Hermione fumbled with her hands, glaring at them. She felt like a small child under his glance, a small four year old that when you set them in a chair their legs don’t even reach the end and they have their hands resting in their lap playing with the tassels on their little dresses, or the buttons on their shirts.

“Yes sir.” She whispered her face flushing.

“May I ask what information you have come to find on why Mr. Lupin’s transformation happened early, with pouring through those books?” Dumbledore asked, Hermione’s head snapped up at this.

“Excuse me sir?” She asked, she wasn’t positive if she had heard him right.

Dumbledore smiled,
damn that twinkle she thought as she looked into his eyes. “What information do you have on the matter?” He asked again, sitting down and folding his hands and laying them on his desk.

“Well I was reading about how werewolves came into being. It said in one book that I’ve briefly looked at in my time,
How Did They Get Here. It’s a short, book, but it gave stories on how mythological creatures and beasts came to be here. One myth I found was on werewolves, how Zeus once portrayed himself as a traveler and sought hospitality in the court of an Arcadian ruler Kin Lycaon. The king new it was Zeus, so he tried to kill him by serving him human flesh. Zeus however knew of the terrible trick, destroyed the palace, and condemned Lycaon to live as a wolf. That’s where the Greek word Lycanthrope comes from, Lykos meaning wolf and anthropos meaning man.” She said, straightening up in her chair.

“Go on.” Dumbledore said, a smile still playing on his lips. She went on nervously.

“Well legend has it, that a ruler, Balthasar was very much into witchcraft, at this time he did not know of wizards and witches, much like today. His whole empire worshiped the Goddess Hecate, the goddess of the Underworld, Witchcraft, Wisdom, Crossroads, Magic and the Moon. He had several shrines set about his city in her honor, making weekly sacrifices and offerings to her. However, once word got around that Agamemnon was taking control of armies near his city he did not want his empire to crumble under Agamemnon’s rule. Therefore, he called upon Hecate, at the time of the following new moon, when she roamed the graveyards purifying them. It is said that Balthasar asked her to call upon the full moon to come early, allowing it to move in front of the sun for darkness to cover the earth. He wanted control of the great beasts that where said to live in Artemis’ sacred garden. The werewolves, descendants of Lycaon, who only spent time there during the time of the full moon, under Artemis’ protection. The book said that Balthasar gave his only heir, a young beautiful son to Hecate as an offering, as well as anything else she wanted. So she did it for him, helped him by causing an unnatural full moon, causing all the werewolves to turn unexpectedly. She had sent out her hounds to gather them, and the earth became dark for days. Artemis, hearing the cries from her sacred animals unleashed her wrath upon Balthasar, for he disobeyed her wishes. Artemis returned the werewolves to her garden and let Balthasar be hunted by them, he was not killed but probably wished that he were by the next full moon. Agamemnon, though however did take control of Balthasar’s empire, but first destroying all shrines to Hecate and replacing them with temples to Artemis for helping him, even though he once before had to give his daughter Iphigenia to Artemis for defying her.” Hermione finished sighing as she did so.

Dumbledore smiled. “My, you have done a lot of research.” He said, never taking his eyes off her. She only nodded. “I suppose you already know that a there is a great threat among our world.” He said watching her as she looked up at him, meeting his eyes, the twinkle now gone replaced by a serious look.

“Yes sir, I do know of the Dark Lord, if that is who you are referring to.” She whispered and looked around at the portraits on the walls that broke out into whispers. Dumbledore looked around.

“Leave us.” He said to all the portraits, and Hermione flushed feeling as though she had said something terribly wrong. Once all the people in the paintings where gone Dumbledore sighed, taking off his half moon spectacles and cleaning them with his sleeve. He placed them back on his nose and looked at Hermione, she felt like a small child again under an adults piercing glare. “Don’t be frightened Ms. Granger. You said nothing wrong of the sort.” He said and Hermione looked up. “Now tell me what you think the Dark lord may be planning, but do not, under any circumstances give me any information on what may or what may not happen.” He said, his voice deadly quiet as if he thought someone could be listening in on them.

“Sir, I am one always for the rules. I know I’m not supposed to do anything to alter the future.” She whispered, a pregnant pause followed as she thought of what to tell him. She had never read anything about what had happened, she figured the Ministry kept it covered up, she summed up all the ideas in her head and finally spoke. “I think, maybe the Dark Lord might be trying to rally the werewolves to his side, or kill them off by exposing them to the public. Those are the only explanations I can think of. Nothing I have read in the past few days could give me any other reasons why he may have been doing this.” She said.

“What makes you think it is the Dark Lord?” Dumbledore said and Hermione looked alarmed as to why he was asking her this.

“Well, isn’t is obvious, he wants power, he wants to control the whole wizarding world, he’s the Dark source powerful enough to call upon Hecate. Sure she is a protector of witches, but if she is easily amused with offerings…” Hermione trailed off, realizing how absurd she was sounding. She finished after another pregnant pause. “I know he has something to do with it.” She whispered tearing her eyes away from Dumbledore and looking down at the floor.

“You are indeed right Hermione. The Dark Lord does want the werewolves on his side, as well as all the dark creatures. A war is coming. I do not want to admit to it, but a war is coming. Our world is going to suffer some great tragedies, as well as the muggle world. The attacks on the muggle world have increased every month, more and more dying gruesome deaths, the Ministry is having a hard time covering all of it up.” He said, and Hermione was watching him now, with confusion in her eyes.

“Why are you telling me this? Shouldn’t this be kept quiet, I’m a student sir.” She said, and Dumbledore’s lips lifted to a shy smile.

“I’m telling you my dear because I want your help. If I am not mistaken, your 18th birthday is coming along soon. Correct?” Hermione silently nodded. “I believe you have heard of the order in your time. I know I can trust you. You where sent to this time for a reason. I want you to join the Order of the Phoenix. You’re not out of school yet, but you will do us some good, we can use all the help we can get.” He said and Hermione sat there shocked, she didn’t know what to say.

She opened and closed her mouth a few times; she didn’t have anything to say to this, the shock was too great. “You can think it over, I’ll give you until next Friday, I want you to come by any time before then. However, meet me here in my office on Friday night, after dinner. You may go now, I suppose dinner is about to be served.” He said and Hermione got up silently, and left.

Here she was now, sitting at the Gryffindor table, stirring her food around. She didn’t look up as the great oak doors opened, students spilling in chatting and laughing. She didn’t look up when someone sat down next to her, or across from her, or on the other side of her. She just sat there in her own little world.

“So Hermione, what did you and Dumbledore talk about?” Sirius asked from next to her, his voice rang in her head and she looked at him, she looked across at James, he looked so much like Harry. Then she realized what she had been dreading this whole time. Her stomach flipped and spiraled, she felt her heart ache, what if I can’t get home? What if I never see Harry and Ron again and my other friends. What am I going to do without them. She thought silently, just now as she felt Sirius’ hand on her shoulder did she remember his question.

As if fireworks where set off in her brain she thought of something. Dumbledore had something that she hadn’t remembered to ask about until now. That she was sent here for a reason. She stood up abruptly banging her knees on the table. She winced but stood and ran out of the Great Hall pushing past Lily who asked her “Hi Hermione! Ho-what’s wrong?” Lily asked, but Hermione didn’t hear her, she was already outside the doors. Lily looked to see Sirius looking around confused, and James just staring in the direction Hermione went. “What did you two do to her!” Lily roared, marching over to them.

Sirius flinched and covered his head afraid Lily would ruin his hair. “Nothing! Honest! I swear!” Sirius begged his arms protectively covering his head. Students around watched with interest. “Don’t hurt me.” He said in a small voice. James burst out laughing and Peter sniggered. Sirius looked up at them and glared. He then looked up at Lily who had her arms crossed and was glaring at him.

“You’re telling the truth then Black.” She snapped and Sirius nodded. There was only one girl in the school who’s temper he was afraid of, and that was Lily’s. He had pulled far too many pranks on her in past and had suffered the wrath, being turned into the worst possible thing for Sirius’ pride and ego, a toad. Lily sighed and sat down and Sirius let out a sigh of relief casting a glare in Peter and James’ direction.

Hermione stormed down the hallway, her hair falling into her eyes. How could he not tell her why she was brought here and how she new. It wasn’t fair, he said he was going to tell her, and explain. Thoughts raced through her head as she walked towards Dumbledore’s office, not even realizing she was about to bump into someone. She collided into his chest and he let out a groan. She stumbled backwards. “Sorry.” She mumbled. She began to walk away when the person spoke up.

“Hermione?” the voice whispered. She could have sworn it sounded like Harry; no, she wanted it to be Harry. She looked up, moving her hair away from her eyes, secretly hoping that this bad dream was over and it really was Harry. But she felt her stomach flutter when she saw it was Remus. Her lips trembled and she felt tears coming to her eyes. She had wished it was Harry, or Ron, she wanted to get out of here, as much as she wanted to know why she was here, she wanted to go home. “What’s wrong? You look-” He said but stopped when he saw her bow her head and tears began to spill from her eyes.

He made a move for her but her voice stopped him. “Please. Don’t.” She gasped.

Remus turned pink, becoming flustered. “Look.” He said balling his hands into fists at his side as he paused. “If this is about earlier,” he began but stopped when she shook her head.

“It’s not that. If you’ll excuse me I have some business to attend to.” She whispered wiping away the tears. She turned on him, and ran down the way he had come from. Remus stood there puzzled as she figure turned in the direction of Dumbledore’s office.

He blinked and rubbed his chest where she had run into him, he grimaced, and scratched at the bandage. “I wonder what Dumbledore said to her.” He pondered aloud as he walked towards the Great Hall. He saw Sirius, James and Peter all there, chatting happily. They all looked up at him as he sat down where Hermione had been sitting.

“Moony ‘ol buddy, how are ya?” Sirius asked patting Remus on the back, which caused him to inhale an unnecessary large mouthful of Pumpkin Juice. Remus spluttered and chocked and James watched in concern.

“Sure kill the poor bloke just as he gets out of the hospital wing Black.” A deep male voice said from down the table. Sirius peered around Remus to see Kingsley grinning at them. He looked to Remus in concern. “You alright mate.” He called to Remus, who nodded still coughing, held up a hand and waved it.

“Thanks Kingsley.” Remus said in a raspy tone.

Kingsley shrugged. “Want me to break anything on him for you?” Kingsley offered, James and Peter snickered as a few younger students took interest in the conversation. Remus heard Sirius gulp from next to him. Sirius was tall and had some muscle on him, but he wasn’t has pumped as Kingsley, who roomed with them. Kingsley was tall and hulky looking, not to mention one of the best Beaters Gryffindor had seen in years. Remus pondered the thought, feeling Sirius stiffen next to him.

“No, I think we shall let him leave without having anything broken just yet, we’ll leave that to the after Quidditch tryouts.” Remus said and Sirius sighed.

“True, true. I don’t want him getting hurt just yet.” Kingsley said and resumed eating.

“Sirius you dolt, you know Kingsley would never break anything on your body afraid of hurting that iron arm of yours. You are after all a fellow Quidditch player and a Beater, and his partner nonetheless. He would never get rid of you in fear of working along side someone less as good as yourself.” James said form across the table as he scooped up potatoes and plopped them on Remus’ plate.

“I know, but it seems everyone is out to get me now, Evans, Kingsley, bloody hell, do you realize how hard he hits? I’ve got bruises from him just patting me on the back.” Sirius said rubbing his head and taking a drink out of his goblet.

“Hmm, sounds like someone we know.” Remus muttered under his breath. Sirius shot a glare at him.

“My, Pads how insufferable and whinny you have become. Where’s the fearless, almighty Sirius Black we all used to know and love?” James asked, a grin playing on his face. Sirius grumbled something into his goblet.

“He died when he had to leave his motorbike in storage.” Sirius grumbled and James laughed, and Peter snorted potatoes out his nose, Remus just shook his head.

“Your going to be sneezing out potatoes for a month now Peter.” Remus said as he watched Peter who had turned pink, then green, and now purple.

“So that’s why you’re all pouty, because you don’t have your precious motorbike. Well get used to it mate. You wont have it all year.” James said, and Sirius grunted. Peter was currently trying to blow his nose and get all the potato out of it.

“Rub in some more why don’t you.” Sirius mumbled and regretted it immediately.

“Why of course.” James said and Sirius groaned rolling his eyes.

Hermione whispered the password and walked up the spiraling staircase to Dumbledore’s office, hoping he was there still. She knocked and heard a voice say she could enter. She opened the door seeing Dumbledore sitting at his desk, and Professor McGonagall sitting in the chair which she had earlier occupied.

“Ms. Grant.” He said, raising an eyebrow. “You're back, and so soon. Have you come up with an answer already?” he asked and she shook her head looking at Professor McGonagall. “You can discuss the matter in front Minerva, she knows.” Dumbledore said.

“Sir, you said you would tell me why I brought here, you said I came here for a reason. What is that reason?” Hermione whispered, avoiding all eye contact with both teachers.

“Yes, I’m afraid I spoke out the other day and earlier. I’m not at liberty to tell you. It’s something you have to do yourself. You where brought here to help someone, that is all I can tell you. Now if you will excuse me, Minerva and I have some business to attend to.” Dumbledore said and McGonagall turned around. Hermione’s brow furrowed, but she didn’t protest instead she left quietly.

As she closed the door she heard McGonagall whisper, “Albus why where you so harsh, she has a right to know why she was brought here.”

“She will know in time Minerva, in time.” Dumbledore answered back.

Hermione made her way down the stairs, shoving her hands into her pockets as she walked down the corridor. She didn’t want to go back to Gryffindor Tower just yet, so instead she turned in the direction of the Grounds. She walked outside the Gates and walked through the grass, towards the Quidditch pitch. She had never liked flying, although a few times Harry had snagged her up onto his broom, as ad Ron, or one of the twins. She had hated it when they did that, but now she missed it. She sat down in the stands, just looking up at the sky. She sighed and wrapped her cloak around her better. It was quite cold for a September night.

She saw smoke rising in the distance a little farther off on the grounds, and followed its trail, Hagrid’s hut. She smiled seeing the light shimmer through the windows. She thought about going down there, he was really the only link she had to her time, the only friend she had there and here. Well there was Remus as well, but what ever she had felt as friendship for him was now replace by something else. She didn’t know what, well she did know, she was just too confused and scared to admit to it yet.

Hermione entered the common room, lowering her hood, some students giving her a quizzical look and then returning to whatever they where doing. Hermione saw Remus sitting at a desk in the corner, one where she always worked, chewing on the tip of his quill. He looked tired and weary, she smiled shyly when he looked in her direction, as if feeling her eyes on him. She walked over to him, and sat down opposite him, his eyes following her the whole time.

A long uncomfortable silence followed, Remus stared down at his paper, occasionally scribbling down answers to his work and Hermione looked out the window at the grounds. “So were where you?” Remus asked the same time Hermione whispered, “I’m sorry about earlier.” She smiled and flushed, as did Remus.

“Go on.” She whispered, he nodded and continued.

“So, where did you go, Sirius went looking for you when you didn’t come back after half an hour, you’ve been gone for some time. Nearly two hours.” Remus said, now looking out the window to see what was so interesting that she was looking at. All he could see was the moon, it caused him to shudder inside.

Her eyes widened. “Two hours, wow, I had no idea I was gone for that long. I was just out sitting in the stands of the Quidditch pitch.” She answered. “Sirius went looking for me?” She asked, seeing something in the corner of Remus’ eyes. She thought for a moment he twitched at the sound of Sirius’ name.

“Yeah, thought he made you upset. Everything always goes back to him though, he has a pride thing.” Remus said smiling at the thought.

Hermione laughed softly. “Yes, well he does. But he wasn’t the one who got me upset.” She whispered, and then realized that had come out wrong, she quickly looked to Remus’ eyes had glazed over. He reached out a hand and squeezed hers, which was laying on the desk in front of him.

“Look.” He whispered. “I’m sorry about my earlier, er, intentions.” He mumbled tearing his eyes away from hers.

“Oh, no. Remus that came out wrong, you didn’t get me upset. I got to thinking, and I made myself upset. It’s not your fault.” He looked up at her when she said this, a smile on his face.

“So, about the kiss…” Remus whispered but Hermione hadn’t heard him because Sirius came in the common room at that exact moment and saw Hermione.

“There you are!” he cried, bounding over to them. Remus let go of Hermione’s hand as Sirius picked her up and hugged her tight.

“Air.” She gasped out and Sirius let her go.

“I’ve been looking for you all over!” he said, grinning at Remus.

“So I heard.” Hermione said laughing and pointing at Remus.

“Good, good. Now I didn’t make you upset did I?” Sirius said as he walked towards the staircase to the boys dorms. Hermione shook her head. “Great! James will be wanting to know I found you, so C’mon.” Sirius said tugging at her sleeve, as he walked up the steps to the boy’s dorm. Hermione looked over her shoulder to see Remus watching intently. She had been up in the boy’s dorms before, but that was with Harry and Ron, her friends. But this was Sirius Black, who currently was known as the playboy of Hogwarts.

“Sirius…” She said, and trailed off awkwardly. Sirius turned, looking to see Remus over Hermione’s shoulder watching his every move. He grinned. He leaned down and closed his eyes, placing his lips on Hermione’s. Gasps chorused around the Common Room, and Hermione’s eyes widened, and Remus turned pale.

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Chapter 12: Battle of Wits
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Chapter Twelve, The Battle of Wits.

“Remus! Wait up!” A voice called. Remus who was walking down the hall who had his hands shoved in his pockets and a few books tucked under his arm, turned, his frown turning to a smile.

“Hello, Harry. What can I help you with?” Remus asked as Harry jogged to him. He stopped to catch his breath.

“I… I wanted to ask you something.” He panted, fidgeting nervously. He looked around, his glasses were slowly falling off his nose, and he pushed them back up.

The look he gave Remus, meant it was about something they should not mention out in the Hallway, where Students could hear any word of it. He nodded and motioned to his office, which happened to be right behind them. “Come on in.” He said, holding open the door. “Now.” He said closing the door behind him, locking and casting a silencing spell over the room. “What can I do for you?” He asked again as Harry set his things down on a table.

“Well, in fifth year Moody gave me, well he gave me this.” Harry whispered pulling something out of his pocket. Remus stepped forward, curious. It was a picture, of the Order, the first one, the one Lily and James had been in, along with many others who had died. He took it with a shaky hand. “You mentioned something about Hermione being in the Order when she was there…” Harry trailed off awkwardly. Remus smiled shyly, his fingers running over the edge of the photo, he had one as well, but he kept it hidden, never wanting to look at it again. “But she’s not there.” Harry said, looking down at the photo backwards. The people waved at him, all smiling happily.

“She took the picture.” Remus murmured. After a pregnant pause Remus continued. “We all had a picture, someone made copies so everyone got one. There was another picture also.” He murmured, pausing again to sigh and run a hand through his hair. “It was of Sirius, James, Lily, Gideon, Fabian, Molly, Arthur, and I. Sirius managed to pull Hermione in at the last minute, landing her right on me. Peter took the picture, so he wasn’t in it.” He whispered, the distant look in eyes told Harry he was remembering it. “I have it somewhere, I could find it for you, if you’d like.” He said and Harry shook his head. “Actually, I have two of them…” Remus trailed off silently.

Harry’s brow knotted at first, wondering why, and then he realized why. “Hermione’s” He whispered quietly only to have Remus nod silently.


Hermione pulled away from Sirius, who now looked very smug. She had seen out of the corner of her eye Remus march in the direction of the Portrait hole.

“Why, hello, Remus?” Lily said as she entered only to have Remus push past her and storm out.

Hermione turned her attention back to Sirius, who grinned at her. She knew everyone’s eye where on her, and Sirius. Even Lily was watching now in curiosity. Hermione felt an overpowering amount of hatred and loathing for Sirius Black at this moment and she could not resist the urge. A moment later, the sound of her hand smashing across his cheek echoed through the common room, glaring at the man in front of her.

His face was turned; his cheek was turning red where her hand had collided with his cheek. He raised his hand to his cheek and rubbed it. “You… You foul, horrible, wretched, vain, rude, misbegotten little knave!” She hissed. “Are you stupid? No calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid people.” She whispered gasps went around the room; it was Sirius’ turn to glare.

“Hermione? That was totally uncalled for.” Lily said from behind her. However, Hermione chose not to listen.

“What where you thinking! I’m not like all those other girls you’ve dated Sirius! I’m not just some girl you can go and kiss any time you know! I don’t throw myself at you! What in bloody Merlin’s name where you doing!?!” She cried.

“I was trying to make you happy.” He growled, still clutching his cheek, his face turning red in rage.

“Do us all a favor Sirius and keep your nose out of my business, that would make me very happy.” She hissed, emphasizing very, she turned on him and marched to the girl’s dorms. Some students turned back to what they where doing, other still watching the scene.

Lily turned to look at Sirius. “You alright, how is your cheek? She hit you pretty hard.” Lily asked as she reached out a hand to touch Sirius’ cheek but he yanked back from her. “Sirius, I’m just trying to help.” Lily whispered, letting her hand drop to her side. She saw James behind Sirius and raised an eyebrow.

James came up behind Sirius, grabbed the back of his collar and pulled, catching Sirius off guard. Sirius began muttering something as James pulled him up the stairs and Lily followed. “Are you barking mad?” James whispered as he let go of Sirius was they reached the top of the stairs. James opened the door the seventh year boy’s dorm. He grabbed Sirius again, by the collar and hurled him inside. He looked at Lily who was standing there. He grabbed her as well and pulled her along with him.

“Potter!” She cried, as she looked around the boy’s room, she had been in here before, only stomping up here after one of them placed a spell on her shower to make the water run cold. She never did figure out which one of them it was, Remus would not tell her. She crossed her arms. “What is this all about?” She asked, looking from James to Sirius, who just now plopped himself down onto a messy bed. She looked around the room in disgust. “You boys are pigs.” She muttered looking around seeing dirty and clean clothes all over the place, books scattered. However only seeing one bed in the corner clean and neat, everything in that space was clean. It was Remus’ bed.

Sirius ruffled his hair, looking around his eyes grew wide, Lily followed his look, and before she could find what he was looking at, he hurled himself into the air and landing on the ground with a thud, gathering up whatever it was, it looked like old parchment, that he just stuffed between two pairs of shorts. She wrinkled her nose as he clutched them to his chest, his face turning pink.

“Sirius.” James growled. Sirius stood up, and walked towards his bed, stuffing whatever it was under his covers.

“I don’t want Lily seeing my under things.” Sirius spat harshly glaring at James, who rolled his eyes bringing a hand to cradle his head as if he had a headache.

“You are absolutely hopeless.” James muttered.

“Hey!” Sirius yelled, “I don’t need to be insulted anymore tonight alright!” he yelled, throwing his hands up in the air.

“What were you thinking exactly!” James whispered harshly, trying to control his anger.

“What?” Sirius asked, James’ head snapped up and he glared at Sirius, Lily nearly fell over, wondering how he could be that think headed.

Kissing Hermione you bloke!” James yelled, his frustration reaching it’s peak. “While Remus was right there!” He said waving his arms around, he advanced on Sirius, who was looking a little frightened by this, he had no where to go, he backed up against his bed.

“James…” He whispered, reaching out to push James away. “Look, I had good reason.” Sirius stammered.

“Good reason! Good reason!” James cried. He laughed bitterly. He grabbed Sirius by the collar of his shirt, his knuckles turning white. “You know how much Remus likes her!” James whispered his voice low and dangerous. “Granted he’s been in the Hospital wing all week, yes. But you remember what he said that night. He couldn’t explain it remember. He felt an odd sort of connection towards her, a sort of tug.” James said tugging on Sirius’ shirt.

“Of course I remember that.” Sirius whispered, his voice low. “But you know Remus, he wouldn’t make a move, not even if we gave him a little push, or bit him in the arse.” Sirius said. James had let go of him now, staring at him as if he were mad.

“You… so that was your brilliant plan?” James said throwing his arms in the air again, turning to face Lily who was looking utterly confused. She opened her mouth to say something but James stopped her. “Don’t say anything. Merlin knows we’ll be better off if you don’t say a word.” James said, and Lily for once did not argue, but closed her mouth and watched. “Thank you.” He whispered and Lily’s eyes widened and she nodded. “So kissing Hermione, in front of Remus was your brilliant plan.” James uttered darkly staring at Sirius.

“No. My plan is taking action as we speak.” He said, grinning smugly.

“Damn it Sirius!” James yelled, kicking one of the bedposts. He grimaced, and glared at Sirius.

“James calm down. My plan was to simply kiss Hermione, have Remus watch, and have Remus run, as he normally does. You know what he’ll do now.” Sirius said, smiling, James’ eyes widened and his frown turned into a sly smile, he was finally grasping Sirius’ idea. “He’ll think over what happened, and he’ll think I’m after her, he’ll come around in a day or two, and soon enough the two of them will be planning a wedding and having little pudgy werewolf babies that love to read. ” Sirius said smirking.

James shook his head, and Lily spoke up now. “What if it doesn’t work.” She said, James’ grin faded and looked at Sirius, who’s smile faded as well. “I mean what if, what if Remus backs off, thinking you like her a lot. You know how quiet he is.” Lily said, looking at both of them.

“She’s got a point there mate.” James said and Sirius’ arms fell to his side. He looked to be thinking, his head snapped up and grin on his face again.

“Well, then Lily, it will be your job, if Remus does back off, to push Hermione into talking to him. That should do it. Now we all have to play a part in this, no telling Peter, Merlin knows he will ruin things, blurting things out like he does. Now then, you two, will have to act as normal, I have to try to get back on Hermione’s good side. You two will have to just talk with Remus, and Hermione, trying to get them to talk to one another. I’ll have to make peace with Moony though, you two also have to act as though you’re a little upset with me.” He said and Lily snorted.

“Your mad Black. James tell him he is mad.” Lily said looking to James, who’s eyes widened, and Sirius smiled.

“You…” He whispered staring at her; Sirius patted him on the back.

“It’s not the end of the world mate. So she called you by your first name.” He said laughing.

Lily glared at both of them, realizing she had called James by his first name. She shook her head, saying to herself it was just a mistake, a common mistake, and a slip of the tongue. “I should go check on Hermione.” She uttered quickly, practically running out of the dorm.

“Now look what you did.” James growled. “You scared her away. She could have been planning to confess her undying love for me!” James whined as he set his face in his hands. “You ruin everything.”

“Give her time mate, give her time.” Sirius said.

The next morning Hermione had avoided Remus, Remus avoided Hermione and both had avoided Sirius. Sirius though only wanted to make his plan work, and try to make peace with both of them. Sirius walked into the Great Hall people whispering all around; obviously, the news had traveled fast. Seeing Remus sitting across from James who was chatting quietly with him, and Hermione farther down the table reading the Daily Prophet surrounded by other Gryffindor 7th year girls.

Sirius walked past Remus and James, James’ eyes looking up and following him. Sirius walked past with out a word and stopped behind Hermione. The girls around looked up at him curious. Hermione turned a little, and glared at him. “What may I help you with Mr. Black?” She asked in a mock sweet tone. He frowned as the girls around him snickered.

“I’ve come to-” he began but she cut him off.

“What come to kiss me again?” She said crossing her arms, glaring at him, and raising an eyebrow. Sirius frowned again.

“No.” He said sourly. He uncrossed his arms and waved his hand a rose appeared. He handed it to her, she did not look thrilled. Students around began to watch the scene, wondering what Sirius was up to now.

“You’re charm and roses wont work.” She said stiffly, taking the rose and crumpling it. Students could be heard gasping, and the girls around her just watched. Annie’s mouth had dropped, Lily whom was sitting next to her, lifted it and whispered something in her ear, and Annie flushed and returned her attention to the scene at hand.

“My, charm and roses.” Sirius muttered. He was getting slightly annoyed by her now. The insults last night and now her insulting his charm, and the rose.

“You know what they say girls, little things affect little minds.” She said turning away and taking a sip from her goblet, a few girls laughed, some just stared, thinking this is Sirius Black, she’s insulting Sirius Black!

Sirius heard this and glared, that was it. He was done trying to be nice and make peace with her, for this morning anyway. He could not however resist the urge to tell her. “You know I was planning on making peace with you after last night.” He said leaning over and whispering in her ear.

Hermione stopped her eyes from widening and just made a smart remark. “Pardon me Sirius, but you've obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn.” She said, he glared at her, and gasps chorused around the Great Hall, almost everyone was watching even some Slytherins. Snape seemed to be getting a kick out of it.

Something in his head popped, he felt this brain oozing, he could not help it, and he looked over to James who was staring at him shaking his head ‘no’. His hands balled into fists at his sides and he held back what he could. “You little…” He whispered, stopping himself before he could let out any vulgar words and curses.

“Can’t even finish a sentence? This is no battle of wits between you and me, Sirius. I never pick on an unarmed man.” She said smiling when his face turned red in anger. He opened and closed his mouth a few times, not positive at what to say to that. He had a good comeback, but along with his brain, it oozed too. “Sirius,” She said sighing and turning to face him, a look of pure rage and almost evil in her eyes, and then she said, “I don’t want to make a fool out of you. Why should I take all the credit for it, your quite capable of making making yourself look like a fool without my help.” She whispered, smiling now.

“Lily can’t you do something to stop them, your Head Girl.” Annie whispered as she watched something in Sirius’ eye disappear. Any moment now she knew he would explode, in order to save what pride he had left, no matter how embarrassing it would be.

Lily shook her head. “They aren’t really breaking any rules, she’s just insulting him and he’s, well he’s going to be insulting her any moment, I can see it.” Lily whispered. Just down the table, Remus had asked James the same thing.

“Prongs, can’t you do anything?” Remus whispered, as he looked at the two of them out of the corner of his eye. James shook his head.

“No, I can’t. Even if I could I would have to take points away, and we are already behind the Slytherins. I should take away ten points from that greasy git, he looks as though Christmas has come early.” James said nodding in the direction of Snape. Remus looked, and sure enough, he was snickering along with the other Slytherins.

“I’m trying to be reasonable here and reach your mind.” Sirius said through clenched teeth. Then he smirked, he finally had a come back, well of the sort. “ Tell me where is it currently located?” He asked, Hermione glared this time, standing up. The battle of wits had begun.

“My mind?” She said, poking him the chest, causing him to step back a little. “Why don’t you tell everyone what you know. I’m sure it will only take ten seconds!” She said, laughing bitterly. Everyone in the Great Hall was watching now, even the teachers, who seemed to enjoy the little display.

“Hmm, ten seconds you say, well I’m sure with you it will only take two, with that little pea brain of yours.” Sirius said patting her on the head.

“Have you ever wondered what life would be like you’d gotten enough oxygen at birth?” She snapped back quickly. Students around chorused an ‘ouch’.

“I do hope you are sterile, so you don’t have to pass on the rottenness of your being.” Sirius said and smiled at her glare.

“All of your ancestors must number in the millions; it's hard to believe that many people are to blame for producing you.” Hermione spat, knowing full well this would hurt Sirius, because she knew he hated his family. He did not say anything for a moment staring at her; she saw the look of hatred in his eyes.

“Don't you realize…” Sirius began, Hermione froze, “that there are enough people to hate in the world already without your working so hard to give us another?” He spat. She could not get anything out, because he continued. “You know how they say opposites attract. I hope you find someone who is good-looking, intelligent and cultured.” Sirius said, girls around gasped.

“ You probably wouldn’t know what those words meant if they danced naked in front of your face. Although you probably don’t know the meaning of most common words.” Hermione spat back. Ha! Take that you bloody idiot. She thought.

“Why don't you go to the library and brush up on your ignorance?” Sirius said sourly.

“Your mouth is getting far to big for your muzzle.” She spat loudly. James and Remus had stood up at this, Sirius stood there, and his face had gone white. Lily stood up as well. “Did your parents ever ask you to run away from home?” She continued as James was about ready to leap over the table, as was Lily. Remus stepped away from the bench. “I’m wondering, since you always have your nose to the ground, how’s life in the gutter.” She asked. She was so outraged at him she could not stop the words from coming out of her mouth. Remus was next to her now, using his iron grip to hold back Sirius as he made a lunge for her.

“That’s enough!” Lily screamed. “Ten points from both of you!” She said, and James gawked at her. “What else was I supposed to do James? He was about to jump on her.” Lily hissed as James came and stood next to her.

“I know, but she…” James said only to see Hermione practically running out of the Great Hall. Sirius wrenched himself free of Remus and marched out. “I should go follow him, make sure he doesn’t commit murder...or suicide.” James muttered walking after them. Luckily, it was Sunday.

“Sirius!” James called as he got outside the doors. He saw Sirius sitting on a staircase not too far away. He heard sobbing, and looked around, he knew it was not Sirius. Sirius motioned him over, motioning him to be quiet.

“It’s her.” Sirius whispered. James could tell that Sirius was guilty about saying all those things, but at the same time furious about what she had said to him. “She’s on the next flight of stairs crying.” Sirius murmured quietly so she would not hear him. James stood up and was about to go up when Sirius grabbed his robes. “What are you doing?” Sirius hissed. “Your going to go comfort her after what she said about me? She should have practically told the whole the school.” Sirius whispered harshly.

“We don’t know if she does know, and we aren’t going to make it seem like we know what she meant. Alright? I’m going up there to help her back to the common room and tell her to talk to Moony. Now get out to the Quidditch pitch. We have tryouts in twenty minutes.” James said, Sirius huffed and walked towards the nearest exit. James walked up quietly; he walked to the landing and stopped. Near the top of the stairs, just as Sirius had said, there was Hermione. She was stretched out with her head in her hands on the stairs in front of him. He frowned, ruffling his hair; he walked quietly up to her and sat down next to her.

He reached out a hand and touched her shoulder. He heard her gasp. “Please, just leave me alone.” She whispered. James did not take his hand away.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.” James whispered, Hermione looked up, her hair was matted to her face and her eyes were red from crying.

“James.” She breathed. “I didn’t…” She cried, hurling herself into his arms. He wrapped them around her, patting her hair. “I didn’t mean too…” She whispered. “I didn’t mean to say those things to him, to be so harsh. They just came out.” She whispered. “He probably hates me now.” She whispered, sniffling. James heard a noise, not to far below them, like someone knocking something over, because they were in shock. He knew it was Sirius, even though he had told Sirius to leave, he knew Sirius had to return, just to listen in.

“No, he doesn’t hate you.” James said, hearing a sort of muffled snort. He glared down at the stairs. “You didn’t do anything wrong Hermione. You where just angry, and in being angry you vented out all your anger on the one person who made you angry, even though he was trying to apologize. I think you just hurt his ego.” James said simply.

“But why did he kiss me…” She whispered, James couldn’t answer that. However, before he could come up with a quick lie she had continued. “I mean… and right in front of Remus.” She whispered, her arms still around James, he was still stroking her hair. After a quiet pause, Hermione continued. “I know I shouldn’t be telling you this, that it was just between me and Remus, and that’s why he is probably so upset, but we kissed yesterday, when I went to see him in the hospital wing, I only meant to kiss his cheek. But he turned his head. Oh what am I going to do?” She cried and pressed her face into James’ chest. He heard something below them that oddly sounded like Sirius slapping his hand to his head in stupidity.

“I say we go up to the Common room and you and I talk about this. Where no one can hear us.” James whispered. He stood up, helping Hermione stand as well. They made their way back to the common room, both not saying a word. The truth was James did not know what to say, and Hermione did not know how to say, what she wanted to say.

“So.” James said as they entered the common room to find it empty.

“I have to talk to Remus, and then apologize to Sirius.” She whispered. “Is Remus mad at Sirius?” She asked and James nodded.

“You see, the two of them never get into fights. Sirius will do something to piss Remus off, Remus will tell him how stupid he was, make angry remarks and so on. Remus will get angry when Sirius says something smart back. He will then go to the library and read some book, or go to the kitchens have a cup of tea, think it over, and then go find Sirius and apologize to him. Even though it was Sirius who started it all in the first place, by, well being Sirius. It’s always Remus who apologizes, Remus has never gotten into a fight with Sirius, Peter or I. I just don’t think he’s capable or dealing with the after math of them, the awkwardness you know? He has a hard time trusting people, and getting to know them.” James said and Hermione nodded. “My best bet is you’ll find him in the library.” James said standing now. Hermione stood as well wiping her cheeks and fixing her hair.

Before he knew it, her arms where around him, she stepped up and kissed his cheek. James flushed a light pink. “Thank you. It was really sweet what you did.” Hermione whispered as James hugged her back. He smiled. “You didn’t have to come after me, or Sirius you know.” She whispered as the pulled away from each other. “You’re a lot sweeter than Lily made you out to be.” Hermione said and giggled at the look he gave her.

“Yes well that is Lily…” He said trailing off awkwardly blushing profoundly. “Plus, I am Head Boy, I couldn’t just stay in there and come out to find one, or both of you dead.” James said laughing, Hermione laughed as well, which is what he had hoped she would do.

“Yes well, I best be off to the library to talk to Remus.” She said and made for the portrait whole. James smiled and walked after her.

“Well I’ve got Quidditch try-outs to get too. Well I’ll see you later. Good luck.” James said as he headed in a different direction as Hermione.

“See you.” She said and walked quickly towards the library. Once she got there, she searched the many rows of books, her favorite spots, the tables, not finding him. She was about to give up when she heard someone muttering on the other side of the bookshelf. She was just reaching for a book when she heard Remus.

“How could he?” Remus whispered, Hermione smiled and peeked in between the shelves, sure enough, it was Remus. He had some book open, his face was flushed pink, and his eyes were wide. He seemed to be thinking. Hermione walked quietly over to the end of the row and turned, to see Remus standing there, he dropped the book he was holding immediately as he saw her. Flushing an even darker shade of pink.

“How could who?” Hermione asked curiously as she stepped closer.

“How could Sirius.” Remus whispered.

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Chapter 13: The Photograph
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Chapter 13 The Photograph.

James ran out onto the pitch, everyone from the team was already there, a few girls to watch the tryouts, and as well as a few other students supporting their friends. The team was standing in a circle except for Sirius who was oddly pawing at his tongue. James walked up to him wrinkling his nose.

“What exactly are you doing?” James asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

“When I kissed Hermione, I practically kissed Moony!” Sirius cried, a few younger students giving him an odd, fearful sort of look. James clutched his head almost falling over because of Sirius’ stupidity.

“Sirius.” James said calmly. This is going to sound so wrong. James thought. “ Think of the many Christmas’s us Marauders have had, and how many times you had worn that ridiculous contraption of yours, yes the one with the mistletoe. You love it. You also end up kissing us all on the lips, a few times because you are so drunk.” James said, blinking at the memory of last Christmas.

“I know James, I was only messing around.” Sirius said, hitting James in the arm. “I heard what she said, about not meaning any of it. I’ll try and talk to her later.” Sirius said, and James was about to reply when Kingsley yelled at them.

“Hey! Are you two just going to stand there and talk all day! Get your arses into the air ladies!” Kingsley yelled at them. James and Sirius rolled their eyes, grabbing their brooms, mounting them they flew into the air.

“Well this should be fun.” James said as he surveyed the kids trying out for the team. They needed two chasers to work along with James since both of the chasers ended up leaving last year, James watched as Hannah flew into the air, their keeper. She was excellent and no other team ever scored against her except for Adrian Bennett, who was in Hufflepuff, but he had left Hogwarts. Hannah was a 5th year, joining the team when she was in her third year as a chaser, but they soon discovered she much better as Keeper.

She flew up and swerved around the two of them, tossing Sirius his bat. “Thanks Colburn.” Sirius said as she pulled up next to him hovering in the air. “So any of them good?” Sirius asked motioning to the students below.

“Well Craig Dering is pretty good, excellent flyer, just not sure if he can pass a quaffle while riding a broom, can barely keep hold of his books when he walks to class.” She said sighing as they watched Robert Emerson walk onto the field. He was their seeker; he had a good eye for watching the snitch, but never flew fast enough to catch it. He was in 6th year and joined them three years ago.

“Ah, so Butterfingers is trying out for the team eh?” Sirius said smirking and looking over at James, who shook his head, but smiled. “Where you’ve been Emerson?” Sirius called as Emerson mounted his broom and flew into the air towards them. He wore a goofy grin and looked as if he were in a different world and Hannah laughed. “What?” Sirius asked quizzically looking at her.

“Looks to me like Emerson here just had a snogging session.” She said and tried to suppress her giggle.

“Ah looks like little Emerson finally got himself a girl friend!” Sirius howled and Emerson turned bright red.

“Bugger off.” He grunted, but could not hide his stupid smirk. Sirius just let out his bark like laugh and slapped his knee. He reached over and shook James’ arm who was laughing as well and had to quickly wrap his hands around his broom because Sirius pushed him off balance.

“Well Merlin, congrats man!” Sirius said reaching over and shaking Emerson’s hand. “So who is the lucky girl?” Sirius asked grinning.

“Alice Swithin.” He said smiling. “She’s in my year, and in Hufflepuff.”

“Swithin, Swithin? That sounds familiar.” Sirius said scratching his head and James and Hannah’s smiles faded.

“Had a brother in Hufflepuff three years ago, her family was the one that…” Emerson trailed off quietly. Sirius’ expression turned serious and nodded remembering one the attacks that happened over the summer. “Luckily she was with her cousins.” Emerson whispered quietly, all of them nodded and James patted Sirius’ back. “Um I’ll go see if Kingsley needs help.” Emerson said quietly and flew away.

Sirius let out a sigh. “It’s alright Sirius, you didn’t know.” Hannah said from next to him, her hand on his arm.

“No I did know, well I didn’t know that Alice was his brother. Why can’t I keep my mouth shut?” He asked looking at James who merely shrugged.

“Cheer up Sirius, we’ve got some kids to pick from and we can’t have you being depressed or anything.” Hannah said and patted his arm, Sirius smiled at her.


“What do you mean?” Hermione asked looking at him curiously.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about yesterday.” Remus murmured walking past her to a table setting down the book and walking around the table and sitting down, Hermione followed, sitting down opposite of him.

“I’m sorry.” She muttered and Remus looked up at her.

“Sorry for what?” he asked.

“For Sirius.” She answered.

“Don’t.” Remus said sternly pausing for a moment then continued. “Apologize for him.” Remus muttered looking back down at his book. “You shouldn’t apologize for his stupidity.”

“But still, it made you angry.” She whispered. “Didn’t it?” Remus looked up at her his eyes wide. A long uncomfortable silence followed. Remus stared at Hermione while she stared down at the table. Stood up abruptly.

“Don’t leave.” Remus whispered grabbing her hand. He sat with his head down, his hair hanging in his eyes. “I was angry.” He said, he let go of her hand, Hermione stood there frozen letting her hand fall to her side. “I suppose you could say I was jealous.” Remus muttered silently.

“Why?” Hermione asked, mentally kicking herself for asking such a stupid question, how could she have been so stupid before, then she remembered something Sirius had once told her “Falling in love is a great thing, most people don’t realize it until it’s too late, you can’t see it, so really love blinds you. I’m not making sense; I’m just remembering a time in school. Two friends of mine were in love, they didn’t know each other for that long, but they were so much alike, they were completely oblivious to each other’s feelings. But in the end, they finally realized how each other felt.” Her eyes widened, realizing that Sirius wasn’t talking about Lily and James like she had thought, but her and Remus, because James and Lily had known each other for a long time.

“I like you.” Remus muttered quietly. Hermione smiled and sat down. He looked up at her, and smiled shyly his cheeks burned red. “To tell you the truth…” Remus went on quietly “I’ve never really felt…” he whispered, stopping and hanging his head becoming flustered and uncomfortable.

“Remus.” She whispered his name past her lips as if she was just breathing peacefully. Remus smiled as she placed her hand on his. Hermione knew Remus was shy, she had heard the stories, knowing how shy he used to be, and that it took him a while to trust people. James had told her one night while he was in the hospital that Remus had come to trust her faster then anyone of them. Hermione looked into his eyes, and Remus could tell by her look that she had no words to explain her feelings for him. They looked into each other’s eyes until Remus broke the silence.

“Did Dumbledore tell you how long you have until you have to go home?” Remus whispered as his voice cracked and he sounded upset, he sounded as though he didn’t want to know the answer.

“No.” Hermione whispered, she could have sworn she saw a glimmer in Remus’ eyes, but she continued. “He said that I have something to accomplish here, he didn’t tell me what, but after that is accomplished I guess I can go home. I don’t think I’m really allowed to tell you this but the sorting hat said that I would do well in slytherin, that my hatred would bring me power they want.” She said, taking her hand away and lowering her head, taking her eyes away from him. He reached out and lifted her chin up, stroking her cheek.

“But you didn’t get sorted into Slytherin, you were sorted into Gryffindor, so there must be a reason why.” Remus whispered.

“The hat said that my to complete my task I had to be close to someone in Gryffindor.” She said and Remus’ eyes widened somewhat.

“You’re a task bearer?” He said quietly, glancing around the library to search if anyone was around.

Hermione raised an eyebrow confused at what he was saying. “A what?” She asked.

“You’ve never heard of a task bearer, well that’s odd. From what Madam Pince told me, you being in the library almost everyday. I’m surprised you don’t know what a task bearer is. A task bearer is a person who is given a specific time turner, it’s-well it’s programmed per say to create what looks like an accident around the person and to others around them. The time turner breaks and sends that person to a certain time were that person is supposed to perform a specific task. After that task is finished they are allowed to go home.” Remus whispered and Hermione sat there frozen. “You alright?” He asked.

Hermione nodded, not sure what to say. She stood up quickly, realizing she had a decision to make. “I’m sorry Remus, I’ve got to go, I’ll leave you to your work.” She whispered and turned, but his voice stopped her.

“What is it? Is it something I said?” He asked and she turned around shaking her head.

“No, I just have to go and think about something, very important. I’ll see you at dinner.” She said and smiled at him and walked away disappearing from Remus’ view as she rounded a corner. He sat back down and opened his bag, looking around he took out a map, keeping his ears alert he unfolded the old parchment, the smell of Sirius’ dirty clothes entered his nose. He wrinkled his nose in disgust, well he found the map stuffed under Sirius’ sheets for some odd reason last night.

“Merlin you think I get enough of smelling that man’s dirty clothes as it is.” Remus muttered snorting trying to get the smell out of his nose. He looked around to make sure he was alone.

“I solemnly swear I am up to no good.” He whispered pointed his wand at the parchment. The hallways and classrooms of Hogwarts appeared in front of him, he scanned the parchment for the Library. Finding it, and then finding Hermione’s name he watched as her footprints walked outside in the direction of the Quidditch Pitch. She stopped, for a moment, he frowned at the parchment wondering what she was doing then she continued out to the lake. He watched it for a few more moments glancing back to the library to find his name, he saw someone heading in his direction, he did not know the name, but he quickly grabbed his wand and whispered, “Mischief Managed.” He folded the parchment and quickly tucked it away.

He resumed reading his book when he heard a student walk by, he looked up to see a small girl, she looked like a first year, she had blonde hair that was pulled back into two braids, and she was wearing the Gryffindor patch. He smiled when she turned his way. She smiled shyly.

“Do you need help with anything?” Remus asked, titling his head to the side and smiled at her.

“Um, actually,” She said looking around.

“Here have a seat.” He said motioning to the seat across from him, she blushed and sat down.

“Oh, you’re a Gryffindor too! I didn’t see your patch, how silly of me, and your not wearing your tie… I’m sorry.” She whispered keeping her head down.

Remus chuckled, “It’s quite alright, yes my tie is here,” He said taking it out of his bag and holding it up for her to see, “It gets dreadfully annoying sometimes.” He said smiling. “So now, what’s your name, your obviously a first year, you looked a little lost.”

“Is it that obvious?” She asked inclining her head and turning a soft pink, Remus just smiled at her. “Oh, how rude of me, my name is Freya Ross.” She said sticking out her hand quickly, and Remus surprised and shocked by this took and shook her hand. As soon as he let go she took it away quickly, her cheeks burning a brighter pink.

“So can I help you with anything?” He asked her and she looked around a little confused. “Don’t be shy, I wont bite.” He said grinning at her.

“Actually, I was looking for a certain book, I have to write and essay for Defense Against the Dark Arts.” She said quietly.

“Alright, I can help you with that, what sort of book are you looking for?” He said standing up.

“One on werewolves.” She said standing up with him.


Hermione made her way towards the Quidditch pitch, she saw the Gryffindor players zooming around in the air. She made out Sirius and James’ figures flying around up there. She watched as Sirius wailed a bludger in James’ direction, who ducked and probably swore, from where she stood she could see James was ready to fly over there and knock Sirius off his broom. She frowned when Sirius turned towards her, she was closer to the pitch now, and could make out his expression. A mixture of expressions crossed his face, he looked somewhat shocked and confused to see her there. He looked around to see if everything was alright.

He waved at her to stay there, indicating he would come down. She frowned at him, turned and walked away towards the Lake. She could distantly make out Sirius’ furious screaming at her and telling her wait as well as Kingsley yelling at Sirius to get back on his broom.

She was still hurt by what he said to her, and even though she didn’t mean any of it. She still didn’t know what was going to say to him. “Oh Sirius please forgive me for being so rotten to you.” Yeah even he would crack up at that lame statement. She sighed and kept walking, keeping her head down and her hands shoved in her pockets. She made her way over to one of the trees on the bank of the lake. The favorite spot where she, Harry and Ron had always sat on nice days doing their school work or just relaxing instead of going into Hogsmeade. She sighed leaning her back against the trunk. She pulled a picture out of her pocket and stared at it.

“I forgot about this.” She whispered staring at the picture of Harry and Ron. Colin had taken it one of the last days of their sixth year. He had given it to her when she had asked for it, she didn’t have many photos of just the two of them together or muggle ones at that. The ones she did have were all wizarding photos and she certainly couldn’t leave those out in her room, for her muggle friends and relatives to see.

They were standing there, both of them next to each other and they had been on their way home from Hagrid’s. The cabin behind them, they had been wearing Quidditch shirts that they had ordered in sixth year in a Quidditch catalog. They were Gryffindor colors, and had their last names on the front, as well as on the back with their number. She couldn’t let anyone see this picture, because of that, their names.

She slid down the tree trunk tears streaming down her face. She let the picture go, causing it to fall in the grass a few feet away from her because the wind took it. She grabbed her head in her hands and cried. “I want to go home.” She whispered. She just sat there with her head in her hands crying and thinking about what she was going to do. Do I join the Order? Or do I just try and get home without ever completing my task. But then what would have been the point of coming here? She thought as she sat there.

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Chapter 14: It's ok to Cry
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Chapter 14: It’s ok to Cry

“Sirius! Get your arse back in the air!” Kingsley yelled. Sirius glared at him and watched as Hermione’s figure disappeared. “NOW!” Roared Kingsley.

“Alright!” He screeched back, turning around. He found James flying towards him.

“What your problem?” James said eyeing Sirius. Sirius mumbled something back. “Padfoot stop muttering.” James said sounding annoyed.

“Hermione went in that direction, towards the lake. I’m going after her, she didn’t wait for me when I told her to.” Sirius said and was about to go when James grabbed the back of his shirt. “James, are you trying to kill me.” Sirius said looking over his shoulder.

“No, but did you eve think that possibly Hermione didn’t want to talk to you, that’s why she walked away.” James said and raised an eyebrow at Sirius.

Sirius wrenched away from James. “So what. I have to talk to her. I have to apologize to her.” Sirius said and James looked a bit shocked by Sirius’ words.

“Kingsley is going to kill you.” James said smiling.

“Let him try.” Sirius grinned and zoomed to the ground.

“BLACK!” Kingsley roared. “What in Merlin’s name are you doing!”

“I’ll be right back! I have to do something!” Sirius called as he landed, dropping his broom to the ground he ran in the direction Hermione had gone.

All the color drained from Remus’ face as the words spilled from the girls lips. He gulped and looked at her, and quickly turned around, motioning over his shoulder for her to follow him. He brought his other hand to his forehead and kneaded it. He let out a quiet groan, ‘these girls will be the death of me.’

“Right,” He said and paused, looking over his shoulder at the young girl to make sure she was still following him, and she was, she wore a curious expression. “So, what exactly do you need a book about werewolves for?” Remus asked, very quickly and turned a corner.

“Well our professor wanted us to write an essay, on what we know about a dark creature. It’s for Defense Against the Dark Arts.” She said as she stepped in line with him.

“Oh, but you don’t study werewolves until third year, hold on.” He said and stopped in front of a shelf. “You said what you know about a dark creature. You mean to tell me you know things about werewolves.” Remus asked looking down at the girl, she nodded, lowering her gaze.

“My uncle, he is, he’s my mother’s youngest brother. I never see him, I know he is young though and he was bit at a young age. I know a little bit about them, and I also picked it the piece of paper from our professor’s hat that said werewolf on it. Lucky me huh?” She said smiling.

“Really, that’s interesting. Oh here we go. This should help you.” Remus said as he scanned the shelf and grabbed a book and handed it to her. “Werewolves and How to Identify them”, “It’s a good book, and gives useful information about werewolves. If you read it and are good at essays I’m sure you’ll get a good grade.” Remus said smiling at her.

“Thank you very much.” She said started flipping through the book. “Wait, you said it’s a good book? I guess you’ve read it then?” She asked looking up at him.

“Yes, I own it actually, I would have lent you mine since you’re in my House and all, but someone else is borrowing it right now.” He said smiling faintly remembering Lily telling him she had taken it while he was in the Hospital Wing.

“Oh, well thank you very much!” Freya said and turned to leave, Remus just watched her go, taking out the pocket watch and opening it up to smile at the picture on the inside cover.


Sirius ran towards the Lake, hoping to he could find Hermione. He stopped dead in his tracks when he did. He watched her slide down the tree trunk and hold her head in her hands. He felt a tug at his gut. Should I leave her alone? Or go to her? he thought. He took a hesitant step towards her, and heard something make a crunching noise under his feet, like a piece of paper, or a photograph? He lifted his foot, to see a photograph were he had just stepped. He bent down making a face, hoping he hadn’t totally ruined it. He sighed realizing he had only bent the corner. He looked at the photo nearly doing a double take, because of what he saw. One of the boys in the photo looked exactly like James.

He frowned and looked at Hermione, who was this boy in the picture, who was the red head next to him. More importantly, why did he look just like James, and what did he mean to Hermione. He quickly looked up at Hermione and away from the picture when he heard her sobbing.

Sirius held the picture in his hand as he walked over and knelt beside her. She looked up at him her were red and puffy from crying. When she saw him she just started crying harder and harder and to his surprise she wrapped her arms around him. He was confused at first but allowed her to cry on his shoulder. After a few moments he got her to calm down and she pulled away from him wiping her eyes. “Now look at what you’ve gone and done, you’ve gotten my good shirt all wet.” He said inspecting his shoulder, which was drenched from her tears. She let out a small noise and a small smile appeared on her face, and he smiled. “That’s what I like to see.” He said reaching out and lifting her chin. “Here.” He said extending his hand, holding out the picture.

Hermione’s eyes widened as she took it from his hand, and realized for the first time what Harry and Ron had been wearing in the picture could cause many problems in this time. She quickly shoved it in her pocket, not caring if she bent it.

“So, who are they?” Sirius asked. She knew it was coming, why had she been so careless, why did he always have to show up at the wrong moment, why? How was going to explain this? She looked up at him with an unusual look, a look implying she wanted to say but couldn’t. Sirius started to open his mouth seeing the fearful glow of her brown eyes, but was cut off when she spoke.

“They are my best friends, or were, or are going to be, however you want to put it.” She said sadly, feeling a jolt in her gut as she thought she may never see their smiling faces ever again, never have a fight with Ron about something stupid, or go on a late night adventure with both of them through Hogwarts ever again. Tears came to hers but she pushed them back, she wasn’t going to cry in front of Sirius, she had already cried enough. “I’ve known them ever since my first year at Hogwarts. They were my first real friends at this place.” She said looking around the grounds. “I never really knew what true friendship was until I met them, they saved me from a Mountain Troll in first year, that was the first time I really realized they cared. They stood up for me all the time after that, even when the Slytherins out numbered them. They would always tease me and call me names.” She said smiling softly at all the times Harry and Ron had zapped Malfoy to hell and back in 6th year when he still made fun of her. “They were so childish those two, Ron especially, he would get so upset when I was made fun of. But you know I loved them to death, they are like brothers to me.”

“Why? I mean why would you get teased that is.” Sirius asked before he could stop himself, and Hermione looked up, remembering the time on the train when they thought she was related to Amy Grant, who just so happened to be her mother, who went to this school.

“I’m a muggle born.” She said quietly. “So they would always-” She began but Sirius interrupted her.

“They didn’t… they called you that.” Sirius spoke up, Hermione flinching at how menacing and dangerous his voice sounded. “But your not, I mean on the train…” Trailed off looking up at her. He was just too smart for her, she was glad that she didn’t have to explain who Harry and Ron were. At least she hoped she wouldn’t have to.

“The truth is I may not be muggle born, but that is the truth that I will never surely know.” She answered quietly closing her eyes, but she could picture the look Sirius was giving her.

“So then they-” He said, and she quickly cut him off.

“Yes.” She answered again. “I hate them.” She whispered, and Sirius gawked at her.

“What?” Sirius asked quietly, he heard exactly what she had said but wasn’t entirely sure he had heard her correctly.

“I h-h-hate them…” She choked as tears spilled from her eyes. Sirius sat up and wrapped his arms around her, he set one hand on her head stroking her hair as she cried on his shoulder. “I hate them for not telling me that they were wizards. I hate them for keeping me in the dark all these years, I hate them for allowing me to believe I was a muggle born all this time, I hate them for allowing me to be teased all the time at school by those damn Slytherins. I hate them for leaving me alone!” She cried as she gripped Sirius’ shirt, clinging to him as her body shook with sobs. Sirius closed his eyes and let her cry.

“It’s ok to cry.” Sirius said in her ear, resting his head against hers. “Just let it all out.” He said again, rubbing her back with his other hand. She just whispered those words over and over, “I hate them” as she clung to him crying.

Finally he heard her whisper something else. “I hate myself.” She said, and he stopped stroking her back and hair, he stiffened when she said this. “I hate myself mostly for letting it happen, letting them be killed, tortured like they were. I was so stupid to think they would be alright. I should have known Sirius, I should have known!” She cried and she hit him in the chest with her fist. He winced, but held her tighter. “It was so horrible… all the… the b-blood, and their faces…” She sobbed into his shoulder, choking and stuttering as she went on. “I hate her for killing them… I hate myself Sirius, I wanted revenge for my parent’s death…they left me all alone… I felt so alone, and lost… I didn’t know… I didn’t know what to do.” She cried and Sirius felt a tear fall out of the corner of his eye. “I feel so alone…” She cried, and Sirius pulled her away from him. She looked at him and seeing the tear falling down his face she wiped it away. “Why are you…” She asked, fresh tears spilling from her eyes, before she could finish what she was going to say he kissed her.

Sirius held her close as his lips came in contact with hers, he parted her lips with his tongue allowing his tongue to search her mouth. He held her head as they fell against the grass, he pressed himself closer to her. She didn’t know what was going on, all she could remember were Snape’s words from a few days ago, “I would stay away from Black, he’ll have you on your back before you can say Hogwarts.”For a moment he pulled away from her to take a breath and he as he pressed his lips against hers once more he heard her whisper. “Remus.” He quickly pulled away, hearing a gasp escape her lips. He put his head into his hands, as she sat up.

“What am I doing?” he said to himself, the frustration clear and evident in his voice. “I…I’m sorry.” He said as he looked up at her and saw her eyes were wide, and he closed his eyes and looked away. “I’m sorry for earlier, when I called you all that stuff, I didn’t mean it. I was just so angry…” he said opening his eyes but still not looking at her, he couldn’t bear looking at her. “How do you know so much about me…” He trailed off quietly, he then looked at her, she looked away from his gaze. “I know you can’t tell me, but I just wonder, ever since then that’s all that’s been on my mind is how much you know, it seemed like you had read my thoughts or something.” He continued, still quiet. “I know you like Remus, and I know from these years of being his friend that he likes you too. Even though he’s been in the hospital wing almost all week, I know he has feelings for you. From the moment he caught you and laid you down on the seat in the compartment, the look in his eyes…” he said, he smiled at her as she looked at him, blushing she smiled softly.

“I know I shouldn’t have kissed you, not now and not the other day. But me being who I am, and as stupid as I am came up with this idea.” He said awkwardly. He flushed in embarrassment.

“Go on.” She said, he looked up to see her smile sweetly.

“Well, you see I got this idea, to kiss you, so Remus could see it, and then get jealous, or knock enough sense into his head to not be so shy anymore and actually ask you out.” Sirius chuckled, scratching his head. “No need to yell at me, I got a good lecture from James, and Lily mind you. I’ve got the bump to prove that James nearly killed me when he found out.” Sirius said rubbing his head.

“Don’t worry, I won’t yell at you, and I will spare you the lecture of doing something so stupid.” She said and he winced. “But it did work, at least I think it did. I talked to him earlier.” She said looking up at him. Off in the distance a bell could be heard, Sirius stood up and shook off his robes, both looked in the direction the bell’s chime was coming from. “But, I want you to know, I am sorry for saying all those horrible things to you.” She said looking up at him stood there. He turned towards her and smiled and extended his hand, she shook her head. “No… I have to think about some things, then I will be in for dinner. Save me a seat though won’t you?” She asked as he took his hand away and smiled.

“Of course. See you.” He said and began to walk away, she watched him, but then he turned around. “Hermione, no hard feelings?” He asked and she smiled and shook her head.


“Good,” He said and turned and walked away. She watched him shrink off towards the castle when she turned around to face the Lake. Images popped into her head, images of the order, Harry and Ron, Ginny, the rest of the Weasley family, then the images got darker. Terrible memories flooded through her head. Her parents’ lifeless bodies, Ginny falling to the ground, the dark sky, the rain, all the dead on the battle field, all the blood. Then came the worst. Bella’s twitching body, the way she arched her back in pain, crying out for Hermione to stop, to let her live, but she never gave in. Her anger, hatred remorse had gotten the better of her this time. Those last words that she emitted from her lips before the last curse spilled out from Hermione’s wand and hit her, You have such power, use it.

She knew what Bella had meant. That all her hatred and anger had been her source of power as she had inflicted the Cruciatus Curse on Bella. She would never hear those words in her nightmares, but would always see her lips move, watch them form those words. She was brought back slightly when thunder clapped above her head. She stood up and looked at the darkening sky, she saw a few flashes of lightning and then it started to down pour. At the exact moment the droplets hit her face she saw all those images again in her mind. As if someone had just pressed rewind and play. At the last sight, her parents and Ginny’s tombstones, she let the anger flow out of her as she looked up at the sky and let out a blood-curdling scream. She looked down at the ground, she was still full of anger, and she walked towards the castle knowing fully well what she was going to do now.

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Chapter 15: Decisions, Realizations and the start of Something New
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Chapter 15: Decisions, Realizations and the start of Something New.

He stumbled towards his home, his hair matted with dirt and blood, his bones and muscles aching. His body was covered in bruises and cuts, but even as he was walking his body was healing itself. He couldn’t see a thing, but he knew where he was going. Home. The darkness was surrounding him, his vision was blurry, he felt as though someone had hit him over the head one too many times, he had never felt this bad before. He could just only make out the dark outlines of the trees as he stumbled in the direction of his home.

The smell of smoke filled his nostrils and he quickened his pace. This wasn’t the normal fireplace smoke; this smoke was thick and was getting stuck in his throat. As his pace quickened his vision started to come back, as he stepped out of the forest and entered his backyard he could just make out the red, orange, and yellows of the flames. He blinked a few times, his eyes finally allowing him to see more than just blurs and spurts of colors.

He stood transfixed at the site before him, Aurors moving about to put out the fire on his home. He looked up, and swallowed the bile that rose in his throat. The Dark Mark stood high above his home.
Hermione! he panicked and dashed towards the back door. Someone wrapped his or her arms around him, pulling him away.

“Remus! No! You can’t!” It was Kingsley. “It’s too dangerous!

“Let me go! Hermione’s in there! HERMIONE!” Remus roared, trying desperately to wrench himself free of Kingsley’s grip. He was too tired and too weak to do so.

“No! No one could have survived that fire…” Kingsley said quietly and Remus stopped thrashing."Even if she could have survived that fire... the Dark Mark Remus... She was probably dead before that fire even started... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry my friend." His legs gave way and he fell to his knees. His cries were not nearly as human as they should have been, as they echoed through the night.

Remus woke with a scream, sitting up quickly, he felt as though he was going to be sick. He hadn’t had that nightmare in years. He raised his hands to his eyes and rubbed his eyes with his palms. He lowered his hands and grabbed one of his pillows and chucked it across the room. He noticed the candle by his bedside, nearly burned out. He saw the candlelight reflecting off a leather bound book. He glared at it, as if it had been the one to cause him to remember that horrible Halloween night. In a way it was, behind the heavy leather covers of that book, lay many pictures of his more, happier moments. Moments with Hermione, Sirius, James and Lily, like his wedding. He absent-mindedly rubbed the gold band on his finger.

He heard a knock at his door and swung his legs over the side of the bed, he grabbed his robe off the chair and made his way over to the door. He opened it find Minerva standing there in her nightgown, holding a candle. “Remus, all you alright?” She said quietly. “I heard screaming.” Remus, for once was glad that there wasn’t much light, because his face turned pink.

“Everything is just fine,” he said quietly. “Just a nightmare, that’s all.” He finished. Minerva looked at him and nodded. “Thank you for seeing if everything was alright, I appreciate it, a lot.” Remus said quietly and Minerva muttered her good night and Remus quietly closed the door, leaning his head against the frame. Tears he had been holding slowly spilled down his cheeks.

Hermione walked with her hands at her side as she walked towards the castle. It was pouring now, and she was so overpowered by all the anger flowing through her body she did not realize the white glow to her body. She breathed heavily as she walked in the rain, the raindrops falling down her eyelashes and dripping off her nose and chin. She walked up through the great oak doors and didn’t even shake herself off but kept walking. Students around started staring because the glow hadn’t disappeared and she just kept walking looking at no one as if they weren’t there.

James saw her, as he stood blocked behind a group of second year girls. “Move! Move! I’m Head Boy! Hermione wait! I said move!” He yelled at the girls in front of him, he was still in his Quidditch gear his broom in one hand. He had managed to push his way through the crowd when someone grabbed his arm. He turned to them “Let go of-” It was Sirius. He looked back to see Hermione turning a corner. “Sirius let me go, we have to go after her!” He said trying to make Sirius let go of him.

“Let her go mate. She’s got business with Dumbledore.” Sirius said quietly and he let go of James’ arm. James sighed and looked at Sirius oddly before speaking up.

“Alright.” He said patting Sirius’ shoulder. “What do you say we get a nice hot meal and then hit the showers,” James said grinning and Sirius looked up and smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, sure.” He said and started walking towards the Great Hall doors.

“Ok, enough already!” James cried, as he watched as everyone broke into whispers. “In to the Great Hall all of ya!” He said, and ushered a few younger students in front of him into the Great Hall. “Save me a seat Pads.” James said as he walked up to the staff table. He walked up and Professor McGonagall stood up as he neared the table.

“Mr. Potter, what can I help you with?” She asked her lips pursed.

“Well professor, you see, Hermione, oh uh… er Ms. Grant is on her way to the Headmasters office, and she had this odd sort of glow about her. I just wanted to inform the Headmaster, but he isn’t here, so I figured I would let you know.” James said and McGonagall’s eyes had widened a bit.

“Thank you for informing me Mr. Potter. You may go sit down now.” She said and walked away through the side door and James turned and headed towards Sirius, and sat down. Sirius stared at him for a moment before starting to load his plate with food. Peter sat down across from them and quietly began to fill his plate.

“Don’t even ask me why she was-” Sirius began but James cut him off.

“I wasn’t going to.” James retorted quickly grabbing a biscuit and taking a bite of it, he then started helping himself to some of the chicken pie and potatoes as well as some of vegetables.

“She was? What? What weren’t you going to ask?” Peter asked over a mouthful of chicken pie.

“Nothing.” The two of them said at the same time and starting eating, James shoving the rest of the biscuit into his mouth and Sirius grabbing a bowl and serving himself some stew, he took a large mouthful.

Hermione made her way up the spiraling staircase and knocked on the door. She heard the sound of a chair scraping across the floor and then the door opened to reveal a very handsome red head. She watched his mouth move, but nothing came out, and behind him she saw another red head, he looked exactly like the one in front of her. She instantly thought of Fred and George and her head began to pound she fell forward into a faint and the red head caught her.

She groaned and realized she was laying on something very soft. She slowly opened her eyes and sat up to see McGonagall next her, Dumbledore standing near her and the two red heads sitting in chairs close to her. She sat up and opened her mouth a few times. She looked to the two men and her eyes widened the realization finally hitting her.

“You alright?” One of them said moving closer to her. She gulped and nodded.

“Gideon, Fabian, leave us please. Minerva.” Dumbledore said quietly, motioning them to leave.

“Albus?” Minerva said and turned to face him, he gave her a look and she nodded and got up, and followed the two men. Dumbledore walked over to her and sat down in a chair next to the couch she was on.

“What happened?” Hermione whispered, she didn’t even remember how she had gotten to his office.

“It seems as though you were very angry. Fabian informed me you had a strange glow about you, and it disappeared when you fainted.” He informed her. “Would you care to share with me what has made you so upset?”

Hermione gulped. “Memories.” She squeaked. “I became furious when I thought of some things and I couldn’t stand it, after that I don’t know what happened.” She muttered quietly.

“I see. You ended up here in Fabian’s arms.” Dumbledore said a slight twinkle in his eye, Hermione flushed. “I presume that since you ended up here, you have come to a decision already.” He said standing up and walking over to his desk. Hermione sat up swinging her legs over the side of the couch and sitting there.

“Yes I have sir. I’ve decided to join the Order.” She said quietly and looked up at him. He was rummaging through his desk and he looked up at her, holding an envelope in his hand. He held it out to her, she got up and walked over, taking the envelope from him. She tried to open it but it wouldn’t open. “Sir?” She said looking at him.

“The letter will not open until three days from now.” He said, and Hermione’s brow furrowed in confusion. “There will be explanations in the letter when it opens three days from now. Make sure no one else gets a hold of it.” He said and sat down.

Hermione looked down at the letter and then back up at Dumbledore. “Sir, I don’t understand. I thought you said that when I came you would bring me into the order.” Hermione said looking confused.

“Well I can not until your 18th birthday, which is, if I’m not mistaken, Friday, the 19th. Which is a bit over a week away.” He said and Hermione’s stomach fell. She nodded. “I figured you would come to an early decision, for this step you are taking is a great one, I wish you to have more time to think about it. Once you read the contents of that letter you will have six days to make you final decision.” He said calmly.

“But sir, I have made my final-” she burst out and Dumbledore held up his hand to silence her.

“As I said Ms. Granger, there are things in that letter that you must know before you join the order. For you know a great deal of what is to happen. Take the letter, read it, and come to me on the 19th with your final answer.” He said and Hermione nodded and got the hint that was to leave, she made her way over to the door. She opened it and was about to step out when she stopped and looked back at him.

“Thank you sir. For everything.” She smiled weakly and closed the door, tucking the letter safely in the inside pocket of her robes. She walked slowly down towards the Great Hall. She sighed and ran a hand through her curls as she turned a corner and started up the stairs.

“Hermione?” A voice said quietly, she turned around to see Remus standing below her, at the bottom of the stairs. He smiled at her when she turned around. Merlin I love that smile She thought happily. “Have you eaten already?” he asked, placing one hand on the banister.

“Um, well. Honestly, no. I was just making my way to the Common room. I thought I’d go down to the kitchen’s later…” She trailed off blushing, biting her lower lip. “Have you eaten?” He shook his head. “Oh.”

“I’m assuming your avoiding something, or someone.” Remus said quietly moving up a step towards her.

“Yeah, a bit. Something happened earlier, but don’t worry about it.” She said as a looks of concern crossed over his face. “I’ll tell you about it later. Why don’t we go down to dinner.” She said quietly stepping down a few steps so she was on one higher than him. He smiled up at her and wrapped an arm around her waist, dropped his bag and lifted his other hand to her chin pulling her down to a sweet kiss.

“I thought you didn’t want to?” he murmured against her lips, he pulled away smiling. She smiled stepping out of his embrace, stepping over his bag and making her way down the stairs. Remus grabbed his bag quickly and followed her.

“I’ve changed my mind now that I know you haven’t been down.” She said shooting him a smile over her shoulder as he jogged to catch up with her, swinging his bag over his shoulder. He stepped in line with her. “I talked with Sirius.” She said quietly.

“Did you now.” He said equally as quiet. She felt his hand briefly touch hers, and she smiled as she took his hand and held it in her own.

“He apologized.” Hermione said and watched Remus’ eyes widen in surprise.

“Sirius apologized? Now that’s a surprise. He never apologizes, something to do with his ego. You know?” Remus said and Hermione nodded silently. “What else did he say?”

“Why don’t we don’t talk about that later as well. Have you finished some of your work?” She asked, Remus took this as a hint and didn’t push the subject any further.

“Yes, actually and I met a first year. I want to show you something.” He said and Hermione watched as he pulled out his pocket watch. He opened it and showed her picture.

“Is that you and your brother, is that your mother?” Hermione asked pointing to a young woman in the picture, she was much older than the three-year-old Remus and his twin.

“No, this is the only picture I have of me and my siblings. That woman, she’s my older sister. She’s 16 years older than me. She ran off after the accident with her boyfriend. She couldn’t stand my father, she blamed him for my brothers death and what happ- well, for his death.” Remus said quietly.

I never remember him mentioning a sister in the future…oh… She thought sadly, remembering that he had lost all his family in the war. They made their way quietly to the Great Hall and were greeted by many conversations. Remus split off from her, squeezing her hand before he went off on the other side of the table. He sat down next to Lily, and Hermione sat across from him. She sat down the table Sirius was waving to them, James and Peter just looking at them curiously. She smiled sadly at Sirius and turned her attention to Remus.

“You should talk to him.” Hermione said as pushed a fork full of potatoes into her mouth. Remus looked up at her as he too was taking a bite of food, he blushed and swallowed.

“To who?” He asked wiping his hands on his napkin.

“The circus idiot down the table who’s trying so desperately to get your attention.” Lily muttered, pointing her spoon in the direction of Sirius, who was trying to get their attention.

“Oh.” Was all Remus said, looking away from Sirius, and back to his food, Hermione started a conversation with Lily about Ancient Runes and Remus soon joined in. While talking to Lily, Hermione felt something poke her hand, she looked down and saw a small origami dog nudging her hand. She looked down the table at the three boys and saw James and Peter chatting and Sirius resting his head in his hand looking bored. She lifted it up and Remus grabbed her hand as she tugged on the leg.

“Don’t!” Remus said quickly, but it was too late, the paper unfolded and the paper exploded showering her and other’s nearby with what about to be mud and sticks. A piece of paper appeared in mid air, written on it was, DON’T BE A STICK IN THE MUD! Hermione glared down the table at Sirius who was looking smug.

“Just you wait Black!” She called down the table. “Scourgify!” She said waving her wand around at everyone who had gotten hit by the mud. “I’m done, Remus are you finished?” She said standing up. He nodded and stood with her. The two of them quietly exited the Great Hall with a few other students.

Later that night Sirius lay in bed. Remus had avoided him all night. He sighed and pushed his hands behind his head. He suddenly thought of earlier and that picture of Hermione’s. One boy looked like James, what did his shirts say… Potter…holy… “Mother of Merlin.” He said out loud as he sat upright. He quickly scrambled out of bed and ran down stairs, not bothering to put on his shirt. He stared at the girls staircase, knowing full well what would happen if he stepped foot onto even one of the stairs. I wonder.. he thought and in a few moments a dark black figure went bounding up the stairs.

Sirius found the seventh year girls dorm in a matter of moments and pushed the door open, looking inside. Most of the curtains were drawn around the beds and he crept up to one bed, finding Hermione sleeping soundly. He gently pulled the hangings closed and gently nudged her. She let out a moan and her eyes fluttered open and she gasped and Sirius muffled her cry of surprise with his hand.

“Shush.” He whispered putting a finger to his lips. “I’m going to let go, only if you promise not to scream.” He said quietly. He reached out and grabbed his wand, whispering a silencing spell. He removed his hand from over her mouth and made to sit on her bed as she sat up.

“Sirius! What are you doing in here?” She hissed, wrapping the sheet around her tighter. “How did you get up here!”

“Never mind that. I had a question for you.” He said looking at her, she looked frightened, “I didn’t mean to scare you.” He said and reached out and touched her cheek.

“What do you want?” Hermione asked, removing his hand.

“That picture.” He started and Hermione’s stomach fell.

“What about it?” she said, her voice quivering.

“The one boy, on the right, he looked exactly like James, except it wasn’t him. The eyes, they were different. The name on his shirt, it was Potter… That boy, your friend, he’s James’ son isn’t he?” he said. When Hermione didn’t answer he asked again. “Isn’t he?”

“Please. Sirius.” Hermione said quietly. She took his hands, and held them tightly. “Promise me, please, for everyone’s sake promise me you wont tell.” Sirius couldn’t answer, it seemed as though he couldn’t use words, his throat closed at these words that spilled from her lips. “Promise me.” She said again her voice a desperate whisper.

“I promise.” He choked out. He let go of hands and stood. “I.. I should go…I’m sorry.” He said quietly and Hermione heard him quickly slip out. She wondered how he got up the staircase but didn’t push it any further and fell back into her pillow and back to sleep.

Hermione walked down the stairs and over to Remus whom was sitting on one of the couches in front on the fireplace reading a book. Hermione went up behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck and placed a kiss on his cheek. He leaned back and smiled up at her. “Morning.” She said smiling and plopped down next to him.

“Morning.” He said smiling as well.

"I've got a question for you. Just so it's clear to everyone, and the girls stop bugging me... We are offical now, right?" Hermione said her cheeks flushing pink.

To her surprise Remus laughed. "Well I'd say so." He said leaning over and placing a soft kiss on her lips. He pulled away grinning. “See that girl over there.” Hermione looked to the corner where he was pointing. She nodded, “that’s the girl I told you about yesterday. Remember that picture?” he said.

“Yes, so what does that picture have to do with at first year girl?” Hermione asked quietly.

“I think she’s my sister’s daughter, my niece.” He said quietly and Hermione stared at him, her jaw dropped.

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Chapter 16: Letters in the Moonlight.
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Chapter 16: Letters in the Moonlight.
When I look at the stars I see someone else.
Switchfoot lyrics, Stars

Remus sat in one of the many courtyards of Hogwarts. He let out a sigh as he ran a hand through his sandy brown hair. He stared at the Forbidden Forest and looked over to Hagrid’s cabin. He shook his head. He should have been in the Great Hall eating breakfast but he couldn’t face Minerva, or Dumbledore, or anyone for that matter.

Even Harry and Ron had come to him after class, asking him if he was well enough to teach. They had noticed the bags under his eyes, the redness of his pupils and that he had lost more weight in the three weeks he’d been there, than he did when he was working under cover for the order. He hadn’t been eating much at all since he got here, just pushing his food around his plate. Other students had noticed his lack of sleep, seeing that on some days he had a short temper, or he didn’t say much at all, he wasn’t the professor they once knew. In the past three days he had probably gotten seven hours of sleep total. Each night being plagued with the same dream that occurred just three nights ago.

He grumbled under his breath. He wanted to remember, he really did, just not that night. That night he had lost his whole world. It had been so long since he had that dream. Years, he had hoped it wouldn’t haunt him anymore. He remembered most of what happened, he just never thought that nightmare would come back once he flipped the pages of the photo album.

He felt something brush against his leg and he looked down and saw Crookshanks rubbing against him. He smiled down at the bandy-legged cat as he jumped up and rubbed against Remus’ hands, purring. “Hey again.” He whispered quietly, scratching behind the cat’s ears. He had been coming around and spending time with Remus ever since Hermione left. Crookshanks rubbed against Remus’ cheek as he gently ran his fingers over the fur on the back of his neck. Remus smiled as the cat nuzzled him. Crookshanks let out a soft meow, Remus sighed, “I know, I miss her too.”

Hermione let out a frustrated sigh and turned over for what she thought was the hundredth time that night. It was the third morning since she had gotten that letter from Dumbledore. She glared down at the bottom of her bed and heaved herself up. She quietly drew back the hangings and inched towards the end of her bed. She peered over the end of her bed at her trunk that was below.

She swung her legs over the side of the bed and crept over to the trunk, looking around, everyone was still asleep. She sighed and opened it, reaching down to the bottom underneath her books to the small secret compartment on the bottom. She opened it and took out the letter. She flipped it over the seal had not yet broken. She glared at it and quickly scrambled back to her bed holding the letter tightly to her chest.

She set it down in the sheets before her as she crossed her legs. She closed the hangings around her bed once again. She watched the letter, glaring at it when it did not open. She had not been able to sleep all night, worried about what was written beneath the folds. She huffed when she realized it was not going to open. She grabbed it, wanting to crumple it and step on it in annoyance. She gave another sigh and grabbed it, pulling shoving herself under the covers and keeping the letter safely in one hand as she drifted off into a much needed slumber.

Hermione groaned and opened her eyes as she felt something move against her fingers. She shot up and looked at the letter. It was shaking in her hand as she sat up and let go of if. As she did the wax seal on the back quickly broke and the parchment flew out un-folding itself in mid-air. She stared at the blank parchment, and watched as Dumbledore’s loopy handwriting began to appear.

Ad quaero ille scriptio illeud is hic.
Vultus ille vester amāns metuo.
Unus in ille nox a lūnō refulgeo.
Ille lumen teneo vester unus somnium.
In ille nomen de Merlin aperio ille verbum.

Hermione stared at the letter, her eyes wide, and she began to panic. She recognised the language, she had studied it one summer, on her own. She could not speak it fluently but she knew some of the words. She leaned over her bed, throwing open her bag she grabbed a piece of parchment, an inkbottle and her quill. She quickly opened the bottle of inking hoping she would not spill any of it on her bed sheets as she quickly scribbled the writing down. She rolled up the letter, placing it in a pocket in her bag and placed the inkbottle, quill and smaller piece of parchment in her bag. She quickly scrambled from her bed, making her way into the bathroom.

She took a quick shower, running a brush through her hair she brushed her teeth, doing a quick drying spell on her hair she walked out of the bathroom to find none of the girls awake. She shook her head and grabbed her bag, leaving the dorm and sprinting down the stairs. When she got there, she found Remus slumped over on the couch. She panicked, rushing over to him, relieved to find he was just asleep.

She shook her head, placing a kiss on his forehead as she moved the hair away from his face. There was a flash and she blinked, looking to her left she saw Sirius, grinning widely, a camera in his hands. “Gotcha.” He said grinning.

Her eyes narrowed as Remus stirred, slowly opening his eyes and blinking at her. “Hermione?” He said quietly, his voice hoarse from sleep. She frowned at Sirius again.

“You woke him up.” She said, and Sirius’ grin faded.

“Sorry Moony didn’t mean to.” Sirius said leaning over and giving Remus a giant kiss on the temple. Remus grimaced sitting up wiping his face with his sleeve. Sirius laughed at both of them and sat down on the couch next to him. “So what are you up so early for?” Sirius said poking Hermione in the shoulder. “It’s a Wednesday morning, one of the morning’s I believe you, Lily and Remus are free until our 3rd lesson.” Sirius said, and Remus looked at her yawning.

“Couldn’t sleep, besides I’m an early riser. Natural habit,” she said smiling. She stood up, leaning over to hug Remus, she felt her skin tingle as he nuzzled her neck. She smiled pulling away. “Well I’m off to the library, I’ll meet you guys in the Great Hall in a bit.” She said as she walked towards the portrait hole.

“See you.” Remus called after her, she turned to smile at them before she continued out.

“See you.” Sirius mimicked Remus in a high-pitched voice. Remus glared at Sirius and swung at him, hitting him in the shoulder. “Watch it!” Sirius cried, backing away and holding his shoulder. “Pity you don’t like flying. You great git.” Sirius said knocking Remus lightly in the head as he stood. Remus brushed his hand away. “You hit pretty hard, you’d make a fair beater.” He said as he made his way upstairs.


Hermione hurried to the library, quickly making her way towards the language section. She ran her fingers across the books, eyes scanning the titles. She found a book on Latin and grabbed. She knew a few of the words, having studied Latin over the summer on year. She made her way to a table and began her work. She heard a noise and looked around, finding a young girl standing in front of her. A young Gryffindor, the one Remus had pointed out to possibly be his niece, just the other day. The thought gave her chills.

“May I help you?” Hermione asked setting down her quill and pushing the letter under her book.

“Uh, well yes. You’re Hermione right?” The girl said looking down at the table.

“Yes, that’s me, I’m afraid I don’t know your name though?” She said for Remus hadn’t mentioned the young girl since that morning a few days ago.

“Oh, um I’m Freya.” She said flushing pink in embarrassment. “I was wondering if you could possibly help me with something?” Hermione nodded and motioned her to sit down.

“What can I help you with?” Hermione asked.

“Well, your friends with Remus Lupin right?” She said, and Hermione nodded.

“Yes, actually he’s my boyfriend,” Hermione said smiling at the girl.

“Oh, right, I heard about that, wasn’t sure if it was true, anyway well I was just wondering if you could help me with something that concerns him.” She said and Hermione smiled, nodding.


Hermione grumbled as she shoved a piece of bread into her mouth. Staring down at the parchment, she was about ready to throw it across the hall in frustration. She felt someone brush against her and she looked up. Seeing Remus standing over her she smiled. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, smiling. She could not help but shake her head at him. He peered over her shoulder, and she watched him cautiously. He noticed this and looked away, raising his hands in the air in defeat.

“Sorry, sorry. I should have guessed it was still what you were working on earlier. You do know you nearly took out my eye and almost ripped Sirius’ arm out?” Remus said as he nodded to Sirius and James who sat down opposite them.

“Yes.” She sighed, leaning against him. “I’m sorry, it’s just I can’t have you read it. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be working on it here if I don’t want anyone looking, but I got hungry.” She said looking up at him with a pout. He laughed and kissed her softly.

“Oi, none of that at the table.” Sirius said swaying a bit as he waved his fork at the two of them. “Some of us are trying to eat.” He said as he scooped up potatoes and tried to shove them in his mouth, but they instead fell onto his lap. “Rotten bloody potatoes.” He murmured, staring down at his lap.

Hermione watched him as he swayed again, grabbing onto the table, as he cleaned himself. “
Is he alright, he looks a bit… out of it.” She said still eyeing Sirius as he looked up staring at her, he gave her a stupid grin.

“He’s fine.” James started, then paused as Sirius went face first into his food, splattering the potatoes. “Yeah, he’s fine.” James said eating again. Hermione’s eye widened. “By fine,” James said noticing the look on her face. “I mean… er… I mean… well you see this happens all the time after the first day of Divination. He’s not very good with all the fragrances milling about the room, and well by the time class is over he’s little woozy.”

“Woozy?” She said eyeing Sirius again. “He’s not woozy? He’s… high.” She whispered, staring at James who shrugged. She leaned over and grabbed Sirius, lifting him up, she slapped his face a few times. “Sirius… c’mon, James! Remus… do something! He’s unconscious.” She said and James took him, moving Sirius’ plate and laying Sirius’ head down on the table.

“He’s fine, always happens. Notice how Pomfry hasn’t come rushing over and none of the teachers care. It always happens. Stupid professor always does it, happens to loads of kids, specially the third years, them not being used to it and all. They drop like flies after Divination.” James said and Hermione looked to Remus, horrified.

“It’s true,” he said quietly.

Hermione shook her head returning to her parchment, and Remus nudged her. “Hmm?” She said as she furrowed her brow, obviously confused.

“You look stuck.” He whispered in her ear.

“I just can’t figure out what this means.” She said letting out a frustrated sigh.

“Well first off, this is wrong.” Remus said pointing to the list of translations she had been looking at, he pointed to the word amāns. “Yes, it does mean affectionate, but it’s another word for lover.”

“Merlin! Your right, I couldn’t believe I forgot about that.” She said grabbing her quill and scribbling out and wrote lover over the scribbled out affectionate. She grabbed her papers, shoving them in her bag, she grabbed the letter and stood up quickly. She read over the letter she held in her hand, looking over at the translations, muttering the words quietly. Remus respected her remarks earlier and did not read it. She let out a line of curse words that he never thought he would hear a young woman of their age to ever say.

She looked at her watch and flinched. “You alright?” Remus asked.

“Yes, er, no, um well I don’t know.” She said, shifting from foot to foot, nervously. She quickly leaned down kissing Remus quickly. “Thank you. I owe you, I’ve got to go, I’ll be back in the common room soon, Oh, if he doesn’t wake up soon, use this.” She said digging in her bag, she grabbed a small vile and threw it to James and quickly ran out of the Great Hall.

“You sure she hasn’t been going up to the Divination Tower?” James asked and he looked at the small vile, opening it and sniffing it. He made a face and sneezed, quickly he closed it. “Well that will surely wake him up.” James said, Remus just glared at him.


Hermione looked up the darkening sky. She has climbed up to the Astronomy Tower, finally realizing what the Latin meant. She stepped into the moonlight, drawing forth the letter, and unfolding it. The writing appeared to her again. Quietly she whispered, “Ad quaero ille scriptio illeud is hic. Vultus ille vester amāns metuo. Unus in ille nox a lūnō refulgeo. Ille lumen teneo vester unus somnium.” Pausing before she read the last line, she looked at her translations. “In the name of Merlin open reveal these words.”

The writing she had read disappeared, and more writing slowly became visible, he heart beating as she thought of having to translate more Latin. She then read the first line that appeared, finding it was English. She let out a sigh and watched as more writing appeared on the page, as if Dumbledore himself were writing this right now.

Dearest Hermione,

By now a great weight has been spread upon your shoulders. I know that right now you are about to make one of the most important decisions that has a great deal to do with your task. A word of caution, what I am about to reveal to you in this letter may never be spoken to anyone else.
I know now that your are deciding whether or not to join the order of the phoenix. I am not however revealing that answer in this letter. You must make that choice on your own. I am however writing to tell you that, in the event that you do choose to join the order, now or later at the end of the term, that there is a great deal of what you have to give up.
Yes, by reading that last statement you have probably already guessed. Your memories of everything that has happened during the first war. Everything you know of what is to come, must be locked away in your mind. You must use a pensive to conceal every last memory. Especially of Harry’s parents. No matter how much you want to save them, because you have befriended them does not matter. You have a task to do, and in doing so you must go to such liberties. Your task is not to help Lily and James, for if it were, they would still be alive today. You must take extra caution to conceal these memories, even if one person stumbles across that pensive, you could be in great danger of the knowledge it will posses. You must lock it up, a place where only you will remember it. I do expect you to choose wisely in what you are going to do. I wish you the greatest of luck.

Albus Dumbledore

Hermione gripped the wall tightly, trying to hold herself up as she re-read the letter. Dumbledore wanted her to give up all her knowledge of this war, to act as though she never knew a thing of it, to put her memories aside, to stand by and watch as people like Lily and James died, only later to remember in the darkest depths of her mind that she knew it was all going to happen. Her breath quickened and she turned around when she heard the swish of a cloak.

“So Ms. Granger, are you ready to forget?”

oh yes the latin translates into:

To seek the writing that is here.
Face the thing your lover fears.
Only on this night a cresent beams,
This light hold your dreams.
In the name of Merlin reveal these words.

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Chapter 17: Memories Forgotten
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Chapter 17:Memories Forgotten

A knock sounded at the door, and Remus looked up to see Harry stick his head in the opening. “Come on in Harry.” He said quietly, setting his quill back into the inkbottle. “Sit,” he said motioning to the chair in front of his desk.

Harry sat down, giving Remus a weak smile. “How are you professor?” He asked quietly.

“Harry, I’ll have none of the formalities. But I’m alright,” He said smiling. Harry stared at him for a moment and Remus added, “really, Harry, I’ve looked much worse, I’m fine.” He said and Harry sighed. “What did you need to talk about?”

“Er, well… I honestly wanted to ask you a few questions about Hermione, and when she was with you, Sirius and my parents.” He said and Remus’ expression turned grave for a moment but he nodded.

“I should have expected it sooner of later, oh, where are my manners. I’m sorry. Would you like some tea?” He said standing, Harry only nodded and Remus made his way over to the fireplace and pointed his wand at the kettle, filling it with water.

“I want to know how she was, was she depressed… or happy… was she safe…” he trailed off quietly.

“At times…” Remus began, leaning against the stone he continued. “She was upset at times, Sirius and James did everything they could to cheer her up, in the end she would put on a fake smile and tell us she was fine. I learned later from one of the girls in her dorm that she was having terrible nightmares for the first few weeks.” Remus said quietly closing his eye’s he smiled softly. “There was this one time, she had become upset, and Sirius being the prankster that he is pulled a few pranks to cheer her up.

“It didn’t cheer her up much though. He ended up having bright pink hair for a week because she wouldn’t reverse the spell until he promised to stop trying to cheer her up.” Remus said chuckling softly at the memory. Harry grinned, “And you know how much Sirius loved his hair, refused to come out of the dorm the first morning.”

“She was happy though, Harry. She became happy, very happy. She never forgot you or Ron, always carried around a picture of the two of you, it got her into trouble a few times, Sirius found it once, and I believe your mother, as well. Never questioned Hermione on it though, it was after her and James were married.

“She grew to be happy, and to answer you third question, yes she was safe. For a time, anyway.” Remus paused, allowing Harry to take in what he had said and Harry gave him a quizzical look, he continued. “ She wasn’t safe from her memories. Your faces, you and Ron, her parents’ faces, the sight of their mutilated bodies, even Bella’s figure haunted her. She was constantly being tortured by the feelings in her gut, and the memories that lurked deep inside. The memories that she wore around her neck, in a tiny capsule, those are what haunted her, until the day she asked me to lock them up, somewhere where she could never find them. She told me to keep them safe, and that she couldn’t hold onto them anymore, she was afraid of what would happen if she got them back.” He stopped to take the teakettle off the hook, and step it down. He grabbed a jar from the mantle and scooped some tea into the cups. “To this day I still have the capsule, it’s empty now, I always figured she found it.”

“Her, memories? Why would she have her memories in a capsule around her neck?” Harry asked quietly.

“To forget.” He said simply. “Harry,” he said, moving to sit in front of him now, a look of realization coming across his face. “Please tell me you didn’t come here to ask me if she saved your parents…” Remus said kneeling in front of Harry now.

“I… no… I mean… yes…” He said tearing his gaze away from Remus.

“Harry, you know if she did, none of us would probably be here now, we would probably all be dead if she had saved Lily and James.”

“So she just sat there, knowing that they were going to die, that all these people were going to die, knowing full well that Peter was the bloody traitor, not Sirius!” Harry said standing up, and moving away from Remus.

“No, She didn’t know. She like us, didn’t have a clue as to what was going to be the outcome of the war.” Remus said watching Harry.

“What do you mean she didn’t know! She knew everything that happened then! She was there when we all learned the truth!” Harry yelled.

Remus stood up, his voice becoming louder as he spoke. “Haven’t you been listening Harry? Her memories! Around her neck,” He said motioning with his hands, “Her memories of that war, hung around her neck in a capsule!”

“But why…” Harry croaked, “When she could have saved everyone… she could have saved all those people… my parents… and Sirius…”

“Without knowing the outcome of her actions she couldn’t take that risk Harry. When she came back here, she could have faced a completely different world, the consequence for changing the past is death, Harry. Do you really want her dead?” Remus asked, staring at Harry who was looking away from him. “I know you want Sirius back, and your parents to be alive, and Ginny, but it’s just not going to happen Harry. She made her decision to keep all knowledge of the war confined in that capsule when she joined the order.” Remus said leaning against his desk.


Hermione whirled around to face Dumbledore. “Professor, what are you doing here?” She whispered, staring at his figure shining in the moonlight, he merely smiled at her. “How did you that.” She said quietly, looking down at the letter in her hands and then reverting her gaze back to him.

“I think you already know the answer to that Ms. Granger, shall we.” He said motioning her to follow him. She was about to say something but he turned his back towards her and made his way down the stone steps. She took one more glance at the moon before turning and following him. She got to the bottom of the steps and stopped.

“Sir, wait.” She said quietly and he turned to look at her. “I don’t know if I can do this.” She whispered, her grip on the letter tightening. “How is it that you know what I’m going to do, when I myself don’t even know yet.” She gritted her teeth to hold the tears that threatened to pour down her cheeks. “All that’s going through my mind right now is, what will Harry think of me if I do this, if I don’t tell what will happen in the war. If I don’t stop it, even though I know the consequences of my actions. All I can hear is his voice in my head, asking me why I did not save all those who died.” She looked away from him.

“You are only one person Hermione, a young woman, who has been brought to a foreign time, knowing nothing of what you came to do. Your fate has set a large weight upon shoulders, in order to succeed you must believe in your self, and not worry on what others such as this Harry will think. This is your decision alone.” He said pausing for only a moment. “Tell me, what is your heart telling you to do?”

Hermione’s head shot up and she hesitated for a moment, but spoke quietly. “My heart is telling me to do this, to join the order and protect those in this time that I love. If I were to keep my memories of this war, then I would only be hurting them by lying, but if I get rid of them, then I can’t hurt them. My mind is also telling me that if I keep my memories I wont just be lying to them now, but if I help with the knowledge I have, then I can ruin everything and hurt them all by saying what I know… please, take them, I don’t want them anymore.” She whispered, clutching the letter tighter now.

Dumbledore nodded, “Lets go to my office.” He said and led the way, Hermione following quietly behind him, tears in her eyes. They walked to his office in complete silence, off in the distance of the hallways she could hear the students leaving the Great Hall to return back to the dorms. “Have a seat Hermione.” He said as they entered his office and she did as she was told, sitting down in the chair, but she didn’t look up at him. “Here,” He said after a few minutes of silence. “its just tea.” He carefully handed it to her and she took it, but didn’t take a sip. “It will calm you down some.” She took a small sip.

“Now, the first thing is we must get rid of your memories.” Hermione watched as he stood and moved to a cabinet and opened by placing his hand on the doors and whispering a spell. He withdrew two items, one a pensieve and the other looked like a necklace of some sort. “I’m sure you know what this is,” He said setting the pensieve down on the table it was empty. “This is for you. It’s to place your memories in, obviously.” He said and turned to watch her.

“I understand, but what is that for?” She said motioning to the item in his hand.

“This small trinket is what will carry your memories. We cannot have your memories of the dark times to come just lying around anyone can access them in a pensieve. We cannot have that happen. For even my will power at times could not hold me back at the most dangerous of times. So, you will wear this at all times, it will hold your memories, and you can only open it.”

“But what’s stopping me from opening it any given moment? Knowing what truth could lie in that trinket, I could open it and the…” she trailed off quietly.

“You wouldn’t be able to return them to your mind even if you opened it. They will only return to you when you go back to your time.”

“Oh.” She whispered quietly, embarrassed.

“Now, your most likely wondering why you must us the pensive, when this trinket will in fact be harbouring the memories.” She nodded. “The opening is simply too small to get the memory inside when you first withdraw it with your wand. It could be lost, in the process. There is a specific spell that will place them in the capsule.” He said, taking the pensieve and turning it over so she could see the bottom of it. “Once you have the memories in here, you will place this here,” he said, running a finger over a small impression in the bottom. “You’ll press in the small sapphire on the side, once it is secure and, well I’ll just show you.” He said chuckling quietly.

He took the capsule in his hands and pressed the sapphire, the top opened and sides popped out, she looked at it carefully and then looked back at the pensieve, inspecting the impression on the bottom. “They act as a lock.”

“Very good.” He said, “now, I’ll need you to do this now. I know it’s spontaneous but I have prolonged swearing you into the order for far to long.” He gave her a week smile and flipped over the pensieve. “Just relax when the memory comes to you, place your wand here,” He said indicating with his own wand, “and then just slowly drag it out and bring it down into the pensieve, I’ll just leave you alone for a little while.” He said, making his way to the spiral staircase leading to his room.

“Thank you sir.” She said leaning to the edge of her seat staring at the pensieve. What seemed like an eternity later she sat back in the chair, her whole body shaking as she touched her wand to her teacup, warming the tea with in the cup. She took a sip and breathed out heavily. She ran her hands through her hair and Fawkes flew over to rest on the top of her chair. “Hi Fawkes.” She whispered very quietly, bringing a shaky hand up to gently stroke his feathers. “Can you get him for me please?” Fawkes let out a small noise and pushed off the chair, flying up the staircase.

A door opened and she looked up to see Dumbledore walking down the stairs slowly, dressed in different robes. “You were much faster than I thought. Did you get everything? How do you feel?” He said, coming to stand behind his desk.

“I’m alright,” she lied, she felt empty. “I believe I’ve gotten everything that would be considered crucial to the war.”

“Alright, now we must get these into the capsule, if you’ll just hold the pensieve.” She took it, staring down at the swirling memories, she saw one coming to the surface of the bowl “Don’t!” He said quickly, placing a hand over her eyes. “Close your eyes Hermione.” She felt him remove his hand and she kept her eyes closed. She heard a series of small clicks and Dumbledore whispered a spell before saying, “Open your eyes.” She watched as in one swift circular movement all the memories drained into the small capsule. Another spell was quickly said and the opening closed and the capsule fell into Dumbledore’s hand. “I believe this now belongs to you.” He said holding it out to you.

Remus sat in the common room, staring at the entrance. “Moony…” Sirius said poking him in the leg. “Moony…” he said in a whiny voice.

“Burning a hole in the entrance wont make her appear mate.” James said watching him and then looked down at Sirius. “And you,” he said to Sirius. “Stop whining.” Sirius glared at him.

“I can’t help it, what else am I supposed to do, he wont move, he’s like a stone wall.” Sirius said jabbing Remus hard in the cheek. Remus’ eyes locked with Sirius’ and flashed. “Ok,” Sirius said moving away from him. “He’s in a mood.”

“I am not.” He said, moving into a different position on the couch. “I’m just worried. She’s been gone for hours.”

“Aw, Moony’s got his panties in a bunch over Hermione.” Sirius snickered and Remus threw a pillow at his head. “Alright, stop the abuse.”

“Leave him alone Sirius. Anyway I’ve got to go on my rounds, if I see her, I’ll send her here.” James said, standing. “See you.” He said making his way to the portrait hole, and walking through it.

“Sorry Remus, your just so easy to tease.” Sirius said patting him on the leg, he got up off the floor and sat next to him on the couch.

“It’s alright.” Remus said quietly, smiling at him.

“You know, I was thinking,” Sirius said tugging at his sleeve. “Dangerous I know,” he said laughing at Remus’ expression. “But it’s about Hermione. She’s smart, and she’ll figure it out Remus, you don’t want to loose her do you? I can’t stand to see you hurt like that.” Sirius said, looking away from Remus.

“I know.” He said quietly. “But she’s different Sirius, I know she wont run, I don’t know how I know, but I have this gut feeling that she’ll be different.” They were quiet for a few minutes and Sirius reached out and ruffled his hair.

“Hey, there she is.” He said, his hand still in Remus’ hair, he turned his head to the portrait hole, and there was Hermione. There were only a few other students in the Common Room, all of them distracted by something.

Remus watched as she stood there, she stared at the ground and he saw tears falling down her cheeks. He quickly got up from the couch and went over to her. “Hermione, look at me, Hermione…” he said quietly, she looked up at him and his stomach fell. Her eyes seemed different. The happiness was gone, the life in her eyes. They seemed emotionless, and empty. She buried her face in his shirt, muffling her sobs. “What happened?”

“I can’t remember…great chunks of my…my school days… Harry and Ron…” She said her fingers tightening on his shirt. “I feel empty… my heart…my mind…I’m missing pieces of my life Remus…please…help me…” She said letting go of him and falling to her knees. Remus gathered her in his arms and brought her to the couch, Sirius moving so they would have enough room.

“It’s ok, I’m here, I’ll help you, just talk to me.” He whispered in her ear as he sat down and she curled against him, shoving her tear stained face into his shoulder. “Hermione…” He whispered, gently running his fingers through her hair.

“My memories are gone.” She said, “Not all of them, but now I only see dark figures and faces that I should know, but I can’t place them. It’s too much, I want them back…” She said and Remus and Sirius stared at her.

“Where are they?” Remus asked quietly and she reached inside her shirt and pulled out what looked like a glowing capsule. “Are they in there?” He asked, gently touching the capsule. She nodded. “Why?”

“To keep us safe.” Sirius said and Hermione had nodded and nudged her face back into Remus’ shoulder.

Remus woke up hearing someone pounding on the door to the boy’s dorm. He sat up, seeing Sirius was still asleep, the others were just waking up. He got up quickly hearing the voice from behind the door. “Oh come on Remus! Open up! Sirius! Anyone please!” It was Alice, Remus moved quickly to the door not bothering to grab his robe he flung the door open. Alice stood there in her pyjamas; a few of the younger boys had opened their doors, being woken up from her calling for him.

“Alice? What is it?” He said looking at her in the dark, despite the darkness he could see her eyes clearly, he was the worry in them.

“Hermione, she-didn’t you hear the screams?” She said.

“What happened, what is it?” Sirius said groggily from behind him, rubbing his eyes.
“I thought… those were real?” he said and Alice nodded, grabbing his hand and leading him down the stairs and over to the girls’ staircase. Remus stopped dead in his tracks. “I can’t go up there. The stairs will change.”

“She wouldn’t let any of us near her, you have to. You can go up them, with a girl. Just hold onto my hand.” She said and Remus took a step on the stair and it didn’t change. She then led him up the rest of the stairs, Sirius mumbling something from where they left him at the bottom. Alice pushed the door to the seventh year girl’s dorm open, revealing the other girls, standing together all looking helpless. “She’s over there, she won’t let us get near her. She woke up screaming, and then she just backed herself into the closet, she’s only been saying your name, so I went to get you.”

Remus nodded and slowly reached to the bed he somehow knew to be hers and grabbed the comforter and made his way to the closet. “Could you all leave, I think it will be easier for her if you aren’t here.” He said and they left quietly. “Hermione,” He said cautiously approaching the closet. He saw her in the corner, her arms wrapped around her knees. She was dressed in a long shirt and pyjama pants. He slowly crouched down and reached a hand out to touch her, her whole body jerked. He removed his hand. “Hermione, love, it’s me.” He said getting closer to her, she looked up at him, her face was deathly pale, her eyes puffy and red.

“R-Remus?” She whispered, her voice quivering. He reached his hand out again, and stroked her cheek, she didn’t jerk away this time. She stared at him for a moment and Remus for a moment saw an image in his mind of her in a different closet, wrapped in blankets, an older man kneeling next to her. It was there for a moment and then vanished, he blinked, and then she squeezed her eyes shut tightly. “Make them stop.” She whispered, and he had asked what, she replied, “The nightmares.”

“C’mon,” he said, wrapping the blanket around her, “your skin in ice cold, and you need to get out of here,” he said gently taking her shoulders but she wouldn’t budge. “Hermione please…” he said and she slowly allowed him to pick her up. He carried her down the stairs, Sirius and the girls all waiting, Peter was standing at the bottom of the boy’s staircase, numerous other boys behind him. “Sirius, can you come with me, run ahead to the hospital wing and tell Madam Pomfrey I’m coming.” He said and Sirius nodded, following him out of the portrait hole.

Hermione woke up to someone sitting on the side of her bed, her eyes fluttered open just as Remus leaned down to kiss her forehead. “Oh,” he said quietly as he pulled away. “I didn’t mean to wake you,” He smiled. “How are you feeling?”

“Better, much better.” She said taking a deep breath.

“I’m sorry for waking you, and now I’ve got to go. I have a prefects meeting to attend to.” He said with a sad smile. “But, you wont be alone for long because Sirius will be here once he finishes dinner. He had detention so he was late getting there, but he should be finished soon enough, and he’ll be here to keep you company.”

“You guys don’t always have to keep me company you know,” She said quietly, starting to sit up, but Remus gently pushed her back down.

“Ah-back to sleep. You need the rest. Your mentally exhausted, that’s why you had that little break down.” He said and leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. “I’ll be back later.” He said pulling away.

“You worry too much Remus.” She said as he disappeared behind the curtain. She sighed and rolled onto her side, curling up and gently cradling the small capsule in her hands, she hadn’t realized taking those memories would leave such an emptiness inside her head. She also had not realized that in trying to rack her brain for the memories that it would resurface old ones, things she now wished she had placed in the capsule, just to keep her sanity.

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Chapter 18: Thank you, and Demonstrations
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Chapter 18: Demonstrations

“Ms. Grant, and Mr. Knott, would you car to demonstrate?” Professor Hunter said, and Hermione looked up at her. Shocked, but she dropped her quill and stood up. Lily grinned at her and she noticed out of the corner of her eye Sirius’ grip tighten around his wand, as had James’. Remus’ eye gave her a warning she nodded to him.

“Sure professor.” She said happily, smiling as she reached into her pocket for her wand.

“Alright, both of you here.” He said pointing to a spot on the floor. Knott looked down at her, giving her body a searching look, he smirk and wiggled his eyebrows. She gave him a disgusted look. “Alright now, four steps back, good. Now wands at the ready. One, two, three.”

Before Knott could even finish saying the incantation a blue jet of light shot out of Hermione’s wand hitting him square in the chest. Knott flew backwards and down to the ground. Students around sniggered, when he fell on his arse.

“Rictosemptra!” He shouted, and Hermione sidestepped and just managed to dodge the spell. She flicked her wand at him and he suddenly fell back against the floor, the wood bending, it seemed like it was growing over his wrists and ankles, holding him down.

“Accio wand.” She said, and waved her wand, reaching out to grab his wand as it flew toward her. The professor stared at her, as did many of the students. Knott lay on the floor struggling against the wood, swearing quietly. Hermione walked over to him and looked up at the Professor. “Sir? Can I let him up now?” She asked quietly. Some of the students had broke out into whispers, she heard someone ask Lily if she even uttered a word when casting the spells.

“Uh, Yes. That was very good Ms. Grant, where did you ever learn to dodge spells like that? And those spells you used, you barely spoke above a whisper, and such complex spells. Very hard for someone your age to be able to cast. 40 points to Gryffindor for that wonderful display.” He said, clapping. Hermione waved her wand, allowing Knott to grumble and get to his feet quickly and wrench his wand from her.

“I taught myself sir.” She said quietly, blushing and looking down. He nodded and motioned for her to take her seat. She did quietly and glanced over at Remus who was watching her. He smiled faintly before she turned away, Lily gently touching her arm to get her attention.

The class went on smoothly form there, and Hermione stood up as the bell rang. She was about to join Remus was the professor called her over. “Ms. Grant, I’d like to talk to you for a moment.” She looked behind to see Peter, Sirius, James, Remus and Lily standing there waiting for her. She gave them a sympathetic look, and Remus nodded to her. “She’ll be with you five in a few minutes, go on ahead, she’ll catch up.” He said smiling at them all. Hermione turned back to him and smiled, he motioned for her to come to his desk. “Please sit. This will only take a few moments.” He said motioning to the chair in front of his desk.
Hermione sat down. “Sir, my I ask why you wanted to talk to me?” She said quietly and looked up at him from under her curly bangs.

He seemed to relax a little, and took off his glasses. For the first time Hermione noticed how young he looked, his black hair was tied back into a low ponytail, with tendrils falling around his face. He had a smooth face, no wrinkles; he couldn’t have been more than thirty years old. It was just the glasses that made him seem a lot older than he really was. He cleared his throat and began to speak. “Ms. Grant, those spells.” He began and Hermione inwardly cursed herself. She knew this was coming. “They are very complicated magic. Very complicated. I myself cannot even fully master them, and I’ve been trying for years. And you… you spoke barely above a whisper. Hardly uttered a word. I don’t know where exactly you came from but I can tell you this. Be cautious.” He spoke quietly now. Looking past her to the doorway, making sure no one was near before he continued. “I want you to be careful. You’re very powerful, and with the display today, Merlin’s beard, you could very well be more powerful than I believe you to be. I’m just giving you a word of caution, we’re entering dark times, there is a rise for power, and there is no doubt in my mind what will happen if you fall into the wrong hands.” He said, frowning now.

Hermione stared at him, she couldn’t believe it, and he was warning her. Was he even in the Order? If he was Dumbledore failed to mention it, although Dumbledore hadn’t told her much anyway, so she really couldn’t be sure. The night she had been sworn into the order was the same night she gave up all those memories. She blinked once, remembering how the Prewitt brother’s had shown up, acting as witnesses, and she had been sworn in, and told Dumbledore when he finished that she just wanted to go to bed. He had told her one thing though, before she stumbled from his office. What was it though? “And what side professor is exactly the wrong side?” She asked coolly, trying to figure out who’s side he was on.

He stared at her shocked for a moment, and spoke quietly. “I’m muggle born, if that means anything Hermione.” He stood up and Hermione saw a glint of gold hanging from his wrist, a small phoenix charm hanging from it. That was it! Dumbledore had mentioned that the teachers that were in the Order all had some sort of phoenix pendent, or jewelry, it acted as a portkey for the when the order meetings took place. So he was in the order. She smiled up at him, nodding to his bracelet. He placed a finger to his lips. “That is all Ms. Grant. You may go now. Don’t forgot to do your assignment.” He said, and she turned to see another professor standing in the doorway, a questioning look on his face.

“Yes sir. Thank you sir. See you in class on Monday.” She said grabbing her bag and quickly leaving the room and darting down the hallway to find the gang sitting on the windowsills waiting for her. She smiled at them and Remus moved towards her, she took his hand and they all made their way down to the Head Common Room. Lily said the password and they all stepped inside. Except for Sirius, who glanced at his watch.

“Sorry guys, I’ve got to meet someone. See you.” He said winking at them, and quickly turned and ran down the hallway. James stared after him, gaping.

“Where does he think he’s bloody going?” James said and was about to run after Sirius when Peter spoke up quietly.

“He’s meeting a girl.” He said setting his books down on the table. James turned to stare at Peter now. “Don’t look at me like that, he didn’t want anyone to know.” Peter said turning red.

“Bloody Hell.” James muttered, grabbing his bag and slumping in a plushy chair, pouting.

“Ah, Potter don’t get your knickers in a bunch just because Black is he’s cheating on you.” Lily said, sitting down near the window, taking out her parchment and quills.

James crossed his arms and glared at the floor. “Don’t burn a hole in the rug Prongs.” Remus said sitting down on the couch next to Hermione.

“Two days.” James said bluntly. Peter looked up at him smiling.

“I’d say a week.” Peter said, staring at James. Remus sighed and shook his head. Hermione looked back and forth between the two boys. “How much? Same as usual, 5 galleons?”

“What?” Hermione said, confused. James looked up at her as he nodded to Peter.

“They’re betting how long Black can keep his new girl.” Lily said dully from across the room. “The longest he’s lasted with a girl is a few months. He’s just a player.” Hermione was going to say something, but thought better of it. She knew the real reason he was always going from girl to girl. He wanted to find the right girl, and when he found one girl, he felt suffocated around her and would end up dumping her, and move onto the next one. He didn’t want to be alone, that she knew.

“Moony, what do you think? Your always the closest.” Peter said and Remus shook his head.

“Truthfully, I don’t think he’s got a girl.” Remus said and James and Peter stared at him. “I’m serious. If he had a girl, he would have her here with us, or he would be talking about her constantly, complaining and what not. Or he would be up in the Astronomy Tower smoking Gilly Weed.” James looked up at him thoughtfully and nodded. “He’s probably pestering Snape or McGonagall.” Remus said shrugging.

“You guys smoke Gilly Weed.” Hermione said, staring at them, James shrugged again and Peter looked away.

“Those two started it.” Remus said like a small child pointing at James, blushing as Hermione gave him a calculating look. She shook her head and turned her attention to the book in her lap.

They were all quiet for a while, silently doing their homework, when Remus stretched next to her. She looked up at him and snuggled closer. He looked down at her and kissed her forehead. “I’m cold, gimme a hug.” She said and he chuckled and wrapped his arm around her gently pushing closer to her. He relaxed and leaned back against the couch, he inhaled and could smell her shampoo, vanilla.

He closed his eyes and then suddenly there was a sharp pain in the back of his forehead. He cried out and sat forward suddenly, Hermione moved away from him in surprise as he clutched his face in his hands, his fingers digging into his hair.

James leapt up, as did Lily and Peter. He quickly held out his hand, keeping his eyes on Remus. “Hermione, come here.” He said cautiously. Remus’ head lifted in his direction, running his hands through his hair his eyes opened for a moment, and James’ eye widened. “Hermione. Move.” He said through gritted teeth, she reached out and took his hands and James pulled her close, his hands quickly going up to each side of her head, clapping over her ears.

Just as James’ hands flew over Hermione’s ears a low growl ripped from Remus’ throat. “Peter! Do something.” Peter stared, his body rigid. Lily in the same position, frozen solid in fear. “Peter!” James said, and Peter jumped, quickly moving over to Remus who was gasping for breath, and still clutching his hair. Hermione struggled against James, trying to see Remus, James held her tightly, “No.” He mouthed.

“Moony?” Peter said, gently placing a hand on Remus’ shoulder. “Remus, come on…” He stuttered.

“Lils!” James said, giving her a nod. “Help him. Calm him down.” Lily nodded frantically, moving next to Peter.

“Remus, it’s ok. Control it. Your in control, not the wolf. You have control.” His breathing slowed as Lily placed her hands on his, gently taking them away from his hair, and looking him in the eye. A low growl ripped from his throat again, the golden orbs staring back at Lily. He shook his head violently, closing his eyes and his hands shook in hers. He opened his eyes, Lily sighed and let go of him when she saw Remus staring back at her. “Thank Merlin,” She whispered, pulling away from Remus and slumping to the ground. James let go of Hermione, sighing.

“I’m sorry. It’s just Remus sometimes gets… These-” he started but Remus interrupted him.

“No James.” He said, staring down at the floor. He looked up at her and spoke again, very quietly. “Hermione, we need to talk.”

Cut #1: Actually from Chapter 18

Hermione walked down the hallway as she made her way back to the Common Room to meet the others so they could go down to lunch and then they would go to the Quidditch Game. She turned a corner, and found herself in a dark hallway. She frowned, wondering why the torches weren’t lit.

She pushed the thought out of her mind as she continued to walk down the hallway. At least she could partially see, with the light from the windows farther down. She heard a noise and whirled around, her hand flying to her pocket to grab her wand. She wasn’t fast enough, as she had spun around someone had grabbed her from behind and clamped their hand over her mouth. His other hand went to her wrist, he squeezed it and she gave out a whimper and dropped her wand.

His hand then moved around her waist, holding her tightly against him. “Hello Grant.” He whispered coldly in her ear. She squeezed her eyes shut and bit down on his hand. He cried out and let go of her. “Bitch!” He yelled, and reached for her before she could pick up her wand, he grabbed her by the hair and pushed her roughly against the wall, grabbing her by the throat.

“What do you want Knott?” She snapped, her fingers trying to get his hand off her throat.

“You know what I want.” He said, leaning dangerously close to her, his lips almost touching her ear. “No one.” He said dangerously low, “No one makes a fool of me like that. No one.” His free hand moved to grab her hands and lifted them over her head. She kicked at him, but he managed to press his hips against her and pin her to the wall.

“Let go of me!” She snarled, struggling against him.

“Shut up. Your going to get exactly what you deserve.” He said. He let go of her throat and moved his hand down to her belly, un-tucking her shirt and she felt something cool run against her stomach. It wasn’t his hand. She now was too frightened to do anything, her mind trying to focus on getting her wand. She felt the smooth side of the knife gently run across her skin.

She closed her eyes tightly, and took a chance, hearing voices farther down the hall and screamed. This surprised him and the knife nicked her stomach as he fumbled to clamp her mouth shut. “No!” She shrieked and then all of a sudden she heard voices and the knife was at her throat and her mind was screaming, and with one thought he flew backwards and hit the opposite wall. She slide down the wall as some students ran up to them. Tears in her eyes as she held her stomach, the blood seeping through her shirt.

“Quick! Run and get a professor! Hermione are you alright?” She looked up to see Frank Longbottom, Kinsley was standing over Knott, across from her, and she looked down the hall to see Alice running away to get a teacher.

Frank kneeled down to inspect her, his hands reached for hers, trying to inspect her wound. She shook her head, not budging her hands. “My wand, can you get my wand…” She said quietly, Frank looked around and grabbed it handing it to her. She lifted up her shirt slightly, and whispered a spell and the cut began to sew itself up.

“What happened here?” Professor McGonagall said as she jogged to them, her face flushed, Alice in her wake. Frank helped Hermione up and she leaned against the wall. “Goodness me, Ms. Grant your bleeding!”

“It was Knott.” Kingsley said, motioning to Knott who lay unconscious on the floor. “We heard her scream, it was dark, when we came running he had her against the wall, a knife to her throat, then all of a sudden…”Kingsley said, pausing to look up at Hermione. McGonagall stared at him, Hermione gave him a pleading look, “I grabbed him, and threw him off her, and he hit the wall. I didn’t mean to be so rough, I was just too worried about what her would do…” Kingsley said looking down at Knott again.

McGonagall nodded, looking at Hermione. “Thank you Mr. Kingsley. Forty points to Gryffindor for saving Ms. Grant. Ms. Grant, can you tell me why Mr. Knott attacked you.”

Hermione nodded, taking a deep breath, “He just said it was pay back for making him look like a fool in Defense Against the Dark Arts on Friday. I beat him in a duel.” She said quietly.

“You didn’t just beat him in a duel Hermione!” Frank said incredulously. “You had him on his arse before he could even utter a word.”

McGonagall scowled at him. “Language Mr. Longbottom. Mr. Kingsley I’d like you to accompany me to the Head Master’s office with Mr. Knott.” She said and turned to Alice. “I would like you and Mr. Longbottom to see that Ms. Grant gets to the hospital wing.” Alice nodded and McGonagall motioned Kingsley to follow her, Knott levitating in front of him.

“Your shaking,” Alice said and wrapped her arms around her, hugging her tightly. Hermione made sure not get blood on Alice, so she didn’t wrap her arms around her. “C’mon we should get you to Madam Pomfrey.” Hermione shook her head.

“I healed the cut myself. It wasn’t deep at all, and I have something for the marks on my neck back in the dorm. I don’t want to spend anymore time in the hospital wing.” She said quietly.

“But McGonagall said-” Alice started but Frank interrupted her, picking up Hermione’s bag.

“Alice, I think the girl has spent enough time in the hospital wing for the whole year, with Remus being there, then herself. I think she’s good. Besides, I watched her heal herself, she did a right good job. She’ll be fine.” He said, leading the two of them in the direction of the hospital wing. “Besides, I’m sure the only person she wants to see Remus, right?” He said and she nodded, Alice sighed in defeat, but wrapped her arm around Hermione’s shoulder.

Cut #2: Something cut from a later chapter.

Hermione tossed and turned in her bed, her sheets tangled and twisted around her sweaty body. She moaned and arched her back as her nightmare continued.

Bodies everywhere, blood, lights flashing, the dark skies, screams. Left and right spells flew, her hair whipping her in the face, getting in her eyes, the rain now falling. It felt as though it burnt her skin as it hit her, each droplet felt like a knife cutting deep into her body. Her eyes searching among the dead, jets of light shooting up from where other’s found survivors, she too was looking, but only for one person.
She stumbled over something solid, not wanting to think on what it was, or who it was. Her eyes still scanned the solid masses on the ground, the good, the bad, the innocent. She only had her thoughts one man. She looked around, she had seen him fall somewhere around here. Please let him be alive. She thought as she stumbled across the battlefield. She saw his figure, she didn’t know how she knew it was him, and she just felt it in the pit of her stomach. She stumbled towards his body, tears mingling with the rain streaming down her face. She fell next to him, turning him over, his eyes were opened, and she let out a cry seeing the blood on his lips. His eyes weren’t their normal gray-blue or the golden color that they sometimes became when the wolf held strong emotions. They were silver. Silver. She felt the bile rise in the back of her throat as she noticed the silver tears, the silver streak that ran from his nose, the silver on his lips. Not blood. But silver. She realized he felt heavier and she clung to his shirt crying hysterically. She cried out no, over and over again, as she brought his head into her lap, cradling him. He was dead. He had been dead this whole time. She ripped open his shirt, looking for the source the silver had entered his body. She found a puncture wound on his chest, the flesh around the wound burned. She noticed all the veins were noticeable and his skin had a white glow to it. She started to tremble and that’s when she noticed the chain around his neck, holding the antidote.

She woke up with a scream, hot tears streaming down her face, she was glad she had used a silencing spell on her bed’s curtains. She wiped them back, trying to be quiet as she stumbled, crying hysterically from the dorm room. She raced up the boy’s staircase, and to his room. She wrenched open the door and quickly opened his curtains, her cries causing the other boys to begin to awake from their peaceful slumber. She pulled back the hangings and fell to her knees crying when she saw him rubbing his eyes from being woken up.

He quickly had her in his arms when he realized she was hysterical. “Hermione, what’s gotten into you.” He said, gently rocking her back and forth, the other boys had closed their hangings now, all except Sirius who stood not to far away watching with a concerned eye.

“Nightmare. You. Silver. Dead.” Was all she managed to hiccup out as she sobbed into his shirt. He froze and looked up to meet Sirius’ eyes. Sirius noded and moved back to his own bed as Remus closed his curtains and muttered a silencing spell.

“It’s ok, it was just a dream.” He whispered, kissing the top of her head as he patted her hair down.
“I know, it just seemed so real.” She whispered quietly, she pulled away, her tears left a dark patch on his shirt. “I’m sorry.” She said sniffing.

Remus shrugged, “It’s alright, do you want to stay here?” He said quietly, she nodded and he lifted the covers for her allowing her to curl up next to him, her head on his chest. After a few moments of them lying there she sat up, her finger’s gingerly running over his face. His lips and gently touching around his eyes. He couldn’t help but laugh softly. “What are you doing?”

Her body shook with her inhaled breath, “Just making sure there isn’t any silver.” She whispered. Remus took her hand and kissed each finger, and then her palm.

“There’s no silver here love. If there was, I’d probably screaming and withering in pain.”

“Or dead.” She added with a small voice.

“Yes,” he responded just as softly. “But I’m not going to die.”

“Promise?” She said, she was watching him now, her eyes staring up into his.

He hesitated but gave a faint smile and brought her hand back to his face and pressed her palm to his lips. “Promise.” He whispered, he felt her body relax against his.

“Show me Remus.” She whispered, scooting closer to him. He grinned at her, bearing his teeth in a bright smile, and slowly closed his eyes. Opening them slowly and gaining control of his body, he watched Hermione smile in the darkness as she stared at the golden orbs peering back at her.

Sneak Peak.

Hermione rushed through the house, trying to find the capsule. She could feel the flames licking at her entire body as she rushed down the stairs. She could hear shouts from below, she didn’t care she needed to find that trinket, she now wished she never gave it to Remus to hide. She had to at least save that from the fire. She heard a commotion to her right and ducked left into the Common Room. Searching frantically through the drawers in the desk. She heard the sound of a floorboard creak behind her and she froze. “Drop your wand Mudblood.” A voice shouted from behind her. She wiped around to see three-hooded figure’s standing in the doorway, their white masks turning black from the smoke.

“Where’s the mutt?” The one closest to her asked.

“Where do you think?” She snapped, motioning to full moon out side the open window. He motioned for the two men to search for him.

“When you find him. Kill him.” Hermione’s eyes widened and she moved quickly to throw a spell at him, a scream wrenched from her throat. But before she could yell out a spell she felt a tug behind her navel. She closed and her eyes as her body began to spin and opened them when she felt her feet were firmly on the ground.

She looked around wildly, Dumbledore’s office. She noticed him now, standing in front of her. She screamed and threw herself at him. “What did you do! What did you do! Send me back there!” She cried, grabbing onto his robes.

“It’s time for you to return.” He said, giving her a hard stare.

“No! You don’t understand! There were death eaters! They’re going to kill him! You have to let me go back! I have to save him!”

“It’s who doesn’t understand Hermione.” He said roughly grabbing her wrists and holding her tightly. “You must go back.”

“No. I can’t. Not while he needs me. I love him, you can’t…” She said tears streaming down her face.

“You must!” He said, his voice becoming louder, and more serious. “Your dying Hermione. You know it.”

Hermione looked away from him, closing her eyes tightly. “Your wrong.” She whispered.

“Am I? Or are you just being naïve.” She responded with a silent sob. “Your magic is slowly weakening, your new found talents are wearing away, and you haven’t aged. You’ve spent far too much time here. I should have forced you to go back a long time ago. You’ve done what you can for him, it’s time for you to leave.”

“I won’t leave.” She said stubbornly. “I’ll wear away until I’m nothing, until I can’t do magic anymore, or until I can’t even move on my own. I don’t care. I’m staying, he needs me here, with him, to love him, to show him that people do love him, and that he can go on in life.”

“I assure you, he knows that Hermione. Now I order you to return to your time.”

“No.” She whispered.

”You will die if you do not go back! So will your child!” He was starting to shout now, his eyes were cold, and something that she never thought she would see. She had pushed him to his limit and she knew it. “Your child needs your energy, your magic to live. Do you want your child to die? If you continue to live here, I can guarantee that you will not carry full term. That you will die before that child is born.”

Hermione stared at him. “How…” She said staring up at him, into his eyes. They had no sparkle, he stared back, coldly. A wave of sadness washed over his face and he let go of her and leaned down and kissed her forehead.

With his hands on her shoulders he whispered, “I’m sorry it had to end like this.” He pushed her away from him and she felt as though she were falling, she didn’t realize until the moments when she was falling that the mirror had been behind her the entire time. She reached out to grab his robes, to grab anything to keep her falling back into the mirror. It was too late. She felt herself hit solid ground.

She fell to her knees screaming in rage as she looked around. She was in Grimmauld Place. The one place she didn’t want to be. She dug at the rug, screaming and crying, and cursing. “Damn you Albus! Damn you!”

“Hermione?” A voice said from the doorway.

She looked up and everything came rushing back to her. Third year, Sirius, Remus, the Shrieking shack, Sirius in Azkaban, Lily and James dead on Halloween, Voldemort vanishing, the prophecy, Peter being the spy, Voldemort returning, Sirius and veil, dead, Voldemort now gone, every memory she had placed in the capsule was back. “Oh Merlin…what have I done…” She whimpered to the person in the doorway as everything went black.

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Chapter 19: Discussions, Discussions
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Chapter:Discussions, Discussions

Hermione sighed and pushed open the large doors. She looked up at the darkened sky. It wasn’t past curfew so why was she so nervous about being seen. To a student walking by, or a teacher on patrol she would just seem like an ordinary student out for a walk. But really she was going to meet Remus. That’s what had her stomach doing summersaults. The fact that she knew what he was going to say her and how she would tell him she already knew and the reaction he would have. That’s what she was most worried about, his reaction. She walked through the doors and into the cool autumn air. The wind blew softly, causing the leaves on nearby trees to rustle and detach from their braches and slowly float down to the ground. She watched as one of the leaves twirled around and she followed it with her eyes, watching as it fell to the ground near her feet.

She sighed again and pushed her hair away from her face and looked in the direction of the Quidditch fields where Remus was waiting. She shoved her hands in her pockets and stared at the ground again. She took one step down the stone staircase, and went to take another step but stopped. ‘What if he gets angry.’ She thought, and closed her eyes, and took another step down the stairs, ‘no he wont be angry…’ another step and she stopped once more, ‘he’ll be furious.’ She clenched the insides of her pockets tightly, lifted her head, “Just move it Hermione.” She spoke quietly to herself. She walked down the rest of the stairs and started slowly towards the fields.

She looked up at the stands searching for his figure, and then she found him. Bathed in the light of the crescent moon, he sat there leaning back against the bleachers, his hands tucked behind his head. She smiled at scene, actually not finding it funny at all, but uncanny the way he laid there so calmly. She found her way up to him, and quietly moved to where he was, even though she knew he heard her moving around. She stepped into the light that shown on his face, and she saw him peek at her out of the corner of his eyes, his lips twitched with a quick smile. He licked them as he moved his hand away from behind his head and sat up.

”Hi.” He said quietly, his eyes clouding over. She smiled sadly at him, and nodded. She hadn’t seen him since the incident yesterday. After she had agreed to meet with him here he’d left quickly without saying another word. James, Lily and Peter had been awkward after that and she didn’t know how to act. She could just say to them, ‘look, I know already, so stop acting so weird.’ That wouldn’t go over too well. He reached over and gently ran his fingers through her curls, looking at her sadly, he leaned in and pressed his forehead against hers, his hand moving to the back of her head. “I wasn’t sure if you’d come.” He spoke softly; his voice was etched with desperation. ‘He must think I’ll hate him…’ She thought, with the way he was being so gently, and seemed so depressed. Then he laughed softly, and in a way he sounded bitter as well. “I honestly didn’t think that I’d come.” He whispered, he then pressed his lips against her forehead, her temple and then kissed her softly on the lips.

”Remus,” She whispered softly. His body went stiff, and he slowly pulled away.

”I’m sorry, getting off track a bit aren’t we.” He said, running a hand through his hair. She stared at him as he wrung his hands together nervously. “Alright…” he said after a prolonged pause. He huffed and rolled his shoulders, looking at her anxiously from the corner of his eye. She realized he was nervous at her staring at him; she tore her eyes away from him, blushing. “I have something terribly important to tell you. Just hear me out first, then once I’ve finished you can scream, or run or hit me. Do, as you like “he said slowly and Hermione closed her eyes tightly.

”Surely whatever you have to tell me isn’t that bad.” She said, deciding to play along, for the moment anyway.

Remus sighed, “I assure you it is not a mediocre matter Hermione.” Hermione bit her tongue from saying anything back. “But I would like it if you not interrupt me, this is something very hard to say.” She looked at him now, he looked paler and his hands were clutching tightly at his trousers. His favourite pair if she remembered correctly. She shook her head and nodded at him to continue. After another prolonged silence he spoke softly. “You see… I’m… I’m a monster.” He said quietly. “I can’t control myself sometimes, that’s what happened the other day, it has been happening a lot lately, alarming myself and everyone who knows about my condition. I’ve never been able to not control myself, until just recently, over the summer. The monster in me… it…” he stopped and seemed to loose himself in his words. Hermione closed her eyes and reached out and took his hand in hers.

”I know.” She said quietly. She felt Remus’ hands tremble and his body jumped when she spoke. She looked up to meet his wide eyes. His lips started moving, but nothing was coming out.

He cleared his throat, “W-what?” He said, uneasily. “W-who told you?”

”Remus, I’m from the future remember…” she spoke quietly. “I knew you in my time, I figured it out myself…”

”You knew. This entire time. You knew, and you didn’t say anything?” He said, taking his hand away and Hermione flinched. ‘I knew it, he’s furious.’ She thought sadly.

”What was I going to say Remus,” she spoke now, her tone becoming indignant. “Oh, Remus, by the way I know you’re a werewolf, lets go have some tea! That would have gone over nicely!”

Remus sighed, and watched her. “Your right, I’m sorry. It’s just you don’t know what your getting into.” He whispered.

”Remus, don’t you know me already? I read about everything, I’ve got three different editions of Howgwart’s A History under my bed at home. I certainly know what I’m getting into. I’ve read every article to date in that library. The ones that have been published recently in my time as well.”

Remus stared at her as if she had suddenly grown two heads. “Then-why would you-if you knew… why?”

”Because, I love you for who you are, not what you are. I could care less that you turn into a wolf once a month, well that came out wrong, of course I care… you get it… being a wolf doesn’t matter to me, it makes you, you. And that’s who I love, Remus J. Lupin, the werewolf. You deserve someone who will love you as much as you love them…” She said blushing and she felt Remus take her hand and she looked up to meet his gaze.

” Well, as much as I’d like not to be dubbed Remus J. Lupin, the werewolf, Thank you, thank you so bloody much.” He whispered, his eyes showing his relief, and happiness. “You know, I’m glad that you said something, and that you know about the circumstances… because the wolf has taken a liking to you… he’s very fond of you…” Remus said quietly, his face flushing red in embarrassment Hermione squeezed his hand.

”I’m glad to hear it.” She whispered, leaning close to him and resting her head on his shoulder.

”I guess you’re stuck with me now, huh?” He whispered into her hair, wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

”I don’t mind.” She said, “Oh, and your not a monster… “She felt him let out a large sigh and bury his face in her hair, murmuring something.

They sat there in silence for a little while, the moonlight illuminating their features. Remus sighed from behind her and she turned around to look at him. “What’s wrong?” She asked quietly. Remus smiled weakly and kissed her hair.

”Nothing, I’m simply ecstatic.” Hermione titled her head to the side, and he laughed. “Even if I don’t look it, I’m still shaking.” He whispered and Hermione then realized that his body was in fact still trembling.

”An adrenalin rush,” She said, and he nodded. He reached a hand up and cupped her face, his eyes drifting over her face. “What?” she said laughing softly, a delicate blush rushing to her cheeks in embarrassment.

”I don’t understand how someone I love so profusely can look so alluring in the light of what I loath with such a passion.” He whispered and Hermione closed her eyes and leaned into his hand smiling. After a long silence and Remus’ other hand moving through her curls he pulled away. “I think we should head in.,” he whispered, lifting his sleeve to look at his watch. “We’ve got half an hour until curfew.” He stood and helped Hermione to her feet. They walked hand in hand down to the fields and Remus then removed his hand from hers and placed it around her shoulders.

Hermione smiled and moved closer to him, “So we’re ok right?”

Remus laughed and squeezed her shoulders tightly. “I think we’re better than ok, wouldn’t you say so love?” Hermione laughed quietly and nodded.

”You know,” Hermione said quietly after a while, “I’ve been mulling over an idea to get Lily and James together, a sort of set up.” Remus shook with laughter.

”Please, Sirius tried to set them up last year, it didn’t work at all.” He said, laughing softly.

”Yes well, my idea does not involve a linen closet, a few binding spells a silencing charm and such horrible trickery.” Hermione scoffed and Remus raised an eyebrow.

”It wasn’t a linen closet, a closet yes, but linen closet, no. And there were no binding- wait, erm, never mind yes there were, and that was only because Lily was struggling so much that Sirius couldn’t get her into the closet. And the silencing spell was only to keep their screaming to a minimum… and it was not horrible, or tricky, it was cunning.” Remus said matter of fact like, and the paused, a horrified look coming over his face. “Oh, oh Merlin, I sounded exactly like Sirius…” he whimpered as his shoulders slumped and Hermione giggled. “I really have been around them too much, they’ve made my brain turn to marauder mode, I’m becoming one of them, I truly must be losing my sanity.” Hermione hit him lightly in the chest.

”Stop it. I’m being serious though, in the village tomorrow, Sirius has a date right?” Hermione asked and Remus shrugged.

”Hermione, honestly, I have no idea. With his mind and charm he could have four dates tomorrow.” Remus said quietly and she rolled her eyes. “No help at all, I know. But hey, that’s me, poor useless Moony.” Hermione sighed.

”Your not useless, your actually a very good snog,” she teased, sticking her tongue out at him.

He looked down at her, “Don’t stick that out unless you intend to use it.” Hermione’s eyes widened and quickly slipped her tongue back into her mouth, with a noise of surprise. “Besides, I don’t think James, Sirius and Peter would appreciate my wonderful snogging abilities.”

”You never know.” Hermione murmured quietly. Remus chuckled and shook his head. “I mean Sirius, he-“ She started teasingly, and Remus cut her off.

”Sirius loves women, loves them. But he never does pass up a good snog, bloody wanker that he is.” Remus said laughing. “Say, lets change the subject shall we?”

”Oh if we must.” She said quietly.

”Yes, I’m a tad uncomfortable.” Hermione smiled and reached her arm around his side as they walked up the steps and through the large wooden doors.

”Sorry.” She whispered leaning up and kissing his cheek. His fluttered for a brief moment and he didn’t move, he looked down at her, blinking a few times, and he smiled. “Yes?” She asked softly.

”I don’t know how I can ever thank you for what your doing, and what you said.” He whispered his voice hoarse, as if he was couldn’t get the words out.

”Just love me.” She whispered, smiling up at him. He turned and drew his hands around her waist and crushed her body against his, hugging her tightly. “Remus…I said love me, not crush me.” She said into his shoulder, her voice muffled by his robes.

”Sorry love,” He murmured into her neck, loosening his hold on her and slowly she drew her hands around his neck and hugged him. She drew away and kissed his lips softly before pulling away and taking his hand.

”Come on, let’s go.” She said happily, pulling him down the hallway and in the direction of the Common Room.

Lily stepped out from behind the corner, James behind her. “Looks like he told her.” She said, sighing and running a hand through her hair.

James nodded and leaned against the stonewall. “Yeah, although, I’m a little confused about it all.” He said, removing his glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose. Lily crossed her arms, a puzzled look on her face.

”Why? What’s there to be confused about, he told her, she didn’t go bonkers or anything, it looks like she doesn’t even care.”

”Exactly, don’t you think it’s a little weird how’s she’s acting, she looks so happy, like it doesn’t bother her or anything.” He said, removing his hand and looking up at Lily.

”Are you saying that Remus being what he is, bother’s you?” She said, her tone becoming harsh.

James’ eyes quickly darted to hers, “No!” He exclaimed quickly. “It doesn’t bother me at all, I mean when I first found out, yeah, I was a bit confused, but he’s one of my best mates and I was hurt he didn’t tell us. But it doesn’t bother me, it took a little getting used to. Remus was awkward around us for the longest time, and we were the same with him, for a while. But what I’m pointing out is that neither of them seem awkward at all, you’d think she’d need time to think about things or something…” He trailed off quietly.

”James, if she loves him as much as I think she does-“ Lily started, but James cut her off.

”That’s the entire thing! Right there! I mean how does she know she loves him, she’s just met him.” James said quietly.

”James, she’s from the future.” Lily whispered harshly. “She said she knew us, and him. She’s smart as hell too James, so she could have figured it out already, or she could have already known. And love…” She said, pausing. “When you’re in love with someone you know from the moment you see them…and Hermione, you can just tell she loves him. I mean look at the two of them, when they are together we can’t get them to stop cuddling or holding hands or anything. And the way Remus whispers to her…and their eyes James…bloody hell haven’t you seen the way their eyes light up when they’re together. You can’t possibly tell me that this isn’t the happiest you’ve seen Remus in a long time.” She said, her voice slowly becoming softer with a hint of sadness, James started at her.

”Lils-“ He said, his eyes softening and Lily’s momentary look of sadness was gone, replaced with a hard stare.

”Let’s go finish our rounds.” She said quickly cutting him off, and walking away down the hallway, James following after her, placing his glasses back on and giving a loud sigh.

Hermione shifted her bag to her other hand, and laced her fingers with Remus’. She looked up at him and smiled, and he smiled back, the wind rustling their hair. “It’s a beautiful day don’t you think?” He said, and Hermione gave a small noise of approval. Sirius on the other hand simply rolled his eyes.

”You two are so boring.” He said, shoving his hands in his pockets. “It’s all bookstores and looking at the scenery that you’ve seen thousands of times, no Zonko’s or pranks, or-“ Sirius huffed and Remus interrupted him.

”Please spare us the whining Sirius. We all know you are pouting and miserable because you know it’s a beautiful day, but you haven’t got that flying contraption of yours.” Remus said quietly, James’ and Peter’s muffled laughs sounded from behind them.

”It is not a flying contraption Remus.” Sirius said hotly. “It’s a motor bike, a lovely motor bike in fact.”

”One that you wish you were riding right now am I correct?” Remus said, turning to grin at Sirius, who glared and plopped down on the bench, huffing loudly and crossing his arms, looking very much like a small spoiled child who didn’t get the toy they wanted.

”Remus, stop teasing him.” Hermione said, laying her hand on his arm. “So what shall we do?” She said, turning around to face them all.

”No bookstores!” Sirius said, sitting up and watching them.

”Alright, no bookstores.” Hermione said laughing. “We have about an hour before we have to meet up with Lily, so I’m game for anything, I suppose even Zonkos.” She said, looking at Sirius from her spot next to Remus. His eyes lit up and he grinned at her.

”Yes!” He said jumping up and clapping his hands once, rubbing them together.

”We have to show you some of the new stock,” James said, coming to walk up next to her and Remus, Peter jogging to catch up with Sirius.

”We also need to stock up on a few things, I’ve got the list.” Peter said from over his shoulder as him and Sirius disappeared into the crowd.

”James,” Hermione said, “I think I’ve seen it all.”

”Oh yeah,” He said laughing and rubbing the back of his head. “I forgot. So your friends did they like Zonkos too?”

”What young teen boy doesn’t?” She said smiling sadly, at the brief mention of Harry and Ron. “They loved Zonkos especially Ron, he’d drag Harry and I in there every time we were here.” She said smiling at remembering the first time Ron had brought her to the store in third year.

”Moony,” James said, grinning “I’d say you’ve got some competition, with her best friends being guys.” He said nudging Hermione’s arm. She shook her head, laughing at him. “I wonder if they are anything like us.” He said walking on, and Hermione frowned, watching him walk off to meet Sirius in front of the store, both of them disappearing inside with Peter.

”More than you know James,” She whispered very quietly. Remus looked down at her, kissing the top of her head before they walked into the shop.

”So everyone, how about another round?” Sirius said, grinning as he stood from the table. Lily, Hermione, Remus, Peter and James all cheered. Sirius grinned and weaved through the crowd to the bar.

Remus leaned over and whispered in her ear, “We should get going love.” He murmured, Hermione smiled and leaned into him.

“I know.” She said quietly. “After this next butterbeer.” She said, and Remus pulled away.

”Sounds fair enough.” He said moving away from her just as Sirius placed the drinks on the table, passing a hot steaming mug of butterbeer to everyone.

”Ah, Moony, no need to be shy around us, you can cuddle with Hermione, we don’t mind.” Sirius said, grinning as he took a large gulp of butterbeer as he sat down across from them. Remus rolled his eyes as he took his own mug and brought it too his lips to take a swig warm liquid.

Sirius made a noise and checked his watch, “Bloody Hell, I have to go, I’m going to be late.” He said taking a large gulp of his butterbeer, grabbed his leather jacket and headed for the door. “I’ll meet you guys in the Common Room later!” He said disappearing through the door.

”Him and his dates.” Peter said, shaking his head.

”I tell ya, Wormtail when a guy chooses a girl over his mates, something’s wrong.” James said, clapping Peter on the back. “Right Moony?” James said smiling.

”Sure.” He said, wrapping his arm around Hermione.

”Well, I’ll be right back.” Lily said, getting up from the table and walking to the restroom. Remus nudged Hermione and she flashed him a small smile.

”James,” Hermione said, he looked up at her from stacking the mugs and blinked. “We’re going to head to the bookstore and see if the manager got that book out of the room in the back for me. We’ll meet you and Lily and Peter at the carriages ok?” She said as her and Remus slid out of the booth. James blinked again but nodded.

”Yeah sure, see you in a little bit then.” He said waving his hand as they headed for the door.

”I’m going to run down to the Sweets Shop, I want to get some things to send to my mum.” Peter said, and without a word, left as well.

”Um, alright…” James said, looking into his empty mug. Lily came back a few moments later and stopped, and stood in front of the table. “Well, aren’t you going to sit down?” James said, without looking up.

”Where did they go?” She asked, looking towards the door.

”Moony and Hermione went to the bookstore, again and Peter mentioned something about sweets.” He said waving his hand, and Lily sighed.

”Oh.” She said. There was an awkward pause and she spoke, curiosity getting the better of her. “You realize we are being set up right?” She said, and watched as James moved his finger around the rim of the mug.

”Of course.” He nodded.

”Why didn’t you leave if you realized it then?” She asked quietly.

”I didn’t think it was very gentlemanly of me to leave whilst a lady is still in the washroom.” He said, looking up at her and smiling. She blushed and looked down at her empty mug. “Would you like another one? My treat.” He said. She nodded and James waved his hand at Rosemerta and signalled for two butterbeers. Lily laughed softly and James stared at her. “What are you laughing at?” he asked watching her curiously.

”You.” She said, smiling. “I mean look at you.”

”Well, that’s kind of hard.” He said, laughing, and looking down at himself, and pulling his arms off the table.

”You’ve changed Potter. You really aren’t a prick anymore.”

”Oh, thanks a lot Lils.” He said, reaching over and taking the butterbeers from Rosemerta as she came to the table. “Thanks.” He said, smiling up at her and dropping a few coins into her hands, she nodded and moved to another table.

”No, I mean it, you didn’t let the Head Boy status get to your head, like I thought it would. I thought you would abuse your privileges, but you haven’t. “ She said, and stared at the table, but continued quietly. “I thought it would be hell working with you, but really it hasn’t been bad at all. I guess all those bludgers over the years have finally knocked some sense into you then.” She smiled and James shook his head laughing. There was a long silence, the two of them sat there, sipping their butterbeers quietly. “You know,” Lily said, paused and continued. “You know what would be really tricky?”

”What?” James said, looking up at her.

”If we go back and tell them that we’ve decided to start dating.” James snorted.

”Or better yet, we tell them we practically ripped each other’s throats out, pretend that you hate me more than ever and then spring it on them when they least expect it that we are in fact dating.” James said, sounding hopeful. Lily stared at him. “Oh come on Lils, it couldn’t hurt could it?” James said, running his hand through his hair nervously. “Isn’t that the whole aspect of dating? To give things a try.” James said, staring at her, she looked away from his gaze, and then smiled and sighed.

”You know,” she said quietly, and James’ smile broadened. “I suppose we could give it a try.” She said quietly, looking at him from the corner of her eye. He grinned.

”Merlin’s beard.” He whispered, a stupid grin on his face. “Thank you Lils, and I swear if you want to stop dating me then that’s fine. And we’ll take it slow, and Thank you for giving me a chance.” He said, and Lily laughed and shook her head. “I wonder who planned this…” He said and at the same moment the two of them looked at each other and said, “Hermione” simultaneously.

”I’m sure Peter and Remus were in on it. But Sirius, I don’t believe had any clue as to what Hermione was doing.” Lily said, shaking her head.

”I agree with that.” James said laughing.

”Yeah, because we both know where we’d be right now if he had some say in it. Most likely locked in the storeroom at Zonkos.” She muttered and James laughed and held up his mug.

”To giving things a try?” he said, and Lily smiled, lifting her mug and knocking it against his own.

”To giving things a try.” She said smiling.

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Chapter 20: Tricks and Treats
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Tricks and Treats.

A few weeks had passed since the set up between Lily and James, and Halloween was approaching quickly. Older students were getting ready for one of the most beloved holidays, and probably the best party Hogwarts had all year, shopping in town, buying costumes and goodies as Sirius, James, and Peter had done a few weeks ago, pranking supplies. Hermione had been confused by all of this, because in her time they didn’t have prank wars.

Well, that’s what it seemed like anyway, pranks between all the students, mainly boys, and the way Sirius had explained it to her, it definitely seemed disastrous and she could imagine why teachers gave out multiple detentions and didn’t allow many Zonko products inside the building. Or maybe it was just Filch, even though, he was still the caretaker, maybe Fred and George were really worse than the Marauders.

Sirius was still whining over the fact that Lily and James were in fact a couple and he was not notified of the set up, or had not helped in anyway. He was actually more annoyed that Peter knew and didn’t spill it to him. Hermione had simply given him a look, and told him to bugger off, and that Lily and James didn’t need to be locked in a room, they just needed to be in a calm atmosphere and talk things out. Which they had done.

”Oh, Sirius please stop your whining. It was two weeks ago. Why are you still complaining, I know you felt left out, but you would have had them tied together and probably locked in the broom shed by the Quidditch tents.” Hermione said from her spot on the couch, book in her lap, Sirius sitting on the other end. He huffed loudly. “You are acting like a child. What do you want me to say? Sorry?” She asked, looking up at him, he looked back and shrugged.

”Yeah, he’s my best mate and I should have known what you were planning and if you didn’t want me to help all you had to do was say so and I wouldn’t have interfered.”

Hermione sighed and ran a hand through her hair, “Alright, I’m sorry. But I know how stubborn you can be, and I didn’t know what you would do. Besides, from the mess you made with me and Remus trying to set us up like that, I didn’t know what other crazy ideas you’d come up with.” She said quietly and Sirius nodded at first but then looked at her, his eyes wide.

”How’d you know about that?” He said, and Hermione shrugged, tapping her temple and smiling. After a few moments, Hermione returned back to her reading, finding that Sirius wasn’t going to say anything, but then he spoke up. “I’m sorry for being a prat the past few weeks, it’s just he’s one of my best mates…” He whispered and Hermione looked up at him again and smiled.

”I understand Sirius, really.” She said quietly and he nodded. “What are you reading?” he asked, moving closer.

”Oh, um one of the books I picked up at the bookstore,” She said and Sirius, being curious lifted up the side so he could read the cover.

”Love potions eh?” He said, grinning. “Going to try to seduce old Moony?” Hermione shook her head laughing.

”No,” She whispered, “I put a spell on the cover.” He gave her a questioning glance and she waved her hand over the cover and the love potions cover faded into Werewolves and their Habits.

”Ah,” Sirius said, sitting up. “I can see why you changed it. Does Remus know you got that, or are you hiding that from him?”

”Yes and no,” She said, “He knows I got a book on the subject, but doesn’t know which one, and this one I was going to read at home, but they didn’t have them, they’d taken them off the shelves. So I bought it when I found it.”

”Oh, interesting. Any idea why they didn’t have them on the shelves anymore?” Sirius asked, curiosity getting the best of him. He noticed Hermione look around hesitantly, and her brow furrowing as if she was trying to remember.

”Well,” She said slowly, her voice soft. “Their laws became stricter, and from what I can remember reading people started to hunt them, a lot.” She said emphasizing her words. Sirius’ eyes widened in horror at the thought.

”What!” He whispered harshly, “Those Ministry pricks started hunting Wer-“ He started to say but Hermione leaned over and clamped her hand over his mouth before he could finish his rude statement.

”Shh!” She whispered, and removed her hand, and sat back down, “You can’t tell anyone. Okay?” She said and he nodded.

”It happens in a few years doesn’t it.” He said quietly.

”I don’t remember.” She whispered sadly. He knew she didn’t remember but he knew it was true, with the way the capsule had flared with light, he didn’t know how he knew, but he just had a gut feeling about it, and that Moony may become one of the hunted.

They sat there in silence for a few moments before the portrait hole opened and Remus stumbled inside. Hermione and Sirius looked up and Hermione immediately pushed up from the couch, and ran to him, dropping her book to the floor in haste. Sirius realized why. He was pale, very pale and sweating. “Remus?” She said, quietly, quickly taking his books from him and leading him to the couch, Sirius quickly stood, allowing Remus room to law down. “You’re burning up.” She said quietly as she pressed her hand to his forehead, he moved his head to the side, away from her reach and sat down on the couch, leaning back.

”Don’t touch me,” he whispered and Sirius watched as her eyes clouded over angrily. “I’m fine.” He said, as he moved to loosen his tie.

”Your not fine.” She said placing her hands on her hips. “You pushed yourself too much, just because it was on a weekend doesn’t mean you had to come back on Monday, you were still tired as hell and had a fever.” She said angrily.

He cracked open one golden eye and Hermione stepped back shocked at seeing the golden orb instead of the gray-blue ones, “I’m fine.” He repeated. She was about to protest again when both his eyes opened and he moved to take off his tie. “Look, just because you know about my furry little problem doesn’t mean you know what’s best.” He snarled and Hermione’s eyes widened and Sirius frowned at Remus’ sudden mood swing, he must not have been feeling well, he rarely snapped at anyone.

”Fine.” She said hotly, her voice rising and becoming more loathsome with each word. “ Let your fever spike and get worse. See if I care.” She snarled back, and turned her back and walked out of the Common Room. Realization must have hit him, because quickly his eyes widened and he staggered up from the couch, some of the few students around the Common Room now watching.

Sirius reached over and grabbed Remus’ arm, and Remus turned on him. “What?” He said angrily, and then sighing, “Sorry, What?” He said again, this time in a more friendly tone.

”I would leave her alone mate.” He said, and Remus’ lip twitched in annoyance.

”For Heaven’s sake Sirius,” He said quietly, “Let me do this,” pulling away, he stumbled towards the portrait hole. “Hermione!” He called, as he watched her walk down the corridor.

She didn’t even turn around. “Drop Dead!” She said angrily, and kept walking.

”Okay.” He whispered before he collapsed into a dead faint.

Remus slowly opened his eyes and blinked a few times, he inhaled through his nose, his eyes site was still hazy and he didn’t know where he was. He sniffed, and could smell the clean bed sheets, different medicines and sickness. Someone close by was very ill. He realized then, he was in the hospital wing, he should have realized sooner with how stiff the sheets were. He felt some sort of weight on the left side of him, and lifted his head to see a mass of chestnut curls. Hermione.

He reached his hand up and gently caressed her curls as she slept, he realized it was dark, and the only light came from the oil lamps. He frowned, wondering how long she had been there, asleep like that, she would hurt her neck if she continued to sleep that way. She shifted and made a small noise in the back of her throat and he sat up, slowly. She lifted and turned her head and looked at him.

In the darkness he watched her blush and she smiled at him, and flung her arms around his middle. Hugging him tightly and whispering to him. “Oh thank Merlin, you’re awake.” She whispered, and he smiled and kissed the top of her head. He reached up and lifted her head up, and gave her a guilty smile.

”I’m sorry I was so rude, I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been acting irrational, and I haven’t been myself and I’m sorry I was such a prick.” He whispered, looking into her eyes. She was happy to see the golden orbs gone.

”It’s alright, I’m just glad your alright now, you scared me so bad when you fainted. I screamed for Sirius, luckily he was going to follow you so you didn’t do anything stupid, like try to go outside or something, so he was about to come out of the portrait hole. But you’ve slept for,” She said, sitting up and lifting her sleeve to check her watch, “Nearly a day and a half already.” He raised an eyebrow, “Yes, you’ve been out for a while, you collapsed yesterday evening. It’s Wednesday Night, well, I suppose you could say it’s now Thursday, but still. I said that you weren’t fine.” She said quietly, and he chuckled and nodded.

”I know, he’s very stubborn,” Remus said, referring to the wolf, “ and I’m sorry if I scared you at all, I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately, he’s been very well… I don’t know really, possessive, and harder to control, like he’s trying to find something.” He said quietly, blushing in embarrassment that he couldn’t keep the animal inside him in control, and Hermione shook her head.

”It’s ok, I’m just glad that your fever went down.” She said, leaning in, she softly placed her lips against his and he smiled and pulled her onto the bed next to him. “Madam Pomfrey will have our heads if she finds us like this.” Hermione said quietly, snuggling up to his side as they both lay down on their backs.

”She can do as she likes, although I know she would never hurt me, she may want to, but she could never do that, she’s like a mother wolf to me, very possessive…” he said laughing softly. “Anyway, you can always just get up early and sneak out before she gets up, with the ungodly hour that you wake up at, I’m sure you’ll be up before she’s even partially awake.” She gently swatted his side at this, but muffled her laughter in folds of the sheets.

”Your horrible,” She said, wrapping her arm around his waist, and resting her head on his shoulder.

”But you love me anyway.” He said, closing his eyes.

”But I love you anyway.” She repeated softly before falling asleep.

When Remus woke up he found that Hermione had left, but a small note on the table next to his bed told him that she had indeed left before Madam Pomfry had gotten up to check on everyone. She also added a Happy Halloween. He groaned softly, thinking Sirius would be soon enough to get him up and drag him along, to prank like there was no tomorrow. Although, with James being Head Boy, Sirius could get away with it, but Remus doubted it, since Lily would be at his side, both of them knowing all too well what would be going on today.

He sat up as Madam Pomfrey pulled open the curtains and came to his bed. “Good morning Mr. Lupin.” She said as she popped a thermometer into his mouth before he could respond. She checked him over and spoke quickly. “Your well enough to leave now. I suppose next time you’ll listen your young lady, and stay in bed.” She said, giving him a knowing look, as he stood to change his shirt. He pulled the other one over his head and reached for his button-up shirt at the end of the bed.

”You could have told me to stay, why didn’t you?” He asked as he began to button up his shirt, and reached for his tie, Madam Pomfrey started to take the sheets off his bed.

”I thought you would have listened to her, but when you didn’t I’d figure I’d let you let you learn a lesson not listening to Ms. Grant.” She said smiling.

”And what’s that?” He said, reaching for his trousers, not at all embarrassed about changing in front of her.

”That a woman knows best, when it comes to those things of course.” She said, and he laughed as he tucked his shirt in, and then reached for his robes. “Well you best be off before Mr. Black comes looking for you. I suppose any minute now there will be first years coming in with long tongues, different colored hair, large noses, boils, buck teeth, or anything all those boys come up with.” She said sighing and Remus couldn’t help but laugh softly.

”Yes you’re right, I’ll be on my way. Thank you Poppy.” Remus said, and hugged her quickly. She shook her head and shooed him away. He made his way to the Great Hall where as he walked through the doors he scouted for Hermione, finding her a bit along the table, scribbling away, munching on a piece of toast, Sirius and Peter across from her. He walked up next to her and gently nudged her side and spoke quietly in her ear. “Hello love.” He grinned as she jumped slightly.

She turned and looked up at him, toast sticking out of her mouth, she beamed up at him, he rolled his eyes and planted a kiss on her forehead and heard Sirius groan from across the table. “Please spare us the mushy-ness.” He said, pretending to gag, and Hermione finished chewing her food and made a face at him.

”Your one to talk,” Remus scoffed, as he sat. “Although your not mushy, your just plain old revolting,” He said as he reached for the plate of toast and the jam.

”Hey, I am not.” He said, huffing loudly, looking hopefully at Peter.

”Actually, you are.” Peter said shrugging and shoving eggs in his mouth so he didn’t have to talk anymore.

”Good man Peter.” Remus said laughing, Sirius glared at both of them, Hermione paid little attention to them both. “So where is Prongs?” Remus asked and took a bite of his toast.

”Doing his civic duty.” Sirius said waving his hand elegantly and Remus nodded. “Hey, Wormtail…” Sirius said nudging Peter and both leaned over his watch. “Three…two…one…” Sirius whispered and both then looked up at the Slytherin table. There was suddenly a loud bang and Remus and Hermione immediately turned in their seats to look at the Slytherin table, as had many other students. There was a large a cloud of blue smoke over the table and as it cleared all the Slytherins could be heard, swearing, and some yelling.

Remus squinted and from what he could make out through the cloud of blue smoke were some students sprouting fur, long furry ears and tails. Many of the girls were screeching in horror, and running from the Great Hall in embarrassment. Sirius and Peter burst out laughing, as had many of the other students around the Hall.

”They’re turning into cats…” Hermione said, watching as some of the students who hadn’t ran from the hall where now turning into different colored cats, the color of their hair.

Remus couldn’t help but chuckle and Hermione clicked her tongue and turned back to Sirius. “It took me forever to think that up, I couldn’t do the same thing last year, with the food, otherwise it wouldn’t be unique.” He said, holding his sides from laughing so hard.

”What did you use?” Hermione asked and Sirius reached into his pocket and pulled out a vial containing a black powder.

”Ordered it special, and added a few things to it.” He said and Remus took it and opened the cap and inhaled, he shook, his head snuffing loudly, trying to get the smell out of his nose. It smelled like something had died and those were it’s remains. “Careful Moony, it may smell bad, but it’s got a sweet taste, I added it to their pumpkin juice this morning before breakfast.” He said grinning.

”You added stuff to it? How did you know it wouldn’t end up in disaster?” She said and shrugged, “So you went on pure gut instinct then?” She said and he nodded. ”How long will they be like that?” Hermione asked, looking over her shoulder at the remaining cats, they were actually acting like real cats, cleaning themselves, a Professor was down there now, looking highly annoyed as she tried to round them up.

”Only a few hours or so. Why?” he said and Hermione shrugged, and took the vial from Remus and as Sirius looked away she dumped a bit into his pumpkin juice. Peter and Remus both stared at her, as she grabbed the top and shoved it back on.

”No reason, here.” She said sweetly, handing it back, but he didn’t take it. Sirius reached for his goblet and started to put it to his lips when both Remus and Peter opened their mouths to stop him, but it was too late, he had already downed it’s entire continents.

”What?” he said and Remus and Peter continued to stare at him, then his brow furrowed and he placed his hands on the table and his eyes widened as the hair on his arms began to get longer and it spread up his wrist to his hands. “Wait-who, what the hell!” he said, starting to yell and stood up, Hermione smiled sweetly at him and waved the vial at him, he stared at her, as his ears sprouted, students around were staring at him. “Touché” he managed to get out before he fully turned into a black cat. Hermione reached across the table to grab the cat before it could get away.

”Well it serves you right Sirius, haven’t you ever heard of never letting the cat out of the bag, you shouldn’t have shown me that little vial.” She said, holding him up in front of her face, smiling at him. The cat meowed and swatted at her hair. Peter was laughing so hard his face was turning purple and Remus was shaking his head.

James appeared a few moments later, frowning. “I missed it, how was it Wormtail. Wormtail?” He said and raised an eyebrow at Peter whom was still laughing. “What? Where is Sirius?” he said and both Peter and Remus pointed to the cat in Hermione’s arms. She smiled at James as the cat rubbed against her cheeks. “How did- Did you do that to him Hermione?”

She smiled and nodded, “It’s his own fault, and he’s the one who gave me the vial.” She said, shrugging and James laughed.

”I suppose that’s fair.” He said and reached across the table to pat the scowling cat’s head.

Classes were almost the same, but many students were waiting in the Hospital wing for reverse spells to work their magic. Hermione was nearly untouched all morning, although when one of the Hufflepuff boys had aimed a hair-coloring spell at her, her hair had turned bright green, she shot back with a tooth enlarger. Remus made a comment as they walked to Transfiguration that he liked her green hair and she immediately did a reversal spell, no way was she keeping her hair green. She was still holding Sirius, who had accompanied her to their classes; he was quite content sitting inside her bag, sticking his head out of the flap as they walked in the hallways. During their half hour free Remus had found teasing Sirius with her quill quite entertaining.

They walked into the room and he jumped out of her bag, his two hours were almost up and McGonagall looked at him, and raised and eyebrow. “He’s been coming me all day professor, I’ve made sure he hasn’t missed a class.” Hermione said, Remus chuckled as he set his books down at their seat. “He’ll be changing back soon anyway, if I’m accurate.” She said and watched as there was a puff of blue smoke and as it started to clear Sirius was sitting there on top of the desk, hair ruffled and looking around.

His eyes caught Hermione, and he got up, nearly tripping over his own feet as he stumbled towards her. McGonagall muttered something and moved to the head of the classroom. “That was bloody brilliant! You’re a sneaky little wench.” He said, grinning stupidly.

”Language Mr. Black.” McGonagall called over her shoulder. Sirius just continued to grin at her, and she pushed passed him to her seat next to Remus.

”I only did what anyone else would have done if they had that stuff.” She said winking at him as she sat down and added quietly to herself, “I think Fred and George have finally become a bad influence on me.”

Hermione was waiting outside a classroom doorway for the boys when Severus came out ahead of them, she heard students laughing softly and watched as he turned and walked away, that there was a sign on his back. ‘Malfoy was here’ with an arrow pointing downwards. She rolled her eyes and thought of calling after him but Remus was already taking her hand and leading her in the opposite direction.

They walked towards the Great Hall, Remus on her left, and Sirius on her right, deep in conversation with Peter, Lily and James in front of them, talking quietly. Hermione nudged Remus and nodded to Lily and James and smiled. He nodded and grinned back, leaning down to whisper in her ear. “You did a good job getting them alone.” She smiled at him again and then spoke up just as James and Lily were about to head off to their Common Room to drop their bags off.

”Hey Lily,” she said, watching as Lily turned, disentangling her fingers from James’ and titled her head to the side, smiling.

”Yeah?” She asked softly, James stopping as well and coming up behind her.

”We’re going to head off to the Common Room to put our bags back and then I wanted to take a walk so we wont be meet you guys for a bit. We still have an hour or so before the Feast starts.” She said, looking up to Remus, who had not heard of this news, but he wasn’t really paying attention anyway, he was watching the group of boys down the hall.

”Alright.” She said, “Well, I guess we’ll meet you guys in a hour then.” She said, and she and James turned and walked down the corridor to their Common Room, Sirius and Peter hadn’t even stopped walking, and were ahead of them.

”Hey, you four!” Remus called, turning to flash his Prefects Badge at them. They all groaned, and rolled their eyes. “Five points each, for trying to enter the girls bathroom.” He said and one of them tried to speak up but he cut them off. “I don’t care what you were trying to do, but stay out of there. Professors don’t mind the pranking, but that’s not pranking, that’s peeping. Now get going before I take more points.” He said and the boys nodded, all them blushing and walked way, grumbling at each other.

”You handled that nicely, but I’d like to know, how many times have you peeped?” She said and he looked down at her, unable to hide his blush.

”What do you ever mean, I never peeped, once. It was always Sirius, James and Peter.” He said, and she rolled her eyes at him.






Remus pretended to look shocked, but couldn’t hold his laughter in. “Very nice.” He said, wrapping his arm around her shoulders and leading her in the direction of their Common Room. “Now, what’s this about going for a walk I heard you say to Lily?” he said, as they came up to the Portrait Hole.

Hermione said the password, before speaking, “Well, I’d like to go for a walk, if that’s alright with you. I want to get a look at the leaves and take some pictures. If that’s all right. If you don’t want to go, that’s all right. I can go alone.” She said, as they stepped through and put their bags down on a table.

”I don’t mind at all. I’d love to go out and take some pictures.” He said and they walked hand in hand outside to the grounds. They were outside for an hour or so, just enjoying each other’s company. Hermione had used a spell to pull the fallen leaves into a large pile, where she had then taken Remus’ hands and spun around with him and both fell into the leaves. They walked up the stone stairs and Hermione stopped, stepping up a few so she seemed taller than Remus.

”You still have leaves in your hair, silly.” She said, reaching over to brush them out. He smiled at her, as she ran her fingers through his hair, and sighed. “What?” She said, laughing softly.

”That feels nice.” He said and she kept her fingers there, and leaned down, brushing her lips against his. “So does that.” He murmured against her lips.

She pulled away, laughing as his hands went to her sides, lifting her up and twirling her around with ease. “Remus!” She squealed and he quickly set her back down on the steps. “C’mon, we’re going to be late, we don’t want Lily getting angry.” She said, taking his hand and leading him inside the school.

”Now we wouldn’t that, he’s scary when she’s angry.” He said, sounding like a small child. Hermione shook her head and led him to the Great Hall. Sirius was leaning against a pillar down the hall, talking to a few girls; Peter, James and Lily were all waiting by the doors leading into the Great Hall. “Hey, guys, sorry.” Remus said, and James waved his hand.

”It’s all right, we just got here, and we lost Sirius to his hormones.” James said nodding in the direction of Sirius. Hermione and Remus both rolled their eyes.

”So you two have fun?” Lily asked, smiling and Hermione and Remus both nodded and blushed.

”Yeah, we did, it was good to get outside, I needed some fresh air, and it’s very claming watching the wind move the leaves.” Remus said, wrapping his arm around Hermione’s shoulders. “I’m starving, lets go eat.” He said and James looked back at Sirius, who continued to flirt.

”Better call your mutt then,” He said motioning to Sirius and walking into the Great Hall with Peter and Lily.

”Oi! Pads!” Remus called, “We’re gonna start eating without you if you don’t get over here now.” He called again and Sirius looked up at him, stupid grin on his face, he winked at the girls and jogged up to them, kissing Hermione on the cheek.

”Well hello love,” He said and Hermione gave him a bland look and Remus eyed him strangely. “What? You want a kiss too Moony?” He said, moving to kiss Remus, who put his hand in Sirius’ face and pushed Sirius away, and he stumbled into the Great Hall, all three of them laughing.

”Hey, Hermione, check this out.” Sirius said, during the Feast, Sirius was on her right and Remus on her left. She watched as he pointed down the table to the girls, Annie and a few other sixth years. He waved his wand and the candy bowl that Annie was just about to reach into turned into little bugs and all stared to crawl out. Annie and the other girls screamed, startling everyone in the hall. Sirius, and the boys nearby starting laughing hysterically.

After a few moments and many hysterical screams later the bugs all returned to being candy. Hermione scowled at Sirius’ prank, not finding it funny at all, but mean. “Oh come on,” Sirius huffed, seeing her look, “You have to admit that was a little funny.” He said and she gave him a small smile, he would never change.

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Chapter 21: One Unanswered Question and An Order Meeting
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   One unanswered question, and an Order meeting

“Hey,” Hermione said, leaning over to pluck the book from Remus’ hands.

”Hmm?” He said, and looked up at her, a bit annoyed she had stolen his book. She grinned at him from over the back of the couch.

”I’ve got a meeting with Professor Dumbledore.” She said, and handed him his book back.

”Oh.” He said quietly, and looked up at her. “Are you going to be back for dinner?” he said, and she frowned, biting her lip, unsure of what to say. “I take that as a no.” He said smiling sadly.

”I’m not sure, it depends really.” She said and he nodded.

”Alright, well, I suppose its time-turner business.” He said and she smiled at him, leaning down and placing a kiss on his cheek. He turned to face her, capturing her lips in a sweet kiss. “Well,” He said after pulling away. “I suppose I’ll see you when I see you then.” He said slowly.

”Yeah,” She said, nodding. “I’ll be back later.” She said, gently touching his shoulder and kissing the top of his head, before pulling away and leaving the Common Room.

 “Remus?” He looked up, marking the page in his book to see Freya standing there, looking rather uneasy. He smiled at her and patted the cushion next to him. “How are you feeling?” She asked quietly.

”Much better thank you, what can I do for you?” He said, setting his book down on the table next to the couch.
”Well, I was wondering what you were doing for Christmas break? Are you going home or staying here?” She said, becoming uncomfortable.

”Well, I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing, why do you ask?” he said, becoming confused and anxious by her answer.

”I really don’t mean to be nosy, it’s just my mother will be coming to pick me up and…” She said, trailing off quietly.

”Does she know?” He whispered and she shook her head. “So if I go you’d like me to just pass by and say hello, give a cheery welcome.” He said, his voice becoming bitter.

”No!” She said desperately. “I thought you’d like to see her, or to know so you can steer clear.” She said quickly and Remus gave her a doubtful look. She squirmed under his gaze and spoke again, quickly. “Alright…I just… I think she’d really like to see you.”

Remus sighed and ran his hand through his hair and leaned back. “Look, I know you’d like to see me and my sister reunited, but believe me, you don’t know what you’re getting into. She left us of her own accord. She left me all on her own. She could have stayed, but she didn’t.” He said and pushed off the couch and made his way to the boy’s dorm staircase. He felt her hand on his arm and turned around to face her.

"Just think about it… please…” She said quietly, and turned to run up the girl’s

Hermione knocked on the door to Professor Dumbledore’s office. She heard him tell her to come in and she opened the door, and stepped inside. “Hello sir.” She said, giving him a weak smile.

”Good evening Hermione.” He said smiling at her as he stood up from behind his desk. “I trust you’re all set and ready to go.”

”Yes sir. I am.” She said and looked around and spoke up again as he moved to grab something within one of the drawers inside his desk. “Is Professor McGonagall coming?” She said, noticing that said professor wasn’t in the room.

”I’m afraid not, we can’t have both the Head Master and Deputy Head Mistress away now can we?” He said, coming around the side of the desk holding a quill.

”No sir.” She said sheepishly.

”Now, we’ll be going by port key, so grab onto the quill and in a few moments we’ll be off.” He said and Hermione reached for the quill and as soon as she did she felt a tug behind her navel, everything was swirling and she soon found her feet on the ground once more, in a dark hallway. “Now, some other time I will tell you the exact location of this place, but for now, you need not know since you will be coming with me.” He said as he started down the hallway, to another room. “We are a little early, but a few people are already here. Let’s go introduce you.” He said, leading her into a very large room.

There were a few tables set up, a few dozen chairs, and some old couches. Bookcases lined the walls, the shelves filled with books, scrolls, and other trinkets. She noticed in the corner of the room, two men leaning over what looked like a map on one of the tables, with the dim light from the oil lamp they had lit. Then she noticed a couple talking, the woman on the couch, a plump witch with curly red hair, and she froze. It was Molly, and the man was Arthur. They were so young, still in their thirties, and Arthur still had all his hair. He looked up and nudged Molly.

”Albus, your early.” Arthur said, moving over to shake his hand.

”Yes, I wanted Ms. Grant to get here a little early, to let loose her nerves and relax.” He said and Hermione blushed. “This is our newest member, Hermione Grant. No relation to Amelia.” He said when Molly opened her mouth to speak, she shut it and nodded.

”Well, it’s very nice to meet you Hermione.” Arthur said, taking her extended hand and shaking it. She smiled at him. “I’m Arthur Weasley and this is my wife, Molly.” He said, letting go of her hand and motioning to Molly, who stepped up and shook her hand.

”It’s very nice to meet you Hermione. Albus told us about your parents.” She said sadly and Hermione’s eyes widened in shock.

”What exactly did he you tell you?” She said, trying to stay calm.

”About their horrible accident and how they left you in his care. A horrible way to die, really, it’s a shame.” She said, and Hermione looked over her shoulder at Dumbledore who was looking very innocent, made a simple movement and popped a lemon drop in his mouth, moving over to where the other two men were. She realized then that they looked very familiar. Then she realized that they were Gideon and Fabian Prewett whom she had met not too long ago.

”Crazy old coot.” She murmured, turning back to Molly.

”Pardon?” She asked.

”Oh, nothing, sorry,” Hermione said, laughing nervously, waving off her quiet little statement. “Actually, I’ve met your son, Bill, we’re in the same house.” She said, changing the topic. Molly’s expression changed immediately and Arthur’s as well.

”You mean your still in school.” She said, her tone of voice becoming angry. “Albus!” She said rounding on Dumbledore. “She is still in school, far too young to be in the Order! What are you doing?” She said, pointing to Hermione, who looked uneasily over at Arthur, who gave her a weak smile.

”I’m eighteen, old enough to be here!” Hermione said defensively, but Dumbledore held up his hand to quiet her, Gideon and Fabian looked up as well.

Before Albus could speak, Fabian spoke up. “Molly, leave him alone, she’s quick with her wand, and she’s got brains, it’s just a little added bonus she’s in his care. He’s got his reasons for putting her in here, she’s got some pretty good ideas, so let it go.” He said, crossing his arms, staring coldly at his older sister. She glared back at him, obviously angry that she was being told off by her younger brother. She let it go, and muttered something about going to the kitchen and Arthur sighed.

”I’m sorry about her Albus.” Arthur said and Gideon motioned Hermione over to where they were standing. Albus and Arthur soon were engaged in quiet conversation.

”Good to see you again kid.” Gideon said grinning at her, she realized that they seemed so similar to Fred and George, except they both had mops of curls instead, and Fabian had a scar running down his neck into his shirt, where Gideon did not. Hermione smiled at him, “There’s that beautiful smile.” He said, and Fabian rolled his eyes.

”Stop being a flirt.” He said, punching his brother in the shoulder. “So Hermione, how have you been?” Fabian asked, and Hermione was about to say something when she heard voices behind her. “Hello Joseph, Amelia.” Someone, said Dumbledore most likely, he was so formal. Her entire body froze when she heard the couple speak up. The voices were so familiar, she felt her stomach lurch as the woman spoke up.

”Hello Albus, Arthur, good to see you both.” She said sweetly. Her mother, it was her mother. Fabian waved a hand in her face to get her attention, his eyes showing signs of uncertainty.

”Hey, earth to Hermione, you alright?” He said gently nudging her shoulder, she took a deep shuddering breath and nodded. “Alright, because you looked like you stopped breathing.” He said, and was right; she had stop breathing for a moment. “Hello Joe, Amy.” He said, giving her one last concerned look before moving past her to shake hands with Joe and hug Amy. Hermione turned around as well, plastering a fake smile on her face as Gideon greeted the two.

”Oh, Joe, Amy, this is Hermione, our newest member.” Fabian said, turning to look at her again, giving her a weak smile.

”What a beautiful name.” Amy said as she extended her hand for Hermione to shake, she took it, apprehensively at first, and then shook Joe’s hand. They were so young, both still teenagers, well at least she thought they were anyway, trying to remember what Narcissa said a few months ago. She shook her head.

”Thank you.” She managed to get out, her mouth had gone completely dry and she felt as though she was about to vomit at any given moment. “Will you excuse me,” she said as politely as possible and walked swiftly through the doorway and to the stairs around the corner leading to the downstairs of where ever they were. She heard Amelia murmur something like, “poor dear.” As she walked passed. Gideon gave Fabian a sharp nod in Hermione’s direction and he then disappeared out the door, and stopped when he found her sitting on the stairs, leaned over with her head in her hands.

He sat down next to and gently touched her arm, she flinched at his touch, startled that he had followed her. “They are your parents aren’t they?” He said, leaning close to her, his voice only loud enough for her to hear. She let out a shuddering breath and lifted her head to wipe away the tears at the corner of her eyes with her thumbs. She nodded and leaned into his shoulder.

”How’d you know.” She whimpered.

”The way you spaced out before, you had a look of complete horror in your eyes when Amelia spoke.” He said quietly, bringing his arm around her shoulders. She realized a complete stranger was comforting her but he seemed so familiar. She felt like she was in Ron’s arms, she closed her eyes and wished she was home with them. “You looked like you had seen a ghost.” He said and she nodded into his shoulder. “So they died then.” He whispered and again she nodded.

”Yes, only I can only remember parts of it, thanks to this stupid thing.” She said, as she reached into her shirt and pulled out the glowing capsule. When she touched the glass images of her parents bodies flashed before her eyes and their killers words, You should have never left.  
She didn’t know how they sat there like that, but just as she thought he was about to speak someone called to them. “Fay? Hermione?” Gideon called from the doorway, “We’re about to start the meeting. C’mon.” Fabian sighed and he got up, helping Hermione to her feet, she smiled at him.

”Thank you.” She said smiling.

”No problem.” He said, allowing her to step into the room first, she nearly stopped in shock at all the people. There were many she did not know. A few she recognized, others she did not. She moved with Fabian to two seats next to Gideon, she sat closer to Gideon while Fabian sat next to a young blonde man, who looked to be the same age as the two of them. Then she remembered him from a picture she had seen once, Dearborn was his name, well his last name anyway. “Oh, Hermione,” Fabian whispered, nudging her arm gently as other’s sat down. “This is Caradoc.” He said and Hermione leaned forward and extended her hand, which Caradoc shook.

”Pleasure to meet you, Hermione.” He said grinning and taking her hand.

She smiled at him and nodded, “Same goes for you.” She let go of his hand as Dumbledore cleared his throat.

”Now, let us get started with the meeting, I am sure you all have noticed a new face, Ms. Hermione Grant has recently joined us.” He said, and Hermione looked out of the corner of her eye as Amelia’s brow furrowed for a moment. “Gideon and Fabian have some news for us, concerning the incident with the eclipse not too long ago. Gideon if you will please.” He said motioning for Gideon to talk.

”Right. Well you all know about the little werewolf incident we had, with the eclipse.” He said and looked around as they all nodded. “Well it seems here, that Hermione was in fact correct. Fabian and I managed to find a few of their hideouts. It seems that You-Know-Who has indeed recruited werewolves. But we really don’t know why.” He said, grabbing a folder, and started to hand out what looked like muggle style photos. He moved to a projection and waved his wand at a window, a white screen coming down.

Hermione spoke up quietly, looking up at him, “Well isn’t it a bit obvious.” She said, and a few people looked at her puzzled. “I mean think about it, what would werewolves want the most?” She asked and when no one answered she sighed and spoke. “Freedom, with the Code of Conduct laws that were set in 1637, and the Registry laws in 1947 they would want emancipation, and Voldemort,” she said and everyone except for Dumbledore flinched,” would grant them amnesty for their loyalty.” She said and paused, “Are there not new laws going through the Wizengamot right now.” She said looking about and a man nodded.

”Yes, there are. Dolores Umbridge has recently given new laws to the Chief Warlock.” Said a man sitting on one of the couches, dressed in Ministry attire, taking his glasses off and rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Poor beasts don’t need anymore restrictions as it is, pretty soon they wont be able to do anything with what she wants passed.” He said quietly and Hermione saw another man shift in his seat out of the corner of her eye. 

”Hermione, this is Benjamin Fenwick, Head of the Werewolf Registry in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.” Dumbledore said quietly from his seat, Hermione smiled and nodded.

”Right, well I suppose Hermione is right, it would give them motivation to join the Dark Lord. But they have a leader, well at least we believe he is the leader. He seemed to be directing everyone and others were taking orders from him. This is him.” Gideon said, taking some pictures and passing them around.

Hermione took the picture and made a noise in the back of her throat. “Greyback.” She whispered, clutching the picture tightly.

”How do you know of him?” Another man asked, the one that had shifted before in his seat. He had shoulder-length black hair, gray eyes and unshaven.

”Doesn’t matter,” She said waving her hand, and handing the picture along, the man eyed her suspiciously.  

”Well it seems as though they divided them into two different groups, some of them were being taken somewhere, while others just sat around, or following orders from Greyback. There must be some reason for them to sort them into groups.” Fabian said from next her.

”So let me get this straight, You-Know-Who is creating a werewolf army.” Someone said and soon the others broke out into conversation. Hermione looked down, biting her lip as she thought. She wondered why Greyback would sort them into groups, then Bill’s face flashed before her eyes. His scarred face, with the slashes that would never truly heal.

Horror flooded through her as she realized what Fenrir must be doing. It made perfect sense, how he could hurt Bill that much even in human form. “He’s using them as test subjects.” She said, and looked up at Fabian, who gave her a confused look.

”What?” Someone said, everyone was quieting down now.

”He’s using them as test subjects.” She repeated slowly. “May I see those pictures of the camp again Gideon.” She said and Gideon nodded, handing her a few of the pictures. She was thankful that they were muggle pictures and not wizard ones. She looked closely at the men who seemed to be the ones that were captured. She noticed that their hair was cut short, and they had markings on the back of their necks, and shoulders. Roman Numerals. “Is it alright if I use the projector?” She asked and he nodded and sat down, everyone was quiet, not knowing what to think of this new girl.

”You see here,” She said, placing the picture under the projector so it would show up on the white screen. “These are Roman Numerals, located on their neck and shoulders.” She said, magnifying the photo to the group of men in the picture. She waved her wand at the screen and red circles appeared where the markings were on the men.

”Why would he be testing them though, what is the point?” The scruffy man said, and Hermione turned to look at him.

”My thoughts are that he’s trying to manipulate his genes so that even in human form he can still attack and possibly turn the victim if he bites them. It seems possible, if he’s smart enough to figure it out.” She said, crossing her arms and biting her lip, she looked nervously at Professor Dumbledore, who looked very interested in what she had to say. “Does anyone know if he was bitten or if he inherited it?” She asked after a few moments of hesitation.

”He inherited it. The Greyback clan claims that they are descendents of the Great Wolf Fenris.” He said, staring at her.

”You mean the monster born from Loki and Angrboda, from the Norse mythology?” She said, licking her lips in confusion.

The man nodded, giving her a hard look. “That’s right.” He said, crossing his arms. Hermione looked over at Dumbledore who simply smiled at her, and she glanced nervously back at the man, Dumbledore followed her gaze and then shifted in his chair, looking away from her. Hermione looked back at the man, who’s eyes were still on her, her gaze met his and his eyes flashed gold, and her eyes widened for a moment, and licked her lips again, tearing her gaze away from him.

”So who would be he testing then? It seems he has young men.” A witch said slowly.

”Well, from what Mr.-“ She said and then interrupted her.

”Landon.” He said.

”Right, from Mr. Landon said, my guess is that he’s testing the ones who have inherited the gene, because it wouldn’t work out right if he tried out his experiments out on ones who turned from being bitten. It makes most sense that he’s using the younger men, most likely hoping that they will last and that they will turn out successful.” She said and moved to sit down again. 
”What makes you so sure this is what they are doing.” Landon said, he seemed to be testing her.

”Let’s just say I’m going on gut instinct here.” She said, smiling at him.

”Well, very good Hermione. Gideon, Fabian, Caradoc, since you three know where these camps are I’ll want you to check them out some more and see if Hermione is correct. Mr. Landon I’d like to speak with you privately after the meeting.” Dumbledore said. “Now, I know Mad-eye has some information about the recent attacks on a small muggle village near Bristol. If you will please, Mad-eye.” Then from the back of the room Moody moved forward, his hair was less gray, and his nose was still all there, he had less scars and he still had his leg.

”Well, the attacks have been more frequent on muggles. We really couldn’t make connections with the towns they have been attacking, only that they seem to be looking for something, or someone. But we don’t know who or what.” He said and his real eye glanced in her direction for a brief moment.

After Moody finished talking and a few others brought up possible ideas and asked questions Dumbledore spoke up, saying it was getting late and dismissing everyone. He then took Gideon, Fabian and Caradoc aside to a small room and closed the door. She sighed and walked into the hallway, and moved to the window at the end of it, and leaned against the frame. There was a view of a very large forest, she wondered where they were.

She glanced over her shoulder when she heard a floorboard creak, hand immediately going to her wand. “Now, no need for that, Hermione.” Landon said, grinning at her, his eyes flicking down to the hand she had quickly shoved into her pocket.

”May I help you Mr. Landon?” She said politely.

”Oh yes,” he said, reaching into his own pocket to take out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, he took one and lit it, and took a long drag, coming closer. “I’d like to know how you know so much about my kind,” he said, advancing still, his eyes locked on hers, and she found her back against the wall.

”I do my Homework, Mr. Landon.” She said smiling at him.

He snorted and took another drag, turning his head to blow the smoke away from her. “I bet.” He whispered, and Hermione raised an eyebrow at him. “Or,” He said, reaching out both his hands and placing them on the wall on each side of her head, fag still in his right hand, so now she was stuck in between them. “Is it because of the scent of some whelp you carry around.” He said, cocking his head to the side, grinning.

”That is none of your concern.” She whispered firmly, eyes darkening and he laughed.

”I’d like to meet him, this pup of yours.” He said and was about to speak again when someone down the hall called him.

”Ridge!” Landon’s head turned and he let out a small growl, and Hermione looked to see that Fabian was standing down the hall, arms crossed and he looked quite upset. “What are you doing?”

Landon moved away from her, shrugging. “Just having a little chat with Hermione here.” He said, grinning again.

”Well, Albus would like to see you.”  Fabian said moving forward.

”Ok,” He said and whispered to her, “We’ll continue this again, you didn’t answer my question.” He said and walked down the hallway, crumpling the fag in his hand as he walked.

”Watch out for him” Fabian said coming up to her, and she sighed. “He has a short temper.”

”Yeah, I realize that.” She said laughing nervously.

”Oh, before I forgot like I did earlier. I’ve got something for you.” He said reaching into the pocket of his blue coat. “Here.” He handed her a small square box, and she frowned but opened and inside there was a ring. “Don’t worry,” He said laughing from the blush that spread across her cheeks. “It’s not a proposal or anything. I was asked to make it for you.”

”Oh. Make it for me, wait? Who asked you to do that?” She said, taking the ring out of the box, it was shiny, silver –looking, and Celtic. Was a simple band with a Celtic knot. She hesitated before putting it on.

”Albus asked me, what’s wrong, you don’t like it?” He asked, watching her.

”No it’s not that, it’s beautiful, but is it silver?” She asked and he shook his head.

”No, it’s titanium. He said no silver.” Fabian said rubbing the back of his head, and Hermione let out a breath of relief and slid it onto her finger, when she was about to ask a question he spoke again. “It’s to track you.” He said, and her eye’s widened. “No, not like that, we’re not going to stalk you. Gid and I, I mean. We’ve been put in charge to keep you safe when your away from school, like during Christmas break and this ring lets us know where you are, with a wave of our hands our rings,” he said holding up his own hand with a similar ring, “will lead us right to your ring.” He said and Hermione shook her head trying to process it all.

”But what about your order missions.” She said, “And your jobs.”

”You don’t have to worry about that, we’ll get our mission done before you may or may not leave for break. Well only need to check on you when you leave Hogwarts Grounds, so when you go into town, things like that.” He said and Hermione felt as though she were a small child that needed to be constantly monitored.

”Why, he can’t trust me? Is that it?” She said, becoming angry, and Fabian looked taken aback.

”You really don’t know how valuable you are, do you?” He said quietly, so she was the only one who could hear him. “You are a task bearer, and from the future. Think how much You-Know-Who will want you if he finds out. You know the outcome of the war, you know if he succeeds or not.” He said and paused, but then added. “Well, right now you don’t I realize that, but that capsule there, that’s the key to his victory or downfall. If he finds out who you are, and where you’re from he may do whatever it takes to get that. And Gid and I are in charge of seeing that that doesn’t happen.” He said, and Hermione closed her eyes and nodded.

”Ok, sorry, it’s just, I didn’t realize how much trouble this stupid thing could cause.” She said, placing her hand on her chest where the capsule was. Fabian blushed and looked away, running his hands through his hair.

”It’s alright, anyway I’m sure Albus is done talking with Ridge.” Fabian said and led her down the hall back to the room they had held the meeting in, she found Dumbledore waiting.

”Sorry sir.” She said, quickly going to him. He shook his head and smiled at her, he held out the quill and she grabbed on. “Bye Fabian, bye Gideon.” She said smiling at them as she felt the tug behind her navel and found herself in Dumbledore’s office. She bid her professor a good night and quickly left, going to Gryffindor tower, not evening stopping to say hello to Sirius or Peter who were still awake.  She took a shower, horrified that if she saw Remus he would smell everyone that she had come in contact with, and she didn’t want that, she especially didn’t want him to pick up the scent of another werewolf. Landon, she had to steer clear of him, for now, hopefully he would loose interest in her.

Hermione walked into the library, finding Remus at one of the tables, a book open in front of him. She moved up behind him and even before she could wrap her arms around him he tilted his head back to look up at her. “Morning, love.” He said quietly and she couldn’t help but smile and lean down and give him a soft kiss.

”Morning,” She said, moving to sit down next to him. “So, Sirius tells me you were in a foul mood last night, had your panties in a bunch over something.” She said, placing her elbow on the table to put her head in her hand.

The corners of his mouth twitched and he looked at her, reaching his hand out to run his fingers over her curls. “Yes, I was a bit upset, but it had nothing to do with him.” He said and Hermione gave him a look as to continue. He shook his head, “I really don’t feel like talking about it.” He whispered and she closed her eyes when his hand moved to her cheek.

”Alright, understandable.” She said, and he gave her a thankful smile.

After a few moments of silence and Remus had removed his hand from her, he spoke quietly. “Hey, do you know what your doing for the holiday?” he asked shyly, a slight blush creeping onto his cheeks.

”No, I don’t, actually I was going to talk to you about it. I’ve really got nowhere to go, except stay here.” She said sadly.

”I know, that’s why I was wondering if you’d like to come home with me and spend Christmas with myself and my parents. If you don’t want to, I can stay here since you wont be all alone, because Peter is going home, Sirius and Lily are going to James’ house, and so I don’t want you to be alone.” He said and Hermione’s eyes lit up, and she grinned at him.

”I’d love to!” She squealed and hugged him tightly for a moment. When she pulled away she asked, “Why is Lily going to James’?”

”She really hasn’t got anywhere else to go, and James invited her. If she were to go home she’d be stuck with her sister and brother-in-law who both dislike her. Her father passed away not too long ago, and her mother lives with Lily’s aunt, who apparently doesn’t have room for her.” He said, frowning.

”Oh. I see.”

”Yes. And Sirius always camps out at James’, he’s like a leech really. Well, no he’s not that’s not very nice to say. But they are going flat hunting while we’re on break. They're going to meet up with Peter on Christmas Eve and exchange gifts, and mum will let us stop over on Christmas Day after dinner with my family to exchange gifts with Lily, James and Sirius.” Remus said quietly.

”What about Peter’s gifts?”

”Well, we could always send them to him, but I’m sure if I talked to my mum she’d let us go over on Christmas Eve instead, for a little bit anyway.” He said.

”Sounds wonderful.” Hermione whispered, smiling. “Your mother doesn’t have a problem with me coming?” She asked and Remus shook his head. “And she knows I know.” He nodded. “She does realize there is a full moon over the time we will be there right?” He nodded again.

”She’s the one that actually asked if you’d like to come, not that I didn’t think about it of course. But she’d really like to meet you.” He said, reaching up to caress her curls again.

”I’ll have to inform Professor Dumbledore of course, but I would really love to go. Now, tell me what your parents like, I need to buy them presents.” She whispered and he laughed softly. “What?” She asked defensively. “I’ll be staying at hour house for almost a month, I have to get them something.” She said, her voice rising slightly.

”I think that falling in love with me is enough to give them for having you as a guest in their home for a holiday.” Remus whispered, leaning forward to kiss a very surprised Hermione.  

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Chapter 22: Confrontations and One Broken Watch
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Confrontations and One Broken Watch

They had gotten up early to get down to the train by eight, Sirius had of course, like everyone had expected, not packed until that morning. Everyone had left without him, saying that if he didn’t make it then it wasn’t their fault and they weren’t going to end up at staying at school if they didn’t have to. He had made it just in time, quickly jumping onto the train and locating their compartment.

Remus had sat next to the window, looking at the scenery, the bear trees and frozen ground. Snow still had to yet make an appearance, it was technically not winter yet, but snow always fell before it was officially winter. Hermione sat next to him and Sirius next to her, Lily, James and Peter occupied the seat across from them.

For first hour or so they talked about when they would meet, but couldn’t decide since none of them knew what their parents would agree to. They eventually gave up, deciding to owl each other. Now all of them were sound asleep. They had been for nearly four hours, if they woke up, they shifted and fell back asleep, there was, after all nothing better to do.

Sirius was leaning against the side of the compartment, with Hermione fast asleep on his shoulder, Remus was spread out on the rest of the seat, his legs brought up to his chest and his head on Hermione’s lap, her left hand was draped loosely over his upper arm. Lily and James were laying together on the opposite seat, James had his arm around Lily’s waist, and Peter was on the floor. He had found more luck on the floor, finding he could spread out, and when Hermione had noticed he was asleep she conjured up a pillow for him.

Remus shifted and rolled his shoulders. He buried his face further into Hermione’s lap, not wanting to wake up. He tried to stretch his legs, and pain shot through both of them, just as he was about to sit up the compartment door slid open and there stood the witch with the snack car. “Anyth- oh. Terribly sorry.” She said as Remus lifted his head up, looking at her groggily. “I’ll come back later, once you’re all awake.” She said and he nodded and sat up, he needed to straighten out his legs.

When he sat up, Hermione shifted a little, lifting her head, her eyes blinked open and she looked at him, bringing her hand up to rub her neck, wincing. She shivered a little, “Cold?” He asked and she nodded, rubbing her arms. “C’mere.” He said, lifting his arm and she moved into his embrace, and rubbed her arm. “Here lay down, your neck probably hurts from sleeping like that.” He whispered and she yawned and nodded, laying down and placing her head in his lap. He lifted her hair and gently rubbed her neck, he was about to talk to her again but she had fallen back asleep.

Remus gently shook Hermione awake and she looked up at him. “We’re almost to the station.” He said quietly and she nodded, sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

”Did we really all sleep for that long?” She asked, looking around and realized that everyone was fast asleep still.

”Yeah, we all must have been pretty tired.” He said stretching his arms out and standing up. “I’ll get these guys, you wake up Padfoot.” Remus said, moving to crouch next to Peter.

”Oh sure, leave me with the hardest one to wake up.” She said, grinning at him as he looked at her over his shoulder. She turned, and scooted closer to Sirius. She reached over and nudged his shoulder. He didn’t move. She sighed, and moved closer. “Sirius, wake up.” She said flatly, nudging his arm harder. “Sirius…We’re almost at the station.” She said, and he moved a little but didn’t wake up. “Sirius!” She said becoming frustrated, then she found his arms around her and her face pressed against his chest, he was holding her tightly. “Sirius…” She said, her words muffled by his sweater. She squirmed but he only held on tighter.

”Just five more minutes.” He murmured nuzzling her hair, and then he suddenly let go of her and let out a yelp. “Ouch! What was that for?” He cried and rubbed his head, Hermione looked up to see Remus standing there, his arms crossed, a book in his hand. “Ok sorry, I was just teasing.” Sirius mumbled, and glared at James who was snickering from behind Remus.

Hermione stood in the doorway of the compartment, her bag at her side, Remus had gone off to get their trunks with James, Sirius and Peter. Lily had gone off to talk quickly with the girls. So she was left alone to grab her and Remus’ things that they brought with them. Hermione looked back and something caught her eye, she frowned and moved towards it. She bent down and quickly picked it up, it was Remus’ pocket watch. She quickly tucked it into her bag. She walked down the steps and stopped on the last one, looking around the platform. Parents were greeting their children with hugs and kisses, her gut lurched at the thought. She shook her head, trying to get thoughts from her head. 
She looked down the platform and spotted Remus, lifting her trunk onto a trolley next to his. She smiled and called to him. “Remus!” He looked up and grinned at her, and opened his arms, and she ran to him, he picked her up and spun her around, bringing her close to him.

”Hello there love.” He whispered, causing her to blush.

”Hi,” She said shyly. He chuckled and kissed her nose, causing her to blush more. “Oh, before I forget. Here.” She said reaching into her bag to grab his watch. She held it out to him and he moved away to glance at it.

”Oh,” he said, quickly lifting his shirt to check the loop on his jeans. “I must not have hooked it on correctly. Thank you, I don’t know what I would do if I los-“ He said, and took it into his hand, when someone from behind Hermione spoke hoarsely.

”Remus?” a woman whispered. Hermione looked up to watch Remus’ face go from relief to complete shock. Then a crack was heard, and she looked down to see that he had dropped the watch, the one thing that kept him linked to his brother, and now it was broken. Hermione turned around to see who had caused Remus to become so rigid, surely it wasn’t his mother.

She turned and she went completely still as well. It was his sister. That first year Freya’s mother. “Cameron what are you doing?” A young man from behind her said. He looked roughly around the same age as the woman. Hermione guessed it was her husband, the one she had left with. Hermione realized that Freya was standing behind him, her fingers clutching his coat as she peaked out from behind him. In his arms was a small curly blonde haired boy, just a toddler and clutching to his right leg was another small child, a young girl, with dark brown locks. The man’s gaze moved to hers and his eyes widened, and now she knew why he was so familiar, he had been at the meeting, he was in the Order.

Cameron moved forward and Remus put his arm around Hermione and moved her to the side, still staring at his older sister. His gaze was not that of shock anymore, but anger. Cameron reached a hand out to touch his cheek and he stepped back, “Don’t touch me.” He whispered harshly. Cameron’s hand hung in the air, and Hermione watched as her lips quivered.

”I’m sorry.” She whispered, dropping her hand to her side and lowering her hand. Hermione looked to see Lily, James, Sirius and Peter watching from across the way. James seemed to be holding Sirius back, she didn’t need to wonder why.

”I have nothing to say to you.” Remus said quietly, she felt his grip tighten on her sweater.

”Remus stop it!” Hermione whispered, and he shot her a glare and she immediately moved away from him. “Why are you acting like this, she’s your sister for Merlin’s sake!” Remus’ gaze was on her, staring at her coldly. “Just accept her apology already, can’t you see she’s hurting.” Hermione whispered and he looked back at Cameron, who was staring at Hermione, her eyes tearing up. “It’s been nearly fourteen years Remus, you can’t hold a grudge forever.” She whispered, grabbing desperately at his sweater.

The look in Remus’ eyes changed and he licked his lips nervously. “I’m sorry big sister.” He said, using the name he used to call her when he was a child, Cameron then burst into tears and hugged him tightly, he moved his hands around her in an awkward sort of hug. Hermione looked to Freya who was still behind her father a grin plastered to her face. She looked at Hermione and winked, and Hermione bowed her head and gave a small grin back. The two of them pulled away, and Cameron rubbed away her tears.

”I know it’s hard, but I’d like to owl you from time to time and catch up.” She whispered, and Remus nodded.

”I’d like that. But what about mum-“ He said and she shook her head.

”Not yet, I’m not ready to face them yet, they probably hate me anyway.” She said and Remus frowned.

”No they don’t, they actually fight sometimes, and mum always brings up you leaving to win, and it works, after she mentions you he leaves with this look in his eyes…” Remus said trailing off quietly.

Cameron smiled and shook her head, “Well, I’m not ready yet. But we should get going, I see your friends are waiting. Oh, before we leave, I’d like to your name.” She said turning to Hermione.

”Hermione, my name is Hermione.” She said smiling at Cameron.

”It’s very nice to meet you Hermione, thank you very much. “She said smiling and turned away to her husband and picked up her son on the ground.

”Wait.” Remus called, going after her, Cameron turned around, “Can I at least know their names.” He whispered, looking at the two small children.

”Of course. This is here is Morgan, she’s the middle, and that little boy in Chase’s arms is Logan, and you obviously know Freya.” She said and he nodded, lips curving into a general smile. “Well, have a Happy Christmas you two. Oh and Hermione watch over my baby brother.” She said they disappeared through the barrier moments later.

Hermione leaned down to pick up the broken pieces of the watch, but squatted down and swatted her hand away. She frowned. “Your mad.” She whispered and he glanced up at her.

”What? No, I don’t want you to get cut.” He said and carefully picked up the pieces, and Hermione was silent as she stood up, not believing him. “Look,” He said as he straightened up, being very careful with the pieces. “I’m not mad, really. What you said, it’s true. But I bet you I’m the one person that can hold a grudge for my entire life.” He said smiling at her.

”Don’t count on it.” She murmured and Remus then grabbed her chin with his free hand and lifted her head crushing his lips against hers.

”C’mon,” He murmured, pulling away, “They are staring at us.” He said, and turned towards the rest of the group. When they stepped up to them, Sirius seemed about to open his mouth and make a rude comment but Remus held up his free hand to silence him. “I really don’t want to talk about it Pads.” He said and Sirius closed his mouth, shooting Hermione a quick glance but nodded.

Hermione looked behind the four and saw that a short pudgy woman, who Peter resembled. “Sorry,” Remus murmured. “Didn’t mean to make your mum wait Peter,” Remus said with a guilty tone.

”It’s alright,” Peter said. “Well I should get going, or she’ll have a fit. So you guys will owl me then?” He said and all of them nodded.

”Bye Peter, have a Happy Christmas.” Hermione said and waved to him as he turned and walked away, raising his hand to wave as he turned.

”See ya Pete!” James called and Sirius turned to wave to him.

”Have a Happy Christmas mate!” Sirius yelled after him and he turned back around. Then all of a sudden a woman came up behind him and grabbed his ear. “OW! Ow! Bloody Hell!” He said, and Hermione was shocked, but then James started laughing and the woman spoke.

”Sirius Black!” The woman said as Sirius squirmed trying to get out of her grip.

”May, let go of him before you rip the boy’s ear off.” A tall man said, coming up behind the woman.

She let go of Sirius and he rubbed his ear. “What’d I do!” He said, and the woman crossed her arms.

”Your hair. Look at it!” She said crossly, Hermione realized these were James’ parents, he looked exactly like the older man. They were old, both of them. Well older, Remus had mentioned that to her. James’ father was tall, still in good health, his dark hair graying slightly at the sides, and he had brown eyes. James’ mother on the other hand was shorter, a bit plump, with graying brown hair and blue eyes. She reminded Hermione of Mrs. Weasley, with the way she was making a fuss over Sirius.

”Wha-? I fell asleep, so it’s messy.” He said flushing and running his hands through it.

”She means the length Padfoot.” Remus muttered from where he was grabbing something out of his trunk, Hermione side glanced and realized he was placing his broken watch in a safe place.

”Oh.” Sirius muttered, dropping his hand to his side.

”I’m going to cut it as soon as we get home.” She said, and gently brushed a gawking Sirius aside to look at her son. “James!” She said, wrapping her arms around him, he made a noise as she hugged him and glared in Lily’s direction, who was quietly laughing.

Mrs. Potter pulled away and turned towards Lily smiling. “Lily, it’s very nice to see you, I’m glad you’ll be coming with us.” She said hugging Lily, and she looked over at Remus, who was still at his trunk. “Remus? Is everything alright?” She asked softly.

”Hmm, oh yes. I just broke my watch, putting all the pieces safely away.” He said and stood up to smile at Mrs. Potter, and closed his trunk. “It’s good to see you Mrs. Potter.” He said, moving to hug her, and Hermione realized that she was so much like Mrs. Weasley, a mother to all.

”You too dear. You’ll of course be coming over during the holiday wont you?” She said and he glanced at Hermione, who looked away taking interest the other families greeting their children. She didn’t hear his answer but then arms were around her and her eyes widened at first. “You must be Hermione.” Mrs. Potter said, pulling away. “What a lovely name. I’m May Potter, and this is my husband Jacob.” She said motioning to Jacob who smiled and raised his right hand in greeting.

”Thank you.” She managed to get out with a smile. “It’s very nice to meet you both.” She whispered.

”Well, we look forward to seeing you both during holiday. I understand your staying with Remus’ family?” She said and Hermione nodded.

”Yes, that’s correct,” She said, and bit her lip nervously.

”Well, May, C’mon. We’d best be off, or we’ll miss our portkey.” Mr. Potter said from behind them and Mrs. Potter nodded and moved away.

”Yes, of course. James, grab the trolley lets go.” She said, “See you both soon.” She said to Hermione and Remus who nodded and they both smiled back as she turned away and walked off slowly with her husband.

Lily gave each of them a quick hug and James and Sirius each patted Remus on the back and hugged Hermione. Sirius planted a kiss on her cheek, and looked back to Remus, “How long until your parents get here?” he asked, and Hermione realized that they were in fact not there, well, she assumed since no one came up to them yet, she didn’t exactly know what they looked like.

”Don’t know, probably got a late start, it’s a fairly long drive, mum insists on doing it the muggle way.” Remus said sighing and James called to Sirius who waved over his shoulder to say he was coming.

”Alright, owl us when you get home so we know you got home alright.” Sirius said and turned and started walking and called over his shoulder, “Have fun!” and he gave them a wink and ran off in the direction of Lily and James’ family.

”Bye!” Hermione called and Remus reached for their trolley, and led her to a bench where they both sat down.

”I’m sorry they are late.” He said quietly and Hermione shrugged and took his hand. “Mum was probably making sure everything was clean and neat for when you get there, she most likely forgot to do something, or didn’t think it was clean enough and they left late.”

”Don’t be sorry,” She said, laughing softly as she rested her hand on his shoulder and he sighed and places his head on top of hers.

”She’s a neat freak when it comes to company, plus I think she’s nervous.” Hermione was about to ask why when he spoke up again and she remained quiet. “You’re my first girlfriend,” and in a quieter tone he added softly, “And therefore the last one.” She squeezed his hand tightly and he smiled into her hair.

They sat in silence for a few moments when something brushed against Hermione’s leg. She opened her eyes and looked down to see a multi-colored cat rubbing against her legs. She smiled and pulled way from Remus to pick up the cat. “Hello there.” She said quietly, bringing the cat up into her lap, she gently scratched behind the cat’s ears. The cat stood up, placing her paws on Hermione’s chest and rubbed against her face, purring. Hermione laughed softly and Remus watched the cat out of the corner of it’s eye. It wasn’t scared of him, which was unusual, most cats saw him and either hissed or ran away.

He watched as it stopped rubbing against Hermione and looked at him, she leaned over and mewed at him, and head butted his chin. He was surprised at first, but smiled when Hermione laughed. He carefully rubbed the cat’s head and moved to behind it’s ears, she was purring loudly now, and then suddenly she fell into their laps and laid there on her looking up at both of them. Hermione’s fingers moved to rub her stomach and the cat’s tail swished as she lifted her head and began to lick Hermione’s hand. “She’s adorable, I wonder if she belongs to anyone.” She said quietly as the cat still licked at her hand.

Then the train’s whistle blew, scaring the cat who jumped up and off their laps, and dashed away. Hermione watched the cat go sadly. “What’s wrong?” Remus asked quietly and Hermione looked up at him sadly.

”I miss Crookshanks.” She whispered and looked down.

”Who?” He asked, curious.

”My cat.”

”You have a cat?” he sounded surprised and she nodded, “oh, right.” Remus said lamely, almost forgetting she was from the future.

”You don’t really like cats do you?” She said quietly, leaning back against the bench.

”Well, I wouldn’t say I don’t like them, I would say that they don’t like me very much.” He said, putting his arm around her shoulders.

”That cat didn’t seem to have a problem with you.” She said and he nodded.

”No, she didn’t, she wasn’t scared at all.” Remus said quietly. “So what was your cat like?”

”To tell you the truth I really have no clue what kind of cat he is, he’s a mixed breed, half Kneazle, that’s what the witch in the store told me anyway. He’s smart like one too, and he’s a long-haired-ginger cat, with stripped legs. He’s a great pet I miss him a lot. He’d come in my bed and either sleep next to me, or at the foot of my bed.”

”Well you have me now to keep you company in bed.” Remus teased and Hermione elbowed him in the ribs.

”If you’re sleeping anywhere in my room, it’s on the floor in a body bind.” She said with a grin. Remus pretended to look horrified.

”Right,” He said quickly, “I’ll remember that.” Then he straightened up quickly, removing his arm from around Hermione and she looked up to see two people walking towards them. Both were fairly tall, and young looking. They walked to them and Remus stood up, and the woman hugged him.

She had dark brown hair, and blue eyes, taller than Hermione was, but shorter than Remus, Hermione realized, standing quickly that these people were his parents. She thought back to Cameron and realized that they must have been very young when they had Cameron, because she was so much older than Remus, and his parents seemed only to be in their late forties, early fifties at that, but for a wizard and witch, they were still very young. James’ parents had seemed to be in their sixties at the very least.

The man was tall, taller than Remus was and she wondered if he would still grow, he had light blonde curly hair, and bright green eyes, and he and Remus looked so much alike. He looked in her direction and smiled and she blushed, surprised by his glance. He shook hands with Remus after he pulled away from hugging his mother.
”Mum, Dad, this is Hermione.” Remus said, turning to take her hand, she moved up next to him and smiled shyly at the Lupins.

”Hello, Hermione.” Mrs. Lupin said, and reached to hug her, she noted that she was getting a lot of hugs today. “We’ve heard so much about you, haven’t we Jonathan.” Mrs. Lupin said pulling away form Hermione and smiling.

”Yes we have.” Jonathan said and extended his hand, which Hermione shook with a smile. “It’s very nice to meet you Hermione.”

”You to Mr. Lupin.” Hermione said quietly.

”Well, how about we get lunch and then head home. It’s a long drive and I’m afraid Sarah and I did no eat breakfast this morning.” He said and Hermione received a look from Remus saying ‘I told you so’. She nodded.

”Sure, that would be fine.” Remus said, “But let’s get our trunks into the car first.” He said moving over to their trolley. His father nodded and they all stepped through the barrier, Remus taking her hand before he stepped through.   

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Chapter 23: Holiday Part I
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                                               Holidays Part I

Hermione didn’t know how long they drove. They all chatted quietly until eventually she started to doze while Remus talked with his parents. He had his arm wrapped around her shoulder and gently rubbed her shoulder. “Are we boring you?” He asked, a smile tugging at his lips as she yawned into his sweater.

”Oh, no. I’m sorry for being so rude. I’m just exhausted, Professor Dumbledore kept me later than usual last night with our meeting.” She said blushing and lifting her head. Remus shook his head, his chest shaking with laughter.

”I’m just teasing, go back to sleep.” He said, pushing her head back down to rest on his shoulder. Hermione let out a sigh and thought that this was the prefect moment. Sitting with Remus, with a full stomach, wrapped in his arms sharing their warmth. She fell asleep to the sound of him softly humming along with song playing on the radio.

Hermione woke to Remus nudging her awake. She sat up rubbing her eyes as he removed his arm from around her. “Sorry, but I though you’d like to see this.” He said and she blinked a few times and looked out the window closest to him. Her eyes then widened and she looked around, and looked at Remus.

”Wait. We’re in Scotland.” She said blushing and it occurred to her that she never did ask Remus where exactly he had lived. She had figured since he mentioned his parents driving that it was not far from London. She was surely dead wrong in assuming so, because they were in Scotland.

”Yes.” He said slowly and received a look from his mother as she turned around to glance at them. “I never did get around to telling you did I.” He said sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck.

”How long exactly have we been in the car?” She said glancing out the window at the sign that said Stirling was less than a mile away.

”Not long, only a few hours. The car is magical. Dad’s worked on it a bit.” Remus said and Hermione immediately thought of Mr. Weasley. “It’s like the Night Bus, if you’ve ever been on it. Well, it sort of is. Once we were in the country side all dad has to do is punch a few buttons and then we sort of apparate to a place close to home.” Hermione was at a loss for words and sat back in the seat.

”Remus, you’re going to give her a right heart attack. Why you don’t you explain where you live, something you should have done when you asked her to come home with you.” Mrs. Lupin said sharply.

”Er, right.” He said and Hermione sighed.

”It was stupid of me to just assume you lived in England.” She said quietly and Remus shook his head and took her hand. “I mean, you don’t have a Scottish accent.., so…”

”Dad does, somewhat. Though I suppose it’s because he works for the Ministry and grew up close to the Border that it’s lessoned some. But dad is Scottish, mum’s British. I’ve been at Hogwarts for years, and we didn’t always live here either so that’s why I don’t have it. We moved just a few years ago, here, to Stirlingshire. We live right outside Kippen. It’s about ten miles from Stirling. So we should be there in a little bit. But we live outside the town. It’s nice there, I’m sure you’ll love it.” He said and Hermione leaned against him and looked out the window as they passed by Stirling.

Mr. Lupin drove along the dirt road and Hermione anxiously looked out the window. They had arrived just outside of Kippen and on one side of the dirt road was countryside and the town behind them, and the other side was a forest. She saw a post box and knew even before Mr. Lupin turned that it was their driveway. He pulled into it and they drove a little further down another dirt road before some of the trees cleared away and there was a fairly large house.

The house was much larger than Hermione imagined, probably because of his known money issues in the future, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t poor now. The house was made of stone, and had a long wrap around porch with large stone pillars, and Hermione couldn’t hide her surprised expression.

”You like it?” Remus asked, laughing as Mr. Lupin parked the car.

”I love it.”

”Don’t worry though, it’s not as frightening on the inside.” Mrs. Lupin said as she got out of the car and Remus helped Hermione out and moved to the trunk to get their bags as she stared in awe at the house. She looked around and then pictured this house during the spring and summer with all the flowers blooming and the grass green, and the vines crawling up the side of the pillars bright and alive.  

Hermione grabbed her bag, and Remus lifted their trunks out, levitating them towards the house. She reached out and took his hand and he looked down at her smiling. They moved up the steps and Mrs. Lupin unlocked the door and Hermione was surprised when she heard barking. She was even more surprised when they walked into the front of the house and two large dogs were there waiting, tails wagging.

A large wolfhound jumped up and placed his paws on Remus’ chest as he levitated the trunks to the ground. He laughed as the dog licked his face. Standing on his hind feet, he was nearly as tall as Remus, when he was on all fours his back was about up to her hip. To say he was massive was a complete understatement. She gave a small squeak as a wet nose was pushed against her hand. She looked down, to see an Australian Shepard standing in front of her, his tail swishing back and forth in excitement.

”Do you like dogs?” Remus asked, as the wolfhound moved away fm him and towards her, both of them sniffing her curiously.

”Remus, did you tell her anything?” Mrs. Lupin scolded and Remus blushed.

”He left out a few things,” Hermione said squatting down and petting each dog, the Australian Shepard started to lick her face and she laughed and looked up at Remus. “Of course I like dogs,” She said, winking at him and he blushed.

”The wolfhound is Hans and the ausie is Hoss.” Remus said and moved towards her, gently pushing the dogs away. “Hoss, that’s enough.” He said as Hoss still tried to lick at her face.

”They are adorable.” Hermione said pulling away from the dog and standing up, adjusting her bag.

”Well, Remus bring her to her room, and show her around, your father and I will get dinner ready.” Mrs. Lupin said and was about to walk away when Hermione spoke up.

”Um, Mrs. Lupin, Mr. Lupin, I’d like to say thank you so much for allowing me to come and stay with you for the holiday.” Hermione said quietly, blushing. She was surprised Mrs. Lupin gathered her into her arms and hugged her tightly.

”You are most welcome Hermione, we are very glad to have you here with us for Christmas.” Mr. Lupin said from next to his wife, “But we should get started on dinner dear. Remus is probably starving.” He said smiling and rubbing his wife’s back as she pulled away from Hermione. The two of them walked into the kitchen and Remus led Hermione to the stairs, levitating their trunks.

”Alright,” Remus said grinning as they made it to the top of the stairs, “Mum and Dad’s room is down there,” he said pointing to down the hall to the left, “They’ve got a bathroom connecting to their room, dad’s library is across from their room,” Hermione’s eyes widened, “yes, you can go in whenever you’d like.” He said laughing and Hermione nodded and blushed at his words. “This room right here, directly across from us is one of the guest rooms, but we’ve been using it for storage, so I’m assuming you’re down the hall across from me.” He said, leading her to the right and down the hall. He stopped at door and opened the door on the left, “This is your room, which means my parents trust us completely.” He said giving her a grin and Hermione swatted at his stomach.

Hermione walked into the room and her jaw dropped. The room was wonderful, there was a large bed to her left, a queen size with lots of pillows and a maroon quilt with matching sheets. The curtains also matched the quilt and the room was painted in a cream color. There was a dresser, desk and vanity all made of the same wood, a chair for each the desk and vanity and a separate chair next to the window, near the fireplace. She had to do a double take when she saw the fireplace. Remus saw her look and laughed.

”Yes, that is a fireplace, there is one in every room up here, it’s an old house, and was built a very long time ago. Mum and Dad did some re-modeling a while ago, but kept the fireplaces, they liked them too much. The beds though, the frames and most of the bedroom furniture was all here when we moved in, so we kept it, hence the reason you’ve got such a large bed.” He said, and levitated her trunk to the end of the bed.

”Well, one can never have too large a bed.” She said laughing softly and followed Remus to his room directly across the hall.

”True.” He said grinning. “The bathroom is right there.” Remus said pointing to a door at the end of the hall just a few feet from their bedrooms. She looked around his room and couldn’t help but smile. It seemed to fit him perfectly, everything was organized, and in order. His bed was just as large as hers and she looked over at his mantle and her smiled widened. On the mantel were pictures of Remus, Sirius, James and Peter. She was surprised when Remus grabbed her around the waist and pulled her towards him, leaning down and crushing his lips against hers. She gasped against his lips and closed her eyes as the kiss deepened.

”I’ve been waiting all day to do that.” He murmured placing his face against her neck, and kissing her neck once.

”Well, next time just do it earlier.” She said laughing softly. Remus chuckled and nuzzled her neck once more.

When Hermione woke up the next morning she found Hoss asleep next to her. She grinned and shifted, causing the dog to lift his head up and look at her sleepily. She reached out and ran her fingers through his fur, scratching behind his ears. “Good morning Hoss.” Hermione said quietly, and sat up. She got up and walked out the door and found Remus’ door open, which meant he was already down stairs, and she inhaled the smell of a home cooked breakfast.

Her and Hoss went down the stairs and she walked into the kitchen and found Remus and Mr. Lupin at the table and Mrs. Lupin standing near the stove cooking. Mr. Lupin was reading a book and Remus was buttering a piece of toast. He looked up at her when she entered and she looked at the clock her eyes widening. “I didn’t realize it was that late.” She said blushing as she moved to the table and Remus leaned over and kissed her quickly.

”Morning.” He said quietly, and Hermione blushed as she noticed Mrs. Lupin turn around back to the stove with a smile.

”So what are you two going to do today?” Mr. Lupin asked. 

Remus looked to Hermione and she gave him a small shrug, and he looked back to his father, shrugging as well and he finished chewing the toast in his mouth before speaking. “I don’t know, I figured we’d go into the village, I’d like to show her around a bit, and I need to pick up a few things.” Remus said glancing at her out of the corner of his eye as if asking if it was all right.

She looked at him, eyes widening slightly when she met his eyes, she blushed and nodded in affirmation. “Well good, I’ve got to head into work, and your mother is going to go visit her cousin.” Remus nodded and finished his toast, reaching down and handing a piece to Hans who took it, tale wagging against the floor.

”Yes, I wont be gone all day, and I’ll leave some lunch in the icebox for you two when you come home. I should be home in time to start supper though.” Mrs. Lupin said smiling at the two of them. Mr. Lupin stood up from the table, setting down his book and checking his watch, he sighed.

”Well, I best be off,” He said, placing his glasses in his pocket and going over to grab his cloak from a hook near the door, Hermione watched as he swung the cloak around and onto his shoulders in the same elegant manner that Remus did. He went over to his wife and kissed her cheek and moved to Remus and her at the table, placing a kiss on the top of each of their heads. “Oh,” He said just before he was about to apparate away, Hermione blushed at the fatherly manner in which he treated her. “Here is some spending money for the two of you, since you’ll be going into town.” He took out his wallet and set some money in front on them. Hermione opened her mouth to protest but before she could even get out a word he had apparated away with a loud pop.

”He didn’t have to do that.” Hermione murmured quietly and Remus shrugged and handed a piece of toast to Hoss who took it voraciously.

”It’s ok. It’s not like we’re tight on money.” Remus said shrugging and Hermione realized he was right, they didn’t seem as poor as Remus was in the future. Her gut lurched at the possibilities, her thoughts landing only on one possibility, death, they died, and he used up all the money trying to keep himself alive. “Hey,” Remus whispered, gently touching her arm, she looked up at him, her eyes wide in horror. “What’s wrong?”

She shook her head, “Nothing, it’s nothing, just something I remembered, that’s all.” She said, tearing her eyes away from his and stood up. “Well, I suppose I should go get ready then.” She said and quickly went to her room, leaving Remus there to stare after her in confusion.

They were in the town now, hand in hand, both of them dressed warmly, they had decided to walk, the dogs though much to Hermione’s disappointment had to remain at the house. She kept one hand in her pocket, keeping the object she had taken from Remus’ room safely nestled there. She had asked Mrs. Lupin quietly while Remus was still getting ready if there was a watch maker in town, she had smiled and nodded, saying that the shop was easy to find and had even given her directions.

”Well, I need to go into the library and return a few books,” Remus said motioning to the books tucked under his other arm, Hermione nodded. “You coming with me?”

”Ah, no, I’ll meet you in there though,” She said looking around the town, it was small and very homely looking. She loved it. There was a small library on the corner of the main street, it was an old building, seemed like an old cathedral, and had a quart yard that she had a feeling small children that were in daycare played in all the time. “I want to get something from a store quickly.” She said and he nodded.

”Alright, we’ll see you in a bit then.” He murmured, leaning down he placed a soft warm kiss on her lips before walking the gates of the library. She watched him go before continuing down the main road and crossed the street when she found the watchmaker’s store. She took a deep breath as she pushed open the door.

She was greeted with a warm draft of air that smelled strongly of dust, wood polish, burning wood and metal. She saw a small old man sitting at a workbench in the corner, with a mop of white curls, he turned towards her in his swivel chair as she closed the door. He was wearing an odd sort of headgear, with magnifying glasses attached to them, obviously she had interrupted his work.

”Oh, I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt your work.” She said blushing. He laughed and shook his head, placing the odd headpiece on the bench, he slid out of his chair.

”Nonsense lass.” He said, giving her a grin, “What can I do for you?” He said, his accent was very thick, she wondered if he was native born.

”Well, I’ve got a broken pocket watch, it’s a friend’s and he’s rather fond of it,” She said taking the cloth out of her pocket, she walked towards him and placed it on a table that he motioned her to. She opened the cloth and he gently flipped it over, exposing the side with the engraving. “I’m afraid to say that it’s my fault it broke, I was handing it back to him and was not careful enough.” She said sadly, frowning at the thought. “Is it salvageable?”

”Oh yes. I can fix this, it will be easy enough.” He said giving her a smile. He began to inspect it and she took this time to look around the shop, all sorts of clocks adorned the walls, in the corner opposite his work area was a glass case were dozens of pocket and wrist watches alike. It was cozy in a dusty sort of way. “It looks like all the pieces are here. But a question for you young lady.” He said looking up at her, he had large blue eyes, familiar, somewhat anyway.

”Yes?” She asked, giving him a smile.

”Why did you not use magic?” She was taken aback by his blunt question and her eyes widened. “Don’t be frightened lass, it is merely a question, for I know you could have fixed it easily with a spell, and aye I’m a wizard, that’s how I know you’re a witch.” He said slowly, he moved to his workbench with the broken watch in his hands. 

”Because he didn’t, I wasn’t sure what he was going to do with it, and so I wanted to get it fixed by a watch maker.”

”So I take it this lad of yours does not know that you took it.”

”No. No, he does not.” She said, sighing. “Do you know how long it will take to fix?”

”A few days, I’ll put it on the top of my list.” He said, and Hermione opened her mouth to protest, but he held up a hand when he saw her try and protest. “Now don’t be disagreeing with me lass, I don’t have much else to work on, nothing that is very important, and besides this seems very important to you.” He said and Hermione could only smile at him.

”Thank you very much.” She said quietly, he nodded.

”Now, if you’ll be so kind as to give me your name, I’m afraid my memory is not as good as used to be, but I doubt I could forget a beautiful young lass like you, but I can’t be calling you lass all the time now can I, now that we’ll be doing business.” He said and Hermione gave him her name with a blush. “Ah, well then Hermione, come back in a few days and your young lad’s watch will be good as new.” He said, Hermione thanked him and left the shop quietly, the old watchmaker watching her with a broad grin as she crossed the street to the library, he gently ran his fingers over the carving on the watch. “Finally.” He murmured before getting up to place a few more logs on the fire.

Hermione walked into the library and started searching for Remus, and she found him in the fictional section, a stack of books in his arm. She went up to him and gently took them from him under his arm, startling him, he seemed to have had one open and was reading it, but his back had been turned and she hadn’t seen it. He turned to her his wide in surprise, but when he saw he grinned. “Everything go alright?” He asked, and she nodded.

”Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” She said adjusting the books in her arms.

”It’s alright, I wasn’t paying attention,” He said moving his head to get the hair out of his eyes.

”I think you need a hair cut.” She said laughing softly and he frowned shaking his head lightly.

”You think so? I’m rather fond of it at this length.” She just shook her head smiling still. “So, do you want to get any books while we’re here. You can use my card, or if you’d like you can get your own.”

”Well, I suppose I could get a few ones, since the library at school wont have any of these.” She said and looked around, he took the rest of his books from her and followed her about like a little puppy as she picked out a few for light reading. “I think I’ll get my own card,” she said and Remus’ eyes lit up.

After the two of them checked out their books they walked a little ways out of the busy part of town and Remus took them from here and shrunk them down and placed them in his pocket so it would be easier to carry. He then took her hand the two of them returned home. His mother was gone, but she had left lunch for them as she said she would. After they ate they ended up sitting on the couch together, reading with the dogs curled up around them.

Hermione was stroking Hoss’ head when Remus suddenly went stiff against her, she put her book down and turned to look at him. “Remus?” She said, and he winced and clenched his jaw tightly. “Are you alright?” She asked and watched as the pained expression on his face slowly left and he took a deep breath.

”Just cramps.” He said quietly. “I’m fine though. Really.” Hermione stared at him for a moment, the full moon was tonight, she had completely forgotten.

”Do you want me to owl your dad?” She asked and he shook his head.

”No I’ll be fine, I promise, mum will be home soon anyway.” He said, and closed his eyes.

She reached out and touched his forehead and sighed. “You’re burning up. Maybe you should go up an lay down.” She suggested and he shook his head again.

”No. If I go anywhere it’s to the shed.” He said and her eyes widened in horror. “Don’t give me that look, please.” He pleaded softly and Hermione tried not to look to horrified at the thought. “It’s not as bad as it seems.” Remus said quietly pressing his forehead against hers.

A few hours later Hermione was pacing by the back door, Mr. Lupin had brought Remus outside to the shed, and she watched out the window as he led Remus inside, came out a few moments later, and pulled the bars over the doors and chained the bars together and cast a few spells over the entire shed. When he came back in he did a double take when he saw her.

”Hermione!” He said suddenly, alarmed by her appearance. “You shouldn’t be here darling.” He said tossing his coat onto the bench by the door and moving to her, he turned her away from the window and placed his arm around her shoulder and led her into the common room. Mrs. Lupin’s eyes widened when she saw the both of them.

”Come here dear,” Mrs. Lupin said and motioned Hermione to come to her, which she did. Mrs. Lupin looked back up to John who was rubbing the back of his neck and giving his wife an uneasy look. “It’s late and the two of you had a long day, so why don’t you head up to bed,” She said and led Hermione up the stairs to her room. “Now, just a warning, recently the silencing spell has been breaking after a while, the noise gets something terrible, so I or Jonathan can place a ward over your room if you’d like.” She said, as both Hoss and Hans followed Hermione into her room. She moved to her dresser to get her clothes and both dogs jumped onto the bed.

”No, that’s alright, but can they stay with me. If I do need a silencing spell, I can put one up.” She said quietly, and Mrs. Lupin nodded.

”Alright, good night then.” She said and left closing the door softly behind her. Hermione sighed and get into her pajamas and climbed into bed, she fell asleep easily, a dog on either side of her, and she woke with a start in the middle of the night, hearing the spell break and the wolf howling. She clenched her eyes shut but didn’t want to cast a spell to drown it out. Hoss moved closer to her, pressing his nose against her cheek in comfort. She welcomed it, and wrapped her arms around him, holding him tightly. Moony seemed to be calling for someone, his howls were painful and lonely and she realized into the early morning when his howls finally began to die down that he was indeed calling for someone. He was calling for his mate, he was calling for her.

Hermione woke up and immediately looked at her clock, she gasped at the time, it was past nine, which meant Remus had indeed returned. The dogs were gone, and her door was open ajar, either the Lupins had checked on her or one of the dogs could open the door. She didn’t doubt the latter of her thoughts one bit.
She crossed the hall to Remus’ room, finding his door slight ajar as well. She gently crept inside and gasped as she saw him. He was laying on his bed, on his back, his chest and arms were covered in bandages that the blood was already seeping through. “I haven’t seen him this bad in a while.” Mrs. Lupin said from behind Hermione, startling her she whirled around. “He’s been coming back more battered ever since last summer.” She whispered, gripping the bandages tightly in her hands.

”It’s my fault, why he’s so bad right now.” Hermione said quietly and Mrs. Lupin opened her mouth to assure Hermione it wasn’t but she shook her head and continued. “It is. I know it, it’s because…” She whispered, trailing off quietly and looking over her shoulder at Remus who was still asleep, but before Hermione could finish, Mrs. Lupin spoke up very quietly.

”The wolf really did choose then.” She said so quietly Hermione almost didn’t hear her, and she couldn’t help but nod silently as the two of them watched the slow rising and falling of Remus’ chest. 

Remus watched Hermione as she walked out in the yard, in the freshly fallen snow. Both dogs with her, Hoss ran around in circles barking and trying to get Hans to play with him. His mother walked into the room and sighed. “Remus, please come away from the window, you need rest.” She said quietly, she knew he was watching Hermione, he hadn’t seen her since yesterday, and he wanted to know how she was since he knew the wards had broken on the shed. “She’ll be back in a little while, she just needed to go out for a walk.” Remus was silent as he watched her, he got up when his mother sighed again. Wrapping the blankets tighter around his naked and bandaged body he walked away from the window, casting one glance back as Hermione stopped in front of the shed.

Her fingers clenched tightly at her sides as she stopped dead in front of the shed. There were footprints in the snow from where Mr. Lupin had helped Remus into the house, a trail of blood droplets following the footsteps too. Hans was at her side almost instantly, sensing her unease and discomfort. He gently pushed her in the direction of the forest, he was well up to her waist and could easily move her with the slightest nudge. He pressed his wet nose against her hand and she came out of her daze and followed him to the trail leading into the forest. Hoss was running around them like a puppy, barking and yipping. He came up to them, licked Hermione’s hand, rubbed against Hans in a playful manner and ran up the path barking. Hermione placed her hand on Hans’ back and walked with the dog to the forest, she cast a glance up at Remus’ window, catching a glimpse of his back as he turned away from her. 

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Chapter 24: Holiday Part II
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Part II

Two days passed.

Hermione followed Remus inside both of them soaked from head to toe and chilled to their bones. Hermione was sure that she had snow melting down her back, but with her clothes being soaked through she couldn’t really tell. Her and Remus were currently dripping in the mudroom, luckily the laundry room was right next to it. Remus kicked off his boots, took off his coat, and peeled off his shirt.

Hermione couldn’t help but glance at all the scars on his back as she took off her coat. She took off her boots and he turned towards her. “Well, come on, take your clothes off, you’re going to get sick if you keep them on.” He said unzipping his own jeans and pushing them down. She blushed and turned away from him, he still had his pants on thank goodness. Out of all the boys Hermione thought Remus would at least have some modesty, although living with Sirius for so long she didn’t think anyone would. He seemed to be the sort that would walk around naked and not care. She pulled off her sweater, and shirt with it, and carefully stepped out of her jeans. She turned around and found Remus trying not to watch her, he was still clad in his pants.

Inwardly she sighed at this, he did have some decency then. Good. Sirius hadn’t fouled his mind all the way through yet. She handed them to him reluctantly for they were the only things keeping her body hidden from him. She thought as she gave them back to him that she just had to think of herself in a swimsuit and it would be fine, not awkward at all. But it was, she dared not show him her scars, because if she did there would e many questions, questions she found that she didn’t know the answers to some of them.

Remus turned back to give her a grin and all of a sudden a ball of fluffy snow came in contact with her body. She looked up at Remus and stared at him, gaping. He grinned at her again, and she let out a squeak. “Remus John!” She cried her face flushing. His grin faded and he seemed to realize he was in trouble, he back peddled and quickly ran from the room laughing. She was so glad his parents weren’t going to be home until late. She heard him run up the stairs and quickly flung open the door to the secret staircase Remus had shown her a few days ago. She didn’t care that she was in her underwear she was going to get him.

She ran up the stairs, Hoss at her heals, she hadn’t even realized he was there until she felt his soft fur against her leg. She opened the door and found herself in the library, she quickly crept out of the library and crouched down to become level with Hoss. “Where is he, Hoss?” She whispered, she didn’t care that she was cheating, she wanted revenge. Hoss barked softly and loped down the hallway to her room. She followed him and poked her head inside.

She didn’t see him anywhere and stepped inside frowning. She looked down at Hoss, “You said he was in here.” She whispered to him. Then all of a sudden arms wrapped around her waist and she squeaked in surprise.

”You cheated.” Remus whispered in her ear, gently nuzzling her neck.

”Yes I did.” She said, turning around his arms. He grinned down at her and she stepped away from him, smiling, teasing him. He groaned and stepped forward and Hoss getting excited stepped in between them, Remus stumbled over the dog, cursing loudly as the dog yelped, and knocking into Hermione they both fell onto her bed. He grinned down at her, and leaned forward and kissed her. She laughed into the kiss and he pulled away placing kisses all along her jaw and neck, positioning his body over hers.

She gasped and ran her hands through his hair. “Hermione…” He moaned into her neck, her skin grew hot as his kisses increased, her eyes half lidded. As she arched her body and titled her head back she noticed the door was still open. She brought her hands to his cheeks and lifted his head, his blue eyes tinted with gold, his breath coming in gasps, his arousal pressing against her legs.

”The door…” she murmured and he growled deep in his throat, and pushed forward to attack her neck once more with hot kisses.

”Bugger the door.” He moaned against her neck. But she kept trying to pull his head away, until she said his name desperately and he pulled away from her body with a huff and went to close the door. She watched his movements, the way his muscles rippled under his skin, and she pulled herself farther back on the bed. He turned around, giving her a grin as he advanced on the bed. His grin was predator like, almost feral even. The wolf, she knew right away, that no matter how exhausted he may be from the full moon a few days ago, it didn’t matter, was still in partial control of Remus’ current attitude. Not that she was complaining.

They two of them had had their snogging sessions, and even a few times where Remus had to excuse himself for being to hasty and uncontrolled as he called it. Hermione couldn’t keep her eyes off him now as he crawled up the bed towards her. “Hello again.” He whispered coming over her and leaning down to press his face against her cheek and whisper in her ear. His hands were on either side of her shoulders, supporting himself over her, his knees on either side of her thighs, for the moment. Until he gently nudged her legs apart, positioning himself between her legs.

”Hello.” She whispered back, bringing her arms up to curl in his hair again. He moaned against her neck, placing kisses against her collarbone as he moved downward. He slipped one hand behind her and carefully un-hooked her bra, she gasped as his finger ran over her shoulder as he started to slip it off. He seemed to realize what he was doing and lifted his head to look at her, his eyes completely golden now.

”Is this alright?” He whispered, and she nodded, leaning her head forward to kiss him as he gently pulled away her bra the capsule tumbling down over her shoulder only to be buried in her hair.

”If I loose something then you have to too.” She murmured, slowly gliding her hands down his back and over his hips to gently run her fingers across the waistband of his pants. Her fingers fluttered against his hips, her nails leaving a feather-like feeling behind. He let out a whimper and brought his hands down and over hers he tugged his pants down and she found it would be more difficult if she didn’t free herself of the rest of her clothing now, so as he disentangled himself from his pants she pulled her knickers down. When he turned around she was completely naked and his eyes widened slightly as he grinned. “Touché.” He murmured leaning to forward positioning himself in between her legs once more, he kissed her.

She wrapped one leg around his waist, pulling him closer to her his arousal pressing against her stomach now, her fluttered at feeling of it. She took one hand away from him and whispered, “Accio wand,” he looked up at her, his eyes narrowing as her wand came flying to her fingers.

”You can do wand less magic?” He said and she smiled at him, kissing the tip of his nose before bringing her wand down and placing it against her stomach. She merely smiled lazily at him and murmured something under her breath and a tingling feeling swept over her entire body. “You’re sure about this then?

”Remus, just shut up.” She said grabbing him and silencing him with a kiss. His eyes fluttered closed as he positioned himself and gently entered her. She inhaled deeply and clenched his shoulders as he pushed himself inside of her, he waited a few moments, nipping at her neck and shoulders, waiting for her to get used to the feeling of him inside her. “I’m fine,” she finally whispered when he looked up at her, his golden eyes studying her features and pained expression.

Her words seemed to make the wolf want this even more, because he started thrusting in slow movements, her hips moving along in sync with his, until she whispered his name and his thrusts became faster and harder. Hermione’s fingers gripped his shoulders and she raised her hips to meet his, drawing him further inside her body. Her eyes fluttered at the feeling as they moved together and she felt herself climaxing and with a few more hard thrusts she was digging her fingers into his shoulder and calling out his name as she came. He groaned and kissed her deeply before pulling away from her lips, and whispered things in her ear as he rode out his release. Groaning her name he released inside her. She gasped at the warmness that spread through her body.

Remus slowly pulled out of her and fell down next to her on his stomach, placing his head on her shoulder, trying to regain his normal breathing pattern. Hermione sighed and gently pushed his wet hair away from his face, his eyes fluttered up to look at her and he smiled lazily as she kissed his forehead. Hermione closed her eyes and listened to his breathing slow down as he fell asleep. Hermione wondered if he even knew what he had said to her, his eyes had been so bright and golden.

Remus woke up feeling cold, he realized that neither he nor Hermione were covered and he sat up and grabbed the blanket folded over the foot of the bed. Hermione was still asleep, her chest rising and falling with the slow breaths she was taking. She shifted as he placed the blanket over her and looked over his shoulder at the clock.

He sighed when he saw the time, luckily they had only been asleep for about a half hour, and his parents still wouldn’t return home for hours. He lay back down on his side and watched her. She shifted again, bringing a hand up to rub her eyes and slowly they opened. Remus smiled at her and she blushed when she looked at him. “Hi.”

”Hi.” He whispered hoarsely. They were silent for some time, just watching each other, Remus taking her hand and kissing it.

”Remus… you…” She started, feeling awkward for asking this, and he looked at her with wide curious eyes. “aren’t a virgin?”

”No.” He said slowly, “But you’re not either, I mean before we,” He said the awkwardness of the situation finally sinking in and he looked away blushing.

”No I wasn’t, but somehow I think you knew that. But how with you? I mean the wolf…” She whispered curiously, and Remus placed a finger to her lips to silence her.

”Last summer. I was with James, Peter and Sirius, the first time my parents ever let me go with them on one of their trips. We were at a beach, there was this party, and there was a girl, whom I don’t remember well, but alcohol was involved. I really feel horrible about it all, because I didn’t like her a whole lot and Moony. Well, he’s been furious with me ever since, making my transformations hell. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before we made love. I was ashamed.” He said and she gave him a smile.

”Remus, I understand, really.” She whispered. “How did you know about me, not being a virgin I mean?”

”You went through a war did you not?” He whispered and she nodded. “I know I’m not supposed to know, but, I do. And I know that if I were to ever go through a war, I would not want to die a virgin.” He said leaning in and kissing her nose.

”Thank you.” She whispered and he nodded.

”I’m going to go take a shower and get cleaned up, you rest here for now and when I’m done I’ll fill the bath for you.” He said sitting up, Hermione watched as he got up from the bed and walked out, completely nude. She rolled her eyes as she curled up under the blanket, relishing the warmth Remus’ body had left behind, and thought that some men had no modesty.

Nearly a week and half had passed since their little endeavor and Hermione found it hard to sleep in her bed because of it. She wanted him there, next to placing kisses on her neck, whispering things in her ear. Then she got to thinking about it, wondering if he knew what it is he had said to her. You’re mine. Forever. She sighed and rolled over and tried not to think about it. Tomorrow they were going to visit his family for Christmas Ever dinner and then the next day was Christmas, and her and Remus would be going to visit everyone at James’ home. She didn’t need to be thinking about these things while she was in his families’ company.

She felt weight on the bed suddenly and looked to see Hoss walking towards her. He plopped down next to her and pressed his nose against her cheek. She smiled and patted his head. “Hey Hoss.” Then there was a soft knock at her door.

”Hermione?” It was Remus, she sat up quickly and found him standing in the doorway. “May I come in?” He asked and she nodded.

”Of course.” She whispered and he came and sat down on the bed, leaning forward to kiss her. “What’s wrong?” she whispered as he pulled away.

”I just can’t sleep. Is it alright if I stay?” He asked and Hermione nodded and moved over for him. He climbed under the covers and Hoss nudged himself in between them. Hermione laughed softly at the dog and Remus grumbled something under his breath and soon with both of them there and Hans who had soon join them they were all asleep.

Hermione woke up to find she was alone. Remus and both of the dogs were gone. She got up and nearly ran into Remus as he came out of the bathroom. “oh, Good morning.” He said smiling at her. She smiled back. “I was just going to wake you, mum says we’re leaving in a about an hour.”

”What time is it?” she said suddenly.

”Almost eleven. We both slept late. I haven’t been sleeping well lately, and last night I slept better…” He said trailing off slowly.

”So your mother found us didn’t she…” Hermione said and Remus blushed nodding silently.

”She didn’t say anything, just had this look you know, but when she saw we were both fully clothed she kind of sighed in relief.” Remus said shrugging and Hermione winced. She felt as though she had taken advantage of their hospitality, they had trusted the two of them and not even a week into her stay her and Remus had slept together. He noticed her discomfort and lifted her chin, “Hey, don’t look so upset. It’s fine, we’ll tell eventually.” He said placing a kiss on her lips before walking into his room, he turned and gave her a smile before closing the door.

An hour later Hermione found herself walking to a small cottage, the whereabouts unknown to her, Remus at her side. She actually wished that Hoss and Hans were here with her, she found that recently the two dogs made her feel comfortable. She was wringing her hands together nervously when Remus grabbed them, holding onto one them, squeezing her hand gently. “Stop it.” He whispered in her ear. “They wont bite you.”

”Yes, but you will.” She responded quietly, and he laughed.

”Hermione, darling come here.” Mrs. Lupin said motioning Hermione to follow her. Remus gave her a small push in his mother’s direction, Hermione glancing at him over her shoulder and he shook his head at her look. She followed Mrs. Lupin into the kitchen and Hermione was surprised to see five women standing there, all of them in aprons and cooking. “Hermione these are my sisters, Emily and Alice, my two sister in-laws Bridget and Esme and my mother, Vivian. Everyone this is Hermione, Remus’ girlfriend.” She said smiling at Hermione.

Hermione was greeted with large warm hugs and friendly words and found that Mrs. Lupin looked like her two sisters and her mother. She wondered where her brothers and brother in-laws were. Probably where ever Mr. Lupin had gone off to. “Remus is the youngest of the grandchildren.” Vivian was saying as she rolled out dough into the counter. Hermione could feel the magic flowing off the woman in waves, she obviously must have been a pure-blood or close to it, she could have sworn Remus had said his mother was a muggle-born though, maybe she wasn’t. Maybe she was a half-blood then. “ Out of my eight grandchildren he’s the only one I see on Christmas, all the others are off on their own now.”

”Mum,” Alice said from behind them pulling her sleeves up. “I told you Thatcher is coming later, but he has to work right now.”

”He’s not bringing that floozy with him is he?” she grumbled and Alice sighed as she washed her hands, and Emily and Mrs. Lupin both rolled their eyes, Bridget and Esme seemed to both go along with Mrs. Lupin and Emily.

”Mother, if you mean Carrie, she is his wife, not a floozy.” Alice said sighing again and Mrs. Lupin shook her head and looked to Hermione.

”You don’t have to stay in here.” She said as she pulled on an apron and then stuck her head through the doorway, “Remus!” she called and moments later Remus stepped into the doorway, smiling.

”Yes?” He asked and his mother was about to say something when Vivian, his grandmother came and gathered him into a hug.

”Oh my little boy. You’ve grown since the summer. Look at you. So skinny.” She said patting his stomach, he glared at Hermione over his grandmother’s shoulder when he heard her muffled giggle. “That school is feeding you aren’t they? Is he eating dear?” She said turning to Hermione who immediately ceased her laughing.

”Oh yes, he eats like a horse.” She said smiling.

”I do not!” Remus protested and Hermione crossed her arms over her chest.

”Oh yeah? Well I certainly don’t eat five pieces of toast with marmalade and a bowl of porridge in the morning.” Hermione scoffed and Remus scowled, his aunts laughed softly.

”Good. Good. Yes, well he’s a growing boy. Here you are.” His grandmother said ignoring the laughter and placing a tray of home-baked goods in Remus’ hands.

”Remus, you better be good to her, she’s a keeper.” Alice said, stifling her laughter, Remus scowled and took a rather large bite out of a cookie with more force than necessary.

”Go introduce her to your uncles.” Mrs. Lupin said giving them both a smile.

Remus led her from the kitchen as they left she heard one of the women speak up quietly. “She’s absolutely glowing. She must be very much in love with him.”

”Did you see Remus’ eyes?” Another whispered.

”Yes, he’s very much in love with her.” One of the other women answered, Hermione had a feeling it was Vivian.

”Just for that,” Remus said leading her to another Room, a Larger Common Room, with a pool-table a few couches and an old black and white muggle television. There was also a large round card table where three men were sitting playing cards, one other man was sitting in a chair by the fireplace, his back to them and Mr. Lupin and another man were playing pool. “You don’t get a cookie.” He said tearing a bite out of another large cookie.

Hermione frowned. “Oh really?” She said looking up at him with a defiant look in her eyes.

”Yeah, what you gonna do about it?” he said finishing the cookie he had in his hand.

”Kick you in the shin and grab the tray as you drop it.” She said and he raised an eyebrow.

”Sure. You can try. But I have to warn you, I have shins of steal, so says Sirius.” Remus said placing the tray of cookies down on a coffee table. “Treats from Nana.” He said and the men nodded. “And, I’d like to introduce you to Hermione, my girlfriend. Hermione these are my uncles, Rick, Sam, and Logan.” He said pointing out the three at the card table and then the one playing pool with Mr. Lupin, “ and Edward.” All of them greeted Hermione just as kindly as his aunts had, and she shook all of their hands.

”And, my grandfather,” Remus said leading her over to the man sitting in the chair by the fire. “Hermione this is my grandpa Charles he’s not married to my Nana, he is my father’s father, she invites him here for Christmas. Grandpa, this is Hermione.” Remus said and Hermione smiled at the old man as he stood up.

”It’s a pleasure to meet you sir-“ Hermione said and stopped when he turned around.

”Why hello there lass,” He said extending his hand and Hermione stared at him, too surprised to say anything. 

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Chapter 25: Holiday Part III
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                                         Holiday Part III

Hermione nearly stumbled back when Remus’ grandfather stood up to shake her hand. She couldn’t believe who it was. “Hermione? You alright?” Remus asked, placing his hands on her shoulders, leaning down to whisper in her ear. She nodded, being brought back to her thoughts and shook the old man’s hand. The watchmaker’s hand. He grinned at her, blue eyes shining brightly.

”Splendid to meet you Hermione.” He said, “My name’s Charles, but Remus here has already told you that. But you may call me Charlie if you’d like, or grandpa Charlie, what ever pinches your fancy.” He said giving Hermione a smile.

”Alright grandpa Charlie it is.” Hermione said, finally able to smile.

”You sure you’re alright?” Remus said and she nodded.

”Probably just a little muddled. You see the other day we ran into each other in town.” He said nodded and realization dawned in Remus’ eyes.

”Oh, right. I forgot to mention that…”

”You forgot to mention a lot of things.” Hermione grumbled, causing Remus to blush. Charlie sat down, taking the book he had placed on his chair and resumed reading, the chess set next to him looking lonely. Hermione nudged Remus and nodded in the direction of said chess set. 

”Grandpa Charlie, do you want to play a game of chess?” Remus asked and Charlie’s eyes seemed to light up and he nodded.

”Sure, have a seat my boy.” He said indicating the seat across from the chess set. Remus sat down and Hermione went to stand behind his chair and watch as they played chess.

They had eaten dinner and Hermione was now in the kitchen, helping with the dishes. Vivian had been shooed away by the other women. Mrs. Lupin and Emily were helping her with them as well. Everyone else was in the Common Room. Hermione placed the towel over her shoulder before sticking her hands in the soapy water. Mrs. Lupin walked in and placed a few more dishes on the stack next to Hermione. She sighed.

”I can do this dear.” She said smiling at Hermione, who shook her head.

”No, it’s alright. You helped cook, and so I’m doing my part.” Hermione said grabbing the sponge.

”I wish the boys would think like that.” Emily said laughing, as she leaned against the counter.

”Yes me too, well if you’ve got everything under control, then we’ll go in and sit with everyone.” Mrs. Lupin said and Hermione nodded.

”Of course, go right ahead. I’ve got these.” Hermione said nodding and started to scrub a plate.

”Alright, thank you.” Emily said as both women shed their aprons, put their towels down and left the kitchen to sit with everyone else. A few moments later Hermione heard the back door open.

”Nana we’re-oh you’re not Nana.” A deep voice said slightly shocked. Hermione turned around and saw a young man taking off his shoes, a woman doing the same.

”Oh! Hullo. You must be Thatcher, and Carrie.” Hermione said smiling at them.

”Yes. Sorry, but who are you?” Thatcher said, giving her a once over.

”Oh, gosh. Sorry about that, I’m with Remus. I’m his girlfriend, Hermione.” She said quickly wiping her hand on the towel and extending it to both Thatcher and Carrie who shook it.

”Ah. Very nice.” Thatcher said smiling, his blue eyes bright, he reached up and pushed his blonde hair away from his face.

”Thatch is that you?” Alice called from the Common Room.

”Yeah mum!” He called, “Well we should get in there…” He said smiling at Hermione once more before ducking into the other room. Carrie though stood there for a moment.

”Got stuck with kitchen duty?” She asked.

”No actually, I volunteered.” Hermione said shaking her head, Carrie seemed shocked, and to cover it up she muttered something and quickly went after Thatcher into the other room.

While Hermione finished the dishes she felt a presence behind her and she whirled around to see Remus leaning against the doorframe watching her. He grinned at her.

”Hello there.” He said, striding towards her, he leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips. Hermione leaned into him and smiled against his lips.

”Hello.” She said, wrapping her arms around his waist, he gently pushed her against the counter.

”I miss you out there.” He whispered in her ear and she placed her head against his chest.

”Mhmm…” She murmured and he chuckled and gently ran his hands across her back. She closed her eyes and inhaled his musky scent with a touch of cinnamon. “You want to help me with these last few dishes, my hands are getting all pruney.” She said, gently pushing him away from her and placing her hands on his chest.

”Alright I suppose.” He said, grabbing one of her hands and kissing her palm. She shook her head and pulled away from him, handing him the sponge. “You’re going to make me wash?” He said pouting, and Hermione couldn’t help but laugh.

”Yes. I am. I’ve been washing for a while, see my hands?” She said holding out both her hands and he made a face at them, and started to wash. “That’s why you’re washing, I’m rinsing.” She said.

”Fine, so I see you’ve met Thatch and Carrie.” Remus said suddenly, hearing the laughter escalate in the other room. She nodded. “So what do you think of them?”

”Well, I think Thatcher is nice, Carrie doesn’t seem to like me, even though she’s just met me…” Hermione said, lowering her voice even though she knew none of them could hear them. She was standing right next to Remus, so from the doorway they looked as though they were attached at the hip.

”Well, Carrie doesn’t really like any of us, mainly because no one really likes her.” Remus said quietly as he washed a plate. “The only reason they got married was because she wound up pregnant.” Remus said and Hermione’s eyes widened slightly.

”But they didn’t have a baby with them…” Hermione said leaning closer to him to whisper quietly, nearly touching his sweater.

”She’s probably off with the in-laws. They don’t bring the baby around much, and if they came right from Thatcher’s job then yeah, she’s probably with Carrie’s parents.” He said quietly. “She really is an adorable baby.” He said smiling and Hermione looked up at him, rinsing the bowl he handed her.

”Remus, I know this is an odd question but do you want children?” Hermione said as she placed the bowl into the dish drainer, she looked at Remus out of the corner of her eye and he stood there, both hands on the edge of the faucet he stared out the window in front of them.

Hermione finding that they were done with the dishes pulled herself up and sat on the countertop while she waited for Remus’ answer. He turned his head to look at her, his eyes clouded over, she suddenly felt horrible for asking him.

”I would love to have children some day…” He whispered, a weak smile tugging at his lips.

”I feel a but coming on here.” Hermione said watching him as his eyes lifted to hers sadly.

”I don’t want to ever take the chance of any child that I hope to bear having lycanthropy.” He whispered, moving closer to her and she reached out with a hand to push some hair away from his face, he placed one hand next to her thigh on the counter. “I don’t want to pass on this curse. And the laws…” He started but Hermione moved her hand down and placed a finger to his lips to silence him.

”If the laws weren’t in place and you knew that you would not pass on the curse, would you have children?” She said turning her head to one side to look at him, and he nodded silently.

”Yes, I would. I would have as many children as you would be willing to bear me.” He said and her lips immediately broke out into a smile. “That is if you’re willing to have my children that is...”

”Remus, I knew exactly what I was getting into when I said I wanted to be with you, and that intends giving you children, as many as you’d like.” She whispered, running her fingers though his hair. “What were you thinking when you were looking out the window, you seemed so far away.” 

”I was imagining you outside in autumn, with all the colorful leaves, and you playing with our children…” he said a sudden blush spreading through his cheeks. Hermione shook her head and smiled.

”There is no need to be embarrassed.” She whispered, leaning forward to kiss him softly, he pulled away after a moment and kissed her nose while whispering that there was someone coming, “Your hearing sure does come in handy.” She said smiling. Then sure enough his grandmother walked into the kitchen.

”Well hello you two. Everyone was beginning to wonder where Remus went,” She said casting a glance at Remus as she walked to the refrigerator and took out a large pie. “Remus, be a dear and grab those other two pies for me please.” She said as she moved to the counter to set them down. “Now, Hermione darling, don’t worry about doing these dishes, the boys get these ones.” She said reaching up for small plates.

”Alright, Remus came and helped me with the rest of them.” Hermione said as she hoped down and searched for the silverware drawer and grabbed out a handful of forks and spoons.

”Well he’s exempt then.” Vivian said smiling as she grabbed a few knives for cutting the pies. “Alright now, one of you call everyone in, it’s desert time.” She said as she went to the icebox and grabbed out a bucket of vanilla ice cream. Remus nodded to Hermione and she smiled back, walking to the other room to let everyone know.

”Um, excuse me everyone,” Hermione said standing in the doorway, “desert is ready to be served.” She said smiling at them, and they all stood up and followed her to the kitchen, still talking.

Hermione walked over to Remus once she got back into the kitchen and found him already with a plate of pie in his hands, fork raised, chewing happily. “You look extremely content.” Hermione said as she stood in front of him.

He swallowed before speaking, “Oh I am.” He said giving her a grin as he stabbed a forkful of pie, “Want some? It’s apple cinnamon?” He said offering his fork to her and she nodded, opening her mouth as he fed her the pie.

”Wow that’s good.” She said chewing and swallowing, she then saw Remus’ face was red and looked over her shoulder to see Vivian and his mother talking quietly, glancing in their direction. Her face immediately burned as red as Remus’. “Sorry.” She mumbled to him.

”Don’t be.” He said shifting against the counter, “Here you finish this, I want chocolate cream pie.” He moved away from her and over to where his father was cutting the chocolate cream pie, and he handed Remus a piece. Hermione leaned against the counter and took another forkful of the apple pie, and Remus returned seeming as happy as a puppy with a new ball.

“Of course chocolate, nothing can measure up to chocolate with you can it.” She said laughing as he shoved a spoonful of the pie into his mouth, smiling.

Swallowing he said, “I bet you could give chocolate a good run for its money.” Hermione raised an eyebrow at him as he chuckled softly. “I’m kidding love,” He said leaning down to whisper in her ear, “you taste much better than chocolate.” He said pulling away from her and she looked up to see his eyes were golden.

Hermione gave Remus a questioning glance when she noticed his eyes. “I’ll be right back.” He said quietly as he put down his plate of pie. Hermione turned to him as he passed her.

”Where are you going?” She asked and he stopped and motioned downward with his eyes. Hermione’s eyes followed his movements and she tried not to make it seem too obvious what she noticed. “Ah.” She said turning away from him to hide a small snicker, he continued onto the bathroom.

When Remus left Thatcher came over and started up a conversation with her. “So Hermione is it?” He asked and she nodded smiling at him. “How long have you been with my baby cousin?”

”Well I’d say we finally decided to give things a try around the end of September.” She said as she took a bite of her pie and Thatcher nodded.

”What do you have in mind after Hogwarts job wise?” He asked sounding curious, and Hermione paused for a moment, giving him a curious glance, not realizing he was a wizard, his magic aura was not that strong.

”I want to be a Healer actually, after the Holiday I plan on working with Madam Pomfrey in the Hospital Wing as part of my training and working with a few of the other professors as well.” She said. “What do you do, if you don’t mind me asking?”

 “That’s very interesting and a good field to go into, but I don’t mind you asking at all.” He said smiling, “I’m currently training to become an Auror. In a few weeks I’ll actually be graduating and be able to move into the ranks.”

”Oh wow. Congratulations!” Hermione said grinning and was glad when Remus suddenly appeared at her side, wrapping his arm around her waist, they continued to talk casually with Thatcher.

A few hours had passed and Mrs. Lupin walked up to them as they were on the couch, Hermione nearly falling asleep as they sat there with everyone else. “You two can head home using the Floo if you’d like.” She whispered and Remus looked to Hermione and moved a curl away from her face as he nodded to his mother.

”I think that’s a good idea.” He said quietly, smiling at Hermione who only wanted to bury herself further into Remus’ sweater.

”Alright, your father and I wont be home for a few more hours, so make sure the dogs get out and say goodbye to everyone before you leave.” She said quickly kissing his forehead before walking off to join the women in their conversation.

”Come on then, up you get.” Remus said quietly lifting Hermione up with him as he stood and she gave a soft whimper. Remus chuckled softly and then left her side to go say goodbye to his grandmother, Hermione sighed and spotted Charlie sitting alone in the same chair he had occupied earlier. She frowned, wondering why he was alone again and made her way to him.

”Grandpa Charlie?” She said softly, hoping she hadn’t woken him, but he looked up at her smiling. “Remus and I are leaving now, and I just wanted to say goodnight.” She said giving him a smile.

”Oh, alright. Well it was a pleasure seeing you again,” He said giving her hand a pat and she nodded.

”Yes, well good night, I look forward to seeing you again.” Hermione said and was about to move away from him when he took her hand, she felt him press a small box into it, looking up to give her a smile. Hermione realized what it was and she grinned at him. “Thank you sir, I’ll send you the payments tomorrow.” But Charlie shook his head.

”No. Don’t worry about it lass, think of it as a thank you gift.” He said and Hermione frowned, and he seemed to catch her curiousness and explained quietly. “For loving my grandson.” He said taking his hand away and all Hermione could do was smile. She didn’t know what to say, and then Remus came up behind her. “Ah, Remus, Hermione here tells me you two were just leaving.”

”Yes, it was good seeing you again Grandpa, and I’m sure Hermione and I will stop in to see you before the Holiday is over.” Remus said leaning down to half hug his grandfather. “Good night.” He said pulling away.

”Good night you two, and Happy Christmas.”

”Happy Christmas.” Both of them responded, and Remus led Hermione away to the rest of the family where she said her goodbyes and they used the fireplace to head home. Once they got through the fireplace Remus let out a sigh and plopped down on the couch pinching the bridge of his nose.

”Remus are you alright?” Hermione asked suddenly worried by the way he was acting. He nodded and sighed once more.

”Peachy.” He said roughly, lowering his hand and opening his eyes to look at her, she was still giving him a cautious look. “I just can’t believe that happened…” He said trailing off awkwardly and Hermione realized what he was talking about when he broke out into a blush. “I don’t know… it just happened, I’m sorry.”

”Remus, there is no need to be sorry.” Hermione said laughing softly. “None at all, you’re a teenager still, ok?” She said leaning in to kiss his cheek. His face remained red but he nodded all the same pulling her closer to him and kissing the tip of her nose.

Christmas Morning

Hermione woke up when something heavy landed on her, and she opened her eyes to see Hoss standing over her, tail wagging, tongue hanging out, and she groaned quietly, reaching up to scratch behind the dogs ear. “I suppose you were sent to wake me up huh?” She said and Hoss yipped quietly.

”Hoss get down.” Remus said as he came to Hermione’s side yawning. “Morning.” He said leaning down to kiss her and Hermione smiled, sitting up when he pulled away.

”Happy Christmas.” Hermione said and he smiled at her.

”Yes, Happy Christmas to you too, you ready to open presents?” He said and Hermione gawked.

”No, you’re parents didn’t buy me anything did they?” She said and he shrugged, giving her and innocent look.

”I don’t know, you’ll have to find out when you get down there.” He said leaving the room, Hermione grumbled and got out of bed, following Remus down the stairs, Hoss at her heels.

Hermione followed Remus into the Common Room where the tree was and found that there were many presents under the tree much more than there had been last night. “Alright, there is one that I need you to open first.” He said sitting down and leaning against the couch, Hermione moved to sit next to him.

He reached for a fairly large box, and handed it to her, Hoss and Hans who both lying near them now perked up and Hermione wondered what could be in the box. She carefully untied the bow and lifted the top of the box off, inside was a cat. Hermione stared for a moment, but then immediately she recognized the cat, the one that had come up to her and Remus at the Train Station. The cat lifted her head out of the box and mewed softly a red bow tied around her neck. “Remus…thank you so much, but how did you get her?” She said reaching to lift up the cat, Hoss came over curious and sniffed her, wagging his tail slowly, the cat only meowed in response.

”Remember the other day when I went out with my dad, well, that’s when I found her, just by chance, she kept following me, so I asked my dad if I could bring her home, and we kept her up in the spare room since so you wouldn’t see her. But I saw the way you looked at her, and I know she wont replace your cat, but still…” he said slowly and Hermione nodded.

”Thank you so much.” She whispered reaching over to hug him while the cat sat in her lap. “Oh, before I forget, I want you to open one of yours.” She said leaning to grab the small box she had placed under the tree last night. She handed it to him. He gave her a curious look before slowly opening the box and when he did he froze and stared into the box, his hand froze in mid air and she watched his fingers twitch as he then reached down to pick up the watch.

He looked her in the eyes, “I thought I lost it.” He whispered quietly. “When I couldn’t find it I got frightened, that’s one reason I went back to the Station the other day, to find it…”

”I’m sorry I made you worry, but since I felt it was my fault it broke, I wanted to get it fixed…” She said trailing off slowly.

”So that’s how you knew my grandfather… you went to his shop?” He said quietly gently stroking the watch with his thumb and Hermione nodded. “Thank you.” He said very quietly, pulling her into a tight embrace.

”You’re welcome.” She said smiling into his shoulder.

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Chapter 26: Holiday Part IV
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                      Chapter 23: Holiday Part IV

Hermione and Remus walked up the pathway to James’ house in Godrick Hollow. Hermione shivered and pulled her coat tighter around her. “I don’t see why we had to apparate so far away, this is a wizarding village Remus.” She said trying to snuggle deeper into her coat. Remus chuckled softly and she felt like glaring in his direction but didn’t because he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close to him. His body was so warm, she couldn’t understand how one person let off so much heat.

”Because I thought the walk would be good for us. Especially after that lunch we had, and then we fell asleep.” He said bringing up a very good point. Hermione rolled her eyes and pulled away from him to knock on the door but then it opened suddenly and Sirius stood in the doorway. Hermione blanched as her eyes moved upwards, mistletoe.

”Sirius don’t ev-” She started but never finished because Sirius advanced on her with a smirk and glint in his eyes. He grabbed her and kissed her roughly. She tried pulling away but he was too strong so she gave in and allowed him to kiss her hoping Remus didn’t get too upset. He pulled away and she gasped for air, a grin forming on his lips.

”Now, how was that for a Christmas kiss?” He said and Hermione rolled her eyes, but couldn’t help but give him a small smile.

 “Sirius, you are so insufferable.” Hermione said and pushed passed him into the house. She turned around when she heard Remus let out a strangled yelp and her eyes widened, Sirius was now kissing Remus. Remus could have easily pushed Sirius away, but she knew he was afraid of hurting him if he didn’t grip him correctly, so then Sirius pulled away after a few moments, grinning again. Remus clamped a hand over his mouth, his eyes wide a blush creeping onto his cheeks. “Remus?” Hermione asked cautiously, wondering if he was all right.

”Keep him on a tight leash. He’s a good kisser Hermione.” Sirius said grinning as he bounded playfully away from them into another room and Remus took a moment to compose himself, running a hand through his hair and avoiding her eyes.

”After all these years he really still doesn’t have any shame does he?” James’ voice said from behind Hermione and she turned around to smile at him.

”No. Not at all. You’d think after six years I’d be used to it by now, but nope. Apparently not.” Remus said laughing.

”So he does this every year?” Hermione asked casting Sirius a cautious glance as he danced around the room they had entered. James took Hermione and Remus’ coats and hung them up and Hermione reached into her pockets and took out the packages she had shrunk she went over to the tree and placed them there and waved her hand at them and they grew larger. Sirius’ hands were on her shoulders then peering over her shoulder like an excited child.

”When can I open them Hermione?” He asked eyeing the one with his name on it.

”Not until James says so Sirius.” She said and he pouted.

”Sirius a batch of cookies just came out of the oven, you better get to them before Peter does.” Lily said and he was gone in a flash yelling something about last year and something to do with Peter. “Happy Christmas Hermione.” Lily said.

”Happy Christmas to you too.” Hermione said plopping down the couch next to Lily, James handed her a glass of Eggnog. “Thank you.”

”No problem, better drink it before Sirius notices you have any. I managed to save a little before he polished it off.” James said handing a glass to Remus as well.

”Ah, so that’s why he’s a little more excited than normal.” She said as she caught a whiff of the drink. It was definitely not the regular kind of eggnog. “He’s the laced kind doesn’t he?”

”What other kind of Eggnog is there to Sirius?” Peter said walking now a plate of cookies in his hand. He set them down the table and sat in a chair opposite them. “Happy Christmas, Remus, Hermione.” He said smiling at them both.

”Thank you Peter, same to you.” Remus said sipping his drink.

They enjoyed each other’s company for a while and opened their gifts and they soon found themselves sitting in front of the fire Hermione and Lily curled up together on the couch, James and Peter each in a chair and Remus and Sirius fighting over a blanket on the floor. Well it was mostly Sirius complaining that Remus was hogging the blanket, which, he in fact was not. Hermione was looking out the window and in doing so not paying attention to everyone else. They were though too engrossed about reminiscing old times to notice she wasn’t partaking in the conversation. As she stared out the window and into the forest behind his house she thought she saw the flicker of wand light and two figures in the trees. The ring against her chest grew warm. She glanced out of the corner of her eye to see if anyone was paying attention to her, mainly Remus. He wasn’t.

“Lumniscous irisous.” She murmured quietly under her breath, turning her hand to the window away from everyone as she eyes glowed briefly and she looked into the woods. She saw two people in the woods, to very recognizable figures at that. “Knox.” She murmured bringing up a hand to touch her eyes feeling them go back to normal. She shifted and sat up straighter then slowly drew up from the couch, Lily looked up at her and gave her a smile before turning back to the conversation. Hermione stepped behind the couch to avoid having to step over Sirius and Remus and made her way over to where her coat was.

She grabbed it and went out the back door, thanking Merlin that the Potter’s had retired earlier to give them time to themselves. She carefully closed the door behind her, and headed off in the direction where the two people had been in the woods. She murmured the spell again and felt it take over her eyes so she could see in the dark. She saw the two figures and moved towards them, her wand was in her pocket but she had no need for it.

“Come out you two.” She said and they both looked up in her direction startled and one started to move towards her a guilty look on his face.

“Fay- don’t.” Gideon warned but it was too late Fabian was already walking up to Hermione, who murmured the spell to return her eyes back to normal.

“What are you two doing here?” She snapped crossing her arms.

“Well, Happy Christmas to you too.” Fabian said frowning.

“Yes, Christmas, exactly. Shouldn’t the two of you be at home with your family right now?” She said anger evident in her voice.

Gideon sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Yes we should be home, but when we went to scry for you, you weren’t at Lupin’s home.”

“Scry? You two have been spying on me?” She said incredulously, eyes widening.

“Yes-” Gideon started but Fabian interrupted him.

“Where is your ring?” He said glancing down at her hand.

“What? Right here.” She said reaching into her shirt and pulling out the chain. “I was helping Mrs. Lupin with dinner and didn’t want to loose it.” She whispered and he seemed to visibly relax. “But that’s not the point, the point is that the two of you have been spying on me and I want to know why.”

“You really have no idea how valuable you are to the Order do you?” Gideon said sighing as he ran a hand through his hair. “If that psychopath ever found out who you are and where you’re from you’d be in his custody, most likely in a cell or even dead. Fabian and I have been assigned to keep in touch with you, know your whereabouts at all times.”

“When we went to scry for you at Lupin’s and when we found you weren’t there we panicked. Dumbledore told us you would be safe but-” Fabian said and stopped when Gideon glared at him for he obviously giving away too much information.

“Something else is going on. Otherwise the two of you would have just scent an owl or had Professor Dumbledore contact me. The two of you wouldn’t be here in person.” She said giving them each a glare ready to hex them for putting her through this. When they didn’t say anything her anger increased. “I’m not some insipid little child, if I’m in danger I want to know.” She growled.

“You’re not in danger per say…” Fabian said and Gideon rolled his eyes at his brother huffing and muttering something under breath about growing soft. “But there was an attack on Christmas Eve, not too big, just a raid. But the Potter’s know and they’re a good family to be with.” He said and Hermione’s eyes widened. “Oh… You didn’t know.”

“Of course she didn’t know you twat. They weren’t at the meeting.” Gideon said glaring at his brother. “The Potter’s are in the Order, well Mr. Potter is, Mrs. Potter isn’t against it, but he believes in what we’re doing more than her. I suppose. She wants to protect James from danger and not get him involved.”

“Which is completely understandable.” Fabian cut in, his brother nodded, Hermione’s gut lurched, and the capsule around her neck glowed a bright blue. She sighed and moved her hand up to rest on it, hoping it wasn’t visible under her coat and shirt.

“You two should go home, it’s Christmas. Spend the time with your nephews.” She whispered wrapping her arms around herself as the wind blew. “Please. I’ll be fine. I know how to protect myself.” She said quietly glancing up at them and pleading them with her eyes to leave.

“Alright, we’ll go.” Gideon said much to her surprise. “But if anything happens, not that it will you get that ring on your finger and get out. Don’t worry about them, just get out.” He said and nodded to his brother who was frowning. “Have a Happy Christmas Hermione.” He said before dissaparating. Fabian smiled and gave her a polite nod before doing the same although he didn’t look like he was that willing to leave her.

Hermione stood there for a few moments and stared up at the moon. It was only a crescent but it’s glow was vibrant tonight. “She walks in beauty, like the night, of cloudless climes and starry skies; and all that's best of dark and bright…” Hermione heard someone murmur and she swiftly turned around drawing her wand not knowing who was there. She then saw Remus standing there his hands in his pockets staring at her with a sort of admiration in his eyes.

“Remus, how long have you been there?” She whispered, her hands starting to tremble now. He had heard, he’d heard everything.

“Long enough. Did you think I wouldn’t notice you staring out the window, or how you did that odd spell, or how you grabbed your coat and quietly snuck out the back door?” He said and she lowered her wand unable to hold it properly any longer. He was angry, livid most likely. She had been lying to him and now he knew. “It’s a curse having stronger senses than the average person. I‘m not angry.” He added softly when he finished speaking and her head snapped up fear evident in her eyes.

“What? Good God why not?” She whispered, “I’ve lied to you-” She whispered and was silenced when he grabbed her roughly around the waist, bringing her crushing against him, he kissed her.

“Please, I know you have your reason for doing so, your meetings with Dumbledore.” He murmured against her lips, holding her tightly against him. “I’m sorry I frightened you.” He said quietly pulling away and burying his face in her hair.

“Where did you learn Lord Byron’s poems?” She murmured her fingers playing with a frayed piece of wool on his coat. He pulled away from her then, keeping his arms around her waist he looked up at the sky his eyes thoughtful.

“It was in first year actually. I had had one of the worst changes in my life, the wolf being angry because of the new location, a new prison. Therefore, I’d been pretty worse for wear and I was indifferent towards everything and everyone around me. Poppy left me well enough alone, although I know now she didn’t let her eyes wander too far from me. I was so frightened and I didn’t talk, I was just a mess really, so frightened that when she touched me I shook violently at times. However, I woke up from my nap one day and found this tattered old book on the nightstand and Poppy was re-dressing my wounds, and all I did was stare at the book. She must have been reading it when she came over to check on me. She noticed my interest in the cover and after supper she came over to me. Two cups of tea, mine with my medicine in it, and the old book. She asked if it was ok for her to sit next to me, I was a little hesitant so she sat in the chair, but she stayed close, and then she picked up the book and began reading to me.

“I’d never heard the poems before and really I never had any interest in them, although that changed that night. I clung to every word she read. After that when I was in my worst moods she’d come to me before bedtime, change my bandages, fluff my pillows and read to me. Eventually I allowed her sit on the bed with me. Every night I was there she read the poems to me and I was never tired of hearing them over and over again. By the time my third year rolled around she figured I was too old for them but I asked to see the book, I had forgotten the words of some of them over the summer and was upset that I had. So she lent me the book, I asked her to read them to me again, something she was surprised by. Although nowadays I wake up and find the book there waiting for me, I get her to read to me once in a while if she’s not too busy.” He said smiling softly down at her his face illuminated by the moonlight.

They were silent for a long time until Hermione glanced up at him and found him watching her, the crescent moon reflecting in his eyes. “Aren’t you going to ask who they are and what they were doing here?” She murmured and he shook his head.

“Your business is your own Hermione. I’m not one to pry into things when I know they should be left well enough alone. But I am curious as to the spell you used.” He said lifting her chin to look at her eyes. “The one that made your eyes glow.” He said fingers tracing across her chin.

“It’s a spell I created during my training.“ She said and Remus looked genuinely surprised. “For during the nights when it was dark and we didn’t have the moonlight, and really just to see in general in the dark. I based it off a wolf’s night vision. Actually, off of your night vision.” She whispered smiling at him when his eyes widened if so even more at her words. “It took me a few months of research but I finally got it to work.” 

“You really are incredible.” He said leaning down to press a kiss to her lips. He pulled away and smiled. “Can you show me something?” He asked and she titled her head to the side curious.

“That all depends on that it is.” She said softly.

“Just some wandless magic. I’d like to see…” He said trailing off softly.

“Just like the curious little puppy.” She said laughing as she pulled out of his arms and taking her gloves off. “But of course I can show you a spell or two.” She said tucking her glove in her pocket and then she withdrew her wand and handed it to him. “Here. So you know I’m not cheating.” He took the wand and held it in his hand. She held out one hand and whispered, “Lumos.”

A little  golden ball of light hung over her palm hovering there, then danced around her finger tips and she made it weave in between her fingers before coming to rest over her palm again. She then lifted her palm and by now Remus was fascinated, and she blew on the ball of light and it danced over to him floating around his head before going back to Hermione. She closed her around the small ball of light and when she opened her hand the light was gone.

“The trick,” She said holding out her hand again, “is to concentrate and get in sync with the magic in your body and just let it flow through you. Since I’ve done this for a long time and practice a bit almost every night I no longer need to concentrate, I can just do it.” She said and waved her hand at a tree branch above her head. He watched as she moved her hand in movements and when she did the branch grew and twisted along with her hands.

“If you can recall that time I can back from my time with Sirius and I was… well, glowing.” She said and Remus nodded, glancing down at her wand, letting his fingers trace the carvings on the sides, he did remember, he remembered being frightened that she was going to do something and hurt herself. “Yes, well in being able to control my magic so… excessively… it tends to just come naturally when I’m upset, angry mainly…” She paused then realized it had become a bit awkward she added quickly, “I can do regular spells, perform them completely. Want to see?”

“Sure.” He said softly lifting his head to glance at her.

Hermione moved back away from him and before performing the spell she warms her hands with her breath. She closed her eyes for a moment, seeming to calm herself before opening them and staring at the tree in front of her. “Flagrate.” She whispered softly as she drew her hand around her in circles flames appeared from her finger tips, she wrote her name in the air then looking up to see Remus’ reaction she wiped her hand over the flames and they disappeared.

“Amazing.” He murmured.

“I’m surprised that you don’t know how to do any of-oh…” She said sliding her gloves back on as she spoke then realization seemed to dawn on her and a knowing smile spread across her lips.


“I learned how to do this from you.” She said lifting her eyes to his. “But you haven’t learned it yet, which means I must be the one to teach you.” He lifted an eyebrow in confusion and Hermione sighed, reaching to take her wand back. “Never mind, they are going to wonder where we went off to so we might as well go back inside.” She said changing the subject as she walked passed him, but he wasn’t going to have it and grabbed her arm stopping her.

“No. Tell me. What do you mean I taught you?”

“You taught me how to perform wandless magic is that hard to understand Remus? Which means since you don’t know how to do it, I must be the one to teach you. Besides when you taught me you told me that a woman you were very fond of taught you how to do this.” She whispered looking away from him, she wasn’t telling him something and he knew it, but he wasn’t going to pry. As much as he wanted to know, he wasn’t going to push her, some things he already wasn’t supposed to know as it was.

“This is just going in circles and it’s giving me a right headache.” Remus said softly before pulling away and walking with her towards the house.

“You have no idea.” She whispered very quietly as she walked ahead of him.

The days passed and New Years had come and gone. Hermione and Remus had remained at his home the entire time, going to town once in a while and into the woods with the dogs. But mainly they enjoyed each other's company. Such as today, two days before they had to go back to Hogwarts.

Remus let out a groan as he stretched and grinned when inhaled, keeping his eyes closed he turned to his left, grin still in place. “What are you grinning about?” Hermione’s soft voice whispered, causing him to lazily open his eyes.

“You.” He said letting out a sigh when he found her lying on her side watching him, he wondered how long she had been there watching him sleep.

“Me?” She questioned her fingers reaching out to play with the buttons on his shirt, slowly undoing one of them. His eyes drifted to her hands then back up to her eyes. She smiled down at him, he took her hand, brought it up to his lips, and kissed her palm, her eyes fluttered, and he watched her reaction. When he let her hand go she went back to playing with his buttons and his eyes never left hers.

He then watched as her eyes flickered down to the obvious bulge in his trousers, then back to his eyes and she blushed. He chuckled softly before reaching out to grab her and pull her over him, she let out a squeal as he did so before he crushed his lips against hers. She maneuvered herself so she was now straddling his hips and he reached a hand up to pull her hair out of its bun and sighed as he watched it fall down onto her shoulders.

He reached up with a hand, gently touching her neck he slowly slid it behind her head and pushed her forward so he could kiss her. They broke away both gasping and Hermione’s fingers were hastily unbuttoning his shirt as she placed kisses along his jaw and neck. “May parents?” He groaned out and she smiled against his neck before pulling away.

“Out at the market, wont be home for a few hours.” She said reaching down to pull her shirt over her head and he grinned at her before leaning up to capture her lips again. She tossed the shirt to the side and began to unbutton his trousers and tug them down his hips. However, she became frustrated and with an aggravated growl, she grabbed her wand from the bed table and spelled them off, leaving him with his pants and shirt left.

“A little anxious darling?” He drawled giving her a grin as his own fingers undid the button on her jeans. She shot him a glare but then was surprised when his fingers quickly shot  from her hip up her spine and to her bra strap where his finger tugged and it came loose, and he slowly sat up drawing the bra down her  shoulders and tossed it to the floor. Hermione’s fingers slowly moved into his hair as he placed a kiss in between her breasts taking care to avoid the glowing capsule.  While he kissed his way to her lips she worked on pulling his shirt off his shoulders and tossed it to the floor. She let out a sigh as he pulled away from her lips and kissed the hollow of her neck while holding onto her and flipping over to gently lay her on the bed under him.

He managed to get himself out of his pants and pull her jeans and panties down in a matter of moments before moving back up to kiss her again. She seemed to sense his searching eyes and hers opened only to shift away from him shyly. He knew exactly why, the numerous scars on her body that she hoped he had not seen the first time, but he had, and he placed kisses on them as he moved up her body. “I would like to know how you got these sometime, if you’re willing to tell me, you already know about mine…” He murmured as he nudged her legs apart and positioned himself in between them.

 With her shyness and wand long gone Remus let out a groan when her hand slowly slid down his abdomen and her fingers intertwined with his dark golden curls. She pulled away from his lips to murmur a spell and his eyes fluttered as he felt a tingling sensation spread throughout his lower abdomen. Her hand then withdrew and she leaned up to kiss him, and he pressed her down into the mattress as he slowly and carefully made love to her. Afterwards he lay next to her with her face gently pressed against the hollow of his neck.

“I love you.” She whispered before falling asleep. Remus lay there watching her until his eyes closed slowly falling into a half awake slumber ready to jump up at the slightest indication of his parents coming home. He awoke only a few moments later when his arm started to fall asleep, so he shifted and in shifting, the capsule around Hermione’s neck rolled down her shoulder and was resting quite close to him.

This was really the first time he had seen it up close and even though he knew he should not invade her privacy by looking his curiosity got the better of him. These were after all her memories, things that for some unknown reason to him she had to keep from herself and forget them. Things that in forgetting made her feel empty and hollow. It was something he didn’t like, these missing memories making her so upset, he often caught her fiddling with the trinket as if trying to remember what she was forgetting, or just hoping to remember some of those memories of her two best friends. Two best friends he had not heard much about at all. He looked down at this thing that caused his mate so much torment and instinctively he wanted to take the damn thing and crush it in between his fingers, but he wouldn’t-no he couldn’t do that to her.

He watched as a memory slowly made its way to the surface as it sensed his presence and wanted him to see. He bit his lip wondering if he should look away but found Hermione fast asleep so his eyes flickered back down to the capsule. He seemed to be sucked into a dream world and looked around looked wildly around trying to figure out where he was, because it was not his home anymore. He suddenly felt very vulnerable because he was naked. Lovely, he thought, walking around stalkers in one of her memories, this really was a splendid way to start the afternoon.

He suddenly stepped into the shadows when he heard voices a level below them, it was a woman and a man, he leaned over the railing and looked down, and suddenly he felt like he was going vomit. Down by the bottom of the staircase was a woman with bright pink hair and… him. An older him, but him nonetheless. He looked so tired, worn out, and the look in his eyes chilled Remus to his core. Pain. Loss. Sadness. And most of all emptiness.  He looked like he didn’t care about life anymore, that he was just waiting for one final curse to end it all.

His eyes suddenly shot up when a door across the hall creaked open and he felt his body go ridged when he set his eyes upon Hermione. She looked no better than his older self did, except for the fact that she was younger than him, extremely younger than his older self. Which meant that he was much older than her than he realized, no, than she led him to believe. He licked his lips and watched as she slowly approached the opposite banister and glanced down watching his older self and the pink haired woman argue.

“When will you stop babying her Remus!” She said jealousy obvious in her tone.

“I am not babying her Nymphadora. You don’t know what she saw, what happened there.” He said shaking his head and pulling his arm out of her hold and was about to make his way up the stairs when she grabbed his sweater and pulled, causing him to stop and look at her, giving her an exasperated sigh. “You wouldn’t understand.” He said quietly.

“Then make me understand. Tell me. Talk to me.” She said desperately and he shook his head and turned away again and the woman suddenly grew very angry. “She’s not her you know.” She whispered, and the older Remus stopped suddenly his entire body stiffening and he glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes.

“Excuse me?” Remus whispered, trying to remain calm.

“You’re wife is dead Remus. She’s been dead for nearly 15 years. It’s time to move on. That little bint upstairs is not your wife. The only thing they have in common is their name and name only!” She spat waving her hand at the stairs indicating where Hermione’s room was. Remus watched his older self thoroughly confused now with the events unfolding before him. “She’s dead Remus! Face the God damn music already!”

A snarl rippled from the older Remus and he stepped towards the pink haired woman, grabbing her shoulders roughly and digging his fingers into her shoulders so hard she winced. “You know nothing!” He said his words coming out in a fierce snarl. “My wife is NOT DEAD!” He yelled his anger was increasing with each breath he took. “She’s a bloody task bearer!” He said grabbing her and slamming her against the wall in his anger and frustration. Hermione let out a gasp and Remus dared not take his eyes away from his older self but he saw the way his older self faltered and pulled away from the woman having heard Hermione. He quickly shot his eyes up to see Hermione with her hand covering her mouth, her eyes wide in shock.

His older self pulled away from the woman roughly, “Her task was finished and she had to leave, she was dying.” He said very quietly, so quietly Remus knew that Hermione had not heard him. “You got what wanted now leave me in peace.” Realization seemed to be dawning in the pink haired woman’s eyes and she glanced towards the stairs again, her eyes turned to slits and then suddenly she slapped him. His older self’s head snapped from the force of the blow but he did nothing as the woman stormed away. He tilted his head and glanced up the stairs and by this time Hermione was slowly backing away towards her door, surprise still in her eyes, afraid of his anger. His older self slowly mad his way up the stairs and stopped when he came to the top, resting his hand as he looked at the door she had closed just moments ago, with a sigh he let his fingers fall from the banister as he seemed to take a hesitant step towards the door but stopped, turned in the other direction towards the next set of steps and walked up them.

Remus heard a muffled sob before being yanked from the memory and he opened his eyes to find he was back in his room, on his bed with Hermione next to him. The capsule just mere centimeters away from his fingers. He couldn’t resist, his fingers grazed the glass. He wasn’t prepared for what happened next. His eyes closed for only a second, not even. But what he saw when his eyes closed haunted him. Flashes of images, shots of Hermione’s life flashed before his closed eyelids.

The last image he saw would be burned into his eyes lids every time he closed his eyes for a longtime. Himself. Older and changing into a werewolf before her very eyes. His eyes shot open, he drew his hand away, as he did so Hermione’s eyes shot open and she gasped loudly, looking around as if she didn’t realize where she was. And for a moment he thought that maybe she didn’t. She then turned her eyes on him and tears welled in them as her lips trembled. He saw the haunted look in her eyes, he’d seen it before, when he found her in the closet after that nightmare. She must have had it again.

“Oh, Hermione.” He whispered pulling her into his arms, careful not to let the capsule touch his skin. Her wet face pressed against his neck and as she pressed against him a choked sob escaped her lips, the same sound that had echoed through his head as he had  been yanked out of that memory. The sound of complete and utter grief.

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Chapter 27: Tears of the Desolate.
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                                       Tears of the Desolate.

Hermione was sitting next to Remus in their Defense Against the Dark Arts room. They were working on the assignment that Professor Hunter had given them on Defense Shields. Hermione was diligently writing, her words flying across the parchment. She knew this subject like the back of her hand, tactics and proper wand movements to create the perfect yet strongest shield you could manage. Everything Moody had taught her she wrote down, along with knowledge from the book set open in front of her.

She was so absorbed in her writing that she didn’t hear a knock on the classroom door. “Come in.” Professor Hunter said as he looked up from his desk. A few other students stopped their writing to glance up at the young first year who cautiously wandered up to the professor.

”This is for you sir. From the Headmaster, he said it’s urgent.” The boy said handing over the letter. He took it with a nod, dismissing the boy and opened it. He stood and opened the letter, moving over to the window for better light. He glanced up at Hermione as he was reading.

”Ms. Granger.” He said and Remus nudged Hermione, knowing she hadn’t heard him. She looked up at him startled. “Come here please.” He said motioning her to him. She made her way to him and as she got closer she felt herself cross into a silencing barrier. She frowned up at him.

”Yes sir?” She asked, casting a nervous glance at the letter in his hands. He handed her the letter and she scanned it quickly, blanching at its words. “Oh my God.” She whispered.

”Do you have you’re ring?” He said and she immediately felt for the other chain around her neck and her eyes widened when she realized it wasn’t there, she glanced back at her bag.

”It’s in my bag. I had Potions…” She said softly.

”Alright. Get it and go to the Headmaster’s office. Now. Don’t stop for anyone.” He said and she was about to go but he grabbed her arm gently. “Be careful, please.” He said softly before the silencing charm disappeared and Hermione quickly ran to her seat, grabbed her bag and dug through it. She took out the ring from deep inside and without giving anyone a second glance she raced from the room.

Remus watched her leave and stood up to go after her but Hunter spoke up. “Sit down Mr. Lupin.”

”But sir-“ Remus protested.

”The Headmaster wanted her. There has been a family emergency.” He said resuming his seat at his desk. Remus let out a quiet growl as he sat back down. Sirius caught his eye and he frowned at Remus, both of them knowing that it was not a family matter, simply because she had no family here.

Hermione ran as fast as she could to Dumbledore’s office. When she got there she found Dumbledore pacing in front of his desk. When she entered he looked up at her and relief flooded over his eyes. “Ah good. I do trust you have the ring?” he said moving to a bookshelf.

”Yes sir. If I may ask what is going on?” She whispered holding the ring tightly in her hand. “What has happened to Gideon and Fabian?” She said and he turned to her, his face becoming serious.

”They have been taken. They went to check on the Potters last night,” He said and Hermione’s head snapped up at his words. “ It was supposed to be a quick mission, make sure they were alright and get back home. Well, since I’ve summoned you here you know that I have not heard from them. I need you find them. Your ring will bring you to them. Then you send us your location and other Order members will get there.”

”The Potters” Hermione stuttered, her eyes still wide. “What do they have to do with…”

”I’m afraid I do not have time to elaborate on that subject my dear. We have wasted too much time already.” He said and Hermione nodded, as she discarded her outer robe and transfigured her clothing into better-suited clothing for this. Jeans and a jumper. She placed the ring on her finger and held her wand in her slightly shaking hand. “Now, I do not know what to warn you about, but be careful. Where ever they are I have no doubt it is a dangerous place.” He said placing a hand on her shoulder. He looked down at her and the look in his eyes telling her to go and she nodded softly before murmuring the spell Fabian had taught her.

She felt a tug at her navel and felt as though she was going to be split in two different places before finally feeling her feet on solid ground again. She felt a wave of dizziness wash over her and since she ended up in complete darkness she didn’t know if anything was near her. She reached out and her hands came in contact with something, and this something groaned. She took her hands away and whispered, “Lumos.” She raised her wand and the light from it fell over Fabian’s face. She gasped and quickly moved towards him.

He was shackled to the wall by his ankles and his wrists, from what she could tell there was a large gash on his forehead and bloodstains on his face. She realized that when she touched him she must have pressed against his ribs and some of them obviously broken. “Fabian?” She whispered tilting his head up before glancing around. Gideon wasn’t here in the same cell. That was why it felt as though she was being ripped in two. The two rings weren’t together.

Fabian groaned again and slowly his eyes fluttered open. “Hermione? Wha-…… get out of here…” He groaned.

”No. I’m here to get you and Gideon out.” Hermione whispered fiercely. She quickly waved her wand at his shackles and they disappeared, Fabian falling to his knees before her. “Can you stand? We need to hurry, I don’t know if any alarms have gone off to alert them of me being here, but I figure if they haven’t realized yet, then they wont know until we’re gone.” She said helping him to his feet. “Do you know where they brought Gideon?” She whispered softly, wrapping his arm around her shoulder helping to support his weight but he pulled away form her, standing up straight.

”I can walk by myself and I don’t know where he is. I heard him screaming for me before I was knocked out. That’s all I remember.” He said, as he made his way to the bars. “Can you open these quietly? A normal locking charm wont work on them.” He said inspecting the bars.

”Yes. I think I can manage it.” She said softly as she reached out to touch the bar the latch unhitched quietly and the door opened.

”I’m not even going to ask how you managed that.” He said as he grabbed her and tugged her down the hallway. “I think he’s down here,” Fabian said sticking to the shadows of the corridor. They could hear muffled voices above them and the creaking of the old wooden floorboards, dust falling on them as they moved quietly. They came upon another cell, and Hermione felt her ring glow and Fabian stopped suddenly, causing Hermione to bump into him. He let out a hiss of pain and it was then that Hermione realized his breath was coming in short gasps. “Do the same with this cell, he’s in there.” He said softly.

Hermione did as she was told and they lifted Gideon up. He was worse then Fabian was, and before Hermione could speak Fabian did it for her. “They got to him first which means they’ll be back for me any minute. We have to get out here.”

”If we Aparate out they’ll know.” Hermione whispered, “And they’ll trail us to wherever we end up.” Fabian nodded.

”Gid and I can’t Aparate anyway, not without our wands. They have them somewhere up there.” He said nodding to the floor above them.

Hermione was about to say that they shouldn’t fight when Gideon murmured something quietly. “The Potter’s… they…”

Hermione stared down at Gideon as did Fabian and then Fabian shook him roughly. “They what!?! Gid! They what? What about the Potters?” He said and Hermione silently hoped he didn’t mean what she thought he meant.

”Here.” Was all he managed to gasp out before going completely limp. Hermione let out a soft whimper as her gut lurched at the mere thought of not seeing them in any of the cells here.

 12 minutes and 29 seconds later Hermione stumbled through the Fireplace of Madam Pomfrey’s Office, completely scaring the woman out of her wits. “M-m-ms Grant!” She stuttered, “What is the meaning of this!” She said and when Hermione straightened up Madam Pomfrey paled at the mere sight of her. “Dear Merlin.” She whispered before going to the fire and shouting to Albus. When she got up she grabbed Hermione but the elbow and guided her out of the office to the one of the beds before she fainted.

”Dumbledore…” Hermione rasped out, and Poppy nodded.

”Yes. Yes. He’s on his way dear.” She said as she pushed Hermione back on the bed, summoning over a bowl of warm water and a cloth. She began to clean the blood off of Hermione’s face and hair. The fireplace could be heard and Albus walked through the office door making haste when he saw Hermione.

”Hermione! What happened? Where are Gideon and Fabian?” He said quickly going to her side.

”Hospital…” She gasped out as she tried to sit up. Poppy muttered something about broken ribs and began to pull up Hermione’s ripped jumper.

”And the Potters?” He said desperately as Professor Hunter appeared next to him, his face as pale as Dumbledore’s. Hermione opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out, but it was evident by the look in her eyes and Dumbledore’s shoulders slumped and Hunter turned away from them. Hermione arched her back and cried out loudly as Poppy touched her ribs, then coughed violently, blood staining her lips.

Poppy moved quickly gathering materials to quickly heal Hermione’s internal injuries. Dumbledore looked down at her and Poppy sensing that he was about to ask Hermione more questions snapped at him. “For goodness sake Albus, I’m trying to save her life before she chokes on her own blood. You can ask her questions later.” She said and worked quickly.

Finally nearly twenty minutes later Poppy finished healing Hermione’s wounds. She would be sore but otherwise fine, she although could not over exert herself otherwise the puncture a rib had made in one of her lungs would reopen. She knew what would happen then, but she was taking potions to make it heal faster.

Albus came up to her then, as did Professor Hunter. “I’ve been in contact with Fabian, he is doing alright, but Gideon is in intensive care do to spell damage.” He said softly sitting down at her side. “I need you to tell me what happened.” He said softly. “But first I need to know, are Jacob and May Potter alive?” He said his voice barely above a whisper.

Hermione shook her head flashes of their bodies sprawled there in the hideout, their eyes glazed over and lifeless. A shudder ran through her body and she gave Albus and Professor Hunter the details and the whereabouts of the place. “There were only four of them, but four to our two, and Fabian could barely fight as it was… they weren’t using just magic either…they had… weapons too.” She whispered and both their eyes widened at her statement. Hunter stood up roughly running a hand through his hair and then he did something to completely shock Hermione. He cursed and punched the stone pillar near her bed. Dumbledore didn’t flinch and Poppy glared at him for doing something so rash before roughly grabbing his wrist and mending his now obviously broken hand.

”Calm yourself Conrad.” Dumbledore said softly.

”How can I?” He said visibly shaking. “May and Jacob are dead… my… they were… my friends… I was supposed to… to help them, to be there, but I sent the twins…” He whispered miserably sinking down to sit on the end of Hermione’s bed, his shoulders slumped and his hair falling in his face. Hermione blanched at his words.

Dumbledore didn’t say anything, but placed his hand on Hermione’s comfortingly. “Poppy, could you please contact Minerva about our situation, she will need to notify our young Mister Potter-“ Dumbledore started and Hermione interrupted him suddenly.

”No!” She said, wincing at the brief pain in her chest from taking such a deep breath. “I found out by letter, and it was the worst way for me to find out my parents had died. It would be better if someone, a good friend tells him…I would…” She started, giving both of her professors a desperate look. “Please.” She whispered softly, surprised when Dumbledore nodded silently.

About an hour later Hermione was slowly making her way down to the Quidditch Pitch where she knew the boys to be. Madam Pomfrey had practically shoved nearly a dozen more potions down her throat so that she could leave, much to her disapproval. It still hurt a bit when she took deep breaths, but she didn’t care, if she had stayed a muggle and this had happened, she’d be on a table in a Muggle hospital with her chest flayed open while they worked to fix her. She shook the images from her head and lifted her head up to locate the boys.

They were there, like she thought, Remus had a book in his hand as he talked with Sirius, who was sitting on the stonewall. James was also there, and Peter too. She gulped down the lump in her throat and urged herself forward. Remus must have caught her sent because he looked up at her, relief in his eyes as he locked eyes with her, she hastily looked away and he frowned, walking away from the others to jog over to her.

”Hermione?” He said cautiously, reaching out to pull her into his arms. She flinched away from him shaking her head violently.

”I need to speak with James.” She said her voice hoarse. She glanced up at him from behind the shield of her curls and saw the sadness and shock in his eyes. He regained his composer after a moment and nodded.

”Alright,” He whispered and turned slightly to look over at James and the other, who were all curious now as to what was wrong. “James.” Remus said motioning to Hermione. James’ eyes widened behind his glasses and Hermione walked over to him, keeping her eyes away from his.

”Can we talk, alone.” Hermione said softly and James nodded, swallowing hard.

He looked up at the boys who were still there, hesitantly waiting. “Well go on. Get out of here!” He nearly shouted, causing them to wince and leave, Remus casting a nervous glance over his shoulder as they left, Hermione remaining quiet for some time. “You know, Sirius, Lily and I were supposed to be with them.” James said softly causing Hermione to look up in alarm. “My parents, I mean. They were going to bring us with them, to wherever they were going, and drop us off here at school this morning since we’d be coming back on Saturday, so what was two more days anyway right?” He said pausing and smiling. “But Sirius backed out at the last minute, saying he didn’t want to go, had this bad feeling, and Lily, well she already felt bad for coming to stay with us. But Sirius, I thought he was bonkers…but he was right wasn’t he?” Said and then grabbed onto Hermione’s shoulders, forcing her to look up at him. “Please. Hermione tell me they are alright.” He said his eyes glazing over.

”I can’t.” She said desperately, the tears in her eyes refusing to fall. James’ hands dropped from her shoulders and he stepped back, leaning against the wall for support. “I’m sorry James…” She whispered.

”He asked about you… my dad. Recognized you when you came into the house, he told me after you and Remus left about the Order. Said that they, You-Know-Who’s followers were trying to get him to join, since he was a pureblood. He said that they shouldn’t find out you were my friend…” He said pausing to run his hand roughly over his face. “I can only imagine what would have happened if Lily, Sirius and I went along…” He whispered, then pushed himself away from the wall. “I need to see her,” He moved towards Hermione hugging her tightly. “Thank you,” he whispered in her ear before pulling away, shoving his hands in his pockets and making his way slowly to the castle.

Hermione stood there for a moment, a memory flashing before her eyes, a deep voice echoing through her head, ‘thrice defied…’. Her hand flew to her mouth to smother the choked sob as she squeezed her eyes shut tightly, trying to block out the voice, while her other hand wrapped tightly around the glowing capsule.

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Chapter 28: Tears of the Virulent.
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                                        Tears of the Virulent.

Hermione walked down the hallway towards the Head Dormitory, her head lowered, hands shoved in the pockets of her dirty jeans, she hadn’t even gone back to her dorm to change. She’d stayed outside for nearly an hour, and was surprised that Remus hadn’t come to find her yet.

She the sound of footsteps running in her direction from behind her, ‘Speak of the Devil.’ She thought a small smile tugging at her lips as she stopped and turned around, watching Remus jog towards her. His hair was disheveled, tie gone, shirt un-tucked, he was so, completely un-Remus looking. When he came up to her he didn’t say anything only tilted her head up, looking into her depressed eyes, then pulling her into a bone-crushing hug.

He pulled away from her after a few moments and she grimaced from the way he had held her tightly, nearly crushing the air out of her lungs, which didn’t feel great because of her earlier wounds. “Oh Merlin.” He whispered, his fingers ghosting over her sides, the look in his eyes told her that he was afraid to touch her. “What happened? You’re hurt. I smell blood.” He whispered, eyes searching her body.

”I got hurt.” She whispered sadly, “A punctured lung, a few broken ribs,” She paused to see his reaction, his face remained emotionless, but his eyes were glistening with worry. “Madam Pomfrey fixed me up though, don’t worry. I’m just a little bruised that’s all.” She said and he remained silent, licking his lips once. “Hey, I just ache a bit that’s all. Really.” She said reaching up to run her fingers through his hair to sooth him.

He let out a quiet sigh and leaned his head into her hand lowering his eyes too look her over once more. “J-James…” He said softly and Hermione smiled weakly.

“Yes, I’d rather not talk about it… in all honesty.” She whispered and Remus nodded.

“Understandable. He’s a mess though,” Remus said as he pulled his head away from her hand to wrap his arm around her shoulders gently and steered in the direction of the Head Dorm. “Walked right passed us to Lily and nearly collapsed, just stood there, I could see his face but I could see the tear drops falling on the stone. It was horrible.” He whispered his voice hoarse.

They made their way silently to the dorm, and Hermione stepped inside, standing hesitantly near Remus in the doorway. She saw Lily sitting on the couch, James fast asleep with his head in her lap, his face blotchy from crying, Peter in a chair staring into the fire, his eyes glistening in the light and Sirius sitting on the windowsill his fingers clutching his trousers tightly. Lily looked up at them and met her eyes, she nodded to Hermione silently and slowly got up from the couch, setting James’ head on a pillow with Remus’ help.

“You look like shit.” She said, wrapping an arm around Hermione’s shoulders and leading her up to her room. “Come on, you can use my bath, and I’ll let you borrow some pajamas.” She said and opened the door to her room, leading Hermione to the bathroom.

When Hermione emerged into Lily’s room she found Lily had already changed into her pajamas and was sitting on her bed, rubbing her hands nervously. She looked up at Hermione, her eyes bright with tears. “I don’t know what to do for him.” She whispered, tears falling now. Hermione went over to her and held her tightly, allowing Lily to cry.

“I know… but you can only be there with him when he needs you,” Hermione whispered softly, closing her eyes as she to started to cry.


Three days had passed and Hermione was standing in front of James’ home, people were walking by her, dressed in funeral attire, all wearing the same bleak depressed look. The wake the night before had been a closed casket, some other Order members having found their tortured bodies. Albus had forbid James on seeing them, but he had looked anyway. The look in his eyes now told Hermione that those images would be etched in the back of his brain forever.

Lily was constantly at his side, and didn’t seem to mind, James needed her, that much was evident. Peter was off on his own most recently, hovering near when James was at his worst, but other than that he was quiet, more so than Remus. Remus was another story, he was hovering, Hermione knew he meant well, but for the past three days he had been hovering over not James, but her.

He knew she had been involved somehow, and that it was connected with the Order. She had yet to tell him the details because the grief was still to close to home. But she had sent him off, finally, to help James and Lily with something, leaving Hermione to deal with the last Marauder. Sirius.

He had been the quietest out of all of them, barely speaking a word since he’d found out, not even to lighten James’ spirits with a witty joke or mentioning the start of a prank. She wanted to talk to him, if only she could find him. As soon as they had returned from the funeral he’d gone off as they got out of the car, making sure he was right next to the door, the first one out.
Peter happened to walk by her then and she gently reached out to the shorter boy, “Pete?” She whispered hesitantly and he looked up with her depressed eyes, not saying anything. “Have you see Sirius?” He nodded silently.

“Saw him duck around the back of the house not too long ago.” Peter said softly, shifting uneasily. Hermione nodded.

“Thank you Peter, James is inside if you’re looking for him,” He nodded silently again, his lips forming a half smile in thanks before he walked into the house.

With a sigh she walked around the side of the house and scanned the large yard for any signs of Sirius. She saw him, over by the trees lining the start of the woods. When she saw what he was doing she ran towards him, thankful she hadn’t worn her long skirt. When she got to him she grabbed his wrist just mere seconds before his fist collided with the tree trunk again.

“What are you doing!” She nearly yelled, and he recoiled away from her, tugging his arm from her grasp. “Let me see.” She said, reaching out for his arm, but he danced away from her glaring at her. “Sirius!”

“No.” He growled, his face hidden from view as he stared at the ground. “Leave me alone.” He said his voice becoming raspy.

“No. You’ve barely spoken in four days, everyone was too busy worrying over James… and comforting James… but you…” She whispered slowly stopping in what she was saying.

“They were like my parents.” He said after a few moments of silence. “Well, not like my real parents, but they were practically my real parents… I mean they took me in, me, a Black, even though I had nothing to give them, and they wouldn’t take my money even when I had some… they were nice people… nice people don’t deserve to die like that.” He whispered, his voice becoming more etched with anger as he spoke.

Hermione noticed his fist clenching, the blood from his scraped and probably broken knuckles dripping onto the slight dusting of snow. “No they did not, now, can you please allow me to heal your hand?” She whispered crossing her arms and glaring at him.

He held it out to her and Hermione had to grimace at it, he was probably in a lot of pain, it was definitely broken, his knuckles smashed, blood everywhere on his hand, skin torn. “This is going to hurt.” She said as she took out her wand and raised it over his hand, murmuring a spell, water mixed with anticeptic poured from her wand as she cleaned his cuts. He groaned and his hand twitched in hers. She then tucked her wand in her pocket and used her fingers to ghost over the cleans wounds murmuring something softly and the skin began to knit itself back together.  Hermione smiled softly up at him and he pulled away, flexing his fingers.

“Thank you.” He whispered, reaching out to stroke her cheek with his hand. He took a step forward and leaned down, place a hesitant kiss on her cheek. Hermione pulled him close to her, hugging him tightly and he shifted, pressing his now wet face against her neck, his sobs muffled in her cloak.


James looked up at Lily, her red hair pulled back in a way that made her look beautiful. Even though he felt like the world had just caved in around him and left him all alone in the dark there was still this light, and that light was Lily. Every time he looked at her he felt some of the pain go-away. It was the night after the funeral, he was back at school with Lily, in their dorm. He was sitting on the windowsill, looking out at the crescent moon, when Lily came over to him, kissed him softly before he pulled her down to rest with him. He sat with his back pressed against the wall and Lily laying in between his legs.

He was running his fingers through her hair as they sit there silently, and he wanted desperately to ask her something. He paused for a moment, dreading her answer, hoping she would flee from him in horror, but knowing her she would just say something like, “James… you’re still grieving, and therefore not thinking about what you’re saying…”Yes. He was sure she’d say something like that. “Hey Lils?” He whispered.

“Hmm?” She hummed leaning back against him more, taking his other hand in her own.

“Want to get married after graduation?” He said quietly, kissing the top of her head, she shifted a bit, turning to bury her head in his chest, already dozing.

“Sure.” She murmured before falling asleep, James soon following.

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Chapter 29: The Past and The Present.
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           Harry let out muffled laugh and Remus turned around from putting a kettle on the stove to look at him. He was sitting at the table, his hair sticking up at odd ends, a cup of coffee at his side, toast at his other side, forgotten, a large leather bound photo album occupying his attention.  “What is it?” Remus asked curiously, leaning over the table to glance at the page Harry was looking at. Harry looked up at him, a small smile on his lips as he turned the photo album around and pointed to a picture. It was a muggle photograph, of Lily and James.

“What made mum so angry?” Harry asked, and Remus glanced at the picture again, smiling softly at the memory. Lily was indeed angry in the picture, glaring at James, her wand pointed at him, and he looked, like he always did when she got angry, very guilty.

“This was taken just before she hexed him. Although, the reason she was angry is completely unexpected.” Remus said as he turned to pour steaming tea into cup before sitting down across from Harry.

“What was the reason?” Harry asked, curious now.

“Your dad proposed. But not in the way any one thought he would.” Remus said and Harry’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Let me explain before you ask more questions.” Harry nodded. “James’ parents, your grandparents, had passed away just a few days before this, to say he was a wreck is a bloody understatement. He… it was hard… on all of us.” Remus said sipping his tea. “But, apparently your father proposed to your mum while they were dozing. When she woke up and remembered, she was livid. James didn’t realize that even though Lily was a little different from other girls, she was still a woman, and deep down there was a part of her that wanted a romantic proposal. He didn’t really get it until Hermione explained it to him.” Remus said chuckling at the memory.

“What about Hermione?” Harry asked suddenly, then his eyes widened and he looked guiltily down at the book. “Sorry…” He mumbled.

“Don’t be.” Remus said softly, smiling weakly at Harry. “Hermione was different, as you well know, she told me straight forward then, that if I was to ever propose it wasn’t to be some big to-do. She said she didn’t care if she got a ring, or even got married, then she felt she had insulted me, and well, you know her well enough.” Remus said chuckling. “Bu your dad proposed again, this time with a ring, on your mum’s birthday in April.” Harry smiled at Remus, his eyes thanking him.


            Remus’ opened his eyes as he felt someone sit down on the bed, he glanced up to look at Hermione, who smiled at him. “Happy Birthday.” She said softly, running her fingers through his hair. He smiled at her and tried to sit up but her fingers pushed him back down, and glanced back at her and frowned. “You shouldn’t move, your transformation wasn’t very good last night.” She said softly.

He looked around him and found James standing near his bed, Sirius across from him, with Peter next to him. Sirius was buttoning up his shirt and Remus’ eyes widened when he saw the bandages on Sirius’ ribs. He looked fearfully up at Hermione who bit her lip and nodded.

”It wasn’t your fault Moony.” Sirius said roughly, “I got in your way.”

”You were out of control and…” Peter started softly, and James nudged him, trying to quiet him.

“He was acting so weird, trying to get near the castle.” James said explaining Moony’s actions.

“He was trying to get to Hermione.” Sirius said staring at the floor.

Hermione nodded and glanced back at Sirius. “Yes, he feels threatened by something, obviously, and feels he needs to make his mark…” She whispered blushing, causing Remus to blush as well.

“I don’t want you three to let me out of the Shack anymore.” Remus said softly, they all seemed about to object, but the look on Remus’ face silenced them. “If Moony is uncontrollable and I hurt you already, then I don’t want you three to let me out.” He whispered and all of them remained silent for some time.

Sirius finally spoke up and went to Remus’ side planting a large wet kiss on his cheek. “Happy Birthday mate!” He said grinning as Remus pushed him away and wiped at his cheek with a look of disgust on his face.

“Oh! You are all still here?” Madam Pomfrey said as she opened the curtains. “I know it is his birthday, but he needs his rest, so off with you.” She said giving them a stern look. 

 “I’ll see you later.” Hermione said as she kissed his forehead and he smiled at all of them before they all left, leaving Madam Pomfrey with him.

“So… how bad was it?” He asked and she sighed as she helped him sit up.

“Dreadful.” She said unbuttoning his shirt to look at his wounds. “You can’t feel anything now, but you’ll feel it later. You need sleep.” She said smiling softly at him. He nodded in return and took the goblet she had set on the side table, a sleeping potion and downed it in one gulp.

“Disgusting. Always Disgusting.” He murmured as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand before settling down in the bed.

“Yes dear, it is.” She said smiling as she patted his arm. “Happy Birthday Remus.” She whispered before leaving him alone to rest.

            Later that day Hermione was walking down to the Hospital Wing, a letter and present for Remus tucked under her arm. She walked in and found the curtains closed, and peeked in to find him sitting up and buttoning up his shirt. He heard the rustling of the curtains and looked up, his face was pale, and his eyes showed how much pain he was in, but when he saw Hermione his lips tugged into a strained smile.

“Hey there Stranger.” She said, coming into his little area, a smile on her lips. She didn’t want to get to near or hurt him, so she stood away from him. He noticed her apprehension and shook his head at her.

“Hermione, I’m not as fragile as I look. Honestly, you can kiss me.” He said softly, chuckling. She blushed, but leaned forwards none-the-less and kissed him quickly on the lips. “That’s it?” He said grinning as she pulled away.

“Don’t push it.” She said and sat down next to him handing him the things she brought for him. He took them with a smile. “It’ from your parents, and this one,” She said taking it out of her robe pocket, “Is from your sister.”

“Really?” He breathed softly, staring at the envelope in her hands.

“Yes. Freya gave it to me earlier, when she saw me at breakfast, since the owl couldn’t find you.” Hermione watched him as he opened the letter from his parents and set the chocolate on the bed before gingerly taking the other envelope, which by it’s weight had a gift inside, carefully and opened it. He took out the parchment, read it quickly, then a smile spread over his lips and he tipped the envelope over and a pendent fell into his hand.

Hermione stared at the beautiful pendent, it had a design that looked as though it would match his watch, he ran his fingers over it, as if he had seen it before, and she wondered if he had. “This was mine when I was younger. I saw it in my grandfather’s shop, and wanted it, so he gave it to me. I gave it to my sister when she left. Tucked it in her bag without her knowing it.” He said as he ran his fingers over the carving of the wolf again. Hermione helped him put it on and he smiled at her. “Mum and Dad send their love.” He whispered before leaning in and kissing her softly. “Oh, and thank you.” He murmured against her lips.

“For what?” She breathed.

“Everything.” He said before kissing her again. 

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Chapter 30: New Order
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New Order

Hermione sat between Ridge and Gideon, Ridge on her left and Gideon on her rigt, Fabian on Gideon’s right. Numerous other Order members sat around them, the Weasley’s, her parents, and many many more. She was actually surprised by how much it had grown since she started joining the meetings. Gideon and Fabian went on more missions than she could count on one hand, and when they were gone, Ridge was her protector, of sorts. She had gotten to know him better once he had stopped being a berk.

She was nervous though, and all three of them could tell. It was the way she bit her lip and played her hands, unable to keep them still. It was only the week after graduation, after finishing N.E.W.T.s and leaving Hogwarts for good and here she was in and Order meeting, waiting for her best friends to in inducted into it. Gideon reached down and grabbed her hands that she was nervously wringing together.

“Calm down” He whispered and she smiled weakly up at him. “I don’t know why you’re so nervous, you have no reason to be.”

Hermione scoffed mentally in her head. He didn’t know what he was talking about. She thought that her friends were moving too quickly with everything, joining the Order so quickly out of school, Lily and James’ wedding was two weeks away. She couldn’t believe how fast everything was going around her. She was staying with Remus at his parent’s house and Sirius had a flat of his own, and she had a feeling that pretty soon Remus would be asking her to find a flat for the both of them to live in. It was moving too fast. But, she figured maybe it was the threat of war that drove them to do it, like it drove Harry and Ginny to want to get married as well.

She let out a sigh and ran her fingers through her hair. It was ridiculous she thought, she was all for the Order, but honestly, once they were in, they would be sent on missions, and she would hardly see them. They would get consumed by this war and it would break them, just like it had broken her, Harry and Ron. She knew that in no way would she be going on any missions, unless she was with the twins or Ridge, since they did not want Voldemort to know about her, and there was already a leak of information about a possibility of someone knowing something about the outcome. How, she wasn’t sure, but it wasn’t good.

The door opened and she completely stiffened. Ridge noticed this and gently patted her back to comfort her. She was hardly comforted. Sirius, James, Lily, Peter and Remus entered the room and sat down at the table, farther down from her and closer to Dumbledore. Each of them looked around the room, met her gaze and wandered to another person. Remus held her gaze for a moment before shifting to Ridge beside her. She stiffened suddenly when Ridge chuckled softly.

“Your pup is growling at me Hermione.” He said grinning at her and she sagged in her seat and frowned.

“Leave him alone Ridge.” She murmured glancing back at Remus who was staring at them, his eyes partially golden.

“Oh, I don’t think so dearie.” He said and she looked up at him in alarm, then down the down table at Dumbledore who was watching them intently.

“No.” She whispered fiercely turning back to glare at him. “Don’t you dare, Ridge, don’t you dare.” She growled and he only shrugged. Dumbledore hadn’t started the meeting yet, there were still a few members who had yet to show up and she glanced back down the table to look at Remus. Sirius was staring at her, slightly alarmed, and motioned to Remus and lifted his lip to indicate that he was growling and Hermione closed her eyes and looked over at Ridge.

“Sorry poppet. I have my reasons.” Ridge murmured and stood up patting her head going around the table. She watched him in moderate panic as he grabbed Remus by the sweater hoisted him up out his chair, turned to Dumbledore and said, “Excuse me Albus, I have to take care of something, if you’ll excuse me,” then shoved a growling Remus out the door, Sirius and James stood in alarm and were about to go after him when Dumbledore spoke up.

“Sit down boys.” Sirius and James sat immediately, but Hermione didn’t. She went out the door before anyone could stop her, and found Ridge holding Remus up against the wall down the hallway by his collar.

“Do I make myself clear?” Ridge snarled, eyes flashing gold. Remus’ lip curled but he nodded. Ridge released him and Remus walked by Hermione and back into the room, not even glancing at her. A chill went down her spine, as he walked passed and thought for a moment that that was not her Remus.

Ridge was about to walk by her but she pushed him then, slamming him against the opposite wall, surprising not only him, but herself as well. “What is wrong with you?” She nearly screamed.

“What?” He snarled, eyes shifting gold as they narrowed in her direction. “He doesn’t know how to act around other wolves Hermione.”

“So teach him!” She cried, her arms flying out. “But don’t do that to him! It was completely uncalled for, embarrassing him in front of everyone like that.”

“Do you want him to die?” He said glaring at her and stepping closer to her. She shut her mouth and glared up at him. “I can not and will not bring him into a den of blood thirsty werewolves when he acts like that. He needs to learn that he isn’t the only werewolf. They will tease him, torment him, and provoke him until he snaps. And when he does they’ll rip him apart. Literally.” He said and looked away from the horrified look that was in her eyes.

 “Wha-wh-who?” She stuttered.

“My brother,” He said swallowing roughly and running a hand through his hair. “Fool that he was, acted just like that, was quiet naturally, but had no awareness that he was scum on scum to those wolves and acted like he was tough stuff, he got himself killed over it.” He said pausing to look back at Hermione now. “I watched as my brother was torn to pieces by those bastards, knowing that if I did anything I would suffer the same fate.” He paused again and his eyes faded back to their normal color. “Call me coward if you want, but if I can prevent some kid from being ripped apart, so help me God I’ll do anything. Even if that mean embarrassing him in front of his friends and the Order. There are much worse things I could do, a little chat and embarrassment are the least of his worries.” Ridge said and walked passed her into the Meeting room.

Hermione didn’t return back and Fabian found her sitting at the top of the stairs some time later. “He’s looking for you, you know.” He said sitting down next to her. “Remus, I mean, not Landon. He left after having a quick chat with Remus.”

 Hermione lifted her head up from her arms and looked at him wearily and ran a hand over her face and sighed. “I can’t believe he did that.” She said and Fabian shrugged.

“Believe me kid, he has reason.”

“I know, he told me.” She said and Fabian’s eyes widened slightly as he let out a low whistle.

“Well, he must really like you then, because he never talks about that.”

“How long ago did it happen?” She asked softly.

Fabian tapped his chin and hummed quietly, “Well, I believe it was back in August. But I’m not sure exactly, that’s when Gid and I found out, so it could have happened before that.”

Hermione let out another sigh and stood up then. “I suppose I should go find him then.” She started down the stairs and then stopped to glance back at Fabian, he had stood and shoved his hands in his pockets. “Oh, what went on in the meeting, since I didn’t come back.” She asked, blushing a bit.

Fabian smiled and shook his head, “Same stuff as last week, except there was another muggle killing and few gone missing near Wiltshire.” Hermione eyes widened in surprise.

“But that’s where Malfoy Manor is!” She whispered fiercely and Fabian shrugged and led her down the stairs.

“Well you’re sure a smart one huh?” He said laughing softly.

“Fay! This isn’t funny,” She said glaring at him as they walked down the stairs and Hermione saw Sirius staring at them out of the corner of her eye.

“I know it’s not.” He whispered, leaning in close to her as they paused on the stairs, his eyes darted to Sirius before moving back to hers. “But there is nothing we can do about it right now. Personally, if the Malfoy’s are behind it, they’re bloody stupid for doing it so close to home. A few of us are investigating to see it is magical, they were killed by muggle ways, which isn’t a Death Eaters style, you know that.” He said and pulled away from her to go down the stairs, and she followed him, trying not to make eye contact with Sirius and Fabian turned around and grabbed her arm gently, pulling her off to the side of stairs. “Just leave it alone Hermione, let us take care of it.” He said his eyes bore into hers and she stared defiantly at him.

“Then what am I in this for. So far I have been no help to the Order. I’m not allowed to go on missions and you and Gid are just wasting your time keeping an eye on me.” She snapped and glared up at him.

His face softened and he let out a sigh and gave her an apologetic look. “You are helping, more than you know, believe me.” He pulled her one hug and pulled away when Gid called to him. “See you soon kid,” He said as he followed his brother to the fireplace, Gideon waved to her and she smiled weakly back at him before they both disappeared into the green flames.

Sirius came up to her then and frowned down at her. “Yes?” She said glancing up at him.

“What was that about?” He said, and Hermione rolled her eyes and walked passed him, but he grabbed her arm, turning her back around to him. “Hermione-“

“Just-don’t.” She said pulling away from him and pressed her hand to her face. “Where is Remus?” She asked and glanced up at him again.

“He left already, thought you went home.” Hermione let out a sigh as her shoulders sagged in defeat.

“Thank you. I’ll see you soon.” She whispered and before he could get another word out she was gone with a pop and found herself in front of Remus’ house. A few lights were on inside, including the porch light, and she headed up to the back door, when she got there she was greeted by Hoss and Hans. Hoss started licking at her fingers and she pulled away. “No Hoss.”  He dog whimpered but followed her around to the Common Room where she found Remus’ parents both reading.

“Oh Hermione! There you are. Did the two of you have a row? Remus was a bit snappish when he came home.” Hermione smiled softly at her and shrugged a little.

“A bit. Is he upstairs?” She whispered and Mrs. Lupin nodded.

“Yes, in his room I believe.” She said and motioned up her. Hermione thanked her and went up the stairs, the dogs didn’t follow her, obviously sensing her bad mood. She knocked at his door, but he didn’t answer so she opened it and looked around he wasn’t there but she noticed his window was open. She walked over and peered out it, and found him sitting down a ways on the roof.

She carefully climbed out and made her way to him, being careful to not mess up her footing. She sat down next to him but didn’t say anything for some time. Eventually he reached over and took her hand and gently squeezed it. “I’m fine, really.” He whispered and Hermione leaned her head down and rested it on her knees and looked at him. He glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes and smiled. “After the meeting he explained some things to me. I couldn’t control myself, and as soon as I walked into that room I could smell him, and you were sitting next to him. It made me even more nervous, and I was scared… he was the first other wolf I’ve ever met.” He whispered and looked back at her. “I’m sorry for not waiting for you, in all honesty I’d thought you had left already.”

Hermione smiled softly at him, “Sirius told me.” She said quietly and he nodded and leaned down to kiss her softly on the lips. When he pulled away she reached up a hand to gently rough up his hair, he pulled away letting out a yelp of surprise.

Remus reached over and pulled Hermione closer to him and rubbed her back comfortingly. “So you ready for that wedding in two weeks?” She could hear the smile in his voice without even having to look at him.

She groaned and buried her face in her arms. “No.”

“Aw, come on, it’ll be fun.” He said laughing softly.

Hermione was silent for some time before glancing up at him, he was looking at the sky. “I just think they are moving too fast.” She whispered and he looked back at her, his expression suddenly becoming very serious.

“Yes, I do too, so does Sirius. But, they love each other.” He whispered, trailing off slowly.

“Yes, but sometimes love isn’t enough, you know?” She said lifting her head and looking up at the sky, not missing the look of sadness that swept over Remus’ face for a moment before he regained his composure.

“Yeah.” He whispered, squeezing her and tightly before glancing up at the sky again. "i do."

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Chapter 31: A Wedding.
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                      A Wedding.




            “I can’t do this.” James said staring at himself in the mirror. Sirius, Remus and Peter were al behind him and Sirius ran a hand through his hair and turned away.

Remus moved forward when James turned away and pushed James’ hands away from the tie he was attempting to tie but failing because his hands were shaking so badly. “James, you’re going to be fine.” Remus said smiling up at him as he fixed James’ tie.

“I don’t Lily would appreciate you going bonkers before the wedding mate.” Peter said as he moved in front of the mirror to fix his cowlick.

“Yeah,” Sirius said laughing, “That comes after the children.”

James’ eyes widened and he squeaked out, “Children?”

“Sirius, stop it. He’s already nervous enough.” Remus murmured patting James on the shoulder, but Sirius continued to taunt him. “Don’t pay attention to him James, you’ve got other things to be thinking about. Like, not tripping over your own feet.”

“Honestly Moony, he’s not you.” Sirius said rolling his eyes. Remus shook his head at Sirius but smiled back at James before heading to the door.

“I’m off to see the girls, you coming Peter?” Remus asked and Peter looked up at him and nodded.

“Yes, in a few minutes.” He said and Remus nodded and slipped out the door.

He walked down the hallway where the girls were and knocked on the door. Alice opened it and he eyes widened slightly, but she smiled. “Remus, come on in.” But he held up his hands in protest.

“I shouldn’t.” He said shaking his head, but Alice rolled her eyes and Lily called from inside, asking who it was.

“It’s Remus, but he won’t come in.” Alice called back, causing Remus to let out a quiet groan.

“Remus John, get in here before I hex you.” Lily said and Remus quickly stepped inside. Lily was seated at a vanity, getting her hair done by Andromeda, Sirius’s cousin and fellow member of the Order.

“You look lovely.” He said as he went to her and kissed her cheek, she blushed up at him and smiled.

“Thank you. How is James?” She asked and motioned for him to sit down, he did and looked around for Hermione, he frowned when he didn’t see her in the room.

“Losing his mind.” He replied with a weary smile. “How about you?” She smiled and shrugged.

“She’s been pretty calm so far, actually.” Andromeda said grinning at Remus. “Oh! Dora don’t!” She said and quickly went after the young girl that was about to take off her dress, “Remus, would you mind?” She said and motioned to the girl.

“Not at all.” He said and went to where the girl, Dora, was fiddling with her dress and trying to get out of it. “Well hello there.” He said crouching down to become level with her, she glared up at him, her hair changing from black to red shocking him. “Ah, so you’re a Metamorphmagus huh?”

“I don’t want to wear this stupid dress. I hate dresses.” She said glaring at him and crossing her arms.

“Well, it’s for something special.” He responded but she continued to glare at him. “Do you like to dance?” He asked and she nodded but her glare stayed in place. “How about this then, if you wear that dress, I’ll dance with you for one song later.” He said and her eyes lit up.

“Five!” She said holding out her hand.

His shoulder sagged, and he shook his head. “One song, I already have someone else to dance with.” He said and her eyes narrowed and she looked around the room.

“How about three dances?” A voice said from behind him and Dora looked up and Remus glanced over his shoulder. Hermione stood there in a cream colored flowing gown, her hair half pulled back with the rest tumbling down over her shoulders and falling down her back. His eyes widened at the sight of her.

“Okay!” She said and grinned at Hermione who crouched down next to Remus and helped Dora fix her dress.

“You look very pretty Nymphadora, but I think you’re auburn hair goes better with the dress.” Hermione said and Remus only noticed now that the girl’s hair had suddenly changed to a bright pink color. He watched as it faded back into an auburn color that matched her mothers. “There you go, now go over to Alice, she’s got your basket for you.” Dora nodded scurried off to Alice on the other side of the room.

Hermione stood up and adjusted her dress and Remus stared up at her, he was still crouching. She glanced down at him blushing and laughed. “Are you going stay like that? You’ll wrinkle your trousers.” She said he quickly stood.

“I-uh-sorry.” He said shaking his head and Hermione shook her head and blushed even more. Remus grabbed her cheeks and pulled her close and kissed her passionately. There was a chorus of ‘aws’ around the room and he pulled away quickly, suddenly remembering that they weren’t the only ones in the room.

“What was that for?” She whispered a smile creeping onto her lips.

“You look beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you dressed up before.” He said his fingers grazed over her bare shoulder and smiled at her.

“Well the same goes for you.” She said reaching out to tug on his suit. He cocked his head to the side and looked at her again and she smiled and looked away from him, “Lily, do you need anything else from me for the moment?” She asked and Lily shook her head.

“Be good you two.” She said as Hermione took Remus by the hand and led him out of the room.

“So Lily is pretty calm.” He said and Hermione nodded and leaned against the wall holding his hands still.

“Yes, which only means she’ll freak out once we get to isle. I guarantee that.” Hermione said and Remus snorted softly. “So James is losing it then?” She whispered and Remus nodded and left the air around the change as he realized Hermione cast a silencing charm. “I told you they were moving too fast.”

“Hermione.” He whispered, groaning in irritation.

“They are and you know it.” She said, her voice louder now, her gaze turning cold. “James just finished one course of many that he has to take be an Auror, he starts training in three weeks. Sirius has already started and is ahead of him, he could be with Sirius right now if it weren’t for this wedding!” She said and Remus closed his eyes, but didn’t pull away from her, knowing it would sever the silencing spell. “And Lily, she’s already being over loaded with work at hospital. You see how exhausted I am when I come home, and she’s been going off and planning the wedding with Andromeda.” She said and Remus put a finger to her lips, severing the spell.

“Are you done?” He said, Hermione catching his tone, it was more of a statement than a question. She nodded and he sighed. “Good. It is their day. Leave it be. You know I agree, but don’t ruin it for them.” He said and leaned in to kiss her forehead, smoothing down some of her hair in the back.


            About an hour later Remus felt a tug on his trousers and looked from dancing with Hermione at the reception to find Nymphadora standing there, he hands on her hips and her eyes narrowing at him. “Yes Nymphadora?” He asked leaning down to come level with her as the song ended.

“You have to dance with me now.” She said taking his hand. He looked up at Hermione who laughed softly and nodded.

“It’s fine.” She said, “I’ll go see Molly’s twins.” She left Remus to dance with Nymphadora, wondering if the girl remembered him when she got older, and if she remembered Hermione at all. She pushed the thoughts away and walked over to where Molly was sitting, cradling one baby in her arm, Andromeda holding the other. Fred and George were only a few months old, which Hermione realized in shock, that her and Ron would be born in nearly two years. She shuddered at the thought and sat near Molly. “How are you Molly?” She asked.

“Oh, fine dear. I feel bad for bringing these two with me, but I couldn’t leave them at home, Gideon and Fabian certainly have no clue about taking care of a baby.” She said shifting the baby in her arms. “Would like to hold him?” She asked and Hermione nodded hesitantly.

She took the baby from Molly, smiling down at him as she supported his head and he looked up at her with his large blue eyes. He was adorable as baby. “Hullo Fred.” She whispered to him rocking him gently.

“Molly, Hermione and I can take care of them, you go find Arthur and have some fun.” Andromeda said and Hermione nodded and smiled at Molly.

“Yes, well alright. There are bottles in the bag, and fresh nappies.” She said and stood, “Oh, just be careful though if one gets upset the other will start a ruckus.” She called and was gone to find Arthur.

“Well, I certainly don’t doubt that, do I Fred?” Hermione said grinning down at Fred and rubbed noses with him. He gurgled and reached up and gently grabbed a fistful of her curls.

“I have a feeling these two are going to get into loads of trouble when they are older.” A voice said and Hermione glanced up, carefully pulling her hair out of Fred’s grasp to look up at Sirius as he grinned down at her and sat where Molly had been.

“Of course, they were born on April Fools Day.” Hermione said laughing, and looked over to see that Andromeda was having a conversation with some other witch who was cooing over George.

“Really?” He said and looked down at Fred.

“Yes.” Hermione said nodding. “Want to hold him?”

Sirius seemed to pale and shook his head. “No way, last time I held a baby it was Regulus, and I dropped him. I caught him before his head hit the ground, but I dropped him. Mother never let me forget it when I was younger.” He said and rubbed the back of his head nervously.

“Well how about this, I’ll help you and if you feel like you don’t want to hold him, I’ll take him back.” She said and before Sirius could protest Hermione was standing and leaning over to gently lay him in Sirius’ arms. “Hold up his head, there you go, now wrap that arm… like that, yes. See, not so hard.” She said smiling at him as he held Fred. “But, relax a little, they can sense when you’re nervous, and knowing him, he’ll use it to his advantage and scream his little head off.” Hermione said and leaned in to kiss Fred’s cheek. “Won’t you Freddie?” She said and pulled away as he let out a laugh.

“So, I see someone has stolen you’re date.” Sirius said as he relaxed his shoulders and nodded to the dance floor where Remus was dancing with Nymphadora.

“Yes.” She said sighing and Sirius raised an eyebrow at her, glanced back at and realization dawned in his eyes.

“No.” He whispered in disbelief, a grin spreading across his lips. Hermione shrugged and nodded. “Well, that’s a bit of a shock actually. Nothing happens there I’m assuming.” He said and Hermione shrugged again, frowning. Sirius shook his head. “He wouldn’t do that to you Hermione.” Sirius said giving her a smile before turning his attention to the baby in his arms.

“Not if he doesn’t remember me.” She whispered and Sirius glanced up at her.

“Pardon?” He asked.

“Nothing.” She said shaking her head again and smiling down at Fred who reached out to her. He frowned and looked as though he was about to cry.

“Well, that’s my cue to hand him back then.” Sirius said laughing as he carefully passed Fred back to Hermione.

“Hey there kiddo, don’t cry. Sirius isn’t as scary as he seems.” She said holding him up and placing him up by her shoulder and rubbed his back. Sirius pouted at her but shook his head as Fred pressed his face against Hermione’s neck.

“Moony is watching us.” Sirius said glancing up quickly, and Hermione turned her head slightly to see that Remus had stopped dancing with Nymphadora and was standing some feet away from them, a smile on his face, his eyes clouded over as he watched Hermione with Fred.

            Remus watched Hermione with one of Molly’s twins and couldn’t help but smile. She was so beautiful, and watching her with a baby made him feel happier than he had ever felt. He waved to them and then turned around when he heard Nymphadora behind him. “Remus!” He turned and found she had pink hair again.

Then a sudden memory flashed before his eyes, his self older, pink hair, Nymphadora. He paled then glanced wildly at Hermione and Sirius. Sirius met his gaze and frowned, said something to Hermione and made his way over to them. Nymphadora. She was the one in the memory of Hermione’s he had seen, from her capsule… “You alright there Moony?”

Remus shook his head and nodded. “Yeah,- could you-“ He said and motioned down to the girl who was becoming angry. Sirius nodded and scooped Nymphadora up into his arms.

“Well cousin, how about we go find Pete and see what he is up to.” Sirius said and was off before the girl could protest.

Remus went over behind the building and leaned against the wall rubbing his forehead. “Why is everything so bloody confusing.” He murmured as he slid down the wall and buried his face in his arms.




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Chapter 32: Sundays
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It was a Sunday afternoon in early September, a very lazy day for Hermione and Remus. His parents had no problem with the two of the ending up in the same bed some mornings. Much of the time it wasn’t because of sex that they would end up in the same bed, it was the talking. They would talk about everything, work, training, Remus’ family, Hermione’s family, what she could tell him of her childhood, books, and theories.

Hermione had showed him some of her research on things she did in her spare time, or during breaks at the Hospital, which she didn’t get many working as an intern Healer was enough and helping the Order on the side had her going around in circles. But they chatted and Remus had taken up work with his grandfather, Charlie in the shop in town, while managing to train to be in spell making.

But this morning had been different. Thanks to Remus’ werewolf hearing they were able to know that his parents weren’t home and had a little morning romp as Sirius would have called it. Hermione lazily ran her fingers across Remus’ exposed stomach as she clutched the sheet around her body. He smiled at her and moved his hand to gently touch her fingers.

Curled up the way they were on his bed, they managed to catch the morning sun and it warmed their bodies. Hermione pulled away from him slightly to lay on her back and grinned at him when he leaned over to kiss her. “What are you thinking?” He asked, grinning against her cheek.

“That everyday should be like this.” She said and he chuckled and pulled away from her to sit up.

“I agree. But, I’ve got to get up now love, I’m starving.” He said and reached down for his discarded pants, pulled them on and made his way to the bathroom. “I won’t be long.” He said and Hermione heard the sound of the shower being turned on.

Moments later Hermione heard a soft mew and the mattress move slightly and she opened her eyes and rolled onto her side, as Adeline walked towards her. Adeline was what Hermione had named the cat that Remus had given her for Christmas. She head butted Hermione before settling down where Remus had been lying and watched Hermione with curious eyes.

“Don’t look at me like that Addy.” Hermione said reaching out to stroke sides of the cats face, causing her to start to purr loudly. They laid there for a little while and Hermione nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard Remus behind her.

“You can use the shower now.” He said and she turned around to watch him walk his dresser wrapped in only a towel. She sat up taking the sheet with her.

“Thank you.” She said and then was about to get up but her clothes weren’t by the edge of the bed. “Well, I’m just going to take this with me.” She said and pulled the sheet out. “Have to change them anyway.” She whispered and Remus turned to her with a smile as he watched her wrap the sheet around her body.

Fifteen minutes later she was heading down the stairs fully dressed with Hoss at her heels. She ran her fingers through his fur as he pressed against her. She entered the kitchen and found Remus at the table two plates set out and both were loaded with food.

“Mum left them in the oven for us.” He said grinning at her. She smiled and was about to sit down but stopped when she decided she wanted tea.

“Do you want a cup?” She asked as she moved to the cabinet where the tea was.

“Sure.” He said after swallowing a mouthful of toast.

While she was waiting for the tea she moved behind Remus as he sat reading the paper and eating. “So what rubbish is the paper spewing out today?” She asked as she gently ran her fingers through his hair and reached for a slice of his toast.

“Nothings that’s seems like rubbish actually.” He said and titled the front page back to her viewing. On the cover was a house with the Dark Mark above it. The second attack since September started. Hermione froze and Remus seemed to sense her unease and frowned, “And that is my toast.” He said reaching up to take it but Hermione pulled it away from him as she scanned the page. No one they knew, a muggle family. But it still meant trouble for the Order.

“Yes well, you have four pieces.” She said and popped the rest in her mouth and moved to get their tea.

“I’m a growing boy.” He said and she snorted as she set his tea in front of him.

“That sounds like something Sirius would say.” She said laughing as she sat down.

“It does, doesn’t it?” Remus said frowning and Hermione didn’t miss the look of sadness that shadowed his eyes. “I miss him, them, all of them.” He said and Hermione nodded.

“Me too. We should meet up with them soon, before the next meeting. I’ll talk to Lily tomorrow.” Hermione said smiling at him. The two of them were silent for some time and Remus pushed away from the table, having finished eating and set his plate in the sink. “Are we still going to-“ She asked and Remus interrupted her.

“Yes.” He said and Hermione nodded, got up and placed her empty plate in the sink then turned to him and smiled.


A few hours later Hermione and Remus found themselves seeking the shade under a tree near the edge of the forest. They were in the clearing that was a bit into the woods behind his house. Hoss and Hans were sprawled out in the shade as well, both panting from running around earlier. Hermione was in between Remus’ legs, resting with her head against his chest.

He was warm, he was always very warm, being a werewolf gave him a slightly elevated temperature, but he had been the one t pull her down and rest with him in this position. His hand was out in front of them and she watched with a smile as the glowing blue orb of light swerved and maneuvered through his fingers and flowed naturally along with his movements.

“You’ve become much better at that.” She whispered and tilted her head up to look at him. He grinned down at her before kissing her forehead.

“I’ve been practicing, most of the time after you fall asleep.” He said smiling softly as he watched the orb danced around their heads.

It was what they did every Sunday, rain or shine. Hermione would take Remus to the clearing, and there they would practice wandless magic. They would leave their wands beneath the tree or Hermione would carry them in her pocket. The first thing she taught him was concentration. He had to learn to concentrate on his magic, get it flowing and realize it was there. It didn’t take him long to soon be able to call for his wand, or hers. Eventually he learned the lumos charm, controlling the orb of light, making it large and smaller, putting it out, dulling it. The only problem he had was that he couldn’t control it’s movements very well, and Hermione told him it was in practicing.

She remembered he had been so excited one evening when he had cast the spell, even if the orb was fading in and out, he had still cast it without a wand. They had been able to work on other things lately too, building up hi skills in dueling, and just today he had managed a full shield charm without his wand.

“So, Freya’s back in school.” Hermione said and watched Remus’ hand stop in midair.

“Yes.” He said softly and Hermione watched the orb disappear and his hand dropped to his side.

“Have you heard from them?” She asked and sat up and turned to look at him.

“No, I haven’t heard from any of them in a few weeks, they won’t return my letters…” He murmured and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Well Chase was having a bit of trouble on a mission a while back, I’m sure they are just lying low.” Hermione said and smiled at him. He shrugged and leaned back against the tree. They remained silent for some time, Hermione looking out across the clearing, and Remus watching her.

“Hermione?” He said softly and she turned to look at him, and eyebrow raised in curiosity.

“Yes?” She asked.

“What would you say about moving into a flat together?” He said and Hermione’s eyes widened. She was silent for a few minutes and looked away from him. “Never mind, forget I asked.” He sighed.

“No, it’s not-don’t act like that.” She said sighing as her shoulders slumped. “I just wasn’t expecting it.” She said murmured and looked down at her hands, which was she was wringing together, a nervous habit of hers.

“You think we’re moving to fast.” He said and she looked up at him sadly.

“No,” She said picking up a few twigs and tossing them away. “I just… sometimes I wonder if you feel pressured into moving forward. Since Lily and James got married, Peter’s girlfriend is living with him, Sirius is considering it, and Alice and Frank are getting married in November…”

“Hermione,” He said and reached out and pulled her closer to him. “I don’t feel pressured into anything. I just feel like we should find a place of our own, someplace we can call home together.” He said and tilted her head up to look her in the eyes.

“Remus, I don’t need a ring, or a silly proposal… or to even get married…” Her eyes widened when she realized what she had said and clapped a hand over her mouth, fearing she had upset him or insulted him by saying that. “I’m sor-“ She started but he shushed her.

 “Honestly, you know how I feel about the marriage part, that can wait, bloody hell I wouldn’t need a piece of parchment to tell the world I love you.” He said causing Hermione to laugh and press her face against his chest.

“Alright.” She said laughing into his shirt. “We’ll go flat hunting then.”

“Great.” He said and leaned down to kiss her but stopped when Hoss sat up suddenly, ears erect as he let out a growl. Remus sat up straighter and Hermione watched him as he concentrated on his hearing. He stood up then, Hoss and Hans had as well. He reached down and pulled Hermione up. “C’mon, something is wrong.” He said and pulled along back to the house through the forest Hoss and Hans running ahead of them.

As they neared the house Hermione could hear someone shouting for them, when they jogged into view of the house Hermione saw Sirius standing in the backyard his hands cupped over his mouth as he called them again.

“Sirius!” Remus called and Sirius whirled around towards them and jogged to them. “What’s wrong? Is everything alright?” Remus asked, still holding tightly onto Hermione’s hand.

“There was another death, near here. I wanted to make sure you were alright.” He said and Hermione’s eyes widened.

“What?” She whispered. “Where?” She said pulling away from Remus.

“A few miles away, in another town” Sirius said pointing in the direction of the town. “Muggleborn witch, about our age.” He said and Hermione started trembling fiercely and just then two pops were heard. She instinctively drew up a protective shield over herself, Sirius and Remus drew their wands.

She didn’t realize what was happening, she was in such a state of shock, a muggleborn witch, not too far from here, they must have found her, they must have known. Her mind rushed to all possibilities. People were calling her name, “Hermione!” Another man, Gideon maybe, or was it Fabian? “Hermione! Lower the ward! Hermione!” He said desperately, and looked up then to see Sirius, Remus, Gideon and Fabian all staring at her. “She provoked them,” Fabian said moving closer to her, but her shield brightened in response to him moving closer. “They haven’t found you, you’re still safe.” He said and opened his arms to her, “Now, lower your shield.” He whispered and she did so, flinging her still trembling form into his arms.

“You’re still safe kid,” He murmured, holding her tightly all the while receiving a glare from Remus. “I promise to make sure that it remains that way.”



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Chapter 33: The Past and The Present II
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March 1998

It was a calm and peaceful Sunday in March, two days before Remus’ birthday. He didn’t like to think about how old he was turning, it just reminded him too much of the past. He was walking through the town he had spent a lot of time in as a child, Kippen. It was one of his homes. His house lay just outside the outskirts of the little village. After his mother died a few years ago he had been left the house. He never used it, nor the money in the accounts. He didn’t want it, didn’t want to be reminded of any of it. Besides, there was another Lupin who could use the money anyway.

He walked along the street before finally coming to his destination. He was glad to get out of Hogwarts for a while, even walking the grounds was getting stuffy for him, and he really didn’t want to face Harry’s nagging questions. He was glad though, that Harry had not told Ron the extent of what he had told to Harry about his and Hermione’s relationship. It would have been disastrous when she came back; it would have been disastrous either way.

He stopped and looked up at the old sign in front him, an old worn out handmade sign with a clockwork design on it and writing etched in gold. He pushed open the door and looked around the small shop. A young man was working behind the counter, but didn’t look up, too busy with his work. Remus looked around the shop. It wasn’t as dusty as he remembered it to be. He made his way to a wall, and glanced at the clocks and watches adorning it.

“That pocket watch is very nice, the one with the wolf.” Remus said looking at the bronze pocket watch that hung on the wall in a glass case.

“Sorry, it’s not for sale.” The young man said as he continued with his work, Remus watched him out of the corner of his eye.

Remus let out a sigh and looked back at the watch, “That’s too bad, because I have one just like it.” He said and heard the sound of the young man’s tool dropping to the ground with a clatter.

“Uncle Remus?” He said and Remus turned around and grinned at the young man. His eyes lit up at the sight of Remus and he moved around the counter and hugged Remus, he laughed and clapped the boy on the back.

“Hello Logan, it’s good to see you.” Remus said grinning at his nephew. Logan pulled back from Remus and looked him up and down. It had been a while since they’d seen each other, nearly a year at the most. “You look good.” Remus said patting his nephew’s shoulder.

“Thank you.” He said and paused and looked Remus up and down. “You on the other hand, don’t.” He said and laughed nervously. Remus only smiled sadly and shook his head.

“A lot has been going on.” Remus said quietly and Logan nodded. Before the younger man could continue the cuckoo clock on the wall went off. Logan sighed and went through the door to near the back of the store and motioned for Remus to follow.

“Sorry about this.” He said as he walked through the door and Remus just stood in the doorway in awe of the shop on the other side. He always knew about the magical shop was on the other side of the door. His grandfather had been a half blood after all, taking his mother’s maiden name Lupin since his father was unknown, but obviously a wizard. He had opened both shops and when Remus had been working with him while he was younger the wizarding portion, located in Diagon Alley had been going down hill.

But it was obviously back up again. The shop was bustling with people and Logan went to the desk and helped out another young man working at the counter. He smiled at the young man before motioning to the other shop and smiled at Remus and led him back through to the Kippen one. “The Diagon Alley shop has really come along.” Remus said and Logan nodded, sat on the stool he had been occupying before when Remus entered and motioned to one across from him at his work table for Remus to sit at.

“Yeah, it was a lot of work, but Pat and I got it flowing again, we’ve had steady business on both sides. It’s nice.” He said nodding and Remus smiled. “Actually, I hooked up that cuckoo clock for when I was alone working both stores, the cuckoo clock connects to the wizarding store, the bell to the muggle one.” He said glancing at the cuckoo clock on the wall.  “So how is Hogwarts?” He said and Remus shrugged.

“Fine. The students are great, and I love teaching.” Remus said softly and glanced down at his hands.

“But?” Logan said and when Remus didn’t answer his nephew laughed and leaned back slightly on his stool. “C’mon Uncle Remus, I’ve you long enough to know when there is a but coming on.” He said and Remus frowned and nodded.

“It’s hard dealing with the disappearance of Hermione,” He said and Logan cocked his head to the side in curiosity.

“Oh, you mean that Granger girl?” He said and Remus nodded. “Harry’s good friend?” He said and Remus nodded again. They were silent for a time before realization dawned in Logan’s eyes. “No.” He said and backed off his stool his eyes wide as he looked at Remus. “She’s not… she can’t be.” He said shaking his head as Remus continued to watch him, saying nothing. “You’re telling me that the woman whom I spent years of my life knowing as my aunt, is Hermione Granger, who happens to be younger than I am?” He said and Remus nodded silently, waiting. Logan was silent for a few more minutes before turning around as he ran his fingers through his hair in aggravation. He whirled around on Remus then his eyes blazing in anger. “You told me she was dead!” He snarled then his eyes widened and he let out a soft whisper of “a time turner…”

“I’m sorry.” Remus said softly.

They were silent for some time, before Logan spoke again. “Did she die, or does she come back.” He said softly and Remus shrugged.

“I don’t know for sure.” He said and Logan glared at him.

“Don’t lie to me! I’m the one that is commissioned by the Ministry to set those time turners!” He yelled, slamming his fist down on the table.

Remus flinched and licked his lips nervously. “Albus sent her back, whether or not she arrives safely I do not know. There may have been complications with her body and the time traveling.” Remus said and Logan shook his head.

“That could only happen if she was wounded, ill, or…” He said and paused to stare up in shock at Remus, “pregnant.” He whispered and sagged onto his stool in disbelief.


October 1978

Remus walked around his and Hermione’s small cottage. It wasn’t much, but they loved it already. The Common Room shelves were stacked with their many books a few boxes still had yet to be unpacked. It was a nice feeling, the two of them living together. They had two bedrooms, one they shared, which resided on the second floor along with the bathroom, and downstairs was a large common area, dinning room, kitchen and another smaller bathroom.

They liked that it was small, it fit the two of them perfectly, and on the nights of the full moon they would go back to his parent’s house. His parents had helped them pay for some of it, but Hermione and Remus were working on paying them back, much to his parents displeasure.

He sat down in the chair with a cup of tea and a book, ready to sit back and read and wait for Hermione to get home from the hospital when he heard something, he sat up and looked around then all of a sudden Sirius’ large patronus figure appeared before him in swirling blues and whites. The large dog started to speak in Sirius’ voice. “You’re sister’s-“ but all he needed to hear was that and he had dropped his cup of tea, stood and apparated to his sister’s home.

When he got there he did everything within his power not to throw up. He stared at the house before him. Everything would have seemed normal if it weren’t for the Ministry Officials running around, the crowd of people gathered around the sidewalk and the luminous dark mark that hung in the sky. He immediately panicked when his eyes turned upward and he glanced at the horrendous thing, the snake slithering through the skull’s mouth.

His entire face drained and his fists clenched tight at his side and he could only hope that his family was alive, that the children had survived as well. Bile rose in the back of his throat and he gulped it back down and winced. He was vaguely aware of someone calling his name and in a daze he watched Sirius’s face in front of him.

“Remus?” Sirius said again shaking his friend. Remus shook his head slightly, his vision clearing and he inhaled to clear his head. It was not the best of ideas, since as soon as he had his nose filled with the scent of death. He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. Sirius gave him a teary eyed look and shook his head, squeezing Remus’ arms.

He led Remus by the shoulder up the steps and a man called out them, “Black! What are you doing?”

Sirius turned his head and shouted angrily at the man. “This is his family!” The man paled but didn’t say anything else and allowed Sirius to continue with Remus.

“Where is James?” Remus asked in a shaky voice, as they passed through the front door.

“Still visiting family.” Sirius murmured, which really meant he was still on a mission for the Order. Remus only nodded but stopped walking when Sirius stopped. “It’s-It’s not very pleasant.” Sirius said and Remus nodded, but motioned Sirius to lead him. Sirius did, bringing him into the Common Room that Remus had been in only a few times before, and paled instantly.

On the floor lay his sister, Cameron, a silent scream on her face. A few feet away was Chase, his brother-in-law, a look of pure horror on his face, he’d been the first, according to a little marker near his body. He looked back at Cameron, a three near her body. “No.” He croaked as he took a step forward, a Ministry man who was working in the room looked up, and frowned at him and looked back to Sirius. Remus didn’t hear what Sirius said to him, but the man looked sadly back at Remus.

He looked wildly around for the second body and found her near the wall on his left, instead of one he found two. Morgan law eschewed on the floor, her body twisted as if she tried to run away her eyes wide and scared. He moved to her and looked down at his six year old niece and the two near her body, then let out a ragged breath as his eyes focused on Freya. She was supposed to be in school, but her parents had decided against it, even though it would have been the safest place for her.

He sank to his knees near his two nieces, the four on the other side of Freya’s body. Which meant she had witnessed her own parent’s and younger sister’s murder. He let out a labored breath as he reached down and gently patted Morgan’s hair. He looked up at the Ministry official who was watching him and gave him a pleading look.

“G-go ahead, she’ll magically move back…” He said swallowing hard. Remus didn’t even nod before he pulled his niece into his arms and held her tightly to his chest, pressing a kiss to her forehead. He did the same with Freya before standing up, and gulping back the bitter taste in his throat.

“Do you have the magical visual of the room?” Remus asked the Ministry official looked at him wide-eyed but nodded.

“Remus that’s not a good idea.” Sirius said and reached out to pull Remus out of the room but Remus shook him off.

“I want to see it.” He said giving the official a hard look. He nodded clumsily and waved his wand, murmuring something.

“It’s odd though…” He said as the scene unfolded before them. Wisps of his family were seen, and Death Eaters, Cameron was shoved into the room suddenly from the doorway on the other side of the room, struggling and shouting something. Chase was already in the room, a Death Eater talking to him, wand pointed at his throat. One more Death Eater came in then holding a frightened Morgan before setting her down on the ground and holding her away from her parents. The talked went on between Chase and the Death Eater before Chase was killed his wispy form falling into his body which on the floor, and the Death Eater rounded on Cameron. She struggled against the one holding her and Sirius turned his head away as the one doing the talking turned and pointed his wand at Morgan who was twisting away from her captor, falling dead onto the floor, her wispy figure fading into her body as well. Cameron screamed and sagged in the Death Eater’s arms, Remus was glad that he couldn’t hear her screams, he knew it would haunt him forever if he did. Freya appeared then, her wand in hand in the doorway Cameron and Morgan had been brought through and Cameron struggled and screamed at her daughter and the Death Eater that had held Morgan made a lunge for her, grabbed her and held her tightly with one hand while the main Death Eater killed Cameron. The other holding Freya tried to hold her still but she struggled against him and Remus watched in horror as a jet of light hit her in the chest, it came from the one who had killed the rest of his family. She fell and faded into her own body next to her sister’s, just like the rest. The Visualization was over when the Death Eaters forms disappeared.

“Why that second girl came back, I don’t know.” The official said and that’s when it dawned on Remus.

“There were three.” He whispered.

“Yes, three Death Eaters.” The official said giving Remus a worried glance.

Remus shook his head. “No, three children. There are three children. One is missing, Logan. A little boy.” He said and looked around the room. He hadn’t been in the visualization, so he was still around somewhere, or at least his body was.  “Did you find him at all?” He said and turned towards Sirius and looked around.

“No, we’ve searched the entire house, there is no one else here.” He said and Remus shook his head.

“No, he’s here somewhere.” Remus said and whirled around again, heading to the main hall of the house. He started yelling Logan’s name and another Auror came over to them, Sirius’ boss.

“Black, get him out of here, he’s mad with grief.”

“No. There is another kid!” Sirius snarled. “How could you not know that, you’ve got the paperwork!”

“We’ve searched everywhere there is no one else here!” He yelled back.

“SHUT UP.” Remus roared whirling around to face them both, his eyes flaring yellow, Sirius’ boss took a step back and Sirius froze. Remus turned back around and called for Logan again and cocked his head to the side to listen carefully. He moved to the stairs and walked up them, Sirius and his boss following. “Logan? It’s Uncle Remus.” He called and when he got the top of the stairs. He moved to go to the left, walked down the hall and bit, called Logan again, but turned and jogged down to the right and down the hall to an open room. He looked around the room, took out his wand and pulled back the rug on the floor.

He waved his wand at the floor and a door opened up in the floor. All of a sudden the cries of a young boy could be heard. Sirius’ boss stared at Remus as he dropped his wand and sank to his knees, reached into the safe compartment and pulled out a small blonde toddler that was crying hysterically. He wrapped his arms around Remus who held him tightly, slumping back onto the floor, pressing his face against the boys head, his wand forgotten.

“It must have been a safe room, only blood relatives can hear you if you’re in it.” Sirius said and his boss looked at him wildly. “I had one in my house.” Sirius said softly as he leaned down and picked up Remus’ wand.

“Well, if you hadn’t brought him we would have never found him.” Sirius’ boss said. “I presume you’ll be taking the boy then.” He asked Remus who looked up and nodded. With a nod in Sirius’ direction his boss left the room, shouting something to another Auror as he went down the stairs.

“I’ll find his room and pack him some clothes.” Sirius said handing Remus his wand and grasped Remus’ shoulder before going off down the hall, trying to find Logan’s room.

            It was nearly thirty minutes before Remus walked in the door, when he did Hermione came rushing out of the kitchen her eyes wide as she came up to him and Logan. He set the bag of Logan’s things Sirius had packed on the floor and he looked up at Hermione.

She opened her mouth to speak, but Remus already knew the question, he shook his head. Hermione’s eyes widened even more and she paled. “Oh God, oh God, oh God.” She whispered, her words coming out in a jumble. She clapped a hand over her mouth to muffle the sob that came out and moved her tearing eyes away from Remus. She took a deep breath and looked up at him and held out her hands to Logan who was fast asleep. “I’ll take him and put in the spare room.” She said and Remus nodded and placed the sleeping boy in her arms carefully.

“There is fresh tea in the kitchen.” She said as she grabbed the bag of Logan’s and went up the stairs. Hermione laid the boy down in the large bed in the spare room, waved her wand and he was in the pajamas she had found in the bag. He let out a shaky sigh in his sleep and Hermione reached over and pushed his blonde curls away from his face and kissed his forehead.

When she went downstairs she heard Remus in the bathroom, she went to him and found him hunched over the toilet vomiting up the contents of his stomach. She went to him and placed a hand on his back for comfort as he rested his head in his hands after finishing.

            Later that night Hermione lay awake, Remus next to her sleeping restlessly, she was about to roll over when his body suddenly wracked with a spasm and he woke up letting out a shuddering sigh. “Remus…” She whispered and touched his arm, his breath hitched in surprise and he turned towards her suddenly seeking her comfort. He wrapped his arm around her body, pulling her close and buried his tear stained face against her neck as sobs echoed from him.  

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Chapter 34: Logan
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It had been four days. Hermione was currently sitting at her kitchen table, Logan on her left coloring quietly, and Chase’s parents sat across the table from her, Logan’s grandparents. Remus was off with his parents. The funeral had been for the family yesterday and today they were discussing Logan. Hermione sighed and glanced down at the little boy who was drawing quietly, she had nearly had a heart attack the other day when she couldn’t find him at the funeral.

Remus had later found him when she started panicking, under a table in another room. He had understood what was going on fairly well. She shook her thoughts away and turned to the matter at hand. “I’ve been given the next two weeks off from work,” She said and Chase’s mother Anna nodded, his father Hugo nodded as well. “Uhm, so you have no problem taking him during the full moons?” Hermione asked hesitantly. They had taken the news to Remus’ lycanthropy very well, something which she was glad for.

“Of course dear. One of us will be here to pick him and drop him off since you will be with the Lupins.” Anna said, smiling softly. Hermione nodded silently.

“Now, I know you said you would like to see him once a week, what day would be best for you?” Hermione asked folding her hands on the table to keep them from wringing nervously.

The two of them looked at each other and Hugo spoke up. “Sunday would be best. We normally visited them on Sundays.” He said and Anna nodded sadly.

“Okay, that’s fine. Normally Remus and I spend Sunday’s together, so it works out.” Hermione said with a small smile. They were silent for a few minutes, each sipping their tea at times. “I actually have another question for you. How would you feel about him attending a muggle primary school?” Both Hugo and Anna looked slightly shocked but Anna spoke up.

“Why a muggle school? Why not a wizarding daycare, he is a wizard after all.”

“Yes, he is, there is no doubt about that, I’ve seen his magic, but it seems he’s got good enough control over it that I think he would do well among muggle children. Remus and I don’t have enough money for a tutor, since I know most wizarding children get tutored before they go to Hogwarts. Besides, we’ve had a long conversation about it, and we both agree that getting him out of the wizarding world for a little while would be best for him.” She said softly.

Hugo nodded. “I agree.” He said sitting forward, his wife gave him a surprised glance. “With all that has gone on in the past few months he’s not the same.” He said quietly, but Logan wasn’t paying attention, just drawing with his crayons. Hermione instinctively reached out and ran her fingers through his golden curls. “I think it would be a good idea, and you and Remus live like muggles, so it will be good for him. Chase and Cameron didn’t so much, so he’s not used to a lot, but it’s always good, especially with this War going on.” He said and Hermione nodded, dropping her hand to her side.

“Alright.” Anna said softly. “He’ll go a muggle school, until he gets his Hogwarts letter.” She said and Hermione smiled and nodded, and Logan shifted a little closer to her, taking her hand that was on her lap.


            Hermione woke up at the same time she did every morning. She wasn’t upset that she couldn’t sleep in, she would have welcomed it, but wished she could sleep a bit more. She rolled over and was thankful that Remus was still asleep. He had been having nightmares all week, and it wasn’t pleasant. But what she was surprised about was that Logan was fast asleep on Remus’ chest, the blankets pulled up over them both.

When had he come in? She didn’t know, and wondered why Remus hadn’t woken her if he was upset. She slowly got up from the bed and slipped on her robe, and she heard Remus shift slightly. She looked back and found him watching her. She went to his side and leaned down and kissed his forehead, smoothing back his hair. “Go back to sleep.” She whispered in his ear. “It’s still early.”

“Will you stay?” He asked, his voice hoarse with sleep. Hermione flinched at his words and shook her head, he frowned.

“You need sleep, and I’ll just disturb you, you know I can’t lay still long enough.” She said softly, and he sighed but closed his eyes, a small smile creeping onto his lips. The first hint of a smile she’d seen in almost two weeks.

“Alright, but I hear someone downstairs, it sounds like Sirius.” He said and Hermione nodded, kissing his forehead again before she left the room.

When she got down to the kitchen she found not only Sirius, but James as well. He looked nearly as bad as Remus, pale, bloodshot eyes, dark bags under his eyes. James looked a bit skinnier as well. As soon as she stepped into the kitchen James rose and gathered her into his arms, squeezing her tightly. “Is something wrong? What happened? Is Lily alright?” She asked when James pulled away and she glanced over at Sirius who was leaning against the counter.

“Everything is fine.” Sirius said and James nodded.

“I just got back last night and heard the news.” He said running a hand through his hair. “How is he?” He asked. Hermione shrugged and moved passed James into her kitchen and went to pour herself a cup of coffee, Sirius must have made a pot.

“He’s doing better. He smiled this morning. A little bit anyway, first one since it happened.” She said and leaned against the counter next to Sirius.

“Sirius said you’ve got their little boy?” James said sitting back down at the table, Hermione nodded before taking a sip of her tea.

“Logan. Yes. He’s living with us now.” She whispered and James nodded, Sirius placed his arm around and pulled her close to his side, kissing her forehead, comforting her.

“How do you feel about it?” James asked, and his question shocked her. No one had asked that at all, not even Sirius, he had mentioned something along those lines but he hadn’t asked.

She silent for a good five minutes before answering him, the two of them waited quietly, “I don’t know.” She said softly. “He’s good, but he’s also troubled, and Remus and I are working on that. But it’s hard. We’re not even in our twenties or married, and it feels like we’re thirty and have been through hell and back again. We’re only 19 and we’re taking care of a three year old boy whose parents and siblings have just died. It’s hard.” She was silent for a moment before she spoke up very quietly. “Please don’t tell Remus, he doesn’t know I feel this way.” She said softly. Both men nodded at her and moved about to start breakfast as they heard a pair of feet hit the ground and run for the stairs.


            “Hermione I have no problem with you bringing Logan with you to the wedding.” Alice said, her and Frank would be getting married in two weeks and Hermione didn’t want to leave him alone, or with either set of grandparents.

“Thank you Alice. It means a lot.” Hermione said smiling in relief. She was out to lunch with Alice, and Lily, the three of them had taken a lunch break together. Normally they had lunch together every week, but lately that had been a problem with Hermione trying to get in a minimum number of hours before quickly going home to Logan and Remus. “He’s very quiet, so he should be no problem.”

“So, how is it going?” Lily asked softly, giving Hermione a look from over her tea cup. Hermione shrugged and took a small bite of her sandwich.

“Alright I suppose.” She said quietly after she finished chewing. “He’s good, quiet though, which is to be expected. But I’ve talked to a number of Healers, mainly the ones in the pediatric section and they all agree that he is too young to go into counseling and all he needs is some time to get used to the fact that they aren’t coming back.” She sighed and paused, running her hand over her face. “He didn’t see anything traumatic, so that’s very good, I’m sure he heard things, but he didn’t witness anything.”

Lily and Alice both nodded and Lily frowned before asking, “What about you and Remus? You don’t look too good, too much stress.”

Hermione shook her head. “I’m stressed out, yes, but it’s fine, I’ve dealt with worse, and as for not looking good, it was the full moon a few days ago, so being worried about Remus kept me up all night.” She said softly, and Lily nodded. Alice and Frank had just been inducted into the Order not too long ago and had learned of Remus’ lycanthropy. Hermione was pleased at how well they had taken it. Alice had been easy going and Frank had passed his nervousness off with a joke, which was just like him.

“What about other things, the two of you just got the cottage, so it must be nice. What about sex? How’s that?” Lily asked leaning forward a bit, and Alice shot her a surprised glance.

“Lily!” Alice whispered in surprise and Lily waved her hand in a passive fashion at Alice.

“Please Alice, they have a great sex life.” Lily said and Hermione blushed and glanced at Alice who gawked at the two of them.

“Never thought Remus was like that did you?” Hermione asked laughing softly as Alice shook her head.

“Well I knew he liked to cuddle with you… that much was obvious… but…” She said as she trailed off, turning pink in the cheeks.

“It’s fine, around the full moon he gets… aroused very easily.” Hermione said shrugging, and turned to Lily. “It’s been a month.”

“What!?” Lily said, leaning back in shock. “You’re kidding? Even with the full moon just days ago? Nothing?” She said and Hermione shook her head.

“He hasn’t touched me. I don’t know if it is grief or just… I don’t know… and I haven’t started anything…he’s not…” She said and trailed of with a shrug and reached for her tea and took a sip of it.

“Well then. I’m sorry.” Lily said with an awkward smile.

“It’s fine, it doesn’t help that Logan ends up in our bed every night.” Hermione whispered with another shrug, aware of the glances the girls were giving her. Whether they were sympathetic or worried she didn’t know.


            Hermione was at home standing in front of the stove watching Logan color at the table out of the corner of her eye. She heard the back door open and glanced up to see Remus walk in, he took off his shoes and hung up his coat. He walked into the kitchen and smiled at her as he walked towards Logan and kissed the top of his head. Logan smiled up at him before returning to his coloring.

Hermione thought Remus had walked by her but was surprised when she felt his arms wrap around her waist and his breath hot on the back of her neck. He pressed his face against the back of her neck and she felt a chill run down her spine as his cold skin pressed against her warm skin. He must have gone for a walk before coming home, she figured, since it was getting colder out.

He kissed the back of her neck before glancing over her shoulder to see what she was cooking. “James told me something interesting today, something Lily said.” He murmured, and Hermione tensed underneath his touch. Had she mentioned the no sex? That had only been a few hours ago, and Remus hadn’t even so much as placed his hand on the small of her back for weeks let along kiss her, and now he was being Mr. Cuddly? “About work.” He said and pulled away from her, his fingertips burning lines against her skin as they slowly pulled away from her.

“W-work?” She asked hesitantly stirring the stew that brewing in front of her as he leaned against the counter next to the stove.

“Yes, work. Lily told James she is worried about you, you’ve only been working the minimum number of hours lately, skipping you’re lunch and breaks.” He said, crossing his arms over his chest. If it was possible Hermione tensed even more and looked away from him.

He reached out and grabbed her chin, tilting her head towards him. “I thought we talked about this?” He whispered and Hermione pushed his hand away from her chin and looked away from him again.

“We did. I am not quitting, it has taken me a long time to get where I am there, and if I quit now, I’ll have to start all over again when and if I go back. We need the money Remus, since you won’t touch what is in your parents vault.”

“I never said you had to quit.” He said softly and she lifted her eyes to his.

“No, but you suggested it. It was an underlying hint, but it was there.” She said and moved away from the stove, setting the spoon on the counter as she moved to the sink to wash her hands. They were silent for some time with Remus watching her as she moved around the kitchen, he hadn’t moved from his spot.

“Hermione, talk to me.” He whispered so softly she almost thought she hadn’t heard it, and she stopped from taking down bowls to set the table with to turn and look at him. “Please.” He pleaded, his eyes giving her a helpless look.

“I can’t do this Remus. I can’t stand having Logan not near me when I’m at work. He’s not playing with the other children, and he’s too quiet. I can’t quit, and you know that. My work means a lot to me, but so does Logan, and trying to jumble the Order along with it all, it’s hard. It’s exhausting, and worrying about you-“ She said and he interrupted her.

“You don’t have to worry about me.” He said and her eyes narrowed in anger at him.

“Oh really?” She snapped. “I thought that’s what people who love each do. Or am I wrong?” She snarled, her voice raising. “I can’t believe you.” She whispered and turned to busy herself again, trying hard to ignore him. He reached out to her and as his fingers grazed her arm she whirled around in anger and slapped his hand away. “Don’t touch me.” She snarled, “I’m so tired of feeling like I’m thirty years old and the world is ending.” She whispered, looking down at the floor.

“What do you want me to do Hermione, I can’t help this…” he said, his voice rising in anger.

“You could act like yourself again!” She cried, her head snapping up so she could look at him. “I know you just lost your sister and if it weren’t for my meddling you wouldn’t have gotten close to them again, and the pain wouldn’t be so much. But didn’t you ever think about my feelings? I got to know them just as well as you did. They were my family too Remus, and now they are gone and we are left to care for their son. We aren’t even twenty years old yet and it already seems like we are being pushed to our limit!” She cried, her voice rising until she was practically yelling, tears welling up in her eyes. “You’re just- I-“ She said and turned around furiously and stopped when she saw the table was empty, Logan was gone. “Logan?” She said and hurried to the Common Room.

She looked around franticly and found him behind the couch, she scooped him up into her arms and placed a kiss on his forehead. “I’m sorry I was yelling.” She whispered, “I didn’t mean to scare you.” Logan wrapped his arms around her neck and pressed his face against it as she sat down, rocking him gently while she glanced up and shot a glare at Remus who was watching from the doorway.


            A few hours later Remus was seated on their bed, and he heard Hermione and Logan walking down the hallway from the bathroom. He could smell the soap from Logan’s bath. He looked up when the sound of their footsteps stopped, they were in front of his bedroom door, Hermione standing there, holding Logan’s hand, as he stood in his pajamas.

“Go say goodnight to your Uncle.” She said and let go of his hand, Logan toddled into the room and Remus opened his arms to the boy, hugging him tightly and pressing a kiss to his forehead. “Good night Logan. I love you.” He whispered and Logan smiled at him before going back to Hermione who steered him to his room across the hall. She returned a few minutes later and Remus looked up at her. “No story?” He said, raising an eyebrow.

She shook her head, “No, he was out after I tucked him in.” She said and moved to go to her dresser but Remus stopped her by holding out his hand. She looked at it hesitantly and took it after a moment and allowed Remus to pull her close to him.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and looked up at her, his eyes filled with sadness. “I’m sorry.” He murmured before burying his face in her stomach, his hands moving up the back of her shirt to run across her lower back and press against her skin in a way that made her go weak in the knees. He let out a whimper as she ran her hands through his hair and he turned his head up towards her, his chin still resting on her stomach.  

Remus reached up with one hand and pulled her down into a rough kiss. He pulled away and pressed his forehead against hers and looked into her eyes, “I’ve missed you so much.” She whispered as she sagged against him.

“I know.” He murmured and he pulled her back onto the bed, overtop of him.


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Chapter 35: Out of Tea
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Out of Tea

    “All right, everyone. Get closer.” Hermione said as she looked into the camera. Remus frowned at her, and Sirius and James both made faces. “Drop the faces boys or you’re out.” She said lifting her head and giving the two a serious look, hand on her hip.

“Aw come on Hermione!” James called as he laughed and wrapped an arm around Lily’s waist, kissing the top of her head.

“Besides, you have to be in the picture.” Sirius said and a few others murmured their agreement. Hermione shook her head as her gaze met Remus’.

“No, I’m fine, honestly.” She said softly, her eyes begging forgiveness from Remus. He inclined his head and nodded in understanding. She moved behind the camera again, to focus it, “Alaster…” She warned, and glanced up again at Moody who was scowling. He rolled his eyes and smiled for her, “3…2…1...” She said and snapped the picture. “Alright, who wants one?” She said as she picked up the picture, she pointed her wand at it, counted the number of hands as the group assembled around her to look at the picture. She immediately produced copies from the tip of her wand and handed them out.

An hour later everyone was sitting at the table, Dumbledore had dismissed them all, there was nothing new to report on, no attacks in the recent week, no news on anything, the Dark Lord was quietly lying low after the brutal attacks two weeks back.

“Hermione, Remus if you could please stay.” Albus said, nodding to them both. Hermione’s hand immediately found Remus’ as he had just stood up. He stiffened and looked down at her in alarm, and sunk back into his seat. Albus glanced up, a frown on his lips. “If they wish to tell you later Sirius, I’m sure they shall. You may go now, Mr. Black.”

Hermione glanced up at Sirius who was hovering in the doorway, she could make out James behind him, and watched as Ridge nudged them out the door, shooting her a sympathetic gaze as he closed the door. She turned her attention to Dumbledore and Mr. Weasley who was the only member to remain along with them. He was sitting next to Dumbledore, wringing his hands nervously.

“Before we begin,” Albus said, holding up his hand, “I just want to say that your position is fine, so far no one knows about you.” Hermione sagged in relief. “This actually concerns your young ward, Logan.” He said and panic rose in Hermione and she stiffened again, her hand squeezing Remus’ tighter than before.

“You see, I received word from someone who works in Level Four that much of the paper work over the last few months has been passed over quickly. W-with the events with the werewolves turning up and the other creatures… much of the work was rushed through, apparently.” Arthur said quietly, his eyes never leaving the table top.

“So, in this case the paperwork for Logan being our custody was not looked through thoroughly.” Hermione murmured looking at Albus.

“I’m afraid so.” Albus said softly. “We will do everything we can to keep him with you. But the new laws Dolores Umbridge has-“ He said and Hermione’s chair thudded to the ground as she stood up suddenly and cut him off.

“Dolores Umbridge is a pig-headed twat who deserves whatever curse is thrown her way! I will be dammed if she takes Logan from me.” Hermione snarled, her eyes blazing as she turned and left the room. She made her way to the hall and say Sirius push himself away from the opposite wall in alarm. She apparated away before he could go to her, and cutting off Remus’ call in the process.

            “Hermione!” Remus called and watched as she disappeared in front of him, apparating away, since they weren’t able to in the meeting room. He glanced up and his eyes met Sirius’. He let out a sigh and slumped against the wall, Albus and Arthur coming out from the meeting room as well.

“She’s gone.” Sirius said, and looked between the three men. “What happened in there?” He asked.

“The Ministry is going to take Logan away from us.” Remus said softly, running a hand roughly over his face.

“But they can’t!” Sirius said, his eyes widening, but the silence from the three before him made him frown and he watched them and waited helplessly for answer.

“They-“ Remus said, pausing briefly to swallow the lump in his throat, “They can.”

“There are new laws being put into place Sirius.” Albus said softly. “Many concerning werewolves, many of them having to do with children and being their care.”

“But some werewolves have children that don’t have the lycanthropy! What about them!” Sirius said his anger rising.

“They may make exceptions for them, or they may take them away. I am not clear on the specifics Sirius, but in Remus’ case, he is a werewolf, a young werewolf, who is not married, who may not be able to get married in a few years if the laws change that much, and therefore has no right to have a small child that is not directly his own in his care. The Ministry is simply trying to put the children in a safer environment.” Albus said calmly.

“You sound as if you are with them on this!” Sirius yelled, outraged.

“I assure you that is not the case. I am simply stating what they have told me.” Albus murmured, his eyes softening as he glanced over at Remus who was still leaning against the wall as if it were his life support. “Go home Remus. We will discuss things further once Hermione has calmed down.” He said and Remus nodded, giving Sirius and Arthur nods before dissapparating.

“There is no hope for them to keep him, is there?” Sirius whispered miserably after Remus left.

“I’m afraid not.” Albus said softly as he removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Then why lie to them?” Sirius said, kicking at the ground. “Hermione doesn’t need this right now, neither does Remus, things were just getting better for all of them, Remus is planning on proposing soon.” Sirius said, lifting his eyes to meet the very brief look of shock and alarm to pass through Dumbledore’s eyes and Arthur’s small smile.

“Even if that’s the case, it won’t help them. The laws are set now.” Arthur said licking his lips and shaking his head. “It’s the truth, and it’s horrible, but there is nothing they can do, the Ministry is law, and to defy them would be worst thing, Hermione knows that.”

“Yes, she does, all too well.” Albus said replacing his glasses.

“So we give them false hope is that it?” Sirius snarled, his anger surfacing again.

“For now yes, it will be some time before the Ministry takes action, for now we will give them the support they need.” Albus murmured softly, earning a glare from Sirius before he dissapparated and bid Arthur goodnight before they too parted ways.


            Remus apparated to his parent’s home to collect Logan, hoping Hermione was still there. When he went through the back door he was greeted by Hoss and Hans, and looked up to see his mother standing by the stove. She turned around suddenly, frowning.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, panic in her eyes.

“Where is Logan? And Hermione?” He asked looking around.

“She was already in and out, more than five minutes ago. What happened? She seemed very upset.” She said softly, and moved to grab a cup to make tea.

“The Ministry wants to take away Logan.” He said and he was startled when the cup smash to the floor, Hoss stood up as well, and his father called in, asking if everything was alright.

“It’s fine!” She called back and rubbed her forehead before leaning down to pick up the broken pieces, but Remus was there and crouching before her.

“I’ve got it mum. I don’t want you to cut your hand.” He murmured and as he touched a shard of the cup it suddenly put itself back together.

“When did you learn to do that?” She breathed and he shrugged, his gaze meeting hers as he placed the cup on the counter.

“Hermione has been teaching me to channel my magic wandlessly for a while now.” He murmured and she nodded but didn’t say anything else on that matter, but instead stood there watching him, waiting for him to explain about Logan. He was silent for a few minutes, trying to gather his thoughts.

“How long have you known?” His mother said softly, when he didn’t respond.

Remus let out a sigh and ran his hand roughly over his face. “Two days. I got word while at work… I couldn’t tell her…I was hoping Albus would wait a bit before mentioning it.” He whispered and paused, biting his lip. “Actually, I hoped he wouldn’t find out so soon…

“Dumbledore mentioned it?” His mother said softly, leaning against the counter.

“He is her guardian while she is-“ he said, stopping suddenly.

“What do you mean?” He shook his head, but his mother pressed further. “Remus, what do you mean?”

“She’s a task bearer.” He murmured softly, glancing away from the surprised look on his mother’s face.

“No.” She said softly and when Remus didn’t correct her she let out a strangled gasp and shook her head. “You have to-” she started but Remus cut her off, shaking his head as he spoke.

“No. I wont, I can’t-”

“You don’t know how long she’ll be here for.” His mother pleaded, trying to keep her voice down.

“I don’t care. I-” he said, but his mother cut him off.


“No! She knows me in the future.” He snarled, his anger rising.

“And how much older are you? How old is she? Did you ever think of that?” His mother cried. “I don’t want to see you suffer any-” she whispered desperately.

“I will marry her, whether you like it or not.” He snapped, and quickly dissapparated.


            When he returned home, he searched the house for Hermione and found her upstairs in Logan’s room, sitting on the edge of his bed, watching him sleep. He walked in quietly stood next to her, his fingers moving out to graze her shoulder, she flinched. He pulled his hand away and she stood up.

“I’m going to make some tea.” She murmured and brushed past him and left the room. He licked his lips nervously and stood and stared at Logan. He let out a soft sigh, casting a glance over his shoulder as he listened intently to Hermione start the tea downstairs before leaning over and kissing the top of Logan’s head.

He remained close to him for only a moment, inhaling the boy’s sent and burning into his memory. Closing his eyes Remus pulled away and strode from the room, leaving the door slightly ajar before heading down to the kitchen. When he got there he stood in the doorway for a few minutes watching Hermione, her back was to him. She reached up on her tips of her toes to reach the tea and pulled it down, opening the canister. He watched as she spooned some tea out, and then she dropped the spoon into the canister and let out a choked sob, covering her hand over her mouth to stifle it. Remus was behind her in moments, grabbing her and turning her towards him roughly, crushing her sobbing form to his chest.

“We’re almost out of tea.” She choked into his sweater, clinging to him.

“I know.” He said hoarsely, closing his eyes as words filtered passed his eyelids, words written in Hermione’s hand that would be burned into his memory forever.

For me, time is like tea. You keep seeking the right pinch, and when you find it you know it. But after a while that pinch runs out and you are left with nothing but the lingering feeling of wanting it back. So with time I’ve been seeking this task, and I’ve figured it out, found that pinch as it were. I know it won’t be long now until that pinch is done……then what?

Sorry for the wait. Thank you so much to my readers and reviewers. You guys mean everything to me. I'm going to try and make the chapters to come as long as I can, unless they need to be stopped at a certain time.

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Chapter 36: Losing him
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December 1978



           Hermione walked into their bedroom, Remus was sitting on the bed, a book in his lap, his back resting against the pillows. The light was on next to his side of the bed and he glanced up at her as she walked in. "Logan go down alright?" he asked softly, closing his book and setting it down on the table next to him.

"Yes, he fell asleep just as I started reading to him, Sirius must have worn him out." She said as she got into her nightgown. She moved to her side of the bed and crawled in next to him. "Do you think he'll come in tonight?" she said softly, gently lying down and pulling the covers up, looking up at Remus as she settled in.

"No. He's been good about not coming in until the morning.” Remus murmured, smiling down at her. Hermione nodded and let out a soft sigh. "What's wrong?"

"What are we going to do for Christmas?" she whispered.

“I don’t know, we’ll go to my Nana’s on Christmas Eve, and stay at my parents overnight and go to Chase’s parents for a little while then to James and Lily’s for dinner?” He said as she leaned against his side.

“Sounds like a plan.” She murmured, her fingers playing with the hem of his pajama pants. He grinned down at her, lifting the book off his lap, marking his page and placing it on the table next to the bed. He leaned down, titling her head up to press his lips against hers.

“Are you alright?” He murmured, his fingers brushing against her cheek as his forehead touched hers. She frowned, biting her lip, her fingers gently running across his hips and she watched as his eye lids fluttered and he groaned her name softly. “You’re avoiding the question.” He moaned.

“Yes,” She breathed softly, kissing him roughly, causing him to groan against her mouth, one of his hands burying in her hair, the other reaching around her body and pulling her against him as he slid himself down onto his back.


            It was Christmas Eve and Hermione was sitting at the table with Logan, they were having dessert, and the two of them were sharing a piece of apple pie. He let Hermione scoop a small forkful into his mouth, and wipe his chin. After swallowing her grinned at her as she took a bite for herself.

“Why can’t you feed me like that?” Remus murmured in her ear, startling her slightly. She titled her head towards him as he placed a kiss on her neck, and smiled softly.

“Because you’re a big boy.” She said and smiled at Logan.

“Logan, you want to try this?” Remus asked, holding out a spoonful of his own favorite pie, chocolate cream. Logan shrugged and Remus leaned over to feed Logan. Logan took a small bite of it, swallowed and made a face.

“Well I guess he didn’t like that.” One of Remus’ uncles said from across the table, chuckling.

About an hour later Remus’ mother, Nana and aunts were all in the kitchen, talking quietly over a cup of tea. They could all see into the Living room where Hermione, Remus, Logan and Charlie were sitting. Logan was sitting on Charlie’s lap, listening intently as his great-grandfather talked to him, Remus was sitting across from them, in a chair, Hermione curled up in a blanket on his lap. She was dozing, her eyes would open every few minutes, to wander over to Logan, before the drifted closed again, her head resting against Remus’ chest, his chin resting on the top of her head.

“She looks exhausted.” Vivian, Remus’ Nana, said softly as she set down her tea cup. Remus’ aunt, Esme nodded along with her.

“Yes, how are they doing? They moved out haven’t they?” Alice said, turning her attention to Mrs. Lupin.

“Yes, they have. It’s been rough. Hermione has been working more now, and when Logan isn’t here, with us, or Chase’s parents, he is with Charlie. Remus says he has really taken a liking to the clock shop. He loves it there, always asking Charlie questions and is generally curious about everything there.”

“Well that is good, at least he is opening up more.” Esme said and the others nodded.

“Is Remus going to propose soon?” Emily asked, sipping her tea and Mrs. Lupin sighed and set down her cup.

“Yes, but I wish he wouldn’t.” All the women turned to look at her wide eyes and her mother raised an eyebrow.

“Why ever not?” Vivian said, a hint of anger in her voice.

“She’s a task bearer mum.” Mrs. Lupin said softly. Vivian’s reaction was not one Mrs. Lupin was expecting, her eyes softened and she glanced into the Living room and stared at the two of them, Remus was tucking Hermione’s body close to his as he made to stand up. Charlie had gently lowered Logan to the floor and Logan hugged his legs.

“I don’t see a problem with it, he loves her and she loves him. Would you dare upset his happiness now?” She murmured, her eyes glazing over as she watched them.

“No. You don’t get it mum-“ Mrs. Lupin started but was cut off by Remus’ voice as he walked into the kitchen.

“We’re going to head back home now Nana.” He said smiling softly at all of them, avoiding looking at his mother, since he had vaguely heard them. Vivian shook her head, her eyes clearing and she smiled at him and nodded. Logan was at his side, clutching to Remus trousers with one hand, and Remus glanced down at him, “Can you say goodnight to them Logan?” Remus asked.

“Goodnight.” Logan said shyly, pressing his face into Remus’ leg, and looked up at him briefly, and to Hermione who was sound asleep in Remus’ arms. All the women said goodnight, and Remus walked to the fireplace.

“Logan, hold tightly onto me.” Remus said glancing down at him, and Logan did as he was told, grabbing onto Remus’ leg with both hands.

“Your father and I will be home soon, but don’t wait up.” Mrs. Lupin said softly, smiling at him.

Remus frowned as he gathered a bit of dust in his hand, carefully still holding Hermione. “I wasn’t going to, even if you asked.” Remus whispered, his voice slightly angered. He threw the dust down, and disappeared within moments.

“Time does not protect you from love, but love in some aspect protects you from time…” Charlie murmured from the doorway, and Vivian smiled fondly at him with a nod.


May 1979

            It was a warm sunny day in May, a Sunday. The flowers in the small garden in the backyard had bloomed, and Hermione had been cleaning up from lunch when an owl tapped at the kitchen window. Hermione frowned, not recognizing it, but allowed it in anyway. The owl stuck it’s leg out and Hermione took the roll of parchment from it, and handed it a small piece of bread which it took gratefully before flying off.

She read the letter and her hands started trembling, the backdoor opened and Remus and Logan came in. Their birthdays had been a while ago, Remus’ in March and Logan’s in April, he was four now, and Remus 19.

“Nini look!” Logan called laughing as he stripped his shoes off and ran to her, his arms full of flowers. Remus had come in as well and immediately sensed her unease, he frowned at her as she caught his eye and crouched down to grin weakly at Logan.

“They are beautiful Logan.” She murmured, taking them from him. “Why don’t you go grab a vase for me to put them in.”

“Okay!” He said, grinning and ran off to get a vase, and Hermione stood up, laying the flowers on the counter she turned to Remus and handed him the letter. Remus’ eyes scanned it and before he could respond the fireplace flared green and someone stepped through. Both were thoroughly surprised to see Sirius there.

“Sirius what-” Remus started, but he held up a hand to stop him.

“Did something happen?” Hermione asked urgently and Sirius shook his head, and looked awkwardly at them, shifting on his feet.

“No, nothing like that. I uh- actually…” He whispered, running a hand through his hair, he liked his lips, which was a sure sign of his uneasiness. “Bloody hell.” He said, and slumped against the wall and when Logan walked in Sirius stiffened immediately.

“No.” Hermione whispered, her eyes widening in horror and the realization dawned in Remus eyes.

“Sirius!” Logan cried and set the vase on the table and ran to Sirius and wrapped his arms around Sirius’ legs.

“Hey mate.” Sirius said, his voice trembling slightly.

“Logan, come here.” Hermione whispered fiercely and Sirius looked up at her with a pained expression.

“Hermione-“ Remus said but her glare cut him off, as he pulled Logan into her arms. She held him tightly away from Sirius.

“Get out.” She whispered to him.

“You know I can’t.” Sirius said and gave her a sympathetic look, Remus shoved passed him into the Living room and sank down onto the couch and buried his face in his hands. “You have to give him to me Hermione, he can not stay here. The Ministry will send Remus to Azkaban if Logan stays.” He took a step towards her, and a defensive shield appeared around her and Logan, who was beginning to look frightened.

“Do it Hermione.” Remus whispered from the Living Room, his voice hoarse. She stood her ground, glaring at Remus and Sirius, tears starting to spill down her cheeks.

“It’s not fair.” She whispered, her body trembling as she held Logan tightly.

“I know.” Sirius murmured softly, opening his arms to except Logan, Hermione kissed his temple and reluctantly handed him over to Sirius.

“Nini?” Logan said, he was confused and scared, looking between the two.

“You have him, now get out.” She snarled, eyes narrowing at Sirius.

“Hermione, I thought this would be easier, me coming to take him.”

“Well you were wrong.” She snarled, causing both him and Logan to flinch. “If it had been someone else, I wouldn’t feel guilty about hating them.” She whispered, causing Sirius to recoil from her. “I don’t want to see your face ever again.”

Sirius frowned, but backpedaled to the fireplace, and Logan stared wide-eyed at Remus and Hermione, “NINI!” He screamed just as Sirius disappeared. Hermione turned around and stormed into the kitchen.

After a few moments of silence Remus stood up and went into the kitchen when suddenly something shattered, Hermione was on the floor, the vase had shattered and the flowers were spread out on the ground where they had fallen when she had dropped it. Remus crouched down and gathered her shaking and sobbing form into his arms and held her tightly against him, pressing his own tearstained face against her neck. "It's going to be alright." He whispered, though he knew it was complete lie.

I am disappointed in this chapter. I'm just not feeling it lately, it is an important chapter, and I couldn't skip over it. The few months that I did skip will most likely be re-capped in the next chapter. The Order buisness anyway. But I'm narrowing down the most important events on the time-line I've created and hopefully the chapters will be longer too.

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Chapter 37: The End Of A Task.
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May 1979

 Hermione stood up, it was after the most recent Order meeting and it was over. Remus would be going on a mission with James. Sirius would remain here, Gideon and Fabian were on one at the moment. Remus and James would be going to join up them. She wasn’t clear on the details, James and Remus were being filled in at the moment by Arthur in another room.

Ridge had stood up when Hermione had and he glanced down at her as his hand rested on her back. Sirius glanced at her and she looked away. Logan had been taken from them only a week ago. Her anger towards him had not diminished. Logan had been given to his grandparents, Chase’s parents, Hugo and Anna. They had been shocked to discover that Remus and Hermione could no longer keep him, hoping that the whole thing would blow over. But it hadn’t. Hermione and Remus were forbidden to visit him for a few months, the Ministry wouldn’t allow it, and they would not give an answer as to why.

Hermione turned her attention to Ridge. “Sorry, what did you say?”

“I asked if you were alright.” He said softly, and she found herself surprised by his calm manner. He had recently returned from a mission to the werewolf caves. He was pretty badly scratched up, but would heal quickly.

“Oh, yes. I’m fine.” She whispered and pulled away from him.

“Hermione, I would like to speak with you.” Albus said his tone was tight. Hermione glanced up at him in surprise and nodded.

“I’ll talk to you later.” Ridge said, Hermione smiled softly at him.

“Alright, tell Remus not to wait for me. I don’t know how long I’ll be. You can wait, if you’d like. Or owl me.” She said and followed Dumbledore out the door. He led her down the hall to another room, one she hadn’t been in before, and opened the door for her, allowing her to enter first. It was small, nicely furnished with Baroque period furniture like much of the house, and there were two chairs, a small table and the walls were lined with books.

She took a hesitant step inside and sat down, Albus stepped inside, waved a hand at the candles to light them, then turned and cast a few spells over the door. Hermione’s stomach plummeted.

Hermione stared at Dumbledore, waiting for him to speak. She watched as he moved slowly around the room and stood near the chair, his fingers running along the fabric, hand twitching as he then lowered himself down. He withdrew something from his pocket but she couldn't see what it was.

"I've finished, haven't I." She murmured and watched as his eyes lifted to hers.

"Yes." He said and opened his hand and her eyes widened when she looked at the timeturner in his hand, it was whole, not broken as it had been when she gave it to him over a year ago. "Your task is complete. Your timeturner fixed itself, as it should have when you completed it. As you can see, it is complete." He said and handed it to her. Hermione took it carefully into her hands and inspected it, it was indeed the same timeturner she had over a year ago.

"Will it create an accident again? To take me back?" She whispered inspecting the object.

"I'm not sure. I’m assuming it will.” Dumbledore murmured glancing at the timeturner in her hands.

“I don’t even know what my task was, I didn’t do anything worthwhile.” She said as she glanced down at the faint glow coming from beneath her shirt.

“Yes you have.” He said, straightening up. “A task does not have to be something great. It could be significant to the task bearers life, or something so small that then leads to something great.” He said, smiling softly.

“Remus.” Hermione gasped softly. “He’s my task. He was- wasn’t he?”

“Yes, to some extent, you were to show him love, and you have. You loved him when he believed no one else would. You gave him compassion, you tamed his wolf, and you gave him the courage he needed to step into a den full of bloodthirsty werewolves. He has helped out the Order greatly with Ridge. He has learned to control and better himself by using wandless magic, a technique you taught him. But, think of what else you have done most recently. You took in a young boy, you and Remus not even married yet, just living on your own. Yes, he was taken away from you, and it was a horrible ordeal, but he has been set a task by the Ministry. Since his grandfather is a watchmaker, and the Ministry noted he took a keen interested in the making of them, they have given him the duty to become a Time Setter.”


“No.” Hermione whispered, her eyes widening. “That means that he sets the timeturners, commissioned by the Ministry. He set mine.”

“Yes, I’m sure he did then.”

Minutes passed and both remained quiet for some time before Hermione spoke up, handing him the timeturner. “I can’t leave.”  Dumbledore seemed to slouch in his chair, and everything that had come into play the last few months showed on his face, in his eyes, and in the wrinkles that creased his forehead. “Please, you know I can’t.”

“You must.”

“But Remus, I can’t leave him now, not like this. I’m not ready to leave him yet, he won’t remember me when I go back.”

“You can’t be so sure of that.”

“I am!” she cried. “If he knew, don’t you think he would try and stop me from coming so that when I leave he wouldn’t be tormented! He will have spent nearly 20 years without me, the wolf would go mad."

"I can not leave him Albus. Just give me more time." She pleaded. He stared at her for a long time before finally taking the timeturner from her and slipped it back into his pocket.

"I'll give you one year. After that, you must return. I am in charge of you, being a task bearer once myself, and I will suffer the consequences, since I am allowing you to stay. But when the time comes and you have not returned, your timeturner will go back without you, so we must find a way to send you home. I believe I know a way, but I must look into it. But you must promise me something." He said, pausing to look into her eyes. Hermione nodded silently, staring back at him. "That when I tell you to go, you go, no matter what. You cannot stay here forever, you will die before your fifth year, your magic will waste away and you will become weaker and weaker as the months go by." He said and Hermione nodded.  "You may go now." He said softly, slumping in his chair.

"Thank you sir." She whispered, standing up, she leaned down and kissed his cheek before leaving the office, and passing Gideon in the hallway where he was leaning against the wall.

"Remus left, Ridge is still in foyer waiting for you." He said, Hermione nodded, and walked down the stairs as Gideon walked into the room.

He leaned against the doorframe, arms folded against his chest. "You're letting her stay aren't you?" He said.

"I don't need to be reprimanded by you Gideon." Albus said sighing as he took off his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "I need you to do something for me, she'll need another guard with the attacks rising and leak in Tom's circle. He knows something about her, and I want to keep it limited. She knows you and Fabian watch her, so this remains between us. Fabian is not to know either, I want you to find someone else, not Sirius or James, Remus can protect her, but only to an extent, and we can't lose him, not now, not when she will leave so soon. We need someone else keeping an eye on her.” He said, pausing for a moment before speaking again. “Her parents have gone into hiding, and she must not see them.”

Gideon raised an eyebrow in confusion. “What? Who- Joe Granger is her father?”

“Yes, the Grangers are her parents.”

“And she’ll be born in six months, that’s why you put them in hiding, because of that, and the leak in his inner circle.” Gideon said, shaking his head in disbelief.

“We can not let anything happen to that baby when the time comes for her to be born. “ Albus said softly, placing his glasses back on. Gideon was quiet for some time, rubbing his chin in thought.

“Lupin is a hell of a lot older than she is.” He said, frowning.

“Technically speaking yes, but love is love it has no relevance when it comes to age.”

“You’re going to take his memories away aren’t you?” Gideon said softly.

“We’ll see when the time comes.” Albus murmured softly as he stood.


            Hermione arrived home after talking briefly with Ridge. He had basically told her that if she needed anything she was to contact him, no matter what. When she stepped through the fireplace, she dusted off her clothes and looked around. Remus wasn’t in the sitting room, so she went to the kitchen. She found him sitting at the table, hands wrapped around a cup of tea.

“What did Albus want?” He said softly, glancing down into the cup of tea.

Hermione stared at him, her fingers began to tremble as she searched for something to say. “Um… well… I-“ she started and stopped suddenly when he lifted his head to look at her. His eyes were golden, she gulped as her entire body began to tremble. Her lips quivered as she stared back at him, his intense gaze didn’t falter instead her reached out and pulled her towards him. In ne swift movement he had shifted his position in the chair so she was now standing in between his legs, which he locked around hers, and with both his arms around her waist he buried his face in her stomach. He held her so tightly she believed she had stopped shaking, but she knew better, she slipped her fingers into his hair and ran them through it, taking deep breaths, trying to calm herself. He mumbled something into her, she felt his lips and his voice against her stomach. “What was that?” She said, looking down, practically cradling his head in her hands as he looked up at her.

His eyes seemed so far away for a moment as he looked at her, he swallowed roughly, his throat constricting against her stomach and his eyes focused on her again, this time they were clear. “Marry me.”


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Chapter 38: Past and Present III
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Mid June, 1979

        Hermione looked down at Remus, her eyes wide with shock. His words echoing through her mind, “Marry me.” They repeated over and over, and she watched in horror as her mind raced to find an answer as his eyes darkened from the gold to deep red. His iris’s filled with red and soon his eyes began to bleed and Hermione let out a shriek and pulled away from him.

Hermione sat up suddenly in bed, letting out a cry and settling down when she looked at the empty bed beside her. She brought a hand up to her mouth and muffled her sob as she clutched the blankets tighter around her body, the other hand gripping the sheets tightly. She heard a thump and watched as a light appeared in the doorway.

“Hermione?” Sirius whispered, walking into the room, he sat on the edge of the bed, one hand moving out to touch her but she cringed away from him. “Another nightmare?” He said softly, and Hermione nodded, letting out a whimper as she glanced up at him, her lips quivered, her entire composure threatened to crack at any moment. “The same thing?” He whispered, and she nodded, and allowed him to gather her into his arms. “He’ll be alright.”

“How can you be so sure?” She murmured, pressing her face against his shoulder.

“I’m not. But you have to hope.” He said, pressing a kiss to the side of her head.

“I’ve already run out of hope.”

“Well I haven’t.” Sirius whispered, squeezing her tightly.


When Sirius woke up the next morning, Hermione was still in his arms. During the night had removed one of his arms that had been underneath her and it was now resting under his head, her head was tucked neatly under his chin, arms curled up between their bodies, his other arm out around her waist. He listened to her breathing to determine if she was awake or not. He couldn’t tell.

“I’m awake.” She whispered softly, pulling away slightly to glance up at him. He smiled down at her before shifting slightly. He pressed his forehead against hers and ran his fingers through her curls.

“I miss this.” He murmured softly and Hermione’s brow furrowed against his in confusion.

“Sirius we never did-” Hermione started, but Sirius cut her off.

“I know. I meant us talking, being in each other’s presence. Being close with you and Moony. I miss that. I’ve felt so lonely since we left Hogwarts. No one has time for anyone anymore. James works and goes on missions, and when he’s not him and Lily spend free minute they have together. You and Moony do the same thing, and Pete, hell I don’t know what he does. He’s been distant lately, more so than he usually is. I try and talk to him and makes an excuse and leaves, and it’s like he’s nervous… not to mention he hasn’t been to an Order meeting in months…”

“He’s just stressed with the shop and the death of his father so suddenly Sirius.” Hermione said trying to reassure him and Sirius muttered quietly that it didn’t seem like he had been that upset at the funeral. Hermione reached out with one hand and touched his cheek and pulled his head down to kiss his forehead. “You know things can’t be the same way they were in Hogwarts Sirius. Besides you still have Talia.” Hermione said softly. Sirius’ eyes shifted away from hers and she frowned. “Sirius…”

“She left. Two months ago.” He said hoarsely.

“What?” Hermione whispered, eyes widening then softening into a sympathetic look. “Sirius, why didn’t you say anything?” She said and he shrugged softly.

“I don’t know. Things just became distant between us, and I came home one day, she was gone, all her things. She’d been slowly moving out, I just never really noticed.” He said frowning.

“Oh Sirius, I’m so sorry.” Hermione murmured.

“Don’t be. It was my fault.” He said shrugging and biting his lip. Hermione leaned closer to him and pressed her nose against his and smiled. He snorted softly, a grin forming on his lips, his arms tightened around her and he let out a sigh. They were silent for some time before Hermione spoke up.

“He asked me to marry him you know.” She said softly and Sirius pulled away from her to smile at her.

“It’s about time.” He said laughing softly, but frowned when Hermione’s lips lowered to a frown as well. “What?”

“I never expected it.” She said softly, lowering her gaze away from his. “It was so sudden, after I came back from talking with Dumbledore, I was so scared Sirius.”

“Why? What did Dumbledore say?” Sirius asked, his voice straining in slight panic as he lifted her chin, her eyes flickered to his before moving away quickly.

“I-I’m running out of time here.” She said her voice trembling. “I didn’t know what to say to him, I’m so scared of leaving him Sirius. That’s why I keep having that dream, not because he’s out there with a pack of blood thirsty werewolves, I know he can take care of himself. But I’m afraid of what will happen to him hen I leave.”

“You know don’t you.” Sirius said softening his gaze lowering to the trinket resting on the sheets between them, he watched as it flared a light blue.

“Only bits and pieces of what he went through, he never got into details, but it was horrible.” She said licking her lips. She watched Sirius’ fingers as they slowly moved towards the trinket. “Don’t!” She whispered, reached out to grab his hand, but it was too late, his finger tips had already grazed the glass of the glowing pensive.

Hermione watched in horror as his eyes clouded over and then after a few seconds he was back, his eyes wide as he lifted them to hers, retracting his hand from her grasp as if he were burned. She felt a jolt through her entire body as he severed the connection with her memories.

“You saw something. What did you see?” She said sitting up as he did, shaking his head. “Tell me Sirius!” She said crawling into his lap, hands going on either side of his face. “Tell me.” She whispered looking into his eyes. She was afraid of what he saw because there were so many things he couldn’t know about, and she was deathly afraid because if he saw something, that only meant that Remus had seen something as well.

“Me. I was older… I looked… sick. I was fighting with people, and the scene shifted, I kept seeing James… no…not James, he had green eyes… Lily’s eyes… Harry.” Sirius said his eyes widening, and Hermione’s eyes were filled with horror when he looked into them. “I saw flashes of things, you, only you were younger, much younger, and Remus, so depressed and alone. Then the scene shifted again, only I didn’t see me anymore, it was…you… fighting my cousin…you killed her…you murdered Bella.” He said his eyes glazing over. “You murdered my kin.” He said gulping and shaking his head slightly.

“I’m sorry Sirius.” Hermione said her fingers running through his hair.

“Don’t be. She’s a Dea-” He started but Hermione had cut him off with one whisper.

“Obliviate.” She murmured his fingers pressed against his temple. His eyes clouded over and she crawled off his lap before he came back again. She got up from the bed slowly, and looked to him. He was watching her, and she smiled at him. “Do you want breakfast Sirius?” She asked.

“Sure.” He said grinning. “Oh, Hermione, what answer did you give to Remus?” Sirius asked, and Hermione smiled weakly at him before walking out the door.




Late June, 1979

Two weeks had gone by and she hadn’t heard a word from Remus, James, Gideon, Fabian or Ridge. To say she was worried was an understatement. She was a complete nervous wreck. She was lying in bed, facing away from the open window and the waning moon that had been staring her mockingly in the face for the past two nights. She hadn’t slept properly since the group missed their last check three days ago. She sat up in bed when she heard the floor board’s creek down the hall.

She cast a shield spell around her self as she reached for her wand on the night table. A figure appeared in the doorway, clinging to the wall and her eyes widened as a gasp escaped her lips. “Remus!” She whispered as she dropped the spell and went to him, catching him as he stumbled. She dragged him over to bed, his breathing was heavy and as she sat down he fell in between her legs, wrapping his arms around her tightly and letting out a sob. “Oh Gods Remus.” She murmured, leaning her head down to press against his as he held her tightly, her arms winding around his body.

She pulled her hands away from him hen she felt her fingers become wet and sticky. She looked down horrified to find them covered in blood. She let out a gasp as she glanced down at his back. It was covered in deep gashes and scratches. “Hermione…” He whimpered.

“Shh.. it’s okay Remus. I’m here.” She whispered in his ear. “Can you stand? I need to get you into the bathroom to clean you up.” She said and nodded. She helped him to the bathroom, unbuttoning and pulling off his worn trousers she then helped him into the tub. She ran warm water over his body. All the while he said nothing, just leaned on his knees and allowed her to clean his body. He gently touched her shoulder as she leaned over his front to inspect his chest and wash out the wounds. He leaned forward, his scruffy face pressing against her neck as he inhaled her scent, his fingers twinning into her hair. She pressed a kiss to the nape of his neck and he pulled away after a moment.

“I love you.” He whispered hoarsely.

Hermione smiled weakly and bit her lip as she turned away from him to grab the iodine. “This is going to hurt a lot. I don’t trust spells to clean these as well as this.” She said lifting the bottle for him to see. He nodded and grabbed the side of the tub. “Do you want a gag, so you don’t bite your tongue?” He shook his head.

“Just do it.” He murmured. Hermione nodded and hesitantly poured the liquid over his back. His body began to shake and his breathing became ragged as he fought not to cry out from the pain. Hermione reached for the sprayer and when she believed the cuts to be clean enough she rinsed them with cool water.

“Let me see your front.” She said and Remus shifted slightly, still shaking and Hermione looked over his chest. The cuts on his chest weren’t as bad as the ones on the front. But as she went to place a cloth dampened with iodine on his chest a drop of blood hit her hand. She used her free hand to tilt his chin up and saw that his mouth was bleeding. “Remus…” She said softly, “Please, don’t act brave for me… I know you’re in a lot of pain…” She said her lips trembling and he smiled weakly, gulping as a bit more blood from his bitten lip fell down his chin.

Hermione finished cleaning his wounds before she moved to wash hair, shave him and trim his hair. When she finished that she bound his chest and performed a few healing spells. “I’ll need to make some stronger potions for you in the morning.” She said as she helped him out of the bath. She reached for the towel and would have started to dry him but he waved her off.

“I can get this.” He said softly and she nodded.

“Alright, I’ll go get you some clothes…”

“Just light weight pants please.” He said as she stood in the doorway. She watched him as he slowly dried himself, she thought he looked so old then, an image of the Remus she knew in her real time flashed before her eyes. She shook her head and went to get him clothes, when she returned he was standing there, waiting patiently toweling his hair. She handed him his pants and was about to leave when he grabbed her arm, twirling her around to face him. He leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips.

Hermione pulled away and smiled at him. “I don’t have any sleeping potions.” She said softly, running her fingers down his arms.

“It’s fine.” Remus said softly, placing the pants over his shoulder and the towel over the side of the tub he walked towards the bedroom. Hermione followed him, turning out the lights and closing the door behind her. Remus discarded the pants onto the floor and climbed into the bed. Hermione stood near the door watching him. “More comfortable without them.” He murmured, easing himself down onto the pillows he had propped up. She wanted to cry as she watched him. She’d been worried for weeks about him, but she promised herself she would hold it together, knowing he would get through it.

“Remus… “ She started, but he held up a hand.

“Not now… please.” He said softly. “I don’t want to think about anything except being in your arms right now.” He said softly and for the first time she noticed his need. He patted the bed beside him, a signal for her join him. As she moved to her side she felt his gaze on her the entire time. She crawled on the bed beside him and he leaned in and kissed her jaw, one hand moving into her hair to tilt her head back to gain access to her neck. He planted kisses along her neck while slowly moving their bodies down on the bed, so that they were laying and not sitting. “Merlin I missed you.” He said softly.

“But your wounds.” She said softly.

“I don’t care.” He whispered, his hold tightening around her.


Late May, 1998

Remus walked into the library at Hogwarts, finding Harry there, reading a thick book. “What’s that you’ve got there Harry?” Remus asked as he went to a shelf to grab a book

“Just doing some research on traveling mirrors.” He said softly, and glanced up at Remus. “Say Remus, did you ever ask Hermione to marry you? I remember you having the engagement ring, but never saying anything about getting married.”

“I did ask her.” Remus said softly.

“Well, what did she say?” Harry asked.

“No.” Remus whispered giving Harry a sad smile.

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Chapter 39: Incoherent Words
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Next Morning, Late June, 1979

When Hermione woke up in the morning she slowly lifted herself out of bed, covering Remus as she did so. She grabbed fresh clothes and padded down to the bathroom. She stepped under the hot spray and leaned against the wall, letting the water run over her body.

She let out a heavy breath and then the tears came. She had been so worried about him for the last month that while in a rush to take care of him last night she had forgotten how long he’d been gone. She had spent nearly a month without him. In the last two weeks while not receiving any word from the group she had been taking extra shifts at the Hospital just to keep her mind off everything. Sirius had to actually come in and sign her out on occasion because she wouldn’t do so herself. Realizing that if he woke up he would be able to hear her, Hermione forced the tears away and continued with her shower.

When she got out she headed downstairs to start making healing potions for him and cooking up breakfast. When she stepped into the kitchen she found a letter waiting for her on the counter, she recognized it immediately as Sirius’ handwriting. She opened it quickly, wondering if he had been here last night or this morning.


            I stopped by early this morning after getting word that the group had returned. James owled me as soon as he got in last night. I will fill you in later on the details. I wanted to see how Remus was doing since the others did not know. Apparently he left right after giving Ridge to them. Ridge is not in good shape from what James said. I knew Remus would not be doing well, so there are a few potions in the refrigerator, you don’t have to repay me, even though I know you will. I’ll stop by later on in the evening. 


                                                            ps: I wrote into work for you, they know you won’t be there.

Hermione smiled softly at the letter, and turned to the refrigerator and checked the potions Sirius had left. On the top shelf were a number of them, all homemade, and all labeled in Sirius’ neat script. She briefly wondered if he had made them last night, but it didn’t matter, it meant Remus could get them faster, and she didn’t have to take time to make any.

She began to make breakfast, working quickly because she knew that once Remus could smell it he would probably be up. While she began preparing everything she didn’t even hear him come down the stairs but when she turned around to grab something from the pantry he was there, leaning against the doorway, his pajama pants hanging low on his hips and it was only now she realized that he had lost weight.

She stared up at him and he smiled softly at her, his eyes still clouded with sleepiness. “Morning.” He said hoarsely. She looked him up and down, his slightly longer hair, his bruises, his cuts, the way he was leaning against the doorway fro support, she clapped a hand over her mouth to muffle her sob. She ducked her head so he wouldn’t see her, even if he could hear her. “Hey…” he said softly as he limped to stiffly gather her into his arms. “It’s okay.” He said softly, pressing her face against his chest. Hermione let her arms fall loosely to her sides, not wanting to hurt him more and he held her tightly as she cried against him. “At least I’m alive.” He whispered in her ear.

Sirius had stopped in during the evening like he said he was going to. Hermione had made him some replacement potions, finding she had nothing to do after she sent Remus up to bed with two potions, a sleeping one, and a healing one.

Hermione turned around from the counter with two cups of tea in her hands and walked into the common room where Sirius was sitting on the couch, with Adeline in his lap. The cat was very fond of him, and of Remus, which made Hermione slightly curious about her. She handed Sirius his cup of tea and sat down in the chair across from him, tucking her legs up underneath her body.

“How long has he been out?” Sirius asked, glancing up as he sipped his tea.

“Nearly eight hours.” Hermione murmured, blowing on her tea to cool it down. Sirius nodded and sipped his once more before putting it down.

“You know what happened right?” he said and Hermione shook her head softly.

“No, he wouldn’t talk about it.” She said softly.

“Oh.” Sirius said, slightly shocked. He paused for along moment as if not sure what to say. He ran his hand through his hair in hesitation while with his other hand he stroked Adeline’s ears. That was a clue to Hermione that he was nervous about something, which made her all the more eager to know what had happened. “I only know what happened to James and the twins. Not to Ridge and Remus.” Sirius said, as if sensing her eagerness.

“How is he, Ridge, I mean?” Hermione questioned, her fingers tightening around her cup.

Sirius was silent for some time, his eyes shifted forward to hers and he gave her a sad smile. “He lasted through the night, which is more than we expected.” Sirius said, and Hermione flinched, tearing her eyes away from his. She heard his movements but didn’t look to see what he was doing, but she felt his fingers on her cheeks ghosting over her cheeks to tangle into her hair. He gently pulled her head to look at him. “He’s going to get through it. You know better than all of us how he is.” Sirius said, pressing his forehead against hers. She nodded with a shaky smile as a few tears fell down her cheeks and Sirius leaned up to kiss her forehead before pulling away and sitting on the edge of the couch across from her.

“What happened out there?” Hermione whispered miserably, wiping her cheeks with her sleeve.

“I don’t know what happened to the two of them, you’ll have to get that from Remus, but as for James and the twins, they lost contact with the two of them about a week ago. The twins and James were right on werewolf territory and had been seen, not by wolves, but by Death Eaters, they got away with a few scrapes, James got the worst of it. Luckily the Death Eaters had other plans, because they would have been dead otherwise.” Sirius said and Hermione nodded. “They were supposed to meet up with Ridge and Remus before the full moon, but as I said they lost contact. They couldn’t very well leave them there, so they stayed. They found them yesterday evening, and by they I mean Remus found them. He was carrying Ridge who was unconscious, handed Ridge over to Fabian, all the while Gideon and James are asking him questions and trying to help, but James said he just snarled at them, told them to get Ridge some help and disappeared without a word.”

Hermione bit her lip and glanced up at the ceiling in the direction of their bedroom. “That isn’t like him at all.” Hermione said softly, having set her tea down during Sirius story she now rubbed her arms as a wave of chills hit her spine again.

“No it isn’t. But it was just after a transformation, and you know how he gets.”

“It doesn’t matter. Ridge’s life was in danger, something else must have been wrong, he wouldn’t do that.” Hermione said shaking her head. “He would have stayed to see he got the help he needed.”

“Yes, but maybe he acted selfishly for once in his life. Having been able to find them, maybe he couldn’t deal with being away for any longer. He was in a lot of pain, and when he’s in pain, he’s angry and doesn’t tolerate much at all, you know that. He has a high threshold for pain, but if he was as bad as James says, with deep gashes on his back and Merlin knows what else, he would have been ready to snap at anything.”

“He wasn’t angry when he came in, exhausted and on the verge of collapsing…and yes, his wounds were terrible, but he still…” She said drifting off quietly, and Sirius raised an eyebrow at her.

“Still what?” Sirius said, and Hermione shook her head.

“He wanted to make love.” She whispered and tried not to notice the surprise in Sirius’ eyes before he regained his composer. “Even after I said no about getting married… he still…” She said stopping to shake her head.

“He still loves you Hermione, even if you don’t want to marry him. Didn’t you tell him that none of that mattered to you?” Sirius said softly.

“Yes, but I can’t… and it’s not that I don’t want to marry him… I just don’t know how long I have left here. Albus told me a year…but it could be less than that… and I can’t leave him alone.”

“Don’t you already know if you marry him? You are from the future I mean.” Sirius said, his puzzled expression making Hermione smile sadly.

“Lets just say it’s complicated, we aren’t very close in my time, well not like this. I’m his best friend’s son’s friend after all. I’ll be born this September, you do the math.” Hermione said and Sirius’ eyes widened.

“Right, forgot about that one minor detail.” Sirius said shaking his head with a smile.

Hermione was about to say something when Adeline mewed, and Hermione looked around and found her standing at the bottom of the stairs. She meowed quietly again and looked up the stairs and Hermione heard Remus’ voice float down the stairs, calling her softly.

“That’s my cue to leave.” Sirius said standing and going to Hermione as she stood, he hugged her tightly before pressing a kiss to her temple and going to the fireplace. Hermione watched as he disappeared before going to the stairs and following Adeline up them to her room. When she opened the door hesitantly she found Remus sitting on the side of the bed, the sheet over his waist, he seemed to be inspecting his wounds carefully. Or, at least, inspecting the bandages and where to find the edge to remove them so he could then inspect the wounds. She had changed them before he had gone to sleep, since he had bled through during the night.

“You won’t be fully healed, best to leave them be until they close up partially.” Hermione said softly from the doorway, Remus glanced up at her in slight surprise, then nodded, dropping his hand to his side. “Did you need anything?” She asked.

“No, everything is… hazy at the moment…” He said gulping and rubbing his eyes. “Was that Sirius I heard?” He asked.

“Yes. He left just a moment ago, wanted to see how you were doing.” She said and moved closer to him.

“Oh.” Remus said softly.

“He’ll be back tomorrow some time, while I’m at work to check in on you.” Hermione said as she ran her fingers trough his hair. He pressed his head against her hand, letting her know he liked the slow movement hers hands were making, it was a very canine gesture.

“How is work?” He asked, sighing as her hand dipped to the back of his neck, fingers twirling the hair at the base of his neck.

“Fine.” She responded coolly, his body stiffened under her touch and he tilted his head back slightly to look up at her.

“What is it?” He said, reaching back to stop her hands in their movements so he could concentrate, his thumb began to move in patterns around the back of her hand as he waited for her to answer.

“Nothing, work is fine, that’s all.” She said, trying to take her hand back, but he wouldn’t allow her to.

“Work is never just fine for you Hermione. It’s usually exciting, when did it become just fine?” He said, frowning as she pulled her hand out of his grip and turned away from him.

“I don’t know Remus! Maybe when I started working to forget where you were, what you were doing, trying not to think of how you were feeling, or how you were acting, and what may have happened to you and how you were taking the fact that I refused your proposal.” She said, her last words coming out in a jumbled snarl that made Remus flinch. “It would have most men running, a girl not accepting their proposal.”

“I am not most men Hermione. You know the bond we carry is deeper than any marriage could ever hold.” Remus said softly, his amber eyes boring into her brown ones.

“Then why ask?” She whispered desperately, her shoulders sagging in what seemed like defeat, but Remus knew better.

“The laws are changing, I had hoped that you would say yes, so that in the event of a future child that child would be safe.” He said and nodded down to her stomach, both his hands coming down to rest on her sides and she gasped and glanced down, before looking wildly up at him in panic and alarm. He shook his head frowning, one hand smoothing over her belly “You’re not pregnant, you don’t need to worry.” He said calmly.

“I wasn-” Hermione started, trying to defend herself but Remus cut her off with a brush of his finger over her lips.

“You were worried, for a moment. I can sense your panic and fear love, smell it even. You’re terrified at the thought of having a child now, that much I know. I feel the same.” He said one hand ghosting up her side to caress the curls at the nape of her neck.

“Aren’t you the least bit upset at me?” She said softly, her fingers restlessly fiddling with her shirt hem.

He shook his head, his eyes glinting as he grinned up at her like a small puppy. “No, in time I know that we will marry.”

“And how do you know that?” she said, her voice wavering slightly, thinking he was teasing her.

His hand slid down her back and rested on her hip, he pulled her closer to him, gently so as to not jar his ribs as she settled between his legs. His free hand moved up to the chain resting around her neck and carefully he pulled it out of it’s hiding place in the folds of her shirt. Her eyes widened in horror as the glowing increased and Remus spoke softly. “Because of this.”

He was careful not to touch it and Hermione supposed she should be grateful for that, but finding out that he had seen something he probably shouldn’t have terrified more than the panic of the possibility of being child a few moments ago. “What did you see?” She said, wrenching the chain away from his grasp, when he blink she repeated, louder, shouting at him.

“A jumble of things.” He said, “but the one that stands out the most is a memory of my older self fighting with a woman about my wife, about you.” He said and Hermione shook her head roughly, trying to remember, her fingers sliding down the chain, coming in contact with the glowing ever brighter trinket.

She let out a gasp and roughly rubbed her hand over her eyes as the trinket fell from her grasp against her shirt. “Tonks…” She sighed and opened her eyes and Remus noticed how tired she looked now. “When did you see that?” She said asked, reaching behind her neck to unclasp the chain.

“Over a year ago.” He murmured, feeling completely idiotic.

“Well it’s too late then.” Hermione said huffing as she dumped the trinket into her hand, dropping the cord around it as it rested in her palm.

“To do what?” Remus asked nervously.

“To obliviate what you saw.” She said softly and moved to her dresser where she grabbed a cloth from the top drawer and wrapped the trinket in it. She turned to face him again, her expression completely somber, her tone serious when she spoke. “I need you to hide this. I trust you enough not to look at it. But it’s dangerous, Sirius managed to see something when he touched it, I don’t know how, but he did. Gideon didn’t when he accidentally did, which makes me believe that only people I know and have memories in my time with are able to see the memories that they are in, among other snips of my memories. That means that any number of death eaters would be able to see anything they wanted… and Voldemort…” She whispered, Remus flinching at the name, “I don’t want to know what he would see.” She whispered sadly. “And what he would do with that knowledge.”

They were silent for a long time, Hermione staring at the roll of cloth in her hand and Remus staring at the floor. He heard her movements, but didn’t look up to watch her. She back in front of him within moments, speaking softly, “Do you need anything?”

He glanced up at her, his eyes begging her to forgive him. “I’m sorry.” He said hoarsely, and she shook her head and smiled at him, a real smile, not a fake one etched with anger or worry.

“Don’t be. I shouldn’t have worn it from the start, it is a pensive after all, however how small it will still act like one. I was daft to think that nothing would happen. The damn thing glows when ever something comes up that probably has to with something I should remember.” She said and reached out to tuck some of his tousled hair behind his ear. “Your ribs and back need to be bound again, and I’m sure your due for another dulling potion.” She said and was about to turn around when he grabbed her wrist, stopping her. She raised an eyebrow at him in question.

“I love you.” He murmured softly, slowly sliding his hand up to her elbow and pulling her down onto the bed next to him, he leaned over her body then, wincing with the pain that rippled through his back muscles. One hand moved up to caress her cheek while the other held his weight over her body. She smiled up at him, both hands reaching up to cup his cheeks before sliding back and pulling him gently by the neck down into a kiss.

“I love you too.” She murmured against his lips, he grinned and pulled away, pressing his face against her neck, inhaling her sent, his teeth scraping across her throat in a wolf-like fashion. He always acted very wolf like whenever he came back from spending time at the den. He let out a soft growl of protest when she tired to pull his face away from her neck, he was not yet done with familiarizing himself with her scent again. “And I would be very happy to take the name Lupin.” She said her fingers caressing his hairlines, his eyes flashed yellow and she watched as they clouded over in not lust as she had thought, but in relief before he once again buried his face into her neck and hair, whispering incoherent words to her.

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Chapter 40: The Past and Present IV
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June 1979

“You looked like death warmed over.” Sirius said as he sat down on the edge of the bed, Remus was leaning against the pillows, a brief smiled fluttered over his face as his eyes opened.

“What are you doing here?” Remus murmured, reaching up to rub his eyes.

“Playing nurse of course.” Sirius said, grinning. “Did you sleep like that?” He asked, cocking his head to the side as he watched Remus rub his neck and wince.

“Yes,” Remus murmured, pausing briefly to wet his lips. “It hurt too much to sleep lying down.”

“Oh,” Sirius said, sounding somewhat awkward. “Why didn’t you grab a potion?” Remus shrugged, glancing at the clock on the nightstand, and Sirius new it was just a ruse to not have to look him in the eye. “You’re punishing yourself for what happened to Ridge aren’t you?” Sirius said, his voice becoming slightly angered. Remus’ eyes snapped up to meet his and he started to shake his head, but Sirius held up a hand to cut him off. “Don’t you dare lie to me Moony, don’t you fucking dare. You’ve done it before, when James got hurt, and Snape found out, you punished yourself, you let yourself be in pain, because you thought you deserved it.” He said, the tone of his voice making Remus flinch. He scooted closer, grabbing Remus’ face in his hands and stared him in the eyes as he spoke. “You don’t deserve it Moony. You go through enough pain once a month as it is, why torture yourself more.” He said, his lasts words coming out in a whisper as he dropped his hands. “It wasn’t your fault.” He said softly.

“You don’t know what happened in there.” Remus snarled, causing Sirius’ head to snap up.

“Yeah, well whose problem is that? Ridge hasn’t told us anything, because he bloody well can’t, and you could have but you haven’t yet.” Sirius said his mouth closing in a firm line as he finished speaking and waited patiently for Remus to start speaking.

Eventually he did, “Everything went wrong. The other wolves ambushed me on the full moon. They didn’t trust me, and didn’t like the special treatment Greyback was giving me. I was his bitch as they liked to put it.” He said pausing to close his eyes. “He favored me over them because he turned me, and was so proud that I had lasted all these years alive as a werewolf, that I hadn’t succumbed to the madness that most children do when turned so young. That I hadn’t become some feral beast.” He spat, his face contorted with inexplicable rage. “They attacked me, as I said, once Greyback was gone because they wouldn’t dare when he is around. Ridge, he has some standing in the pack, more so, now that he’s brought me to Greyback, and tried to stop it. He got the worst of it, taking the rougher attacks, because they could hurt him all they wanted, kill him even… and he just took it. He let them do those things to him… for me.” Remus said, lifting his eyes to stare glassy-eyed at Sirius. The anger in his eyes was still there, but his voice had cracked, “He’s nearly dead because of me.”

Sirius reached out and grasped Remus’ shoulder tightly. “Luckily some pup ran off in the commotion, not wanting to be a little warm up for the older wolves and ran into Greyback while running. He came back, and killed them, snapped their necks right then and there. He warned anyone else who tried anything was going to be killed as well.” Remus said, his eyes glazing over and Sirius stared at him for a moment before squeezing his shoulder once more and Remus dropped his head sadly.

“How about something to eat?” Sirius said and Remus only shrugged softly. “If I don’t feed you Hermione will know. You know that. She’ll skin me alive.” He grinned as Remus chuckled quietly. “Breakfast in bed? Or downstairs?” Sirius asked as he stood up, and Remus only shrugged. Sirius sighed, running a hand through his hair before finally going to the door.

“Sirius?” Remus said softly causing Sirius to look up at him, eyebrow raised. “No surprises please.” Sirius snorted softly, a small smile stretching across his lips as he nodded before he went down the stairs.


    Hermione arrived home later that evening to find Sirius and Remus upstairs in her and Remus’ bedroom. The small table they kept by the window was near the side of the bed, Remus’ chess set sitting on it, a game forgotten. She looked to the boys and found both of the sound asleep.

Remus was lying on his back, propped up on some pillows, his bandages freshly changed, a few empty potion bottles sitting on the nightstand next to his side of the bed. Sirius must have forced them on him. Sirius was in her spot on the bed, lying there curled up, the extra blanket he had grabbed from the chest in the corner was tangled around his legs. Hermione couldn’t help but smile at the sight of the two of them, fast asleep.

She wished she knew where Remus’ camera was, because it would have been a wonderful picture. She sighed, and set her bag down near her dresser and checked over her shoulder to make sure that both were indeed asleep before slipping out of her scrubs. She tugged on a pair of Remus’ pajama pants and an old t-shirt. She turned back around to find that Remus’ eyes had opened slightly and he smiled, his eyes crinkling as he did so.

She smiled at him and motioned to be quiet and nodded to Sirius. He shook his head as he turned to look at his friend. He patted the gap between them and Hermione bit her lip unsure. She really should get a start on dinner, and get a start on her paperwork, but she was exhausted from a long day at the hospital. She smiled and nodded at him, causing his grin to widen. He reached to her as she moved over him to settle in between him and Sirius. She curled up at his side, being careful of his ribs she rested her head at his shoulder and he kissed the top of her head.

Sirius curled up close to her, and she smiled softly against Remus’ shoulder. It was just like after the final battle with Harry and Ron when they had all curled up together in Harry’s bed, comforting each other about all the deaths, mainly Ginny’s. Each of them held onto Hermione tightly afraid to let her go as if she were going to disappear. They were right to do so she thought sadly, because she had indeed disappeared.


Early September, 1998


     Harry’s footsteps echoed in the hallway as he walked towards the large office where he worked. He was returning from a brief meeting with his superior and when he t back to his desk he found Draco leaning against the side of his cubicle. Arms crosses over his chest, one ankle crossed over the other, his hair in disarray.   

“Having trouble Malfoy?” Harry asked as he moved past him and Draco rolled his eyes, pushing himself away from the side of the cubicle and glared at Harry.

“What did Withers want?” He asked, ignoring Harry’s question. Harry glanced up at him and shrugged, this was usual for the two of them, ignoring one’s question with one of their own. He and Draco had been working together as partners since they finished Auror training a month back.

“Same spiel as before,” Harry said shrugging as he reached for his pen to scribble something before. “Why haven’t we handed in our paperwork on the Anderson case and when will we get our arses in gear. I most likely would have had to hold you back before you hexed him hell and back.”

“Ah, so the rumors are true then,” Draco murmured, stroking his chin with a grin.

“Hmm?” Harry said glancing up at him confusion.

“Apparently all of us are getting shit from him, Marks was apparently shagging his wife.” Harry’s eyebrows rose, “Don’t know why it would matter, Withers’ always seemed like a poof to me.” He added, shrugging.

“Everyone seems like a poof to you.” Harry said and added quickly, “Where did you hear that crap anyway, Marks screwed up majorly on a case, you know that.”

“Too true Potter. So, when are you and Weaselbee tying the knot?” Draco said patting Harry on the back before reaching around the corner to grab his jacket, Harry glared at him. “And I heard it from that cute little piece on the third floor while she was chatting to some other little bint.” Draco said shrugging.

“You know better than to listen to the witches around here gossip.” Harry muttered, grabbing his own jacket and tossing it over his shoulder.

“Now Potter, how am I supposed to find a lovely little lady to settle down with if I don’t even try to converse with them?” Draco said looking at him innocently. Harry rolled his eyes and pushed past Draco towards the elevator.

“Draco, you don’t even like women.” Harry muttered and Draco laughed from behind him.

“Yes, and with that said, your arse is looking exceptionally nice today in those trousers. Pin stripes always did look nice on you.” Draco said causing Harry to sputter as they waited for the elevator door to open. When it did Harry actually considered leaving Draco behind, but he beat him inside and punched the basement button. “Hello ladies.” Draco said nodding to the three young women that were standing there. “Doesn’t Mr. Potter just look dashing today?” He said giving Harry a grin, his eyes glinting with laughter.

Harry smiled at the young women before shooting a glare in Draco’s direction. He stepped into the elevator and stood next to Draco who chatted to the women and finally after what seemed like forever they got to the ground floor.

“Well come along Potter, can’t keep Weasley waiting.” Draco said as he brushed past Harry out of the elevator. Harry rolled his eyes and followed Draco, when they turned the corner they found Ron waiting by the fountain in the lobby, talking to Remus. This was the first day in a while that Ron had off from Quidditch, Harry hadn’t seen his friend in a very long time.

Ron stood there, and Harry thought if possible he looked taller. He was a little taller than Remus, lean and extremely tan, his freckles seemed to have multiplied ten-fold from the sun exposure during practice and his red hair seemed somewhat lighter, the sun bleaching it in parts. It was good to his best friend again and when Ron caught sight of them, he paused in talking to Remus and grinned at them, his smile stretching up to his eyes. A smile that Harry hadn’t seen on Ron’s face since before Hermione left.

“ Malfoy! Harry!” Ron called and waved. Draco got to him first, having longer legs, his strides were much larger, he shook hands with Ron and clapped him on the back.

“Good to see you haven’t burnt to a crisp Weasley.” Draco said and Ron grinned at him, a slight blush staining his cheeks.

“Hullo Ron.” Harry said as Ron pulled Harry into a hug. He hugged his friend tightly back and pulled away and turned to Remus. “Remus.” Harry said grinning, Remus smiled back politely.

“I hope the two of you don’t mind me coming along for lunch.” Remus said Draco and Harry shook their heads.

“Not at all Lupin.” Draco said, giving his old professor a grin. They all continued towards the lobby when all of a sudden a loud bang echoed through the hall. A few witches let out shrieks as a blinding flash went through the room and in the air hung a blue glowing object. Harry, Draco and Ron drew their wands immediately. Remus though, stood rigid in front of them.

Harry called out to him as Remus took a step towards the glowing object, reaching one hand out to it. “Remus! You don’t know what it is!”

Remus turned to glance sadly at Harry over his shoulder, fingers curling over the object, “I do know what it is…” he murmured softly. There was another flash of light and everyone around had to shield their eyes. The glowing ceased and gust of wind shot through the area, Remus’ hair blowing out in all directions, Harry stared in horror at the object that was floating above his palm. Hermione’s timeturner. Hermione was nowhere in sight.

It took as his strength and Draco’s to hold Ron back as he lunged, letting out a cry of despair. “Hermione!” He screamed, falling to his knees, Harry’s hold slipped and Ron’s arm fell out his grasp onto the marble floor.


Hours later Harry shoved open the door to the kitchen at Grimmuald to find an unfamiliar person sitting at the table, his head in his hands, Harry glanced up at Remus as he turned with two cups of tea, giving him a questioning glance.

“Harry, this is my nephew, Logan. Logan, this is Harry Potter.” Remus said as he set down a cup of tea in front of Logan. Logan lifted his head and was taken aback by his appearance, his eyes were red-rimmed and hazy, his hair disheveled and Harry noticed a striking resemblance between the two, also, that Logan looked familiar.

“Hi.” Logan said softly, before turning his complete attention to the tea in front him. Harry thought if it was possible Logan would have drowned himself in it.

“Logan was only a few years ahead of you in school, if you’re thinking he looks familiar.” Remus said quietly. “Out before I arrived though.” Harry nodded and licked his lips, sitting down at the table. “How is Ron?”

Harry shrugged. “Draco is with him right now.” Remus raised and eyebrow and Harry lifted his hands up in the air, giving Remus a look saying he didn’t know, and didn’t want to ask about it either.

“He’s in love with her, isn’t he?” Remus murmured softly and Logan lifted his eyes to Harry, and looked between the two of them.

Harry couldn’t help but laugh. “He fancied her once upon a time, and sure, during the war, they-you know-“ he added awkwardly, “but that they parted as strictly friends, because it felt wrong to both of them, and sure, he loves her. But not in that way, she’s like his sister. After the war she couldn’t go anywhere without Ron at her heels, and for a while it didn’t bother her. He seemed so afraid that if he let his eyes off her that she would drop dead, or disappear.” Harry said, his voice was quiet as he spoke, and it became hoarser as he continued, “He was holding onto Gin, he turned his attention for one moment to blast the shit out of a Death Eater, and she got away from him, jumped in front of the curse and… well, you know the rest.” He murmured, staring down at the table.

“And now she’s gone, and he thinks she’ll never come back.” Remus said and both Logan and Harry lifted their eyes to him, hope in them.

“Will she come back?” Harry asked desperately, because he had to know. He couldn’t grieve for his friend until he knew.

“I don’t know.” Remus said sadly, glancing down at Logan. Harry saw that Logan held the timeturner in one hand, tears spilled out of the corner of his eyes and he dropped his head onto the table with a thud, his fist clenching the timeturner tightly. Harry wondered why this young man would be so upset over Hermione’s not coming back. Then a thought occurred to him, had Remus lied to him about Logan being his nephew? Was Logan his and Hermione’s son?


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Chapter 41: The Past and The Present V
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September 1998

“Is Logan your son?” Harry blurted one night watching Remus move about the library. Remus had sensed him there, but the tone of Harry’s voice made Remus flinch as he turned around. A small smile tugged at his lips.

“No. I did not lie to you Harry.” Remus said softly. “Although I do wish he was sometimes, he is my sister’s son. She died when he was very young. Hermione and I resumed the role of his parents, his father and sisters having died as well.” Harry immediately wished he had not said anything to Remus about it, and felt guilty for believing his truth to be a lie. “Hermione was a large part of his life when was a child and he clung to her as if she were his mother. He was taken away from us because of my being a werewolf, and it tore him up. He was still able to see us, but all these years he’s believed her to be dead.” Remus said and Harry’s eyes widened in shock.

“And he found out about her going back in time then?” Harry whispered as Remus nodded sadly.

“I’m afraid so, but there is one other reason for his great grief,” Remus said and Harry looked up to meet his eyes and found that he couldn’t look away as he waited for Remus to speak. “He sets timeturners.”


 Early July 1979


Remus was greeted by the sweet smell of chocolate and someone sitting down on the edge of the bed. He opened one eye and saw blue eyes peering at him from behind golden locks, a bit of chocolate on the young boy’s nose. Remus opened both his eyes and grinned at the small boy, lifting one hand to tangle it in his nephew’s hair.

“Morning Logan.” Remus said, his voice hoarse.

“It’s afternoon.” The boy said, tilting his head to the side and Remus smiled at him and glanced at the clock. He’d slept the day way and what was worse, Hermione had let him.

“So it is, and you have chocolate on your nose.” Remus said, reaching over to the side table he grabbed a tissue, licked it and wiped the smudge of Logan’s nose. Logan wrinkled his nose before scrubbing the back of his hand over it.

“Here,” Logan said thrusting out a half eaten bar of chocolate. “Nini said we could share it.” Remus smiled at the boy and took the bar, taking a small bite before setting it on the side table.

“Thank you.” Remus said and gave his nephew a good look over. He hadn’t seen him in a month, but he looked healthy and when he spoke it was the most he had ever heard him speak in one sitting. “How have you been?” Remus asked softly as he sat up and patted the empty spot next to him.

“Okay. Nana and Poppa brought me to visit! Nini said that if I came to see you and gave you chocolate I’d make you all better. Did I make you all better Uncle Remus?” Logan asked, smiling widely at Remus, giving his uncle the view of a lost tooth.

“Yes, you did. I see you’ve lost a tooth.” Remus said titling Logan’s chin up to get a better look. The adult tooth was already growing in.

“Yeah! And the Tooth Fairy came and gave me a Sickle!” Logan said, his eyes lighting up. “And I saved it so I could buy you and Nini a present.” He said smiling, causing Remus to grin at him and pull him into a hug.

“I missed you Logan.” Remus murmured and Logan squeezed Remus’ neck tightly. Remus glanced up at the doorway to see Hermione standing there, smiling sadly at them. Logan pushed his face against Remus’ neck as Remus noticed a letter in Hermione’s hand. She held it at an angle for him to see and he closed his eyes, holding Logan tighter, it was in Albus’ hand.


September 1998

     Harry hadn’t told Ron what he knew about Logan being the one that set time-turners, they were getting along so well. Logan, apparently had a keen interest in Quidditch and was once a Keeper like Ron.  They were currently talking avidly in the kitchen with Logan giving Ron some pointers. Draco was also watching Logan like a hawk, unsure of what to make of the newcomer.

“He looks an awful lot like Lupin.” Draco murmured to Harry later that morning as they walked to their cubicles. Harry nodded as he sipped his coffee.

“I’ve already dealt with it Draco.” Harry said softly, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Logan is Remus’ sister’s son. And really, if he was Hermione’s, there would be traces of her in him.”

“There are such things as glamour spells Potter.” Draco said, his eyes narrowing.

Harry glared at him, “I know that.” Harry snapped. “And why does it matter?”

“I’m just trying to look at this from every angle, get an idea of the situation.” Draco said, setting down his cup of coffee on his desk.

“This isn’t some case Draco.” Harry whispered, his tolerance hovering, teetering really at the edge of his temper.

“It should be. Hermione’s de-“ Draco started and Harry angrily and loudly cut him off.

“She is not!” Draco flinched.

“You don’t know that.” He said, his voice softening somewhat, giving Harry a sad look.

“I do.” Harry added just as quietly. “If she were dead I’d feel it. She’s not dead.” He said and moved into his cubicle. “Yet.” He added, barely above a whisper.


July 1979

Remus and Hermione’s visit with Logan had been a short one. He had only stayed the day. Hugo had come to pick him up later in the evening, after the three of them had had dinner together.

That had been two weeks ago and now the two of them were sitting in Albus’ study, waiting for him. The letter Hermione had received had not been urgent, but letting Hermione know of something that needed seeing to.

Remus sat, drumming his fingers on the arm of the chair, his knee bouncing as he stared at one of the objects on Albus’ desk. Hermione suddenly reached over and clamped her fingers over his knee. He paused in his bouncing and gave her a sheepish look. “Sorry.” He murmured, reaching down he took her hand and brought to his lips and kissed her palm.

Hermione smiled, her cheeks reddening as she pulled her hand away. “It’s okay, there is nothing to be nervous about.” Hermione said softly and Reus thought maybe she was trying to convince herself more than him.

Albus walked in then, smiling at the two of them as he peeled off his cloak and hung it up on the rack near the door. He let ran his fingers over Faux’s breast feathers as he walked by his phoenix.

“I am terribly sorry to have kept the two of you waiting.” Albus said as he sat at his desk and Hermione and Remus both nodded to him.

“It’s fine Albus,” Remus said softly.

“How is Ridge?” Hermione asked eagerly and Albus smiled at her.

“He is doing well. You may go and see him after this. He has been asking about you.” Albus said, settling his hands on the top of his desk. “Both of you.” He said giving Remus a firm look. “Well,” He said clapping his hands together. “You are both wondering why I have asked you to come visit me today.” He said smiling, and both of them nodded. “Hermione, I need you to go on a mission for us.”

“What? No!” Remus said, moving to the edge f his seat and Hermione reached out and grabbed hold of his arm. He turned to look at her, giving her a desperate, pleading look. “No.” He practically whimpered.

“Remus, I vowed to Order that I would help anyway I could. I took the same oath you did. If Albus needs me to go on a mission, then I will. I’ve gone on them before.” She said and Remus’ eyes widened and Hermione added softly, “When James’ parents died.” Remus eyes glazed over and he looked away from her.

“Oh.” Was all he muttered.

“What do you need me to do?” Hermione said turning her attention to Albus.

“Nothing as strenuous as the last time. Gideon and Fabian need help looking for some documents for me.” Albus said and Hermione nodded. “They will let you know.” He said, smiling and Hermione nodded. “Now, you may go and visit Ridge, I need to speak with Remus alone.” Albus said and Hermione nodded, she squeezed Remus’ arm, pressing a kiss to his temple before heading out the door.

When she closed the door behind her she nearly ran into Fabian. He grinned down at her. “Hullo there.”

“Hi.” Hermione said blushing. “Uhm, where is Ridge’s room?”

Fabian tapped his chin and jerked his thumb over his shoulder. “Down the hall on the right. Careful though, he’s in a right mood. But I think seeing you will cheer him up.” Fabian said, grinning. “So how have you been?”

“Good. Sirius talked to you didn’t he?” She whispered and Fabian smiled, shrugging a little.

“The poor bloke doesn’t know when to shut up when he’s worried about you. Although that was after Gid got a few pints in him.” Hermione rolled her eyes and Fabian laughed.

“You be good that kid, and your wolf. They’d do anything for you.” He said and glanced down at his watch. “Oh. I have to bolt, Gid’ll have my hide.” He said and leaned over and pressed a kiss to her temple. “You behave Sweetness.” He said and walked down the hall, Hermione turned towards Ridge’s room and when she looked over her shoulder Fabian was gone.

She knocked on Ridge’s door and heard a muffled grunt and carefully eased open the door. She peered inside and found him sitting up bare-chested in bed, his covers around his waist, a book resting in his lap. His hair was hanging around his face and Hermione wished she could see his face.  “Hey there kiddo.” He murmured and Hermione walked in and he patted the side of his bed while he finished a paragraph. He folded the corner of the page and set the worn, very loved book down on the side table. Hermione sat down and that’s when he lifted his face and she gasped flinching away from him in alarm.

“No one warned you I see.” He said his voice hoarse, a sad smile twisting his features, tugging at the numerous stitches on his face, making him look something horrid. Hermione let out a cry as she noticed his left eye, bloodshot, his iris a pale blue, he was blind, and tears starting streaming down her face. A gnarled hand reached out and tugged her chin up, and she looked at Ridge’s face, his right eye regarding her sadly. “The face always heals the slowest, you should know that, you’ve mended that pup of yours before.” He said stroking her cheek with his thumb.

“And the eye?” She whispered and he smiled sadly again, Hermione had to fight back the grimace as his face contorted.

“Stuck with that I’m afraid.” Hermione had to choke back a sob, and Ridge’s grip tightened. “If it wasn’t for your pup I’d be in pieces right now. He saved me,” Ridge rasped, his voce becoming tighter, “I owe him a wizard’s debt.” And Hermione’s eyes shot up to his in alarm. “I do.” He said hoarsely. “He saved my life, he’s a good fighter, a natural, when he needs to be.”

“No wonder he wouldn’t talk about it.” Hermione murmured, looking down at her hands as Ridge pulled away from her. “He hates fighting.”

“Yes, I gathered that. He’d try to make peace between a cat and mouse if he could.” Ridge said and Hermione nodded a small smile tugging at her lips.

“You’re going to marry him right?” Ridge whispered and Hermione looked up at him in alarm. “His sent is all over you, it’s different from before, he probably didn’t even realize he was marking you…” Ridge murmured his fingers reaching up to graze over her neck where Remus had accidentally bitten, drawing blood, her some time ago, after she had agreed to be his wife.

“Yes, we’re planning a small winter wedding.” Hermione murmured and Ridge nodded, smiling softly has he dropped his hand onto the blanket.

“You be good to him.”

“I will.” Hermione whispered and that’s when a knock sounded at the door, Remus’ figured appeared after Ridge muttered for the person to enter. Remus stepped into the room, his eyes on Hermione, not daring to look at Ridge yet, he tilted his head to the side regarding her curiously and Hermione realized that her cheeks were still wet. She rubbed her hands over her face and stood up from the bed swiftly.

“Albus wants to see you now.” Remus said softly and Hermione nodded, brushing past him and closing the door behind her. She remained there for a moment, listening as Remus greeted Ridge quietly, his voice cracking as choked out an apology. Hermione flinched as Ridge snarled at Remus, but it wasn’t the kind of snarl that meant any harm, it was an annoyed sort of snarl. She smiled softly and pushed herself away from the door.

 Hermione knocked on Albus’ door before going inside, he was sitting at his desk a somber expression on his face. He watched her as she sat down and she smiled at him, but he did not smile back, the twinkle in his eye was gone. “I suppose congratulations are in order.” He said, and Hermione flinched at his tone. “Do you realize that you are going to hurt that boy more than you can imagine?” He said, his eyes meeting Hermione’s.

“Yes.” She whispered softly. “But he would have been hurt more if I had refused him.” Then she added quietly, “I did say no when he first asked me.” Albus raised an eyebrow. “But I told him yes when he had returned from the mission.” Both of them were silent for a few moments until Hermione spoke very quietly, “isn’t love enough?”

“No, sometimes it’s not.” He said quietly, looking longingly at one of his rings. He let out a sigh before continuing, taking his glasses off, he pinched the bridge of his nose and started speaking. “You’re mission is more than just obtaining a few documents for me. Those documents are books that are kept in the underground vaults of the Vatican.” Hermione’s jaw dropped. “They are considerably valuable and we do not need Tom getting his hands on them. He has heard of them, but as of yet he has not found their location.”

“Okay, and you need me, Gid and Fay to get these for you why?” Hermione said, laughing nervously, “I mean you are asking us to break into the Vatican! I mean, if it was something like small wizard library, or hell I’d take Gringot’s over the Vatican Albus!” Hermione said running her hands through her curls.

“I understand that, but these books are of upmost importance.” He said somberly.

“And why is it that they can’t stay locked in the Vatican.” Hermione said glaring at him as she crossed her arms.

“I need them.” He said.

“For what?” Hermione snapped.

“To help you get home if you must know.” He responded impatiently. Hermione sighed, slumping in her chair.

“I’m sorry…” She murmured. “Seeing Ridge upset me more than I thought it did.”

“Yes, he is a startling sight if you were not warned in advance.” Hermione nodded sadly, looking down at her hands in her lap.

“Has my timeturner gone back then?” She murmured, twiddling her thumbs.

“Yes, it disappeared three weeks ago. I did not want to inform you by letter, some of our owls have been intercepted as of late.” He said and Hermione nodded gravely, her eyes glazing over. “Also, the days for your mission are September 16th- September 21st. Give or take a few days.” Hermione’s eyes widened.

“You want me gone for my birthday.” Hermione murmured.

“Yes, we don’t want to take any chances. The Grangers, your parents have been put into hiding until after your mother has given birth. Then, after a few months they are to be sent to the muggle world with new lives.” He said and Hermione shook her head, wiping away the tears that were falling down her cheeks.

“All the years at Hogwarts I was teased for being a muggleborn by the Slytherin students, and since I’ve been here, I’ve found out that I’m a halfblood…” She whispered then her eyes narrowed and she glared up at him. “It’s not fair!” She cried, slamming her fist down into the arm of the chair.

Albus didn’t flinch but regarded her sadly. “No, it is not.”

“It doesn’t make sense though, in my second year…” Hermione shook her head and Albus looked at her curiously.

“What about your second year Hermione?” Albus inquired.

“The Chamber opened,” Albus’ eyes widened slightly “and I was petrified by the Basilisk. It’ doesn’t make sense.” She whispered, rubbing her forehead.

“I’m sure there is a reason behind it,” he said and Hermione’s eyes snapped up to his.

“What do you do to me as a baby?” She whispered.

“I won’t know until the time comes, but I can I ensure that you or your family must have no knowledge of the Wizarding world.” He said carefully, and Hermione shook her head, disbelieving. “It’s for your own wellbeing. You believed yourself to be completely muggleborn and your parents must not have believed of the other world.”

“So then they are to forget everything they know here, their lives, their families, their friends.” She murmured, then added softly, “No one would agree to that.”

“But they already have.” He said and Hermione looked up at him, slightly startled and feeling nauseous. “They agreed to it when they went into hiding. They care and love their unborn child and this world so much that they have agreed to the terms I have set for them.”

“So when they meet the Weasley’s later on when I go to school they won’t remember them.” Hermione said and Albus shook his head. “Will Arthur and Molly remember them?”

“I’m afraid not. None of the Order will.”

“And how exactly will you manage that? My parents went to Hogwarts. My mother’s last name was Grant and Professor Bins has called me Ms. Grant before, so he must have remembered my parents.”

“Yes, but he called you Ms. Grant not because of your mother, but because of you. You are Ms. Grant, are you not? And I recall you having a few classes with him.” Albus said and Hermione shook her head, the beginning of a headache coming on.

“Right.” Hermione said, pinching the bridge of her nose. “But you didn’t answer my question, how will people not remember my parents, Narcissa Black-or is Malfoy now?” Hermione said, pausing.

“Malfoy.” Albus answered.

“Right, well she seemed to know my father.” Hermione said shuddering.

“I have my ways Hermione.” He said smiling, that damned twinkle returning to his eye.

“Of course you do.” She muttered, slumping deeper into her chair.

“I am truly sorry for the pain this has caused you Hermione. But the Ministry has their reasons.” He said softly.

“Yeah, ruining a person’s life is pracitcally their religion.” She muttered, glaring down at the floor.


Later on as they arrived home, Hermione set her bag down on the kitchen table and moved to fridge to start making dinner, as it was her night to cook when Remus spoke up from behind her. “Why didn’t you tell me about the mission with James’ parents?”

“It wasn’t with his parents. I was sent after Gideon and Fabian, because of my connection to them.” She said and he cocked an eyebrow at her in confusion. She held up her right hand, indicating the ring on her middle finger. “The ring allows them to find me when ever they want, and vise versa.” She said and added, “Why does it matter anyway, you never speak of your missions.”

“That is different.” He growled softly and Hermione’s eyes narrowed.

“How?” Hermione snapped. “Because you’re in a den full of bloodthirsty werewolves, or because you have to act like they do, to play the part? Do you think I’m going to think you’re a monster? Because if you do, then you’re more dense than I thought you could ever be, I love you, no matter what you are.” She said and he remained silent, staring at her, his eyes boring into hers. “I know werewolves get possessive, but I’m not a piece of meat. I don’t have to tell you about my missions if I don’t want to, I tell you everything besides my business for the Order and you know it.” Then added softly, “you can’t always protect me Remus, on day, you may not be there to do so.” She whispered and he came to her, crushing her into his arms.

“I love you so much.” He rasped into her hair, and Hermione wrapped her arms around him tightly.

“I love you too.” She whispered, fighting the back the tears, all the while thinking, ‘Albus is right, I’m going to kill him when I leave.’


September 1998


It was the first time they had seen Albus Dumbledore in a very long time. He looked older, exhausted and sick. Maybe his age was finally catching up with him. Harry sat across from him, along with Ron, Remus, and Draco. Logan wasn’t around, having only been with Remus for those few days after they found Hermione’s timeturner. Or rather, it found them. The timeturner was currently sitting in the center of the table. Ron was glaring at it, Remus tried to not look at it, Draco was looking at his fingers, and Harry watched Dumbledore while the older wizard regarded them all with a clam manner.

“What are we supposed to do now?” Harry asked softly, wincing as he said those words, but no one else had spoken in ten minutes and he was getting fidgety.

“Well,” Albus said, picking up the timeturner and looking at it carefully. “With Voldemort gone I can safely let you know that when the time came for Hermione to come home, she did not return with her timeturner.” He said softly, causing Remus’ head to snap up at his words, his eyes wide.

“She’s dead then?” Draco murmured and Ron let out a whimper as he dropped his head onto the table. Albus shook his head. “Then she should have returned with it.”

“She had another commitment.” Albus said, and it took all of Harry’s will not look at Remus to give either Ron or Draco any hint at their relationship.

“Those aren’t the rules of a task bearer.” Draco whispered furiously. “Hermione would know that, you knew that. She broke the code if she didn’t go back when she was set to.”

“Yes, she did. And I allowed it to happen, so I am at fault in this situation.” Albus said softly, setting the timeturner down.

“How long until she returns then?” Ron muttered, his voice muffled from his head still being pressed into the table.

“I do not know Ron, we won’t know if she makes it back safely when she does indeed return.” Albus said and Ron’s head snapped up.

“What do you mean?” He whispered his voice cracking.

“When she returned, it was not willingly, and as for the matter of a safe trip through time, it’s hard to say. You see, she was dying, her magic slowly draining from her body, unable to keep her in a time that was not her own and to keep another force alive within her body.” Albus murmured.

“She was pregnant then?” Draco whispered, unsure and Albus nodded. Harry stared wide-eyed at Remus as the older man dropped his face into his hands.

“What is so wrong with that?” Ron whispered, looking from Dumbledore to Draco who now regarded Ron sadly.

“The fetus was created in a different time as her body. Her magic would have been acting strongly to rid itself of that barrier, to allow the fetus to remain. It would have taken a lot of her magic to do so, otherwise her body would have rid itself of the fetus anyway. It’s like if you were to interbreed a species, the mother’s body would reject the fetus. Her body must have been doing that, and her magic keeping it from doing so. I don’t know why it would have, it’s very odd, does the Ministry place spells on the task bearers?” Draco asked, and Albus nodded, Remus moaned into his hands. “Also, the reason she may have a hard time returning is that the fetus would act as an anchor to that time. It would ground her there, making it harder for her return. And if she was unwilling to go, she could very well die traveling back, or get lost in time.” Draco said softly, staring down at the table now.

Harry’s head was spinning and he was vaguely aware of Remus getting up from the table quickly and the door slamming shut behind him.

“I wonder if Remus knows who got her pregnant.” Ron murmured softly.

“I assure you that he does not.” Albus said, giving each Draco and Harry a cold, firm stare.


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Chapter 42: Injection
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Mid September 1979

            “Remus I have to go.” Hermione said pulling gently on his arm. They were currently standing in the kitchen, and Hermione was going to be late for work if Remus did not let her go. He had his arms wrapped around her waist, holding her tightly as he placed gentle kisses on her neck.

“Being a few minutes late won’t hurt anything.” He murmured, his lips closer to her ear now. Her fingers were gently prying his hands away from the small of her back and he frowned against her jaw line.

“As much as I love the attention, I have to go.” She said, finally managing to pull him away. She kissed him quickly on the lips before stepping away from him and grabbing her bag. He pouted, dropping his hands to his side.

Hermione paused to look at him over her shoulder, and honestly, she would have definitely stayed. Remus looked absolutely delicious this morning, especially wearing only the pajama bottoms that hung loosely on his hips and his hair curling out in all directions. She smiled at him and his eyes flashed hungrily. “I’ll be home early. So we can finish what we started.” She said, giving him a wink.

A growl rumbled from his chest but he couldn’t keep the grin away as he ran a hand through his hair. “You know I can’t last that long.” He said, motioning down to the evident bulge in his pajama pants.

Hermione laughed as she walked into the common room and to the fireplace. “Take a cold shower. I’ll see you later.” She said and disappeared into the flames.

When she arrived at the hospital Lily was in the locker room changing into her scrubs. “Morning.” Hermione said and Lily looked up at her, smiled and nodded.

“Morning, my you look happy. Another morning romp?” Lily asked laughing softly as she folded her clothes to place them in her locker.

Hermione shook her head and peeled off her shirt. “I swear he gets more possessive as the days go by.” Hermione said reaching out to grab her shirt.

“Well, you know why right?” Lily said, closing her locker and sitting on the bench.

“Of course, it’s because of the trip.” Hermione said, referring to her mission with Gideon and Fabian. “But he still doesn’t have to be-“ Hermione started but lily interrupted her.

“You love it and you know it.” Lily said laughing and Hermione blushed. “Admit it.” Lily said with a grin.

“You’re as bad as Sirius!” Hermione said as she folded her clothes and put them in locker, gawking at Lily all the while.

“I am not.” Lily said rolling her eyes. “Sirius would go into details and freak you out with his weird sense of humor. Once he told me that one of James’ soft spots was his wrist.” Hermione’s eyebrow rose. “And I don’t even know why I tried it, but I did, and he was right. It freaked me out.” Lily said shaking her head and Hermione laughed.

“Sirius has told me loads already, and he was right every time. It’s Sirius, he’s just odd that way.” Hermione said waving Lily off. “And I admit it, I do like it, but I can’t keep up with his stamina.” Hermione said blushing.

“Oh.” Lily whispered, nodding. “That whole werewolf regeneration thing…” She said, somewhat in awe.

“Yeah, that.” Hermione said softly getting up and heading for the door. They each walked over to the desk and grabbed their charts. Lily bid Hermione goodbye and made her way to the elevator to go to the maternity ward where she worked. Hermione said hello to the nurses and walked down the hall to her first patient room.

She worked mainly in spell damage, and caring for magical creatures that came in. She paused outside the room to look over the chart and when she noticed the name on the top she panicked, Landon, Ridge. She hastily opened the door and found Ridge sitting on the table, his hands in his lap. He glanced up at her when she came in and grinned at her.

“Ridge what are you doing here?” Hermione said quickly setting the chart down. His good eye flashed yellow as his nostrils flared and he chuckled. Hermione couldn’t help but blush, to her Remus’ scent was barely noticeable, but to Ridge, it was pungent.

“Well if you looked at my chart you’d know that kiddo.” He said and Hermione leaned over the chart and flipped the pages, then looked up at him in alarm.

“Remove your shirt.” She said softly and he winced as he did so. Hermione glanced down at his ribs, terribly bruised and colorful. She dared not touch him, but crouched down to inspect him. “Ridge…” She breathed softly before lifting her eyes to his, he was watching her with his good eye.  “Why didn’t you have someone heal you?”

“No one was around to.” He said hoarsely and Hermione did not believe him, but did not press the matter.

“Any other injuries?” She said as stood back from him and he nodded, motioning to his back. Hermione nodded and walked around him, and had to hold in gasp. His back was covered in old scars, scratches that were healing and a great gash running extremely close to his spine. But what caught her eye was the bruising on his shoulder, and the way the bone was set, it looked as though it was dislocated. “Ridge, what happened?” she asked, coming around to sit on a stool in front of him.

“Nothing you need to worry your pretty little head over.” He said, grinning, but that was when Hermione froze, catching sight of his arms and wrists. Werewolves were supposed to heal quicker than humans and often than naught Remus’ large gashes would be healed in two days. So Ridge technically should have been healed already.

She took his left arm in her hand and inspected it. There were puncture wounds all over his arm, and his wrists were raw. He jerk his arm out of her hold and gently rubbed his wrist. “Ridge, what is going on?”

“Look, it’s not for me to say.” He growled.

“Are they doing tests on you in the Den?” She whispered in bewilderment. When Ridge did not say anything she knew she had the truth. “What did they give you? Have you told Albus?”

“Yes, Albus knows, and I do not know what they gave me, obviously something that would not help me heal fast enough, that’s why I am here.” He said rubbing his arm carefully.

Hermione sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. “Okay, okay. So, fist we need to fix your shoulder.” Hermione said and stood but Ridge flinched away from her slightly. “What?” She said in annoyance.

“Are you going to do it yourself?” He said as his good eye wearily followed her as she moved around him. She gently prodded his shoulder and he hissed out in pain.

“Of course not.” She said, and as she spoke, she was taking his arm and holding it applying slight pressure to his shoulder.

“Well, let me brace myself fo- AUGH!” He started to say but let out a loud cry of pain as Hermione quickly shoved his shoulder back into place. He doubled over slightly, groaning and swearing. “That bloody hurt.” He whispered his face pale form the pain.

“Of course it did. Now, I need to run a few spells.” Hermione said and Ridge nodded, the color finally returning to his face.



A few hours later Hermione was returning home to an empty house and found a few letters on the table. One from Sirius, who was in Egypt at the moment for work, one from Albus, probably about her mission that she left for tomorrow, one from Remus’ mother that had already been torn open, and one from Logan. It was obviously from Logan because it was written in Crayon in a child’s large handwriting. She smiled and looked down, finding a note from Remus on the back of the envelope from his mother.

Hermione, I will be home late this evening. There is a letter for you from Albus. Please wait until I return to open it. I would like to know what it is about. Mum wrote a bit for you in the letter as well, and sent over the recipe you asked for. Will you make it tonight if you have the ingredients? See you when I get home.

Love Remus

Hermione smiled and picked up the letter from Remus’ mother. She read it over quickly and glanced down when she felt the cat rub against her leg. “Hello there kitty, I bet you’re hungry.” Hermione said and moved to the cabinets to get food for the cat and see if she had enough ingredients to make the recipe that Remus’ mother sent.

It was a recipe for one of Remus’ famous dishes, and it was Hermione’s night to cook. She fed the cat and set the list down to look for ingredients. She didn’t have everything she needed, and she knew Remus would have wanted it, she decided to take a quick trip to the market. She quickly wrote Remus a note and taped it to the cabinet where the tea was, knowing full well when he got in that he would go straight for the tea to make himself a cup.

When she returned she found Remus sitting at the table sipping at tea, Adeline on the table, Remus’ free fingers running through her fur as she purred happily. He looked up from reading one of the letters as she walked in. She set the brown bags full of groceries on the counter and went over to him, kissing him softly. “Hello.” She whispered, glancing down at the letter on the table, it was the one from Sirius.

“Hello. How was your day?” Remus asked, smiling softly.

“Good. Ridge came in, he had a dislocated shoulder.” Hermione said softly and Remus winced. “How was yours?”

“Same as usual.” He said chuckling and Hermione smiled, gently running her fingers through Remus’ hair, he leaned his head back into her touch and hummed his approval.

“What is Sirius saying ? Does he enjoy Egypt?” She asked as she pulled away from him to put the groceries away and start supper.

“Of course, there are women everywhere. He’s mentioned the pyramids, and he’s bought us each a little something. He’s taken some pictures as well.” Remus said, glancing back at the letter. “I haven’t finished it yet, you know how he goes off on a tangent when he’s excited about something.”

Hermione laughed and nodded as she reached for a pan. “Yes I do, and it sounds more like he’s having a vacation than being on a mission.” She said and Remus laughed.

“Yes, I suppose it does.” He said, and they were quiet for some time, Remus reading the letter, Hermione cooking supper. Occasionally Remus would read something funny or interesting that Sirius had said, or that was directed at her in the letter. He knew she would read it later herself, but she enjoyed it when he read to her, and she supposed he did as well, that’s why he did it.  “Do you want to open Albus’ letter now, or later?” Remus asked after he finished Sirius’ letter.

Hermione paused and turned around to look at him. He was staring at the letter eagerly, and for once she wished that she had been home to get the post instead of him. “How about now, since I know you will be fidgeting all through dinner about it.” She said and walked over to him. He at least had the decency to blush.

She took the letter and opened it, scanned it quickly and gave it to Remus to read. “See, nothing important, just reminding me where I am supposed to meet Gideon and Fabian. That was in fact not what the actual letter said, but anyone not in the Order would not know that the letter was written in code. The letter was actually about an incident that had happened in the school, concerning a set of twins, and a Transfiguration gone wrong. The twins were code for Gideon and Fabian, obviously and what they had transfigured was where she was to meet them.

Remus smiled and shook his head. “That man astounds me.” Remus said, setting the letter down.

“Yes, well he has to be careful now, with some of the letters getting intercepted and all.” Hermione said turning back to the food. They ate dinner quietly and Hermione grabbed the book she had been reading from the bookcase and went to sit on the couch while Remus cleaned up from dinner.

As she sat down Adeline came and curled up next to her and soon Remus joined her, stretching out on the rest of the couch with his book, his head resting against Hermione’s thigh. She gently ran her fingers through his hair as she read. She didn’t notice he had stopped reading until she felt his lips pressing a kiss to her palm, then her wrist. She paused and looked down at him, he sensed her gaze and tilted his head back to stare at her, giving her a grin.

“What can I help you with Mr. Lupin?” Hermione asked, setting her book down on the table next to the couch.

“Well…” He said, grinning. Hermione smiled and leaned down, kissing him. It was odd, since she was nearly kissing him backwards. She tangled her fingers in his hair as one of his hands tangled itself in her curls. She pulled away and pressed a kiss to his forehead, and gently ran her fingers through his side burns. He hummed softly and leaned into her touch.

“Your side burns are so long now.” Hermione whispered and Remus smiled.

“Do you want me to cut them?” He asked.

“No, I like them like this.” She said softly running her fingers through them again. Remus smiled softly, before sighing and closing his eyes, enjoying the feel of her hands. While Hermione gently caressed Remus’ skin she thought back to her appointment with Ridge and the puncture wounds in his wrist, and the evident fact that the wolves in the Den were injecting him with something. She searched her thoughts for anything from the future that could relate back to it. But she came up with nothing.

The suddenly an image flashed before her eyes, Remus dead, his eyes silver, and instead of blood flowing from his nose and mouth there was silver. Her hands froze in their caresses and Remus’ frowned. It was a dream she had while at Hogwarts, and one she hoped to forget. But her hands frantically grabbed for Remus’ and she lifted his sleeves up to inspect them, looking for recent or old needle punctures.

“Hermione, Hermione.” Remus said sitting up and taking her hands in his and holding them tightly, it only then she realized she was crying. “Hermione.” He said again, his voice firm and cutting through the haze.

“I-I’m sorry.” She said, tugging her hands out of his grip and looked down at her lap.

“Hey…” He said softly, lifting her chin with his finger and thumb, Hermione liked her lips nervously and looked him in the eyes. “What was that?” When she didn’t answer he stared at her and asked another question. “Did something happen today?”

Hermione shook her head, trying to clear her head. “No. I mean- oh I don’t know.” She whispered, rubbing her temples. “Are they doing tests on you in the Den?” She asked, and Remus flinched away from her, standing up quickly, he avoided looking at her and began to pace. She watched him, waiting for him to answer and as the minutes rolled by she spoke up. “Remus?”

He turned suddenly, a snarl ripping from his throat and Hermione flinched slightly. He apologized right away shaking his head, but stayed where he was. “No.” He whispered, looking out the window at the waning moon. “Not me anyway.”

“And Ridge?” She whispered, she felt like she knew already, but she needed confirmation.

“Yes.” He said and she let out a shuddered sigh and stared into her lap. “I’m sorry I freaked out on you, just… that dream I had. Tell me they aren’t using liquid silver on them…” She said and Remus’ gaze shot to hers.

“No. Nothing like that…” He said shaking his head and Hermione breathed a sigh of relief.

Hermione stood then, and went to him, making sure to keep her distance, she reached out for his hand and gently took it. “Just promise me you won’t let them harm you there.” She whispered softly, running her fingers over his wrist.

“I won’t.” He said softly.

“Promise me.” She whispered.

“I promise.” He said, squeezing her hand, before leading her to the stairs. “Come to bed now? You promised me something earlier, remember?” He said, grinning down at her as they got the staircase, Hermione laughed and pressed gently on his chest, sort of glad he had changed the subject so quickly.

“Is that all you think about?” She said and he grinned down at her.

He tapped his lips for a moment and pretended to think, “Well… I am a man.” He said and tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away by the face and shoved him up the stairs.

“Get up stairs you git.” She said laughing as she followed him.


The next morning Hermione was sitting on the edge of the bed, holding her wand in her hand, and twirling it around her fingers. Remus was asleep next to her and she looked over her shoulder at him, he looked so peaceful. Her eyes wandered down his arms, even after he promised that the men in the Den weren’t doing anything to him she still couldn’t help but worry.

She felt her ring grow warm and that meant that Gideon and Fabian were waiting on their way. There had been a change of plans, and they were coming to get her here. She stood up and started towards the stairs when there was a soft pop behind her. She turned suddenly, drawing her wand and sighed when she realized it was Gideon.

“You ready?” He said, and she nodded.

“Yes, just let me say goodbye to Remus.” She said, walking back into their bedroom.

“I’ll be downstairs.” Gideon said and stared for the stairs, and Hermione sat on the edge of the bed and gently touched Remus’ arm.

“Remus…” She whispered softly. Remus shifted slightly, opening his eyes. He smiled at her, but frowned when he saw her frowning. “Gideon and Fabian are waiting downstairs.”

“Ah, time to leave?” He said raising himself to his elbows.

“Yeah,” She whispered, smiling sadly at him. He reached out and gently pulled her face closer to his and kissed her softly.

“Becareful.” He murmured against her lips. Hermione nodded and pulled away.

“I will be. I love you.” She whispered and placed a kiss on his forehead.

“I love you too.” Remus murmured softly, watching her leave the room and head downstairs.


Chapter 43: Rome
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Mid September 1979


Hermione moved quickly down the dark deserted hallway. The Vatican looked incredibly frightening at night. Her little white orbs of light danced ahead of her, leading the way. Gideon and Fabian followed closely behind her, wands drawn.

“We need to find the Pieta that leads to the Entrance of the Vaults.” Gideon said quietly, looking at the scroll he held, one of Hermione’s orbs bobbing about him so he could see it.

“Why couldn’t the book be in the bloody archives?” Fabian whispered furiously.

“Because having magical books in the Vatican’s archives is such a good idea.” Hermione said whispered back, rolling her eyes.

Fabian glared at her back as she kept walking. “I just want to get the hell out of this city. It gives me the creeps.”

“I agree. We’ve had a tail ever since we arrived here. Whether it’s Death Eaters or Vatican spies I couldn’t tell you.” Gideon said softly, pausing in his walking to look at the scroll then at the intersection they had come to.

“I don’t like the fact that Vatican may or may not have spies.” Fabian said shuddering.

“They have more than spies Fay,” Gideon murmured, frowning slightly. “Remember Hoggle? He came here on a mission, never came back. No one knows what happened.” Gideon said, glancing up from the scroll he pointed to his left. “This way,” he said and started walking again. Fabian shuddered again and followed him, twirling his wand in his hand.

Hermione followed them, glancing over her shoulder every so often, and when Fabian noticed, he took her wrist gently and led her on. “Can’t have you falling behind kiddo.” He said, giving her a smile.  They walked along and soon enough Gideon stopped.

“I think that’s it.” He said, nodding to a sculpture down the hall from them. When they came upon it, Hermione set her orbs about it, and it was indeed a sculpture of Mary and Jesus. She walked around it, inspecting the beautiful craftsmanship of the marble sculpture.

“Look for a way to trigger the door. I can see scuff marks on the ground.” Fabian said as he crouched down and inspected the floor. “I’d say it hasn’t been opened in a while. It looks as though someone has tried to sand them down and polish them away.” He said, running his fingers across the marble floor.

“Bernini…” Hermione breathed, as an orb hovered over a nameplate on the back of the sculpture where an inscription was presented.

“Bernini?” Gideon said looking up at Hermione, pausing in his inspection of the piece. “I thought he never sculpted a pieta?”

Hermione pressed her fingers to her lips in awe at the piece before her, only seen by people who had access to the halls of Vatican. “Sometimes the Vatican kept what they wanted and never showed pieces of works to the public.” Hermione said, ghosting her figures over the folds of the drapery that cascaded down the back of piece. “Bernini was probably one of the best sculptors of Italy, to be able to see his work is wondrous.” Hermione whispered and moved her light to view the inscription. “There is something written here.” She said, “In Latin I think. Although, it may be written in an earlier version of Italian.” Hermione said, squinting at the words.

“Do you need more light?” Gideon said, coming around the side of the piece where Hermione was crouched.

“No, it’s worn away somewhat,” Hermione said running her fingers over it. “Here” She said, showing him. He nodded as he ran his fingers over the worn words. “It could very well be Tuscan, although that is before Bernini’s time. During the 14th century when the Vatican was losing power, and the people came up with a common vernacular, which was Italian. It’s based off the Tuscan language, which is what this looks like, but I can’t be certain. As to why Bernini would write it in Tuscan and not Latin I couldn’t tell you.” Hermione said, clucking her tongue.

“It’s obviously an inscription to open the entrance, or telling us how to open it. I don’t see any levers, so it has to be a trigger of some sort, or a spell.” Fabian said sitting up.

“True. Bernini was part of the Illuminati, and it doesn’t surprise me that they knew magic existed and tried to hide it.” Hermione said, leaning down for a closer look at the inscription. She cast a quick spell over the inscription and got a translation. She frowned and stood, moving around the side and standing in front of the piece. “Fay, give me a boost.” She said as she glanced up at him.

“Okay…” He said and carefully lifted her up. She leaned forward and when she was mere inches away from Christ’s lips she gently blew on his parted lips. Something clicked and Fabian held her tighter, moving away from the sculpture, Gideon moved out from behind it and stood next to them. Fabian carefully set her down on the ground as Gideon patted her shoulder.

“Nice job.” He said and moved towards the stairs, Hermione’s orbs following him.

“What did it say?” Fabian asked, as he hooked the canvas bag’s belt tighter across his chest.

“Giving the breath of life is how you will enter.” Hermione said as she sent her orbs down the dark staircase.

Fabian shook his head, “It still gives me the creeps, the Vatican knowing about magic.”  

“Makes me wonder what else they know about.” Gideon muttered, walking slowly down the stairs. When they came to the bottom they walked down a long hallway, veiled by cobwebs. They came upon a large copper door and Gideon reached out, turning the large spiral, the door groaned loudly as it opened.

“We’re going to need more than your orbs, I think.” Fabian said as he reached for one of the torches next to the door and lit it with his wand. When they got inside none of them could see much past the light of the orbs. Gideon set to looking for an extra light source and found one.

 “Fay, give me the torch.” Gideon said, holding out his hand, Fabian handed it to him and watched in awe as Gideon dumped it into a basin and the flames moved around the room, illuminating it. Hermione let out a gasp as she glanced around, the room was easily larger than the Great Hall and full of objects large and small.

“Pagan statues!” She breathed, glancing up at a few statues as she walked by them. “These haven’t been for centuries.” She whispered in awe.

“That’s great Hermione, but we need to find that book. Right now. I don’t have a good feeling about this.” Gideon said, as he started reading the spines of books.

“Me neither. I feel like whatever was following us is waiting.” Fabian said as he glanced around.

Hermione moved around the room, inspecting books as she passed them, and looking at other curious objects as she searched for the book. All the objects amazed her, and the fact that the Vatican held onto said objects bewildered her even more. Most of them looked magical, or at least had a magical origin. As she searched for the book she walked by a largely draped object. Taking the sheet into her hands she pulled it away and gasped at what lay under it. “The Mirror of Erised.” She breathed, staring at the inscription laid on gold at the top.

“Hermione, come on.” Gideon said, as he rummaged through a chest full old dusty things.

“Just a sec…” She said trailing off as she glanced at the mirror. She had heard of the mirror, through Harry and Ron, but had never seen it. She stared it, and found Remus standing next to her, and in his arms a young boy. Hermione peered closely at the boy and found he wasn’t Logan, but another boy. Hermione’s hand moved instinctively to her stomach, and watched as the small boy nuzzled Remus’ neck. Hermione was jolted away when Fabian jostled something behind her and she turned around suddenly, her barrier flying up round her.

“Sorry.” Fabian muttered. Hermione sighed and dropped the spell, quickly moving away from the mirror. She moved behind it, and rustled through a cabinet, finding bottles of numerous potions and many bottles of extremely quick silver. She drew her hand away from the bottles in alarm, on the bottom self was a book covered in a thick layer of dust.

“Gideon?” Hermione murmured, glancing over her shoulder.

“Yeah?” He said, as he looked from searching through another cabinet.

“What are traveling mirrors made of?” She asked softly, causing Fabian to look up as well.

“Extremely quick silver.” Gideon said frowning. “Why?”

“I think I found the book.” She said, running her fingers over the spine, wiping away the dust. “Yes, this is it.” She said picking up the leather bound book.

She made her way carefully over to Fabian and placed it in the pack over his shoulder and buckled it tightly. “There we go.” She said, patting the bag, grinning up at Gideon.

“Thank goodness.” Gideon said sighing softly.

“Can we get out of here please?” Fabian said starting towards the door. Gideon nodded and nudged Hermione to the door, and extinguished the flames that illuminated the room.

“I would have liked to look around more.” Hermione said, frowning as she started walking down the hallway.

“I know, I would have as well, but we wasted too much time trying to get it open. Fay? What’s wrong?” Gideon said as closed the door, and followed Hermione. Fabian was hovering near the bottom of the stairs, one of the orbs dancing around at the top. He was holding out a hand to stop them, the other pressed to his lips.

“Get rid of your lights.” Gideon whispered very quietly in Hermione’s ear.

“But we’ll be blind… wait… I have an idea.” She said, vanishing her orbs, she whispered another spell. “Lumniscous irisous.” Her eyes glowed briefly as the spell took over, allowing her to see in the dark. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier.” She said and reached out to Gideon, taking his head in her hands. “It will take a few moments to get used to.” She said, murmuring the spell and watching as Gideon’s eyes glowed for a moment before turning to Fabian and doing the same.

“What spell is this?” Gideon said, blinking a few times and looking around.

“I made it up myself.” Hermione said smiling softly.

“Shush.” Fabian said.

“Honestly Fay, what is it?” Gideon growled impatiently.

“I heard something.” He said, creeping up the steps slowly. Hermione followed closely behind, leaning against his back, Gideon close behind her.

“Move slowly.” Gideon instructed and they all moved slowly up the stairs, as they all stepped out, the sculpture began to move back in place.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” A voice said, causing all of them to whirl around in alarm, wands raised. Four figures walked towards them, all dressed casually, and all incredibly beautiful. Hermione’s eyes widened in alarm and quickly she brought up a shielding spell over her and the twins.

“Vampires…” Gideon whispered.

“Very good.” The one in the front said, obviously he was the leader. “Now, give us back the prophecy you have taken.” He said, stepping forward, one hand outstretched towards them. His fingers nearly brushing the edge of the blue shield spell.

“What prophecy?” Gideon said from behind Hermione, his hand coming up to rest on her shoulder, gently pulling her closer to him. “We haven’t taken any prophecy.”

“Yes you have. We know when a prophecy has been stolen. We feel a connection to them.” The vampire said, his hand still held out, waiting for the prophecy to be placed in his hands.

“We did not take a prophecy. There were not any down there.” Gideon said.

“No, they are not. But another vault was opened.” The vampire said.

“Look this is a misunderstanding-“ Fabian said, but was silenced by the vampire’s glare.

“You will give us the prophecy.” The vampire said. “It does not belong to you.”

Hermione stared at the vampire, a powerful knock-back spell ready at her fingertips. “Fine.” She said as she stood a bit taller. Being able to form spells wordlessly had it benefits, she was glad Remus had taught her that during the Second War. As the Vampire came closer, she lowered her shield spell, and pretending to take something out of her deep pocket she flung her fingers wide at him. The vampire’s eyes widened in shock as he was suddenly sent flying backwards knocking into the other three vampires. “RUN.” She screamed at Gideon and Fabian.

She didn’t have to tell them twice, they were running as soon as she’d lowered the spell. She turned on her heel and ran after them, but was suddenly yanked back by her hair. She let out a cry of pain, and both of the twins faltered in their running. “GO!” She yelled at them, and they kept running. She was then roughly turned around, the Vampire’s gold eyes glaring at her, his face contorted into a snarl. She watched as his nostrils flared and a look of disgust washed over his features.

“You’re a lycan’s bitch.” He said as an eerie smile slid across his lips. Still holding her hair tightly he tilted her head to the side and pulled her shirt back, leaning in he sniffed her neck as his eyes found the mark Remus had left on her. As he sniffed again, he drew back slightly, his eyes meeting hers. “Two werewolf scents? You are a Pack whore then?” He looked her up and down, then peered over her shoulder. “Those brothers share you?” He said and Hermione glared up at him. “No?” He said smiling. He looked to the other three vampires that watched with interest. “No. They are not wolves, the scent would be stronger, it’s a few days old. You see, we are not allowed to kill Pack members, it would start a nasty war.” He looked to the vampires again, “Vladimir, Toulouse, kill them.” He said motioning in the direction Gideon and Fabian had run.

“No!” Hermione cried, trying to pull away from the Vampire, but he held her tightly. She watched in horror as two of the vampires leapt away. “We’re not here for a prophecy. We came for a book!” She cried, and let out another gasp of pain as his grip tightened on her hair.

“A book?” He said, his hold listening somewhat, shock evident in his red eyes.

“Yes, a book. We never knew anything about the prophecies here.” She said, and then suddenly the third vampire was knocked back by a green spell, a killing spell. He let out an inhuman snarl as he jumped up. The spell wouldn’t do anything, he was already dead. The vampire holding Hermione quickly turned, dragging her around with him, looking for the source of the spell. She knew it wasn’t Gideon or Fabian. She gasped when she saw them, cloaked figures, shining masks. “Death Eaters.” She whispered, and the vampire quickly dragged her behind a pillar as a spell shot by them. He let go of her hair and for that she was grateful. “They have your prophecy.” She said, glancing up at him.

His lips lifted in a snarl. “Who were you sent by?” He asked, his fangs elongating as his eyes changed to a pale blue.

“Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore.” She whispered and let out a snarl again, yelling to the other vampire across the way in a language Hermione did not recognize.

He grabbed her by the shoulders then and peered into her eyes. “Go. Leave here at once. We will take care of these Death Eaters. I am sorry to have caused you and your comrades any trouble. I hope that they are still alive.” He said and quickly thrust her in the direction Gideon and Fabian had gone. She didn’t glance back, only set another shield spell around her body and took off. Shouts echoing through the great halls.


Sirius was pacing in Dumbledore’s office, the old man’s eyes following Sirius’ movements. “How is Remus?” Albus asked finally, tired of watching Sirius pace. Sirius paused and looked up at the older man.

“A wreck. He’s nervous because he hasn’t heard from Hermione in a few days.” Sirius said, running his fingers through his hair.

“I asked about Remus, not you.” Albus said, giving Sirius a soft smile. Sirius glanced up at Albus in shock.

“I- Oh who am I kidding.” Sirius grumbled, plopping himself down into the vacant chair. “This whole thing has me barmy.” He muttered resting his head in his hands. “Making sure the Grangers are safe, seeing that beautiful little baby, knowing it’s Hermione… and how this is going to hurt Remus later on.”  He sighed and sat back in the chair. “Why can’t she just stay here? Letting her go back is going to kill him.” Sirius said, looking up at Albus sadly.

“She’s dying.” Albus said softly, shaking his head. Sirius stared at Albus in horror. “Her magic is slowly draining from her body. It’s what has sustained her this long in our time. Now that she has been born, however, her magic will start to drain, and her life as well, since her infant form is now alive, that life source for this time is being used up. She has stayed too long. This is one reason why task bearers are normally sent to times where they are not alive.”

“She was supposed to leave before she was born.” Sirius whispered and Albus nodded.

“Yes, her timeturner went back not too long ago. This is why I need the book on traveling mirrors.” He said softy.

“Does Remus know any of this? About her going back, and you having to find a way to do send her back.” Sirius whispered.

“Not to my knowledge. I think he’s always known that at some point she had to return.” Albus said softy. “He will not remember her though.” Albus murmured and Sirius’ head snapped up in alarm.

“Why not?” Sirius snarled, his eyes flashing angrily. “He loves her Albus. You can’t take that away from him.”

“He will remember only what she has taught him. It is the way things have to be. You will not remember her either, none of us will.” Albus said, shaking his head. “Now, are they safe?”

“Yes.” Sirius growled. “The Grangers are in their new home, not remembering anything of the wizarding world.” He was about to keep going when suddenly a patronus appeared in the room, a large wolf. Albus stood immediately and Sirius’ entire body went stiff. “That’s Hermione’s patronus.” Sirius whispered and Albus glanced at Sirius in alarm.

“She had an otter last time…” He murmured, quickly opening a drawer in his desk. He took out a ring and tossed it to Sirius. “Go to them. She needs help. She wouldn’t have sent it otherwise. You can not apparated in the Vatican.”

“The Vatican?” Sirius said looking up at him in shock.

“Sirius, Go!” Albus shouted and as Sirius slipped the ring on his finger he was gone. Albus sighed and sat down heavily in his chair, glancing at the patronus as it disappeared. “Oh Remus… what have you done…”


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Chapter 44: A Prophecy.
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Mid September 1979

Order Headquarters.


“AUGH!” Fabian screamed in pain as he arched off the table, Sirius’ hands struggling to hold down the man, Gideon was on the other side of Sirius, pressing Fabian back against the table.

“Keep him still!” Hermione snarled at both of them, her bloody fingers slipping across the skin of Fabian’s leg. There was a large piece of wood protruding from his thigh, and numerous other gouges from where he had been thrown through a window while battling the vampires. Gideon had managed to escape with less bloody injuries, although Hermione suspected he had a dislocated shoulder, with the way he was favoring his left arm instead of his right.

“We’re trying! We need someone else to help.” Sirius said, struggling to hold Fabian down as Hermione worked on his leg.

“Fay, if you do not stay still this piece of wood will splinter when I pull it out.” She said, pressing one hand on his chest to hold him down.

“Merlin, I don’t give a fuck, just get it out!” He cried, his fingers clawing at the table. Suddenly the door to the room opened and Remus walked in, his face paling as he saw Hermione covered in blood.

“Gid, Sirius, you hold his legs down, Remus, I need you to pin him to the table, and give him that gag.” Hermione said, and Remus nodded and quickly moved around the table, grabbed the gag and placed it in Fabian’s mouth, then placed his hands on Fabian’s shoulders, immediately pinning him to the table. “If you struggle too much and he has to force you down, you’ll end up with a broken collarbone.” Hermione said, inspecting the grain of the wood in Fabian’s leg. When she was sure that she had a firm grip on the piece of wood, and Sirius and Gideon had Fabian’s legs safely secured she let out a sigh and tugged the piece of wood out of his leg with all her might. Fabian let out a muffled yell of pain, his body tensing and Hermione heard Remus give a soft grunt of apology as he pressed Fabian’s upper body in the table, Hermione was sure Fabian would be bruised.

Hermione quickly tossed the piece of wood to the side and grabbed the bottle of iodine. “This is really going to hurt.” She whispered and poured the iodine over the gaping hole in his leg. He struggled against the boys and Hermione backed up quickly so she wouldn’t get kneed in the face and then suddenly his entire body went still, and Hermione dropped the iodine to the ground, the bottle shattering, as her bloody fingers sought his wrist and checked his pulse. Gideon was shouting his brother’s name and Hermione looked up at him and placed one hand on Gideon’s upper arm. “He’s okay. He just passed out from the pain.” Hermione said and Gideon lifted his head, his chest heaving, breath coming out in quick gasps.

She quickly cleaned out the hole and very quickly injected some fluids into his system, as well as some pain relief for when he woke up. “Well, he’s lucky, it missed the bone, but the muscle is torn, very badly. I’ll need to get some potions for muscle restoration.” She said, and moved down to start inspecting his other wounds.

“I can make them,” Sirius said quietly and Hermione nodded to him in thanks. “I’ll go get started then,” he said softly and started for the door, but Gideon stopped him.

“Sirius,” Gideon said, glancing up at Sirius as he paused in the doorway. “Thank you.” Gideon rasped, looking down at Fabian as he moved around the table. Sirius gave a curt nod and walked out. Gideon leaned down, over Fabian’s head and pressed his forehead against his brother’s letting out a strangled sob, Hermione reached out gently and ran her fingers through Gideon’s hair as she inspected Fabian’s other wounds. She glanced up and found Remus watching her intently. His eyes were focused on the hand that was currently running through Gideon’s hair. She pulled it away as Gideon moved to grab a chair, pulling it close so he could sit at the head of the table near Fabian.

“Remus, could you hand me that empty bowl and the one with the warm water please.” Hermione murmured as she reached for some medical tools. “Gid, I have to get the glass and wood out of Fabian and then I can work on you.” She said softly, and Gideon lifted his head, his eyes drowsy as he nodded. She wasn’t sure if the pain in his eyes was physical or emotional. Remus was across the table then, holding out the two bowls and Hermione motioned for him to set them down. “I need you to help me clean him.” She said, taking a clean cloth and dipping it into the warm water. By the time she had stripped and cleaned Fabian he had woken up, and Hermione had practically forced a sleeping potion down his throat so he wouldn’t be moving around while she worked. She was repulsed and left a little nauseous at the amount of glass and wood she had taken from Fabian’s body. Remus had left without a word, once she had finished. She didn’t know what was wrong with him, and at the moment she had other things to worry about than his constant shifts in mood lately.

She turned to Gideon who was seated upright on the other table, his shirt off so Hermione could inspect him. She noticed the bruising along his chest and stomach, and figured some of his ribs were broken, since he had bruised so quickly. She was moved behind him, poking his shoulder in places and found that it was in fact broken. “You’re positive you weren’t bitten?” Hermione murmured, putting slight pressing on his shoulder.

“Of course not,” Gideon hissed at the pressure she was applying to his arm. “Warn me when you’re going to pop it back in. Beisdes if I was bitten I’d be withering around on the floor, foaming –AUGH- Merlin’s bloody fucking beard!” He cried out, leaning over in pain after she snapped his shoulder back in place.

“It’s the best way to do it, I’m sorry,” She said, moving around front of him to put his arm in a sling. “Are your fingers broken?” She said, gently lifting his swollen hand.

“They might be.” He said shrugging then grimaced. “I’m more concerned about my ribs. You’ll be giving me one of those lovely little blue potions right?” He said, smiling down at her.

“Of course, I’m writing you each a prescription for them.” She said, running her fingers along his chest to inspect his wounds. When she finished wrapping his ribs and inspecting him she went to the sink to wash up. When she turned around, Gideon was right there behind her, and he carefully gathered her into his arms, hugging her as tightly as his injured body would allow.

“Thank you. If it weren’t for you, Fay and I would be in pieces.” Gideon murmured, pulling away too smooth back her hair and place a kiss on her forehead. “Oh, look at that, you have a cut there…” He said, pulling away from her before grabbing one of the kits. Hermione stood there blushing as he cleaned the cut on her forehead, and patched it up. “You have anything else that needs tending too?” He said, looking her over. “It’s the least I can do.”

“No, I’m fine.” She said waving her hand and before she could get anything else out she heard shouts from the other room and her eyes widened, dashing to the door, she tore it open. “What are you doing!?” She cried when she saw Ridge had Remus pinned against the wall.

“Do you know what you’ve done!” Ridge snarled, as Remus struggle against him. Hermione looked wildly between Dumbledore who was standing at the top of the stairs and Sirius who was a few feet away. Sirius stared guiltily at the floor, while Dumbledore watched on from the landing, his face solemn. When Hermione made a movement to go over to Ridge and Remus, Ridge snarled at her over his shoulder at her, making her stop in her tracks.

“Albus?” Hermione nearly whimpered, Remus’ golden eyes darted away from Ridge’s to hers. Albus’ eyes slanted her way, his face remained the same however.

“Hermione, show me your patronus.” Albus said softly, and Hermione did as she was told, quietly murmuring the spell as she thought of a happy memory, a great wolf appearing. She stared at it, when had her patronus turned into a wolf. The wispy wolf moved about her, brushing against her leg and her head snapped in Remus’ direction, his eyes wide. “It was an otter before, am I correct?”

Hermione nodded, and watched as the wolf disappeared. “I…” she said but stopped when Ridge snarled at Remus again.

“You see. You marked her didn’t you? Didn’t you!” Ridge growled and Remus flinched. “I told you to wait, I told you not to do it yet. You are putting her in more danger than she was already in. You’re a pup compared to them, if they find out you’ve mated, they’ll be after her.” Ridge snarled before letting go of Remus, who remained by the wall. Remus brought one of his hands up and swiped at his lip, glaring at Ridge before sending it up to Albus.

“I didn’t mean to mark her. I didn’t realize I’d done it, I don’t know how I did it.” Remus murmured, looking down at the floor, avoiding Hermione all together. He apparated away suddenly, without a word.

“You have some serious explaining to do, Albus.” Hermione whispered furiously, staring up at the older man. “But right now I’m going to make sure he doesn’t do something he’ll regret.” She said, then turned to face Ridge, “And you, don’t you ever behave that way with him again.” She whispered before disappearing.

“Why did you do it.” Sirius whispered miserably, staring at the floor.

“She needs to realize how much danger she can be in,” Ridge said gruffly, starting to the stairs to follow Albus up them. “And from the stench rolling off you four, I’d say she may be in more trouble than we anticipated, if bloodsuckers think she’s Pack. Word travels fast between those bastards.” He said nodding the direction of Gideon, where he stood at the kitchen doorway, before disappearing up the second set of stairs.


When Hermione got home she looked all around for Remus and finally found him upstairs, in their bedroom. She watched him for a moment, as he peeled his sweater off, as he moved to the window. He knew she was there, but he was angry and she could feel that anger rolling off him in waves. She didn’t say anything, just stood in the threshold of the bedroom and waited. When he turned to her, he seemed to be struggling with the wolf because his eyes kept flashing gold. Suddenly, she knew why. To him, she reeked of vampire, a scent that no werewolf liked, or did they like it too much? From the way Remus was struggling to control himself she wasn’t too sure. 

“I’ll go shower,” She said quietly, and left to head down the hall before things could get any worse. When she turned off the water of the shower and opened the curtain, Remus was standing there, leaning against the counter of the sink, a towel in hand. He handed it to her, without looking at her and she took it, blushing. “May I help you?” She asked softly, wrapping the towel around her body, for some reason she was incredibly shy at the moment. He lifted his eyes and they immediately went to the scar on her shoulder, where he had bitten her…no, marked her. She stood there, staring at his eyes as they stared at her scar, never leaving it, not even as he spoke.

“I didn’t know what I was doing. I just had this tremendous urge to bite you.” He murmured, his fingers reaching out to gently run along the scar. Hermione shivered and he hastily drew his hand away, dropping his eyes to the floor. “I’m sorry. Ridge never explained… no one ever explained…” He said so quietly Hermione almost didn’t hear him.

“It’s okay.” Hermione said quietly, licking her lips nervously.

“No, it’s not.” He said, shaking his head and lifting his eyes to finally meet hers. “Ridge was right in disciplining me.”

“Ridge has known since it happened in June!” Hermione cried, startling Remus so suddenly that he took a step backwards. “He should have reprimanded you then, not now!” Remus stepped away from her then, opening the bathroom door and darted down the hall. Hermione quickly ran into the hallway after him and shouted, “Where are you going?”

“To talk to Albus. I want to know what is going on, right now.” He snarled, grabbing his shirt and pulling it over his head as she watched him disappear down the stairs.


October, 1979 – Halloween


Hermione nudged the kitchen door open with her hip and set the tray she was carrying down onto the counter. Sirius looked up at her before taking a swig of his beer as he leaned against the counter. “Hello Sirius.” Hermione said, moving to put more pumpkin pasties on the tray. “When did you get here?”

“Just a few minutes ago,” He murmured.

“And chugging one for the team already, I see.” She said, grinning at him. He shrugged and placed the empty bottle in the sink and stuffed his hands in his leather coat. “Are you alright?” she asked and he shrugged again. “Sirius, this is your favorite Holiday…” Hermione said quietly.

“No, Christmas is.” He said shaking his head, a small smile forming on his lips.

“Right, the mistletoe.” She said, laughing softly as she went to the refrigerator to grab more beer.

“The pudding.” Sirius said and when Hermione turned around she rolled her eyes at him.

“Silly me. I must have forgotten, since last year I walked in and found you leaning over the side of couch moaning about how you would never eat Christmas pudding ever again because your stomach hurt so badly.” She said, setting down the bottles on another tray.

“Hermione, I do that every year.” He said, giving her a grin.

“Right. Well, are you going to join the party? Wait, why aren’t you in a costume?” She asked looking him up and down as she picked the tray with the food on it.

“I’m here, as myself.”

“Sirius-” Hermione sighed, and Sirius figured if she didn’t have a tray in her hands her arms would be crossed right about now.

“I just don’t see the point in dressing up, anymore.” He said quietly, staring down at the floor and Hermione bit her lip and nodded. “Especially with the attack that happened just a few days ago.” He whispered, pausing briefly before continuing. “I mean, Dodge is missing. It’s like he’s vanished. And Pete hasn’t been himself, he’s more skittish after that attack on him a few weeks ago… and Albus, he’s nowhere to be found at the moment. Minerva owl’d me, told me he hasn’t been in his office, or his quarters all night…”

“Is that why you’re here?” Hermione said softly.

“Yes. Well… no. I came to talk to James. He was supposed to meet with him today, after interviewing someone for the Divination position, since that nutter lost his job.” Sirius said, running his fingers through his hair.

“Oh, James and Lily are in there. And you should stay for a while, and believe me, we’re not forgetting what’s going on. We’re just trying to get our mind off of a few things, just for a couple of hours.” Hermione said, smiling before she nudged the door open with her foot before heading out, the cap of her costume trailing behind her.


Gideon leaned back in his chair, glancing over at Fabian who had his head resting in his palm, before shifting his gaze over to Ridge. The information Albus had just shared with them was a set back. “Ridge, are there any women in the Order who are pregnant, that you know, who have not announced it yet, she would not be very far along.” Albus said softly, removing his glasses and rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“Molly- Molly is pregnant.” Fabian said suddenly, his eyes widening, Albus looked up in alarm.

“No, she’s due in May. Christ Fay, don’t do that.” Gideon whispered furiously and all of the men visibly relaxed.

“No. Not that I can recall. Besides, a baby born at the end of July would be conceived right about now.” Ridge said quietly, running a scarred hand through his hair.

“I want you to keep your nose alert and notify me when you have found someone.” Albus said and Ridge nodded.

“Albus, how are you so certain it is someone from the Order?” Fabian said quietly, looking down at the floor.

“I just am. This is to remain between us. I have a feeling this will not bode well for the Order in the coming months. We need to keep whoever this is safe. I also fear that Tom now knows about this, or he will in a matter of hours. This must remain safely hidden. In due time, the two of you will take this, you will be its keepers. But for now, I need you three to go over to Head Quarters and re-check all of the wards and put up newer, stronger ones. I fear we may have a spy in our midst.” He said to Gideon and Fabian as he gently picked up the blue orb and wrapped it in a large wool cloth.

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Chapter 45: Months
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Mid December, 1979

Hermione was sitting in front of the mirror while Molly Weasley French braided the top of her head while allowing the bottom of her hair to curl, and Lily put the finishing touches on her make up. Fred and George were sound asleep in their playpen not too far away, and Hermione wasn’t surprised that they were out like lights. The two of them been little devils all morning, using magic to get people’s attention and when one wasn’t happy, the other would scream, and then both of them would scream.

“All set dear,” Molly said, patting Hermione’s shoulder. Hermione peeked into the mirror, looked at her hair and grinned.

“Molly, it’s lovely.” Hermione said softly, looking up at the older woman in the mirror. Molly smiled and eased herself into the chair next to Hermione, smiling tiredly. “How are you doing?” Hermione said as Lily moved away, allowing Hermione to turn and face Molly.

“Oh, I’m fine.” Molly said, patting her bulging belly.

“When are you due Molly? Lily said, standing up and smoothing out her dress.

“The beginning of March, -oh!” She said smiling, then she let out a gasp of surprise and pressed a hand to her stomach.

“Are you alright?” Hermione said in panic, moving to stand but Molly waved her hand, and Hermione pressed herself back into her chair.

“He’s just kicking, he’s very lively.” Molly said, patting her rounded belly fondly.

“Another boy?” Lily said, smiling and going over to Molly to place her hand on the older woman’s stomach, her eyes widening when the baby kicked.

“Of course, there hasn’t been a girl born to the Weasley family in ages.” Molly said, watching Lily.

“What’s his name?” Hermione asked as she glanced down at the tabletop and searched for her earrings in the small tin.

“Arthur and I agreed on Ronald.” Molly said smiling and Hermione ducked her head and smiled sadly, thinking of the Ron in her time.

“It’s a wonderful name.” Hermione said softly, lifting her head to smiling at Molly.

“Yes, I hope my baby and Ronald will be good friends.” Lily said, grinning up at the two woman who looked at her in alarm. Hermione’s jaw open in shock. “I’m sorry, I know it’s your day, but I couldn’t keep it in any longer.” Lily said and Hermione stood up, hugging her friend tightly.

“Oh Lily this is great news!” Hermione said, pulling away and giving Lily a huge smile.

“Congratulations Lily.” Molly said, pulling herself out of the chair and hugging Lily tightly.

“Thank you.”


“Does James know?” Hermione said as she slipped her other earring in place.

“Not yet, I wanted to surprise him.” Lily said blushing. “I’m not sure how he’s going to take it since we wanted to wait to have children…”

“Lily, if I know James, he’s going to be ecstatic.” Hermione said, smiling and turned around when someone knocked on the door. “Come in,” she called and Ridge poked his head in the doorway.

“C’mon Hermione, as much as that pup loves you, he’s not going to wait around all day.” Ridge said, giving Hermione a grin.

“Oh!” Hermione said in alarm, and Lily and Molly grabbed their things and headed out the door, Ridge waited for Hermione in the hallway. “Thank you for doing this.” Hermione said smiling up at Ridge as they neared the chamber where Albus was going to perform the ceremony.

“You’re welcome.” He murmured, leaning down and placing a kiss to her temple, glancing at Lily over the top of Hermione’s head.


A few hours later Hermione was leaning in close to Remus as they moved around the dance floor, his hands resting gently on her hips, her hands wrapped around his neck. They had been married just two hours ago, and Remus hadn’t been able to stop touching her since. Hermione found she didn’t mind at all. Hermione looked around, over Remus’ shoulder and found Lily was sitting with Sirius, Logan sitting on her lap, sharing cake with her while Sirius showed him some things.

“Lily is great with Logan.” Hermione said softly, and Remus hummed his agreement.

“She’s going to be a great mum.” He said as he pressed a kiss below her ear, his sideburns tickling her cheek.

“You knew?” Hermione whispered softly, grinning against his cheek as his lips pressed against her jaw.

“I knew before she did.” He said softly and Hermione pulled away to give him a confused look. “There is a change in a woman’s scent when she is pregnant.” He said leaning in close to her and nudging his nose against hers before pressing his forehead against her own. “So, I gave her a hint, so she would be careful.” Remus said, giving Hermione a soft smile.

“I hate to cut in,” Sirius said quietly, causing Hermione and Remus to both look in his direction, “but I was wondering if I may have the next dance with the bride?” He said, giving them both a grin. Remus stepped away and allowed Sirius to pull Hermione into an embrace.

“Of course, I want to see Logan anyway.” Remus said, giving Hermione a smile before heading to the table where Lily was seated with Logan.

“You look beautiful.” Sirius murmured, leaning in and kissing Hermione’s cheek.

“Thank you, you looked pretty dashing in your suit. Muggle clothing fits you.” Hermione said quietly, reaching out and gently tugging on one of the straps of his suspenders. Sirius blushed and grinned. “I’m glad you could make it.” Hermione said softly. “For a while, I thought you weren’t going to get here in time.” Her soft tone turned sad.

“Hey,” Sirius murmured, leaning in close and he tilted her chin up with his fingers and looked into her eyes. “I wouldn’t have missed this. I was the best man after all.” Sirius said, giving her a broad grin.

“And best friend, as well.” Hermione whispered softly, taking Sirius’ face in her hands, she tilted his head down and kissed his forehead softly. When Sirius lifted his head Hermione could see him blushing, his eyes glistening. It was just then that Hermione realized just worn out and tired he looked. Still holding onto his cheeks she brought her thumbs up and wiped away the tears at the corner of his eyes. “I’m the one that is supposed to be crying, not you.” She said, giving him a small smile, and he laughed, taking her hands in his for a moment, pulling them away from his face, and holding them tightly.

“I’m just so tired.” He said, pulling one hand away from hers to roughly rub his face. “I’ll be glad when this bloody war is over and I can get some peace.” He said softly, gathering Hermione into his arms again.

“Me too.” Hermione whispered into his shirt, too afraid to close her eyes to keep the tears back because she was afraid that if she closed them she’d see Sirius’ body falling back into the Veil.



February 1980

Albus was sitting at a small round table in the kitchen of Order Headquarters. Ridge, Gideon and Fabian were also in the kitchen, Ridge rubbing the bridge of his nose in irritation, Gideon pacing the area in front of the fire pit and Fabian was leaning against the counter, his arms crossed over his chest as he stared down at the floor.

“You’re sure it’s them?” Ridge murmured, his tone matched the look of exhaustion.

“Absolutely. There are no others who have thrice defied him. Frank and Alice, while part of the Order, have not had very dangerous tasks. Mr. Potter on the other hand…” Albus said, quietly trailing off.

“But thrice defied? I can only count two times,” Gideon said as he continued to pace.

“The third time was in Bosnia, when he was with Black,” Fabian said quietly, his eyes distant as he stared at the floor. Albus nodded, and Ridge let out a long sigh.

“What are we going to do?” Gideon said almost miserably.

“Send them off into hiding and give them a Secret Keeper.” Albus said quietly, folding his hands in front of him. “I must talk with them. I feel as though Tom will start looking for them soon enough.”


March 1980

Sirius was leaning against on of the counters in Hermione’s kitchen. Hermione was currently sitting the kitchen table, sorting her groceries. Sirius stared down into the tea cup he was holding and frowned. “Say, Hermione, how has Remus been lately?”

Hermione looked up at him, frowning. “The same as he always is Sirius, I suppose a little irrational, but that’s because of the full moon coming up. Why do you ask?” She said, turning to grab the fruit she had purchased and place it in the refrigerator.

“So, he hasn’t been secretive or anything?” Sirius asked, continuing to stare into his cup.

“No, what are you getting at?” Hermione said, turning around and giving Sirius a firm look.

“Well, I think there is a spy in the Order.” Sirius murmured and looked up to meet Hermione’s angered gaze. Normally it was a look that Sirius would flinch away from, but he wasn’t backing down, not right now.

Hermione stared at him in anger and it took all her might not to hurt him right now. “And is my husband on the top of your list?”  

“No. But he’s been at that Den for a long time and you never know what could happen, you said your self that he doesn’t tell you everything that goes on.” Sirius said quietly, reaching behind him to set his cup down on the counter. Hermione shook her head wildly, still stuck in the same position, still shocked that Sirius would think Remus was the spy.

“He doesn’t like reliving it.” She snarled defensively.

“Exactly my point. He would do anything for you.” Sirius said desperately.

“He would never turn to Voldemort. He would rather die. You know that.” Hermione cried. “And what about you? You’ve been gone for weeks at a time as well.”

“I would never betray James and Lily.” Sirius snarled, anger flaring in his eyes.

“And you think Remus would!” She screamed, arms flaring out in anger.

“For you, yes!” Sirius yelled back.

Hermione stared at him in horror, her body stiff with anger. “Get out.” She growled, and Sirius took a step towards her, but her fingers flew out in a reflex and Sirius’s body slammed backwards into the counter. He let out a grunt of pain and looked up at her in alarm. “Don’t you dare think about coming back.”


April 1980

 Remus dropped the Daily Prophet onto the table with a sigh and roughly ran his hand over his face. Hermione’s arms encircled his waist from behind and she kissed his shoulder before pressing her face to his chest. “Everything alright?” She murmured as Remus’ arms moved down hers to take her hands in his.

“No. The prophet is spewing trite about Albus, and they’ve got some stories about the muggle attack a few days ago.” Remus said quietly and felt Hermione stiffen behind him, before pulling away and snatching the paper up from the table.

“This is rubbish.” Hermione whispered furiously, her brow furrowing in anger as she read the articles. Remus reached out and carefully took the paper from her and she frowned up at him.

“You’ll only be more upset if you continue reading.” He said, reaching for his wand and tapping the paper, watching as it burst into flames and disintegrated before their eyes. Hermione sighed, her shoulders slumping.

“I still see their faces,” She said softly, looking at the floor and Remus gathered her close.

“Me too,” He said, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “But let’s go, we have those new spells to try out.” He said, giving her a weak smile. Hermione nodded and pulled herself away from him before heading for the door. It was Sunday after all, their day to practice wandless magic.

A few hours later the two of them were battling each other in the backyard, throwing spells at one another. Remus’ shirt was stained with sweat and his hair was plastered to his forehead, his chest heaving as he dodged a spell Hermione shot in his direction. They weren’t going easy on each other that much was obvious, since Hermione was as sweaty and out of breath as Remus was.

Hermione took a lunge forward, her arm out-stretched, palm up as she shot a spell at Remus. He tried to dodge it, but he hadn’t turned away in time, the red jet of light caught his side and he went stumbling to the ground. As he fell he flicked his fingers in Hermione’s direction, and she quickly lifted her arm, using a shield spell to block Remus’ attack. He swore as it bounced off her shield in his direction. Scrambling up he just managed to dodge it, when Hermione sent another spell in his direction, as he twisted to avoid her shot a spell at her, catching her off guard.

The spell hit her in the side and knocked her to the ground. She let out a grunt as her body made contact with the solid ground and she frowned, flicking her finger at Remus. Suddenly there was a blow to the back of his knees and he went down, just as hard as Hermione had. He quickly brought a shield spell over himself, while he tried to shake off his dizziness. He glanced over at Hermione who was standing now, glowing a faint blue. He winced and stood quickly, keeping the spell about him, watching Hermione’s hands wearily. Her chest was heaving, as she tried to catch her breath and rubbed the spot on her side where the spell had hit her.

He was horrified when suddenly the blue glow of her personal shield spell disappeared and she fell to her knees, still breathing heavily. “Hermione!” He yelped, quickly and went to her. He fell to his knees next to her and leaned in close, “Are you alright?” he whispered in a panic.

She took a moment to answer, but nodded. “Yes. I’m just exhausted.” She said softly, waving him off. She stood up and waivered on her feet, and he quickly stood and steadied her.

“You’re not okay.” Remus said softly, lifting her chin with his fingers. “We worked too much.” He said softly, and reached down to lift her into his arms.  As he carried her back to the house, it was only just then, with his nose in her hair that he realized something was not right. She would have been able to hold out for a few more hours of intense battling, but lately their sessions had become shorter and shorter, Hermione’s magic becoming weaker and weaker. His heart tightened in his chest as he came to a startling conclusion, she had spent too much time here, and her magic was draining.

She was dying.

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Chapter 46: Past and Present VI
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June, 1980


Hermione was sitting at the table sipping her tea and reading the Prophet. Her eyes dropped down to an announcement about the Malfoy’s having a child. There was a photo with Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy in formal robes, Narcissa holding a very fussy newborn Draco. Hermione snorted and sipped her tea at the announcement. Ron had been born four months ago and was such an adorable baby. Hermione had been afraid to hold him, but Molly had insisted. Ron was a very quiet baby, but when Fred and George teased him and he’d had enough, everyone knew it. Hermione smiled as she remembered when she walked in on a similar scene one day.

Fred and George were leaning over Ron’s carrier, since he had just been put down for a nap while everyone had lunch at the Burrow. Hermione had taken her food into the sitting room to keep an eye on the children, and to get away from people, mainly Sirius. She had tucked herself on the couch, Percy was at the other end, reading a book, Hermione realized he was stuck up even as a child, and Bill and Charlie were with everyone else. Hermione cautiously watched the twins, not trusting them near their baby brother.

They were giggling and poking him, and Hermione leaned over to watch, frowning as Fred poked Ron’s cheek, and Ron’s little face scrunched up. “Oh dear.” She murmured and got up and went to the boys. “Fred, George, leave your brother alone.” Hermione said, picking up Fred and putting him in the playpen. As she set Fred down, Ron began to cry loudly, and Hermione whirled around to glare at George. George pointed at Percy and Hermione set her jaw and picked up George, placing him in the playpen with his brother and placing a spell on the pen so they couldn’t get out.

She quickly went to pick up Ron, and as she did Molly was suddenly in the doorway. “It’s okay Molly, I’ve got him.” Hermione said, rocking Ron gently and he started to quiet.

“That is the fastest I’ve seen him calm down.” Molly said smiling before she sent a glare to Fred and George who were staring out at her from the playpen. Charlie was peeking out from behind Molly and Hermione smiled at him. Molly nodded to Hermione then went back to the kitchen and Hermione sat down on the couch, cradling Ron in her arms. Charlie was watching her from the doorway and Hermione smiled at him again, and motioned for him to come sit down. Charlie was very shy around people, and barely talked to anyone aside from Bill, Molly and Arthur.

Charlie hesitantly made his way to Hermione and climbed up onto the couch. “Hello Charlie.” Hermione said, smiling at him as she let Ron hold one of her fingers. Charlie kneeled next to her on the couch and peered down at his little brother. “Do you want to hold him?” Hermione asked and Charlie’s eyes shot to her face and he shook his head, wringing his hands together.

“No thank you.” Charlie whispered softly, glancing away from her.

“Have you ever held him?” Hermione asked, and Charlie shook his head.

“Momma says that I don’t have to if I don’t want to.” Charlie murmured.

“Of course you don’t.” Hermione said, giving the little boy a soft smile. Hermione was about to ask Charlie if he was afraid of dropping Ron when Molly announced from the kitchen that dessert was to be served. Hermione watched with a smile as Charlie and Percy both bounded off the couch and into the kitchen for a treat. As she watched them run through the doorway her smile faltered as she saw Remus leaning against the doorframe, watching her with a sad smile.

Hermione was brought out of her daydream by a tapping sound at the window. Quickly she got up and let the small eager owl inside. She was Remus’ parent’s owl, and Hermione had never seen her behave this way before. Hermione quickly snatched the letter from the little owl’s leg and quickly read what was there. Your father, hurry. Signed by his mother.“Remus!” Hermione called and when he didn’t answer she shouted for him desperately as she hurried to the stairs. She heard a thud and the sound of his feet hitting the ground as he ran to the stairs and down them.

“What? What is it?” He said as he descended the stairs and Hermione held out the letter to him, her hands shaking. He read it and his face paled considerably. “We have to go.” He said quickly and quickly went to pull on his shoes. Hermione dashed up the stairs, grabbing a shirt for him and pulling on socks and shoes as well as grabbing her wand. “I’ll meet you there!” Remus yelled and she heard the back door slam. She glanced out the window as she hopped around trying to get her shoe on and watched him as he went to the edge of the wards and dissapparated. Very quickly Hermione dashed down the stairs, and out passed the wards and dissapparated to Remus’ house.

When she got there she heard Remus yelling and ran in the direction his voice was coming from, behind the house. She came skidding to a stop when she saw him holding his father’s body and crying, his mother kneeling in the grass a few feet away from him with her head in her hands. His father was covered in blood and long scratches and the bile rose in the back of her throat as she realized who had done this. Last night had been a full moon.

Remus had remained at home for once and apparently the Pack did not like that. They were sending him a message.

A few hours later Ministry officials were scouring the Lupin’s house and property, looking for clues or anything that would lead them to the murders. Mrs. Lupin had been questioned and was now sitting on the porch steps. Hermione sat down next to her and handed her a cup of tea. She thanked Hermione silently and Hermione glanced over and found Remus talking to Aurors. James and Sirius were here as well and they were sweeping the woods, Hermione was not in a hurry to talk to them. She’d seen James on occasion, but she had not talked to Sirius since she had kicked him out of her home a couple months before.

She waited until Remus was done speaking to the aurors before she made her way to him. She gently touched his arm and he flinched away from her. She frowned and dropped her hand to her side. “I think we should get your mother to your grandmother’s house.” Hermione said, speaking softly. Remus nodded and ran a hand though his hair, wincing slightly.

“I agree.” He said and Hermione looked him up and down nervously. “I’m just sore.” He murmured softly, reaching out to gently take her face in his hands before kissing her softly on the lips. “I’m going to need help with all of this.” He said gesturing around and Hermione nodded. She had forced herself not to cry, yet.

“I know. I’m here for you, you know that.” She said softly, taking his hands in hers and squeezing them. James and Sirius emerged with a team of aurors from the woods and Sirius was speaking to James and Hermione knew that if she could hear them, Remus most definitely could.

“I don’t want to hear this right now Sirius.” James murmured, taking off his glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Don’t you think it’s possible?” Sirius whispered furiously. “They are trying to keep him in line. This was only the first. You have to realize that. What if they go after someone else, like his mother, or Logan, or Hermione. James we-”

“STOP IT!” James yelled, whirling around to face Sirius. Sirius stopped suddenly and gaped at James. “He’s one of our mates, Sirius. And right now, he needs us. I don’t want to hear another bloody word about spies, or death eaters or You Know Who!” James snarled and turned around and saw Remus and Hermione staring at them.

Remus had a mixture of horror and betrayal on his face while anger swirled in Hermione’s eyes. Remus backed away then, as James took a hesitant step forward. “Moony-” James started, but Remus having heard every word between the two, turned on his heel and marched towards the steps. Hermione flinched when she heard the loud crack of him apparating his mother away and glared at the two of them. James gave her a helpless look and Sirius tore his gaze away from her.

“You didn’t tell him.” Sirius whispered ever so softly as they got closer.

“No. I did not. It would break his heart.” Hermione said firmly, her words cut Sirius deeply because he flinched away from her tone. “But you’ve already managed to do that yourself. Are you so daft that you forgot about his heightened hearing?” Hermione whispered furiously, her anger flaring.

“I didn’t think he would still be here.” Sirius grumbled.

“That still does not give you the right to talk about such things in public!” Hermione snarled, this time James flinched at her tone. “If you ever, and I mean this Sirius, if you ever breathe a word of this in his hearing one more time you can count on me cursing your arse to Hell. And don’t you dare think of coming to the funeral.” She whispered. “Do you hear me?” She hissed in anger and when Sirius did not respond she snapped at him, “Sirius!”

“Yes.” He growled glaring at the ground.

“Good.” She said firmly and started to walk away when James’ voice stopped her.

“Hermione, give Remus our-I mean, my condolences, will you? I believe I will be away during the funeral.” James said and Hermione looked back to give him a sad smile.

“Of course, thank you James.” She whispered before dissapparating.

When she arrived at Remus’ grandmother’s home she let herself in the back door and found Mrs. Lupin sitting at the small table island in the kitchen with her mother and one of her sisters next to her. They all looked up at her as she came in and Hermione immediately searched for Remus. “Where is he?” She whispered in a panic, her voice catching ever so slightly.

“He said he had something to take care of.” Mrs. Lupin said quietly and Hermione’s eyes widened in alarm, glancing out the window. The sun was setting, and the moon was still full.

Fear and panic gripped at her and she shook her head, “no, no, no.” she whispered, reaching into her shirt she pulled out the ring that connected her to twins. “I need to find him. I’ll be back.” She said, quickly dissapparating as she pulled the ring onto her finger. When her feet his firm ground once more she had to press a hand out to steady herself and she found herself grasping another hand. She looked up to see Gideon regarding her curiously.

“What’s wrong?” He said with concern evident in his eyes.

“Remus. He’s-his father was murdered by werewolves, I-I think he’s in danger.” She whispered.

“Bugger.” Gideon snarled then quickly grabbed her head and led her to the door, yelling up the stairs to Fabian. “Get your clothes on Fay, we’ve got a problem!” He then turned to Hermione, “We need to find Ridge,”

“You can’t. It’s a full moon! Don’t you know where the Den is?” She cried in desperation.

Gideon seemed to think for a moment and Hermione watched as Fabian rushed down the stairs, pulling a shirt over his head as he did so. “I know where it is.” Fabian said, grabbing both their hands. “Hold tight.” He said and all three of them dissapparated.


The moon was hidden behind the clouds and had been for some time. Men were scattered around the entrance to the Den, some dead and others severely wounded. Blood was everywhere and Remus was covered in it, most of it was not his own. Remus currently had Fenrir by the throat, pressing the older man against the trunk of a tree. Both of the men were in their human forms as well and Remus seemed to have the advantage since adrenaline and anger pumped through his veins. His eyes were entirely yellow, the wolf struggling just below the surface, taking complete control.

Other wolves were hovering near by, unsure what to do. Remus, who was a lower tanking wolf in the Pack had their alpha by the throat. Remus had always received special treatment from the alpha, so the wolves did not know how to interpret this. Fenrir was laughing at Remus, but his laugh became choked as Remus tightened his grip on the older man’s throat.

“R-Remus, my lovely boy- d-do you really think that your father’s death was because of you missing one night with us?” He laughed.

“Of course it was. You killed him to keep me in my place!” Remus snarled, his eyes blazing angrily.

“I killed him because he insulted me.” Fenrir laughed.

“NO! You bit me and killed my brother long ago for that!” Remus snarled, punching the tree with his free hand, sending pieces of bark flying in all directions.

Fenrir seemed to sober for a moment, before he spoke a feral grin spread across his bloody lips. “Your brother was supposed to live. He was supposed to be as you are today. Alive, healthy, and a werewolf.”

“NO!” Remus shouted.

“Oh yes. I sought you two out long before your father insulted me.” He grinned and Remus felt as though he was going to be sick. “You would have done it yourself if it was for my father.” He snarled, roughly pulling Fenrir away from the tree before slamming him against it again. Remus felt satisfied when he heard Fenrir let out a cry of pain as some of his ribs broke. “I will kill you next time anyone from this Pack comes near my family.” Remus growled, letting go of Fenrir’s throat and watching as the man slid down the tree trunk and to the grass. The moon started to peek out from behind the clouds and Remus could feel his skin started to pull and wolf ripping out of him from the inside.

He snarled at all of them and ran into the thickness of the trees, and was surprised when he heard Fenrir call out, “NO! Do not go after him! He is to be kept alive!”


August, 1980


“Lily, he’s beautiful.” Hermione whispered, leaning over Lily’s side to peer down at the sleeping boy. Harry, Hermione thought sadly. Memories of him flashed behind her eyes and she smiled down at him.

“Do you want to hold him?” Lily murmured softly, carefully offering him over. Hermione hesitated for a moment, but remembered that holding Ron had not done anything to her, or to him, so it was okay to hold Harry. She nodded and carefully took him from Lily. James gave her a goofy grin and leaned over to smooth Lily’s hair away from her face. “I’m a little tired, so hold him as long as you want.” Lily said, smiling tiredly.

“Thank you.” Hermione said and went over to sit in the chair with him.

“I’m going to run and grab some coffee. Do you want any?” James asked Hermione, she shook her head.

“I’m fine, thanks.” She whispered and turned her attention back to Harry. Once the door clicked shut and Hermione was sure Lily was asleep she spoke softly to Harry. “Hello Harry, you don’t know how much I miss you and Ron. I don’t think I’m ever going to let you two go if I return safely. I love you Harry, always remember that.” She whispered, pressing a kiss to his forehead.


October, 1980

Albus was pacing the entire length of his office and glanced up as the two people stepped inside. Gideon and Fabian carried a large mirror into the office with them. Albus showed them where to place it and when they set it down they stepped back to admire their handy work.

“So this will send her home then?” Ridge asked from his position near the window.

“Yes.” Albus said, nodding grimly.

“Any word in the Den?” Gideon asked, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“No.” Ridge said, shaking his head as he stared out the window. “No one knows what his next move will be. Whether it is killing the boy or trying to capture her. He does not know why she is important. It seems his informant knows little about her. Which leads me to believe they are either someone who cares deeply about her and is also close to the Potters and is therefore protecting her by giving forth information on them. Or they know little about her and enough about the Potter’s to warrant our suspicion.”

“That could mean it’s Lupin then.” Fabian said and Ridge shook his head.

“No. It’s not Remus. I would know. I’m with him most of the time. He would never put Hermione or the Potter’s in danger. It’s Black I’m worried about. He’s been pushing James to believe its Remus for months now. Hermione broke four of Sirius’ ribs when he asked her about it and now she isn’t speaking to him.” Ridge said turning slightly to lean against the windowsill.

“What about Pettigrew? He’s close with them, isn’t he?” Gideon said, glancing around at them.

“Used to be, don’t know about anymore. He’s right coward anyhow.” Ridge said with a shake of his head.

“What about your informant? Does he know?” Gideon asked Albus, who was gazing into the traveling mirror. 

“No. He has told me that no one, not even the inner circle knows of this spy or who they are. However, Regulus Black, Sirius’ younger brother went missing a few days ago.” Albus said, frowning as his fingers trailed across the carvings on the mirror.

“Yes, we got wind of that. He’s probably dead. Got in a little too deep and tried to back out.” Gideon said shrugging.

“I wouldn’t be too sure.” Albus murmured as his fingers hovered over the knob that opened the portal entrance.

“Anyway,” Gideon said, trying to turn the conversation around, “When are you going to send her back?”

“Soon.” Albus said softly.


December, 1980

The attacks had been building up for the past few months, but with the holiday season close at hand everyone hoped that things would remain quiet. The Order had lost six members since October, 2 dead, three missing, and one mad. Numerous attacks in the muggle world had left both the wizarding hospitals and muggle alike treating victims. Many muggleborn witches and wizards had left the magical world, fleeing for their lives, and many witches with muggle family members had fled as well.

Even with some Death Eaters being apprehended it seemed as though they grew in numbers every month. Albus had suspected that they had recruited many more members from different countries, as well different magical beings, other than the Pack. With all the commotion it hardly seemed like the holiday season, but people were trying.

Hermione had gone to visit Lily and James briefly at headquarters. They had decided to meet friends there because they were trying to lay low due to the continuous attacks. Hermione was currently sitting with Lily, sipping tea, the two of them talking quietly. “So, how is he?” Lily asked softly as she glanced over to James when Harry started fussing.

“Not good. But he’s trying.” Hermione said in reference to Remus. “First Christmas without his dad, it’s hard on him.” Hermione said sadly.

“I can imagine.” Lily murmured, frowning sadly. “He should have come.”

“No, it wouldn’t have gone well.” Hermione said shaking her head.

“Well at least tell him Happy Christmas from me? Would you?” Lily said softly and Hermione nodded.

“Of course Lily.” Hermione said nodding.


A few hours later Hermione returned back home and found a few lights on. She drew her wand and cautiously made her way to the common room. She was surprised to find Remus and Logan sitting together on the couch reading a book.

“What are you doing home?” She asked, standing in the doorway. “I was supposed to meet you two at Vivian’s.”

Remus looked up at her and shrugged sadly, marking the place in the book. Logan squirmed off his Uncle’s lap and ran to Hermione, hugging her legs. “Happy Christmas Aunt Hermione!” Logan cried as he grinned up at her.

“Happy Christmas Logan,” Hermione said, smiling down at the boy and ruffling his hair.

Remus had stood and made his way to her, placing a kiss on her forehead before whispering to her, “It just didn’t feel right without you there. So I told Nana we would be back when you came home.”

Hermione nodded. “How is your mother?”

“Well enough.” He said with a shrug.


November, 1998

Harry woke with a start and found himself on the couch. He gasped and rubbed his eyes before checking his watch. He’d been asleep for nearly two hours. He glanced over at the other couch and found Remus watching him. “Are you alright?” Remus asked softly, concern evident in his eyes.

“Yeah.” Harry said, swallowing roughly. “Just a dream.”

“You said Hermione’s name.” Remus whispered, sadness filtering through his eyes.

Harry nodded and leaned against the back of the couch. “I remember her, from when I was a baby, well at least I think I do. I heard her voice, along with mum’s, yelling at dad to get me off something before I hurt myself. I guess I did because she was holding me and comforting me while her and mum both scolded dad.” Harry said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“That was when your dad got you a small broom.” Remus said with a pained smile.

“Were you there?” Harry asked, his eagerness evident in his voice. He wanted to know more.

“No.” Remus said sadly, shaking his head.

“Why not?” Harry whispered, puzzled.

“At that time people believed me to be the spy that was close to Lily and James. And it was rightly justified in their eyes, since I was with the Pack most of the time. And at that time Fenrir was strengthening his ties with Voldemort.” Remus said softly. “I let them think it was me.”

“Well why did you let them think that?” Harry said in horror.

“They were looking for someone to blame and I was an easy target. Trust me Harry, it was for the best.” Remus said firmly, his tone indicating that that was the end of the conversation.



January, 1981

“Why did you not tell me of this sooner!” Voldemort roared, causing Peter to flinch away in terror.

“P-please, my Lord. I thought news on Lily and James was more p-p-pressing.” Peter stuttered.

“More pressing! Are you daft Pettigrew? This girl has knowledge of the future.” Voldemort paused, staring into the fire briefly. He turned back to Peter with a wicked grin. “You will inform me of the girl. I will make plans to take her and learn of the future from her.”

“B-But Remus, he will-” Peter started but Voldemort held up a hand to silence him.

“The wolf will not be a problem. He is easily taken care of.” Voldemort said as he glanced back into the fire. “I will have that girl’s memories.”




March, 1981

“HERMIONE RUN!” Gideon yelled, shoving her up the hill. Her chest was heaving and spells flew by her, Fabian had reached the top and was sending spells over her and Gideon’s heads. The three of them had been on a call that muggles had been attacked. They had been ambushed once arriving at the home and now they were unable to apparate away and were now running for heir lives. The Death Eaters wanted her, alive. So they hadn’t been shooting killing curses, yet.

She made it to the top of the hill and as they go there Gideon scouted the area. “We need to get to the cover of that forest.” He said, taking Hermione’s arm and leading her down the hill. Fabian followed and as they ran a spell it Fabian in the back and he fell. Gid grabbed his arm and Hermione whirled around blasting a fire spell at the hilltop, watching as the area was engulfed in flames. In moments the Death Eaters were at the top of the hill and Hermione counted five in all.

She couldn’t pull up a shield spell because she was weakening. Her body felt as though it were about to give up, but to keep herself alive she needed to keep going. “Fay, are you alright?” Gideon asked and Fabian shook his head, Hermione peeked at his back and saw a deep red stain spreading across the back of his shirt.

“Gideon, we have to get him out of here!” Hermione yelled, but Gideon grabbed her arms, looking into her eyes.

“No. Get yourself out of here.” Gideon said as Fabian sent up a flare. “Other Order members will be here in a few minutes. Get the trees and hide as best you can. Fay and I will fight them off.” He said, and Hermione shook her head.

“No! I wont leave you.” She cried.

“Hermione, go.” Fabian rasped, reaching over to place a kiss on her temple. “Please.” He begged before shoving her in the direction of the woods. She stopped and stared back at them, they had turned away from her to face the Death Eaters that were now running down the hill. Everything seemed go on in slow motion as she ran her hardest to get to the trees. She heard Gideon cry out and as she whirled around she watched Fabian fall to the ground, dead.

“NO!” She screamed in horror. One of the Death Eaters saw her as Gideon faced the other four and he fell to his knees as a Cruciatus curse was placed on him. A curse flew past her and she stumbled, flinging her hand out in a knock back spell. The Death Eater flew back and hit the ground hard and Hermione ran to the trees. She ran into the and quickly hide behind a large trunk, closing her eyes and gasping for breath. Suddenly a hand clapped over her mouth and she froze.

“It’s me.” Sirius whispered in he ear. “Other Order members on their way.” Sirius whispered letting go of her.

“Sirius, we need to help Gideon.” Hermione said, grabbing his arm and pulling him back in the direction she had run from.

“No, you need to get out of here.” He said stopping her. She wrenched away from him and ran back towards the edge of the forest. Sirius grabbed her around the waist just as she got close to the field and pulled her back. “He’s dying Sirius! Look at him!” She cried, struggling against him. Gideon was withering on the ground, the Death Eaters standing over him, hitting him with spells.

Suddenly spells came out of nowhere and hit the Death Eaters. The other Order members had shown up. The Death Eaters realizing they had the disadvantage now, dissapparated away, leaving the twins there. Hermione elbowed Sirius in the side, he let o of her with a cry of pain and she ran to Gideon. When she came upon him he was mere inches away from Fabian, reaching out to touch his brother’s lifeless body. When he wasn’t breathing Hermione turned him over and gasped at the sight. His front was completely covered in blood, blood on his lips and his eyes lifeless. He was dead. She cried out and threw herself over his body, pulling him into her lap, she reached out for Fabian’s arm and tugged as hard as she could until both of them were close to her. They had died to save her, how was she ever going to forgive herself for this.

She didn’t know what happened after she had cried herself hoarse, but she knew she was lifted away from their bodies, too tired and weak to protest. She was side apparated home and passed into Remus’ strong embrace and tucked into bed. She woke up three days later when Remus roused her for their funeral.

 I knew Gideon and Fabian's deaths were coming for a while now, but they've been a big part of this story and it was hard to let them go. Second, I want to apologize for this chapter containing so much death. It is necessary, as there will only be a couple more chapters, including the epilogue. The next chapters may take a little longer to get out because it will be hard to write, since they are the last.

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Chapter 47: Past, Present and Future
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April, 1981


Hermione rolled over and frowned when she saw Remus was no longer next to her. This was unusual because ever since Gideon and Fabian’s deaths a few weeks before Remus had made an effort to be next to her when she woke up every morning. The mornings were always the worst, especially when she woke and remembered everything. She knew he’d been slipping her dreamless sleep potion ever night and she was thankful for it. She sat up and rubbed her eyes and smiled softly when she smelled breakfast cooking downstairs. She was about to get up when there was a soft knock at the door and it opened.

Logan smiled shyly at her as he held a tray with food. Remus stood behind him, gently easing the door open for the little boy as he walked inside. Then Hermione remembered, it was Logan’s birthday today. “Logan! What a wonderful surprise!” Hermione said and motioned the boy to come inside. He grinned at her and walked over to the bed, placing the tray on the bed with Remus’ help before climbing up into Hermione’s lap. “Happy Birthday.” Hermione whispered in his ear before placing a kiss on his forehead. Remus sat down on the other side of the bed as Logan pointed to the tray.

“Look! We made breakfast!” He said, grinning at Hermione.

“It looks wonderful. When did you get here?” Hermione asked softly, glancing up at Remus.

“Uncle Remus came to get me, he said we could go see Nana later, if you said it was okay.” Logan said reaching for a piece of toast.

“Of course we can.” Hermione said softly. “I’m sure she would love to see us.” Hermione glanced up again to find Remus watching her. She gave him a sad smile and glanced back at Logan to find the boy watching her intently, a frown forming on his little lips. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t like it when you’re sad. It makes me sad.” He said softly and Hermione’s eyes started to tear up and she gave him a watery smile. “Remus said your friends died, like my parents. That You Know Who hurt them. But he said that they are in a good place, with mum and dad.” Logan said, looking up to Remus for reassurance. Remus nodded, smiling at the boy, avoiding Hermione’s gaze.

“Yes, I have no doubt they are.” Hermione said wiping at her eyes again. “Now, how about we eat this breakfast you helped make and I promise not to make you sad again, it is your birthday after all.” She said, pulling him close to kiss his forehead once more. He grinned at her before taking a bite of toast. “You know, in a couple of years you’ll be getting your Hogwarts letter.” Hermione said as she sat back, taking the bowl of fruit with one hand and searching for Remus’ with the other. Logan went into a tirade about how excited he was for Hogwarts, Hermione squeezed Remus’ hand, thinking about how this was all she could want in the world while she tried to ignore the worried look in Remus’ eyes.


June, 1981

“Hermione! Come quickly!” Mad Eye shouted from a room down the hall. Hermione sprinted down the hallway of the Frank and Alice Longbottom’s house, coming to a skidding halt inside the doorway of their common room. James stumbled past her, retching a few paces down from her. Hermione peered into the room, her gut lurching at the sight before her. She had no doubt in her mind why James was sick. Hermione moved into the room, dropping to her knees to check their pulses. She breathed a sigh of relief as she realized that they were in fact alive.

“They’re alive,” She whispered. “You need to get them out of here.” She said softly glancing towards the door, listening for James. Moody nodded at her and motioned to Kingsley who now stood in the doorway, his breath coming in shallow gasps.

“I’ll help Mad Eye.” He said, coming over and picking up Alice’s unconscious body.

As he did, she seemed to rouse briefly and she murmured, “Neville…” as a her wand fell to the ground, glowing tip of her wand going out as it hit the hard wood of the floor. Hermione paled and sprang to her feet.

“The baby!” She shouted at Moody and Kingsley. “We have to find him, Neville is still here!” She cried, frantically looking around. “JAMES!” She shouted, running into the hallway she looked desperately at James, who was pale and leaning against the wall for support. “Help me.” She whispered and once she heard the two cracks of Moody and Kingsley leaving were the cries of a child heard.

If it was possible James turned even whiter and they both dashed for the stairs. “Why didn’t we hear him before?” James yelled as he ran down the opposite hallway of Hermione.

“I dunno! Look in every room and try disillusion spells!” Hermione called down the hallway before stepping into one of the bedrooms. She cast a few spells around the room, but Neville’s crying was distant in her ears.

“It’s as though he isn’t here.” James said coming back down her way. “It sounds as though he’s not even here.” James said shaking his head.

“Alice was always good at shielding charms, and illusion spells.” Hermione murmured, walking down the hall to another room, Neville’s nursery. “He wouldn’t be here, it’s too obvious.”

“Maybe that’s what she wanted them to think.” James said softly, casting a spell around the room. He let out a ragged relieved sigh when the cries of Neville became louder. Hermione quickly searched the room and glanced in a basket near his crib. The crying toddler was there, squirming restlessly, his cries echoing around the room. Hermione quickly pulled him close, murmuring to him.

“Shhh, Neville, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Hermione soothed, rocking him. James was watching with panic in his eyes.

“Hermione.” He said, his voice cracking as he spoke. Hermione looked up at him and her eyes met his panic filled ones. She realized immediately and nodded at him.

“Go.” She whispered. “I’ll be fine. Go see Lily.”

“Have Albus contact me, please.” He whispered, desperately stressing the please. Hermione nodded at him before he dissapparated.

Hermione quickly gathered some of Neville’s things while she held him and pointed her wand out the window, shouting a flare spell into the sky. The Ministry officials would be here soon enough, but giving a little calling wouldn’t hurt anything. Quickly she dissapparated, arriving at Head Quarters where she found Remus pacing nervously, Ridge sitting at a table calmly with Dumbledore. All three men looked up and relief flashed through their eyes at the sight of her with Neville, but then worry and panic became clear in Albus’.

He stood immediately, going to her and taking Neville from her. “You’ve heard about Alice and Frank?” She said and he nodded gravely.

“Mad Eye sent over his patronus when they got to St. Mungo’s.” Ridge said as he stood to take the bag of Neville’s things.

“We’ll be taking the child to his grandmother.” Albus said softly as both him and Ridge left the room. Remus was standing where he had stopped pacing, staring at her. Hermione smiled weakly at him and he rushed to her, crushing her into his arms.

“Are you alright?” He whispered gruffly. Hermione clung to him, inhaling his scent, hoping it would calm her down.

“No.” Hermione whimpered into his sweater, clinging to him as tears finally spilled from her eyes.


July, 1981

Voldemort sat in a clawed chair by the window of their hideout. The drapes had been pulled back to allow the light of the waxing moon to filter in. There was a knock at the door and he sighed, lifting his head to call out, “Enter.” Lucius stood by the door dressed in fine emerald robes, he bowed slightly before speaking.

“My Lord, Pettigrew is here. He has…beneficial news.” Lucius murmured.

Voldemort nodded, “Very well, send him in.” He said, waving at Lucius who nodded and disappeared for a few moments before Pettigrew was led into the room. Voldemort could smell the fools fear from the doorway, but however frightened the idiot was, he made excellent use of all the information he’d obtained. He had chosen well in picking which of Potter’s friends would lead to his downfall. “Well?” He snarled, taking satisfaction in watching Pettigrew flinch.

“I k-know where they will be…” Pettigrew stuttered and for the briefest of moments Voldemort thought that he had heard Pettigrew incorrectly. He stared at the wall replaying the words in his head. He tried with all his might not smile. Pettigrew was stuttering again and Voldemort swiftly raised a hand to shut him up.

“I would have expected Black to be the Secret Keeper, very good Wormtail.” Voldemort hissed in satisfaction as he stroked the snake that slithered across his lap. “This is excellent news.”

“Y-yes master.” Peter quibbled, bowing nervously.

“We must plan an attack, I feel the child’s birthday would been too soon. However, I want the Lupin woman as well.” He said stroking his chin in thought. “That blood traitor Longbottom and his wife were no help. We must plan a combined raid. I will kill the child, and other’s will get the girl.” He said, giving a snickering laugh. “You are dismissed.” He said, waving his hand at Peter who scurried out of the room with murmured yes master.


August, 1981


“Her magic is draining faster.” Albus murmured, his eyes following Ridge as he paced in front of him.

“I know, and Remus does as well. He’s worried.” Ridge murmured as he continued to pace.

“Yes, I would not be surprised. He can smell it, I’m sure.” Albus said and started to go on quietly about how Hermione was stubborn and he’d tried once already to get her through the mirror but she wouldn’t go. He stopped talking suddenly when Ridge spoke softly from where he stood near the window, watching the crescent moon with a frown.

“Albus, she’s pregnant.” Ridge whispered and Albus stared at him in horror.

“You’re sure?” Albus rasped, swiftly standing and going to the bookshelf. Ridge watched as he grabbed one off the shelf and flipped through the pages. He scanned a couple pages when he stopped flipping, as his eyes scanned the page his face paled. Roughly running a hand over his face he met Ridge’s eyes with a grave look. “She must leave, sooner rather than later. The child is of this time, if it continues to develop in this time, it will kill her. Her magic is already draining, and having a child growing inside her will act as a sort of parasite, taking not only her magic, but her life force to survive in this time.”

Ridge paled and turned towards him, his knuckles turning white with how hard he was gripping the back of the chair. “She if she doesn’t leave she will die?” He growled, his eyes flashing yellow.

“She will die regardless. She has stayed too long. Task bearers are not supposed to be present in the same time as their other self. Her magic has been slowly draining since her birth nearly two years ago.” Albus said softly, closing the book and setting it on his desk.

Ridge nodded, running his fingers through his hair. “Remus is scared and angry. He knows she has to leave, but he is not ready to accept it.” Ridge said softly and Albus nodded.

“I would imagine, she is the only steady force besides you, and his family he has had in his life. His friends have turned against him, and he let them…” Albus said, shaking his head sadly.

“It was very foolish of him to do so, he could have been killed outright by Potter.” Ridge murmured.

“Yes, but it also shows just how loyal he is by doing that, don’t you think?” Albus said softly, causing Ridge to smile softly.

“Yes. He would die them for them, especially Hermione.” Ridge said, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“Yes, and that is what worries me.”  Albus murmured, “That her task will be for nothing.”



September, 1981


Ridge sat at the table in Hermione’s kitchen, his wounds completely bandaged and a cup of tea in his hands. “I’m sure you’d like something stronger, but this is the best I can do. I got rid of the alcohol in the house, lessen the temptation.” Hermione murmured as she sat down across from him.

Ridge nodded and eyed her, his gaze lingers on her abdomen. “He knows.” Ridge said gruffly, causing Hermione to stiffen and turn white.

“I should have known.” She said her shock diminishing as a small smile spread across her lips.

“How far along are you?” Ridge said softly and Hermione shrugged.

“I don’t rightly now, a month, maybe two. Nothing more than that, I’m positive. I thought it was stress, but I performed the spell. He’s known before me, I’m sure of that now.”

“Haven’t you been to your Healer?” Ridge asked and Hermione shook her head.

“No. Didn’t you know that the laws are going through changes?” Ridge nodded. “With the recent attacks and the laws, I don’t want to chance them making me abort my child. So, I’ll say that due to the stress I’ve been under I was not aware I was pregnant, and Remus could lie that he didn’t know. I don’t want to lose this baby Ridge.” Hermione whispered softly, tears brimming in her eyes.

Ridge reached across the table and patted her hand. “I know. It’s a hell of a time to have one, but he will be loved and you can guarantee that Remus wont let anything happen to you, either of you.” Ridge said, leaning across the table to kiss Hermione’s forehead as she started to cry softly.


Late September, 1981


Hermione sat in her small office, writing a letter to James and Lily, since it was the only way to contact them now. Harry’s first birthday had been nearly a month ago, but Hermione had not seen the three of them in almost two months. They had gone into hiding from Voldemort immediately after the Longbottoms had been found, tortured beyond reason in June. The incident had been a great blow to the Order, and all who knew them.

She was writing mainly to Lily, since she had asked for news on everyone. Hermione wrote very little concerning Remus, since she knew James would read the letter as well. She was about to continue writing again when there was a knock at her door. “Come in.” She murmured, dipping her quill into the ink well. When the person didn’t begin speaking she glanced up, her quill clattering to the table when her eyes came upon Sirius.

He looked tired and worn out. There was a bruise on the side of his temple and he hovered in her doorway with unease. Hermione cleared her throat, hoping her voice wouldn’t crack when she spoke, “Yes?”

He didn’t speak for a long time, just cautiously watching her. She made sure to stay perfectly still, watching him wearily. “Sirius.” She said softly and was startled when he flinched at his name. He blushed and rubbed the back of his neck, still hesitating in the doorway.

“I’m sorry… I just haven’t… I…” He started, trailing off steadily. Hermione sighed and motioned to the chair in front of her desk. He sat down gratefully. However, Hermione noticed his nervousness when he started wringing his hands together. “How are you?” He asked softly, glancing around her office.

“Sirius…” She whispered, shaking her head.

His shoulders slumped and when Hermione caught his eye she saw the pain and desperation in them. “Just…humor me… please.” He said, his voice suddenly hoarse.

Hermione bit her lip before replying, “I’ve been better.”

Sirius nodded quietly, “I’ve lost the right to know why, so I won’t ask…”

Hermione sighed and rubbed her temples. “Sirius… what are you doing here?” She murmured.

It took Sirius a long time to answer again and when he spoke, his voice was desperate and soft, “I’m lonely.” Hermione glanced up, startled by what she saw in his eyes. “I know I brought it upon my self, but bloody hell, I miss you and Remus.”

“Yes, you did.” Hermione said softly, wincing at the pain that reflected in Sirius’ eyes. “But I miss you as well. How have you been?”

Sirius shrugged sadly, “Things could be worse.” He whispered hoarsely.

Hermione sighed and slipped her letter in the drawer and checked her watch. “Hey, how about we head to my place, Remus is there, and I can cook you something. You look like you could use a good meal.” Sirius’ eyes lit up for a brief second before he frowned and shook his head. “I’ll go on ahead and talk to Remus for you…”

“No, it’s fine.” Sirius said standing up quickly. “Thank you for at least talking to me.” He said and started to go but Hermione stopped him.

“Sirius,” He hesitated in the doorway, “how are Lily and James?” She murmured and Sirius licked his lips nervously, and gave a small shrug as he looked at the ground.

“Doing well, concerning the predicament.” He said, giving her a sad smile before leaving. Hermione watched him leave with a furrowed brow, she could always tell when Sirius was lying, and this was one of those times. She wondered why he would lie about James and Lily being okay, she had only assumed he’d been the Secret Keeper, but form that little exchange, now she wasn’t so sure.



October 31st, 1981

Hermione rushed through the house, trying to find the capsule that Remus had hidden months before. She could feel the flames licking at her entire body as she rushed down the stairs, and that only made her move faster. Shout could be heard from below and she didn’t care she needed to find that trinket, she now wished she never gave it to Remus to hide. She had to at least save that from the fire and from them. She heard a commotion to her right and ducked left into the Common Room. Searching frantically through the drawers in the desk, she heard the sound of a floorboard creak behind her and she froze. “Drop your wand you filthy half-breed loving wench.” A voice calmly instructed from behind her. She wiped around to see three-hooded figure’s standing in the doorway, their white skeleton masks nearly glowing in the smoke.

“Well, well, well, Rookwood, fancy meeting you here, in my house.” Hermione snarled, throwing a spell in his direction which he quickly deflected.

“Hermione, it’s a pleasure to see you again. I see you’ve healed from our last rendezvous.” Rookwood said as he slipped his mask off, revealing a very badly scared face. Hermione only glared at him, quickly glancing around to find a possible escape route. Her magic was not what it was and she knew she couldn’t take the three of them without hurting herself, or the baby. She wouldn’t take that risk.

“Where’s the mutt?” The one closest to her asked, she recognized his voice, Evan Rosier.

“Where do you think?” She snapped, motioning to full moon out side the open window. Rookwood motioned for Rosier and the other Death Eater to search for him.

“When you find him, kill him.” Hermione’s eyes widened and she moved quickly to throw a spell at him, a scream wrenched from her throat. But before she could yell out a spell she felt a tug behind her navel. She closed her eyes as her body began to spin and opened them when she felt her feet were firmly on the ground.

She looked around wildly, Dumbledore’s office. She noticed him now, standing in front of her. She screamed and threw herself at him. “What did you do! What did you do! Send me back there!” She cried, grabbing onto his robes.

“It’s time for you to return.” He whispered softly.

“No! You don’t understand! There were Death Eaters in my home! They’re going to kill him! You have to let me go back! I have to save Remus!”

“It is you who doesn’t understand Hermione.” He said roughly grabbing her wrists and holding her tightly. “You must go back. Remus will be fine. Order members are on their way.”

“No. I can’t. Not while he needs me. I love him, you can’t…” She said tears streaming down her face.

“You must!” He said, his voice becoming louder, and more serious. “You’re dying Hermione. You know it.”

Hermione looked away from him, closing her eyes tightly. “You’re wrong.” She whispered.

“Am I? Or are you just being naïve.” She responded with a silent sob. “Your magic is slowly weakening, your new found talents are wearing away, and you haven’t aged. You’ve spent far too much time here. I should have forced you to go back a long time ago. You’ve done what you can for him, it’s time for you to leave.”

“I won’t leave.” She said stubbornly. “I’ll wear away until I’m nothing, until I can’t do magic anymore, or until I can’t even move on my own. I don’t care. I’m staying, he needs me here, with him, to love him, to show him that people do love him, and that he can go on in life.”

“I assure you, he knows that Hermione. Now I order you to return to your time.”

“No.” She whispered.

”You will die if you do not go back! So will your child!” He was starting to shout now, his eyes were cold, and something that she never thought she would see. She had pushed him to his limit and she knew it. “Your child needs your energy, your magic to live. Do you want your child to die? If you continue to live here, I can guarantee that you will not carry full term. That you will die before that child is born.”

Hermione stared at him. “How…” She said staring up at him, into his eyes. They had no sparkle, he stared back, coldly. “Ridge…he told you…” She whimpered and she watched as a wave of sadness washed over his face and he let go of her and leaned down and kissed her forehead.

With his hands on her shoulders he whispered, “I’m sorry it had to end like this.” He pushed her away from him and she felt as though she were falling, she didn’t realize until the moments when she was falling that the mirror had been behind her the entire time. She reached out to grab his robes, to grab anything to keep her from falling back into the mirror. It was too late. She felt herself hit solid ground.

She fell to her knees screaming in rage as she looked around. She was in Grimmauld Place. The one place she didn’t want to be. She dug at the rug, screaming and crying, and cursing. “Damn you Albus! Damn you!” She stood up and launched herself at the mirror in front of her, pounding on it with her fists. “Take me back! Please!”

“Hermione?” A voice said from the doorway.

She whirled around suddenly at the voice and everything came rushing back to her. Third year, Sirius, Remus, the Shrieking shack, Sirius in Azkaban, Lily and James dead on Halloween, Voldemort vanishing, the prophecy, Peter being the spy, Voldemort returning, Sirius being dead, Voldemort now gone, every memory she had placed in the capsule was back. “Oh Merlin…what have I done…” She whispered, falling to her knees in front of the mirror, one hand streaking along the glass as she fell, watching as Harry’s reflected figure ran to her before she fainted.


He stumbled towards his home, his hair matted with dirt and blood, his bones and muscles aching. His body was covered in bruises and cuts, but even as he was walking his body was healing itself. He couldn’t see a thing since his vision was hazy. However, he knew where he was going; home. The darkness that was surrounding him was slowly ebbing away, his vision was still blurry and he felt as though someone had hit him over the head one too many times. He had never felt this bad after a transformation before. He could just only make out the dark outlines of the trees as he stumbled in the direction of his home.

The smell of smoke started to filter through his nostrils and he quickened his pace. This wasn’t the usual fireplace smoke; this smoke was thick and was getting stuck in his throat, making him cough. As his pace quickened his vision started to come back, as he stepped out of the forest and entered his backyard he could just make out the red, orange, and yellows of the flames. He blinked a few times, his eyes finally allowing him to see more than just blurs and spurts of colors.

He stood transfixed at the sight before him, Ministry men, aurors and others alike moving about to put out the fire on his home. He looked up, and swallowed the bile that rose in his throat at the sight of the Dark Mark standing high above his home. Hermione! He panicked and dashed towards the back door, knowing full well that he was naked, but not caring. Someone wrapped his or her arms around him, pulling him away.

“Remus! No! You can’t!” It was Kingsley. “It’s too dangerous!” Kingsley shouted over the roar of the fire.

“Let me go! Hermione’s in there! HERMIONE!” Remus roared, trying desperately to wrench himself free of Kingsley’s grip. If he hadn’t just finished a transformation then he would have been able to throw Kingsley off him, but his body was still healing and it was a miracle that he could even stand, let alone walk back home the way he had.

“No! No one could have survived that fire…” Kingsley said quietly and Remus stopped thrashing, his body to tired and weak to continue."Even if she could have survived that fire... the Dark Mark Remus... She was probably dead before that fire even started... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry my friend." Kingsley whispered sadly, letting Remus go as his weight started to bring Kingsley down. Remus’ legs gave way and he fell to his knees crying out in anger and heartache. His cries were not nearly as human as they should have been, as they echoed through the night.



December 14th, 1982

Remus Lupin had never been one to drink much. However in last year, 1 month and 14 days he found himself getting drunk every night, or trying to at least. He cursed his werewolf metabolism for making his system flush away all the alcohol. If he was normal man, he would have been dead by the time he finished the bottle of tequila one night a couple months ago. However, tonight was an occasion worth drinking for. His anniversary; today would have been the third anniversary of his marriage to Hermione Grant, or Granger, or whatever her bloody surname had really been.

Foregoing the glass he took a swig right from the bottle, wincing as it burned on its way down. He stared at the wall, like he did most nights. There wasn’t anything fascinating about this wall, or this flat. His things were scattered about, and he only cleaned them when he really felt he needed to. Sometimes, he drank enough hard liquor quickly he would have visions, seeing Hermione, hearing her voice, chastising him for drinking too much. Once he’d even seen his son, or who he thought could have been his son, running around and playing. That was what hurt the most, not knowing if she survived. Barely anything was left in his house from the fire. Whatever was hers was gone.

He rubbed his temples as he remembered walking through the wreckage of his home, hours after sunrise. Word of Lily and James’ death had reached them, and he knew this had been a distraction. He was completely numb to feeling anything when the Ministry officials had informed him of Peter’s death and Sirius’ betrayal. He’d gone to their funeral, holding a smaller private one for Hermione, had inquired about Harry, and seen to arrangements for Logan before fleeing England. Now here he was, a year, one month and fourteen days later, and the pain was still too much to deal with. The hard liquor didn’t even keep the pain or the nightmares at bay, but it had become a constant companion in his life lately.

Roughly running a hand over his face he saw flashes of Hermione’s trinket, the capsule of memories she wore around her neck. Carefully he dug into his shirt and lifted out the now empty glass trinket. He had hidden the capsule at his mother’s house a couple years ago, per Hermione’s request. When he’d found the trinket before he left England, the memories had been gone. He hadn’t shown Albus or mentioned it to him at all, because he was afraid that the hope the missing memories instilled in him about Hermione being alive would be crushed.

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Chapter 48: Regaining What Was Lost.
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October 31, 1998

Harry ran to Hermione as she fainted, quickly sliding down next to her to try and catch her head before she fell. “Hermione!” He whispered, gently cradling her head in his hands, before pulling her into his lap. He stared down at her, pushing the curls away from her face before his hands flittered down to check her pulse. Her heat beat was steady, which was more than he could say for his own. She looked beautiful and all he wanted to do was hold her close so she wouldn’t disappear from his life ever again.

He glanced down at her body and immediately he remembered that Dumbledore mentioned her being pregnant. Quickly lifting her into his arms he dashed from the room, “RON!” He yelled, quickly heading up the stairs to his bedroom where he kicked the door open and laid Hermione out on his bed. Harry heard Ron grumbling as he made his way down from one of the guest rooms above as he stuffed a pillow under Hermione’s head and took the wand from her hand.

“Bloody Hell Harry,” Ron swore as he stepped into the doorway and Harry looked up at him and just as Ron was about to speak again, his mouth opened, but nothing came out. He was staring in horror at Hermione’s unconscious body. A raspy squeak managed to work its way out of his mouth and with a few sudden movements he was at the side of the bed, next to Harry. “Is she alright? What do we do? Should we call Remus, or Dumbledore?” Ron whispered in a panic, his fingers flittering about Hermione’s body, checking her pulse as Harry had.

“Dumbledore, call Dumbledore.” Harry whispered, reaching out a hand to brush Hermione’s curls away from her face. Ron stood there for a moment, staring down at Hermione in relief with tears in his eyes. Harry realized that Ron wasn’t moving in the near future and placed a hand on his friends back before leaving the room and jumping down the stairs to the kitchen. He threw himself onto the hearth and calling for Albus’ office. The old man’s head appeared before and Harry gasped out, “Hermione’s back.”

Harry had to move quickly away from the fireplace because it suddenly turned green and Albus stepped out of the fire, dusting off his robes. “Is she well?”

Harry shrugged and started for the stairs with Albus behind him. “It’s hard to tell, she fainted as soon as she fell through the mirror.” Harry said as they made their way up the staircase. Albus went right to Hermione’s side, casting a few spells to check her health and the health of the child.

“The child is fine, for now…” Albus murmured looking sadly down at Hermione then up to Harry and Ron. “Stay with her, if she wakes make sure she does not get out of bed. I will be returning to Hogwarts to get Poppy and bring her here.

“She looks older…” Ron murmured from his spot on the bed, his fingers hovering over her messy curls.

“How long was she there for?” Harry asked as Albus passed him.

“To us she was gone 14 months. However, she lived in the past for nearly four years.” Albus said as he stood in the doorway. “But I assure you, she did not age. She merely looks older because of her magic draining from her younger self being born and trying to keep her child alive… I will return shortly.” He murmured before heading down the hall back to the kitchen. Harry hovered near the end of the bed as Ron stared at Hermione’s unconscious form.

“What do we do Harry?” Ron said sadly, glancing at Harry from over his shoulder. Harry shrugged helplessly and moved around to the other side of the bed, sitting down opposite of Ron.

“I don’t Ron, I don’t know…” He said quietly, taking one of Hermione’s hands into his and squeezing it tightly.


Later that day.


Remus walked in the door, shaking out his wet hair as he hung up his coat. He’d been caught in the rain on the way home from work, a particularly nasty storm that had drifted over London very quickly. He immediately paused when he sensed something was different in the house. Nearly all the lights were off in the front hall, the kitchen light floated up the stairs but other than that the house was dark and empty. He reached over and flicked on the lights, Harry and Ron’s scents were all around the house, but the freshest one had been hours ago.

Normally Harry would leave a note if both of them were going out, but then he caught Albus’ scent and Poppy’s as well. He drew his wand cautiously, taking Poppy away from Hogwarts during the day was never a good omen. He glanced at the small table where there would usually be a note, there was nothing there. He wondered if Harry and Ron were playing a trick on him considering it was Halloween, but then he remembered they had a Halloween party tonight. Harry had told him about it earlier.

He walked up the stairs, flicking on a few lights as he did and checked his watch. He had a few hours until the full moon rose, so he was going to catch up on some reading. As he got to the second floor he stopped when he caught a familiar scent. He glanced into the common room and frowned, inhaling again. The scent triggered a chain reaction in his body and his mind screamed Hermione as he ran up the stairs, following the scent to Harry’s room. He hoped to Merlin that it wasn’t some sick prank on behalf of Harry and Ron, but when he eased the door open he felt the bile rise in the back of his throat at the sight before him. Hermione. She was there, alive, unconscious, but alive. He stumbled back as her scent hit him full force, it had been eighteen years since he’d last been able to scent her and their unborn child.

His body started to shake and he hit the doorframe jus as his knees gave out, his breath coming in quick gasps. Tears filled his eyes as images of the fire from nineteen years ago flashed before his eyes. Harry, who had been asleep at Hermione’s side, with Ron on the other, woke up, rubbing his eyes tiredly. Remus could barely make out Harry’s figure as the young man stepped close. Panic gripped Remus as his skin prickled, muscles tightened and his bones began to shift. The wolf in him was fighting for control, overjoyed yet livid that his mate had been returned yet kept from him for so long. “Harry…” Remus gasped, grabbing Harry’s arm tightly as Harry tried to pull him to his feet. “Get me out of here.” Remus breathed, fighting a spasm that coursed through his body. “Lock me in the attic. Ward it. Make sure I don’t get out.”

“But the moon-” Harry started but Remus cut him off as he grabbed Harry by the collar of his shirt.

“I’m changing now. He wants her.” Remus snarled, his eyes flashing gold as he pointed in the direction of Hermione’s unconscious body. Harry’s eyes widened and he quickly helped Remus up the stairs to the attic, nearly dragging him a few times his body started to spasm. Harry hesitated in the doorway but Remus snarled at him to leave and Harry did so, warding the door from both sides.


The Next Morning.


When Hermione had first woken up in the morning she had found herself curled up in between Harry and Ron. Her had had been on Harry’s chest, with Ron pressed close from behind. Both of them each had an iron grip on her clothing, as if they were afraid she was going to disappear. She didn’t blame them in the least. She studied their features and found they hadn’t aged much. Harry’s hair was sorter than it had been since she last him. He looked so much like James it hurt to think about it. She lifted away his bangs to check and see if the scar was there, just to make sure it was actually Harry. She pressed a soft kiss to his forehead before biting her lip to keep the tears from escaping her eyes she carefully turned to face Ron. He was sound asleep and she let out a little sigh as she ran her fingers through his slightly longer hair having them hover over the new sideburns that framed his face and she found she liked them. Her fingers trembled as they hovered over his cheek, leaning in close to press a kiss to forehead as she had done with Harry.

She knew she was in Grimmauld Place, but she didn’t know when. How long had been since she had left and where was Remus? She glanced at the nightstand next to the bed and found numerous potions sitting there and a list of directions for Harry. The potions were for her, the closest one was a magic restoration potion. Briefly she wondered if her magic was still as week as it had been then. She lifted one of her hands and frowned as little blue light hesitantly formed above her palm. With a sigh she dropped her hand, it would take a while for her magic to fully restore itself. Her hand came in contact with Ron’s arm that was wrapped around her waist and she let out a haggard sigh, letting her tears fall freely now. She was home, yet it didn’t feel like home, not anymore…

She had waited so long to see these two yet the only person she wanted to see was Remus and he wasn’t there. She didn’t even know if he would have his memories. Her tears intensified as her mind drifted to the possibility of Remus not remembering. Her body shuddered and it was enough to rouse Harry, who blinked a few times before realizing she was awake.

“Hey…” He said softly, giving her a smile, which only made her cry more. Harry quickly frowned and reached out to tilt her face towards him. “No, no, no… don’t cry Hermione… please…” He said, wiping away the tears from her cheeks.

“I-I’m sorry…I’ve just missed you two so much…” She said, turning to press her face against his chest.

Ron shifted behind her and as Harry hugged her tightly Ron’s arm tightened and she felt his face close to hers, his nose nudging against her ear as he whispered, “We missed you too ‘Mione.” Those words only made her cry harder.


Hours later Hermione had refused to say much of anything about her time in the past, instead it was spent catching up with the events of the future. Every time she asked about Remus Harry would give short answers, and steer the conversation elsewhere. It only made her feel even more anxious when he did that. Albus arrived around supper time and had sent Ron and Harry from the room, needing to talk to Hermione alone. Hermione had watched as Harry slipped up the stairs and Ron down to the kitchen as Albus closed the door. Fifteen minutes later Hermione was screaming at Albus to get out of the room and sobbing uncontrollably. Albus closed the door softly and found Harry outside, his arms crossed over his chest, a frown on his face.

“What did you do?” Harry asked in a clipped tone.

“I told her that Remus does not remember her and that his memories were erased nineteen years ago.” Albus murmured, rubbing his hands together.

Harry’s eye widened in alarm and his hands started to shake with anger. “That’s a lie! You can’t do that to her Albus! It’s isn’t right!” Harry whispered furiously. He could feel the slight prickle of the silencing spell around them so he knew he could shout as much as he wanted and not have Hermione hear it. That only frustrated him more.

“Harry, you would not understand.” Albus murmured with a shake of his.

“It does not matter! You can not do that to her, think of her child.” Harry said making Albus wince. “Think of how that child will feel growing up without a father!”

“Harry, please. I feel horrible as it is. Do not make this any harder.” Albus said, taking down the spell and walking away, leaving a very angry Harry in his wake.



December, 1998


Hermione stared at herself in the mirror, her pregnant form reflecting back at her. People said that pregnant women glowed when they were pregnant, but she didn’t seem to think so. She looked horrible for a pregnant woman. She had bags under her eyes, her hair was matted from sleep and she looked as though she hadn’t slept in weeks. The later part was true, well mostly. She hadn’t slept properly since she’d arrived home in October. The few days following her return had been spent in Harry’s bed, crying over the loss of Lily, James, Ridge, Sirius and most importantly, Remus, from her life.

Harry hadn’t minded, either him or Ron had been by her side for nearly the whole week, afraid that something was going to happen. She’d seen some people and a hint of a smile ghosted her lips when she remembered Malfoy stopping by, he had been genuinely shocked when she’d hugged him, just as she had been that he was Harry’s partner at work. She hadn’t cared in the least that he’d patted her back some what awkwardly, it was good to see him. The second week she’d gone to see the doctor when she started having stomach pains. She had been afraid that she was going to lose the baby, due to it being created in a different time. But her Healer had told her that the child was fine and to Hermione’s surprise that she was having twins. She was now 18 weeks along and she looked to be farther along though, because of her height and that fact that she had lost more weight being pregnant than she had gained. She couldn’t keep much of anything down except for the potions she had started making for herself.

She had also begun working at the hospital, slowly working her way up and working as much as they allowed her because if she was home she’d be with Remus, or avoiding Remus. He seemed to avoid her as much as she him, which led her to believe that he did remember her. It made her heart ache every time she thought about it.

Today was her day off, the only one she would get until Christmas Eve because she had promised Harry and Ron she would be at the Burrow that night, with everyone else. Today was the 14th of December, her and Remus’ anniversary. It would have been their 19th. She sighed, taking the chain from around her neck and unhooking it, allowing her wedding band to slip off and fall into her other hand. She slowly slipped it onto her finger and pressed a kiss to it. “I love you Remus.” She murmured before setting down the chain on her dresser. She ran her fingers through her curls using her wandless magic to spell the curls away as she did so. She then pulled them back into a messy bun and downed the potion to settle her stomach.

She had never known what had happened to her engagement ring, but she was thankful she still had her wedding band and the ring that the twins had given her. With a sigh she ran her hands over her face and opened the door. She’d slept most of the morning away and she could smell breakfast cooking from downstairs. She wondered who was home, since she knew Harry was off on assignment and Ron was at training. That really only meant one person was left, Remus. She hoped Molly had decided to come over and cook just for the fun of it. She didn’t think she could handle Remus today. She couldn’t handle seeing him most days, but today was different.

When she got down stairs she carefully pushed open the door and found Remus standing at the stove, cooking. Her heart spud up as he turned around, giving her a soft smile. “Morning, Hermione.” He said softly before turning around a pouring her some tea.

“Morning…” she said taking the cup from him, careful to avoid touching him. She looked him over as he turned away, he looked tired, and worn out. “Did you sleep well?” She murmured, sipping the tea before sitting down at the table.

“I didn’t sleep.” He said with a shrug.

“Oh, something bothering you?” She asked as she frowned into her cup.

“Not particularly, it’s just the full moon is in a couple days and I get restless at night.” He said, flipping one of the eggs in the pan “Do you want anything?”

“Oh, right… and no, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep it down, but thank you.” She said softly, and he nodded, sliding his food onto a plate and sitting down opposite her.

“You should probably try more potions…you’ve lost a lot of weight.” He said as he sipped his tea. She watched him stiffen as his eyes drifted over her form. She knew where he was looking, at her ring. He tore his eyes away and looked down at his plate. With a sigh she stood up, taking her cup with her and his head shot up in alarm, a sad, lost look in her eyes. “Where are you going?”

“To read, the smell of the food is making me a little nauseous.” She murmured, not looking back as she left the room.




March, 1998

Hermione knocked on the door of a small house on the outskirts on a muggle village. She wasn’t allowed to be here, visiting him, but she couldn’t help it, she needed to see him, even if he didn’t remember her. She knocked again and heard a voice from inside.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.” A voice said as he opened the door. When he saw it was her he froze, his eyes widened in alarm and he took a step back. His nostrils flared as he scented the air and determined that it was actually her

“Hello Ridge,” Hermione said softly, looking over him. He hadn’t seemed to physically age much, but it showed in the one good eye he had left. He let a ragged sigh and reached out a hand to pull her into a strong embrace, being careful of her stomach.

“You sure are a sight for sore eyes, kiddo.” He murmured into her hair, pulling away from her to look her over. “How many you got in there anyway?” He said with a laugh and pressed his hand on her stomach, eyes going wide as he felt around her belly. “Twins?” He murmured with sad smile.

“Yeah, twins…” she said softly and he grinned up at her.

“Hermione, you realize I just broke a promise to Albus, right?” Ridge said, running his fingers through his hair and Hermione frowned, shrugging. “Right, well, come in. You should probably sit down…” He said, leading into the small house.

“So, Remus remembers me then?” Hermione asked as she sat down in the chair Ridge offered to her.

“Hermione, I can’t…” he said and when the look of utter sadness crossed her face he let out a curse and sat down. “I remember you, but Remus… I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t. He cut off contact with me sixteen years ago, when you died. I dragged him away from your headstone three days after your funeral because he hadn’t left since…” Ridge said softly and Hermione closed her eyes, gripping the arms of the chair. “I’ve only seen him briefly since the Second War. I was in the Order then as well. Although not as active as I had been.” He said and Hermione nodded.

“I know, I think I remember seeing you a couple times…” Hermione said and Ridge nodded sadly.

“Yes. I was there, I was asked to protect you from afar, so that nothing would happen to you until your time turner sent you back.” Ridge said softly as he stared at the ground.


May, 1998


“One more push Hermione, you can do it!” Harry said from next to Hermione’s bed were she was currently giving birth to her twins. One boy had already been born and was crying in the corner as Molly cleaned him. Hermione let out a cry of pain as she pushed once more and her second song made his way quietly into the world. “There you go…” Harry said as Hermione sagged back against the pillows, closing her eyes.

“I want to see them…” She breathed as Harry kissed her forehead she opened her eyes and watched as Molly came close with the first born of the twins, the one that had come screaming into the world. Hermione reached out and took him, leaning down to press her face close to the baby’s so that he could smell her. She glanced up to find Remus watching her with misty eyes. When he noticed her watching him he looked away and down at the baby Poppy was cleaning.

“He’s beautiful.” Harry said, and the door opened and Ron came in, still dressed in Quidditch gear.

“Sorry, I just got Mum’s owl,” Ron said as he set his gloves down on the table, leaning over to kiss Hermione’s forehead and look at the baby in her arms. “Merlin, Hermione…” He breathed.

“Have you thought of any names yet?” Molly asked, watching the scene with tears in her eyes.

Hermione nodded, gently stroking the baby’s cheek. “Gideon, for this little guy, and Fabian for him.” Hermione said nodding the direction of the second baby. She smiled up at Ron who had moved to allow his mother to cry softly on his shoulder. Hermione noticed the hint of a smile on Remus’ face as he held Fabian in his arms.


A few days later.

Hermione jumped at the sound of the door to the nursery opening. She had been there, watching the twins sleep soundly. Being startled had caused her to put up a barrier around herself and the twins. She was paranoid in her sleep deprived state, but a weak barrier was better than nothing. However, when she heard Remus’ voice, she faltered, her spell blinking out.  

“Hermione…” Remus murmured, his voice barely a whisper as he stood there, one hand still on the door handle, he was in pajama pants and shirt that had Liverpool scrawled across it. He lifted his eyes to stare at her and Hermione blinked back slowly. It seemed like ages that the two of them stared at each other until Remus broke eye contact by slowly moving across the room towards her.

“Hermione, you should be in bed. The children are fine.” Remus murmured as he swept some of the curls away from her face, his golden orbs peering down at her.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Hermione whispered causing Remus’ eyes widen in shock as he tried to pull away, but Hermione grabbed his wrist, keeping him close. “Please.” She begged, nearly collapsing in his arms. “I can’t… Remus… I know you remember.” She whispered, reaching up to gently pull the chain out from his shirt. His hands met her wrists, but he didn’t stop her, instead, watching her intently. The chain clinked as it, along with two rings came out of his shirt. His wedding band and her engagement ring. “I thought I lost this…” Hermione murmured, unclasping the chain and letting it fall into her palm.

“Hermione…” Remus breathed as she slid the band onto his finger.

“You’re torturing yourself Remus… and me…” Hermione whispered and a shudder went through his entire body, before taking her face in his hands and kissing her deeply. Hermione pressed against him as he poured everything into that one kiss, wrapping one arm around her waist while the other hand tangled in the back of her hair. When he pulled away both of them were gasping, Remus’ tears dripping onto Hermione’s face and mingling with her own. He pressed his forehead against hers, closing his eyes before he started pressing kisses all over her face and neck.

“I love you so much.” He gasped, pressing his face against her neck and pushing back the fabric of her shirt to graze his teeth over her mark. She let out a gasp and he hugged her tightly. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you.”

“I think I have some idea…” Hermione whispered, taking one of his hands in hers and leading him over to the cradle where the twins were asleep. “They will be okay, right?”

“Yes. They won’t turn.” He murmured, wrapping one arm around her and pressing his face into her hair. “I know that we have a lot of catching up to do but you need rest.” Remus murmured, turning her around and leading her towards her bedroom.

“Only if you’ll come with me…” She whispered and Remus nodded, pressing a kiss to her forehead as he closed the door to the nursery, leading Hermione to bed.

“Alright.” He said softly.


The next morning.

“Ron, Harry, close the door and leave them be.” Molly said from outside Hermione’s door. Ron let out a sigh and closed the door. Hermione and Remus were curled together in Hermione’s bed, sound asleep.

“But I wanted to see the boys before I left…” Ron moaned as he walked down the hall with Harry and Molly. Harry was smiling to himself and Molly rolled her eyes at her youngest.

“You can see them when you come home from practice Ron. They will still be here and most likely awake.” Molly said softly as they got to the stairs.

“They’re gone,” Remus murmured into Hermione’s hair, pulling her closer to his side. She was tucked in close to him, her arm around his waist snuggled in nicely.

“Okay…” she murmured half asleep still. Instead of sleeping the night before they talked for almost three hours before the twins had woken up, Hermione had nursed them while her and Remus talked more, it was only after she had gotten them back to sleep did the two of them curl up and fall asleep. “Wake me if the babies stir…”

“I will.” Remus murmured, running his fingers through her hair. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She murmured back before falling asleep.


June, 1998

The Burrow was oddly quiet now, which bothered Hermione. Most of the Weasley children had moved out and only on every other Sunday afternoon were there people other than Molly and Arthur that resided in the house. She was used to the hustle and bustle of the house. The sounds of the twins making things in their room, Ron and Harry arguing over chess, the sounds and smells coming from the kitchen as Molly cooked.

However, today had been like the rest had been since the war, quiet, with only the clinking and occasional whisper of a tea kettle as Molly prepared tea for herself and Hermione. Hermione was sitting the common room, hands folded in her lap as she sat on the couch. Molly walked in carrying a tray with tea and treats on it and set it down on the little table.

“How have you been holding up dearie?” Molly asked softly, handing Hermione a cup which she took gratefully.

“Well now that Remus and I have sorted things out. He loves being with the twins.” Hermione murmured and Molly nodded with a smile.

“I always knew he would make a wonderful father. Watching him with Logan all those years ago, you could just tell.” Molly said with a smile, causing Hermione to think back to when Logan was young. “Have you seen him yet? Logan I mean.”

Hermione shook her head with a frown and settled into the couch. “No. He wasn’t allowed to see me at all, though not from lack of trying I hear.” Hermione muttered with bitterness.

“Albus was wrong in doing what he did Hermione, he knows that. But the law required him to erase Remus’ memories, but with the fire and mark above your house, he thought that it would be alright. He never would have known that you be close to Remus in you future, since not even you remembered much. Remus begged Albus not to erase his memories and so we all believed you to be dead…”

“I know that… but trying to make up for it now just made it harder for everyone else…It’s my fault anyway… for staying as long as I did.”

“Maybe, but you fell in love with Remus. Albus has a soft heart, he wouldn’t have torn you two apart if he didn’t have to… I’m sure you could have stayed longer had you not gotten pregnant.” Molly murmured, sipping her tea and Hermione nodded.

“Yes, I know. But I wouldn’t change that for anything now, not even for a few months with the younger Remus. I love my babies.” Hermione said fondly. “Even though it is tiring, I don’t know how you managed it.” Hermione said chuckling.

“A lot of patience.” Molly said as she stood up and walked across the room to an armoire where Hermione knew she kept her knitting materials. Hermione watched as she withdrew a tin box and walked back over to her seat and held in her lap. “I have something for you. I’ve wanted to give these to you for a long time, but it was never right, and with Albus not allowing Remus to tell you he remembered you none of us that knew could speak with you about it I was afraid I would never be able to do this.”

“Accept Ridge.” Hermione murmured.

“Ridge makes his own rules, you know that.” Molly said with a soft smile as she opened the box and Hermione saw numerous different things in there, like it was Molly’s own little treasure box. Hermione realized that was exactly what it was as she started pulling things out, a picture of her younger, now deceased sister, one photo of her and her siblings and another of Gideon and Fabian. The picture of twins made Hermione’s body stiffen and stared at it, memories of her and twins flashing before her eyes. With shaking fingers she reached out to hold the picture, her eyes drinking in the sight of them. Molly gently touched Hermione’s hand for a moment, startling her for a moment before she realized that Molly was holding something out to her.

It was a small green felt pouch, much like the one that Fabian had a long time ago. She wondered if it was the same one. Carefully taking the pouch she untied the string and looked inside. Letting out a gasp she dumped the pouch’s continents into her palm. “Oh Molly no… I can’t take these…” Hermione whispered, tears brimming in her eyes as she looked down at the identical silver rings, celtic markings carved into each. As she fingered them they began to stir and glow, the ring on her right hand becoming warm and starting to glow as well.

“They are meant to be their partner, your ring, Hermione.” Molly said softly. “They will not work otherwise.” Hermione stared down at the rings. She hadn’t realized how cold the ring had been until now, holding the other two in her palm. She closed them in her hand and held them close as she wiped the tears from her eyes with her other hand.  

“Thank you.” Hermione whispered, opening her hand to look down at the identical glowing rings once more.



A couple days later


Remus’ hand rested on the small of Hermione’s back as he led her down the main road of Kippen. He could sense her nervousness at going to see Logan and he couldn’t blame her. Logan hadn’t seen his aunt in nearly twenty years and that had taken a toll on him. Hermione hesitated when the shop came into view and he stopped along with her. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Remus asked softly, leaning down to run his fingers through her hair.

She leaned into his hand, closing her eyes as her fingers curled around the fabric of his light sweater. He leaned down and kissed her forehead. “Yes.” She murmured, nudging her face against his chin.

“Hermione…this will be harder than facing Ridge…” Remus murmured softly, pulling his face away from hers.

“I know that. I know he’s not a little boy anymore.” Hermione said, glancing down the road at the shop, letting go of Remus’ sweater to rub her hands together. “I would hurt him more if I didn’t see him…” Hermione said softly and Remus nodded as he reached down to take her hand, leading her towards the shop.

Remus had not told Logan that they were coming instead he had wanted it to be a surprise. Remus entered first, with Hermione slightly behind him. She let out a small gasp of surprise as she saw Logan leaning over his work table. “I’ll be right with you.” Logan said as he continued to work. Hermione’s hand tightened around Remus’ and he could feel her anxiety magnifying.

“Logan.” Remus murmured taking a couple steps closer to the work table, taking Hermione with him. Logan stiffened where he sat and stopped working. His movements were slow as he took off his gloves and set his tools down, removing his apron without looking at them. Hermione watched his every move and when Logan turned to face them she dropped Remus’ hand with another gasp as her hand flew to her mouth in surprise.

Logan’s eye widened when they fell on Hermione and Remus stepped back to watch the exchange. He felt terrible for lying to Logan. “Nini...” He whispered using the nickname he had given her when he was boy and unable to pronounce her name. Hermione let out a choked sob and put her face in her hands. Panic flashed in Logan’s eyes and he was in front of her in an instant, his hands hovering over her before he pulled her into a soft hug. He towered over her small frame and she clung to him as she cried. After a few minutes she pulled away and looked up at him, wiping away the tears that had started rolling down his cheeks. “Everyone said you were dead…”

“Well, I’m right here.” Hermione said her eyes still searching Logan’s face. “You’ve grown so much.” Hermione said and Logan laughed, taking a step back from her and wiping his face with the back of his hands.

“Aunt Hermione, I’m older than you now.” Logan said laughing softly.

Remus couldn’t help but chuckle at Hermione’s reaction, she frowned softly and then her eyes widened and she gasped again. “You!” She said pointing at him, her eyes widening, “I went to Hogwarts with you!” She said and turned to find Remus trying to hide his smirk.

“Yeah. I thought for the longest time you were my cousin…” Logan said rubbing the back of his neck.

“Why, oh-yes, I see how you could have thought that.” Hermione said with a sad smile and looked to Remus. “I never thought about it. I never even put it together when I was there that I may have gone to Hogwarts with you.” Hermione said, shaking her head.

“Remus wouldn’t allow me to interact with you…” Logan said with a shrug and Hermione frowned at her husband who looked away with a sheepish shrug. “Now I understand why… then, I didn’t. It was only when I got your name and the time turner I was supposed to set for you did I understand. Then I understood why Uncle Remus wanted me to leave the matter alone… He didn’t know if you were alive or dead and he didn’t want to give me false hope…” Logan said with a shrug, leaning back against the table.

“Wait, you set my time turner?” Hermione murmured and Logan nodded. “Well is definitely something.” Hermione said with a laugh and then shook her head with a sad smile. “I still can’t believe… wow, just… look at you…” She said causing Logan to blush. “I want you to fill me in, on everything.” Hermione said, taking Logan’s arm and leading him out of the shop.

“B-but I have to lock up.” Logan said, making Hermione stop. Remus chuckled from behind her and jingled the keys.

“I’ve got it. You two go on ahead.” Remus said and Logan nodded to his uncle as the older man watched them walk down the street towards the pub where they were going to have lunch.





April, 2004

Hermione had more than she could ever ask for of life, but when Remus walked into their bedroom one morning, carrying their three year old son Sirius, her heart nearly stopped. She had been standing in front of her mirror, brushing out the tangles from a nights sleep when Remus had come up behind her with Sirius. He had been watching her and when she glanced in the mirror she watched Sirius nuzzled Remus’ neck. She stared at the mirror in shock, dropping her brush in alarm as she whirled around to face them. Panic flashed in Remus’ eyes and sensing his father’s distress Sirius lifted his head, pale yellow eyes darting in Hermione’s direction, his nostrils flaring as he scented the air, trying to get a sense of what was going on.

“Are you alright? You look as though you’ve seen a ghost.” Remus said softly as his long fingers reached out to tilt her chin and dance across her cheek. Hermione took a calming breath and smiled at him.

“I’m alright. Remember when I told you about the Mirror of Erised?” She whispered, reaching out to tuck some of Sirius’ unruly curls away from his face. Remus nodded silently. “This is what I saw, you with Sirius. I didn’t see Fabian, like I thought I did. Sirius was the boy I saw. I always wondered why I hadn’t seen Gideon with Fabian and it always frightened me that I didn’t. Since of two of them are never apart…” She said shaking her head fondly. Remus let out a sigh and leaned in to kiss her forehead.

“I’m glad.” He murmured against her hair before pressing a kiss to her temple. Sirius took Hermione’s closeness as an opportunity to latch onto her neck, pressing his face into her hair and letting out a quiet whimper. Remus carefully handed him over to Hermione with ease. “How is Ealish?”

“Asleep.” She whispered, rubbing Sirius’ back as the boy curled against her. Her eyes darted down to the boy in her arms and Remus gave a sad, weak smile. Sirius was their third child, only three years old. He’d been born with yellow eyes and golden curls, however, unlike his older twin brothers he was not spared the werewolf gene. The little body didn’t know what form to take during the full moon, which left him sickly and close to death afterwards. Remus had been devastated to the point of harming himself and Hermione had no idea how to handle the situation. Tragically, the sickness had left the poor boy blind. His once deep golden eyes were now a clouded pale yellow. However, he used his other senses well, relying on his werewolf hearing and scenting to figure out where he was. He was a brilliant boy, but often secluded himself from other children, sticking close to Hermione or Remus most of the time.

Sirius had taken a keen liking to his new baby sister, Ealish. She had been spared the gene as well, but like her older brothers she still had small traits that carried over, like the golden eyes and Remus guessed she would take on wolfish traits like her siblings. Such as the growling, sensitive hearing and smell, excellent eyesight and other qualities, all things that Remus had when he was in human form. They just lacked the changing into a wolf.

Remus quietly tip toed over to the bassinette and looked inside, leaning down to press a kiss to Ealish’s forehead before tucking the blankets around her little body. Hermione happily watched Remus tuck in their youngest and so far only daughter. He was always so happy with the children and she loved seeing him happy. He’d been so unhappy for the longest time that she felt compelled to make up for it and that was giving him all that he wanted. Harry said that she was spoiling him, by giving in to his wants, one of them being a lot of children, but she found she didn’t mind at all. He walked back to her, coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around both her and Sirius, pressing his face against the other side of her neck, his scruff tickling her skin as he kissed the mark he had left there years ago.

Hermione let out a content sigh as Remus’ arms tightened around her, Sirius lifted his head, cocking it to the side to listen as his pale yellow orbs blindly searched in front of him. He reached out a little hand and carefully touched Hermione’s cheek, before moving to Remus’ nose and down his cheek and Hermione could feel Remus smile against her cheek and Sirius’s fingers, the softest of noises echoing from Remus’ throat. Sirius made a soft noise back and smiled.

This was often how their mornings went during the week. Hermione would get up, sometimes Gideon, Fabian and Sirius would all be curled up in their bed, sometimes Remus would already be awake and out of bed, or sometimes he would still be there, sound asleep. If Remus was awake, he would normally be waking the children up, occasionally sending the twins downstairs to watch the teli while he brought Sirius to their room while she nursed Ealish. He would sit there on the bed with her while they both talked quietly to Sirius, trying to coax him into talking. He rarely spoke, preferring to vocalize in a different manner, with yips and growls. Remus said it was because of the lycanthropy taking over at such a young age and his ability to change at will into a small golden wolf pup that made him think that he didn’t need to speak. Remus understood all of what Sirius said, but Hermione never really could… there was that barrier, hence the reason they were having these little morning sessions with him.

Hermione broke from her trance when Sirius spoke softly, “Mama?”

“Yes sweetie?” She whispered, blinking once in surprise.

“Hungry.” He said and patted his little belly.

Hermione laughed and could feel Remus’ chuckling behind her. “Alright, I’m sure Papa is hungry too, let’s go make some breakfast.”

“MUM!” Fabian suddenly yelled from downstairs and Remus snorted, unwrapping himself from Hermione as they walked to the stairs.

“I’ll take care of it.” Remus said, walking past her and heading down the stairs before her. She looked to Sirius who was listening intently and he let out a giggle just as Hermione heard the squealing laughs of Fabian and Gideon as they no doubt playfully attacked their father. As Hermione walked down the stairs she watched Remus walk by her into the kitchen with Gideon on his back and Fabian squealing under one arm. Life couldn’t have been any better for her, she had her children, her friends and most importantly, she had Remus.



The End


The longest chapter yet and sadly, the last chapter.

I want to thank everyone who has read this story and specially those who have stayed with me all fve years. Five years! I couldn't believe it. It's been fun, but remember that Clockwork also takes place in this storyverse, so the story does sort of continue there. I needed this last chapter out before I can post more to Clockwork.

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Thank you, again. It really was wonderful.

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