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Unmatched by Hermione_Lovegood

Format: Novel
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 7,862
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Fluff, General, Humor, Action/Adventure, AU
Characters: McGonagall, Lupin, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, Regulus, OC
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 03/28/2021
Last Chapter: 05/02/2021
Last Updated: 05/02/2021


Dorados Black, twin sister to Sirius Black, has come to Hogwarts! Join them on the pranks, adventures and so much more!


This is my first fanfiction! So please let me know!



Chapter 1: Chapter 1
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(Dorado’s POV)


Si and I were finally old enough to go to Hogwarts!!! Tomorrow is our birthday! I can't wait till the owls come! I hope, hope, HOPE that I’m not in Slytherin although I’m sure Mother will skin me alive if I’m not! 



Sorry! You probably have NO idea who I am and who ‘Si’ is! I am Dorado Walburga Black, from the Noble House of Blacks, twin sister to Sirius Orion Black (aka Si). Right now I am in potions class with Si and my younger brother Regulus Arcturus Black, but you can call him Reggie! Mr. Limonio is the worst possible teacher to teach potions! HE IS SO BORING! He just drones on and on about flobberworms and horpins.


Thank the Lord that’s over! Si and I are going out to ride brooms through the night sky! Shhh! Mother and Father can't find out! The only one who does know is Reggie! Reggie doesn't want to come though! I can't imagine why! 


Woooo! I just love the feeling of the crisp, cold air hitting my face while we glide through the midnight sky! Well, almost midnight! It's 11:20 right now. Ok, ok, down we gooooooo!!!! That was a smooth-ish landing. It's 12!!! I am officially 11 now! Crack… 




We are back home now, I'm sitting with Si and Reggie in my room. Something strange happened that made us come back nearly immediately. While Si and I were wishing each other a Happy Birthday, we heard a crack from between the trees. From behind a bush, a full-grown fox appeared!!! Si was freaking out for a few minutes telling me to jump back on my broom, but I was listening to what the fox was saying. Yes, that's right! I was talking and understanding the fox! I was talking in normal English, Si told me but the fox wasn't. I think I'm part fox maybe! My 2 clever (not) brothers are saying to try it out with a different animal. So now in the room, there is a Dora (Dorado, but you better NEVER call me that!) Black, Sirius Black, Regulus Black, and Mother’s owl. Here we go… 


After a while, judging by the amazed faces on my brother’s faces the same thing happened. I can apparently speak to animals!




It took long enough for September 1st to come! Now that we are FINALLY on the platform, it's time to say goodbye to Reggie! Mother and Father are not big fans of affection. Now time for the train! Hogwarts here we come!


Currently, I am in a compartment with Si, a boy with messy black hair and hazel eyes who seems nice enough, a boy with light brown hair and scars on his, he's nice, and a small, mousy boy with blond hair and beady blue eyes. Their names are James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. They all seem nice, though I like James the best, he's a troublemaker just like me and Si! Did I mention we LOVE to play pranks! 


Woah! The castle looks AH-MAZING! Just for the fun of it, I had decided to push Si off of the boats and into the water! He did the same to me! Soon, the friendly and kind half-giant called Hagrid helped us both in the boats again! 


Now my nerves are coming back! I look at Si, he doesn't even seem worried! Professor McGonagall or Minnie as Si and I have decided to call her doesn't seem like someone you want to mess with anytime soon! Now it's time for the sorting!


“Potter, James” 


I shoot James a supporting smile and nod.


“GRYFFINDOR!” Of course!


The other two boys in our compartment also become Gryffindors! 


Now, here it comes… “Black, Dorados”




“Hmm...interesting! Lots of ambition in you, plenty of smarts too. Wouldn't do too bad in any of the houses, but your bravery beats all. Better be…GRYFFINDOR!”



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Chapter 2: Chapter 2
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(Dorado’s POV)


I couldn't believe my ears! I became a Gryffindor! The first Gryffindor in the Black family! I hop over to the red and gold table, my smile growing as I would never smile again! Then I Gryffindor again! I look to see who it was now, and it was Si! This is just perfect! I’m not separated from my brother! I feel stares and glares being thrown my way. I try to find who is doing that, unfortunately, I figure it out! I look over to the Slytherin table, my cousins are shooting Si and me dirty looks as though we had betrayed them. Well, I guess in a way we did! But I feel so free!


Dumbledore just told us to not enter the forest, like that’s happening! Si and I are already planning when to go! Woah! Look at all that food! I can’t wait till dessert!!! 




I am already in love with our common room and my dorm! I m sharing my dorm with 3 other girls, Lily Evans (muggle-born), Marlene McKinnon (Pureblood), and Alice Fortescue (Pureblood). You might be wondering why I’m telling you their blood-types, it’s just something I was taught to do I guess! I wonder how Mother will react if I become friends with 1 mudbl- muggle-born and 2 blood traitors! They all are REALLY nice honestly! I hope they want to be my friends!


“Hello! I’m Dorado Black! But call me Dora, NEVER Dorado, unless you want to face a painful death!” 


“Hi! I’m Lily Evans! Ok, sure! I will be sure not to call you Dorado, Dora! Hold’re the girl who was sitting in that compartment with Potter right?”


“Hey! I’m Marlene. McKinnon. Cool! Can I call you Rad?”


“Hi! I’m Alice Fortescue! Sure thing Dora! I’m so happy to finally be at Hogwarts! Arent you guys!”


This was basically how our conversation went until we decided to go to sleep! Alice is amazing! So are the other two! I’m sure we will be good friends! I’ll have to talk to Si in the morning, right now, I am WAY too tired! My beauty sleep is more important!




AN: Sorry for the EXTREMELY short chapter! It just seemed like the place to stop! I also couldn't think of more stuff to write! That was just Dora or Rad meeting the others! Can't wait for the morning!

Chapter 3: Chapter 3
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Disclaimer: Anything that you recognize belongs to JK Rowling! I only own Dorado and the plots!


(Dorado’s POV)


I am loving it here at Hogwarts! I already made more than 10 friends! I already told you about Lils, Al, and Mar, but I also became friends with Si’s dorm mates! They are the same people I was sitting with on the train ride! I knew we would be friends! Jamesie, Remmy, and Pete are all really nice! Oh, I also met Frank Longbottom! He’s so nice! He’s one year above us but I’m still friends with him! I think everyone is, honestly! There’s also a Slytherin boy called Severus Snape, he’s Lily’s friend. He’s nice, but Si doesn’t seem to like him much! I became friends with two 4th year twins called Fabian and Gideon Prewett! They are pranksters just like me and Si! Hey, that rhymes! A 3rd year called Molly Prewett is also really friendly and sweet! She’s brothers with the twins!


Oh, breakfast! The best meal of the day! But they all are amazing! We got our schedules! Minnie passed them to us at breakfast today! Guess what we have first! Potions with Slytherins!!! Could anything be worse! Actually, missing a meal is worse! Yeah definitely worse! 




During potions, I wanted to be partnered with Si or one of the girls, but I was with James! He’s nice so I might just survive!


“Umm, have you ever made a Strengthening potion before, James?”


“Uhh, I think maybe once or twice.”


“Ok...I’ve made it a couple of times as well, so I think we should be able to do it right?”


“Yeah! I’m sure it won’t end well though!”


“Be positive, you idiot!”


“Hey, you are calling idiot, egghead!”






And that is how James and I spent our potions lesson!




After all our classes we were sitting by the lake, we meaning me and the boys. For some reason, Lily hates Si and James! Remus is reading a book, booooring! Peter is God knows where! And James and Si are bickering over which team is better! Obviously, Holyhead Harpies rule! Not Puddlemere United or Chudley Cannons! 


I decide to play my first prank! I tell the boys, I’m going to the girls’ dorm to get ‘something’. When I get there, I quickly grab the Liquorice Wands I had kept from the train ride! I sprinkle them with salt and hair-switching potions! I skip back and give one to each of the three boys! Keeping the normal one for myself! I control my laughter just barely as the boys make disgusted faces at the sour candies! But… when Si’s hair becomes silver and James’ yellow! I can’t control myself anymore! I roll around on the ground shrieking with laughter! I laugh so much I cry! Then I see Remus! His bright pink hair throws me into another burst of laughter!


This obviously means war! The whole year is filled with pranks and jokes all around! I am NOT looking forward to going home! The next morning after the sorting ceremony, Si and I got a howler from home! And a letter from Reggie! Reggie was saying how happy he is that we are Gryffindor while Mother was saying that we are disgraces to the family name and whatnot! Oh well! At least I have friends at Hogwarts! They are my true family!




AN: As much as I had fun writing the first year, the more interesting stuff will happen once they reach 5th year! After the boys become animagi! Don’t forget to review!

Chapter 4: Author\'s Note
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Hi all of you!!! Just a quick question for all of you want me to skip years 2-5 or do you want to see how they figure out Remmy's secret and stuff? Because as I said before, the action starts in year 5!

Chapter 5: Chapter 4
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Disclaimer: None of the things you recognize are mine! :( I wish they were! Only Dorado and the plot are mine!


Dorado’s POV:


Si and I were in my room, I was nursing both of our wounds. After we had come home, Father had been furious that we were put in Gryffindor! We got a few hard slaps and punches thrown our now here we are. Si has a broken nose and a bruised eye. I have a split lip and a deep gash on my cheek. As apply ointment to Si’s eye, I remember the day we became Gryffindor’s. I remember how welcomed we were for ourselves not our family name. I thought of James, Remmy, and Pete. I thought about Lils, Mar, and Al. And frank, and Fab and Gid. I thought of Molly, Sev, all of them! And right then and there, I made the decision that I would NEVER forget about my true family! 


After we were done cleaning our wounds, Reg came inside as well. We just sat and talked like we used to. Bringing back old memories of old days before Mother and Father partially disowned us! 




Reg just got his Hogwarts letter! Si and I got our lists as well! We will go to Diagon Alley later today! I cant wait to see Reg at Hoggy Woggy Hogwarts!!! 


Reg is getting his robes fitted while I and Si are getting all the books (ours and Reg’s). Then we will head off to OLLIVANDERSSS!!!! 


We meet Reg and Mother outside the wand shop, so we all enter together! I give Reg an encouraging smile as he steps forward. While Reg is trying out different wands, looking for the wand that chooses him, I think back to one year ago when I first entered this shop for my own wand.




I grabbed Si’s hand as we stepped into the wand shop. The room was dark and dusty. Out of nowhere, someone says, “Ah, Mr and Miss Black! I was wondering when I would be seeing you two. Now, shall we get started with you, young Mr. Black? Si goes through 2 wands until he finds the right one. Then it's my turn! After about 12 tries, I STILL haven't found my wand! I start worrying, what if I don't have a wand? What if I'm not even a witch? Mr. Ollivanders tells me to see if I could feel anything while walking around in the room. So, I do that. I walk to the shelves filled with wands. Then, I feel it! I feel a pull! I walk towards it and right there is a dark purple, velvet box! I take it to the front again and show it to Mr. Ollivanders. He looks surprised and tells me that is the wand of Helga Hufflepuff with a hair Godric Gryffindor as one of the cores. Si’s eyes are as big as galleons and Mother looks disgusted! The wand itself looks beautiful! It has the Hogwarts symbol on the bottom and all the founders’ names! I find out that the core has Godric Gryffindor’s hair, Salazar Slytherin’s skin, Rowena Ravenclaw’s eyelash, and Helga Hufflepuff’s tear!!! I am beyond amazed! It turns out that i am the true descendant of Helga Hufflepuff!


As I come back to Earth, I am still impressed that I am a Gryffindor and not a Hufflepuff! I find out that Reg just got his wand! I have a smile on my face as I watch Reg run his fingers on the smooth wood!


I can't wait to show reg around the school!




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Chapter 6: Chapter 5
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything that is recognizable! Only Dorado and plot!




Dorado’s POV:


As August dripped by day by day, Si and I were getting little ‘lectures’ nearly every day about how we better not be brainwashing Reg into the little blood traitors we are! 


Finally! September 1st is here! I can finally get out of Grimmauld Place and be where I truly call home! 


After an EXTREMELY long but fun train ride, with Reg sitting with us in the compartment with the boys, we finally reached Hogwarts! Now,it’ss time for… Reggie’s sorting!!! I can’t decide if I want him to be in Gryffindor or not! But that would mean he would also be beaten by Mother and Father for not being in Slytherin!


Then I hear…”GRYF-SLYTHERIN!!!!”


People start grumbling snd shouting at the hat’s joke. He grumbles about no one being able to take a joke.


While Si was being a jerk and scowling at Reg, I throw at him a supportive smile and a thumbs-up because he needed it!




After Reg is settled in, Si, Jamesie, Petey, and I come together when Remmy has disappeared yet again!!!! I have some suspicions of why he always ends up in the hospital, or why he always has hundreds of new scratches! Ok, ok, ok...shhh, the boys shouldn’t know this yet! I think he’s a werewolf! Ahh, shhhhhhh! See, he always leaves on the full-moon as well!!! I am quite sure he’s a werewolf and he’s not telling us because he’s afraid we will hate him! 


So, now that Remmy has come back, let's go and see how he reacts when I tell him I know!!! Here goes nothing! 


(Dora’s lines are in bold, Remmy’s lines are normal)


“Hey, Rems! Whatcha doing?”


“Oh hey, Dora! Reading, you?”


“I need to talk to you, privately…”

“Umm..ok. You’re scaring me, Dora! What’s wrong?”


“Remus, I know. There I said it I know!”


“Sorry, Dora, you know what?”


“Rem, I know that you’re a werewolf!”


“...I understand if you don’t want to be friends with me anymore! *Sniffs* *Sobs* With a monster like me!”


“No Remus! It’s nothing like that! You are just as special to me as you were before! And I’m sure the boys think the same!”


“Wait, you haven’t told them yet?!”


“No, of course not! I wanted to be sure first!”




After I made sure Remmy knew that I didn't have a problem with me knowing, I started to leave out hints for the other boys as well! I told them that I found a really interesting book about werewolves! Oh, the face on Remmy’s face was priceless!!!


Now, time for the biggest hint yet! I’m going to tell the boys something that SHOULD make them understand! I’m going to just ask the boys while Remmy was gone for his transformation!


“Oh hey, boys!”


“Umm, hey!”




“ I was wondering, did you guys ever think about the possibility that Rems is not going to his mum’s house?”


“What do you mean?”


“I’m just saying, what if he has some condition, like uhhh...a werewolf?”


“Pfffttt!! What!??!!”


“What?! I’m just saying…”


“Wait, wait… she’s right actually!”


“I am?”


“Think about it..he goes on every full moon, he has scars, gets tired a few days before the moon!”








“Oh, uhhh...I have known since like the past 2 months actually…”


“What?! And you didn't think to tell us!”


“He asked me not to!”




The boys are back from telling Remmy about their new knowledge and the first thing Rems did was give me a bear hug! He said thank you for giving him a family! That’s when I knew, I didn't need anyone else! I was with my family!




A/N: There we go! Lots of dialogue in this chapter! I just wanted them to finally found out! Now we can move onto the 5th year! Also, just in case you guys didn't understand who was talking in the second conversation piece, the underlined was Peter,  italics and underlined was Sirius, italics was James, and normal was Dora. Credit for my cover goes to xx0_myheart! Thank you for an amzing cover! Dont forget review!!!

Chapter 7: Chapter 6
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you recognize! That all belongs to JK Rowling! I only own Dorado and the plot!


A/N: Now that the main event of the 2nd year has happened, I am going to skip ahead to the 5th year. Also, just so you all know, although she is friends with the Marauders, they don’t include her in their adventures. Sometimes they play pranks but usually no. Now, on with the story!




Dorado’s POV:


Si and I raced through the barrier, receiving stern looks from Mother and Father and a shout of “WAIT UP!” from Reggie. We stopped and caught our breaths as the others came towards us. Mother told us to behave..bla bla bla… Father said the same...finally we all got our trunks onto the trains and boarded muttering goodbyes to our parents! Once on the train, I went and sat with Lils, Marly, and Al. On the way I met Fab and Gid, now in their last years, they were honestly the only pranksters who actually pranked with me or on me. Not like the ‘Marauders’ as they were calling themselves...who ignore me in all their adventures. Ever since 2nd year’s end, the boys are always together, and when I try joining in, they tell me to go read or something! Like, am I not your friend!!!


After lots of joking around, harmless pranks, exploding snap games, and a bunch of other things, we arrived at Hogwarts!!! As we sat in the carriage and slowly reached our home, I thought of how in just 3 years, we would be leaving. I made it my mission right there and then to make the most of these years. Not by studying, no, never! But by pranking the school and enjoying every moment here! 




It's been almost 1 month since we arrived at Hogwarts and I have done nearly 5 pranks so far. 3 of those were on the ‘Marauders’! I didn't do anything TOO bad, just a few hair switches on Si and James. Oh, and one prank included a bunch of their socks following them around everywhere! Otherwise, I'm mostly invisible to the oh, so famous Marauders! Yup, even to my own flesh and blood!




Christmas break passed and now, the pranks are getting a bit more...intense! I have sent a couple of finger-biting owls to some of the Slytherins who bully Peter in the corridors and sometimes muggle-borns. Actually, scratch that, who ALWAYS bully muggle-borns like dearest Lily! I have always loved full moons and tonight was no different. The boys snuck out to probably play some prank on an unsuspecting Slytherin, Lily and the girls went up to our dorm, I stayed down waiting for the Common Room to empty. When it finally did, I snuck out and ran out into the grass! I loved being outside at night, I felt free! Something that I rarely felt at home and at Hogwarts, I felt like I didn't belong, no matter how many people I cared about! But outside, I felt like I was at home! Anyways, it was near midnight and the moon was out, I slowly walk to the edge of the forbidden forest, when suddenly I see a black dog and a stag standing a little away from me! I'm surprised because dogs aren't allowed at Hogwarts and I didn't think stags were found in the forbidden forest! I tiptoe closer to them and whisper a hello. I know it's weird, but I can talk to animals! The animals are surprised when they hear my voice, but quickly calm down. However, when they don't respond, I start walking away, when I hear a soft “Come back, please, don't go!”! I quickly walk back and say “Alright then, I won't. At least not for now! I have to go back inside soon!’’. I soon start telling them different things. I tell them how I can talk to animals and how my brother himself ignores me along with his friends. I tell the two animals everything about how my parents sometimes abuse me when my brothers aren't there! I'm in the middle of telling them about a prank I played on some Slytherins when I hear a crack! I stiffen up and so the animals! Then out of the bushes appears a werewolf!!!




A/N: As much as I want to make this chapter longer, I want to leave it at a cliffhanger! What do you think about her newly-found power! What about the Marauders ignoring her! Please review!

Chapter 8: Chapter 7
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Disclaimer: You already know how this goes...everything you recognize goes to Jk Rowling...Only Dora and the plot are mine!



As I came face to face with a full-fledged werewolf, I remembered just in time, never to scream or show fear in front of a werewolf! So first I calmed myself down and as I focused on my surroundings, I felt pressure bubble inside of me. I stepped closer to the wolf, and slowly stroked its head. The dog and stag just stood there frozen on spot! The wolf that was howling just 2 seconds ago now was playing around with me and the two other animals! Later in the night, ran into the forest with all three animals until we were sure we were lost! However, being a werewolf means having an excellent sense of direction! So following the grey werewolf, me, the dog, and stag finally made it out! then I turned around for a second and the three were gone! I saw the sun was about to come out, so I headed back inside! I slipped into the dorm and fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow! I dreamt of a wolf, dog, and stag all running in circles around me! 


For a while now, I was thinking about who that werewolf was. Then while I was sitting in History of Magic (yes, I took that as a subject), it hit me! I know of only one werewolf in the school and that is the one and only Remus Lupin! I was so grateful that I had a free period next! 


I found the boys sitting by the lake because apparently, they also had a free period! I walk up to them, but before I can say anything Si says, "Why didn't you tell me you could still talk to animals! And that you can calm down animals! Am I not your brother?". Taken aback at how he could possibly know about my powers, I say "Well! I wanted to tell you as soon as I found out about it, but you were always too busy with your stupid group called the Marauders, weren't you! To be honest, Remus cares more about me than you do! He helps me with my homework when I need it and when I fell down and had an enormous gash on my forehead, it was Remus who took me to the hospital wing, not you! Did you even know, I was this close to dying!", James cuts in before Si can say anything and says "Ok maybe he doesn't pay attention to everything you have been through, doesn't mean he doesn't care about you!". Without realizing my hair changes from black to flaming red as I yell at James! "SI DOESNT CARE ABOUT ME! I DONT KNOW WHAT I'VE DONE TO MAKE HIM HATE ME BUT FOR SOME REASON HE DOES! AND YOU ARE NO BETTER HONESTLY! BUT I DIDN'T EXPECT ANYTHING FROM IN THE FIRST PLACE! Maybe it's the fact that I actually care about Reggie and Si here doesn't, but whatever it is, it doesn't matter anymore! Because he hasn't cared about since 2nd year and I doubt he ever will!" With that, I run away from them before the tears in my eyes can fall, barely acknowledging the shouts from Remmy saying to come back! As I run, the tears come out and don't stop! I just keep running and running until I fall down and by then, I'm too exhausted to get up and do anything! I would have stayed there for hours if some very familiar pair of feet hadn't stopped in front of me! Using his arms, my dear brother helped me up and gave me a big hug! I told Reggie that he was everything to me and if he ever left me, I wouldn't survive! 


Ever since that incident, I have avoided the boys completely except occasionally talking to Remmy. The girls are amazing, they have started to talk to Reggie and actually have grown pretty fond of him! Reggie and I go up to the astronomy tower every night AFTER curfew to look at the stars! Honestly, I don't understand how Reg wasn't in Gryffindor! As I was walking through an empty corridor, I saw Si cautiously walking towards me. I immediately stiffened up and stopped where I was. Si approached me and without looking at me, he stopped in front of me. Looking down at the floor he said "Hey Dors, I'm sorry, I've been a jerk, I know, and you have every right to not forgive me...but please just give me another chance!". I ask in a soft voice "Are you really saying that from your heart or because Remmy is making you?", he responds almost immediately, "At first Remus was making me, but as I thought about it, I realized how much I have ignored you the past few years. I missed out on being there for you when you needed me most! Give me another chance!". When he finished talking, I pulled him into a hug a muttered into his ear "Don't worry, I forgive you! I forgave you every time! You and Reg are all that I have at home and sometimes even here! So I forgive you a thousand times, Si, I do!", as I pulled away I saw him finally look into my eyes and saw the sincerity and regret filled in his eyes! I gave him a quick smile encouraging him to do the same!




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Chapter 9: Chapter 8
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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the HP world, just Dorado and the plot!




Dorado's POV:


After Si had apologized and I had apologized for overreacting, James had come and done the same soon after. Now, I hang out with Reggie as well as the boys and the girls! I also prank with Fab and Gid! So overall, my life has become better than it was a few weeks ago!


The boys were pretty understanding about my powers after I explained to them that I had started getting lessons with Dumbledore from the beginning of this year. Did I mention that I can read minds! If I focus on something specific, I can read the person's mind!!! I was SO happy when I found out! is a Girls Night! Just me, Lils, Marly, and Al!


Now I have been forced to go down to the kitchens and get some snacks right after telling the boys that I'm gonna hang out with the girls today! I go and tell the 'Marauders' and because everyone else except James is being lazy. He comes with me to get some snacks for themselves as well!


With my arms full of cookies, chocolates, candy, and a bunch of other stuff, I enter the dorm. We start talking about random things which lead to us talking about MORE random things! Marly and I are in an argument about why I should call her Marly when I hear a loud knock on the door! Then someone starts pounding on the door! I go to open the door, ready to beat up whoever it is. I find a worried-looking James and Si in front of me! I ask them what's wrong, annoyed because I specifically told them not to disturb me tonight! They say it's an emergency! This makes me curious so I ask them to explain! they say they'll explain in their dorm, so to the girls' disappointment I tell them that I have to go, but to make it up I tell them that if it isn't an 'emergency' then I will go to Hogsmeade with them! I rush to the boys' dorm with James and Si, and as soon as I close the door, they say "We need you to read Lucius' mind!"! 


"What? Why?!"


"Just do it!"


"Tell me why!"


"Fine...we heard Lucius saying something about attacking someone!"


"Oh! Alright, hold on!"


I looked into his brain and what I saw was shocking! I saw Reggie surrounded by Lucius, a bunch of other Slytherins, and...Peter!!!




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Chapter 10: Chapter 9
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Disclaimer: I only own Dorado and the plot. The rest is JK Rowling's!




Dorado's POV:


When I saw Reggie in trouble I didn't even bother explaining what I had seen to the boys! I just shouted "Hurry up!" and raced out of the dorm! I ran and ran until I finally got out with the boys at my heels! When I got outside, I immediately understood where the incident was taking place. I started sprinting again until finally, I saw the scene once again, but his time in front of my eyes! The boys catch up to me and freeze at the sight! I'm not sure why they were surprised. Was it because of Peter joining the Slytherins or Reggie in trouble! Si goes pale and starts to reach for his wand but I stop him! I tell the boys to go get Dumbledore and Minnie. Remus says he will go the other stay with me. I step outside and control my emotions as best as I can. Then I carefully control the wind to knock each of the boys out and tie them up before they can even raise their wand towards me! Si, James, and I rush forward where Reggie is laying unconscious. I am completely drained of my energy but I still pick him up with the help of Si! James stays behind to watch over the Slytherins and Peter. 


In the hospital wing, Madame Pomfrey tells me that it will be hard for Reg to survive! I try to be strong when Madame Pomfrey tells Si to leave the room but for me to stay as I can help her. I hold Reggie when she performs a number of healing spells. He apparently had been victim to many dark spells. Dumbledore strides in just as Reggie is brought into a safe zone! He is no longer in any life-threatening danger! The boys and Minnie follow closely behind. First, he goes and asks Madame Pomfrey about Reg's situation. Then, he comes up to me and asks me to either explain everything that happened right then and there or to see him tomorrow right after breakfast as all four of us would be getting a day off. We also find out that the boys were currently at the Ministry of Magic under supervision because of using dark magic upon another student. I agree to meet him the next day and he nods to all of us and leaves. Minnie takes all four of us, despite our protests, back to the common room. As we sit in the boys' dorm talking about everything that had happened in the past 3 hours, I remember that the girls were probably waiting for me! The girls' night seems like so long ago! I say goodbye to the boys and head up the stairs with a grim face. When I open the door, I see the girls lying on their beds no doubt wondering when I was going to come back! Lils and Al are the first to plunge on me! Then Marlene also joins them! Soon, however, Alice notices that I'm not hugging back or anything! Not even a smile! She tries to get lily and Marlene to stop making fun of the 'emergency', but at first, they don't listen. Finally, Alice gets them to be quiet and that's when Lily also notices that something's wrong. Marlene asks "Something happened didn't it?", to which I respond "I wish it was just the boys wanting me to hang out with them!" while tears form in my eyes. I had tried so hard not to cry the whole incident but now I had had enough! As I recalled the events of the past few hours, I broke down and sobbed while Alice held me rubbed circles in my back to calm me down! At the same time, Lily and Marlene held my hands to give me support! By the end, even those 3 had tears in their eyes! 




It's been nearly a week since the incident, as the boys and I have started calling it, I spend most of my day with the Marauders (excluding Peter). We don't speak about what happened unless necessary and Reg is now out of the hospital wing. Although he needs lots of rest, he is still attending classes. He stays with us most of the time because the Slytherins bully him and are really mean to him! Well, only Snape is once to him but...yeah, he isn't exactly friends with Reg though. 


After almost a month of constant taunting and bullying towards Reg from the Snakes, the boys and I head towards Minnie's office. We want Reg to get a resorting away from the Slytherins! He practically lives with us already! After lots of persuasion, Minnie agrees!


I am so excited!!! Reggie is getting resorted today! I hope he comes to Gryffindor! After the announcement, Reg climbs up and takes a seat on the stool as Minnie places the hat on his head!




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Chapter 11: Chapter 10
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Dorado's POV:


It had been nearly 5 minutes since the hat had been placed on Reggie's head, I was getting worried...maybe the hat decided to leave him in Slytherin! Hatstalls are pretty rare, let alone in a resorting!!! 




It takes me a second to process what just happened, then break the pin-drop silence with a clap and a cheer. That was all it took for the rest of the hall to break out of their shock and start cheering! Reggie was a Gryffindor!!! He came half skipping up to the Gryffindor table where I quickly made some room for him next to me! 


Reggie soon adapted to life as a lion and not a snake. Though Slytherins would call him blood-traitor and stuff, he had learned to ignore it. Mother and Father were pretty understanding, or something like that when their letter came saying that as long as he was happy it was ok. They were never too harsh on us anyways. Although they wanted us to represent the family well, the harshest they had ever been was a few beatings. That was when Si and I had first been sorted into Gryffindor. But, over the years, they have understood and now support us in our decisions! 




I realized that everything that happened with Reg, the Marauders had become more serious (no pun intended!) and desperately needed some cheering up! So, I decided to give the school what they had been missing out on for the past 3-4 weeks! I quickly sent an owl to Fab and Gid for some advice on an amazing prank. I also told them to meet me by the lake after classes. 


After discussing for a while, we decided on a big prank for the whole school! The next morning, at breakfast, I quickly muttered the incantation "Bombunt Dissiliunt". The next second, large amounts of hair changing potions rained on top of everyone, except of course Fab, Gid, and I! We had put protective spells on our heads! Next, I muttered, "Tempories Nivis" which made the ceiling start snowing at an extreme speed! The sight in front of us was just AMAZING! Everyone was laughing and having fun while their hair was also in crazy colors! That was how everyone headed to classes 3 hours late! Needless to say, the Marauders were back to getting detentions and pranking the school!




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Chapter 12: Chapter 11
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Dorado's POV:


We are back for our last year at Hogwarts! Filled with pranks, drama, action, and loads more, I don't know if I will be able to leave! Lily, Marly, Al, and I are sitting together at the Opening feast stuffing our faces with food! Lily is Headgirl!!! That was predictable...however, James being Headboy was not! We all thought it would be Remus, with him being prefect and all! I guess Dumbledore is playing matchmaker!


After the feast, we all headed down to our dorms, all pooped out from the 7-hour long ride. The next morning, classes started and we all fell into a routine. The boys and I were playing as many pranks as possible and making life miserable for the teachers! 


The days were pretty boring and we all had gotten really tired of the same routine every day! Then one day, I was walking down a corridor when suddenly, I heard the voice of the person I most loathe, Lucius Malfoy! "Ah, look who it is, the mysterious Black. What are doing here, you filthy blood-traitor?" I rolled my eyes and turned around, "Oh look who it is, the stupid peacock! I'm not sure you noticed but I am a student at this school, allowing me to walk through the corridors!" Suddenly, Malfoy shouted "Expelliarmus!" and my wand was thrown out of my hand and on the floor! Then he cornered me and started punching me and kicking me! I fell to the floor in pain and kicked until my face distorted and bleeding and my body covered in bruises and a few broken ribs! The last thing I saw before blacking out was Malfoy's stupid face laughing as his shoe hit my face once again!


When I came back to my senses, I was in the Hospital Wing and Reggie, Si, Remus, and James were all crowded around me. I had a bandage on my head and around my stomach. When I asked them what happened, they told me that Reggie had found me nearly 3 hours after I had blacked out, so I had lost plenty of blood. However, I was going to be ok! No one else knew about what happened, not even the girls! The next day, when I was allowed to go to my dorm, I decided to stay with the boys, as I needed my brothers with me when I woke up every night drenched with sweat and screaming! I refused to take a dreamless potion claiming that it made my sleep feel hollow and didn't give me proper sleep! 


One day, I was walking by the lake extremely depressed when James came by. His face immediately was filled with concern when he saw my state. He asked me what happened and I just broke! 


"It's too much for me! My nightmares aren't getting any better and Lily isn't talking to me! She isn't talking to me because I told her that Snape had already started hanging out with wannabe death eaters! The other day, I talked to a fox and she told me that Voldemort was spotted in the forest by herself! When I told Dumbledore, he didn't listen and said it was probably something else, and Remus agrees! Si is just adamant about Voldemort not being able to enter Hogwarts boundaries and Reg agrees! I don't know what to do, I have no one to talk to or anything!" I sobbed to James everything, while James just held me protectively letting me cry my heart out! I couldn't bottle it up any longer! 


James soothed me and told me that he actually did believe me because my word was enough for him! He has no idea how happy that made me feel! Anyways, when I was heading back to the common room, Lily passed by me and she probably noticed my puffy, red eyes because the next thing she asked was "Dora? Are you ok? What happened? Were you crying?", I turned towards Lily and with a sad smile I said, "So much happened Lily, but I don't want to talk about it.". Then I walked away but Lily kept following me, so I ducked into a corridor when Lily cried out my name! I was sent back to 2 weeks ago to my encounter with Lucius because coincidently I had run into the same corridor! I fell to the ground screaming and crying not to hurt me! Luckily, the boys were passing by and they heard Lily's shouts for help! They came rushing and saw me. Apparently, I was taken to the Hospital Wing and given a dreamless potion. 




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