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Format: Novel
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 66,313
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance, AU, Young Adult
Characters: Arthur, Charlie, Molly, Fred, George, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Arthur/Molly, Other Pairing

First Published: 02/20/2021
Last Chapter: 05/04/2021
Last Updated: 05/04/2021


Vicelia Richardson has never played by the rules in life. She steals from muggles, doesn't take anything seriously, and drives her friends crazy with all her pranks. When she needs money for her parent's dream house, she decides to do the responsible thing and get a job at the coolest place she can find: Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.  She loves having Sinthia Watson and Fred Weasley as bosses, but she'd rather die than listen to George Weasley.


"I have half a mind to fire you, Richardson."


"Wouldn't that require actually having half a mind to begin with Weasley?"


Sequel to GOTCHA!


*Sixth place in The Diadem Awards 2021*


Chapter 1: The Family Disappointment
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Muggles are so damn easy to fool. I don’t know why I grew up being scared about them figuring out that I was a witch. My parents always told me “Vicelia, you have to be careful around muggles, they could hurt you”. 


Please. They’re not nearly smart enough to hurt me. They’re stupid actually. I spend a lot of time around muggles even though I find them annoying. They unfortunately fund my current lifestyle. See, I steal from them and then sell their belongings to wizards. You’d be surprised how many wizards are into muggle paraphernalia. 


All it takes is finding the right muggle. 


See there’s different kinds of muggles. Muggles who are lonely, muggles who are too busy, muggles who are absolutely oblivious and muggles who desperately like to be needed. Two of these kind make the best targets.


Lonely and busy muggles are no good. Lonely ones means they like to talk and that runs the risk of exposure and the busy ones don’t even notice you, so they’re useless at best.


However, the absolutely oblivious and the ones who desperately like to be needed are perfect for what I do. I have a ninety-nine percent success rate with them. It should be one hundred, but hey, even I’m not perfect. 


I surveyed the streets carefully, looking for my next victim. A man with a suitcase. No he’s a busy muggle. Let’s see...ooh an old woman walking a small dog. Nah, she looks kind of lonely. Ooh. A bloke around my age with a messenger bag. There must be a lot in there. And he seems like the type to want to save someone.


I waited for him to get close enough and then collapsed in front of him. 


“Ma’am!” He exclaimed. “Are you alright?”


I squinted my eyes and saw him take his messenger bag off and kneel down next to me. I closed my eyes as he lifted me up and checked my pulse to see if I’m still breathing. 


“Do CPR on her!” Someone called.


He lowered me to the ground again and put his lips on mind and blew in my mouth. Ooh minty.


“Try chest compressions!”


Oh no! My eyes fluttered open. “What...what happened?” I whispered. 


“You fainted.”


“Oh that’s so embarrassing!” I laughed as he helped me up. My eyes were on his bag. “Did you save my life?”


He smiled shyly. “I mean, I don’t know if I saved your life, but I helped.”


“No you saved my life!” I hugged him tightly. “Did you guys hear that, he saved my life!”


“Yeah, I saw that!”


“I got it on my phone!”


“Someone take his picture!


“Yes, take his picture, he’s a hero!” I said, letting everyone crowd around him. 


I bent down and picked up his bag. I quickly walked away. By the time I reached the brick wall to get to Diagon Alley I could hear my savior call “Has anyone seen my bag?”


I chuckled to myself as I tapped the bricks. That poor boy. He was never going to see this bag again. Hope he doesn’t have anything too important in it.



I love Diagon Alley. It is so busy and fun and there seems like a million things are going on. I was shocked to see another shop had come up. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Where do I know that name from? Maybe I dated Weasley once or something. Who can even keep up with last names?


Maybe I’d stop by later. It was bright and looked like a lot of fun.


Where Diagon Alley becomes Knockturn Alley, the whole mood changes. Things go from bustling and bright to shady and skeezy. Still I like it. The thought of going somewhere I shouldn’t be was exciting to me. 


I used to be scared walking through Knockturn Alley but not anymore. I know my way around now and no one messes with me. I just put on my bitchiest face and glare at anyone who dares make eye contact with me.


I pushed the door open to my favorite pub The White Wyvern. I went to the bar. “Hey Bones, can I have a single malt whiskey?”


“Anyone ever tell you that you drink like a forty year old man?” Bones chuckled. 


“No but I’ve slept with one.” I grinned as he poured my drink. “Is Lucian here?”


“In the back. You’re not up to anything bad are you?”


“Oh never! I’m completely innocent.”


He slid my drink over to me. “You and innocent have never gone in the same sentence.”


I made a face at him and headed to the back. There was Lucian Dole at a table in the back. A smile came across his face when he saw me. Lucian might be the skeeziest guy I went to school with. And he was definitely one of the best looking.


He had messy dark hair and stunning hazel eyes and a killer smile. I used to have the biggest crush on him when we attended Hogwarts. He was just so cool. He was Captain of the Quidditch Team, popular, and people did whatever he wanted them to. He was powerful.


I sat down across from him. “Hi Luci.”


“Hello Vicelia.”


“Don’t call me Vicelia.” I snapped. 


“Don’t call me Luci.”


“Fine, lets try this again. Hello Lucian.” 


“Hello Vice.” He smiled. “What do you have for me?”


“I have no idea, but I think it’s good.” I passed him the messenger bag. “Feels heavy so there’s gotta be something good.”


Lucian opened the bag and rifled through it. He pulled out something rectangular. It opened and there were buttons with letters and numbers. 


“What the hell is that?” I asked. 


“I have no idea.” Lucian moved it around and pressed a button on the side. The half that didn't’ have the buttons lit up. It was like there was a picture inside of it. It was a picture of the sunset. Muggle items are so strange!


“Well I think we’ll get a lot for this.” Lucian stated, smiling. “The rest of this will be good too, but this will be the winner. Good job, Vice.”


“All I had to do was collapse.” I giggled. “Now finish your drink and let's get this sold. If you’re lucky I’ll let you shag me after.”


“Luck has nothing to do with it.”



I’m always surprised by who wants to buy stolen muggle items from us. Today it’s someone we used to go to school with. Some spoiled brat by the name of Draco Malfoy. I’m mostly surprised cuz the kid was always talking about how he hated muggles. I guess animosity leads to curiosity or something.


“What the hell does this do?” He asked.


“How are we supposed to know?” Lucian asked. “Isn’t the whole point to discover what it is yourself?”


“There’s no reason for an attitude.”


“Malfoy do you want it or not?”


“I’m not so sure anymore.” Draco frowned.


“Don’t listen to Lucian.” I stated. “This is prime muggle technology here. You see the buttons? Something pretty amazing happens with each different button. And you wanna see a picture in color that doesn’t move? There’s a button for that. And look at all these holes. Imagine what you could...I don’t know, stick in them.”


Draco surveyed the rectangle carefully. “I have never seen anything like this before.”


“It’s a rarity.” I assured him. “And it’s kind of heavy. It’ll at least be good for throwing at someone, right?”


His face lit up. “How much for it?”


“Two hundred.” Draco looked as though that wasn’t much.


“And fifty.” I added in. “Two hundred and fifty Galleons, dear.” I smiled. “Since it’s so rare. I’ll even throw in this thing.” I think it’s a pen, but I can’t be entirely sure. Apparently muggles write with it without having to dip it in ink.


He thought it over. “Yeah okay.” He counted the money and handed the pouch to me. “I hope you will remain discreet. I can’t have my parents find out that I’m buying these kinds of things.”


“Of course.” Lucian grinned. “Pleasure doing business with you.” They shook hands and Draco walked off, looking excited for his new toy.


“That went well.” I smiled. 


“Because of you.” Lucian kissed me hard. “As usual you came through.”


“One of us has to be the brains.”


“And what does that make me?”


“The looks.” I grinned. “Though I guess I handle that too. What are you good for again Lucian?”


“Let’s go to your place and I’ll show you.”



Yeah I guess Lucian is pretty good for sex. He’s wild and crazy and to him every surface needs to be used. I like the unpredictability he brings to the bedroom. I never know where the hell we’ll end up. This time it’s on my bedroom floor next to the door.


“You have something against beds?” I asked, trying to catch my breath.


“They’re boring.” He laughed. 


“Yes, but they don’t give me rug burn.” I pointed out. 


“That’s part of the fun.” He kissed me again. 


A scream erupted from the living room. “Vice!”


“I think she may have fallen through the chair.” I laughed, pushing Lucian off of me. 


We got dress and went out to the living room. My roommate Megan did not look impressed with my chair prank. 


“I think I may have broken my tailbone.” She shook her head. “When are you going to stop all the pranks?”


“When I’m dead.”


“Well, I hope that comes soon.”


“Ouch, Meggie that hurts.”


“You’ll recover.” She smiled before frowning. “Oh Lucian you’re here. Does that mean you two have pulled off yet another scheme?”


“Can’t think of what you mean, Megan.” Lucian smiled. “We’ve just been making hot passionate love all day. Nothing else.”


She rolled her eyes. “Yeah I’m sure. Do you happen to have your half of the rent Vice?”


“I do!” I smiled happily, running back to my room. I made sure Lucian didn’t follow me before taking out my secret money stash. I got the rent money and put the stash back. “Here you go love.”


“Thank you. You’re coming Matty’s party tonight right?”


“I’ll be late. I have to go home and have dinner with my parents, but yes I’ll be there. Don’t take shots without me.”


“Oh never. Are you coming alone?” Megan sneered in Lucian’s direction. 


“No, she’s not.” Lucian grinned before sticking his tongue down my throat.


“When are you going to dump him?”


“I can’t dump him cuz we’re not dating.” I shrugged. “But I’ll get bored of him eventually I’m sure.”


 “Yes we are dating!” Lucian protested.


“Says you. I have to go change.”


“Vicelia!” He whined as I shut the door. Ugh I hate when he gets like this. 


I changed into a dress I know my Mum will hate but that would look amazing in a party setting, slapped on some lipstick and tossed my curly black hair up in a ponytail. I dipped back in my money stash and then I was ready for dinner for my parents.



Even though Lucian isn’t my boyfriend I kind of pretend he is when it comes to my parents. It makes them think I have one stable thing going on in my life since I don’t have a job or any kind of career goals. 


“Vicelia!” Mum smiled happily before hugging me tightly. “Honey, that dress is very short.”


“I know, we’re going to a party after this.”


“Well don’t bend over, you might give everyone a free show!”


I rolled my eyes as Dad hugged me. “I think you look nice.”


“Thanks Daddy.” I smiled. 


“Lucian, you look so handsome!” Mum gushed. Sometimes I swear she wishes she was me so that she could bang him.


I went to the dining room to greet my siblings. I was very different from my siblings. They were all driven and focused and knew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives. I was wild and unpredictable and didn’t look forward to working for the rest of my life. Our differences may also have to do with me being adopted.


“Vice!” They chorused happily. Although we’re different, we get along pretty well.


“Hey guys.” I grinned. 


“Wow can that dress get any shorter?” My sister Cece asked. 


“Yes, yes it could.”


“Is Lucian here too?” Charlie questioned. 


“What, I’m not good enough?” I questioned. “Yeah he’s here.”


“Hand it over, Charlie!” Chris laughed. “I told you she didn’t dump him yet.”


“Are you making bets on me again?” I questioned. 


“Yes.” Chris smiled. “It’s the way I make a little money on the side. You know without lifting from muggles.”


“Shh! Don’t let Mum and Dad hear. I’m already enough of a disappointment.”


“Please, they love you Vice.” Cece assured me. “They just want you to do something other than Lucian.”


“But he’s so easy to do.” I smirked as he entered the room.


“Hey guys.” He said, taking his seat next to me. 


“Hey Lucian.” They chorused.


Mum and Dad joined us a few moments later and we started eating. “So what has everyone been up to?”


“Nothing much.” Charlie answered. “Things have actually been quite boring at the Ministry.”


“Really? Things have been insane at Gringotts.” Cece shook her head. “I don’t know why there’s so much going on.”


“Working on a new broom.” Chris smiled. “The kids are going to lose their minds with this new model.”


“Well isn’t that nice?” Mum smiled. “It must be nice to have a job where you can use your hands.”


“I use my hands plenty.” I pointed out. 


“She’s not talking about hand jobs, Vice.” Cece snickered. 


“Didn’t you shag the whole Quidditch Team?” I questioned. 


“Must have been before I got on the team.” Lucian said thoughtfully.


“So what have you been up to Vicelia?” Dad asked. 


“I have a few different business ventures right now. I can’t say much on them right now, but when they’re more solid, I’ll let you guys know more about it.” 


“You don’t need money right?” Mum questioned. 


“No, Mum. I’m fine. I swear.  I’m taken care of.”


“Good, so when are you and Lucian becoming more serious?”


“Meaning?” Lucian asked. 


“Moving in together? Getting engaged.”


“Let’s slow that down!” I laughed nervously. “We’re fine where we’re at.”


“I don’t know, Vice. It would be kind of nice to live together.” Lucian smiled. 


“Shut your mouth. Mum, if Lucian and I ever get there, it will not be anytime soon.”


Dad sighed. “We just want you to be stable, Vicelia.”


“I know and I will be. I don’t need a man for that.” I assured him. 


The rest of dinner goes on without any more mentions of me and Lucian getting engaged. Before I leave my siblings ask to speak with me away from our parents. 


“So, Mum and Dad’s anniversary is in six months.” Charlie stated. 


“Are we throwing them a party?” I asked. 


“Yes, but you know that house they’ve always wanted? That blue one fifteen minutes away?” Cece asked. I nodded. “We want to buy that house for them.”


“Well how much is it?”


“Sixteen thousand Galleons.” Chris responded. 


“Holy shit, that’s kind of a lot.”


“That’s why we figured we’d split it.” Cece said. “Four thousand Galleons each.”


“Wow, um okay. That’s a-a lot but I can do that...I think.”


“Look we know you don’t exactly get steady money, so if you can’t do it that’s fine we’ll handle it.” Charlie said.


“No! No, I can get the money together. I’ll um..” I sighed. “I’ll get a job.”


They looked at me in shock. “Are you sure?” Chris asked. “You don’t like work.”


“I don’t, but Mum and Dad have done so much for me. I feel like I owe them. I want to be able to say that I helped with this, so I’ll get a job and do my part.”


“Okay, great. Well you got six months.” Cece smiled. “You got this Vice.”


“Yeah I do.”


“I can’t get a job!” I exclaimed before taking a shot. “I mean me? A job?”


“Doesn’t sound like something plausible at all.” Megan laughed. 


“Have you even ever had a job?” Matty questioned, wrapping his arm around Megan’s waist.


“No. What do you even do there?”


“A lot of the time it’s doing what someone else tells you to.” Lucian informed me. “Babe don’t worry about it, I’ll pay for it.”


“Absolutely not.” I shook my head. 


“Why not?”


“Because then I’d have to marry you and I don’t want that.”


“You will eventually.”


“Look Vice, just get a job somewhere fun.” Megan shrugged. “That way it’ll barely feel like work.”


“That’s not a bad idea. But I don’t know any fun places.” I whined.


“You’ll find one, babe.” Lucian said. “If there’s one thing Vicelia Richardson can find, it’s fun.”



I must have found way too much fun last night. My head is pounding and I feel like crap. But I’m glad that I woke up in bed after the insane romp Lucian and I had last night. He’s snoring loudly. 


I shoved him. “Quit snoring.” I sat up and sighed. The job search starts today.


I don’t know exactly where to start, but I know I need some coffee. I go to the Leaky Cauldron. As I’m walking to a table with my coffee, someone bumps into me, causing me to spill the coffee all over my good boots.


“What the fuck!”


“Sorry, I’m in a rush.”


“What and my shoes have to suffer for that?” I asked.


He sighed. “Yeah, sorry about that.”


“Your sorry plus a sickle would get me a piece of candy.”


“You don’t have to be so rude.” He frowned. 


“You bumped into me and ruined my shoes. You owe me a coffee.”


He looked down at my cup. “You still have more in there. You’ll be fine. Now I really have to go. I’m late for work.” He ran off.


“Git!” I called. I sat down and drank my coffee. God I hope that piece of shit has a terrible day. 


I felt much better after my coffee. I was ready to find a fucking job. I wondered if I should try Knockturn Alley first? Nah, that’ll be a last resort. I don’t need to spend any more time there than I already do. 


I walked around Diagon Alley surveying the shops. These were all customer service heavy and me and people don’t exactly get along a lot of the time. My eyes fell on the new shop again. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. That does look like fun. 


I walked in. The store was amazing! Toys and gadgets were everywhere. There were also Pygmy Puffs and love potions and even muggle pranks. This place was like Zonko’s but even better. I wish I would have thought of it.


“Hi, welcome in!” I looked over to see a really pretty girl with brown skin like mine and big brown eyes and a great smile. 


“Hi thanks.”


“Your first time in?” She questioned. I nodded. “Well, once again welcome! I’m Sin. I’m one of the owners.”


“Vice.” I shook her hand. She seemed really warm and nice. I liked her already. “I know this is kind of a long shot but...are you guys hiring by chance.”


Her face lit up. “Are you a Seer?”


“Not that I know.”  She showed me what was in her hand. A help wanted sign. “Shit maybe I am. Oh god, sorry, I didn’t mean to say shit. Oh fuck I’ve said it again. I mean-”


“You’re fine!” Sin laughed. “I’m not as much of a lady as I seem. I say shit and fuck.”


“Good to know.” I sighed in relief. 


“Are you busy right now? We can do an interview in the office.”


“Um, really?”


“Yeah, why don’t you meet me in the back? I gotta tell my partners I’ll be away from the front.”


I went to the back, looking around the shop as I did. I was so impressed with this place. And I loved that a woman was so involved with it. That made me want to work here even more. I took the seat across from the desk and waited. The desk had a name plaque: Sinthia Watson. 


Huh. I guess her partners are Weasleys then. Now that I think about it I'm sure there were some Weasleys I went to school with. That's why the name seems familiar. I wonder why her last name wasn’t mentioned at all. That seemed pretty unfair. But if she’s fine with it, then that’s that.


“Hello again.” Sin smiled as she sat down in her seat. “So tell me about you. How old are you, where did you go to school?”


“I’m nineteen, went to Hogwarts.”


“No way, so did I. What house?”


“Slytherin.” I smiled.


“Ah, now that makes sense. I was a Gryffindor.” She said. “Well that’s great. Um, why do you want to work here?”


“Honestly it just looks like so much fun. Your shop is bright and beautiful and I can’t help but smile when I’m in here. Sounds like the perfect place to be when I’m not home.”


Sin smiled widely. “That’s why we opened this shop. We wanted to make people laugh and smile. Also we love pranks.”


“Me too.” 


“Last prank you pulled?”


“Yesterday. Took the bottom off a chair and put a blanket over it. My roommate sat on it and fell through.” I laughed. 


“Genius! Now what about the best prank you’ve pulled?”


“Oh that’s easy. Convinced my entire family that I wasn’t going to be able to graduate from Hogwarts because I had failed all of my classes. Forged a letter from Dumbledore and everything. Felt kind of bad because my Mum was in shambles.”


“That’s insane!” Sin giggled. I knew I would like her.


“What about yours?”


“Me and my best friend convinced the whole school that we had fallen in love with each other while we were dating our other best friends. And then we actually did fall in love but then his girlfriend got pregnant, so he got back with her and I dumped my boyfriend and started dating my ex again. Turns out his girlfriend wasn’t pregnant and my boyfriend ended up spiking me with a love potion for a few months. Anyways it worked out. Me and my best friend are engaged now.”


“Oh wow.” I whispered. “That sounds like a complete and total mess. Kind of wished I could have witnessed that.”


“I hear it was fun from the outside.” She chuckled. “Well, um, I feel really good about this, Vice. I think you’d fit in great here.”


“Wait seriously? I um...I have the job?”




“Y-you don’t have to ask your partners?”


“I think they’ll like you just fine.” Sin assured me. “Plus I need another woman around. The testosterone is killing me. Please accept the job.”


“Oh yes! I accept!” Wow who knew getting a job would be so easy! “Can I ask something?”


“Of course.” 


“Why is it called Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and your last name is Watson?”


“Oh, remember that best friend I’m engaged to? Him and his brother are the Weasleys in question. And when we get married that’ll be my last name too.”


“Ah, that makes sense.” I nodded. “Well, that was my only question.”


“Well let’s take a tour.” She got up excitedly and pulled me out of the office.


“Oh, Georgie! Come meet our new employee!”


This Georgie person turned around and his eyes widened. Mine did too. It was the guy who spilled coffee on my shoes!


“Oh shit.” I whispered.


“What’s going on?” Another guy approached us. He had the same face as the coffee spiller.


God there’s two of them?!



A/N: It's here, its here!! I'm very excited for this story and all the twists and turns and cliffhangers it will endure! How do we feel about  Vice? How in the world will she and George fall in love when they got off on the wrong foot? How will she handle work when she's never done it before? We shall see!!

Chapter 2: Responsible Adult
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“What is she doing here?” The coffee spiller demanded. 


“She’s our new employee.” Sin smiled.


“Absolutely not! She’s evil!”


“Evil?” I scoffed. Then I thought about it. “Okay, he’s not exactly wrong, but he has no right to call me that!”


“I have every right!”


“Wait, how do you two even know each other?” The coffee spiller’s twin asked. 


“We met this morning. She called me a prick!”


“Actually I called you a git. And that’s because you spilled coffee on my shoes!”


“Why would you do that George?” Sin asked. “That’s so rude!”


“That’s what I said!” I exclaimed. 


“I apologized.” George insisted. “And then she said my sorry plus a Knut would get her a piece of candy.”


“Do you listen at all? I said your sorry plus a Sickle would get me a piece of candy.”


“You see what I dealt with this morning?”


“Well, she’s not wrong.” Sin crossed her arms. “I mean your sorry is financially useless. I hope you bought her another coffee.”


“I asked him to and he refused to.” I informed her. “According to him I still had enough coffee and he was in a hurry.”


“Wow, that’s disappointing to hear George.” His brother shook his head. “I promise you, just because I have his face doesn’t mean that I’m as rude as he is.”


“That’s a relief.” I laughed. 


“George I think you owe Vice an apology.” Sin said. “I don’t want her first day to be awkward just because you  have bad manners.”


“She’s not working here!” George shook his head. “No way.”


“I already hired her. She’s staying.”


“Sin, we all have to agree on things like this. We’re all the owners. So just like everything we have to vote on it and majority rules.”


Oh shit. Just as easily as I got this job I could lose it. All because of this coffee spilling git. 


Sin sighed. “Fine, all in favor of hiring Vice, raise your hand.” She raised her hand. 


I knew George wouldn’t raise his but the other one seemed to be thinking it over. 


“And all in favor of not hiring this Vice person?” George said before raising his hand. Still the other one didn’t raise his hand.


“Freddie, why didn’t you vote?” Sin asked.


“I don’t know. It’s hard being caught between my fiancee and my brother.”


“Well, remember which one of us has sex with you.”


“I think we should hire Vice.” He said simply. “I’m Fred. Vice, welcome to the team.” He shook my  hand. 


“Oh thank you so much. I promise you won’t regret this at all.” I smiled. “Really, I’ll be the best employee ever.”


“I highly doubt that.” George muttered. 


“You know, Vice is right. You are being a git.” Sin laughed. “Anyways, welcome aboard officially Vice. You’re gonna fit right in, I promise. Now let’s do the tour.”


Sin linked her arm in mine and showed me around. I was all too aware that George was glaring at us. I was glad I had Sin on my side because George was making it more than obvious  that he didn’t want me here.  I didn’t really want him there either, but he owns the place so I guess he may stay.



I’ve only been working a few days but it’s not as awful as I thought it would be. I’m still learning the ropes so a lot of my job is restocking and trying to remember what every little thing does so that I can answer questions when I get to work with customers.


It’s an insanely busy store. A lot of kids from Hogwarts come in. Since it’s summer break for them they have the time I guess. They spend literal hours there talking and laughing. They also buy things and then immediately use them. I don’t know how they gained so much popularity so fast. They must have been something at school.


I’m restocking the love potions when George approaches me. I resist the urge to roll my eyes. “If you steal any of this, you’re going to be fired immediately.” He informed me.


“You think I need to steal a love potion? Have you seen me? I have no problem getting a bloke.” I chuckled. 


“With that personality? I find that hard to believe.”


“Why are you worried about my love life when yours is the one that’s suffering?” I questioned. “Aren’t you like the only Weasley without a significant other? I hear your little sister gets more action than you do.”


“I get plenty of action.” He snapped. “I’m a hot commodity, I have like three dates this week.”


“I’ll pray for those poor girls. They’re gonna spend their whole evenings with you and it’ll turn out to have been a complete waste for them.”


“And why would it be a waste?”


“I hardly think you’re what any of those girls are looking for. But if you feel like throwing money away just to get rejected at the end of the night be my guest.” I shrugged. 


“I don’t like you.”


“And I don’t see why. You’re the one who spilled my coffee and then didn’t pay for more!” 


“Yeah but you acted like I stabbed you or something.” George rolled his eyes. “It was a little coffee spill.”


“On my favorite boots when I was hungover. You would have ruined my whole day if I hadn’t gotten this job.”


“Oh if only.”


“You know what, George, I don’t like you either. You’re...pretentious.”


“Wait me? Pretentious? That’s not true at all.”


“From where I’m standing it is.”


“Well, I stand a lot taller and therefore  can see more.”


“So you’re pretentious and a heightist. Are there any good qualities that you possess?” 


“I’m extremely good looking.” George smirked. 


I clicked my tongue. I’d love to disagree, but that would be such a lie. George and Fred are total hotties. I don’t usually go for red heads and yet, I must admit they defy my rules and standards. But Fred is taken and George is insufferable so I guess I’ll continue to not be with redheads.


“Too bad your personality cancels out those looks.” I shook my head. 


“You’d know all about that. You’re some kind of attractive and yet it’s so easy to look past that because of your rotten personality.”


“You’re the only one who works here who doesn’t like me, darling. So I think that might say more about you than it does about me.”


I seemed to have stumped him now. “Whatever, just make sure to stack those right and don’t get sticky fingers. I’ve heard things about you Vicelia.”


“For one, don’t call me Vicelia and two, what have you heard?”


“I’ve asked around from people we went to school with. I didn’t know you since you were a year ahead but I’ve heard of your antics. Stealing, lying, smuggling things from the muggle world. You’re nothing but trouble, Vice.”


“Well maybe I’ve changed.” I shrugged. “I’m a whole new woman, Weasley. That was the past Vice. Present Vice is responsible and isn’t looking for a lick of trouble.” 


“I’ll believe that when I see it.” He shook his head. “Go on your break after this, I’m tired of seeing you.”


“Prick.” I whispered as he walked away. What the hell is this guy’s problem anyways?


“Excuse me, miss? Will this love potion make my girlfriend want to ride me all night long?”


I looked up and saw Lucian smiling. “What are you doing here?” I laughed. 


“I’ve barely seen you these last few days since you’re being a responsible adult. I miss you. Wanted to see when your break was so we could have a little rendezvous? I miss making love to you.”


“First of all, we fuck we don’t make love and second of all...I have a break once I finish stacking these. Meet me outside.”


“Hi, welcome in.” George approached us. “Vice is still new here, but I can help you with whatever you need.”


“No, that’s alright. Vice here gave me everything I needed. Cool store man, I’ll be sure to come back.” Lucian patted him on the back and winked at me and left.


“How are you already scaring customers off?” George asked.


“I didn’t scare him off. You heard him, I gave him everything he needed.”


“So you were flirting with him? Is that how you plan on getting sales?”


“Maybe.” I shrugged. “Whatever it takes to get sales, right?’


He sighed. “You know what? This looks shockingly good, go on your break. And don’t be gone longer than an hour.”


“Aw, why? You gonna miss me?”


“God Sin owes me big time for hiring you.”


“Let’s go one more time.” Lucian grinned


“I can’t Lucian.” I sighed. “I have to get back to work. I can’t be late. One of my bosses already hates me, I cannot give him a reason to fire me.” 


Lucian pouted. “Well, let me pick you up from work and we can get drinks at The White Wyvern before the party.”


“What party?”


“You forgot about the party that’s literally at your place tonight?”


“Shit. Yeah I did. But I don’t work tomorrow so I can party for real!” I smiled. “But now I really do have to go!”


“Okay, I’ll see you later.” I got dressed quickly and kissed him one more time. “I love you Vice.”


I slapped him. “Don’t ever say that again. I’ll see you later.” I hurried out of the room.


“Vice! You didn’t say you loved me back!”


“I know! Bye!”


“Hiya, Vice. How's it going?” Fred asked.


“I don’t know, how is it going? You’re not over here to fire me, are you?”


He laughed. “Of course not. I’m just checking in. You’re our first employee ever and I want to make sure we’re treating you nicely.”


“Oh you guys are great. You and Sin are the best!”


“And George?”


“George is...well he’s George.”


“You don’t like him.”


“He’s kind of the worst.” I admitted. “I mean he’s so mean to me. He accused me of future stealing today, you know?”


“He’s usually not like that, I swear. George is considered the nice twin actually.” Fred informed me. “Or the nicer twin anyways. 


“So what’s so special about me that I get to be the one person he’s rude to?” 


“No clue. But he’s kinda cranky lately. I think he just needs a girlfriend or something.”


“Great so he’s gonna be cranky forever! No ones gonna wanna date him!”


Fred laughed. “Hey come on, he's not that bad. I promise you'll warm up to him.”


“No offense, Fred, but I don't see that happening at all. The only way warming I’d do with him is setting him on fire.”


“As long as you don't do it in the store, that's fine.”


“You’re the best boss ever.”


“Ooh, I'm gonna tell Sin you said that!” Fred chuckled before turning around.


“Wait I didn't mean it!” I called after him. 


“Too late, I’m telling her!”


I laughed and shook my head before going back to restocking the muggle pranks. I wonder how much I could sell these for? I wouldn't even have to steal them either, considering I get a discount here. I could easily make that money back. It wouldn't hurt to have multiple sources of income so that I can save up faster and get out of here. It’s definitely a thought.


“ are you liking it here so far?” Sin asked.


“I love it.” I admitted. “Like I said, it’s so much fun! And you’re the absolute best.”


“Really cuz the way I hear it, Fred is the best boss ever.”


“What a snitch.”


“Oh he just couldn't wait to tell me.” She laughed. “How are you and Georgie getting along?”


“Poorly.” I stated. “He hates me, I hate him. He tells me to do something and I've never wanted to ignore anyone more in my life.”


“You are the only person I’ve ever met who doesn’t like George.  Normally I would take that as a red flag, but with the coffee spilling I get it.”


“Honestly, had he bought me another coffee maybe I wouldn’t dislike him so much. But since he didn’t, I just think he’s the worst. I’m truly shocked I’m the only one who doesn’t like him.”


“You two will get along at some point, I know it. You and me are quite similar and I like George, so I’m sure you will too.” Sin smiled.


I did of course agree with her. Sin and I were definitely cut from the same cloth with our need for pranking and dazzling personalities. However, affection for George Weasley is where our similarities ended. He’s too much of a prick!


“I’m sorry Sin, but that bloke is on my shit list and I’m sure I’m on his. I don’t see a reconciliation. Besides, if at least one of my bosses don’t like me, what am I going to complain to my friends about?”


“Well, you’re right about that. What will you tell your friends? That this is the best place in the world to work? That just doesn’t sound right.” Sin grinned.


“It is though. I mean I’ve never had a real job or anything, but I do like working here.” I said. “Makes it easier to stay out of trouble too.”


“What kind of trouble?”


“Um, nothing too bad." Sin saw me as a good person and I didn't want her to realize that I was kind of a thief. "It’s just kinda cool to feel a semblance of maturity I guess.”


“Oh Merlin, a semblance of maturity?” Sin whispered. “We must get rid of it! Let’s do a prank!”


“On who?” I giggled.


“The boys! Let’s do that chair prank that you did on your roommate!”


“Well, you’re the boss, and I must listen.”


We took the bottoms out of the chairs at the register. We figured once we were closed it was time to count the register was when our prank would pay off.


“Do you think you boys could handle closing the register tonight?” Sin asked. “I want to go over some stuff with Vice.”


“Of course darling.” Fred kissed her. “Anything for you babe.”


I couldn’t help but smile. I think Sin and Fred are so damn cute. After hearing the story of their romance and how they got together makes me like them together even more. That’s a lot of shit to go through. Pranks, fake pregnancies, love potions, bets, lies. And yet here they are, happier than ever. I love that for them. 


“I love you Fredrick.”  Sin smiled.


“Oh is that your full name?” I asked. 


“Not at all.”


Fred and George went over to the registers as Sin and I pretended to straighten out the products on the shelf. We watched as the boys sat down at the same time and fell through the bottom of the chairs. 


We burst out in laughter. “That was brilliant!” Sin cackled as she high fived me. 


“Did you see the way they fell?” I wheezed. “Right through!”


“Oh that was too good!”


“What the hell?” Fred cried. "What just happened?”


“We gotcha!” I laughed. “How do your arses feel?”


“You don’t get to know what happens with my arse Richardson!” George called.


Sin hugged me tightly as we laughed. I hugged her back. I liked that we were friends. Once the boys got over the shock of our brilliant prank we all focused on closing up the store.


“Any fun plans tonight?” I asked.


“Sin and I have a evening planned.” Fred informed me. Oh so lots of sex.


“I have a date.” George said triumphantly.


“Aw that’s so sad.” I said.


“For who?”


“That poor girl.”


“Oh shut up.”


“What are you doing tonight Vice?” Sin asked.


“Apparently there’s a party at my place so that should be fun.” I smiled. 


“Ooh, I love parties. Can we come to one some time?”


“Of course. You and Fred are always welcome to come any time.’re not.”


“Like I’d want to anyways..” He scoffed. 


Thirty minutes later we were done. Lucian was waiting for me as he said he would be. He held my hand all the way to The White Wyvern. I’m not thrilled about it, but I guess it’s not the worst thing in the world. At least he’s not telling me he loves me.


After a few drinks we finally make our way back to my place. It’s crowded as all hell! I duck into my room to change and then I join the party.


“Vice!” Matty smiled. “Where the hell have you been? You’ve missed like four parties this week.”


“Hello? I have a job.”


“That doesn’t include stealing from muggles?” Steve asked.


“Yep! I’m a real adult now!” I smiled. 


“Hell has officially frozen over.” Megan giggled. “You guys should see her. She actually wakes up in the mornings, it’s mad!


“I am capable of being responsible.”


“Maybe you’re more like your family than you thought?” Lucian asked. “They’re all so grown up and responsible.”


“Yeah I know.” I rolled my eyes. “The one time I don’t feel like an outsider and I hate it. I cannot wait until I get to be myself again.”


“Working isn’t that bad though, right?”  Steve questioned. 


“It’s actually not. Two out of three of my bosses are amazing!”


“What about the third?” Matty questioned.


“He’s the fucking worst! He’s mean and bossy and pretentious. I don’t know how anyone gets along with him.”


“Remind me which one he is again.” Megan said. “There’s like fourteen Weasleys.”


“George Weasley. His twin Fred and my other boss Sin are engaged.” I explained. 


“Wait, your boss’s name is Sin?” Lucian laughed. “So we’ve got Sin and Vice working together. Those are some toxic names.”


“Right? But honestly she’s the best. We pranked the twins today and it was great.” I laughed. 


“So after your part of the house is paid off are you going to stay there?” Matty asked.


“No clue.  We’ll see how long I can stand George Weasley.”


“Moving on, why the hell are there so many people here?” Lucian questioned. “It’s crowded.”


“You know how our friends are, they invite everyone and their sister to parties.” Megan rolled her eyes. “I heard Monica is bringing a date.”


“There’s a man out there who wants to go out with Monica?” Matty shook his head. “Must be mad.”


“Come on she’s not that bad.” I laughed. “She just has the worst personality of anyone I’ve ever met.”


“Why are we still friends with her then?” Lucian asked. 


“Slytherins stick together.”  Megan shrugged. 


“Well let’s stick together some more and go take some shots!” I announced. “We don’t work tomorrow!”


My parents swear at some point I’m gonna grow out of this phase of wild antics and partying and drinking, but how could I? What could be better than hanging with my best friends and doing questionable things all night just to wake up and do it all again? We’re all so young and have our whole lives ahead of us. Why not have fun?


“Vice!” Steve called. “Gotta surprise for you babe!”


“Don’t call her babe.” Lucian warned. “She’s my girl.”


I rolled my eyes. “What do you have for me Steve?”


“Those muggle things you like so much. A keg.”


I gasped. “Really?”


“Yep. And the people are begging for you to do a real muggle keg stand.”


“I mean if the people are begging for it.” I grinned, letting Steve pull me away.


“Look who I found!” Steve declared. “Are you ready for the keg stand?”


“Yes!” Everyone  cheered. 


“Alright, give me some room.” I laughed. “Steve and Luci hold my legs.”


“You got it babe.”


I took a deep breath before putting my hands on either side of the keg and swinging my legs up. Steve and Lucian caught my legs and put the hose in my mouth. God I love the taste of beer.


“Chug, chug, chug!” Everyone chanted. 


I counted the seconds in my head. I was going for a minute considering my record was forty-seven seconds. 


“Oh she’s going for a record!” Steve yelled. 


“Vice, Vice, Vice!”


Finally I hit a minute. I went for a bit long and then spit the hose out. “Personal best!” I screamed as the boys let my legs go. I took a moment before swinging up right again. 


I felt my foot collide with someone’s head. God what kind of idiot walks behind a girl doing a keg stand?


“What the hell Vice!” He cried. 


“Maybe don’t get in my way next time, prick.” I turned around and my jaw dropped. “George?”


“Not looking for a lick of trouble huh?” He said rubbing his head. “How did I know that was a lie?”


Oh brother.



A/N: Hellooo! How are we liking the tension between George and Vice? Who do you think is more in the wrong between them? How in the world do they end up liking each other? Will Vice stay on the path to responsibility? And what the heck is George doing at her home? All shall be revealed!

Chapter 3: Odd One Out
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“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked.


“I’m on a date.” George grumbled. “What the hell are you doing here?”


“I live here! This is my house!”


“Well I assure you if I knew it was your house I wouldn’t have come.”


“And I assure you had I known you were coming I would have had you kicked out immediately.” I stated. 


“Vice!” Monica was hurrying over to us. “That kegs stand was brilliant.”


“Thanks. I see you’ve brought a date. Wish you would have told me earlier. So I could have told you no.” 


“Wow you really know how to treat guests.” George rolled his eyes. 


“I know how to treat welcome and invited guests, you are neither of those.” I snapped. 


“I’m sorry do you guys know each other?” Monica asked. 


“Unfortunately.” We chorused. 


Monica groaned. “Ugh, you know what, Vice it’s getting increasingly harder to find guys that you haven’t shagged before. Why must you be such a tramp?”


“Shagged?” I asked incredulously. “Oh gross! I would never shag George! He wishes!”


“I do not! That’s the last thing I would ever want to do! Even I’m not that desperate.” 


“So how do you two know each other?”


“He’s my boss.” I grunted. “Who I thought I was going to not see until I returned to work, but of course he had to ruin that.”


“Believe me I don’t take pleasure in seeing you either.”


“Good, I don’t want to give you an ounce of pleasure.”


“Vice, please don’t be rude to my date.” Monica said. “You’re so inconsiderate.”


“You brought a stranger into my home!” I exclaimed. 


“He’s not a stranger, you know him.”


“You didn’t know that!”


“Well you didn’t have to kick him!” Monica whined. 


“I didn’t mean to.” I groaned. “Anyways, I’m removing myself before George further ruins my night. Have a terrible date hm?”


“God you’re insufferable.” George shook his head before I walked away. 


“What was that about?” Megan asked. “I didn’t think you’d be that mad about Monica bringing a date.”


“That’s not just her date. It’s George Weasley.”


“Your boss is here?” Matty laughed. “Oh your luck is terrible.”


“Right? Like what are the odds she brings him? At first I felt bad for whatever bloke had a date with Monica, but they’re both the most annoying people I know so I hope they stay together so they don’t torture anyone else.” I said shaking my head.


“Just let them have an awful night babe.” Lucian put his hands on my face. “Focus on me instead.” He kissed me. 


“You are far more interesting and hot.” I grinned before kissing him again. “Oh by the way, dinner with my family tomorrow night.”


“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


“Without family dinners she would have dumped you a long time ago.”  Megan shook her head. “I don't know how her family thinks you’re good for her.”


“Because I am. They know Vice and I have a real future together.” Lucian informed her. “And no one cares what you think Megan.”


“I’m her best friend, she’d choose me over you any day.”


“Well I’m Matty’s best friend so he’d choose me over you any day.”


“I can’t wait for the day that both of them dump you.” Megan sneered. 


“Okay that’s enough!” I laughed. “You guys being frenemies is so annoying. Stop arguing over me. There’s enough Vice to go around.”


“Then throw some over here.” Steve grinned. 


“Can you leave my girlfriend alone, mate?” Lucian questioned. “And before you say you’re not my girlfriend, Vice, yes you are.”


I rolled my eyes. “I’m not having this argument with you again, let’s just get back to having fun!”


I tried to avoid George at all costs. I didn’t want to speak to him and get annoyed with him. I can’t tell if him and Monica are having a good time or not. I mean they’re laughing and drinking and talking. I guess that seems like a decent date.


Monica pulls me down the hall where it’s quieter. “Okay, I really like him.”




“Yeah, so when you go back to work, make sure to put in a good word for me?”


“I don’t think that’ll work. He doesn’t like me, he won’t listen to me.”


“Well get him to.” She said firmly. “You owe me, you took Lucian from me.”


“Oh that’s hardly true! I didn’t know you guys were shagging and he came on to me, I was totally innocent.”


“Okay what about Graham Montague?”


“That was a misunderstanding.”


“Cassius Warrington?” She asked. 


“Hey, Amortentia was involved in that one.” I pointed out.


"Miles Bletchley?”


“That’s low. But fine, I will try my best. But honestly George hates me, if I tell him I think you’re good he’ll think that you’re not.”


“Then tell him that I’m not good. Reverse psychology.” Monica smiled. “Thanks Vice you’re the best.” She walked back over to George. 


Something told me this was not going to work out too well. 



This is the first family dinner I’ve attended since getting my job. My family has no clue that I’ve turned into a responsible adult and I’m kind of excited to tell them. Being adopted, I can’t help but feel like the odd one out all the time. I don’t look like them, I don’t act like them and sometimes I felt like I’m from a different planet.


“So Vice, darling what have you been up to?” Mum asked. 


“I um…I got a job!” I announced. 


I don’t know how I feel about the looks of shock on everyone’s faces. Usually I love shock, but this feels more like they didn’t think I could actually do it.


“That’s amazing Vice!” Cece smiled. “I’m so proud of you.”


“Yeah, that’s brilliant!” Chris patted me on the back. 


“Look at you becoming responsible.”  Charlie grinned. “Good job, Vice.”


“Thanks guys.”


“This is amazing.” Dad stated. “Where are you working? Tell us all about it.”


“Um it's in Diagon Alley. It’s called Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. It’s a joke shop.”


“You’re working with Weasleys?” Charlie questioned. “Which ones?”


“George and Fred. The twins. They were a pretty big deal at school from what I hear. Pulled some pretty good pranks and used to sell their joke products. They’re actually pretty impressive.”


“Well what’s it like?”  Cece asked. 


“Amazing actually. It’s really fun! And I have this other boss, Sinthia Watson, she’s amazing. She and Fred are engaged.”


“Well maybe you can learn something from her.” Mum suggested.


“I can learn a lot of things from her.” I said. “She’s eighteen and owns her own store and is her own boss. How amazing is that?”


“Is it her store if her name isn’t in it?” Chris pointed out.


“She’s taking Fred’s name when they get married so they’ll all be Weasleys.”


“I think that’s cool.” Lucian said. “When we get married will you take my last name?”


“Vice Dole.” Charlie said slowly. “I don’t hate it.”


“Why don’t you take my last name instead?” I asked. “Lucian Richardson is a charming name.”


“What about a hyphen?” Mum asked excitedly. “That could be fun.”


I now realized I had given my mother hope for my future with Lucian. Should not have done that. Now I’ll never hear the end of this.


It’s strange because I’m pretty sure I’m in love with Lucian. And he’s kind of perfect. He’s gorgeous and funny and chaotic and he makes me feel good and important. I know he loves me a lot. But the thought of real love scares the shit out of me. I think it has to do with being adopted. I think because my biological parents didn’t want me no one else truly will. Therefore becoming serious with someone means being vulnerable enough to get hurt. I don’t know if I’m ready for that. 


But along with becoming more responsible comes with me thinking I should start getting a little more serious about my relationship with Lucian. So I have to at least try.


“Yeah,  a hyphen could be fun.” I smiled. “Don’t you think Luci?”


“Um, yeah, whatever you want, baby.” Lucian smiled back. He seemed surprised that I was being so open about this. 


“Tell Sinthia to get a hyphen too.” Cece said. “Replacing your last name with a man’s is silly. No offense Mum.”


“Is that what you and Tommy will do?” I asked. “Where is he by the way?”


“He’s visiting his parents in Ireland. I wanted to go, but I couldn’t take off work.”


“Back to work, I really can’t believe you have a job and enjoy it.” Charlie shook his head. “So what’s next?” 


“What do you mean?” I questioned. 


“Well now you have a taste of the workforce, so what’s your next step to a real career?”


“Why can’t I have a career at the shop?”


“Well you can’t work at a joke shop for the rest of your life.”  Chris laughed. “You have to grow up some time.”


“Says who?” I demanded. “What’s the difference between a job and a career?”


“A job is what you start off with, a career is what you do for the rest of your life.” Cece informed me. “So basically your dream job.”


“I don’t dream of working.” I admitted. “I mean who decided that we have to work for a living when there are so many fun things going in the world?”


“Vice doesn’t need to have a career.” Lucian said. “I can support the both of us on my own easily.”


Lucian got a hefty inheritance when he turned eighteen, so he’s one of those people who doesn’t have to work for a living. Yet he still enjoys selling muggle items. I think it’s more the thrill of doing something he’s not supposed to than anything else, since he doesn’t need the funds like I do. 


My family isn’t poor or anything but they just get by. I didn’t get any kind of inheritance and obviously me and my siblings have to work to provide for ourselves. That does not mean I want a man to take care of me for the rest of my life. I will continue to steal from muggles if I have to!


“You don’t have to do that Lucian.” I said. “But I also don’t have to have a career. I can work at the joke shop forever if I want if it makes me happy.”


“You always do things unexpectedly.” Charlie said, smiling slightly. “Guess this shouldn’t be different.”


Why am I like that? Why do I have to do everything differently? It’s like I want myself to feel like more of an outsider than I already am.



“Can I see you in my office, Vice?” Sin asked. 


My stomach dropped. George had told her about the party and that I kicked him and called him a prick. Oh I’m so getting fired. 


“Um of course.”


I followed her, dreading every step. I was finally getting into this working thing and now it’s over. I sat down across from her, waiting for the blow.


“George told me about what happened the other day.” She started. “So I think you can imagine what I have to say.”


“Yes, I can imagine.” I whispered. 


“You have to teach me how to do a keg stand.”




“He said you were upside down for more than a minute while chugging beer? That’s insane! How do you do that?” 


“Um, practice, I guess.” I said, in utter shock. “So you’re not firing me?”


Sin laughed. “Of course not, I think you’re doing great. I mean George was in your house and walked behind you while you were doing a keg stand. That’s not grounds for firing at all.”


“Oh good. Cuz he seemed a little mad about it.”


“Well his date didn’t go great so I’m not shocked he was a little cranky.”


“Oh, did he and Monica not hit it off?” I questioned. 


“Apparently she talks a lot and has an aggressive nature.” Sin informed me.


“Yeah, that sounds like Monica.” I laughed. “Oh that sucks. She really likes him. Don’t know why though.”


“Well I’ll make sure he lets her down easy. God I feel so bad for Georgie. It’s kind of my fault he’s in a position of being miserable and dating.”




“George is kind of in love with me. I guess he always was, but he never said anything. And then he kind of exploded and told us about how he felt. And he kissed me. But…”


“You were already in love with his brother.” I finished. 


“Exactly. What I have with Freddie is magnetic. I’ve never felt this way about anyone in my life. Well, I mean I guess I felt that way with my ex fiance, but that was mostly a love potion amplifying what I felt for him.”


“But you did love him?”


“I did love Cedric. He was the first boy I actually fell in love with. A-and if things had happened differently I’d still be with him. I guess I just love Fred more. I still don’t know how it happened, but when it did there was no stopping it.” She smiled fondly. 


“So you’ve been in love multiple times...isn’t that scary?” I asked. 


“Terrifying. But completely worth it. No matter how messy it gets at the end of the day I know I have Fred and that will always be what matters most. Why do you ask?”


“I think I’m a little scared of love. Um...I was adopted and I don’t know, I’m worried if my parents couldn't love me that now one else can either. So I guess I’m scared to give someone so much of myself.”


“Oh, Vice. Sweetie, that’s just not true. You have no idea why your parents gave you up for adoption. Maybe they just didn’t think they could provide for you. But you’re amazing and I don’t think you should close yourself off. You deserve love and happiness.”


“Thanks Sin, that means a lot actually.”


“No problem. So is it weird being adopted?” She questioned. 


“Oh yeah. I feel so different from everyone in my family. Almost like an outsider. And they’re not super supportive of this job either.”


“Do you wanna have dinner with us tonight? We’re having it at the Weasley's. You’re kind of a part of the family now, so you should meet them.”


“Um, yeah sure I guess. As long as I’m not imposing.”


“No not at all.” Sin smiled.



“Oh there you are!” An older woman I assume is Mrs. Weasley announced with a smile on her face. I watched as she hugged Sin, Fred and George and then her eyes landed on me and she looked excited. “Are you George’s girlfriend?”


“God no.” I said. “I mean, no, George and I are just...coworkers.”


“Oh you must be Vice! I’ve heard so much about you! Mostly good things.”


“I can imagine who the bad things are from.”


“Oh don’t mind George, he’s a little cranky sometimes.”


“I am not Mum, she’s evil!” George exclaimed. 


“I’m an angel, Mrs. Weasley. I don’t know what George means.”


Mrs. Weasley laughed. “Oh call me Molly please. I’m sure you’re very much an angel.”


I raised my eyebrows at George and he glared at me. I was about to be on my best behavior tonight just to make it seem like George was crazy. 


Unfortunately I had to be seated next to him for dinner, but I’m also next to Sin, so that’s okay. This is a full table. There’s Molly, Arthur, the younger brother Ron and his girlfriend Hermione Granger, the younger sister Ginny and her boyfriend Harry Potter and the older brother Charlie.


Apparently there are two more brothers who are not in attendance. My three siblings always seemed like too much, but that’s nothing compared to this. 


“So tell us about you Vice!” Molly smiled. “What made you want to work at the joke shop?”


“It just looked like so much fun.” I smiled. “It was bright and beautiful and alluring. And I love working there. Fred and Sin are amazing.”


“Is George not?” Arthur questioned. 


“George is really something. I have never met anyone quite like him.”


George looked over at me in shock. I smiled back at him. He was going to hate tonight.


“Do you know any nice girls for him?” Molly questioned. 


“Well from what I hear he’s seeing my friend Monica and she’s nice...enough.” I answered. 


“Well why didn’t you invite Monica to dinner, George?”


“I don’t think it’s going to work out with her mum.” George said quietly. “She’s not my type.”


Molly sighed heavily. 


“Are any of your friends similar to Sin?” Ron asked. “That would make him happy.”


“Ron!” Hermione exclaimed. “I hardly think that’s appropriate to bring up.”


“I’m trying to help George get a girlfriend.”


“Well what do you know about that when you lucked your way into getting one?” Ginny asked.


“Honestly, Ron, you’re lucky Hermione decides to give you the time of day.” Harry agreed.


I can’t help but laugh. These kids are pretty fucking funny.


“Do you have a boyfriend, Vice?” Molly asked. 


“From what I hear she has many.” George muttered. I stomped down at his foot. “Ouch!”


“No, I don’t really have a boyfriend.” I said. “I’m kind of a casual girl.”


“That’s admirable.” Ginny smiled. “Sometimes I wish I didn’t settle down so soon.”


“You’re fifteen, what do you know about settling down?” Sin laughed.


“Not as much as you considering you’re eighteen and you’ve been engaged twice.”


“Low blow!”


I could tell Sin and Ginny had a good relationship. I think that’s cute. Of course Cece and I love each other but we don’t have what they do. 


“Did you attend Hogwarts?” Arthur questioned.


“Yeah, I was  a Slytherin.”


“Of course!” Fred said suddenly. “I remember now! You used to get caught with muggle paraphernalia.”


“Yeah that was me.” I laughed. 


This seemed to intrigue Arthur. “Do you know a lot about muggle things?”


“Yeah I kind of do.”


“Please explain a blender to me!”


“You don’t have to.”  George whispered. “He’s got this weird thing about muggle devices.”


“No, it’s okay.” I assured him. “So muggles put ice and fruits and things into a blender and that mixes it all up and then they drink it!”


“Fascinating! Where does the ice go?”


“It gets crunched up I guess.”


“Oh that sounds amusing.” Molly chuckled. 


“Um, the next I come across something good, I’ll bring it over for you. Think of it as a thank you for having me over for dinner.”


“How wonderful!” Arthur smiled. 


“You don’t have to do that Vice.” George said quietly. 


“It’s not a problem at all.” I said. “I don’t mind.”


“That’s...decent of you I guess.”


“Decent of you guys to have me over.” I shrugged. 


“Vice, this is going to sound strange, but do you have a brother with my name?” Charlie questioned. 


“Yeah, actually I do. I think you and Charlie were in the same year? Different houses obviously.”


“Yeah, he was Ravenclaw right?”


“Yeah, all my siblings were Ravenclaw.”


“But you weren’t. Usually families are sorted into the same houses since they have the same qualities.” Molly stated. 


“Well, I’m actually adopted so I’m a little different from my family.”


“Yeah, I thought you and Charlie didn’t really look alike.” Charlie said thoughtfully.


“I’m sure you’re much cooler than your siblings.” Sin smiled. 


“As someone who is also cooler than their siblings, I agree.” Fred grinned. 


“Thanks guys.”


“Do you know anything about your biological parents?” George asked. 


“Nothing. I feel weird asking my parents about it so I just leave it.” I admitted. 


“Well, now that you work with the twins, you’re a part of our family too.” Molly smiled. “You are welcome here anytime.”


“Thank you, that’s so sweet.”


“It’s really a safe haven here.” Harry informed me. “The Weasleys are the best.”


“Yeah I’m seeing that.” I responded. 


“So how is the joke shop boys?” Arthur asked. “Busy I hope.”


“Oh insanely busy.” Fred said excitedly. “It’s rarely ever empty.”


“Yeah, we didn’t realize so many people would need a laugh.” George said happily. “It’s going better than we ever expected.”


“And Vice has been the best help.” Sin added in. “I didn’t think we’d get an employee that fit in so perfectly!”


“Do you like pranks too?” Ron asked. 


“Oh I love them! Sin and I got the boys pretty good the other day.”


“Oh what did you get them with?” Hermione asked. 


“A simple removal of the bottom of the chairs.” I smiled. 


“Oh they used to get me with that one!” Ginny giggled. “Glad they’re getting a taste of their own medicine.”


“Be careful, Vice, they’ll try to get you back.” Molly warned. 


It was so strange to me how accepting everyone was about the joke shop and the pranking. No one was telling them they needed to grow up or be realistic. It must be nice to have a family that just accepts you as you are. 


I stayed for much longer than I intended to, but the Weasleys were just so wonderful! Talking to them was easier than talking to my own family. 


“I really should get going now.” I announced. “I have work in the morning and my bosses are real jerks.”


“Well it was so lovely to have you.” Molly hugged me. “You should come by every week for dinner.”


“Oh I couldn’t impose like that.”


“Nonsense! We’d love to have you.”


“Um, sure then. Okay.”


“Lovely to meet you Vice.” Arthur shook my hand. “I look forward to more muggle talk.”


“As do I.” I smiled. 


“I’m really glad you came. See you tomorrow.” Sin hugged me. 


I gave Fred a hug too and then I reached George. I wasn’t sure what to do with him considering we don’t like each other. 


“Um, thanks for having me, I guess.” I muttered.


“Yeah sure.” He mumbled.


“George, walk Vice so she can Apparate, why don’t you?” Molly called.


“Sure Mum.”


George walked me outside and closed the door.  We just stared at each other.


“Thanks for walking me out I guess.” I laughed. “Um you really don’t like Monica?”


“She’s a bit much.” He admitted. “I mean I love a lively girl but she’s kind of…”




“Yeah, that’s a good word.”


“Yeah, I figured. She asked me to put in a good word with you. I told her it wouldn’t work cuz you hate me and wouldn’t listen to me.”


“I don’t hate you Vice.”


“Well, fine, you don’t like me or whatever.”


“Should I give Monica another chance?” He asked. 


“Well, I’ve known her a long time and she’s not changed, so I can’t imagine she will this time. So no. Just let her down easy and tell her that I did put in a good word.” I said.


George nodded. “Yeah, I can definitely do that.”


“Brilliant. I’ll see you tomorrow then?”


“Yeah tomorrow.”


I pulled out my wand and apparated back home. As I fell asleep I couldn’t help but think of the Weasleys and how I couldn’t wait to have dinner with them again.



“Fred and I are going to leave a bit early, are you okay to close with George without setting the place on fire?” Sin asked.


“I think so, but I make no promises.” I laughed. 


“You’re the best thanks!”


Closing with George wasn’t so bad. We didn’t say much, which I was fine with. I wasn’t sure if we still hated each other like before and that’s kind of strange. 


I was in the storage room organizing the shelves when George walked in. “Hey Vice you didn’t handle the drawer today did you?”


“No, I’m still not trained on that.” I said. “Why?”


“Something seemed off with it. Maybe I need to recount.” I heard the door close.


“Um, George, do you have your keys?”


“No, why?”


“The door just closed and locked us in here.” I said, hopping down from the ladder. “Did you kick my doorstop?”


“Maybe on accident but calm down, Vice.” George attempted to turn the knob, but it would not turn. “Don’t panic. I’ll just unlock it with my wand.”


He dug through his pockets and his eyes widened. “You don’t have your wand do you?” I asked. 


“No, I left it at the register. You unlock it.”


“I don’t have my wand either.”


“Oh fuck.” He jiggled the door handle. “And we can’t apparate out of here either.”


“Great.” I sighed. “We’re stuck...together.”



A/N: Another update! The ice is melting between Vice and George, but how will they handle being stuck together in the storage room together? Will that bring them closer or make them hate each other even more?  We'll see!

Chapter 4: A Moment of Weakness
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“Oh my god, we’re gonna be stuck here until tomorrow morning.” I whispered.


“That’s not entirely true.” George said. “Maybe just a few hours. I mean my family will notice that I haven’t come home. I didn’t tell them I had any plans so they’ll of course come here and notice that we didn’t finish closing up so they’ll look for us and find us here.”


“Are you sure?”


“No. I’m hoping that on my Mum’s clock it’ll show that I’m in peril and not at work.”


“What kind of clock-”


“Don’t ask, she just worries a lot.”


“Alright then.” I sighed. 


“Would anyone come looking for you maybe?”


“No, I’m too unpredictable. My roommate would think I got caught up in some wild antics or something.”


“Great.” George lowered himself to the floor. I did the same. 


“Why wouldn’t you carry your keys?” I asked.


“I just forgot alright? I’m not used to being the only owner closing. But Sin and Fred just had to have their little date night.” George grumbled. 


“I mean they deserve it after all they’ve been through, no need to get mad at them.”


“I’m not mad!”


“Then why are you yelling?”


“I’m just frustrated okay? I don’t want to spend a night in a storage room with you.”


“Well I’m not thrilled about the idea either. But you should feel lucky, this might be the best date you’ll have this week.” I stated. 


“The bar is already so low, so that’s not saying much. Don’t flatter yourself, Vicelia.” George rolled his eyes.


“Don’t call Vicelia!” 


“It’s your name!”


“Yeah, well I didn’t choose that. I go by Vice for a reason. Please respect that.”




We sat there and just stared at each other. I could not do this for the rest of the night, so I would be the mature one here.


“Look, maybe we should do something to pass the time?”  I suggested. “I know we aren’t fond of each other, but I’d rather talk to you or something than just sit in silence.”


“We could tell some jokes.” He shrugged.


“Okay, you first.”


“Um, what did the right eye say to the left eye?”


“What?” I asked.


“Between you and me something smells.”


I hate myself for laughing. “That’s silly. Um, what's the difference between a pickpocket and a peeping tom?”


“Tell me.”


“One snatches your watch and the other watches your snatch.”


“That’s dirty!” George said, trying not to laugh. “I thought we were doing silly  jokes.”


“Oh come on, all the best jokes are a little dirty.” I grinned. 


“Why am I not shocked that your sense of humor is filthy?”


“Oh shut up, tell another joke.”


“Silly or dirty?” He asked. 


“Dirty.” I bit my lip.


“Alright what goes in hard and dry and come out soft and wet?”


“A pecker?”


“Gum.” He smirked.  I laughed loudly, causing myself to snort. “Now what was that?”


“Nothing!” I was so embarrassed to have snorted in front of him.


“You sounded like a pig!” George chortled. “That was almost adorable.”


“Almost?” I demanded. 


“Can’t give you a real compliment can I?”


“Speaking of compliments, best pick up line...go!”


“Oh you’ll love this one. Going to bed? Mind if I Slytherin?”


“Oh god that’s awful!” I fell over laughing. “Thank goodness no one ever said that to me!”


“I know you have some too, let’s hear them.”


“Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” 


“Definitely a wand.”


“Actually there’s no wand, which is why we’re here.” I pointed out.


“Oh shut up.”  He flicked my thigh. “I don’t need to say ‘Accio’ to make you come.”


“George Weasley! Oh that’s so dirty!” I gasped. 


“Why are you acting like I’m some innocent soul? I’m not.”


“Good to know. You don’t have to say ‘Lumos Maxima’ to turn me on.”


“I like that one. That’s a good one. I’ll have to make sure to use that.”


“Don’t you dare use any of these on a girl! They’re god awful.” I shook my head. 


“I’m good looking enough to get away with them, aren’t I?”


“Don’t know about that Weasley.”


“We’ll see.” He grinned. 


“So how is the dating going?” I asked. 


“Pretty fucking terrible. I used to have no problem with girls, and now I feel like I know nothing about them. All of my dates have gone horribly. I don’t know if it’s me or the girls. Maybe I’m just not meant to be in love or something. It’s just frustrating seeing everyone else happy and in love and having sex.” He ranted. “Sorry, you probably didn’t want to know all of that when you asked.”


“Not really, no.” I joked. “What exactly was it about your date with Monica that went wrong?”


“Honestly, her bringing me to a party was the first red flag. I mean I love parties, but for a first date it was kind of a lot. Especially bringing me to a stranger’s house. I guess you didn’t turn out to be a stranger, but you get it. And I felt like she talked about herself the whole time. And she was handsy too.”


“Handsy?” I questioned. 


George scooted over to my side so he was sitting next to me. “May I show you?” I nodded. He took my hand and put it on his thigh. “Every time we sat down she would do this. And rub and squeeze.”


“Oh she was totally copping a feel to see how big your...wand is.”


“You’re kidding.”


“Nope, that’s a classic Monica move. She likes to know what she’s getting into before sleeping with a guy.”


“She must have really liked what she felt considering she definitely tried to have sex with me.” George informed me. 


“Tried? You turned her down?” I asked in shock. He nodded. “Oh wow. You might be the only boy to go on a date with Monica and not shag her!”


“I thought about it, but...god I just couldn’t. I wasn’t feeling it. I haven’t with any of these girls.”


“When was the last time you got laid?” 


I was shocked when George turned red. “That’s kind of personal isn’t it?”


“Oh come on, it’s just us. We’re all...coworkers slash acquaintances in here. I won’t tell anyone, I swear.” 


He sighed. “Last year.”


“Oh my!” I gaped. “That’s a long time to go without...shagging. How are you living?”


“I’m getting by alright? When was the last time for you since you want to judge?”


“My lunch break.” I shrugged.


“Well you’re a girl and you look...the way you do. Besides the way I hear it from Monica you’ve never had a problem getting shagged, even at her expense.”


“You guys talked about me?”


“It really was our only mutual connection. We really had nothing else in common. I didn’t say anything bad about you, I promise.” George seemed to be serious.


“Why not?”


“I didn’t want to talk shit about you to your friend. That’s not cool.”


“Well what did you say about me?” I questioned. 


If he didn’t say bad things about me, what the hell good things did he say? He doesn’t think there’s anything good about me. 


“I said that you’re funny and really good at your job. And that you seem to enjoy life.”


“That’s kind of nice.”


“I’ve been known to be nice. I’m not as awful as you think I am.”


“I don’t think you’re awful...anymore.” I smiled. 


“Wow thanks.” He said sarcastically. “Anyways Monica is not the one for me and neither were the other two girls I went out with this week.”


“Did you have trouble dating before? When was your last girlfriend?”


“Also last year. I didn’t have problems getting girls to date me, but when they were with me they couldn’t help but notice that my attention was elsewhere.”


I remembered what Sin had told me. “Right. Sin. You were in love with her and the girls noticed.”


“I wasn’t as inconspicuous as I thought I was.”  George looked down. 


“Is it weird that the love of your life is planning a wedding with your twin brother?”  I questioned. 


“I wouldn’t say she’s the love of my life, but yeah it’s strange. Seeing the girl I had always hoped to have a future with have that future with my brother. But, it also pushed me to get over her.”


“So you’re not in love with her anymore?” 


“I don’t think so. She’s my best friend and that’s it. Sin was never going to be mine, I know that now. I want someone of my own.”


“So...what are you looking for in a girl? Someone similar to Sinthia?” I asked curiously.


“Yeah, I guess. Someone funny and wild and likes jokes and pranks.  Someone who’s beautiful and makes my parents smile. I want someone who would want to run this shop with the three of us.”


“That would be a dream.” I smiled. “I’d die to have a shop like this.”




“Yeah, what you guys have done with this is incredible. I would love to do something like this, you’re geniuses.” I smiled. 


“Thanks, Vice. That means a lot.”


“Sure. So you’ve been in love one time and got your heart shattered and you wanna fall in love again? You’re brave.” I shook my head. 


“What do you mean?”


“Love is...terrifying. I’m so fucking scared of falling in love.”


“You don’t seem like you’re scared of anything.”


“But I am. How do you just open yourself up completely to another person? A-and then just trust them not to hurt you? That sounds like the most terrifying and dangerous thing you could ever do.”


“So you’ve never been in love?” George asked. 


“Nope. I don’t think I’d be very good at being in love anyways.”


“Why not?”


“Cuz I’ve never done it before. I would find some way to fuck it up and love someone the wrong way. I fuck everything up.”


“You haven’t fucked this job up yet.” George pointed out. 


“Yet being the operative word.” I looked down. I just now realized my hand was still on his thigh. “I’m sure it’ll just be a matter of time.”


“You’re not going to fuck it up, Vice.” He put his hand over mine. 


“How do you know?”


“I just do.”


“So you’re a know it all?” I teased. 


“I mean yeah. Have you met a smarter man than me?”


“Several. And they didn’t spill coffee on me.”


“I’m uh...I’m sorry about that really. It was dickish of me to do.”


“Thank you. I’m sorry for the way I responded. I was a bit dickish too. And I’m sorry I kicked you in the head and called you a git.”


“Actually you called me a prick. That was warranted, I mean who the hell walks behind a girl doing a keg stand?”


“That’s what I said!” I laughed. “So...since we’re no longer enemies does that mean we’re...friends?”


“Um, I guess. I’ll kind of miss the insults and arguing, but something tells me it’s better to have you as a friend than an enemy.” George grinned.


“It is. I was getting ready to poison you any day.”


“Ah, now that would be a reason to fire you.”


“Yeah, that’s actually pretty fair.” I grinned. 


George was still holding my hand. I don’t know if he was aware of it or not, but if he was he wasn’t stopping. I don’t know why I kind it? I guess it’s just friendly hand holding, right?


“Hey so um, I’m sorry if the other night me bringing up your biological parents was inappropriate, I was just curious.” George whispered.


“It’s okay. It wasn’t. But yeah, I know nothing about them.”


“But you want to?”


“Yeah.” I nodded. “I just don’t know how to go about it. But I want to feel like I fit somewhere. I always feel like I’m on the outside looking in with my family. I just want to belong, you know?”


“Um, yeah, I get that feeling. I feel like the odd person out a lot too.”




“Definitely.” George said. “You have no idea what it’s like being the other twin. In our friend group back in school I was always overlooked. No one cared or paid attention to what I was going through. It was always about them and their drama. It’s almost like I only existed to help them out or react to what they were doing. I didn’t feel like I was important.”


“Wow, I’m sorry George. That must feel awful.”


“Yeah, it kind of did. Even now working with Sin and Fred I feel a little left out. They’re just so happy together. I want what they have.”


“They do make love seem less scary and wildly thrilling.” I agreed. “But you’ll find that George.  Give Monica a chance, she could be what you’re looking for.”


“Very funny Vice. Completely hilarious.” He shook his head, grinning. 


“Got you to smile.” I shrugged. 


I like his smile. It’s contagious and warm. It reaches his eyes. Those beautiful brown eyes, full of hope and wonder and mischief. 


Woah. What is wrong with me? Did the lack of air in this closet make my head loopy or am I kind of...attracted to George right now? It must be the lack of air. I mean I just stopped hating the guy. I can’t suddenly be attracted to him. Right?


So why is my hand on his lap and why am I still holding his hand?  I don’t have an answer for that.


“You know, you were actually right.” George whispered. “This kind of is the best date I’ve had lately.”


“Well, like you said, the bar was low.” I breathed. Am I imagining his face getting closer to mine?


“You definitely raised it.” No, I don’t think I am imagining that.


“I can raise something else too.” Okay wait, now I’m leaning in too?


George’s grip on my hand grew tighter as our noses touched. Oh my god we’re going to kiss. Our lips touched for maybe two seconds and the door opened. We jerked away from each other and saw Sin and Fred. 


“What are you two doing in here?”  Fred asked as we got up.


“We got locked in.” I stated. “It was an accident.”


“That was my fault.” George said. “I left my keys and my wand in my office.”


“And my wand is in my bag.” I informed them.


“So you two were stuck here together.” Sin smiled slightly. “And you didn’t kill each other.”


“Oh we definitely wanted to.” George laughed nervously. 


“Really?” Sin’s eyes focused on our hands. Our hands that were still holding on to each other. 


We let go and stepped apart. “Anyways, how did you guys find us?” I asked. 


“I realized I left something here so we came back.” Sin said. “We saw that the store wasn’t exactly closed up so we looked for you and here you were. Alone...together.”


“Well, um, thanks for saving us.” I  said. “Um, I should really get home. My roommate will be looking for me. Is it okay if I go?”


“Yeah, of course.” Fred said. “George, walk her outside?” I didn’t like the amused tone he had.


“Yeah, yeah sure.” George said quietly.


“See you tomorrow.” I smiled.


George and I walked outside. We stared at each other. I had to say something. “So what happened back there was-”


“A moment of...I don’t know. Weakness? But it was wrong...right?” George asked.


“ was right.” I whispered.


“Vice you don’t...feel things for me. I know you don’t. You can’t. And that’s okay.”


“Um okay. Yeah. You probably don’t feel anything for me either. Then that was a moment of weakness. But we’re friends right?”


“Yeah of course. But maybe we should keep that ourselves? Just you know, have our friendship be our secret?”


“I think that’s a good idea.” I smiled. “Don’t want to shock anyone with our new found friendship.”


“Exactly, love. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


“Tomorrow.”  I whispered. I was shocked when he hugged me. 


Why had I never felt more safe and content in someone’s arms? Is this how I should feel when Lucian hugs me?


We finally pulled away from each and although it was the last thing I wanted to do, I Apparated to my place. And though I tried not to, all I could think about was George.



Things with George and I were kind of weird right now. I mean we don’t hate each other at all and we kind of kissed but we were pretending that we hadn’t. He’s been training me on the register and helping customers, so we spend most of my shifts together. 


I hate how much I like it. We talk a lot and yet dance around the moment we had. I want to bring it up but I don’t want to make anything more weird. He said it was a moment of weakness and I’m sure he’s right. I mean I’m supposed to be getting more serious with Lucian anyways. I did not like George and he did not like me. Right?



One of the best things about my job is the proximity it has to all my favorite places. Of course I could head to The White Wyvern for a drink after my shift. I could go to The Leaky Cauldron for lunch. And my favorite was Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour. I just love ice cream!


“That’ll be two Galleons.”


“Alright...oh shit. I left my money in my bag at work. I’ll be right back.”


“I’ll pay for hers.” The guy behind me offered. He was hot!


“Oh you don’t have to.”


“It’s not a problem.” He assured me. “It would be honor...Vice.”


“How did you know my name?” I asked.


“Name tag.” He pointed. “And we went to school together.”


“You do look kind of familiar.” 


He paid for our ice cream. “I used to date your friend Monica.”


“Ah, now that makes sense.” I laughed. “Sorry.” 


“For what?”


“Anything she did while you two were together.”


“Yeah, she was kind of mad.” He chuckled. 


We sat down at a table together. Figured it would be nice since he bought my ice cream. “I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name.”


“Oh, Rick Ory.”


“Yes, Rick, of course. Nice to see you again.”


“Yeah you too.” He smiled. “So where do you work?”


“Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.”


“Oh the Weasley’s.”  Rick laughed. “They were crazy in school.”


“Yeah, they were.”


“How is it working for them?”


“Great, really, the twins and Sin are amazing.” I grinned.




“The other owner. Sinthia Watson. She’s Fred's fiancee.” 


“She dated that Cedric bloke that went a little mad right?”


“Yep. Don’t know how she dealt with that nutter.” I laughed.  “Do you work around here or are you just getting some ice cream?


“I actually just got a job at The White Wyvern. I’m a bartender.”


“Oh, that’s my favorite place! We’ll be seeing a lot of each other.”


“Well, I look forward to that.” Rick said. 


I talked to him for the rest of the break and caught up and of course talked about Monica a little bit. Rick was really nice and I liked talking to him. He said if I came to the pub after work he’d give me a free drink. I planned on meeting Lucian there anyways so that worked for me. 


“How was your lunch?” George asked.


“It was good.  A guy bought me ice cream.”




“Rick Ory. He used to date Monica.”


“Poor guy.”  George laughed. “So was it like”


“No nothing like that. He’s cute but I don’t think he’s my type.” I admitted. 


“What is your type? I’m curious.”


“Why are you curious?”


“Well...I-I told you what I was looking for in a girl, so tell me what you’re looking for in a guy. Friends talk about that stuff.”


“True. Um, I don’t know, I just want someone who will make me laugh everyday and do wild stuff with me. Make me feel safe and loved. And I don’t know it would be nice if he had a good family too.”


“I see. Good to know.”


“You know someone like that?” I asked. 


“I might.”



Lucian is so weird tonight. We went to the pub and got my free drink from Rick. Lucian seemed less than thrilled about our new friendship. He’s so jealous!


We don’t stay at the pub too long. Lucian really wants to go back to my place. He must really want to have sex or something. I’m fine with that. That is until halfway through my mind starts to wander and I’m not thinking of Lucian. I’m thinking of George. I wonder what it would be like to do this with him? God what’s wrong with me?


“Vice, we have to talk about something serious.” Oh god is he breaking up with me? Wait we’re not really dating. 


“Um, okay.” I said. 


“I have to go away for a few weeks. My dad is really sick and Mum is worried that he might not make it. I have to be there for my family.”


“Luc, I’m so sorry babe. That’s awful, but I get it. Go take care of your family.”


He kissed me. “And you’ll be here when I get back?”


“Where would I go?”


“I don’t know, you’re unpredictable Vice.”


“I’ll be here, don’t worry. And let me know if there’s anything I can do for you to help you through this, okay?”


“There’s actually something I had in mind.” Lucian reached down to the floor and grabbed his pants. He reached into the pocket. “Vice...will you marry me?”


Oh god.



A/N: I know, another cliffhanger! Lots happened in this chapter! Vice and George crossed that thin line between love and hate and kind of kissed! But they are not willing to admit they have feelings for each other! And then we have Vice's new friend Rick! Will he cause a little trouble ? Maaybe. And of course we have intense Lucian now asking for Vice's hand in marriage! Will she yes? We shall see. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 5: Muggle Date
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“L-Lucian. What-um I don’t know what to say.” I whispered. 


“Say yes, Vice.”


“It’s just...this is a lot and it’s very fast and I mean we’re not even dating.”


“Vice...we’ve been doing this thing for like two years. I’ve only been with you since we started this. I don’t see other girls or even think about them. I love you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. A-and even you mentioned we should get more serious.”


“I-I know I guess I just didn’t think it would be so soon. Lucian I don’t think I’m ready for this, it’’s too much too soon.” I said. 


“Will you just think about it babe? I-I’m gonna be gone for  awhile. Think about it. While I’m gone do whatever you have to do, get whatever you need to get out of your system and then be my fiancee. I will take care of you Vicelia. Forever. You’ll never have to feel unloved or alone. That’s all you’ve ever wanted right?”


“Um...yeah. Yeah, I guess that’s true. I’ll think about it, I promise.” I meant that. Maybe it really was time to settle down and let Lucian love me for real. 


“Good.” Lucian smiled. “I promise this is a really good thing and we’re going to continue to be really good together. We’re meant to be, Vice. We always have been, I know it.”



“You’re marrying Lucian?” Megan almost screamed.


“No, I’m just thinking about it.”


“Do you even love him?”


“Yeah, I guess…” I said slowly.


“No, you don’t because if you did, you wouldn’t say you guess.” She pointed out. 


“I...could fall in love with him though. It’s Luc. This was bound to happen at some point right?”


“Yeah, if you wanted it to Vice, but you don’t want that, it’s very clear.”


“He loves me, Meg. A lot. More than anyone ever has. He’s the only guy who’s loved me. What if I never find another one who does?”


Megan sighed. “Vice, you are not unlovable. I don’t know why you think you are. Lucian Dole is not the only guy who’s going to love you. You just have to stop being so damn scared of opening yourself up.”


“How?” I whispered. 


“You find someone who is worth it. Since you can’t open up to Lucian, he’s clearly not worth it.”


“Maybe you’re right. I just...have to think about it.” I sighed. “Rick? Could I have another drink?”


“Of course Vice. Everything okay?” He asked as he poured my drink. “You okay?”


“I’m in turmoil.” I informed him.


“Over what?”


“Her non boyfriend has asked her to marry him and she doesn’t know what to say.”


“Wow, that is a lot. It’s that Lucian guy right?” I nodded. “I didn’t realize he wasn’t your boyfriend.”


“Yeah neither does he.” Megan laughed. 


“Well, have you weighed the pros and cons?” Rick questioned.


“Um not really.” I said. “Let’s see, the pros: Lucian is hot, funny, passionate, great in bed, he loves me, he wants to be with me more than anything.”


“And the cons?”


“He doesn’t always listen, he’s possessive and jealous, he maybe wants more than I can give him...I don’t think I’m in love with him the way I should be.”


“So there are great things about him, but if I’m being honest Vice, the bad is outweighing the good.” Rick shrugged. 


“Yeah, it’s looking that way. But I’m supposed to be thinking about it. So I should, right?” I asked. 


“Sure, but it seems like we all know what the right answer is.” Megan said softly. “It’s okay to not love him. You didn’t do anything wrong.”


“What if I kind of did though?”


I hadn’t told Megan about basically kissing George yet and how that might be somewhat correlated to my confusion. Now is as good a time as any to bring it up. 


“So...I kind of kissed someone else.” I said. 


“Who?” Megan perked up. She looked incredibly excited for this juicy  piece of gossip.


“George Weasley.”


“Your boss?” Rick asked. “So there’s something going on between you two?”


“No...I mean yes, but no. Or I don’t know. We said it was a moment of weakness.”


“Did he say he didn’t have feelings for you?” Megan asked. 


“No...he said I didn’t have feelings for him.”


“But do you?” Rick questioned. 


“Maybe? I mean he’s cute and he’s funny and there’s so much more to him than I ever thought there would be.”


“You have a fucking crush!” Megan practically screamed.


“I do not!” I exclaimed. “I just recognize he’s not the demon I previously thought he was.”


“So what are you going to do about it?” Rick asked. “Gonna make a move on him?”


“No, of course I’m not. I don’t think he likes me like that. And that’s okay. Besides, I have to figure out what the hell I’m going to do about Lucian. I cannot focus on George Weasley.”


Why does he have to be so cute? Why does he have to smile all the time? He’s so enticing. I can see why people would flock to him in school. Why so many people knew his name. How can you not know the name of George Weasley when he commands attention in the best way possible?


“Hi there, Vice.” I turned and saw an older woman. She comes in all the time, and I’m not sure why.  It’s mostly teenagers and people in their twenties who like coming here, but she seems like she’s in her forties. I always help her.


“Hi Rue.” I smiled. “How are you today?”


“I’m good, sweetie, how are you?”


“I’m good. What are you looking for today?”


“Those muggle items are looking quite fascinating today.” Rue said. 


“I agree. People don’t appreciate them enough. Let’s go look at them.”


After much explaining and deliberating, she decided she’d like to go with the Miraphorus Magic Set.


“Honey, tell me something.” Rue said as I rang her up.




“Why can’t that boy take his eyes off of you?”


“What boy?” I asked.  She nodded her head to the right and sure enough George was looking at me. He smiled and waved before looking away quickly. “Oh, he’s my boss. I’m sure he’s just making sure I’m doing a good job.”


Rue laughed. “Darling, that is not the  look of a boy doing his job, that boy likes you.”


“You think?”


“Oh definitely. And I think you should go for it. He’s a cutie.”


“We’ll see.” I laughed, handing her the bag. “I’ll see you next time. Have fun with this.”


“Thank you Vice.” She winked before walking off.


I thought about what Rue said. Did George like me? I mean yes, he definitely had been looking at me, but was there more to it?




“Huh, yes?” I asked as Sin’s voice broke me out of my thoughts of George.


“What um what were you looking at?”


“Just um...George had um a bug in his hair.” I said. 


“I see.” She grinned. “What’s up with you two?”


“What do you mean? Nothing.”


“I mean you guys seem...nicer to each other lately.”


“I think we just kind of came to an understanding when we were in that closet together.” I said. 


“Okay. Well that’s good to hear. So you would be okay closing with him more often then?”


“Yes, of course.” I said much too quickly. “I mean, it’s totally fine. I don’t mind at all. I’m flexible really.”


“I’ll make sure to let George know.” She laughed. 


“That I’m flexible?”


“That you’re okay working with him.” Sin smirked. “Unless you want me to relay that message.”


“No thank you. I’ll show him myself. I mean-tell him...myself. About the flexible thing. Thank you Sin.”


“Do you want to take your lunch?”


“Yes please.”


“Great. Freddie and I will hold down the fort.” Sin stated. 


“Oh, George is going on his lunch too?” I asked. 


“Yeah, Maybe you guys can hang out.”


“Sure.” I mean what’s the worst that can happen?



“I’m so over this.” George said dully.


“Over what?”


“Dating. I’ve decided I’ll be alone for the rest of my life.”


“George, don’t be ridiculous! You’re gonna find love.”


“No I’m not.” He groaned. 


“You’re still so young. You have time.” I pointed out.


“But everyone around me is already in love.”


“I’m not.”


“But you don’t want to be.” George stated. 


“That’s not true. I would love to be in love. I’m just...hesitant.”


“Oh, well still. You’re shagging people and whatnot.”


“I’m not shagging people. I was shagging a person, but that’s not really relevant anymore.”


“Interesting.” George said. 


“So what made you decide that you were done with dating?”


“Well, I um...I had this date with a girl. It was really good and we kissed, but I just don’t think she’s in it the way I am.”


“Oh.” I said, trying not to sound disappointed. Okay maybe I did have a little crush on him. Hearing he had a good date with someone kind of sucked. But I was kind of happy that this girl wasn’t in it the same way.


“How do you know she’s not in it?” I asked. 


“I just do.”


“Well sorry.”


“It’s okay. It doesn’t matter. She’s kind of out of my league anyways. I don’t know why I thought I had a chance.”


“No one is out of your league, George.” I laughed. “I don’t like seeing you like this.”


“I just feel defeated.” George sighed. “I have never felt less like myself than I do right now. I mean, I can’t remember the last time I had some real fun.”


“So we’ll have fun tonight.” I said. 


“What do you mean?”


“The store is closed tomorrow, so let’s do something crazy tonight.”


“I don’t know Vice...I don’t think I’m in the mood.”


“Then get in the mood.” I grinned. “We’re gonna have so much fun. First we’re gonna get a drink at my favorite pub and then I’m taking you somewhere I know you’ve never been.”


“And where is this place?”


“In the muggle world.”



“So what’s everyone’s plans tonight?” Fred asked. “Anything fun?”


“I am going to a carnival with a friend.” I said. 


“What’s that?” Sin questioned. 


“It’s hard to explain. It’s this event in the muggle world, it has a lot of lights and games and these roller coaster rides. They’re so much fun.”


“Are they safe?” George practically demanded. 


“Of course it is.” I assured him. “It’s a lot of fun.”


“What are you doing Georgie?” Sin asked. 


“Um...just laying low, I think. Get a drink and then go from there.”


“What are you two up to?” I asked. 


“Some wine and wedding planning!” Sin smiled. “We’ve been putting it off for much too long and Freddie is getting restless and impatient with me.”


“Babe, I told you I wanted to marry you after we were done with school. When I said that I kind of meant the next day.” Fred smiled. “You’ve been stringing me along Watson.”


“Maybe I’m getting cold feet.” She teased. 


“Then I’ll warm them up.” He picked her up and kissed her. 


God they’re so cute. A part of me really wants what they have. But I cannot imagine anyone looking at me the way Fred looks at Sin. George is staring at them too. I wonder if he’s having the same thoughts as me or if sometimes he remembers he’s in love with Sin and can never have her.


“Well, we’ll see you guys in two days.” Sin giggled as Fred started walking away, refusing to put her down. 


“Bye.” I waved before turning to George. “Ready for a drink?”


“Sure.” George sighed.


We turned off the lights and headed out. “Oh you can meet Rick if he’s working tonight.” I stated. 


“Your boyfriend?”


“No he’s not my boyfriend. I have no boyfriend. He’s just a friend.”


“Oh. Okay. Then I’d love to meet him.” George grinned. 


I smiled at Bones as we walked in. “Is Rick in tonight?”


“Nope it’s his night off. Why? Am I not good enough?” Bones questioned. 


“You’re definitely not.” I laughed, sitting down.  George sat down next to me, looking a little uncomfortable.


“New boyfriend?” Bones asked. 


“No, he’s my friend. His name is George.” I said. 


“Nice to meet you.” They shook hands. “What can I get you?”


“Um, whatever Vice is having.”


“Two whiskeys it is.”


“Okay this place is kind of sketchy.” George whispered. 


“It’s fine, I come here all the time.” I assured him. 


“Well you’re kind of sketchy too.”




“But true.” He said as Bones gave us  our drinks. 


“Drink up Weasley. We have a fun night ahead of us.”



“You said this wasn’t dangerous!”


“It’s not!”


“They just went upside down Vice!” George pointed out.


“I know! That’s the fun part!” I laughed. “It’s perfectly safe. Muggles do this all the time. This is the ideal date for them.”


“So this is a date?”


“It’s not not a date.” I grabbed his hand. “Let’s go!”


I pulled him through the crowd. I decided he had to be eased into all this carnival madness, so I took him to the games first. 


“What are those for?” He pointed to the stuffed animals.


“So if you win the game, you get to pick one of those. Guys do it for girls usually.”


“Then I want to win you one.” 


“You don’t have to.” I shook my head.


“But I want to.” He smiled. 


He tried the ring toss first. I think it’s actually kind of cute how frustrated he gets. 


“This is almost impossible!”


“There are other games. Let’s go play those.” I pulled on his arm.


“Oh fine. But I’m coming back to this one.” George said, letting me pull him away. 


We played some other games. Bean bag toss, Find the Ball, Pick a Duck. George was having so much fun. He hadn’t won anything yet, but I was sure he would get the hang of these muggle games sooner or later.


“Oh, I want that so bad!” I pointed to a giant stuffed dog.


“Then I’ll get it for you. How do I get it?”


It was a High Striker game. He would have to use a hammer to hit the target so it reached the bell. I wasn’t sure that George could do it. He’s not exactly scrawny, but he doesn’t seem like a particularly strong person physically. 


“Um, maybe we should try another game.” I suggested.


“No, I can do this. I’m gonna get you that dog.”


“Alright fine.” I shrugged, handing him tickets.


“You get three tries.” The guy informed us. 


The first try it goes halfway up. The second time it goes a little farther. George takes a deep breath and then tries one more time. I’m shocked when I hear the bell. He did it!


“Which one do you?” The guy asked. 


“That big dog.” George smiled. The guy gave it to him and he handed it to me. “For you, love.”


“Thank you George, you’re the best!” I hugged him tightly. He held on to me for a while. 


“So what next?”


“Now we have to go on some rides. You can win me some more stuffed animals later.” 


My favorite ride is the Gravitron, so of course we go on that first. George also loves that ride. Then we do bumper cars, which he doesn’t immediately get the hang of but after a second time he’s a master. Then we got on the swings. I was unaware that George was afraid of heights. He has to hold my hand the whole time. I like it.


After a few more rides we get some beer and a funnel cake to share. 


“So?” I asked. “Having fun?”


“Yeah, this is actually brilliant.” George smiled before shoving a piece of funnel cake in his mouth. 


“I told you. This is exactly what you needed.”


“How did you know about this?”


“I spend a lot of time in the muggle world. I think it’s fascinating. They create some cool shit.” I said looking around. It was getting dark now and the lights were dancing through the sky.


“You...look stunning surrounded by all of these lights.” George smiled. 


“Oh th-thank you.” 


“You seem shocked.”


“I don’t think anyone has ever called me stunning.” I admitted. 


“That’s a damn shame.” He shook his head. “You’re very stunning.”


“Are you drunk, Weasley?” 


“Maybe a little.” 


“Well, don’t get too drunk, you’ll get sick on the rides!” I giggled. 


“There’s more rides?”


“Oh yes, Georgie.” He looked at me strangely. “What?”


“Sin’s the only one who really calls me that.” 


“Oh sorry. If that’s a you and her thing, I won’t call you that.”


“No, no! I was thinking how I kind of liked it...better when you said it.” George said. 


“Okay then...Georgie. Let’s finish this and continue!”


George is very nervous as we’re sitting, waiting for the roller coaster to start. He kept fidgeting with the lap bar nervously. 


“It’s not going to fly off right?”


“Of course not, don’t be scared. Just-hold my hand. Not that tightly!”


“Sorry, this is unsettling!” George whined. 


“You might want to put your head back.” I informed him as the countdown started. 


Next thing we knew we were zooming forward. The wind was whipping my hair all around. I was laughing and George was screaming, but I think he was enjoying it. I looked over at him. His eyes were wide and he was breathing heavily.




“That was insane! Can we go again?!”


George makes us ride the rollercoaster three more times. He’s such an adrenaline junky, but I love it. Then we played more games. I won George a stuffed elephant and he got me a stuffed cow. And then I don’t know how it happened, but George and I were holding hands. I had one more thing I wanted to show him. 


The Ferris Wheel is my favorite thing in the world. I just love feeling like I’m on top of the world like that. 


“This is amazing.” George whispered as we stopped at the top. “I’m not even scared of the height.”


“Isn’t it?” I asked. “This is when I feel most at peace.”


“It is oddly peaceful.” He agreed. “Vice, thank you so much for tonight. This was incredible.”


“Of course. I’m glad I could make you smile.”


“You make me smile every day.”


I was now seeing why people found Ferris Wheels so romantic. I wanted nothing more than to be close to George. Maybe I really did have a crush on him. 


“You make me smile too.” I admitted. 


“So um, why do they leave us at the top for so long?” George asked. 


“Um, well couples usually kiss.”




“And we don’t have t-” George had already leaned over and kissed me. It was longer than our two second kiss but still short. “-do that.”


“Didn’t want to break tradition.”


“Yeah that would be bad.”



We left the carnival after the Ferris Wheel hand in hand. We walked around the muggle streets. George found their shops so fascinating and looked through the windows almost eagerly. I see he got something from his father. I invited him back to my place for a night cap. We sat on the couch drinking and talking.


I don’t talk to anyone the way I do with George. He’s just so easy to open up to. I even almost tell him about Lucian, but I don’t want to ruin the moment by bringing up another guy. I’m getting some serious signals from George, I think.


“So tell me Vice, why are you single? Seriously, you are stunning and funny and so much fun.”


“I told you I’m scared of love. My friends reckon when meet the right person I won’t be anymore.” I said.


“Love is the most thrilling thing...I think. I’ve never been in proper love with someone who loves me back, but Fred tells me it’s exhilarating.”


“Exhilaration sounds nice. Do you ever do something or see something that  makes you feel like you know what real love is like?” I asked. 


“I don’t know, actually.” George admitted. 


“Come with me.” I smiled, pulling him into my room. “Okay, lay on the bed.”


“Ooh, I’m liking this so far.”


“Oh shut up.”


I went to my shelf and found something I had gotten in the muggle world. I turned off the lights then turned the sphere on. There was a projection of the night sky throughout the room.


“Wow.” George whispered. 


I laid down next to him, looking at the stars splashed across my ceiling. The colors changed every minute or so. 


“This makes me feel like I’m in love.” I whispered. “Like this is what goes on inside of you when you’re falling in love. The vibrant colors and the stars dancing around. That’s what I imagine anyways. Have you ever felt like that?”


“Not until now.” His fingers intertwined with mine. I felt the stars dancing through my body like they were the room. I think maybe this was bigger than a crush.


“Yeah me too.”


“Can I tell you something Vice?”  George breathed. 


“Anything.” I responded. 


“The date I was talking about...the girl, it was you. Being locked in that closet with you was amazing and the best date of my life until this one tonight.”


My heart was beating rapidly. So he did feel at least a fraction of what I felt for him. 


“So it was a date?” 


“It always was.” George turned on his side to face me. He kissed me slowly as though scared that I would pull away. But I wouldn’t. I couldn’t at this point. 


His arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer. I had never felt like this in my entire life. How had I kissed so many boys in my life and it never felt this way? How had no one’s touch made shiver and yet feel incredibly warm at the same time?


I pressed against George harder, deepening the kiss. His hand moved down as I wrapped my leg around him. He pulled away for a moment, but I just couldn’t allow it. I needed to kiss him. My hands went in his hair as he rolled on top of me. I feel his hands unbuttoning my dress. In that moment I know we’re going to cross the line.


I slide my hands in his shirt and push it up. He stops the kiss only to throw it behind him and kissed me again. Under the stars and vibrant lights, George makes love to me. I am absolutely thrilled and terrified all at once. I had never felt so vulnerable and open with anyone else. I felt like he could look into my soul. I think I gave him everything I possibly could. And he gave me everything in return.



I wake up comfortably the next morning. That was the best sleep I had in a while. George’s arm was around me. I felt his lips on my shoulder and then my neck.


“Are you awake?” He whispered. 


“I am now.”


“Last night was brilliant. I had almost forgotten how great sex could be.”


“Right, you were in a celibate state for a year.” I laughed. 


“Not for lack of trying.” He chuckled. “But that was better than any other time.”


I turned around to face him. “I suppose the sex was satisfactory.”


“I was merely out of practice, but I assure you, I can do more than satisfactory.”


I smiled. “I’ll believe it when I see it.” I kissed him. God do I love kissing him!


“You’re really beautiful in the morning.” George whispered. “You know, opposed to all the other times in the day when you look like a troll.”


“Yes, I am rather hideous aren’t I? How did I get the devastatingly handsome George Weasley in bed?”


“Well what you lack in looks you make up for with snarky personality.”


“I knew my snark would come in handy at some point.” I laughed. “So...what do we do now?”


“What do you mean?” George asked.


“I mean, we hated each other, then we were friends, then we liked each other. Now we’ve had a night of sex. So what does that mean for us?”


“What do you want us to be?”


“Whatever you want us to be.” I was much too scared and unsure of where we go from here. I had never been in a real relationship. There was no one I had ever called a boyfriend. 


“Vice, these feelings I have for you, they’re not just physical. I know intense feelings kind of scare you, so I don’t want to rush you or anything, but I think we have something really good here a-and I don’t want to let that go. But if tonight was just a one night stand or whatever that’s okay too, I-I can find a way to be okay with that.”


“Um, it’s not just sex for me either. Ever since we got stuck in that closet together, I’ve felt this connection to you. I’ve never felt this with anyone else, George. I think we have something too. And yes I’m terrified, but I’re worth it.” 


George smiled and put his hand on my face. “Okay. We don’t have to have labels or anything like that yet. Let’s just see where this goes.”


“I like that.” I smiled back. “I can do that.” I kissed him. 


“So what do you want to do today?” He asked. 


“Be with you.”


“Funny, I want to be with you too.”


“So how was your day off?” Sin asked. 


“It was great.” I smiled. 


“What did you do?”


George. So many many times. “Just laid low.”


“George said the same thing.” Fred said. “Is that code for something?”


“Not that I know of.” I laughed. 


“What I want to know is where George was laying low. He wasn’t home or at Molly and Arthur’s.” Sin said thoughtfully. 


“Well, George where were you?” Fred asked as he entered the room.


“At a friend’s.”


“What friend?” Sin demanded. “George are you seeing someone?”


“Maybe.” He shrugged. “But it’s none of your business.”


“Well then.” Fred whispered. 


“George is not seeing anyone.” I snorted. “I mean what girl would want to date him?”


“That’s bold coming from someone who’s never had a boyfriend.” George shot back.


“Don’t worry about me, my needs are being met.”


“Yeah well so are mine.”


“Doesn’t count if you’re doing it yourself.”


“Okay!” Sin laughed. “I thought you guys were going to be nicer to each other.”


“Vice started it.” George stated. 


“George attempted to finish it.”


“You guys have to get over this rivalry.” Fred shook his head. “It’s getting out of hand.”


He and Sin went to the office to count the drawer. George made sure they were gone before he kissed me hard. “I kind of like this sneaking around thing.”


“Me too, it’s fun.” I smiled. “I like this being just us. I was thinking for our break we could go to my place?”


“That sounds good to me. I was starting to miss your bed.” He kissed me again.


“Hey Vice?” Sin called.


I shoved George away from me. “Yes?”


“Can I speak to you in my office?”


“Of course.” I hurried to her office and sat down.


“This is something I’ve never had to, so I’m very sorry if this isn’t right. But...we’ve hired someone else, and so we don’t believe we have a need for you to be our customer service person...anymore.”


Oh my god, I’m fired?!



A/N: Another update! Vice and George are finally getting together! We need a ship name for them ASAP. Now what could possibly go wrong now that our favorite joke shop workers are seeing each other? The answer is sooo much! What will Lucian have to say when he returns? How long can George and Vice keep them a secret? Will Vice keep her job? We shall seee! Thanks for reading! :)

Chapter 6: Managed Expectations
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“So what you’re saying is I-I’m fired? Am I that bad at my job? I-is this because of what’s going on with George?” I asked.


“Oh god, I really am bad at this.” Sin groaned. “No, Vice, you are not losing your job. It’s the opposite! A promotion. We want you to be the manager.”


I sighed in relief. “Oh thank god. Oh Sin you scared the shit out of me!” 


“I’m so sorry, I told you I’ve never done this before, I should have led with a promotion.”


“It’s okay. I’m just glad I don’t have to look for a new job. Now can we go back to the part about you wanting me to be a manager?” I asked.


“Vice, you’ve been doing an incredible job here. You know almost as much as we do about this shop. We want to have a bridge between owner and employee and you are the perfect bridge.” Sin smiled. 


“And everyone agrees on this?”


“If you’re asking about George, yes he did. I know you guys don’t exactly get along, but I think he still recognizes how great you are at this job. It’s undeniable. So a promotion was the only option. And that comes with a raise too. So you’ll definitely pay for your parent’s house in time.”


“Sin…” I whispered. “Thank you. Really. This means a lot to me. I’m um, I’m not good at a lot of things, but it feels good to know you guys think I’m good at this.”


“You’re not good at this, Vice. You’re amazing.” Sin got up and hugged me. “We’re so glad you’re a part of this.”


“Thank you, so am I.” I blinked back tears. Something about being here felt like home. Sin and Fred felt almost like siblings. And George felt like something else entirely. He made everything feel like it makes sense.


“Alright.” Sin wiped her eyes. “Let’s go meet our new employee, Ms. Manager.”


“So did she accept?” Fred grinned. 


“I did.” I smiled back. “You are looking at Vice Richardson: Manager.”


“Congrats, Vice.” George said. “You deserve this.”




The bell to the front door opened and in walked a girl about my height with straight black hair and light brown eyes. “Hi. Sorry I’m late!”


“You’re good.” Fred assured her. “Everyone, this is Annie. Our new employee!”


“Hi!” She waved as she approached us. “I’m really excited to start working here.”


“We’re excited for you.” Sin smiled. “I’m Sinthia.”


“Great to meet you.” She shook her hand. 


“And I’m George.”


“Telling you two apart is going to be kind of hard.”


“You get used to it pretty easily. Fred is easy to get along with and George is not.” I laughed. “I’m Vice, the manager.”


Wow I could really get used to saying that. I can’t believe how proud I am of this title. I never thought I’d actually find personal satisfaction in a job, and yet here I am.


“Nice to meet you. I love your name.” Annie grinned.


“Thanks.” I already really liked Annie. 


“Vice, why don’t you give Annie the tour?” Sin suggested. 


“ want me to give her the tour?” I asked. 


“You are the manager.” Fred grinned. 


“Um, yeah okay. Let’s go Annie.” I led her to the back where she could drop her bag off and then the tour started. 


“So, how is it working here?” She asked. “Honestly?”


“It’s amazing.” I assured her. “They are literally the best bosses in the world and this is so much fun. You’ll love it here.”


“Good, I’m glad. I was a little skeptical, but you’ve made me feel better.”


“I’m glad. So who did you interview with?” 


“Fred. He’s really funny.”


“Yeah the twins are hilarious. Sin too.”


“So what’s the deal with Sin? She’s not related to them, so how does she fit in with the Weasley of it all?” Annie questioned.


“Oh her and Fred are completely and totally in love. They’re engaged.” I informed her.


“I see. What a shame. Fred is so cute. Not that I’d ever go after my boss, but you know.”


Yes I, the girl currently sleeping with her boss most definitely get it. “Yeah, for sure.”


“What about George, is he seeing anyone?” Annie questioned. “Just curious.”


“Yep.” I said quickly. “He’s most definitely seeing someone.”


“All the good ones are taken. What about you? Boyfriend?”


“Um, kind of. It’s really complicated.” I admitted. 


“Oh, believe me, I get it. Me and my ex had this big dramatic break up, yet we still love each other, so it’s like are we together, are we not? It’s a total mess. That’s why I got a job here, I needed a distraction.”


“Well this place is a wonderful distraction. And if you ever need a male distraction, I know a really cute bartender.”


“Tell me more.”


I had a feeling Annie and I were going to get along just fine.


Twenty minutes til opening on my first day as manager! I have a shiny new name badge and a great attitude. Why the hell am I so nervous? I mean this shift probably won’t really be that different. I guess I just never really saw myself as management material and I’m anxious about if I’ll do well.


“Vice what the hell?” George stormed up to me.


“What?” I asked. 


“The way you stacked The Haunted Deck is atrocious! Is that really how a manager does it?”


“Excuse me, I stacked them to perfection!”


“We must have different meanings of that word. Get back here right now so I can show you the proper way.” He demanded. 


“Make sure you have your keys so we don’t locked in there again!” I followed him.


“Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal.” Sin assured Annie.


“Yeah, they fight all the time.” Fred shook his head. 


We got to the storage closet and I let the door close. The moment we hear the click, George kisses me. He pressed me against the shelf. I should be worried about something falling on me but my focus is all on George and how worked up he’s making me.


“What is this for?” I whispered. 


“Because you are so hot and I’m so proud of you.” He grinned. “You deserved that promotion.”


“Seriously? You don’t just think that because of what’s going on between us?” 


George paused. “Of course that’s not the reason. You got it because you earned it, Vicelia. Oh...sorry. I know you don’t like to be called that.”


“No, it’s okay...I actually kind of liked it when you said it.” I admitted.


“Oh yeah?” He grinned before kissing me again. He unbuckled his pants as he lifted me up.


“George, are we going to shag in here?”


“Just a quick one. I’m sure Fred and Sin do it all the time.”


“We might get caught.” I whispered. 


“Isn’t that the fun in it?”


I’ve shagged in many places I shouldn’t, but this is definitely the first time in a storage closet at work. I know it’s kind of wrong, but it feels so right. George is correct, the danger is definitely thrilling. 


“You have to keep wearing dresses to work.” George breathed. “It makes it easier, so we can do this every day.”


“You want to have sex with me in a closet every day?”


“I want to have sex with you every minute of the day. If it has to be in a closet, so be it. Though we should try my office some time.”


God what is happening? George and I really do have some sort of relationship. How in the world did this happen?


“Sounds good to me. I should go, don’t want them getting suspicious.” I straightened out my dress.


“Hey.” George put his hands on my face. “I really am proud of you, babe. You’re gonna do great.” He kissed me before I left.


I had to force myself not to smile as I walked back out front. It was harder than ever considering George Weasley makes me smile more than anyone else.


So far the day is going great! I feel a new sense of purpose with my manager badge and I swear people are even being nicer to me. I can definitely get used to this.


“Hello Vice.”


“Rue!” I smiled. “Notice anything different?”


“You’re wearing your hair down today.” She stated.


“Oh that’s true, but anything else? Something shiny?”


It took her a moment and then she gasped. “You were promoted? You’re a manager now? Oh sweetie, that’s amazing!” She hugged me. “I am so proud of you.”


“Thank you! I’m really shocked and excited.”


“Oh I’m sure your parents will be thrilled.”


“I’m telling them tonight so I hope so.” I laughed. 


“Well it will be nice to have a manager taking care of me today.” Rue said happily.


As always we looked through the muggle products. Today’s purchase was Eduardo’s Unbreakable Eggs.


“Thank you for your help honey.” Rue grinned. “I see that boy is still staring at you.”


I looked up and sure enough George was staring. I waved at him and he waved back. “Yeah I guess he is.”


“Did something happen? Did you go after him like I told you to?”


“Actually he kind of came after me.” I admitted. “We’re testing things out for now.”


“Do you like him?” She asked.


“Yeah, I really do. More than I ever thought I would.”


“He treats you nicely?”


“Definitely. He believes in me. I’ve never really had that before.”


Rue nodded. “Good. That’s what matters most. And he seems like a good boy to bring home to your mother.”


“Yeah, we’ll see about that.” I chuckled. 


“Well, I’ll see you in a few days, darling. Congratulations again.”


“Thanks, Rue. I’ll see you soon.” I waved. I really like her. 


George and I go to my place for lunch, though no real eating occurs. “Sex in the middle of the day is so satisfying.” He sighed. 


“More than satisfying I’d say.” I laid my head on his chest.


“I told you I could do better than satisfactory.”


“You proved me right Georgie.”


“Do you want to have dinner with my family tonight?” George asked. “Mum and Dad have been talking about you non stop.”


“Oh, I want to so bad, but I have dinner with my parents tonight. I want to tell them about the promotion and all of that.”


“That makes sense. Another night.”


“Yes, definitely. I really like your family.” I admitted. “I think they get me more than my own do.”


“Yeah, I do have a pretty great family. You’d fit right in. I mean not that we’re that serious or even like talking about anything like that, but you know.”


“I get what you mean Weasley, don’t freak out.”


“I just don’t want to scare you away by being too serious.” He whispered. 


“I’m a hard girl to scare away, George. I’m not trying to go anywhere.”


“Good, because I like having you right here in my arms.”


“If you could stay here I would never want to leave this bed.” I smiled up at him before kissing him. “This is perfect.”


George kissed me again. “You’re perfect.”



Mum looks disappointed when she sees me. “You’re not wearing a ring.”


“Why would I be?” I asked. 


“Well didn’t Lucian ask you to marry him?”


“Yeah, he did um...but I don’t think I’m going to.” I quickly walked past her.


“What do you mean?”


“Vice, what did you say to Lucian?” Cece asked as I sat down.


“No.” I said. 


“I knew it!” Chris laughed. “Ten Galleons from you both.”


“Ugh, why couldn’t you say yes?” Charlie asked.


“Because it was too much.” I shrugged. 


“What do you mean too much?” Dad asked. “You’ve been with him for two years.”


“Look, I have to be honest about something. Luc and I weren’t actually dating for real. I mean we definitely had relations, but not  a relationship.”


Cece laughed. “What did I tell you boys? I owe you nothing now, Chris. Charlie, ten Galleons.”


“Enough with the bets!” I snapped. 


“Vicelia, what is wrong with you?” Mum asked. “Lucian is a good boy who loves you. Why are you tossing him aside?”


“I just don’t want to marry him. Besides, I’m seeing someone new.”


“Already?” Charlie asked. “That’s kind of fast.”


“Yeah, that’s what happens when a relationship isn’t real.” I shrugged. “Anyways, I have amazing news.”


“You’re going to marry Lucian?” Dad asked. 


“No, Dad. I got promoted at work. I’m officially a manager!”


I was not met with excitement. “Why are you furthering your career at a joke shop?” Chris asked. “Do you really want to be trapped there?”


“What? I’m not trapped. I’m happy. I love working there. It’s my favorite place in the world. What’s wrong with being a manager?”


“I’m sorry, Vice but it’s weird to be so serious about a job like that.” Cece shook her head. “I thought by now you’d realize this shouldn’t be a long term thing.”


“And why not?”


“Because you’ve pretty much reached your peak there.” Charlie stated. “You can’t go any higher than manager, and now you’ll be stuck at one point.”


I could not believe they weren’t happy for me. After all the hard work I did, it still meant nothing to them.


“Mum, Dad, y-you think it’s a good thing right?” I asked. 


“Honestly, Vicelia, I don’t think I like you at the joke shop.” Mum admitted. “Since you’ve started there, you’ve been different.”


“It’s clearly turning you away from Lucian.” Dad pointed out.


“This isn’t about Lucian, this is about me!”


“Well darling, maybe you should work somewhere else. Somewhere you won’t be wasting your time.”


I sighed. “I think I’m gonna go.” 


“Where?” Mum asked.


“There’s a family dinner going on right now with people who believe in me and are proud of me. I think I’d rather be there right now.” I got up and walked out before Apparating to the place that actually felt like home.


I knocked on the door. George answered. He smiled when he saw me. “Vice, you’re here. I thought you’d be with your family.”


“Change of plans.” I shrugged. “Am I too late?”


“You’re right on time.” He kissed me quickly before letting me in. “Look who’s here.”


“Vice!” Sin smiled. “Oh I’m so glad you made it!”


“Oh Vice, you’re back!” Molly smiled. “And I heard we have some celebrating to do in your honor.”


“Yes, you’re a manager now!” Arthur smiled. “Very prestigious.”


“Thank you.” I smiled. 


George pulled my chair out for me and then took  a seat next to me. Everyone was staring at him weirdly. “What? I can be a gentleman.”


“Miracles happen every day.” I giggled.


“Congrats on making manager.” Ginny smiled. “Honestly I’m shocked you’re even still working there. Thought George would have scared you off.”


“George is all bark and no bite. He doesn’t scare me.”


“Yeah, you’re not that scary either Vicelia.” He chuckled. 


“George stop calling her that, she doesn’t like it.” Sin scolded him.


“Um, it’s alright.” I assured her. “I mean it is my name.” And it sounds so amazing coming out of his mouth.


Fred squinted at me for a moment and then shook his head. “So, how did your parents take the news?”


“They’re not thrilled.”


“Why not?” Ron asked. “I mean a higher paying job is a good thing. How much do you make now by the way?”

“Ronald, really?” Hermione asked. “Don’t you know it’s rude to ask that?”


“Is it?”


“I make enough.” I laughed. “And my parents don’t think it’s a particularly practical job. They want me to grow up or whatever.”


“But you are grown up.” Harry said. “You have a steady job. I’m confused.”


“Me too.” I laughed slightly. “I mean in some aspects they’re right. But I think I’ll grow up next year. That seems like a good time.”


“Don’t.” George stated. “You’re already perfect.”


“I’m sorry was that a compliment?” Sin asked in shock.


“A genuine one too.” Fred said in amusement. “Are you guys over your arguing phase?”


“He said one good thing about me out of the fifty-seven awful things he’s said.” I shook my head. “But I suppose some progress is being made.”


“Exactly. Gotta keep Vice on her toes.” George shrugged. That’ll be a change of pace from him keeping me on my back.


“Well, Vice, if your parents won’t celebrate you, we will.” Molly announced. “I have a cake for dessert.”


“I love cake, thank you.”


“So since Vice was promoted, you have a new person right?” Charlie asked. “How are they?”


“Annie is great.” Sin said. “A little shy and odd, but I think she’ll do fine.”


“Shy?” Fred asked. “Annie is not shy at all, that’s why I hired her.”


“Well, she’s shy around me. Maybe I make her nervous or something?”


“Well, you are an intimidating boss.” I teased. 


“Is that why Fred is the best boss and I’m not?” She grinned. 


“Never gonna live that down.” I shook my head. “I can’t believe you told her, Fred.”


“Oh come on, I had to. Sin is better at everything, I wanted to one up her on one thing.” Fred kissed her cheek. “And I’ll forever be the best boss.”


“As long as you remember who’s really the boss.” She raised her eyebrows.


“Well, of course. I’ll do anything you want me to.” Fred kissed her on the lips as the younger kids booed. 


“Here I thought I wouldn’t have to endure meals with them snogging once they graduated.” Ron rolled his eyes. 


“Don’t be jealous because you know nothing of romancing a girl.” Sin shrugged.


“I romance the hell out of Hermione, thank you!”


“The one time you romanced me, you got advice from someone who gave his girlfriend a love potion.” Hermione shook her head. “That’s just sad, Ron.”


“Hey, say what you want about Cedric Diggory, but he made me some money.” Harry smiled. 


“How?” I asked.


“The four of us like to do some betting.” Ginny informed me. “Mostly on Sinthia and Fred’s love life considering it was so damn messy, but we’re not allowed to bet on them anymore.”


“So what are you betting on now?”


“Someone else.” Hermione smiled deviously.


“Yeah someone at this table.” Ron grinned. “But that’s all we’ll say, as not to dictate the outcome.”


“I’m sorry they’re so obnoxious.” George shook his head.


“It’s okay, my siblings make bets about my life all the time.” I laughed. 


“Do you also have a messy love life?” Ron asked. 


“Most definitely. Especially right now.”


“You’re seeing someone Vice?” Sin asked. “Is it that hot bartender?”


“Hot bartender?” Fred asked. “And since when is my fiancee in contact with a hot bartender?”


“I’m not, Vice has just told me about him.”


“Has she?” George asked. “Why?”


“I assume because they’re seeing each other. I mean don’t you go see him after work all the time?” Sin asked. 


“No. I mean, yeah I go get a drink, but we’re not seeing each other like that. At all. I’m seeing someone else.” I insisted, mostly for George’s sake. I didn’t want him thinking there was anyone else, because there definitely wasn’t.


“Well tell us about him.” Molly urged. 


“Um...he’s really cute. V-very funny and adventurous. He has a great family.”


“Oh, you already met his family?” Fred asked. “That’s kind of fast.”


“Yeah, it really is, but it works for us.” I said. 


“You should bring this young man here some time. We’d love to meet him.” Arthur said.


“Um, yeah okay...I um I’ll see if he can some time.”


“Great, now my family wants to meet me.” George whispered. 


I couldn’t help but laugh. “What’s so funny?” Sin asked. 


“Sorry I just thought of a muggle joke.” 


“Speaking of muggle things, George tells me of this intricate sphere you have?” Arthur asked.


“Yeah, it’s this kind of projection light thing. It makes it look like the night sky and it changes colors. It’s amazing.” I explained.


“I’d never seen anything like it. Her whole room was like being in space.” George said. 


“You’ve been in her room?”  Harry asked. “When?”


George and I looked at each other. “At my party that he unknowingly came to. I show everyone my sphere.”


“I bet you do.” Ron muttered. 


“Anyways it’s my little party trick. Georgie was the only one who really appreciated it.”


I think Sin noticed that I had called him Georgie. She squinted the way Fred had earlier. We’re kind of bad about this whole sneaking around thing. 


“Well that just sounds fascinating! I’d love to see that!” Arthur announced.


“I’ll bring it by next time.” I smiled. “And I’ve been on the lookout for that blender too.”


“How do you know so much about muggle things?” Charlie asked. 


“I spend a decent amount of time in the muggle world. I find them very interesting.”


No way was I going to admit that I used to steal from them. They would be so disappointed in me and somehow that would feel even worse than my own family being disappointed in me.


As the night goes on, I find more things to love about the Weasleys. They’re such a warm family. George holds my hand under the table and it’s strange, but I don’t think anyone else’s hand has ever fit so perfectly in mine. I do notice that Molly keeps giving me strange looks, but I have no idea why.


I decided to help clear the table before the cake. I figured it was the least I could do. 


I ended up alone in the kitchen with Molly. “George is a nice boy.” She stated. 


“Oh I know. We just like to get on each other’s nerves. I don’t hate him or anything.” I assured her.


“Fred says George is seeing someone. Do you know the girl?” 


“George doesn’t talk about her much.”


“Well, I just hope she knows how wonderful he is. And that he loves very powerfully. And I hope that doesn’t scare her away. He might seem intense at times, but he can’t help it. He just has so much love to give a person.” Molly said looking me right in the eye.


Oh she knows. She definitely knows about me and George. 


I nodded. “And you should know that she’s aware of that. She’s a little scared of intensity, but she cares deeply for George and she knows she’s safe with him. She’ to the love that George has to give.”


Molly smiled. “I’m glad to hear that. I have a good feeling about this girl.”


“And she has a good feeling about your son."


Molly hugged me. “What’s going on here?” George asked. 


“Oh nothing. I’m going to take this out and give you two some time...alone.” Molly hurried out with the cake.


“What was that about?”


“I’m pretty sure your mum knows about us.”  I informed him. 


“It’s been like two days.” He groaned. “She’s not going to say anything is she?”


“I don’t think so. Hey, after this do you want to go to my place?”


“Nothing could keep me away.” He grinned before kissing me. “How long do you think we can keep this a secret?”


“Not very long.”


There’s a simplicity to just kissing. I can’t describe it. It’s almost innocent, even though it leads to less innocent things. It’s amazing what kissing can make you feel. It’s just lips on lips and yet there’s so much more under the surface. It is one of the most intimate acts.


I’m on my couch, straddling George as we kiss and do nothing else. I mean sure there’s a little touching, but every article of clothing that we were wearing when we entered my place is still on.


“I don’t get it.” George whispered as he pulled away. “Why don’t I need to do more than just this?”


“I don’t know.” I laughed. “I mean later I’ll definitely want more, but just kissing is giving me everything.”


“I’ve never felt this way kissing anyone else.”


“Me neither. There’s always something missing. I don’t feel that way with you, Georgie.” I smiled. 


“You’re making this hard Vicelia.”


“What do you mean?”


“I told myself I was going to manage my expectations with you. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that you like me. So I told myself that we wouldn’t get in deep and certainly not do it so fast. But every minute I’m with you I fall harder for you.” George said gently touching my cheek. “How do I stop it?”


“I’d tell you, only I’m kind of in the same situation.” I breathed. “That voice in my head that said this can only go so far is barely a whisper anymore. Are we mad? I mean this can’t right?”


“I’m willing to find out.” He kissed me again and that voice altogether disappeared. 


God this was terrifying. I didn’t know I was capable of feeling so much for one person. I thought I was broken and these feelings just weren’t for me, but I guess Megan was right. I just needed to find the right person. I think it’s George Weasley.


“Vice are you home?” Cece had just walked in. “Oh, sorry.”


“Cece, what are you doing here?” I asked, getting off of George.


“I just wanted to check on you, but you seem fine.”


“Um, George, this is my sister Cece.” They shook hands.


“Nice to meet you.” George smiled. 


“George Weasley?” Cece asked. 


“The one and only.”


“Um, George could you wait in my room for one moment?” I asked. 


“Of course babe.” 


“Your boss, Vice? Really, you’re sleeping with your boss? Why am I not surprised?”


“What the hell does that mean?”


“I mean it makes sense why don’t want to leave that stupid job! And I definitely understand why you got a promotion now.” Cece shook her head.


“Y-you think I only got promoted because I’m sleeping with George?” I asked. “ know I used to think it was my fault that you guys were so disappointed in me, but now I see it’s just how you think of me. Because I’m the odd one out right? I’m not like you guys.”


“Well none of us would sleep with our bosses! Vicelia you’re being foolish. George doesn’t care about you. You’re a piece of ass that he gets to control. He has power over your career. Why do you think this is okay?”


“I was getting a promotion before we even slept together.”


“Yeah sure. This is what you dumped Lucian for? So you could fuck your way to the top at work?”


“How can you say that to me, Cece? You think I would do that?” I cried. 


“Yes, I do. You would do anything to not actually work hard and be an adult. Honestly I don’t know who’s being taken advantage of more; you or George.” She sighed. 


“You don't know what you’re talking about.” 


“Just quit the job, Vice. Stop sleeping with your boss, quit the job and I will pay what you don’t have for the house. But this has to end.”






“No, Cece. You don’t tell me what to do. I’m sick of you all acting like I’m some fucking screw up. I’m finally doing good and working hard and you’re not going to take that from me. Now get out.”


“I wish you were smarter.” She scoffed.


“And I wish I hadn’t been adopted.” I whispered. 


“Grow up Vicelia.” She stomped out.


My door opened slowly. “She’s wrong.” George said as he walked over to me. “You’re not stupid or a fool and I’m not trying to have control over you.”


“I’m not trying to fuck my way to the top.” I said.


“I know that.” He hugged me tightly. “I’m sorry babe.”


“It’s okay. Things have always been this way. I don’t know why I thought they’d change.”



I have decided to ignore the negativity in my life. My family would not make me feel like shit for actually doing a good job. And Cece would not make me out to be some tramp just because I have feelings for George. I’m the fucking manger at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. I’m doing great.


“So how are you liking the job?” I asked Annie.


“Good. You were right, it’s a lot of fun. And Fred makes training actually enjoyable. And of course George is the nicest. I think Sinthia just needs to warm up to me.”


“What do you mean?”


“I don’t know I get this weird feeling that she doesn’t like me. But it’s probably just me being weird. I mean you and Sin get along really well right?”


“Oh yeah, we’re super close. She’s like a big sister, only I’m older.” I laughed. “I’m sure you guys will connect soon enough.”


Honestly, I kind of hope they don’t. I like having this close connection to Sin that no one else has. She was more of a sister to me lately than Cece had been.



“Why do you come here so often?” I asked Rue. “I mean who are these products for?”


“I come here for my daughter. She’s really into all of this stuff. I’m just trying to connect with her.”


“Wow, that must be nice.” I sighed.


“You seem a little down today, hun.” Rue pointed out as I rang her up.


“Just family stuff.” 


“What’s going on?”


“My parents and siblings can't seem to grasp that I’m actually doing something really well and I just want them to be proud of me, but they still see me as a screw up.” I explained. 


“I’m sorry, Vice. If it’s any consolation, I’m proud of you.” She smiled. 


“Thanks. I just wish I wasn’t so different from them in every way. There’s barely anything that connects us.”


“What do you mean by that?” 


“I’m adopted, so I don’t look like my family and I’m obviously very different from them.” I shook my head. “I wish I knew who my biological parents were.”


“I’m sure they want to know you too.” Rue said quietly.


“Guess I’ll never know.” I shrugged. “Anyways you’re all set. Tell your daughter I said hi. You should bring her in, I’d love to meet her.”


“She’s actually already here.” 


“Oh where?”


“I’m looking at her.” Rue whispered. 


“What?” I breathed. 


“Vicelia...I’m your mother.”



A/N: So much happened in this chapter! Our darling Vice was promoted as all of you guessed and things are getting quite serious with George. Vice's family kind of sucks, but as usual the Weasleys do not. And we've reached our first big reveal of the story! Rue is Vice's biological mother! How did she find her? Where has she been? Who is her father? We shall see! Thanks so much for reading!

Chapter 7: Oh Mother
  [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter]


“You’re my-like my fuck!” I exclaimed. “Shit, I’m sorry I said fuck! Oh God, I swear I’m a good person! I’m just nervous because it’s you and...are you sure?”


“Of course I am, honey. I’ve been looking for you for so long.”


“Really? Y-you wanted to find me?”


“More than anything in this world, Vicelia. It was harder than I thought it would be, even though I gave you such a unique name.” Rue (or Mum?) laughed. 


“Oh, you gave me this name. Suddenly I love it.” I laughed nervously. “Um, I don’ I don’t know what I’m supposed to do right now. I-I’m in the middle of a shift and even though I’m sleeping with my boss, I don’t get special treatment. And oh goodness, you must think I’m awful for sleeping with George. I-it’s not what it sounds like at all, I really like him, I do. A-and it’s not to like to further my career or anything like that. Um-”


“Vice, honey...breathe.” She said. “You have your lunch break soon, right?”


“Yes Mom-I mean ma’am.” 


“Why don’t we sit down for lunch or something? Would that be okay?”


“Yes! Yes, that would be perfect. I get a break in half an hour. Is that too long or-”


“It’s perfectly fine, Vice. I’ll see you in  half an hour okay?”


“Sure of course. I’ll see you then. Real soon. Bye!” I waved awkwardly and then practically ran over to George.


“Can I talk to you?” I whispered. 


“Is something wrong?” He asked. 


“I just really need to talk to you.” 


“Yeah, of course babe.” He said before turning to Fred. “Um, I just need to talk to Vice in my office real quick. You guys okay?”


“Yeah, we’ll be fine.” Fred assured us. “Don’t yell too loudly at her. We like her working here, remember?”


“I’ll try.” George chuckled, before leading me to the back. “What’s going on?”


“We can’t have sex during our break. I just...I don’t know how to say this.”


“Are you breaking up with me?” He asked almost hysterically. “Oh I knew it! I knew I was moving too fast with you.  I tried to slow down, but it’s so hard when I feel so powerfully for you. I couldn’t help myself. I just...I care about you a lot Vice. I-I have such strong feelings for you. W-will you give me another chance?”


“Georgie, calm down.”  I said. “This isn't about you.”


“Oh no, the whole ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ thing! God, Vice, what was it that turned you off? I mean you were all over me this morning. Oh was the thing I did in the storage closet right? I know it was a little different but you seemed to really like it in the moment. I-I won’t do it again!”


“George, I’m not breaking up with you!”


He paused. “Really? You’re not? You still like me?”


“George, I’m fucking crazy about you!” I laughed. “It’s just I was hoping we could do something else during lunch. I really need you.”


“Whatever you want babe.”


“So, um...I’m supposed to meet up with my...biological mum, who you may know I had no knowledge of roughly ten minutes ago and you can imagine I’m freaking out just a little bit. Anyways she wants to have lunch and I know we’ve only been together like two weeks, but I really would like it if you came with me because this is very scary and you’re the safest place in the world.”


“Wow.” George whispered. “Um, of course I’ll go with are you babe, are you okay?”


“I’m nervous and I can’t believe this is happening. I have been waiting for this moment all my life, but I guess I thought I’d be doing it on my terms? Like I would find her, not the other way around. This is all so overwhelming.”


“Remember, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, Vice. This is still on your terms. If it’s too fast or too soon, you can tell her that. You deserve time to process.”


“I know. I just...I want to know her so badly. I want to know everything about her. Where she's been, what she’s like, why  I was adopted. Is it too much to ask that today?” I asked. 


“No, of course not. Like I said, this is on your terms.” George grabbed my hand. “And I will support you, whatever you choose. I’m here for you Vicelia.”


I sighed in relief as he hugged me. “I knew I could count on  you.”


“Always.” George kissed me. “I do have a question though.”




“You said you’re not breaking up with me. Does that mean I’m your boyfriend?”


Rue (Mum?) was waiting for me outside the shop. “Hi!” I said nervously. “I invited George to come with us, I hope that’s okay. I’m just a nervous wreck and he really grounds me you know?”


“It’s fine sweetheart.” She assured me. “Nice to meet you George. I’m Rue, Vicelia’s biological mother.”


“Great to meet you. I’m George. I’ your daughter.”  He smiled. 


“So I hear. Is the Leaky Cauldron okay?” We nodded. 


Once we’re seated we don’t say anything. We just stare at each other. “I um...I don’t know what to say.” I admitted. 


“Ask me anything, darling.”


“Why did you give me up?” I asked. 


She takes a deep breath. “I was about your age when I got pregnant with you. I was not suited to be a mother. I was partying, stealing, doing all kinds of illegal things. I was bad news, like you couldn’t even imagine.”


Only I kind of can imagine. She sounds like what I am now.


“You were just a baby when I got caught doing magic in front of muggles. It was stupid. Me and my friends just loved messing with them. Doing magic tricks without them realizing it was real magic. We used to scam and prank them all the time. It finally caught up to us...well me anyways. My friend left me behind. She got away with it and I took the consequences. Ten years in prison.”


“Oh my god.” I whispered. I never thought it would be this bad.


“My parents were supposed to take care of you while I was gone, but I think they were just so disappointed in me that they couldn’t even bear to look at you. So while I was locked away, they gave you up for adoption. They didn’t even tell me until it was too late. There was nothing I could do. I lost everything while I was in prison.”


“So what happened when you got out?” George asked. 


“My parents claimed they knew nothing about Vice. Said it was a closed adoption and that she had been taken to America...So that’s where I went. I searched for her everywhere there.”


“I've never been there.” I stated.


“I know that now. After I failed to find you, I came back. My parents were sick and I had to take care of them, even though they couldn't do that for you. And then finally, right before they died they gave me something. An address. Your parents address. I used to walk by every single day, until I finally saw you.” Her eyes filled with tears. “You were so beautiful. You look just like I did when I was your age.”


“So Vice is gonna look like you in about twenty years?” George chuckled. “Good to know she'll always be beautiful.”


Rue laughed. “Oh you’ve got a good one here, Vicelia.”


“I do.” I smiled. 


“So my parents passed away and I just kept walking by your house. Then I found out you worked here. I thought I could get to know you as a friend. I was so proud seeing you work at the shop. You looked so happy and you were so good at it. You’re doing so much better than I was at your age.”


“Why didn't you want to know me as a mother?”


“I did sweetie. I just didn't know if you wanted that. I didn't know what your life was like or how much your parents told you. If you even wanted anything to do with me. It didn't feel right to completely alter your life like that if it wasn't something you wanted. But I promised myself the first hint that I got that it is what you wanted I would say something. And that came today.”


“I guess that does make sense. So...what about my father? Do you know him?”


“I do. He's the first person I went to see when I got out of prison. I thought maybe you were with him. He has a family. A wife, a daughter-”


“So I have a sister?” I asked hopefully. “Like a blood sister?”


She nodded. “A half sister, yes. But...she doesn't know a thing about you, Vice.”


“Oh. Does my father not want me?”


“It's not that. He tried to find you after you were adopted, but my parents told him the same lie. I get it. At the time he wasn't exactly on the right track. But he's so different now. He got his life together and seems to be a great father and husband. I think he just gave up all hope that he would ever find you. So he moved on.”


“I guess that's understandable.” I muttered. “Do you think he’d want to meet me?”


“Maybe. But I’m worried. I don't want him to break your heart if he finds he doesn't want a place in your life.”


I couldn't help but smile. I can just feel how much she loves and cares about me. She’s known me for less than two months and she's already thinking about what's best for me. 


“That’s fair.” I said. “And I don't want to rush this at all. I mean we basically just met. I want to get to know you. Everything about you. A-and I hope you want to know everything about me.”


“Of course I do, Vice. I have for nineteen years. I’m sorry we were separated for so long. I swear it will never happen again.”


I smiled. “That’s all I want. I’ve been waiting for this moment all of my life. You have completely exceeded all expectations. Um, can you Mum? Or is that kind of weird?’


Her eyes filled with tears again. “If you want. I would love that Vicelia.”




She grabbed my hand and squeezed it. “This is all I’ve ever wanted. After everything I’ve been through to be holding my daughter’s hand right now means everything.”


“It means everything to me too. I just can’t believe this is happening. It almost feels like a dream.”


“That’s because it is darling.” 


My heart sank. “Wait, really?”


Mum laughed. “No, sweetie. I’m joking. This is real life.”


“Wow, she really is like you.” George smiled. “Um, also, I want you to know, what’s going on between me and Vicelia is completely innocent. I’m not trying to take control of her career or anything, I just really adore her. Your daughter is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me and I care about her more than anything.”


“I can tell. She told me she really likes you.”


“Mum!” I exclaimed. “Oh my god. You’re embarrassing me like a parent does. This is so amazing!” I gushed.


“Oh, I have another question.” George spoke up. “Do you have a husband or a family or anything like that?”

Mum shook her head. “No, nothing like that. My life’s goal has been to find Vice and I haven’t really had time for other things.”


“I’m that important to you?” I asked. “You...put your life on hold for me?”


“Honey, I would do anything for you. Other people don’t matter. You do.”


I was fighting back tears at this point. I just can’t believe I spent all my life feeling like I was unloved and all along there she was loving me and trying to find me. How incredible is that?


“Would you two like to have dinner with me? On Friday night?”


“That sounds wonderful.” I smiled. “George is that okay?”


“I would love to go, thank you for inviting me.” George said sincerely. 


“Oh of course.” Mum smiled. “Anyone who means a lot to my daughter means a lot to me.”



“What the fuck!” Megan screamed the next night at Matty’s party. “Your biological mum found you, how fucking insane!”


“Um I’m more caught up on the fact that you’re cheating on my best friend!” Matty pointed out.


“I’m not cheating on Lucian.” I said defensively. “We’re not actually together, therefore his proposal was completely out of left field. I said I’d think about it and I did. I don’t want that with him.”


“So what is so special about your boss?”


“Can you not call him that? George is so much more than my boss.” 


“Wait, Vice, you actually went for it?” Rick asked, coming up from behind me and giving me a kiss on the cheek. He had integrated into our friend group pretty well. “You’re shagging your boss?”


“What did I just say? When we shag, George is not my boss. He’s just the guy I really like.” I explained. 


“Back to important things, did you tell your family about Rue?” Megan questioned. “Cece says you haven’t talked to them in over a week? What’s up with that?”


“Cece also called me a slut and accused me of sleeping with George to further my career, so no I’m not really talking to my family right now. I don’t know how to tell them about Rue.” I admitted. “I think I’ll keep it to myself.”


“Yeah, I can’t think of how that could go wrong.” Rick joked. 


“Oh shut up.”


“I’m just saying Vice, it’s hard to keep that kind of stuff from your family.”


“I know. I just don’t feel close to them at all right now. I don’t know how to tell them all that’s going on with me. I mean I told them I wasn’t marrying Lucian and they flipped. They said the shop was making me different or whatever. And they hate that I’m seeing George.”


“So start seeing me instead.” Rick grinned. “You can take me home and your parents will love me.” He leaned in to kiss me and I pushed his face away, laughing.


“Very funny Rick.”


“What’s wrong with me Vice? Why won’t you date me? Am I not your type?”


“You’re too much my type.” I smiled. “I fear if I had sex with you, I’d completely fall in love with you.”


“And that’s a bad thing?” He laughed. 




“Is George making an appearance tonight?” Megan asked. “I really want to meet this guy.”


“He should be here any minute.” I smiled. “Please don’t embarrass me, I really like this guy.”


“Well, I’m going to be on my worst behavior.” Rick stated. 


“Oh me too, mate.” Matty laughed, clinking his cup into his.


“You guys suck.” I shook my head as I spotted Monica. Oh shit. I didn’t think she would be here. “Who invited Monica?”


“What’s wrong with having Monica here?” Matty asked. 


“Um, I’m kind of shagging the guy she was dating...again.”


“Why do you torture Monica like this?” Megan giggled. 


“I don’t mean to.”


“Um, what the hell are you doing here?” Monica asked, her anger directed at Rick. “You dumped me years ago and now you’re hanging out with my friends? What the fuck?”


“Can we talk, Monica?” Rick questioned. “Come on.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her away. 


“Hopefully Rick will distract her so she won’t notice you and George.”  Matty shrugged. “Speak of the Devil.”


We looked at the door and George had just walked in. I got up and ran over to him, jumping in his arms. “Hi, babe. I missed you.”


“Missed you more.” He smiled. “Am I allowed to kiss you in front of your friends o-” I kissed him instead. I knew everyone was looking at us and were confused about why I’m wrapped around George when I’m supposed to be with Lucian. But I don’t care. It’s none of their business.


“Come meet my friends.” I whispered, hopping off of him and pulling him to my friends. “Everyone, this is George.”


“Yeah, we met when you were with Monica.” Matty laughed, before Megan elbowed him.


“I’m Megan, Vice’s best friend.” She shook his hand. “Vice talks about you all the time.”


“That’s not true.” I said. “I barely mention you. You’re so unimportant to me.”


“Yeah, I’m sure.” He kissed me. 


“Um, what is the meaning of this?” We broke apart and saw Monica. “Vice, I told you to put in a good word for me, not yourself.”


“I did put a good word in.” I insisted. “I told you he wouldn’t listen to me.”


“Monica, you’re  a nice...ish girl, really. It’s just Vice and I have a connection. I really do wish you the best though.” George said sincerely. 


“And I wish you both the worst.” Monica snapped. “You’re such a slut Vicelia.”


She stomped away. “That went well.” I laughed. 


“She’s really mad.” George commented. 


“She’ll get over it. She always does.”


“Can I ask you something?” Annie whispered. 


“Sure of course.” I said. 


“How serious are Fred and Sinthia?”


“Pretty damn serious from what I know. I mean they are planning a wedding. Why?”


“I don’t know, I get these vibe off of Fred sometimes. He’s kinda flirty with me. Is he like that with you?”


I shook my head. “No, I don’t think so. I think it’s just his personality. He’s just really friendly is all.”


“Okay, that’s what I thought.” Annie sighed in relief. “I don’t want to cause any problems with them.”


“I’m sure you won’t. Fred and Sin are the most solid couple that I know. They’re crazy about each other. They’ll be fine.”


“Good, good. I thought maybe that’s why Sinthia doesn’t like me.”


“You still think she doesn’t like you?” I asked. 


“She just seems so much warmer with everyone else and not with me.” Annie sighed. 


“Maybe you guys just need to hang out outside of work?” I suggested. “We can all do something at my place maybe? Break the ice a little bit.”


“That would be nice I think.”


“Great, we should do something this weekend. Just the employees here. It’ll be fun.”


“Yeah, that sounds great to me.” Annie smiled. “I’m excited.”


“For what?” Fred asked.


“Oh, Vice is going to have a little get together this weekend.” 

“Ooh, that sounds like fun. The bosses are invited right?”


“Of course. It’s not a party without you guys.” I smiled. 


“Great. Maybe you can introduce us to that guy you’re seeing?” Fred nudged me. “Wanna see if that bloke is good enough for you.”


“This is supposed to be a work people only thing. Just the five of us.”


“Boo.” He pouted. “I’m starting to think you don’t want this guy to meet us Vice. Are you ashamed of me?”


“Yes, yes I am.” I laughed, shoving him lightly. 


“Yeah, you and Sin both.” He shook his head before walking to the back.


Annie’s eyes widened. “He was totally flirting with you.”


“Oh he was not.” I laughed. “Fred and I are like siblings, really.”


“If you say so.”


“So I hear there’s  a party?” Sin asked eagerly. “Are you going to teach me how to do that keg stand thing, Vice?”


“Ooh, yes. I’ll have my friend Steven get me one.”


“I’m sorry, what is a keg stand?” Annie asked. 


“Oh it’s this where you drink beer upside down from a keg. It’s a lot of fun.” I laughed. 


“Another time we should just have a girl’s night.” Sin suggested. “We can have a sleepover and drink and gossip about boys.”


“Won’t it be kind of weird to gossip about Fred with us?” Annie asked. “I mean he is our boss. We shouldn’t think about him like that.”


I looked down and said nothing. If only they knew the things I do to my boss.


“I don’t think so. I mean Fred is more than just a boss. He’s also a boy who does stupid things and I want to vent about them. What do you think Vice?”


“Oh I’m all about that. I have so much to gossip about. Boys and family.” I chuckled. 


“Right, aren’t you seeing your biological mum tonight for dinner?”




“It’s gonna just be you two?”


“No, I’m also taking Geo-just um the guy I’m seeing. He’s going too.”


“Wow, Vice, that’s kind of serious!” Sin smiled. “You really like this guy huh?”


“So much.” I sighed happily. “He’s really special.”


“I cannot wait to meet him.”


“Meet who?” George asked. 


“Vice’s boyfriend.” Sin grinned.


“Oh boyfriend? Is that what you’re calling him?”


“I never said that.” I laughed. “Though, he has been quite boyfriend-y lately. Always at my place, meeting my Mum. I think it’s getting kind of serious.”


“That’s not moving too fast for you is it?” George asked, trying to sound casual.


“No, it’s perfect.” 


“So what are you doing tonight, George?” Sin asked. “Are you going to be at dinner?”


“Um, no I have a date.” He stated. 


“You have been dating like crazy lately.” Fred said. “You have a date for every night.”


“What can I say I’m a hot commodity.” George shrugged. “Anyways I gotta go, can’t be late.”


“Oh yeah, me too.” I said. “See you guys later.”



Dinner was going wonderfully. I could tell Mum was really nervous, but so was I. George was making jokes and keeping things light. I was so grateful for him.


“Vice, have you told your parents about me?” Mum asked.


“Um, no. We’re not really talking right now, and I kind of want to keep you to myself for now. Well to myself and George I guess. Did you want to meet them?”


“I don’t know if they’d want to meet me. I can’t imagine what my parents told them about me.  I don’t want to ruin any relationship you have with them. That’s not what I’m here to do.”


“I know that. My relationship with my family has always been less than great. I’m just so different from them and we don’t always see eye to eye or get along. You being in my life won’t make that worse. And I know it sounds bad, but I think I’d choose a relationship with you any day.”


“I would never make you choose between me and your family, love.” Mum assured me. “I’m grateful for how they’ve raised you. You’re an amazing young woman.”


“Oh, don’t tell her that. Then she’s going to realize she’s much too good for me.” George grinned. 


“Oh, please, Georgie. You’re the one who’s too good for me.” I smiled. “But I don’t mind you slumming it.”



“Take me to the muggle world tonight.” George whispered. 




“I want to go on a date. Is the carnival still there?”


“I think so.” I said. “If you’re nice maybe I’ll win you a stuffed animal.”


“And if you’re nice maybe I’ll kiss you at the top on the Ferris Wheel.” 


“Why don’t you kiss me now?” I whispered. 


George obliged, slowly sitting in his chair and pulling me into his lap. “Can I ask you something?”


“Of course.”


“Is there anyone else?”


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“I know relationships aren’t your thing, so I just want to know if you’re seeing anyone other than me.” George refused to look me in the eye.


“No, of course not. You are literally the only boy I can think about.”


“So you’re not also dating some Lucian guy?” 


“Who told you about Lucian?” I questioned. 


“Some of your friends at the party mentioned him. So you’re not with him anymore?”


I shook my head. “I never really was. Not the way I feel like I’m with you.”


“So does that mean we’re like boyfriend and girlfriend?” George asked hopefully.


“What happened to no labels?” I teased as I kissed him. 


“Same thing that happened to taking this slow. It’s out the window. So what do you think? Can I be your boyfriend?”


I looked at him for a moment. I was still so terrified of getting serious, but maybe it was time to let that go. I now know I was never unloved. I wasn’t abandoned or left behind. Someone has wanted me my whole life. And now George does. And I trust him.


“Um, okay...boyfriend.” I smiled before kissing him again. 


“Okay, George we’re gonna go-oh!” Sin exclaimed. 


George and I pulled apart and saw her and Fred in the doorway.


Fred raised his eyebrows. “You two sure have some explaining to do.”



A/N: Well this was kind of a crazy chapter for me to write since it's so personal! I like Vice was adopted so this hits close to home. It feels good to finally have her Mom in her life! In other news, Vice and George are official! She's finally letting him in for real, but now they're not so much a  secret anymore! Rick seems to have a bit of a crush on Vice and Annie seems to have some feelings towards Fred. That of course cannot be good! How will Fred and Sin take Vorgie being together? We shall see!

Chapter 8: No Complaints
  [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter]


I jumped out of George’s lap. “Hi! This’s…”


“Not what it looks like?” Sin asked. 


“No. I mean yes, it is but no it’s not? G-Georgie, a little help?”


“Uh, yeah. So you just caught us snogging. And that wasn’t supposed to happen.” George stated.


“Can one of you just explain what’s going on?” Fred asked. “Why are you two snogging?”


“Because Vice is my girlfriend!” George blurted out.


“Oh my god.” I sighed, looking over at him. “I love the way that sounds coming out of your mouth.”


He grinned. “Yeah, me too. Girlfriend.”




“I’m mad for you.” George wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.


“Um, hello? An explanation?” Sin demanded. 


We broke apart again. “Right.” I giggled. “Well George and I are boyfriend and girlfriend.”


“But George has been on a bunch of dates.” Fred pointed out. 


“I am the dates.” 


“And Sin you’ve been seeing a guy.” Sin said.


“That would be me.” George grinned. 


“How long has this been going on then?” Fred asked. 


“About three weeks or so.” I answered.


“And what, you’ve been sneaking around all this time?” Sin asked. “George, you’ve been staying at her place?”


“Yes, I’m very welcome there.” He chuckled. 


“Always, babe.” I smiled. 


“This is mad!” Fred shook his head. “You two hate each other!”


“Well, there is a fine line between hate and you know, the other thing.”


“I can’t believe this.” Sin shook her head. “I can’t believe you guys didn’t tell us!”


“That’s my fault.” I said. “I’m not great with this shit and I was nervous about this relationship and I didn’t want you guys to think I was some tramp shagging her boss to get ahead, because that’s completely not the case.”


“And George?” Fred questioned. 


“I just like having Vice to myself.” George shrugged. “I liked sneaking around with her.”


“We’re sorry for lying though.” I offered. 


Sin sighed. “Well, Vice I hope you know I’ll never forgive you.” My stomach dropped. “How could you let me find out at the same time as Fred? You and I are like best friends, I’m supposed to be more important than him!”


I smiled in relief. “Oh, I almost told you a bunch of times.”


“You should have. I’m so excited George finally has a girlfriend! Now I have someone to complain about the twins to and you’ll completely understand where I’m coming from.”


“Oh, thank goodness, I have so much to complain about.” I grinned. 


“Hey, stop that!” Fred commanded. “None of that. You know I don’t think I approve of this relationship.”


“Too late!” Sin giggled as she hugged me tightly. “Oh you have to tell me everything! Sleepover tonight?”

“No.” George whined. “She was gonna take me on a date tonight!”


“Oh he’s a clingy one isn't he?” Sin smirked. “Sleepover tomorrow night Vice, promise me?”


“Yes, absolutely.” I smiled.  “George and Fred you two should have a sleepover and discuss us.”


“Oh, don’t think we won’t. I’m sure we have much to complain about with you two.” Fred said. 


“Oh is that right, George?” I asked. “Do you have things to complain about?”


“Oh, no!” George said quickly. “You’re perfect, Vicelia. I have nothing at all to complain about. I’m sure we’ll just talk about how barking mad Sin is.” 


“Hey!” Sin smacked his arm. “I guess long gone are the days of me being perfect, huh?”


“Sorry Sin, but someone else has my heart now. You said I’d find her and you were right.” 


The way George was looking at me made my knees weak. The absolute adoration in his eyes made my heart race. He really liked me. 


“Stop looking at me like that Georgie.” I whispered. 


“Like what?” He asked, dreamily.


“Like you’re gonna fall in love with me or something.”


“But I think I am.”


I grabbed him by his shirt and kissed him hard. He put his hands on my face as I securely wrapped my arms around his torso.


“Okay, I think we’re gonna go.” Sin laughed. “Super happy for you two though. Really, I’m thrilled.”


“Thanks.” I muttered before kissing George again. 


“See you tomorrow.” Fred said.


“You guys are gonna wanna get out of here right now.” George said as he picked me up and placed me on the desk. “I am about to ravage Vice.”


“Alright we’re gone!” Sin pulled Fred out. “Love you both!”


“That went well.” I giggled. “Do you still want to go to the carnival?”


“Yeah, but after I ravage you.” George grinned. “Something about you calling me your boyfriend really put me in the mood.”


“Oh did it, boyfriend?”



“Oh my!” Annie exclaimed the next morning. She was walking by George’s office and caught us snogging. “Are you two…”


“Boyfriend and girlfriend, yes.” George grinned. “Vice is my girlfriend.”


“Oh. Congrats.” She forced a smile and walked away. 


“Do you have to tell everyone I’m your girlfriend?” I smiled. 


“I’ve barely told anyone.”


“You’re right. You’ve only told Sin, Fred, Bones, the guy at the ring toss, the beer guy, the funnel cake guy, the Ferris Wheel guy, the bloke at the muggle shop, and the cashier at Leaky Cauldron. And of course Annie.”


“I’m just a little bit excited.”  George shrugged. “It almost feels like you’re my first girlfriend.”


“Well, you’re my first real boyfriend and I’m not trying to shout it from the rooftops.”


“That’s because I like you way more than you like me.”


I grinned. “Oh, you’re right about that.” I kissed him. “It’s cute how excited you are about us.”


“It's not too much?”


“No George, it’s not. I want you to stop worrying that you’re scaring me away. You’re not. I’m insane for you, babe. That’s not going to change.”


“You promise?” He whispered. 


“I swear. I mean, I would be lying if I said this wasn’t the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but at the same time, you are the safest place in the world to me. So the fear is worth it as long as I have you.”


George gulped hard. “Vice, I...adore you.”


“I feel the exact same way.” I said. 


“No, I don’t think you do.”


“Are you two gonna do this all day?” Sin asked. “The sooner we do inventory, the sooner we can get out of here.”


“But that’s also the sooner you take my girlfriend from me for a night.” George pointed out. 


“You’ll live, now come on!”


“Coming.” I laughed, before kissing George. “Let’s get out there and be helpful.”


“Oh fine.” He let me pull him out of his office.


The store was closed today so that we could do inventory. The goal was to get done very early and then the girls would come to my place for a sleepover. Sin is very excited and Annie seems more curious than anything. Like she thinks we have deep dark secrets or something. 


We laughed and joked as we went through inventory, most of the jokes centered around mine and George’s relationship.  I was actually glad that people knew now. We weren’t very good at hiding it anyways. 


I went to the back to get my lip balm from my bag and saw Annie was there too, sipping from a flask. 


“I knew you knew how to party.” I commented, causing her to jump.


“Oh, my god, Vice. This isn’t what it looks like! Just something to take the edge off.”


“You’re good.” I assured her. “I’ve come to work drunk before. Not exactly on purpose, but drunk from the previous night. It happens. And yeah sometimes a little whiskey during the day keeps the headache away.”


“You’re not gonna tell the others? Not even George?” Annie asked with wide eyes.


I shook my head. “No. Just because George and I are dating doesn’t mean I’m going to tell him every little thing. Besides they’re the owners and we’re the employees. They outnumber us, you and me gotta stick together Annie.”


Annie smiled at me, looking surprised that this was my reaction. “Thank you, Vice. That means a lot to me. You’re great.”


“No problem. What you got in there by the way?” I asked.


“Um, vodka and wormwood.”


“Yikes, that sounds horrible. But to each their own.” 


“Thanks again, Vice.”





“So where’s your roommate?” Sin asked.


“She’s with her boyfriend Matty. Meg is more than willing to give me the place when I need it.”


“Do you need it a lot now that you’re with George?”


I giggled. “Yeah I guess. He is over like all the time.”


“So I see.” Sin gestured to his jumper draped over my couch. 


“Oh that’s my favorite one.” I smiled. “I’m gonna change into something comfy and open some wine, you get comfortable yourselves!”


I went to put on my comfiest black velvet shorts and one of George’s shirts. The one he wore the night we first made love. I always gave it back to him to wash so that it would have his smell on it. I took my curly hair down from it’s bun and went back to the living room. Sin and Annie had changed into pajamas too.


I grabbed my wand and waved it, making all the covers I had set up unfold on the floor and the pillows arranged themselves on top. It looked incredibly comfy. I quickly grabbed the glasses and poured the wine.


“To girls night! May we all get closer and vent about boys!” I laughed as we clinked our glasses together.


This was gonna be fun!


“Okay, Annie, tell us more about you!” Sin insisted. “I feel like I know nothing about you.”


“Well, what do you want to know?” Annie questioned. There was a strange sharpness in her voice. 


“Um, everything. Do you have a boyfriend?”


“Not exactly.”


“I’ve been trying to set her up with Rick the hot bartender.” I informed them. “At this point, mostly to get him off me.”


“What do you mean?” Sin questioned. “Does he have a crush on you?”


“Yeah, but I told him I’m crazy about George though. Anyways, Annie, what’s your boy trouble?”


“I think me and my ex are getting back together. We had a totally messy break up, but I think we’ve both grown now and we’re ready to get back together.”


“What happened?” I asked.


“We were torturing each other. Games, lies, using other people as pawns. It was awful! We were horrible to each other! And then finally he had enough. Got himself a new girlfriend and so I moved on too. But we still see each other all the time.”


“Are you shagging?” I asked eagerly. 


She shook her head. “Just a kiss here and there. A little touching. He doesn’t want to cheat on his new girlfriend. But every time I try to move on, he won’t let me. He insists he wants me back and we can work it out.”


“Annie that doesn’t sound very healthy.” Sin pointed out. “He’s stringing you along.”


“You don’t know that.” Annie said. “H-he’s gonna leave her at some point, I know it.”


Sin and I exchanged looks, but said nothing more on the matter. I didn’t want to be the person to tell Annie she’s being played by her ex and neither did Sin.


“Okay.” Sin stated before taking a drink.


“Sinthia, I’m curious about all the boys you were with before Freddie.” Annie cocked her head to the side.


I could see in Sin’s eyes that she was not thrilled about Annie using that nickname for Fred. No one else called him that except for her.


She forced a laugh. “Um, there weren’t a lot, just two. Lee and Cedric. I’m still good friends with Lee.”


“And Freddie is okay with you being so close to someone you were passionate and intimate with?”


“Oh, I wouldn’t say Lee and I were passionate at all. And Lee is Freddie’s friend too. There’s no feelings between me and Lee at all. We were never right for each other.”


“And what about this Cedric boy?” Annie pressed. 


I cleared my throat and finished my glass before pouring myself and Sin another one. 


“Cedric was wildly toxic.” Sin informed her. “He lied to me and put me under a love potion so that I wouldn’t be with Fred. Honestly it was kind of traumatic.”


“Holy shit. So you didn’t love Cedric at all?”


“No, I did. A lot, but after what he did I just couldn’t forgive him. Besides I’m completely in love with Fred.”


“Why aren’t you two married yet?” I asked, curiously. “I mean Fred is always saying how he already wants to be married, so why aren’t you guys?”


Sin bit her lip. “This doesn’t leave the room?” I nodded. “I’m scared. I love Freddie more than anything in this entire world, but I’m still worried I love him more than he loves me.”


“Why would you think that?”


“Fred is such a thrill seeker. He’s always looking for the next exciting thing and I’m worried that’s all I am. I mean we had to go through a bunch of obstacles to be together and it was all exciting, but what if he gets bored? What if just being together isn't enough for him?”


“That does make sense.” Annie stated. “I can see Fred thinking that.”


I looked at her with wide eyes before turning to Sin. “No, it doesn’t. Fred is crazy about you, Sin. Not the excitement, or the obstacles. You. You should hear how he talks about you when you’re not around. I don’t see him moving on from you at all. You’re all he cares about.”


“Really?” Sin asked. “So I should stop putting off the wedding?”


“Absolutely. You’re killing the poor boy! Marry him already!” I laughed. 


“Alright, I’ll think about it.”


“Your turn, Vice.” Annie said. “How did you and George come to be?” 


“Totally unexpectedly.” I smiled. “I just kept learning these little things about him that made me like him so much. And then when I kissed him I felt things I never had before. He makes me want to forget all my fears about relationships.”


“So what were your relationships like before him?”


“Not real. I didn’t believe in the whole boyfriend thing. It seemed like a  way to get attached to someone who would leave me.  I thought I was supposed to settle down with the guy I was seeing before George, but it felt wrong. Everything feels right with George. I’m still scared though.”


“Of what?” Sin questioned. “George is mad for you.”


“Exactly. I guess I just don’t understand that, so in my mind at any time he can decide he’s no longer mad for me and then leave. I don’t know what I would do. I’ve kind of given him my heart.” I admitted. 


“What and you don’t think his heart isn’t your hands too? I’ve never seen George like this about a girl.”


“Wasn’t he like this about you?”


Sin sighed. “I guess. But it was different. I never reciprocated those feelings. It’s not like it was a relationship. And George is way over me. He was even before you, I swear, Vice. You have nothing to worry about.”


“Is it weird watching George fall out of love with you and fall in love with Vice?” Annie wondered. “Does it hurt your feelings a little bit?”


Sin scoffed. “Of course not. I want George to be happy and I’m more than thrilled it’s Vice that makes him that way. I never wanted him pining after me.”


“Oh. Seems like something you’d enjoy.” Annie shrugged. “Gotta go to the loo.”


Sin waited a moment and then leaned over. “Is it me or is she being really aggressive towards me?”


“I think maybe she doesn’t know how to act around you since you’re her boss?” I asked. 


“She’s basically called me a tramp who isn’t exciting enough for Fred and likes reveling in George’s misery. And why is she calling my fiance ‘Freddie’?”


“I have no idea.” I shook my head. “She’s a little off, but I don’t think she means to be. Let’s just give her a chance, hm?”


“Yeah, alright. Honestly she’s always a little weird with me. I was hoping tonight would ease the tension.”


“I’m sure it will. Maybe we just need more drinks?”


Sin sighed. “Then keep pouring.”


Annie continued to be kind of weird throughout the night. She got drunker faster than the rest of us and at around midnight she’s out like a light.


“Is it wrong that I’m glad she’s asleep?” Sin snorted. 


“No.” I giggled. “She was kind of intense tonight.”


“Thank you for this Vice. I um, since what happened with my ex best friend, I haven’t really had any girl friends. I feel really close to you and I’m grateful for our friendship.”


“I feel the same way.” I smiled. “I promise I will never pretend to be pregnant with Fred’s baby or try to ruin your life.”


“It’s really all I ask.” She laughed. 


We heard a noise from my room. “What the hell was that?” I whispered. 


“Are there ghosts here?” Sin questioned. 


“Not that I’ve known of.”


We heard a small crash from my room followed by a “Shit!”


“Someone is in there.” Sin tugged on my shirt.


“We can take them.”  I said confidently. 


We stood up and it felt like all the alcohol hit me. I was no longer sure we could take them, but we had to try. We crept to my room, holding on to each other. I saw blue light appeared under my door. What the hell?


We pressed our ears to the door. “See how cool this shit is?” A familiar voice slurred. “My girlfriend has the coolest shit.”


“The colors are so pretty.” 


Sin laughed. “Freddie?” 


We opened the door and there were Fred and George in my room, sitting on either side of my bed with the color sphere between them. 


“What are you two doing here?” I asked. 


“Vicelia!” George exclaimed. “You look beautiful! I just had to show Fred your magic sphere. He didn’t believe how cool it was.”


“Have you been drinking love?”


“So much!”


“Sinthia, I have to ask you something really important.” Fred said, grabbing her hands. “Will you marry me?”


“You already asked me that, Frederick. I said yes.”  Sin smiled.


“Right. We’re getting married.”


“We are. You guys aren’t supposed to be here.”


“But we missed you two.” George pouted. “I hate being away from Vice.”


“I hate being away from you too.” I said, wrapping my arms around him. 


“You’re wearing my shirt. Guys I gave Vicelia this shirt after I made love to her for the first time.”


“That’s so sweet!” Sin sighed. “They’re so cute together.”


“So are we.” Fred insisted. 


“I guess.”


“You guys have to go.” I said. “It’s still girls night.”


“Do we have to?” George asked. 


“Yes, George.” Sin said firmly. “We’ll see you guys in the morning.”


“Okay, but you have to kiss us.” Fred demanded. “It’s only fair.”


I had no complaints about that. I put my hands on George's face and kissed him. I could taste whiskey on his breath, but I didn’t care. 


“I’ll miss you.” George smiled drunkenly.


“I’ll miss you too Georgie.” I kissed him once more and then let him go. Sin and Fred were snogging something fierce. “Okay, that’s enough. You boys gotta go.”


“We’re having dinner tomorrow night,” George started. “You have to come so my family can know you’re my girlfriend.”


I laughed. “Alright. Now go!”


We watched as the boys Apparated out of my room. Sin sighed. “I’m so in love with Fred.”


“I really like George.” I smiled. 


“Can we take this sphere thing to the living room?” 




We set up the sphere in the living room and wrapped ourselves in covers. We stayed up for another two hours talking and laughing and sharing our deepest secrets with each other.


George was incredibly excited when we entered his parent’s house hand in hand. “Hello everyone. You all know Vice, she’s my girlfriend.” He announced. 


“Did you think they forgot me?”  I laughed. 


“No, but it was the only way I could think to tell them that you’re my girlfriend.”


“Oh!” Molly exclaimed. “Such wonderful news!” She hugged me tightly before letting us sit down.


“So did you break up with the other young man to start dating George?” Arthur asked. 


George laughed. “Dad, I am the guy she was seeing. We were just keeping things a secret. So now you’ve gotten what you wanted. You get to meet Vice’s boyfriend.”


“Damn!” Hermione shouted. We looked at her in shock. “I’m sorry.”


“I told you babe!” Ron laughed. “Should have listened to me and Harry.”


“I just couldn’t believe Vice would actually like George.” Ginny shook her head. “I can’t believe I lost this bet.”


“When are you going to learn that I’m always right?” Harry laughed. 


“Did you guys make a bet on us?” I asked in amusement.


“Yeah. Harry and I swore you two were secretly hooking up, but the girls didn’t believe us.” Ron informed me. 


“I love winning.” Harry sighed. 


“Hey what was that thing about not believing Vice could like me?” George asked. “I’m very appealing you know?”


“Whatever helps you sleep at night.” Ginny snorted. “Vice is way out of your league.” 


“That’s what I said.” Fred laughed. 


“Sin is out of your league, Fred, you don’t really have room to talk.” Hermione pointed out. 


“Well, Sin, here’s to us being out of the Weasley twin’s leagues.” I giggled, clinking my glass with hers.


“Oh definitely worth a toast.” She smiled. “And while we’re all making announcements, Freddie and I have decided to get serious about planning our wedding.”


“That being said, George, I would love for you to be my Best Man.” Fred said seriously. “You’re my best friend and I want you next to me up there.”


“Of course Fred.” George smiled, looking touched. “I’d be honored.”


“And as for my Maid of Honor,” Sin started. “You can definitely say no, seeing as we haven't known each other long, but Vice would you consider doing it? You’re my closest friend and I really would love it if you could be up there with me.”


I paused and just looked at her. Was she serious? Not even Cece wanted me to be her Maid of Honor. She asked one of her friends to do it instead. She said it wasn’t something I’d be interested in. Too much responsibility.


“Is this a prank?” I asked. “You’re joking?”


“Of course not, Vice. I’m serious.” Sin insisted. 


“Oh.” I quickly blinked back tears. “Yeah, yes I’d love to be your Maid of Honor. I um, thank you for trusting me with something like this.”


“I trust you with everything. I’m so glad you accept!” She hugged me tightly. “And you get a plus one, so you can bring your Mum. I’d love to meet her officially.”


“I’m sure she’d love to meet you too.” 


“Oh this is just wonderful!” Molly clapped. “Finally we can have this wedding!”


“And maybe we’ll be planning another one soon enough?”  Charlie asked, raising his eyebrows. 


“Charlie!” George scolded. “Don’t scare her away. He’s just kidding babe. I mean that’s not even on the table.”


“Like at all?” I asked.


“I mean, of course it is. And I’ve thought about it, not seriously though! Like just-” I kissed him and cut him off.


“You talk so much babe.” I smiled. 


“Wow, she really does like you, George.” Ron commented. “That was some snog.”


“You guys are so cute.” Hermione smiled. “I have a good feeling about you.”


“Yeah, me too.” I smiled. “Oh! Before I forget, Arthur, I have a present for you!”


I handed him a bag as he looked excited. He pulled the present out. “Is this a blender?!”


“It is!” I exclaimed. “Georgie and I found it the other day.”


“Thanks Vice! Want to help me figure out how to use it?” 


“Of course I do!”


“George, hold on to this one.” Arthur told him. “She’s one of a kind.”


George kissed me. “She sure is.”



Although the girl’s night didn’t go completely as planned, I still hosted a little work party so we could all get to know each other. I feel bad that Annie is kind of a fifth wheel, but the goal is that she doesn’t feel that way by the end of the night.


We’re doing a bunch of ice breakers. “Um, who was everyone’s first crush?” I asked. 


“Sin.” George and Fred chorused.


“But you are my biggest crush.” George informed me before kissing me. “What about yours darling?”


“Graham Montague, I think.” I answered. 


“Oh he was such a prick!” Fred rolled his eyes. 


“He really was.” Sin shook her head. “I think my first crush was Cedric Diggory.”


“An even bigger prick.” Fred commented. “What about you Annie?”


“My ex boyfriend.” She said. “I’ve liked him forever.”


“Um, favorite drink?”  George asked. 


“Wine.” Annie said, taking a sip.


“Whiskey for me.”  I grinned. 


“A pint will do for me.” Fred shrugged. 


“I like whiskey too.” George grinned. “Oh Sin?”


“Anything that doesn’t have a love potion in it!” She laughed. 


“I thought you said that was kind of traumatic?" Annie asked. “But you joke about it?”


“It’s all I can do at this point. It was so out of my control, but how I cope with it isn’t. Laughter is the best the medicine.”


“Hm. Um...has anyone here ever cheated on someone?”


“Not me. George is the only boyfriend I’ve had.” I answered.


“Never cheated.” George said. “Though I did have a wandering eye in Sin’s direction.”


“Does it bother you that George brings up his crush on Sinthia so much Vice?”  Annie pondered. We all looked at her. “Sorry, I guess it would kind of bother me.”


“Uh, no not really. They clearly don’t have feelings for each other. I mean George is over her.” I answered. 


“Let’s hope.” Annie said. “Fred, Sin? Ever cheated?”


“Hm...I guess?” Sin said uncertainly. “I mean I guess we did kiss while you were with Angelina.”


“Who’s that?” Annie sounded intrigued. 


“The bane of my existence.” Fred informed her. “My ex who tried to ruin our lives. Glad that nutter is away from us.”


“Honestly, she was the worst.” Sin sighed. “Can’t believe I stayed friends with her for so long.”


“Wait you guys went behind her back, but she’s the bad one? Am I missing something?” Annie asked. 


“Apparently this Angelina was awful.” I said. “Lied about being pregnant, hated Sin, just a complete menace.”


“I think if I was on the verge of losing someone like Fred, I’d act out a little too.” Annie giggled. 


Sin does not look happy about that statement. “Okay, next question. What’s something you’ll never do again?”


“Lose you.” Fred said before kissing her. 


“I will never take a drink from another man. Unless they’re Fred or George.” Sin said. 


“Hide my feelings.” George said looking at me.


“Be afraid to open myself up to the right person.” I smiled.


“Let anything get in the way of what I want.” Annie said, her eyes flicking towards Fred. 


Okay, this girl is a little weird. I knew she kind of had a crush on Fred, but she’s not going to try to get him, right?


We continued our game of questions. Annie had stopped being so damn weird and I felt like we were all really getting on well.


I went to the kitchen to open another bottle of wine. I heard a knock on the front door. “Could one of you guys get that?” I called. 


“Got it babe!” George called back.


I entered the living room again and nearly dropped the bottle. It was Lucian with a huge bouquet of flowers. 


“Luc?” I whispered. “What um...what are you doing here?”


“I’m back, babe.” He smiled. “Sorry, I didn’t think you’d have guests.”


“Yeah, right. These are my friends from work. Um, Annie, Sin, Fred. And um…”


“George.” George waved. “More than just a friend though. I’m her boyfriend.”


Lucian looked confused. “Um, well that can’t be.” He said.


Now George looked confused. “And why not?”


“You can’t be her boyfriend because I’m her fiance.”


Oh shit.



A/N: Lucian is baaack! Things are about to get complicated for our girl Vice! How will George react to this false news? How will Lucian react to Vice's relationship with George? What is up with Annie? Are there more bets to be won by Harry? We shall see!

Also, I know these updates have been a little slow, and I'm sorry. I'm going through a lot right now and barely keeping my head above water, but I'm working really hard on all my stories, I promise! Thanks for hanging in there with me, you guys are the best!

Chapter 9: Mum's The Word
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“Fiance?” George demanded. “Vicelia what the fuck is he talking about?”


“See, I know you’re not her boyfriend because she doesn’t like to be called Vicelia. She also doesn’t have boyfriends.” Lucian chuckled. “Alright, cut the prank now, you got me good.”


“Lucian, its’s not a prank. George boyfriend.” I stammered.


Lucian’s face fell. “Wh-what do you mean Vice? You said you would marry me.”


“I knew it.” George shook his head. “I knew this was too good to be true. Of course I finally find a girl I’m mad for and she’s fuckin engaged!”


“George, no I’m not engaged!” I insisted.


“He asked you to marry him?”




“And you said yes?”


“No! That’s what I’m trying to tell you! I never said yes.”


“You said you’d marry me when I came back, Vice! You said you weren’t going anywhere.” Lucian cried.


“I didn’t go anywhere, I’m still here. I just...I kind of moved on.” I sighed. 


“This was not what I meant when I said to get whatever you needed out of your system! I meant to shag a few blokes that didn’t mean anything to you and then marry me. Not get in an entire relationship with someone! What the fuck is wrong with you?”


“Alright, calm down there mate.” Fred said, coming up behind me protectively. “I’m sure we can discuss this calmly.”


Lucian looked between Fred and George. “ you’re fucking your boss?” He sighed in relief. “Okay, I get it now. You’re just using him to move up in your job. Babe, that’s all you had to say.”


“Luc, that’s not the case at all. I just really like George, more than I’ve ever liked anyone else.” I looked over at him. “He’s special.”


“I can’t believe this. What the fuck, Vice!”


“Please calm down!” Sin snapped. “There’s no reason for you to yell at her like this.”


“Can you all stay out of this? This is between me, Vice and this git that she cheated on me with.”


“She didn’t cheat on you.” George pointed out. “From what she’s told me, you were never her boyfriend, you just wouldn’t listen when she told you that.”


“Men never listen.” Annie shook her head as she sipped her wine.


Lucian looked at me. “You really didn’t think of me as a boyfriend? Not ever?”


“No, not really.” I looked at the floor. “But I told you that Lucian. You never listen to me!”


“Because you don’t know what you want Vice! You’re guarded and always pushing people away. I’ve always been in love with you, you know that. And I waited for you and let you jerk me around for two years!”


“Jerk you around? When did I ever do that? Seriously Lucian, when? All the times that I told you not to call me your girlfriend? O-or when I told you we weren’t dating or serious? How about when I told you this was too fast? I told you I would think about it and then I did and I decided I didn’t want to marry you. Didn’t you get my letter?”


“Your letter? No, Vice, I was a bit busy taking care of my dying father.” Lucian shook his head. “Or did you forget that’s why I left. I was taking care of my family and you’re out here shagging your boss and getting a boyfriend! Which, if I remember correctly, you don’t do! Vicelia Richardson doesn’t do boyfriends, so what the hell is so special about him?”


“I don’t know, okay? He just is. I-I think I have a real shot at being happy with George. You love me right?”


“More than anything in this world, Vice.”


“Th-then you want me to be happy right? That’s what should matter most?”


“I just don’t understand. Why was I good enough to be your pretend boyfriend for your family but not good enough to be your real boyfriend?”


“You know I wanted them to think I had stable things going on, but now I do. I have a great job and an amazing boyfriend, I’m finally doing well, why doesn’t that matter to you?” I asked. 


“God, your family was right about you. You have changed.”


“When did you talk to my family?” I demanded. 


“Earlier today.  You were at work and I wanted to surprise you later, so I thought I’d tell them the good news about us being engaged. They told me that this job was changing you. They thought I could talk some sense into you or something.”


“See this right here is why it will never work between us! You and my family are always trying to make decisions for me and decide who I should be without caring what I want! But that’s done! I’m sick of this shit. I’m with George and I’m staying at my job and there’s not a damn thing any of you can do about it!”


“It won’t last Vice.” Lucian whispered. “You are not meant to be with this guy. And when you leave him or he leaves you, I’ll still be here. Because I know in my heart we’re meant to be. I’m not giving up on you yet, love.” He handed me the flowers. “Maybe by then I’ll be good enough for you.”


“Luc!” I called as he walked out. “I-I’m...sorry.” I sighed and looked around at my friends. “Drink anyone?”


My friends didn’t stay for much longer. Lucian had kind of ruined the whole vibe of the night and things were kind of awkward. I also knew that George probably wanted to talk to me without an audience. 


“Well, thanks for having me over.” Annie hugged me tightly. “Sorry about your weird ex...well whatever he was. Next time I’ll host hm?”


“Sounds good to me.” I smiled. 


“Oh, and I think I’m ready to be set up with your friend Rick. You  were right. My ex is just stringing me along. I deserve better.”


“You really do Annie. I’ll set something up as soon as possible, okay?”


“You’re the best. Let me know if you need anything.” She hugged me again before leaving. 


Annie wasn’t so bad when it was just me and her. Maybe she and Sin just weren’t compatible. Also, it was wildly obvious she had a huge crush on Fred, and I’m sure that made her a little weird around the both of them. Maybe if she and Rick hit it off, she’ll get over Fred and we can all actually get along.


“Are you okay?” Sin asked me. 


I nodded. “I will be. I’m so sorry the evening was ruined.”


“Not your fault at all. I didn’t believe you when you told me he was a bit of a nutter. I’d watch what you drink for awhile. He seems like the love potion type.”


“Oh I definitely will, don’t worry.” I  hugged  her. “Thanks for coming.”


“Let us know if you need anything.” Fred said, giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Be a little gentle with George, I think this was a lot for him to take in.”


“I will. Thanks, Fred.” I closed the door behind him and Sin. 


George had taken a bottle of whiskey to my room. I went and joined him. We sat in silence on my bed for a moment. 


“Can I have some whiskey?” I asked. He handed me the bottle. I took a sip. “Babe-”


“I’m sorry are you referring to me as babe or the bloke that just walked in here claiming to be your fiance?” He interrupted me.




“Even better, he was the guy you told me you had ended things with! You said there was no one else, Vicelia. That I was the only one.”


“You are! Look maybe I didn’t properly end things with Lucian, but it’s not like I was sneaking behind your back with him or anything. I didn’t know he was going to show up here unannounced.”


“You know I actually kind of felt bad for that guy.” George shook his head. “Two years and still you couldn’t commit to him? He waited around for you thinking something was going to come of it and he got nothing in the end. Is that what I should expect?”


“Did you not hear me call you special a-and say that I think I have a real chance of happiness with you? Was that in one ear and out the other Weasley?”


“It was kind of hard to focus when my girlfriend’s ex boyfriend is claiming that my relationship with her is going nowhere.”


“He was not my boyfriend!” I exclaimed. “Is not listening just a common thread with the guys I see?”


“Oh so now I’m just a guy you’re seeing. Real nice Vicelia!” 


I sighed. “I didn’t mean it like that. Georgie, I don’t want to fight with you.” I grabbed his hand but he pulled away.


“Well I want to know what the hell is going on with us. Is this serious or not?” He asked. 


“Yes, it is. You are my boyfriend. I care about you a lot. I have been more vulnerable with you than I have with anyone else. And that’s been really fucking hard George. It’s scary! But you’re worth it. So please, don’t question how serious I am about you.”


“What are you so fucking scared of?” George asked. 


“That you are going to find out who I am deep inside and you won’t want me anymore! Th-that you’re mad for this version of me that you’ve made up in your head and when you realize that’s not exactly who I am, you're gonna leave. I’m scared that I’m going to disappoint you the way I do everyone else in my life.” 


“You’re not being fair to me Vice. You’re not even giving me a chance here. You just assume I’m going to hold you to the ridiculous standards everyone else does and that’s not the case at all! You don’t get to project what other people have done to you onto me!”


“I’m not but could you at least try to understand how I feel? I know you can’t relate but could you try?” I begged.


“What the hell does that mean? That I can’t relate?”


“Your family adores you George! You think you’re the least favorite or something? Sure Fred is a little flashier or whatever, but everyone loves you! Your mother cherishes you! Your siblings look up to you! I don’t have that! My parents think I’m the biggest fuck up in this world and my sibling think I’m a dumb tramp. I literally just started feeling loved for the first time in my life. Before you and Rue I didn’t have that.”


“What about Lucian? Seems like you were really loved and yet you pushed that away. Ever think you blame other people for the things you’re scared of?” He asked. 


“That’s not fair.” I whispered. “And why are you so invested in Lucian’s feelings?”


“Because I understand how much he’s hurt! I went through this with Sinthia! I’m in love with someone who will never love me back the same way and that fucking hurts.”


I felt sick. Any security and love that George had made me feel had flown out of the window in an instant. “You’re still in love with her? What am I George? Am I just a second choice? Just a place holder because you can’t have the girl you really want?”


“I didn’t mean to say that.” He sighed. 


“But did you mean it?” I choked out.


“I um...god how did we get here? This isn’t about Sin.”


“I told you I didn't want to fight.”


He ran his fingers through his hair. “Look, I’m not in a good headspace right now. I think I need some time to myself. So I’m gonna go.”


“George, you wanted to have this conversation.” I pointed out. 


“I’m drunk, Vicelia. I’m not-I need to be alone. I’ll see you tomorrow or something.” He got up.


“Don’t go!” I pleaded. “Please don’t leave me alone!”


“I can’t do this.” He quickly flung the door open and left me there alone.


I knew it was kind of late, but I was hoping she’d still answer. I knocked on the door and waited. I was relieved when she opened the door.


“Vice, honey what are you doing here?” Rue asked. 


“I need my Mum.” I whispered, trying desperately to hold back my tears. 


She hugged me before bringing me in the house. She made tea as I waited on the couch, forcing the tears down farther. I didn’t cry. That’s not who I was.


“What happened, darling?” She asked sitting next to me.


In an instant tears were spilling from my eyes. It had been years since I had cried. Rue held me as I sobbed until I was ready to tell her about my awful night. She hugged me tightly the whole time. 


“Oh, sweetie. I’m so sorry. None of this is fair on you. It’s not your fault that you feel unloved. Just because someone says they love you doesn’t mean you are required to feel that love. Not everyone is going to love you in a way that you’re responsive to.”


“But I thought George maybe could. But he’s still in love with Sin and he hates me and my insecurities.” I cried.


“Maybe he just said something that he didn’t mean. I’ve seen the way he looks at you Vice. He has some strong feelings for you.” Rue rubbed my back.


“But he’s never going to love me. He left. He walked out on me. He left me alone. A-and look what it’s doing to me! I haven’t cried in years, and never over a stupid boy.”


“Well you clearly care very deeply for this stupid boy. Has that ever happened before?” I shook my head. “You are just like me darling. I was the same way before I met your father. He came out of nowhere and changed everything for me.”


“So you guys were like in love?” I asked. 


“Deeply. But the circumstances didn’t allow us to be together like that. I couldn’t ask him to wait for me. I had caused him a lifetime of pain. Luckily he’s a good man and didn’t blame me for all we’d lost.”


“Like me?”


“Yes...among other things. But that’s a sad story for another time.”


“You have a lot of sad stories.” I sighed. “That must hurt.”


“It does, but having my daughter come to me with a problem is making me absolutely thrilled.”


“It does feel nice.” I admitted. “I couldn’t do this with my other Mum. Speaking of, I’ve been thinking it’s time to tell my family about you. I can’t avoid them forever and I’m sure you want to meet the people who raised me.”


“Of course I do. I know you don’t have a great relationship with them, but Vice the young woman that you are right now makes me so proud.” She smiled. 


“Have you ever seen my parents? You know, when you were staking out my house?”


“Just your dad. Your mum doesn’t leave the house very much does she?”


I shook my head. “Nope.”


“Well, I look forward to properly meeting them.”


“It’s gonna be a shit show.” I laughed. 


“Then I’ll bring wine. It’ll probably be a little easier with a cute red headed boy.” She nudged me.


“He’s not even that cute.” She raised her eyebrows. “Fine he’s gorgeous.”


“You’ll work it out Vice, I’m sure of it.”


“Thanks for being here for me.” 


“Anytime. Really. You want to spend the night, honey. It gets lonely here.” Rue said.


“I don’t like sleeping in a house alone either.” I smiled slightly. “I’d love to stay.”


“Then why don’t we break out something a little stronger and I can show you pictures from when I was your age? I’m sure I’ve got some pictures of your dad too. What’s your poison?”




“You found who?” Mum demanded.


“My biological mum, and I didn’t find her, she found me.” I answered. 


“A-and you’ve been spending time with her?”


“Yes, getting to know her. It’s been amazing.”


“Are we not good enough?” Dad asked. “You had to go find another parent?”


“Dad, that is not what happened. But it is nice to know the woman who gave birth to me. She’s been looking for me all these years. She wanted me.”


“Vice, there’s a reason we never told you anything about your mother. She was in prison, did she tell you that?” Mum asked. 


“She told me everything. All the bad shit she did, going to prison, all of it. She’s not keeping things from me. We have full transparency.” I stated. 


“And what about your biological father?” Dad asked. 


“We’re waiting on that. He has a family and we don’t want to disrupt his life. I want to get to know Mum better before I meet him.”


“I’m your mother Vicelia. Not a woman you’ve known for a few weeks.” Mum scolded.


“Look, I don’t want to argue right now. She’s coming to dinner on Thursday night and I hope you’ll be nice to her. And my new boyfriend might come too.” I added in.


“You’re bringing your boss to dinner?” Dad questioned. 


“He’s more than just my boss. Now if either of them are not welcome, tell me and I wont come to dinner.” I said simply.


Mum sighed. “Fine. But I’m telling you right now, this won’t go well.”


“And that will be my burden to bear when the time comes.  Now I gotta go. I have to meet some friends. Bye.” 



“You broke Lucian, you know?” 


“I didn’t mean to.” I sighed. 


Rick shook his head. “He got trashed last night. I had to help him home.”


“You’re the one who told me not to marry him.” 


“I only said that because I want to date you.”


“Nice that you were using ulterior motives when it came to a big life decision that I had to make!” I exclaimed. 


“I’m sorry.” He pouted. “Forgive me.” He grabbed my hand. 


I pulled it away. “Hey, none of that! I’m literally trying to set you up with my friend.”


“I didn’t ask you to do that.”


“Well, it’s happening. Annie is really nice and spunky. You’ll love her.” 


“But she’s not you.” Rick whispered. “So she’s already flawed.”


“How many different ways do I have to tell you that you and me aren’t happening?” I asked. 


“One hundred and seventy-three. You’ve only told me about seven different ways. You got a lot to go.” He grinned. 


I had to admit that Rick was very charming. If it wasn’t for George, I might have already shagged him, honestly.


“Oh shut up. Ooh, here she comes now.” 


I waved at Annie and she excitedly made her way over to me. “Hey Vice.” She hugged me. “I hate days that you don’t work, I miss you.”


“Aw, that’s sweet. How was it?”


“Weird. George is a total mess and I think Sin and Fred were arguing or something. Everything was off.” Annie admitted. 


“Hopefully it will be back to normal tomorrow.” I shrugged. “Now, I want you to meet my friend Rick.”


Annie’s eyes widened upon seeing him. I think she was taking in how incredibly hot he was. “Rick. Nice to meet you. I’m Annie.”


“Pleasure.” He smiled. “Vice has told me a lot about you.”


“Well I can tell you more. And hopefully you can tell me some things about you too.”


“You’re forward. I kind of like it.”


“I knew you two would get on well.” I smiled. “Well, I’ll leave you to it. Good luck.”


“Oh, Rick and I are going to get on very well.” Annie smiled, before hugging me. “Thank you so much for this. This might really work out.”


“Of course. See ya Rick.”


He gave me a kiss on the cheek. “See ya.”


I walked out of the bar feeling proud of myself. I had officially done my good deed of the year.


A knock on my door that night startled me. Who on earth could that be? I opened the door and saw George.


“Oh, it’s you.” I said. “What do you want?”


“I fucked up.” He looked at the floor.


I sighed, but let him in. I led him to the living room, but didn’t sit because I didn’t want him to feel comfortable. “How was your night alone?”


“Horrible. I-I felt like shit the moment I left. I came back but you weren’t here. Did you...did you go see him?” George asked. 


I scoffed. “No. I went to my mum’s house and cried my bloody eyes out over you leaving me! I don’t cry George and I have never cried over a bloke in  my life! But I sobbed like a little girl because of you!”


“I’m sorry. I was such a prick last night. I was just so upset about Lucian showing up and that mixed with alcohol made me into a complete arse.”


“And the thing about Sin?” 


“A complete and total mistake. I-I’m not in love with her anymore. I am all in with you and you are not a second choice or a place holder and I’m so fucking sorry that I made you feel like one for even one second.”


“You can tell me if you still love her.” I whispered. “It’s fine, I get it. She’s beautiful and smart and hilarious and nice and I’m-”


“Perfect?” He whispered back.


“George, don’t lie to me.”


“I’m not. You are perfect, Vice. The most perfect person that’s ever graced this earth.” He pulled me to him. “And I can’t believe the most important person in the world wastes time with me.”


The security and love that George had made disappear came back full force. It was making me weak. Vulnerable. Any chance that I was the one holding my heart had been destroyed. It was no longer mine to have. It was George Weasley’s.


“You really mean that?” I asked.


His arms slipped around my waist bringing me even closer. “Every single word. You are everything, Vicelia. I’m sorry I was so stupid. It won’t happen again. I can’t lose you.”


I practically melted in his arms. I wrapped my own arms around his neck and stepped up on my tiptoes to press my forehead against his. “I can’t lose you either.”


“I’m scared too, you know? I’ve never felt this way before.” He leaned in to kiss me but I pulled away slightly.


“Please don’t ever leave me like that again.” I whispered. 


“Never again. I’m never spending another night without you.” This time I let him kiss me. “I love seeing you in this shirt. It’s my favorite shirt on my favorite person.”


“I wore it because I missed you.” 


“You’ll never miss me again if I can help it.” George kissed me again, lifting me off my feet. I wrapped my legs around him. “I’m  miserable without you, you know that?”


“Is it wrong that I’m happy about that?” I asked. 


“Yes, you’re terrible, love. Wanna go to bed?”


“I’m not tired.”


“Neither am I.” He grinned. 



“Anything I need to know before I go in there?” George whispered. 


“They’re not gonna like you, but I don’t care because I do.” I smiled. 


“Works for me.” He laughed, kissing me quickly.


We entered the house. No one ambushed me the way they usually did. “Hello?” I called.


“We’re in the dining room, honey!” Mum called. 


I pulled George through the house and then stopped dead in my tracks when we entered the dining room. “What the fuck!”


“What’s wrong?” Dad asked. 


“What is he doing here?” I asked, pointing to Lucian.


“Oh, Lucian is like family, dear.” Mum waved her hand. “He’s always welcome here, so we invited him for dinner.”


“If you hate me, there’s other ways to tell me.”


“Don’t be dramatic Vicelia.” Dad scolded. “Now who do you have with you?”


“This is George Weasley, my boyfriend.” I heard Lucian scoff.


“Also her boss.” Cece added in. 


“George, you’ve already met Cece who is acting like a complete cow. That’s her much nicer fiance Tommy.” I started. “And those are my brothers, Chris and Charlie.”


“Are you guys triplets?” George joked. 


“Yeah, we are.” Charlie answered. 


“Oh. Vice you never mentioned that.”


I shrugged. “Wasn’t important. Besides, you’re a twin and I didn’t want you to feel one upped. Anyways you have met Lucian and my Mum who isn’t here yet, but will be soon.”


“Of course she’s late.” Mum scoffed. 


“What does that mean?” I asked as we sat down. 




“So George, do you usually sleep with employees?” Cece asked. 


“Um, no. I have only have two and I’m not sleeping with her.” He answered. 


“So what made Vice so special?” Chris questioned. 


“She’s the most incredible girl I’ve ever met.”


“Me too.” Lucian stated. “We have so much in common. You know except for the fact that Vice wants to date you and not me. I’d say it doesn’t hurt but that’s just not the truth.”


“You know what Lucian, I’m sorry. Really I’m sorry for being honest.” I snapped. “Lying just isn’t my thing.”


“Right, because stealing is.” Charlie muttered. 


“Shut up, Chuck.” 


“Don’t call me that Vicelia, I hate that nickname.”


“Um, so Cece, you’re getting married. So is my brother. Vice is gonna be the Maid of Honor at the wedding, so I guess she’ll be doing it twice?” George asked. 


“No, babe. Cece didn’t want me to be her Maid of Honor.” I informed him. 


I could tell that bothered George to hear, but he shook it off. “That’s too bad. You’d be wonderful.”


“Well at least Sin thinks so.”


“I know Vice well enough to know that it isn’t her thing.” Cece said. “You’ve known her like three months. I think I know better.”


“Well, I feel like I know quite a lot about her.” George protested. 


“Just because you shag her doesn’t mean you know her.”  Chris glared at him.


“I can attest to that.” Lucian proclaimed. “I was shagging her and I didn’t know she was capable of this.”


“You guys really thought having him was the best idea?” I demanded. “Was this supposed to make me want him back? He’s a drunken mess!”


“You made him that way, Vicelia.” Mom pointed out. “You don’t get to hurt someone and then tell them the way they cope with that is wrong.”


“In any other situation that would actually be great advice, but it doesn’t pertain to this one. I didn’t tell Lucian I wanted to marry him at any point.”


“We talked about hyphenating our names!” He cried. 


“That’s because you guys made me feel like I had no other options in life. I thought I had to marry you!” I exclaimed. 


“Clearly you didn’t because you’re not!”


“So your other options are your boss?” Cece questioned. “Maybe you need us to tell you what to do with your life, you’re not doing so well on your own.”


“Honestly, Vice, I’ve never been more disappointed in you.” Charlie admitted. “No offense, George.”


“Are you sure?” He asked. 


“You know what, Charlie, I don’t actually care that you’re disappointed in me. Really, I don’t. Your opinions are so irrelevant to me now.” I announced.


“What is going on with you Vice?” Chris asked. 


“I’m tired of trying to be like you guys. I’m not like you guys at all and I never will be. And I’m starting to realize that’s completely for the best.” The doorbell rang. “That’s my Mum. I’d ask you all to be polite, but that seems impossible for you lot.”


I hurried to the door. “Hi Mum.”


“Sorry I’m late.” Rue said. “I-I got so nervous and I didn’t think my outfit was appropriate, I’m just a mess.”


“You don’t have to try to impress them.” I assured her. “I’m not trying anymore.”


“That’s my girl.”


We walked to the dining room. Rue stopped dead just like I had. “Cassandra?!” She asked. 


“Hello Rue.” Mum said calmly.


I looked between them. “Wait, you two know each other?”


“Remember that friend I told you about? Who left me to get arrested?” Rue asked. 




“That was your Mum.”



A/N: Yes, another cliffhanger! And a spicy one at that! Vice's two moms know each other! What is the explanation for this? Why would Cassandra not tell Vice she knew Rue personally? Will Lucian make things more awkward? Will Annie and Rick hit it off?  What were sin and Fred arguing about? Can this dinner get any worse? We shall see! Thanks for reading!

p.s. Thanks for all the support for this story and for my wellbeing. Things are still really rough, but writing truly makes me feel better, and your funny reviews and comments make it even more enjoyable. As always, you guys are the best!

Chapter 10: Falling Hard
  [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter]


I shook my head. “No, no, that can’t be. Because that would mean Mum knew who you were my whole life and didn’t tell me a single thing and that...that can’t be. Right?”


“Maybe you should sit down, Vicelia.” Dad whispered. 


“You knew too?” I choked out. “No, no I don’t want to hear this.”


“Babe.” George grabbed my hand. “I think you need to know the truth.”




“I’m right here with you Vice. Safest place in the world, remember?”


I nodded and squeezed his hand before sitting down. “Alright, explain yourselves.”


Mum sighed. “Look, I was bad news since I was a kid. I liked rebellion and I hated rules and regulations. I was...well I was kind of like you, Vice.”


“And I was the same way.” Dad shook his head. “We got pregnant with the triplets when we were sixteen. Our parents hoped we would start taking things seriously, but we didn’t. They would take care of the kids, so we almost didn’t have real responsibility. We weren’t ready to grow up.”


“And that’s when I met Rue.” Mum whispered. “She was just like me. We had so much in common. Other than the fact I had three toddlers at home. And then she got pregnant with you, but after you were born, it was like nothing changed. We still wanted to mess around and not take life seriously and get into trouble.”


“We thought we were invincible.” Rue whispered. “And then you showed me I wasn’t.”


“I couldn’t get in trouble. I had kids at home.”


“And I didn’t?” 


“I didn't think the consequences would be so bad.” Mum insisted. “I thought you would get a slap on the wrist, but I already had a record and I couldn’t risk my life like that.”


“You knew what I was going through at the time.” Rue shook her head. “And you still let me take the blame alone. Cassandra you derailed my entire life!”


“You did that yourself, Rue. You knew the risks of what we were doing.”


“Just keep going with the story.” I said quietly.


“I did feel guilty for what I did, but I know I did the right thing for me and my family. It scared me straight and made me start taking life seriously. Colin and I got married and got jobs and started actually being parents. I heard Rue’s parents wanted to give Vice up for adoption and we were in such a good place and wanted to raise a child the right way from the beginning, so they let us have her. You were so beautiful, Vice.” Mum smiled slightly.


I scoffed and shook my head. “So what about when Rue got out of prison? You knew she was out, why didn’t you find her and tell her you had me?”


“Because you were ours.” Dad said. “We had raised you for ten years, you were our child. You didn’t know her. Your grandparents said it was best that you never did. And we agreed. You were much better off without her.”


“No I wasn’t!” I yelled. “How could you keep me from her? My own mother.”


“Vicelia, I am your mother!” Mum snapped. “I raised you, I held you when you cried, I was there for every big moment of your life. She was not! You did not know her, Vicelia. She would not have been good for you.”


“You didn’t even give me a chance, Cassandra.” Rue whispered. “I was different when I came out of prison. All I wanted to do was find my daughter and do right by her. You and my parents had no right to keep my daughter from me! How could you?”


“I wasn’t going to let you take my daughter from me. You weren’t going to uproot her life out of nowhere.” 


“You think I would have taken her away? Did it even cross your mind that I would want to co-parent with you? That we could have raised her together? It didn’t have to be one or the other.”


“Eventually she would have chosen you!” Mum yelled. “Because you were her biological mother and you were still probably going to be the fun and exciting one and I was just her boring Mum who wanted her to be responsible with her life.”


“And you thought it was fair to take that decision from me?” I asked. “You knew how much I wanted to know who my biological parents were. You knew I felt empty and lost and out of place. And instead of trying to make my life make more sense to me you were selfish and took away my opportunity to know my mother.”


“We did what we thought was best.” Dad said. “You have to know that Vice. We had to keep our family together.”


“What and that includes me? I have never felt like a part of this family and you made sure of that! You always had to remind me that I was different from you all. You never let me for one second forget that I was adopted and I wasn’t living up to your standards!”


“So not only did you keep my daughter hidden from me, but this is how you made her feel her whole life?” Rue asked. “Well at least now I know why you stopped writing letters. I thought you just didn’t know what to say to me anymore.”


“I didn’t.” Mum admitted. “I mean I had Vicelia and you lost your other baby, I didn’t know what to say.”


“What other baby?” I asked.


Rue shook her head sadly. “I was pregnant when I was sent to prison. I gave birth when I was there, but...the baby didn’t make it. That’s what I meant when I talked about what we lost.”


My heart broke for her. “I’m sorry, Mum. That’s awful.” I turned to my parents. “So you knew that had happened to her and you took another child from her? You are not the people I thought you were.”


“Vicelia, please.” Mum begged. “We tried our best with you, we really did, but you are your mother’s daughter.”


“And that’s why I was never good enough in your eyes.”


“Oh my god, Vice stop with the dramatics.”  Cece rolled her eyes. “You didn’t even have it that bad.”


“You’re kidding, right?” I asked. 


“Cece is right.” Chris said. “You get away with everything, Vice.”


“I do not!”


“You made sure they had low expectations of you so they never would expect much of you.” Charlie shook his head. “The rest of us had to work hard and you just skated by. You had it easy.”


“Yes, it was so easy constantly having them disappointed in everything that I do. Or comparing me to you guys. Or-or having you all trying to control my life and make me marry Lucian."


“Who is Lucian?” Rue asked. 


“Wow, Vice you didn’t even tell your biological mum about me? Real nice.” Lucian shook his head. 


“She had already met my boyfriend, why did she need to know about you?” I questioned.


“I’m sorry I still don’t understand who he is.” Rue stated.


“He asked me to marry him and I said no.” I explained. 


“Okay, so what’s the problem?”


“She should marry Lucian.” Mum snapped. “He’s good for her.”


“Well, so is George.” Rue said. “And she actually likes him, so I think that answers that.”


“You barely know her, Rue, maybe you shouldn’t be making decisions for her.”


“I’m not making any decision for her, that seems to be right up your alley!” Rue shot back. “What is so wrong with what she’s doing right now? She has a job she loves and good friends and lovely boyfriend who adores her above anything else! Why do you keep trying to control her life?”


“Because she clearly needs decisions made for her.” Dad pointed out. “You only think she’s doing well because you’ve just met her. You didn’t know what she was like before this damn job.”


“What was so great about me?” I asked. “I didn’t take anything seriously! I stole from muggles and did anything I could to not have responsibility for anything. I was with Lucian because I thought he was the only option I would ever have for love. I thought I had to force myself to love him just because he loved me.”


“Exactly Vicelia, he loves you.” Mum insisted. “He’s going to take care of you.”


“I don’t need to be taken care of. Not like that. I need to be loved and encouraged and wanted in a way that I’m receptive to. In a way that makes me feel good. And I have that now. I have someone who is proud of me and knows the potential I have and he’s never tried to make me into someone I’m not.”


“He doesn’t even know who you are!” Cece exclaimed. “You’ve known this boy for a few months, and you think he’s the one ? Compared to someone you’ve known since you were eleven? Why do you always have to make things harder for yourself Vice?”


“George knows me.” I said quietly. “It’s you guys who don’t know me anymore.”


“Vice, you don’t know yourself.” Charlie said. “That’s what this is all about. You’re trying to find yourself and you’re doing drastic things in order to figure it out.”


“Exactly.” Chris agreed. “You’re making life altering decisions. Finding your biological mother, ending a two year relationship, changing yourself completely.”


“You will realize soon enough that this isn’t who you actually are.” Dad insisted. 


“You’ll realize we were right about you all along and that we know what’s best.” Mum finished.


“That’s enough!” George yelled suddenly. “I’m sorry, usually  I would never yell at my girlfriend's family, but this is fucking ridiculous.”


“George?” I asked. 


“I’m sorry Vice, I have to say this. You are all god awful! Except for Rue and Tommy, you seem nice. But the rest of you are so fucking blind! Do you realize how wonderful Vicelia is? She is perfect! She’s smart and she’s funny and she’s deeply caring and I have never met anyone else like her and you want to change that? You want to dim the light that shines so brightly in her? Why? Why do you want her to be anything other than her beautiful, stunning, perfect self?”


“Because we’re looking out for her.” Mum stated. “And you are being incredibly inappropriate, young man.”


“I’m George Weasley, inappropriate is what I do!” George snapped. “And you are not looking out for her. You know what, I think you’re actually jealous of her. Because she’s what you used to be, but she didn’t make the mistakes you did. You have been trying to punish her for your mistakes and you hate that it doesn’t work. You hate that she’s Rue’s daughter. It eats you up and that’s why you never wanted her to know Rue. You can’t compete with her.”


“Don’t you dare speak to my mother like that!” Cece slammed her hand on the table. “Especially when you’re barely even welcome here.”


“I don’t want to be welcome here! I am here for Vice and Vice alone. Because unlike you guys, I actually care about her.”


“We clearly do care about her.” Chris stated. “It’s why we’re trying to get her on the right path. To get her to be more like us.”


George laughed. “What’s so great about you lot? Let’s see we have Mr. and Mrs. Richardson who lied to their daughter for a majority of her life and treated her like crap. Three siblings who constantly belittle their sister and treat her like she’s an idiot and a slut. A whole family of people whose sole goal is to control a person because she’s different from them.”


I wanted to speak more than anything at that moment. To verbalize to George how much it meant that he was standing up for me like this even if it meant my family was going to hate him forever. He cared about me that much.


“How dare you-”


“Oh I’m not finished.” George cut Charlie off. “On top of all of that mistreatment and control we have Lucian who thinks he can force a girl into loving him and is borderline obsessed with her! You need to back the hell off! Vice has made her choice and it is me, not you, so you better leave her alone or I’ll-”


We all gasped loudly as Lucian punched George in the face. 


“Lucian!” I screamed.


He didn’t get the chance to respond to me. George had recovered quickly and jumped across the table, tackling him to the floor. The boys wrestled on the floor. I intervened as quickly as I could, pulling George off of him as Chris pulled Lucian away.


“How could you do this to me, Vice?” Lucian wailed as Chris made sure to hold him back. “I gave you everything! Every piece of me. And you only ever gave me pieces of every part of you. How was that ever fair to me?”


“I never wanted to give you every piece of me and you knew that!” I cried. “You just thought you could manipulate and change me into a little trophy wife. I will never be your wife, Lucian.”


“Yes you will. Because no one is else is ever going to love you-”


I couldn’t control myself. I punched him in the nose. Then someone from behind me swung a purse right into Lucian’s jaw. He was doubled over, groaning pain. 


“Don’t you ever speak about my daughter like that! Next time I won’t go so easy on you.” Rue said fiercely.


“That is quite enough!” Mum announced. “I want you out of my house. Rue and George you are not welcome here, get out!”


“I’m not welcome here either.” I said. “If they leave, I do.”


“Vicelia, that’s not necessary.” Dad shook his head. “I’m sorry, but these people don’t need to be in your life.”


I furiously fought back tears. “No, I think maybe you guys don’t need to be in my life. Not right now at least. Not until you can understand and accept that this is who I am now and that’s not changing. I’m sorry, but I won’t be around for dinners anymore. I don’t know if I want to be a part of this family anymore.”


“Neither do I.” We all looked in shock at Tommy. “Cece, I don’t think I want to marry you.”


“Tommy?” Cece whined. “Why?”


“I’m sorry, but you and your family are really toxic. There’s nothing wrong with Vice. She’s a lovely and fun girl. I never understood why you all wanted to change that. But I won’t be a part of it.”


“We set a wedding date!”


“Maybe you should cancel it?” Tommy suggested. “Um, I’m gonna head out. George, great to meet you. I’ll be sure to stop by the shop. And Rue, I promise you, despite what they’ve said, you’ve got a great daughter.”


“Th-thank you...Tommy.”


“Sure. And Vice, see you when I stop by. Sorry I never said anything before.” 


“It’s okay Tommy.” I smiled, giving his arm a squeeze before he walked out. “Um, I think we should follow Tommy’s lead and go.”


“Vice, please don’t leave, let’s talk this through.” Mum begged. 


“I have nothing more to say to you, Cassandra.” I whispered. 


“I am your mother!”


“You’re not. Rue is my mother and she’s who I call Mum from now on. I don’t know when I will be back, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.”


“Come on babe.” George gently grabbed my hand. 


“Ready to go Mum?”  I asked. 


She nodded and started following us. Then she paused. She turned back and snatched the wine she had brought off the table. “This is good wine and you don’t deserve it. Good-bye.”


When we got outside we all stared at each other.  “I’m sorry.” I said. “That didn’t go the way it was supposed to.”


“Not your fault, sweetie.” Mum assured me. 


“Hey, do you guys want to come to my parents?” George asked. “I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. And Fred and Sin have been dying to meet you Rue.”


“If we’re not imposing.” Mum smiled. 


“Never. Let’s go.”


I was so relieved to be going to a house that actually felt like a home where no one wanted to change a single thing about me.


*George’s POV*


I hated her, I really did. 


When I first met Vicelia Richardson I held nothing but contempt for her. She was rude, didn’t listen and seemed like a very selfish person. She also didn’t like me, and that right there was enough reason to not like her. 


And then I actually got to know her. Seeing her around my family for the first time was when I realized I didn’t really hate her. She actually wasn’t a bad person. And if my whole family adored her, there must be something I was missing? No way they were all wrong and I was right?


The closet was the biggest turning point for me. I saw a completely different side of her. She was so funny and completely open with me about her insecurities and fears. And I felt like I could open up to her in return. And then in an instant I felt this connection to her. I liked her. So I kissed her.


I knew she could never feel the same way about me. It didn’t make any sense that she could. Vice was this powerful, energetic, entertaining, and gorgeous girl. I was in no way her type.


I tried my best to let my crush go. It was never going to happen and I was just torturing myself at that point. And yet I still felt a pull to Vice. When we went to the carnival, that was truly it for me. I had fallen for her completely. Seeing her have the time of her life was amazing, feeling her hand in mine was electric, kissing her on the top of the Ferris Wheel was life changing. 


I could no longer pretend these intense feelings weren’t there. And then when I kissed her on her bed while those colorful stars danced around the room, I knew she had my heart completely. I didn’t believe in falling in love in an instance, but I’m pretty sure that’s what happened when we made love. I just hoped it was the same way for her.


With every passing hour my feelings for Vice became more and more powerful. I was falling too hard too fast and as much as I tried to stop it, it was impossible. So all I could do was not scare Vice away with my intensity.


I think I had underestimated Vice. Every time I thought I was scaring her away, I wasn’t. She still wanted to be with me and she showed the same intensity and passion I did. So maybe I had her heart too and we could have something real here. 


I loved sneaking around with her. I loved just having Vice to myself. And it wasn't just because of sex. I loved holding her hand while I kissed her and those gorgeous light brown eyes would stare back into mine with the utmost adoration and excitement. I loved when she called me Georgie, like it was a secret meant for only us. And after we would make love, she would cling to me. I could feel her heartbeat right next to mine. They would sync up, and it was almost confirmation that she was my soul mate.


It was strange because for so long I had thought Sinthia was my soul mate and I was meant to be with her, but I know that isn’t true now. As much as I had loved Sin in that way, it couldn’t compare to what I felt for Vice. She was everything to me, I would do anything for her in a heartbeat. I finally fully understood Fred and Sin’s relationship. The passion, the exhilaration, the urgency. It all made sense now. Falling in love drove you insane.


Vice’s importance to me was causing me to act a little irrationally. The thought of her being with anyone but me was horrific. I think I needed her and feeling like she didn’t need me in the same way was jolting. So I got a little crazy when Lucian showed up to her house claiming she was engaged to him.


I let my jealousy get the best of me and started a fight that led me to saying things that I didn’t mean. Of course I wasn’t still in love with Sinthia. Vice was the only thing that mattered to me. But I was drunk and upset and feeling sensitive. I would never make that mistake again. The night I spent without her was absolute torture. I felt empty and alone. I couldn’t go through that ever again.


The way I needed Vice was wild. Like I didn’t know how to be without her for even twenty-four hours. That isn’t normal right? This wasn’t a normal occurrence with someone you’ve been dating for such a short amount of time. But it was like my relationship with Vice completely defied any and all expectations and rules. 


Hearing all the shit Vice’s family said about her was infuriating. I just didn’t understand why they hated who she was so much. She was walking perfection and there was no one better than her. I knew I crossed a line yelling at her family and fighting with Lucian, but I just couldn’t sit there and let them treat her like shit anymore.


I had to do everything in my power to protect her. 


"What are you guys doing here?" Sin smiled when we entered the house. "I  thought you had a big dinner?"


"Well, that was shot to hell." Vice shrugged. "We also brought my Mum, hope that's okay."


"Your biological mother?" Mum asked, in excitement. Vice nodded. "Oh, please do come in!"


"Thank you so much for having me." Rue smiled gratefully. "Vicelia just has the nicest things to say about you all. 


"Your daughter is absolutely wonderful." Dad grinned.


"I keep hearing that tonight." Rue laughed. 


"All lies, I'm horrible." Vice chuckled. 


"That's just not true my love." I kissed her cheek. 


"You're biased Weasley. Can we eat now? I'm famished."



Rue and my parents were getting along splendidly. They’re at the end of the table talking like crazy and laughing. I was so glad our families got along. Once again, it was confirmation that we’re good together.


I watched Vice as she talked with Sin, Hermione, and Ginny. She got along so well with the girls. Ginny told me she really liked Vice. Why wouldn’t she?


Sin got up and came over to me. “Can we talk?” She asked. 


“Sure.” I stated, following her into the kitchen. “What’s up?”


“How is Vice?”


“It was a hard day for her. She found out a lot about her family. And I yelled at her family and fought Lucian.”


“Oh my goodness.” Sin shook her head. “Just make sure she knows how loved she is, okay?”


“Of course. All I want for her to know is how much she means to me.” I assured her. 


“Do you love her?” 




“Sorry.” Sin said quickly. “It’s none of my business. I’m just nosy. And it makes me really happy to see you with someone else who clearly makes you so happy. I think you two are really good together.”


“Thanks, Sin. That means a lot coming from you. I never thought I’d get to fall in love in the proper way and especially a person like Vice. She’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my entire life. I think she’s the one.”


“Yeah, I think so too.”


“Hello.” Vice had entered the kitchen. “What are you guys talking about?”


“You.” Sin smiled. “How amazing you are.”


“You guys like me? Gross.” She laughed. 


“Well, I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone.” Sin skipped out of the kitchen.


“Are you mad at me?” I asked.


“No of course not. Why would I be?” Vice questioned. 


“I said some pretty mean shit to your family and got in a fist fight with your ex.”


“And you think I’m upset about that? Georgie, I’m so grateful that you stood up for me like that. No one else has ever done that for me. It was so sweet babe.”


“Really?” I asked. “Oh. Well, I’m glad you found it sweet and not wildly inappropriate.”


“You’re George Weasley. Inappropriate is what you do.” She smiled before kissing me. 


I wrapped my arms around her tightly. I loved feeling her in my arms. It felt secure and safe. Her arms slipped around my neck and she stepped closer. 


“Lucian was completely wrong.” I whispered. “You are the most loveable person on this planet and he is not the only one who will love you.”


“So who else will then? You?” She looked up at me curiously.


“Do you want me to be the person that loves you?”


“I wouldn’t hate it.”


I kissed her again. “Then, yes, I’ll be that person.”



I loved being in the muggle world with Vicelia. Muggles are actually incredibly interesting and she knows a lot about them. I loved hearing her talk about them and all she’s learned. As she rambled and ranted I held her hand and watched her with adoration. I am falling even deeper in love with her with every word said.


“Did you hear me babe?” Her voice broke through my thoughts.


“Sorry, no.” I laughed slightly. “I got lost in thought about you.”


“Smooth talker.” She shook her head. “Do you want to go in the toy store? Might be some fun stuff.”


“Yeah sure.”


We walked around the shop hand in hand. Playing with the trinkets on the shelves and laughing. We even snogged in the candy aisle. We bought a few things that were similar to the colorful sphere and then we were back out into the warm night.


I kissed her hard. “What was that for?” Vice asked. 


“Because you’re stunning.” I smiled before kissing her once more. “Now lets go home and make love under these new lights.”


I started to pull her hand, but she stood there, staring at me. 


“What’s wrong?”


“You said home.” She whispered. 




“You think of my place as home?”


I nodded. “You’re there. Of course it’s home.”


“Move in with me.” Vice blurted out. 


I stared at her for a moment in complete shock. She wanted me to move in with her. She wanted to take the next step...with me. 


“Really?” I breathed.


“I think so. You’re always there anyways. I think it would be good for us. So what do you say?”


“Yes.” I kissed her. “Of course I will, Vicelia.”


“Yeah? Good. Oh my god, I’ve never lived with a boyfriend.” Vice laughed. “Well, let’s go home.”


We walked across the street and I felt in my pocket. “Shit, forgot my wallet. Wait here, okay?” I asked. 


“I can come with you.” She offered. 


“I’ll only be a moment. You can live that long without me right?”


“I suppose.” Vice giggled. 


I hurried back across the street and got my wallet from the cashier. When I exited the shop again, I spotted Vice across the street waiting for me. She smiled and waved excitedly while bouncing on the curb. She’s so fucking cute. 


I waited as the cars zoomed in the street. I wanted nothing more than to get over to Vice. Why are there so many damn cars anyways?


“Hey!” Vice called over the roar of the cars. “Why did the Weasley cross the road?”


“Why?” I called back. 


“To get-ah!”


I watched in horror as someone in all black came up behind Vice and shoved her into the street. A blue car plummeted right into her and she tumbled over the car before hitting the ground hard. 


“Vice no!”



A/N: Oof! An intense chapter for sure! Vice's family continues to suuuck, but George and Rue are still the best! We got a little glimpse into how George feels about Vicelia and wow that boy is in love! And now our poor vice has been hit by a car! What will happen next?? We shall see!

Chapter 11: One Visitor at a Time
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*George’s POV*


I ran into the street without thinking. Luckily the cars stopped for me. I scooped Vice up. Her face was already bruising and there was blood everywhere.


“Vice, babe, stay with me.” I whispered. “Y-you’re okay, just open your eyes.”


Her eyes wouldn’t open. She felt so limp in my arms. I had to get her away from here. We had to get back to the Wizarding World. These muggles couldn’t help her.


I picked her up and started running. My eyes were blurry with tears, but I fought through the fear and kept going. I couldn’t lose her. I needed her. 


When I got her to St. Mungo’s I wasn’t sure what to do. They couldn’t give me a  clear answer on what was going on with Vice and I didn’t want to be alone. But I also didn’t want to be away from her. I didn’t want her to wake up and be alone. But I needed support right now.


I Apparated to my parent’s house first. 


“George, what’s going on?” Mum asked.


“I-it’s Vice, Mum. She’s hurt I-I don’t know what to do. What if I lose her? What if she’s gone?”


“George slow down.” Dad urged me. “How was she hurt.”


“We were in the muggle word and she got hit by a car! S-someone pushed her! And now I don’t know what to do, she’s hurt and now she’s alone.”


“What do you need from us?” Mum asked. 


“C-can you get Fred and Sin and then go to St. Mungo’s in case she wakes up. I don’t want her to wake up alone. I-I have to talk to Megan and Rue. They need to know what happened.” I rambled. 


“Okay, we’ll do that.” Dad said calmly. “Just breathe son. We’ll meet you back at the hospital. Vice is going to be just fine.”


“You really think so?”


“I know so. Everything will be okay.” I hugged him tightly. 


I hoped he was right.



An hour later we’re all in the waiting room, just hoping to get some news about Vice. 


“George are you sure someone pushed Vice?” Sin asked quietly. “I mean, who would want to do that? She doesn’t actually know any muggles does she?”


“I don’t know.” I whispered. “But I saw someone push her. She was safe on the curb and then someone tried to kill her. It was all my fault.”


“That’s not true.” Fred assured me. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”


“Yes I did. If I didn’t leave my stupid wallet in the store it would have never happened. O-or I should have let her come with me like she wanted to. The one time I didn’t let her come with me and she got hurt. I will never forgive myself if she doesn’t make it.”


“She’s going to make it.” Megan said quietly. “Vice is the strongest person I know, she’s going to be just fine, I know it.”


“Yeah, nothing can take down Vicelia Richardson.” Matty nodded furiously. “And you know what, she’s going to laugh when she finds out how worried we all are.”


I forced a laugh. “Yeah you’re probably right.”


“Are you okay, Rue?” Sin asked quietly.


“Hm? Oh yes, dear I am. Just a little uneasy. I just got Vicelia back and I’m worried about losing her again.” She sighed. 


“Oh, she’s going to be just fine.” Mum squeezed her hand. “We’ll have a little dinner in her honor and I’ll make that cake she likes.”


“And I’ll get that whiskey she likes.” Rue smiled slightly.


“That’s the spirit!” Dad laughed. “It’ll be quite the affair. She’ll love it.”


“Does anyone know where Lucian was tonight?” Megan asked suddenly.


“Babe, you can’t be saying what I think you are.” Matty looked at her in shock.


“You’ve seen how he’s been since he found out about her and George. He’s mad and kind of unstable.”


“But he wouldn’t hurt Vice. He loves her.”


“Sure, but Luc definitely has the potential to be the kind of guy who would rather have a girl be dead than be with him.” Megan pointed out. “George, did it look like him?”


“I don’t know. It all happened so fast.” I admitted. “But I guess it could have been.”


“I’ll kill him if it was.” Sin breathed. “I swear I’ll kill him.”




“No.” She interrupted Fred. “Vice is a good fucking person. She’s been doing everything to finally make herself happy and then someone goes and pushes her in front of a car? And odds are it’s her obsessive ex? What is wrong with guys? Why can’t they just accept rejection without acting out in insane ways? I mean Cedric could have really hurt her!”


“Did you mean Lucian?” I asked. 


Sin took a deep breath. “Yes, I did. Sorry.”


I was starting to realize we didn’t talk about how much Cedric really did violate Sinthia. He took control over her completely and none of us had any idea. Sure we kind of joke about it now, but I couldn’t imagine how betrayed she felt. Not only by him, but herself too. Because she hadn’t realized anything was wrong.  She thought everything was fine and it wasn’t. 


“We don’t know if Lucian did this.” I stated. 


“I can find out.” Matty insisted. “He tells me everything. If he did do it, I’m sure he’s riddled with guilt right now.”


“I’m sorry, I just can’t believe someone would actually want to hurt her.” Mum shook her head. “She’s such a nice young woman. Oh George are you sure it wasn’t an accident?”


“I um...I guess it could have been.” I shrugged. “Like I said so much was happening. She was trying to shout a joke at me when it happened. I guess she could have slipped off the curb or something.”


I didn’t believe that for one moment. I knew she had been pushed. I saw it happen and knew it wasn’t just my imagination. I just wanted to ease everyone else’s minds in the moment. We were all on edge and worried about her. 


A healer came from behind the double doors. “Are you here for Vicelia Richardson?”


“Yes.” I stood up. “I-is she okay? Is she awake? Can I see her?”


“Are you family?” She asked. 


“, but I’m her boyfriend. I live with her, I’m with her all the time.”


“She doesn’t have any family here?”


“I’m her mother.” Rue stood up. “Is she okay?”


“Can I speak to you privately?” The healer asked. 


“Anything you have to say to me, you can say to them. We are all her family in some way.”


“She lost a lot of blood and she’s not conscious yet. We’re going to monitor her very carefully overnight, but...I can’t say if she’ll recover.”


I rubbed my face furiously. “Okay. Well, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be here all night in case something happens.”


“If that’s what you want to do.”


I nodded and sat back down. “She finally asked you to move in.” Megan smiled. “She’s been trying all week.”


“Wait she planned that? I thought she just felt it in the moment.” I admitted. 


“Nope. She asked if you could move in and I said yes. I’m even more about it since I’m moving out now.”


“Why are you moving out Meg?” Sin asked. 


She and Matty exchanged looks. “Wish we were revealing this under better circumstances, but Matty asked me to marry him.” She showed us the ring on her finger.


“That’s amazing.” I smiled. “Really, I’m happy for you.”


“Thanks, mate.” Matty smiled back. “We were gonna have a whole announcement, but I think that can wait now.”


“Vice is going to be my Maid of Honor.” Megan said. 


“She’ll be pulling double duty.” Sin chuckled. “She’s gonna do great though.”


“Of course she is.” I said quietly. “She’s perfect.”



The next morning Annie came to join us at the hospital. We had sent an owl letting her know the shop was closed until further notice. We couldn’t focus on work right now.


“I can’t believe this happened.” Annie sighed. “I hope she’ll be okay. I never got to thank her.”


“For what?” Freddie asked. 


“She set me up with Rick. He’s absolutely amazing. We’re getting on so well. I haven’t even been home in days.”


“Oh, well that’s good to hear.” Sin said. “Where is he?”


“He unfortunately had to work, but he sends his best.” Annie said. “I can’t wait for you to meet him! He’s the best.”


“I’m glad to hear that.”


“Thank you Sin.” Annie took a seat next to her and grabbed her hand. “How are you hun?”


“Um, okay. Just really worried about Vice.” Sin seemed confused by her behavior. 


I guess Vice had been right when she thought Annie would warm up to Sin if she had some other guy to distract her from her obvious crush on Fred.


“She’ll be okay. And then we’ll all have another sleepover. I won’t fall asleep early this time.” Annie giggled. 


“Sounds like a plan!” Sin laughed. 


I was glad they were getting along now. It would be important for all of Vice’s friends to be supportive once she woke up. And I’m sure she’d love a slumber party, even though the idea of not being with her for a night made my chest feel tight. I never wanted to be away from her for a second now.


“Lucian no!” I heard Matty yell.


“Where is she?” Lucian cried. 


Fred and I got up quickly. “What the hell are you doing here?” Fred demanded. 


“I want to see Vicelia. Where is she? Is she okay?”


“We don’t know, but you shouldn’t be here.” I said. “Vice wants nothing to do with you, how many times does she have to tell you?”


“Let’s go, Lucian.” Matty stated. 


“I have to talk to her.” Lucian slurred. 


“You’re drunk, Lucian.” Megan snapped. “You need to be anywhere but here.”


“B-but just let me explain. It was my fault Vice got hurt.”


“You pushed her?” I grabbed him by his shirt. “Did you hurt her?”


“It wasn’t on purpose, Weasley let me explain.” Lucian begged. 


“Not on purpose? I saw you! You shoved her!” I threw him to the ground. “What the fuck is wrong with you? Just because she doesn’t love you, you tried to kill her?”


“Just listen to me!” Lucian got up messily and tried to balance himself. 


“Matty, get him out of here before I kill him.” I whispered. “Once Vice is okay, I’m coming after you. You’re not going to get away with this.”


Matty and Megan pulled him out, yelling at him in the process. 


“You okay?” Fred asked, leading me away from everyone else.


“I’m crumbling, Fred.” I choked out. “I can’t lose Vice. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted. I-I can’t lose the girl I lov-like so much. I can’t function when she’s not around.”


“Look, it’s going to be fine. I mean the healers said she’s doing better right? She’s gonna be just fine and I bet she’ll finish that joke she was telling. Vice is a strong girl.”


“But I’m not strong, that’s the problem. She’s the strong one. She’s the anchor in our relationship. I feel weak without her.”


“You think I don’t feel the same without Sin?” Fred asked. “You saw how utterly miserable I was without her. I understand how you feel George, but right now you have to power through. You have to be strong for her. Vice needs you too, you know?”


I couldn’t help but laugh. “There’s not a damn person on this earth that Vicelia Richardson needs. I’m just lucky she wants me.”


“Yeah, we got pretty lucky when it comes to girls huh?”


“Definitely. Speaking of, have you told Sin about the thing that I told you should tell her about?”


“Not yet. She’s getting suspicious though.” Fred rubbed his head. “And she’s not very happy with me right now.”


“You have to tell her, Fred. It’s better if she knows.”


“She might leave me.”


I sighed. “Sure, but do you really think you’re capable of lying to her for the rest of your life?”


“It’s gonna make things really awkward at work too.”


“I understand, but you can’t keep this from her. And I don’t like keeping it from her either. It also means I have to keep things from Vice and I don’t want to do that.” 


“I’ll tell her. After all this clears up. And let’s hope I’ll still be having a wedding.” Fred muttered. 


“You will. She’ll understand.”


“Thanks George.” He hugged me. “Let’s get back to everyone else.”


We joined the others. Annie and Sin were still holding hands and talking animatedly, while our parents seemed to be trying to keep Rue distracted. 


Another hour passed before the healer came out again. She had a smile on her face. “Vicelia is stable.” She announced. We all breathed a sigh of relief. "She’s not awake just yet, but she’s okay to have visitors. One at a time, of course.”


We all looked at Rue. “Oh, George, please you go first.” She insisted. 


“You’re her mother.” I pointed out. 


“True, but I have a feeling your face is the first one she’d want to see. I don’t think I’m as handsome as you. Not to her anyways.”


I laughed. “Yeah okay, but you have to go after me.”




I followed the healer to Vice’s room. Her face was slightly less bruised and there was a bandage wrapped around her head. I pushed down the tears threatening to spill out. I grabbed her hand. 


“Hey babe.” I whispered. “You’re gonna be okay. But the last twenty-four hours have been pure torture. It’s hard for me to be without you. We should have been moving my stuff into your place-well I guess it’s our place now, huh? That’s the first thing I’m doing when you’re all better. I want to live with you for the rest of my life. How mad is that?”


Her hand moved in mine. I looked up and her eyes fluttered open. She stared at me for a moment. “Fred?” She asked.


“No, babe, George.” 


“Oh, sorry. Still bad about telling you two apart.” She looked down. “Why are you holding my hand?”


“Comfort?” I asked. “I love holding your hand.”


She looked confused. “You don’t like me.”




“Please don’t call me that.”


She was being so weird. “Um, okay. Vice. Of course I like you. I mean we’re only dating.”


“Dating?” She asked. 


“Yeah, like boyfriend and girlfriend.”


“George, you’re not my boyfriend. You’re not even my friend. You’re just my boss.” 


Oh no.


*Vice’s POV*


George looked utterly confused by my statement. 


“Vice, no! No, you-you’re my girlfriend. Y-you just asked me to move in with you last night. A-and that’s because I’m basically always at your place-our place. You like me.”


“Does that sound logical to you?” I asked. “That I would ask you to move in?”


“I mean, sure, even I was kind of surprised even though we’re dating, but you did, Vice, I swear.”


“So you’re saying we’re dating?”


“Exactly.” George nodded furiously.


“So we like… shag?” I questioned, raising my eyebrows. 


“Yes, Vice a lot.”


“I’m sorry, I just don’t believe I would sleep with my boss. No one in my family would do that.”


“I’m not your boss when we make love!” George insisted. “It’s more than that.”


“You any good at it?” I smirked. 


“At sex?” I nodded. “Well, you never have any complaints.”


“I’m sorry, this just doesn’t sound right.” I admitted. “We don’t shag, we can’t.”


“Then how would I know that if I press behind your right knee it makes you-”


“George!” I exclaimed. “H-how do you know that?”


“Because I make love to you every night. And most mornings and afternoons. Vice, I am your boyfriend. We have such a special relationship. You said I was the safest place in the world.”


“What was our first date?”


George smiled. “We say different things. I say when we got locked in the closet at work. You say when you took me to the carnival.”


I couldn’t help but smile too. “Sounds cute. You really like me?”


“More than anyone on this earth. Vice you mean everything to me. I-I don’t know why you don’t remember, but I promise it’s true. We kind of want to spend the rest of our lives together. You said I could be the one to love you.”


“You’re not pranking me?”


“Of course not.” He assured me. “Look, I’m going to talk to the healers, I’m sure they can figure it out.”


He squeezed my hand before getting up. “Can you tell them something else?” I asked.


“What is it babe?”


“Tell them to check on your leg.”


“What? Why?” George questioned. 


“Cuz I’ve been pulling it Georgie.” I smiled. 


His eyes lit up before he shook his head. “God, Vicelia do you take anything seriously?”




He walked back over and kissed me hard. “I was so terrified I was going to have to remind you of all the reasons you liked me. But the problem was I didn’t really know why. It still doesn’t make sense to me.”


“Well, in case I really do lose my memory, I like you because you make me laugh. And you’re very nice to look at. And when we sleep you hold on to me for dear life. I used to think it was for you, but I realized it was for me. So that I wouldn’t wake up and wonder for one second if you were still there. I like how your nose brushes mine before you kiss me. And I absolutely adore that Weasley smile.” I whispered. 


He kissed me again. “I adore everything about you. Even your totally inappropriate humor.”


“Come on, it was kinda funny right?”


“Right now sure, but a minute ago I was horrified.”


“Sorry, love. I’d say it won’t happen again, but it might.” I giggled. “So...what the hell happened?”


“You really don’t remember that?” He questioned. 

“I remember seeing you across the street. There were so many damn cars. And then I think I slipped or tripped. That’s it.”


George stared at me for a moment. “Vice, someone pushed you into the street. It was done on purpose.”


I shook my head. “No, who-who would do that to me?”




“George, no! Lucian is a little obsessive and unbalanced, but he would not hurt me. There’s no way!”


“He admitted to it babe.” George said quietly. “He came here drunk and said he hurt you. He said he didn’t mean to, but I saw the shove.”


I just couldn’t believe it. This was very unlike Lucian. He wouldn’t do something like this. But to be fair, I had never seen him heartbroken and spiraling like this. Maybe he really did do this.


“That’s mad.” I whispered. “That bloke really is disturbed.”


“I’m going to keep him away from you, I promise. A-and I’m not leaving your side ever again.”


“Georgie, calm down. I’m okay. You can’t be with me every second of the day.”


“And why not?” He demanded. 


“Because it’s not practical.” I said simply.


“I guess that’s true. I mean you’re only allowed one visitor at a time and your mum is waiting.”


“Oh, I hope she’s not too worried.”


“She’ll be fine when she sees you. I’ll send her in.” George gave me a long kiss. “I’m never letting anyone hurt you again.”


“I believe you.” I smiled. I watched him walk out. 


I think I was starting to understand what it meant to be in love.



I missed so much while I was out! Megan and Matty are engaged, Annie and Rick are a couple! I had to make sure not to get hit by a car again. You miss out on way too much. 


“I’m just so glad you’re okay!” Sin smiled. “I haven’t been this worried in years!”


“I’ll be okay.” I laughed. “Um, I heard you and Annie are getting along?”


“Yeah, we really are! You setting her up with Rick was the best thing ever. She’s finally over Fred! Now if only Fred would stop acting weird.”


“What’s going on?” 


“Oh, it’s nothing. Now isn’t the time. You’re recovering.” She shook her head. 


“Exactly. I have nothing else to do. So tell me.”


“Freddie has been so weird lately. Kind of secretive and jumpy. I think he’s hiding something from me. But I don’t know what it is and every time I ask he gets even weirder. I’m worried Vice. What if he’s pulling away from me?”


“He’s not.” I assured her. “Fred is wildly in love with you. Hey, I’ll talk to George and see if he has any idea what’s going on.”


“Could you? That would be great.” She admitted. 


“Anything else bothering you?”


“This whole situation with you and Lucian is reminding me of Cedric and it’s hard.” Sin whispered. “I don’t talk about it a lot, but that kind of fucked me up. He had control over me for months. Sometimes I’ll just be going about my day and suddenly I’ll remember a day from the time I was under the potion.”


“You really couldn’t tell the difference?” I asked quietly.




Her eyes filled with tears. “No. I felt normal. I just thought I was completely in love. I thought I was finally growing up and realized what was important in life. I was so unlike myself. How didn’t I know?”


“How could you, Sinthia? There were no real signs. And the potion made you so happy, why would you question that?”


“I don’t know but I should have. I let him take complete advantage of me.”


“Hey, you didn’t let him do anything. He did it. He’s the bad guy, not you. You were taken advantage of, but you played no part in that. You trusted someone who should have been trustworthy, but wasn’t. You cannot blame yourself for this, Sin.”


I hugged her tightly. “Thank you Vice. I think I really needed to hear that.”


“Anytime.” I smiled. “If you ever need to hear it again, let me know.”


“Thanks.” She stood up. “Well, I think I’m gonna head out. Should I send George in?”


“Yes please.”


“Cool. Um hey Vice? You um…”


“Spit it out Watson.” I grinned. 


“You’re like a sister to me.” Sin whispered. “I love you.”


“I love you too, Sin. You’re like a sister to me too.”


She nodded before walking out. 


A few moments later George came in. He climbed into bed with me even though I didn’t think that was allowed. What did I care though? I liked having him close.


“Is Sin okay?” George asked. 


“Something is going on with her and Fred. You know anything about that?”


“What um...what does she think the problem is?”


“She thinks he’s hiding something from her.”


“What do you think?” He asked. 


“I think you’re being weird, babe. Do you know what’s going on or not?”




“Vice!” A voice called. I knew it was Lucian’s immediately. Oh no.


“Lucian go home!” Megan screeched. 


“I’m going to see her, I have to make this right!” He insisted. 


George hopped up as the door flung open. “What the fuck are you doing here?” 


“I have to speak to Vice. Vice, you’re okay, I’m so glad.” Lucian smiled. 


“Lucian, what are you doing? Have you lost your mind?” I asked. 

“I just have to talk to you.”


“Sir, I think you need to leave.” The healer said. 


“Vice please!”


“Okay, okay! He’s fine, he can stay. I promise, it’s okay.” I said. 


“Vice,” George whispered. 


“It’ll be okay. If things get a little crazy, you handle him.”




The healer left as Lucian fell into a chair. “Okay, now explain why you tried to kill me.”


“I didn’t mean to, Vice that’s what I’m saying. I had too much to drink. I was at the White Wyvern when you and George came in. I was just so angry seeing you with him. I was ranting and raving. A-and I followed you guys into the muggle world. You were taking him everywhere we had been before. It was breaking my heart Vice. And then you were alone-”


“And you pushed her into the street because you were so upset about us!” George accused. “You’re fucking sick!”


“No, listen to me!” Lucian shouted. “I wasn’t alone. I was with someone else. It wasn’t just me. I didn’t push Vice, but I know who did.”


“Who was it?” I asked. 





A/N: DUN DUN DUN Monica has been revealed to be the person who pushed Vice! Why did she do it? Does she feel bad? Where is she? And our dear Fred is keeping something serious from Sin that she might leave him for. What could it be?

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Chapter 12: No Hard Feelings
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*Monica's POV*


I hate Vicelia Richardson. I hate her so much. She has done nothing but ruin my life. Sometimes I wish she was dead.


Maybe that’s why I tried to kill her.


To be fair, I was pushed to the edge. For almost half a decade Vice had taken anything I had ever wanted. Especially boys. Okay, always boys, but that’s enough. 


Why did she have to take almost every single boy I had ever liked? And what’s even worse is she would just toss them aside afterwards like they meant nothing. They meant something to me. To her they were expendable. So I was possibly losing out on the love of my life so they could shag Vice Richardson for a few weeks. 


It made me sick. 


When I first met Vice, I knew I had to be friends with her. She was the most fun girl in our year and everyone loved her. We didn’t end up being super close because of Megan. But not being her best friend and just her friend still meant catching even an ounce of the attention that would drip off of her, so I of course had to do that.


That was going well until fifth year. 


I was dating Graham Montague. He was cute and popular and a Quidditch player. I swear I was in love with him. We had only been dating for a month when I noticed something weird going on.


“So anyways, I was telling Meg that Matty totally likes her. Vice said he’ll probably ask her out, but I planted the seed, so if they become a couple, they definitely owe it to me and-Graham are you listening?”


“Um, sorry I missed that.” His attention was behind me.


I turned around and saw that Vice Richardson had just strutted into the Great Hall. She had a smile on her face as her hips swished dramatically. She was about to make an announcement.


“Good morning my snake friends!” She announced, tossing her curly hair out of her face.


“Good morning Vice!” Everyone responded. I envied how much attention she commanded. 


“Who wants to see some muggle shit?” Vice asked as she slid onto the table, instead of the bench. 


People surrounded her immediately. I don’t know where she got all this muggle stuff from, but everyone was fascinated by them.


Graham got up. “Where are you going babe?” I asked.


“To look at Vice. I mean her muggle thing. I’ll be back.” He said walking away.


I decided to see what Vice had this time. She had a long cylinder and when she pressed a button, light seemed to shoot out of it. 


“What do muggles use it for?” Megan asked Vice.


“To see in the dark I guess.” Vice shrugged. “I guess it makes sense if they’re not talented enough to do magic. This is kind of neat though.”


“Where do you find this stuff, Vice?” Graham asked, with a grin.


“Wouldn't you like to know.” She smirked.


“There’s a lot I’d like to know that you could tell me.”


What the hell? Is he flirting with her? In front of my face. I grabbed his hand. He casually slipped his hand out of mine when Vice looked in our direction. What was going on?


Lucian Dole pushed through the crowd. Vice smiled when she saw him. “Hello handsome.”


“How did I know you were at the center of this crowd?” He shook his head in amusement.


“I’m at the center of everything.” Vice said simply.


I hated how true that was.


“Definitely at the center of Lucian’s thoughts.” Matty laughed. 


“Good thing Vice knows she’s much too good for him.” Megan stated. 


“Don’t you have somewhere else to be annoying?” Lucian asked her.




“Anyways as fun as this is, I have to get up to a bit of trouble before Transfiguration. I’ll see you later.” Vice hopped off the table. I couldn’t help but notice Graham watching her. “Have a good day everyone!”


“Thanks Vice!” My peers chorused. How the hell did she do that?


“Wanna do a bit of snogging before Transfiguration?” I asked Graham.


“Um, actually I left something in my room. I’ll catch up with you.” He gave me a quick kiss before hurrying off.


Having my first boyfriend was wildly complicated. 


“Can we talk, Monica?” Graham asked a week later.


“Sure babe.”


“Um, so you're a nice girl, but I think we should break up.” 




“Honestly, I really like someone else. And I kind of messed up and already hooked up with them. I’m really sorry, Monica.”


“Graham! I thought you loved me!” I cried.


“I really don’t know why, since I never said that. But I hope we can be friends.” Graham offered. 


“Go to hell.” I grumbled before walking off.


Who was this other girl? Who stole Graham from me?! I was going to find out. 


It was actually easier than I ever thought it would be. Graham is not a subtle guy. I followed him after classes and he met up with his tramp. It was Vice!


They were meeting up in some abandoned hall. I watched as he kissed her hard, lifting her off her feet. 


“You’re clingy you know.” She giggled. 


“I’m in love.” Graham said intensely.


“Ew. Don’t say that.”


“I mean it. I mean last night was incredible. I-I never thought my first time could be like that.”


Vice pushed away from him. “First time? Graham, you told me you weren’t a virgin!”


“Because I wanted you to sleep with me! I’ve been crushing on you for awhile now. But I knew you were a little more intense than other girls, so I had to make it seem like I could keep up.”


“I guess you didn’t do a terrible job. You didn’t seem like a virgin last night. But don’t ever say you’re in love with me again.” She kissed him hard.


So Vice shagged my boyfriend and then got him to break up with me? When she had so many other boys hanging on her every word? I hate her!


Of course I confronted Vice about her stealing Graham from me very calmly and maturely.


“Vice, you tramp, how could you shag my boyfriend?” I demanded. 


“What boyfriend?” She asked. 




“You broke up with him! Our rules are boys are free game if you break up with them. Did the rules change?”


“I didn’t break up with Graham! He broke up with me, two days ago!”


Her mouth dropped open. “Oh, fuck. Monica, I had no idea. He said you ended things like a week ago! I totally thought he was single when I shagged him that first night. And the nights since then. I had even given it a day or two for you to change your mind.”


“He really said that?” I studied her.


“I mean I already admitted to shagging him. Why would I lie?” Vice questioned. 


I still hated how casual and flippant she was being about this. But I supposed she didn’t do anything wrong on purpose.


“Alright, I believe you.”


“Thanks. And I’m kicking Graham to the curb. He seems like a liar. He’s way too intense anyways. Did he tell you he loved you too?” She asked. 


“Um, yeah. It was really weird.” I lied. I could not stand the embarrassment of my ex telling someone he never even dated he loved her.


“Well, I really am sorry Monica. It wasn’t my intention for that to happen. No hard feelings?”


“Of course not.” I hugged her. 


I’m sure nothing like will ever happen again.


I got over Graham eventually. I even got a new boyfriend. Cassius Warrington. He was definitely the one for me. We had so much fun together and he was mad for me. Just how I wanted him to be. 


“Hello love birds.” Vice approached us. “How are you today?”


“It’s a nice day.” I smiled, squeezing Cassius’s hand. “Isn’t it babe?”


“It’s beautiful. Not as beautiful as you though.” He kissed me. 


“You guys are so cute!” Vice smiled. “You make me want a boyfriend.”


“I thought you didn’t like to date.” Cassius said.


“I love dating, I just don’t really like dating one person.”


“Vice doesn’t believe in love.” I informed him. “She says it’s juvenile and unrealistic.”


“Exactly!” Vice laughed. 


“You can’t really think that?” Cassius asked. “I mean you don’t think you’ll ever be in love?”


“Absolutely not! Sounds like way too much work. Not my thing.”


“I think you’re capable of falling in love. You just need the right guy.”


“And who is the right guy?” She questioned. I looked between them. Was I imagining the flirting or was it really there?”


“Probably Lucian.” I said quickly. 


I had quickly recognized the look of a boyfriend suddenly becoming a little too interested in Vice Richardson. 


“Proper hottie, that Lucian.” Vice shook her head. “I’m going to have him one day, I just don’t know when.”


“He wants you now though.” I pointed out. 


“Sure, but that’s too easy isn’t it? No, I like a challenge. I want there to be a one percent chance that a boy won’t want me. The chase is always the fun part.”


“You know I don’t think Lucian is the right guy for you Vice.” Cassius stated. “You won’t fall in love with him.”


“I guess we’ll have to see.” Vice shrugged. “Anyways I got a date. See you lovebirds later.”


Vice skipped off. Cassius looked after her with intrigue. “You think she really doesn’t believe in love?” 


“Definitely.” I said. “Vice has never believed in it.”


“I’m going to make her believe in it.”


“What do you mean?”


“Don’t worry your pretty face about it.” He kissed me again.


I listened to him and didn’t worry about it.


“Monica, you’re seeing Cassius Warrington right?” Steven Saunders asked.


“Yeah, why?”


“I’m hearing whispers that he and Vice were seen getting a little frisky just minutes ago.” 


“Whispers from who?” I demanded. 


“Alright, there were no whispers, I saw it myself.” Steven admitted. “Hands all over the place, messy uniforms, intense snogging. It was mad.”


“No, no! Cassius is my boyfriend and Vice is my friend! They wouldn’t do that!”


I wasn’t entirely convinced of that but I had to try to calm myself down. 


“I can take you to go see them.” Steven offered.


“Take me now!”


I followed Steven through the school, hoping what he had seen had been an hallucination. No way they would do this to me. Vice and I had rules. She wouldn’t break those, right?

We came across the hallway I had caught Graham and Vice in after our break up. Sure enough there was Vice all over Cassius. My jaw dropped watching them grope and grab at each other as they snogged furiously.


I gasped as Cassius slipped his hands up Vice’s skirt. “Lucky bastard.” Steven muttered. 


“Wanna go back to my room?” Cassius asked. 


“Yes my love.” Vice said intensely. 


“What the hell is going on?” I demanded, stomping up to them. “Vice you’re a whore!”


“What have I done?” She asked innocently.


“You’re snogging my boyfriend!”


“No, Cassius is my boyfriend. We’re in love.”


I felt as though I had been slapped. “Excuse me.”


“Monica, I love him. I love him so much. He means the world to me.”


“You don’t believe in love!” I exclaimed. 


“I do now.” She looked at Cassius with utter adoration. “Cassius showed me what real love is.”


“I told you I would.” Cassius grinned. He kissed her hard. 


I shoved him. “What the hell Cassius, you’re my boyfriend!”


“Monica, you’re not going to stand in the way of true love, right?”


“Yeah, right Monica?” Vice wrapped her arms around him tightly.


“Vice, there you are!” Megan hurried towards us. “Here drink this.”


“What is it?” Vice asked. 


“Just drink it. It’s going to make whatever feelings you have for Cassius real.”


“Okay.” Vice downed the drink. She paused for a moment and then shuddered. “What the hell happened?”


“Cassius gave you Amortentia because he’s a prick.” Meg shot him a dirty look.


“I said I could get her to fall in love. I didn’t say how.” Cassius shrugged. 


“You’re a creep!” Vice slapped him in the face. “No matter how good of a snogger you are.”


“You really thought it was good?” He asked, rubbing his face. 


“You’re foul!” She spat. She turned to me. “Monica I’m so sorry. Obviously I wasn’t acting of my own accord. I mean I knew he would give me Amortentia, but I really didn’t think it would work.”


“Why wouldn’t you think it would work?” I asked. 


“Cassius is an idiot. I didn’t think he could properly brew one. Anyways, I’m really sorry. No hard feeling huh?”


“Sure.” I sighed. “No hard feelings.”


“Brilliant. I’m gonna go take a nap. Fake love is exhausting.” Vice laughed. 


Meg and Vice walked away arm in arm. I looked at Cassius.

“I’ll forgive and forget.” I said finally. “You were just trying to prove a point.”


“Um, Monica. I don’t know how to say this, but I kinda have feelings for Vice now. That was a really intense hour we spent together.” Cassius rubbed his head. “I liked dating you, but I think it’s run its course.”


“What the fuck!” 


“I’m sorry. Hey, let’s be friends. Think you could put a good word in for me with Vice?”


“Go to hell!” I snapped before walking away. 


Another boy that I could have loved was gone. And Vice was involved yet again. But she really didn’t do anything wrong. She couldn’t control what she did when she was under a potion. 


I’d just have to find another guy.


A year after my break up with Cassius I finally had a steady boyfriend again. I had dated a few guys, but nothing was very serious. One of the guys was completely hung up on his ex, another was using me to do his homework, and the other one couldn’t even remember my name.  


Things would be different this time. We were in sixth year, so boys were bound to be more mature and not have wandering eyes right? I had dealt with enough bad guys, so I was due for a good one. 


Miles Bletchley was the best boyfriend I’d ever had. He was smart, funny and attentive. He made me feel really good. Not to mention he was the best in bed. 


He really didn't have eyes for other girls, including Vice. They were merely friendly. He seemed immune to her charm. I think he’s the one. 


Vice had good news. I could tell by the way she was walking. She has a pep in her step and sways as though she’s hearing music. She’s in a completely different world that no one can take her out of.


“Oh Vice is up to something.” Megan commented. “This can’t be good.”


“Oh it’s gonna be brilliant.” Matty said, putting his arm around Megan. 


“Do you know what it is?” She asked. 


He kissed her. “I sure do.”


“You keeping secrets from me?”


“Secrets make a relationship last baby. I mean we’ve been going strong for a year.”


“Don’t listen to him.” I looked at Miles. “Secrets are not good.”


“Oh I’d never keep secrets from you, love.” Miles kissed me. “I’m all about honesty.”


“I love that.”


“Vice!” A voice called. 


She was almost to us when Lucian scooped her up and threw her over his shoulder. She squealed in delight.


“Lucian Dole, you’re mad!”


He walked her over to us and set her on the table. She tossed her hair out of her face before laying on the table. 


“Guess what?” She said dramatically.


“You and Lucian are finally together?” I asked. 


“He wishes.”


“Please, tell us what’s going on, we’re dying to know.” Meg laughed. 


“Well if you’re dying. Party this weekend.” Vice grinned devilishly. “Drinks, music, hooking up.”


“Says who?” I asked. 


“Me. I wanted a party so I got a group of boys to throw me one. It was quite easy.”


“Of course it was. Well, we’re there.” I stated.


“Why didn’t you tell me about the party?” Meg asked. 


“Matty was supposed to.” Vice shrugged as she slowly and purposefully sat back up. 


Lucian was watching her intensely. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. How was she so alluring to these boys? What was so special about her?


“Well, I have to go spread the word. Lucian darling, carry me.” Vice held her arms out. 


He scooped her up in his arms. “See you guys later.” Lucian said giddily.  He was so thrilled with even the smallest amount of attention from Vice. 


It was almost sad.


Vice’s party is amazing! The music is blasting, the drinks are strong and there's so many people. Of course Vice is running late. She always had to make an entrance. 


“Does Vice ever talk about me?” Lucian asked me. 


“Um, sometimes.” I said. 


“Like what does she say?”


“She thinks you’re fit, of course.  And sweet.”


“I think I’m going to make my move tonight.” Lucian stated. “It just feels right. I think she’s into me.”


“Go for it mate.” Miles patted him on the back. “I think she likes you too.”


“Thanks, man. Ugh, I need a drink. I’m nervous.”


“It would be nice to see Vice settled down.” I said. 


“Yeah, she’s a wild one.” Miles commented. “I think Lucian can ground her a little.”


“I hope so.”


A few minutes later Vice finally arrived. She looked stunning. She was decked out in Slytherin colors. She wore a tight green dress with silver designs on it with silver combat boots. Her hair was down and wild and silver glitter lined her eyes. 


Not a single person wasn’t looking at her as she sauntered in the room. A group of boys immediately went to give her a drink, but she chose Lucian to take one from. He offered her his arm and she took it. He looked smug as he led her away from the other boys.


Lucian and Vice would definitely be an item by the end of the night. 


“Okay, who’s ready for a game?” Vice asked. “Spin the bottle, anyone?”


“What about those who are couples?” I asked. 


“If you’re not comfortable with your boyfriend kissing someone else, I wouldn’t play.”


I looked at Miles. “It’s harmless right?” He asked. “But we won’t if you don’t want to.”


I didn’t want to seem insecure, so I shrugged. “No lets. You’re right, it’s just a kiss.”


“Okay, rules are you must kiss whoever the bottle lands on for at least thirty seconds. Longer if you’re into it.” Vice announced. 


“What if it lands on a bloke when a bloke spins?” Steven asked. 


Vice rolled her eyes. “If it lands on someone of a gender you’re not attracted to I suppose you can spin again, but just know you’re boring.”


“So you’re gonna kiss a girl if your spin lands on one?” Matty asked. 




I looked around the other girls. They didn’t seem too put out at the idea of kissing Vice. Did everyone love this girl?


So far the game hadn’t been too eventful for Miles and me. It hadn’t landed on either of  us yet. It was now Lucian’s turn. It didn’t take a genius to know who he’s hoping it’ll land on. 


His face fell as it landed on Megan. Megan didn’t look too thrilled either. Matty on the other hand was laughing. He wasn't worried considering they hated each other. 


“Ha!” Vice cackled. “Alright, thirty seconds, my friends!”


Lucian pressed his lips to Megan’s looking disgusted. They didn’t touch each other and stopped kissing exactly at thirty seconds.


Megan immediately grabbed Matty and kissed him. “Oh, good snogging.”


“I’m a good snogger!” Lucian said defensively.


“I was hoping to find out.” Vice winked. “But maybe I will on this spin.”


Her spin landed on Rosie Reid. The boys were suddenly very interested. 


“Well Rosie?” Vice asked. “Should I spin again?”


Rosie smiled and shook her head. “Nah, get over here Vice.”


Vice hopped in her lap and grabbed her face and kissed her. Everyone just watched them. I rolled my eyes. Of course Vice would do this. Anything to get attention. Even Miles was interested in watching. 


Vice pulled away way after the thirty seconds were up. “So?” She asked Rosie.


“Not bad Vice.”


“Not bad yourself, love.”  Vice took her seat again looking very pleased with herself. 


“I love this game.” Steven declared. 


When it was my turn, I landed on Matty and I was relieved. We were completely platonic. He wasn’t a bad kisser at all. When Miles spun it landed on me! This had worked out so perfectly!


And then round two started. Meg landed Cassius, Matty landed on Rosie, and Lucian landed on me. Lucian was also a great kisser. It was Vice’s turn again. 


Lucian’s face lit up with excitement when the bottle landed on him. Vice looked pretty pleased herself.  She grabbed him by his shirt and kissed him hard. It was an intense kiss. Vice’s hands ran wildly through his hair as his hands gripped her waist tightly. 


I smiled happily for them. This was the push they needed. Now that they had finally snogged, they would date. I think they snogged for two minutes before being pulled apart. 


Vice was breathing heavily. “You got some fire, Luc.”


Lucian looked dizzy. “I’m in love with you.” He stated. 


“No you’re not. But you will be.” She smirked. 


When it was my turn I was thrilled when it landed on Miles. Now we had to get through this spin and then sit the next round out. I really hated the thought of him kissing another girl. 


I watched in horror as his spin landed on Vice. Please let it be a horrible kiss. That’s all I asked. Vice switched places to be on the couch next to Miles.


“Ready Bletchley?” She asked. 


“Um, yeah sure.” He stammered. 


They kissed and my stomach churned. At first it was a simple kiss but at fifteen seconds I could have sworn I saw Miles slip in tongue. Vice still seemed to be behaving herself. Until her arms slipped around his neck. But I supposed that was normal for a kiss.


Thirty seconds came around. Vice pulled away, but Miles put his hand on the back of neck and kissed her again, pressing against her. Vice pushed him away.


“Miles!” She exclaimed. Vice looked over at me apologetically. “Monica-”


I got up and ran off. I heard footsteps following me. I finally stopped and turned around to face them. Vice and Miles stared at me.


“Look, I don’t know what just happened.” Vice admitted. “I mean you saw me, I pulled away after thirty seconds!”


“And what do you have to say for yourself Miles?” I asked. 


“I-I didn’t know kissing her would feel like that.” He admitted. “I’m sorry Monica, I felt something powerful. You felt that too, right Vice?”


Vice stammered. “I-I um. Miles, you’re dating Monica.”


“That’s not what I asked.”


“Vice?” I asked. “Did you feel something when you kissed my boyfriend?”


“Kind of, but I never would have done anything about it! I pulled away, I did the right thing!” Vice said desperately. 


“Whatever.” I shook my head. “Miles, I’m done, you can date Vice if you want.”


“Monica.” Vice whispered. “I’m not going to date him. That would hurt you.”


“No it won’t.” I lied. “I don’t care anymore. Date him Vice, please I insist. If you feel something for him, just do it. If he doesn’t want me, I can’t change that by keeping him away from you.”




“Hey, we have rules, right? If we break up with the boy he’s free game. I broke up with him. He’s free game. No hard feelings.”


“Monica, I’m so sorry.” Miles said sincerely. "I hope we can be friends."


“Go to hell.” I rolled my eyes before going to my room. 


Vice’s relationship with Miles was very different from her other flings. While they never said they were exclusive, I do believe she was only seeing him and vice versa. Whatever they felt when they first kissed really was powerful. They were seen everywhere together. 


They were always touching each other. Holding hands, kissing, his hand on her lower back, her clinging to his arm. They were the it couple without even really being a couple. They definitely toned it down around me, which I actually appreciated. 


I couldn’t really be mad at Vice about this. She had done the right thing in the moment. And I had told her to date Miles. I couldn’t be mad that she listened when I urged her to. The only one more miserable about their relationship than I was was Lucian. 


He had really thought something was going to happen with Vice after the party but she ended up with Miles. And it was lasting much longer than anyone thought it would. It started a month before school ended and was still going into seventh year. I hated it. 


“They look weird together.” Lucian grumbled. 


We were outside watching Miles and Vice across the lawn. She was staring up at him with a smile while he wrapped her hair around his finger, occasionally kissing him.


“Yeah, they do.” I agreed. 


“He’s too tall for her.”


“Aren't you taller than him?”


“Sure, but Vice and I look good together.” He sighed. “That should be me.”


“You’ve been chasing Vice for years, Lucian, maybe it’s time to give it up?” I suggested. 


“And do what?”


“Get with another girl. You’re very handsome, you know. And sweet and funny.”


He looked at me. “You got a crush on me Monica?”


“I’m just saying I wouldn’t hate being with you. I hear you’re a good shag and it’s been awhile for me.”


“So let’s do it. Let’s shag. Friends with benefits.”


“Really?” I asked. 


“Why not?”


“Okay, I’m down. Let’s start tonight. Nothing serious, keep it casual.”


Lucian grinned. “Casual.”


I think I have feelings for Lucian. We’d been sleeping together for a month and it was amazing. I think this could really go somewhere. I was ready to explore it. 


“Where’s Miles?” Meg asked one morning. Vice had sat down alone.


“We don’t see each other anymore.” Vice shrugged like it was nothing.


“What happened?” Matty asked. “You were mad for him.”


“He wanted to get too serious. I don’t really do that, so I just ended things before I hurt him more.”


“Wow that sucks.” Lucian smiled into his plate.


“Real sorry to hear that, Vice.” I said, secretly delighted about this. It was karma. 


Finally Vice was reaping the consequences of her actions.


That night I went to meet up with Lucian. I loved that he was Head Boy and got his own room. I knocked on the door. 


“Just a second.” He called. He answered shirtless and breathing heavily. “Monica. What’s up?”


“I came to see you.” I smiled. “Can I come in?”


“I meant to talk to you earlier…”


“Luc, you can’t just leave me in the middle of it, it was getting good, babe.” I recognized Vice’s voice.


“What’s Vice doing here?”


“We’re shagging.” Lucian whispered excitedly. “I made a move and it worked. I think we’re finally getting together now. How brilliant is that?”


“Um, very.” I forced a laugh.


“Yeah, now we don’t have to have our arrangement anymore. I gotta get back to it. She’s incredible. Thanks for being such a good friend Monica. Catch you later.”


He closed the door. I heard Vice squeal. “Lucian!”


“Go to hell.” I whispered.


This time there were hard feelings.


Lucian kept Vice distracted enough. I knew she still shagged other guys, but she always came back to him. And she wasn’t shagging anyone I was with, so I was happy.


And then she was finally going to pay me back and put in a good word for me with George Weasley. Everything she had done to me would have been worth it if I got George. Only I didn’t get him.


George ended things after the first date. I thought it had gone well. I guess Vice was right. He wouldn’t take her advice. Oh well, at least she tried. 


Only she clearly didn’t! As I was yelling at Rick about how shitty of a boyfriend he had been to me, I saw George enter the party. Vice kissed him. What the fuck! She took yet another guy from me! There was no good reason this time. 


George didn’t lie to her or give a love potion or kiss her at a party. She knew I had liked him and now she was dating him. The feelings were even harder now! How could she? After everything we’d been through? And then I also heard Rick had a crush on her too? She couldn’t let me have anything!


She would not get away with it this time.


Pushing Vice into the street definitely wasn’t a part of any plan I had to get back at her. I was just so angry seeing her with George all happy and in love and I saw an opportunity and took it. I may have gone too far this time. 


“You could have killed her!” Lucian cried. “What if she’s dead?”


“I don’t know!” I exclaimed. “I didn’t mean to do it. She just made me so angry! She ruined my life again.”


“I don’t know what to do!” Lucian rubbed his face. “I have to see her.”




“I have to! I promise I won't tell!"


He Apparated. Shit. What the hell am I going to do? Should I run? No, that’s stupid. Maybe if I just explained what happened Vice would forgive me? Or consider us even after everything that’s happened?


Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. 


On the day I was going to visit Vice there was a knock on my door. I opened it and there was Vice and George. 


“V-Vice, you look amazing!” I stuttered. 


“Yeah, getting hit with a car does wonders on the skin.” She stated. 


“I um heard. I was actually just coming to see you.”


“No need. Mind letting us in? I wanna see if you have a good reason for why I shouldn’t have you arrested for attempted murder.”



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