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Harry Potter Conversations by Echo_Slytherclaw

Format: Novella
Chapters: 28
Word Count: 20,855
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Spoilers

Genres: Fluff, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Fred, George, Ginny, Luna, Neville, OC

First Published: 11/10/2020
Last Chapter: 03/08/2021
Last Updated: 03/08/2021


Inspiration from WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter


A texting app can be one of two things: A friendly way to talk with your friends over long distances or a mortal insanity death-row full of plot twists, spammers, hackers, and of course, mental derangement.


Depressingly, with the Harry Potter characters's inexperience, only one of the two things worked out for them.


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Cover by PureWeasley_7.

Banner by HufflePaw.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1
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A/N: If this chapter gets more than 5 reviews, I will continue it. If not, RIP story. Note: Midnight is me because my username is Midnight_Slytherin.


Midnight: Hello humans!

Hermione: Hi!

Harry: Hi!

Ginny: Nice name!

Luna: Hello 

Fred: Hello...


Neville: Nice to meet you!

Ron: Who the bloody hell are you?

Midnight: Well, aren't you a bitch.

George: See Ron, we aren't the only people who that that.

Ginny: Trying to be nice, who are you? 

Midnight: Thank you, Ginny, for those kind words, I'm looking at you, Ronald. 

Everyone except Ron: Laughing

Ron: Shut up.

Midnight: Nope, anyway, to answer your question Ginny, I am Midnight_Slytherin. I am a muggle-born Slytherin, my Patronus is a black swan and my wand is an alder wand with a unicorn tail hair. I am a fanfiction writer and reader on HPFF. Check out my stories Polyjuice and Truth. My favorite author here is dew_drops. Any other questions?

Draco: I have one. How are you in Slytherin if you're a mudblood?

Ginny: Shut up, Ferret.

Midnight: I am a Slytherin because I am very ambitious. Now if you don't mind, I would like it if you shut up.

Draco: Whatever.

Hermione: You said you're an author right?

Midnight: Yes, I'm an author, well, kinda. I only write fanfiction on HPFF.

Harry: What does HPFF stand for?

Midnight: Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Harry: I have a website?

Midnight: Yes you do. And, a lot of people love the series.

Luna: Do they like nargles?

Midnight: Well, I know that one writer on HPFF has the name baby nargles so I'm guessing yes.

Fred: What kind of romances are on here? 

Midnight: Well, there are a lot of ships that people like and don't like.

Hermione: What do you dislike?

Midnight: Sorry if I offend any of you guys, but I hate Ron/Hermione, Fred or George/Angelina, Hermione/Viktor, Harry/Cho, Harry/Ginny, and Ron/Lavender. 

Neville: I agree with all of them.

Geroge: So do I. What ships do you like?

Midnight: Um, well, I like ships involving you guys. So, please don't kill me.

Harry: We won't. Curiosity is killing me. 

Midnight: Well, I ship Fred/Hermione, George/Luna, Harry/Parvati Patil, and Hermione/Draco. 

Hermione: Personally, I'm fine with George/Luna and Harry/Parvati. Me and Fred? Ok then. Me and Malfoy. No.

Luna: Well, Fred will ask Hermione on a date in a month and Hermione will say yes and they will start dating. George will also do the same for me. Parvati already likes Harry.

Everyone: What!?

Ginny: How do you know?

Luna: I'm good at Divination. Hermione, don't scoff.

Draco: Heard my name a few times. 

Midnight: Nothing, just listing my ships.

Draco: Which are?

Midnight: Um, Geroge/Luna, Harry/Parvati-

Draco: I don't care about that shit. Why did my name come up?

Midnight: Well, I shipped you with someone here. And they said no.

Draco: Who?

Midnight: Um, Hermione.

Draco: No, I would rather be with Ginny. 

Midnight: What?

Draco: I-I mean... Pansy!

Ron: No, you said Ginny.

Midnight: Another ship has sailed!

Ginny: I'm in shock.

Hermione: Aren't we all?

Midnight: trying to divert this conversation, what do you guys about me bringing other people on here. 

Ron: NO

Everyone else except Ron and Draco: YES!

Midnight: Okay. Hi readers, if you would like to be featured on this fic (if it continues), please write it in a review. 

Hermione: Who are you talking to?

Midnight: My readers. Someone will read everything we are saying and they have the option of reviewing what they think about it. 

Hermione: So, someone is reading this right now?

Midnight: Yup.

Hermione: Hello to the reader.

You (insert name here): Hi Hermione!

Hermione: Oh my god, it's true.

Midnight: So, if you want more people to continue reading our conversations, ask them to review.

Hermione: Please review, it's fun talking to people who I don't know.

Midnight: So, if you want to make Hermione happy, please review. If I get 5 or more reviews, I will continue it. If not, I will leave it as a one-shot. 

Everyone except Draco and Ron: Bye!

Chapter 2: Chapter 2
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A/N: I'm doing this for the four people who reviewed. So shoutouts to The Heir of Slytherin, xHuffleCookiex, little ravenpuff, and dew_drops. My love to you! 🥰! Note: Midnight is me. 


Midnight: So, Hermione, we got 4 reviews. 

Hermione: Really? That's great. 

Fred: Did any of those humans want to be featured? 

Midnight: Yup, The Heir of Slytherin, and dew_drops wanted to be featured in this.

Draco: The Heir of Slytherin? I think I'll like that kid. 

Midnight: No one cares what you think. 

Draco: What?

Midnight: I don't care what you have to say, except the fact that you like Ginny. 

Ginny: You had to bring that up?

Midnight: Yup. Hey, Luna? Will this ship sail?

Luna: Well, let me see. Ginny will slowly develop feelings for Malfoy. Then, Ginny's life will be in danger, and Malfoy will go to rescue her. In the process of that, Malfoy will return her feelings and they will become a couple. 

Midnight: Yay!

Draco and Ginny: No!

Luna: The stars are never wrong. 

Hermione: Ok, ok Luna. Midnight, I have a question.

Midnight: Yes Hermione?

Hermione: You said that two people wanted to be featured right? What exactly will you do when you feature them?

Midnight: True. How about this? I'll tell those two to fill out some info in a review and I will incorporate that in the next chapter. 

Hermione: Great idea!

Midnight: So, to The Heir of Slytherin and dew_drops, or anyone who wants to be featured, please review with the following information. 


*Name: (your username)



Wand Core: 

*Fav Ship:

*Hated Ship:

Crush: (from the HP universe)


Midnight: You don't have to fill out every single slot, but the one with the * needs to be included in the review.  I will include it in the coming chapters.

George: Talking to the sky again, are we?

Midnight: *attempts to smack George in the head and fails*

George: Miss!

Hermione: *Smacks him very hard*

George: *in pain* Hit, very hard hit

Midnight: Serves you right

Hermione: *whispers something to Midnight*

Midnight: OMG! Good idea! 

Hermione: Then, do it!

Fred: Wha-

Midnight: Also, if you want to wallop anyone of these people in the head, review it and I will do it. Or if you want to be featured, tell me and you can wallop them in the head.

George: *with sarcasm*Great idea Hermione

Hermione: Oh, thank you!

Midnight: Anyway, that's the end of this chapter.

Hermione: Bye!
George: Please don't ask Midnight to wallop me.

Hermione: *smacks George in the head again*

George: Ouch!


Chapter 3: Chapter 3
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A/N: Thank you to the 3 million people who reviewed, wanting to be featured. I will be going in the order from first to last. The first one is Dramione Shipper. 


Midnight: Hey Dramione Shipper, Welcome!

Dramione Shipper: Hey! Question: Are there any Ravenclaws here? I wanna mingle with my fellow eagles.

Midnight: Hey Luna? 

Luna: Yes?

Midnight: There you go Dramione Shipper, a Ravenclaw!

Luna: Hello!

Dramione Shipper: OMG, it's Luna Lovegood!

Luna and Dramione Shipper: *chatting about Ravenclaw things*

Midnight: *walks away and calls* Hey, Draco?

Draco: What?

Midnight: I want you to meet someone. Her name is Dramione Shipper(A/N: I am assuming that you are a girl Dramione Shipper. I'm sorry if that is the wrong gender!)

Draco: Dramione? Is that the stupid ship between me and Granger?

Midnight: Yeah it is. Anyway, I want you to meet her. 

Draco: Why?

Midnight: Well, her wand core is  Dragon Heartstring, like yours, and her Patronus is a Dragon, because well, she kinda mighta sorta like you.

Draco: And you want me to meet her?


Draco: Okay, okay take me there.

Midnight: Come on then. *drags Draco to where Dramione Shipper and Luna are*

Midnight: Hey Dramione Shipper! There's someone that I want you to meet.

Dramione Shipper: Who is- *cuts off when she sees Draco*

Draco: You must be Dramione shipper. 

Dramione Shipper: *unable to talk because she is shocked at how cute Draco looks in real life*

Midnight: I'll leave you two be. Come on Luna, I think I saw a Nargle.

Luna: Really, where?

Midnight and Luna: *walk away and Midnight leads Luna somewhere and eavesdrops on Dramione Shipper and Draco*

Draco: Sooo, you like me?

Dramione Shipper: Y-Yeah. 

Draco: Well, you aren't very bad looking. Quite pretty even. I know this doesn't matter much, but what house are you in and what blood are you?

Dramione Shipper: You think I'm pretty?

Draco: Yeah, you got a problem with that?

Dramione Shipper: No! I mean, I didn't expect you to think that. I thought you would not give a damn about me. And to answer your questions, I am in Ravenclaw, and I am a muggle-born. 

Draco: A mudblood eagle. Your pretty, but not my type. If you were pure-blood or even half-blood, I would probably give you chance. But a mudblood, not on my list. If you were Slytherin, like Midnight, I would give you a chance. Actually, I would try to go after Midnight if she wasn't into George. But, we can be acquaintances. If the other people Midnight is bringing are trash, I may give you a chance. 

Dramione Shipper: Really?

Draco: Yup. *holds out hands* Friends?

Dramione Shipper: *shaking Draco's hand* Friends.

Midnight: *melted into a pile of goo, 'cause that was much a cute talk*

Midnight: *hasn't actually melted* So if you two lovebirds are done, come out. 

Draco: Lovebirds?

Dramione Shipper: *grabbing Draco's hand* Come on. 

Dramione Shipper and Draco: * walkout*

Draco: What does lovebirds mean?

Midnight: It's a muggle term. People use it when two people are flirting with each other. 

Draco and Dramione Shipper: We are not flirting!

Midnight: I don't care.

Draco: *mumbles* Bitch

Midnight: Language!

Draco: Whatever.

Midnight *rolls eyes* Anyway, I got a review from Hufflepuff Em. She wanted to do something, that I will let her do now. (A/N: Again, assuming your gender, if it is the wrong gender, tell me and I will fix it)

Draco: And what is that?

Midnight: *with an evil grin* Oh, you will see. Wa bam! *summons Hufflepuff Em*

Hufflepuff Em: Where am I? 

Midnight: You're here to do that thing you wanted to do and you told me in a review.

Hufflepuff Em: I can do it!?

Midnight; Yup. Let's go over there. 

Midnight, Hufflepuff Em, Dramione Shipper, and Draco: *walking to the Great Hall (where the gang is)*

Luna: *spots Midnight* There you are! I couldn't find the Nargle.

Midnight: Really? Must have flown away.

Luna: Dang it!

Midnight: Come on. Join us!

Luna: Okay.

*All of us reach the Great Hall*

Midnight: Oh, Ronniekins!

Ron: Don't call me that!

Midnight: Hufflepuff Em? The honers go to you

Hufflepuff Em: Um, Ron? I will never be sorry about this.

Ron: About what?

Hufflepuff Em: *hits Ron in the head really hard* That.

Ron: Ow!

Hermione: I like that girl!

Hufflepuff Em: Yay!

Midnight: That's it for this chapter. Bye!

The gang except Ron: Bye!



Chapter 4: Chapter 4
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A/N: This chapter is for Bi the By. They will be called Azelea in this. 


Midnight: Wa Bam!

Azelea: I'm here, you're here. Wait, are we at Hogwarts?

Midnight: Yup!

Azelea: Aieeeeeee!

Ginny: Who's squealing?

Midnight: Another HP fan.

Draco: House and blood status?

Azelea: Gryffindor and muggle-born. And don't you dare call me a mudblood or I will give a punch that would rival Hermione's

Draco: Yikes. You people are violent.

Hermione: Who you calling violent?

Draco: You, Azelea, Midnight.

Midnight: Whoa, whoa, whoa. How am I violent?

Draco: I'm a Legilimins. I saw that you pinned your friend to a wall so hard that he couldn't breathe. 

Midnight: So?

Draco: You don't call that violent.

Midnight: Well, not really.

Draco: Crazy.

Hermione: Shut up, Malfoy!

Draco: I'm not listening to you!

Hermione: And I don't care if you don't, just shut up before I hex you.

Draco: I'd like to see you try. 

Midnight and Azelea: *sing-song voice*Shiiiiiiiiip!

Draco and Hermione: No!

Azelea: Whatever.

Midnight: *sneaks behind Azelea and Hermione* 

Midnight: *pushes Azelea and Hermione into a broom closet and locks it* Colloportus!

Azelea: What the hell!

Midnight: You said you liked someone, so this is what I do.

Azelea: I like Draco! 

Draco: Why does everyone like me?

Midnight: No clue. I used to, but not anymore.

Draco: Who do you like now?

Midnight: I'll tell you later.

Azelea: Hello?

Midnight: You like someone besides Draco.

Azelea: True.

Hermione: You like me?

Azelea: Um, yeah.

Hermione: Oh, sorry to break your heart and everything, but I like someone else.

Azela: It's fine, my hopes weren't too high. 

Hermione: Oi, Midnight! Can you get us out of here?

Midnight: One sec.

Midnight: *drags Draco right next to the door*

Midnight: Aberto!

Hermione: *walks out*

Midnight: *pushes Draco into the broom closet*

Azelea: *tries to walk out but can't because Draco was pushed onto her* Ow!

Midnight: *locks door* Colloportus!

Draco: Damn her!

Azelea: *notices how much distance is between them, less than 4 inches*

Draco: Damn, this closet is small.

Azelea: *summons confidence and kisses Draco on the cheek*

Draco: What the bloody hell was that?

Azelea: *blushing* Well, as you know,  I like you and I will probably never have this chance again.

Draco: You read the talk I had with Dramione shipper?

Azelea: Yeah.

Draco: Well, same thing. You're pretty, actually, better than her. So if the other people are worse, then I'll give you a chance.

Azelea: Okay.

Midnight: *unlocks door* Well, that was nice.

Azelea: This was a cool experience.

Midnight: Gald you liked it. That's it for this chapter.

Draco: Wait, you never answered my question, who do you like?

Midnight: You know who I like, you told Dramione Shipper!
Draco: That was a guess. 

Midnight: Well, you're right.

Draco: Still, say the name.

Midnight: Well, he's not here, so I can say.

Draco: Who?

Midnight: Um, George.

George: Heard my name.

Midnight: You were here?

George: Nope, just got here.

Midnight: Good!

George: So, why did my name come up?

Draco: I found out that a little bird likes you.

George: Ha, see Fred. I got myself a girl and you didn't.

Fred: Whatever. I have my own crush.

George: As a matter of curiosity, who is this little bird?

Midnight: ...

Draco: Well, she's here. 

George: Well, the girls here are Ginny, Luna, Hermione, Midnight, and, Azelea. Azelea likes you and Ginny is my sister so it knocks those two out. I have Luna, Hermione, and Midnight left.

Hermione: I don't like you. I like someone else.

George: Good to know. I don't like you either.

Midnight: You like someone?

George: Yeah, why?

Midnight: Curiosity. Who?

George: I'll tell you after I figure out who likes me and I break their heart because I don't think she likes me back.

Midnight: *sad* Oh ok. 

Draco: Next hint. She's a snake.

George: Snake?

Draco: House reference.

George: In that case, Luna is a Ravenclaw. Midnight is a Slytherin. Luna is an eagle and Midnight is a snake, but who-oh.

Midnight: *blushing* So, now you know who likes you. Who do you like?

Azelea: *comes behind Midnight and George* 

George: Well...

Azelea:*pushes Midnight and George into a broom closet and locks it* Colloportus! Payback Midnight.

Midnight: Oh, come on!

George: Um.

Midnight: Back to topic, who do you like?

George: Um, well. I like um. 

Midnight: *notices that there are 3 inches of space between them* *thinks* Damn.

George: Well, I like........... *whispers* You.

Midnight: *hears the whisper* No. I'm dreaming. Luna said you're gonna ask her out.

George: I was planning too, then I met you and Luna left my mind. You are so pretty and smart and funny and- *gets cut off cuz of Midnight*

Midnight: *kisses George on the lips* 

George: *gets over his shock and kisses back*

Midnight and George: *kissing, his arms around her waist, her arms around his neck* 

Azelea: *unlocks door* Alohamora.

Azelea, Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Fred, and Draco: *sees Midnight and George kissing*

Fred: Oi, lovebirds! You have an audience here.

George and Midnight: *stop snogging and stare*

Geroge: Fred, you owe me 5 galleons.

Midnight: *steps out of broom closet* What for?

Fred: We placed a bet on who would get a girlfriend first.

Midnight: One problem, I'm not his girlfriend.

George: Problem could be easily solved. Midnight, would you be my girlfriend?

Midnight: Yes!

Azelea: Now it's the end of the chapter.

Everyone: Bye!



Chapter 5: Chapter 5
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A/N: This chapter is with The Heir of Slytherin. Note: I am Midnight and Midnight is me. Another Note: The Heir of Slytherin is a long name, so I'm going to call you The Heir. Hope you're okay with that. 


Midnight: Poof!

The Heir: Hi!!!!

Draco: So, you're The Heir of Slytherin. Nice to meet you.

The Heir: Y-You too.

Draco: *to Midnight* Is this another person who likes me?

Midnight: Yup.

Draco: Why does everyone like me?

Midnight: Cuz they think you're cute.

Draco: You think I'm cute?

Midnight: I used to when I hadn't read the actual HP series. But now I don't.

George: Oi, Malfoy, you trying to steal my girl?

Draco: No, just asking about Muggles liking me.

The Heir: We are not Muggles.

Draco: Sure, you aren't. What house are you in?

The Heir: Isn't it obvious? Slytherin!

Draco: *is shocked* Oh, I thought you put that as your name cuz you liked it. 

The Heir: Well, as you now know, that isn't the case. 

Draco: Let me guess, you wanna date me don't you?

The Heir: All girls wanna date their crush.

Draco: Can I talk to you? In private?

The Heir: *didn't expect that* Oh um ok.

Midnight: *listens to every word they say*

Draco: *takes The Heir to an empty classroom* I told the other two girls that I would think about them, but now, I would say no to them. You're really pretty and you're Slytherin. So, let me ask you this? Would you be my girlfriend?


George: *outside* The Heir, you are the loadest whisperer in the world.

The Heir: *hex George through the door* Stupify.

Midnight: Finite.

George: Thanks.

Draco and The Heir: *walk out holding hands*

Midnight: Ok, so to Dramion Shipper and Bi the By, I'm really sorry about Draco's dating choice. I just thought that since The Heir is a Slytherin, he would choose her. 

George: She's talking to the sky again, isn't she?

Midnight: *smacks George on the back of his head, hard* I'm talking to the reader. As you know.

George: *rubbing the back of his head*  Why do you hit me if you're dating me?

Midnight: Just cuz I'm dating you doesn't stop me from smacking you. So if you don't want me to hit you again, shut up.

George: Yes Ma'am.

Midnight: Anyway, Bye!

Everyone: Bye!

Chapter 6: Chapter 6
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A/N: Hi, Bye, This chapter has RavenPaw in it. I am guessing that you are a girl. I am Midnight. What else to say? Fun Fact of the Day: Oliver Phelps is cute. Fun Fact done. I didn't know what to say so...... yeah. Onwards Ho!


Midnight: Welcome RavenPaw. 

RavenPaw: Go away and let me sleep. 

Midnight: Bro, it's 10 in the morning. 

RavenPaw: I don't care, let me sleep.

Midnight: *gets smacked in the face with an idea*

Midnight: Hi Harry.

RavenPaw: *leaps out of bed* Where?

Midnight: Okie, now you're out of bed, let's go.

RavenPaw: Oh, come on.

Midnight: *puts hands on RavenPaw's back and pushes her outside* 

Midnight: I could get Harry if you want. 

RavenPaw: Yes, please!

Midnight: Then let's get popping.

*At Hogwarts*

Midnight: Hey, George?

George: Yeah?

Midnight: Where's Harry? *whispers* I got another Potterhead and this one's into Harry.

George: Better than Malfoy.

The Heir: Oi, I'm right here.

George: You're still here?

The Heir: Yup.

Midnight: This isn't your chapter. That was Chapter 5.  *vanishes The Heir*

dew_drops: How dare you insult Draco.

George: Who are you?

Midnight: dew, this isn't your chapter either. You're in Chapter 7. *vanishes dew_drops*

Midnight: Okay, where's Harry?

George: Quitidch pitch.

Midnight: And Hermione, Luna, and Ginny?

George: Why them?

Midnight: *sarcastic* Cuz I'm hooking you up with Hermione.

George: WHAT!?

Midnight: Cuz I need to talk to them, pea brain. Why else?

George:I'm sorry, they're in the Great Hall.

Midnight: Thank you. *kisses him on cheeck and drags RavenPaw away with her*

RavenPaw: Where are we going?

Midnight: Great Hall.

RavenPaw: Okie.

*reaches Great Hall*

Hermione: Look, it's Midnight.

Midnight: *reaches the female trio* Hello, I got another Potterhead with me again.

Ginny: Who?

Midnight: Her name is RavenPaw. And a little brid told me that she wanted to be friends with y'all.

Luna: Really?

RavenPaw: *quilty* Yeah.

Ginny: *jumps up and grabs RavenPaw's arm* Well, then what are you waiting for? Join us.

Hermione: Don't rip her arm off, Gin. Sit down, RavenPaw.

Luna: So, how are you?

RavenPaw: Fine.

*Luna, Hermione, Ginny, and RavenPaw are chatting away*

Midnight: *sneaks out and to the Quiditch pitch*

George: Why are you here again?

Midnight: Distracted RavenPaw, trying to find Harry. 

George: I said he was in the Quiditch Pitch.

Midnight: And I just got here 6 days ago.

George: Oh, right. Come one then.

*reaches Quidditch Pitch*

Midnight: Harry Potter!

Harry: *can't hear*

Midnight: Harry, Voldemort's back!

Harry: *hears and comes down* Fuck, does he have a crush on me or something?

Midnight and George: *laughing like lunatics*

Midnight: I was just kidding

Harry: Damn you

Midnight: UNO reverse card

Harry and George: What?

Midnight: It's a muggle thing.

Harry: So, what do you need?

Midnight: I got another girl here and she likes you. 

Harry: So?

Midnight: I need you to stun her.

Harry: Ok Hermione.

Midnight: Hermione?

Harry: Hermione gives me love advice like you.

Midnight: Cool. *ruffles Harry's hair, wrinkles his shirt, puts a drop of mud on his glasses*

Harry: What was that for?

Midnight: Handsome effect. Girls love it. Don't you dare wipe of the mud.

Harry: Fine.

*The other trio (Midnight, George, and Harry) walk to the Great Hall*

Midnight: *to George* Why are you here?

George: I wanna see her reaction.

Midnight: Okay, but stand over there in the corner, so she can't see you.

George: *goes to corner*

Midnigtt: *to Harry* Stay here.

Harry: Ok?

Midnight: *gives Harry death glare and walks over to RavenPaw* 

Midnight: *to RavenPaw* Look over there *pointing to Harry*

RavenPaw: *looks where Midnight is pointing* Wha- *stunned by his cuteness*

Harry: *looking at RavenPaw* She's Ravenclaw, isn't she? *walks to Midnight*

Harry: *whispers in Midnight's ear* What house is she?

Midnight: Ravenclaw

Harry: *to RavenPaw* I'm sorry to be our heartbreak and all, but I prefer Gryffindors. 

RavenPaw: Oh ok. My hopes were never high. 

Harry: Ok. Do me a favor and stand up for a sec.

RavenPaw: Okay? *stands*

Harry: *engulfs RavenPaw in the hug*

RavenPaw: This is enought for me from you.

Harry: Good. *kisses RavenPaw on the cheeck* Saw ya around.

RavenPaw: *in shock*

Midnight: Okay, that's the end of this chapter. Buh Bye!

Everyone: Byeeeeee!

Midnight: I knew I shouldn't have given you guys dark chocolate almonds.


A/N: I got the Voldy's crush on Harry thing from TikTok. Also, I don't know if you guys I had, but UNO reverse card was super popular in my school last year. Whenever someone innsults you, you would say UNO reverse card and some people even brought the reverse card from UNO to school. Anyway, Bye! ( I had too many dark chocolate almonds too)



Chapter 7: Chapter 7
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A/N: So, this chapter has dew_drops, the best author on HPFF. I might call her dew sometimes. I am Midnight. You probably know that by now. I am keeping RavenPaw here just to chat with Hermione, Ginny, and Luna. There is a random question at the bottom.  Reading time!


Midnight: *brings dew_drops into the Great Hall and keeps her near the doors* Stay here.

dew_drops: Okay?

Midnight: I will gesture you over to where I am, then come to where I am, understand.

dew_drops: Received and entirely understood. (A/N: This line is from Cursed Child)

Midnight: *goes to Harry and turns him towards the door*

Harry: Oi, what are you doing?

Midnight: *with a smirk that would rival Malfoy's* Oh, you'll see. Question: Would you date a Gryffindor girl?

Harry: Yeah?

Midnight: Just watch *waves dew_drops over*

dew_drops: *walks over* 

Harry: *sees dew_drops and his jaw drops because she's so pretty* 

Midnight: *watching the show from the nearby table without them knowing*

dew_drops: *sees Harry and starts freaking out inside, but looks normal on the outside*

dew_drops: *to Harry* Hi, I'm dew_drops. 

Harry: *nervous cuz he wants to impress dew* I-I'm Harry P-Potter.

dew_drops: Everyone knows that.

George:*walks over and talks to Midnight* What's going on?

Midnight: Trying to hook up dew and Harry.

George: This will be a good show *sits next to Midnight*

Midnight: *puts her head on George's shoulder*

Harry: Can I talk to you? Um, privately?

dew_drops: Okie. Where?

Harry: *grabs her hand and takes her to an empty classroom* In here.

Midnight: *stands up and follows Harry and dew* 

George: *stands up and goes after Midnight* Wait up!

Midnight: *going quickly* Hurry up then!

*Midnight and George find Harry and dew in the classroom*

Harry: -and I think you're really pretty. I would really want to date you, but there's one problem. 

dew_drops: *scared of rejection* What would that be?

Harry: I'm only into Gryffindors.

Midnight: *to George*  Do you know any spells to make the door or wall into one-way glass?

George: *pulls out wand* Yup. *mumbles spell*

  • *the door is glass and we see dew_drops looking happy and Harry looking nervous*
  • dew_drops: Well, lucky for you then, cuz I'm a Gryffindor. 
  • Harry: Really?
  • dew_drops: Yes.
  • Harry: *kisses dew_drops in the mouth*
  • dew_drops: *shocked back kisses back*
  • Midnight: *squeals* 
  • George: *is disgusted by Harry* Harry has no common sense, doesn't he?
  • Midnight: I honestly don't care. My hooking up works. 
  • George: Girls don't have common sense either.
  • Midnight: *fixes George with a glare covered in venom* You don't want me to get my wand out because I can cast a Sectumsempra that can easily kill.
  • George: I'm sorry, please don't hex me.
  • Midnight: I won't. 
  • Midnight: *pulls out wand*
  • George: *scared* You said you wouldn't curse me!
    Midnight: It's not to curse me, it's for something else. *conjures parchment, quill, and ink*
  • Midnight: *writes a note that says 'My ship has sailed. ~Midnight' and slips it under door* 
  • *Midnight and George walk back*
  • dew_drops: *stops snogging Harry and sees note* What's that?
  • Harry: *reads note* Midnight.
  • dew_drops: Well, that means we need to find her.
  • Harry: Come on then. 
  • *dew_drops and Harry enter the Great Hall holding hands*
  • Midnight: Hehe. Hey, dew.
  • dew_drops: Yeah?
  • Midnight: *whispers* Can I go and convey the sadness to Draco and the jealousy to The Heir of Slytherin?
  • dew_drops: OMG yes!
  • Midnight: Wa Bam! * summons Draco and The Heir of Slytherin, who are snogging*
  • Midnight: You have an audience here.
  • Draco: What?
  • Midnight: I am here to convey sadness from a certain drop of water. This drop is sad because you chose The Heir of Slytherin as your girlfriend. The Heir of Slytherin, this drop of water would like to convey its jealousy to you.
  • The Heir: Okay?
  • Draco: Now if you'll excuse us, we have some un-finished that we need to complete. 
  • *Draco and The Heir walk away, hand in hand*
  • Midnight: *eye roll* Well, that's it for this chapter. If you want chocolate almonds, tell me in the chat. And answer the poll question. Bye!
  • Everyone: Bye!
  • A/N: The poll question is, who is your favorite member of the Silver Trio, Ginny, Luna, or Neville? The results will be in the next chapter. See ya, peeps!

Chapter 8: Chapter 8
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A/N: This chapter is with Bookpanda12. Everyone knows her. I will only her Bookpanda in this, cuz I always forget about the 12. :(  . Anyway, I am Midnight and Midnight is me. Blah blah blah. The poll results (only two people responded) are below. 


Midnight: Wa Bam!

Bookpanda: Aieeeeeee! It's HOGWARTS!!!!

Midnight: Yup.

Bokpanda: There's Harry, and Hermione, and Draco!

Harry: Another HP fan?

Midnight: Yup.

George: Great.

Bookpanda: Weren't you supposed to like, lock yourself up or something?

Midnight: Actually, I forgot to tell you something, Bookpanda, and you lot. 

Bookpanda: What?

Midnight: *whispers in ear* Fred never died. Ii was all JKR's idea. Most of it was true, except for the marriage, kids, and Fred's death. Everything else was true.

Bookpanda: Ooooooooh.

George: What's going on?

Midnight: Get the gang over here.

George: Why?

Midnight: You'll understand.

George: *rounds everyone up*

Midnight: Sorry RavenPuff. *vanishes RavenPuff*

Ginny: Oi, that was out friend!

Midnight: She'll come back. 

*everyone sits down*

Midnight: As you guys know, there's a super-duper famous book series and movie production about Harry's life. This resulted in fanfiction, fan theories, HP merch, tour sights, and a bunch more stuff. But, the books and movies weren't entirely true. The books said that Ginny liked Harry since she saw him, she liked him but dated Micheal Corner and Dean Thomas. Harry knew that she liked him, but he liked Cho Chang in his fourth and fifth years. Cho was his first kiss. In 6th year (Harry's sixth), he liked Ginny, but Ginny was dating Dean. After the Quidditch match, the one that Harry missed cuz of detention, Ginny hugged him and he kissed her. They started dating and ended up getting married and having 3 kids. James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter, and Lily Luna Potter. Ron and Hermione always argued, but they kissed in the Chamber of Secrets, got married, and had two kids. Rose Granger-Weasley and Hugo Granger-Weasley. Draco had a crush on Hermione, but couldn't act on it cuz of her blood. He married Astoria Greengrass and had one child, Scorpius Malfoy. There's a whole other story about the future gen, but I won't say it in case I spoil it. But the reason Bookpanda thinks George should be locked up in his flat is that, um, well, JKR wrote that Fred died in the final battle. You, being his twin, would not be able to handle it, and go into a depression-like state. That's what Bookpanda is talking about.

Fred: *thinking* So let me get this straight. I died?

Midnight: Yup.

Fred: How?

Midnight: You guys were fighting and a huge portion of the wall fell and you were killed from that.

Fred: Well, I died fighting.

Hermione: *angry* You're not dead, so stop acting like you are.

Fred: Yes, ma'am. 

Hermione: *eye roll*

Luna: JKR made Harry's child named after me?

Midnight: Yup.

Luna: Wow.

Neville: Hey Bookpanda? What house are you in?

Bookpanda: I'm in two houses. Slytherin and Gryffindor.

Neville: How are you in two houses?

Bookpanda: They are called hybrid houses. They are two houses combined. Mine are these two.

Midnight: Mine is Slytherin and Hufflepuff.

Neville: Wow, do you what mine is?

Midnight: I think you have a little Hufflepuff blood in you.

Neville: Wow!

Midnight: Well, that's it for this chapter.

Everyone: Peace out!


A/N: So, the poll results are in. The Heir of Slytherin voted Neville and dew_drops voted Ginny and Luna, so there's no actual winner. For me, it's a hard decision, but I would say, Luna. However, my vote does not count, so, there's no favorite. 

Hermione: What's this place, I've never seen it before.

Midnight: They are called the author's notes. This is where the author (me!) tells the reader things that aren't related to the story. Normally, the characters don't enter the notes.

Hermione: Ok I'll leave.

Midnight: Thanks!

As I was saying, the next pol question is, who is your fav Weasley child? Molly and Arthur don't count.

Hermione: It's poll, not pol and it's favorite, not fav.

Midnight: Shut it. Get out.

Hermione: Fine.

The next poll question is, who is your favorite Weasley child? 

Midnight: Happy, Hermione?

Hermione: Yup.

Midnight: Good.

Buh Bye Peeps!


Chapter 9: Chapter 9
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A/N: Hello Homosapiens ( I may have spelled it wrong). This chapter will include EliDaSlytherClaw. She (I'm guessing you are a she) also made her own take on this story, so check it out. I am not Midnight anymore, I am Edith. If you wanna know why then read my story "About Me". It explains that. I am Edith. Also, I am really lazy, so I'm calling EliDaSlytherClaw Eli. Her name is Eli now. Read on! 


Eli: Where am I? What voodoo magic is this?

Edith: One, you are at Hogwarts. Two, it is not voodoo magic, it is apparition.

Eli: Ooooh. I'm smart.

Edith: You are good at sarcasm.

Eli: Thanks.

Ron: What's going on?

Edith: *amused by Eli's shock* Another Potterhead.

Ron: How many are there?

Edith: Countless number of people, but I'm only bringing in whoever filled out the form from Chapter 2, which is about 15 people, more or less. 

Ron: Too many. Who's this kid?

Eli: *annoyed and angered, only slightly* I'm not a kid, I'm just as old as you are. 

Ron: Please answer my question. Who are you?

Edith: Why are you so nice to Eli. You were a bitch to me.

Ron: Well, it's not every day you meet a pretty cute girl.

Eli: *blushing slightly* I'm EliDaSlytherClaw. I'm in Ravenclaw, but I wanted to be in Slytherin. My Patronus is an eagle, my wand core is Dragon Heartstring. I like the ship Dramione and I hate the ship Hinny.

Ron: What's Hinny?

Eli: Harry and Ginny. It's terrible.

Harry: Nice to know.

Edith: Where did you come from? 

Harry: The Great Hall. Dew wanted to explore Hogwarts a little, without an escort. So, I'm here.

Edith: And now you will leave.

Harry: Nice to know I'm not wanted.

Edith: I can sooooooooooo relate. 

Harry: Bye. *leaves*

Ron: So I know you people have your crush from our world. For some reason, all the girls like Malfoy. Harry got his share of girls and even George got himself one. What's not fair is that I helped Harry a lot and no one likes me. There's even a lot of Ron haters.

Eli: *awkward* Well, I know a girl who likes you.

Ron: *excited* Really, who?

Eli: Um, she is a Ravenclaw.

Ron: Ok? Hopefully not Luna.

Eli: Not Luna. She um, she wanted Slytherin.

Ron: I have a hunch. What is her Patronus?

Eli: It's an Eagle, surprisingly. But she was disappointed that it wasn't anything like a serpent or something like Slytherin related.

Ron: My hunch is getting bigger. What wand core?

Eli: Dragon.

Ron: It's you, isn't it?

Eli: Damn it. *runs away*

Ron: Wait! WAIT!

Eli: *doesn't hear Ron and runs to Owlery*

Ron: Hey Edith author lady? Where's Eli?

Edith: Since when was I Edith author lady?

Ron: Your name is Edith, you are an author and you are female. What should I call you, George's girlfriend?

Edith: I quite like that idea, but no. Call me Edith.

George: Heard my name. *sees Edith and doesn't know that she's the same person as Midnight*

George: *freaking out* Who are you and why do you look like Midnight!? What have you done to my girlfriend?

Edith: I am Midnight. I am your girlfriend

George: So why is your name Edith?

Ron: Before you give a speech, where is Eli? I need to find her.

Edith: She's in the Owlery. I recommend being very nice to her, she's quite sad at the moment that you found out that she likes you.

Ron: Why?

Edith: That's how girls are. You saw how I was when George found out.

Ron: Ok, bye. * Rushes to the Owlery*

Edith: *talking to George* Ok, to answer your question, read this *gives iPad with "About Me" by Midnight_Sllytherin on it*

George: What's this?

Edith: Something I wrote telling people who I am. To quickly tell you, my full name is Edith Midnight Davis. I used to be really picky about people calling me Edith because I didn't like it. I didn't tell people that my name was Edith, I just said I was Midnight Davis. Recently, I started liking the name Edith, so I let people know that I am Edith, not Midnight. So I will be called Edith from now on, not Midnight. For more info, read the story. 

George: Ok. You talk a lot, right?

Edith: Insulting, but yes, I personally think I talk waaaaaay too much.  

George: Nice to know. *reads "About Me"*

*with Eli and Ron*

Eli: *sitting on the floor, talking to herself* So now he knows. He probably hates me know. 

Ron: *heard everything Eli said* I don't hate you. I'm actually glad someone likes me.

Eli: *shocked* When did you get here?

Ron: When you said I hate you. *sits down next to Eli, too close for it to be friendly*

Eli: This will be an awkward conversation, but I'm going to be direct. Do you like me back or not? I want to go through the heartbreak fast.

Ron: There will be no reason for you to go through heartbreak. Do you trust me?

Eli: *confused* Yeah.

Ron: Turn towards me and close your eyes. 

Eli: Ok? *still confused but does what Ron said*

Ron: If you want me to stop, tell me and I will. *places a hand on her cheek and brings his mouth to hers*

Eli: *wasn't expecting that but quickly stops surprise and kisses back*

Edith: *quietly apparates Eli and Ron to a room and leaves*

*stuff happens (nothing dirty) and it ends*

Ron: Eli, would you be my girlfriend?

Eli:*faints from shock*

Ron: Eli! Oi, Edith, what do I do?

Edith: *enters the room and takes out wand* Rennverate.

Eli: *comes back*

Edith: *leaves*

Eli: I had the weirdest dream ever. You asked me to be your girlfriend.

Ron: That wasn't a dream, love, it was reality.


Ron: Finally. I wanted to ask when I first saw you.

*again, stuff happens and it goes back to Edith and George*

Edith: That's it for this chapter. I hope you like it. 

George: See ya next chapter.

Edith and George: Bye!


EliDaSlytherClaw, what did you think? I hope you like it. Again, poll time!

The question was who was your favorite Weasley. My answer would be George, obviously. The results were, EliDaSLytherClaw said Fred, WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter said Ginny, dew_drops sad Ginny, Pomona Nymphadora Scamander said Charlie, so the winner is Ginny!

The next question is, would you be an animagus, metamormagus, both, or none. The questions for the poll are random questions from my 2 little brain cells. 

Peace out! 



Chapter 10: Chapter 10
  [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter]

A/N: Ok, y'all probably hate me. *dodges tomatoes and raw eggs* Come on! I'll make it up to you. *crowd screams* No, I actually will. Watch. *sticks out right hand* I, Edith Midnight Davis, solemnly swear that I will try my hardest to update "Harry Potter Conversation" every day until the story is complete. *puts down hand* Happy? *smiles and crowd's approval* Great! I just want to mention something before the story. I had one person review, wanting to be featured, but the process got too complicated and I, unfortunately, couldn't feature them.  This author is MCRG. Please go check them out here and on Forums. Anyway, this chapter will feature Kunling. I am guessing that Kunling is a boy. I am Edith, not Midnight. Ta-da!


Kunling: You promised me a chocolate almond. Can I have it?

Edith: You'll get one if you behave.

Kunling: I'm not 3 years old! Now, can we please go?

Edith: Go where?

Kunling: *sarcastic* To Mars, where else?

Edith: *wanting to annoy Kunling* Ok then.

*Kunling and Edith teleport to Mars*

Kunling: *freaking out* What the hell?!

Edith: *looking around* You wanted to go to Mars, we're at Mars.

Kunling: *still freaking out* I was kidding! Can we go to Hogwarts?

Edith: *still wanting to annoy Kunling* But it's so nice here.

Kunling: *begging* Please, let's go to Hogwarts.

Edith: Fine.

*Kunling and Edith teleport to Hogwarts*

Kunling: Finally.

Edith: So, what do you wanna do?

Kunling: Well, you're an author right?

Edith: Yes.

Kunling: And you can make anything happen in your stories right?

Edith: Yes.

Kunling: So, can you make Dramione happen?

Edith: Well, I can read a short fanfic where Dramione happens and have the gang listen to it. Want me to? 

Kunling: Yes!

Edith: Okie then. *finds the fic*

Edith: Finished. Let's go to the gang.

*Kunling and Edith enter the Great Hall*

Edith: Hey Ginny? Can you get the gang here? And bring all the featured people, too.

Ginny: Ok! *does that*

Edith: Sorry about this, but Eli, dew_drops, The Heir of Slytherin, and RavenPaw, have to go.

dew_drops: Why? I'm still exploring.

Eli: I haven't even looked around. 

Edith: Once everyone has been featured, I will bring you guys back and you can do whatever the hell you wanna do. 

The Heir of Slytherin: Ok, yeah, fine.

RavenPaw: I'll miss Hogwarts, and you.

Edith: Aw, thanks! *vanishes Eli, dew_drops, The Heir of Slytherin, and RavenPaw*

Edith: Welp, that's done. Anyway, guys, this is Kunling.

Everyone: Hi!

Kunling: Hi!

Edith: Kunling has asked me to do something involving his favorite ship.

Draco: *bored* Which is?

Kunling: Dramione!

Hermione: Why is everyone ships me with Malfoy?

Kunling: Because it is an amazing ship, why else?

Draco: Edith, what did ask you to do?

Hermione: Wait, he doesn't want us to do "7 Minutes in Heaven", right?

Edith: Oh, my god! I wish!

Draco: What's "7 Minutes in Heaven"?

Kunling: It's kinda like a muggle game or muggle dare. It's where two people, most of the time a boy and a girl, go into a locked closet for 7 minutes where they normally make out.

Draco: Ew!

Edith: Well, that's not what you're going to do. I found a really short fic about you guys. So, I'm going to get you guys' reaction.

Fred: So, you're going to read it?

Edith: Yup!

Ron: Go on then.

Edith: Ok, ok. *clears throat* It's called "The Mirror of Erised". (A/N: This is a story written by dew_drops for one of my challenges. More info on that in the end. I hope you're okay with this dew_drops. If you aren't let me know and I will put something else.)

Luna: That's a nice title. 

Edith: I know, right? Anyway, here is it:


Hermione Granger sat in front of the Mirror of Erised.  She smiled crookedly. She could see herself, her parents, her friends Harry and Ron. The Weasley family. She looked around at the ruins of her home, Hogwarts. The walls that held her memories, the portraits that were witnesses of every occurrence in Hogwarts lay crumpled and broken on the floor, empty.


Everything was gone. Everything she ever loved was destroyed and left to burn. She was the only one left, or so she thought. 

Draco Malfoy strode slowly between the caved in stone walls of the castle. He thought he was the only survivor. It served him right, he thought, that he should be alone after all he had done in his sixth year. 

The war had ended, and though it was over, no one had won. Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix had both perished, fighting for what they thought was right. Even the famous Boy Who Lived had died, shouting for his friends and adopted family.


And Draco? He had been a coward. He had been hiding in the Room of Requirement. He deserved to be alone. 

Hermione heard footsteps. Her hopes rose up. Even if it was a Death Eater, it was someone. Someone that maybe she could be friends with. Someone that might have tried to kill her. Someone that might have destroyed everything she loved. But still, she hoped, desperate to not be alone.


The footsteps stopped abruptly. Draco stopped behind her. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Hermione Granger, sitting in front of the Mirror of Erised. Tears leaking out of her eyes. 

 Hermione turned around and without thinking, flung herself into Draco’s arms. Draco froze, but when he glanced at the Mirror of Erised, he saw himself and Hermione, hugging and smiling. He smiled as he realized that they only had each other. They only had each other in this dark, cold world, and he found himself wishing they survived together.


Slowly, they both sunk to the ground, Hermione still clinging to his shirt, crying into it. The Mirror still showed her reflections of her deceased ones, but now showed a bright future with Draco Malfoy. She looked up at him, hoping he would help her, pick her up.


Draco nodded, and then hugged her back tightly.


They might be alone, but they were alone together.


Everyone: *shocked*

Hermione: I don't like the fact that I'm with Malfoy, but that's really deep.

Draco: I have to agree.

Kunling: Who wrote that?

Edith: My favorite author, dew_drops. She is amazing!

Ginny: Hands down, no question there.

Edith: Yeah, I know. 

*tense environment*

Luna: Why is everyone so quiet? Do you all have wrackspurts or something?

*everyone laughs*

Edith: Ok, I'm going to leave you all in your thoughts. Have a nice day, you lot.

Kunling: Wait, what about my chocolate almond.

Edith: You've been good, so here. *gives one packet of chocolate almonds*

Kunling: Wow!

Edith: Now, we're done.


A/N: dew_drops, should I get rid of your story? Please let me know. I know I did this without asking for your permission. Now, to everyone, I'm sorry about the late update. 

Here are the poll results. The question was, would you be a metamorphmagus, animagus, both, or none. The results were this: MCRG said he would be a metamorphagus unless he is in universe #467, where he would be animagus. dew_drops wants to be both. Pomona Nymphadora Scamander wants to be a metamorphagus. The Heir of Slytherin wants to be both. WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter said she wants to be an animagus. Those were all of the results. The winning option was being both! 

This chapter's poll question is: Would you be part of the Marauders, The Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore's Army, or the Death Eaters? In other words, which of those four groups would you be a part of?

Peace out!


Chapter 11: Chapter 11
  [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter]

A/N: It has come, you guys. The person who has started it all. WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter! They have started the tradition of making these texting/talking things. I am so happy to have them on here. I am Edith. I will be calling WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter, WFMHL because I'm too lazy to write their entire name. Ba-bam!


Edith: *squealing* Aieeeeeeeeeeeee!

George: *scared* Who's dead?

Harry: *scared* Is Voldemort back?

Luna: Is it Nargles?

Edith: No, it's just that the creator of the texting/talking stories on HPFF is coming.

Hermione: Aren't you the creator?

Edith: No, I'm not. It's someone named WFMHL.

Hermione: Are those like initials or something?

Edith: Well, no. WFMHL made one called "Interviews" and everyone started making one, including me.

Hermione: So, you copied their idea?

Edith: No! Well, kinda. I used their idea as the base foundation, like how I bring in other people. But most things that I talk about and everything is my idea.

Hermione: Are they okay with it?

Edith: Well, in one of the chapters, they said that they were fine that people used their idea, but they didn't like how people would copy the idea completely. 

Hermione: Well, I think that's acceptable.

Harry: I have a question.

Edith: Yes?

Harry: Why do you keep calling WFMHL "they"? Aren't they female or male?

Edith: They are. But for security and privacy reasons, they preferred to be called "they".

Harry: Okay.

Ginny: Can we meet them?

Edith: Yuppers. *brings WFMHL*

WFMHL: OMG! There's Ginny! And Hermione! And Harry!

Edith: Yup.

Neville: Hey WFMHL? Why do you want to be called WFMHL?

WFMHL: Well, my actual name is WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter. But, Edith and I, are too lazy to write that entire thing. In my story, I call myself "Waiting". Edith, on the other hand, wanted to call me WFMHL. 

Neville: Cool. Also, all the people Edith brought had a crush and favorite ships. What are yours?

WFMHL: Ok, I know where this is going. Question after question about myself. Let me introduce myself. Hi! I'm WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter, but call me WFMHL. I am a proud Ravenclaw. My Patronus and animagus is a fox. My wand is ash wood with a unicorn tail hair, 10 3/4 inches. My favorite ships are Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna, and Tonks/Lupin. My hated ships and Draco/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, Draco/Harry, and any ship involving Draco. My blood status is muggle-born. 

Draco: A mudblood, huh? Why is it that you're always mudbloods?

WFMHL: *walks to Draco* I can answer that. *slaps Draco across the face harder than Edith or Hermione*

Draco: Owwwwww! *has red slap marks on the cheek*

Edith: I should've done that at the beginning.

*everyone except Draco is laughing like lunatics*

Draco: Damn you.

Edith: UNO reverse card

Draco: Not again!

Edith: Hehe.

WFMHL: That was fun. Can I say something, Edith?

Edith: Sure! As long as it's not bad about me.

WFMHL: It's not. *turns to readers (you)* Please read my story "Interviews". I love it and so do a lot of people. However, it is on a break for two weeks because I am busy. Edith is also in there, as Midnight. 

Edith: Is that all?


Edith: Ok. I know it was a short visit, but I gotta go. Bye guys!

Everyone except Draco: Bye!

Draco: *sulking*


A/N: And isn't that how to end a good chapter? Now, I don't have much to say, WFMHL said it all. Go read their story, "Interviews". If you go to my HPFF profile page, it is under my favorite stories. 

Now, for the poll.  No one has given me a result, so it is the same question. Which group would you be part of? The Marauders, the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore's Army, or the Death Eaters?

Tat's all for now! Bye!

Hermione: You spelled "That's" wrong.

Edith: Ugh, fine.

That's all for now! Bye!

Edith: Happy?

Hermione: Yes.

Edith: Good.

See ya guys! 

Chapter 12: Chapter 12
  [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter]

A/N: So, I know I made an oath last chapter, but I need to tell you guys this. I can't get on my laptop on the weekends for long enough to type an entire freaking chapter. My parents don't know that I'm on HPFF, and if they did, they would kill me. Anyway, this is the chapter for RavenPuffle. I am Edith. I saw that so often that it probably comes in your dreams now. Anyway, not much to say anymore. Ba-bam!


RavenPuffle: Hey!

Edith: How's it going?

RavePuffle: Good! You?

Edith: Pretty good. Now, before we go, I need you to do me a favor.

RavenPuffle: What's that?

Edith: I know you like George, but George and I are dating. I need you to promise me not to try and make him fall for you.

RavenPuffle: I already agreed, but I understand your concern. I promise. Cross my heart, hope to die, or stick a needle in my eye. 

Edith: Ok, but you can snag Fred. 

RavenPuffle: That was my intention.

Edith: Ok, good. Ready to go?

RavenPuffle: I've been ready all my life!

Edith: Great!

*RavenPuffle and Edith teleport to Hogwarts, Gryffindor Common Rom (where I threw the lot, except Draco, who's still sulking)*

Edith: *trying to talk over the noise* Hey!

Edith: *no one heard her the first time* OI, YOU LOT!

*everyone shuts up*

George: *startled* I didn't know you could talk that loud. 

Edith: *smiles* It's part of my charm. *walks over to George and sits next to him*

Edith: *whispers to George* I need you to please get this lot upstairs, in the dormitory. Everyone except Fred and RavenPuffle. 

George: Ok. *walks over to everyone and tells them to go upstairs quietly*

*everyone is upstairs except RavenPuffle, Fred, Edith, and George*

*George and Edith go upstairs, into George's dormitory and kiss* 

RavenPuffle: *in the empty common room with Fred* Hi.

Fred: Hi..

RavenPuffle: So, you're Fred Weasley. You know, I think Edith already told you, but you died in the books.

Fred: Yeah, I know. So, who are you?

RavenPuffle: I am RavenPuffle, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. My wand is a dragon heartstring, patronus is a grey stallion. I'm a a half-blood. My animagus is a fox. 

Fred: You're an animagus?

RavenPuffle: Yeah. Wanna see?

Fred: *excited* Sure!

RavenPuffle: *changes into fox and walks up to Fred*

Fred: Wow!

RavenPuffle: *changes back*

*there is like 6 inches between Fred and RavenPuffle*

Fred: Well, it's not everyday a pretty girl is this close to me.

RavenPuffle: *bashful* You think I'm pretty?

Fred: *steps closer* Yeah, you are.

RavenPuffle: *steps closer* That's nice of you to say.

*there is 3 inches between them*

Fred: *leans in and closes eyes*

RavenPuffle: *heart beating fast, leans in and closes eyes*

*Fred and RavenPuffle kiss*

Edith: *quietly comes down with a camera and snaps a shot*

Edith: *takes the picture and puts it on the ground near them*

*Fred and RavenPuffle stop kissing* 

RavenPuffle: *sees picture* What's that?

Fred: *looks* Dunno. *picks up picture*

RavenPuffle: *looks at picture* What the heck!?

Fred: Edith!

Edith: Yes?

Fred: What the hell was this for?

Edith: *enjoying this* What was what for?

RavenPuffle: You know what he's talking about.

Edith: *cheecky smile* Aw, defending Freddie are we know?

RavenPuffle: *slight blush* No. Anyway, answer the question.

Edith: Hehe. I saw that and needed that shot. I decided to let you guys see my superb photo skills.

George: *enters common room* She has a point. *grabs picture* Look at that! Freddie's got himself a girlfriend.

Fred: *blushing*  I need to talk to you, RavenPuffle.

RavenPuffle: *emabrrased* And I need to get away from Edith.

*Fred and RavenPuffle go to dormitory*

Edith: *listening on conversation through door*

Fred: How do you feel about George calling you my girlfriend?

RavenPuffle: My honest asnwer would be that I'm not fussed. I actually like you and I have for a long time.

Fred: *hopeful* Really?

RavenPuffle: *trying to be confident* Mhm.

Fred: *really hopeful* RavenPuffle, would you be my girlfriend?

RavenPuffle: *excited* OMG, yes!

Edith: *bursts in because she is crazy* Another OC ship has sailed!

RavenPuffle: *to Fred* How do you tolerate her?

Fred: *wraps arm around her waist* Um, well, I don't. She spends time with George when she doesn't have any people to bring. 

RavenPuffle: Hey George?

George: Yeah?

RavenPuffle: How do you tolerate Edith?

George: Well, she's really pleasent when she's not hyper. She's not hyper quite often. Only around friends. With me, calm, cool, and amzing.

RavenPuffle: *eye roll* If you say so.

Edith: Anyway, I gotta go do something. George, you are needed too. Let's let these two complete their unfinished buisness.

*George and Edith go into common room*

Edith: *gives a sheet of paper to George* Read that, please.

George: *confused* Okay?

Edith: *whispers* That's my outro scrpit. I read it and than say it at the end on every chapter. 

George: Oh ok.

Edith: *to you (the reader)* Well, that's it for this chapter. I hope you enjoyed it.

George:*reading paper* Thank you for reading! The Author's Note will have the responses from last chapter's poll and the new poll question.

Edith: *takes paper* That's all from the outro. 

George: So that's how your outro's sound so good.

Edith: Yup. Anyway, I gotta go to Author's Notes. 

George: What's that?

Edith: Well, the author's notes are included before and after the story. They are things that the writer wants to tell the reader. Hermione intruded into them once. 

George: Can I come? 

Edith: Sure. You can try.

George: Ok.

Edith: Now, while you try to come into there, I gotta talk to the readers. Bye!

George: Bye. *kisses Edith on the cheek*


A/N: Ok, I got away. The outro thing just came to me. I'm going to see if George will figure out how to get here. Anyway, poll time! 

The question from last time was, which group would you join? Marauders, Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore's Army, or Death Eaters?

George: Who would want to be a Death Eater?

Edith: George! Well, I just included it. 

The results were this. MCRG said DA. HermioneGryffindor said DA and Marauders. little ravenpuff said DA or Marauders. dew_drops said DA or Order of the Phoenix. Dramione Shipper said DA or the Order of the Phoenix. WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter said DA. The winning choice is Dumbledore's Army. Personally, I would pick either DA or Death Eaters. Not the best pair, but still.

George: You would be a Death Eater?

Edith: Well, my faction (from the Divergent series) is Dauntless and my Hogwarts house is Slytherin. When the two come together, it forms a Death Eater. So, yeah. But, I don't think about muggle-born as people of less value, seeing as I am a muggle-born as well.

George: Ok.

So, this chapter's poll question is this: Who's your favorite "not spotlight" character? Meaning, no one from the Goldne or Silver Trio. Or Voldy. Or Bella. Or Draco. LIke anyone who's mentioned a bit, but isn't the main person from the series. Does that make sense? I don't know. *face palm* Ow, that hurt. Anyway, hopefully you understand what I mean. 

Anyway, that's it for now. See you guys later!

George:Wait, you're not done yet.

Edith: Why?

George: I have a question. Why do you do poll questions?

Edith: Oh, so I can kinda like interact with the readers and, frankly, get more reviews. 

George: Oh ok. Now, you're done.

Edith: Ok.


Peace out!





Chapter 13: Chapter 13
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A/N: Uh. This chapter will feature BookGinnyIsAmazing. I'm too lazy to type that, so I will be calling her BookGinny. I am Edith. Let me know if that's coming in your dreams or not. Anything else? Oh, for those of you competing in my challenges, my next challenge is up. I think that's all. 


BookGinny: It's HogwaAaAaAarts!

Edith: Yup. Where do you wanna go?

BookGinny: Um, Ravenclaw common room!

Edith: Ok, but do you wanna meet the gang?

BookGinny: Sure, then Ravenclaw common room?

Edith: Sure. *teleports to Quitdich field*

Edith: Hey guys.

Harry: She brought someone else.

Edith: How do you know?

Harry: Because you're out snogging George when you don't have anyone else.

BookGinny: I was right! Harry is a jerk!

Harry: What!

Hermione: I have to agree.

Ginny: Before we talk about how Harry's personality is, can someone explain why BookGinny's name is basically my name.

BookGinny: Well, my full name is BookGinnyIsAmazing. I absolutely admire Ginny Weasley from the books. She is so brave and shows that she can't be defeated. The movie Ginny is really soft and is nothing like the book. 

Ginny: *blushing* Thank you.

Edith: Ok, now that conversation is over, can we go back to talking about how Harry is a jerk?

Draco: Yes!

Hermione: You join us now?

Draco: I have my reasons.

Hermione: Which are?

*Edith and BookGinny start fangirling in the background*

Draco: I was sulking because WFMHL slapped me and because Edith vanished The Heir of Slytherin. 

Edith: Look, I told you that I would be doing second chapters for the people who want to come back. B

Draco: Then hurry up and finish the first chapters.

Edith: Look, the list keeps getting longer and I don't want to leave anyone out!

Hermione: *whispers* Ship!

Draco and Edith: What!

Draco: Nuh ah, not dating Edith.

Edith: I'm already dating someone!

Hermione: Eh, who cares?
Edith: Me!

BookGinny: Um, I'm going to go now.

Edith: No no, I'll end the chapter here. BookGinny, do you still wanna go to the Ravenclaw Common Room?

BookGinny: Yes!

Edith: Ok. 

*BookGinny and Edith teleport to Ravenclaw Common Room*

Edith: When the next person comes, you will automatically vanish from this story. Just letting you know. 

BookGinny: Ok!


A/N: Ok, that's done. Um, I don't have much to say except this: I won't be posting a new chapter tomorrow because I want to post another chapter on "Edith's Hogwarts Story". I was going to do it today, but this chapter took me all day. 

Poll time! I'm going to give you guys more time. It's the same question. Please go back to Chapter 12 to see the question.

Have a nice day, y'all!

Peace out!


Chapter 14: OC List
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Hey guys! So, I saw this idea in "Interviews" by WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter. They made a list of people who they still need to feature and the order that people will be introduced. So, I'm going to do that as well, because a few people keep asking me when they are coming. Now, this list is the order as of this moment on time. I will not be changing the list if I get more people, or if I finish a new chapter with someone. Now, here's the list: 




1) Dramione Shipper

2) Hufflepuff Em

3) Bi the By

4) The Heir of Slytherin

5) RavenPaw

6) dew_drops

7) Bookpanda12

8) EliDaSlytherClaw

9) Kunling

10) WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter

11) RavenPuffle

12) BookGinnyIsAmazing


Coming Up: 


1) StarGazer 144

2) AngieKim0813

3) little ravenpuff


Boom, there's the order. If you would like to be featured, please go to Chapter 2 and fill out the form in the reviews. Also, a lot of people are asking for the same guys as the crush, so let me tell you this. 5 guys and 1 girl are taken. The guys are Draco, Harry, Fred, George, and Neville (hint hint). The girl is Luna (again, hint hint). Also, now that I organized this, I see that there aren't that many people left, meaning that this story will be ending soon. I will have 4 more chapters until the end if no one else wants to be featured. 


You are beautiful and you are loved!


Peace out. ☮️

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Chapter 15: Chapter 14
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A/N: Hi! This chappie will feature StarGazer144. I'll call them Star. I'm Edith. You probably know that. I'm a terrible writer. You probably know that as well. Also, if you don't like LGBT, please don't read this chapter. Onwards ho!


Star: Hello.

Edith: Hey. I need to go do something really quick, so I'm going to give your control of the story really quick, but don't control me or Luna. 

Star: *excited* Ok, yeah.

Edith: *gives control and leaves* 

Star: Hey Edith?

Edith: *comes back* Yeah?

Star: Can I bring people back from the dead?

Edith: No, I made Fred not die before. But everyone else died. Sorry.

Star: It's fine. *whispers in ear* Can I make Drarry real?

Edith: Yeah, but don't make it permanent. 

Star: I won't.

Edith: *leaves* Luna?

Luna: Yes?

Edith: Do you actually like guys?

Luna: I used to, but now, I like girls. They're cute.

Edith: If I brought you a cute girl, would you date her?

Luna: It depends.

Edith: Ok, I'll get here.

*meanwhile, with Star controlling the story*

Star: *thinking* Time to make Drarry a reality.

Draco: *looks at Harry* *thinks* I never noticed how cute he is.

Harry: *looks at Draco* *thinks* How is it that I never saw how handsome he is?

Star: *fangirling as her fantasy plays out before her eyes*

Draco: *steps closer to Harry*

Harry: *steps closer to Draco*

Draco: *questioning look in his eye*

Harry: *nods*

Star: *heart beating really fast*

Edith: Ok, I'm back. *takes control of story*

Draco: *notices how close they are* What the fuck!

Harry: *notices how close they are* Shit!

*Draco and Harry run away from each other*

Harry: What was that for?

Star: Uh, I wanted my ship to come to life.

Draco: And you ship us?

Star: Yeah, I ship Drarry and Wolfstar.

Harry: Ugh!

Edith: Anyway, I got control again.

Harry: Don't ever make us do that.

Edith: I won't. I'm not a fan of LGBT ships, but I'm fine with them.

Star: *whispers* Is Luna straight?

Edith: *whispers* She is as straight as a cooked noodle.

Star: Yas!

Luna: Hello Star. You're pretty.

Star: Thanks. You are too.

Luna: Would you like to be my girlfriend?

Star: OMG, YES!

Luna: Would you come with me?

Star: Yeah. *walks away with Luna*

Edith: *follows them to eavesdrop*

Luna: Can I kiss you?

Star: Am I dreaming? Everything I want is coming to life!

Luna: I don't think you're dreaming.

Star: *kisses Luna*

Luna: *kisses Star*

Edith: *walks back*

Edith: Well, that's all. The poll results are below. Bye!


A/N: Ok, hi. The "straight as a cooked noodle" came from my friend. She said it last year. 

Poll time! The results were this: The Heir of Slytherin said Tonks or Tom Riddle (not Voldemort though). dew_drops said Fred/George, maybe the Marauders or Aberforth (aka, a lot of people). little ravenpuff said, Crookshanks. RavenPaw said Gred and Forge. Oops, I meant Fred and George. That's all the results. So, Fred and George win! I would say Fred and George too. 

The poll question for the next two chapters is this: If you could make a non-canon ship canon, which one would it be, and which canon ship would it replace. For example (not what I would do) replace Hinny with Charry (I wouldn't do that). 


Peace out! ☮️

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Chapter 16: Chapter 15
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A/N: So this chapter is for AngieKim0813. I am lazy, so I will call her Angie. I am Edith. Does anyone have that coming into their dreams? Let me know! Anything else? Oh yeah! Wait, I can add that in the next chapter. There's this you need to know. In this chapter, Neville is the cute Neville from DH. Here we go! 


Angie: Hey!

Edith: Hello, where do you want to go first? 

Angie: Um, well, I know Drarry didn't have a good reaction to the last chapter. Oh, I have an idea! *whispers idea in Edith's ear*

Edith: Well, I can. But I won't make it permanent. 

Angie: Can you just make it happen? 

Edith: Yeah, but I won't make it go too far. 

Angie: What's the farthest it can go?

Edith: Um. *whispers in Angie's ear*

Angie: Yes!

Edith: Ok, then. *uses the power of fanfiction to bring Hermione and Draco*

Hermione: Oh, hello, Edith.

Draco: What exactly am I doing here with a mudblo- *looks at Hermione and stops himself* *thinks* Her eyes are so beautiful.

Hermione: Wait, why is ferre- *looks at Draco and stops herself* *thinks* He is really hot. 

Draco: *steps closer to Hermione*

Hermione: *steps closer to Draco*

*there's 2 inches of distance between them*

Draco: *kisses Hermione*

Hermione: *kisses back*

Angie: *fangirling*

Edith: *fangirling*

Edith: *stops the mind control*

Hermione: *realizes she is kissing someone and pulls away*

Draco: *feels lips pull away from his* What the? *sees Hermione* What the fuck! 

Hermione: *angry* Why was I snogging Ferret Boy out of all people?

Edith: *trying to act innocent* Well, Angie wanted to see Dramione, so who am I to deny her wish?

Draco: *pulls out wand* You will pay.

Edith: *pulls out wand* We'll see about that.

Draco: Crucio!

Edith: Expelliarmus!

Draco: *wand flys out of hand* Damn it!

Edith: *growl, scary voice* Don't. Try. To. Curse. Me.

Draco: *scared* Yes, Ma'am.

Neville: That's why you don't mess with girls. 

Draco: I get it.

Angie: ...
Edith: *sees this* Don't be nervous.

Neville: *sees Angie* Are you another HP fan?

Angie: Y-Yeah.

Neville: What house are you, what ships do you like and hate, and who's your crush?

Angie: Um. I'm Gryffindor. I ship Dramione and Drarry. I don't ship Drinny. I like. I like. I like. *whispers* You.

Neville: *hears Angie* Oh.

Angie: *blushing*

Neville: Look up at me for a sec.

Angie: *looks at Neville*

Neville: *kisses Angie*

Edith: *shoo's Draco and Hermione away*

Edith: *closes the door and locks Draco and Hermione inside the room* Hehe.

Draco: Get us out of here!

Edith: Nah, don't feel like it. *walks away*

Edith: Well, that's it for this chapter. Buh Bye!


A/N: Ok, I'm back. There is one more person left before I do the second chapters. Poll time! 

Oh, wait, not yet. I will post the results on Monday. Um, see ya folks!


Chapter 17: Chapter 16
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A/N: Ok, it's probably been a month since I updated. I am really sorry. This chapter is featuring little ravenpuff, who wants me to call them puff. So, that's what I'll do. Anyway, here it is:


Edith: I'm back!

Harry: *groans*

Edith: I'm sorry, what was that?

Harry: Nothing it's just, literally everyone is dragging us around, trying to interview us. 

Edith: Well, the idea became very popular since WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter's version of it.

Harry: Yeah, but there are so many!

Edith: Well, I know Waiting did it, I did it, Bookpanda12 did it, Nothing is everything did it, and Ravenclaw 4Ever did it. That's all that I know of.

Harry: Yeah, but TheRavenpuffPoet is trying to make us play Craftmine!

Edith: It's Minecraft. Yeah, there's nothing wrong with it.

Harry: You're not the one playing it.

Edith: *offended* Um, excuse me! I was in a chapter! I got a monster spawner and had spiders chase Ron!

Ron: *walks in* I still have nightmares about that.

Edith: *mischievous* Oh, I still have the monster spawner. Wanna see?

Ron: *runs off screaming* Aaaaaaahhhhhh!

Edith: *laughing*

Fred: Well, isn't our little Edith becoming a prankster?

Edith: Shut up.

Fred: Nah

puff: What am I, a stone wall?

Draco: Who are you?

puff: I am little ravenpuff, but call me puff 'cause why not? I am obviously a Ravenclaw with a little bit of Hufflepuff in me. 

Draco: Attitude much?

puff: Kinda. Also, for your entertainment, I hate Dramione.

Draco: Yeeeeeeeeees!

Edith: But, most people ship it. It's one of the most popular Harry Potter ships.

Draco: Prove it.

Edith: Ok, one sec. *looks on Google*

Edith: Aha! Found one! 



Hermione: That doesn't prove anything!

Edith: Ugh, let me show you the entire thing. Actually, I found a better picture. 



Edith: See? Dramione is like 9o%%%%%%, Harmione is 8%%%%%%, and Ronmione is 2%%%%%%.

Draco: Why!

puff: Yeah, my question exactly. I ship all those canon ships. Oh, and Drarry.

Harry: Is Drarry that thing with Malfoy and me?

puff: Yeah, it's amazing.

Harry and Draco: No it's not!

Edith: Before this gets too heated, anything you want to say puff?

puff: Um, Drarry is amazing. I hate Dramione. I am too sarcastic for my own good.

Edith: Nice to know. Um, I think that's all for today. Bye!
Everyone: Bye!

Harry and Draco: *still fuming about Drarry*


A/N: I'm back! Yes, I'm back! I forgot about the poll from the last chapter, so it's not gonna be included. Also, to little ravenpuff, I know I made you more sassy than sarcastic. I'm sorry about that!

However, here is this chapter's poll question: What is your absolute favorite ship?

That's all. I wrote this chapter in a hurry, so I'm sorry for its bad quality. Anyway, bye! 

Chapter 18: Chapter 17
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A/N: I am very, very, very, sorry. I have 0 ideas for this story and I have 4 people who still need a chapter. Anyway, I'm back. This chapter is very special to me because I make a huge announcement. I think I spelled that wrong. Anyway, this chapter is for Ravenclaw 4 Ever. She ( I think you are a she) made her own variation of HP Conversations. Check hers out! I'm calling Ravenclaw 4Ever "Stella". Anyway, let's start!


Edith: Sqeeeeeeee!

Ron: What!

Edith: Nothing.

Harry: I'm pretty sure it's more than nothing if you're squealing like a banshee.

Edith: Well, it's really good news. 

Harry: Which is?

Edith: Well...

Fred: Did someone say good news?

George: I'm listening.

Neville: We really need good news these days. 

Edith: What? Voldy died, like, 3 years ago.

Hermione: One year actually.

Edith: Whatever. Anyway, the good news is...

Ron: Wait, let me guess. You are finally leaving us. 

Edith: *hurt* You want me to leave?

Ron: You're not going?

Edith: No, I'm staying, but I can leave if you want me to.

Ron: Yes!

Fred: No!

George: No!

Ginny: No!

Luna: No.

Hermione: Your choice.

You: No!

Stars: No!

Fish: No!

Bacteria: No!

Edith: Ok, I'm not going. Also, Ronald, I'm getting payback.

Ron: How?

Edith: Well, I am a friend named Stella and-

Ginny: Wait, Stella. I know her.

Edith: Yeah, I know. She also wrote her own variation on Harry Potter Conversations. It's called Harry Potter Interviews. You guys should check it out. It's amazing! If you want to read it, you can find it on my favorites list.

Harry: How is that payback?

Edith: Sorry, I got carried away. Anyway, in Stella's latest chapter, we all played a little prank on Ickle Ronniekins and we captured the footage of it.

Ron: Oh, no.

Edith: So, who wants to see it?

Ron: No!

Everyone else: Yes!

Edith: Great! *shows video*

Everyone except Ron: *laughing their asses off*

Ron: *fuming* I'm leaving.

Edith: See ya never!

Edith: Anyway, the good news is that this story is my most popular fanfic!

Hermione: So?

Edith: You don't get it. This is my first story to reach more than 1,000 views and more than 100 reviews.

Hermione: Wow. That is impressive.

Luna: What are the exact numbers?

Edith: Um. *opens phone* 1,103 views and *checks phone* 109 reviews. 

Ginny: Damn. You're famous, girl!

Edith: Not really. 

*dolphin patronus appears*

Dolphin Patronus: Stella is coming.

Fred: What?

Edith: I texted Stella this morning. She wanted to be featured and this is her chapter. 
Fred: Wait, Stella? As in, Ravenclaw 4Ever?

Edith: Yeah, why- Oh! 

Fred: Shoot. 

Edith: You have a girlfriend though.

Fred: We broke up.

Edith: What! Why? 

Fred: Reasons

Edith: So, Frella can set sail?

Fred: Hopefully, not.

Edith: Well, she didn't give me a crush in the form, so you guys ain't gonna date.

Fred: Good.

Edith: However, I am gonna fangirl at you guys the entire time!


Edith: So, you don't wanna be with Stella.

Fred:*blushes* Well, I kinda do, but-

Edith: Yas!

Stella: Hey!

Edith: What's up!

Stella: The sky.

Edith and Stella: *laughing*

Harry: You guys are weird.

Stella: Why thank you!

George: So, what now?

Stella: Well, I was thinking-

Edith: Wait, are you thinking of that?

Stella: Yes!

Ginny: What is it?

Stella and Edith: Fandom Quiz!

Harry: Which fandom?

Stella: Harry Potter of course.

Draco: Can we start?

Edith: Nice of you to join us!

Stella: Let's go to the playing area.

*everyone teleports to a Jeopardy-like place*

Edith: I'll be your game show host. Stella is the question person.

Stella: Ok, I'll get the question cards.

Edith: *female game show voice* So, our three competitors are *drumroll* Draco, Ginny, and Fred!

Stella: Let's start our questions. 

Edith: How this is going to work is, Stella will ask a question. If you believe that you know the answer, press the white button on your buzzer stick. The screen in front of you will display the person who pressed the button first. If the person answers the question correctly, they gain two points. If they get it wrong, they lose two points and someone else has a chance to answer the question for one point. 

Draco: This is going to be easy.

Edith: Another rule. No one from the audience can answer the question. I'm looking at you, Hermione.

Stella: And Harry. 

Edith: And Harry.

Edith: So, Stella, ready to start?

Stella: Yup!

Edith: Fire away!

Stella: *clears throat* What is the name of Voldemort's mother?

*the screen projects-*


A/N: That's all for this chapter! Should I keep the Fandom quiz? Should I stop it? Tell me!
I'm going to stop poll questions. 

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Chapter 19: Chapter 18
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A/N: Hola! This chapter will feature Alexis1234. I will be calling Alehli.


Alehli: Hello.


Alehli: Hello?


Alehli: *goes to Slytherin girls' dormitory and finds Edith sleeping* WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!

Edith: Who's dead?

Alehli: No one. You told me that it's my chapter today!

Edith: *checks watch* Alehli, it's 4 in the morning!

Alehli: Exactly! There's so much that we need to do!

Edith: Ugh, fine. Let me change. 

Alehli: Ok. I'm gonna wake everyone else up.

Edith: Don't scream like that to anyone else. They will probably punch you in the face.

Alehli: *doesn't hear*

Edith: *yawns and gets ready*

*later in the Great Hall*

Edith: *finally awake* Alehli, where are you?

Alehli: Right here. Can we go to the fandom quiz?

Edith: Sure. Is everyone awake?

Alehli: Everyone except Draco.

Edith: That is convenient. You can stand for him in the quiz. 

Alehli: Yay!

Edith: I'll get Stella. Meanwhile, can you bring everyone else over there?

Alehli: Yeah.

Edith: *calls Stella* We need you again.

Stella: *through phone* What for?

Edith: Fandom quiz.

Stella: I'll be there in a few minutes.

Edith: Great! See you there.

Stella: Ciao.

Edith: *goes to playing area* Ok, Alehli, Ginny, Fred. Get up over here to where you were before.

Stella: *arrives* I'm here!

Edith: *conjures headset microphone thing* Catch. *throws one to Stella*

Stella: *catches it* Thanks. *puts it on and goes to host stand*

Edith: *puts the headset on* Ok. Welcome back! Our previous competitor, Draco, has overslept and therefore has been eliminated. Alehli will take his place. The question from last time was "What was the name of Voldemort's mother?" 

Stella: The first person who rang in was Draco. Alehli will answer the question, however. Go ahead.

Alehli: What was Merope?

Stella: Correct!

Edith: Alehli earns 2 points for that!

Fred: Wait, I have a question.

Edith: Yes?

Fred: Why did Alehli say "What was"?

Edith: Because that is the way Jeopardy works. If you don't say that, your answer will not count. 

Fred: Oh.

Stella: Ok, next question. This is the question that Edith asked in the Author's Note in the last chapter. What is the name of Ginny's Pygmy Puff?

*the screen shows Ginny*

Stella: Ginny?

Ginny: What is Arnold?

Stella: Correct.

Edith: Ginny has 4 points. May I also say three people got the answer right on this question in the reviews. Congrats to little ravenpuff, AngieKim0813, and Stella!

Stella: Next question: Who accidentally blasted George's ear off?

*screen shows Fred*
Stella: Fred?

Fred: Who was Snape?

Stella: Correct!

Edith: Fred has 2 points!

Stella: Who was the female Ravenclaw prefect?

*screen shows Alehli*

Stella: Alehli?

Alehli: Who is Padma Patil?

Stella: Correct!

Edith: Alehli has 2 points!

Stella: Next question. How many fouls are in Quidditch?

*screen shows Fred*

Stella: Fred?

Fred: What is 700?

Stella: Yes.

Edith: Fred now has 6 points because he answered the Daily Double correctly!

*crowd cheers*

Edith: The final results of today's game are Ginny with 2 points, Alehli with 4 points, and Fred with 6 points! Now, it's time for the bonus round. The topic is:

Stella: Harry Potter non-canon ships!

Edith: Please get your pens ready. Stella will ask the question. You will write down what you think that answer is and you will also put the number of points that you decide to wager. If you answer correctly, you will have that number of points added to your current score. If you get it wrong, the number of points you wagered will be deducted from your current score. Stella, go ahead.

Stella: What is the most popular ship created by Potterheads?

*Jeopardy music*

Edith: Time's up! Ginny, with 2 points, what did you guess?

*screen shows Ginny's answer: Dramione 1 point*

Edith: That is wrong, leaving you with 1 point. Alehli, with 4 points, what did you guess?

*screen shows Alehli's answer: Ronmione 1 point*

Edith: Alehli, that is wrong. You are left with 3 points. Fred, with 6 points, what was your answer?

*screen shows Fred's answer: Drarry, 6 points*

Edith: Wow, correct! Fred, you are the winner of today's game with 12 points! How did you guess that?

Fred: Quite a few people wanted you to make Drarry real. So, I guessed it. 

Edith: Great! Next chapter, I'll bring in someone else to compete against Fred and someone else. See you guys then!


A/N: So, good job to little ravenpuff, AngieKim0813, and Hufflepuff4Ever! This chapter's trivia question is simple: What is the animal that represents the Ravenclaw house?

See y'all later! Bye!



Chapter 20: Chapter 19
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A/N: emerald onyx pixie is under the spotlight now. I will call her Emerald. 


Edith:  Welcome back to Harry Potter Jeopardy! Today's contestants are Neville Longbottom!


Edith: emerald onyx pixie!


Edith: And yesterday's winner with 6 points, Fred Weasely!


Stella: *applauding for Fred more than the others*

Edith: Now, let me introduce you to our host, Stella Beckett!


Fred: *applauding for Stela more than others*

Edith: *fangirling inside* Stella, start.

Stella: First question. What animal represents Ravenclaw?

*screen shows Emerald*

Stella: Go ahead emerald.

Emerald: What is eagle?

Stella: Correct.

Edith: Emerald now has 2 points. Stella, Calliope_Rhea, WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter, and little ravenpuff all guessed that correctly.

Stella: Ok, this is our next question. Professor Sprout has agreed to give you the clue.

Professor Sprout: Name a plant that restores people who have been petrified or transfigured.

*screen shows Neville*

Stella: Neville.

Neville: What is the Mandrake?

Stella: Correct.

Edith: Emerald and Neville both have 2 points.

Stella: The next question is: Which ear did George lose in the Battle of Privet Drive?

*screen shows Fred*

Stella: Fred.

Fred: What is left?

Stella: Correct!

Edith: Fred now has 8 points. Onto the final bonus round question.

Stella: Get your pens ready. The question is: How many ghosts are in Hogwarts according to the books?

*Jeopardy music*

Stella: Pens down! Neville, you first.

*screen shows "What is 5? 2 points"

Edith: Neville, that is wrong. Your final score is 6 points. Emerald?

*screen shows" What is 6? 2 points"

Edith: That is correct. Emerald, your final total is 4 points. Fred?

*screen shows "What is 6? 0 points"

Edith: That is correct. Fred, you have 6 points.


Edith: Gals and gits, the winner of today's game is Fred!



Edith: Hey Emerald?

Emerald: Yeah?

Edith: You know how Frella is real in Harry Potter Interviews, right?

Emerald: Yeah?

Edith: Well, I need to make it real here as well. Fred and  Stella have been flirting like crazy!

Emerald: You're right. But, what do we do?

Edith: *evil smirk* We do the classic Echo_Slytherclaw move.

Emerald: Um, I can see your inner evil Slytherin coming out. I'll go find a broom closet.

Edith: I'll get them over here. Wait, Emerald, the broom closet is right here.

Emerald: Oh. GO get them. 

Edith: *walks over to Fred and Stella* So, you two wanna play a game?

Stella: What game?

Edith: It's a little something that Emerald and I are doing. You wanna join?

Stella: Sure I guess.

Edith: It's over here. Hey Emerald!

Emerald: Yeah?

Edith: You ready?

Emerald: Yup.

Fre: Wait, what?

Edith: *whispers to Emerald* 3, 2, 1.

Emerald: *shoves Stella into the broom closet*

Edith: *shoves Fred into the broom closet*

Fred: Damn it.

Stella: I regret coming here.

Fred: Edith said that she wouldn't do this.

Stella: And you believed her?

Fred: Yeah.

Stella: Ugh. This closet is smaller than the one from my story.

Fred: Well, there's kinda something I wanna do.

Stella: *locks eyes with Fred*

Fred: *locks eyes with Stella and leans in*

Stella: *leans in*

Edith: *starts fangirling*

Emerald: *starts fangirling*

*Censored stuff*

Edith: *screams*

Emerald: *screams*

Edith: That's the end of this chapter! See y'all later!


A/N: Yup, I am Frella shipper for life!!!!! I censored the Frella kiss because Stela censored it in her story. Hope you like it, Emerald!



Chapter 21: Chapter 20
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A/N: I just got this idea after posting the previous chapter.  No one is going to be featured except Stella, who is amazing and reviewed almost every single chapter that I post. 


George: Um, there's some bad news that I need to spill.

Stella: Wait, where's Edith?

George: I'm getting there.

Fred: So, what's going on?

George: Um, this is hard to say. Um. I broke up with Edith.

Fred: You're pranking us aren't you? The same way that Stella and I did.

George: No. I'm not. Stella just said it and walked away. Edith's in literal tears.

Stella: Then why did you do it?

George: Reasons that I prefer not to share.

Stella: Where's the proof that she's crying?

George: Well, I got a phone from Emerald and I was secretly recording it. *pulls out phone*

*in the recording*

George: Look, I don't think that you're the right person for me.

Edith: *worried* What do you mean?

George: I mean that I'm breaking up with you.

Edith: *tears collect in eyes* Fine. *walks away* I'll see you around. *voice breaks on "you"*

*recording is over*

Stella: So, you just dumped her?

George: Pretty much.

Stella: *upset* You idiot! How could you do that to her? She freaking loves you.

George: Ok, ok. You're making me feel guilty. I would go find her, but I'm not sure where she is. 

Stella: I know where she might be. *leaves*

George: I regret my decision. 

Stella: *goes to Slytherin common room and somehow gets inside* Edith?

Edith: *sad* Yeah?

Stella: Look, George was being a downright git to you. 

Edith: Yeah, but I actually thought that he likes me.

Stella: Well, at least he was honest with you.

Edith: *voice breaking* Yeah, but that's my problem. I get my hopes up too high and then it all crashes back down, making me feel worse than most people. *tears start falling*

Stella: *hugs Edith* How about you go and hex the life out of George?

Edith: You know what? That's a good idea. *grabs wand* Let's go.

Stela: *leaves common room with Edith*

Edith: *quietly with venom* George Fabien Weasely, get over here right now.

George: *scared* Oh no.

Edith: *points wand right at George's face* If you were going to end it, why did you start it?

George: I-I...

Edith: Flipendo!

George: *falls painfully* Ow!

Edith: Serves you right. *walks away* That felt good. 

Stella: That looked good.

Fred: Bloody hell. You should really rethink your choices.

George: *rubbing back of head* I think I figured that part out, funnily enough. 

Fred: So, what are you going to do about her?

George: Tell Edith the truth.

Fred: Wait, you lied to her.

George: Mostly.

Fred: Why did you do that? And what's the truth?

George: The truth is-


A/N: Mwahaha! A cliffhanger! Thank you to Hufflepuff4Ever for inspiring me. You will find out what happened soon!

Chapter 22: Chapter 21
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A/N: So, I'm not exactly sure what to do for this chapter. However, we'll make the best of what we have.  Also, I am featuring InkandMagic in this chapter, but I will call her Katy.


Edith: Ok, that felt really good. Also, I called Katy. She's gonna be coming.

Stella: Ok. But, what is she gonna do? We can't do Fandom quiz and you don't wanna come out of this common room.

Edith: Well, she asked me for something and I can' deny it, seeing that it's a really good suggestion.

Stella: Does it involve a certain idiotic twin?

Edith: Sadly, no. However, it does involve a certain ferret. 

Stella: oh, this is going to be good. Where are we going to meet her?

Edith: Damn, I forgot about that. *facepalm* I signed her up about a month ago. But, she's a Gryffindor, so I need to go to the Gryffindor common room to find her. I'm not running into George there.

Stella: I'll go. And I'll slap him for you.

Edith: You are the best friend that I've been needing. 

Stella: No problem. *leaves to Gryffindor common room*

Edith: Now how do I get Draco's attention? *lightbulb* Hey Ferret!

Draco: I'm not a ferret!

Edith: I know you're not. I just need to get you over here.

Draco: Why?

Edith: There's someone who wants to meet you. You complain that Harry gets all the attention, but now, you can have some attention.

Draco: Then, I'm waiting right here.

*in Gryffindor common room*

Stella: Katy?

Katy: Hey! Is Edith here?

Stella: Um no. Do you think that you can wait outside for a sec?

Katy: Sure. *leaves*

Stella: Hey Harry?

Harry: Yeah?

Stella: Where are the twins?

Harry: 5th-year boy's dormitory.

Stella: Ok. *goes to the dormitory and knocks*

Fred: Come in.

Stella: *pulls out wand and opens door*

Fred: Hey Stella.

Stella: Hey Fred. *points wand at George* Why did you do what you did, you foul loathsome evil little cockroach?

George: Oh god. Look, I can explain. I told Fred yesterday and he agrees with me. 

Stella: Fine. But, not now. Edith needs to do something for Katy. 

George:*perks up* Is she here?

Stella: No. She said that she didn't want to risk meeting you.

George: Ok, now I really regret what I did. 

Stella: I'll be back. *leaves*

Katy: There you are. Where's Edith?

Stella: Slytherin common room. Let's go.

*at dormitory*

Edith: Hey Katy!

Katy: Hi Edith!

Edith: Hey Malfoy!

Draco: What?

Edith: Here's the girl who wants to meet you.

Draco: Hi.

Katy: Hi. can you do me a favor?

Draco: What is it?

Katy: Close your eyes. Forget your surroundings. Don't worry about what you feel. Just relax.

Draco: Ok? *closes eyes*

Katy: *conjures red Sharpie* *draws lightning bolt scar on Draco's forehead*

Draco: I feel something on my head.

Katy: *places one finger on his lips* Sh. It's a tingling feeling. It shows that you're disconnecting from yourself. You will disconnect and reconnect to a deeper vibration inside of you. *finishes drawing* Now, open your eyes. You are disconnected and reconnected. How do you feel?

Draco: I feel. Kind of different. 

Katy: Ok, now, you need to go meet people. I would say go to the Gryffindor common room. There's a huge crowd there.

Stella: Let's go then! *trying not to laugh*

Edith: Do I need to come?

Stella: If you don't want me to drag you, then yes.

Edith: Fine. But, I'm not getting attention there.

Stella: Come on.

*at Gryffindor common room*

Katy: Ok. Go up to someone and ask them how their day is going? Startup some small talk. How about Hermione?

Draco: Um, ok. *goes to Hermione* Hello Granger.

Hermione: Malfoy. What do you want?

Draco: Just wanted to talk.

Hermione: *notices scar* *sees Katy shaking her head* Um. So, anything strange happening today?

Draco: Not really. Stella introduced me to Katy, that's all.

Hermione: Ok. *trying not to laugh* I need to go. I'll see you around, Scarhead. *walks away*

Draco: Wait, did she just call me Scarhead?

Stella: *can't help it and starts laughing*

Edith: *starts laughing*

Katy: *starts laughing*

Hermione: *starts laughing*

Fred: What the heck is going on down there?

George: Dunno. Probably Ron being himself again. 

Fred: Wanna check?

George: Sure. *goes down to common room*

Fred: *sees Draco* Oh my. *starts laughing*

George: What?

Fred: *laughing* Malfoy became a Scarhead. *laughing*

George: Wait, what! *sees Malfoy* Oh my god. *sees Edith*

Edith: *stops laughing* *sees George* Shoot. 

*intense eye contact between Edith and George*

Stella: *notices* Um. You wanna go talk to him, Edith?

Edith: About what? He probably hates me. 

Stella: You don't know unless you take a risk. Besides, he said that he would tell me why he did what he did. 

Edith: Fine. But, if I feel like I need to leave, I'm leaving. Or hexing him.

Stella: Fine by me. *takes Edith to by's dormitory* Sit here. I'll get George. And Fred.

Edith: *sits down and pulls out wand*

Fred: *enters* Hello.

Edith: *eyes on door* Hi.

Fred: You know, George told me why he did what he did.  I think you should forgive him. 

Edith: I want to. I really do. But, I can't. If his reasoning is understandable, then I'll forgive him. But, I can't forgive and forget. 

Stella: Come on. I promise she won't kill you. *pushes George into room*

George: Fred, why do you have to date the most violent person here?

Fred: She's the second most violent. Edith is the first.

Edith: *eye roll* You can say that again.

Fred: I can and I will.

Edith: *points wand at Fred* Are you sure about that?

Fred: *scared* I won't say it again.

Edith: *puts wand away* Ok. Good.

Stella: Sit down George. You have some explaining to do.

George: *sits down* Uh. I don't know how to start.

Edith: *looks at floor, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone*

Fred: Just say exactly what you told me.

George: Well, I heard Edith telling Stella about this guy who she used to have a crush on. Edith was saying how he was a really nice guy. I think that I got jealous. I didn't know if she still liked me anymore, so I decided to see how she would react if I wanted to end everything. So, I did and it backfired. I felt horrible saying that I wanted to end it and I felt end worse if that was possible when I saw her reaction. 

Edith: So, you're telling me that you dumped me just to see how I would react?

George: I guess.

Edith: And you expect me to forgive you.

George: Not completely.

Edith: I-I need to process this. *leaves* 

Stella: *shocked* I have one question.

George: What is that?

Stella: When you saw Edith's reaction, how exactly did you feel?

George: Well, it was a mix of feelings. I mostly felt dread. I couldn't believe what I had done. But, there was a part of me, a tiny part of me, that was glad that she actually loved me. But, I have never regretted anything more in my life.

Stella: Ok. Thanks for that. I just recorded what you said.

George: What! Why?

Stella: I'm going to go show Edith and then she'll realize that you actually didn't want to break up with her.

George: Oh. Then get out of here and show her that video.

Stella: I'm going, I'm going.

*in Slytherin dormitory*

Edith: I still don't understand. Why would he do that?

Stella: I'm not sure, but I think I can prove that he wants to have you back.

Edith: How?

Stella: *shows clip* 

*after clip*

Edith: Wow. I really feel like I should forgive him now.

Stella: It's all your choice. Do what you think is the right decision.

Edith: I'll be right back. *leaves*

*in Gryffindor common room*

George: I shouldn't have done that. I knew I shouldn't have done that. I was being stupid. She'll never forgive me ever again.

Fred: Don't be so hard on yourself. She'll come back for you.

Edith: *knocks on door*

Fred: Come in.

Edith: *quietly* Hey.

Fred: I'm gonna leave. *walks out*

Edith: *sits down next to George* So, Stella showed me that recording of you.

George: So, you're here to hex the life out of me?

Edith: No, I'm here to forgive you.

George: I knew you wouldn't- wait, did you say you forgive me?

Edith: Yeah, I do. 

George: *leans in*

Edith: *leans in*


Fred: *runs in* We need to evacuate. Now!


A/N: So, it's a longer chapter than normal. And it's cringy. What do you think? Also, I've been wanting to do the explosion for a while. See y'all later! And review!!!!


Chapter 23: Chapter 23
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A/N: This chapter will feature Slytherin_named_Ash. I'm calling Ash because, you know, I'm lazy. 


Fred: *frantic* We need to evacuate! Now!

George: Why? What happened?

Fred: I can't explain. Just make sure that both of you get out of here ASAP. *runs out*

George: Edith! Where are you?

Edith: *runs into room* Right here. You need to get out of here. *runs out*

George: *runs out* Why?

Edith: *outside of Hogwarts* I'll explain later. You need to make sure that everyone goes somewhere safe. There's a safe place in the outskirts of Hogsmeade. Make sure everyone gets there.

George: *runs out of Hogwarts* What about you?

Edith: I need to fix this. *runs back into Hogwarts*

George: EDITH!

Stella: Come on, George! Everyone else apparated away!

George: Fine. *apparates away* 

Stella: *apparates away*

Fred: That was weird.

Stella: I know, right? 

Fred: *whispers to Stella* Edith forgave George and they were about to snog when it happened.

Stella: Oh my god! Really! Poor them. Wait, on that note, where is Edith?

Fred: *looks around* She's not here. Maybe she's coming.

George: *pacing* She said that she needed to fix something. 

Stella: So, you're saying that she's still back there?

George: Yeah. 

Stella: Then, why are we here?! We need to be there!

George: No. We can't. One, we might die because of the explosion. Two, we might die in the hands of Edith. Believe it or not, I kinda don't wanna die because of my girlfriend.

Fred: Shocking. So, what do we do know?

Stella: *sits down on grass* We wait.


Stella: You guys wanna do Fandom quiz? To get our minds off of what's going on?

Ash: Did someone say Fandom quiz?

Fred: *freaks out* Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stella: *laughing like crazy*

Ash: Sorry 'bout that. Wait, where's Edith? We can't exactly do anything without her, can we?

Stella: She's at Hogwarts doing something related to the explosion.

Ash: Shoot. I gotta go. *apparates away*

Fred: *heavy breathing* Now I have more questions and no answers.

*at Hogwarts*

Ash: Dang, that's bad damage.

Edith: *panting and covered in dirt* Ash! You're here! Um, not the best time. Do you think you can return later?

Ash: Yeah sure. 

Edith: *hears scream* I'll call you. Can you go back to where Stella and the twins are? Tell Stella and Fred to stay there. Tell George not to freak out and that I love him. I gotta go. *runs back*

Ash: *apparates*

Ash: Ok, I have news from Edith.

George: What is it?

Ash: Stella and Fred, stay here. George, don't freak out. Edith loves you. I gotta go. See ya later. *apparates away*

*at Hogwarts* 

Edith: *running* So, the explosion happened here. The Ravenclaw Common Room. But, why? *thinking* Wait, this is where Harry came and this is where he got caught in his 7th year. The Death Eaters must've left something here. *hears beeping* What? *sees bomb* Oh no. *points wand at bomb* Reducto!

*bomb explodes* 

Edith: *apparates away* Ow! *sees blood running down arm* Damn it. Must've gotten hit in the shoulder. Ow! But, why would someone do that? I can think, ow, about that later. I need to find everyone. *apparates to where Stella, Fred, and George are*

Stella: *hears sound* Did you guys hear that?

Fred: *looks around* Didn't hear, but saw. 

Stella: *sees Edith* Edith! *runs up to her and hugs her*

Edith: *rushing pain from shoulder* Got hit. Shoulder. Ow.

Stella: *pulls back and sees blood on her hands* Oh my god. Are you ok?

Edith: Besides the fact that my shoulder is a gushing waterfall of blood, yeah.

Fred: I'll get George. *walks off*

Stella: What happened?

Edith: Well, I ran to where there was the most wreckage, which was in front of the Ravenclaw common room. There was another bomb there, which I tried to destroy. It went off and I didn't apparate quick enough. 

Stella: Poor you. Do you know why it happened?

Edith: *pain comes back* I don't know. 

Stella: You need help with that. *points at shoulder* 

Edith: *sees the twins* We can do that later. *runs towards them*

George: *sees Edith* Oh god. She doesn't look good.

Edith: *hugs George* 

George: *shocked, but hugs back* You're ok. 

Edith: Of course I'm ok. *pulls back and feels pain in her shoulder again* Ow! *holds her upper arm*

George: What happened?

Edith: Well, I found a bomb, which I tried to destroy. It exploded and I didn't apparate fast enough. I got hit in the shoulder, which started to bleed. 

Fred: Yeah, yeah, cool. But, why was there a bomb in Hogwarts?

Edith: That's what I don't know. Muggle devices would go haywire in Hogwarts.

George: Why?

Stella: Because there's so much magic in the air. Haven't you read Hogwarts: A History?

Fred and George: No.

Edith and Stella: *eye roll* *mutter* Boys.

Fred: You two can hate on us later. Can we figure out why there was a bomb at Hogwarts?

Stella: Good idea. *sees something* Wait, what's that?

Edith: *sees* OMG!

Fred: *turns around* Wha- *sees* *sharp inhale*

George: *sees* We need to leave. Now. Even this place isn't safe.

Stella: What is it?

George: I can't explain now. We just need to leave before it fully forms.

Stella: *approaches it* But, why?

Edith: *approaches it* It looks so pretty. *reaches a hand towards it*

Fred: This.

George: Is.

Fred: Not.

George: Good.


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Chapter 24: Chapter 24
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A/N: I got the idea for this chapter from Huffelpuff4Ever aka Stella. Also, Slytherin_named_Ash is coming in the next chapter.


George: *apparates somewhere with Edith* 

Fred: *apparates somewhere with Stella*

Edith: *comes out of trance* Where are we?

Fred: Not sure, actually. 

Stella: *looking out window* This is near Hogsmeade. A few miles away though. 

Edith: You're an Erudite.

Stella: *looks at Edith* What's that?

Edith: You know, from Divergent? The faction that values- never mind. It's too much to explain. Also, Stella I need to talk to you. *looks at twins* Is there a bedroom in this house?

Fred: Yeah, but why do you need one?

Edith: Cuz I need to ash Stella about some private girl stuff? But, if you want to know how a girl's life works in her teen years, then you can listen.

Fred: I'd rather not. Upstairs, turn left. There's are some doors on the right. Go into whichever one you want to go into.

Edith: Thanks. *goes into a bedroom with Stella*

Stella: *closes door* I'm only 10. I'm barely a pre-teen, so I don't know anything about-

Edith: That's not what I wanna talk about. It's just an excuse that works like a charm every time. Anyway, you know that prank that you pulled on Fred?

Stella: You mean, ignoring my boyfriend for 24 hours?

Edith: Yeah, that. I kinda wanna do it.

Stella: Yes! I wanna see that play out. But, are you celebrating anything?

Edith: Yeah. Harry Potter Conversations is the fifth most reviewed story this week!

Stella: Yay! Anyway, how about you start tomorrow? Remember, George is a tree.

Edith: Ok, thanks.

*the next day*

Edith: *wakes up* Oh yeah. I'm ignoring George today. *looks at phone* 10:26. Until 10:26 AM tomorrow. Let's do this! *drags herself out of bed and gets ready*

*with Stella* 

Stella: *wakes up* Time to see how George reacts to Edith's ignoring!


Stella: *walks down* Morning! *cheerful* *grabs a cup of juice*

Edith: *walks down* Morning. *sleepy* *grabs a cup of coffee*

Fred: So, what are we gonna do today?

Stella: I mean, we aren't staying here are we?

Edith: Stella, think about it. Hogwarts is in ruins again and that places outside of Hogsmeade isn't safe. 

Stella: True. So, we're staying here?

Edith: Sure. *pulls out wand and conjures book* We can easily get what we need.

Stella: *eye roll* Leave Edith locked in a house with basic needs and a good book and she'll live like that forever.

Edith: Shut up. This is a good book. *goes back to reading*

George: What's it called?

Edith: *keeps reading and ignores George*

George: *confused* Hey Edith.

Edith: *still ignoring*

Stella: *trying not to laugh*

Fred: Edith?

Edith: Hello. Stella? Can you show me where you kept that bag you showed me?

Stella: *trying not to laugh* Yeah sure. *gets up* 

Edith: *follows Stella*

*in Stella's room*

Edith: *freaking out* This is so hard! How did you do it?

Stella: I told you. pretend that he's a tree!

Edith: Easier said than done, girl. I feel so bad for ignoring him.

Stella: I don't blame you. But, we girls gotta show guys that we don't need them. But, after 24 hours, you'll be able to go and hug the life out of him. And don't forget, about 9 to 10 hours will be gone with sleeping. Maybe even more, considering how much you sleep. 

Edith: Ok. I can do this. *walks out* 


George: Is she still mad at me?

Fred: I doubt it. *thinks he knows what's going on*

George: Then, why is she acting as if I'm thin air?

Fred: Ask her.

George: She isn't responding to me, dimwit. 

Fred: Oh yeah. Wait until tomorrow. She might be having mood swings or something. 

George: Ok. 

Edith: *walks downstairs* Since we're here, you guys wanna explore this area?

George: Sure. 

Edith: *ignores him* I'll go tell Stella not to wear something elaborate. *runs upstairs*

George: I'm just sad at this point. 


Edith: So, we're all gonna go explore the area. Don't wear something uncomfortable. 

Stella: Ok. I'll go find something. Oh, and I'll give you something to wear.

Edith: WHAT! Why?

Stella: You wear the same thing everyday. Black leggings, grey T-shirt. *pulls out jeans and pink T-shirt* I'm wearing this. *pulls out jean shorts and white T-shirt* You are wearing this. 

Edith: Um, I don't wear stuff like this. 

Stella: That's why you're wearing it today!

Edith: Fine. *changes into given clothes* *looking in full length mirror* Not gonna lie, I don't look too bad. 

Stella: Exactly. C'mon, downstairs.

*the gals walk down*

Stella: So, if anyone gets lost, send a patronus. 

Edith: Yeah, yeah. Let's go! *runs out*

Fred: Right behind ya! *runs out*

Edith: *sees Fred* Race you to the edge of the forest!

Fred: It's on! *starts running at top speed*

Edith: *starts sprinting* *passes Fred* Bye!

Fred: *stops running* How do you run so fast?

Edith: Actually, I don't know. 

*with George and Stella*

George: Is Edith still mad at me?

Stella: From what I know, no.

George: Then, why hasn't she talked to me all day? And why is she wearing something that you wear most of the time?

Stella: One. I don't know. Ask her. Two. I forced her to wear that.

George: It's just frustrating and also sad. 

Stella: Poor you. Well, you should really try asking her. 

George: *eye roll* Great idea. One problem: Edith isn't talking to me.

Stella: Ask Fred to talk to her for you.

George: That is the first good idea that you have given me. 

Edith: *walks back in* There's nothing out there. Just a tick forest that could rival the Forbidden Forest.

Fred: *walks in, panting* I still don't understand how you beat me.

Edith: I told you, I don't know why either. 

George: Fred, Edith isn't talking to me. 

Fred: Yes, I know. 

George: Has she been talking to you?

Fred: Yeah?

George: Hey Edith?

Edith: *picking at cuticles, ignoring*

Fred: Edith!

Edith: *winces* I may wear glasses, but my hearing is perfect, Fred.

Fred: She's fine, George.

Stella: *trying not to laugh*

Edith: *thinking* I'm a heartbreaker.

George: *heartbroken*

*the next day*

Edith: *wakes up and looks at watch* It's almost time!

Stella: *knocks and walks in* I told George that you wanna talk to him. He's gonna come in a few minutes. Get ready! 

Edith: Then get out! *changes* 

George: *walks in*

Edith: *checks watch* Come on. 1 minute.

George: You wanted to talk? 

Edith: *waiting for the 24 hour mark* *mumbles* Hurry up.

George: What?

Edith: *watch reads 10:26* Pranked you!

George: *shocked* What?

Edith: You know how Stella ignored Fred for 24 hours to celebrate that she got 1000 views? Well, I did it too!

George: But, you got 1000 views a few weeks ago.

Edith: I got fifth on the most reviewed stories this week. *hugs George*

George: Wow. Thank Merlin it was a prank. *kisses Edith*

Fred: *walks in* What are you- *sees them* Oi, Stella!

Edith: *pulls back* Get out Fred! Or I will make sure that you can never reproduce ever again.

Fred: *scared* Yes Ma'am. 

George: *eye roll* Git.

Edith: * opens trunk* Anyway, I gotta get ready. You mind leaving?

George: Sure. *walks out*

Edith: *texting Stella* GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!

Stella: *runs in* What happened?

Edith: *squeals* George forgive me!

Stella: *squeals* Did you two song yet?

Edith: Yeah we did, and your wonderful boyfriend walked in on us.

Stella: Oh. 

Edith: And I may have threatened him, so he's probably gonna be terrified of me for a while.

Stella: *chuckles* It's ok.

Edith: This is one of my longer chapters, so I'm gonna end it before I tell everyone about the world.

Stella: Good idea. 

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Chapter 25: Chapter 25
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A/N: Slytherin_named_Ash, your chapter is finally here! Also, I got the idea for this chapter from Hufflepuff4Ever! I'm caliing Slytherin_Named_ash, Ash. Cuz I'm lazy.


Ash: Is it my time yet?

Edith: Yes, it is.

Ash: Finally.

Edith: Anyway, we're pranking someone again.

Stella: *runs in* Did someone say prank?

Edith: Yup. Get in here!

Ash: What's the prank?

Edith: *singsong voice* Song lyric prank on George.

Stella: *gets comfy on bed* I want to see this play out.

Edith: I have some songs that I want to use. I'm going to mix up the lyrics to make the flow better.

Ash: Which songs?

Edith: Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac and We Don't Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth.

Ash: Ooh.

Edith: Anyway, George just got introduced to an iPhone and now he's probably playing something on it. *pulls out phone*

Stella: Which one are you going to do first?

Edith: Well, I'm going to do Go Your Own Way to make it sound like I'm breaking up with him and then I'm going to do We Don't Talk Anymore to sound like he's been going out with another girl.

Stella: You are really a heart breaker, aren't you?

Edith: Yeah, I am. *starts texting* *in the text* Loving you, isn't the right thing to do. How can I ever change things, that I feel?

Ash: Oh my! That sounds so real!

George: *in the text* What?!!!

Ash: Poor him. Keep going!

Edith: *in the text* If I could, maybe I'd give you my world. How can I, when you won't take it from me?

Stella: Did he respond yet?

George: *in the text* What are you talking about!!!!?

Edith: *in the text* You can go your own way, go your own way. You can call it, another lonely day. You can go your own way, go your own way.

George: *in the text* Wait, WHAT!

Stella: *looking at Edith's phone* OMG, I feel so bad for him.

Edith: *in the text* Tell me why, everything turned around. Packing up, shacking up is all you want to do.

George: *in the text* Are you saying that I want to BREAK UP WITH YOU?

Ash: He's still clueless.

Edith: *in the text* If I could, Baby, I'd give you my world. Open up, everything's waiting for you.

George: *in the text* I'm confused.

Ash: *laughing* Poor him.

Edith: *in the text* You can go your own way, go your own way.  You can call it, another lonely day. You can go your own way, go your own way.

George: *in the text* WHAT!?

Edith: Ok, that's done. Now, We Don't Talk Anymore.

Ash: Do it! This is nerve wracking!

Edith: *in the text* We don't talk anymore. We don't talk anymore. We don't talk anymore, like we used to do. We don't love anymore. What was all of it for? Oh, we don't talk anymore, like we used to do.

George: *in the text* WHAT! What do you mean I don't love you anymore?

Edith: *in the text* I just heard you've found the one you've been looking, you've been looking for. Wish I would've known that wasn't me. 'Cause even after all this time I still wonder, why I can't move on. Just the way you did so easily.

George: *in the text* WHAT! EDITH!!!

Edith: *in the text* Don't wanna know, if you're looking into her eyes, if she's holding onto so tight. The way I did before. I overdosed. Should've known your love was a games. Now I can't get you out of my brain. Oh, it's such a shame.

George: *in the text* EDITH! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!

Ash: Oh, he's so confuzzled.

Edith: Should I stop? I should stop.

Ash: Yeah, you should stop. Now, what are we gonna do?

Edith: *checks phone* Um. Bad news.

George: *in the text* Are you breaking up with me? Or do you think I'm cheating on you?

Stella: You should go talk to him. In real life. 

Edith: But, what do I say?

Ash: Beats me. *shoves Edith outside* Think of something.

Edith: Ugh. *goes to George's room* *knocks*

George: Come in.

Edith: *nervous* Hi.

George: Hi. 

Edith: *stands in doorway* 

George: About those texts.

Edith: Ok, hear me out. Stella played a prank on Fred called the song lyric prank and I did it too. 

George: So, you're saying that it was a prank?

Edith: Yeah?

George: Thank Merlin for that. I thought you were accusing my of cheating on you.

Edith: *sigh of relief* I would never do that. *walks out*

George: *evil smirk* I need revenge.

Edith: * walks into her room* He forgave me!

Ash: Yeah, I knew he would. 

Edith: So, what know?

Stella: *hears vibration* I think someone texted you.

Edith: Really? *looks at text* Oh my god!

Stella: What?

Fred: *in the text* George, don't tell Stella, but I'm cheating on her.


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Chapter 26: Chapter 26
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A/N: So, I was virtually screamed at by Stella, so, let me make it up to you! This chapter will feature Gryffindor_Princess25. I'm calling her Ava. 


Stella: What is it?

Ash: *disappears*

Ava: *walks in* Hi.

Edith: *looks up* Hi. Um, Stella. I just got a text from Fred. 

Stella: So?

Edith: *shows phone to Stella*

Stella: *reads* No. No, it can't be true. 

Edith: *puts phone away* But, we have proof right here.

Stella: *gets up* I'm talking to him. *walks out*

Ava: What's happening?

Edith: Um. I played the song lyric prank on George and then I explained what I did and then I came back in here and I got a text saying that Fred was cheating on Stella.

Ava: I'm an expert at this stuff. Respond to him asking who he's cheating on her for.

Edith: Ok. *in the text* Really? For who?

Fred: *in the text* Um. Edith.

Edith: WHAT! He's a total lier.

George: *rushes in* Are you cheating on me?

Edith: No! 

George: Then why did Fred just text me this? *in the text* Edith, where do you wanna meet next? Stella and George can't know that we're cheating on them.

Edith: *shocked* What the heck! *gets wand and walks to Fred's room* 

Stella: *almost in tears* Are you cheating on me?

Fred: H-How do you?

Stella: You texted Edith saying that you were cheating on me. 

Fred: I texted her? I meant to tell George.

Edith: *walks in* Why did you text George saying that we were cheating on them? *points wand at Fred*

Fred: Look, I can explain.

Stella: *furious* Then explain before we hex the life out of you!!!!

Fred: I was sick of you pranking me so I pulled my own prank.

Stella: What?

Edith: *puts wand away* You call this a prank?

Fred: Yeah. Remember that prank where Stella flirted with my brother? 

Stella: So, you pretend to be cheating on your girlfriend for your twin's girlfriend?

Fred: I thought it would be a good idea. Which I found out wasn't. 

Ava: So, um, I'm guessing this is fake.

Fred: Where did you come from?

Edith: Another Potterhead. Ava, yes it's fake. It's a prank.

Ava: You should tell George. He's furious. 

Edith: Fred, your call. 

Fred: Fine. *goes to George and explains*

George: What the heck! 

Fred: Look, I regret it now!

George: You better. *walks away and walks back* You should get pranking lessons. 

Edith: Are you two done bickering?

Stella: They won't be.

Edith: Ok. 

Ava: Boys.

Edith: That's the end of this chapter! Bye!

Ava and Stella: Bye!


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Chapter 27: Chapter 27
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A/N: Time for another prank!!!!! I got the idea from Slytherin_named_Ash. Also, this chapter will feature RadiantRavenclawWriter. I'm lazy, so I'm calling them Radiant. 


Edith: So, Radiant is coming today.

Stella: Where?

Radiant: Right here.

Stella: Hi! Anyway, what are we doing today?

Edith: A prank!!!!!

*suspense music*

Radiant: On who?

Edith: None other than Ronald Weasley!

*more suspense music*

Stella: Ooh. What prank?

Edith: Well, Ash gave me the idea of doing the prison call prank. So, does anyone have Hermione's number?

Radiant: Yeah, I do. *calls Hermione*

Hermione: *through phone* Yes?

Radiant: Edith needs to talk to you. *gives phone to Edith*

Edith: Hey Hermione! Can you do me a favor? We're pranking Ron, so can you make sure that he is on his phone? Make sure that he answers any phone call that he receives and he has the phone on speaker and that you record him. 

Hermione: Yeah, sure. I can do that.

Radiant: Oh, and Hermione?

Hermione: Yeah?

Radiant: Kiss Draco, take a picture of it and send it to me. I need to see the Dramione!!

Hermione: Um, ok? *cuts call*

Edith: Now, we need to get an automated voice. 

Stella: *typing on phone* Right here. 

Edith: Good. Now, we need a convincing reasoning.

Radiant: I can make one really quick. *starts writing on paper*

Edith: *finding Ron's phone number* Hey Radiant? Send me that Dramione picture once you get it.

Radiant: Ok. Here's the script: *on paper* You are receiving this call because Ronald Bilius Weasley, Id number 2357914, is being sent to prison for breaking the law. Please report to Alcatraz prison immediately. 

Stella: Ooh, yes!!! *types it onto automated voice machine*

Edith: Ready? *texts Hermione* Everything set?

Hermione: *in the text* Yup, should I start recording?

Edith: *text* Yes. *calls Ron*

Ron: *over phone* Hello?

Stella: *turns on automated voice machine* You are receiving this call because Ronald Bilius Weasley, Id number 2357914, is being sent to prison for breaking the law. Please report to Alcatraz prison immediately. 

Ron: *freaking out* WHAT!

Edith: *cuts call* 

Radiant: *laughing*

Stella: *laughing like crazy*

Edith: *laughing like crazy* 

Hermione: *sends video* *sends Dramione picture*

Radiant: I got Dramione!!!!!

Edith: *excited* Show me!

Radiant: *shows picture*

Edith and Radiant: *fangirling* 

Stella: You guys wanna watch the video?

Edith: Yes!!!!

*girl too watches video*

*girl trio part rolling on the floor and bed laughing*

Edith: *tries and fails to calm down* That's it for this chapter. See y'all later!


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Chapter 28: Chapter 28
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A/N: This chapter will feature Fiona Sailmane. Also, I might do the OC List again. There are sooooo many people on hold.


Fiona: Bello.

Stella: Hi. Wait, where do you come from?

Fiona: If you really want to know, I was first created when my parents-

Edith: AND, that's enough. 

Stella: *grossed out* I regret everything in life. 

Edith: Join the club.

Fiona: Pranks?

Stella: Yes!

Edith: But which prank?

Fiona: Song lyric prank? But, instead of breakup, something to scare them.

Stella: Yes!

Edith: Billie Eilish?

Stella: Yes!!!

Fiona: You say "Yes!" too much.

Stella: Yeah, I do. Anyway, which songs? And on who?

Edith: George? How about you should see me in a crown and bury a friend.

Fiona: Spicy.

Edith: *pulls out phone* in the text* Bite my tongue, bide my time. Wearing a warning sign. Wait 'till the world is mine. 

George: *in the text* What?

Edith: *in the text* Visions I vandalize. Cold in my kingdom size. Fell for these ocean eyes

George: *in the text* I'm confused. 

Fiona: *reading texts* Who wouldn't be confused?

Stella: Me. I listen to Billie Eilish.

Edith: Well, I haven't introduced him to the muggle world of music yet. *in the text* You should see me in a crown. I'm gonna run this nothing town. Watch me make 'em bow. One by one by one. One by one by. You should see me in a crown. Your silence is my favorite sound. Watch me make 'em bow. One by one by one. One by one by one.

George: *in the text* Uh, are you letting all of your inner evil Slytherin come out? 

Edith: *in the text* Count my cards, watch them fall. Blood on a marble wall. I like the way they all. Scream. Tell me which one is worse. Living or dying first. Sleeping inside a hearse. I don't dream.

Stella: That is defiantly the creepiest line.

Fiona: Hand downs.

George: *in the text* WHAT!

Edith: *snickering* *In the text* You say. Come over baby. I think you're pretty. I'm okay. I'm not your baby. If you think I'm pretty

George: *in the text* I mean, you're beautiful, but right now, you're just scaring me.

Stella: Ooh, do bury a friend now. 

Edith: Ok. *in the text* What do you want from me? Why don't you run from me? What are you wondering? What do you know? Why aren't you scared of me? Why do you care for me? When we all fall asleep, where do we go?

George: *in the text* Uhhhhh.

Edith: Say it, spit it out, what is it exactly? You're payin'? Is the amount cleanin' you out Am I satisfactory? Today, I'm thinkin' about. The things that are deadly. The way I'm drinkin' you down. Like I wanna drown, like I wanna end me.

George: *in the text* WHAT! YOU WANT TO DIE! WHAT!

Edith: *in the text* Step on the glass, staple your tongue.

George: *in the text* WHAT!

Edith: *in the text* bury a friend, try to wake up

George: *in the text* I'm coming to your room. 

Edith: Uh, he's coming. 

Fiona: Eek. Hide! I'll talk. 

Edith: *casts spell to make herself invisible*

George: *walks in* Edith?

Stella: She's, uh, not here at the moment. 

Fiona: But, we can convey a message.

George: It's about the texts.

Fiona: What texts?

George: *shows phone*

Stella: Oh my god. Well, Edith, show yourself.

Edith: *undoes the spell* On three.

Fiona: One.

Stella: Two. 

Fiona: Three.

Edith: PRANKED YOU!!!!

George: WHAT? What kind of prank is that?!

Edith: Song lyric prank. It's a Muggle thing. Fiona, time for you to go.

Fiona: Aww! Fine. It was amazing here! *disappears*

Stella: I need to run too. *runs out*

Edith: You're leaving me here? 

Stella: Yup!

Edith: *groan* By the way, to the readers, no more people can submit a form to get featured. I have a  lot of people waiting in line and I need to work on that and also update my other stories. End of chapter.


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