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Not Always the Same by Addi

Format: Novel
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 8,205
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Cedric, Fleur
Pairings: Bill/Fleur, Cho/Cedric, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 10/08/2020
Last Chapter: 10/17/2020
Last Updated: 10/17/2020


Ella Riddle was tormented by everyone because of her father. She got so sick of it, she stopped making friends, stopped letting people in and started hating her father. Ella is chosen to go to Hogwarts representing Beauxbatons. But what happens when her father comes back during the Triwizard Tournament? You find out sometimes children aren’t always the same as their parents.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Arrival
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Ella, who was lying in bed, couldn’t help but notice she was going to Hogwarts today. She had never been to Hogwarts before. Why? She goes to Beauxbatons.

She was thinking about who was at Hogwarts, Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived, the one her father tried to kill. Suddenly, she did not want to go. Ella didn’t want to deal with the fact that a Riddle and a Potter would be in the same building.

Her door opened and Ella saw a girl with blonde hair enter her room.

”Come on! We are going to Hogwarts today!” Fleur stated. Heading over to Ella’s wardrobe and grabbing her travelling uniform.

”I know. That’s why I’m still in bed,” Ella replied.

”I thought you wanted to go?” Fleur asked.

”I did, but I just realised a Riddle and a Potter will be in the same building, and most likely the same room,” Ella explained.

Fleur, who now has a smirk on her face, replied, “So you’re telling me, Ella Riddle, The Ella Riddle, is afraid of being in the same building as Harry Potter?”

”No...” Ella said. “All right, I’m coming.”

Ella stepped onto the cold tile floor. Fleur have her her uniform and she walked into the bathroom to change.

She slipped on her silk robe, put a low ponytail in her silky brown hair, just as they were instructed and stepped back out.

When Ella came out she saw Amélie had joined Fleur on her bed. Ella has always thought Amélie was super pretty. She has the same Veela blood Ella had, but Amélie has such beautiful brown skin that really stood out in the baby blue uniforms they had.

”Hey,” Ella said. “Are we ready?”

”Yeah, I think so,” Amélie replied.

”Almost,” Fleur said, putting Ella’s hat on her head. “You forgot your hat.”

”Thanks. Now, let’s go,” Ella said.

The three girls walked side by side down the corridor like they always had. Ella admired the detail put into making the golden designs on the walls and was sad she wouldn’t be doing her schooling in these corridors. Instead, she was going to be skipping schooling and walking around in old, plain corridors. Ella knew that because she studied Hogwarts when she found out about the Triwizard Tournament.

As they approached the Beauxbatons grounds, Ella saw the other girls at the large, powder blue carriage they were riding in. 

They walked to the carriage and the other girls stood back, afraid of them. Everyone had always been afraid of Ella, but she became friends with the only two people who accepted her and people became afraid of them as well. Some of the girls, however, were only intimidated by them, as they were all part-Veela, and were the three most popular girls in the school.

Ella appreciated the space people gave her, as she hated, hated, people outside of her small group of people she deemed “good.” She would never show she hated talking to them, but people just seemed to see that anyways.

Since their trunks were already on the carriage, all they had to so was go into their small “dorm”.

”All right,” said Madame Maxime, who was standing on the stairs to the carriage. “Our space is smaller than what we are used to, therefore, you will stay in your assigned dorms, unless invited into another, or you are coming to see me.”

Madame Maxime, who was one of the largest women Ella had ever seen, favorited  Ella, Fleur, and Amélie, had allowed them to take Gabrielle to Hogwarts with them. That way, they wouldn’t have someone else in their year with them.

Gabrielle was already inside the carriage because she was the youngest, and needed to not be seen by the rest of her year. 

Madame Maxime allowed the girls to go into their respective dorms. Ella didn’t mind the smallness of the dorm, especially since her room at the orphanage was a lot smaller.

The room had four blue beds, a couple windows, four wardrobes, and a desk. It replicated the dorms inside Beauxbatons, with golden designs on the wall and curtains on the beds.

On one of the beds, Gabrielle was reading a book.

”We’re here, Gabs,” Fleur said.

Gabrielle looked up and saw the three older girls.

”Yay,” Gabrielle replied. “I already put my stuff away, and I’ve been really bored.

”Well, we will change that,” Ella said. “We’ll talk, and paint nails, maybe do hair.”

”Really?” Gabrielle asked.

”Of course,” Amélie replied.

Gabrielle’s mood lifted immediately. Ella walked to the bed furthest from the door and claimed that one as hers. She found her trunk along the edge of the room and began to unpack. 

Once she was finished, she got out her favorite nail polish. Ella enchanted it to be clear while warm or room temperature, but when she was cold it would turn a light blue that almost looked white.

”Gabs, I brought the enchanted nail polish,” Ella stated.

”Awesome! That’s the best one,” Gabrielle replied.

The Beauxbatons carriage was now approaching Hogwarts. The only person who showed excitement was Gabrielle. The other three girls showed no emotion at all, as Hogwarts was neither better looking, nor worse than Beauxbatons. In fact, the only impressive thing they found about it, was it’s size. Hogwarts was about ten times bigger then Beauxbatons, though Beauxbatons was taller.

Their landing was very bumpy and Ella wished she had had a seatbelt. When it came to a stop, the four girls inside walked into the small corridor and stopped right behind Madame Maxime. 

The maintenance person, or janitor as some call them, jumped out of the carriage and fumbled with the stairs a little before he was able to pull them out fully. 

Madame Maxime stepped out of the carriage, and Ella caught a glimpse of the faces of the Hogwarts students. She giggled at their shock.

 When Madame Maxime stepped off of the stairs, Gabrielle, Ella, Amélie, and Fleur led the students coming out.

An old man with a long silvery beard and half moon spectacles walked up to Madame Maxime and kissed her hand. Ella made a face of disgust because it was weird to see a man that old kiss a woman’s hand when he was barely up to her waist.

"My dear Madame Maxime," he said. "Welcome to Hogwarts."

"Dumbly-dort," said Madame Maxime in a deep voice. "I 'ope I find you well?"

"In excellent form, I thank you," said Dumbledore.

"My pupils," said Madame Maxime, waving one of her enormous hands carelessly behind her.

All eyes turned to the Beauxbatons students, who were lined up in front of the carriage. They were all shivering because the weather was a lot colder than France. Ella had brought her shawl and wrapped it around her neck. Fleur and Amélie did the same. Gabrielle, who was the smallest there, stood in meat to Ella and was so cold she could barely stand. Ella noticed this and wrapped her arm around Gabrielle. 

The students, having a better view of the castle, looked at it, most with apprehensive faces, but Ella thought it looked horrible, it didn’t seem clean, and it wasn’t exactly the palace she was used to.

"As Karkaroff arrived yet?" Madame Maxime asked.

"He should be here any moment," said Dumbledore. "Would you like to wait here and greet him or would you prefer to step inside and warm up a trifle?"

"Warm up, I think," said Madame Maxime. "But ze 'orses -"

"Our Care of Magical Creatures teacher will be delighted to take care of them," said Dumbledore, "the moment he has returned from dealing with a slight situation that has arisen with some of his other - er - charges."

Ella thought about what could possibly be keeping this Care of Magical Creatures person. 

"My steeds require - er - forceful 'andling," said Madame Maxime, looking as though she doubted whether any Care of Magical Creatures teacher at Hogwarts could be up to the job. "Zey are very strong...."

"I assure you that Hagrid will be well up to the job," said Dumbledore, smiling.

"Very well," said Madame Maxime, bowing slightly. "Will you please inform zis 'Agrid zat ze 'orses drink only single-malt whiskey?"

"It will be attended to," said Dumbledore, also bowing.

"Come," said Madame Maxime imperiously to her students, and the Hogwarts crowd parted to allow her and her students to pass up the stone steps.

Ella studied the students faces, trying to see if she could find Harry Potter, but to no luck. She could not see that had a scar on their forehead.

Inside Hogwarts was no better than the outside, as it was dark and a bit dreary, the only light being torches on the wall.

They walked into a large room with four tables, and a ceiling that didn’t seem to be there. They sat down at a table near the large table in the front. 

”So, what do you think about it so far?” Amélie asked.

”I don’t like it. Too, uh, dusty?” Ella replied, not knowing if she was describing it right.

”I know what you mean,” Fleur said.

Suddenly, the Hogwarts students came in, along with what seemed to be Durmstrang.

Ella noticed that kids with yellow ties went one table, red at another, blue at the table she was sitting at, and green at the last table. 

The Durmstrang students seemed confused about where they were sitting and just stood around. Ella felt another chill down her spine, and she wrapped her shawl tighter. She, Fleur, and Amélie were the only three with them still on.

Ella noticed a girl at the red table glaring at her. She had bushy brown hair and seemed to be talking to her friends, but it looked like one didn’t care at all because he was watching the Durmstrang students.

”This is so funny,” Fleur said.

”Why do you think this is funny?” Amélie asked.

”The Hogwarts students have never seen someone attractive before. All the boys look at us, and the girls at Durmstrang,” Fleur explained.

”That’s true,” Ella giggled. She snuck a glance at the girl again and saw she was positively outraged with them.

”There’s a girl at the red table who seems to hate us,” Ella laughed.

”Well, sucks for her, and us. We’ll be staying for awhile,” Fleur replied.

”It’s not that bad,” Gabrielle sighed, annoyed at their antics.

”You say that now. At least we don’t have to take classes, unlike you,” Amélie said.

”I think it’ll be interesting, but they could have terrible teachers,” Gabrielle stated. “I don’t think I’ll particularly like that teacher.” 

Ella, Fleur, and Amélie looked at where she was pointing. The man Gabrielle was talking about wore black robes, and had greasy black hair.

Ella turned back to Gabrielle and said, “We’ll find a way for you to skip his classes.”

”No, it’s ok,” Gabrielle replied. “I don’t think he’ll be bad, I just don’t think I’ll like him that much.”

Ella looked around again and saw the Durmstrang students had sat down at the green table. She saw Viktor Krum, the famous quidditch player, being ambushed by a boy with pale-blonde hair.

Up at the staff table, there was a man adding chairs. He was wearing a moldy old tailcoat in honor of the occasion. Ella was surprised to see that he added four chairs, two on either side of the big chair in the center of the table.

"Do you guys know why he’s putting out four chairs?” Ella asked, pointing to the man.

”No,” Amélie replied.

When all the students had entered the Hall and settled down at their tables, the headmasters entered, filing up to the top table and taking their seats. When their headmistress appeared, the pupils from Beauxbatons leapt to their feet. A few of the Hogwarts students laughed. They did not resume their seats until Madame Maxime had sat down on Dumbledore's left-hand side. Dumbledore remained standing, and a silence fell over the Great Hall.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, ghosts and - most particularly - guests," said Dumbledore, beaming around at the foreign students. "I have great pleasure in welcoming you all to Hogwarts. I hope and trust that your stay here will be both comfortable and enjoyable."

Fleur, Ella, and Amélie, still clutching their shawls, gave derisive laughs.

"The tournament will be officially opened at the end of the feast," said Dumbledore. "I now invite you all to eat, drink, and make yourselves at home!"

He sat down, and Ella saw Karkaroff lean forward at once and engage him in conversation. She decided she didn’t need her shawl anymore and took it off.

The plates in front of them filled with food startling Ella. As she studied the food, she saw dishes from France and Bulgaria, but also dishes from England that looked absolutely disgusting. 

“They expect us to eat this?” Amélie questioned.

”I’d rather starve,” Fleur replied. “There isn’t enough French food for all of us.”

Ella looked at the gurl again and saw they hadn’t a large bowl of Bouillabaisse.

”I’m going to get some more,” Ella said. “We will not starve.”

As she was walking to the red table, a large man, almost the size of Madame Maxime, talked to the girl and some of her friends, but quickly left and went to the staff table.

She approached the table and heard one of the boys say, "Yeah, I'll just bet they are. Looks like they've finally found a food they like, doesn't it? Hagrid's fingers."

She decided not to question it and said, “Excuse me, are you wanting ze bouillabaisse?"

Ella studied the reactions of the three people closest to her. There was the girl, who seemed angry with her, a red-headed boy who’s face turned purple, and another boy with messy, black hair who didn’t seem to care.

The red-headed boy replied with a faint gurgling noise, making Ella try her beat not to seem like she noticed it.

"Yeah, have it," said other boy, pushing the dish towards her.

"You 'ave finished wiz it?"

"Yeah," the red-headed boy said breathlessly. "Yeah, it was excellent."

Ella picked up the dish and carried it carefully off to the blue table. She could still feel the eyes of the red-headed big goggling at the her as though he had never seen a girl before.

As Ella crossed the Hall, she could see and feel more and more people staring at her. She didn’t mind it, as she had grown up with them watching her.

Ella placed the bowl at the center of the group of Beauxbatons students.

“Thank you,” Fleur said.

”Of course. There’s no way I would let us eat that disgusting stuff,” Ella replied, pointing to the English food.

”Maybe it tastes better then it looks?” Amélie suggested. 

“That’s a possibility, but I don’t think I could bring myself to eat it,” Ella said. She then noticed something at the staff table. “Look, there are more people.”

Fleur, Amélie, and Gabrielle looked at where she was pointing.

”Who are they?” asked Fleur.

”One of them is Ludo Bagman, he was a famous quidditch player, but I don’t know who the other is,” Gabrielle replied.

”They look crusty,” Amélie noticed, causing them all to laugh.

Ella then began to eat some Bouillabaisse and Coq Au Vin.

”At least this tastes close to how it does in France,” Ella said.

”Yeah, hopefully they have crepes for dessert,” Amélie replied.

Ella finished eating her food and looked around the Hall again. She had never seen so many people in one place, probably because Beauxbatons was picky about who they let in. Ella saw there were many more boys at Hogwarts then there were at Beauxbatons. One of them caught her eye, Andy she quickly looked away, blushing.

When the second course arrived they noticed a number of French desserts too. Amélie quickly grabbed the crepes that were there, Fleur did not eat anything, and Ella ate a piece of soufflé, or pie, as the English like to call it.

”Hey, Ella,” Gabrielle said. Ella looked at Gabrielle and saw a smirk on her face. “Look at who wants you to come back.”

Ella looked at the table she had gone to to get Bouillabaisse, and saw that the red-headed boy has indeed pushed the French dessert in Ella’s line of sight.

”Well, sucks for him. I’m not going, we have enough desserts,” Ella replied.

All four of them laughed.

Once the golden plates had been wiped clean, Dumbledore stood up again. A pleasant sort of tension seemed to fill the Hall now. Ella was excited about what was to come, and hoped that, she, Amélie, or Fleur would get picked as a champion.

"The moment has come," said Dumbledore, smiling around at the sea of upturned faces. "The Triwizard Tournament is about to start. I would like to say a few words of explanation before we bring in the casket-"

"The what?" Amélie muttered.

“No clue,” Ella replied.

"- just to clarify the procedure that we will be following this year. But first, let me introduce, for those who do not know them, Mr. Bartemius Crouch, Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation" - there was a smattering of polite applause - "and Mr. Ludo Bagman, Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports."

There was a much louder round of applause for Bagman than for Crouch, maybe because of his fame as a Beater, or maybe because he looked so much more likable. He acknowledged it with a jovial wave of his hand. Bartemius Crouch did not smile or wave when his name was announced. His toothbrush mustache and severe parting looked very odd next to Dumbledore's long white hair and beard.

"Mr. Bagman and Mr. Crouch have worked tirelessly over the last few months on the arrangements for the Triwizard Tournament," Dumbledore continued, "and they will be joining myself, Professor Karkaroff, and Madame Maxime on the panel that will judge the champions' efforts."

At the mention of the word "champions," the attentiveness of the listening students seemed to sharpen. Perhaps Dumbledore had noticed their sudden stillness, for he smiled as he said, "The casket, then, if you please, Mr. Filch."

The man who had put up the chairs, now approached Dumbledore carrying a great wooden chest encrusted with jewels. It looked extremely old. A murmur of excited interest rose from the watching students; a small boy actually stood on his chair to see it properly, but, being so tiny, his head hardly rose above anyone else's.

"The instructions for the tasks the champions will face this year have already been examined by Mr. Crouch and Mr. Bagman," said Dumbledore as Filch placed the chest carefully on the table before him, "and they have made the necessary arrangements for each challenge. There will be three tasks, spaced throughout the school year, and they will test the champions in many different ways.. their magical prowess - their daring - their powers of deduction - and, of course, their ability to cope with danger."

At this last word, the Hall was filled with a silence so absolute that nobody seemed to be breathing.

"As you know, three champions compete in the tournament," Dumbledore went on calmly, "one from each of the participating schools. They will be marked on how well they perform each of the Tournament tasks and the champion with the highest total after task three will win the Triwizard Cup. The champions will be chosen by an impartial selector: the Goblet of Fire."

Dumbledore now took out his wand and tapped three times upon the top of the casket. The lid creaked slowly open. Dumbledore reached inside it and pulled out a large, roughly hewn wooden cup. It would have been entirely unremarkable had it not been full to the brim with dancing blue-white flames.

Dumbledore closed the casket and placed the goblet carefully on top of it, where it would be clearly visible to everyone in the Hall.

"Anybody wishing to submit themselves as champion must write their name and school clearly upon a slip of parchment and drop it into the goblet," said Dumbledore. "Aspiring champions have twenty-four hours in which to put their names forward. Tomorrow night, Halloween, the goblet will return the names of the three it has judged most worthy to represent their schools. The goblet will be placed in the entrance hall tonight, where it will be freely accessible to all those wishing to compete.

"To ensure that no underage student yields to temptation," said Dumbledore, "I will be drawing an Age Line around the Goblet of Fire once it has been placed in the entrance hall. Nobody under the age of seventeen will be able to cross this line.

"Finally, I wish to impress upon any of you wishing to compete that this tournament is not to be entered into lightly. Once a champion has been selected by the Goblet of Fire, he or she is obliged to see the tournament through to the end. The placing of your name in the goblet constitutes a binding, magical contract. There can be no change of heart once you have become a champion. Please be very sure, therefore, that you are wholeheartedly prepared to play before you drop your name into the goblet. Now, I think it is time for bed. Good night to you all."

Ella looked at her fellow classmates and saw that some had become very nervous about this tournament, though, she was not. Ella knew about the dangers as she had researched it, she practiced extra spells, and perfected them all.

”So, shall we head back to the carriage?” Amélie said.

”Yeah, of course, why wouldn’t we,” Fleur replied.

”I don’t know, maybe we want to stay and look intimidating?” Amélie laughed.

”I like doing that, but I’m tired,” Ella sighed.

”Yeah, me too,” Amélie replied.

They walked along with Gabrielle, but were stopped in a crowd of people. At the front was Karkaroff, his students, and a Hogwarts boy.

"Yeah, that's Harry Potter," said a growling voice at the front.

Ella was immediately frozen, Harry Potter was there, the boy her father tried to kill.

”Hey, it’s ok. Don’t worry about it,” Amélie comforted.

Ella could only nod her head in acknowledgement.

"You!" Karkaroff said, staring at a man as though unsure he was really seeing him.

"Me," said the man grimly. "And unless you've got anything to say to Potter, Karkaroff, you might want to move. You're blocking the doorway."

It was true; half the students in the Hall were now waiting behind them, looking over one another's shoulders to see what was causing the holdup.

Without another word, Professor Karkaroff swept his students away with him. 

Ella looked at the boy they were talking about, hoping to try and memorize his face so she could avoid him, but to no use, he had already turned around and was walking out of the Hall.

As the students filed out, Ella, Fleur, Amélie, and Gabrielle pushes their way to the front of the crowd and out the door. 

They walked outside and started shivering abs the outside air was much colder now that it was dark.

”W-who knew it w-would be this cold?” Amélie said shivering. “I-it was p-perfectly f-fine in France.”

”Y-yeah, I a-agree,” Ella replied, also shivering.

The four girls quickly walked to the carriage. Ella saw that their carriage was near a small hut with some weird animals around it in cages.

They entered the carriage and were immediately a lot warmer than they were outside.

”At least the carriage is warm,” Fleur said.

”Mm-hmm,” Ella replied. The four girls walked to their dorm and quickly changed into their pajamas.

”So, what did you guys think of Hogwarts?” Ella asked.



”It was fine to me,” Gabrielle said.

”That’s because you are a lot more welcoming than us,” Ella said.

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Stupid Hogwarts Students
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The next day, Ella slept in a little later than she had planned, but the sun was only just rising so she let herself slide. She was always the one to wake up before dawn, it was the only peaceful time she had.

Ella quickly changed into her normal uniform, and stepped outside is the carriage. It wasn’t as cold as yesterday, maybe because she wasn’t wearing the fine silk, but rather thick, layered fabric.

The air outside was crisp and clear, something she enjoyed since it wasn’t the same at the orphanage. Ella was glad she didn’t live in the orphanage anymore, the Delacours has taken her in when they found out where she was living.

Ella closed her eyes and let the wind touch her face. After awhile, she felt something fall onto her face.

She looked down at where it had fallen and saw a letter. Ella thought it was quite weird because she had never gotten a letter from anyone other than Fleur and Amélie.

She reached down and picked up the letter, when she opened it, she realized it was from Dumbledore.

Miss Riddle,

Please meet me at my office.

-Professor Dumbledore

Why would she meet him at his office, she didn’t even know where it was. Ella decided it was ok for her to go anyways, as she had nothing else to do.

She walked towards the looming castle, it seemed eerie with the way the sun was hitting it.

She stepped inside and had no idea where she was going. She decided she would check the Hall where she had been the day before.

She walked in and saw one person. Ella walked towards the girl, she had beautiful, long red hair Ella couldn’t see the color of her eyes though.

”Excusez-moi,” Ella said.

The girl looked at Ella. The sunlight hit her brown eyes and made them look like honey. 

“Can ‘ou direct me to ze ‘eadmaster’s office?” Ella asked.

”Sure,” the girl said. She got up and walked, Ella followed.

”Your from Beauxbatons?” she asked.

”Yes,” Ella replied.

”That’s cool. I’m from Hogwarts, obviously,” the girl started. “I’ve always wondered, is your school different from ours?”

”Very. Your school— iz more, uh, medieval, zhan ours,” Ella explained. “Beauxbatons iz more like a palace.”

”That’s cool,” the girl said.

They had already gone up several flights of stairs, and down a few corridors when they stopped.

”Dumbledore’s office is right up there,” the girl said. Ella looked up at the staircase she would have to take. It was quite large, so large Ella couldn’t see the end of it.

”Merci,” Ella said.

”I’m Charlotte Adams,” she said, sticking out her hand.

”Ella Riddle,” Ella replied, shaking her hand.

Charlotte didn’t seem to realize who her father was, giving Ella hope Harry might not either.

”It’s nice to meet you,” Charlotte said.

”You too,” Ella replied before walking up the staircase. About halfway up the staircase, Ella started getting tired, but she could finally see the ending and decided to push through.

Finally, she got to the landing and saw a hippogriff statue, but nothing else. She waited, thinking that this could be a prank, when a boy came up. 

“Who are you?” he asked.

”Vhy should I tell ‘ou?” Ella replied.

The hippogriff statue than turned and another staircase was revealed. Ella walked up the staircase and the boy followed.

Ella came into a room with many trinkets of all sizes. In the middle of the room, sat Dumbledore.

”Ah, welcome. Please sit,” he said gesturing towards two chairs in front of his desk.

Ella took the seat on the left and the boy took the one on the right.

”You must be wondering why I have summoned you,” Dumbledore said. “You two, are related in a way no other person is related.”

Ella thought this was absurd and definitely a prank.

”Harry Potter,” Dumbledore continued.

Ella then changed her mind, this was definitely not a prank.

”I would like you to meet Ella Riddle.”

Harry turned toward Ella with a look of shock and fear. Of course, Ella had to be introduced to the one person she was trying to avoid.

”Ella, I know you’re upset about this—“ Dumbledore started.

”Very,” Ella interrupted, standing up. “Now, I vill be leaving and good luck trying to get back to me. No, I vill not ‘urt ‘arry, but I vill not tolerate zhis. Au revoir”

She then left the office leaving Harry wondering how anyone could do such a thing in Dumbledore’s presence.

As Ella was walking back down the staircase, she walked by a window and saw the sun had risen. Her stomach growled and she decided it was time to eat something.

When Ella got to the Great Hall, she quickly found Fleur and Amélie eating at the blue tabl, where they had sat last night.

”There you are!” Amélie exclaimed as Ella sat across from them.

”Where have you been?” Fleur asked.

Ella rolled her eyes and replied, “Dumbledore asked me to meet him in his office, and told Potter who I was.”

”Oh, that—“ Amélie began.

”Shh,” Fleur calmed. “We don’t want to anger anyone.”

”Sorry,” Amélie said. “I forgot we”

”I’m starting to like this school less,” Ella replied.

”At least it’s only for this year, and we don’t have to converse with the Hogwarts students,” Fleur reminded.

”Except for the Yule Ball. Madame Maxime will require us to have a date,” Amélie said. “I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Ella would ever accept someone’s offer.”

Fleur laughed and Ella said, “Hey! I would too, depends though. I don’t want to go with some random person.”

”Please, there isn’t anyone here who isn’t random,” Fleur replied.

”True, very true, but we can at least find someone who isn’t absolutely awful,” Ella suggested.

The three of them laughed.

”What’s so funny?” Gabrielle asked, sneaking up behind them.

”Oh, nothing,” Amélie said.

Gabrielle shrugged her shoulders as she sat next to Ella.

”What class do you have first?” Ella asked.

”Umm... I don’t know, but I’m meeting with someone named Charlotte Adams, she’s going to be in all of my classes,” Gabrielle replied.

”I met with her this morning. She seems older than you,” Ella said confused.

”Apparently I’m smarter than the kids my age here,” Gabrielle replied grabbing a croissant.

”You should be, the kids here are stupid. This morning, one thought Amélie was from their school,” Fluer told Gabrielle.

”Harry asked me if I was from Beauxbatons. They really are stupid,” Ella commented, rolling her eyes. “Stupid Hogwarts students.”

”Wow,” Gabrielle said. “I’ve got to go meet with Charlotte now.”

”Bye,” Ella, Fleur, and Amélie said.

When Gabrielle had left, Fleur asked, “Did he really ask if you went to Beauxbatons?”

Ella was about to answer when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw a bushy haired girl.

”Are you really Ella Riddle? And you walked out on Dumbledore?” she asked.

”Yes, and yes,” Ella replied turning back to Fleur and Amélie.

”Anyways, yeah, he did. He’s stupid honestly—“

”Why did you do that?” the girl asked.

”Dumbledore vas rude. I don’t understand vhy ‘e is ‘eadmaster. Madame Maxime is much better,” Ella said.

”Dumblydore shouldn’t ‘ave put Ella in ze same room as ze stupid Potter,” Amélie replied.

”He is not stupid!” the girl defended.

Ella rolled her eyes and replied, “‘e asked me if I vas vrom Beauxbatons. ‘E’s stupid.”

”Ok, that was, a little stupid,” the girl admitted. “But you still shouldn’t say that.”

”Vell, ‘ou are talking to Ella. Ella only zpeaks ze truth, no matter if it might ‘urt someone,” Fluer said.

”Fine, but I have to know. Are you going to hurt him? Is that your mission here?” the girl asked.

Ella was very frustrated with this girl so she decided to ignore her.

”This girl, I swear, she just gets worse,” Ella told Fluer and Amélie.

”Answer me!” she exclaimed.

Ella turned to her and said, “It vasn’t originally, but if ‘ou don’t ‘old your tongue, I might ‘urt you, and trust me, I am more powerful zhan your precious Potter. I am a Riddle after all.”

This seemed to scare the girl as she turned around and walked away.

“Well, she’s gone,” Ella said turning back towards Fleur and Amélie.

”Finally. I hope she doesn’t come back, or you might hurt her,” Amélie replied.

”No, she’ll definitely hurt her, unless she apologizes,” Fleur corrected.

Ella rolled her eyes and said, “Your both wrong. If she comes back, I will most likely hurt her, and then, if she apologizes I’ll stop, but if she doesn’t, I will continue.”

“Well, now that I remember, we need to put our names in. So we’d better get back to the carriage,” Fluer said.

”Your right,” Amélie replied. The three girls got up and began walking down the Great Hall. Ella overheard the girl from earlier talking to Harry.

”I’m not sure Dumbledore should let her stay, she even said she’d hurt me,” she said.

“Yes, but she told Dumbledore she wouldn’t hurt me,” Harry replied.

”I don’t care, she could’ve been lying, plus, the other girls all said they were scared of her and her friends.”

Ella had had enough of this girl, so she walked up behind her and whispered in her ear, “‘Ou best be careful. ‘Ou zpeak too loudly and ‘ou don’t seem to recognize vhen someone is eavesdropping.”

Ella then walked to Fluer and Amélie who were waiting by the entrance to the Great Hall. 

“What was that all about?” Fluer asked.

”Oh, nothing,” Ella replied.

”She should just give it up, really,” Amélie said.

Ella smiled and replied, “She should worry about her, not the boy.”

Then they walked back to the carriage to prepare to enter the tournament.

Chapter 3: Chapter 3: The Unpredictable Happening
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The Beauxbatons students walked out of the carriage in three straight lines, Madame Maxime leading. Ella lead the middle row, Fleur to her left and Amélie to her right.

In her hand, Ella had the piece of paper with her name and scroll on it that she would put in the Goblet of Fire. Never had she hoped it wasn’t her, she wanted Fleur to win, or Amélie, but Ella knew Amélie didn’t want it either.

Before they entered the Great Hall, two people ran out of it, they had long, white beards. Ella thought they must have used an aging potion because she had never seen them around before, but then again, she had only been there for a day.

The girls walked up to the Goblet of Fire and Madame Maxime stepped out of the way. Fleur went first, the Ella. She stepped over the age line and felt the heat from the fire on her face. Her hand reached up, dropped the paper in the Goblet and quickly returned to her other hand behind her back.

Ella joined Fleur and waited for Amélie. When she had joined them, they walked out to the lake. The lake was very calm and serene, except for the Durmstrang boat.

“So, who do you guys want to be champion?” Fleur asked.

Ella and Amélie both said, “You.”

”Why? I, personally, think Ella would be a great champion,” Fleur replied.

”Except, I don’t want to draw attention to myself. I don’t need any reason for Dumbledore to think I could be cheating,” Ella answered.

Amélie said, “I just don’t want to.”

The three girls continued to walk around the lake in silence, leaving Ella to think about what would happen that night. Would they turn against each other? The only way Ella could see that happening was if she got champion and Fleur didn’t.

”What happens if one of us gets it?” Ella asked.

”We’ll study, and practice, until the champion wins,” Amélie replied.

“Or, someone could find out what the tasks are, one person will find out what the other champions are doing, and the champion will learn spells to help them complete the task,” Fleur suggested.

”How about let’s not cheat? I mean, I’m not against it, just would preferably not want to,” Ella replied.

Fleur shrugged in acknowledgement. They continued in silence again, but instead of walking around the lake, they walked back to the Great Hall. 

It was filled with students, all in anticipation of finding out the champions. Ella walked with Fleur and Amélie to the end of the blue table, which Gabrielle had told them was called Ravenclaw.

Ella saw the girl from earlier that day glaring at her, Ella smirked, causing her glare to become angrier and her to turn her head.

”She’s still on to you?” Amélie asked.

”Yup, and probably will be for awhile, but I don’t care,” Ella replied.

”Of course you don’t,” Fleur said.

Ella then realized how hungry she was. She didn’t care al to much about the champions, but wanted food.

The Durmstrang students came in and took off their cloaks. Once everyone was settled, the food appeared.

”Finally!” Ella exclaimed.

Fleur giggled. “We’re you hungry?”

Ella rolled her eyes and replied, “Yes.”

”They have more French food this time,” Amélie noticed.

Ella looked at the table and indeed saw more French cuisine. She put some soupe à l’oignon in her bowl. 

“So, Ella, what are you going to do about the Potter situation?” Fleur asked.

”I thought I told you?” Ella replied.

”No,” Amélie said.

”Well,” Ella started. “I guess I’m going to ignore it. I might end up becoming friends with him, I might not. It doesn’t matter though because my dad isn’t alive.”

”But, what if he comes back?” Amélie asked.

”I wouldn’t be surprised,” Ella replied. “But he won’t, even if he does, I wouldn’t join him, but I would at least get to know my dad.”

”No surprise, your literally afraid of nothing,” Fleur said.

”That’s not true,” Ella replied.

”Really?” Fleur asked. “Tell me one thing your afraid of.”

“I’m afraid of—“ Ella thought for awhile about something she was afraid of, but could only find one thing that she would admit. “English food.”

”Exactly,” Fleur said. “You aren’t afraid of anything. I know you are afraid of things but you won’t show it.”

Ella blushed because she knew this was right. She would never in her life admit to being afraid of things. If she had had a normal life, she would be afraid of her dad, but she didn’t and her fear had turned into hatred.

Ella ate some of her soup and looked around the Great Hall. Eating took longer than yesterday, but that was probably because they had eaten so much the day before. Some people looked anxious, some excited, some like they didn’t care. Ella noticed that everyone was a lot louder than they had been the day before and she hated that.

Ella quickly finished her soup in anticipation, to no use, everyone else was still eating. She continued looking around and caught the eye of the same boy as before. This time, she held it. He had warm brown eyes and black hair, but what Ella really loved, were his freckles.

He looked away, at one of his friends, causing Ella to realize what had happened, making her blush.

”Has a certain someone caught your eye?” Amélie asked.


”Yes,” Fleur interrupted. “You should talk to him. I’m sure he won’t mind.”

”No,” Ella said.

”Fine,” Fleur replied smirking.

”But that does not give you permission to talk to him,” Ella added.

Her smirk faded. “Oh, come on.”

It was Ella’s turn to smirk. Suddenly, the plates cleared and Dumbledore stood up. The entire hall was silent, almost as if no one was breathing. Ella certainly wasn’t.

"Well, the goblet is almost ready to make its decision," said Dumbledore. "I estimate that it requires one more minute. Now, when the champions' names are called, I would ask them please to come up to the top of the Hall, walk along the staff table, and go through into the next chamber" - he indicated the door behind the staff table - "where they will be receiving their first instructions."

He took out his wand and gave a great sweeping wave with it; at once, all the candles except those inside the carved pumpkins were extinguished, plunging them into a state of semidarkness. The Goblet of Fire now shone more brightly than anything in the whole Hall, the sparkling bright, bluey-whiteness of the flames almost painful on the eyes. Everyone watched, waiting....A few people kept checking their watches...

The flames inside the goblet turned suddenly red again. Sparks began to fly from it. Next moment, a tongue of flame shot into the air, a charred piece of parchment fluttered out of it - the whole room gasped.

Dumbledore caught the piece of parchment and held it at arm's length, so that he could read it by the light of the flames, which had turned back to blue-white.

"The champion for Durmstrang," he read, in a strong, clear voice, "will be Viktor Krum."

Ella saw Viktor Krum rise from the green table and slouch up toward Dumbledore; he turned right, walked along the staff table, and disappeared through the door into the next chamber.

"Bravo, Viktor!" boomed Karkaroff, so loudly that everyone could hear him, even over all the applause. "Knew you had it in you!"

The clapping and chatting died down. Now everyone's attention was focused again on the goblet, which, seconds later, turned red once more. A second piece of parchment shot out of it, propelled by the flames.

"The champion for Beauxbatons," said Dumbledore, "is Fleur Delacour!"

Ella smiled because she was not the champion. 

“Good job, Fleur,” Ella said.

”You’ll do good,” Amélie added.

Fleur rolled her eyes and said, “Of course I will.”

Ella looked at the other Beauxbatons girls and saw two of them were crying. No surprise, they were weaklings and thought they even had a chance at being champion.

When Fleur too had vanished into the side chamber, silence fell again, but this time it was a silence so stiff with excitement you could almost taste it. The Hogwarts champion next...

And the Goblet of Fire turned red once more; sparks showered out of it; the tongue of flame shot high into the air, and from its tip Dumbledore pulled the third piece of parchment.

"The Hogwarts champion," he called, "is Cedric Diggory!"

It was the loudest cheer Ella had ever heard. The entire yellow table, which was right next to them, erupted in cheers. This Diggory must have been popular their, as everyone seemed to know who he was.

"Excellent!" Dumbledore called happily as at last the tumult died down. "Well, we now have our three champions. I am sure I can count upon all of you, including the remaining students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, to give your champions every ounce of support you can muster. By cheering your champion on, you will contribute in a very real -"

But Dumbledore suddenly stopped speaking, and it was apparent to everybody what had distracted him.

The fire in the goblet had just turned red again. Sparks were flying out of it. A long flame shot suddenly into the air, and borne upon it was another piece of parchment.

Automatically, it seemed, Dumbledore reached out a long hand and seized the parchment. He held it out and stared at the name written upon it. There was a long pause, during which Dumbledore stared at the slip in his hands, and everyone in the room stared at Dumbledore. And then Dumbledore cleared his throat and read out -

"Harry Potter."

There was no applause. The entire hall was silent. No one dared whisper.

Up at the top table, a Professor with a tight bun had got to her feet and swept past Ludo Bagman and Professor Karkaroff to whisper urgently to Professor Dumbledore, who bent his ear toward her, frowning slightly.

Ella turned to Amélie and whispered nervously, “They’re going to think I put his name in.”

”They better not, there’s no way you did. You didn’t want to go in yourself,” Amélie replied.

”But they don’t know that, and I would never admit to them that I didn’t want to enter,” Ella reminded.

”Well, I don’t know what to say, other than, you didn’t do it,” Amélie sighed.

At the top table, Professor Dumbledore had straightened up, nodding to the woman.

"Harry Potter!" he called again. "Harry! Up here, if you please!"

Harry got to his feet, and tripped. He set off up the gap between the red and yellow tables. Soon, he was in front of Professor Dumbledore.

"Well...through the door, Harry," said Dumbledore. He wasn't smiling.

Harry moved off along the teachers' table until he too, had walked through the door.

“All right, everyone else I know you are excited to congratulate your champion, but if you would please go back to your dorms, and keep the celebrating for tomorrow,” Dumbledore said.

Everyone in the Great Hall had left, except Ella and Amélie, before Dumbledore said, “Miss Riddle, I know you don’t wish to speak to me, but I must speak with you.”

Ella turned around and said, “I know zhis is about ‘arry. I didn’t put ‘is name in.”

”I still need to speak with you.”

Ella turned to Amélie and said, “I’ll catch up to you later. I have to deal with the stupid Dumbledore.”