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The Nothing Shop by Nothing is everything

Format: Novel
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 6,486
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature

Genres: Mystery
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 09/14/2020
Last Chapter: 10/02/2020
Last Updated: 10/04/2020


My Harry Potter version of a certain book this ones called the nothing shop and I couldn't get this pair on pairing down here it is! Hugo/Lily.


Can I just say, this is my first proper story. That's a bit embarrassing. Please read. Why I don't like Dumbledore 1 and 2 are articles nit stories. Fan art is no story either! Nor is my fact and joke story. They are not proper books. Please read please review and please favourite.

Chapter 1: Prologue
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BEFORE YOU READ I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO SOME PEOPLE! To Ginny Lovegood your review on Why I don’t like Dumbledore was about piggy and I completely agree it is truly the best. To PenelopeGryffin_PygmyPuff your review meant a lot to me and piggy 2 released this Sunday so exciting! To Ravenclaw_or_Hufflepuff your review really made me think about what I needed to do to improve my story you get double shout out cause you reviewed twice. And finally Lightning Rose you are my first reviewer and you agreed with all of my reasons you truly get me so you all are the best!




Hogwarts was wild with talking that day. The day the shop showed up out of Nowhere. The students traded weird and wonderful theories, wondering how the shop got there. “Did you here? It sits between Honey-Dukes and The Three Broomsticks!”

“It’s brickwork is as black as midnight and it sparkles strangely in the light!”
“It just appeared over night!”

For the rest of that day the students kept going over to it to peer at it or examine it before they would have to go back to Hogwarts and wait another month for the next Hogsmede weekend...


By 4 o clock a crowd of students gathered around the strange shop looking around them for some sort of clue to how this mysterious shop came to be. Suddenly fireworks exploded the air and the crowd gasped in excitement. The fireworks seemed to go on for over 10 minutes and the students watched the dancing lights fill the air, holding their breath, waiting, waiting for something else to happen. The fireworks finally stopped and changed patterns. Then finally they formed one last pattern which read words that could be seen clearly in the cloudy sky.


         Bring your imagination...


The fireworks fell into a rain of golden light which disappeared very quickly into the air. It was dark now and it was nearly time for the students to head back but a very intricate gold door appeared which swung open and fell to dust. The crowd touched the bricks and examined the tips of their fingers, they walked inside...



Three weeks later at the next Hogsmede weekend...


A man with cold grey eyes appeared in the village, he was polite and payed for his room with fresh new galleons from Gringotts. But something about him troubled the students, perhaps it was his eyes? Or perhaps it was the fact that he was asking about a shop made from midnight coloured bricks which no student could recall seeing...



Chapter 2: The cave of wonders
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I wanna say a big thank you to a girl called Lillian Rose Potter who wrote a story called The Cave. I’m hoping chapter four comes out soon but if I could give you any advice it would be to read that story and admire where it’s going. If you read this Lillian keep it up!

Hogsmede Present Day...


“Look out! Coming through!”


“Watch where you’re going!”


Hugo Granger Weasley darted through the busy cues and shopping crowds in Hogsmede, pushing and twisting and weaving. His lungs burned and his legs ached, but he did not stop. He couldn’t stop; Scorpious Malfoy and his gang were chasing him. And everyone in his year at Hogwarts knew that I’d Scorpious was after you, you didn’t slow down.

Hugo wheeled left at HoneyDukes almost slipping on a sweet wrapper. He turned into a narrow street lined with houses and coffee shops. Carved stone angels and gargoyles seemed to watch the street from high above.


Hugo’s head swung from righ5 to left. Where next? He wondered how far he was from the train station. He imagined jumping on a train heading for the coast where he could show away on a boat with his family, escape from Hogwarts, maybe attend Durmstrang? Somewhere with no Scorpious would be nice.


“When I’m done with you you better not cry for help or you’ll get double!” Scorpious yelled at him from somewhere back among the crowds. “You were wailing like a pig in a slaughter house last time! You probably woke everyone else up! Ha, ha! Don’t worry, when we’re done with you you can cry about your broken legs!”


Scorpius and his gang were bigger and older than Hugo, and faster and stronger. Sooner or later they’d catch him. He sprinted across the street, junked into the nearest shop and slammed the heavy door shut. He clutched at his chest and watched through the darkened glass of the door, crouching out of sight. He could hear the gang shouting as they thundered past.

“Where’d he go? Where is the tiny spit ball?”

“Must be up here!”

Hugo’s shoulders sagged. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. The air was infused with the jumbled perfume of furniture polish and dust, and something like melting chocolate. Then he opened his eyes , and for the first time became fully aware of his surroundings.


The shop was a cave of wonders. Everywhere he looked, Hugo saw soneth8bg he wanted to hold, to have if his own. Suckled and Galleons and crystal gleamed and sparkles in the light of a spitting fire. Intricate silver hands and vanishing cabinets of varying size and splendour covered the shelves. Large books about dark magic and guides to be shape shifters and Animagi. There were holograms and dark powder; rusted swords; stuffed animals; columns of old prophets as high as the ceiling; jewels that seemed to glow with a silvery light. A muggle wooden soldier stood in one corner, eying the shop like a watchman. Even particles of dust, caught in a bar of sunlight, seemed to glow like stars.


“How did you get in here? We’re closed!”

The voice startled Hugo. In the far corner of the room stood a small desk with feet like eagles talons. Behind the desk sat a tall man with an old shirt and trousers on. His scruffy black hair was wild and tangled. On the desk in front of the man lay a battered book. His hand hovered over an open page, clutching a quill. He stared at Hugo with cold grey eyes.

“Sorry,” said Hugo. “Didn’t mean to bother you. Someone’s chasing me.” As he spoke, his eyes were drawn to the book on the desk, which had begun to tremble against the dark grain of the wood, as if there was something in the pages trying to get out.


The man frowned. He glanced from Hugo to the book and snapped it shut, locked it away in his desk, and got up and marched past Hugo to the door. “See?” He said pointing to a sign hanging on the door that read CLOSED. “Closed.” He tried the door handle, opened the door. “I could have sworn I locked it.” He spun back to face Hugo, staring at him through narrowed eyes. “Who’s after you?”

“Big boys. From Hogwarts.” He said as the fire snapped and cracked.

“Whee are your parents?” Said the man. Hugo thought this was an odd question to ask seeing as there was a high chance he wouldn’t know, but he did know so he answered in attempt not to get thrown out back onto the streets.

“Dads probably running his joke shop in Diagon Alley, and no doubt Mums at the ministry seeing as she’s Minister of magic.”

This seemed to satisfy the shopkeeper.

“And why are these Big children after you?” He said. “There must be a reason.”

Hugo folded his arms. “Yeah there is a reason. They’re idiots. Scorpious and his pals think they run the school. They take things from everyone — important things we need like our spell books. And nobody aver stood up to them. But I couldn’t take it any more. I followed them and found where they keep their stash and I explained to th withers that if they stuck together they would all be alright. Scorpius didn’t like this.



Chapter 3: The silver magpies
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The man jutted out his bottom lip and nodded, disguising a smile, “Ahh Bullies I see.” He wandered aro7nd from behind his desk. “What is your name?”

“Hugo. Hugo Granger-Weasley.”

“Well Hugo Granger-Weasley I know how it feels to live life in the shadow of a bully. We have that in common.”


“Mmm hmm. I’ll tell you what. You can wait here until you are sure Scorpious and his gang are gone.”

“Yes sir. Thank you.”

“It’s not trouble,” said the man. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have business to attend to.”

He turned and wandered towards a velvet curtain of rich, deep crimson at the back of the shop. As he reached fir the curtain, he paused.

“Hugo, do you have a favourite animal?”

“Animal?” Hugo thought for a moment. “It’s a bi5 weird,” he said, “bu5 8 like magpies. People say they’re the cleverest of th3 birds. There’s a rhyme about them...”

“Ah,” said the man, “one fir sorrow, two fir joy?”

“That’s the one.”

“Very good,” said the shopkeeper. He smiled to himself, then said, “Well I must be off.”

“See you,” said Hugo. “Hey, maybe I’ll cone back and buy something from you one day.”

A fleeting smile crossed the mans face. “Oh I wouldn't be too sure. Return customers are very rare in this place.”

And with that he was through the curtain and away.

Hugo peered out of the window, which was tinted sepia so that the outside world looked like an old photograph. Grey rain had begun to fall in fat drops. Puddles were already gathering on the road. Scorpius and his gang were long gone, but Hugo was keen to have one last look around before he left. He wandered towards a table scattered with books. He picked two up one was battered one was not, he pretended that Scorpius was the battered book and he was the powerful new book that was so much better. 

He was just about to throw the battered book off the table and present Scorpius was getting thrown off a cliff when something start,Ed him, a soft, fluttering sound. He dropped both books and stared at the red curtain at the back if the shop. Another flutter. The curtain waved gently. He edged forwards his heart racing. When he was close napigh he reached out a trembling hand and slowly ... gently ... touched the material.


A burst of red velvet, the sound of flapping wings, and two silver birds exploded from behind the curtain. Hugo ducked and spun, and the birds flew across the store and landed on a column of sickles. They were magpies. But they were like no magpies Hugo had ever seen. They were made of brilliant, gleaming silver. Every feather, delicate as a shaving of ice, reflected the flames of the coal fire. The silver magpies fixed him with shining ruby eyes, twitched their heads to on3 side.

“How?” Whispered Hugo, treading softly towards them, though they did not shy away as he advanced. When he was close enough, he reached out a hand. “Are you real?”


His fingers touched upon the cool silver of one of the magpies wings. The bird let out an indignant call an£ flapped way, leading it’s twin back towards the curtain. But when they reached the rich red velvet, the birds did not fly through. Instead they exploded with a flash, and a shower of rubies rained down on the shop floor.

Hugo’s mouth hung open.


“What's going on out there?” Came the shop owners voice from behind the curtain. “What as that sound? Nothing had better be damaged!” Suddenly unsure of exactly what he’d seen, or exactly what kind if a place he’d walked into, Hugo made fir the door. A little bell sang as he dashed out into the rain and down the street.


A moment later, the man stepped out from behind the curtain. He stared around the shop. Then leaned over and plucked two of the magpie rubies from the floor, rolling them between his thumbs and fingers. His hands closed around the stones, and when they opened once more the magpies were sitting in his palms, brilliant silver, almost glowing in the gloom. He released the birds and watched as they circled the shop before settling once again on a column of sickles. Then he smiled a wide, clever smile, and disappeared back through the curtain.



Chapter 4: The return customer
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Since you could now go to Hogsmede at any age and on any day Hugo returned to the shop the very next day. He couldn’t help himself. On reflection, he felt a little silly for rushing out in such a panic. Now he’d had time to think, he supposed what he’d seen must have been a clever trick, some sort of magical illusion and nothing more, after all, no one can make birds out of magic especially not silver ones. But he found himself desperate to know exactly how the owner of that wonderful shop had done it, how he had made those magpies seem so real. 

He had spent breakfast trying not to look over ya the Slytherin table as they were making threatening gestures towards him throughout their meals. After breakfast Hugo slipped out and walked outside into the Sunday sunshine. He walked along the path to Hogsmede village and breathed in the fresh air. The endless blue sky had the burning sun beating down on him on that beautiful summers day. Hugo retraced his steps passing HoneyDukes and finding himself back in that narrow street. He walked down the path and saw the small shop with the words THE NOWHERE EMPORIUM written in gold on top of the doorway.


The sign still said closed and Hugo argued with himself one side of him telling him not to but something else was making him do it. He twisted the nob slowly, slowly... The door was open he wondered why it wasn’t locked but decided not to think about it as h3 stepped into the shop. Inside it was exactly as he’d left it, the books on the table, the prophets up on the ceiling, the only thing that was missing was the magpies.


Treading softly, he walked towards the red velvet curtain and dropped to his knees looking for the rubies. Suddenly he curtain was pulled open and a man with scruffy black hair looked down at him. Silence. The man opened and closed his mouth several time but no words escaped. Finally he said something “do you remember this place?”

“What do you mean I was only here yesterday.”

“Do you remember it?”


“What do you remember?”

“Well the books the prophets the—“


“Well yes.”


Silence. “How is this possible?”

“How is what possible have I missed something?”

“And your from Hogwarts?”


The man nodded. “Have you ever noticed weird things happening around you? Lights flickering, Mirrors smashing, That sort of thing?”
“No! Why?”

“No reason.” He said and pulled a Hugo out of the shop and said “Once again we’re closed so good day and good bye.”Hugo trudged along the path in a bad mood. Perhaps if he were feeling in a better mood he would have noticed the door opening a little or perhaps a hand coming out if it? Or maybe even noticed two silver birds being let out onto the narrow street following Hugo...

Chapter 5: Crash
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Hugo gathered his things together the next day for herbology. He was dealing with mandrakes and thought he was fairly good at it. “Right class put your earmuffs on don’t forget to or you may pass out for the day on your second week back to school.”

“Yes Professor Longbottom.” The class chanted. Professor Slughorn walked in and muttered something about Professor Mcgonagal needing some help about an escaped mandrake.

“Er class dismissed I’m afraid we will have to postpone this lesson.” And with that he ran out.

Hugo started to worry as it had been three days since he had escaped from Scorpius and each day he knew his revenge would be more and more terrible seeing as he had stolen all of those items back from them... Suddenly he felt a pair of hands close around his shoulders. “Happy to see me?” It was Gib Scorpius’s most faithful pal and Hugo for one was not happy to see him. All of their first year he had gotten bullied by Gib and Scorpius terribly.


Hugo started to struggle but no matter how much he did Gib always got him back to him as if he was a ball he was throwing and catching. “Just cone with me ginger.” And he dragged him all the way to a classroom with Scorpius and his pals waiting there for him. He heard the door close behind him and knew that Scorpius’s gang were guarding the door. In front of him stood Scorpius big and bold.

“Right here’s the deal. I want you to steal everything you stole back from us.”

“And what if I don’t?”

“Well you’ll get one slap for everything you don’t bring!”


He looked around the room and saw Smit and Rash guarding the door. An idea came into his brain, he was on the first floor! He stomped on Gibs foot and he howled in pain loosening his grip on Hugo. Hugo darted to a nearby window, forced it open and jumped down. He heard Scorpius say “GET HIM!” Hugo sprinted cross the fields and didn’t see where he was going. He heard Scorpius say “Hugo look out!” But about fourteen brooms we’re heading his way. A match was on the quidditch pitch. Hugo closed his eyes and knew if those brooms hit him he would not survive. Darkness surrounded him.


Chapter 6: Monster
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Albus Dumbledore stepped onto the doorstep of Gales orphanage ready to see a boy named Harry Potter who had been put there since his aunt and uncle decided they didn’t want him any more. He rapped on the door three times and waited for someone to answer. It took a few minutes because of the amount of locks on the door, and the person who answered it was a tall man with a very large head, he said, “how may I help you?”

“I’m am here’re about the boy.”

“Ahh well you’ll have to follow me.”

“I wish to see him.”

“Oh! Fix him?”



Albus was shown down a few flights of stairs into a long narrow basement.

“You keep him down here!” He said.

“We have no choice.” He began, “he gets fed regularly and he’s aloud out once a week!”

They both stopped behind a big iron door. “Do you want me in there with you?” Said the orphanage owner.

“No I wish to see him alone.” And the owner took a few attempts to unlock the door before opening a dark room with a lot of books. The door shut behind him. “Who are you?” Said a boy with scruffy black hair.

“I am Albus Dumbledore.”

“Are you a doctor?”

“No I am a professor.”


The boy was reading a book called Treasure Island. Dumbledore scanned the bookcases looking at a few more children’s books like Alice in Wonderland but also seeing adult stories like Shakespeare and Hitler.”

“You’ve read all these?” Asked Dumbledore.


“Impressive... Do you like it here?”


“Well these  ‘incidents’ that keep happening around you... Show me what you can do.”

The boy stood in front of the bed and looked straight into the books, they went straight up into the air onto the ceiling. Albus didn’t know what kind of magic this could be as nine year olds shouldn’t be able to do that. He knew that the boy was just like him. He had expected to pick him up and tell him about Hogwarts but instead he decided to tell him something else...

“I-” He started,

“They call me a monster but I am one anyway.”

Everything Albus was going to say flew out the window. “I’m a monster too.” He said before making the books on the shelves and in the book case tremble and then soar around the room.



The very next day...


The orphanage owner sent a doctor in to see the boy with jet black hair but was surprised to find he wasn’t there. But little did he know no matter how much he searched that it was he who helped the boy pack his suitcase to go with Albus Dumbledore. He had no memory of it. But it was strange how many time he had that dream where the boy had a very strange man were walking out into the dark night but no matter how many times he ran and ran he could never quite catch them.






Chapter 7: In the wagon
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Hugo’s eyes cracked open. He was lying in a warm bed with rugs flooding the floor. He put his feet down and got a drink which he found lying on the side of a cupboard. There was a window and rows of patchwork fields lay ahead if the waist height grass. He spun around and saw a small wooden wagon that must be the room he was staying in. Memories came floating back of him escaping Scorpius and about to get hit by brooms. He wondered if he was in heaven... He stepped back inside and looked in the mirror, he had no cuts it bruises on him so how couldn’t he be dead?

A girl walked in and looked at him up and down with her arms folded. “Enjoying your sleep? Was it nice and comfy? Unbelievable this is nicer than my room!” Hugo didn’t understand how that small wagon had another room in it.

“Am I dead?” He asked.

“Dead? Where did you get that idea!?”

“I was about to crash into those brooms...”

“He must have saved you. Besides we never get anyone knew here! No one real anyway.”

Before he could even ask her name she walked out through a red door. Suddenly the owner of the shop walked in. “Follow me and I will explain exactly what happened.” He said.

“But what about the girl?”

“Oh her. Don’t bother with her. And don’t look so scared I checked for the last if the escaped lions yesterday!” He said laughing at Hugo’s shocked face. He led him down a corridor and up dozens of steps which was impossible before taking him through a door, behind a red curtain and they were back in the shop! “This isn't right. This can’t be right!”


“Ok Hugo I need to tell you something before I explain. Your supposed to be dead. I interfered in fact... I saved you.”

“You saved me?”

“Yes I did. I am a traveler, and this shop is my means of transport. I travel through time as well. And up those hundreds of stairs are my wonders. People pay to come here and they get to see my shop, the wonder, the delight! It’s like nothing anyone could imagine. People pay a small fee to get in here and it isn’t money or gold it is a piece if their imagination. Now now, don’t look so shocked! It grows back... In time... But that’s what keeps my shop running! Not magic or spells, but imagination does the trick. The only thing is, is that they can’t remember after all they have left is a foggy glow of happiness or maybe, just maybe, the feeling that their lives have changed forever.


“How and why did you save me?”

“I got my silver birds to follow you around and they saw you were going to get hit and well, I was nearby so I pulled you out if the way took you to this shop and basically saved you.”

“But why?”

“The moment I realised you remembered this place I knew you were special. I need to test you in some way to see if you really are. Come with me travel the world! I’m giving you the chance if a hundred lifetimes! Maybe even thousands! I will give you lessons and if you pass you can work with me.”

“And if I fail?”

“I’ll send you back to your time a though you didn’t nearly get hit.”

“Well we have ourselves a deal.”



Chapter 8: Opening night
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The next day as Hugo dressed, he stared out if his wagon at the sun looking at the same patchwork of fields he had seen the previous day. Something inside him was making him hurry up, he opened a wooden wardrobe next to his bed and found gold ties and black and purple uniforms. He had to change the clothes he had already put on and thought to himself about how he should have remembered that work had uniform and he was wasting time. He eventually walked out if his wagon and found his way to the red velvet curtain.


Mr.Potter was waiting behind the desk. “The only downside to travelling by floo is the mess it makes.” He said expecting Hugo to know all about it. “Opening night is tonight and I expect you to be ready?”

“Tonight? Ok! Wait, how come the customers haven’t seen the shop yet? Ohh I know they can’t see it yet can they?”

“No the cannot...”

Mr Potter walked away beckoning him to follow and after a minute or two if silence he finally said, “I wish to give you a quick tour, not of the Emporium but I wish to show you my, well let’s just call them my entertainers.” And with that he turned a corner and walked on. After a moment two tall people could be seen flying and having a competition on who could fly best.


“Hannah, Dillon come and meet Hugo, he is my knew assistant.”

“Assistant! Wow! Hi I’m Hannah nice to meet you! Where do you come from? How old are you? What doe# the real world look like?”

“Enough Hannah that’s  enough.”

“Hi I’m Dillon! And this is Mr Gi Gi! I’m very proud to have him.”

“Sorry about him a customer left him behind one day and Dillon hasn’t taken it out his hands ever since!” Exclaimed Hannah.


“Well we had better get on then Hugo! It may seem early but you have slept in. It’s opening time!” Hugo felt a little ashamed he had slept in but still followed along excitedly. He was led back behind the red velvet curtain and to the front door if the shop. “It’s showtime!” He heard Mr Potter say trying to make his hair a bit less tangled but was unsuccessful. The door of the shop cracked open. Silence poured through the building. Hugo held his breath, listening to the drumbeat of his own heart.


Mr Potter held out his right hand, then waved his left hand over it. Where only a moment ago there had been nothing but empty silence and space, a dove sat in his Palau tweeting in excitement, white feathers glowing in the light of the fire. Hugo breathed a hundred different scents, cinimon, HoneyDukes sweets, Zonko’s flavours and they could go on and on... “Welcome to opening night Hugo Granger-Weasley.”

Chapter 9: Search
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I wanna dedicate this chapter to Bookpanda12 because her dedication to Prison or Marriage was so good. Sadly it’s over now but please read her sequel I’ve enjoyed it so far

“Minerva our son is missing and I feel it is my fault, as a minister of magic I haven’t been spending much time with Hugo and—“

“Miss Granger, just because you helped defeat the dark lord does not mean you take the blame for everything!”
“I’m so worried.”

“Mr Weasley we all are.”


Hugo Granger-Weasley was missing and nobody at Hogwarts knew why. “Now this may come as a shock to you but-”

“But what?”

“But at the time he nearly got hit there were quidditch players there and they witnessed a man with messy black hair and-”

“Go on!” Said Hermione who was nervous to hear who the saviour of her son was.
“And a scar on his forehead.”


“Harry! I haven’t seen him in years! Why is he here? He abandoned us when he went to work in that shop. I always thought he was dead, that Dumbledore, well, killed him.”

“We always thought he was a good guy as well until- until that dreadful day— he- he-”

“Minerva you don’t need to say it you can leave it.”

“No I can do this. He killed a Professor Flitwick.”


And the search began.




one day later...


“Mr Weasley I’m sorry but nothing from our side of the search, your uncle Dumbledore may be planning something and we need to find out what. I can feel it. He’s after Potter so we need to find him and quickly before Dumbledore does. His one daughter Lily never came to Hogwarts so I wondered if she had died with him but no that is not the case, he is still alive and may have kidnapped your son. Keep Rose safe. He may take her too. Harry may be under the imperious curse but he was so good at fighting it I’m not too sure. Dumbledore may have git to him.”

“Minerva can I ask something if you?”

“Certainly Mr.Weasley.”

“Well I believe Rose may be in danger if Hugo is gone so perhaps she could stay in the castle ya all times... Except for quidditch I do not want to take that away from her. But apart from that she can stay inside. Oh one more thing Hogsmede will only be allowed every fortnight.


“Certainly I agree with this I will tell her myself right now, I hope you find Hugo by the way. Rumour has it, that he was seen being carried into a shop made from midnight bricks in Hogsmede.







Chapter 10: Student
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The thestrals pulled up outside a row of houses in Knockturn Alley, stopping to let their passengers off. One quite frightened as he couldn’t see the creatures and another quite calm as he stepped off. The two men walked to the front doorstep, first was Albus Dumbledore and second, the other,  who looked barely ten, with green eyes, and a lightning shaped scar on his forehead. His wild, black hair was tangled on his head and his expression showed fright and confusion. Albus wrapped three times on the door and waited impatiently for the door to open. After a few seconds an ugly man who looked like a rat stepped forward and said, “How may I help you?”


“We are here to see Minerva Mcgonagall we haven’t seen each-over in many years and she may find it nice to catch up with an old friend.”

“Who should I say is here?” Asked the ugly man.

“Albus Dumbledore, she will recognise the name as we shared the stage for a while.”

The man closed the door and ran off to tell his mistress who her visitor was. A few minutes later he came back and led them down a passage way with candles on the ceiling and brooms in cases which made the younger boy wonder why brooms were so special.


They stopped in a small room which looked like a lounge except with no TV. The rat like man scurried out and a tall lady stood up, beaming. “Albus Dumbledore! What has it been Twenty years? You haven’t aged a day!”

“And neither have you.”

“I thought you were better at lying then that!” She said laughing. “Pettigrew! Come here! Pour them a fire-whisky each. It seems they have had a long journey!” The man who’s surname seemed to be Pettigrew walked in and poured out red liquid into two cups. The young boy had no clue with fire-whisky was and hesitated before having a sip.

Dumbledore leaned forward in his chair. He sipped from his glass. “Do you recall why I decided to take a break from out usual magic shows?” Birds sipped her whisky.

“Of course,” she said, “You wished to teach while you were not in Hogwarts. To find a child to help with our shows, which I found strange considering your dislike for children. Is your niece still locked away in that muggle school?” Dumbledore waved the question away.

“I have picked this boy because of his past, with You Know Who.”

“Is the boy good?” Mcgonagal  asked. Dumbledore laughed.

“Good? He has the ability to be almost as great as me!”


“Are you interested in performing on stage?”

“Yes ma’am. Mr Dumbledore has been preparing me.”

“Would you care to show me exactly what you can do?” The boy glances at Dumbledore’, unsure what to do. Many beating had knocked manners into him and told him he should never show his talents to the public. He did not want to upset his teacher.

“It’s acceptable in these circumstances. Minerva is aware of our abilities.”


The boy stood up and looked straight into his drink, the red material floated up and made a display of different patterns as if it was a ribbon being waved around by a young girl. The drink twirled back into the glass and the boy took a bow before sitting back down on his seat and taking another sip from his drink. Minerva was mesmerised and simply said, “When do we start?”


Chapter 11: Penny Granger-Weasley
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“Ronald! How long has it been since I last saw you?”

“A week ago?”

“A year? My goodness! Come here give you mother a hug!”
“I have come to visit her.”

“She’s turning in her grave at the fact no one knows about her except me, your now dead father and your wife.”

“Rose and Hugo don’t  need to know. Nor does anyone else. Penny was a secret. After the battle of Hogwarts she was born. We kept her still. We did not wish to put her elsewhere. We kept her secret. Harry would have known what to do, he just left though. Unexpectedly. Dumbledore probably had something to do with it... Anyway I’ll be off after I’ve seen her.”

Mrs. Weasley led Ron to a small grave at the bottom of her garden under a tree. It could not be seen by anybody except the people who had known about the child. The grave read:




Ron placed flowers on the grave and turned around and walked off. He had never understood why his mother wanted a daughter so badly. He had never found out. He didn’t have a sister, or at least he didn’t think he did. Little did he know his sister was kidnapped at birth and a memory charm had been put on anyone who knew anything about her. He had no idea he had a sister. But he did and she may be alive. But she may have died...