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The Riddle of the Room of Requirement by dew_drops

Format: Short story
Chapters: 22
Word Count: 22,517
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Humor, Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
Characters: Hermione, Draco
Pairings: OC/OC

First Published: 09/13/2020
Last Chapter: 10/19/2020
Last Updated: 10/22/2020


In 6th year. Hermione is sure Draco isn't a Death Eater. But she's not right in EVERYTHING.


She follows Draco to the bathroom. Draco tries to lose her and gets into the room of requirement. A misunderstanding, a fall, and a few curses later, they find themselves stuck in a strange place. They find out more about the other, and secrets are revealed. Will they help eachother and maybe, just maybe, fall in love?

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Chapter 1: 1. He’s not a Death Eater!
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I just shook my head in exasperation. There was no way Malfoy was a Death Eater! He might be a bully, but he wasn’t evil. 

“Look! He’s going somewhere! I’ll follow him!” Harry suddenly whispered urgently. 

I grabbed his arm before he could take off. “NO. He already knows you are keeping an eye on him. The last thing we need is you in the hospital wing.” I warned.


 “Well, someone needs to go!” Ron said. 

“I’ll go.” I decided. Just to give them peace of mind. Part of the reason I agreed was because I wanted to prove it to myself that Malfoy isn’t a Death Eater. 

“Are you sure Hermione?” Harry asked uncertainly. 

“Do you doubt me?” I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow. 

“Of course not! Harry’s just worried, that’s all.” Ron intervened, casting a reprimanding look at Harry. 

I rolled my eyes and turned to Harry. His green eyes were filled with worry. “I’ll be fine. You could always use the Marauders’ Map remember?” I assured them. 

He relaxed a bit. “Maybe I should give you the invisibility cloak.” He offered. 

“Fine.” I agreed, just to make him feel better. He smiled in relief and took out the silky material. 

“Be safe Mione!” Ron called as I quickly chased after Malfoy, my heart thumping in anticipation.


AN/: short, yes. But you can see already that I have added a bit more practical things like the cloak and Marauders’ Map. It will be like this for next chapters. Please review and tell what you thought of it!



Chapter 2: 2. The Two Ghosts
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I ran to the bathroom. I was frustrated because the Vanishing Cabinet wasn’t looking like it was going to be fixed. And to make things worse, Potter has started to doubt me.


I became angry with myself. I couldn’t give up or I would die. My family would die. And to prevent this, I had to kill the only man who had ever shown kindness towards me. Dumbledore.


I held my head in my hands. Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. I hastily wiped my tears away and fixed my usual sneer on my face. 

“Granger?” I didn’t lower me wand. What was she doing here?


 “Malfoy- are you alright?” She suddenly asked, seeing my red eyes and wet face. 

“It doesn’t matter to you anyway. Go where you’re wanted Mudblood.” I snapped. 

“Malfoy, listen-” But I had had enough. I needed to fix the Vanishing Cabinet. I tore through the hallways, picking my pace towards the Room of Requirement. 

I could hear her footsteps behind me. I quickly walked three times past the door, all the while thinking- I need a place to hide. I need a place to hide. I need a place to hide...


 A door appeared and I hurriedly opened the door. Before I could slam it close a brunette tumbled in, landing with a oomph. 

I reached towards the door to go out but it was gone. Granger got up coughing. 

“Where are we?” She asked. It was only then did I realise that we were in a sort of house, and the window showed the horizon, a clear sky. I went to the the front door, thinking it was the room’s door. I stepped out. 

I yelled in surprise. My foot had sunk where I had put it. I quickly pulled myself up, thankful fo my quick Seeker reflexes. I looked down and was shocked. It was clouds. We were in a house in the clouds. And there was no way out. 

Granger joined me and gasped. She whirled to me. 

“What were you thinking?” She demanded.


 “I was trying to get away from you. Is that a crime?” I snapped.


 “No you idiot. What were you thinking when you came into the room?” She clarified. 

Oh. “Just a place to hide, where no one can get me.” I answered.


She groaned. “Well, nobody IS going to find us here. But there must be a clue of this place somewhere. Let’s check.” 

“Why should I listen to you?” 

“Because I’m smarter and more realistic. The way I see it, neither of us can escape without eachother.” She answered, proceeding towards the kitchen. 

I muttered under my breath and went to upstairs. I went into the first bedroom. Nothing. Then I checked the next room. I halted when I realised that this was the laundry room. Still nothing. Next room, storage. Not a thing. Then I realised that there was only one bedroom. 

I hurried to the first room to claim the bed mine, but I stopped at the doorway. Granger was lying down on the single bed, spreading her limbs  so that there was no space. 

“Granger, get off.” 

“Nah. This is mine. I called dibs.” She said challengingly. I walked over to the bed, and lifted Granger. I ignored the softness of her skin and how it felt. 

“HEY! LET GO! MALFOY IF YOU DONT LET GO I SWEAR ILL-” She shouted but the rest of her sentence was cut off when I dropped her to the floor. 

“OW! WHAT IN MERLIN?” She screamed at me, rubbing her knees. 

“The bed’s mine.” I said with finality. But of course Granger was going to be difficult. She jumped on to the bed and tried to push me off. 

“STOP!” A new voice commanded. 

We both looked up and saw two ghosts. One was a beautiful woman with long hair and big eyes. She was wearing a gown that reached her ankles. The man was wearing a robe, and his hair was neat and wavy. His eyes were smaller but still flashy. They both had smiles on their faces. 

“Wh-who are you?” Granger stammered, scrambling off me.


 “We are the owners of this house. We are here to tell you that you can only leave if you prove you are worthy.” The maiden said. 

“What do we need to prove? It’s not like we wished to come here.” I said impatiently.


 “We cannot say yet. But we will always be hinting.” The man said mysteriously. “And our first hint is,

There is no couch on the first storey, none of you will sleep separately. 

“WHAT! I can’t sleep with a Mudblood!” I protested. I noticed Granger clench her jaw angrily. 

“I don’t want to share anything with anyone who doesn’t respect me, or think I have any right to live.” She said furiously. 

I glanced at her and inwardly sighed. I DID respect her, I DID think she had a right to live. I just didn’t like her. Because she was a Mudblood.


 “Well too bad. You will have to or else you will be forced to spend a month more with eachother.” The maiden informed slyly. 




Stupid git. Prat. Ferret. I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him-


The ghosts went through wall, leaving me and Malfoy alone together. Then I got an idea. 

“Wait! We can just make the bed bigger! Then we both will have enough space. And we will still be sharing a bed.” 

Malfoy thought about it. “That might work. Maybe your brain isn’t as small as your status Granger.” 

I swallowed all thoughts of choking him and reached for my wand. I whipped it out and contemplated hexing Malfoy but thought better if it. 

“Engorgio!” Nothing. Not even an inch of the bed got bigger. 

“Granger. Move. You can’t even perform a simple spell.” He shoved me aside and flicked his own wand. Nothing. 

“What’s going on?” The maiden had suddenly floated into our room. She was frowning slightly. 

“Um, we were just making the bed bigger.” I quickly explained. 

“Your wands won’t be able to change anything in this house. This house is already enchanted.” She clarified, sounding amused.


 “The bed is too small. Even one person won’t fit. Let alone two!” Malfoy protested. I looked at him angrily. 

“Then you can go sleep on the floor. Let me sleep in peace!” I snapped. I climbed onto the bed and crossed my arms, irritated.


 “None of you will find sleep except on the bed.” The maiden was definitely amused now. 

“But-” Malfoy started, but the maiden had already left. He turned to me, a scowl on his face. “Bet you’re pleased aren’t you?” He snapped, setting a boundary using the pillows and bolster. 

“No actually. I would rather marry Lockhart than be with you.” I said coolly. I turned my back on him and soon I could hear his soft breathing. 

No that the shock had passed, I was worried. Harry and Ron must be looking for me. The Marauders map didn’t show the Room of Requirement. Moreover, what if Malfoy WAS a Death Eater? I curled into myself and cast a dark look over my shoulder at where Malfoy was sleeping, his back facing me. Malfoy could Attack me anytime. If Harry was right, then I had to get out of here. 

I only realised that the bed beside me was empty when I was slipping into sleep. 


Chapter 3: 3. New Beginnings
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I turned my back towards her and once I thought she was sleeping, I got up and went to the balcony. The gentle breeze blew my hair and the biting cold made my fingers freeze. I grasped the railing tightly and looked at the never-ending clouds in the horizon. The moon was shining brightly and the stars seemed thrice the size.


What have I gotten myself into? I need to return to Hogwarts.. the Death Eaters, the Dark Lord.. he’ll kill me if I don’t kill Dumbledore.


I hung my head. I didn’t want to be a Death Eater. I didn’t want to be like my father. And I didn’t want to murder anyone. But none of these things were in my control.

I angrily clenched my fist. Wasn’t being a Malfoy all about doing anything you want? Then why was my family following that snake? Why didn’t I have my own life? When I was growing up, I had always thought that my future contained manor, money, and the proud Malfoy name. I thought that if there WAS a war, my father would keep me out of it. 

That was never going to happen. Father always wanted me to become a Death Eater. But he shouldn’t have let me dream uselessly.


I looked back up at the moon again. But i couldn’t see it. Instead, dark clouds rolled in the sky, blocking the stars and their light. Thunder. A bolt of lightning below me. 

“There’s still time you know.” A voice whispered from somewhere behind me. 

I whirled around, thinking it was Granger, but it was only the maiden ghost. 

“Time for what?” I asked.


 “Time for you to walk the right path.” She said softly. 

“How do you-”

“I know everything about what happens in my house. I can also read your mind.” She explained. 

“Great. The only thing missing was a mind-reader.” I huffed. 

“I’m serious. You are going to pay heavily if you continue on the path you’re on.” She warned.


 I scoffed. “Are you a Seer now?”


 “I don’t need to be a Seer to know that good will always win. Even if not immediately. You might win now, but in the future, good will always vanquish evil.” She floated and stopped infront of me. 

“I’m not evil.” I argued. I wasn’t. I didn’t want to do this. Maybe I DID believe in blood purity, but it doesn’t mean I’m evil. I looked down, thinking hard.


 “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” She quoted. 

“There’s nothing I can do. My own parents are on the evil side. I can’t just betray my parents?” I asked, looking up. But she was gone, leaving me in more confusion than before, although things seemed a lot clearer. 




​​​​​​​Today was the first day in the house. I got up and went to the kitchen. To my surprise, there was a whole feast. Bacon, sausages, pumpkin juice, coffee, toast, fruit salad, eggs, tea, and pancakes. 

“All for you. While you’re here, you won’t have to worry about your nutrition.” The make ghost suddenly appeared from under the table, his head poking out from the pancakes. 

“Oh thank you. I thought we’d stay starved.” I said thankfully.


I piled some bacon and eggs into my plate and filled a cup of coffee. I noticed the male staring at me. 

“What’s your name by the way?” I asked him out of curiosity. 

“John.” He answered simply. He didn’t offer his surname, and I thought asking might irritate him. 

I ate a little more, but he didn’t move.
​​​​​​​Finally he said,“What are you both to eachother?” 

“Enemies.” I answered after swallowing. “I hate him. And I have good reasons to.”


 “Oh.” He sounded disappointed. “Enjoy your meal.” He nodded, before disappearing to wherever he went. 

I stood up to put my plate away when I bumped into something tall and firm. 

“What the heck Granger! Watch where you’re going!” Malfoy snapped. I rolled my eyes and went to the sink. To my delight and surprise, the plate washed itself and flew to the stacks. 

“Woah. I didn’t know you could cook Granger. But I’m still not going to eat it. You might have poisoned it.” 

“Shut up. It was provided by John.” I said.


 He raised an eyebrow. “Don’t tell me you found a way to get your secret muggle boyfriend here Granger.” 

I slapped my palm against my forehead. “John is the ghost, you brainless ferret.” 

“Oh.” He nodded. “Then it will be edible.” 

I shook my head angrily and ALMOST punched him, but then I thought about it. If I punched him, it would be wrong. Because then the fruit salad he was eating would be drop to the ground and get wasted. 

For the fruit salad. 

​​​​​​​ I took a deep breath and went to the living room. I looked around and for the first time I realised that the only thing in the room was one armchair. There was no bookshelves, or rug, or even a cushion. 

“Wha-” I started, looking around confusedly. “I’d hardly call this a living room.”


 “As empty as the room, empty your mind. Think about what is needed, but only to be kind.” A voice said behind me.


I turned around, and saw the maiden. “What?” I asked puzzled. 

“That is your second hint. I will not elaborate.” She said simply, and faded away. 

“Ghosts never just say things clearly, do they?” I muttered to myself. 

Empty your mind, think about what is needed. Hmm. 

​​​​​​​ I closed my eyes and wished for a the book Pride and Prejudice, another armchair with cushions, and a blanket. I opened my eyes and gasped. 

Everything I asked for was piled infront of me. I clapped my hands delightedly. Maybe living here wasn’t going to be so hard after all. 

AN/: the quote is by Albert Einstein.

Chapter 4: 4. ‘Only to be kind’
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I finished my salad and went to the sink. To my surprise and relief it washed itself. That was good, a Malfoy never knew how to do house chores. 

I went to the living room, where Granger had her eyes closed. Suddenly, a book, a blanket, and an armchair appeared infront of her. My eyes widened. 

How did she do that? 

She opened her eyes and saw them. She smiled and reached for the book. But for some reason she immediately let go as if burned. She tried sitting in the armchair but reacted the same. Finally she tentatively touched the blanket and seemed relieved. But then she dropped it to the floor and gasped in pain. 

What is going on? I wondered. First Granger somehow wishes all theses things, then they don’t work for her. 

I shook my head and went upstairs to the bedroom. I was speechless when what remained of our bed was only the mattress, and the frame. No pillow, no blanket. I checked the bathroom. Only the sink was working. There was no soap. 

I went downstairs again and nearly laughed. 

Granger was on the floor, rubbing her back and complaining loudly. Adding to the surroundings around her was a pillow, a water bottle, and a piece of parchment and quill. 

“What happened Granger? Chair gave away from your weight?” I mocked. 

“No. It disappeared.” She said absent-mindedly.


Disappeared? Who cares. I need a blanket and a pillow to sleep. And I’m not going to share the bed again. 

“Well, thanks for the stuff. I needed them.” I said, forgetting what had happened to her when she held it. I grasped the pillow and smirked, while Granger watched me with wide eyes.


 “What?” I snapped. 

“You’re holding it?” She pointed. 


“Erm, yeah.” 

“But I couldn’t!” She exclaimed. 

I looked at the pillow, expecting smoke or something. Thankfully, nothing happened to my precious skin. She got up and touched the pillow again. 

“Ow! Why is it that you can hold it while I can’t?” She said, blowing on her finger.

“I don’t know. But it works for me.” I grinned evilly and gathered all the things, taking them to my bedroom. 

“By the way, I’m TAKING THE BED!” I shouted back as I went upstairs. 

“MALFOY! GET BACK HERE! I NEED THOSE!” She hollered, running after me. I ran into the bedroom and slammed the door shut. Then I smirked and prepared my bed for tonight. 




​​​​​​​How did he do that? 

​​​​​​​ I wondered, as he slammed the door in my face. I trudged back to the kitchen, the only place where there was any chair. 

“Hello.” A misty voice said behind me. 

I turned around and saw the maiden ghost. I rolled my eyes. I was cranky and decided to ignore her. 

“I’m not that easy to ignore.” She said, as if reading my thoughts.


 “I AM reading your thoughts.” She said once again. 

I whirled to face her. She could read my thoughts? 

So much for privacy.


​​​​​​​“Indeed. Even I find it quite annoying when John does that to me.” She agreed. 

I squinted at her. Now that I saw her more closely, I saw that she resembled someone.. but I didn’t know who. I even got that feeling from John.. 


“Who are you?” I asked. 

She hesitated, then said, “Mary.” 

That didn’t feel right. I had a feeling that John wasn’t that ghost’s name either. They were lying, but I guess they had their own reasons. 

“Ok.” I accepted. Then I remembered why I had decided to ignore her in the first place. 

“What type of riddle was that? You give the hint to me, but Malfoy gets benefits!”


 “Ah. About that. You didn’t listen to it properly. Run it through your head again. You will find the answer.”


I thought and played her riddle over in my head. 

Empty as the room, empty your mind, think about what is needed, but ONLY TO BE KIND. 

“Yes. Exactly.” Mary said, nodding to my train of thought.


 “So I thought of something that was needed, and only Malfoy can use it; the whole TO BE KIND part... That means.. Malfoy has to think of something, and then I’ll have some comfort in this house!” I groaned and buried my head in my hands. 

“What’s wrong?” Mary asked, confused. 

“Malfoy. He’s never going to do anything for me. And everything he needs is already with him! Thanks to me! He’s even taken the bed!” 

“Hmm..” she tapped her chin. 

“No! Wait! Didn’t you say yesterday that we have to share the bed?” I asked excitedly. Yesterday I would have slept on the floor, but the sleep wasn’t that bad.


 “Sorry. That was only meant for yesterday.” She said apologetically. 

I returned to massaging my temples. So far, it didn’t look like I would survive here. 

“I’m sorry. Now, today will be free, then tomorrow John and I will have something for you.” She informed me, then left, leaving me to deal with my own problems.


I spent the rest of the day eating, sitting, chatting with the ghosts, and banging Malfoy’s door. I didn’t tell him about my discovery. My best hope was that he accidentally thinks of something, and then I get to use it.


It was soon night. The breeze was chilly even though the windows and doors were shut. I curled up in the living room, beside the fire. 

The stone floor was freezing, and I didn’t have a sweater or blanket. I was kept awake by the cold, and also disturbing thoughts about Hogwarts.


Are Harry and Ron searching for me? What about Professor Dumbledore? Does he know where I am?

​​​​​​​I eventually slept, too tired to even bother with the cold.





​​​​​​​I was thirsty. I got up and went to the kitchen sleepily. After drinking a glass, I went back through the living room. I saw Granger curled up beside the last embers. 

It was cold. I wondered if I could give my blanket to Granger. She looked like she needed it more than I did. 

Suddenly I spotted a neatly folded blanket beside her. I frowned. That definitely wasn’t there before. 

Grabbing the material, I realised I could touch it. I hesitated. One blanket wasn’t enough for me in the freezing cold. On the other hand, Granger was shivering and her breath was becoming raspy. The fire was also pretty dim. 

Before I could change my mind, I spread the blanket on top of her, covering all the exposed skin. I stepped back. 

What is wrong with me?

I went to my room, muttering to myself. What I didn’t see was that two ghosts were smiling at me from the kitchen.


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Chapter 5: 5. First task
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I woke up with a yawn and stretched. I felt something slide off me. I held it up.

“A blanket?” I murmured to myself, thinking. Then I smiled a little. Maybe Malfoy knew about the enchantments and conditions about his place. 

“Granger.” Malfoy nodded at me. I jumped. I hadn’t seen him. He was looking at the blanket peculiarly. I raised my eyebrows and decided to fluster him a little bit.


 “Malfoy,” I fixed a confused expression, “Where did this blanket come from? I know I didn’t have it when I slept yesterday.” 

I could literally SEE Malfoy’s gears turning. His eyes were tearing all over the place, looking for a way out.

“Well,” Malfoy started, then broke off again. “You just be grateful to whoever gave it to you.” He said stiffly. 

I hid a laugh. This was getting too hilarious. “WHOever? But, Mary and John can’t touch anything, and according to their enchantments, the house is only providing food. So that leaves...” I trailed off, enjoying the panic on his face. 

“Well, must be an elf or something.” He said hurriedly. 

“Hmm. Maybe. But I would still like to thank THE ELF.” I said loudly, looking at Malfoy. I swear I saw a tug at the corner of his lips. 

“Good morning! Are you ready for your first task?” Mary suddenly appeared infront of us, looking amused for some reason.


 “Woah there lady Mary. I haven’t even had breakfast. I’ll consider talking to you later.” Malfoy said arrogantly and strode to the kitchen.


 “Malfoys.” Me and Mary chorused.  I looked at her strangely. I had known Malfoy for six years. But why did she say it as if she knew him his whole life? I shook my head. I was thinking too much.

It’s easy to know what type of person Malfoy is. And maybe an elf DID give me the blanket, though I doubt it. 

“Granger? Are you deaf? Come eat! I don’t want to stay with a hungry, dangerous lioness.” He called from the kitchen. 

Mary smiled knowingly and grinned widely at me. Again, I felt the sense that I had seen her somewhere. But with the ghost’s transparency and shades of blue, I couldn’t make it out. 

“Go on. Your well-wisher  doesn't want you to stay hungry.” She winked. I looked at her incredulously. 

So that means that it WAS Malfoy who gave me the blanket. But then, why was he able to touch it?


Because he must have thought it for me!  I realised. Before, I thought for myself, but he used it. That’s more of a punishment than a task. But Malfoy thought it for me, he was able to touch it. To give it to me. 

 I smiled a little. Maybe Malfoy was changing. But then a voice very much like Harry and Ron was nagging me. 

‘He’s a Death Eater! You have to find out! He might be dangerous!’  The voice was shouting, it’s words echoing in my head.

What if Malfoy WAS a Death Eater? I would be in trouble. And if Malfoy was a Death Eater, then why did he help me? Why now?


 “I don’t know all the answers to that. But I can’t tell you the answers I do know.” Mary said. 

Can she read my thoughts?


 “Yes. And don’t worry. Only time will tell of what becomes of you two.” Mary said mysteriously, then disappeared into the floor, leaving me a bit suspicious. 

“Good morning.” I greeted Malfoy as I sat down. 

“What? Oh, yeah, morning.” Malfoy mumbled around his sausage. I just made a cup of tea and sipped it. 

After a rather silent breakfast, we went to the living room, awaiting our first task. 

“Hello.” John said. “Hope you had a nice breakfast.” 

“It’s not like you care anyway.” Malfoy muttered under his breath. I elbowed him in the stomach and smiled innocently. 

“So! The first task will be outside. Follow me.” She said, then disappeared behind the door.


I looked at Malfoy confusedly. He stared back at me, frowning. 

“But, we can’t walk on clouds.” I said.


 “Oh right. Sorry. Forgot.” John said apologetically, then went after Mary. 

Malfoy raised his arms in exasperation. “I swear all ghosts are mental.” I didn’t reply. Instead, I opened the door and squealed.


“Why are you screaming like a banshee Granger?” He asked. He pushed himself beside me and whistled. 

The clouds were still there, but a silver and gold path was leading away, so far away that we couldn’t see the end of it.

I took a tentative step and immediately started sinking rapidly. Malfoy caught me by the hands before my knees went under and heaved me up. With the force of the heave we landed in a tangle of limbs on the floor.My face was close to Malfoy’s. A little too close. I shoved him of and brushed myself. 

“Um, thanks.” I said stiffly. 

“Yeah. Er, you should cut down in sugar by the way.” He said, looking everywhere also but me.

“What’s the hold up?” Mary said, poking her head through the doorway. “Oh right. John!”


 “I thought you were going to do it!” John argued.


 “No! I left first, so that means YOU had to do it!” Mary pointed out.


 “SHUT UP!” Malfoy shouted. “Will you guys just decide already?” 

“Sorry Draco.” Mary apologised, then waved her hand. The path suddenly looked more solid and real. “You can go now,” she said, then floated over the path, with John following.


 “Well, we should go.” I said, then I tentatively put a foot down. I sunk for a moment, then stopped. By ankle was deep in the clouds, and the clouds felt like fluffy pillows. I turned around and saw Malfoy quickly retreat his hands, as if he was going to catch me. 

Or push me. Stop thinking positive about him. 

“It’s safe.” I informed him, pretending I didn’t see.


 He nodded and stepped forward. Once making sure that we wouldn’t fall, we trekked to the oracle where John and Mary were waiting for us. 

“About time,” John rolled his eyes.


 “Oh hush.” Mary chastised then turned to us. 

She pointed to a forest that seemed to just sprout out if nowhere. It looked spooky, and the trees were changing with the wind, each shape more scarier than the last. 

“Your first task is to cross this forest.”

Chapter 6: 6. Not what it seems
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“Your first task is to cross this forest.” 

“Cross a forest? Thank goodness it’s not follow the rainbow. That would be impossible.” I said sarcastically. 

Granger rolled her eyes. “We just cross this forest? Isn’t it supposed to be...I dont know..harder?” She asked. 

“Granger, you’re not going to get an O in everything, just be happy it’s something simple.” I taunted. 

She crossed her arms and huffed. Mary was looking bemused at us and John looked impatient. 

“Well, if you’re quite done with your theatrics, you can proceed.” John drawled. 

I glanced at Granger, who seemed to be eyeing the trees warily. My eyes gazed at the trees and I jumped a little. My name was written in the trees on a SIGN. 

“Follow the arrows, don’t stray from the path.” Mary instructed.


 “Listening Granger? You wouldn’t want to meet a big bad wolf.” I mocked. 

“Hahaha Malfoy. And you wouldn’t want to meet a bunch of DeathEaters, would you.” She retorted. 

How close she was to the truth. I knew Potter suspected I was a Death Eater, but he didn’t have anything to prove it. 

“Are you DONE?” John snapped, jolting both of us. 

“Sorry.” Hermione apologised, and hurried onto the path that probably had her name on it. I noticed the glint in John’s eye and didn’t slow down until I reached a clearing. 

The journey until the clearing had been easy. I looked up and saw the sun shining eerily casting long shadows that seemed to be made of smoke. 

Suddenly I saw the house. I raced towards it, and flung the door open.





I hurriedly went inside, keeping my eyes on the path and signs. I reached a clearing and I saw a flash of white hair. I picked up my pace. 

Malfoy? What is he doing here?

He was facing away from me and was looking elsewhere. ​​​​​​​I was only about ten feet away when he ran in the opposite direction. I saw where he was going and sighed in relief. The house!


I reached the door just before it was about to close and entered. I was about to call out to Malfoy but I halted.

We weren’t in the house. This living room had a piano, a bookshelf, a coffee table, a sofa, everything a living room could possibly need. Not to mention it was HUGE. It could probably fit six of Hagrid’s huts.

I spotted Malfoy looking around bewildered (and...scared?)when I heard screaming. I ran upstairs and saw that Malfoy had already reached. 

I froze. 

“A-aunt B-Bella?” Malfoy stuttered. 

Chapter 7: 7. Hermione finds out.
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I raced towards the scream, my heart pounding. How did I end up in Malfoy Manor? Was the Dark Lord here? Was I going to be punished for not finding a way yet?


I swung the door and froze. 

“A-aunt B-Bella?” I stammered.


I took in the room. This was the room right next to the living room, where guests were received. Or rather, where prisoners were punished. I looked around and it took me a while to spot the body on the ground, as it was covered in blood and dirt. I didn’t know him, and I knew I probably never would, considering that my crazy aunt was going to kill him. 

“Draco! My dear nephew! How has your project been going?” She cackled. 

“Uh, splendid. Just, need to fix a few things...” I said, trying to find a way to escape my own Aunt. 

“Where are you going? It’s your turn!” She squealed, motioning to the body. He looked at me, his eyes dull and defeated. As if he knew that he was going to die, but painfully. 

I managed not to throw up. “A-aunt Bella, I need to work on it. Dark Lord’s orders.” I said, without looking at the poor man. 

“Ooh yes! It is good Draco, you are a loyal Death Eater of Dark Lord, otherwise some are your father.” She sniffed disdainfully. “Hurry along.”


I bowed once and fled, not noticing that someone had been watching me. 




​​​​​​​I stood rooted to the spot, hidden by the shadows. 

Malfoy IS a Death Eater. Harry was right. 

​​​​​​​My mind was spinning. She had mentioned a project. But what? And what had Malfoy’s father done? And...Malfoy was loyal? 

I clutched at my head, trying to find the answers. 


​​​​​​​I suddenly remembered something Harry had told me. 

“In the graveyard, Voldemort seemed displeased with Sr. Malfoy. It was something about disloyalty and parading freely without trying to look for Voldemort.” Harry had said. 

I understood everything suddenly. Draco had a ‘project’ to do, probably in compensation for his father’s mistakes. He needed to ‘fix’ the thing in order for the ‘project’ to work. 

But what was this ‘project’? What did he need to fix? Whatever he did need to fix had to be in Hogwarts, in the Room of Requirement, because Harry had trailed him by the Marauder’s Map. He always seemed to go there. And whatever he needed to work on seemed important and difficult. So much that she noticed Malfoy was paler and weaker. 

Not to mention stressful. He was crying, remember?  I reminded myself.

It also seemed he had a deadline, or else Bellatrix wouldn’t be so ecstatic about Draco’s mission. That was solved.


But there was one thing nagging me. Malfoy had seemed sick  when his aunt told him to torture the unknown man. He looked as if he wanted to be anywhere else. He wasn’t even looking at him.

What did all this mean? Did this mean that Malfoy didn’t WANT to be a Death Eater? He might believe in blood nonsense, but would he go as far to start or fight a war? Did he believe that all muggle-borns should be KILLED or TORTURED just for the fun of it? 

My eyes were burning and my head was hurting. One little conversation between Malfoy and his aunt had given me a ton of information. Information that I needed to give Harry and Dumbledore.

I didn’t know if the crazy woman could see me, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I cast a Disillusionment Charm, effectively hiding myself. 

I ran out, trying to catch up with Malfoy. I needed to keep an eye on him. Wind whipped my face and the sky was going dark. I finally spotted him, at the edge of the forest, with Mary and John. 

“So you completed the first task. Congratulations. Hope that was worthwhile.” Mary looked at me pointedly. I panted and nodded slightly, out of breath. 

“Now since we are done, I’m guessing you’re hungry? Follow us.” John interrupted. Malfoy glances at me once, then went after him. 

Mary stayed behind with me, floating slowly along. 

“He’s a Death Eater.” I said, even though she didn’t ask. She merely nodded.


 “He’s a DEATH EATER.” I repeated, anger taking over.

He was supporting Voldemort. The bully who taunted me about my teeth and blood was a DEATH EATER. When did people change so fast?  

“Yes, he is. But don’t judge a book by its cover.”  She said mysteriously, and followed the other two. 



Chapter 8: 8. Granger Knows
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I followed John back to the house. My heart was hammering against my chest. My palms were sweating. 

How did Aunt Bella come into the Room of Requirement? Where I was?


​​​​​​​The disturbing part was that she could see him. She wasn’t a memory or a future vision. She wasn’t in a Pensieve. She had seen him, and the man who was tortured had also seen him. What were they doing in the Room of Requirement?


Or maybe, the real question is, what was I doing in Malfoy Manor? 

Is the Room trying to tell me something? Warn me? 

He glanced behind him, seeing Granger in deep thought. What had SHE seen? Should he ask her? Maybe it would clear his doubts. 

He waited until they were alone in the living room. But for some reason she stood five feet away from him. He brushed it off and started.


 “Granger, what did you see in the forest?” 

Her head snapped towards me and I saw a flash of anger in her eyes. “Why should I tell you?” She spat.


I narrowed my eyes. She wasn’t THIS nasty to me. She was usually polite until I insulted her. But this time SHE was the one with her claws out. Interesting.


 “It was a simple question Granger. No need to breathe fire.” I said, trying to find out what I had done to her. I hadn’t done anything except for the usual taunting. Heck, I had even gotten her a blanket. Maybe she thought it WAS an elf? 

“It’s none of your business.” She said coldly, and stalked to the kitchen.


I frowned, then scoffed. What did I care? I just needed to know what she saw. If she saw anything at all.





​​​​​​​There has to be an explanation. I cant just jump to conclusions. There is a 90%%%%%%%% chance he’s a Death Eater, but I need to confirm the remaining 10%%%%%%%%. 

​​​​​​​I sighed and lay on the bed that had mysteriously appeared in the living room. I figured Mary or John must have magicked it there. 

“You have to talk to him.” A voice said beside me.


Mary again. She kept appearing whenever I needed to confide in her. It was comforting that I had someone in this situation, even if it was a ghost.


“No. He’ll never tell me anything like that. And what if he isn’t? What if that thing in the forest was just an illusion? What if that wasn’t the real Malfoy?” I turned to her desperately. “Can’t you tell me ANYTHING?”


She shook her head sadly. “It is not my place to say anything. If you need to find out, then ask him.” She gave me an encouraging smile, then disappeared. 




I tossed and turned, my sheets tangling around my legs. My shirt’s sleeves riding up to my elbows. My eyes were refusing to get some sleep. My brain was replaying the scene in the Manor. 

But how?  I kept asking myself. How did she come? Was it real? 

​​​​​​​“It was real.” John suddenly appeared before me. 

I looked up at him, not really surprised he was here. He usually presented himself when it seemed like I was confused or generally depressed. 

“It was real?” I said, scared. I looked out of the window, shuddering when I recalled the way that tortured man had looked at me.


 “Not in a practical sense. But it wasn’t a dream or an illusion. It was more like your conscience. You imagine her that way, torturing someone ruthlessly. That’s why you couldn’t see his face. Only blood. In your mind, he’s just another victim.


You know your aunt is cruel. And you also know about your mission. Just because it is in your head, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t real.” 

I thought it over. He was right. I distinctly wondered what Granger saw. 

“She has also seen something that was ‘real’.” He answered my thoughts. 




​​​​​​​I took a deep breath and raised my hand. After hesitating for only a second, I knocked on his door. I heard Malfoy scramble off the bed. 

He opened the door and shoved his hands in his pockets. He studied me like I was going to bite his head off. 

“Yeah Granger? Did you seriously just disturb my sleep to gaze at me? I know I’m hot, but I won’t tolerate someone ruining my good night’s sleep.” 

I looked him up and down. His eyes didn’t look sleepy, they looked wide awake. Scared, though he was trying to hide it from me. 

“What did you see?” I said tactfully. If he lied, I would know and come to the conclusion he was a Death Eater. He immediately stiffened and narrowed his eyes at me. 

“I asked you the same thing before. You didn’t answer. Why should I?” He said flatly. 

“JUST ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION!” I shouted. I was terrified of what answer I would get. I needed to get over this quickly and feed my curiosity before it ate me up. 

“Woah there Granger. You could have said please.” He smirked and raised his hands beside his head in mock surrender. 

I was about to say something else when my eyes fell on his left arm which was exposed.


The Dark Mark. 

I tore my eyes back to him quickly before he suspected I saw anything. But I HAD seen it. 

I shuddered slightly and backed away just a little. “No. Never mind. Goodnight Malfoy.” I mumbled, and then I fled downstairs my heart beating million times a minute.





​​​​​​“What was that about?” I wondered out loud. 

John floated over, a grim look on his face. He didn’t say anything, he just nodded to my left arm.


 “What? It’s just my left arm-” It dawned on me what just happened. “My left arm! ” I said horrified. 

I raised it. I took in the exposed pale skin, and the ugly black tattoo burned into my skin. 

“Granger knows.” 



Chapter 9: 9. A clue in the Attic
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I leaped into bed. I could hear the gears in my head turning. 

So Malfoy is a Death Eater. 

“Yes.” Mary confirmed. 

I turned to her. “You knew?” 

“Of course. I read his mind. And I talked to him.” Mary smiled.


 Hmm. “What did you find out?” 

Mary sighed. “Listen Hermione, I’m not some double agent that will pass on information. He needed consolation. I gave it to him. You should give him a chance to lay his perspective.” 

I thought about it. I REALLY needed to know whatever Malfoy was ‘fixing’. But what if Mary was right? There were always two sides to a coin after all.

 “You think I should talk to him? Won’t he just lash out?” I argued. 

“There is always a possibility. But you will be closer to your success if you do.” Mary pointed out.


I knew she was right. But I didn’t really fancy sitting down and asking Malfoy about his Death Eater status over tea. 

“You can just confront him about it. It will be up to me and John to make sure you both don’t get hurt.” She offered. 

“Fine.” I said, before saying, “Goodnight Mary.” 

“Goodnight Hermione.”





​​​​​​​“She knows, she knows-” I kept muttering to myself. I ran my fingers through my hair, stressed. 

“Please calm down.” John said in a surprisingly gentle voice.


I threw a pillow at him in rage. The pillow just went straight through him and he raised an eyebrow. 

“Granger, Potter’s bestfriend, the Light side’s most powerful witch, Dumbledore’s Army Leader, knows that I’m a freakin Death Eater.” I emphasised, as if John was a toddler with the mind of a pea. 

“She’ll tell and then everything will be ruined!” 

“Or maybe fixed.” John hinted quietly. 

“Fixed?” I scoffed. “I always wondered if ghosts had a brain or not. Unless they are like those muggle sea creatures that have all these squiggly arms with no fingers and no brain.” 

John looked like he was trying very hard to be patient. “You could join the Light side.” 

“Are you MAD? Even if I wanted to, what about my family? They’ll be killed!” I shouted, not really believing that John was suggesting this. 

“You can tell Dumbledore, and explain things to Hermione. She’ll understand, I’m sure of it. As for your parents, I’m sure the Order can protect them.” John said firmly. 

I shook my head and threw my hands up. “Why would Granger help ME? Why would the order protect MY parents?” 

“Because you will be saving their leader, Dumbledore, and in turn, Harry Potter. You will prove yourself to be a helpful tool. You will prove your loyalty towards them.” 

“I don’t want to be a tool.” I snapped. 

“You already are.” John pointed out quietly. 

I opened my mouth to say something, then closed it. He was right. I WAS a tool. Of the Dark Lord. 

“Ok. Tomorrow I tell Granger.” 

I yawn and stretch. I go down to the kitchen and find Granger already waiting for me there. 

“Good morning Granger.” I say, as if nothing had happened. She eyed me warily, and just settled for nodding at me politely. 

I placed a few boiled eggs on my plate and glance at her. I noticed she was staring at me before hastily looking away. 

She finishes breakfast a little too quickly and gets up. “We need to meet for the second task.” She said briskly. 

“Granger.” I call, stopping her in her tracks. She turns to me and I notice her hand goes to finger her wand in her pocket.




 “I need to talk to you.”


Her eyebrows shoot up, surprised. “You NEED to talk to me? Why, what did Daddy precious scold you about now?” She mocked, but I could see the anger in her eyes.


I controlled by temper and with strained calmness, I said, “It’s important.”


 “Well, it’s not like you’ll talk pleasantries with me anyway.” Granger muttered, but sat down again nevertheless.


 “So what I wanted to tell you was-” 


“HELLO!” A sweet voice interrupted me. I looked up angrily to see who had SO CONVINIENTLY stopped me. Mary Lady and John.


 “Oh.” John FINALLY realised what the two ghosts had walked in on. I shot him a look and he shrugged his shoulders apologetically. 

“Mary!” Hermione literally jumped at the opportunity to get away from me. 

“We are here for the second task.” John continued. “It will be held in this house only.”


 “The second task is actually a scavenger hunt!” Mary chirped. 

“A scavenger hunt? What a childish game.” I scoffed.


 “Perfect for you, then.” Granger said, clapping her hands together. 

“You will do this together. It will involve both of you. And also,” John paused, looking at the both us, “think before you do anything. One mistake and you guys are staying here for another week.” 

“What?!” Granger protested. “That’s not fair! I’m needed and Harry and Ron are probably wondering where I am! Also-” She cut off abruptly, glancing at me. 

I knew what she was going to say. She needed to tell those dunderheads that I was a Death Eater. 

“I don’t want to stay here any longer either Granger. So just be bearable.” I snapped. Her jaw dropped in indignation. 

“Why you-” She started before Mary clapped her hands to get our attention. 

“Are you even gonna do it?” She asked.


I huffed and nodded. Granger reluctantly agreed. 

“Great! Follow me while Mary sets up the game-er- task.” John covered up hurriedly. He floats to the attic and we follow him. 



I cross my arms and wait patiently for Mary to come and tell us that she was done.


I hear whispers and see that Malfoy and John were talking in hushed tones. I rolled my eyes in exasperation. 

I go through a few boxes, occasionally finding articles on Herbology, and Potions. 

I spot a flash of black and and pick it up. It’s a diary and it suspiciously looks like Tom Riddle’s. I didn’t know about the time difference of this house, so I examine it carefully to make sure if it was still a Horcrux or not.

(AN/: I’m not sure whether the trio knows about the horcruxes yet, so just assume they know already.)

I look at the front and see the hole where Harry and stabbed the Basilisk fang. I sigh in relief. I open the book even though I knew there was nothing written in it. I take in the stains of venom tracing the pages like a spider web. 

But then I frown. What was this doing here? HOW did this come here? What did this have to do with Mary and John? 

I glanced back at Malfoy and John. John was sniggering at something and Malfoy attempted to punch him. But his hand went through his stomach.


Mary and John didn’t seem like Voldemort’s followers. Maybe they were former Order members, and Dumbledore had entrusted this to them. 

I absent-mindedly flipped through the pages and something white fell out. I pick it up from the floor and see it’s a parchment. A letter. 

Harry didn’t say anything about this.


​​​​​​​I open it and my eyes freeze on the first line. 

Dear Draco, 


​​​​​​​What? Where did Malfoy come into the picture? Then again, it WAS Lucius who slipped Ginny the diary..


I take a deep excited breath and start reading. 

Chapter 10: 10. Second Task
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Mary Lady ushers us to the attic, and me and John start talking. 

“When are you going to tell her?” asked John. 

“I WAS going to, but you barged in.” I hissed back.


He shook his head. “Well, you can tell now.”


 “Nah. I don’t want to seem desperate. I’ll tell her when we have plenty of time so it seems like I was bored and bought it was the right time to tell her.”


 “Then I’m going to keep you busy.” John smirked.


 “Prat.” I tried to playfully punch him but my fist just went through his stomach. I rolled my eyes as John started chuckling. 

I was about to say something when I notice Granger looking peculiarly at a book. 

Tom Marvolo Riddle 


I shivered. Where did Granger get that from? John stops laughing and glances at Granger. He widens his eyes and looks at me slyly. 
As I watch, a piece of parchment falls out. At first, Granger doesn’t notice it, but then picks up the slightly yellowed paper. 

She opens it, and her eyes freeze. I also stare in stunned silence, because the Malfoy crest was on the back of the paper. I guess Granger didn’t see the crest, but whatever was written inside definitely caught her attention.


I make a move to grab the letter, but John shakes his head. Granger doesn’t notice the silence and her eyes grow wider and wider with every word. She sucks a startled breath and folds the paper slowly. She picks up the book again and stares at it, before lifting her honey eyes to meet mine.





Dear Draco, 

         How are you dear? I’m alright, you don’t have to worry about me. 
        I feel terrible. Your father has such high hopes for you Draco, he hopes that you get the Malfoy name in the Dark Lord’s good books. 
        I know you didn’t want to be a Death Eater. I could see the desperation and panic on your face, even though you hid it from evrybidy else. 


But your father has angered the Dark Lord. 
                 If I could do anything I would. I only want you safe. I don’t want you to become heartless Draco. Blood purity does exist, but not enough to call war. Unfortunately, your grandfather, Abraxas, was a friend of the Dark Lord. 
             My sister Andromeda, who married a MUGGLE of all people, is, as you know, cut off from the family. Sometimes I envy her, that she doesn’t have to mix into these wizard wars. Her daughter Nymphadora, is part of the Order, fighting for the right side. I would die if anyone else saw these words though.

        Draco, I wish that you tell everything to Snape, or tell Dumbledore. He can protect you, and you won’t be forced to-

It ends. Right where I needed information. This letter was from Draco’s mum, Narcissa Malfoy. I knew Tonks. 

I suck in a startled breath. So Malfoy’s mother didn’t want Malfoy to do whatever he had to do. And according to the letter, Malfoy WAS forced to become a Death Eater. I absent-mindedly fold the letter. 

I stared at the book. What if Tom Riddle was still there? Maybe Mary and John wrote back to the person? What if, I found answers? 

I raise my gaze to stare at Malfoy, to find he’s already looking at me with a panicked face. What did Malfoy want to tell me this morning? 

“Malfoy-” I start, but then Mary pokes her head through the floor right beside Malfoy’s feet. He screams like a banshee and promptly tries to stamp on her. 

“Oh. Hey Mary Lady, I was just doing aerobics.” Malfoy tried to act unperturbed.


 “Mhm. Anyway, I came to tell you that the task is readyyyyy!” She sang, and disappeared below to the second floor. I stuffed the paper in my pocket in case I needed to use it.

I sighed and followed her.


I enter the first floor and I’m completely blown away. It’s not the bare, living room anymore. It was an exact replica of Hogwarts! Without the students and magic buzzing in the air.


 “Woah.” I wandered to where I knew would lead to the Owlery. There are no owls. It seemed like it was Hogwarts but without any living beings (and ghosts) except us. 

“Not too shabby. Say, is there a Room of Requirement around here?” Malfoy asked hopefully. I glanced at him quickly. That would be a smart but disturbing thought. Maybe we could use it to go back to Hogwarts. 

“No. Luckily, that’s the only thing that I didn’t include.” Mary smirked knowingly. 

“Darn it.” Malfoy cursed. 

“So,” John claps to get our attention. My head snaps towards him. “Mary has hidden prices of paper that have a riddle or question on it. U have to choose or find out the answer. Then you will head on to your next destination. Remember, a wrong answer will cost you a week.” 

“Why do you want to keep us here anyway?” Malfoy asked curiously. 

They both smiled. “Because fate tells us to.” 

“Ridiculous.” Malfoy scoffs. I shake my head at this and look for the first paper. I find it on a double door. 

“The first paper!” I call out to Malfoy, turning to him. I realise that John and Mary had disappeared and Malfoy’s as muttering incoherently to himself. 

“Huh? Okay.” Malfoy struts across the room to me and snatches the paper. “Go inside.” He read. 

“Okay.” I put my hands to the double door and push. I gasp in surprise. 

The Great Hall. It was complete except for the students and and professors. The hourglasses of the four houses were still there however, and Gryffindor had gained a few more points. 

“Ha. Maybe a Gryffindor got a few points and the Room of Requirement doesn’t want to miss out on a chance to rub it in your face, Malfoy.” 

“Impossible. Look at the Slytherin hourglass.” 

At that moment it looked like Slytherin had lost 50 points.


 “Never mind, the Room of Requirement is broken anyway.” He mutters. 

We check the tables and finally I find the second paper on the stage in Dumbledore’s seat.


 Which one of you cried first? Where did that person go?


​​​​​​​I nervously turn to Malfoy. “So, um, did you cry in first year?” I asked.


He scoffed, “No. I was, I mean, still am, superior and awesome. Why would I cry?” 

“Ok.. follow me.” I mumble, before running to a bathroom. 

“Wait! Granger!” He calls from somewhere behind me. 

I stop in front of Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. The first time I had cried in Hogwarts was because Ron had called me a nightmare. I smiled at remembering how Ron had done a simple Hovering charm and defeated the troll. 

“You cried in first year?” Malfoy asked incredulously after catching up. “In Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom..” he mused.

“Er, yeah. Let’s find the next clue.” I brush it off.


Malfoy finds it under the sink. He reads it silently and puts it in his pocket. 

“Well? What does it say?” I ask impatiently. 

“You have to tell me why you were crying first.” He demanded.


My mouth hung open in shock and indignation. “What? Why?” I sputtered. There was no way I was going to tell a Malfoy my insecurities. 

“It says in the paper. I’m not that jobless to want to know about your life.” Malfoy smirked. 

I huffed. “Fine. Actually, I heard Ron tell Harry that I had no friends and that I was a nightmare. I went to this bathroom to cry as it was closest to the Great Hall and nobody would go here because of Myrtle.” I said quickly to get it over with. 

“Interesting.. just so you know, it wasn’t written in the paper.” He smirks at me evilly. 

“Bloody hell Malfoy! I thought you weren’t interested in my life!” I yell at him, furious he tricked me.


 “Well, I AM jobless right now. Anyway, what the paper ACTUALLY says-” 

“Give it here.” I pluck the paper out of his hands and read it before he snatches it back. 

The first time you both insulted one another.


​​​​​​​Where did me and Malfoy first insult one another?


​​​​​​​“Quidditch practise. Second year.” Malfoy states stiffly. 

Second year- oh. When he first called me a- stupid arrogant bouncing white ferret son of a Death Eater-


​​​“Let’s go then.” I say coolly. 

Malfoy searches the ground and poked through the grass. I finally find it on the bench me and Ron we’re sitting on before the fight broke out.


 “By the way, that wasn't that bad of a comeback.” Malfoy says out if the blue. 

I look at him like he’s crazy. He catches my expression. “I’m going to regret saying this, but I mean when you commented on your team’s talent.”


 “Oh.” That’s all I could say. Malfoy was COMPLIMENTING me? ME? I shudder involuntarily. There was definitely something wrong with this place.


 “SO. What’s in the paper?” Malfoy’s nods to the parchment in my hand.


 “Ok, it’s says- Down below, deep inside, lies a giant snake’s hide.


 “What’s that?” Malfoy asked.

“The Chamber Of Secrets.” I say shakily. Harry and Ron had described it to me, but I was glad I was petrified at the time.

“Well, do you know the way?” 

“We have to go back to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom.” I say, and stride back to the castle. 

Malfoy and I stand beside the sinks, and I try to find the tap handle that has the snake carved on it.


 “Ok, found it.” I say, as I grasp the handle. “But I don’t know Parseltongue..” I wring my fingers.

“I know.” Malfoy offers.


 “You do?” I ask him in disbelief. 

“Yeah. My father learnt it.” He didn’t need to say more. His father learnt it from Lord Voldemort himself.


 “Then open it.” 

He hisses something, and after a few tries, the Entrance opens. 

“That worked. I thought you only knew how to speak English and Prat.” I said, peering into the dark abyss. 

“Haha. Very funny Granger. Let’s go.” He said. He gripped his wand and jumps. 

“OW!” I hear an echo. 

“Malfoy? Malfoy! Are you hurt? Malfoy!” I shouted down the tunnel, hoping for an answer, a groan, anything.


 Did he die?  I think frantically. Mary is going to kill me..


​​​​​​​“I didn’t know you cared Granger.” I hear a laugh resounding to my ears. 

“Alright, I’m coming.” I called out. I waited a few seconds for him to move away, and then I jump.


 “AAAAHHHH!” Malfoy screams as he looks up to see me literally fall down on him. We roll down the hill of bones and end in a heap of limbs. 

“Get off me Granger.” He snapped.


 “Pff. You’re the one holding my waist.” I say, and then I realise that he WAS holding my waist. I scramble off him as fast as I can. 

“Keep your hands to yourself.” I said, flustered for NO apparent reason.


Malfoy groaned again and I turn to him. He had stumbled on a few bones and had landed on something huge and scaly. 

“Great! You found it.” I said, motioning to the basilisk hide.

Chapter 11: 11. you don’t know a lot of things about me Granger
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I stumbled and hit my foot against something long and scaly. 

“Great. You found it.” Granger said.


We start with the tail, and we go on and on until we reach the Chamber. I see Salazar’s sculpture, his mouth open and his eyes dead. 

The head of the basilisk was more terrifying though. The sockets where the eyes were supposed to be were covered in dried blood. It’s fangs protruded out, and one of them was lying on the floor, slick with blood and ink?


​​​​​​​“Woah.” Granger stared at the snake with wide eyes and then at the fang beside it. She lifted the fang to her eye level, muttered something under her breath, and vanished it with her wand. 



“You’re not planning to kill me with poison are you?” I ask, hoping she would tell me why she took a harmful, deadly, and venomous fang and vanished it somewhere. 

“Oh please Malfoy. If I had to kill you, I would attack you from the front. Not from the back like some cowardly Slytherin.” 



 “Harry fought THIS to save Ginny? No wonder Ginny...” she trailed off. 

“Potter fought the basilisk?” I asked in astonishment (not admiration, NOT admiration.) Wasn’t he only TWELVE? 


 “Yup.” She crouched beside the head and stared hard. Finally she finds the paper soaked wet in the water.


 “Granger, I need your help.” 

She almost slipped on the floor in shock. “Are you okay?” She asked.


 “That’s exactly why I need your help. I think I’m starting to respect Potter.” I ask, worried greatly. Respect for Scarhead? This place was driving me insane.


 “Oh. Well, you don’t need medication for THAT Malfoy. It just shows you finally cured.” She said haughtily.


I roll me eyes. “What’s the clue?”

Go tickle the pear, and for dessert, have a chocolate eclair!


 “Who’s even coming up with these riddles?” I exclaim in frustration. “This is never going to end.”

“We should just do it. Ok, tickle the pear..that means-”

“The kitchens.” I knew where the kitchen was. I had spent most of my term eating my meals there, because I was so stressed with the mission. 

“How do you-”

“You don’t know a lot of things about me Granger.” I look at her seriously in her eye and I’m pretty sure I saw a flash of emotion. Sympathy? Understanding?


Whatever it was, she shook it off and nodded. 

“Let’s go then. 


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Chapter 12: 12. Chaos, Chaos, and...more Chaos.
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“You don’t know a lot of things about me Granger.” He said, his eyes burning with some hidden pain.


I soften towards him a bit, this also was pointing towards the paper I currently and in my pocket. I decided to confront Malfoy when I was ready.


 “Let’s go then.” I mutter, and walk towards the kitchen.




 “I’m hungry.” Malfoy complained when we reached the kitchen.


 “We just had breakfast Malfoy. And we are in the kitchen. You can eat anything you want.” I rolled my eyes at his whines.


I stopped in my tracks when the door opens. The kitchen is PACKED with food. So much, that the smell was overwhelming and I felt like vomiting just by the sight of it. 

On the up side, Malfoy could stop complaining. On the down side, HOW was I going to find the bloody chocolate eclair?

“Salazar! Where is that brown cake thingy?” Malfoy said, his eyes skimming across the plates of cakes, scones, pancakes, and everything you would find for a double feast.


 “Accio chocolate eclair!” I try, but nothing comes.

“Well, that was a waste of- AAARRGGH!” Malfoy screams suddenly, as a humungous chocolate pastry zooms towards him and promptly smacks him in the face.

I try to conceal my laughter, but it bubbles out and I start laughing like a lunatic.


 “Granger, stop laughing and help me!” Malfoy whines.


 “Shove it Malfoy. If the same thing happened to me, you wouldn’t lift a finger.” I point out.


 “You got a point. But aren’t you a noble Gryffindor?” He mocks, which is pretty hard to do when you’re covered in thick chocolate and look pathetic. 

“Ugh fine. Just do me a favour and shut up.” I say, before casting a quick scourgify. 

“I don’t do favours Granger.” He reminds me haughtily.


 “Of course. You do errands.” I retorted and then wished I could take it back. His jaw clenches angrily and his eyes are all erased of swag and laughter.


 “The clue.” He says, turning his back to me.


 “Ok, the clue.... tickle the pear, eat chocolate eclair...OH NO!” I cry in realisation.


 “What?!” He turns back to me, ready to fight. “What?” He demanded when he saw nothing threatening.


 “The chocolate eclair! I vanished it with the scourgify!” I said hysterically. 

Malfoy slaps his palm to his forehead and thinks hard. I nervously bite my finger nails. Suddenly-


“MALFOY! DUCK!” I shouted.


He turns around and his eyes widen in shock. He ducks, and barely a moment later another giant chocolate treat splatters the ground beside him. Thank goodness for his Seeker reflexes. More chocolate pelted towards us with amazing speed.


 “Take cover!” He bellowed, before hiding under the table. Unfortunately, I had also gone under the table from the other side and our faces met barely an inch from one another. 

We stare into eachother eyes for a moment, and I realise I wanted to know him. Help him. Because everyone deserves a second chance.


 “OW. Granger move. Who knew CHOCOLATE could hurt?” He groans and stretches comfortable under the table. The whole scene reminds me of a Muggle movie- Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

“How are we gong to find the next clue?” I ask him. He shrugs and said, “How are we going to survive this?”


I let out a deep breath to control my annoyance towards him for a second. Second over.


 “Maybe if you weren’t crying in the bathroom we wouldn’t be here.” I say irritatedly. 

“Maybe if you had LEFT ME ALONE we wouldn’t be here!” He snarled back.


 “MAYBE, if you had just TOLD ME what was wrong, we WOULDN'T BE HERE!” I spat at him.


Time slows down when time wants you to remember that moment forever. So that you remember every little detail, and maybe tell the story one day.


But as I saw Malfoy’s face slowly transform into rage, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to tell the story.


 “I told you Granger, and I’m telling you now, stay out of my business.” He hisses at me, his voice deadly. 

“It IS my business Malfoy. It’s the ENTIRE wizarding world’s business.” I snarl back. 

“Think you’re so clever? That you know that Draco Malfoy is a Death Eater. Well jokes on you, because you’ll never be able to tell them.” His voice was low, and fear was starting to creep in. 


“You’re going to kill me then? You?” I ask, hoping against hope he wouldn’t. 

“I don’t want to kill anyone Granger. But sometimes, people have to do things they don’t want to.” He replied, looking me in the eye. 

I frown. What is that supposed to mean? He must have noticed my confusion, because he started talking again.


 “So the Brightest Witch of her Age hasn’t figured it out yet? Pity.” He taunted me, his eyes gleaming. “But I’m not stupid enough to tell you, so just use your puny brain Granger.”


By this time, the chocolate hail storm had stopped. I moved to get away from Malfoy but accidentally banged my head on the table above me. “OWW.” I moaned in pain.


By the time I got up, Malfoy was already brushing his clothes and looking for the next clue. He finally finds it. 

Where one gave consolation, one cried; follow your footsteps to where everything is acquired.” He read out loud. 

“One gave consolation, one cried..oh.” I realised softly. In the bathroom. When I had found Malfoy crying. 

Malfoy looked uncomfortable and he glanced at me with an emotion in his eyes I couldn’t place. 

“I thought Mary said there wasn’t a Room of Requirement...” I mused.


 Malfoy didn’t reply. It seemed he was giving me the silent treatment, and I, was totally fine with it.


 “Let’s go then.” He said stiffly, then proceeded to stride out towards the hall.




After a few minutes of walking, I hear a distant rumbling sound. It was getting louder and louder with each passing second.


 “Do you hear that?” Me and Granger asked at the same time. 

 “Yeah.” We reply. I roll my eyes and listen harder.


 “It’s like an..earthquake.” Granger said slowly. 

“What is an earthquake?” I ask. It sounded dangerous.


 “It’s a muggle natural calamity. It’s when the ground splits open and the earth, well, quakes. It can kill many people and injure even more.” She said in her I’m-Smarter-Than-You voice.


So it WAS dangerous. Just what I need to make this day even better.


Suddenly the ground shakes so hard I thought my head would fall off. We both fall to the floor and I see cracks appearing on the stone walls.



“Any idea how to stop this earthquake?” I ask, scooting away from where I’m sure the torches would fall. 

“Well, no. Even the muggle world hasn’t invented a thing to stop earthquakes, and they probably never will.” She squealed when sand started pouring through the celing, making the air blur and my eyes water.


 “We have to get out of here.” I say, and pull her up to stand. She stumbles for a moment, then regains her balance.


By now the torches were diminished, and a wind had started howling in my ears. The cracks grew wider and wider with every step we took towards the Room.


 “It’s going to cave in,” Granger gasps, pointing to the ceiling.

I look up and barely have time to throw my hands to protect my head when the ceiling gives in and hurls towards us. I’m halfway buried in the rubble. I hear a scream and I see Granger get a deep gash from the glass of a lantern.


Her wand is laying 2 feet away from her and she’s struggling to reach it. My own wand was in my pocket but the stone on me was too heavy. 

“MALFOY!!” She screamed in horror and her eyes fixed above me. I look up and see a big, heavy wall falling on me. I reckoned I had 5 seconds till I got crushed. I squeezed my eyes shut and braced myself, silently praying to Dumbledore and Merlin.


I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to-



My eyes shot open and I see Granger pointing her wand above my head. Sand sprayed in every direction when the wall blasted. She points her wand at me, and the stone trapping me vanishes. 

I reach for my wand and lift my head to thank her, but she’s out cold.


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Chapter 13: 13. Unconscious.
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“Did you REALLY do a good thing by putting both of them in danger?” John asked worriedly.


 “Relax. They’ll take care of one another.” Mary reassured him.


 “They hate eachother.” John reminded her.


Mary shook her head knowingly. “No. They do not hate eachother that much that they will let the other die. I don’t think they even hate eachother. Just putting up a show for the other, and for themselves.”


 “I was talking to Draco. He’s having doubts about being a Death Eater. Like, a LOT. I’m sure even I wasn’t that confused when I was his age.”


 “Yes, because you didn’t care.” Mary joked, but there was a hint of sadness. John noticed it.



“No. You were VERY sure at his age. That’s why you didn’t do anything until it was almost too late.” Mary her voice suddenly sad.


 “I thought you forgave me for that!” John said hotly.


 “I did. And I don’t even hold a grudge. I’m just saying that you shouldn’t blame him. He’s young, and he LOVES his family, however cruel they might be.”


 “How do you know all this? John asked. 

“I talked to him on the first day. He shared a few things with me,” she turned to John sharply, “I don’t know what you have been telling him, so I’m going to speak to him today. Thankfully, I’m still as smart as I am now.”


 “I’m not leading him in the wrong direction. Really. He’s thinking about telling Dumbledore and Granger. Granger also found Riddle’s diary.”


 “Everything is going smoothly then. But Draco still needs to talk to Hermione.” Mary confirmed.

She looked out of the window of the attic. She saw Hermione and Draco going back towards Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, presumably to the Chamber of Secrets.


“What about until then?” John asked. 

 “Only time will tell.”




I see Granger on the floor, unconscious. Her face stoic and calm, ignorant of the chaos and destruction around her. 

I see the Room of Requirement’s door appear only a few metres away. But I’m in the middle of both.

I see a big chandelier unscrewing from its groove rapidly, directly above Granger. 

If I go to save Granger, there was a fifty percent chance I would die. With Granger. But also a fifty percent chance I would live. With                 Granger. 

If I go to the Door, there’s a hundred percent chance I’ll live. But Granger would die.


Granger HAD saved my life, so I kind of owed her one. Then again, I WAS a Slytherin, and I sure didn’t ask for her help. 

All this thoughts were thought in a matter of seconds, and I took a step.




​​​​​​​The door suddenly appeared in the middle of the attic. 

“They’re coming.” John said. Mary waved her hand and a bed appeared.




I took a step towards the door. I looked back at Granger. 

Darn these Gryffindor virtues!


​​​​​​​I take off running towards her. I tuck her wand safely into my pocket, and carry her, shielding her with my body. 

I hear a screeching sound and see the chandelier falling. I make shift Granger so that I can move properly, and start running. 

In front of me the door opens. I run faster, glad that I didn’t have to waste precious seconds in opening the door.


A loud crash and glass splinters everywhere. A particularly large shard slashes my calf, and I gasp in pain. 

Blood is flowing down my leg and I make one last attempt to lunge through the door. I skid the last few steps and land on a mattress.
The door closes on its own and I set Granger comfortable in the bed. 

I notice that Mary and John are starting at me worriedly before everything goes black.





Chapter 14: 14. Healed
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The sun shone into my eyes, blinding me for a moment before my eyes adjusted. 

The mattress is wet, and I realise why. I was bleeding. A lot. Blood was still flowing down my leg. I figured only an hour or so passed.


I looked to my right and saw Granger stirring. I winced at the sight of her right arm. Now that I saw it clearly, it was deep and bleeding heavily.


 “Where am I?” Granger asked groggily. 

“We’re in the house Granger.” I answered, too relieved to make a snide comment.


 “Okay-”She cut herself off by crying out in pain. She had been trying to sit up and had put weight on her injured arm.


 “Take it easy Granger.” I said, looking around for anything I could use to heal our wounds. 

“Malfoy. You’re hurt.” Granger looked concerned. 

“Yeah I am.”


 “We need to heal it. You could get infection, or you could bleed to death.” She said decisively, trying to get up again. 


“Aha!” She had found her wand near me. She tried to flick her wrist at my leg but stopped immediately when it was too much. 

“I’ll do it Granger. My hand is functioning fine.” I pulled out my own wand.




“I’ll go it Granger. My hand is functioning fine.” He said, pulling out his wand.


I relaxed back. I didn’t know why I cared. I didn’t know why I cared even before when a boulder was about to crush him. But I knew I couldn’t let him die.


As I watched, he pointed his wand at me. I tried to scoot away from him.


 “What are you doing Malfoy?” I asked warily.

“Relax Granger. I’m just going to heal you.” I had no reason to trust him, especially when he threatened to kill me a few hours ago. But for some reason I knew he wasn’t going to hurt me.


He murmured some words so fast it seemed like a song. As I watched, my wound started to heal. Within moments, my arm was as good as new. 

“Thank you.” I said gratefully, but he wasn’t done yet. He stared healing the bruises and cuts on my body, which was, a lot. His grey eyes were filled with utmost concentration and care. I didn’t know a Malfoy could feel so much.


He raised his wand to heal the scratch on my cheek. I shivered as I felt it run over my skin, making it smooth and unblemished again. His eyes lowered for a second, then he brought his gaze to meet mine.


 “Is that all?” He whispered, trying to keep the atmosphere that was VERY different than the one in the kitchen. 

I could only nod and stare into his mercury eyes. He looked so..different. Vulnerable. So unlike the Malfoy I had grown up with. So unlike what I thought he was. 

He seemed to shake out of whatever he was thinking, then arranged his face as an emotionless mask again. I frowned slightly. Why did he do that? Everyone would love him more with no fake personality. In those few moments, I had a glimpse of his nature, and I wasn’t entirely disappointed. 

“Your welcome.” He said stiffly, looking away. 

“Let me heal you now.” I offered, testing my arm. 

His head snapped towards me. “No! I don’t need your help! Why do you care anyway?” He snarled.


I exhaled slowly, trying to be patient. “You healed me Malfoy. It’s only right if I return the favour.”


 “That wasn’t a favour.” Malfoy retorted. 

“So you’re saying that was out of ‘the goodness of your heart’?” I raised an eyebrow. 

“Er-I- no- I just, do NOT need your help. If you want to return the favour, do it later.” Malfoy looked like a deer in headlights. He was scared for some reason.


 “Malfoy. I’m not going to hurt you. So you can stop acting like I’m going to curse you or something.” I tried to calm him down.


 “It wouldn’t be the first time.” He muttered. I ignored this remark and got my wand.

“Stay still now.” I warned, before swirling my wand and pointing it towards his leg.


 “I told you! I don’t need your help!” Malfoy tried to scramble away from me and ended up on the floor. I knelt down beside him, examining his leg.


 “Leave me alone.” He hissed. He gritted his teeth as his leg started smarting again. Even though he was trying to look intimidating, I couldn’t help but think he looked like a wounded lion. I mean, snake.


 “Malfoy, you DO need to heal! Why aren’t you understanding? You could DIE.” I said exasperated.

“But-” I put a finger on his lips, effectively shutting him up. Though I didn’t know if it was because of my finger, or because of shock. His eyes were wide, but I couldn’t see any disgust or repulsion. It looked like...relief. 

“You will now shut up and let me heal you. If not for yourself, then for my conscience. Do you hear me?” I whispered dangerously.


He nodded mutely and I removed my finger, ignoring the sparks I felt jolt through my spine. 

“Stay still. This might hurt a bit.” I say softly, before waving my wand. He hissed when his leg started burning. 

In the meantime I started healing his smaller injuries. The chandelier had done some real damage.


When I reached his busted lip I was about to ‘Episkey’ when he held my wrist to stop me. 

“You don’t need to heal everything.” He said, looking uneasy. I gave him a scathing look and he subsided, muttering about bossy witches and noble Gryffindors.


 His lip still looked swollen. I touched it gently and said, “Malfoy, you need to let this heal for a bit. I think my wand got a bit damaged or something.” 

He was looking at me with wide eyes. It hit me and I jumped back, completely caught off guard of what I had just done. 

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to! It was swollen so I was just checking it! It didn’t mean anything or-” I stammered. 

I stopped hyperventilating when I saw Malfoy smirking at me. “Really Granger, you’re obsessed with touching me aren’t you? Even if it means punching me or healing me.” He teased.


 “Well, you deserved it both times.” I said defensively. 

“True.” We fell silent again. A few moments passed while we just stared at eachother, unsure of what to say.


 “Er, thanks by the way.” Malfoy said, breaking the silence. He caught my questioning look and answered, “For saving my life. Healing me. You know, your usual Gryffindor antics.” He grimaced, as if it was a big deal for him to express his gratitude.

I smiled at him. “Well, it’s my usual antics, so you don’t need to thank me. I would have done it for anyone. Except for a Death Eater.” 

I realised what I had said and met his gaze. He looked confused. “Wait, but you know that I’m a-”

“You’re not.” I interrupted him. He looked at me like I was crazy. 

“Granger. I told you. You’ve seen the Dark Mark. What are you saying?”


I pulled the paper I had stuffed into my pocket. The letter. 

“You didn’t want to.”

Chapter 15: 15. Hermione wants to help
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“You didn’t want to.” She said softly.


She held up the letter I had seen her reading in the attic. The one what the heck the Malfoy crest.


I swallowed thickly. She was right. I didn’t want to. 

“What’s in the letter?” I asked.


She smiled slightly. “It’s proof.” She handed the letter to me and I read it, recognising it as the one I wrote to mother only a few days ago.


I looked up at her. Her eyes were full of sadness and sympathy. But there was something else. Something I only saw in Gryffindors. The determination to help people.


 “I’m going to help you. Malfoy. You could tell me what you’re supposed to do. I’ll help you.” She extended her hands as if trying to appear honest. Her face was full of sincerity and honesty.


 But still I couldn’t find reason to accept her help. There was a reason I had become a Death Eater.


 “I- I can’t.” I said. “I can’t.” I said more firmly.


Her smile dropped. “Why?” 

“I don’t need your help. Have you ever thought that maybe I WANTED to be a Death Eater? That maybe I was proud that the Dark Lord chose me for this?”


She shook her head sadly. “Of course. But what about the letter?” She nodded to my hands.


Oh right. 

 “Malfoy. I promise I’ll try to keep you and your mother safe.” She pleaded. 

 I gulped down my tears. “You won’t be able to. He’s powerful Granger. You don’t stand a chance.”


 “Me and Harry already found a way to kill him. We will. Please tell me. Confide in me. I want to help.” 


She sighed. “Malfoy. Answer me. Do you want to live in a world Voldemort will create if he wins?” 



 “Then you have to help the wizarding world Draco.” 


​​​​​​​She didn’t seem to notice what she had said. 

Nobody had cared this much before. Nobody had ever thought that maybe Draco Malfoy has feelings. Not even his own father. And his mother was too depressed to notice. He raised his eyes to her honey brown ones, open and honest.


 “Fine. But.” I interjected, “You can not judge me or anything.” I said nervously.


 “Of course.” She said understandingly. 

We sat down again, and she leaned in, waiting to hear wat I had to say.


 “I have to get the Death Eaters inside Hogwarts, and I need to kill Dumbledore.” I blurted out.

Chapter 16: 16. A Hug
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“What?” I whispered, not believing my ears.


 “Granger, I know you probably want to kill me right now, but you need everything if you’re going to defeat him.” Malfoy tried to pacify me. 

 “You're supposed to kill Dumbledore, and also indirectly place thousands of students in danger?!” I shouted.

Malfoy winced. “Er, yeah.” He mumbled, faltering under my murderous glare.


 “And you agreed to do it!” I said, my voice getting higher by every word.


He stood up abruptly. “Dammit Granger! It’s not like I could have said NO to the most powerful Dark Wizard! It’s either that or DIE!” He yelled at me.


I stood up too, facing him.

“If it’s wrong, you shouldn’t do anything. And who said anything about dying? You could have pretended to do his job, and could have come to the Order. You’re a skilled Occlumens are you not?” I demanded. 


He faltered, then stood back up. “Because he would know. My being a skilled Occlumens doesn’t really affect him. I can’t hide big things like this from him. And I’m not doing all this for myself or for the Dark Lord.” He snarled.


 “Really? The WHO are you going to commit a murder for?” 

“My mother.” He said, lowering his voice for the first time. I could feel the love he had for his mother. I could see such raw emotion in his eyes that I kept staring into them.


 “If I don’t do this, He’ll kill me and my mother.” He whispered desperately, trying to make me understand. He sank to the floor and held his head in his hands. Suddenly I could see why he was crying in the bathroom.




​​​​​​​But my heart, the one that reached out for Malfoy, could see where he was coming from. As a Slytherin, he was loyal to those he loved. Slytherins could kill for their loved ones. 

I knew that if this had happened to me, my mother would probably WANT to die than see me kill someone. But this was a war. It’s no game, because people get hurt.


I hesitated, then put a hand on his shoulder. He stared up at me, still looking beautiful even though tears streaked his face. 

Wait. Where did that come from? 

​​​​​​​I shook my head. I would look into it later. First, I needed to help Malfoy.


 “Malfoy. I understand. I see your pain. But I still say this- we can help you. But we’ll also protect your mother. I promise. Just give us a chance.” I pleaded. 

 “I’ve already started working on a way to get the Death Eaters inside.” He suddenly said, wiping his tears.


 I panicked slightly. “Where? How?” I asked, trying to find out if I could somehow stop it.


 “The Vanishing Cabinet.”


 “You mean in Borgin and Burkes?” I asked, confused. When did he go out of campus? He even missed Hogsmeade except for that one day when he gave that cursed necklace to Katie Bell..


 “Yeah. There’s one in the Room of Requirement. But it doesn’t work.” Malfoy said, grimacing slightly. 

“Wait. So Katie Bell and Ron were cursed and poisoned because of you? But why would you do that?” I asked, feeling confused.


 “Well, actually, the necklace was supposed to be for Dumbledore. Katie was supposed to give it to him.. and Weasley, however much I hate him, the poison wasn’t for him. I slipped the poison in Slughorn’s drinks, which he was supposed to give to Dumbledore. Twice I failed.” He said, banging his fist on his knee in defeat.


 “You think you failed, because you didn’t manage to kill someone? Malfoy, haven’t you thought that maybe fate was giving you second and third chances to rectify your mistake? Didn’t you think at least once that you were thankful it was Katie or Ron and that they’re fine?”

“Well, yeah, I guess, but it doesn’t matter Granger. If fate was in my side, I wouldn’t be stuck in this mess.” He said.


He looked so sad that I did the only rational thing I could think of when anybody was upset. I knelt down and embraced him from behind, squeezing him slightly. He stiffened, but I didn’t notice. I put my chin on his shoulder. After a few seconds, he relaxed and melted into my arms. 

“It’s going to be alright. We’ll make this right Malfoy. I want to help you.” I soothed him. 

Chapter 17: 17. Consolation
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I was sobbing quietly, mortified at crying infront of Granger, but I was too helpless. I feel her kneel down beside me. And a moment later I feel her tiny hands wrapping me up in their warmth.

I stiffened slightly; I wasn’t used to being hugged. The last time I was hugged was probably in second year by my mother. My father had never touched me affectionately. 


She didn’t let go and I started to relax. There was something comforting and soothing about the way she placed her chin on my shoulder. As if I wasn’t a monster. As if I wasn’t a Death Eater. I let myself imagine for a few moments, expecting her to leap off me any second.


 “It’s going to be alright. We’ll make this right Malfoy. I want to help you.” She whispered, her lips were so close to my ear. 

I turned a bit to face her, and unfortunately she let her hands drop. Her face was a little guarded and apologetic. Her innocent wide eyes were shining with tears. 

For me. For what I’m going through.


All thoughts of her blood and my dignity flew out of the window and I wrapped my hands around her petite figure, seeking out the kindness I had received a moment before. 

She froze in shock for a second, and then responded by hugging me and placing her curly head on my chest.


 “Malfoy.” She said softly.


I looked down at her. “Yeah?” 

“Tell me everything.” She said, gently untangling my hands from her person and holding them reassuringly.


And so I did. I told her about the way my father was punished, how the Dark Lord chose me to kill Dumbledore as a punishment to the family, because he was sure I wouldn’t succeed. I told her about his threats and expectations, not to mention his Aunt Bellatrix egging me on like I was a contester in a show.

“The Vanishing Cabinet is broken. I was trying to fix it. That’s why I missed Hogsmeade and quidditch matches to try and fix it. Goyle and Crabbe took Polyjuice Potion to take the form of two girls to keep watch.”

Her mouth was open wide in shock. I had given her a lot of information. Not to mention that the Cabinet was supposed to be fixed. I had just needed to test it.


 “Ok. Wow.” She said, but I knew her mind was thinking hard in her head.

“Wow is right. Um, if you don’t mind, can you tell me what you and Potter are planning? I might be of help...” I asked tentatively. I really did want to help, but she might think I was lying.


 She studied me for a few moments, and I tried to look sincere and honest. 

“Well, I can’t tell you everything, because I promised Harry and Dumbledore I wouldn’t tell anyone. But I could tell you a few things.” She trailed off, giving me a hard look. “And you actually might be of help..” 

                                                                                        + + +

Chapter 18: 18. Hocruxes
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“Wait. Why do you need to know about a cup, a locket, and that snake?” Malfoy asked, looking clueless.


I sighed. I guess I had to tell him everything.


 “Ok. Don’t freak out, but first, can I trust you to guard this information with your life?” I said seriously.


He stared at me, probably weighing the pros and cons of of promising not to tell anyone. “Er...ok.” He shrugged.


 “Have you ever heard of...horcruxes?” I asked tentatively. 

“Nooo...” he said slowly, looking at me like I was speaking a different language.


 “Well, it’s an object formed by Dark magic. The wizard or witch spilts their soul into parts. The maimed part of the soul, the one which is split from the body is put inside the horcrux. The horcrux acts like a shelter, and if the horcrux is destroyed, the soul inside is defeated. So Voldemort made six of them and..”


I stopped at seeing Malfoy’s expression. His face was contorted in disgust and horror.

“Uh, Malfoy?” I snapped my fingers to get his attention. 

“Granger, that’s..ghastly. Why would anyone do that? How do you make a horcrux anyway?” 

I sighed and looked him in the eye. “Murder.” 

He shuddered slightly and looked uneasy. He glanced around, avoiding my eyes. 

“Malfoy, it’s alright. I’m going to help you, and then you won’t have to kill Dumbledore. I promise. Besides, you can only make a horcrux if you feel no remorse. The soul and heart are connected. Therefore, the more spilt souls, the more heartless you become. But Malfoy, you’re not him.” I said softly, trying to get him to understand.


 “Okay. Alright. So, he created SIX of these.. then why do you only need the locket, the snake, and the cup?” He seemed to have shaken out of whatever he was thinking and his eyes glinted with determination. 

“Well, actually, Dumbledore and Harry have already destroyed two of them. And we don’t know what the sixth one is.” I explained.


 “Oh. Okay, okay. What cup and locket?” He asked.


” “The cup should be the Hufflepuff cup actually, and the locket should be Slytherin’s locket..” I looked at him hopefully.


 “Granger, I do not know where that locket is. But I think I know where the cup might be. I’m not sure whether it’s the same one, but I think it is. Aunt Bella was given a cup of some sort. By the Dark Lord. She was told to guard it and place it somewhere nobody could try and steal it.”


I straightened so quickly I almost pulled my neck. “Where did she put it?” I asked excitedly.


 “In..” his face fell, “Gringotts Vault.”


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Chapter 19: 19. Third Task
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My mind was spinning. Horcruxes? Cup? Locket? It felt like she was speaking mermish.


 “Gringott’s Vault..” I informed her, trying not to grimace at the thought of breaking into a goblin infested place.


Her face fell in disappointment and frustration. “Then HOW are we supposed to get it? Not to mention we’re still stuck here!” She rubbed her forehead in exasperation.


 “Helloooo!” Mary Lady sang while floating in between us. She had a huge smile on her face. I took that as a bad sign. “Today, I have the most wonderful news ever! Lady and Malfoy, prepare yourselves for-”

“The third task.” John said flatly. Mary Lady looked at him annoyed and huffed slightly, crossing her arms defiantly against her chest.


 I snickered a bit. John was always like me. Hermione was shaking her head at the two of them, a smile on her face.


Wait, Hermione? What happened to Granger? 

Chillax dude. It happens.


I shuddered involuntarily at hearing my thoughts. Muggle sayings? What had Hermione done to me?


Again with the Hermione by the way.


Aaaarrgh. What was wrong with m-


“Amortentia?” Hermione-no Granger- asked incredulously, breaking my train of thought. 


“Yup.” Mary Lady clapped her hands gleefully.


I rolled my eyes. “Right. And why are we making this potion? And where are we going to get the ingredients?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.


 “They are in the kitchen.” John smirked. 

Granger sighed. “And what is this task for? The last two were..educating I guess..” she said, looking at me.


 “This is just to prepare you for the real world. The task is to actually smell it, but we don’t have any Amortentia so you have to make it yourselves.” Mary Lady smirked.


 “Great. In my experience, smirking ghosts aren’t the best news.” I whispered to Granger.


 “That’s only because you met the Bloody Baron. Sir Nickless is nice enough.” She replied.


 “Good point.” 

“But. What REALLY is the cause of making is smell Amortentia?” Granger persisted, looking nervous.


 “To find your true love of course!” Mary Lady said, winking for some reason.


John rubbed his temples tiredly but amusement was clear on his face. “Mary, give them a break. They just got back from Hogwarts.”


 “Fine.” She pouted. But then she brightened up. “Draco, I need to talk to you.” 

“Um, sure?” I shrugged, following her upstairs.





They left, leaving me and John awkwardly staring at eachother. We had never talked, except for those few words at breakfast a couple days ago.


When I thought he’d leave, something urged me to stop him. “Who are you?” I blurted out.


He stopped and glanced at me sadly. “I’m John.” 

“No.” I pressed. “You’re covering up. You seem so familiar. As if I know you..” I trailed off, staring at him, trying to put my finger on where I had seen him before.


 “Do you like Malfoy?” He asked abruptly, breaking my concentration. I had been so close..


 “What? No. I don’t know. I’m pretty sure I don’t.” I said slowly. Where was he going with this? Why was he asking me?


 “So there’s a possibility?” He pressed.


 “I-I suppose. But for now, I really just see him as a victim. A survivor. He needs help, and I’m glad to.” I said, ignoring the warm feeling spreading in my chest.


He studied me carefully. “You look exactly like her.” He said softly. 

I looked behind me and realised he was talking to me. I pointed at up myself. “Me? Who do I look like? And WHY are you saying this?” I asked the last part a bit hesitatingly. I did NOT want to know about his ex or something..


 “Time will tell..” he said mysteriously, before disappearing with a swoosh.

Chapter 20: 20. ‘Hermione’ and ‘Draco’
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“What did you want to talk to me about?” I asked when I was seated comfortably on the bed.


 “Did you talk to Hermione?” She asked, floating delicately infront of me.


 “Er,  Yeah. Yeah I did.” I answered, unsure of where this was going.


 “Hm.” She hummed. She stopped infront of me. She was so close I swore I saw brown eyes instead of the ghostly blue.


 “Uh, what are you doing?” I asked, leaning away from her.

“Will you accept her help?” 

 “I already did. I’m helping her too.” 

 She sighed, then abruptly snapped her fingers. A holographic image  of the Hufflepuff cup and the Slytherin locket appeared in between us.


 “These are two of the horcruxes. You know where one is.” She said, spinning the cup on its axis.


 “Can you tell me where the locket is?” I said hopefully. 

“No. I won’t. Because that will be changing the future. That is against our rules. But. I can help you in something else.” She waved her hand, and an image of Hogwarts appeared. 

“This is where the unknown horcrux lies. I cannot tell you what it is, but I know this is helpful.” She murmured, and the picture vanished into thin air.


 “Draco. Give up the Death Eater inside you. Give up those blood prejudices. I know you haven’t completely dismissed them yet.” She said seriously.


 “I have! I see Hermione differently now! She’s amazing, and smart, and compassionate, and pretty-” She raised an eyebrow and grinned mischievously. 

“-pretty brave. The opposite of everything I was taught about muggleborns.” I finished hurriedly, hoping I covered up my mistake.


 “Draco. Do you think you like her?” She asked. I thought she was joking, but she wasn’t.


 “Well, noo..” I said slowly. Sure, I respected her, admired her (a bit a BIT) and she was my friend (I hope), but I don’t think I liked her. For that I should be constantly thinking about her, her voice, her touch, her-


Wait. I AM thinking about her.


 “Nope, I don’t like her.” I lied.


 She smirked for some reason. “I can read your mind Draco.” 

 Of course! Ugh. Mind readers. 

 “It’s not wrong. I think it’s pretty great she forgave you.” She observed, looking out of the window.


 “Yeah, me too.” I mumbled to myself. 

 “Draco. Remember one thing. She’ll like someone who sees the bigger picture. She thinks practically, and she will be ready to give up her life to save her friends. She thinks with the heart, but only when concerning others. When thinking for herself, she lets her brain take the reins. If she loves you Draco, it’s like you got a lover, a sister, a mother, and most importantly, a soul mate,”


She turned to me, her eyes shining with sincerity. “-she loves the best.”


 I sat there, stunned. I did like her, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t love her yet.


Yet? I’m going bonkers.


“Most people are crazy in love anyway.” She winked. 

I rolled my eyes and stood up to go. Just when I reached the door, I realised something. I turned to face Mary, who was still staring outside the window, a grim expression on her face.


 “Hey Mary Lady?” I asked.




 “How do you know so much about Hermione? I mean, you’ve only been with her for about four days..” I asked, waiting for her reaction.


She turned to me, her eyes wide and a little panicked. She quickly recomposes herself and smiled at me. I stood there waiting for answer. 

“Just assume that me and Hermione are more alike than you think.” She said softly, before vanishing and leaving me to dwell on her cryptic answer. 




​​​​​​​I waited for Draco to come down.


Draco eh? A voice said slyly.


shut up. He’s my friend. Like Harry and Ron.

So he’s like your brother.


NO! That’s..impossible. He’s like a...friend. Just a friend. 

“Hey Hermione.” Draco called, coming down the stairs. I acknowledged the slight flutter that occured when he called my name. Mary was nowhere to be seen.


 “Hello Draco.” The name rolled off my tongue like an outsider. It was strange to call him that. 

“Let’s make the potion. I got information about the last horcrux too. Mary told me.” He said, striding to the kitchen.


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Chapter 21: 21. Amortentia
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I noticed Hermione had called me Draco. I pretended like it didn’t affect me and walked casually to the kitchen. The ingredients were spread all over the table, and a cauldron was already on a low heat. 

“So, we just need to make a potion we have created a hundred times. Easy enough really.” Hermione said, coming up behind me. She looked a bit flushed, and I wondered what John had told her.


 “Yeah. You add, I’ll stir.” I suggested, and she nodded.

She poured the water and grind the peppermint flower heads. I added them to the cauldron along with the peppermint leaves. Hermione added the powdered moonstone, while I stirred the potion anti-clockwise. She then sprinkled the rose thorns and I stopped stirring.


 “Phew. That’s done.” Hermione said, wiping sweat from her brow. Almost half an hour had passed.


 “Yup. Now we need to leave it for seven days. We’ll do alternate to stir it once a day, agreed?” I asked.


 “Fine. I’ll do it tomorrow.” She replied, gently setting the cauldron somewhere cool.



Over the next week me and Granger started talking frequently. We spent hours just in eachother’s company, and for once, I actually liked it. We went together to check on the potion, and she had finally stared to warm up to me. Sometimes we even cuddled with eachother at late nights, watching the firelight grow dim.



“Granger! It’s done!” I called, watching the potion turn pearly white. She came down two steps at a time and brushed past me, examining the potion. 

 “Perfect! Not that I expected it to be any less.” She said, smiling slightly at me. 

I smirked back. “Me neither.”


 “Wonderful! You did it!” Mary Lady exclaimed, suddenly appearing beside me. I nearly tipped over the cauldron in surprise.


 “You got to stop doing that woman!” I complained, carefully watching Hermione pour the potion into a smaller container.


 “He’s right you know,” John suddenly popped out of nowhere, scaring the shit out of Hermione who squealed. “It’s quite annoying.”


 “Ironic.” I heard Hermione mutter, and I stifled a laugh.

 “Ok, let’s smell it and get it over with,” I said, rolling eyes. 

 “Remember, we can read your mind, so no use trying to hide anything.” John said sternly, looking pointedly at me. I shrugged, there was nothing I thought I had to hide anyway. 

 “Ok, here we go.” Hermione leaned forward and the potion started simmering a bit.


 “I smell new parchment, freshly mown grass, and...” she trailed off, her eyes wide. Mary started giggling and John was smirking widely.


 “What? What else do you smell?” I asked, irritated because nobody was telling me. She turned to me, blushing furiously. 

 “Um, apples.” She said, gauging my reaction. I shrugged confusedly.


Why would she be so lost over an apple? It’s probably a muggle thing. I summarised.


 “Cool.” I said, noticing her weird expression. John and Mary were still chuckling in the background.


 “Alright, I smell... um, apples, damp wood, quidditch equipment, and..”


Hermione? Wait- no- that’s not possible-what? 

​​​​​​​I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye, she was biting her nails nervously. She kept sneaking looks at me every few moments. 

I like HERMIONE? That’s...impossible. And even if it is, there’s no way it can happen. My family would never allow it.


​​​​​​​Mary and John had stopped laughing and were looking at me with slight frowns.


Shit, they read my mind! I mean, they still are- stop thinking! 

​​​​​​​“…and vanilla.” I finished, trying not to lie but not giving it away completely.  

 Hermione’s head snapped up and she nodded a little too quickly, and I worried for a second whether she found out. But she seemed to be stuck in her own thoughts.


 “So we’re done then? Can I go upstairs?” I asked, fixing my face to look unruffled.


John frowned at me and said, “Very well, you may go.” 

I looked at Hermione one last time before going up the staircase.





​​​​​​​No no no. How did this happen? How did I fall for Draco? 

Maybe cause he’s nice to you, he’s the only human company, and he’s intelligent. Not to mention he’s downright handsome.


Shut it. You’re not helping.


Whats the problem with liking the blonde anyway? 
He- his family. They would never allow anything like this!


So there’s nothing wrong with him right? Told you.


No! I mean- AARRGH. You don’t understand. No one will support this.


You're in a war honey. Everyone’s kind of busy saving their lives.




​​​​​​​ He left, and Mary and John were looking at me. I glanced at them for a moment, about to say something, but instead I run upstairs to the attic.

Chapter 22: 22. Ghosts aren’t helpful. Or are they?
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I flung myself onto the bed, quietly seething. This was ridiculous! Why did this have to happen with me? I lay there for an hour, thinking.


There’s nothing wrong with Hermione. A snide voice spoke up. 

There is! 

What? That she’s a MUDBLOOD? Honestly, I thought you grew up.


I am grown up! That’s why I’m making my own decisions!


And what is your decision?

I‘ll pretend I was fooling with her and then act like I’m still a Death Eater.


You’ll be one if you do this, Draco. The voice said, sounding a lot like his mother. 

“You know, for someone who has a small brain, you sure do think a lot.” John commented.


 “What are you doing here?” I asked, in no mood for one of his cryptic conversations.


 “I try to be cryptic. Gives a sense of foreboding.” He chuckled lightly, then turned to study me.


 “Shut up.” I snapped.

“Are you telling that to me or yourself? Cause it seems you have the need to shut out your subconscious.” 

Ah, there it was. The Have-Some-Morals’ lecture. But I was not ready.


 “What are you really doing up here?” I ask tiredly.


 “Hermione is handling herself differently at least. She’s baking muffins.” John said, ignoring my question.


Wait, hermione?


“Yup. She’s not sulking like you are.” John observed, poking his head through the floor presumably into the kitchen.

 “No, I mean, why would Hermione need to handle herself?” I asked curiously. 

 “Ohh. That. Well, Amortentia gets the best of us doesn’t it?” He said, winking at me. 

Brilliant. Another one of his stupid cryptic-


“Alright alright! I’ll say something direct for once. Jeez, teenagers,” he said, shaking his head. “Why don’t you ask her yourself?” 

 “This is just so that I show her my face and you’ll get Cupid to come down isn’t it?” I said sarcastically.

 “You know, that’s not a bad idea. Maybe I’ll-” 

“DAMMIT! Fine! I’ll go! For the love of Salazar stop yammering.” I snapped.


 He smiled roguishly and gave a dramatic sigh. “Oh well, maybe next time I’ll get Cupid.” He saluted at me and then vanished below, probably to look at the muffins.





I ran up to the attic, knowing that Draco would be in the room.

How? How did this happen?




​​​​​​​“Hermione. You need to calm down.” Mary soothed me.


 “But HOW? And WHEN?” I demanded.


 “Gee, let’s think. All the time you’ve been here you have saved eachother's lives, consoled eachother, had a heart to heart talk, AND, have grown close over the past week. There’s obviously no chance of you falling in love.” Mary said sarcastically.


 “AARGH. That’s not the problem. The problem is that he doesn’t like me back, and probably never will!” I groaned.


 “Oh.” Mary furrowed her eyebrows, as if she was expecting another answer. “Oh.” That’s all she said.


 “That was helpful. I’ll just tell Draco ‘oh’ shouldn’t I!” I exclaimed, flopping down onto the floor.


 “Hermione, so you’re saying that you don’t think there’s anything wrong with loving Draco?” She asked.


 I put my hands up in a sort of surrender. “Hold your hippogriffs! I only like him. I don’t LOVE him. Amortentia only smells like what we are attracted to. Not necessarily love.” I said in my sensible voice.


 The corner of her lips twitched upwards. “Of course. But it doesn’t stay that way. Either you love him as a brother, or a-”

 I clamped my palms on my ears and shouted, “NO NO NO! LALALA NOT LISTENING.” 

 She stopped talking and gave me a look. Well, it didn’t look like she was going to say that so-


 “-boyfriend.” She smirked as I removed my hands slowly. 

 “You are the most infuriating person I’ve ever met! I mean, after Draco.” I corrected.

 “Hermione, you can think about this later. After all, you ARE in the middle of a war.” She reminded me.


 “Right. Right. I’ll just-” I stood up and brushed my shirt and skirt, “bake muffins. Yeah, I’ll do that..” I kept mumbling to myself until I reached the kitchen. After that, all thoughts of Draco escaped my mind and I focused on getting the flour, sugar, and butter.