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~ What if I never died? ~ [Please read and review and give feedback!] by Marley_Malfoy

Format: Short story
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 3,164
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+

Genres: General
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Cedric, Cho, Draco, Ginny
Pairings: Cho/Cedric, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing

First Published: 09/13/2020
Last Chapter: 09/18/2020
Last Updated: 09/19/2020


What if Cedric never died? [New update : Made a thread on forums, you can keep track of updates on this!]

Chapter 1: I’m still breathing. (Cedric’s view)
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“Argh!” I yelled as I flew across the yard. I landed my eyes closed. I heard Harry yell after me “CERIC!!!”.  That’s all I could remember before everything was black. “Is he ok?” Said a worried voice. “He has a pulse, don’t worry.” Said a female voice. “Oh, my poor son!” Said a new voice. I opened my eyes and it was blurry. I blinked. The same. I blinked again. I saw three faces. Madam Poppy Pomfrey, Harry and dad. I stared blankly. “U ok Cedric?” Asked Harry. I nodded. I tried to move but my whole body ached. I used my right arm and reached to my left shoulder. Blood. I moved my right hand to my right knee. Blood. I sighed. “You saved my life...” Harry said shaking. I scoffed. “You would have done better then I did...” I said chuckling, “I almost killed myself..”. Harry rolled his eyes and sat next to me. I sat up. He threw me into a hug. “Ow ow..” I said, “My arm and knee...”. “Oh! I’m sorry!” Harry quickly apologised. “It’s fine...” I said smiling. “Let’s get u patched up why don’t we?” Asked Madam Poppy Pomfrey. I nodded. 


[10 minutes later]


“do I have to stay here overnight?” I asked. “With those injures, yes.” She replied chuckling. “Aww....” I said. I sat up in my bed and grabbed my cup of water and took a sip. I putted the cup down. I looked at my wand. “Thank god..” I said seeing it wasn’t broken. Suddenly Cho, Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Harry walked in. I saw their hands full with get better gifts. “Aww... you shouldn’t have..” I said. “How you going...?” Asked Hermione. “Not sure... I was struck by a killing curse....” I said, “I still don’t know how I survived...”. “Well maybe..” Harry began, “Maybe because well, I think a ghost blocked some of it....”. I stared blankly. “What?” I asked, “who?!”. “May sound ridiculous but... my mom and dad...?”replied Harry. “What......?” Said Ginny, Cho, Ron, Hermione and I at the same time.



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Chapter 2: They saved me.. (Cedric’s view)
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“As Peter rose his wand and you rose yours..” Harry said shaking the thought, “He struck U but right Before my parents ghosts came out of ur wand with a few others... and they blocked some of the spell...”. He sighed. “Woah...” I said, “Why would they s-save me tho....?”. “You tried to save me, what do you expect?” He said chuckling. Oh great, I hate compliments. I putted the pillow over my face to hide how I was slightly blushing. “Is he trying to suffocate himself?”I overheard Ginny muttered to Hermione. “To be honest, I don’t know anymore...” she muttered back.


{10 minutes later}


Some other hufflepuff’s came in. “Your so so brave to protect Harry like that!” One said. No no no! Not the compliments! I putted the pillow over my face again as I felt some blush emerge. “You ok?” Another kid asked. “I’m fine.” I said in a muffled tone under the pillow. As I felt the blush was away so I removed the pillow. I got stared at. “Sorry I uhh-“ I Said. “It’s fine! No need to explain!” Said a boy smiling. I chuckled. “All right you lot!” Came a mad voice, who was Madam Poppy, “Out! Out! This door was supposed to be closed a minute ago! Out!” She started gesturing the visitors out. She faced me. “How are you?” She asked. “Fine.” I said. “Ok, well goodnight!” She said joyfully. She left the room. I sighed and laid their on my back. The truth was, I wasn’t ok... I felt weird. I sighed again. I turned off the table lamp and kept the candle burning and drifted off into a sleep.

Chapter 3: Is this legal? (Draco’s view)
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“Today, we will be doing duelling.” Moody said in a weirdly calm tone. “Duelling? With magic?! Someone could get killed!” Hermione blurted. “I hope I get potter or Weasley! I can’t wait to make them suffer!” I said chuckling. “I will turn you to a ferret again Malfoy.” Moody said. “Fine fine, ‘sorry’” I said Sarcastically. “Anyway, I will partner you up, and we will be duelling outside as there’s Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor in here. “Hey- move away!” Said a girl, I had just noticed Everyone was squished. I scoffed as I was sitting on a desk. “Follow me!” Moody said. 

{at the fields (Near Quidditch practice/broom shed)}


“Ok! Ronald.W and Carla.M!” Moody began. “Oh, great.. I’m stuck with that girl..” I heard Ron mumble to Harry and Hermione. After a while they was less and less people. “Draco.M and...” Moody said but looked around, there was me, Harry, Cedric and a slytherin boy left. “Cedric.D!”. I rolled my eyes and walked off with Cedric. “Wand ready!” Moody called out, “FIGHT!”. I quickly jumped behind a big rock. ‘Think of a spell!’ Came a voice from my head. I quickly jumped away from the rock. “STUPEFY!” I yelled it just missed him. “ EXPELLIARMUS !!” He yelled. I quickly leaped away from his aim and the spell came bolting forward. “STUPEFY!” He yelled again. I quickly rolled to my back, dodging. “STUPEFY!” I yelled as fast as I could. I saw his limp body fall, his wand fall from his hand. I quickly ran over. “Finish him!” Chanted the Slytherins. “Remember to finish them, you simply take their wand.” Moody reminded the Slytherins who seemed a little, well, overreacting. I sighed. I decided to undo the spell. Cedric blinked. I held my hand out. “You good?” I asked. “Yeah, thanks for un-doing it..” he replied. He grabbed my hand and I pulled him up. We got stared at I could feel their eyes on us, but why were they staring? We both looked down. ‘Oh no!’ My mind quickly said. We still had our hands locked. We quickly separated. “Uhh, thanks for un-doing the spell— thanks—“ He said. “Nah, it’s alright..” I said awkwardly. “Why didn’t you take my wand? And ‘finish’ me off?” He asked. “Oh, I didn’t want to........ oh look!” I said looking at my wrist that had nothing on it, “it’s time to go bye bye!”. I quickly ran. ‘That was awkward! I was getting stared at, arghhh! Breath Draco, Breath...’ My brain told myself, ‘I didn’t just make a new friend.... did I?’ . I couldn’t help but, smile at that thought. I ran to the great hall, really early for lunch. I checked the time using my wand. ‘Still 5 minutes..’ My brain informed me. I was starving. I thought about how I may of made a new friend, I couldn’t help but smile. I putted my head in the arms on the table then sighed.

Chapter 4: A Normal Talk. (Draco’s view)
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Everyone started coming in, I decided it was best I sat up, so I did. I saw Cedric wave towards me, I waved back. I noticed his hand was wrapped in a bandage. He started walking over. “Hey.” He said. “Hi... what happened to your hand?” I asked. “Oh, when I fell in Moody’s class.. when you stupefied me.” He said smiling. “You’re ok though?!” I suddenly asked. “Yeah, A small stick just dug into my hand!” He said smiling even brighter. I chuckled. “Sorry for worrying..” I said awkwardly looking at the table. “Hey, it’s ok! I would of felt that way to— I better go..” he said seeing Hufflepuff kids staring. Cedric walked off to them and said hi and sat down. I sighed. I saw the food appear. I looked around the table and saw tomato soup. I shrugged and grabbed it.


{7:00pm end of classes}


I was exhausted, I had lots of classes. All I wanted to do was sleep. I finally reached the dungeons stairs and walked to the Slytherin dorms. I went to my 4 poster bed, got changed then laid down. I sighed, turned to my side and drifted off into a deep sleep. It only felt as if it was 5 minutes (it was actually an hour) when I heard someone in the common room. I slowly walked out, clutching my wand. I saw it.... A black dog staring at me. I stared in horror. I raised my wand to fight it. It was too late. I felt it jump on me. I let out the loudest scream I ever screamed as I felt it’s claws.



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Chapter 5: Full moon. (Cedric’s view)
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‘When I was in the jungle alone I never felt lonely, but now I’m surrounded by people, I can’t stop feeling lonely’ -Dora and the lost city of gold
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I ran towards the screaming as fast as I could, it lead me to the Slytherin common room. I knew that screaming on the top of my head. “Pure-Blood!” Snape yelled at the stone door. It opened and I ran in.

***{10 minutes earlier, 11:50pm}***


I stared up at sky. I had a lot on my mind lately. I sighed as I continued to sit at the stone bench. “Mr.Diggory, why are you out past curfew?” Said a voice. I turned around to see Professor Snape. “I’ll go to sleep now.” I said getting up about to leave. “10 points from Hufflepuff for student outside past curfew, if you dare walk of I’ll take 50 points as well as the 10.” Snape said in a stern voice. “Fine sorry.” I said stopping. “My office now.” He said.



***{11:53pm, Snape office, 7 minute ‘till midnight}***


as I took a seat down Snape sat down on the other side of the table. “Why were you up?” He asked. “I just couldn’t sleep.” I said slouching in the chair. “Why?” He said. “No reason.” I said avoiding eye contact looking around his office. “How long have you been sneaking around?” He asked. “Only tonight..” I said, tho I was lying. “Tell me the truth.” He said in a threatening kind of voice. I gulped. I stayed and remained quiet for a while.



***{11:56pm, Snape’s office, 4 minutes ‘till midnight}***


”Is it about what happened at the graveyard?” He asked in a more threading tone. “I guess.. Each time I close my eyes I see Voldemort’s face and the dark mark that was floating in the sky planted on someone’s arm...” I blurted. Snape looked surprised, he had never seen a student talking about Voldemort this freely.



***{11:58, Snape’s Office, 2 minutes ‘till midnight}***


”I’ll give you some sleeping potion.” Snape said rolling up his sleeves, “We can’t have students wandering around at night.”. I saw something on his arm. I jumped out of my seat. “Y-your one of them.” I said choking for words. “Don’t be scared... I’m not gonna hurt anyone... this Mark was a mistake.” He said trying to stop me from gossiping. Suddenly I heard a scream. I looked at the clock. 


***{12am, Dungeons, 1 minute ‘till midnight}***
I ran towards the screaming as fast as I could, it lead me to the Slytherin common room. I knew that screaming on the top of my head. “Pure-Blood!” Snape yelled at the stone door. It opened and I ran in.



***{Now, 12:01am, slytherin common room}***

Not a pretty sight, not at all. The body laying there was alive but, passed out from shock. One hand laid on the other arm that had blood. I could recognise that bleached blonde anyway. “Draco..” I said bending down next to the body laid on the floor. I inspected the scratch. Claw marks...? “Where did it go?” I asked. Looking around. “How can something escape when we were coming through the door?” I asked, “Is there another entrance?”. “No.” Snape said in a serious voice. I looked back to the passed out body on the group. “Dips not carrying him.” Said Snape turning around towards the door his cloak gliding through the air dramatically. I nodded awkwardly. “How do I..” I whispered to myself.



***{12:05am, still in the common room}***
I finally picked up Draco in bridal style. “His surprising, light.” I said as I walked past Snape exiting the door. “Take him to the infirmity, I’ll get Dumbledore and McGonagall.” Snape commanded to me. I nodded. I carried Draco all the way up the stairs into the infirmity, I saw that Poppy (the nurse) was sleeping. I laid Draco on one of the beds. I quickly grabbed some bandages and wrapped his left arm (injured one) up. Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall came in. “How back do you seem the bleeding in Serverus?” Asked Dumbledore. “Pretty bad.” Snape said in reply. I felt awkward just standing there. “What are you doing out of bed mr. diggory? 10 points fro—“ McGonagall was about to say but was cut of by Snape saying, “He helped me bring Draco here as I got you guys, I think you meant to say, 10 points to hufflepuff.”. I stared blankly. “Alright whatever, go back to bed Diggory.” McGonagall said. I nodded. I didn’t want to leave Draco alone as the clear pain in his passed out face, but I had to go back to my common room.


***{Hufflepuff Boy’s dorms, 12:20am.}***

I couldn’t fall asleep but I had to. I sighed. I thought of how I may be able to visit Draco in the infirmity! Wait what?! Snap out of it! Just relax and go to sleep, Tommorow, well today, is the weekend! I drifted off into a “peaceful” Sleep.

My question is why do I wanna visit Draco in the infirmity?! I guess were friends... but do friends feel this way?!




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