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New marauders by GryffindorSeeker78

Format: Novel
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 8,114
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Spoilers, No Warnings

Genres: Young Adult
Characters: James (II), OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 09/10/2020
Last Chapter: 09/15/2020
Last Updated: 09/15/2020


This story is about Reese Wood, the daughter of Katie Bell and Oliver Wood, as her and her friends, including James Potter, begin their 5th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the aftermath 

Chapter 1: the tap on the window
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“Ughhh” moaned the girl from under the covers, frustrated as she clamped the pillow over her ears, trying to shut out the annoying tapping sound that came from the other side of her bedroom. She sat up and yawned. She was a fairly attractive girl, light brown hair with a reddish tint, blue eyes and a toned athletic build.

“Seriously?” She said as she got up and glanced at the wooden clock on the wall. 7:53, it read. “It’s too early for this” she mumbled as she staggered across the room and unclamped the window. The bird looked up from under its feathers, almost as if it was surprised the teenager had actually got up to let him in. “ I ought to just leave it open for you to come in and out as you please, Irick” she spoke directed towards the pitch black owl. “But you know mum would never allow it.” She siphoned through the 4 letters and picked out the first. 




The 26th is good for us. I assume that will be a good enough amount of time to get the supplies of the many families and have time to let loose before we’re shipped off to school. Yes, everyone else is coming, the potters, the wealseys (all of them), your family, me by myself, maya, and linden. Can you believe we’re already 5th years! It’s insane! I’m excited to see you and the fam( especially euen) 



your amazingly talented best friend, 



Reese smiled as she finished the letter and became extremely excited to see her friends. “Reese!” Yelled a voice from down the hall. “did I get any mail?” She marched into her twin brothers room and threw one of the letters at him. “Here” she said “ now can you please save up and get a new owl or just use Jif, it’s beginning  to get quite annoying” 

“ oh so no ‘good morning euen’ just a paper cut to the eye” he joked, a smile on his face, and an annoying look on his blue eyes, which were barley visible

under his brown curls

 “get a haircut”she said as she walked out. She went into her room and opened up the other two letters. One from Sam, the Ravenclaw boy she had interest in, and the other from Hogwarts. She skimmed her booklist as she walked into the kitchen where her mother was kissing her father goodbye. “Hey sweetie” he said 

“Hi dad” 

“I’m off to practice and then I have the week off to go to London and have some fun before school starts for you guys and the seasons in full swing” 

“sounds good dad” she said to her father as her mother handed her a plate with eggs on it

“ I’ll be back to practice with you guys in the yard before we’re off to London” 

“Bye” she said as her father left, giving his wife a kiss and a wave to the small boy that had just walked in. He was short, even for his age, his brown hair, not long and curly like his older brothers, but was buzzed short.

“Mommy?” he said

“Yes Parker” 

“Can I go to Hogwarts this year with Reesie and Euen” 

“Buddy” Reese said to her little brother “ you ask every year, and guess what, when you ask next year, the answer will be yes”

“Really” he said excitedly 

“Yes, by that time you’ll be eleven and all of my children will have jobs or school and me and daddy will be all alone in the house” said his mom “ but you get one more year where I teach you maths and reading” 

“ ok sounds good to me” says Parker as he runs off back to his room 

“Did you get your booklist baby” said Reeses mother from the sink” 

“ yeah” she said as she sat down at the counter to eat her eggs “and a letter from lucie and one from Sam” 

“ isn’t that boy a 6th year?” Her mom said sternly

“ well yeah, but i like him” she said “he’s nice”

“Alright but be careful” said her mother, calmer this time” now go wake up your brother”

Chapter 2: diagon alley
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“Trunk all packed?” the father asked the daughter from across the dinner table.

“Yep, all good to go” Reese responded. “Euen might need some help though” she joked

“Hey!” said her twin as the ten year old at the end of the table laughed at his older siblings 

“are we going to visit Rusty on the way to Grimmauld Place?” asked Euen. 

“We can stop by if you’d like, but I’d assume your older brothers apartment fits the definition of ‘moved in’ quite yet” said their mother. 

“Katie, what is his address again?” Oliver said. 

“ I’m not sure we’ll have to check the letter he sent us again.”


After dinner, the family brought the two trunks and a suitcase for Oliver, Katie, and Parker, downstairs. A family of quidditch players, they hopped on brooms, and flew to London, landing in front of Grimmauld Place about an hour later. After they had gone inside they were greeted by Kreacher, the old house elf.

“Ah, it seems the Wood family has arrived, I will go alert Master Harry, yes, yes” 

A moment later Harry walked in the hallway to greet them.

“Oliver, Katie how’s it going” said Harry as he gave out hugs. They reached the kitchen where Reese was greeted with a huge hug from her best friend, Lucie and a sort of awkward bro hug from James, his jet black messy hair tickling her ear.

“Did you all fly here?” asked Ginny. 

“Yes, you know we all enjoy it, plus this was Parker’s first long ride” said Katie 

“Well go ahead up” said Harry

“Ron and Hermione will be here early tomorrow and the Meyers’ will be here in

a bit” said Al.


Lucie lead Reese up to the Room where the two of them, James, Euen, and Linden would be sharing. There were two full beds and a small cot in the corner. The two girls claimed one bed and the two boys the other, leaving the cot for Linden when he arrived. Lucie dropped down on the bead, her blonde ponytail bouncing.

 “Maya staying at Leaky Cauldron then?” she asked

“Dad said she could come here if they wanted too, but she’s with her whole family and there’s not enough room for them, so yeah.” said James, he then began to talk Quidditch with Euen, and Reese joined in on the conversation. 



 The next morning, James woke everyone in the room, including Linden Meyers, who had arrived with his family early that morning. Everyone was groggy and yawning when two red heads came in to tell them it was time for breakfast. 

“Thanks Lily, Hugo” said Linden

“Who are you” said Parker from behind the two twelve year olds.

“That’s Linden, Park,” said Reese “Remember his little sister, McKenzie?”

“Oh yeah” said Parker

“Well she’s here” said Linden “So you guys can hang out again” 

At that, Parker ran downstairs to find McKenzie, and Hugo and Lily followed. 


Reese, Euen, Lucie, James, and Linden got dressed and headed to the Leaky Cauldron to meet up with Maya. The friends decided to get there supply shopping over with so they could have fun for the rest of the week. They got some money from their parents and split up Reese, James and Lucie headed to Flourish and Blotts to pick up some books

“Alright dears” said the witch “let’s see those lists now. Alright, 3 copies of Standard Book Of Spells Level 5....” the witch went on and found all of the books the three teens needed. 

“Why hello Potter.” Said a cold voice from behind. The three turned around to face Jix Fored, a full of himself, rat-faced, Ravenclaw boy that for some reason, people were afraid of. 

“Fored” said Lucie

“Don’t speak to me, Mudblood.” he snapped 

“Shut up you arse” said Reese “Do you really have nothing better to do than bother people?”

“No I do” he said back, less confidently

“Why don’t you run along back to your mummy who, we know is waiting for you right outside the door.” said Reese

Jix drew his wand but when James did the same, followed by Reese, he backed off. 

“Give mummy a kiss for me” said James and Jix shot him a dirty look. 

“ Nice one” James said to Reese, attraction to her confidence in his eyes, that she was completely unaware of. The truth was, Reese had always had James in the back of her head. She even tried to ignore it herself, she dates other boys and has never done anything about her feelings. Lucie saw the look that James gave Reese though. 



After there shopping was done, they met up with Linden, Maya, and Euen at Quality Quidditch. Reese was a chaser, but she had been practicing as a seeker all year and was excited to try out for the position. James was a chaser, just like his mother, one of the only things he didn’t have in common with his Harry. Euen was also a chaser, also like his mother and all three of them were trying out this year, Linden had never made the team before, but had decided to try out as a beater for fun because there was an open spot. While at the store they ran into Fred Weasley, George and Angelinas son who was a seventh year Gryffindors quidditch captain this year. He played beater, like his father. They all purchased a few new pieces of equipment and  Linden bought himself a Firebolt 700 a decent broom and the last Firebolt model. The friends then met with a few of the Weasleys for ice cream at Fortescues and then went to dinner. 


The next week went by with a blur, lots of pranks by James and fun conversations at dinner had finally led to 6 15 year olds packing their trunks in the room at Grimmauld Place. 

“So is Sam meeting you at Kings Cross?” Lucie asked Reese 

“Yeah, he’s meeting me at the front”she responded

“Are you guys dating yet or not?” said Linden.

“We’re not together yet but we will be soon probably” she said back ,and James shot Linden a look, and Lucie caught it. Maya sensed the tension in the room and began talking about classes and how almost everyone had dropped divination. They finished packing their trunks, Maya crashed with Reese and Lucie, but none of the kids in the room were asleep at around 1 in the morning when Harry popped his head in the room, scolded James and told the rest of them that they should get to bed.


The next morning was a chaotic mess. Hermione had helped get ministry cars for all of the families, and they got out of the door fairly quickly, but many things were forgotten. Eventually, 7 cars arrived at Kings Cross. Katie helped her son and daughter get into the station, but left to get Parker home.

“Bye mum, love you” said Reese and she gave her mother a hug. Euen allowed his mother to kiss him on the cheek before taking off with his trunk, broomstick, and to Reese’s delight, a brand new owl, too say hi to a friend. Reese picked up her little brother and gave him a big hug. “Write to me buddy, ok?” She said

“will you tell me all about Hogwarts?”Parker asked.

“Of course” she said “ and I’ll send you some sweets from honey dukes” 

She watched her little brother and her mum run off and she caught up with her friends. They grabbed carts for their trunks, brooms, and cages and headed to the door. Reese felt a tap on the shoulder and saw, Sam, the 6th year boy she liked standing behind her. He was wearing a Ravenclaw crew neck and a pair of jeans, he had moppy, dirty blonde hair and a smirk on his pretty face.

“Sam!” She said as she gave him a hug.

“Hi!” He said. He took her hand and they began to walk towards the platform. Unknown to Reese, James was looking at Sam furiously and Euen had to snap his fingers in front of his face to get James’ attention before he walked into an old lady. The group went through the platform, got on the train and found a compartment. 

“Hey, let’s go” Sam said

“Where, I was going to sit in this compartment with my friends” she said 

“Cmon Reese come sit with me” 

“It’s ok, you can go” she said “ I’ll see you later” she sat down next to James and Sam shot her an annoyed look, which she responded with moving closer to James. Sam left the compartment. The group talked for a while and was visited by many friends, and even a first year who had lost his wand. They were on their way to Hogwarts.

Chapter 3: hogwarts
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“Firs years over here!” yelled a deep voice 

“Hi Hagrid”said James 

“ Hey James, how are you buddy” 

“I’m doing well” 

“Hello Reese” said Hagrid 

“Hi Hagrid” 

“So will you lot be joining me for tea on Saturday?” Hagrid asked 

“Yup” said Euen “Right after some Quidditch training to get ready for tryouts” 

The group of teenagers headed towards the path, dropped off their belongings, and began to walk towards a carriage. Sitting there was a short, plump boy with black curly hair, and a tall thin boy with blonde hair down to his shoulders. Reese recognized them as Grubbs and Huntley, and in between them was Jix, the Ravenclaw they had met at Flourish and Blotts. “Might want to wait for the next one,

Potter.” Jix spoke coldly “No Mudbloods allowed here” he said as he looked towards Lucie.”

“Why don’t you make me, Jix” James replied 

“Or, we could kick you off, unless you want and issue” said Reese 

“Shut up you blood traitor, no one asked you to speak” he said and drew his wand. James lunges at him but didn’t get very far, as he was  held back by Linden. By that time, another carriage had approached, which a reluctant James, followed by the rest of the group, boarded by orders of Professor Lile. 

“I can’t believe him” said Maya “How did he even get sorted into Ravenclaw, I would’ve gone with Slytherin all the way” 

“We’ll, not all Slytherins are bad anymore” Lucie said “James’ brother is a Slytherin and Scorpius isn’t so bad” 

“I want to rip Jix into pieces” James said

“He’s got his body guards, we all know he can’t fight, or even duel that well , it’s a psychological game with him” said Reese “he gets under your skin, causes you to snap and then you get in trouble” 

“You either have to beat him at his own game, or try your best to ignore it” said Linden to James. James gave him a tough look and pulled his tie down.



The school gathered for the feast and the sorting, and a rather interesting speech from the headmistress, Professor McGonagall, and went off to the Gryffindor common room and off to bed. It had been a long day.


Reese woke up the next morning to Idrick, her pitch black owl dropping a newspaper on her bedside table. “THE AFTERMATH OF THE WAR IS UPON US” was the headline in the prophet, along with various articles about increasing death eater attacks, all on fighters in the war and people close to Harry Potter. No deaths had been reported yet.

“Morning” said maya quietly from the four poster next to Reese 

“Gooood Morning!!” said a voice loudly as she entered the dormitory from the bathroom, fully dressed in her robes and her hair done in a braid. 

“Wow Lucie” said Reese “you really are an overachiever”

The rest of the girls then began to wake and they all got ready to go down to breakfast.

They met the boys in the common room and went to eat. 

“Potter!” yelled a stern voice from the other side of the hall

“Yes Professor Forton?”

“ Fix that tie this instant” the woman said. “Or I will be sending you to Pike. Pike was the caretaker at hogwarts, though clueless, he was a sucker for punishing James Potter. James reluctantly pulled up his tie and went on his way.

“Now I just can’t wait for Potions” said James sarcastically, pulling his tie back down “I suck at it and the Professor is a stuck up piece of..”

“Might not wanna finish that sentence” said a voice from behind.

“Professor Longbottom!” said Lucie

“How are you lot” he responded “Already getting in trouble are we, James” 

“You know it” he replied with a grin. 

Once they reached the Great Hall, a conversation began about the recent death eater attacks and who is getting targeted

“My dad wrote me” James said, mouthful of cereal. “He said the Aurors are working on protecting old members of the Order and the DA, and trying to figure out which death eater or eaters are leading them.”

“I’ll bet it’s the Malfoys” said Jake, a sixth year with sandy hair. 

“I bet not” said Reese “They didn’t really care about the whole pure blood thing, they just wanted to be on Voldemort’s side so he wouldn’t kill them. 

“It’s probably Dolohov, or Rodolphus Lestrange” Euen said. “they were some of the worst”. They then revived there schedules and began a long day of listening to rules and not doing much magic. They were all excited for what was to come, quidditch, adventures, and many laughs at Hogwarts, but did not know quite yet what they were to face.

Chapter 4: i feel her slipping away
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It was the end of September, and the leaves had begun to change on the trees. There was a group of students with quills, huddled around a piece of paper on the bulletin item board in the Gryffindor Common Room. “Quidditch Tryout Signups” the paper read. The names on the list included James Potter, Reese Wood, Euen Wood, and Linden Meyers. Once on the pitch, the captain, Freddie Weasley, was grouping the players by position. 

“I don’t care if you were on the team last year, you’re still going to tryout. Everything is open except on beater position, me” Freddie said “ chasers over there, seekers over there...” Reese walked over to where the seekers were standing

“Wood, chasers over there”Fred said to Reese

“I’m going for seeker” she said 

“Your a chaser, Wood, like James and your brother” Freddie replied

“I’m going for seeker,” she repeated 

“Alright then,” Freddie said, giving up. “Fly a lap everyone”. About 15 people were cut after the fly. James and Euen were the best chasers, along with 7th year Lauren Davis. Linden, all though it was his first year playing, was the best beater next to Freddie. The keeper was a surprise, a speedy 4th year named Cassie Stallion. Then it was time for seeker tryouts. At the amazement of Freddie and the rest of the team, Reese was really good. They knew she was an amazing flier, but she caught the snitch very quick, and was good at faking a dive as well. She was far better than the rest of the seekers. 

“Alright, thanks all for coming, can I have the team meet by the goal posts please” Freddie said. “This is going to be a great season you all. Our only issue was going to be a seeker, so let’s all thank Reese for wanting to become one, working all summer, and surprising us with her talent, first practice will be next Monday at 4.” The team left to change and pick numbers for the upcoming season. James was 7, like his dad; and Reese was 4. She went to hang out with Sam in the library before dinner and crashed early. She had forgotten how tiring quidditch was.


“Ughh” said the boy with his hands in his blonde hair, staring at a book. Reese walked in the library and said to him

“Tough class, Linden?”

“You know it, why are we already being prepped for owls, there not until the end of the year”  he said

“It’s crazy” Reese replied

“Shhh” said the librarian. 

“Ok I’m going” Reese said, and headed to get a book when some one grabbed her arm and pulled her into the row. It was Sam. He kissed her on the lips. 

“What are you doing?”she asked

“kissing my girlfriend” he replied

“your sweaty” she said

“yeah I just got back from practice, I’m the keeper again.” 

“Congrats!” She said

“It’s no big deal, all the other guys sucked ass, I was clearly the best choice”

“Ok, well I gotta go” she said and left the library.


“Expecto Patronum” said Lucie, and a white horse shot from her wand. 

“I can’t get it!” Said Reese, “I don’t understand, I’ve never had this much trouble with a spell”

“Expecto Patronum” said James, and an extremely strong, bright stag came out of the tip of his wand. 

“How did you do that?” Reese asked 

“Just think of something that makes you insanely happy” James said, smiling at her. 

“What are you thinking about James?” Said Euen.

“Oh, nothing, just someone that makes me really happy.” he replied. Reese looked at him and he was looking at her. She smiled.


After class, Reese ran to James 

“Hey, do you have detention tonight?” she asked. 

“No, why?”James replied 

“I was wondering if you could help me with my Patronus” 

“yeah, sure” he said “meet you in the common room after practice?”

“sounds good” she replied.



“hey, Lucie” said Euen, while walking into Charms.

“what’s up Euen” said Lucie, excitedly

“Does Reese like James?” he asked

“Um, well she’s dating Sam, but” she said nervously 

“I don’t know if I should tell him” said Euen. “ I’m not sure about how I would feel about him dating my sister, but” 

“I don’t think it’s a good idea” she replied

“Reese hasn’t admitted to herself that she likes him” 

“I’m going to” said Euen

“No, you can’t”she said 

“You know that pisses me off.” He said “don’t you think he deserves to know?”

“Not if Reese doesn’t, and she’s in a relationship” she said as she stormed off 

“shit” Euen said under his breath, and sulked off to class.  


James hopped out of the shower and put on his Gryffindor quidditch sweater and a pair of pants. He walked out of the changing room to Reese standing there waiting for him.

“Alright let’s teach you a Patronus!” he said and they headed off towards the castle. The common room was packed, so they decided to find an empty classroom to practice.

“Alright so think of a happy memory, or just something that makes you happy.” James said. Reese thought of Sam, and their first meeting.

“Once you have that, concentrate on it, and make it fill up your mind, then say Expecto Patronum.”

Reese closed her eyes and a few moments later she rose her wand and said

“Expecto Patronum” and a bit of silvery stuff came out of her wand.

“ that was good!” He said

“ no it wasn’t “ she said

“How do you do it so well”she asked

“I think about when I’m the happiest” he replied “you know, the moments or people that make you smile when you think of them, that give you butterflies in your stomach” Reese thought of her friends, and their first years at hogwarts. A bit more silvery stuff came out that time. 

“Think of the happiest you’ve ever been.”James said, “ a moment you think about when your sleeping that wakes you up and makes you smile.” and then it came to her. She thought of the Christmas before last, she was thirteen at her family’s Christmas party, with all of her friends, including James. The two were in her room, talking and laughing, and she kissed him. She thought of this, and how they pretend it never happened but she thought of how she felt in the moment.

“Expecto Patronum!” she said, and a huge silvery hippogriff came out of her wand.

“Wow!” James said “Reese that was amazing”

“Woah” she said “I did it, I’m not gong to fail charms!”

The two sat down on the floor of the classroom, and began to talk about the old days, sharing a bag of fudge flies they found in the top drawer of the teachers desk when someone walked in the room

“What the hell are you doing, Reese” he said as they got up. 

“Chill out Sam, we were just practicing charms and talking” Reese said

“In a classroom, alone with James Potter, really?”said Sam

“Hey douchebag, did you not know that we’re literally friends?” James retaliated 

“James” Reese said

“Hey, at least I actually have friends” said Sam, “all your buds only hang out with you because your Harry potters son!” That’s when James’ anger overtook him and he walked angrily towards Sam. 

“Next time you insult me or my friends, it won’t end like this, you’ve seen me fight before” he said and walked out. Sam tried to take Reese’s hand, but she shoved him off and headed towards the Gryffindor common room.


The next few days flew by, and it was only 2 weeks until the first quidditch match. James was still angry, angry that he and Reese couldn’t talk as much as they’d used to, and that she was always hanging out with Sam. He was so pissed off one day, when he heard 

“Look, everybody, it’s famous James Potter, ruining relationships since his first year”

He turned around, to see Jix, his worst enemy at school, and his so called friends. 

“What’re you going to do James?” Said Jix. The next thing James knew, he was being pulled or Jix by Professor Forton, the victim of this so called attack, Jix, being wheeled to the hospital wing with boils all over his face. After James’ sentencing(30 points from Gryffindor and two detentions) he headed to the great hall for lunch where he was greeted with a non surprising letter from his mum.


James Sirius Potter,


Another Fight? You have to be kidding me. I seriously thought you were done. This was only the second this year, and even though I am happy there are less than years before, you can’t just go around jinxing people for no reason. At least that is what seems is going on. I know it’s hard for you to talk about your feelings, and why you did it, but I think a friend could help. Maybe a girl would be better, they’re more understanding.


angry but still proud of you,



Your dad says hi, and that while you are a huge troublemaker, your living up to your name.


James laughed. Maybe his mother was right, he knew he had problems with controlling his anger, and maybe he should talk to someone. The not so good thing was, the only person he would want to talk to about it, didn’t want to talk to him as much anymore.

Chapter 5: it doesn’t make any sense
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“There have been 3 deaths from the attacks” James said to the group, all six of them were sitting around the coffee table in the common room. “27 attacks, 3 deaths, all members of the order or the DA” 

“I can’t believe this” Maya said

“There have always been stray death eaters,  but there starting to act, which means they probably have a leader, someone running the show.” Reese said

“That’s what my dad is starting to figure out” James said “they are working on protecting everyone and tracking the known death eaters, they have caught quite a few”

“Well that’s good” said Linden. 


James walked down the corridor and reached the corner and stopped when he heard raised voices

“Sam, I thought you were an actually good guy, but your just a jealous jerk.” He recognized this immediately as Reese

“Babe, let me try again, I promise I’ll do better” Sam replied

“No, you’re making me spend less time with one of my best friends, and you’re distracting me from Quidditch, we’re done, Sam, it’s over” 

James heard her footsteps coming towards him and he ducked into the nearest classroom. Once she was sat enough down the corridor, he smiled and went on his way to class.


“Are you sad?” Maya asked

“Not really”Reese replied “I loved having a boyfriend, but I’d rather have one that wasn’t a jealous piece of shit.”

“I feel you. What happened to all the good guys” 

“I don’t know, maybe their right in front of us.” Reese replied. Linden and Euen walked in and they told them the news. Reese and Sam were done. 


The first game of the Quidditch season was approaching, Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff. Reese woke up early, eager to play her first match as a seeker. She was a bit nervous though. The seeker pretty much decided the game. The plan was to use her faking skills to throw off the other seeker, rack up a bunch of points, and catch the snitch on Freddie’s signal. Pretty simple. She met James, Euen, and Linden in the common room and they headed down to breakfast and then the changing rooms. The game began, the balls were released and James grabbed the Quaffle and scored immediately. A little into the game, the score was 170-30 Gryffindor. Cassie was definitely working out as the keeper. Euen scored again, and Reese spotted the snitch above one of the goal post. She quickly dove straight down instead, while James scored. She looked for Freddie, who flew zigzag, giving her the signal to catch it. She increased her speed towards the ground, keeping the snitch in the corner of her eye. Once she got close enough she pulled up on her broom, hard and the other seeker crashed. She then flew up, avoiding a bludger, reaches out her and and grabbed the snitch. 


Celebrations were in order as James and Linden headed to the kitchens to grab some treats. It would make for a proper first win party. This all changed, however when a letter came for James. It was from his mother. It said that their had been a mass attack that most of the Aurors were trying to contain. It was in a popular neighborhood for wizarding families called Oak Brook. As James read this letter, Professor Longbottom, the head of Gryffindor came in to tell everybody to go off to bed. As Reese and Euen helped clean up quickly, the Professor asked them to stay back, and come with him to the Headmistress’ office.

“Why?” Asked Euen

“It’s better if we wait until we’re there” the Professor replied, and the three headed up to Professor McGonagalls office. 


“Jelly Slug”said Neville, and the statue moved, revealing a spiral staircase that they climbed. Neville knocked on the door, which opened, revealing Professor McGonagall, a few Aurors, Harry Potter, and Oliver Wood, who was wiping a tear off his cheek.

“Dad?” said Euen “what are you doing here? Is everything ok?”

Their father responded by coming forward and hugging his kids, tightly. 

“Something happened” he started to say “while the attack at Oak Brook was taking place”he said thorough tears”a few death eaters came to our house”

Reese had a worried look on her face, but didn’t react, wanting to give her father a chance to finish.

“The protective Aurors were leaving as I came home and I saw them through the window.Parker escaped. He ran to be from the basement and I told him to hide. I fought them the best I could” he said, his voice cracking “killed two of them, and ran towards your mom, when she- she was hit my a flash of green light” Oliver finally broke down, and went to his knees. Harry went over to comfort him. A tear went down Reese’s face. She was rarely weepy, but she couldn’t hold it in any longer. Her mother was dead. She turned to Euen, who’s face was buried in his hands, and walked over to give him a hug. Their father went and joined them, all of them sobbing. 


The next morning, the family grabbed their brooms and flew to their Grandmas house. They were released from school for the next week or so. Parker was there and he gave his siblings hugs, although he was reluctant. He was confused. He didn’t understand why someone would take his mum away from him.

“He shouldn’t have to understand” Reese thought. “He’s supposed to just be a happy kid.”

They arrived at home, to the rest of their siblings, and a few other family members. Reese went right to her room, but was followed by a beautiful woman, her 21 year old sister, Jane.

“Hey, Reesie,” she said. Reese gave in, and began to sob into her sisters shoulder.

“I don’t get it” she said “why mum?”

“I don’t know” said Jane “it doesn’t make sense why bad things happen to good people, and mum was one of the best.” They sat there with eachother, eventually falling asleep with Jane’s arms wrapped around Reese.

Chapter 6: isn’t it obvious?
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Harry Potter sat in his office, his hand on his head, lost in his thoughts. 

“Harry” said a voice from the doorway. He looked up to see his beautiful wife standing there, a stack of papers in her arms.

“Hey, is it lunch time already?” He said as he got up to kiss her. She ignored his question. 

“What were you thinking about?” she asked, pulling a chair over next to him. 

“Oh, nothing”he said. 

“Cmon Harry” she said, an annoyed look on her face. 

“The attacks” he began, “the people their after, it’s everyone close to me, from the order or the DA.”

“i know” she said, placing a hand on his back, “you can’t blame yourself,”

“are you being careful?”

he asked worriedly

“Harry, I’m fine. The house is protected and nobody knows it’s location. Please don’t assign an Auror to me” she said

“I know you don’t need it, and I know the kids are ok at hogwarts, I’m just worried.”

“It’s ok” she said, rubbing his back, “that’s why I love you, Harry, you care so much about other people, but everything is going to be ok.” 

“Ok” he said, kissing her on the forehead and grinning. 

“What are you smiling about?”

She said

He leaned close and whispered in her ear “you look really hot today.” she laughed


“Hey!” said James, tapping Reese on the shoulder, “Were going to Three Broomsticks to grab some butterbeer, are you in?” he asked as they handed Professor Longbottom their permission forms. 

“I’m actually going to walk around with Sam for a while.”

“Oh, okay” James said

“ you guys have fun though” she said as James walked toward Linden. 

“He wants you to come” said Lucie, as she walked up behind her. Reese gave her a confused look

“I’m telling you, he’s in love with you.” Lucie said.

“He’s not” Reese responded. “He just wants to be friends, plus I don’t even like him” 

“We know you do, Reese” said Maya. 

“There’s Sam!” Reese said, avoiding Mayas comment. 

“You’ll come around eventually!” Lucie yelled as Reese walked towards Sam. 


The two spent their afternoon walking around and buying some things from honey dukes, and stopping at quality quidditch to get Reese’s broomstick professionaly polished before the season began.

“Maybe I shouldn’t be hanging out with the enemy” Sam said as Reese took back her Bullet 100.

“Maybe, but I don’t think you care” Reese said, kissing him on the cheek. 

“I don’t,” he said, and he kissed her on the lips.  

“So, are you my girlfriend now?” he asked

“I don’t know” she said “ why don’t u ask me”

“Do you want to be my girlfriend, Reese Wood?” 

“Yes” she said, and kissed him again.  



“What’s the 4th ingredient?” James asked Reese 

“unicorn hair” she told him. The two were sitting on the floor of the common room, a length of parchment in front of each of them, writing. 

“So, did you have fun at Hogsmade last weekend?” he asked 

“yeah, I did, why do you ask?”

“Oh, I was just wondering” he said

“Done” she said. “Do you need any help?”

“No, that’s ok” he said “I have to get to detention anyways”

“Ok, have fun” she said sarcastically, and James left the portrait hole. 

“Jameson!!, my man, you ready for another fun detention?”said Linden as he held out his fist. James fist bumped him and laughed

“What’s this one for again?”James asked

“I’m pretty sure it’s for the dungbombs outside of Pikes office” replied Linden

“Oh yeah”

“Well, we better get all these detentions and pranks out of the way because we don’t want to miss any quidditch practices.” Linden said.

“For sure” said James 

“So, buddy, do you still have feelings for Reese?” Asked Linden

“What?” James said “I’ve never had feelings for her, we’re just friends.”

“Dude, it’s kind of obvious.”

“Really?” Asked James 

“Yeah Lucie figured it out too” Linden said 

“So it’s obvious to everyone.” James said “Except Reese apparently” 

“tough, man” Linden said.

Chapter 7: why
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It had been about a week since they had left school. Professor McGonagall had contacted them, saying that they should stay home until Christmas break, which was only a week away. Oliver had decided to hold the funeral the second day of the break, so the kids friends could be there for comfort. The house was probably the quietest it had ever been, Jane had left to go back to Australia, and would be coming back with her boyfriend the day of the funeral.


Hogwarts just seemed empty without Euen and Reese. The friend group wasn’t the same, and everyone was really sad about Katie’s death. James was struggling in potions. and in everything else, life, without Reese. He was getting into more fights, missing quidditch practices. Gryffindor Quidditch was struggling. They were missing one chaser, and one was off his rocker, and they were missing their seeker. They used reserves, but they had moved to 3rd place, and without at lease James coming back, they were not even going to get 2nd place. No letters sent to Reese and Euen had been answered, none of the senders could put into words what they wanted to say anyways. 


Linden and Maya were sitting in the library, talking quietly.

“are you going to their house the first day of break?”asked Linden

“no” maya replied “I think we should give them some more space, and see them at the funeral, Lucie and James are going and I don’t want to smother them” 

“Ok” said Linden “I won’t go either” 


“I better go to this last practice” James thought, “Then I can go see Reese and make sure she’s ok”

He headed down to the pitch, and was greeted by a surprised Lauren Davis, the third chaser.

“Look who it is everyone!”she said “James! How are you man?” Said Freddie

“I’m fine” James said. “Let’s just fly.” He said, and pushed off from the ground.


The group left Hogwarts and headed toward the outdoor platform to get on the train. They quietly spoke to each other about silly things, eventually reaching the topic none of them really knew how to talk about.

“How do you think they’re dealing with it?” asked Maya

“Reese is probably hiding her feelings, even from herself.” Said Lucie “she’s putting on a brave face for her dad and brothers, I know it, that’s just who she is”

“She’s strong”James muttered under his breath “ but she needs to grieve, she can’t just bury her feelings, or else they’ll come flooding back all at the same time” James said. It sounded like James knew what he was talking about, and that he had experience in burying his feelings. They continued talking about how crazy everything is, and how they’ve never had to deal with tragedy, that happened when their parents were at Hogwarts. 


Lucie and James had decided to go to the Woods house together. Lucie would be staying with the Potters, as her family was in America for the holidays. The original plan was for her to stay with Reese, but that was simply not possible. Harry and Ginny side-along apparated the friends to the woods house. Harry and Ginny had been around there often, talking to Oliver and the kids, bringing dishes and playing with Parker. The 10 year old was the first to see them when they arrived. He gave James and Lucie big hugs and told them Reese and Euen were both in their rooms, and Oliver was outside, flying around. A lot of flying had been going on at the Woods. It was a good thing to help clear a buzzed head. James wanted to talk to Reese really bad, but Lucie beat him to her room, so he knocked on Euens door instead.

“Hey, man” James said

“James” said Euen “Hey, what’s up”

“Nothing, just checking on my best friend.”

“Thanks man”

“Of course, if you wanna talk about it, or anything we can, but I’m betting you probably want to do something to clear your head.”

“Yeah that’d be great” said Euen, “my thoughts are overwhelming sometimes”. The boys then went outside to play some quidditch. Meanwhile, Lucie was still holding Reese. 

“I’m fine, Luce, really” Reese said, smiling at her friend, “I know you care, but I’ve had a lot of time to think about it, and you know, grieve, and I want to be done with that, I miss her a lot, but she’d want me to keep going, not sink into a hole” Reese said. 

“Have you really had time to grieve?” Lucie asked, “I know you, Reese, and your more the type to bury your feelings, like it or not”

“Yes, I’m sure” she said “I love you for caring; though” 

“I love you too,” said Lucie “do you wanna go make cookies or something?”

“Sure” said Reese, and the two girls headed to the kitchen.

“What are you making?” Said Parker as the girls got out their ingredients. 

“Chocolate chip cookies” Lucie replied “wanna help?”

“Sure!” Said Parker

“Something smells good” said Oliver as he, Harry, James, and Euen walked in, covered in sweat. Ginny had gone home to take care of Albus and Lily. 


“I’m going to go let Idrick out” Reese said as she popped a cookie in her mouth, and she walked towards her room. James followed her. She sat in the window seat and watched the owl fly out the window. 

“Hey” said James 

“Hey, James”

“You wanna talk?” he asked

“Sure” she said

“How are you?”

“I’m fine, not happy but pushing through”she said.

“Are you sure?” he asked “I agree with Lucie when she says she thinks your burying your feelings”

“I’m not” she responded, sounding annoyed.

James walked over, sat next to her and put his hand on hers, “Reese, it’s ok to let your feelings out, I know your trying to be strong for your family, and your amazing for that, but I know what happens when you bury your feelings like this. They build up and you lash out. 

“How do you know?” she asked

“Because I’ve been in that situation, I bury my feelings and they all come out at once, usually in a punch, or a hex”James continues “that happened a lot after you left”

“Seriously, James, I’m fine”

“Reese, I know you, and even if you don’t want to admit it, you’re confused, your hurting, and trying not to let anyone know, not even yourself.” A tear rolled down her face.

“I just d-don’t know what I’m going to do without her” said Reese “I haven’t realized how much she does for us until she was gone, I didn’t appreciate her enough”. She leaned on James and he put his arms around her. “Let it out” he said “and talk to me, everything you want to talk about.” And that’s where they sat, on the window seat, James arm around reese, and she talked, and he listened, because he knew, that’s what he needed when he felt like that, and she needed him now.

Chapter 8: Hi
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Hi all, and thank you for reading this. If you like the basic parts of the story, I’m rewriting it to have smoother transitions and better timing of certain events. Also, much better grammar and spelling as this one will be much more important to me. It is called “us against the world” please consider reading it, it has pretty much the same storyline as this does, with many changes for the better