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Why I don’t like Dumbledore by Nothing is everything

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 18
Word Count: 2,043

Rating: Mature
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Genres: Drama

First Published: 08/02/2020
Last Chapter: 09/14/2020
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Chapter 1: Reason one
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Mrs Weasley or Molly Weasley recalls in the half blood prince after Harry arrives in the movies Dumbledore that man but the again what would we do without him 



Dumbledore dies at the end of the half blood prince now without him guess what! They all win the war they kill Voldermort it’s amazing it’s spectacular it’s the end of over 15 years of torture. 

Chapter 2: Reason two
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Dumbledore is too calm he never shouts he always wears an annoying expression a weird annoying expression  even when he makes a mistake he feels no remorse he just feels nothing.

Chapter 3: Reason three
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Not only did he ruin Harry’s life he ruined Sirius’. He ruined it in the worst way possible, and was definitely responsible for Sirius’ death.


Look Harry might blame himself for this one because Sirius came rushing to save him, but what was Dumbledore thinking when he made Sirius stay in the home he was neglected in and probably abused in his entire childhood? The black family were NOT good people. They were insane blood supremacists. Sirius ended up being murdered by his own cousin just as an example. And yet here’s Dumbledore, thinking its okay lock him in that house 24/7. Did he seriously believe that it wouldn’t drive him to do anything rash or self-destructive? Do you know Sirius, Dumbledore!?

Chapter 4: Reason four
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Okay, okay, okay. I know Snape turned out to be a ‘good’ guy in the end. He actually killed Dumbledore on Dumbledore’s ordered, and he was in love with Harry’s mother Lily the whole time. I know.


But he was a terrible, abusive teacher. He crushed Nevilles confidence repeatedly. He made fun of Hermione for being smart. He unfairly picked on Harry for reasons we didn’t find out until book seven. And yet, he was fine to his own students in Slytherin, even favouring them often.

You can argue that Snape was a good guy, even a hero (bleh), but you can’t argue that he was a good teacher. He was absolutely terrible, and to let him teach in Hogwarts for all those years knowing just how spiteful he could be was nothing short of unforgivable.

Chapter 5: Reason five
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He took the house cup from Slytherin

For the people in Griffindor, this was a really nice move. The supposedly evil Slytherin House thought they’d won the hiuse cup and then Dumbledore swoops in there with some House points for Gryffindor and they just overtake Slytherin. The house points were deserved-Harry fought off Voldermort, he deserved more than house points-but this was an incredibly cruel way to do it. Not all of Slytherins are mean bullies, and there are kids as young as 11 in that house- so to casually pull th3 rug from under them in front of the whole school was actually kind of petty horrible.

Chapter 7: Reason six
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Do people really change their spots that much? Dumbledore was literally hanging around, being best friends with the darkest wizard to ever grace the world, aside from Voldermort and maybe Salazar Slytherin himself.

He says himself it was because he was blind Ed, but Dumbledore’s a clever guy-how blinded could he have been, really? He was willing to pal around with Grindelwald for as long as it suited him, until that duel that killed his sister. It took actual death of his sister to realise that Grindelwald might not be good after all.


It seems harsh not to give him a second chance,but he was friends with Grindelwald while being fully aware of what he wanted to do. Come on!

Chapter 8: Reason seven
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We were showed exchanges between Dumbledore and Grindelwald that make it hard to believe he only lived Grindelwald and didn’t agree with the ideals he espoused. He truly thought that magical people were better than non-magical people. That was something he actually thought, and it’s hard. To believe that only Grindelwald persuaded him to think this, because that’s a pretty big deal. Sure, he wasn’t quite on the level of wanting to massacre every Muggle and Muggle-born in sight like Voldemort was, but his morals definitely weren’t as high and mighty as he tries to portray them to be by the time he’s around Harry.

‘Magic is Might’ is nothing short of prejudice and discrimination, and that, Ew,’ 

Chapter 9: Reason eight
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Not only did he lie to Harry-he actively kept him in the dark when Harry might have been starting to catch on because he was literally being possessed by Lord Voldemort. Well, kind of. Lord Voldermort was edging his way into Harry’s head and pretty much making him crazy. He was influencing Harry’s emotions to be more like his own, making him angry and spiteful, turning his entire world dark - and how did Dumbledore handle this? By ignoring Harry and letting him spiral because he was worried Voldermort would try and get him through a Harry.


This was seriously selfish AF.

Dumbledore might try and say he had Harry’s best intentions at heart, but considering how broken and sngety Harry was in book five, Im not convinced. 

Chapter 10: Reason nine
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Wow. Dumbledore offered to pay the house-elves a tiny amount for their service and give them bare minimum wok holidays therefore, he’d a saint right?


No. The hiuse elves were still slaves and Dumbledore was doing very little to try and change that. You’re the headmaster of a magic school. Magic doesn’t allow food to be brought from thin air. I know, this is cannon - but is Dumbledore trying to say it could not have been used for food preparation or cleaning? Or that a school with that much money couldn’t have paid the house elves a living wage or employed actual people?


Sure the house  elves would have refused, initially - but Dumbledore wasn’t willing to try very hard to change the slave culture surrounding them. Clearly he had more important things to worry about, like lying to Harry...

Chapter 11: Reason ten
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I can hear Dumbledore’s excuses already. He would probably say that Harry was only safe under the roof of a blood relative... that the Dursley’s were the only ones left.


The thing is, though, he wasn’t safe. Not by any stretch of the imagination. He was neglected and abused until he left that hiuse, and for the first 11 years of his life, he felt completely strange and unwanted. That’s damage to anyone, and Dumbledore is lucky Harry turned out   as selfless as he did, or all of his plans to defeat Voldermort would have been dashed.


Anyway, Sure, Voldermort couldn’t hurt him under their roof, but Harry went wondering off on his own so many times because he hated that house, and Voldermort could have easily snatched him off the street at some point. The onl6 thing putting Harry did was keeping order in the magical world — i5 literally has nothing to do with Harry’s own well-being.

Chapter 12: Reason eleven
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I want to know what Dumbledore was th8nking when he decided to let the Triwizard Tournament run it’s course and let Harry compete, rather than pulling him out immediately. It was clear that Barry didn’t enter himself. It couldn’t have been more obvious— even in the beginning— that there was some serious dark magic at play. Like literally, this has ‘never’ happened before in the history or wizard schools, so what was he supposed to be thinking? Dumbledore is supposed to be hella smart and knows tons about magic (both dark and good). And what does Dumbledore do? Shrug and sit back, almost as if he’s to curious to see what will happen to actually bother protecting Harry. And even though there is a binding magical contract to the tournament you can easily drop out by faking an Ingush or getting a real injury.


Nice. This really showed us who actually cared about Harry, Dumbledore. Look at how this one turned out in the end.

Chapter 13: Reason twelve
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Dumbledore doesn’t even try to stop the dangerous things happening at Hogwarts. Hogwarts is right next to the forbidden forest, which is known for werewolves and other dangerous creatures that could kill someone - and yet, wY no point ever does he attempt to clear out the forest. In fact, he actually let’s a detention happen IN it... at night. Um, what!? And this isn’t all. Hogwarts repeatedly proves itself to be an excessively dangerous place, with Dumbledore around it. Yes, he’s furious, but he doesn’t seem to have argued against it particularly hard... And all of this combined makes it seem like Dumbledore doesn’t really care too much for the welfare of his students.

Chapter 14: Reason thirteen
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For someone so clever, why does Dumbledore seem so ignorant to things?


It goes back to him seeming to be more curious in how things played out than actually willing to protect his students. People figure out stuff before him all the time-notably and embarrassingly when Harry, Ron and Hermione discovered the Philosophers stone was in danger before Dumbledore did. They were wrong about who it was in danger from but still knew something was up, and git to it moments before Dumbledore did himself.


Ron and Hermione were 12 at this point and Harry 11. Two had been in the magical world for less than a year. Yet they were all more tuned into things than the actual Headmaster? Seems suspicious...

Chapter 15: Reason fourteen
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Why did he decide to keep the Philosophers stone in a school in the first place? This just seems like a bad place for it. Hogwarts may be the safest place in the Wizarding world, but it’s also one where the entirety Britain’s magical children stay for most of the year.


At this point, it really is as if he wants to see how things will unfold if he mixes them up a bit and throws in some drama — which is a dangerous attitude to have for anyone, let alone someone with so much power. What was he thinking half the time?

Chapter 16: Reason fifteen
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We’re told Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody and Dumbledore were old friends. Mad-Eye Moody was a well-respected Auror (dark wizard catcher) before he retired, and Dumbledore was also a champion against dark wizards - (as if) For the later part of life, anyway. So it did make sense that he’d hire him to teach Defence against the dark arts at his school.


But how did he not realise that he wasn’t actually Moody?


Barty Crouch Jr. couldn’t have been that good an actor. He seemed insane, so to fool one of Moodys old friends— let alone the most clever wizard in the world (supposedly) seemed downright unbelievable. And yet, he managed. He even managed to get Harry away from him when it became apparent someone in the school was working for Voldermort. 

Chapter 17: Reason sixteen
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When Harry gets the Elder Wand, he does the right thing. To prevent more bloodshed and more people who are desperate to get their hands on it, he snaps it in the movies and uses it to fix his old wand in the books. Good on you Harry! Someone had to do it.


But why didn’t Dumbkedore?


Because of Dumbledore, Voldermort ended up with his hands on it. It all worked out on the end, but a Dumbledore couldn’t have known it would come to that for all the decades that he held onto that’s and. He would have done so many people a favour in the past if he’d had the guts to snap it or get a different wand; but he didn’t because on some level, he wanted power. And in fact I bet without that wand he wouldn’t be as powerful maybe he wouldn’t be powerful at all...

Chapter 18: Hello Why I don’t like Dumbledore had taken a return
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I am gonna start a Why I don’t like Dumbledore two!!! Woo hoo!

Chapter 19: Summary
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Guys if you disagree then please review where you think I’m wrong. Your comments mean the world to me and I’m going to make sure any if you that review get shout outs cause u guys are the best and no one really reviewed on this