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FLAMES by Baby nargle

Format: Novel
Chapters: 54
Word Count: 100,298
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Humor, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Lupin, Snape, Tonks, Lucius, Narcissa, Blaise (M), Cho, Draco, Fred, George, Ginny, Goyle Jr., Luna, Crabbe Jr., Umbridge, Scorpius, Teddy
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 07/05/2020
Last Chapter: 11/23/2020
Last Updated: 11/24/2020




Ruby Roxanne Faller-Redfox, or just 'Fox'. Is thrilled when she is excepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Join Fox as she makes friends, foes,  and fancies at Hogwarts, while also discovering the meaning of power and how to use and control it.  This is the story of a girl at Hogwarts in the Golden Trio's year, with unusal talents and a very interesting background story.


Hi Guys! This is my first fanfic, I hope you like it! (:
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Chapter 1: Chapter 1
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“Ruby will you stop it! Just for once give it a break! Your Hogwarts letter is going to come no matter how many times you do that!”


“Do what?” Pop! “And how many times do i have to tell you!!!!”  I can feel my hair turning bright red. “Don’t.” Pop! “Call.” Pop! “Me.” Pop! “Ruby!!!!! My name is Fox. Fox!! F. O. X!!” POP!


“Uhg! Ok so-ry, Fox. And for the last time STOP DOING THAT!!” she says, jabbing a finger at my mouth, where I am currently blowing very loud bubbles out of my muggle chewing gum. 


“No can do, sis! Nervous habit, if I don't do this I'll explode!” I bring my hands apart from each other and widen my eyes, “BOOM!” I clap my hands together, “Just. Like. That.” She rolls her eyes and continues searching through her patients' forms. She, my 27 year old sister who I live with, is having a “soggy weekend” as she calls it, which is reasonable since she does tend to materialize a lot more water without noticing when she has extra work on the weekends. She works as a healer at Saint Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies (or something like that) so naturally she has a lot of files to go through and papers to fill out.


“Delivery for you Mizzzz. RedFox.” Lyle, my sister's boyfriend, says as he hands me a manilla envelope. Oh my gosh! This is it! This is the letter I’ve been blowing gum for, for the past hour!!! I yank the envelope out of Lyle’s grip and tear it open.


To Miss. Ruby Roxanne Faller-Redfox, FaithHouse, second floor, third bedroom to the right.


Dear Miss. Faller-RedFox, 


We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The start of term begins on September first. Please be at platform 9 ¾ precisely at 11:00 on that day, to board the Hogwarts express. 


First years will need to collect all their robes, school supplies and wand at Diagon Alley, prior to the start of term. 


Students may also bring one owl, toad, or cat to school. 


A reminder that first years are not allowed their own brooms.


Yours Sincerely,

Deputy headmistress, Professor Minerva McGonagall.


Yes! Yes! Yes! Wait…….


“Tomorrow is September first! Surely they wouldn’t send the letters one day before term starts?! Care to explain?!” I say, my eyes are narrowed in suspicion and my arms are crossed over my chest, my eyebrow is raised and my hair is probably flaming red, I can feel my eyes changing color too. Lyle and Cam (my sister) look at each other and smile, a really, annoying smile. 


“We thought it would be a little fun to deprive you of your letter for, say…...a couple weeks?” Cam says an evil smile playing on her lips. I fling a pillow at her head. She and Lyle are cracking up.


“Caaaam!!! How could you do this!!?? You’re a Hufflepuff for god’s sake!! And you two Lyle!!!!” I throw my arms up in frustration. “We need to go to Diagon Alley NOW! I’m going to get my sweatshirt!!” I hop off the couch and head to the stairs. “Uhg!! I hate you Camelia Bell Faller-BlueBird!!!” I call as I stomp up the stairs. 


“Love you too.” she calls after me. 




We apparate to Diagon Alley, Lyle has work to do for the ministry (he’s an auror) so it’s just Cam and I, but the she says, “I’m really sorry I wish I could shop with you, it is your first time, after all, but I do have to go home and finish filling out those forms. I really am sorry Ru- sorry, Fox.” My heart sinks a bit, I know Cam is a really busy person and she has already raised me since I was 1 and she was 17 all by herself, but I was kind of hoping she would shop with me. Cam and I definitely have more of a sister-sister relationship but with the 16 years apart thing it’s a little odd. Sometimes I feel like she is my mother’s younger sister, my aunt. Cam must have noticed the slight sorrow on my face because she adds, “Here, take this.” she hands me a whole bag of extra money, “Get yourself an early birthday present, from Lyle and I. Will you be ok? The Alley really isn’t that big, that’s Gringotts the bank down there, here’s your key; and not far from there is Flourish and Bolts, get your books; Olivander’s wand shop is just next to that; and Madam Malkins, for robes is just to our right. Once you're done go to the Leaky Cauldron and use the fireplace there, to come home. If you need any help finding anything ask any shopkeeper, they'll know. Okay? Have a great time, Fox. If you get hungry don’t hesitate to buy yourself some lunch or an ice cream.” and in a POP! She’s gone. 


I look down at my list. First stop, Gringotts. I walk through the crowd and into Gringotts. The goblins are busy helping a boy with messy black hair and ragged clothes who looks about my age and next to him is a huge man, who looks half-giant, he has a big beard and looks about 7 feet tall. “How can I help you miss?” the goblin at the counter asks.


“Erm..What. Oh! Yeah!” I say, my head snapping away from the boy and half-giant who have now moved aside so I have a clear view of the goblin sitting in front of me. “I wish to make a withdrawal.”


“Very well Miss, and what is your name?” the goblin asks looking at me skeptically, probably because my hair just went from pitch black to a warm coffee color. The boy with black hair is also looking at me weirdly, muggle-born I guess. But then why does he have a half-giant with him?....... “Your name, Miss?” the goblin says again this time slightly more irritated. 


“Right. Sorry, sir. Ruby RedFox” I say.


“Faller-RedFox?! The thing those wizards call red degree elementalists?” the goblin responds with a snort.


“I am not a thing! But, Yes. Faller-RedFox! Elementalist.” I say, clicking on the lighter and letting the fire spread and then molding it into a ball on my special fingerless gloves. I don’t need my gloves but for now it is much easier to maintain control with them. When I’m older I will be able to create and control my fire without gloves and my fire will become deadly at some point, but right now my fire just feels like a warm blanket if it touches you. “Now, may I enter my vault!?” I ask the goblin still annoyed about being called a “thing”. 


“Very well, if you three,” the goblin says nodding towards me, the half-giant, and the black haired boy, “would please follow Griphook.” the goblin finishes, sending me a nasty glare. It is known that goblins don’t like wizard powers such as animagus, metamorphmagus, and elementalist, because they think if wizards get too powerful they will take over. 


“How did you do that?” the boy says once we are seated in the cart that will take us to our vaults. 


“Do what?” I ask, not sure if he means the fire or the changing hair color thing.


“Control that fire, and change your hair color!” he says in a somewhat scared, confused, and impressed voice. 


“Well, I’m a red degree elementalist, the last on the planet, so ultimately I can create and control a big deadly fire. But for now I can only control a small fire, that does nothing more than warm someone. See?” I say, lighting my palms and placing the fire on his arm, then snapping to retract it. He flinches at first but then calms down when he realizes the fire really only is warming. “I presume you don’t know what an elementalist is? Well, an elementalist is a witch or wizard who has the ability to control a specific natural element. A green degree elementalist is the least dangerous and controls earth which really only makes them one with nature, meaning they can talk to animals are most often also naturally born animagi, meaning they can take the shape of a particular animal themselves. A white degree elementalist is the next to least dangerous and control’s wind, they can make wind blow in the direction they want and if they are powerful enough conjure up a tornado, but that is very, very, rare. A blue degree elementalist is the second to most dangerous elementalist, control’s water, can cause floods, you get it, right? Lastly there are red degree elementalists, me, who control fire, they can make things burn in a flick of a wrist If they are powerful enough. All elementalists descend from Laura RedFly (a red degree)  and Jonathan BlueHorse (a blue degree), which is why all elementalists last names are not the last names of their fathers but a name that is given to them which has first, their degree, Red, and then an animal the parents either want the child to resemble, or feel the child already does resemble, Fox. If I were not an elementalist my last name would be Faller that is why my name is Ruby Roxanne Faller-RedFox. I get my elemental powers from My mother, she was also red degree.” I say suddenly saddening at the mention of my mother. I can tell the boy wants to ask more about my family but he doesn’t, I am grateful for that. He also seems a little flustered. Maybe I gave him too much information? 


“Wow. Um, cool. And I’m guessing the hair changing thing is also another rare wizard power?” he says.


“Yup. Restricted Metamorphmagus I can change my hair and eye color neutral colors, black, white, blond, brown, tan, and different shades of red. I can also do this,” I say and change into a fox and then back to a human. 


“So you’re an animagu? Animaggi? No, anima… oh, you know what, too then? Wow magic is so cool!” he says.


“So you are a muggle-born then?” I ask.


“Oh, no! ‘Arry ‘eer is an ‘alfblood” the half-giant who hasn’t spoken this entire time says. 


“Yeah, I just had no idea I was a wizard until yesterday.” Harry says. “I guess i never really introduced myself, I’m Harry Potter.”


I snort, “Sorry I just expected to meet a less clueless Harry Potter, but I guess when you survived that curse authorities would have wanted you to keep away from the wizarding world.” Harry seems slightly offended and confused by my words.


“This is your vault Miss. RedFox.” Griphook, the goblin driving the cart says. 


“Well, gotta go, Potter.” I say as I step out of the cart. “See you at hogwarts!” and with that I grab my key and open my vault. 




After collecting my money from Gringotts I head down the Alley towards Olivander’s. “Hello? Hello? Mr. Ollivander?!” I call into the dark and shop. There are shelves upon shelves of boxes piled behind a desk in the middle of the room and not a soul in sight. 


“Ah, Miss. RedFox.” Olivander calls, still hidden from my view. “I was wondering when I would see you, yes indeed. I have been keeping this very special wand I made, just for you.” he continues in a mysterious voice, stepping out from behind one of the shelves. “Like your ancestors and sister before you, I had to make your wand out of uncommon wand ingredients. Yes I remember quite well, your sisters, 15 inches, Blueberry bush wood and Blue Jay feather. Her degree name is BlueBird, isn’t it?” Mr. Olivander climbs a ladder to the highest shelf, it has to be at least 10 feet high. He picks up a small but long and lean, red box. “The RedFox wand.” he says, climbing down the ladder. “14 ⅓ inches, cherry blossom tree and fox tail.” he hands me the box. “This has to work, I spent years perfecting it based on what I knew about your powers. The ingredients were very difficult to collect. If this doesn’t work we can try some of the normal ones. But otherwise you will have to wait at least a year. Then, I can make either an Apple wood, or a cherry tree wand. The only other wands that work with red degree elementalists. So try your best. Make this work.” he says in a mysterious voice that is most definitely sending shivers down my spine. 


Gently I take the wand out of the box. It is Beautiful! There is a fox carved into the wood at the handle, the tail of the fox winds up the wand, then splits and covers the top of the wand in a way that very much resembles a flame of fire. The wand is a soft brown color of the trunk of a cherry blossom tree. But has a tint of red, probably from the foxtail core. I take a deep breath, “Ok. I’m ready.” I say lifting the wand ever so slightly. 


“Good. Raise your wand with confidence, point it in front of you, and-” Olivander begins but it’s too late my wand is raised high in the air and is sending off huge flaming red fireworks. I watch as the tip of my wand realises firework after firework. Then, watch the flaming ashes fall to the ground. “Good! Good! Magnificent! Now command it to stop. See if it listens!!” Olivander yells over the BANGs erupting out of my wand. 


“STOP!” I yell and do a swirling motion for the fun of it. Miraculously, it stops. Olivander smiles.


“There is no doubt, you will do magnificent things with this wand my dear, RedFox.” Olivander says, taking my wand and placing it gently back into the red velvet box. “How may I help you, Narcissa? Draco? Lucius?” Olivander says, this time addressing a family that I didn’t notice was behind me. 


I spin my head around, to find a family of platinum blond people with stiff, but amazed faces behind me. Malfoys. My sister has told me about them. They used to be friends with my mother even though she was a Gryffindor, in their school days. But then they became Death Eaters, and tried to persuade my mother to join them. Voldemort wanted my mother’s powers on his side. But when she wouldn't join him. He killed her, my dad, and my brothers (one who was a white degree elementalist and the other who was a green degree elementalist and animagus). They were both 15 when they died. My sister was supposed to die too, being a blue degree and 17. But she survived and so did I, who was supposed to be taken to a Death Eater family to grow up with, since I was only 1. But that didn’t happen. My sister and I got away. She had just finished Hogwarts and was training to be a healer, so she could take care of me since she was a legal adult. I did have a godfather, but he didn’t want me for some selfish reason. My sister won’t say why or who, but she said it was only to protect me. I don’t believe that. 


Anyways back to the Malfoys who are staring at me intently. They know I know who they are and what they did. They probably expect me to rush over and slit their throats, but I pity the Malfoys. I mean, Lucius is one nasty piece of work, but he must have some good in him if Narcissa sticks with him. I know for a fact that Narcissa is a very talented witch. She just doesn’t show it. And Draco has no choice, he is being brought up with the pureblood beliefs and Death Eater background. If he disobeys, he will probably be starved or something. I wouldn’t know. My background is very diverse, you could say. We have ancestors from all houses. Some who even used their power for the lesser bad (that’s what I call the opposite of the greater good, even though I know it doesn’t make any sense) and became Death Eaters. My sister even says I am stubborn, persistent, and feisty, she thinks I will be put in Slytherin. I think it would be interesting to be put in Slytherin. I have always wondered what Slytherins are like on the inside. 


“Good afternoon.” I say walking up to the Malfoys and sticking my hand out for shaking. “Ruby RedFox. But you can call me Fox, I prefer that.” I say in a tone I am trying to make sound somewhat frightening and warm, which is proving very difficult. 


I realize I came across as too warm when their faces relax a bit, so I turn my eyes a deep red, and Narcissa and Draco stiffen again for a second fright flashes across their face. But Lucius just flinches then smiles a malicious smile and says, “Lucius Malfoy.” and firmly shakes my hand. “This is my wife Narcissa, and this is Draco, he will be in your year at hogwarts.” 


Narcissa smiles, a true smile, that reaches her eyes. I know she can see my mother in me. “Hello dear.” she says, and shakes my hand softly. I smile back. I don’t know what, but there is something in her that draws me to her. She does have a very motherly touch. 


“Draco. Pleasure.” they boy says, looking me up and down with narrow eyes. He is tall, really tall, and wears a smirk that is soft but judgmental, a cross between his mother and father. 


I raise my eyebrows at him. “Right. Well, I should be off now. Nice to meet you.” I say and change into a fox. I laugh at the surprised look on Draco’s face, which comes out more as a fox’s snicker and trot out the door with my nose tilted up in an obnoxious manor. 



After collecting my books and robes I head to the ice cream parlor. “One scoop of Gryffindor concoction ice cream please.” I say to the witch at the counter. The Gryffindor concoction is my favorite because it is cherry and butterbeer flavor and I absolutely adore cherries! I can’t live without them, and who doesn’t like butterbeer! I also like the colors! My favorite color is red. I pretty much only wear red and neutral colors (black, white, tan, cream, brown, gray, ect..). But I guess I will have to wear green if I get into Slytherin. I don’t hate green but it’s not my favorite. “Oh! Could I also have a jar of cocktail cherries?” the witch looks at me funny 

funny, but nonetheless hands me my ice cream and cherries.  “Thanks.” I say. I asked for the cherries because I want to bring a stash to Hogwarts just in case they don’t have any there.


“Cough up.” she says sticking her hand out. She is a young witch of around 20 with big blue eyes and dirty blonde that hangs at her waist. I pay for my ice cream and cherries with some of the money Cam gave me for my birthday, and go sit outside. I flip open Hogwarts; A History and start reading. 


“It’s good, isn’t it?” a girl with bushy brow hair says as she sits next to me, licking a chocolate mint ice cream. “I finished it just now. Wanted to do a bit of reading up about Hogwarts before I went there. Read it in only an hour. Not very long is it?” she says in a bit of a know-it-all tone, that I don’t particularly like but I brush it off, which is not something I normally do. “I was most surprised when I got my Hogwarts letter, pleasantly, of course. I’m what you call a muggle-born, aren’t I? My parents are just right there.” she points in the direction of a man and women staring amused at the Alley. “Where are yours?” she licks her ice cream again. I am saddened at the mention of my parents.


“Oh, they're not here. They were killed when I was only one by Death Eaters. My brothers were too. They were only 15. It’s just my sister and I now, and her boyfriend Lyle. She’s 27. She has taken care of me since I was one.” I am about to explain what Death Eaters are, since she is a muggle-born. But there is no need.


“Oh! That’s dreadful! I am so sorry. It must have been difficult for you. After all, you probably didn’t even know your parents well. Death Eaters, you say? I’ve read about them. They worked for He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, the darkest wizard of all time who was defeated 10 years ago by a small boy named Harry Potter, who was the only one who ever survived the killing curse?” she says all in one breath. “Yes, I’ve heard of him. Awful really. Good thing he’s dead. What did you say your name was? I’m Hermione, Hermione Granger.”


I am shocked by how much this girl knows about the wizarding world! “Yes, yes that’s quite right, everything, everything you just said, is correct. Except for the fact that Voldemort is dead, he’s not. He’ll come back.” to my surprise she doesn’t flinch at my words, probably because she’s not used to the taboo on Voldemort. Instead she gives me a interested look. “You’re a bit of a know-it-all, you know that?” I say, but immediately feel bad when her head drops. “No, no not in a bad way! It’s good! Nice, that you know so much!” I quickly correct myself, even though I see a way that she could become very annoying. “I’m Ruby RedFox, but you can call me Fox.” I say. 


“RedFox! I’ve read about you in A History Of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot. You’re a red degree elementalist, the last on the planet, and a metamorphmagus and animagus as well! How very fascinating!” she says. “Can you show me something? Like, you know, do it?” she asks, putting an emphasis on ‘it’ and sitting up straighter. “Mum! Dad! This is the girl I was telling you about! Come look at what she can do!” Hermione calls her parents. Great, just what I need, an audience. Mr. and Mrs. Granger come over and look at me expectantly. I sigh, and turn my hair and eyes all the colors they’ll turn. Then light my gloves, form a ball of fire, then blow it into the shape of two figures, me and Hermione. Then, I snap my fingers to retract the fire and turn into a fox, then back into a human. 


“Wow! Incredible!” all three Granger exclaim.


“I’m Jean Granger, this is William, and you’ve met Hermione.” Hermione’s mum says. 


“Fox.” I say sticking my hand out. “It’s a pleasure to meet you  Mr. and Mrs. Granger.”


“Oh, please! No need for formalities! William and Jean will do!” William says. 


“Well then, Dorothy and William it is! I must go to the pet shop now, though. I’ll see you on the train Hermione!” I say then, get up and walk towards Magical Menagerie.  


“Bye!” Hermione calls.




At the pet shop I decide to use the leftover money Cam gave me for my birthday to buy a cat. I know owls are more useful. But I like cats better, I would buy a snake if I were allowed too or a phoenix, but I can’t, so I settle on a fat gray cat with dark gray stripes and big black eyes. I name him Mr. Gray Stripes, Stripie or Stripes for short (not very creative, I know). 


Then, I browse a jewelry shop, and buy a black and silver fox necklace, finishing off my birthday money.  I add that to my neck right above the R made of rubies, that was my mothers, and has been passed down to all red degree elementalists in my family. My sister has a B of sapphires. We also have the W of diamonds and the G of emeralds in our vault at Gringotts. 


I head to the Leaky Cauldron. “Excuse me, Mr. Where is the floo powder fireplace?” I ask a man in purple robes and a turban. 


“Ju-just ri-right there.” he points towards a huge fireplace at the back of the pub.


“Thank you sir.” I say and walk towards the fireplace. Stripie’s in his crate in one of my hands, and a small bag that Lyle charmed with an undetectable extension charm, that’s carrying all my school supplies in the other. I hop into the fireplace and grab a handful of floo powder and yell, “FaithHouse” as I drop the floo powder and the world starts spinning. 

Chapter 2: Chapter 2
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“Wake up, sleepy head!” Cam calls. “Wake up! Wake up!” I pretend to be sleeping. “WAKE UP! NOW!!!!!” she yells in my ear. Nice try, still no. “WAKE UP NOW! YOU’RE GOING TO MISS THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS!!!!!!” she yells while making water balls out of the moisture in the air and dropping them on my face. I shoot up and jump out of bed. “Well, that did the trick.” Cam laughs. “Tell me, was it the water or the ‘WAKE UP NOW! YOU’RE GOING TO MISS THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS!!!!!!!’ ?” 


“Both, but you dump water on me almost everyday.” I grumble grabbing a black skirt and sweater from my closet.


“You make me sound like a monster, Fox.” 


“‘Cause you so are!” Cam raises her eyebrow, taps her foot, and crosses her arms over her chest. “Buuuuut, I love you!” I add with a cheeky smile.


“Thaaaaank you! Now GET READY!!” she yells as I scurrey into the bathroom.


“Sheesh! I swear, you’re no Hufflepuff, Cam.” I say with an eye roll as I close the door. She sticks her tongue out at me (in a playful way) and leaves the room.


I take a shower, and get dressed. I’m wearing all black, black skirt, shirt, and sweater. I change my hair to black too and braid it into two french braids. All that's left is my cloak and  shoes. Uhg! I hate cloaks! They make everything look so small and gloomy, and since I’m no giant they make me look like an eight year old. 




When I get downstairs, I see my packed trunk at the door along with Stripie’s cat carrier and my cloak and shoes. 


“Morning.” I grumble as I enter the kitchen. 


“Good morning, early riser.” Lyle jokes. He’s at the stove making bacon and eggs, while Cam’s going through her bag making sure she has everything for work today. 


“Ha ha ha. Very funny.” I responded.


“Oh! Cheer up! It’s your first day at Hogwarts! I remember Hogwarts! The classes, the teachers, the friends, the food! The romance!!!!” Cam says dragging out the O and the A. 


“Wasn’t it something!” Lyle adds. “You and I used to go for picnics on black lake!” 


“I remember!” Cam says in a dreamy voice. “And remember our first kiss under the magnolia tree?” she asks.


“Bleh!” I make a gagging sound and point at my open mouth like I’m going to barf. “Ok. I’m gonna stop you right there. We get it! You’re a cute couple! I don’t need any details on my sister's love life, thank you very much! Wait...if you dated in Hogwarts then you broke up didn’t you? Because you’ve only been dating for one year on my count.” I ask.


“Who doesn’t want details on her sister's love life now?” Cam says as Lyle sits down and seves us all breakfast. “But yes. We broke up because our family had to go into hiding and Lyle wanted to travel the world. But then he came back and we met again at the Ministry of Magic and, you know the rest.” Cam finishes.


“Finish up, Fox. We gotta head out now.” Lyle says bring his plate and Cam’s to the sink.


“I’m done.” I say as I walk to the sink and rinse my plate off.




Lyle apparates us down the street from Kings Cross station. We walk to platform 9, trunk in toe and Stripie in his carrier. “See the barrier right there?” Lyle says pointing to the barrier between platforms 9 and 10. “Just walk through it.”


“What!!! Do you wish a concussion on me?!” I say shocked.


“Don’t be silly. Lyle’s right. Go.” Cam lectures. 


“Yes, Miss. Bossy-pants.” I grumble and walk straight through the barrier. To my surprise instead of hitting myself I reappear on another platform. Lyle and Cam reappear behind me. 


“Well this is it!” Cam says. I notice she seems a little out of place here. Most of the witches and wizards here are either children, teenagers, or adults in their late 30’s and 40’s. She also has a sad smile on her face, probably remembering the first time mum and dad brought her here. Their deaths took much more of an impact on her. They had been there for her all her childhood, afterall. “Have a great time sis! Don’t forget to write! We’ll miss you.” she says, bringing me in for a hug. 


“Bye Fox.” Lyle adds, and he too gives me a quick hug.


“Bye! I love you. See you at Christmas, maybe?” 


“Is that a question?!” Cam laughs.


“Yeah.” I say sheepishly. “Bye.” I say, one last time, as I board the Hogwarts Express. 




I climb onto the train and start searching for an empty compartment. I could go find Hermione, but I know she’ll launch into her know-it-all self and I can’t have that right now. Finally, I find an empty compartment at the end of the train. I sit down and make a couple fireballs. I’m feeling a little cold. I watch them drift in the air, it’s amazing how fire is both life and death. Without fire we would die of cold, but fire can also be very destructive and can burn you to death. Just then a boy opens the door to my compartment. He has messy light brown hair, and blue eyes. He has a copy of A History of Magic in his hands and a big eagle owl the same color as the boy's hair perched on his shoulder.  


“Hey, I was gonna ask if I can sit here. But on second thought, I don’t fancy sitting in a room full of floating fire, so….” he trails off, an uncertain look plastered on his face.


I laugh. “The fire isn’t harmful. It’s not hot enough to burn anyone yet.”


“Are you sure? ‘Cause these look pretty burn-worthy to me.” he says with a raised eyebrow.


“Yes, I’m sure! I would know. I’m the one who made them!” I say.


“Well, I figured that much! Either you made them or you’re some sort of psycho with a death wish, to be sitting in a room with flaming fireballs!” he responds. This makes me laugh. I like this guy! Not like, no, definitely not like, just like. “Now, the question is how on earth did you make them?!” he says, sitting down across from me. His eagle owl seems unsure of this arrangement and is eyeing Stripie oddly. Stripie just purrs and lays on my lap though.


“You’re funny, you know that?” I inquire. 


He shrugs. “I try.”


“Well, I made them like this.” I snap my fingers and the fire goes out. Then I light my gloved palms again and mold the fire into a ball and release it into the air. 


“Cool.” he says with no emotion. 


“Cool? Just cool?! It takes a lot of energy to make those, you know?!” I joke. He laughs again, he has a nice laugh. 


“Terribly sorry. Must have taken you forever to perfect the art of fireball making!” at that, we both crack up. “Theodore Nott. Call me Theo.” he says, once we’ve finally stopped laughing. 


“Ruby RedFox. Call me Fox.” I say.


“Can I call you Ruby?” he says.


“No. Ruby is a baby-ish name, my past, and it brings back awful memories.” I say seriously.


“Oh.” he says, he can tell he hit a nerve. “What is your middle name then?” 


“Why can’t you just call me Fox?” I persist.


“Because one, I don’t fancy calling a human and animal.” I turn into a fox and back into a human. “Still no.” he says, not even the least bit impressed. “And two, because I don’t like calling people what everyone else does if I can help it, which I usually can’t because people have such short names these days! But, anyway, your full name?” he asks. I can tell he’s not going to let go of this one.


“Uhg! I feel the need to tell you you're annoying.” I say sticking my tongue out.


“Cute. Stalling. A beginners trick. Now, name please?” he smirks.


“Ruby, you can’t do anything even mildly related to that; Roxanne, I hate the name as a whole; Faller, never use that either that has a huge taboo on it, especially in front of my sister, and I don’t particularly like to hear it myself; RedFox, I’ve already made a nickname out of that which you refuse to use so..” I say with an eye roll.


“Hmm. Let me work my magic.” he says rubbing his hands together in a hungry manner. I snort. “Roxanne, Roxanne. Roxy?” 


“Meh.” I shrug.




“Mmm” I say, shaking my hand in a so-so manor.




“Absolutely not! Too old lady.” I say revolted.


“Okay. Annie?” I pause. 


“Meh.” I decide.


“Oooooh! I know! How about Flames!!!” Theo says, like he’s just won the quidditch world cup. “You know what! That’s what I’m calling you! Deal with it! Flames. Flames! FLAMES!!!”


“You are odd.” I say shaking my head.


“What, did you expect me to be normal?!” he says, like it’s the most revolting thing in the universe. “Oh! No! I could never be normal! Just the thought of it!” he shivers. I crack up. “So Flames, what house do you want to be in?” 


“First of all, Slytherin or Gryffindor. My parents were Gryffindor's, my brothers were Ravenclaw’s and my sister a Hufflepuff. Second of all, you still haven’t asked me how I can make fire.”


“Well, it’s obvious you’re an elementalist! They might not be as common as animagus and metamorphmagus but they are just as known. Maybe, not by kids our age, yeah. But, my parents make me read a lot. You know, you’re actually in this book!” Theo says, holding up A history of Magic.


“Yeah, I know. Anyways, which house do you want to be in?” I ask.


“Well, if I’m not in Slytherin my mum will murder me and my dad will dig me up and murder me again.” he say, calmly. 


Just as I’m about to respond, the trolley witch comes by, “Anything from the trolley dears?” she asks. 


“Um, 5 packs of licorice wands and 20 chocolate frogs.” I say. 


Theo looks at me weirdly and then says, “One pack of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor beans and two pumpkin pasties, please.” 


“Thanks.” I say as the witch hands us our snacks. “Sorry, I didn’t quite catch your name?” I say to the trolley witch. Her face softens in shock and appreciation when I say this.


“Oh, no one’s ever asked me that! Everyone just calls me the Trolley Witch. But it’s Martha, Martha Hopkin.” she smiles.


“Well, thank you Ms. Hopkin! I don’t know what us students would do without you!” her smile widens even more.


“Oh! Not at all dearies.” she calls as she pushes the cart down the aisle.


“Ok first of all, that was nice of you, Flames. Second of all, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU GONNA DO WITH 20 CHOCOLATE FROGS AND 5 PACKS OF LICORICE WANDS!!!!” Theo exclaims.


“Gotta save up, Theo! I’m gonna start a stash in my dorm. Anyway, you’re from that kind of family?!” I say. Referring back to when he told me that if he wasn’t in Slytherin his parents would kill him. 


“Yup. Why?” he asks, suddenly getting a nervous look on his face. 


“Well, you don’t seem like it. Just the other day at Diagon Alley, I met the Malfoy’s. Draco is as stiff as a stone! I hate the way he wrinkles his nose!” Theo laughs. Whatever nervousness he had is lost.


“Yup, that's Draco for you. He really isn’t awful though, Flames. My parents aren’t that bad compared to his, I’m allowed to joke around sometimes and we do stuff together as a family that isn’t eating and going to balls. Although we do go to balls.” he shivers. “I hate balls! Most of them are at Malfoy Manor, my parents are friends with the Malfoys and they’re still pureblood maniacs! Which reminds me, I was supposed to ask a person their blood status before I became their friend, woops!” he rolls his eyes. “My parents were never Death Eaters though. They believed in what the Dark Lord was doing. But they didn't like how destructive it was and they knew if they became Death Eaters they would have to put their lives on the line as well as mine. Which they did not want to do. So yeah.” He pauses before asking, “What’s your family like?” 


“My parents were killed by Death Eaters, so were my 15 year old brothers. My sister, who was 17 at the time, was meant to die too, but she didn’t. I, being one year old, was meant to be brought to a pureblood Death Eater family, to be raised properly, so Voldemort-” he flinches but doesn’t say anything “could then use me when I grew up. He wanted to kill my family because they were powerful but refused to join him and instead fought against him. I’m either a pureblood or a halfblood with mostly pureblood. Not that anyone in my immediate family cares, which right now is only my sister. She raised me since she was 17 all by herself. I do have some Death Eater ancestors though, I think. But all that’s left of my family tree, is me and my sister. If we die, elementalist’s will go extinct.” I finish.


“Wow, Flames. Um….sorry, interesting, deep?” he says, questioningly.


“What?!” I laugh.


“Well, sorry about your family, your heritage is interesting, and it’s pretty deep stuff that if you and one other person die, a whole power will no longer exist.” he says.


“I find you a total goofball and an intellectual thinker, Theo. Is that even possible?!” We laugh.

For the rest of the train ride Theo and I talk all about Hogwarts, our families, and other things you talk about when you realize you’ve just met your best friend.



“Firs’ years over here. Firs’ years over here!” Calls a familiar voice. It’s the half-giant I saw at Diagon Alley. “Why ‘ello there, ‘Arry! Train ride ok?” He’s talking to Potter now. 


“That’s Harry Potter. I met him at Gringotts.” I say to Theo, who is walking next to me. 


“Do you dislike him?” He asks.


“No. Why?” I respond confused.


“The way you say his name.” Theo answers. “I dunno, just thought.”


“I don’t dislike him. He’s just not my type. He was really clueless about the wizarding world when I met him. And then I met this muggle-born who knew so much about the wizarding world! Hermione, I think. Bit of a know-it-all to be honest. But she isn’t horrible. Probably a good study buddy.” I tell Theo.


“A mudblood?!!” He says scrunching up his nose. I jab him in the rib with my elbow. “Ahh! Sorry, old habits die hard, ya know?!” he exclaims, rubbing his rib.

“Try harder! That’s really offensive you know!? It’s almost as bad as calling someone the F-word!” I say, my hair is reddening.


“What? F-“ he starts.


“Shushhhhhhh!!! Have you no sense! I just tell you not to say it and what do you do? You say it!” I say, covering his mouth. “Honestly! You can be really immature, you know that!?” 


“And you can be really judgemental, you know that!?” He says, taking my hand off his mouth. “First you say I’m funny, then you say, you feel the need to tell me I’m annoying, then you say, I’m both a goofball and intellectual, now you tell me I’m immature! Do you realize how odd that is!” He says.


I pause to think. Then smile, “You are so right.” I say. Theo seems shocked at my answer, but goes with it. 


We reach a lake with boats floating on the side closest to us. Hagrid (the half-giant), tells us to sit with only four people on one boat. Theo and I sit in a boat with a red haired boy and Potter. “Hi, I’m Ron, Ron Weasley.” The red haired boy says.


Theo snorts, “Bloodtraiter. OW!” I flick him on the head.


“Sorry don’t mind him, he’s just being a pureblooded prick. But he’s sorry, aren’t you?!” I say shooting Theo a harsh glare. 


“I guess.” Theo grumbles. “OW, Flames!!” I flick his head again. “Will. You. Stop. It!” I give him a mother-like ‘apologize now!’ look. “Fine. I’m sorry for calling you a bloodtraitor, Weasley.” Theo says. Then he gives me a ‘happy now’ look.


“Right. I’m Ruby RedFox, call me Fox-“


“Didn’t he just call you Flames?” Ron asks, nodding at Theo.


“Yes, and only I call her that!” Theo says glaring at Ron, which he gladly returns.


“Why?” Harry asks.


“Because I can do this Potter.” I say clicking on my lighter to ignite my hands. 


“Wait!? You're the girl from Gringotts!” Harry says. “I didn't recognise you with your black hair.”


“Yes, Potter. I’m ‘the girl from Gringotts’” I say with unnecessary coldness, which Harry seems to notice. 


“Oh! Don’t mind her! She’s just being a cold blooded shark.” Theo says. “You’re sorry, aren’t you!??” He looks at me with a puppy face and then all three boys crack up. 


“First of all, YOUR AN ELEMENTALIST!! Second of all, just ‘cause I think you’re a tiny bit funny, doesn’t mean I don’t still hate you, Pureblood.” Ron says.


“Yes. I am an elementalist. Now weren’t we introducing ourselves!?” I say.


“Ron Weasley. The bloodtraitor.” Ron says, still glaring at Theo.


“Theodore Nott. The pureblooded prick.” Theo says, sending me a playful glare and Ron a glare-glare.


“Harry Potter.” Harry says. “I have no idea what anything you say about ‘blood’ means, though.” 


“God! You are clueless!” I say. Harry sends me a glare. Great! Now I’m part of the glare-fest too! Well, better finish it off. “Ruby RedFox. The cold blooded shark.” I smile at Theo. “But you can call me, Fox. Or just, ‘The Girl From Gringotts’ that works too.” I say glaring at Harry.  




After McGonagall explains all about houses and sorting to us, she enters the Great Hall and tells us to wait here. 


“Is it true, then? What they were saying on the train? Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts?” Says the drawling voice of Draco Malfoy, as he steps in front of Harry. “Hi. I’m Draco, Draco Malfoy.” Ron, who is right next to Harry, snorts. 


“This is not gonna end well.” I whisper to Theo. 


“Yup.” He says.


“Think my name is funny, do you?! No need to ask who you are! Red hair hand-me-down robe, you must be a Weasley!” He does that nose wrinkling thing I hate! “You’ll soon see, that some of us are better than others, Potter. Don’t want to go hanging around with the wrong sort. I can help you out there.” He sticks his hand out. Harry looks at the hand, but to no one’s surprise, doesn’t take it. 


“I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself, thanks!” Harry retorts.


I laugh. Now both boys, as well as all the other first years’s attention is turned towards me. Theo looks at me worriedly. “What?! I just thought it was an amusing comeback!” I say. Harry glares at me. Honestly! I just gave the guy a compliment! You’d think he would show the slightest appreciation! Draco just narrows his eyes. 


“And who are you?” Draco asks wrinkling his nose, yet again. 


“Aww. Forgotten me already!?” I make a fake pout. Theo suppresses a laugh. “We met at Ollivander’s, Ruby RedFox. I go by Fox.” I say, lighting both my hands and wiggling my fingertips. 


At that moment, McGonagall comes back and taps Draco on the shoulder. He goes back to his spot on the steps. She takes one look at my hands and to my surprise, smiles. “Miss. RedFox? I presume your flames aren’t deadly yet? However so, they may frighten some students. So please exercise caution.” She says. I snap my fingers to turn off the flames. All the first years look at me, some frightened and others merely shocked. “Come, now.” McGonagall addresses all the first years, and leads us into the Great Hall. All the older students are staring at us intently. Wondering which of us will be in their house. We stopped at the front of the hall, there was an old hat on a stool in front of us. The sorting hat. It sang a song and then McG started calling names. I tuned out for the most part, but listened in when I heard familiar names. 


“Granger, Hermione!”........... (Total Ravenclaw!)




“Malfoy, Draco.”............ (oh, definitely Slytherin!)




“Nott, Theodore.”...........(Slytherin?)


SLYTHERIN (good for him! Now he won’t get his head cut off! I just hope I’m in Slytherin too, now.)


“Potter, Harry” (the hall broke out into whispers)..............(Gryffindor.)


GRYFFINDOR (mmmhmmm. I am goooood at this!)


“Weasley, Ronald.” (He was actually sorted after me, but anyway)........(all Weasleys are in Gryffindor, but he seems like a wimp to me.)


GRYFFINDOR ( *scoff*)


“RedFox, Ruby.”


I sit down on the stool.


“Aaaah, another elementalist! You all, are always so difficult to sort! So unlike one another! Yes, hmm.” The hat says. “I can see you have bravery, like your parents, lots of it! But you are not afraid of your power, no. You enjoy being powerful, so very unlike your mother. You will do anything to get what you want! Ambitious, persistent, yes! But smart too! Very smart! Not very Loyal though are you? Unless it is your closest of friends! In that case you would die for them, wouldn’t you? Mmmm, yes.” By now, a whole FIVE MINUTES has gone by and the whole hall is staring at me, impatiently. “No, not at all a Hufflepuff like your sister! She was one of the very few in your family, you know? But, never mind that. Ravenclaw, perhaps? Like your brothers?”


At this point McGonagall says, “Mr. Hat. Are you quite done yet? We would like to get on with the feast?!”


“Wait, wait. The art of sorting takes time! You mustn't rush me! Especially not on this one!” The hat says out loud. “No, not enough Ravenclaw in you dearie, is there?” The hat says now returning to a voice in my head. “Mmm. So Slytherin or Gryffindor? Slytherin or Gryffindor. Hmm. Which brings me back to the point that you do not believe your powers to be a sin, but rather worship them, don’t you? Yes, how very unlike your mother you are in this one particular way, that could very much determine your future, Miss. RexFox. Curious. Very curious, indeed. Well, better be-“ he finally finishes, we are now at the 10 minute mark. McGonagall is tapping her foot furiously and the other teachers are looking at me nervously. “SLYTHERIN!!!!!” The hat yells out loud. I can see a slight flash of disappointment on McGonagall’s face as she takes the hat off my head. Why? I don’t know, though. It really isn’t her business anyway! I walk to the Slytherin table and seat myself next to Theo. 


“What the heck took you so long?!” He whispers. “While you were sitting on that stool taking your sweet, sweet time, I was over here, chewing my nails ‘till they got all bloody! See?” He says, sticking out 10 fingers, red at the tips. “One for every bloody minute you look on that stool! Ha! Bloody! Get it!” He softly chuckles at himself.


“Well I guess I have to tell you, if you chewed fingernails for me!” I exclaim. “The stupid hat, almost put me in Gryffindor. But then, decided that because I ‘worshiped’ my power, I was a Slytherin.” I whisper back. 


Theo snorts, “Worship?! Ha!” He bites his lip to stop from bursting out laughing.


Soon everyone is sorted and Dumbledore says something about not going to the third floor corridor (the first place I’m gonna visit, is the third floor corridor). Then all the plates and goblets fill with food. I help myself to a nice leafy salad with red peppers and red tomatoes (did I mention I love anything red!) and a glass of cranberry juice. Theo raises his eyebrows.


“You keep a stash of candy and sugar filled, cocktail cherries under your bed. But you eat salad for dinner!?” He asks. I just laugh and shake my head. 


“Hello, Theodore.” Draco says scooting directly across the table from us.


“Draco. Blaise.” Theo nods to Draco and a brown haired boy with chocolatey skin next to him, who I suppose is Blaise. Blaise sets down his book, A Beginners Guide to Transfiguration. “Goons.” Theo adds nodding towards two big boys sitting to the right of Draco. I choke on my food, Blaise chuckles. The ‘Goons’ glare at Theo. While Draco just looks at me.


“Amused, RedFox?” Draco asks, wrinkling his nose yet again! Seriously! Give. It. A. Break! But I am not backing down.


“Yes.” I say. I can tell the simplicity of my answer bothers him, so I smile.


“What’s your problem with each other? You don’t even know one another?!” Theo asks. I know he want us to get along but I just don’t like Draco!


“He’s a bit of a prick and I hate how he wrinkles his nose.” I say. Blaise chuckles again.


“Blaise Zabini.” He says sticking his hand out. I shake it.


“Ruby RedFox. Call me Fox, everyone does. Well, not everyone.” I say shooting Theo a look. “Some of us feel the need to Nott be ‘everyone’.” I say. “Get it? Nott!? Because he’s Theodore Nott!” I laugh. No one else does. “Oh, come on! That wasn’t awful!” Theo just smiles a cheeky smile.


“If you needed joke telling lessons, you could have just asked, Flames.” Theo says. “I’d be more than happy to teach you 5 minutes a day for 60 Cornish pasties.” He says. Now Blaise laughs. Draco tries Nott to. Ok I have to stop!


“Blaise! What are you doing! We agreed she was too stubborn for her own good!” Draco hisses. At this I crack up. Draco glares.


“No, they. Agreed.” Blaise says pointing to the Goons. “Because they are brainless twats.” He finishes.


“Well, that’s a bit harsh, isn’t it!?” I say, sure the Goons are a bit dumb, ok a lot dumb, but that still have ears and somewhere in there it must hurt them when people stay stuff like that. That’s probably why they stick around Draco. He defends them, they make him look tough. “I mean, yes. It’s true.” I start. “Sorry guys, I’m still a Slytherin.” I say, this time to the Goons. Theo laughs, Blaise chuckles. Even Draco seems the slightest bit amused, but quickly hides it. “But, I mean. You guys still have feelings right?” I ask. The Goons faces soften just the slightest bit, but also look at me like I’m out of my mind. “No? Ok, well you have ears.”  At this point, Theo rolls over laughing, a hysterical laugh. While Blaise just softly smiles a big smile and snickers a bit. l can tell he has a bit more of a soft and quiet nature. Even Draco is smirking! “Amused, Draco?” I say, and raise my eyebrow at him. Everyone stops laughing to see his reaction.


“No.” He says, but continues to smirk. “Draco Malfoy.” He sticks his hand out, as an act of friendship. I’m hesitant, I still don’t like him. He has an odd aura around him. Not that I have another magical power and can see auras but I just have a feeling. Although Theo wants us to get along and I want to know Blaise better, he seems to stick around Draco. So, I take his hand.


“Fox.” I say.



Chapter 3: Chapter 3
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“Wake up, Ruby.” Daphne, my annoying roommate calls.


“Stop calling me Ruby!” I groan, opening my eyes. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping! It’s the first day of classes! 


“Well, we are certainly not calling you Fox! I can’t believe your mother lets you go by that name! It’s so inelegant for a lady!” Pansy calls from across the room. 


“Fine then, call me Roxanne! Or Anne or Annie! Just don’t call me Ruby! Please?” I beg. “Oh, and my mother’s dead, by the way!” 


“Fine, Roxanne.” Daphne says.


“I don’t know, I like just Anne.” Pansy says.


“No, I agree with Daphne! Roxanne, is better!” Millicent calls stepping out from inside the bathroom.


“Ok, then. Get up! Roxanne!!!” Pansy shrikes.


“Ahh! Fine!” I say, jumping out of bed.




“Morning sleepy head!” Theo calls, when I enter the Great Hall for breakfast. 


“How are your dorm mates?” Blaise asks.


“Annoying and brainwashed.” I answer. Draco, Theo and Blaise look at me expectantly. “Brainwashed by their pureblooded mothers who sit around and do nothing but cook, clean, nit, and well, sit. Brainwashed by their pureblooded fathers who brainwashed their pureblooded mother’s. And brainwashed by all the boys their age they hang around, who again, are brainwashed by their mother’s and fathers into thinking that all that there is to a girl is beauty. And that makes a girl think that the only thing that matters is how they look, how they act, and boys! Idiot people, I tell you! This is what the world is becoming.” I finish. Theo, looks at me impressed. Blaise, looks interested. The Goons, ( who i still don’t know the names of!!) as blank as ever. And Draco, confused. 


“But isn’t that all there is to a girl?” He says. Theo and Blaise give him, ‘shut up’ looks, which he is obviously oblivious to because he continues, “Beauty?” He finishes, still dumbfounded. Theo and Blaise give him ‘you’ve done it now’ looks. And I stand up, reach across the table and slap him right across the face! Theo and Blaise flinch, the Goons look ready to pounce on me for hurting their ‘master’. “OWWWW!!!” He yelps, holding his face.


“No.” I say simply, brushing my hands together as if I'm Dusting them off in an I’ve-done-my-job manner.


“No?” He asks. Now he’s done it! Idiotic git!


“No. Girls are so much more than beauty! You idiot!!! See!? People like you is the reason girls don’t shine enough in this world! If you hadn’t locked our inner dragons in cages, there would have been a whole new kind of brains out there working on business problems or whatnot! I don’t know if it’s just the Slytherin girls or all young girls but this is ridiculous!!!!!! Re-dic-u-liss!!! Do you know what the girls made me let them do this morning!? They kept calling me Ruby, so I finally yelled at them and told them to stop! But they refused to call me Fox, because it wasn’t ladylike!! And they wouldn’t leave me alone, until I let them call me Roxanne!!! So right now, I was going to tell you how grateful I was to you guys for calling me Fox! But since someone” I stare at Draco, “is being a brainwashed idiot, he will not be receiving a compliment! So, thank you, Blaise. Thank you, Theo, very much! In this case, Flames is even better than Fox! I suppose I should thank you two, even though you always agree with whatever he” I point to Draco, “says, you kept shut up, so thank you for that! By the way, what the heck are your names!! I have only heard anyone call you ‘the Goons’?” I ask ‘the Goons’.


 They grunt, “Crabbe.”




“Your parents named you Crab?” I ask.


“Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle.” Draco answers for them.


“Oh?! Did you hear something? I sure didn’t!” I glare at Draco.


“Ugh! I’m sorry, ok! Forgive me?” He pleads. 


“Fine whatever. Don’t ever talk about girls like that again!” I lecture.


Just then, hundreds of owls swoop into the Great Hall. Theo’s owl, Demi (short for Demon) drops a letter on his plate of bacon and eggs.


“Oi! You little Demon!” Theo yells, picking up his letter. He opens it, Demon is pecking his head furiously. Two letters fall out of the envelope. Theo reads them both then grabs a pen and paper and starts writing furiously. Demon stops pecking. 


“Who’s it from! What does it say?” Draco says, while collecting his mail, which consists of a black wax sealed envelope. Theo stops writing and  tosses the letters to the middle of the table, which causes Demon to resume her pecking of Theo’s head. Theo tosses her a big slice of toast and she stops pecking. Blaise picks up the letters and reads:


Dearest Theo,


How is Hogwarts? Have you made some nice pureblooded friends? Your father and I were most proud of you for being sorted into Slytherin! Continue to be a good boy, won’t you? We miss you here!





P.s. I have bribed your owl, Demon, is it? Into pecking you until you write back a nice, long response.




Good job for getting into Slytherin! You had better continue to make us proud son. I have high expectations of you, Theodore. Are you friends with Draco? He’s a nice boy, and his father has a very high rank in the ministry as well. Stick around him. Lastly, how are you? Holding up well? Not sick? No broken bones? Stay safe Theodore.





When Blaise is done reading, Theo finishes up with his response and again, tosses it in the middle of the table for us to read. I pick it up and read it out loud: 


Mum, Father,


Hogwarts is amazing! I’ve made three very good friends, Ruby RedFox (she goes by Fox, but I call her Flames because she is a red degree elementalist and before you ask mum, I do not like Flames, she’s like a sister to me), Draco Malfoy (of course), and  Blaise Zabini. As well as Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle who hang around Draco. So far, so good here. How are things back home? I miss you guys!





“Mate, you XOXO?” Blaise says. “That is so cheesy.” Theo shrugs. I laugh.


“I think it’s sweet. And by the way, you’re my brother, too!” I say, smiling at Theo. He puts an arm around my shoulder. Then, an owl I recognize as Pecker, Camilia’s owl, flies in front of me and drops a letter in my black coffee then swoops out the window. I take the letter out of my coffee, Pecker never liked me. 


“Who’s it from?” Draco asks.


“My sister, Cam.” I say, drying the letter with a simple drying charm I read about in my charms book. The boys look at me impressed. 


“Well, aren’t you going to open it?” Draco asks.


I open my letter. But unlike Theo, I prefer to keep my mail private.


Dear little sis!


How is Hogwarts!? I told you you’d get into Slytherin didn’t I? How are you? Have you made any friends? You know it’s entirely your decision who you choose to make friends with, but just be careful around kids from Death Eater families, okay?  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I can’t believe that at 8:11 pm tonight you’re gonna be 11!!!! You’re getting so OLD! I know you already bought yourself a necklace, ice cream, cherries, and a cat, from Lyle and I, but in about 2 minutes from when you finish reading this letter another owl will come in with a pack of licorice wands for your stash (don’t think I don’t know about that! I had one too, ya know?), and some of  Lyle’s homemade fudge. About Lyle, HE PROPOSED TO ME YESTERDAY!!!! So this summer, prepare to be a flower girl in the best wedding of all time, woooooo!!! I was thinking pink, yellow, white and black for wedding colors. What do you think? Anyway! Write back as soon as you can, okay? I want to know ALL about Hogwarts and your friends and BOYS ;) *wink, wink*. 






P.s (This is Lyle) Congratulations on getting into Slytherin! As a Gryffindor I’m not particularly pleased, but as a brother-in-law-to-be (*smiley face*), I’m so happy for you! Make the best out of your time at Hogwarts!!! Hope you like the fudge! We miss you here! 


“Wow. You have a really great family.” Theo says. 


“What?!!” I ask, only now realizing that he has been reading over my shoulder this entire time!


 “Why didn’t you tell us today was your BIRTHDAY!!” Theo says, putting his hands on his hips. Blaise looks up from a letter he is reading, delivered to him by what I assume is his eagle owl. Who is now cuddling with Demi, Theo’s owl. Draco raises his eyebrows. 


“Slipped my mind.” I shrug.


“It slipped your mind that it was your birthday!” Draco asks. 


“Yeah. I mean, it’s the first day of classes! Anyways, I’m not even eleven yet. Not until 8:11 pm.” I say, sipping my coffee. The bird with my fudge and licorice wands, flies down. I untie the package from it’s leg.


“We should still celebrate it.” Blaise, who has kept quiet this whole time, says.


“Fine, then. But not right now. Right now, we need to focus on breakfast, mail and classes.” I say. “Speaking of mail. Blaise, Draco, who has written to you?” 


“Mother.” Draco says. He crosses something out on the paper and throws it in the middle of the table, we all pass it around:


Draco dear,


How is Hogwarts? Are you getting on with everyone alright? Your father and I want to congratulate you for getting into Slytherin. Make some nice friends won’t you? Theodore Nott is a good choice, as well as Blaise Zabini, Crabbe and Goyle. Get as close as you can possibly get to the RedFox girl. She will make our family look very good and is powerful and a pureblood. I know you are young but I’m just saying, time flies. 






“What’s that name you crossed out?” Theo asks. “The girl? The one that your parents want you to get ‘as close as possible’ to?” 


“Doesn’t matter.” Draco says.


“Oh come on!” Theo pleads. Soon Blaise joins in. But they don’t notice the owl that swoops down in front of me. Hands me a letter and then flies away. I read it.


“There’s no need.” I say. All boys turn to where I’m holding up a letter in the same writing as Draco’s letter. Draco’s cheeks flush red, as Theo yanks it from my grip and reads:


Dear Miss. RedFox,


It would be our pleasure to have you for the Christmas holidays at Malfoy Manor. We understand that you are in Slytherin house and hope that you will become close with our son, Draco. I knew your mother very well and we were the best of friends, despite her being a Gryffindor, in our years at Hogwarts. I would love to have you over, for, it would be somewhat like, reconnecting with your mother for me and getting to know her for you. I hope you will decide to join us. 



Narcissa Malfoy. 


“Well?” Theo says.


“Well, what?” I ask, slightly irritated. 


“Well, you know the cover story, and you know why she actually wants you there. What are you going to do?” Theo says.


“It would be very difficult to say no. Just so you know.” Draco adds quietly, his cheeks still red. “My mother can squeeze you into a corner, until ‘no’ is no longer an option.”


“I should go.” I say, at the exact same time Blaise says, “You should go.” We smile at each other. 


“I’ll go, keep up an act. I won’t reveal anything important about myself.” I say. “See how they act towards me, keep a low profile.”


“Dam, Flames! You're a genius!” Theo says. 


“I’m right here, you know?” Draco says. “I could always just tell my parents about you.” 


“What is it you know about me?” I ask.


“You like cocktail cherries, licorice wands, chocolate frogs, anything red, and cats?” Draco says, realizing it’s not much.


“Exactly.You’re turn” I say, grabbing Blaise’s letter off the table.


“Hey!?” He says. I start reading:




How’s Hogwarts? Did you meet any girls? Never mind that. Are you being a good boy? Still hanging around Narcissa’s son, I hope? What’s his name? Dacco? Dracco? Drake? Anyways, what about the Nott boy? He was nice. Funny too. He’s good for you Blaise, he’ll loosen you up. You need to learn to live life without your nose in a book all the time! I know all good mothers tell their children to read and study more, but you’re already smart Blaise! So, have fun! 


Things back home are fine. Pinky, the house elf, has been complaining about feeding all 5 of your dogs Blaise! I told you 3 were enough, didn’t I? Anyways, I suppose I shouldn't complain. If my mummy were this rich I’d spoil myself to the bone! With a fancy bedroom! Fancy clothes! Fancy bathroom! Fancy shoes! My own dance studio! But all you want is a small room with a book-nook and a medium sized bed and desk with a beanbag chair. As well as a small library full of books and lot’s of dogs. You are such a good boy Blaise! 


I met this guy the other day. Very handsome! Rich too. He moved in. We’ll probably get married, that’ll be the 8th time, won’t it? Or will it be the 7th? I’ve lost count. 


Anyways! I miss you, baby boy!





“Toodles?” Draco snorts. “My baby boy?! Your mother has been married more times than she can remember?! Ha!”


“Shut up!” Blaise snaps. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Blaise snap, which really isn’t saying much because I met him yesterday, but even Draco and Theo seem surprised. “Just, just shut up, ok?” Everyone’s quiet.



Snape comes by and gives us all our schedules. “Thank you, Professor.” I say. I see a slight flicker of something on Snape's face. Appreciation? Our schedule’s look like this for today:


*Transfiguration with Hufflepuff




*Double potions 


“I left my bag with all my books in my dorm room.” I say, standing up.


“So did I.” Blaise says, so softly, it’s almost a whisper. He gets up, too.


We walk out of the hall side by side, but not really together. Once we’re out of the hall I say, “I’m sorry.” 


“For what?” Blaise says, staring at his feet. 


“I’m the one who grabbed the letter from you and read it out loud.” I say, neither of us make eye-contact.


“You couldn’t have known what was in the letter. You probably assumed my parents were just like Theo and Draco’s. But they’re not. I don’t even know my dad, actually. I love my mom. But what she pretty much does, is go off, marry some rich guy. Then, leave him and take all the money. So, we’re rich, like the Malfoy’s, but my mum’s not strict, at all. She wants to get a complaint letter from the school, saying I’ve done something ‘naughty’. It’s actually kind of funny.” Blaise looks up, finally. “I don’t know why I’m telling you all this. I’ve never told anyone before. You’re just kind of easy to talk to, I guess.” He shrugs. At this point we reach the common room. “Purebloods.” Blaise says, and the entrance to the Slytherin common room swings open. 


I turn to face Blaise. “I’m here for you, Blaise. Anytime you need someone to talk with.” I say, and the skip up to my dorm room, to collect my book bag. 




When Blaise and I arrive at Transfiguration, everyone is already seated in groups of two, so Blaise and I sit down together at the very front desk, that no one wants. 


“Great, right in good old McG’s view.” I mutter.



“I don’t mind.” Blaise says. “I find Transfiguration very fascinating.” 


Before I can answer, McGonnagall walks stiffly into the room. “Welcome to Transfiguration.” she says, in a strict but warm manner. “The art of transfiguration, is to change one object into another, or to change animals to objects, and vise versa. See?” she changes her desk into a pig, it snorts. “Now,” she changes it back to a desk, “Please open to page one, chapter one, of A Beginners Guide to Transfiguration, Introduction to transfiguration. And read the first chapter only.” she very explicitly says. She then turns into a black cat and hops on her desk. After 30 minutes I raise my hand, “Yes, Miss. RedFox?” McGonnagall says, after turning back into a human.


“I’m done reading, Professor.” I say. The whole class, (except Blaise, who is very much engaged in his book and doesn't seem to hear any of this) look at me bewildered. What? Is it that hard to read 60 pages in  30  minutes? It’s only one page per 30 seconds.


She seems surprised and sceptical. “Already? Well, then, you will be able to answer why the form of magic transfiguration, was first created and by who?” she says, looking down at me through her small reading glasses. 


I know she asks me this, because it is written in the end of the chapter, but I know the answer, “Transfiguration was first thought of by Debrah Harris, an auror’s wife, in the 1890’s, she believed the practice would help aurors disguise themselves better. She told this idea to her husband, who told the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. The minister was then informed, and Robbert Harris, was awarded for his brilliant idea. Debrah knew this was not his idea, but didn’t say anything, because nobody would believe that a woman came up with such an ingenious idea. Only, twenty years later, in 1910, when Debrah was dieing, did Robbert admit that transfiguration was really Debrah’s idea!” I finish. 


“That is exactly correct, Miss. RedFox.” McGonnagall says astonished. “Yes, yes. Well, 10 points to Slytherin.” she says. The Slytherin’s beam at me. “Yes, well, get on with your reading, all of you. Miss. RedFox and Mr. Zabini, you may try turning these bows different colors.” she says, handing us four small, blue bows. I turn to Blaise, I hadn’t noticed, but he seemed to have stopped reading and closed his book sometime while I was answering McGonnagall’s question.  “Well, what are you waiting for? There is no incantation. Just point your wand at the bows and concentrate on the color you want the bows to change to.” and with that, McGonnagall turns back into a cat and perches herself on her desk. 


I grab a bow and Blaise grabs another. We both place our bows directly in front of us and stare at them. I keep thinking of the color red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Ugh! Nothing is changing! Red. Red. RED. RED!!!!! Still nothing! I look over, and see that Blaise’s bow has turned a brilliant dark purple. “How did you do that! I keep concentrating on the color but it won’t change!” I whisper-shout at Blaise. 


“Don’t concentrate on just the color. Concentrate on the bow in the exact same spot it is in, but a different color.” he whispers back. “See?” He turns his bow white. 


“Okay.” I say. I stare at the blue bow, then slowly picture it changing from light blue, to white, to light pink, to dark pink, and finally to red. 


Blaise chuckles. “I should've known you’d go for red.” he says. 


Just then a bell rings, signaling the end of class. McGonnagall changes back into a human. “For homework read chapters two and three. Miss. RedFox, Mr. Zabini, may I see you please?” she says, as the rest of the class files out for our ten minute break before Charms. Blaise and I look at eachother and walk towards her. “I must congratulate you for your success,” she says, holding up the red and white bows. “Especially you Mr. Zabini. I have never taught a student who changed the color of an object on the first day of classes. You seem to have quite an aptitude for transfiguration, Mr. Zabini, keep it up. Oh, and 50 points to Slytherin. You are dismissed Mr. Zabini.” Blaise looks like he could fly! 


“Thank you, Professor.” he chirps and skips out the door. I laugh at Blaise’s unusual demeanor. 


“You are very much like your mother, Miss. RedFox.” McGonnagall says to me. I look up at her, she knew my mother? “Quite the angel of Gryffindor, she was. Along with dear Lily Potter, Evans at the time.” McG adds. “I try not to have favorites but I was very fond of your mother, Ruby.” My first name sounds so natural on her tongue that I don’t even correct her. “And your father! Quite the trouble maker! Along with James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and little Peter Pettigrew. Your mother saw good in everyone. Even Slytherin’s who tormented people and Death Eaters! She was also very good friends with Narcissa Malfoy, Black at the time, and Severus Snape! I see so much of you in her.” She smiles a sad smile and caresses my cheek. “Well,” she says, shaking off the sad look. “I’ll let you go. Sorry, to cut into your lunchtime.” and she walks away to her desk. I walk out of the room and head in the direction of the Great Hall. 




Lunch is uneventful. I tell the boys about what McG said, and we eat and talk about Snape and what we think Potions class will be like. I also write back to Cam and Narcissa Malfoy:



Dear Cam,


CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you and Lyle! Personally, I think he’s a good choice and I think you should do pastel pink, white, mint green, and gray for wedding colors.


 Hogwarts is amazing! I’ve made so many good friends! My best friend is Theodore Nott (his parents weren’t Death Eaters, but they are pureblood maniacs. Theo is Nott though. Ha! Get it?), I’m also friends with Blaise Zabini, and (only for Theo and Blaise’s sake) Draco Malfoy and his Goons (Crabbe and Goyle). 


Speaking of the Malfoy’s, THEY HAVE INVITED ME OVER FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!! I was like, what the heck?! But apparently mom used to be friends with Narcissa, and I met her in Diagon Alley (she’s not bad, Cam) I also met Lucius and I don’t like him but I want to see how he responds to me if I’m staying at his house for 2 weeks, and Draco’s better than I thought he would be, a bit of a prick, but not mean (so far). Anyways, I think I’m gonna go. I just want to see what it’s like. I’ll be careful, I promise!


Thanks for the licorice wands and tell Lyle thanks for the fudge! Loving and missing you every second!




Dear Mrs. Malfoy,


It would be my pleasure to stay at Malfoy Manor over the holidays. I thank you very much for inviting me! 


Yours truly,

Ruby RedFox (Fox) 



I try to make the letter to Narcissa in fancier writing. I then, I excuse myself from the table and head up to the owlery, only to bump into two redheads. “Watch where you’re going!” I exclaim, rubbing my head. 


“Oooh, a feisty one, Georgie” The redhead on the right says.


“A feisty one indeed, Freddie.” The other answers.


“Hello Ickle first year!” They say together. 



“I’m not ickle!” I yell, frustrated.


“Tut, tut, tut. That’s what they all say!” Says Freddie (I think), waving a finger at me. I roll my eyes.


“Now, now. Don’t give us attitude.” Says Georgie.


“What would a young maiden like thou be doing up here on such a lovely day?” Asks Freddie.


“I’m going to the owlery. Not that it’s any of your business!” I say, trying to push past them.


“Georgie, should we accompany the Ickle first year to the owlery?” Freddie asks his twin or clone, I’m not sure which.


“I think we should, Freddie.” Georgie answers.


“We’re coming with you.” They say, and both grab one of my hands.


“Fine. Whatever.” I murmur.


“So, Laddie. What’s your name?” Freddie asks.


“I’ll tell you my name, if you tell me which one of you is the evil one.” I say.


“Freddie.” Georgie says.


At the same time Freddie says, “Me.” 


“I’m George Weasley.” Georgie says.


“Frederick Weasley.” Freddie says. “Call me Fred.”


“Ruby RedFox, Fox.” I grumble.


“Ickle Anniekins, it is.” George says.


“What?” I say.


“Your middle name is Roxanne,” Fred starts.


“So, Ickle Anniekins.” George finishes.


“How-“ I begin to ask how they know my middle name, but they cut me off.


“Don’t ask. Rule number one, and the only rule ever, don’t ask.” They say together.


“Why are you telling me this?” I say, narrowing my eyes.


“Because, Ickle Anniekins,” George starts.


“We’ve been looking for an apprentice for 2 years now.” Fred says.


“Then you come around,” George says.


“The perfect apprentice material.” Fred says.


“So, would you like to be our pranking apprentice?” George finishes.


“She hasn’t got a choice in the matter.” Fred says, sticking his nose in the air.


“Yes, she does!” George says. “Freddie, we agreed we wouldn’t force anyone!” 


“But Georgie! That was before we met her.” Fred says.


“Pranking you say?” I smile. “I’m in!” I say.


“Yay!” They say.


“Training begins Friday at midnight.”


“MIDNIGHT!” I yell.


“If you got a problem with sneaking out, I’m afraid we can’t train you.” Fred says.


“I don’t have a problem with sneaking out! I have a problem with not sleeping!” I say.


“Good, then. We’ll see you at the fruit bowl portrait next to the Great Hall, tickle the pear.” Fred winks.


“Wait what?!” I ask, flustered. But they’re gone.




I arrive at the Potions classroom early, no one’s there. I take a seat in the front and open my potions book. I have been looking forward to potions, all my life, ever since Camillia told me about all kinds of healing potions she uses at the hospital.


Soon students start filling in in groups. “Hello, Fox.” Hermione says, sitting next to me, Potter on her other side. All the Gryffindor’s glare at her, she seems to notice but shakes it off.


“Hey, Granger.” I say. We hear a BANG and turn around Snape strides into the classroom. 


“There will be no foolish wand waving, or silly incantations in this class.” He says walking to the front of the room. “As such, I don’t expect many of you to appreciate the subtle science and exact art that is potion making. However, for those select few,” he looks at Draco, who smirks, “who possess the predisposition,” I swore I could have seen him glance at me, “I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death.” He says, rather creepily. “Then again, maybe some of you have come to Hogwarts in possession of abilities so formidable that you feel confident enough not to pay attention!” He says, staring at Harry, who finally looks up from where he is writing something on his paper when Hermione elbows him. "Mr. Potter. Our new celebrity.” He says, stalking toward Harry and standing over him. “Tell me, Potter. What would I get if I added the powdered root of an asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?” Harry shakes his head and looks at Snape quizzically. “Tut tut, fame clearly isn't everything.” Out of the corner of my eye I see Draco smile. “Let’s try again, where would you look if I told you to find a bezoar?” He inquires.


“I don’t know sir.” Harry says, glancing at Hermione, who is bouncing up and down in her seat, every few seconds. 


“Thought you wouldn't open a book before coming, eh, Potter? What is the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane?” 


“I don’t know sir, but Hermione seems to know, why don’t you call on her?” Harry says.


“Sit down, you silly girl!” Snape barks at Hermione. She lowers her hand and hangs her head, I can tell she’s trying not to bust into tears. Cry baby. But, Snape’s not being fair to her. 


“Professor. With all due respect, if Hermione knows the answer, then why don’t you call on her?” I ask. Snape glares at me.


“If you’re so smart, then why don’t you answer, Miss. Faller.” He spits ‘Faller’ like it’s the most disgusting thing in the world. 


“RedFox, actually. Asphodel and wormwood make a sleeping potion so powerful it is known as the draught of living death. A bezoar is a stone taken from the stomach of a goat and will save you from most poisons. As for monkshood and wolfsbane, they are the same plant, which also goes by the name acontine." I recite what I just read a couple minutes ago in my potions book. Snape looks taken aback. 


“Mmm. Yes, that is correct.” He eyes me suspiciously, but also looks at me proudly?! “Fifty points to Slytherin.” Some Slytherin’s beam at me, while others glare jealousy. “Now, open your books, to page 10 and read the instructions on how to brew The Draught of Peace. Then collect your ingredients from the back cabinet, this is a solo work time, there will be no talking whatsoever! Go!” He says. 


I flip my book open to page 10 and start reading: 


ingredients: powdered moonstone, syrup of hellebore, powdered porcupine quills, and powdered unicorn horn. 


  1. Harshly rub your pestle on the moonstone to grind it and put it in a hot cauldron with the lid on for 5 minutes. 

  2. While the moonstone is cooking, powder the porcupine quills by cutting them as small as possible. 

  3. After 5 minutes, add the powered porcupine quills, to the browned moonstone in the cauldron. Mix for 2 minutes clockwise, until potion is a bright green color. 

  4. After two minutes of stirring, add pre-powdered unicorn horn  to the concoction. Potion should turn a soft, baby blue.

  5. Finally, add 6 drops of the syrup of hellebore, and let the potion simmer for 2 minutes without the lid, then 2 minute with the lid, then 2 more without.

  6. The potion is complete when it reaches a turquoise blue color and starts to subtly bubble. 


I skip to the back cabinet, collect my ingredients, and place them on my desk. I first start by grinding the moonstone, the book says to rub my pestle back and forth on the moonstone, until the rock is dust. But after 5 minutes, the rock is still whole! So I start banging it with my pestle, and to my surprise, it starts breaking apart. I make a note in my book:


Break it, don’t grind it. 


Once my moonstone is powder, I add it to my cauldron, which I use my hands to warm, and start working on my porcupine quills. They are so stiff, I just can’t cut them! So I decide to try breaking them, like I did with the moonstone, but that doesn’t work either. I try crushing them, and it works! Another note:


Crush them, don’t cut them.


I take off the lid of my cauldron to see that the moonstone is now brown and add the crushed quills in. I start mixing clockwise, but after two minutes, all I can get is a soft, minty, green. So, I decide to stir counterclockwise, and after 30 seconds, it’s a bright green:


Stir counterclockwise for 30 more seconds.


I add the unicorn horn, the potion turns baby blue. Finally, I add 6 drops of the syrup of hellebore, but my concoction is not quite turquoise, so I add one more. Perfect! I did it! I can’t believe I did it! This is supposed to be extremely difficult to get correct on the first try, because of all the imperfections in the recipe, but I did it! Just then I hear a BOOM from the other end of the classroom. A Gryffindor’s potion exploded in his face. I snort. Soon everyone, including the Gryffindor is laughing.


“Since you have all decided to distract yourselves from your potions, I’m assuming they are done. Mr. Finnigan!” Snape yells at the boy who’s potion exploded in his face. He looks up scared. “Clean up! NOW!!” He bellows. Finnigan rushes to get rags from the back counter and starts furiously scrubbing his desk. “Now, I do not expect any of you to perfect this peaceful potion of your first try.” Snape says. Everyone’s faces relax a bit. “HOWEVER!!!” Everyone is horrified again. “I expect almost perfect potions.” With that he strides round the room finding some minor flaw in everyone’s potion and critiquing them about it for much longer than necessary. Some people’s potions are horrid though, like Longbottm’s, Potter’s, Weasley’s and (of course) Finnigan’s. He praises some Slytherin’s, Draco, Blaise, Daphne, he doesn’t say anything when he gets to Hermione’s potion, which I can tell, means it’s good. But Hermione looks so sad, I can’t help but feel bad for the girl. When he reaches my potion he takes one look, and then, pulls a small spoon out of his pocket. Everyone stares, he didn’t care to try anyone else’s potion. He dips the spoon into the bubbling cauldron, and closes his eyes and sighs. He almost smiles, but shakes his head and returns to the present. “It, is flawless.” He says, the whole class stares. He looks at me sceptic. “Class dismissed.” He says. The whole class gets up and walks out of the dungeon. “Not you.” Snape grabs my arm as I make a move to get up. I look at him, scared. “What did you do to this potion.” He says. I nervously slide my book, open to page 10 across the table. 


ingredients: powdered moonstone, syrup of hellebore, powdered porcupine quills, and powdered unicorn horn. 


  1. Harshly rub your pestle on the moonstone to grind it and put it in a hot cauldron with the lid on for 5 minutes. Break it, don’t grind it. 

  2. While the moonstone is cooking, powder the porcupine quills by cutting them as small as possible. Crush them, don’t cut them

  3. After 5 minutes, add the powered porcupine quills, to the browned moonstone in the cauldron. Mix for 2 minutes clockwise, until potion is a bright green color. Stir counterclockwise for 30 more seconds.

  4. After two minutes of stirring, add pre-powdered unicorn horn  to the concoction. Potion should turn a soft, baby blue.

  5. Finally, add 6 drops of the syrup of hellebore, and let the potion simmer for 2 minutes without the lid, then 2 minute with the lid, then 2 more without. Add 7 drops of the syrup.

  6. The potion is complete when it reaches a turquoise blue color and starts to subtly bubble.  


"I just kinda went with my instincts." I gulp.


"Well done. Your mother was also very instinctive." He says. "You may go."


Chapter 4: Chapter 4
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It's Halloween! A whole month has gone by since the term has started and my birthday. About my birthday, when I got back to the common room at the end of the day, the boys had made a HUGE ‘candy cake’, which was really just a pile of cauldron cakes, pumpkin pasties, chocolate frogs, acid pops, and licorice wands, with a candle. They also…..PUT A CHERRY ON TOP!!!! I hugged them all like, 25 times for that, which Draco and the Goons did not like. Blaise awkwardly patted my head, but Theo was perfectly content, “Aww. You’re welcome little sis!”. 


I also discovered that I do not have the same secret touch in Charms that I do in Potions. I’m not awful but I’m not great. Hermione (of course) is amazing at Charms, so I asked her if she would tutor me and she was unsure:


“I don’t know, Fox. The Gryffindor’s don’t really want to be my friends because, because they think I'm a Nuh-nuh-know-i-it-all,” she sniffs. “I don’t want to give them another reason to dislike me by being friends with a Slytherin.” she sniffs again, a tear rolls down her cheek. 


“But you are a know-it-all, Granger.” she bursts into tears and tries to run away but I grab her arm. “And how many times do I have to tell you, that being a know-it-all is what makes you you.” I say. “But you’re also really kind and nice, and if people don’t want to be your friend, then they’re missing out. But, if you want, we don’t have to be friends, just study-buddies.” 


“Can you help me with Potions?” 


So, Hermione and I study together often. I am also enjoying being the Weasley twins 'apprentice’, “AHHH! There’s slimy stuff in the shower!!” -Pansy Parkinson, “Oi! Who put TOADS in the first year girls showers!!!!” - Prefect Melody Magicks, “SOMEONE CHARMED ALL MY CLOTHES PINK!!” -Draco Malfoy, “LOOK guys!!!!! My hair is GREEN! How cool is that!” -Theodore Nott, “Somebody’s been in our dorm! There are BATS flying out of the sink!!!” -Adrian Pucey, chaser on the Quidditch team. 


Right now, I’m walking in the courtyard with Hermione after Charms class.


“It’s Levio-SA not Levio-SAR! Honestly, she’s a nightmare!” We hear the voice of Ron Weasley from in front of us. “No wonder she hasn’t got any friends!” I turn to look at Hermione, but too late! She walks forward, ramming Ron in the shoulder, then running off, sniffling.


“I think she heard you, mate.” Potter.


“Ya think?!” I yell, standing in front of them. “Ahhh! I just convinced her that people didn’t find her annoying!” I say throwing my hands up. “Great! Back to the girls bathroom.” I grumble and stalk off. I wish Hermione wasn’t so sensitive! I’m gonna be late for the Halloween feast! 


“Hermione. HERMIONE!” I scold, stomping into the girls bathroom. I really am trying to stay sweet, but it’s proving very difficult, as it is not my nature. “Get out here! NOW!” I yell, standing in front of a stall that I hear wailing from. She cries harder at my yelling. “Hermione.” my voice softens. “You can’t let people PUSH YOU AROUND LIKE THAT!!!!” she starts bawling again. “Hermione, really?! You're a strong girl, a Gryffindor for god's sake! Ron’s stupid! Who cares what he thinks!?” I say, shaking the stall’s door. “And you do have a friend! What am I? A toad?!”


“B-but you s-said-” she sniffs.


“Oh, Rubbish what I said!” I say, “We’re friends. Ok?” she sniff-hiccup-laughs, even though I didn’t say anything funny. “Now let’s go eat. Ok?” I say.


“Ok.” Hermione walks out of the stall. Her eyes are puffy red and her hair is all messed up. 

“Wash your face.” I say. She walks to the sink and drenches her face in water. “Good. Now, we’re going to go to the feast, and we’re gonna have the time of our lives. I’ll sit at the Gryffindor table with you.” 


We start walking out of the bathroom when we see a huge troll blocking the entrance! Hermione squeals and runs under the sinks, drawing the troll’s attention to us. I freez, the troll looks at me and starts charging forward, “Hey! Pea brain! Over here.” Ron. He and Potter start throwing rocks at the troll, but it’s no use. Then, Potter jumps on the trolls back! Idiot! The troll smashes the sinks, Hermione screams. 


“DO SOMETHING!!!” Potter yells to Ron. 


“WHAT!” Ron yells back.


“ANYTHING!!!” Potter screams as the trolls swirls around. 


“LEVITATE THE CLUB!!” I yell as the troll takes a swing at me and hits me in the stomach. I fall to the floor and the world goes black. 




“What the hell did you do to her Potter!?” Draco.


“I didn’t bloody do anything! It was the troll that knocked her out!” Potter.


“And it’s your fault!?” Theo.


“No! It is not! She was already in the bathroom when we got there!” Ron.


“Shut up Weasley!” Draco.


“Woah, woah, woah, kids let's not get all antsy in the pantsy, now.” The twins.


“Draco just forget about it. It wasn’t their fault.” Blaise.




“Actually, Mr. Malfoy, we do. See, if Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley and Miss. RedFox hadn’t come after Miss. Granger who foolishly decided to go after the troll herself, Miss. Granger would be as good as dead.” 


“Well what about HER! I want to know if she will be okay!” Draco again.


“Missed me that much, did you?” I say, smirking as I sit up and take a good look at my surroundings. I’m in the hospital wing. Blaise is on my right bedside, nervously fiddling with the tips of my hair; Theo is next to Blaise, he is rubbing my hand in a brotherly way; Hermione is on my left, muttering ‘this is all my fault, this is all my fault!’ over and over again, while wringing out her fingers; the Weasley twins are passing back and forth in front of me; McGonagall and Snape are standing a couple of feet away, Snape is glaring at Potter and Ron, and McG is nervously looking at me; Draco is standing in front of Potter and Ron in a threatening way; and Dumbledore is standing in between Draco, and Potter and Ron. 


“FOX!!! Oh, thank god you're alright! I was so worried! I’m so so so so so so so sorry!!!” Hermione squeals, eloping me in a bone-crushing hug. 


“Anniekins!!” The twins yell, rushing to the foot of my bed. 


“What? No. I wasn’t that worried! I knew you’d wake up.” Draco says, Theo rolls his eyes.

Blaise chuckles, “Good to have you back.” He says. Theo squeezes my hand.


“Sorry about the troll.” Ron says, nervously stepping closer. 


“Don’t worry about it.” I say, sitting up. “Did you levitate the club like I told you to?” 


“Yes. I used it to knock the troll out. Thanks for that by the way, saved us.” Ron says.


“Anytime, Ron.” I say, my friends either glare (Draco), or look at me confused (Blaise and Theo), Ron also seems a bit taken aback. 


“RedFox.” Potter nods.


“Potter.” I nod back.


“Well, now that that’s settled, we should let Miss. RedFox get some rest.” Dumbledore says. “Oh, and no need to worry about the classes you missed. Professor Snape tells me you have already perfected the standard first year potion, and your other teachers have also agreed that since you are already ahead, you don’t have to make up for what you missed.” 


“Missed? How long was I out for?” I ask.


“3 days, 4 hours, 47 minutes, and 36 seconds.” Theo answers holding up a stopwatch. Everyone looks at him bewildered, he just shrugs.


“Yes, well, there you go.” Dumbledore says.


“Out. Out everyone! NOW!!! The girl needs her rest!” Madam Pomfrey yells, running into the room. She closes the curtains to my bed and soon the only sound in the hospital wing is the beating of my heart. 



Chapter 5: Chapter 5
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“I don’t understand the problem with being friends with Hermione! I can be friends with whomever I please!” I yell at the guys, frustrated.


“She’s a mudblood!” Draco counters.


I scoff. “You, you stupid, idiotic, pureblooded prick! I don’t know why I ever thought you would be nice!” Draco seems taken aback. 


“Listen guys. Let’s not fight okay? Draco don’t say mudblood and Fox don’t call Draco names. You can be friends with Hermione if you want.” Blaise says.


“Just, don’t forget us, okay? Don’t replace us.” Theo says, scratching the back of his head.


“What?! That's what you’re worried about?!” I ask. “Guys! I could never forget you! Your my best guy-friends. I just need girl-friends too. Ya know?” I say, hooking one arm on Blaises shoulder and the other on Theo’s. 


“Not really, but okay.” Theo says. 


We reach the Great Hall, “I’m gonna sit with Hermione, okay? Just for today.” Draco grumbles and stalks off towards the Slytherin table. “What is his problem?!” I ask. Theo and Blaise share a look, but say nothing.


“Don’t know. We’ll see you later.” Theo says, and they walk to the Slytherin table. 


I shrug and walk off to the Gryffindor table, people from all houses stare at the Slytherin heading towards the Gryffindor table, probably thinking a fight’s about to happen. 


“What are you doing here snake?!” snarls a boy with short brown hair who I remember as Finnigan, from Potions.


“Anniekins may be a snake, but she is not a poisonous snake, Seamus.” the twins say appearing on either side of me.


“You don’t know that.” I smirk at Finnigan and stalk over to Hermione. 


“Bonjour! Hola! Nǐn hǎo! Salve! Konichiwa! Guten Tag! Hallo!” I say, sitting down beside Hermione.


“Oh! Hello. Umm…..French, Spanish, Japanese?” 


“Mandarin. Japanese is Konnichiwa. Italian is Salve, German is Guten Tag, Dutch is Hallo.” I say, helping myself to a piece of toast. 


“What is she doing here?” Potter asks from across the table. Not in a harsh manner, just out of pure curiously.


“She’s my friend.” Hermione says.


“She’s a Slytherin and she hangs out with Malfoy! Right, Ron?” Potter says. “Right? Ron?” Potter asks, this time slightly more unsure. 


“She’s alright, mate.” Ron says.


“What?! She keeps calling me clueless! In a mean way!” Potter exclaims.


“Oh please! I called Hermione a know-it-all, It’s just the way us Slytherins roll. You can’t expect us to be all nice all the time!” I say, rolling my eyes.


“Whatever.” Potter mumbles.


“Anyways, do you remember the 3rd floor corridor?” Hermione says.


“Oh no! She does not need to know that! That is top secret information!” Potter says, his head snapping up.


Hermione ignores him. “Well, before we were friends, Harry, Ron, and I were wandering out past curfew because Malfoy had challenged Harry and Ron to a duel. I say them leaving the common room and insisted on following them so they didn’t do something stupid and get hurt or caught. Well-”


“No! No, no, no, no, NO!” Potter interrupts.


"Hermione, I agree with Harry this time. She can sit with us but she can't know that." Ron adds.


She ignores him again. “Obviously, Malfoy didn’t show.” Harry sighs in defeat, knowing he has lost. “So Harry, Ron, and I were walking back to the common room, when we ran into Mrs. Norris, Filch's cat. Which meant that Filch was somewhere near. So we ran up the stairs, but they started moving. We didn’t realise it then, but we were on the third floor corridor! Anyways, I charmed the door open and we hid inside. Then, Harry screamed! We looked up and we saw a big three headed dog! We seemed and ran back to the common room. Once we got there, I told the boys I noticed the dog was standing on a trap door! Then, a day after when the news of the Gringotts break in was in the paper, Harry told us about how when he and Hagrid went to Gringotts, they entered the same exact vault as the one that people broke into! He said Hagrid said it was Hogwarts business on Dumbledore’s orders. It was a small brown parcel. Then, Harry said, he noticed that Snape was limping the day after Halloween! Harry saw a big bite on his leg. So, we came to the conclusion that the dog in the third floor corridor is guarding a very valuable object that Snape may be trying to get. We think that Snape let the troll loose on Halloween as a diversion!” She finishes.


“Wait what?! Are you sure?” I ask.


“Positive.” Ron says, with a full mouth. 


“You can not tell anyone! Okay? Especially not your Slytherin friends!” Potter says.


“Yes, Harry!” I say rolling my eyes. He looks at me funny, probably because I used his first name. "I mean, Potter." I correct. “So, what next? Do we have any other leads?” I ask. 


“WE?!” Harry says.


“Yes! I want to help too!” I say. “And you’ll need me. Hermione may be good at spells. But I’m really great with animals and plants and potions and things.” I say, turning my eyes red for extra effect. “Well, I should get going now.” I say, I turn into a Fox and trot out the door of the Great Hall. 




It’s a nice warm day. The early November wind blows my fur in different directions. I stick my snout in the air, and sniff my surroundings. I peak over at the forbidden forest. There’s something about it that draws me to it. I trot to the edge of the forest and look around. Nobody’s here. Slowly, I enter the forest. I walk for a while, my paws scraping on the rubble and rock. I reach a clearing, I decide to turn back into my human self. 


Slowly, I light my fingertips. I haven’t used my power in a while and it feels so good! I feel so light, so warm, so free! I let the warmth take over and I feel my feet rise above the ground, but I don’t take notice of it. I spread my arms out and feel fire shooting out from my fingertips. I open my eyes, finally taking notice of what’s happening. I scream so loud. This causes me to lose my concentration and I fall from where I am 10 feet up in the air! I land flat on my face! My lip is bleeding and I have a huge bump on my head! I start crying as I watch the forest around me burn. I quickly stumble up to my feet and look around the circle of burning trees for an opening I can run through but I’m trapped! Stuck! Then realization hits me, without a second thought, I run through the flames. The fire stings and burns my shoulders. My hair has caught fire! I keep running, though, coughing and spitting blood. I reach a river and jump in. My hair stops burning, but the river currents are strong and the river is deep. I find myself sinking lower and lower. My foot gets cut on a rock as my head sinks underwater. I thrash in the water, but the currents are just too strong! Finally, I feel the water still. I push myself up to the surface. Only to find that I'm in the BLACK LAKE!!! I use all the rest of my strength to swim to the shore. I collapse on the grass and then remember the forest! I have to tell someone! I try to get up but stubble back down. After five attempts I get up and sprint wobbly into the Great Hall where everyone is still having breakfast. All heads turn in my direction. I take no notice of them however, and continue running up to the teachers table. 


“Professor!” I pant, addressing  McGonagall, Snape and Dumbledore who are all seated next to each other. “The Forbidden Forest. I-I’m so, so sorry!” I start crying.


 “What!? What is it!?” Snape says. 


“What happened? Are you alright?!” McGonagall says, glancing nervously at the cuts and bruises on my body.


“I-I.” I sob.


“Now, tell us everything very carefully, what is it!?” Dumbledore says.


“I-I lit it on-on FIRE!!!!” I wail. Everyone in the hall breaks out into whispers. Of course they were all listening! Snape jumps to his feet and dashes out of the hall. 


“Oh! Oh, my. Wh-why would you do such a thing!!” McGonagall says. I start breaking down, I can’t help it. 


“It’s alright. Minerva, please escort Miss. RedFox to the hospital wing, then to my office. Somebody alerted Mr. Filch. Teachers, to the forest. Professor Sprout, would you be so kind as to supervise the students as they finish their breakfast? Students, once you are done eating, return to your common rooms immediately! Mr. Nott, Mr. Zabini, Mr. Malfoy, and Miss. Granger, please follow Miss. RedFox and Professor McGonagall.” Dumbledore says. Theo, Blaise, Draco, and Hermione shoot up. Hermione steps behind Harry and Ron, and yanks them up by their arms. “Oh, I suppose Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley may come, too.” Dumbledore adds.


“Go on now.” Dumbledore says. McG looks flustered at the amount of students that will be trailing behind her. 


“Well, come on dear.” McG says, putting a comforting hand on my back. I limp out of the hall with McG, all my friends in toe. Well, most of them are friends. 


“Cette fille stupide continue de se blesser! Peut-être que je devrais juste mettre une photo d'elle dans l'infirmerie!” Madame Pomfrey mumbles something in french as she opens the hospital wing door. Theo laughs. Everyone stares at him.


“She said, ‘This silly girl keeps getting hurt! Maybe I should just put up a picture of her in the hospital wing!’” he says.


“We all know that!” Draco says, then realizes that it was said in french. “Oh. We didn’t all know that?” he asks. Everyone shakes their heads. 


"How do you know french!!" I wisper-yell. 


"Pureblood mothers." They both grumble.


“Come, sit dear.” Pomfrey says patting a cot in the left hand corner of the hospital wing. I sit down. Pomfrey rushes about trying to find the correct potions and medicines for my injuries. 


“Well Miss. RedFox, while you are being tended to, I will take your friends to the headmaster’s office. I will return soon. Follow me.” she says to my friends, and they all walk out. 




“Miss. RedFox, I can assure you that the forest is now fire-free and that no living creatures were harmed.” Dumbledore says, as I finish telling him exactly what happened in the forest.


“I’m expelled, aren't I?” I say.


“Well, no. You see, the Ministry is fully aware that it was an accident, as is the public. But accident or not, parents will go to any extent to protect their children, as they should, and will not want their child going to school with a red degree elementalist, who set a forest on fire.” my head droops. “Many students will either tease you or avoid you in the next few weeks. Eventually it will die out, but it is important to keep your friends close, Fox.” He calls me by my nickname. “No matter how much of a danger you think you may be to them. You are banned from lighting your palms, for now."


"What?! But Proffesor-" I start.


"Miss. RedFox, do you wish to remain at Hogwarts?" he asks, I nod. "Then you must not use your power. Now, you mentioned running through the fire? You mentioned it catching on to your skin?” He asks.


“Well, hair, yes.” I say.


“I see. That concludes the fact that your fire is not deadly yet.” He says.


“What?! But it burned me!” I say.


“It didn’t mean to burn you. It simply likes you, it wants to latch onto you. You just felt pain because you expected to and because you were under stress.” Dumbledore explains. “Your fire has reached the first stage to full power, spreading.” He whispers.


“What!? But Camellia, my sister, said that she didn’t reach her first stage until her third year.” I say, flustered.


“Miss. RedFox, is your sister, a red degree elementalist?” Dumbledore asks.


“No. But my mother was, and Cam said mum didn’t reach her first stage until 5th year.” I counter.


“That is because your mother was extremely afraid of her power.” McG says.


“Afraid! She despised it! Tried to get rid of it!” Snape adds. “You on the other hand,” Snape says, “you're just like your father. Running around using your powers whenever you please! Not considering the consequences!” Snape spits. I hang my head. 


“Now, Severus, that’s quite enough.” McG says.


“She is just a girl, she didn't know better.” Dumbledore adds. “Anyways, I must warn you to exercise caution, Miss. RedFox.”





Chapter 6: Chapter 6
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Photo - Created with BeFunky Photo Editor Blonde Hair Dyed Black, Black Hair Blue Eyes Girl, Brunette Blue Eyes, Dark Blue Eyes, Black Brown Hair, Girls With Black Hair, Blonde Hair Girl, Blue Eyed Girls, Brunette Woman

This is how I imagine Fox looks like (Naturally, of course she can change her hair and eye color if she wants to).

Chapter 7: Chapter 7
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Whispers surrounded me everywhere I went for the next few weeks. Some people would see me and walk in the opposite direction in the halls, out of fear. Others would stare at me as I walked by. And still others would feel the need to remind me of my ‘incident’, every few feet I walked:




“You could have killed us all.”


“What if the fire had spread to the castle, huh? Bet you would have liked that.” 


“You're not one bit sorry, are you?” 


“No more fire’s, eh?” 


“I bet she’s waiting for the day she can kill us all.”


The good thing was, no one ever teased me in the common room, or in my dorm. In fact, no Slytherin’s ever teased me. Draco explained that it was because Slytherins always stood together, they had to, all the other houses were against them. My friends were always around me, and they all had their own methods of dealing with the teasing.


Draco, takes his wand out and hexes the person.


Theo, yells, “Shut up, or I’ll smash your face in.” (He never does)


Blaise, is the one who calms me down and prevents me from fighting back, “Leave it. Don’t give them the satisfaction. This is what they want, to prove you’re a lunatic.” 


Nobody dares to insult me when the Weasley twins are around, they know they’ll get some real payback if they do.


Hermione just ushers me away, “Don’t listen to them.”


Ron, who I’m becoming good friends with, sticks his tongue out at the people teasing me, as Hermione ushers me away. 


Even Harry will sometimes mumble, “Be quiet.”



Right now, I’m headed to the first Quidditch game of the year, Slytherin vs Gryffindor. I’m wearing all green! Green shirt, green jeans, green socks (my shoes are black though), green scarf, I used a spell to turn my hair green (because my powers wont let me do green), and I even painted a snake on my face. Slytherin pride! I really wish I were on the quidditch team, though! But first years aren't allowed. Well, except POTTER!! I can’t believe he was allowed to play! It’s so not fair! But of course, he’s the ‘famous Harry Potter’, we can always bend the rules for him. 


“Woah! Green much?” Theo says, as I enter the common room that is packed with exuberant Slytherins. At the bottom of the stairs to the girls dorm, Theo stands with Draco, Blaise, and the Goons. Theo’s wearing a green beanie and a green sweater with black trousers, Blaise is wearing all black (as usual), Draco is wearing his green Slytherin robes and a green and white striped scarf, so are Crabbe and Goyle. 


“SLYTHERIN PRIDE!!!” I yell, pumping my fists in the air. Half the common room turns in my direction and gives me funny looks, but I just keep talking. “Blaise! Unexcceptable! No green?! Really?” I say, placing my hands on my hips and tapping my shoe on the ground.


“I told you she’d have a fit.” Draco says to Blaise. The Goons grunt in agreement. I glare at Draco.


“And what about the rest of you!” I shout at my friends.


“I’m wearing my Slytherin robes!!! How much more spiritual can you get!!” Draco persists. 


“OOOOOH!! Can you turn my hair green?? Pleeeeease!!!” Theo begs. Draco, Blaise and the Goons look at him like he’s gone mad. I am overjoyed!!!


“See! There’s a good Slytherin!!” I say, tapping my wand at Theo’s head, resulting in his hair changing to a white (the bleach). Then, I tap it again, and it turns a deep Slytherin green. “Anyone else?!” I chirp. The boys' hands shoot up to their hair, as if to protect it from me. “Ugh! Fine! You guys are sooooo bor-ring.” I roll my eyes. “Well, come on! WE HAVE A QUIDDITCH GAME TO WIN!!” I yell, leaping out of the common room, the boys behind me.


“I never knew you liked Quidditch so much.” Draco says, as we’re walking down to the pitch. 


“I love Quidditch!! I really want to be on the team next year!!” I say. The boys look at each other with ‘should we tell her’ looks. 


“You can’t be on the Quidditch team.” Draco says.


“What!? And why the flippy dippy dabbit not?!” I say, glaring at him. He gulps.


“Because girls aren't allowed to play.” He says. 


“Oh! Well, I know that!” I say, rolling my eyes.


“So, you can’t try out, you know? Because, you are a girl.” Draco finishes.


“Of course I’m going to try out!!” I say, surprisingly calmly.


“But, there’s no way they’ll let you.” Theo says. “I mean, I’m sure you’d be amazing and stuff, but they just won’t let you.” 


“Oh yes they will!” I say. “They’ll let me try out.” 


“No, you don’t understand, girls aren't allowed on the Slytherin Quidditch team.” Theo persists.


“That doesn’t mean she can’t try out.” Blaise finally speaks. 


“EXACTLY!” I shout. “Thank you Blaise!! The rules say I can’t be on the team, but once they see me try out, they’ll be begging me to join the team. I’m going to be the best chaser in Slytherin history!!” 


“Better than Adrian Pucey?!” Draco snorts, as if to say ‘as if’. 


“Better than Adrian Pucey!!” I say, holding my head up high. 


“How did we end up with her?” Theo teases. Everyone laughs. I playfully slap their arms. 


“Hey! It’s not funny!” I whine, but I too, just end up laughing. 


We reach the pitch and take our seats in the Slytherin stands. The Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff sections cheer so loud when the commentator, Lee Jordan (I know of him through the Weasley twins) announces the Gryffindor team. 


“BOOOOOO! BOOOOO!” Draco yells. Theo and other Slytherin’s join in. Blaise just rolls his eyes, and opens a book.


“You brought a BOOK to a QUIDDITCH MATCH?!” I shout over the crowd.


“I don’t like quidditch.” Blaise shouts back. I sigh, there is no way I’m going to convince him otherwise. 

Jordan starts announcing the Slytherin team now. “WOOOOOOOOOO! GO SLYTHERIN!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!” I yell at the top of my lungs, jumping up and down and clapping my hands above my head.“YEAH!!!” All the Slytherins cheer. We’re probably louder than all the other houses combined, what can I say? Slytherins ROCK. I can’t help but think back to all those times I heard bad things about Slytherins. Yes, maybe we’re stubborn and persistent, and maybe some of us are a little mean to other houses, and there will always be the pureblood beliefs, but we’re a family, and we’ll alway stick together. 


Soon, the quaffle is thrown in the air and the game begins! I watch intently as Angelina Johnson, one of Gryffindor’s chasers, catches the ball and flies towards the goal posts, she does a double swervy-thing, to get around the Slytherin chasers and throws the quaffle at the right hoop. She scores. The other houses cheer. 


“COME ON BLETCHLY!!” I hear some Slytherins yelling at Miles Bletchley, the Slytherin keeper. Slytherin’s now in possession of the quaffle, Marcus Flint, the captain, shoots down the pitch and throws the quaffle at the hoops but Wood blocks the ball. Gryffindors in possession, Katie Bell aims at the center hoop, she scores. 


“BOOOO!!” Slytherin jeer.


Bletchly throws the quaffle to Adrain Pucey, of Slytherin, Pucey zooms down the pitch. He’s so fast, he literally looks like a blotch of color in the sky. He shoots but Woods is too good! Flint grabs the beaters club and hits a bludger at Wood. Wood falls to the ground. Flint smiles. Flint and Pucey fly down the field, passing the ball between them. Warrington, the other chaser, flies behind them. Pucey shoots, he scores. Slytherin goes wild! The score is 20, 10 Gryffindor. Alicia Spinnet, of Gryffindor, in possession. Warington and Flint fly on either side of Spinnet, and squish her. She spins, then drops the quaffle and falls down. Warrington catches the quaffle and passes it to Flint. We cheer again. The score is 20, 20, we’re tied! If only the seeker catches the snitch, we’ll win!! Come on, come on!!! Suddenly, Potter dives. Oh no, he’s found the snitch! Then, the weirdest thing happens, Potter's broom starts shaking. It jerks right and left and soon, he’s hanging onto the end of his broom!! The Slytherins laugh. But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t the least bit worried. I look around the stadium. Only to find Snape, staring at Harry without blinking, and muttering something! He’s jinxing Harry’s broom! I know I should probably go do something, since I seem to be the only one who sees this, but we are winning the game! I decide to just sit back. I feel horrible, but I also really want to win! Besides, if he falls, a teacher can just magically break his fall, right? Suddenly, it stops. I look over to the teacher's stands, only to see a Snape trying to extinguish fire on his robes and the rest of the teachers standing away from him. No doubt, Hermione’s handy work. I breath out a breath of relief, that I didn’t know I was holding, when Harry gets back on his broom. The Slytherin seeker is inches away from the snitch, but with his Nimbus 2000, Harry catches up to him quite quickly. They start shoving each other, back and forth. Harry swerves out of the pitch, but flies right back in and their neck and neck again. They dive as the snitch goes down, but the wind shoots the Slytherin seeker up. 

“NOOOOOO!!!” I shout.


Harry is inches from the ground, he stands up on his broom, and reaches his hands out for the snitch, just as he’s about to catch it, he loses his footing and tumbles forward. I flinch, that must have hurt. He stands up, and gags. 


“Potter’s gonna vomit!!” Draco laughs.


“Shush, it’s not funny!” I scold peering over the edge of the railing. 


“Why are you standing up for him?!” Draco yells.


“I’m not standing up for him! It’s just not funny when anyone vomits!!” I shoot back.


Then, the craziest thing happens! The snitch falls out of Harry’s mouth!!! NOOOOOO!! Gryffindor cheers.



“NOOOOOOOOOO! STUPID POTTER!! AHHHHHHH!” I yell. Draco bangs his fists on the railing. Slytherin BOO’s and jeers. Potter holds the snitch up in triumph.


I hate losing.

Chapter 8: Chapter 8
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It’s after the quidditch game and  I’m going to meet Harry, Ron, and Hermione at Hagrid’s house. I’m in a bad mood, because we lost the game and I’m not paying very much attention to my surroundings. I ram straight into something.


“Hey! Watch it!” a voice says. I fall to the ground, rubbing my head. I look up, to find none other than Adrian Pucey, standing above me. 


“Sorry.” I grumble. He holds out his hand, I take it and he pulls me up. “I can get up myself, you know?” I say, still rubbing my head, honestly how can he not be hurt right now? He looks completely taken aback by what just said. I can’t blame him, I didn’t process what I was saying until now, and I should not have said it! Gosh, I really shouldn’t say the first thing that pops in my brain, especially if I’m grumpy. 


I’m about to apologize but then he says, “Well then, I guess I’ll just leave you on the floor next time.” clearly offended. He starts to walk away.


“Wait.” he turns around. “I’m sorry. Um, thanks.” I say. He nods.


“Adrian Pucey, best chaser Slytherin’s ever had.” he sticks his hand out.


“Boast much?” I ask, he just shrugs. He’s kind of cute. Wait what! No Fox, get that out of your head. “Fox.” I introduce. 


“Oh, I know.” He smirks. “You’re almost as famous as Harry Potter these days, Fire-girl.” he says it with a smile, in a teasing way, but deep down it still hurts. Then, he walks away.


I continue walking down to Hagrid’s house. “What took you so long?” Harry asks, genuinely. 


“I hung a fifth year upside down by his ankles, then hitched a ride on a flying pig to the forbidden forest, kissed a centar, and rode back here on a Hippogriff.” Ron bursts out laughing. Harry looks confused (I’m telling you, this boy is clue-less), and Hermione looks as serious as ever. 


“That is not funny! Don’t make things up like that! Honestly, ‘I hung a fifth year upside down by his ankles’!” Hermione lectures.


“Yes, yes. I’m a bad girl. Boo hoo. Now shall we go!” I say, still mad about losing the quidditch game. Hermione frowns.


“What’s got your wand in a knot?” She says.


“Nothing! Okay?! Let’s just go!” I shout, and walk up to Hagrid’s door. I knock, no answer. I knock again, still no answer. I bang my fists on the door, “HAGRID!!!” I yell. 


“Comin’, I’m comin’! Hold yer horses!” Hagrid yells, opening the door. “Oh, it’s you lot! Well, come in, come in.” He ushers us inside. We sit down at a circular table in the middle of the room. “How ‘bout some tea, eh?” He asks.


“Thank you Hagrid, I would love some.” Hermione answer’s eloquently. 


“Um, yeah me too.” Harry says.


“Thanks.” Ron adds.


“No.” I grumble. Everyone looks at me because of my impoliteness. “Thank you.” I add quickly. Hagrid puts out four teacups and heats some water in a kettle. 


“You alright there Harry??” Hagrid asks. “That was some nasty flyin’. What were ya thinkin’?” Hagrid takes the teapot off the stove and pours some water in each cup. 


“It wasn’t Harry’s fault, Snape jinxed his broom!” Hermione says.


“Wha’? No, no, no, no, why would Snape jinx ‘Arry’s broom, eh?” Hagrid shakes his head, and puts some tea leaves in the cups. 


“No. She’s right.” I say. Everyone looks at me surprised. “I saw him from across the stadium. Although, it wouldn’t have been awful if Harry did fall off his broom. Then, we would have won. Bloody quidditch match!!” I bang my hands on the table. 


“How could you say that?!! He could have died!” Hermione cries.


“Alright, alright, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it, I’m just mad about losing!” I say. 


“We figured that much!” Ron says.


“No, really! I am sorry, Harry. I don’t wish you to get hurt. Look, I’ll even admit I was a bit worried.” I apologize. 


“Um, I didn’t really care that you said that. But thanks anyways.” He says. 


My eyes widen, “Oh. Right. Anyways, Snape definitely cursed Harry’s broom!” I persist.  


“I can’t believe you agree with us.” Ron says.


“What, why wouldn’t I?” I ask, confused.


“Well, he’s your favorite teacher isn’t he? I mean, you're his favorite student, you and Malfoy.” Ron explains. 


I snort. “Not anymore! He hates me now. Almost as much as he hates you, Harry. Plus, my favorite teacher has always been McGonagall.” I say. 


“Anyways!! Snape did jinx Harry’s broom! I’ve read all about jinxes, you have to keep complete eye contact, and Snape wasn’t blinking!” Hermione says. 


"Listen, I found out something about him, he tried to get past the three-headed dog on halloween, it bit him, he's trying to steal whatever it's hiding." Harry tells us.


"How do you know about Fluffy?!" Hagrid says.


"Fluffy?! That beast has a name!" I exclaim.


"Yeah - he's mine bought him off a Greek chappie, lent to Dumbledore to guard the -"


“Yes?” Harry asks hopefully.


"Now don't ask me any more, top secret it is." Hagrid says.


"But Snape’s trying to steal it!" Harry persists.


"Rubbish. Snape is a Hogwart's teacher, he'd do nothing of the sort!” Hagrid says.


"So why did he just try to kill Harry!" Ron shouts.


"I'm telling you, yer wrong! I don' know why Harry’s broom acted like that, but Snape wouldn’t try to kill a student! Now, listen to me, all four of you, yer meddling in things that don't concern you, it's dangerous! Yeh forget that dog, an’ you forget what it's guarding! That’s between Nicolas Flamel and Dumbledore-"


“Nicolas Flamel? Who’s Nicolas Flamel?” Harry asks.


“I should not have said that! I should not have said that! Should not have said that!” Hagrid mumbles. “Now, go on, all of yer! Yer going to be late fer dinner!” Hagrid shoo’s us out of his hut.


“Who is Nicolas Flamel?!” Harry asks, once we're outside Hagrid's hut. We shake our heads. 


“I don’t know, Harry.” Hermione says.  




“Where the hell have you been?!” Draco asks, as I enter the Great Hall and sit down next to him.


“Someone’s still sour we lost.” I say.


“One, can you blame me? Two, Where. Have. You. Been!” he responds.


“Woah! Chill will you? I was with Hermione in Hagrid's cabin.” I say, carefully avoiding the fact that Harry and Ron were also there.


“That big oaf? Why were you at his house?!” Draco demands.


“Why do you care?!” I say, dumping some green beans on my plate. 


“Potter and Weasley were there weren’t they?!” he says, munching on a green apple.


“So what if they were?!” I say, taking my jar of cocktail cherries out of my school bag and pop one in my mouth.


“They’re scum!! I forbid you to be with them!” He almost shouts.


I jump up. “You forbid me!!! Well, guess what???!! YOU DON’T GET TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!” I shout, a couple heads turn in our direction but with all the chatter in the Great Hall, most people don’t hear us. 


“Woah, woah, woah. Ok, slow down. Flames, sit.” Theo says, tugging on my arm. I glare at him, but he gives me a ‘Do What I Say This Instant Or Else’ look. So I sit, folding my arms over my chest. “Make it better.” he lectures, to both of us. “Now!” He says, when we stay quiet.


“Sorry.” Draco says, surprisingly sincerely. He looks me in the eye and I can’t help but feel a weird sort of twinkle, I guess. 


“Ok.” I say. “Sorry for yelling.” I pick up my fork and continue eating my beans. 


The rest of the evening is pretty quiet, and when I snuggle into bed I can’t stop thinking about Nicolas Flamel. Who is this man?



Authors note: I took your advice and decided to make the chapter's shorter. I hope they are not too short now!


Chapter 9: Chapter 9
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“You're spending Christmas at the Malfoys?!” Hermione says. I’ve just told her all about Narcissa’s letter and where I'll be spending the Holiday season. 


“Yes.” I say. 


She pats me on the back, “Good luck.” I laugh. Sometimes Hermione can be funny, she’s not all serious all the time like most people think. We enter the Great Hall and find Harry and Ron playing wizards chess. We arrive at the Gryffindor table just as Ron’s Queen chops Harry’s Knight’s head off. “That’s completely barbaric!!” Hermione exclaims. 


“That’s wizard's chess for you.” Ron says. “See you’ve packed.” He nods toward us.


“See you haven’t.” Hermione responds. 


“Change of plans, my parents are going to visit my brother Charlie in Romania, I’m staying here.” He smiles. 


“Good, you can help Harry then. He’s going to look for books in Nicolas Flamel.” Hermione says.


“Uhg!! We’ve looked everywhere, Hermione. There. Is. Nothing. On. Nicolas. Flamel!!” Ron whines. 


Hermione bends down to the table’s level, “Not in the restricted section.” she whispers. “Happy Christmas.” She straightens up and walks out the door of the Great Hall. 


“I think we’re a bad influence on her.” Ron says, Harry and I laugh, then look at each other shocked that we both laughed about the same thing. “Where are you going anyway?” Ron directs his question at me.


“I’m staying at the Malfoys.” Harry opens his mouth to say something, but I stop him, “He’s my friend and I’m spending the Holidays there. It could be interesting, who knows what the Malfoys are really like when they're at home, hmm?” Harry scoffs something like ‘friend’ and I can’t blame him, Draco and I haven’t been on best terms lately. We’re not fighting, but he’s still not pleased that I’m ‘hanging around such scum’. “Well, I should get going. Happy Holidays.” I say, and walk towards the doors of the Great Hall. 




“Ok, don’t slouch, don’t snort, don’t be informal ever, only speak when spoken to, don’t even think about swearing, heck and bloody and dammit count, don’t talk about your friendship with Pottah, Weasley, and Mudblood, OW!” I elbow him in the ribs for saying ‘mudblood’. “Don’t correct people if they say ‘mudblood or ‘bloodtraitor’ or ‘scum’, show little emotion, and never express your opinions if they contradict my parents.” Draco finishes. I burst out laughing.


“So basically, don’t be me?!” I say.


 He shrugs and smiles slightly, “Pretty much. Sorry.” 


“No, no. This is exciting! I love acting! Yes, yes, this is going to be quite interesting!” I smile.


He sighs, “Come on, that’s them over there.” He points two wizards staring disgustedly around the platform. 


We make our way over to them, Narcissa smiles when she sees us, Lucius just firmly nods. “Good afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy. May I just say how pleasantly surprised I was when I received your letter. I thank you very much for having me for the holidays.” I recite. Draco looks at me like I’ve grown three heads but shakes it off. Lucius looks at me somewhat, amused?  Narcissa smiles, again.


“Oh please, Narcissa is fine. We are very pleased to have you, Ruby or do you prefer Fox?” She asks. I’m shocked, how could she possibly know I prefer Fox?

“Yes, um, Fox, Fox is what I like to go by.” I say. “But how did you know?” I inquire.


“Amber prefered Hawk.” she smiles sadly. Amber was my mom’s name and RedHawk was her last name and degree name. I nod. 


“Well, we should be going, Draco take my arm, Fox take Narcissa’s, we are apparating to the manor.” Lucius orders. I do as told and hook my arm through Narcissa’s. I hear a POP and feel a rush of wind and I’m spinning really, really fast. Thanks to Camilia, I’ve apparated a ton, but I still feel slightly nauseous every time. We land with a thud, and I feel myself sway, but strong arms catch me just as I’m about to fall. I look up and see Lucius, holding me. 


“Th-thank you Mr. Malfoy.” I say, standing up. I take a couple of deep breaths to steady myself and look around. I’m in a fancy living room, with crisp white walls, cream colored chairs and a black couch surrounding an elegant stone fireplace, and a soft gray rug covers the cold stone floor. Mistletoe and holly hang from the ceiling, and green and red curtains decorated with brown reindeers are tied back letting the sun flow into the room. Three stockings hang from the fireplace, one is black with thin gray stripes, one is white with tiny flowers that have gold petals and silver pearls in the center, and one is a dark Slytherin green with black and silver zig zags. Lastly, a huge christmas tree, the size of two Hagrids stands tall in the right hand corner of the room. It’s branches are flooded with sparkling red, gold, silver, green, dark blue, black, clear, and gray ornaments in all shapes and sizes. There are candy canes, and stars, and gingerbread and snowmen, and owls and deer, and just plain globes as well. 


“Wow.” I breathe. Draco chuckles. “Oh?! I said that out loud?” He nods. “Oops.” 


“Mother loves decorating. Anything and everything. It’s quite annoying, to be honest.” Draco says.


Lucius harshly taps him with his cane on the head, “Do not speak about your mother like that!” He scolds. Draco rubs his head.


“Lucius.” Narcissa put a hand on her husband's shoulder. “It’s alright.” she whispers. 


“It is not alright! He needs to learn to respect his superiors!” Lucius insists. He sends a death glare at his son, Draco gulps.


“Well, let's sit.” Narcissa gestures towards the chairs. I take a seat beside Draco on the black couch, Lucius sits on one of the huge cream colored armchairs and Narcissa sits on the other. “Tea?” Narcissa asks. She doesn’t wait for an answer in stead summons the house elf, Dobby. “DOBBY!!” she screeches, I flinch, I’ve never heard Narcissa yell before, but she is a Black. 


“Mistress called.” says a tired looking house elf dressed in a dirty pillowcase, as he appears in front of Narcissa. 


“We would like some tea.” she says. 


“Black? Green? Peppermint? Chai spiced? Or Earl Grey?” Dobby asks. Narcissa looks at me.


“Um, Chai please.” I say. Dobby nods and bows. “Thank you.” Dobby looks overjoyed.


“Madam thanked Dobby. Dobby is forever grateful to Madam.” he looks on the verge of happy tears. But then, Lucius kicks him. I’m about to defend Dobby, but Draco gives me a ‘Do You Want Your Head Cut Off?!’ look so I shut up. Dobby stumbles and then regains his balance and trunks to Draco for his tea order.


“Peppermint, Dobby.” Draco says. Again, Dobby nods, bows, and turns to Narcissa. 


“Something light. Perhaps a flower tea, do we have any?” She asks softly. 


Dobby nods furiously, “Yes Mistress, we have the Herbal blend.” 


“And that is….?” she says firmly.


“Camomile, citrus, hibiscus, and jasmine.” he squeaks. 


“Yes. I will have that.” Narcissa decides. He does his little nod-bow-next routine and faces Lucius.


“Black.” Lucius barks. Dobby bows the most extravagant bow of all. “Go! What are you waiting for!” Lucius orders and flings Dobby towards the door with his cane. Dobby shakily gets up and bows one more time before POP, apparating out of the room. 


“I like the way you’ve decorated Mrs. Mal- I mean, Narcissa.” I compliment. She smiles. 


“Thank you dear, it’s nice to have someone around who appreciates my festive spirit.” She shoots sincere but playful looks at her husband and son. Draco rolls his eyes but Lucius simply continues to stare at his wife. 


“I like the stockings, they each fit the member of the family they belong to quite well. Did you make them?” I ask.


“No, Draco did.” She says with a blank face. I stare bewildered at Draco, he just shakes his head at his mother, who I hadn’t noticed was chuckling quietly. It was a joke. NARCISSA MALFOY JOKED ABOUT SOMETHING!! I mean, sure it was a bad joke, but she JOKED! Lucius looks sternly at his wife, and I swear for a slight moment the corners of his lips turn up. But then, he goes back to his harsh glare. “Yes. I made them. Can you tell who's who's?” she asks.


“Well, the one with the flowers must be yours, because it portrays your soft and gentle demeanor but flowers also bloom and are full of life, this shows that you are also independent and strong when you want to be. The green one must be Draco’s because he is obsessed with green, especially green apples, and the zig zags are almost….uncertainty but also rough?? The zig zags are also silver and black, a combination of the color on both your stockings.” I nod to Narcissa and Lucius. “Um, the last one is Mr. Malfoy’s,” I say, uncertain if I want to express my true thoughts, I decide I will, “it is plain and dark. It doesn’t show any emotion. Not that that’s a bad thing.” I contemplate looking down, because I don’t want to see Lucius’s face, but realize that’s not me. I turn my head to the left and stare right into his creepy, cold, gray eyes. His lips are pursed tightly, and his eyes are boring into mine. That just makes me more confident. I can feel Draco elbow me in a ‘drop out of the weird staring contest with my dad now, or you’ll regret it!!!!’ way several times. Finally, without looking, I grab Draco’s hand, so he’ll stop elbowing me. But then, I realize what I’m doing and drop it. I don’t know why it’s so weird to hold Draco’s hand, I mean, I can hold Theo and Blaise’s hands fine. Finally, Lucius breaks eye contact. I do a slight dance in my head, proud of the fact that I wasn’t the one to look away.


“You have quite insightful theories.” he says, but in no way does it feel like a compliment, more of a cold hard fact. Just then, a tray of tea, and sandwiches and scones and biscuits of all sorts, appear on the coffee table in the middle of the room. I jump in my seat. 


Draco smirks, “Clearly, you haven’t been properly introduced to house elf magic.” He picks up his cup of peppermint tea and a cucumber cream cheese mini sandwich. 


“Clearly not.” I mumble, picking up my chai and a chocolate chip cookie. 


Lucius decides to break the comfortable sound of chewing on sandwiches and munching on cookies, “So Fox, How are your powers?” I tense. I knew this would come up at some point, but I didn’t realize how soon. 


I decide to play dumb, “Sorry?” I ask.


“Your powers. You are a red degree elementalist, are you not?” He asks, with envy.


“Oh! Oh, yes I am. But I don’t use my powers very much.” I let my head droop. It is true that ever since I set the Forbidden Forest on fire Dumbledore banned me from lighting my palms, he said ‘for now’, but I know it really means ‘for as long as I can’. I miss the fire. I miss the warm tingling sensation it left on my skin. I miss the confidence it brought me, the feeling that as long as I have my fire, I'll always be safe. I feel lonely without it, even when I’m surrounded by friends. It’s like a piece of me is gone. Not just a piece actually, a whole dimension of me, I guess. A whole side of me. I was born to make fire, to make life, and sadly cause death, too, but everyone has their purpose in the world, and this is mine. It was mine. It should have been mine. 


“Oh, and why is that?” He inquires, snapping me out of my inner monologue. 


Well, now I’m trapped. There is no way I’m telling Lucius about burning the forest, but if I don’t, he’ll think I’m afraid of my power, and I am not. In fact, I’m afraid of losing it. I really want to respond with ‘wouldn’t you like to know?!’ but that’s too much. Uhg, what do I do? I decide the truth is the best answer, because if I lie, I’m not just lying to Lucius, I’m lying to myself too. 


“Because I accidentally set the Forbidden Forest on fire. I’m banned from manipulating fire, for now. It’s awful.” I say, I decide to look at Narcissa while saying this, because I know I will get an easier reaction. I’m right, she sadly smiles. 


“Is that so?” Lucius, seems engaged now. “Well, why don’t you do it now, this isn’t Hogwarts.” He smiles a malicious smile. I’ve always wondered if Malfoy comes from Malicious. If it does, that is the most hilarious coincidence ever! 


“Now, Lucius.” Narcissa jumps in. “She doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to.” she smile encouragingly at me. Draco nods at me as if to say ‘Go on. You can finally do it, do it.’ He’s right. I can finally do it, and I really want to, but Lucius wants me to do it too, and I don’t know if I should give him what he wants. He know he has me here, however cold he may be, Lucius Malfoy is not dumb. I decide to just do it. 


“Dumbledore took away my lighter.” I say.


Lucius pulls one out of his pocket. I slowly take it. I pull the trigger, the tip ignites. I smile. I haven’t seen or felt fire in so long. I feel a hungry rush come over me, but I fight hard to keep it away. That is not something I can let anyone see, the power hungriness, buried deep inside of  me. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. That’s what the sorting hat meant when he said ‘You worship your power’ and that it ‘Could very much determine your future.’ The hat’s right. It will determine my future. It will lead me to ‘Wrong’ and I can’t go there. Wrong killed my parents. Wrong killed my brothers. Wrong killed the sweet innocent me, the little ‘Ruby’. Because, Wrong led me to revenge, and revenge will lead me back to Wrong. I need to fight it out, I need to be like my mother, everyone has a fear, even Gryffindors, and my mother’s was her power. If you don’t like power. You’ll never go Wrong. 


Slowly, I light my palm. “Just one fireball.” I whisper so in audibly to myself, that no one, except maybe Draco, hears. I flick off the lighter and place it on the coffee table, slowly, I cup my hands as if I've caught something. Then, I spread my hands apart, creating a big globe of flaming fire as my hands travel farther and farther apart from each other. When my hands are about 2 feet apart, I flick my wrists, to release the ball. Again, I feel that urge, to hurl it at something or someone, but I fight it. Instead, I think of an image in my mind, me, Draco, Theo, Blaise, and the Goons, smiling, nowhere in particular, but we’re together and we’re smiling. I blow the fireball, and the image that was in my head just a few moments ago appears inside the globe. 


“Merveilleuse. Wondrous.”  Narcissa breaths. 


Authors notes: 

*I know I sometimes use french in my writing, I also know, that there is no proof that these characters speak french, but french has always interested me, so I decided to incorporate some french into my writing (Gotta love google, though, ;) )! In case it wasn't clear, Merveilleuse mean Wondrous in french!! Such a beautiful language!!


*I would also like to add, that I am writing a fanfic with one of my friends WaitingForMyHogwartsLetter (he/she's in my favorites, check out her stories), we made a joint account called Wolf_Hummingbird_Patronus (I'm the Hummingbird!)  together we are writing a story called If You Believe, and the first chapter's up!!! So please check that out!! We would very much appreciate if you read and reviewed it. :)


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Chapter 10: Chapter 10
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“Happy Christmas.” Draco says, with very little enthusiasm as I enter the living room of Malfoy Manor on the morning of December 25th.


“Happy Christmas!!!” Narcissa smiles the widest smile I’ve ever seen on her face (which really isn’t that wide), as she puts a plate of gingerbread cookies on the coffee table. 


“Good morning.” Lucius says, sharply. 


I yawn. Last night I was thinking about my friends and what I bought them for christmas. I bought Ron a present, candy, lots of candy, he’ll love it. I also bought Fred and George candy and a lot of products from Zonko’s joke shop that I made Cam get and then send to Hogwarts. I bought Hermione a lot of different books, Forgotten Spells (Because she loves spell and she knows them ALL, I’m hoping she won’t know these) Quidditch through the ages (She said she doesn’t like Quidditch so I HAD to get her this), 100 different ways to be a witch troublemaker (Because she needs it), and Our favorite female heroines and hell raisers (I thought she might like to read about the heroines, I liked the hell raisers). For my Slytherin bro’s (that's what I call them, Theo of course: doesn’t mind, Blaise: says it’s too ‘cringe worthy’, Draco: agrees with Blaise ‘shut up, that is so cheesy’, and Crabbe and Goyle: grunt), I got Theo a bunch of Zonko’s products, weird potions that change your hair color and pumpkin pasties; I got Blaise books (The best book of Transfiguration, How to Transfigure your mother into a pig and other crazy forms of transfiguration, Lord of the rings, The hunger games, Roll of thunder, hear my cry); I am most proud of what I got Draco, I just hope he doesn’t open it in front of his parents, I got him a green T-shirt that says ‘PUREBLOOD PRIDE’ in bold black letters, green apple flavored lollipops, green apple flavored gum, and 12 mini caramel green apples; and I got Crabbe and Goyle a bunch of sweets.


“Well, let’s open presents shall we?” Narcissa says, in an almost sing-songy voice???? 

I’m about to head over to the tree, but Draco grabs my hand and pulls me down next to him, I look at him slightly confused and then realise that no one has moved. “Accio Lucius’s presents.” Narcissa waves her wand at the tree, and a pile of about two presents and at least 15 cards flies toward Lucius. “Accio Draco and Fox’s presents.” Narcissa calls, again. A pile of about 13

presents and two card drops in my lap. A little less drops in Draco’s. Narcissa summons her presents and cards to her, then says, “Well, open them.” 


I feel something moving in one of my bigger packages, I open it, “Aaaaaaah!” I yelp jumping off the couch. Draco jumps up too, the moment he sees what I’m getting away from Lucius and Narcissa stand up as well. 


“Who the bloody hell thought it was a good idea to give me a SNAKE for Christmas????!!!” I yell, looking down at the tiny garden snake slithering around it’s terrarium. I pick up the terrarium and hold it above my head looking up at the small green snake. Then, I notice a sticker on the top of the glass:


Der Foks,

I now yer alwas wantd a snake. Happie krismas!




The sticker says in hagrids messy scrawl. “HAGRID!!” I shout, as if he can hear me. 


“De-dear,” Narcissa says, edging closer to me, carefully. “Who is Hagrid?” 


“He’s my friend, the games keeper. He loves all kinds of crazy creatures, dragons especially, I told him how I always wanted a snake.” I sigh. “But there’s no way I can keep him with me. He’s not allowed at Hogwarts, and my roommates would never let him stay in our room anyways. I can’t send him to my sister, she wouldn’t have time to take care of him, and I don’t think she likes snakes very much. He’s harmless though, really. I mean, he’s only a baby, so he will get bigger, but he’s not poisonous. Just a common Garden Snake.” 


“You’ll have to give him to Magical Menagerie, the pet store.” Lucius says, in his normal drawl.

“Well, there’s no shame in sending an owl to Professor Snape or the Headmaster asking if you can keep him.” Narcissa says. Lucius sends her a look and she looks right back. 


Lucius clears his throat, “Well, you can set him on the coffee table for now.”


“Theo’s going to berserk! What are you going to name him?” Draco asks, after his parents have gone back to reading all their gazillion cards. 


“Salazar. Salazar Slytherin. Sal for short.” I smile. 


“You're good with names.” Draco COMPLEMENTS?? 


“Thanks, but I’ve only ever named Stripie and now Sal.” I say.

“Still.” he shrugs and goes back to tearing open Theo’s gift, a weird top hat, that says ‘HEAD BUMP’ and has a fake fist that comes out of the top when you press a button on the side. He picks it up, looks at it funny, and sets it in the ‘Not gonna show my parents this present’ pile. I cover my mouth to muffle my laugh. I can’t wait to see what Theo got me. 


I decide to open one of the two cards I have next.  I open the envelope:


Dear Miss RedFox,


Have a very Happy Holidays. 


These photos are of you mother and her friends, during their Holidays in their years at Hogwarts. 



Professor McGonagall (or as you seem to call me, McG) 


I smile, I wrote her a holiday card, but I can’t believe she wrote me one too. There are four pictures in the envelope. One picture of Snape, Narcissa, and my mother, wearing matching green and red striped scarves and thick coats. Snow is falling on them, as they hook their arms around each other and smile. They look like they're in their 4th year.  Another, has a picture of my mum, dad, four other boys, and another girl. They’re inside, and a Christmas tree is in the background, they look older, probably in their 7th year. The next, is a picture of my mom, Snape, and the same girl who was in the 7th year photo, she has fiery auburn hair and green eyes that I feel like I’ve seen before. They are in their first year. The last photo is of my mother and the girl with auburn hair and familiar eyes, in her 5th or 6th year, during Christmas time. Then, it hits me, this girl must be Lily Evans, well, Potter. McG mentioned them being friends and I know why the eyes are familiar, there Harry’s eyes. 


“What’s that you’ve got there?” Narcissa asks. 


“Oh! Professor McGonagall sent me these pictures of my mum.” I hand them to her. She looks stiff as she flips through the one’s with Lily and her other friends, but her face softens and she sadly smiles when she comes to the picture of her, Snape, and my mum. She hands them back to me and continues reading her cards. 

I continue opening my presents. I got a bunch of books on charms from Hermione. I got a big book called, POWERS, from Blaise. I can’t believe my eyes when I open it! I have alway wanted this book, it is the ultimate book on anything to do with powers, anything to do with me!! It’s very hard to find and costs a bundle, I have to remember to thank Blaise extra! I got, The ultimate set for making bizarre potions, from Theo. I got a Weasley sweater from Ron, the twins, and well, the Weasleys. I also got some pranking products from Fred and George and candy

from Ron. Cam and Lyle, sent me a bunch of home baked treats and a fancy cherry blossom, strawberry, rose, and cherry perfume. Draco, got me a gold charm bracelet with a fire flame charm. I’m a little surprised, but I did expect something expensive from him. The next two presents I feel really guilty when I open:


Merry Christmas!!

We hope you like the earrings!


Daphne, Pansy, and Millicent. 


And, this is the worst:


Happy Christmas.



He got me muggle cherry lollipops and licorice wands. 


I feel so bloody guilty. I didn’t buy my roommates anything because we’re not friends and we almost never get along. But, I think I’ll buy them something now, maybe a nail polish set.  And Harry!! I didn’t even think we were friends! I mean, sure I’m warming up to him, but he bought me my favorite candy (I don’t even know how he knows I love licorice wands) and cherry flavored candy (How does he know I love cherries??). I feel so, so bad. I’ll just get him some candy and give it to him after the break. 


The I unwrap the next card, it’s from Lucius and Narcissa:


Happy Christmas! Thank you for spending your holidays with us. We enjoyed your company very much. 


Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. 


The last present is a really fancy hawk hairpin:


Your mother left this in my possession before she died. Use it well. 


“What did you get?” Draco asks.


Yaaaaaaay!!! I love ending on weird cliffhangers (is it a cliffhanger though?) The next chapter ROCKS!!! I can't wait 4 u guys 2 see it!!


-BÉBÉ NARGLE (Baby nargle in french, all caps bc I felt like it.)


Chapter 11: Chapter 11
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These are Fox's presents and some of her other belongings (I had A LOT of fun picking these out!)



A Guide to Caring for Pet Green Snakes6-7mm AAA Genuine Peach Pearl Stud earrings, 14K Gold fill post ...Antique Ruby Red Perfume Scent Bottle Sterling Silver Lid | EtsyGold fire charm | Etsy

Salazar                                        Earrings                         Perfume                               Fire charm (it came with a      

-From Hagrid                         -From roommates     -From Cam and Lyle      bracelet but I don’t picture  

                                                                                                                                                  that) -From Draco

Warner Bros. Sweaters | F For Fred Weasley Universal Scottish Wool ...High grade Retro Eagle Animal Brooch Gold Alloy Collar Needle Suit ...

Weasley sweater (Green for Slytherin, ‘F’               Mother's hairpin      

For Fox (not ‘A’ for Anniekins, Lol))                         -From MysteriousPerson (Ooooooooh!! I promise you, as much as you think you 

-From the Weasleys                                                            know who it is YA DON'T.)



Birthday & before:                       

Charmisma Ruby Pave Platinum plated Silver Alphabet Pendant R:Jian ...The perfect diet for your fat cat!StripieBlack Obsidian Lucky Fox Necklace – Insta BuddhaFox necklace

Family heirloom 

-Passed down to all red degree elementalists


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Chapter 12: Chapter 12
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“You have popsicles?” 


“Why wouldn’t we?”


“Because one, popsicles are kept in the households of relaxed, laid back families.” Draco smirks, and sits down next to me on the floor of my bedroom’s balcony at Malfoy manor. “And two, it’s winter. It’s literally SNOWING on top of us right now and you're offering me a popsicle??!” 


“Alright, I mean, it IS cherry flavored, but if you don’t want it, I can have two.” he smirks.


“On second thought….” I think he got me with CHERRY. 


“Nope. Mine.” He stands up and holds it above his head. I stand up too, and try to grab it, but I’m way too short. He smirks again, I jump up and down but I just can't get it! He, on the other hand, doesn’t move a muscle through this all! Bloody tall people!! “Here you go, shortie.” He hands me the popsicle and pats my head. I pout. Then, the most bizarre thing happens, he laughs. Like, an actual laugh, not a smirk, not a snort, not a chuckle, a LAUGH!!! He seems to realize what he’s done, and quickly cover his mouth, like someone would do if they said a bad word. 


“You la-aughed.” I sing. 




“Ah ha.”






“I DID NOT!!” 


“Yes, you diddi do dog did!!” I smile, he rolls his eyes. We both sit down on the balcony floor and unwrap our popsicles (cherry for me, and big surprise, green apple for Draco!). 


“So, have you heard back from Professor Snape and Dumbledore about...what’s his name?” Draco asks, licking the top of his popsicle in circles. 



“His NAME is Sal-a-zar Sly-ther-in,” I articulate. “And yes, I can bring him to Hogwarts!!! I’m so happy!”


“Right, because anyone would be happy to bring a bloody snake to school!!” Draco exclaims.


I roll my eyes. “You're just sore that we all have pets and you don’t!! Almost every kid at Hogwarts has either an owl or a cat. I have Sal and Stripie. Theo and Blaise have their eagle owls, Demi and Dev, and all their babies, how many are there? 8? 10?” 


“12, I think.” Draco says.


“Holy Hufflepuff!!” That is a lot of baby owls. 


“And I’m not sore I don’t have a pet!” Draco insists.


“But you want one.” I say. It’s more of a statement than a question.


“I want a cat. A really thin, bendy, black cat, with green eyes.” He says.


“So basically, the opposite of Stripie.” I conclude.


“Pretty much.” he shrugs. “I have complaints about your Christmas present to me.”


I laugh and roll my eyes. Just like Draco to COMPLAIN to people about the presents they give him. “Can’t be worse than your complaints about Theo’s, so…..go ahead.” 


“Well, first off, I am NEVER wearing that shirt!” He shakes his head.


“Awww. Why not? It’ll suit you. Pureblood Pride!” I elbow him.


“No. Second, you bought me MUGGLE candy. Gross.” he scrunches up his nose. “So, thank you, but really, no thank you. You need to learn how to shop for people.” He lectures. I crack up. “It’s not funny!”


“Oh it so is.” I say, pulling myself together. “Ok, first of all, it was a JOKE, that’s how I shop: JOKESTYLE. I bought Hermione a book called: 100 ways to be a witch troublemaker and Quidditch through the ages, okay? Two, you are going to love the candy. It's green apple flavored! And don’t tell me these popsicles we just ate aren't muggle.” I say. He’s silent.


“Fine. ‘Thank you’” He says, the way most people would ‘Cow dung’. 


“You’re welcome! And thanks for the bracelet.” I say, suddenly feeling SHY?? For some reason. 


“Next year I’m gonna give you a broomstick charm. When you make it onto the quidditch team.” I smile.


“You, know? I used to HATE you.” I say, remembering how annoying and stuck-up I found him. 


“Gee, thanks!” he says.


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Chapter 13: Chapter 13
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“I had you looking in the wrong section! How could I be so stupid!” Hermione says, plopping a big fat book on the table in the library Harry, Ron, and I are sitting at. 


“I checked this out for a bit of light reading!” She starts flipping through the pages. 


“This is LIGHT!?” Ron exclaims. Hermione sends him a death glare and keeps flipping the pages.


“Ah! Here we go! Nicolas Flamel, is the only known maker of the Sorcerer's Stone!” She jabs her finger on the page she’s reading. “The Sorcerer’s Stone is an elixir of life! Making anyone who has it immortal!” 


“Immortal?!” Ron asks.


“It means they will never die.” Hermione clarifies.


“I know what it means!” Ron shouts. 


“But then how come, we couldn’t find any books on him in the 20th century famous wizards section?” Harry asks.


I scan the page. “Because he’s not from the 20th century. Look it says, Nicolas Flamel and his wife are now celebrating their 656th birthday!!” I say pointing to the last paragraph on the page. 


“But then, why does Snape want it?!” Ron questions.


“If you could take possession of a Stone in order to become immortal would you?” Harry questions, expecting ‘Yes’’s. 


“Yes.” Ron says, at the same time I say, “Maybe?”  and Hermione says, “No.”


“Why the bloody not?!” Ron says.


“I don’t need to live forever!” Hermione says, as if it’s obvious. 


“Anyways, that’s not the point, the point is, Snape’s going to steal it, and we have to tell someone!” Harry says.


“What?! No, we can’t tell anyone! Then, they’ll know we’ve been investigating and god know how much trouble we’ll be in then!” I whisper-shout.


“Hagrid. We can tell Hagrid.” Harry concludes. “Now. Let’s go.” He stands up. “Well?” he asks. I stand up too, so does Ron. 


“Hermione?” I ask.


“It’s past curfew!!” she scolds looking down at her watch. 


“Oh! Get up.” I pull her up by the arm. She whines. “Come on Hermione!”


“Fine! But if we get in trouble, it’s all your fault!” She whisper-shouts.


“Yes. Yes. We know! Now come on!” I say. She walks ahead to Ron with a slight ‘humph!’ leaving me and Harry in the back.


“Listen, I never got to thank you for the candy.” I say, feeling bad, as I think back to the Christmas present Harry got me, after I didn’t get him anything.


“Oh. Yeah.” He says.


“Um, I-I’m going to be honest, I really didn’t think to get you something.” I say. “I didn’t even know if we were friends.” I bite my lip waiting for his response.


“Don’t worry about it. I didn’t know if we were friends either, so I decided to get you something anyways.” He says.


“Right. Well, that proves you’re much nicer than me.” I laugh. He laughs too.


“So…..friends??” He asks.


“Friends.” I nod. Draco is going to strangle me.




Nock, nock, nock. Harry taps on Hagrid's door. “Oh. Erm ‘ello. I-I’m a li’l busy now.” Hagrid says. He has smoking oven mitts on his hands, his face is sweaty, and his hair is all messed up. 


He’s about to close the door, when Harry says, “Hagrid!”


Then we all chorus, “We know about the Sorcerer’s Stone!”


His eyes widen. “Shhhhhh. Come in, come in.” he quickly ushers us inside and closes the door behind him.


“I told you lot to stop searchin’ about that! It’s perfectly safe!” Hagrid insists, walking over to the fireplace, that is smoking.


“It’s not safe! Snape’s going to steal it!!!” Harry shouts. 


“Snape is a Hogwarts professor he’s not gonna do anything of the sort!” Hagrid says, taking a small green thing out of the cauldron in the fireplace. 


Hagrid places it on the table we’re all seated at. “Hagrid?! Is that a dragon?!” Hermione whisper-shouts.


“Yup, oh isn’t he beautiful!! Oh bless him! He knows his mummy!!” Hagrid wipes his tears as the dragon turns towards him and coughs up fire in his beard.


“I know this breed! That’s a Norwegian Ridgeback! My brother Charlie works with them in Romania! But they are very rare! Hagrid, how did you get one?!” Ron asks.


“Bought him off a stranger in the pub! Oooh little Norbert!” Hagrid coo’s.


“Norbert?” I ask.


“Well, he’s gotta have a name doesn’t he?” Hagrid says. “Hey, oo’s that?” He looks toward the window, but all I see is a swoosh of green and white. 


“Malfoy!!” Harry shouts.




“You think it’s bad that Malfoy knows?” Hermione asks, once we’re back in the castle. 


“Oh it’s bad.” I say. “But don’t worry, once I get back to the common room, I’m gonna make sure he doesn’t tell a soul!” 


“Good evening.” McG says, stepping in front of us, with a smirking Malfoy behind.


“Bit late for that.” Ron gulps.


“Nothing, I repeat, nothing! Gives a student the right to walk around past curfew.” McG says, standing behind her desk. Harry, Ron and I glaring at Draco, Hermione looks on the verge of tears. Draco shrinks under my glare, but keeps Harry’s and Ron’s.


“All five of you will be serving detention for this! An fifty points will be taken-” McG continues.


“Fifty?!” Harry whines. 


“EACH!!” she finishes. 


“Excuse me Professor, but I don’t think I heard you right. You said the five of us?” Draco says nervously.


“Yes, you see, as honorable as your intentions were, Mr. Malfoy, you were also out past curfew.” McG says. Harry and Ron smile. 


Serves him right! Bloody snitch!!


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Chapter 14: Chapter 14
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“You bloody snitch! What did you do that for, huh!?” I scold Draco, once we’re back in the common room. “Do you really need to go around making everyone you don’t like, which is A LOT of people, miserable?!” 


“I didn’t know YOU were with them!” He says.


“What does it matter?!” I shout.


“Why are you on THEIR side now?!” Draco says.




He stares at me bewildered. Yup, that’s right you Pureblooded Prick, I can shout too! 


With one last look at him, I storm up the stairs to my dorm.



“I wish you were here.” I whisper to my mom’s hawk hairpin. For a second, I think the hawk’s right eye winks. But I blink and then shake my head. I’m just seeing things. 


Suddenly, I feel a rush of warmth and a cool breeze. I close my eyes, and lay my head back on my pillow. When I open them, the hawk pin is fluttering around me! Calm and cool yellow stars sparkle in the air around it. The bird starts humming a familiar tune, but I can’t remember where I’ve heard it before. 


I close my eyes again, and feel myself drift off to sleep. The last thing I hear before I fall into a deep sleep is, “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain, because stars can’t shine without darkness and dreams don’t have expiration dates.” 


Then, I snooze off, into a calm dreamless sleep. I don’t think about Draco, I don’t think about my Gryffindor friends, I don’t think about the Sorcerer's Stone, I don’t think about my future and my power, I just sleep. With those three understandings planted in my head:


Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.


Stars can’t shine without darkness.


Dreams don’t have expiration dates. 


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Chapter 15: Chapter 15
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“So you think Dumbledore sent it to me?” I ask Harry.


“It’s definitely possible, I mean, what are the chances that on the same day you get an object of your deceased parent, I get an object of mine. Plus, the letters said the exact same thing.” He tells me.


“But, I don’t think it was Dumbledore. The handwriting was different.” I say.


“I guess. But then who else could it have been?” 


“Maybe one of my mother's friends.” I think. “The most likely option would be McGonagall, but she sent me a separate note with pictures of my mother. She also doesn’t seem like the type to be anonymous, so I don’t think it’s her. The only other friend of my mother that I know of is Narcissa. But she was there when I got my presents, and she showed no sign of knowing anything about the hairpin. Oh wait!” I jumped up.


“What?!” Hermione says, alarmed. 


“Snape!” I say.


“What about that slimy old git?” Ron asks.


“He was friends with my mother, and he definitely seems like the kind of person who would want to be kept anonymous!! It was Snape.” I really don’t understand that man. First he favors me, then he hates me, now he anonymously sends me a very special ‘calming hairpin’ for Christmas?! 


I look up to the teachers table, where all the teachers are happily enjoying their breakfast. I see Snape. He’s having a heated discussion with Professor Quirell. He looks up for a fraction of a second, and we make eye contact. His face is as blank as ever at first, but then the corners of his lips turn up slightly for a fraction of a second, and then he scowls, then he goes back to blank and looks away. It’s like he can’t decide what to be or feel around me. Weird. 




“You’ll be having detention with Hagrid.” Filch tells us as we walk out to Hagrid's cabin. It’s a cool winter night. There's a full moon and plenty of stars in the sky. “Ah, I miss the old days when they used to hang bad students by their wrists in the dungeons. Still remember the screaming. Ah, the screaming.” we all give Filch disgusted looks. “Hagrid! Here’s the bad one’s, serve them well.” Hagrid sniffs. “Ah, you’re not still on about that dragon, are you!?”


“Dumbledore sent him to live in a colony in Romania.” Hagrids says, he sniffs again.


“Well, that’s good isn’t it? He’ll be with his own kind.” Hermione comforts.


“But what if the other dragons are mean to him? He’s only a baby.” Hagrid sobs.


“Aw man up! You’re going into the forest, man!” Filch slaps Hagrid on the back. 


“Well, best get going now. Watch out, an’ stay close.” Hagrid starts walking toward the forest. 


“Wait the forest!?” Draco whines. “B-but there are werewolves!”


Just then, we hear a howl. “Oh you can bet there's more than werewolves in those trees.” Filch says, and then stomps off, back to the castle. 


We enter the forest and I try not to think about the last time I was in here. “Right then, someone’s been slaying unicorns. I found some blood just the other day. We have to find the unicorn ‘oo’s bloods been drippin about, and if we can, find the culprit.” Hagrid says. “Right then, Malfoy, Harry, and Fox, will go together and Hermione and Ron will come with me.”


Draco and Harry share disgusted looks. “Fine! But we get Fang then!” Draco says.


“Alrigh’. He’s a bloody coward thou’.” Hagrid tells us, fang whines. 


“Oh! Come on, come on Fang!” I say. Reluctantly, the big dog follows Harry, Draco and I, into the depths of the Forbidden Forest. 


“My father will hear about this! Bloody servants work, this is!” Draco complains.


“If I didn’t know better Malfoy,” Harry starts. “I’d say you were scared.” I laugh. Draco glares at me. 


“Not like you aren’t scared, thinking of blowing it up again?!” Draco taunts me. I look down. Draco and I haven’t been on best terms lately. Ever since our fight in the common room, we haven’t talked. But I didn’t think he’d stoop that low. “Sorry.” He quickly adds once he realizes the impact it’s made on me. I shake my head and walk ahead of him and Harry. 


For a while everything is silent, then, we reach a clearing, the same clearing where I lost control of my fire. I can still smell burnt wood and ash. My eyes tear up. Then, I look up and find a black cloaked figure, feasting on a dead unicorn. I start to run backwards, but bump into something, I scream, and then realise the thing I backed into screams too, and runs away. I fall to the ground, but feel hands pick me up by my shoulders. I look behind me, Harry has a very scared look on his face. I turn back around, and see the black cloaked figure advancing towards Harry and I. I try to run, but ram straight into Harry, knocking us both to the ground, we try to crawl backwards, but roots surround us. We’re cornered. I have only one though. Powers. I could turn into a Fox and scramble away. But leave Harry? I’m not a Gryffindor, I won’t save just anyone if my own life is on the line. But, is Harry just anyone? No, he’s my friend now. I can’t leave him. That’s one power out the door. The figure comes closer to us. Fire. Fire! I need fire! But, I don’t have my lighter! Oh no, why, why, why???? The figure is so close now, I can almost see under its hood. I can feel Harry breathing heavily behind me. I close my eyes waiting for pain, or death, but neither comes. Instead, I hear hooves. 


“Harry Potter and girl, you must leave. The forest is not safe for you at this hour.” I hear a voice say. 


“Girl?! You call him Harry Potter and you call me ‘Girl’?!” I say, opening my eyes to find a centaur standing above me. He gives me a funny look, so does Harry, who is now sitting next to me. Oops. 


“Even among centaurs you are famous, Mr. Potter.” The centaur says.


“Sir, what was that?!” Harry asks.


“That was a very dark creature. It is a terrible thing, to slay something so pure as a unicorn. The blood will keep you alive but you will live a half life, a cursed life.” 


“But who would want that kind of life?” Harry asks. But, I’m two steps ahead of him. I know, and it’s making me sick, very sick. 


“Can you think of no one?” I say, I can feel a headache starting to come. 


“You mean Voldemort’s under that cloak?!” Harry says.


The centaur says something after that, but I can’t pay attention. I’m so tired, and so sick. The last thing I hear before a collapse is, “Her head! She must have hit it on a rock! Her head is bleeding!”


Chapter 16: Chapter 16
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A/n:  Many of you are going to hate me for this! :(

I slowly open my eyes. I can’t remember where I am or why I’m here, all I see is black. I close them again. Then I remember! The Forbidden Forest, the cloaked figure, the centaur, Harry, Draco, Detention! It all comes flooding back to me. But the only thing I say is, “Why do I feel like there’s a hole in my head?” 


I feel six pairs of arms wrap around me. “Oh! Oh someone call Madame Pomfrey!!! She’s alive.” I hear the voice of my favorite Professor, Minerva McGonagall say.


I hear a sniff and open my eyes, to find Draco, Hermione, Theo, Ron, Blaise, and Harry hugging me. They don’t even seem to mind that they're technically hugging each other too. Hermione starts bawling. 


“W-we th-th-thought yo-you w-were d-d-DEAD!!!!!” she starts crying so hard, Harry and Ron start to pat her on the back. 


“I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.” Harry whispers. “I should have noticed the cut on your head.”


“No, It’s my fault. I should never have left you alone with HIM in the forest let alone land you in detention in the first place!” Draco says. Everyone looks at him surprised for taking the blame off Harry, even if he did say HIM, so disgustedly. “I mean, I shouldn’t have done that. But, It’s mostly Pottah’s fault! Honestly, you didn’t even bloody NOTICE the girl who was RIGHT NEXT YOU’S head was BLEEDING!!” Ah. That’s more like it. 


“It’s nobody’s fault. Now will you get off of me!” I say, struggling to sit up. 


Blaise chuckles. “Still as sassy as ever.” he mumbles. I glare at him. Everyone sits up. 


“So, is anybody going to tell me why you all thought I was dead?” I ask.


“We didn’t think you were dead. We thought you were going to die.” Ron says, as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world.


“Oh! Well, that’s so much better!” I say, sarcastically. 


“You were losing so much blood.” Theo whispers. “It was so scary.” a tear rolls down his cheek. I have never seen Theo cry before. I didn’t think he knew how! I squeeze his hand.


“I’m fine now.” 


“Out of the way! Out of the way!!!!” Madam Pmfrey says shooing all my friends away from my cot. “Oh mon dieu, elle est vivante!!!! Oh, oh my!! Pansement, pansement!! Où sont les pansements!!!??” She looks through her bag and around my bedside for something, while mumbling in french. 


“Ici!” Draco says, holding up a bandage. “Here.” he says again in english. Pomfrey snatches the bandage from Draco and unwraps the one that is currently on my head. She throws away the bloody gauze and re-wraps my head. 


“Rest.” She says, and hands me a glass of water. “You will have to rest for a long time. You are much too fragile to walk, let alone attend classes all day. You will stay here until the end of term.” 


“What? No! No, I can’t!” I say, besides the obvious reason that I don’t want to spend the next three weeks in a boring hospital bed, we still don’t know what to do about the Sorcerer’s Stone! 


“Too bad.” Pomfrey says. “You’ve been in here for three days already! You’ll survive three more more weeks! Now out! Everybody out! NOW!” All my friends give me sad smiles and leave the hospital wing. 


Madam Pomfrey hands me a tray of vegetable and chicken soup and walks back into her office. I’m slowly sipping my soup, because it hurts to lift my hand too much, when the door of the hospital wing opens with a BANG. 

“I SAID NO MORE VISITS!! THE GIRL NEEDS HER REST!” Pomfrey says, stomping out of her office, but then quiets down when she sees the visitor. “Oh! Headmaster, Professors, um…do excuse my little blow up. I thought you were students.” 


“Not a problem at all Poppy!” says the booming voice of Albus Dumbledore. “We heard the girl was awake.” Pomfrey nods towards my bed. “Ah.” Dumbledore walks to my bedside with Snape and McG on either side of him. “Chicken soup, always the best for the sick! How are you doing?” He asks me. 


I finish chewing on a piece of chicken and mumble, “Fine.”


“Good, good, I came to tell you that your sister will be visiting tomorrow.” He says. I perk up a bit, at least I have one good thing to look forward to. Snape clears his throat. “Oh yes, Professor Snape also wishes to give you something I believe?” Dumbledore nods toward Snape and he walks toward the doors of the hospital wing. “Minerva?” McGonagall looks less than happy to leave me with Snape, but nonetheless, follows Dumbledore out. 


“I have heard this pin works wonders.” Snape says, once he sees the doors to the hospital wing are fully closed and Pomfrey is in her office. He holds up my hawk hairpin and clips it in my hair right below where the bandage is. He winks??? Then, turns around and walks out of the hospital wing. Such. A. Bloody. Confusing. Person. 




“Do you know how scary it is for me to get a report every. Dam. Month. From this school, saying my baby sister, the ONLY family I have left, almost died!!” Ok, so maybe I was wrong about seeing Cam. 


“Darling, she’s a child, she’s going to have some accidents.” Lyle says, putting a hand on Cam’s shoulder. Cam glares at him, he puts his arms up in surrender. Then, she smiles.


“Oh, alright! Maybe I’m being a bit harsh, just be careful okay? Please?” she tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. I nod. I know how she feels. She’s the only family I have left too, and I don’t know what I’d do if I lost her. “Good.” she drops a ball of water on my face.


“CAM!!” she laughs. 


“I WILL NOT HAVE YOU WETTING MY PATIENTS MISS. BLUEBIRD!!!” Pomfrey says, coming over and wiping my face with a towel.


 “Yes, Poppy Doppy Doo.” Cam says with a I’mThe Best Little Girl InThe World face. Lyle cracks up, Promfrey stares at them both. 

“I would think that after ten years you would have SOME maturity!” Pomfrey shouts, then she turns to me. “Like sister, like sister! Has she ever told you about all the times she ended up in the hospital wing! And a nightmare of a patient she was! ‘Oh Poppy Doppy Doo-o!!! I need this..I need that….’. Unbelievable how you managed to become a healer!” 


“Wait a minute?! You were a hospital wing regular and you come here and dump on me about how I get injured WAY too much and how I almost died THREE...wait was it four? TIMES!!!!” I say to Cam.


“I never had serious injuries!!! I was just so clumsy! Plus, I liked to annoy Poppy Doppy Doo-o!” she smiles at Pomfrey.


“The number of times that girl’s dumped water on me! Thank god this one’s banned from setting me on fire!” Poppy Doppy Doo says as she walks back into her office. 


“Wait, banned?” Cam asks. 


“Yeah. You know, when I set the Forbidden Forest on fire? Then, Dumbledore said I had reached the first stage to final power. Bloody unfair, If you ask me! It wasn’t my fault.”


“You-you what?!” she yelps. 


“We were not sure if it was best to tell you Camellia. Only a select few know that she has mastered the first step. Her fire spreads very fast. She cannot control it though. Nor can she make it. So she is banned for the time being, by the Ministry of Magic.” Snape, who I did not see before, says in his usual cold voice. He stands in the corner of the room. 


“Snivellus.” Camellia says, in a tone so awful, I have never heard her use it before. Snape looks so angry. 


“I am aware of your hate towards me.” he says, almost, sadly??


“I don’t HATE you, I LOATHE you.” Cam says, again in that voice.


Snape purses his lips and then stiffly nods towards the other side of my bed. Cam looks at him quizzically, and then peers at the other side of the bed. She sucks in a sharp breath when she sees the hawk hairpin that must have fallen off my head during the night. She picks it up, and gently clips it onto my head again. Last night, when Mr. I Insist On Being So Bloody Confusing gave me the pin, it didn’t come to life or make me feel better, or sing, it just stayed quiet, like a normal hairpin. I’ve been trying to get it to come to life all day, but it just won’t budge. 

“We have to get going now, Fox.” Cam says to me. “Get well soon.” She and Lyle get up and walk out the doors of the hospital wing, Snape follows shortly after them. 


I’m so bored. 


I fiddle with the Hairpin a bit, and then finish my school work for today and go to sleep.




“Poppy Doppy Dooooooooooo!!!!” I call. “I’m HUNGRY!!!” 


“NEVER EVER, EVER AGAIN!” She shouts walking out of her office with her wand in the air and a tray of yogurt, granola, and fruit floating above her. “NEVER, in all the years I live is that water-dropping-displeasure entering this hospital wing AGAIN!!” I laugh. “It is not FUNNY!” She plops my breakfast tray on my lap and stomps out of the hospital wing. 


  So far two weeks have gone by, and I’m getting stronger. Just one more and then I’m free!!! My friends have been visiting the hospital wing as much as they can. Theo visits the most, Draco and Blaise come with him almost every time, but sometimes he comes alone. Hermione, Harry, and Ron visit a lot too, and keep me updated on what’s going on with the SS (Sorcerer’s Stone) which hasn’t been much, lately. They still suspect Snape, but I’m not so sure anymore. 


Suddenly the hospital wing doors bust open. Harry, Ron, and Hermione come running to my bed. “What are you guys doing?! Poppy Doppy Doo will be back any minute and it will not be pretty if she finds you here.” I say.


“This is important! It’s about the SS.” Hermione whisper-shouts. I lean in, interested.


“You know how Hagrid bought Norbert’s egg off a stranger in the pub?” Ron says.


“Yeah?” I ask.


“Well, Hagrid told us he never saw the strangers face. The guy was under a cloak-”


“Or girl. Girls can be villains too!” I interrupt. They give me funny looks, I shrug.


“It was Snape.” Harry says.


“I’m not so sure anymore.” 


“It was. Anyways, they started talking, and Hagrid told the guy about how he was the gamekeeper at Hogwarts and he loved creatures and the guy asked about what kind of creatures he looks after and so on. Then, Hagrid STUPIDLY said, ‘The trick to any beast is to know how to calm them. TAKE FLUFFY FOR EXAMPLE just play him some music and he’ll fall right to sleep’!!!!!!” Harry finishes. I facepalm myself. 


“So, we're going through the trapdoor tonight.” Hermione says.


“What?! Are you nuts?! What kind of eleven year olds risk their lives to possibly save a STONE!!” I yell.


“Ssssssh.” Harry says. “We’re not just saving a stone! We’re saving a lot of people from the return of the darkest wizard of all time! Don’t you want this? I mean, he’s the reason we both don’t have parents! He was the cause of their deaths!!!!”


“And he better not be the cause of yours!” I snap. “If you go down there tonight, and you die, what was it all for? What did you parents die for, Harry?” he doesn’t say anything. “There’s a reason you survived that stupid curse.” I say, I know he knows I’m right.


“If I don’t go, he’ll come back, and he’ll kill me anyways, plus a million other people.” Harry says, softly. 


“And there’s no way we’re letting him go alone.” Hermione says, Ron nods.


“Gryffindors!” I grumble. “If you're going then I am! I’m not letting two of my friends and my sister-from-another-mother risk their lives while I sit back and eat my granola!” 


“No. You can’t! You're not well enough!” Hermione says. “I-I’ll tell Madam Pomfrey! I’ll tell her you’re planning on sneaking out tonight! You’re not going anywhere!” She runs to the hospital wing door pulling Ron and Harry with her. 


“HERMIONE JEAN GRANGER!!! NO! GET BACK HERE! HERMIONE!!!! I. WANT. TO. COME.” I get out of bed and try to stand on my feet but the blood rushes to my head and I

collapse back onto my bed. “UGH FINE!!! GOOD LUCK! BE CAREFUL!!” I call after her.


“We’ll try!” They shout and walk out of the hospital wing. 


Why is it always me who gets hurt?


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Chapter 17: Chapter 17
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“OH MY GOSH! IS HE DEAD?!” I shoot up in bed, startling all the Professors carrying a stiff and bloody Harry. “Where is Hermione?! Is she okay?! And Ron? Is Ron okay?!” 


“No, Miss. RedFox he is not dead. Quirrell did put up a fight, though.” Dumbledore says, not the least bit surprised.


“Quirrell? So it wasn't Snape?” I ask. Snape, who is right next to Dumbledore, looks absolutely appalled. 


“Ha! I knew it! And did he listen to me? No!” Snape’s face softens slightly, he almost looks like he wants to smirk. “And the stone?” I ask.


“The stone is here.” Dumbledore holds up a ruby red stone. “It will be destroyed by tomorrow.” 


“Good.” I say. 


“Look at him! Sometimes he can be really stupid. Hermione should have let me come.” 




“Where am I?” Harry says, opening his eyes. 


“Where do you think?! You go try to stop the darkest wizard of all time from getting a stone that could properly bring him back. AND YOU DON’T BLOODY TAKE ME WITH YOU!!” I say, sucking on a pack of Harry’s licorice wands.


“Hospital Wing?!” Harry shoots up in his bed. “B-but the stone and Quirrell!” he says to Dumbledore who is standing in front of him. 


Dumbledore opens his mouth to say something but I interrupt, “Sorry what did you just say?! QUIRRELL!!!!!!!! Oooooooooooooooooooooh so it wasn’t SNAPE?!!!!! Too bad EVERYONE thought it was Snape. Such a shame, such a shame.” I pop a chocolate frog into my mouth. “Oh! I got the Flamel card!” 


 “But sir the stone, he's got the stone!” Harry says, clearly not picking up on how calm Dumbledore and I are. 


“Calm yourself, my dear boy you’re a bit behind the times. Quirrell doesn’t have the stone.”


“Then who does?!” Harry says, still slightly panicked.


“Harry please relax, or Madam Pomfrey will have me thrown out.” Dumbledore says.


“Ha! I’d like to see her try! She’s bloody scared of you, she is!” I laugh, chewing on yet another licorice wand. 


“Miss. RedFox, I admire your honesty and…...interesting personality. But, I would like to continue my conversation with Mr. Potter peacefully.” Dumbledore looks down at me through his half-moon spectacles.


“Right. Sorry, sir.” I continue chewing on Harry’s candy.


“Tokens from your friends and admirers.” Dumbledore points to the huge mountain of candy I’ve been feasting on for the past three days. “Your encounter with Professor Quirell is top secret. So naturally, the whole school knows! Mmm, lots of candy. Although, your friend Mr. Weasley, seems to have taken the liberty to eat some of your chocolate frogs for you. Miss. RedFox has been rather occupied with your licorice wands, I think you may have one box left of those.” 


I shrug, “Free candy appears right in front of me, I eat it.” Dumbledore gives me a look that says, ‘Remember what I just told you?’ so I grumble, “Sorry.”


“How long have I been here?” Harry asks.


“3 days, Mr. Weasley and Miss. Granger will be very relieved that you have come around. They have been extremely worried.”


“Hey! So have I!!!” Dumbledore looks at me, and I remember that I’m not supposed to talk, but he just sighs. 


“Yes, yes you have.” he agrees


“But sir the stone?” Harry asks. Oh boy! This guy never chills does he?!


“I see you’re not easily distracted.” I’ll say! “Professor Quirrell didn't manage to take it from you. I arrived in time to prevent that though you were doing very well on your own.” Dumbledore says.


“You got there? You got Hermione's owl?” Harry asks. They continue their conversation on the stone and Quirrell and Flamel. Hey! That rhymes. Oh, wait no it doesn't. Not quite. I zone out since I’ve already heard about all of this.


 I tune back in when I hear, "But why couldn't Quirrell touch me?" Now that I have not heard.


"Your mother died to save you. If there is one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it is love. He didn't realise that love as powerful as your mother's for you, leaves its own mark.” Harry touches his lightning shaped scar. “Not a scar, no visible sign….. to have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection forever. It is in your very skin. Quirrell, full of hatred, greed, and ambition, sharing his soul with Voldemort, could not touch you for this reason. It was agony to touch a person marked by something so good."


My eyes widen, “Wow. That is some DEEP stuff.” 



“I’m so happy we won!!! We won, we won, we won!!!!” Theo sings as we walk to the Great Hall (he skips). 


“I know it’s AMAZING!! Ah….I LOVE winning!” I sigh.


“Who doesn’t?!” Draco asks.


“Um…..everyone who says ‘I’d rather play fair and lose than cheat and win.’” I say.


“That is the most RIDICULOUS thing I have ever heard.” Draco says.


“As long as no one gets too bloodied up. Why not cheat?” Theo says. We all murmur in agreement.


“Ah, another year has gone by and many more are to come!” Dumbledore says, standing at his podium in the front of the Hall. “Points must be tallied. In last place, with 312 points, Gryffindor!” The Gryffindor’s barely clap, they look so devastated. It’s awesome! “In third place, with 352 points, Hufflepuff!” the Hufflepuffs clap. “In second place, with 426 points, Ravenclaw!!” Ravenclaw's clap and hoot. “And in first place with 472 points, Slytherin!!”  

“WOOOOOOOOOO!” I jump up and down and cheer along with my fellow Slytherins. 


“Yes, yes, that is all quite nice, but certain events must be taken into account.” We quiet down. What does he mean? “I have some last minute points to award.” WHAT?! TO WHO?!!!
“To Miss. Hermione Granger I award 50 points for outstanding logic, to Mr. Ronald Weasley I award 50 points for the best chess game ever played at Hogwarts,” Oh. This is about the Sorcerer’s Stone. “To Mr. Harry Potter I award 60 points for sheer courage and bravery,” we’re tied. WE’RE TIED WITH THE GRYFFINDORS!!!! I can’t believe it! “And lastly, to Mr. Neville Longbottom I award 10 points, it takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but more to your friends.” The Gryffindors cheer. They have more points now. But I helped with the Sorcerer’s Stone too. So we still win. “So…..I believe there needs to be a slight change in decoration.” Dumbledore claps his hands and our silver and green banners turn red and gold. WHAT?! The Gryffindor’s cheer.


“NO FAIR! THAT’S SO UNFAIR!” I yell, but my voice is drowned out by the cheers from Gryffindor and even the other houses. I might not have been there, but I helped! I helped! I hate Dumbledore! He knows I helped! He just wants Gryffindor to win! Why!!!! This is, this is……..weird?? This is NOT like Albus Dumbledore. There has to be a reason. Is there? Ugh! Stop being sorry for yourself Fox! There is no reason! Yes, it’s a little unfair, that’s life! I. JUST. REALLY. HATE. LOOSING. 




“‘Arry, Fox, come ‘ere!” Hagrid calls as we are about to board the train. He’s waving two red leather books in his hands. He hands me one of the books, it has a picture of two people who I recognize as my mom and dad on the cover. He hands Harry the other. “Pictures ‘o yer parents.” 

Harry looks at the book like it’s the best thing ever. “Thank you Hagrid!” 


“Thanks!” I say.


“Well, go on then, the trains waiting.”


“Sitting with us?” Harry asks once we board the train. 


“Sure.” I smile. We walk a little longer and find Hermione and Ron in an otherwise empty compartment. 


“Hey what are those?” Ron asks, nodding towards the leather books Hagrid gave us.


“They have a bunch of pictures of Harry and Fox’s parents.” Hermione says.


“How do you know that?!” Ron is bewildered. 


“It’s not that hard to spot Ronald.”  Aaaaaaand the bickering begins. 


I flip through the book, most of the pictures are of my mom and dad when they were at Hogwarts. Many of the pictures have my mom with different friends surrounding her. There are pictures of Narcissa and Snape with her and Pictures of Lily Evans and four other boys and my dad as well. Towards the end of the book, there are pictures of my sister when she was a baby and then when she went to Hogwarts and my brothers too. There are some pictures of baby me and my sister and brothers holding me. I flip to the last page and have to laugh. 


“What?” Harry asks.


“Flip to the last page of your book.” I say.


His face twists in confusion. “Is that… and me??” He looks at the picture of a raven haired boy and a girl with red, brown, and black ombre hair. The boy and girl are no doubt Harry and I and we’re staring at each other, no GLARING at each other. We look about one, our arms are crossed and our eyebrows are scrunched up. We both wear scowls on our faces. 


“I didn’t know we knew each other.” Harry says softly. 


“You didn’t? Oh, McG told me our mothers were ‘The Angels of Gryffindor’. They were best friends. See?” I show him a picture of my mother and his with their arms around each other. “Our dads were also friends.” I show him a picture of James Potter, my dad, and three other guys. “This guy, the one with the scars on his face? He was my dad's best man, see? And Narcissa Black and your mother were my mother's bridesmaids.” I showed him a wedding photo. “My mother was also your mother’s bridesmaid.” I showed him a photo of his parents' wedding day. 


“Narcissa Black?!” he exclaims. 


“They were friends. My mother and her. I don’t think your mother was friends with her though.” 


“Oh. Is that why your friends with Malfoy?” 


“No. I actually LIKE him.” I snap. “He’s not all that bad you know? I used to hate him too. But, he’s okay, when you get to know him and don’t piss him off every so often.”


“Hey, he starts all the fights!” Harry complains.


I laugh. “Of course he does, he’s Draco Malfoy.” Harry gives me a funny look.


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Chapter 18: Chapter 18
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“Ugh! So much POOF! Seriously Cam, you are going to look like Cinderella.” I say, to my sister as she and her best friend/bridesmaid look at a blue V-neck dress with silver sparkles and an incredible amount of tulle. Cam and I have VERY different styles. She likes poofy and floor or ankle length, while I like loose and flowy with a train. However, we BOTH agree that we DO NOT want to wear white on our wedding days. Why?


  1. Because EVERYONE does

  2. Because it’s PLAIN and BORING 

  3. Because everyone used to wear color (mostly red) on their wedding days before Queen Victoria wore white and then EVERYONE suddenly decided to copycat her boring idea 

So, I told Cam she should wear red because it’s the color of love, but, AGAIN she disagrees with me and says it’s too bright. So, she’s wearing blue (her favorite color) to symbolize her power. And between the blue, the sparkles and the poof, she looks like a burnet Cinderella. 


“No, it doesn’t fall right.” She says, completely ignoring what I just said. Ugh! We have been to ALL the wedding dress shops in London, and two Ball gown shops and she STILL hasn’t found her dress. The wedding colors are Blue, gold or silver (she still hasn’t decided, but whichever it is, is the color I’m wearing) and dark gray. So. Bloody. Dull. 


I start walking around myself, I keep in mind that I’m shopping for Cam, not me, so……Cinderella. I stop dead in my tracks, “Holey hoppin’ Helga Hufflepuff!!!” I whisper-shout. “CAAAAAAAAM!!! LIZARD!!!” I call. 


“What?!” Cam calls from somewhere in the store. 


“Come here!!” She groans, but I can hear feet coming my way.


“How many times have I told you NOT to call me Lizard!!! I HATE Lizards!! My name is Lizzie. Li-zie.” says Elisabeth Fann, my sister's best friend, who doesn’t particularly like me very much. “Oh my gosh!” She covers her mouth when she sees what I’m staring at. “CAMI!!!” she yells. 


“Ugh! What is it?” Cam says, turning the corner. She gasps, “It’s perfect!” She runs forward and hugs us both. 


“It is just a dress.” I say, Cam releases me from a bone crushing hug. 

“No. It. Is. Not.” she ruffles my hair. I scowl and flatten it. “Now, we have to find YOUR dresses.” I groan. No. More. Shopping! Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping, but just not with HER. 




“Oh! This is adorable! You HAVE  to wear this Fox!” 




“Oh my gosh, this one!”




“Eeeeek! It’s PERFECT!” 






“Mmmm NO.”


It went on and on and on like that for about ten minutes because every dress Cam put in front of me was too plain and too puffy. Finally we got a dress that was modern enough for me, and despite totally not being her style, ‘Looks good on you.’ for Cam. We got a short and silvery-gray (Cam decided on silver, way to make it more dull) with a medium poof level, dress for Lizard and headed back to FaithHouse. FaithHouse, is our house if you didn’t know, well, it really is more of a small mansion on Faith Street. But FaithMansion was already taken, so was FaithManor, and FaithVilla, so we settled for ‘House’. Mansion, Manor, and Villa also makes the people who live there sound arrogant. *Cough Cough* Malfoys. 


“Aaaaah! Home sweet home!” I say, placing my dress on the kitchen counter. 


“Hello Mrs. REID-Bluebird.” Lyle says, placing his hands on Cam’s hips and trailing kisses down her neck. 


I make a fake gagging sound and point my finger at my open mouth. Lyle and his best man (who is Lizard’s husband) and other friend, who just entered the room, laugh. I pick my dress up off the counter and walk up the stairs to my room. 

“Right, Gaby should be here soon.” Lizard says.


“Wait Ella Bella’s coming?!” Lizard rolls her eyes at ‘Ella Bella’. Zane (one of Lyle’s groomsmen) gulps. I’ve heard that he and Ella Bella have an interesting past. Gabriella García, is another of my sister’s best friends. She’s been traveling the world ever since she finished Hogwarts. I’ve met her a couple of times and I ABSOLUTELY ADORE her. She’s actually from Spain, but came to London when she was 11 just before Hogwarts. Right on cue the front door swings open. 


“HOLA AMIGAS!!!!!” a tall tan woman, who despite being three years from 30 looks 19, stands in the door frame with a big mommy bag over her right shoulder, one regular sized crossbody bag around her, a small purse in her left hand,  and a suitcase in her right hand. 


“ELLA BELLA!!!” I shout, jumping up to hug her. She stumbles on her ten inch heels and drops her bags, but hugs me right back. 


“Senorita!!!” She picks me up and spins me around IN HER TEN INCH HEELS!!! She puts me back down and runs to Lizard and Cam. They do a group hug then pull away and so a VERY complicated handshake while chanting:


All of them: Lizzie! Cami! Gaby! All the ee’s forever! We’ll always be together! 


Lizard: Lizzie! Fizzy! Busy! That is me!


Cam: Cami! Lammy! Tami! That is me!


Ella Bella: Gaby! Zabby! Dabby! That is me!


All of them: ee’s! Ee’s! Ee’s! Ee’s! Ee’s! Ee’s! Ee’s!!!!


I roll my eyes. That is a horrible handshake. “Lyle, Darek, good to see you!” Ella Bella kisses them French style one on each cheek. She pauses in front of Zane. 


“Miss. Garcia.” Zane says, I stifle a laugh. This is going to be interesting. 


“Oh so it’s like that now is it?!” She says.


“I would think so, AFTER YOU LEF-“ Zane begins.


“Okay! So, we’re heading out! Bachelor party at Darek’s tomorrow. You guys are using the house all night and day until the wedding?” Lyle says.


“That’s right! Bridal shower tomorrow night. Decorations and set up is being done all day tomorrow and Saturday’s the big day!” Lizard says.


“Is this kitchen I have to cook for 100 people in?!” Ella Bella exclaims. Did I forget to mention that she’s a three Michelin star chef? She has restaurants all over the world (muggle and wizard). We all look around the kitchen. It’s pretty huge and 100 people is a not that many for a wizard wedding. It’s mostly because Cam doesn’t have any family but me. I think the guests consist of some of my parents' friends, Cam’s friends, Lyle’s friends, and Lyle’s family (which is pretty small). “Dios ayúdame!” Ella Bella facepalms and  mumbles ‘God help me!’ in Spanish when we all nod. “Well, what are you still doing here?! BOYS ARE NOT WELCOME IN THIS HOUSE UNTIL PRECISELY FOUR O’CLOCK ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON!! GO! GO! ADIOS! BYE BYE! HASTA LA VISTA!” She shoo’s the three boys out the open front door and slams it shut. “OMG!! CAMI!! YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!!”


“Eeeeek!! I know!! I can’t believe it!!” She squeals and I can’t help but feel them too. Girly. Anxious. Exuberant. 


I suddenly feel a huge burst of eagerly and I can’t help but jump up and down and yell, “Cam’s getting married! Cam’s getting married!!” Soon, Ella Bella joins in and then Cam and reluctantly Lizard, until we’re bouncing up and down like crazy.




After an exhausting but fun filled day of cooking with Ella Bella, annoying Lizard and picking out my outfit for the bridal shower tonight with Cam:


“No, no, no!! Ugh. That’s too much Habanero sauce. Everyone’s tongues are going to burn like hell!! I can’t wait to see that. Remember to not eat the shrimp paella.” - Ella Bella


“Oops!” -My response 


“That’s enough sugar! Goodness gracious! If we feed the guests those churro’s they'll never leave!” -Again Ella Bella


“Good then, we can PAR-TAY all night!!!” -My response 


“Aaaaah!! Cami! You’re psycho sister squirted KETCHUP onto my hair from above my shower stall RIGHT after I finished washing my hair!!!!” - Lizard (My response is laughter)


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHhhh!!!! There is a bloody LIZARD in my closet!! How the hell did she get a LIZARD?!” -Lizard 


“I have a stash that I keep for when you visit.” -My sarcastic response with laughter


“Absolutely not! That is much too short for an eleven year old! How do you even have that?” -Cam


“Perks of my sister leaving me to shop all by myself all the time.” -my response 


“No, there is a SLIT in it!” -Cam


“It’s modern style! Keep up with the time, Cinderella!” -Response (She finally gave in)

I am getting dressed for the bridal shower party. I put on my dress and then some mascara and lip gloss. I’m not one for makeup but a little is okay. I then slip on my white Vans, I DON’T like heels or pumps (I don’t mind wedges, though) and run down the stairs, careful not to trip on my dress. I walk to the Wanderer’s Hall. I trace my finger over the engravings on the big wooden doors: Those who wander, are not lost.  The Wanderer’s Hall is our house's ballroom. But it’s more than that, it’s where it all happened. It’s where everything WAS lost. I haven’t entered the Hall since the night it happened. Whenever anyone asks me if I remember anything about that day, I say no. It’s a lie, truth hurts. Cam feels the opposite way I do about that night. She never wants to let go. I know she comes here almost every day. The Hall used to be the most beautiful place in the house, before spells hit the walls and jets of light crumbed the floor. Crucio. I remember that word so clearly. I shudder just thinking about it. Cam fixed up the Hall after the destruction was done, but it will never be what it was before. I take a deep breath and slowly turn the doorknob. I push the door open, it creaks. I remember that I am doing this for Cam. I open my eyes and look at the bright Hall, sunlight streams through the glass walls, a big fountain with aqua blue water that shimmers in the light stands tall in the middle of the Hall. The marble floor is the purest of whites, I can see my reflection in it. Through the glass walls there is a view of the Garden, which has been decorated and set up with tables and chairs, all ready for tomorrow. 


“I’m so proud of you.” Camellia whispers, coming up to me from across the Hall, where her friends were trying to get her to leave the Hall until everything was reading. I nod. Just once, and then smile and shoo her out of the Hall. 


At 6:00, Cam’s friends start arriving, there are 15 girls in total coming (including Lizard and Ella Bella). Some are work friends, and others are Hogwarts classmates. Everyone sits at a table in the room and starts chit-chatting, some people bought Cam presents so she opens them. I. Get. So. Bored. A lot of the girls treat me like a six year old too, and I HATE that. But then, some music starts to play and people start to dance and it gets pretty fun. Cam grabs my hands and twirls me around to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it off’. Finally, at around 8:00, the girls leave and I race out of the Hall before Lizard makes me help clean up. I put my feet up on the couch and sip my Ginger Ale. Just then, the doorbell rings and I remember…...


I fling the front door open. “HERMIONE!!!” I squeal, we embrace each other in a bone-crushing hug. I was debating on whether I should invite Hermione or Theo, ultimately I decided on Hermione because she could sleep over and we could get ready together tomorrow. I’m not super girly, but I have my moments. 


“So this is the famous Hermione Granger!! Fox talks about you all the time!” Cam says, walking towards us with Lizard and Ella Bella at her side. 


“You must be the bride! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Bluebird. I’m Hermione Granger.” Hermione says. Cam looks very surprised, Ella Bella winks at me, and Lizard tries to  hide her snort. They are probably all thinking, ‘How is this girl Fox’s friend?!’. “Oh please! Camellia will do. This is Elizabeth-”


“Lizzie.” Lizard corrects.


“Liz-ARD.” I smirk, she gives me the stink eye. 


“Camellia’s bridesmaid.” Lizard finishes. 


“And I’m Gabriella Garcia, three Michelin star chef and proud! Cami’s BETTER bridesmaids.” she winks at Lizard, who rolls her eyes. “Nice to meet you!” she says, taking Hermione’s hand and furiously shaking it. 


“Yes, well, come on! My rooms this way.” I grab Hermione’s hand and lead her up the stairs and into my room. 


“Your sister and her friends seem very nice!” Hermione chirps, placing her bag down on my desk.


“I love Cam, she’s SUPER annoying and the best person in the world! Lizard, that’s what I call Lizzie, SUCKS she has no sense of humor and hates me just because I put a Lizard in her hair the first time I met her. Although, she’s fun to annoy. She is also REALLY sassy, though. Ella Bella, that’s Gabriella, is AMAZING she’s the best and she’s just COOL!” Hermione raises her eyebrows and nods a couple times. 


“Soooooo…...wanna see my dress for tomorrow?!!” she squeals.


“Who are you and what have you done with Hermione Granger?!” I laugh.


She rolls her eyes and pulls out a carefully folded, summery, bright yellow dress. “Oh my gosh! You are going to look SO good in that ‘Mione!! If only Ron were here!” I wink.


“What?! You-you’ve gone mad! You DO NOT know what you're saying! Just, just…..imagining things. Ha! Ron, Ron! Ha!” she laughs a choppy laugh and shakes her head, but turns a little pink.  


“I can’t WAIT for tomorrow!!!” I squeal. We spend the rest of the night jumping up and down and going through my nail polish to find colors that will match our dresses.


Chapter 19: Chapter 19
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Outfits for the wedding:

   I know the pictures are a little all over the place, they were NOT being very cooperative. The first silver dress, with the folds in front is Fox's Flower girl dress. The Black dress, is the dress Fox wears to the Bridal Shower. The short silver dress that is shimmery on top is Ella Bella and Lizard's bridesmaids dress. The Cinderella dress is guess who's??? CAMELLIA'S!!! And last but not least......the yellow dress is Hermione's (I love that dress). I just want to say that some of the dresses might not fit my descriptions very well. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find some better fitting one. (I really don't like the Fox's flower girl one). Oh well! It is what it is! 



NEW Girl'S LEXIE Mon Cheri TWEEN BLACK Floral Applique Party DRESS ...Fox's outfit for the Bridal Shower (Minus the heels. NO HEELS!!) 



XCOS New Banquet Elegant Grey Satin Evening Dress High low Short ...MACloth Women V Neck Sequin Short Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses ...                                                                                               
                                                                         Gabriella and Elizabeth Bridesmaids dress                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Fox's flower girl dress







      Julia Kui Gorgeous Ball Gown Wedding Dress Sky Blue Color With ...Camellia (Cam/Cinderella) Bride dress


High Neck Halter Flower Floor Length Bridesmaid Dress, Sunbeam A ...Hermione wedding guest dress




Chapter 20: Chapter 20
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Camellia has been claiming ever since she knew she was getting married that she did not want or need someone to give her away. The truth is she doesn’t HAVE anyone to give her away. No dad. No mom. No aunt. No uncle. No godparent. I can also tell that she DOES want someone to give her away because she keeps reminding us every hour, “You need to stop worrying about me! I’ll be just fine without anyone to walk me down the aisle! I mean, it’s only 20 feet! And anyways I don’t WANT anyone to walk me down the aisle, even if such a person existed! It shows independence and confidence, that I walk alone.” Liar, liar, pants on fire. 


Now, it’s almost time to walk down the aisle and I see no sign of Cam! I run upstairs. “Cam?” I knock on the door to her room and find her sitting on her bed with her head in her hands, silently sniffing. I run to her. “Oh Cam! What’s the matter?” I sit next to her. “Is it Lyle? Have you changed your mind?” I rub circles on her back.


“NOOOO!!!” She cries lifting her head up. Her eyeliner is running down her cheeks. I grab a towel and place it on her dress so the black doesn’t stain it. “I-I want mum and dad!!!” she cries really hard. I don’t know what to do! Cam is such a cheery person I don’t think I’ve ever seen her cry before! I slowly continue rubbing circles on her back. Suddenly she jumps up. “I’M GONNA BE LATE!” 


“Hey! Hey, Cam it’s okay!” I stand on the bed so I look taller than her and wipe her face clean. “We have time.” she sniffs. In reply and plops down on the bed again. We sit in silence for a couple of minutes.


“W-will you give me away?” Cam whisper-sniffs. I smile and nod.


“Of course.” I feel the waterworks coming for me too now. I cling to Cam like she’s the only thing in the world.


“Woah. Hate to break up the Sad Sister Cry Fest but-” Darek doesn’t get a chance to finish because Lizard hits him on the arm. “Ow!”


“It’s time.” Lizard says softly. I nod and Cam finally smiles. I wipe what’s left of her makeup off her face and we stand up. 


As we walk down the stairs, Cam’s face turns from the sad lonely girl to an exuberant, anxious bride. You can’t even tell she’s been crying.


“Ah! There you are! I swear if you had left me alone for one more minute with this guy,” Ella Bella jabs a finger at Zane, (They are both already really unhappy that they have to walk down the aisle together). “He would have to walk down that aisle headless.” Cam laughs. 


“I’m here, though. And there’s a change of plans. Fox is going to throw flowers as she escorts me down the aisle.” everyone nods as music starts. 


“Aquí va nada.” ‘Here goes nothing’ Ella Bella mumbles, as she takes Zane’s arm. Lizard hooks her arm around Darek and they all walk down the aisle. 


Once they reach the end, everyone rises. I smile up at Cam. “I love you.”


“I love you too.” she breaths. “Here we go.”


I hook my arm through her’s and we start walking. I toss flowers in the air and in front of me as I walk. I spot Hermione towards the front and toss a bunch of flowers in her face. She laughs, then covers her mouth and goes back to serious mode. Meanwhile, Cam has her eyes fixed on Lyle the whole time, and his are fixed on her. Bleh. I am never getting married. Love is so cheesy. I toss a hand full of flowers in Cam’s face which I think will earn me a glare. But instead she just smiles and shakes her head at me then GOES BACK TO LOOKING AT LYLE. 


Finally we reach the altar and the music stops. Cam bends down so I can flip the vail off her face. That’s another wedding tradition I see no point in. If you’re walking down an aisle and you’re the center of attention, wouldn’t you want people to see your face? I throw one more handful of flowers at Cam’s face and then one at Lyle’s, kiss Cam on the cheek, wiggle my eyebrows and sit down in my seat. 


The ceremony is SUPER boring!! When I get married, IF I get married (which I won’t), I am going to write my own script for the whole ceremony! Filled with LOTS of JOKES. FINALLY, we get to, ‘You may kiss the bride.’ I hate that line. I mean, it’s like, ‘Of course I can kiss my own wife! I don’t need YOUR permission.’  We stand up and clap and throw more flowers at Cam and Lyle, as they walk back through the aisle and into the house, where they are no doubt kissing each other. 


Hermione comes up to me. “You did great!” She hugs me.


“Hermione! I WALKED down an aisle in VANS and threw FLOWERS in people’s FACES! What an achievement!!!!” I say sarcastically. She rolls her eyes (which she doesn’t do often). “Come on! The reception’s starting!!” I say, grabbing her arms and pulling her out of the garden and towards the lush green lawn where people are sitting down at small, round white tables, with blue camellia flowers in the center. 


We stand in the buffet line and get our food. Then, we sit down at the table with Hermione and my place cards. The table is labeled ‘Family and plus one’s’ which means, other than Hermione and I, everyone else is related to Lyle. 


“You must be Camellia’s sister.” an older woman who I haven’t met before says, sitting next to me.  


I swallow my food and say, “Yes. My name is Ruby RedFox. But you can call me Fox.” I stick my hand out. The woman takes it.


“I’m Arya Patil, Lyle’s cousin. Though I think he thinks of me as more of an older sister. We grew up together.” The woman shakes my hand. 


“Wait Patil?!” Hermione says leaning over me. “You wouldn’t by any chance be related to Parvati Patil?” 


“Oh! She’s my daughter! She’s right there with her twin, Padma.” Arya points to the buffet line, where two girls, who very much resemble their mother, are giggling about something. “Do you know them? I assumed you both went to Hogwarts, but I wasn’t sure.”


“Yes! Parvati’s my roommate!” Hermione says. “I’m Hermione Granger.” 


“Oh yes! Parvati speaks so well of you!” Arya shakes Hermione’s hand. 


“I don’t know either of them very well. I’m in Slytherin.” I say.


“Really?” Arya looks amused. 


I nod. “I wasn’t aware Lyle had cousins of Indian origin. I have alway loved Indian culture! I really want to go there when I travel the world someday. I want to go to Mumbai and Kolkata.”


Arya looks really happy. “Yes. I’m biracial, so my mother, who is Lyle’s mom’s sister, is caucasian, but my father was born and raised in Mumbai. He came to England for college, he’s a muggle. My husband is also from India, but he was raised here. I don’t know many people who express such interest in Indian culture. I would love to have you over for Diwali, it’s-”


“The festival of lights.” I smile. “I would love to come sometime.”


Arya nods. “Padma and Parvati love it. They get to spend a day off of school.” she giggles. We laugh.


Just then, Padma and Parvati sit down next to Hermione. “Hermione! What are you doing here?” 


Hermione points at me, “This is Fox, she invited me. She’s Camellia’s sister.” The Patil twins look at me sceptical. 


“Doesn’t she hang with Malfoy and his gang?” Padma says. 


“But I’ve never seen her tease anyone.” Parvati points out.


“And she burned the Forest.” Padma argues. “Plus she’s a SLYTHERIN, you as a Gryffindor, of all people should understand that!”  


“Oh chill will you!? She helped save the Sorcerer's Stone AND she’s friends with Hermione, obviously.” Parvati puts her hands on her hips. Padma sighs and continues eating her food.


“Ok, I assumed all twins were like Fred and George but CLEARLY I am very wrong.” I say. That earns me a couple laughs.


“So, Padma….is that how you say it?” I say.


“Actually, not quite. Most people say Pad-ma but it’s Pud-muh.” She says.


“And most people say Par-vat-ti but it’s actually Par-vath-ee.” Parvati adds.


“Oh. Well, Padma, what house are you in?” I ask, pronouncing her name correctly. 


“Ravenclaw.” She says. “Parvati’s in Gryffindor.” 


“You know, the hat almost put me in Gryffindor.” 


“Really?” Parvati asks. “You would think that Slytherins and Gryffindors are opposites because their enemies.”  I shrug.


“Slytherins and Gryffindors are actually VERY similar. Slytherins are AMBITIOUS and Gryffindors are BRAVE, pretty similar.”  


After we finish dinner, we cut the cake and do toasts. Lyle’s parents do a toast, they talk about how happy they are to have Cam as part of the family now, blah, blah, blah. Then Lizard does a toast, her shimmery dress stands out against her dark caramel colored skin and her pitch black hair blows in the cool evening wind as she tells stories of Cam and Lyle in their Hogwarts years. I look over and see Cam tear up at the mention of Cam, Lizard, Lyle, Ella Bella, Zane and Darek, spending endless summers here at FaithHouse with Asher and Devin (my brothers who died) and cooing over me, when I was little. Lizard mentions how mum used to always make these really good cookies with chocolate and marshmallow, she called them Marsh Pies, because the center would ooze out when you bite into it. She talks about how dad used to pull pranks on them and the jokes he would tell. Lizard actually gets choked up when she mentions my family and ends with an, “I was always welcome at FaithHouse when I wasn’t at home.” she starts softly crying and sits down. I have never seen Lizard so...fragile? Is that the right word? I know that her parents were cocky purebloods and tried to disown her because she got into Hufflepuff instead of Slytherin, I guess my parents death must have taken a toll on her too. After Lizard sits down everyone is quiet. But not an awkward quietness, a nice calm quietness. After a couple minutes though, I decide I want to say something. I stand up.


“I’m not really one for this kind of….sweet thing. But...I just want to say that I’m really happy that Cam has found someone that makes her happy and I also like Lyle and I’m sure mum and dad and Asher and Devin would have too. To…” I smile and take a sip of my sparkling apple cider as everyone choruses ‘To love’. I really don’t know why I said, ‘To love’ it’s totally not me, but it just came out and sounded right. “So…...can we part-ay now?” Everyone laughs. 


“To the dance floor!!!!” Ella Bella yells as the Tango starts to play. Cam and Lyle take the first dance and they are GOOD. Then, other young couples join in, but older couples take a seat and mill around, probably waiting for a slower song. Well, their wish is NOT granted because after the Tango, the Salsa starts to play. 


“Come on!” I yell, pulling Hermione onto the dance floor with me. We dance together, and we would actually be pretty good if Hermione didn’t trip on her dress every twenty seconds. After the first two minutes of the dance Hermione bails out and goes to get some punch. I stand on the edge of the dance floor and watch Ella Bella twirl around like crazing with one of Lyle’s cousins. 


“Good aren’t they?” Say a voice next to me. I turn to find a boy with skin slightly darker than Lizard’s and big honey-yellow eyes. He’s a little taller than me, ok pretty much a whole head taller than me. But he looks around twelve or thirteen, what can I say? I’m short. “I’m Adrian.”


I squint. “Adrian Pucey?!!” He nods. “As in, the guy I bumped into earlier this year?” he nods again. “Hmm. I didn’t recognize you, it’s kinda dark here. I keep bumping into Hogwarts students that I’m related to now. Wait am I related to you?!” He laughs.


“No. I’m here because of Lizzie.” 


“You’re related to LIZARD?!” I scrunch up my nose, but he just laughs again. 


“Yup. I think I’m her cousin.”


“YOU THINK?!” he shrugs.


“All I know is that I grew up with her parents, and that we are somehow related. But I wasn’t disowned. I’m a Slytherin.” he says it like he just won an Order of Merlin. “And I’m-”


“The best chaser Slytherin’s ever had?” I raise my eyebrow. He laughs again.




“I’m Camellia’s sister.” I say.


“I know, Lizzie’s ALWAYS talking about how annoying you are.” He laughs AGAIN. 


I shrug, “I try.” 


“Wanna dance?” He nods towards the sill Salsa-ing couples on the dance floor. My stomach does a sort of flip. Oh my gosh Fox! Stop it. You are only eleven and eleven months. Stop it!!!! 


“Eh.” Is all I can think to say. He raises his eyebrow again.


“Is that a yes or a no? And let me just say, if it’s a ‘No’ you don’t know what you're disagreeing to.” I roll my eyes as he runs a hand through his hair. 


“Yes.” he smiles and grabs my hands. We start Salsa-ing, and…….he’s pretty good. Ok, he’s REALLY good. Ok, I seriously NEED TO STOP! I am dancing WITH a boy, and I am arguing with myself. Not good. I need to calm down. Calm down. Ok this is RIDICULOUS!! I DO NOT LIKE him. Like, LIKE, him. Whooo it felt good to say that. I’m just dancing, just like with Hermione. But with a more competent partner. 


“You're pretty okay.” he points out. I roll my eyes as the music speeds up.


“Gee thanks.” 


“Okay, fine. You’re pretty GOOD. Happy?” I give him a ‘seriously’ look. “Now come on, how good am I?” he fishes. 


“You’re…” I would be lying if I said ‘Not so bad yourself’. “Good.” he raises his right eyebrow. “Okay fine, you’re sort of, maybe….really good.” 


“Mmmhmm.” he nods like he’s approving my compliment. Just then the music stops and he dips me. I almost let out a squeak, I was NOT expecting that. “Pleasure dancing with you.” he bows and then walks off. 


I hear a ‘Soooooooooooooooooo’ and know right away it belongs to Cam.


“Hey Cam!! Congratulations! Party’s great! Sooooooo happy for you! Bye!” I try to escape but she grabs my arm. 


“Nice try. Adrian Pucey???” She looks both concerned and amused.


“What about him?” I say, because that is the truth. We were just dancing. She tilts her head and gives me the ‘You know what about him!’ look. “We were dancing.” 


“But you liiiiiiiiiiiiike him.” she wiggles her eyebrows and pokes me. “Huh? Huh? Huuuuuuuuuuuuh???” I can feel my face reddening. I don’t like him. I am WAY too young to LIKE anybody. I think. Wait, when can I start liking people? Ugh! Never mind. 


“No. I. Do. Not!!!!!! Love you.” I kiss her on the cheek and head towards the drinks table. 


I open a can of Fizzing Lemon (a wizard’s version of Sprite) and sip it thirstily. I didn’t realize how hot I was. I reach up to tuck a strand of my hair back into its place, and feel the hawk pin. I smile when the cool metal touches my hand. 


“Nice pin you have there.” I jump. 


“SNAPE?!” I yelp, turning around. 


“The one and only.” he says in a drawling voice, sipping some FIREWHISKEY?? 


“I thought Camellia hated you?! I don’t actually know why she hates you. And even if she liked you…..who invites a PROFESSOR to their wedding?!”  


“She DOES hate me.” He answers simply. 


“Why? I mean, other than the fact that you’re ice cold.” he glares at me. I shrug and give him the ‘Explain’ look. He sighs. 


“Once a Death Eater, always a Death Eater.” He says, as if to quote someone. 


“You were a Death Eater?” My eyes widen.


“Yes.” I shrug. I guess I should have figured that.


“But then why are you here? Wait…..are you GATECRASHING??!!” He rolls his eyes and purses his lips. 




“So you were invited?”




“But she hates you?”




“Then why did she invite you?” I’m so confused.


“Ask her.”


“But you KNOW why she invited you?”




“So save me a trip across the lawn and tell me.”




“You can be annoying, you know that?!”


“If we were in school, you would receive two week's worth of detention for that.”


“But we’re not in school.” he does something between a sigh and a groan.


“Fine.” Ten seconds. Twenty. Thirty. 


“Well?!” I am frustrated.






“I. Am. Her. Godfather.” 


“Really? Wait does that mean you’re mine?” 


“No. Good bye.” he apparates away before I can ask more questions. 




“Was that Professor Snape?” Hermione asks, coming up to me.


“Apparently.” I grumble. “Come on.” I grab her arm and we run towards the dance floor. 

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Chapter 21: Chapter 21
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“Mr. Williams! Where is Divination Forevermore?” I ask my boss, William Williams, the owner of Flourish and Bolts.


“Who could possibly want that?” He calls from the back room.


“A very enthusiastic divination lover.” I call back. My consumer gives me an odd look.


“Erm, I’m not sure we carry that.” Mr. William says, coming out from the back room.


“Oh. I’m sorry, we don’t seem to have that in stock. Would you like me to place an order?” I ask my customer, switching to business mode. 


“Yes, thank you.” says the girl in front of me. 


“Alrighty! That will be ten galleons! Would you like a bag for two knuts?” she nods. “Okee dokee!!! Your extracurricular divination book should arrive at Hogwarts on September 6th.” I carefully pack her books in a bag and hand it to her. 


“Thank you.” she says.


“Noooooo problem-o!!! Thank you for shopping at Flourish and Bolts and have. A. Loooooooovely. DAY!!!!” I call after her. If you can’t tell, I’m in a VERY cheery mood.


“Nailed it!” Mr. Williams sings.


“Oh yeah I did!” we fist bump.


Cam’s wedding was in July and all summer before that was kept busy building up to it. But one week after it was over I got bored. So Ella Bella, who was staying with me when Cam and Lyle went on their honeymoon, suggested I get a job. Mr. Williams is getting old and was looking for an assistant. When I first came in, he said he needed someone older but I managed to convince him I was perfect for the job. Not only do I get money, but I also get to read all the books I want when I’m not helping customers, it’s the best!!! Now it’s the last day of August, tomorrow school starts and many students are coming in to buy books. When Cam came back from her honeymoon she wasn’t sure she liked the idea of me being away all day, but I gave her the whole ‘I’m not a baby anymore’ chat and she gave in. 


Mr. Williams goes back to the storage room, where he has a secret room behind the right wall that has sweets, and a bed to rest. I write a letter to Books & More for a copy of Divination Forevermore then hear the entrance bell ring. 


“Hogwarts?” I ask, not bothering to look up. 


“No, I’m here to give a book talk and give signings. Where shall I set up?” I look up to find Gilderoy Lockhart. Ugh, I forgot he was coming. I think he’s a total fraud, to be honest.


“Just that way.” I use the end of my quill to point to the other end of the store. He walks over and examines the space.


“Oh no! I’m afraid this won’t do. You see, I don’t think you understand how important I am. There will be so many fans crowding this area and-”


“That’s your space. Take it or leave it.” I send the famous Slytherin glare. He coughs and scurries around setting up his books and placing god knows how many posters of him on the wall. 


I finish writing the letter and give it to Parker. Mr. Williams owl. The clock strikes noon and people start swarming in to see the ‘Oh so amazing Gilderoy Lockheart’. 


“Excuse me?” I hear a voice say from the other side of the counter. I sigh and close the potions book I was reading. I get up from where I was sitting behind the desk and turn around to find two familiar faces looking back at me. “You WORK here?!” Draco wrinkles his nose.


“Nice to see you, too.” I roll my eyes and step on the moving ladder. I pick up all the books I know he’ll need as the ladder zooms around the room. I step back behind the counter and place the books on the desk. “Fifteen Galleons, eight knuts, and five sickles. Would you like anything extra for complimentary reading?” Draco raises his eyebrows. “I’ll take that as a no. Bag for free?” 


“Free?” Lucius asks.


“Why not! Business is booming, might as well!” They just stare at me. “Ooooookay! I’ll take that as a yes!” I pull out a bag from under the counter and carefully place his books in it. “Thank you for shopping at Flourish and Bolts. Have. A. Loooooooooooooovely. DAY!!!!” I smile. “OH! Also, please enjoy Mr. Gilderoy Lockheart’s books signing just over there.” I point to the crowd. “Personally? I think he’s a fraud, but Mr. Williams agreed to give me an extra five sickles if I say it to every single customer today.” I add. Draco smirks.


“There’s the Fox I know! I was worried business gobbled you up.” Draco says, but is instantly met with a cane in the gut. 


“Yes, why do you work here?” Lucius says, maliciously. 


“I was bored. My sister got married earlier this summer so I was busy then, but now I have nothing to do. Well, tomorrow I go back to Hogwarts, so yeah. Anyways, have a nice day!” Lucius and Draco look at me weirdly but step aside to let me help the next people in line. On and on it goes! There are lots of consumers today and I’m happy that I’m able to help them all. I even coax some of them into buying extra books. 


“I don’t like you when you're all ‘Little miss happy pants’.” Draco says, coming up to me. 


“Managed to get rid of your dad?” I ask. 


“He’s over there speaking with some ministry official.” Draco nods to two men talking in the corner of the shop.


“Sugarcoating more like it.” I mumble.


“Don’t talk about my father like that! He’s a man of honor!” 


I sigh, “Still trying to make him proud?”


“He is proud!” Draco insists. I sigh again, one day I’ll tell him, but right now he can think that all he wants. 


“Yes, he should be proud.” I say, Draco doesn’t seem to notice my ‘should be’.


“Ugh! Look! Lockheart’s cooing over Pottah!” 


“Poor Harry.”


“‘Poor Harry’?!!! Ha!”


“Oh come on! Look at him, he hates the attention!” I say. “Oh, no! No!” I hold him back. “Don’t you dare! You’ll only start a fight!” But Draco’s gone. “UGH!” I look around, to make sure there are no more customers and run after him. I grab his arm, “Do you really need to take every option you can to tease him!” 


“Yes! He bloody deserves it!” Draco says.


“No! No one deserves it! Never judge a book by it’s cover! It’s all about perspective and understanding someone thoroughly!” He rolls his eyes and mumbles a bad word for 



“What did you just say to me?!” I say, probably cutting off his blood circulation. But he wrenches his arm out of my grip and stands in front of Harry and what I assume are the Weasleys. 


“Bet you loved that didn’t you Potter?!” He taunts. I make my way to them and stand to the side exactly in the middle. So it doesn’t look like I’m on one side or the other. “Famous Harry Potter! Can’t even go to a bookshop without making the front page!”


“Leave him alone!” Says a little red haired girl standing next to Harry. 


“Alright Potter! Got yourself a girlfriend!” Draco wrinkles his nose.


“Now, now, Draco, play nicely.” great just what we need, Lucius! “Mr. Potter. Lucius Malfoy, we meet at last.” he uses his cane to tilt Harry’s head up and examine his scar. “Forgive me, your scar is legendary. As of course, is the wizard who gave it to you.”


“Voldemort killed my parents, he killed her parents,” Harry nods to me. Yikes! He noticed me. Lucius squints at me, waiting to see which side I’ll take. But I stay quiet. “He killed so many people. He was nothing more than a murderer.” 


“Hmm. You must be very brave to mention his name.” Lucius says. Personally? I don’t like hearing his name, but I don’t mind saying it. Weird, I know. “Or really foolish.” 


“Fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself!” Hermione says, stepping next to me. 


“And you must be….Miss Granger?” Lucius looks at Draco who nods, curtly. “Yes, Draco’s told me all about you, and your parents. Muggles aren’t they?” Oh great! Now he’s going all Mr. Pureblood Prejudice. “Now let me see,” he turns to Ron and the rest of the Weasley’s, “red hair, tatty second hand books,” he picks up a book from the little redhead girls cauldron, “you must be the Weasleys.”


“Children it’s mad in here, let’s go outside.” says a man with red hair coming up behind Hermione. Hermione steps to the side. 


“Well, well, well, Weasley Senior!” Lucius says. 


“Lucius.” Mr. Weasley says.


“Is it time at the Ministry Arthur, all those extra raids, I do hope they're paying you overtime. But by the state of this,” he drops the book he picked up back into the little girl’s cauldron. “I’d say not. What’s the use if you make a disgrace to the name of Wizard, if they don’t even pay you well for it?!”


“Eh hem.” I cough. “It seems you both have a very different idea of what disgraces the name of Wizard.” Lucius squints at me again, but I said nothing that could put me on either side. 


“Clearly.” Lucius turns back to Mr. Weasley. “Associating with muggles! And I thought your family could sink no lower. I’ll see you at work.” he turns around and walks out the door is cloak swishing behind him. 


“See you at school!” Draco glares at Harry and the Weasleys. Then he turns to me, “See you on the train?” his expression softens. 


I smirk, “Not after THAT!” he growls and rolls his eyes. Then he walks out the door after his father. “Bloody idiot. I tell him not to pick a fight and what does he do?! People should listen to me more often. HERMIONE!!!” I hug her, returning to my cheery self. Everyone is in shock at the sudden change in my attitude. 


“That’s our Anniekins, five emotions in one sentence.” Fred says. I roll my eyes. 


“Fred, George.” I nod. “How many pranks did you pull this summer?”


“THIRTY-THREE!!” Fred shouts.


“Ha! Beat that!” George adds


I smirk, “Well, gentlemen, you play well……...BUT NOT WELL ENOUGH!!! HA! THIRTY-FIVE!!! IN YOUR FACE!!!” I jump around. “Oh yeah! Uh huh. In your face!!” I do my victory dance around them. 


“Only because you don’t have your mum breathing down your neck!” Fred insists.


“Oooooooh somebody’s sore. Why? BECUSE YA LOST!!!!” I pump my hands in the air.


“Okay, okay, well done.” George agrees. 


“Thank you.” I do a deep bow and move on to greeting everyone else. “Ron, good summer?” Ron nods. 


“You?” he asks.


“Best ever! Harry? Dursley’s treat you better?” I ask Harry.


He shrugs, “Only ‘cause their scared of me. They don’t know that I’m not allowed to do magic outside of school.” he smirks. 


“Good boy.” I high five him and he laughs. 


“What’s gotten you in such a good mood?” Hermione asks. “Last time I saw you you were whining over me not letting you throw cake in your sister’s face on her wedding day.”


“Hermione Granger! Are you suggesting that I’m always whining?!” I put my hand on my heart. 


“You kinda always are.” Ron mumbles and Harry and Hermione nod in agreement.


“Well, I’ll have you know that this shops done me well! I get to talk to people, and read, and get paid, IT’S HEAVEN ON EARTH!” I twirl with my arms in the air. “Mr. Weasley! I’m Ruby RedFox, but you can call me Fox.” I shake his hand. 


“Arthur Weasley.” he shakes my hand. “Pleasure.” he smiles. “This is Ginny, she’ll be going into first year.” 


“Hello!” I give Ginny I tight hug. When I pull away her eyes are wide. “Oh! Got to go-o!! More customers!!!!! See you at Hogwarts!!!” I dance towards the front desk.


“I say give her four days and she’ll be back to her old self.” George says.


“Nah! I say two. Five knuts?” Fred bets. 


“She’s gone mental.” Ron adds. 


“Never thought I’d say this but I wish she’d be more…….Slytherin-ish.” Harry agrees. 


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Chapter 22: Chapter 22
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“Hello boys!!!!” I say, opening the compartment door that Theo, Draco, Blaise, and the Goons are seated in.


“How were your summer’s?!” I lay down with my head on Theo’s lap and my feet on Draco’s. 


“Ah! Your snake is crawling all over my neck!!!” Theo cries.


“Oh Salazar!!!!!!” I sing. My snake crawls onto my palm. I bring him to my face so I can look him in the eye. “Don’t crawl on Uncle Theo!!!!” Salazar hisses and slithers down my leg and onto Draco. 


“AHHHH! BLOODY SNAKE!! GET OFF! GET OFF!!” Draco screams swahting Salazar. 


“No, not Draco either. He’s a bit of a chicken.” I tell Sal. He hisses in understanding (he’s very smart) and slithers over to Blaise, who’s surprise! Surprise! READING!!!! Blaise doesn’t look up from his book as he pets the snake. Sal curls up around his neck. 


“Bloody snake! You owe me twenty minutes with the cat now!” Draco says. 


“Stripie!!! Go to Uncle Draco.” I tell my VERY fat cat, he doesn’t move. Draco sighs and picks him up off the floor. Draco puts him on his lap and starts petting him and cooing him. 


“Well, well, well, looks like the Great Draco Malfoy has a soft spot.” Blaise teases looking up from his book.


“Shut up.” Draco says.


“Oh! You’re all so mean! Lighten up a little!!! It’s the first day of school and we’re no longer the youngest!!!” I smile.


“You're no longer the youngest, midget.” Draco smirks, patting Stripie on the head. 


“I am NOT a midget!!!” I sit up. “I will have you know, I saw my doctor a couple days ago and she said I’m growing admirably!!!! Also, I’m average height!” 


“For a dwarf!” Theo says, and everyone starts laughing. 


“Oh my god! You are so bloody annoying! Maybe I should go find Pottah, Grangerrrr, and Weaslebee?!” I say mimicking how they pronounce the Golden Trio’s names. 


“NO!” They all yell, I smirk. 


“You cracked.” Blaise says.


“What?” I ask, confused.


“You. Cracked! You said ‘bloody’ you said, ‘oh my god’ you mimicked and you smirked. What happened to Miss Cheery?” Blasie raises his right eyebrow. 


“It’s your bloody fault! All summer I was free of you and what happens when I see you again? I go back to being stubborn.”


“And bossy.” Theo says.


“And sour.” Blaise adds.


“And headstrong.” Draco nods.


“And, and……” Crabbe thinks. “Bossy.” 


“I said that already!” Theo says. 


“Cocky?” Goyle asks. 


“Alright! That’s it! I need girlfriends!!!” I say.


“What about mudblood?” Draco wrinkles his nose.


“Are you kidding me?! Have you MET her???!!!! You can’t do ANYTHING with her that doesn’t involve the least bit of studying!!” I say.


“What’s wrong with us anyways?” Theo asks.


“You're annoying!” 


“And girls aren’t?!” Blaise says.


“Mmm, good point. Ugh! What is wrong with the world!!! You know what we need? We need more decent people! AND more cherries!!! I can’t find cherries ANYWHERE and it’s driving me NUTS!!!!” I shout.


“You’re welcome.” Blasie tosses me a jar of ruby red cocktail cherries. I jump up, accidentally hitting Draco’s face with my boot. 


“Ow! Next time I get the head!” he tells Theo. 


“Where did you get these?!” I look at Blaise.


“My mum can’t go a night without a martini. I smuggled some cherries from the bar.” he shrugs.


“Well thanks!!!!!” I open the jar and start eating. 


“Can I have one?” Draco asks. 


“Hmm, let me think, ummmmmmm...NO!” I smile wickedly. He rolls his eyes and grabs the jar. “Hey!!!” he pops two in his mouth and then stands up on the seat, holding the jar out of my reach. I stand up too, “Give! Me! It!!” I say, jumping to try and reach the cherries. “Give IT!!!” 


“Midget.” he teases. 


“Oh so that’s how it is!!??” I say. He gives me a ‘What are you gonna do about it?!’ look. I stop jumping and slap him right across the face. His arm drops in shock, I grab the jar and sit back down on my seat. Draco clutches his face and sits down slowly. Theo and Blaise are laughing like crazy, I pop another cherry into my mouth and open up my book. Theo and Blaise start talking about their summers but Draco doesn’t say anything. 


“What’s it about?” He finally speaks. “The book.”


“It’s about a really bad witch who was a total psycho. She hates men, she robs them. Sometimes she’ll torture them. Her name is Kissin’ Katie Catcher, she’s american.” Draco’s eyes widened. 


“Kissin’?” He asks.


“Oh yeah! She kisses the men sometimes. But only the ones she’s going to kill.” I explain.


“Why the bloody hell do you read that!?” he exclaims.


“It’s interesting. She was an actual witch about 100 years ago. It’s interesting to know why someone’s evil, It helps you see where they're coming from.” I say.


“She sounds like my aunt.” Draco says. “Bellatrix.” 


“Oh yeah. I had the pleasure of meeting her once.” I say.


“Y-you, you did?” Draco says nervously.


“Oh yeah, ‘Crucio! Crucio! Crucio! Mwahahahaha!!!’” I mimic, then I yawn. “I think I’m gonna take a nap.”




“I’m not here to pick a fight with you Malfoy! I just want to talk to her!” I hear the voice of Hermione say.


“Well, she’s asleep!” Draco argues. 


“Nope! I’m awake. What’s up Hermione?” I open my eyes and yawn. “Ginny!!! Hi!” I greet the little redhead girl next to Hermione. She looks around the compartment nervously. 


“This is Potter's girlfriend?!” Draco teases. 


“Oh shove off!” I hit his arm lightly and stand up. I walk out of the compartment and into the halfway. “Yes?”


“It’s Harry and Ron. We can’t find them anywhere!” Hermione says.


“They were the last to cross the barrier, but we can’t find them.” Ginny says.


“Oh! Knowing them they probably missed the train and are riding a flying car to school!” I joke. 


“Holy Hufflepuff! You’re right!” Ginny points to the window. 


“WHAT?!” I spin around to see Harry dangling from the edge of the car by one hand and Ron, trying to help him up. “Bloody hell!”


“They are going to get expelled!!!!!” Hermione cries. 


“If they don’t DIE!!” I add.


“Oh right, that would be much worse.” Hermione corrects.


“Hang on! That’s dad’s car! Ron’s going to get into so much trouble!! Oh this will be good!!” Ginny says. “I hope Harry’s okay!” she says, turning nervous. I stare at her. “What? Oh! I hope Ron’s okay too, of course. I guess. No, I DO hope Ron’s okay because if he’s dead, he can’t get in trouble.” 


“I like this girl.” I tell Hermione, but she’s too busy mumbling under her breath about idiot boys and staring out the window.


“We should go sit down, I can’t see them anymore.” Hermione says. “Coming Fox?”


“No. I should probably head back to the boys.” she nods. I walk back into my compartment. 


“What was that about?” Draco asks.


“Girl stuff.” I smirk. They all look away and I crack up.


“It was Harry and Ron! They’re not on the train, and then we saw them in a flying car outside the window!” I say.


“Well that’s a better lie than ‘Girl stuff’.” Theo says. 


“No seriously!” I exclaim.


“Wait WHAT?!” Draco sits up straighter. 


“Yeah. I knew you’d have a field day! Ginny says it’s their dad’s car from work! She says Ron’s going to be in so much trouble.” I laugh.


“There's a Weaslette?” Blaise asks. “How many bloody children are there?!” 


“Um….well there’s Bill, the oldest. I think he works for Gringotts somewhere in Egypt. There’s Charlie, he works with Dragons in Romania. Then Fred, George, Ron and Ginny. Oh! I’m forgetting Perfect Prefect Pratface Percy. So that’s six boys and one girl. Poor Ginny! That’s a lot of brothers.” I explain.


“Wow.” they chorus. 


“Aren’t we all only children?” Draco asks. The boys nod.


“No. I have my sister.” I say.


“Yeah, but she’s like what? Twenty five? Thirty?” Blaise says.


“She’s Twenty eight! Did I tell you she asked me to give her away?!” I tell them.


“Mmm no, but if we’d been invited you wouldn’t have to tell us!” Theo says and they all nod in agreement.


“Ugh! How many times do I have to tell you, I was only allowed to invite one person!!” 


“So you invited Mudblood!” Draco says.


“If it makes you feel better Theo, I almost invited you.” I say, earning A LOT of whining from Draco. 


“Oh SHUT UP!” I say. “We’re here. Hey! Ms. Hopkin never came by.” 


“Who?” Draco asks.


“She means the Trolly Lady, right?” Theo confirms.


“Yes. The ‘Trolly Lady’.” I agree.


“Oooooh! Why didn’t you just say so?! She came by when you went out with Weaslette and Mudbloo- OW!” I slap him on the face (it’s a pretty gentle hit, he’s just a cry baby)  for saying ‘Mudblood’. I smirk, “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” He holds his face.


“Very much! Come on, let’s go.”



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Chapter 23: Chapter 23
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“Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts!” Dumbledore booms. We hear shuffling and turn around to find two boys, trying and failing to discreetly enter the Great Hall unnoticed. I roll my eyes and nudge Draco, who is sitting right next to me with a scowl on his face. 


“They should be expelled!” He whisper-shouts. 


“Oh keep your hair on! If they were gone who would you pick fights with?” I whisper back, teasingly.


Draco rolls his eyes and continues scowling at Harry and Ron who have now joined a very cross Hermione and shy Ginny at the Gryffindor table. 


“Well, it is my pleasure to announce that our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher….Professor Gileroy Lockheart!” Dumbledore continues.  Lockheart stands up and waves saying, ‘Thank you, thank you’ as the girls in the hall hoot and clap. 


I roll my eyes, “Rubbish if you ask me!” I whisper to the boys.


“Yes, thank you Professor.” Dumbledore says motioning for Lockheart to sit down. “Let us hope for another splendid year of learning and laughing! Let the feast begin!” Dumbledore raises his hands and corned beef, potatoes, salads, and soups, fill the empty plates on the tables. I help myself to a spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and cheese. Blaise pours himself a glass of pumpkin juice and grabs two bread rolls and butters them, Theo piles his plate high with mashed potatoes and corned beef, Draco grabs a small amount of everything and sorts all the different food in separate corners (he’s VERY picky about his food mixing), and Crabbe and Goyle grab handfuls of food from the serving plate itself. 


“Bleh! Stop it!! That’s gross!! Eww! Stop. I said stop! Other people eat from that, you know?! Ugh! Draco! Make. Them. Stop!!” I huff.


“Stop.” Draco says. Instantly the Goons pull their hands back. I roll my eyes.


“Now make them say, ‘Fox is the best person to ever exist.’” I smirk. Theo and Blaise laugh, Draco shakes his head.


“Oh! Come on!” I nudged him. I nudged him again. And again. And again. And again. And again. 


“Fine!” Draco scowls at me. “Say, ‘Fox is the best person to ever exist.’” Draco tells the Goons. The Goons look at eachother then back at Draco and then at me, and don’t say anything. 


“Oh well, YOU said it,” I smirk at Draco. “I can live with that.” Draco scowls and huffs something like, ‘Girls!’, then goes back to eating his food



“The bed in the middle is MINE!” orders Pansy Parkinson, my annoying roommate. “Millicent you can have the one to my right, and Daphne the one to my left!” Millicent woddles over to her bed and plops herself down on it. Daphne sighs, putting her trunk on her bed. She starts taking out her neatly folded clothes and placing them carefully into her dresser. “Roxanne, you can have THAT bed, in the corner.” Pansy sticks her nose in the air and marches to her bed. I roll my eyes and tuck my trunk under my bed. 


“Ah! Good old Hogwarts!” I smile lying on my bed. 


“Isn’t it?” Daphne answers my question. I sit up, the other girls almost never talk to me. I ignore them, and they ignore me, and our lives are great. “What do you think of that new Professor? Lockart?” The question is directed towards me but Pansy answers, sitting on her bed.


“I think he looks nice. I’m sure he’ll be wonderful!” she says, in her usual obnoxious, stuffy-nosed, voice. Millicent nods along in agreement.


“I think he's a total fraud.” I say. The girls look at me judgmentally but don’t say anything.


“I think he’ll be an amazing teacher! Just look at all the stuff he’s done in his books.” Daphne says. I shrug and lie back down on my bed. 


A couple of seconds of silence go by before Pansy says, “Draco’s looking good this year. Not that he didn’t already look good, he’s very handsome, you know? And very smart.” I sit up again with a raised eyebrow. Daphne stops folding her clothes and looks at Pansy with a cheesy smile. 


“BLEH!” I pretend to barf. Pansy glares at me. “Draco? Seriously?” 


“Jealousy is not a good color on you, Roxanne.” Pansy sticks her nose in the air. I HAVE to laugh. I laugh really, really, hard. Draco? Me? Jealous? That is hilarious! I roll back on my bed, still laughing.


“I am MUCH too good for HIM!” I say, composing myself. “But you two would be perfect together, wouldn’t you? Let’s see, both obnoxious, both arrogant, both bossy, hmm….. OH! Let’s not forget, EXTREMELY annoying!” I count off on my fingers. 


“I HATE YOU ROXANNE!!!!” Pansy flings pillows at me. 


“Woah! That’s a strong word. Are you sure? Because personally I think I’m a pretty decent person.” I smile at her maniacally. 




“Bloody hell!” I scream, trying to pry Pansy off me. “Gosh! The things people will do for love!” I use my foot to kick Pansy in the gut. She slump back, moaning. Milicent and Daphne scream. I mount Pansy and pin her down.


“Oh! Stop the dramatics! She’s perfectly fine! You're going to wake the house up!” I roll my eyes. 


“You already HAVE!!!!” Shouts one of the Prefects, storming into our dorm. A crowd of grump Slytherins are behind her. “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!!!” he waves her arms frantically at me and a struggling Pansy. 


    “She’s hurting me!!!” Pasy fake cries. “I was just sitting on my bed and she started talking me!” The Prefect as well as the other Slytherins look at me. 


    “Liar! SHE pounced on ME!!!” I say. 


The Prefect narrows her eyes at me, “What do the witnesses have to say?” she looks at a horror stricken Daphne and Millicent.


“Umm.” Daphne starts. Oh boy! This is it! I’m done for. “Um, R-roxanne was taunting Pansy, so Pansy got mad and…” Pandy glares at Daphne.


“Yes?” the Prefect prompts. 


“Well, Pansy…..threw pillows at Roxanne. Then, they both um…..pounced at the same time.” Pansy glares at Daphne again. “Well, I-I actually think Roxanne pounced first.” Daphne quickly corrects. 


“I find that hard to believe!” Theo says, stepping out from somewhere in the crowd. “I’ve known Flames for a WHOLE YEAR.” he tries to make ‘A whole year’ sound like a long time. “And she doesn’t do such things without a reason.” I smile gratefully at Theo.


“Theo’s right.” Blaise says, stepping beside Theo.


“Whatever. No need to get all I’m-Sticking-Up-for-My-Best-Friend-y.” The Prefect says. “I mean, what’s the worst I can do? Give her detention? And….” she prompts at the crowd. 


“Slytherins don’t get other Slytherins in trouble.” we all chorus and roll our eyes.


“Because…..??” She prompts again.


“We can’t afford to lose house points.” we chorus again, unenthusiastically. 


“That’s right! Now everybody OUT! OUT!” she shoo’s the crowd away, before turning back to me and the helpless Pansy who’s still under me. 


“Try not to kill her. Eh?” I nod and the Prefect yawns and closes the door. 


“OWWWWW! Ow, ow, ow, ow!!” Pansy whines. I roll my eyes and push her off my bed. “OWWWW!” she gets up sulkily and stops over to her bed. Daphne turns off the lights and it's quiet. 


I fall into a dreamless slumber, ready for the next day. 



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Chapter 24: Chapter 24
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School is going well (for the most part) and everything is as calm and relaxed as it ever is at Hogwarts. By that, I mean that we no longer have a horrible DADA Professor with Voldemort on the back of his head. Correction, we STILL have a horrible Professor but he doesn’t have a Voldemort on the back of his head. 


Lockheart is a NIGHTMARE!! He spends half of the class talking about himself and the other half running away for whichever creature he lets loose and is unable to control. On Thursday, he let loose a cage full of Cornish Pixies loose in the classroom! They wrecked everything and hung Neville Longbottom on a chandelier. Actually, that part was kind of funny. Anyways, all the students RAN for it. Then, Lame Lockheart ran for it as well, and it was just me, Harry, Hermione, and Ron, battling the Pixies. I WOULD have made a run for it, but the Pixies  seemed especially interested in me, they were swarming all around me, pulling my hair and clothes. They WOULD have pulled down my SKIRT if Hermione didn’t yell, ‘Immabulas’ or something like that. Thank GOD she did! 


Speaking of Hermione, she IS a Lame Lockheart Lover (I know right?! I thought SHE of all people would have the decency, but I guess not). Harry and Ron are not Lockheart Lovers (thank god). To be honest, though, I’m not spending much time with my Gryffindor friends. I’ve mainly been with the Slytherin boys. 


Right now, I’m heading to the…...wait for, wait for it…..QUIDDITCH PITCH!!!!!! Draco has decided to try out for Seeker and I’m going for Chaser. It would be a miracle if we both made the team, after all there are only two spots. I’m clutching a broom I borrowed from the shed (It’s sadly a Comet 260) and going over my ‘You’d better let me try out!’ speech in my head. 


“Relax, Fox! Could you possibly be clutching that broom any tighter?!” Draco says, poking me with the end of his broom. I scowl at him and he rolls his eyes. 


“Welcome to tryouts for the Slytherin Quidditch team!” Growls Marcus Flint the captain. “Everyone warm up! Do what you need to do in order to not waste my time with pathetic flything!” Everyone mounts their brooms and shoots off into the sky. I’m about to fly off when Flit grabs the end of my broom. “And just what do you think you’re doing?!” he snarls. I sigh and hop off my broom.


“Trying out for the Quidditch team.” I respond simply.


“You can’t. Girls can’t be on the Slytherin Quidditch team.” Says one of the Beaters on the team, from behind Flint. 


“Doesn’t mean they can’t try out.” I say, cocking my head to the side. 


“They can’t try out.” Flint glares.


“Why not?” I smile.


“Because…..because….” I smirk. “Because it’s a rule!” Another boy on the team says. 


“Because it’s a rule?” I laugh. “Since when do Slytherins follow rules?” 


“Look here, girly! This is MY Quidditch team, I’M the captain, and I say, YOU. CAN. NOT. TRY. OUT. So get off my pitch and don’t waste my time AGAIN!” Flink barks. 


“Ummm, NO.” I cross my arms. Flint growls and grabs my broom. “How do you know I won’t be better than any of these guys?!” I gesture up at the boys flying around the pitch.


“Because girls aren’t good at Quidditch!” Flint stomps.


“You can’t. Girls can’t be on the Slytherin Quidditch team.” Says one of the Beaters on the team, from behind Flint. 


“Doesn’t mean they can’t try out.” I say, cocking my head to the side. 


“They can’t try out.” Flint glares.


“Why not?” I smile.


“Because…..because….” I smirk. “Because it’s a rule!” Another boy on the team says. 


“Because it’s a rule?” I laugh. “Since when do Slytherins follow rules?” 


“Look here, girly! This is MY Quidditch team, I’M the captain, and I say, YOU. CAN. NOT. TRY. OUT. So get off my pitch and don’t waste my time AGAIN!” Flink barks. 


“Ummm, NO.” I cross my arms. Flint growls and grabs my broom. “How do you know I won’t be better than any of these guys?!” I gesture up at the boys flying around the pitch.


“Because girls aren’t good at Quidditch!” Flint stomps.


“Then you’ll have no problem proving that by letting me try out?” I raise my eyebrow.


“YOU CAN NOT TRY OUT!!!!!” Flint shouts.


“And we’re back to…..WHY.” I challenge.


“Ugh!” Flint yells, throwing his arms up.


“Just let me try out! You don’t have to put me on the team, all I want is a chance to prove myself.” I say.


“Just let her try out Marcus.” Adrian Pucey steps forward.


“Whatever.” Flint snarls. “Don’t make me regret this.” He throws my broom at me and stalks off. I smile and quickly mount my broom.


I do five quick laps around the pitch and 10 dives before Flint calls everybody down. 


“Chasers first.” He says. Draco mouths ‘Good luck’ to me and I nod. This. Is. It. I mount my broom. 


The other Chasers consist of big, beefy, 5th-7th year Slytherin boys, who are all at least three heads taller than me. I’ve told you, I’m short. We fly up to the rings, the other boys scowling and frowning at me, we make a ‘line’ in front of the hoops. There is A LOT of pushing and shoving to get in front, but I’m perfectly content in the back, grand finale is kind of my thing. There are about 11 people trying out for Chaser, including me. Most of them are awful, about three are decent, and one is pretty okay. It’s my turn now. I hover with the quaffle in my hands in front of the hoops. Miles Bletchly, almost looks bored as he holds his arms out ready to stop the ball. People frown at me as I fly up and to the right of the hoops. This is my signature move. Ella Bella taught me something similar once and I fixed it up so it worked for me. I clutch the ball close to my chest as I swoop for the left hoop. Miles instantly thinks I’m going to shoot there, so he flies to block it, but at the last moment I jerk my broom towards the right hoop and fling the quaffle inside. Bletchly scowls as he goes to retrieve the ball. He passes it to me with A LOT of force, but I catch it easily. Bletchly then flies to the left hoop, probably thinking I’m dumb enough to do the same move again. I hate being underestimated, but sometimes it is really helpful. I fly back to my same position as before. Bletchly smiles menacingly. I roll my eyes and dive again, but this time, I go a little farther down then the hoop level. Then I double back and shoot the ball through the hoop. Bletchly JUST misses it. The next three goals are a lot harder, but I make all five which are a lot better than the other boys. Bletchly IS a pretty good Keeper. 


All the boys stare at me as I land on the ground. Draco nods in my direction as if to say ‘Well done’. I smile and wiggle my eyebrows, their stares turn to glares. Adrian Pucey writes something down on a clipboard and Flint tells the Seekers that it’s their turn. After the Seekers are done we have on flying race across the pitch and I get first place (obviously). The lighter you are the more aerodynamic you are and I am definitely the lightest. 


“Well, we’ve chosen!” Flint says. “Seeker, Draco Malfoy.” Draco smiles and I congratulate him as he goes to stand beside the team. “Chaser…………..” Flint peeks over at Adrians clipboard and shakes his head at Adrian. Adrian firmly nods and raises his eyebrow. 


I think I hear him whisper, “Do you want to win or not?!” Flint glares.


“Blake Mattews.” Flint says. Adrian growls and so do some other players on the team including Bletchly. I glare at Flint but don’t say anything as Mattews joins the team. Draco gives me a ‘Sorry’ look. I know better than to expect him to stick up for me. “The rest of you are dismissed.” 


“You don’t know what you just lost.” I say, as I pass the team. 


“We don’t need you.” Flint growls.


I smirk, “We’ll see.”  and the best part of Flint’s last glare, is that he knows I’m right. 




I go to all the Quidditch practices and watch from the sidelines. I observe the tricks the old Chasers use. I watch how Mattews fails to score any goals. I see Flint growl, I see him fight with Bletchly, Adrian and the rest of the team after every practice. 


One day, I see the Slytherin team fighting with the Gryffindor team. This could be good. 


“‘I Professor Severus Snape give the Slytherin team permission to use the pitch today in order to train their new Chaser and Seeker.’” I hear Flint read off a piece of paper as I stand next to Hermione and Ron. 


“You have a new Seeker?” Harry asks. “Who?” The team steps apart to reveal a smug looking Draco. “Malfoy?!” 


“That’s right! And that's not the only new thing this year.” Draco says, the Slytherin team hold up their brooms. 


“Nimbus 2001’s! How did you get those?!” Ron exclaims. 


“A gift from Draco’s father.” Flint boasts. 


“See Weasley, unlike some, my father can afford the best.” Draco says. I smell a fight.


“At least no one on the Gryffindor team had to buy their way in! They got in on pure talent!” Hermione snaps. Draco turns to look at her. 


“Nobody asked your opinion! You filthy little MUDBLOOD!” Oh he did not! Sure he says it all the time around me and Theo and Blaise and all, but to say it to her face?! Hermione looks down.


“You’ll pay for that one Malfoy!!!” Ron takes his wand out, which seems to be broken. “Eat slugs!!” he shoots the spell at Malfoy, but it throws him backwards.


Everyone gathers around him. Ron sits up and opens his mouth, and belches out a SLUG!!! The Slytherins burst out laughing. It IS a LITTLE funny but there is no way I’m going to laugh! Not after what Draco said. Harry and Hermione rush Ron away to Hagrid’s hut and the Gryffindors yell at the Slytherins a little before walking back into the locker room. 


The Slytherins proceed to the pitch. I grab Draco’s arm and the minute he sees me I can sense the terror in his eyes. “Seriously!? That is so rude! Just because Hermione’s muggle-born does NOT mean she has ‘Dirty blood’ she’s probably the best witch of our age and will grow up to be better than Dumbledore one day and you KNOW IT!” I flick his head. “You have to apologize to her!” I try.


“NO!” He whines.


“Yes you do!”


“NO!!!! Don’t make me! You know how much I hate apologizing!! Pleeeeeeaaaaase!!!” I look at him in shock. Is he….BEGGING me? That. Is. Pathetic. 


“Try apologizing.” I say and give his head one more flick before stalking off.




“You! Girl over there! On the couch!” says Marcus Flint pointing at me. I roll my eyes.


“I’m busy.” I say, going back to petting my snake. Flint stops a couple of steps away from me and looks at my Salazar nervously. “Don’t worry. He hasn’t killed anyone. YET.” I say as the rest of the Slytherin team stands behind Flint. 


“You're on the team.” Flint says.


“Is that so? Well, I’ll pass.” I say.


“What?!” Adrian asks.


“I said, I’ll pass.” I smirk.


“Come on!” Bletchly shouts. 


“No.” I shake my head. “I told you, you were missing out. But did you listen? No. So don’t waste MY time.” I say, using Flint’s favorite line. 


“Please can you join the Quidditch team.” Draco says. 


“Ah. Looks like we know our manners, shame we don’t put them to use more often.” I say, referring to when Draco called Hermione a ‘Mudblood’. Draco sighs. 


“Look, we………..” Adrian squeezes his eyes shut and frows. “Need you.” he says it like it hurts him. 


“Mmmm. Too bad.” I shrug. I’m waiting for something and if they’re smart enough, they’ll figure out what.


“We are sorry you weren't made Chaser before.” Adrian tries again. 


“Who’s ‘We’?” I look at Flint. Flint growls.


“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” He mumbles. “Sorry. Please join the team?” he asks.


I shrug. “I guess that’s the best I’ll get from him. Can I have a Nimbus 2001?” Adrian holds out a new broom. “And Mattews?” I ask.


“Is over there sulking.” Adrian points to the corner of the common room, where the big, beefy, former Slytherin Chaser sits, sniffling. I try to cover up my laugh but it’s useless. 


“So like, how many years has it been since Sytherin had a girl on the team?” I ask.


“Ummm…….it’s been forever.” Adrian says.


“So I made history?” I ask.


“Yeah.” Adrian says.


 “You shouldn’t have said that. We’re never gonna hear the end now.” Draco tells the other boys. 


“I MADE HISTORY!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!” I cheer, skipping out  the common room door. 


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