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Inter-House Unity by annvan

Format: Short story
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 3,744
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Contains profanity, Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Humor, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Blaise (M), Dean, Draco, Goyle Jr., Neville, Pansy, Seamus, Crabbe Jr., OtherCanon

First Published: 05/22/2020
Last Chapter: 05/29/2020
Last Updated: 05/29/2020


It's Harry, Ron, and Hermione's 3rd year at Hogwarts. Dumbledore decided that it was time for some unity among the students in different houses. Each student is paired with someone else and required to finish their assignment together.


 What happens when Hermione is paired up with Draco?



A/N: I do not own Harry Potter or the wonderful world and characters J.K Rowling created. 

Chapter 1: House Unity
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Everyone was seated in the Great Hall for breakfast on the second weekend back for the new year. Dumbledore had announced the previous evening that everyone needed to attend and be on time as he had an assignment to share. Every student was anxious and hungry waiting for Dumbledore to enter the Great Hall. Finally, Dumbledore arrived and stood at his normal place. 


“Good Morning Students, and welcome to your first week at Hogwarts. This year we have decided to promote inter-house unity. After breakfast, I would like each student to convene to their year’s meeting place. This list is as follows. First years remain in the Great Hall. Second years to the Potions Classroom, Third Years to the Library, Fourth Years to Astronomy Tower, Fifth Years to Transfiguration Classroom, Sixth Years to Herbology Greenhouses and the Seventh Years to the Charms Classroom. Please do not be late. Enjoy your breakfast.” Dumbledore announced. As Dumbledore took his seat, the food arrived. The students talked loudly discussing what their Headmaster had said. 


Harry, Ron and Hermione were in their third year. During breakfast, they discussed what could be waiting for them in the Library. “Inter-House unity?” Ron groaned. “What does that mean? Do we have to spend time with those Slytherins?”


After breakfast, all the first years remained in the Great Hall. Slowly, each student left to their assigned rooms or classrooms. Hermione was the first one to enter the Library. She noticed the tables and chairs were moved to include 2 seats per table. They were surprised to see Hagrid welcoming everyone into the Library. 


“Don’t nobody take a seat just yet,” Hagrid said. “I’m going to read a list. When you hear your name called, come draw a name out of this hat. It has been spelled to only allow you to draw someone not in your house. That will be your partner for this assignment. Please take a seat with your partner and await further instructions.” Many of the students groaned as Hagrid continued on with his list. 


Hannah Abbott.” Hagrid called out. Hannah left her Hufflepuff friends and stuck her arm into the hat. She pulled out a slip of paper and said, “Harry Potter.” Harry left Hermione’s side and went to go sit next to Hannah. 


Hagrid continued with the list. Susan came up and drew Parvati Patil. Terry Boot drew Neville Longbottom. Mandy Brocklehurst drew Gregory Goyle. The pairings continued until Hermione’s name was called. She looked at Ron before leaving his side and walked up to Hagrid. Hermione’s fingers reached all the way inside the hat. She decided to mix things up a bit and grab the name on the very bottom. “Draco Malfoy,” Hermione read. 


Hermione looked at Harry who was sitting closest to her with a pleading look until she took her seat. Draco walked toward her and mumbled “stupid assignment” before grabbing his chair and moving it as far away as he could from Hermione. 


Hagrid called out the next name, “Megan Jones.” Megan was paired with Sally Smith. Hagrid continued until there were only four students remaining. Padma Patil, Blaise Zabini, Dean Thomas and Ron. Padma Patil drew Dean. Ron visibly groaned. All that remained was Ron with Blaise. 


“Right then,” Hagrid said, shoving the list in his pocket. “Now that you’ve met your partners, look under your desk. Dumbledore has created several different trust and unity assignments for you all to do. As well as potions or magical objects to ensure they are done right. If you have any questions, it is all there. Good luck.” Hagrid left the Library. 


The noise in the library began as some students began protesting the assignment. Draco reached under the table and pulled out a box. He opened the box and pulled out the slip of paper with the assignment. “Tied together for 24 hours” Draco seethed to Hermione. “Like I want to be stuck with you for even two minutes!” He pulled out a magical rope. Hermione noticed that it was about 6 feet across. At least they had some room away from each other. 


Not wanting to make this assignment longer than it needed to be, Hermione grabbed one end of the rope. “What are you doing?” Draco asked. 


Hermione responded, “I don’t want to be stuck with you longer than necessary either. Might as well get it over and done with.” Hermione waited for Draco to tie his end of the rope together around his waist. She noticed that he tried un-knotting it to fix it. 


Draco looked confused, “It won’t untie!” He exclaimed while he tried using a spell to undo the knot. 


Hermione rolled her eyes. “It probably won’t untie until the assignment is over Malfoy.” Hermione grabbed her books and started walking towards Ron and Blaise. Malfoy quickly stood up and followed her, narrowly missing the end of another table as he did so. Harry and Hannah were already at Ron’s table. “And what is everyone else’s assignment?” Hermione asked.


Ron looked annoyed, showing everyone a bandana-looking thing. “One of us has to remain blindfolded for half the day while the other leads them around. Then we have to switch.” Draco chucked. “What’s with you, Malfoy? It’s not like your assignment is any better.” Ron responded to Draco.


Draco shrugged his shoulders. Hermione turned to Harry and asked, “What about you two?” Hermione noticed they were carrying a potion. 


Hannah responded, “We have to ask and answer 24 questions truthfully in 24 hours. We have this potion to make sure we’re telling the truth I guess.” Harry nodded and Hannah continued, “Our assignment isn’t that bad.” Hermione noticed a slight redness come to Hannah’s cheeks. 


Students started leaving the library, and the group that had congregated around Ron’s table followed. Hermione and Draco remained as far away as they could from each other. Ron had put the blindfold on first, and Blaise was leading him out. Harry and Hannah started talking and were slowly moving away from everyone. 


Draco started pulling Hermione to the Courtyard. “Where are we going Malfoy?” Hermione asked, pulling back on the rope. Draco was pulled backwards. 


“What the heck Granger!” Draco yelled. “I’m going to go practice Quidditch. You’re welcome to join. Oh wait, you don’t really have a choice. Draco held on to the rope in front of him so Hermione couldn’t pull him back again.


“Are you trying to kill me Malfoy? There is no way we’re doing that.” 


“In case you haven’t noticed Granger, I don’t care what you think. You are tied to me, so you can dangle down from my broom for all I care.”


Hermione huffed. She decided there was one way to ensure they didn’t get on any brooms. She was terrified of flying. She knew if they made it outside, Draco would do just that. Hermione stopped cold, dropped her bookbag and sat on the ground. Draco hadn’t noticed she had sat down, and started dragging her down the hallway. 


“Malfoy stop! We’re not going.” Draco looked back behind him. Hermione was lying on her back holding the rope to try to stop him from moving any further. 


“In the name of Godric, get up Granger. You look ridiculous.” 


Hermione looked up at Draco, she realized the position she was in was a bit ridiculous, but it wasn’t his right to say so. So, she adjusted herself, and sat back against the wall of the corridor. 


Draco stared at her unblinking. He’d had enough. He walked towards Hermione, and picked her up, leaving her bookbag still on the floor. He knew she’d get it back somehow. He started walking out of the castle, while Hermione kept pounding his back with her balled up fists. “You pompous, ignorant, stupid Slytherin!” Hermione called out, “PUT ME DOWN.” Draco ignored her. He carried Hermione out of the school without incident. That is, until she bit him. 


“You filthy mudblood!” Draco shouted as he dropped Hermione. Hermione quickly got back on her feet, rubbing the dirt off of her clothes. She looked furiously at Draco. 


“Don’t call me that!” Hermione shouted back at him. “You-you rotten evil cockroach!” 


“Bushy Haired Know-it-all!” Draco responded


“Pompous spoiled Daddy’s Boy!”


“Muggle-Born Trash!”


"Arrogant, selfish Ferret!” 


The insults continued as Professor Snape came out, hearing their argument. “Silence, both of you. This assignment is meant to encourage you to get along. 10 points from each of your houses. If I hear another yelling match out of you, I’ll give you both a weeks worth of detention!” Snape left Hermione and Draco standing there, staring at each other with hateful eyes. 


"Well, Malfoy,” Hermione said through gritted teeth, “I can’t fly, so we can’t go practice quidditch. Choose something else. We can split up the day in half. We can do something you want for half the day, and then we can do something I want. Deal?” 


"Well, Granger,” Draco said mockingly, “You can just sit behind me on my broom. Problem solved.”


“What, so you can drop me middair? I don’t think so.” 


Draco started moving toward Hermione, holding on to the rope. When he reached her, he tied another knot in between them. “There, now if I push you off, then I go with you.”


"You idiot!” Hermione said while trying to untangle the knot. “We can’t undo the knots in this rope until our time is up. Now we have to be closer to each other!”


Draco, realizing his mistake shrugged. “Well, I get to ride my broom, so what does it matter?” Draco started walking to the field, and Hermione reluctantly followed.


A/N: Oooh, Malfoy is so infuriating! What do you think is going to happen next? I’m thinking about writing a short story about each pair that was matched. (at least the more interesting ones) Review below and tell me what pair you’d like to see next! Also, if you have any other “inter-house unifying activities” please share!


The pairings are: 

  1. Hannah Abbot and Harry Potter

  2. Susan Bones and Parvati Patil

  3. Terry Boot and Neville Longbottom 

  4. Mandy Brocklehurst and Gregory Goyle

  5. Lavender Brown and Ernie Macmillan

  6. Millicent Bulstronde and Lisa Turpin

  7. Michael Corner and Pansy Parkinson

  8. Stephen Cornfoot and Alice Runcorn

  9. Vincent Crabbe and Justin Finch-Fletchley

  10. Tracey Davis and Wayne Hopkins

  11. Kevin Entwhistle and Sue Li

  12. Seamus Finnigan and Daphne Greengrass

  13. Anthony Goldstein and Theodore Nott

  14. Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy 

  15. Megan Jones and Sally Smith

  16. Isobel Macdougal and Sophie Roper

  17. Oliver Rivers and Roger Malone 

  18.  Lily Moon and Sally-Anne Perks

  19. Padma Patil and Dean Thomas

  20. Ron Weasley and Blaise Zabini

Chapter 2: Take Flight
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Chapter Warning: Mild sexual content/talk


Chapter 2: Take Flight


“Malfoy! Malfoy stop this broom right now!” Hermione shouted as Draco brought the broom up higher. There were no other students outside, having all been given assignments to promote inter-house unity. Hermione had no one to beg for help except Draco. He didn’t listen and continued up into the sky. 


He finally stopped. They were high enough in the sky that they were in the midst of the murkiness of the clouds. Hermione refused to cling onto Draco on the way up, but standing still, and up so high seemed worse. She grabbed Draco’s waist. 


“Granger, if you wanted to cop a feel, you could have just said so.” Draco said with a smile unbeknownst to Hermione. 


“Malfoy, shut up! I’m terrified of heights!” Hermione said as she only clung tighter. 


Draco laughed and removed her arms. He turned his body to face Hermione and then wrapped his legs tighter around the broom, and said, “Well you better hold on with your legs,” as he leaned left, so that they were hanging upside down. 


Hermione screamed, and quickly reached for Draco again. This time she wouldn’t let go. 


Draco lifted his arms behind his head, content to remain upside down. “Come on Granger, this is fun! Look at the grounds below. Isn’t it beautiful?” 


Hermione refused to look down, and continued hugging Draco so she didn’t fall off the broom. 


“Alright, Alright bookworm-who-is-afraid-of-flying, I’ll bring us closer to the ground. I still think it’s stunning up here though.” Draco said as he readjusted the broom so they were right side up again. He turned himself around again so he was facing the right way, and started nose-diving towards the ground. He felt Hermione grasp tight around his waist. 


He didn’t want to return to the ground just yet, it was too fun teasing Hermione. He decided to take them to the roof. He barely lifted the broom at the last moment before reaching the ground, and whisked them back up. 


Hermione shouted, “Malfoy! I thought you were taking us to the ground!” 


She continued screaming as Draco made the steady climb to the roof of the Hogwarts Castle. He finally landed on the roof, and jumped off the broom. This motion caused Hermione to stumble off herself. “Malfoy!” Hermione screamed again. 


“With you screaming my name so much, I would think we’d be doing a different activity right now.” Draco said with a wink. Hermione remained silent, vowing to herself to not give him the satisfaction of an answer. 


Hermione sat on the roof, and folded her arms. There was no way she was going back on that broom with Draco. She thought to herself on how she would get to the ground. She would...she would climb down, or have Harry come get her when the spell on the rope was finished. She knew Harry would get her safely down to the ground. 


Annoyed that Hermione hadn’t responded to his comment, Draco sat next to her and said, “How  far have you even gone with a guy?” 


Hermione shook her head and didn’t answer. Draco continued,”What about that Weasle?  1st base? 2nd base? You do know what bases are, right? Have you even ever kissed a guy?” 


Draco chuckled when Hermione did not respond. He knew exactly what to say to get her riled up. “Maybe I could help you out.”


Hermione stood up and Draco followed suit. “Malfoy, like you would ever kiss a--” Hermione paused as she brought up her fingers to make air quotes--“filthy mud--” 


Hermione stopped talking when Draco grabbed her waist and pulled her close to him. He grabbed her lower back and leaned her back as he brought his mouth closer and kissed her. It was a short kiss, as Hermione brought up her hand and slapped Draco across the face so he would disconnect from her lips. 


“What in Godric’s name possessed you to kiss me MALFOY!” Hermione shouted. “That was my first kiss, how dare you even take that away from me!”


Hermione started to storm off, but was pulled back by the rope that was between them. 


Hermione continued her rant. “And why did you tie the knot closer? I can’t get even 3 feet away from you now. I hate you Malfoy, you’re a sniveling little prat! Do you even care about a single other person? I mean, I get that you hate me, but why make this assignment and my day any worse? It’s only 24 hours. You couldn’t even be decent for one day?? I can’t wait for when this stupid rope comes off and I can go back to never coming even close to you!”


“Well you asked for it, screaming my name, holding me tightly. Sounds more like you wanted to kiss me Granger,” Draco seethed. 


Hermione let out a “Hmph” and sat back down on the roof. She realized she didn’t even have her book bag so she could study or read. She was thankful she had a watch to check the time. “We’ve only been stuck together for 2 hours!” Hermione groaned. 


“Well, now it’s your turn, what do you want to do?” Draco asked. 


“I’m not leaving this castle until the rope can be untied. Then I’ll get Harry to take me down.”


“And how do you think you’re going to tell him you’re up here?” Draco asked with a smirk.


Hermione didn’t know what to say. She figured she’d owl him or something. “I’d yell for him or something.”


“I think you’ve been yelling too many boys’s names Granger, people might start getting the wrong idea.” 


Hermione slugged Draco’s arm. Draco raised his hands in defense, and said a quick, unmeaningful apology. 


“I could bring us down right now you know.” Draco responded. 


Hermione shook her head. 


“Well you might change your mind since we’re kinda stuck for another 20 hours and we’ve only just had breakfast. People might wonder where we’ve both gone if we’re going to be missing basically 3 meals before our rope can be untied.”


“Well Harry will probably come find me then. I trust him and his broom more than you and yours.” Hermione retorted. She did not want to get on a broom with Draco again. 


Hermione and Draco sat in silence for only about 20 minutes before draco became restless and bored. 


“Come on, let’s play a game or something.” Draco whined. 


“We’re playing the silent game, and you just lost.” Hermione quipped.


Draco mused quietly for a few more minutes. “Don’t you have any muggle games? I’m bored.”


Hermione finally listed off a few games they could play. These included: I spy, would you rather, Never have I ever, truth or dare, and two truths and a lie. 


“What is ‘two truths and a lie’?” Draco asked what the last one was as he’d already forgotten the others she mentioned. 


“Well, you come up with 3 statements about yourself. Two of them are truths, and the other one is a lie. The other person has to guess which statement is a lie.”


Draco thought they game was stupid, but he was bored out of his mind. “Okay, you start.” he recommended. 


Hermione thought for a moment. She decided to make it extremely difficult for Draco. 


“Okay, number one: My favorite movie is “Bedknobs and Broomsticks.” Number two: My favorite video game is “Mario Kart”. Number three: I took gymnastics from age 3-10.”


“C’mon Granger. I don’t even know what any of those things are.” Draco responded. He didn’t even know which to choose. 


“Okay, okay fine Malfoy. One: my middle name is Jean. Two: I suck at Wizard Chess. Three: I have a little brother who is 8 years old.”


Draco thought about it for a few minutes. “I think the lie is you suck at Wizard Chess. You’re probably good at everything.”


“Nope. I don’t have any siblings. Your turn.”


Draco mulled on his questions for a while. “Umm One: my middle name is Lucius. Two: my favorite subject is Divination. Three: I have a pet snake.”


“I think the lie is that your favorite subject is Divination.” Hermione determined. 


“Nope.” Draco exaggerated the “p” sound in the word. “I don’t have a pet snake. My father doesn’t want me to have any pets besides my owl.”


“Oh, that’s dumb.” Hermione said. “I have a cat. His name is Crookshanks. Do you want a pet snake?”


“Yeah, I really like snakes. And not because I’m in Slytherin. I’ve really wanted a snake since as long as I could remember.” Draco told Hermione. 


Draco and Hermione continued to have a civil conversation for a few more hours. Draco curiously asked what it was like in the muggle world. He wanted to know how different things were. Hermione told him what movies, and video games and gymnastics were. 


Around lunch time, Draco’s stomach started growling rather loudly. To her surprise, Hermione’s stomach growled in response. 


“Well, we could fly down and get some food.” Draco said. 


Hermione shook her head. “I’m not getting back on that thing.”


A/N:  Do you think Draco and Hermione are going to stay on the roof all night? Do you think Hermione will be brave enough to get on the broom?


If you were playing two truths and a lie with Hermione Granger, what would you pick as the lie in these three statements? Review below your answer!


My favorite movie is “Bedknobs and Broomsticks.” Number two: My favorite video game is “Mario Kart”. Number three: I took gymnastics from age 3-10.”