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The New Three by Ginevra Jean Lovegood

Format: Novel
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 5,443
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Slughorn, Dean, Ginny, Luna, Neville
Pairings: Ron/Hermione, Ron/Lavender

First Published: 05/20/2020
Last Chapter: 05/26/2020
Last Updated: 05/28/2020


Have you ever thought that Harry Potter chose the wrong 'golden three'? Ginny, Luna and Hermione are the best of friends. This takes place in the sixth book of HP(the half blood prince), and as Hermione suffers through Ron's idiosy, Luna is lonely without the DA, and Ginny tries to balance a rocky relationship with Dean Thomas, they join up and help each other through their struggles, and after all, cleverness, uniqueness and courage are strongest together.

Chapter 1: Back at Hogwarts
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We were headed back to Hogwarts. I was excited, but my brain felt woozy, like a Nargle had slipped into my ear. I knew it hadn't, because the Spetrespecs I was wearing would have let me see it. The real reason was that Harry had just told us that we weren't continuing the DA. Dumbledore's Army was the only reason I survived the last year. The DA was where we  practiced defensive magic. It was quite fun, almost like having friends.  I even discovered my patronus, a rabbit. 



Now things were different. Harry and Neville had left me here thinking about how lonely school would be, not that they knew what I was thinking. Last year was the happiest in my life, including the ones when my mother was still alive. Now here I was, accustomed to hanging out with the DA, wondering how my year would be.






It was Ginny. "Oh, hi. Are you excited about going back to Hogwarts?"



She came in and sat down. She opened her mouth, but a Slytherin boy I think I knew came in looking very pleased. "All right there, Looney? I suppose you aren't, no one can be all right in those things. "He nodded at my Spetrespecs.



I frowned. "Umm... who are you? Wait, I got it... Dragon? Wait no...Dracon?"



His smirk flickered. " I'm Draco Malfoy, you blithering lunatic."



"Don't call her that," It was Ginny. "Just because you're an idiot doesn't mean you can call people names to make you feel better about yourself."



His smirk vanished completely and he had an ugly look on his face. "No one asked you, Weaslette. You can't afford to say that. I expect you think old Looney will pay you to defend her?"



"Malfoy." Ginny snarled. "say that again."




"Okay," he smirked. "No one-"



Ginny's fist connected with his stomach and he crashed into the compartment door, nearly shattering the glass. He tried to yell, but I stuffed a spare Gurdyroot into his mouth, so he wouldn't get us in trouble, and he could have a snack. He choked and spluttered(why wasn't he eating it?), and then spat it out. " You have no idea what I've done to your boyfriend, Weasley. Don't expect him to be at Hogwarts." Then he left.



"That little scumbag," Ginny told me after we exited the train. "Do you think he's done something to Dean?"



I shrugged. Dean was Ginny's boyfriend. "I don't think he knows who your boyfriend is."



Ginny invited me to sit with her friends, but I refused. I didn't think her friends would stop calling me Looney if she hadn't told them to.



"Then I'll sit with you,"Ginny said.



Neville joined us on our carriage, and as we talked and laughed together, I realized Ginny seemed happy sitting with us. Why,I wondered, does she sit with us when she's got so many other friends she can sit with.



We hurried into the castle the ride because it was quite cold and we were very hungry. "Bye,"Ginny told me and headed to the Gryffindor table to sit with Dean. "Yeah, Bye," Neville went to the Gryffindor table too.



"Erm, Luna?"



I turned around. It was Hermione. "Yes?" I said, mildly surprised. "Erm, could you meet me in the library five o'clock tomorrow?"



"Okay..." that was strange. I met Hermione last year, and I don't think she liked me very much.



After a delicious dinner, I discovered that Dirigible Plums were very delicious with mashed potatoes. Then, Dumbledore stood and told us that Snape was our new DADA teacher, and that a man called Florence Slug something or the other was taking potions.



I was fairly disappointed that Snape was taking Defense Against the Dark Arts, as I was used to Harry, who was a wonderful teacher. I wondered vaguely how the new teacher would be.



I suddenly remembered that I was a prefect and I was supposed to be directing students to Ravenclaw tower. "First years this way," I said. A blonde boy spotted me and said, "I recognise you! You're Looney Lovegood!"



"She's Luna," Ginny told him as she walked past with Dean.



The other prefects led the new students with me to the door to our common room. "Now," a Cho Chang, a prefect said,"if you want to get in, you answer a question." The eagle knocker on the door asked,"Where do vanished objects go?"



I stepped in,"Into nonbeing, I think."



The door opened. Cho directed the first years into their dormitories, and turned to the rest of us."Well you know what to do."



We entered our dorms, and I fell asleep, wondering what the school year would be like.

Chapter 2: Starting Again
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Before I begin writing this chapter, I want to thank Some_random_person, Ginevra Hope, and Maddi H. for reviewing my last chapter and encouraging me. Now I'm doing a Hermione POV chapter, and Ginny's next. Please review!






Today is the first day of class! I'm so excited, I read through all my books yesterday. I'd already read them all a couple dozen times before, but it's always good to make sure I've got everything. Every year, the day we start class, I get this tingling excited feeling, and this yearning to get to class already.



I went down to the common room after making sure I had all my books, just in time to see Ron bark something at a first year, who fell out of the portrait hole in shock. I was about to ask Ron what he thought he was doing when I caught a snatch of what he was saying."  -Whole periods when we can sit up here and relax."



I sighed."We need those for studying, Ron." Obviously!



Ron said something to me, but I wasn't listening, because I had just seen a boy try to walk by with a Fanged Frisbee. Those weren't allowed!"Hold it! Fanged Frisbees are banned, hand it over." He threw me a look that made me want to put him in detention and shoved it at me. Better give it to Filch. Ron looked delighted and pulled it out of my grasp. "Excellent, I've always wanted one of these."



I snapped,"Ron, I didn't confiscate it so you could break the rules too." But no one heard that, because a loud, girlish erupted from Lavender Brown's mouth, and she walked off still laughing, looking at Ron over her shoulder on the way. Ron looked very smug indeed. Suddenly, I felt such a strong surge of hate toward Lavender that I wanted to jinx her on the spot. It was inexplicable, and I had no good reason, so I shook my head to clear it and headed to the Great Hall with Ron and Harry. On the way, I caught sight of Ginny surrounded with her usual crowd of friends. She caught me looking and smiled.



By the time we arrived an the Great hall, I had half forgotten about Lavender. I got that excited feeling again, and it was now so strong I could barely eat, so I resigned to merely watching Ron shoveling eggs into his mouth after a few bites. It was only when I realized that I was enjoying  watching Ron eat that I tore my eyes away from him. Then I realized that Lavender was doing the exact same thing as me. As she stared, she had an expression that I recognized. No. Way. Lavender Brown was crushing on Ron. My Ron. Wait, what was I thinking? Ron wasn't mine, we were just friends. But suddenly I wished Ron had looked pleased about something I said, not Lavender. 



I caught sight of Hagrid waving at us at the teacher's table and felt a surge of guilt. I wasn't going to learn Care of Magical Creatures anymore, and Hagrid didn't know. Harry, Ron, and I were Hagrid's favorite students, it would kill him if we weren't in his classes. I turned to Harry and Ron."He doesn't expect us continue in hes classes, does he?"



Ron gulped down an egg, causing Lavender to sigh."We were kind of the only ones who made an effort in his classes. He thinks we like the stupid subject. Do you think anyone will continue in N.E.W.T.?



I looked down and didn't answer. Harry didn't say anything either. We all knew that pretty much everyone hated Hagrid's class.



I tried to look somewhere besides at Hagrid and Lavender, and found myself staring at Luna Lovegood. She sitting alone and absentmindedly stirring her pumpkin juice with some strange blue fruit. I decided to slip away unnoticed and talk to her. I hadn't thought much of her last year, but times change. She was in desperate  need of friends, just like I was before Harry and Ron were friends with me. 



As I slipped away from Harry and Ron, Ginny beamed when she saw where I was headed. Ginny was one of Luna's only friends, and tried to make me see the good in Luna the entire last year. Ginny knew Luna needed more friends, and asked me to try to understand. As ludicrous as her father's magazine was, it was fairly interesting, and Luna was a very brave person who risked her life to help Harry try to save Sirius.



I walked right over to the Ravenclaw table and asked Luna,"Erm, can I...sit here?"



She looked mildly surprised. "...Sorry?"



Ginny obviously sensed that Luna might refuse, so she came over and said,"Hey, can I sit with you guys?"



Luna looked slightly more surprised."Oh...okay."



We sat down. For an awkward moment there was silence. Then I said, "How was your summer, Luna?"



"Oh, it was nice," she said dreamily."Daddy and I went looking for Crumple-horned Snorkacks. I think we saw one distantly, but I can't be sure." Ginny looked amused to the point that she was fighting a smile." I'm fairly sure that we saw a Blibbering Humdinger, its yellow stripes in the antennae were unmistakable."



I had to admit it was kind of fun talking to Luna. Ginny's eyes fell on the blue fruit that was now bobbing along at the top of Luna's pumpkin juice. "Luna, what is that?"



"Oh that's a Dirigible Plum," she said, looking quite pleased Ginny had asked."They steer themselves, you know. Daddy has a very healthy plantation of them. But recently we think there are people stealing them, we're thinking of putting up a sign to warn them to keep off our plums, they're quite valuable, you see."



I realized how long we had been talking and stood up. "I need to go, Luna. See you!"



Then I went back to the Gryffindor table. I saw Professor Mcgonagall stand up and my cheerfulness about talking to Luna was replaced by nervousness. What if Professor Mcgonagall wouldn't let me continue with all my classes. When I stepped nervously up to her and showed her my schedule and what I applied for. To my relief, she immediately let me run off to Arithmancy after saying, "I know you have everything, Miss Granger."



Arithmancy was fascinating, but Lavender's laugh and Ron's satisfied look kept drifting across my mind. I left class trying to remember what on earth pedio machis meant. I had time in the break before DADA class to look it up and do my assignment, and I remembered it meant 'battlefield' and I went to Defense Against the Dark Arts.



As soon as I entered the classroom, I knew Snape had already altered it. There were the most horrific pictures on the wall, the curtains were all closed, and there was a gloomy air in the room.




We spent the class trying to jinx each other without speaking. I had already mastered nonverbal spells, so that was no problem. The problem was I didn't approve of jinxing fellow classmates.



After that was Potions. I was very curious about Professor Slughorn, because Harry said he had no idea whether he was a good teacher or not. I made sure I had all my potions supplies before entering the dungeon. 



The dungeon was already full of strange vapor and smells and potions, and I took to trying to recognise all of them and mutter them under my breath." thickening...Veritaserum..."



I sat at a table with Ernie, Harry and Ron. I was now excited, Professor Slughorn seemed very interesting so far. A potion in a gold cauldron sent a wonderful smell toward me... new parchment...Ron... wait, what?



I seemed to have blanked out. I saw Harry and Ron taking old and dirty books and potion supplies from a balding, plump man I took to be Professor Slughorn. He asked us to name Veritaserum, and I put my had up as quickly as humanly possible. He called on me. "It's Veritaserum, a colorless, odorless truth potion."



He said,"Very good, very good. " H pointed at some Polyjuice potion and I named it. Harry, Ron, and I grinned at each other, remembering brewing it ourselves in our second year. He pointed to another potion and said,'Now this one... yes, my dear?"



"It's Amortentia, the most powerful love potion in the world! It smells differently to everyone, according to what attracts us, and I can smell-" I sniffed."Freshly mown grass and new parchment and R-"



I hoped my face wasn't flamingo. How could I almost say Ron? He said,"May I ask your name?"



"Hermione Granger,sir."



He asked me if I was related to some wizard, and I accidentally told him I was Muggle-born.



He said,"Oho! 'One of my friends is muggle-born, and she's the best in our year!' Is this the very friend you speak of, Harry?"



Harry said,"Yes."



I was utterly delighted."Harry, did you really tell him I'm the best in the year?"



Ron scowled,"How's that impressive? You are the best in the year."



He showed us Felix Felicis, a lucky potion, and told us the person to make the best draught of living death would win it. I stood up at once and set up my cauldron. I was fine until we had to juice a beetle. My silver knife just wasn't cutting right. I tried and tried, but only got a little juice. I looked up and saw Harry tipping about five times as much juice into his cauldron and it turned lilac. "How are you doing that?" I asked, half annoyed, half impressed. 



At the end of class, Slughorn looked at all our potions and, somehow, Harry, yes Harry, won the Felix Felicis. I was really mad. HOw could this happen? I had read the potion book cover to cover and I didn't win. How?



After class, I told Harry off for using different instructions than me. How could he? It could have been dangerous! I yanked Harry's book away and tapped the cover. "Specialis Revelio!"



It stayed the same. "Well," I said grudgingly."It seems to be... just a textbook."



Harry took it away.



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Chapter 3: Potion Books and Quidditch Tryouts
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"I can't believe Harry kept that potions book!" I paced the length of my dormitory. 



"I can't either," Hermione said from on my bed."I didn't know he could be so... reckless. But then again, he's not sorry at all that he cheated to win the Felix Felicis!" she sounded extremely annoyed.



"Oh, Hermione, this isn't all about academic achievements. He fought Riddle himself, and I'd thought he'd know better than to get too close to an object like that, after I nearly died because I got to close to Riddle's diary. I won't let it happen again." 



"No, you won't," Hermione agreed. "You're much braver and cleverer now."



Just then I noticed Hermione had littered screwed-up bits of parchment on my bed. "Umm, what's this?"



"Oh, nothing." Hermione tried to push them out of sight, but I grabbed one and smoothed it out."Wha..."



"Hermione, why did you draw Ron and someone kissing, with a giant X on it?"



She blushed."Well... I noticed, well, Lavender acting strange. Well, and she... laughed at what Ron said, and she had this really weird look on her face and she was watching Ron eat."



"Well," I said doubtfully. "Was what Ron said funny?"



"I guess, but she was staring at Ron with a weird expression on her face."



"So were you," I blurted out.






"Well, I was making sure you talked to Luna, and you were watching Ron eat with an expression...I recognize." I came to a realization. "Oh no Hermione, you're crushing on my brother."



"What?" She was positively flustered."No... that's not it.



"Yes it is, it explains your possessiveness of him and your drawing. It's okay, Hermione, I won't tell him. It's actually nice, you'll be closer to my family."



"But then why did you say 'Oh no'?"



"Well, you're gonna have to go through a lot. I mean, you're so gifted and he's so not. Well I guess he's gifted in his own way. Oh yeah and he's trying out for Keeper. I saw him in the Quidditch pitch when I was going to practice for Chaser."



Hermione brightened."Oh, and I could help him practice."



"Well, I'm not sure he'll take you knowing when he didn't tell you." I watched her face fall and felt bad."But we can go to dinner and watch Lavender to make sure she isn't... well you know."



"Yeah, let's do that."



When we went to dinner, I sat with Ginny and Luna after we invited Luna over to the Gryffindor table. Luna looked at Hermione and said,"Is someone crushing on your boyfriend?"



Hermione said,"What? How could you possibly know that-"



"Oh, just your mopey look."



I was as shocked as Hermione, who was looking astounded. She looked at me for an exclamation, but I just shrugged. She turned to Luna."He's, well, not my boyfriend."



I turned around and saw Lavernder staring at Ron with an expression of admiration and longing. I nudged Hermione, and she turned around and saw Lavender. Her eyes narrowed. "Well?"



I sighed."I'm sorry, 'Mione, but she definitely likes him." She looked like she was about to throw up, which was exactly how I felt."Er... can you help me practice for the Quidditch tryouts?"



She stood up."No, you go. I'm going to bed." She walked away.



Luna said,"Oh dear, she doesn't look very happy, does she?"



I took a deep breath and said,"Luna, please do me a favor. Go comfort her, please. I need  to practice Quidditch with Demelza."



She said,"All right," and drifted away after Hermione. I realized she had left a Gurdyroot on the table, so I pocketed it and decided to give it to her later.



Over next few days, Slughorn decided to invite me to a Slug club party with other people that I detested at first sight, like Mister-oh-so-talented Zabini Blaise and this cocky Gryffindor, Cormac Mclaggen, that I cringed at whenever I saw him. And Hermione seemed to get more and more frustrated. She seemed close to tears many times, and I did my best to comfort her. Luna and I always made her feel better, but she was mad at Harry for not handing in the potions book even though he received a new copy, and seemed to hate Lavender more and more every day. "You'll be friends in no time," I told Hermione, who was poring over her homework."Lavender probably won't get to Ron anyway, so you can be civil to her." Lavender and Hermione will be friends only if Ron tricks them both into believing he'll go out with them, I thought darkly.



But I had other things to worry about. I really wanted to make the Quidditch team, but Demelza politely told me she couldn't practice with me after Luna's Gurdyroot flew out of my pocket and hit her in the nose. "I'm not mad at you," she assured me, "I just want to be safe."



Luna agreed to try to keep for me as I tried to score, but she kept wandering slightly away, leaving the goals unprotected. "I'm terribly sorry,"she would say,"but I was sure I saw a Crumple-Horned Snorkack horn over there."



Finally, the Quidditch tryouts came. I was really nervous, so Luna gave me a 'mix to calm nerves'. It did take my mind off the looming prospect of the tryouts, but only because I was trying not to gag, it was so disgusting.



As I headed toward the Quidditch pitch, I saw Demelza heading in the same direction with her broom over her shoulder. "You're trying out too?"



"Yeah," she said nervously."Thought I'd try even though you're better than me, there's three slots."



I went red."No, you're very good,don't kid yourself."



I saw Ron going towards Harry and quickened my pace. There were about fifteen people trying out for Chaser, I could miss my chance if I was late. I went toward Harry."Hi, Harry!"



He told me where in the stands to wait, and I headed off. Before I knew it, it was my turn. I took off with blood roaring in my ears. I felt my nervousness ebb away as I caught the Quaffle Harry tossed me. I weaved through the players, narrowly missed a Bludger, and threw the Quaffle. I held my breath as the ball sailed toward the left goal. The Keeper dove for it, missed, and the ball flew through the goal.



This happened  for about five minutes until Harry said,"Well done, Ginny!" and I headed toward Hermione and Luna in the stands.



Demelza did good, and Dean did okay, and after a couple first years who could barely lift off the ground, a bunch of Gryffindor girls who just fell over laughing left, Katie Bell tried out. She did about as good as me, except she missed a couple more goals.



I ended up a Chaser, thank goodness, along with Demelza and Katie. To my surprise, Ron made Keeper despite his poor performance last year. stupid Cormac Mclaggen almost made Keeper, but Hermione shot a silent Confunding spell him and he missed the goal I shot at him. This earned Hermione a funny look from Luna and my gratitude. 



After all the members were named, I saw Ron happily talking to Hermione, who looked guiltily happy. I smiled at Luna and said,"Thank you for helping Hermione."



"Oh, it was no problem. She's a little close-minded, but she seems like a very good friend."



"She is," I said."And so are you."



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Chapter 4: Cursed
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We've been at school a while now, and it hasn't been half bad. Ginny has been very nice, and Hermione has become, surprisingly, almost as much of a friend as Ginny. I'm very excited today, it's a Hogsmeade weekend, and Ginny's friend Demelza asked me to go with her. I suspect Ginny told her to ask me, but it was nice all the same.



I put on my radish earrings for good luck, and almost put on my Spetrespecs as well, but then decided to pocket them instead. Spetrespecs can be very good for spotting Nargles, but it was fairly cold, so they might not want to come out, and Spetrespecs do make your eyesight a bit blurry.



I decided to go down to breakfast a little early, because people can only call me 'Loony' so many times before it grows old. When I went down to breakfast, there were only about fifteen people there, all eating breakfast. I went to go sit at the Ravenclaw table, and then heard a nervous voice. "Er, Luna? Can I... sit here again?"



It was Hermione, balancing a plate of bacon and a bowl of porridge. She seemed to think that I would say no, but after thinking it over, I agreed."Okay."



She sat down next to me and put down her breakfast. "So,er, how's it going?"



"Oh,fine." I said."Daddy sent a letter to me letting mt know that he's getting closer to finding a Crumple-Horned Snorkak. He's going to bait one with a Dirigible peach-"



"I fought it wath a diwigible plum?" Hermione interrupted through a mouthful of porridge. She immediately looked very embarrassed. She swallowed."I mean, wasn't it a dirigible plum?"



"Oh, there's the Dirigible plum and the Dirigible peach," I informed her.



She actually looked interested. "Do you have a Dirigible peach?"



I took a yellow-orange, ripe Dirigible peach from my bag and put offered it to her. But the peach zoomed down the table and knocked Marietta Edgecombe's plate off the table. It was an accident, of course, but Marrietta looked very mad anyway about the eggs down her front. She got rid of them with a little charm(scourgify), but she still glared at me as Cho offered her some toast. Marietta was part of the reason we couldn't continue the DA, so I wasn't particularly happy with her, either. She had told Professor Umbridge about the DA and had gotten us all into trouble. I thought she deserved to have SNEAK written across her face even now, when Madame Pomfrey got rid of it. I looked down at my own sausages and decided I wasn't that hungry."Luna?" It was Hermione.




"Oh yes, so my father planted some Dirigible plums and peaches," I told her.



She glanced down the table at Marietta with a look of disgust on her face."Don't worry, I'll get it back."




"No, it's fine-" But she had already went to fetch it. As I watched her, I caught sight of the big Gryffindor that almost became the Keeper. Hermione had Confunded him to make sure Ron made Keeper. "Should I tell her?" I wondered aloud. "Tell who what?"




Hermione was back. "Oh, it's nothing." I decided. The big Gryffindor seemed a bit rude and wouldn't listen to me when I tried to tell him he'd been confunded the other day, and he was a little hot-headed.



"I'd better go," Hermione said. "I need to meet Harry and Ron in Hogsmeade. Harry wants to tail Draco Malfoy, you know."



"That Slytherin boy that Ginny hit on the train?"



"Did she, now?" Hermione looked half impressed, half pleased."Anyway, he thinks Malfoy's plotting something, he even tried to spy on him on the train."



I looked up at the clock."We'd both better go to Hogsmeade, it's getting a bit late."



As I left the Great Hall, I found my path blocked by a Gryffindor Chaser, Demelza Robins."Er," she looked even more nervous than Hermione."Do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me?"



I spotted Ginny nodding vigorously behind her back, arm in arm with Dean Thomas. Then I knew Ginny had made Demelza ask me in an attempt to make sure I didn't go alone."No, thanks."I told her."Maybe next time."



She looked rather relieved as she headed back to a disappointed looking Ginny.



I headed out to Filch, who was checking us for dangerous dark objects before we exited. Ron said something that must have been amusing, because a Gryffindor girl giggled. Hermione's face darkened and she glared. "Who's that?" I asked Ginny, who was walking by with Dean and her new Pygmy Puff."The one with the curly hair? That's Lavender Brown, she fancies Ron. Hermione does too, that's why she acts like that." She suddenly looked horrified. "I shouldn't have told you that."



"Don't worry," I assured her."I won't tell anyone."



She looked mollified. "Okay then. Are you sure you don't want to come with me and Dean?"



"I'll be all right."



I entered Hogsmeade after Mr. Filch jabbed me with his weird stick that was supposed to detect Dark Magic.



It was very chilly, and the wind was rather strong. I walked by Zonko's shop, which was closed. I wasn't going to go in there anyway, because my father told me that their edible tricks were made to cause lung cancer and swine flu. I decided to go to the Three Broomsticks, which was warm and cozy as usual. I ordered some bubble juice, as it tasted very good with juiced Gurdyroots. Just as I stirred some Gurdyroot juice into my bubble juice, I saw Katie Bell,a Chaser on the Gryffindor Chaser, entering with her friend Leanne. They were both laughing and were already holding butterbeer cups. They handed their cups over to Madame Rosmerta, who filled them up with butterbeer and handed them back. I also saw Ginny and Dean in a corner, sharing a firewhiskey. I finished my drink and headed throught the door toward Honeydukes.



I decided to buy some toothflossing stringmints and a new kind of fudge, and headed back to the castle. I heard someone yell,"It's got nothing to do with you, Leanne!", and I looked back. Katie Bell, who had a glazed look on her face, was fighting her friend over a package that split open and fell on the ground. Katie Bell's glazed look melted away, and she suddenly rose into the air, with her arms spread out and her eyes closed. Just when I began to worry that she wouldn't get down, she stopped rising and her eyes opened. She let out a terrible scream, and began to thrash and fight. Leanne pulled her ankles and screamed too. Harry and Ron joined in the struggle, and Katie fell on top of them, still thrashing and screaming.



I ran back to the castle to fetch Madame Pomfrey, but was stopped midway due to the fact that Hagrid crashed into me on the way. After I arrived, I ducked Filch's stick and was met by Ginny, who was wringing her hands and looking worried. She looked up as I entered. "Katie's in the hospital wing," she said miserably. "Harry's absolutely certain that Malfoy gave her that necklace."



"Oh, was that what was in the package?"



"Yes," Ginny started wringing her hands again."And Harry reckons Malfoy gave it to her."



I considered the possibility. "Well, it is possible."



Ginny sighed."Luna, Malfoy wasn't even in Hogsmeade today."



Even I had to admit it wasn't likely that Malfoy could have given her the necklace.



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