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Harry and Hermione More Than Friends by Harmione for life

Format: Short story
Chapters: 15
Word Count: 15,310

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Scenes of a sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Pomfrey, Lupin, James, Lily, Tonks, Draco, Ginny, Luna, Neville
Pairings: Draco/Luna

First Published: 04/29/2020
Last Chapter: 05/22/2020
Last Updated: 06/23/2020


Harry has loved Hermione and Hermione has loved Harry  since they met on the train in their first year and are best friends but are to scared to admit their feelings it but what happens when Ron and Ginny try to hurt Hermione what will Harry do and will their true feelings come to light?

Chapter 1: Not a chapter but need to know info before reading
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Okay welcome to my new story called Harry And Hermione More Than Friends. 

This story will be about Harry and Hermione secret love for each other but, there are some things thatyou need to know before reading the story.

Harry is in Slytherin along with Draco. Hermione, Ron, and Ginny are in Gryffindor. Voldemort does not exist so Harry is not famous and is the kid that everyone picks on and only has two friends Hermione his best friend in the whole world/ crush and Draco his best mate. They have been best friends since hey met on the Hogwarts express when they were eleven. Ron and Ginny hate Harry with a passion for no real reason. Ron likes Hermione but is mad at her for being friends with Harry and rejecting him multiple times when he asked her out and Ginny is mad at Hermione because she is friends with Harry and they don't care about Draco. Harry's parents are alive in this story. And plus Hermione is the cutest girl in school and Harry and Hermione are the best duelist in the school. Plus there are Pre - Head Boy's and Girls and Harry is a Pre - Head boy.


And this means what they are saying ". And this means what they are thinking '.


Now you are ready to read the actual story.

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Chapter 2: The fight that started everything
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" Hey Potter " Ron shouts from down the corridor.


Harry thinks to himself ' Shit what does he want ' " What do you want Weasley I don't have time for your bullshit right now I have homework to do " Harry says a little bit irritated.


" Jeez I just have one question for you " Ron says smiling .


" Fine what is it " Harry says trying to hurry up and get to class.


" Does this hurt " Ron says as he punches Harry in the gut then in face making Harry fall to the ground in pain and making him drop his glasses, all of his books and giving him a bloody nose. 


Right as this happens Hermione comes around the corner and sees Ron punch Harry. " Ron what did you do to him " She said in a very angry tone.


" Nothing just making sure Potter knows who to respect around here " Ron said with a smirk on his face. That smirk goes away almost immediately when Hermione walks over to him and slaps him straight across the face.


" Now you better get out of here before I do something much worse " Hermione said the gets her wand and points it at Ron.


" FINE but you will regret that ms. pretty girl " Ron said furiously knowing how good Hermione was with spells and then walks away. 


" Harry are you alright " Hermione asks Harry in a calm voice and also see's that he broke his nose. " Let me fix that for you " she said casting a spell to fix his nose. Then hands Harry his glasses and starts to pick up his books with him.


After she is done picking up his books she hands them to Harry. " There you go Harry " she said while smiling at him.


" Thanks but you know you didn't have to help me " Harry said a little embarrassed.


" I know but I can't let anyone do that to my best friend " Hermione said smiling.


" Sometimes I wonder why you are friends with me I am so embarrassing " Harry said while frowning.


"Harry listen to me you are not embarrassing you are the nicest, funniest, considerate, bravest, best duelist in the entire school along side me of course and not mention handsome ". Hermione said blushing.


" You really think so " Harry said blushing.


" Yes I do and plus you are braver then that little shit will ever be and what is really embarrassing how the sorting hat put him in Gryffindor " Hermione said smiling at Harry.


" Hermione I...I...I love you and I have ever since i met you on the Hogwarts express when we were 11 years old and I totally understand if you don't..." Harry said but gets cut off by Hermione kissing him passionately on the lips. Harry kisses back just as passionately and they continue kissing for 5 minutes.


When they finally pull away " I love you to Harry and I have since I have first laid eyes on you when we were eleven " Hermione said.


" Really " Harry said in shock.


" Yes really ".


" I love so much Hermione Granger will you do me the honor and be my girlfriend " then he started to blush. 


" Of course I will Harry " she then kisses him and he kisses back


Then when they pull apart Harry says " Maybe after we are done with are homework you could come around to my room at like 6:30 and we could hangout " Harry asked Hermione.


" I would love that Harry " she said and gives him a quick kiss on the cheek then walks to the Gryffindor common room and Harry walks to the Slytherin Common Room.


(With Hermione)


Hermione was walking to the Gryffindor common room thinking ' I can't believe it I kissed Harry and I am his girlfriend this must be a dream'. But before she could finish her day dreaming about Harry she was pulled into a abandoned classroom by two people.


When she looks at them a finds out who they are she yells at them saying " Ron and Ginny what the fuck are you doing ". But as she finishes her sentence she get socked in the face by Ginny and falls to the ground.

 " Shut up you filthy little mud blood " Ginny says and then kicks her in the stomach making Hermione start crying out in pain.


" Ginny be careful I want her pretty for what I am going to do next " Ron said smirking.


" Fine " Ginny says and kicks Hermione in the stomach one more time then they lift her up and tie her to a chair.


" What are you guys doing " Hermione says in a scared voice.


" I am going to get back at you for slapping me and for rejecting me so many times to be my girlfriend " Ron in a very angry tone.


" Don't forget for being friend with Potter " Ginny says with a smile on her face.


" Your right Ginny how could I forget " Ron said in a sarcastic voice and then starts to unbutton his shirt.


 " Ron please don't do this for once don't be stupid " Hermione said starting to cry even more. Then Ron slaps her across the face and punches her in the chest and tells her " You do not talk to me like that ever again or next time you won't get off so easy " then takes off shirt and starts to lick her face.


( With Harry) 


Harry was walking to the Slytherin common room thinking ' I can't believe it I kissed Hermione and I am her boyfriend this must be a dream' but then realizes Hermione accidentally gave him one of her books and starts to walk towards Gryffindor tower to give her the book but hears crying near by ' That sounds like Hermione ' he then drops all the books and runs toward the crying.


When he gets there he finds the an abandoned classroom with Hermione, Ron, and Ginny in it and sees Ron licking Hermione's face and yells Hermione's name making everyone look at him.


" Well look who it is, it must be our lucky day because now we can end you Potter once and for all " Ron says and looks at Ginny and they both raise the wands and fire spells at Harry blocks both with no problem and begins to duel them. Harry instead of attacking first played smart and let them waste all their energy casting spells at him that he knew that he could block easily.


About 2 minutes later Ron and Ginny were exhausted and Harry took this opportunity to end this duel. He cast the spell two spells back to back. Both Ron and Ginny get hit by one spell which ended up sending them flying backwards and knocking them out. Harry then runs to Hermione and unties her. Once she is free she hugs him and kisses him on the lips. They break apart, tie up Ron and Ginny then run to Dumbledore's office to tell him what happened.


Once they get there they tell him what happened and he responds by saying " First, thank you for telling me I will expel them but, if I can not do that at then they will be suspended at the least and I will contract the ministry and inform them of what happened. Second Miss Granger I will be putting you in Slytherin house for safety reasons, here are you robes and you will be sharing Mr.Potters Pre-Head boy room if that is okay with you of course ".


" Yes that is fine professor " Harry says and takes Hermione's robes, grabs her hand and walk out of Dumbledore's office and go to Hermione room and get her stuff. 


(10 minutes later they are in Harry's room)


Once they put all of Hermione's stuff away Harry spins Hermione around and kisses her on the lips and she kisses back . Hermione then pulls Harry down onto the bed.


Hermione pulls out of the kiss and says" You know the night is just getting started right Harry " and at these words Harry smirks and they start kissing again.



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Chapter 3: The next step
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(Staring From where we left)


                                                                     Mature Content!!!!!!         


Hermione pulls out of the kiss and says" You know the night is just getting started right Harry " and at these words Harry smirks and they start kissing again.


They start to kiss each other passionately  and then started to make out. Harry places his right hand behind her head and his left hand on her hip. Hermione places her left hand on his chest and right hand on his cheek. Slowly Hermione hand finds it's way under Harry's shirt and starts to pop all of his buttons off and take of his shirt and throws it across the room.


Harry pulls out of the kiss and asks Hermione " Are you ready for this babe? " 


" I am a 100 percent sure now kiss me handsome " Hermione while she pulls Harry back into the kiss. Then Harry starts to remove Hermione's shirt. As he is doing that she reaches for her wand and uses it to but a lock charm and a silence charm on the door then puts her wand back and continues on what she is doing.


Harry then flings her shirt across the room and then he sees her semi naked chest which turns him on more and makes his cock grow in his boxers making a BIG bulge and Hermione saw it and asks " anything wrong Harry ".


" Nope everything perfect except this " Harry says and starts to remove her bra and flings it across the room and the second he saw her tits he started to suck on them causing  her moan. He spent 5 mins on each but then felt Hermione's  hand on his belt buckle and knew exactly what she was doing so he pulled off her tits and took his belt and pants off. Then he pulled her pants of then the both pulled each others underwear off making them completely naked.


" Harry? " Hermione asked Harry.


" Yes Hermione " Harry asked her.


" This my first time so... " Hermione said 


" Hermione how is this your first time you are the bravest, strongest, funniest, smartest, kindest, generous and hottest girl I know " Harry said confused.


" I was waiting for the perfect time with guy I truly love aka you Harry " She said smiling up at him.


" Well that kind of works out pretty well because this my first time too " Harry said blushing but at these words Hermione was stunned but finally was able to say " So we are both okay with losing our virginty to each other " She said hoping for yes.


" Yes Hermione " Harry said .


" Great " Hermione said and she grabs his cock and places it at the entrance of her vagina and tells Harry " I want you inside of me " with a smirk on her face. 


" Ok babe " Harry said as he gets into position and thrusts his cock into Hermione's vagina and she screams in pleasure  then starts to bleed and Harry gets scared and asks "

 Are you okay Hermione ". 


She smiles and says " yes that is normal for a girls first time now let's continue " And they start thrusting and kissing extremely fast and in sync. Then 20 mins later Hermione lets her love juice go all over Harry's cock.


" Hermione are you ready for a family " he asked her. 


She smiled and said " Yes especially if those kids are your's " she said smiling and continues saying " now I am not finished ". 10 minutes later Harry releases tons of his sperm into Hermione vagina and then finally pulls out. 


" You were amazing Harry and if i could lose my virginity to anyone I am glad it is you " Hermione said smiling. 


" You were brilliant Hermione and I am glad that I let you take my virginity now let's get some rest " Harry said.


                                                                End of Mature Content!!!!! 


( A 2 weeks  Later) 


Hermione wakes up at 6:00 in the morning feeling sick and runs to the bathroom and throws up Harry feels her get out of bed and sees her run to the bathroom and runs after her and holds her hair up while she throws up.


" Hermione are you okay " Harry asks her.


" Ya but I think I am pregnant I am gonna take a test real quick okay Harry " She told him.


" Okay " Harry says and walks out of the bathroom and gets ready and sets clothes out for Hermione


( 3 minutes later)


" Now we just have to wait " Hermione says. Harry hugs and gives her a quick kiss.


(Another 3 minutes later )


" It should be done by now " Hermione says.


" Okay Hermione " Harry says. Hermione goes into the restroom and gets the test and comes back out then looks at it and says.


" Harry I am..." Hermione says


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Chapter 4: A Test and a Car Crash
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(Where we left off)


" Harry I am pregnant " Hermione says to Harry

She smiled and cried happy tears and said “ we are going to be parents ”.

Harry’s mouth dropped open and lifted Hermione off her feet and kisses her with all his passion. She kisses back with all her passion.


” I am going to be dad ” he said in disbelief. “I AM GONNA BE A DAD ” he yelled.

“Harry quiet no one knows yet“ She said.


“Oh right sorry ” Harry said blushing. “We need to Dumbledore and our parents "Harry said.


“ OUR PARENTS ”. She shouted “I get Dumbledore but our parents”she said as she composed herself.

“ Hermione they are our parents they need to know that they gonna be grandparents ” Harry said.


“ Harry I am sorry it is just the reason I got so mad was because my parents are are... ” Hermione said starting to stutter .


“Are what Hermione ” Harry said curious.


“ They are dead ” She said with tears filling her eyes  “ They died last year in a car crash coming to pick me up from Hogwarts” she said and starts to cry. 

“ Hermione I am so sorry but why didn’t you tell me ” Harry said while hugging her trying to comfort her. 

“ I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to see me as a sad case ” Hermione said still crying.


” Hermione nothing will ever EVER change how think about you not to mention how how much I love you” He said to her in comforting voice while smiling.

Sniffs “Really” Hermione said 


“ Yes ” Harry said as he sipped the tears off her face. “ I love you Hermione Granger and nothing will every change that ” he said and kisses her on the lips.


She kisses back and then pulls away says “I love you to Harry Potter ” then goes back to kissing him and this continues for 5 more minutes then they finally break apart.


“We can tell my parents when ever you are ready ” Harry said 


“ We will tell them when we go on Christmas holiday k ” She said 


“Okay but we should probably tell Dumbledore now ” Harry said


“ Ya that is a good” she said then kisses him on the cheek and grabs his hand and walk to Dumbledore’s office. 10 mins later they are outside his office.


” You ready” Harry asked Hermione 


“ Ya but one thing will make me more confident” She says and smiles at him.


”And what is that”  Harry asked confused but got it right away when Hermione kissed him on the lips and he kissed back.


They break apart and Hermione says ”K now I am more than ready ”.Then walk into Dumbledore’s office holding hands.

“ Mr.Potter and Ms.Granger what can I help you with today ” Dumbledore asked.


“ Well we don’t need anything sir... we need to tell you something ” Hermione said still holding Harry’s hand but now gripping it tight. 

“Babe it is fine I will say it if you are not comfortable saying it” Harry said while looking into Hermione shiny brown eyes. She looks back into his sparkling emerald green eyes and she nods.


”Ok what is it Mr.Potter ” Dumbledore asked.

Harry takes a deep breath and says “ Hermione is pregnant ”. He looks and Dumbledore and has never seen him so shocked.


” Very we’ll you two as you know this is a big deal so I will be allowing  Ms.Granger to  switch into all of  your classes Mr.Potter so you can keep her safe and I will be making you appointments with Madame Pomfrey to check up on the baby” Dumbledore said while smiling at them. 

“ Thank you Professor ” they said at the same time and walked out. Then Dumbledore thinks ‘ You think the smartest girl in school would use protection ’ and he laughs a little inside. 


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Chapter 5: Telling the Parents
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(Skipping ahead  Christmas break)


" I kind of wish that the school year would end here so we never have to see Ron and Ginny again " Hermione said to Harry.


" I still don't understand that Ron and Ginny only got a month suspension for what they did "Harry said a little irritated 


" I know but er can't do anything about it so need to the bigger people and move one and focus on other more important things " Hermione says as she puts her hand on her stomach. 


" Your right like always and I can't wait to tell my parents about the preg... " Harry was saying before being cut off by Hermione covering his mouth.


"  Harry shush no one knows except us and Dumbledore " Hermione said


" Oh ya I am sorry babe " Harry said with a frown on his face.


" It is okay babe " Hermione says as she kisses him on the lips. " Now let's get a compartment to ourselves so we can talk about you know what " she says as she bites her lower lip.


:" Okay " Harry says ( takes her hand and find an empty compartment and go in. Hermione flicks her wand and it locks the compartment  and puts window blockers over the windows and then she starts to make out with Harry and they only broke apart to catch their breath and continued this until they were at king cross station hours later. . 


They break apart, get their stuff and got of the Train and went looking for Harry's parents. Couple of minutes later they spot them. 


" Mom, Dad " Harry yelled out to get his parents attention.


" Harry, Hermione  " Lily and James yell out to Harry and Hermione while walking over to them and giving them a hug.


" How was school you guys " Lily aksed them.


" Well at sometimes it was amazing (smiles at Hermione) but at other times..." Harry said before letting Hermione take over.


" It was a total nightmare " Hermione said.


" Why " James and Lily say in unison.


" We prefer to tell you at home " Harry told them. 


" Okay " James said. Then grab their trunks and other stuff put it in the car and drive home while talking about random stuff. Couple hours later they arrive home. 


They unpack the car and put everything inside and put away. But then Lily asks " Now can we talk about what happened at school " .


" Yes " Harry and Hermione said in unison. Then Harry says " please sit down ". They all go to the living room and sit down the whole time Harry and Hermione were holding hands.


" So  about 3 weeks ago... " Hermione says and tells them what Ron did to Harry.


" Harry next time you need to stick up for yourself even if you get a trouble we won't be mad at you" James says to Harry


" Okay Dad and after all of that we started talking and we found out that we both like each other and we kissed and became a couple " Harry said to his parents then gave Hermione a quick kiss on the lips.


Harry's parents jaw drops. 


" I am so happy for you guys " Lily says starting to tear up.


" I always thought you guys you make a great couple " James said to Harry and Hermione. Making both Harry and Hermione blush.


" But that happyniess didn't last long because right after I was going back to my common room Ron and Ginny Weasley pulled me into an abandoned classroom. Ginny socked me in the face and kicked me in the stomach twice and Ron tried to rape me " Hermione said her eyes starting to water up. 


" Hermione I am so sorry " Lily says and her and James get up and hug her. 


" But before he could do anything Harry dueled them both at the same time and won ". 


" Thank god nothing happened to you Hermione " James said. Then they continue to talk about everything else that happened except for one thing. 


  " So is that it because you both still seem nervous about something " James asked Harry and Hermione.


" Yes there is something else " Harry says then takes a deep breath in and says " Hermione is pregnant ".


" REALLY " Lily and James say in unison.


" Yes Mr. and Mrs. Potter " Hermione says.


" That is amazing " Lily said. 


" Really you guys aren't mad "


" Why we would be mad we are going to be grand parents but, you two have to do is make sure you guys take all the right precautions and call us Lily and James " James said.


" Okay Mr.. I mean James thank you " Hermione said 


" Did you tell your parents yet Hermione " Lily asked.


" No I can't because they died last year in a car crash " Hermione says starting to cry while Harry pulls her into a hug.


" I am sorry I didn't mean to... " Lily says before getting cut off by Hermione 


" It isn't your fault it is just hard to think about sometimes " Hermione says.


" Well now we know if you want you can move in with us and if you need anything at all we will be here to help " James says.


" You don't need to that " Hermione said. 


" I know but you are like our daughter Hermione we can leave you hanging like that " Lily says while her and James go over and hug Hermione then break apart.


" Thank you " Hermione says.


" Babe you can move into my room if you want " Harry said.


" That would be great thanks babe " Hermione says and kisses him.


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Chapter 6: The Check up
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( Later that week )


" Hermione are you ready to go " Harry said.


" Um not yet give me a second " Hermione says while running to the bathroom and throwing u. Harry hears her running and gores up to see what is going on. Then finds her throwing up and goes and holds her hair up.


After she is done Harry asks " Hermione are you okay ".


" Ya just morning sickness " Hermione says. 


" Okay " Harry says and gets a towel for Hermione to wipe her mouth after she is done cleaning herself up. 


After she gets cleaned up they head into the car and Harry's parents drive them to the hospital for a check up on the baby. "Be safe and we will be here the whole time so when you are down come back here " James told them.


" Okay dad " Harry said and took Hermione's  hand walked out of the car and into the Hospital. They write their names down and sits down and wait for their doctor. 


" Harry I am a little nervous " Hermione said.


Why " Harry asked.


" What happens if there is something wrong with the baby Harry " Hermione  said scared. 


" Are baby will be fine " Harry said in a comforting voice then places his hand on her stomach " Our bay is just as strong as their mother " then He smiles at Hermione.


Hermione blushes and says " You really think  I am strong ". 


" Of course I do... not to mention strong, funny, smart the list goes on with you " Harry said smiling at Heermione.


" Thanks babe " Hermione says as she is blushing then kisses him and he kisses back.

  They wait a couple minutes and then The Doctor comes and says " Mr. Potter and Ms.Granger ". Hermione and Harry get up and walk behing the doctor and go into the room. Harry grabs a chair and Hermione lays down.


" So how long have you been pregnant " The Doctor says.


" About a month sir I got pregnant at the beginning of December " Hermione told The Doctor. 


" Okay then have you been drinking or smoking since " The Doctor asks.


" No sir " Hermione said. 


" Okay lets take a look... please pull up your shirt just above your  stomach " The Doctor said.


Hermione lifts up her shirt and The Doctor rubs gel on her stomach and starts to check on the baby.


" There is your baby " The Doctor say to Harry and Hermione. They both look at their baby and Harry starts to tear up.


" Harry you big softy " Hermione said sarcastically.


" Oh shut it Hermione " Harry said. " Is our baby healthy ".


" Yes but I see something " The Doctor says. This worries Harry and Hermione.


" Is it bad " Hermione asked nervously.


" Please tell me the their is nothing wrong with our baby or Hermione " Harry said very worried.


" No nothing is wrong but " The Doctor said.


" But what " Harry said scared.   


" You two are having twins " The Doctor said.


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Chapter 7: Christmas at the Potters
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( Starting right from where we left off )


" What do you mean " Harry said 


" Look one baby right there and then one right there " The Doctor said.


" Harry we are having twins " Hermione said very very happy. 


" Are you serious " Harry said tearing up.


" Yes Harry " Hermione said then hugs him.


" Congratulations both of your babies are healthy " The Doctor said  and wipes Hermione stomach.


" Thank you Doctor " Hermiome said.


" No problem just make sure to take care of yourself and them " The Doctor said.


" Okay " Hermione said then gets off the bed,, grabs Harry's hand and walks out of the hostpital and go imto Herry's parents car.


How id it do " Lily said.


" It went great but " Hermione said.


" But what " Lily said.


" We are having twins  " Harry said.


" Really that is amazing " James said and hugs them. 


" You till will have the cutest wins anyone has every seen" Lily said the hugs them. 


" Thanks Mom " Harry said. Then they drive home and start getting ready for Christmas and start buying gifts but Harry and Hermione don't know what to get each other so Harry talks to James and Hermione talks to Lily. 


(With Harry and James)


" Hey Dad I need some help with something " Harry said.


" What do you need " James said.


" I don't know what to get Hermione for Christmas " Harry said.


" Well if I were you I would get  Hermione something that means a lot to her " James said.


" What about a locket with pictures of her parents " Harry said. 


" That would be great " James said.


" Thanks Dad for your help " Harry said 


"Anytime " James said.and they share a hug. 


(With Hermione and Lily)


" Lily can I ask you something " Hermione said.


" Sure what is it " Lily said. 


" I don't know what to get Harry form Christmas " Hermione said.


 " I would get him something he would use often and be happy to use " Lily said.


" What if I get him the Newest racing Broom the Nimbus 2005 " Hermione said.


" He would love that but it' is really expensive " Lily said. 


" I got it covered my parents left me over 200 thousand dollars in their will " Hermione said.


" Well in that case Harry would love it ". Lily said .


" No problem " Lily said and they share a hug.


( Skipping to Christmas Day )


" Hermione wake up babe " Harry said. 


" Hey handsome " Hermione said the kisses him, but then feels sick and goes to the bathroom and throws up.


Harry runs after her and holds her hair and rubs her back.


After she is done Hermione says " Harry I am sorry ".


" Sorry...Sorry for what " Harry said.


" I am sorry that you have to see me like this and constitutionally having to help me " Hermione said disappointed.


" It's not your fault your pregnant this is bound to happen and besides I am the father it's my job of you and them " Harry said.


" Are you sure " Hermione said while brushing her teeth.


" Yes I am sure " Harry said and the second she is done brushing her teeth he kisses her and she kisses back. then break apart. 


" Thanks Harry I love you so much " Hermione said then kisses him again and he kisses back. They break apart and  go downstairs where James is separating presents into piles and Lily making breakfast.


" Hey you guys " Lily said.


" Hi " harry and Hermione said in unison.


" How's your day going " James said. 


" Fine besides morning sickness but nothing can ruin a morning when you wake up to this face " Hermione says looking at Harry.


" I love you so much Hermione " Harry said then kisses her cheek.


" I love you too " Hermione said.


They sit down and start to eat and they start talking and hear a knock at the door and Harry goes to see who it is. He goes it and sees Sirius.


" SIRIUS " Harry said very happy and hugs him.


  • Note that in this story is a free man and he is very rich. *


" Hello Harry " Sirius says then breaks apart from Harry then walks to the table and gives every one a hug .


" Hermione haven't seen you in a while " Sirius said.


" Well I am here for three reasons the first is that my parents died so I have no where to go and second me and Harry are boyfriend and girlfriend and third " Hermione said but gets cut off by Harry.


" Babe can I tell him " Harry said.


" Sure  babe " Hermione said then kisses him.


" Tell me what Harry " Sirius said confused. 


Harry takes a deep breath and then says " Hermione is pregnant and I am the father ".


" Really that is amazing you two will be great parents and a great couple and Hermione I am really sorry for your loss " Sirius said.


" Thank you Sirius " Hermione said then they sat down and ate then went to the tree and started to hand out presents but, when it got to Harry's gift for Hermione he was very very nervous. 


" Here you go Hermione " Harry said and handed her gift.


She opens it and starts to tear up " Harry it is beautiful thank you " Hermione says.


" You welcome I was just hoping you like it "Harry said.


" I don't like it... I love it " Hermione said then kisses him then hands him his gift 


He opens it and then Smiles at Hermione and immediately kisses her and says " Hermione I couldn't ask for anything better  ". 


" Great I am glad you like it " Hermione said then smiles at him.


" Merry Christmas Hermione " Harry said.


" Merry Christmas Harry " Hermione said.


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Chapter 8: Going back to school
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" Harry Hermione are you two ready to go " Lily shouted from downstairs.


" Yes mom we are coming " Harry yelled from upstairs. Then goes to check up on Hermione and finds her on her bed with all her stuff packed but with a scared expression on her face.


" Hermione what is wrong " Harry said then takes a seat next to Hermione.


" I am just worried about seeing Ron and Ginny again and if they find out I'm pregnant what will they do to me and our babies "  Hermione said.


" There is no need to worry but you will be with me at all times and if they find out your pregnant and don't like than they will have either deal with it or deal with me and trust me if they choose me it won't end well " Harry said.


" Harry you always know what to say to make me feel better " Hermione said and then kisses Harry on him on the cheek then goes to grab her trunk but gets stopped by Harry.


" Hermione you shouldn't lift that it you can hurt yourself and the babies " Harry said.


" Harry I am pregnant not crippled I can still do things you know " Hermione said sarcastically .


" I know that but I rather me do it to make sure nothing happens to you guys because I love all three of you with all my heart " Harry said then kisses Hermione then grabs her trunk and takes it down with his almost dropping it a couple times due to it being very heavy.


" Harry who knew you were such a gentlemen  " James said sarcastically.


" Oh shush dad " Harry said a little embarrassed.


" I knew he was gentlemen since the day we met " Hermione said making Harry blushed.


They went to car, put the  trunks in the car. and went to King cross station. Once they got there they got there stuff and put it on trolley and walk threw the platform and put there stuff on the train and waited until it was getting close time for the train to leave but before they leave Harry spots one of his closest friends and calls out his name.


" DRACO " Harry yelled and got Draco's attention and he came over and gave Harry. Hermione, Lily and James a hug.


" It so good to be back and see you guys again " Draco said.


" Ya it is good to see you too and I want to tell you something when we get on the train " Harry said.


" Okay and Hermione I heard about your parents I am really sorry and if you ever need any support I will be here for you " Draco said.


" Thanks Draco that means a lot " Hermione said then hugs Draco again.


" No problem " Draco said.


They all say goodbye to there parents and get on the train and start to head to their compartment when the people they did not want to see bullying a Ravenclaw girl named Luna Lovegood.


" Come on Lunny what are you gonna do " Ginny said taunting Luna.


" Just leave me alone " Luna said scared " I didn't do anything to you ".


" We know we just have to put wannabe's like you in your place so they know not to mess with us " Ron said then laughed.


Then Ginny slapped Luna and that was the last straw for Harry, Hermione, and Draco who go over to where are and Harry and Draco push Ron and Ginny out of the way and Hermione grabbed Luna and pulled her way from them.


" Touch her again and we will hurt you badly " Draco said as him and Harry raise their wands to Ron and Ginny.


" Oh ya you don't have the stomach Malfoy " Ron said.


" But will stop with Luna and  we 'll just go to Harry's little mudblood " Ginny said.


" Touch her and you will regret it " Harry said getting very upset.


" You two won't do anything to us " Ron said smirking.


" Oh ya is that right " Draco said then looked at Harry both nodded and both said " Stupify " then waved their wands sending Ron backwards and making him fall to the ground in pain and anger 


" You'll pay for that Malfoy and Potter " Ron said in anger as Ginny helped him up.


" Keep telling yourself that Weasel " Draco said


" And let this be a reminder that next time you bully Hermione, Luna, or any one else again  we won't go so easy next time " Harry said then him. Draco, Hermione, and Luna walk into a compartment and sit down.


" Thanks for saving me but you didn't have too " Luna said in a voice just above a whisper.


" Trust me Luna that was nothing of what they deserve for what they did to Hermione and me before break " Harry said.


" What do you mean " Draco said.


" Well..." Harry said then he told Draco and Luna everything that happened before break.


" What the fuck is wrong with them " Draco said " And they only got suspended they would have been straight to akzkban if it were up to me ".


" That is what they deserve and deserve a long nice time with some dementors " Luna said.


" I know but me and Hermione have learned to deal with it " Harry said.


" At least you and Hermione are okay and Harry what was that thing you wanted to tell me ?" Draco said. 


" Harry can I tell him and Luna " Hermione said.


" Of course you can " Harry said.


" Okay then before all of the stuff with Ron and Ginny happened Harry got punched by Ron several times and I came over and helped him and after that Harry told me how much he loved me and I told him how much I loved him then we kissed and became boyfriend and girlfriend " Hermione told Draco and Luna.


" That is amazing  you guys are the perfect couple " Draco said.


" You guys will have some cute kids that is for sure " Luna said.


" Well that brings me to our next thing right before break I found out that I am pregnant " Hermione said.


Draco and Luna's jaw drops. 


" And we are having twins " Hermione finished.


" When are you due " Draco asked in a hurry.


" What are the genders " Luna asked right after Draco.


" Guys quiet only a couple people know " Harry said. 


" Oh right sorry " Draco and Luna said in unison.


" But I am due in August and we don't know the genders yet " Hermione said.


" Okay then " Draco said.


" Anyways now that you know everything Draco how was your vacation all through Europe " Harry said.


" It was great but I did miss you guys " Draco said then continuous on about his vacation and then Luna tell's them about her break.


Then hours later after talking for hours they arrive, get there, stuff and head up to the castle and then Hermione starts to stubble the faints but, Harry catches her.


" HERMIONE " all three of them yell and drop all of their stuff and rush Hermione to the hospital wing 


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Chapter 9: Draco gets Attacked
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( Starting from where we left off)


They rush Hermione to the hospital wing .


They finally reach there and Harry yells " MADAME POMFREY HELP US PLEASE ".


" What is...oh my hurry get her to the bed  " Madame Pomfrey told them.


They put her down on the bed and Madame Pomfrey starts to check on Hermione. After a couple tests she tells them " She will be fine she just got exhausted from stress and the pregnancy. She will be up in a couple minutes " Madame Pomfrey said in a very calming voice.


" What about the babies are they okay " Harry said in a rush.


" They are perfectly fine Harry do not worry " Madame Pomfrey said.


" Thank god " Harry said.


" I am going to go get our stuff that we dropped and bring it here " Draco said.


" And I will go tell Dumbledore what happened. He is probably wondering where we are right now " Luna said.


" Okay I will be here looking after Hermione and thank you for helping me get her here " Harry said.


" No problem " Luna said.


" Besides we are friends we can't let you deal with this type of stuff by yourself. Anything you need we will be there " Draco said.


" Thanks " Harry said.


Luna and Draco leave to go do what they said they were going too. 


( With Draco ) 


Reaches the train and starts to pick up everything and summons a carriage and puts all their stuff in the carriage but before he could start heading back he gets hit in the back of the head with a beater bat.


" Ah!!! " Draco yells and falls to the floor in pain and clutches the back of his head.


" What did a tell you Malfoy I would get you back for what you did " Ron said with a big grin on his face.


" Aren't you glad that Fred and George put their beater bats in your trunk " Ginny said laughing.


" Ya I guess it was just great luck now lets start to really mess with him " Ron said grinning.


( With Luna)


She goes to the Great Hall and the sorting is over and everyone is eating. Luna then runs up to where Dumbledore is sitting and tells him what happened then Dumbledore tells her " Thank you for letting me know and tell Harry and Draco you guys can stay with her in till she has fully recovered and I will be rewarding each of you 20 points ".


" Okay thank you Professor " Luna said and walks back to the Hospital wing and sees that Hermione is awake and runs over to her and hugs her.


" Are you okay Hermione " Luna said.


" Yes just have a little headache " Hermione said.


( Back with Draco )


Ginny lifts Draco up and Ron starts punching him everywhere and doesn't stop till is knuckles are bleeding.


" I think that will teach him a lesson not to mess with us from now on " Ron said. Ginny then drops Draco to the ground and they leave laughing while he is there on the floor covered in blood with broken nose, ribs and has a busted lip.


( 20 minutes has passed and Draco still hasn't returned and they start to get worried )


" Guys what is taking Draco so long he should have been back by now " Luna said.


" I know maybe he got lost he is not very good with directions. I'll go and see if I can find him" Harry said.


" Okay but hurry back " Hermione said.


" Okay " Harry said then leaves to find Draco.


Once Harry leaves Luna starts to shake out of fear.


" Luna what is wrong " Hermione said.


" I am scared for Draco because I I I... " Luna said.


" You what " Hermione said.


" I like him " Luna said


" That is great and I am sure he is fine " Hermione said the hugs Luna.


" Thanks Hermione you are probably right " Luna said.


( With Harry )


He reaches the carriage and then sees Draco on the floor and is horrified.


" Draco can you hear me " Harry said then checks if he is breathing and sees that he is but barley.


Harry places him in the carriage and rushes to the hospital wing.


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Chapter 10: Draco and Luna
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Harry gets to the castle and runs to the hospital wing while carrying Draco.When he gets there he yells " HELP HELP DRACO IS BARLEY BREATHING ".


Hermione and Luna turn and go into shock and Luna starts to cry. Madame Pomfrey comes and starts operating on Draco.After she is done she tells Harry, Hermione, and Luna " He is in a coma with a broken nose and ribs and I don't know when he will wake up


Luna starts to sob. " Luna he will be okay he is strong " Hermione say and hugs Luna.


" I know I am just worried what happens if he never wakes up and never get to tell him how I feel " Luna said starts sobbing harder into Hermione's shoulder 


" I have been friends with Draco for a long time he finds his way out of any sticky situations and you will be able to tell him soon " Harry said and hugs Luna.


( 1 month later Draco is still in a coma and Luna hasn't left his side since. Hermione and Harry come by around to check up on Draco and to bring Luna food and homework. Also Hermione is starting to show.)


Hermione and Harry come in to drop off Luna's Dinner.


They hand her her food and Hermione asks " Luna are you okay ".


" No I won't be okay in till he wakes up " Luna said starting to tear up.


" Luna he will wake up soon " Hermione said and pulls Luna into a hug. 


Harry see Draco open his eyes a little but doesn't say anything because he wants Draco to what Luna was about to say.


" Hermione I don't know if I can go on without him. I have liked him since or second year but, I thought I was out of league, But now that I have him I don't want to let him go. " Luna says starting to cry harder.


" " Draco said slowly because he was still in a pain.


Luna wipes her eyes and says " Draco?... DRACO!!! " and hugs him really tight.


" Um Luna I am still in pain " Draco said wincing in pain.


" Oh right sorry I am just so happy you are awake " Luna said and releases Draco from the hug.


" You didn't answer my question did you really mean what you said " Draco said.


" Yes every word " Luna said blushing.


" Well then I have tell you that I have liked you for a while now " Draco said blushing.


" Really " Luna said very happy.


" Yes " Draco says and leans up and kisses Luna on lips.


" That hurt a lot to get up but it was totally worth it " Draco said smirking.


" Is that how you ask someone out " Luna said.


" If I say yes then will you say yes " Draco said grinning.


" Oh my Draco so naive when it comes to love I see but yes I will be your girlfriend " Luna said then kisses him again.


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Chapter 11: Under Attack From The Weasley's
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( It is mid February Draco and Luna are a couple, Hermione's baby bump is visible now and her and Harry are getting TONS of questions about the pregnancy.)


" Hermione how long are you along?" " Who is the father? " " Hermione what are you having? " " When are you due " Students said.


" I have already said this a million times already but almost 3 months along, the father is Harry Potter, I am having twins not sure the genders yet, and I am due in August " Hermione said a little annoyed.


" Hey babe are they giving you trouble " Harry said while walking over to them then kisses Hermione when he gets there and puts his arm around her shoulder.


" No babe they are just asking about the babies and the pregnancy again " Hermione said.


" Well then did she answer all of your questions or no " Harry said to the other students.


" Um ya I think so " One of the kids said.


" Then why are you guys still here because if you mind I would like you guys to stop asking so many questions because all that is going to cause Hermione to get stressed and that is not gonna be good for her or the babies and you if I find out that you are making her stressed. And make sure to tell all your friends what I said okay " Harry said while smiling.


" Oh oh okay " The students said and walked away fast trying not to make Harry mad.


" Thanks babe but you didn't have to do that you know " Hermione said blushing.


" Of course I had to it is my job as the father and your boyfriend to take care of you three " Harry said turning to Hermione and placing is hand on her stomach. Then leans in and kisses her on lips for a good long minute.


Hermione finally pulls away and Says " Okay now lets go to Hogsmeade and find Draco and Luna and tell them about if they want to be the godparents to one of babies ".


" Okay lets go then " grabs her hand start to walk out of the castle to Hogsmeade.


 20 minutes they are at Hogsmeade and see Draco and Luna in The Three Broomsticks and walk in and seat at the same table as them.


" Hey you guys " Harry said.


" Hey what do you guys want to drink " Luna said.


" We will take a two waters " Hermione said.


" Okay and we will have two waters and that is it for now " Luna said.


" So guys why did you wanna meet up here " Draco said.


" Well we have a question to ask you two " Hermione said.


" Okay what is it " Luna said.


" We wondering if you two would want to be the Godparents of one our babies " Harry said smiling.


Draco and Luna's jaws drop and it to took a few seconds before one of them spoke in till Draco said " are you serious ".


" Yes you two we are serious " Hermione said smiling.


" Well then it is a 100 percent yes for me how about you Draco " Luna said.


" I would love to " Draco said. Then all of them got up and hugged each other. They said for a couple of hours and talked about a bunch of other stuff.


" Well I think we should go back to the castle it is getting really late " Hermione said.


" Ya you are right Hermione " Draco said.


" When is she not right " Luna said 


" Good point " Draco said as he grabbed Luna's hand and Harry grabbed Hermione's and headed back to the castle. They were walking threw one corridor up to Ravenclaw's common room when Ron and Ginny came out of no where and grabbed Draco and Luna and held knifes to their throats.


" What are you guys doing " Harry said.


" We heard about you babies and me and Ginny were thinking and we came to the decision that this world can not have any more Potters or Grangers in it " Ron said.


" So what are you gonna do about it " Hermione said.


" Well first we will kill these two then we kill your little boyfriend then we kill those filthy babies of yours and then you " Ron said.


" You will not hurt Draco, Luna, Hermione or my babies " Harry said stepping forward. 


" Oh ya watch us " Ginny said but before her and Ron could do anything Harry casted a spell blinding them making them release Draco and Luna.


" Ah!!! " Ron and Ginny yelled. And once they got themselves together they got there wands and started to duel the 4 of them.


" Hermione go " Harry yelled.


" No I am not leaving you " Hermione yelled back but as she said this Ginny cast spell making Hermione and Luna fly backwards but before should could gloat for what she did Draco had cast a spell making her fly backwards and hit wall and knocking her out.


" Draco you get Hermione and Luna out of here I will stop Ron " Harry said.


" But... " Draco said before be cut of by Harry.


" NOW " Harry yelled and after Draco ran to Luna and he got her up and Luna was able to help him carry Hermione out.


After they left  Ron and harry made a connection. " Come on Potter you could do better " Ron said trying to taunt Harry.


" Shut up Weasley I will make you pay for hurting my family " Harry said getting very angry.


" It doesn't matter now your filthy mud blood girlfriend and your disgusting babies are probably dead anyways " Ron said laughing. This made Harry go over the edge. He broke the connection and disarmed Ron.


" Let's see who is laughing now " Harry said as he casts a spell making the ceiling above Ron crash on top of him. Harry then sent a patronus letting Dumbledore what happened and the Harry ran to the hospital wing trying to find Hermione.


He finally gets there and she's Hermione laying in bed asleep and Luna being checked on. Draco runs to Harry and gives him a hug and tells him " Harry don't worry Hermione and the babies are fine she just has a few scratches and bruises that is all ".


Harry pulls out of the hug and says " Thank god and what about Luna ".


" They are checking to if she has a concussion because she it her head pretty hard. And what did you do with Ron " Draco said. 


" I disarmed him then I made the ceiling above him fall on him the I sent a patronus to Dumbledore and then I came straight here " Harry said. 


" Oh okay I am just glad you are okay Harry " Draco said.


" Ya me too " Harry said. Then right after he said that Dumbledore walked in. He walked towards them and told them " Well I am here to inform you that Ms. Weasley will be expelled and sent to azkaban ".


" And what about Ron " Harry said.


" Well when we arrived to where your duel was held we found Mr. Weasley under the ruble dead " Dumbledore said.


" He is dead... I didn't mean to kill him I swear " Harry said very nervous.


" Harry calm down it will be okay " Draco said trying to calm Harry down.


" Yes Mr.Malfoy Harry will be fine because will not be holding anything against Harry because it was all in self defense  " Dumbledore said with a comforting smile.


" Thank you sir thank you " Harry said.


" No problem Harry. Now you two go take care of your girlfriends and babies " Dumbledore said while winking at Harry.


" Okay thank you again professor " Harry said then him and Draco walk over to Luna and Hermione.


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Chapter 12: The Gender Reveal
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It is June 14. Hermione is now  7 months pregnant. They babies are very healthy. But, today harry and Hermione will finally know the gender of their babies. Draco and Luna plus James and Lily have been planning this baby shower/ gender reveal for weeks now to make sure it will be perfect.


In the last couple of months Harry, Hermione, Luna and Draco became very popular and very liked since they had put a end to the bullying that the Ginny and Ron were giving to everyone. They had became particularly close with a couple of Gryffindors such as Neville  Longbottom, Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnigan , and surprisingly the Weasley twins.


 Harry and Hermione met them when they came to see Ron, but they none of the Weasley's were mad at Harry for killing Ron because Ron had started it and Harry had finished it.


Tons of people turned up for the party such as Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Neville, Dean, Seamus, Fred, George, Dumbledore and ofically Draco, Luna, Jame, and Lily because you known they kind of planned the whole thing. There were drinks ( And something else for Hermione to drink ) Food, and games.


Couple of hours later into the party... 


" Hey guys thanks for making this party amazing for me and Harry  " Hermione said to Draco, Luna, James, and Lily.


" It was the least we could do for the people that saved out lives " Draco said putting is arm around Luna. " But I think that it is  finally time for the gender reveal ". Harry and Hermione smiled and rounded everyone up and went outside where there was two stations one for each baby.


Harry section had a broom with a powder bag at the end of it that would pop when harry took off and Hermione was a potion that she had to make and when she finished the foam that is color of the baby's gender would come out.


Draco grabbed a mic and said " Okay everyone thanks for coming to the gender reveal for Harry and Hermione babies ". Everyone started clapping and whistling. " We are going to start off with baby number one which is with Harry on the broom ". Everyone turned to Harry and waited.


" Okay on the count of three you take off and a steam of the color with appear behind you okay " Draco said to Harry and started the count down. " Ready 1... 2... 3... GO! " Draco said and Harry took of leaving a long blue streak behind him.


" IT'S A BOY " Draco yelled and everyone started clapping.  Harry flew down and went over to Hermione and kissed her then sat don next to her. " Now lets see what the gender of baby number two is ".


Hermione starts the potion and finishes it a minute later. It starts to foam a little and then pink foam started to come out.


" IT'S A GIRL " Draco yelled and everyone started to clap. " Congratulations to Harry and Hermione " Draco says as he raises his drink into the air. Everyone else does the same and Draco continue by saying " For having soon two smart and beautiful babies just like them " He says and drinks his drink as does everyone else.


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Chapter 13: Babies and A Proposal
  [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter]

It is August 16 and the babies are due any day now. Harry and Hermione have bought a little house by Godrics Hallow so they can be near Harry's parents. It is 7:15 in the morning and Hermione is a sleep and Harry is just waking up. 


Harry wakes up and stares at Hermione for 15 minutes before getting off the bed and gets dressed and goes down stairs to make breakfast before him and Hermione are going to his parents house at 8: 00. 5 minutes later Hermione wakes up to the smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes. She gets up out the bed slowly due to her stomach being so huge and goes to take a shower. She gets to the bathroom and gets undressed and turns on the water as she is about to get in she feels a sharp pain in her stomach. Then she feels a liquid of some type go down her leg. She looks down to see a puddle below her and realizes that her water just broke and the babies are on their way. She yells Harry name as she turns off the water and tries to get her clothes but isn't able to due to the pain.


Harry was making breakfast and putting the final touches on it before getting Hermione when he hears what sounds like Hermione screaming his name but he wasn't sure so he turned everything off and was slowly walking up the stairs when he hears Hermione scream his name again. Harry sprints upstairs and rushes into the bathroom to see Hermione on the floor crying and holding her stomach.


" Harry the babies are on their way " Hermione said trying to fight threw the pain. Harry with no hesitation grabs his wand casts a spell that puts Hermione's clothes on her then he grabs their bag full of stuff they needed then grabbed Hermione and apparates to Saint Mungos Hospital. Once they get there they take a Hermione and put her in the delivery room. Before going into the room he casts a patronus and tells the patrouns that Hermione is in labor and sends t to everyone. Then runs into the delivery room with Hermione.


( With Lily and James )


" James should we call Harry and Hermione they were supposed to be here 20 minutes ago " Lily said a little worried.


" Don't worry they are probably just taking long. Don't forgot that Hermione is 9 months pregnant and she has very dramatic mood swings according to Harry " James starting to laugh a little.


" Stop laughing " Lily said right after hitting James in the head with a rolled up edition of the Daily Prophet. " I would like to see you not be all grouchy when you have two babies growing inside of you and that are kicking and moving around all the time".


" Okay " James said rubbing the top of his head. " Jeez that really hurt Lily ".


" Good that will teach you... " Lily said but then stopped when she saw a patronus of a stag  come towards them and hear Harry's voice tell them " Guys Hermione is in labor. Come too Saint Mungos as soon as possible".


" Oh gosh we got to get there now " James said then grabbing Lily's hand and apparates to Saint Mungos. When they get there they see Draco, Luna, Remus, Tonks, Sirius, Neville, Seamus, Dean, Fred and George sitting in the chairs in the waiting room.


" Where are they " Lily said.


" They are in the delivery room " Neville said.


" Oh okay " James said as him and Lily sit down with everybody else and start to talk with them.


( An hour later with Harry and Hermione )


" Ah!! " Hermione screamed while squeezing Harry's hand very very tight. 


" Ow Hermione you are crushing my hand " Harry said in pain from Hermione squeezing his hand so tight.


" SHUT UP YOU LITTLE BABY BECAUSE I DON'T THINK YOU WANT TO BE IN MY POSTION RIGHT NOW DO YOU AHHH!!! " Hermione said basically yelling at him and squeezes his hand even tighter.


" Okay okay I am sorry Hermione just loosen you grip just a little please " Harry basically begging Hermione to loosen her grip on his hand.




" Yes babe I understand "Harry said finally getting some relief as Hermione loosened her grip.


" Ms. Granger it is time to push okay " The Doctor said.


" Okay " Hermione said and starts to push. After 7 pushes their baby boy was born. " Uh I can't do this anymore ".


" Come on you can do it you got one out you got one more " Harry said then kisses her forehead.


" Okay " Hermione said then starts to push again and after 9 pushes their baby girl was born. " Hermione you did it I am so proud of you " Harry said then kissing Hermione with all his passion and she kisses back with the all her passion. 


" Can I hold them please " Hermione said to The Doctor. 


" Of course you can hold them " The Doctor said and hands both babies to Hermione. " They are gorgeous " Harry said.


" What should we name them " Hermione said. " How about James Draco Potter and Lily Luna Potter " Harry asked Hermione.


" I love it Harry " Hermione said and gave him a quick peck on the lips. " But who is going to be their godparents ".


" Well I think we can make Draco and Luna James's godparents and then I was thinking about asking Remus and Tonks about being Lily's godparents " Harry said.


" Okay we will tell Draco and Luna then ask Remus and Tonks " Hermione said. " Okay " Harry said as he stared at James and Lily as if he was in a daze. James had his mom's chocolate brown eyes but, his dad's crazy black hair and Lily had her mom's curly brown hair but, her dad's emerald green eyes.


Harry was taken out of his daze when The Doctor said they can leave. They got all their stuff and walked out into the waiting room. Hermione was holding James and Harry was holding Lily and they walked to where everyone was talking before Harry said we are proud to present James Draco Potter and Lily Luna Potter " then smiled at Hermione.

James, Lily, Luna and Draco looked at each other then at Harry and Hermione and said " You named them after us " Draco, Luna, James, and Lily said all in unison. 


" It was Harry's idea " Hermione said. " I wanted to name them after the people who helped us threw all of this " Harry said and smiled at his parents " And the people who saved our lives more than once " then smiled at Draco and Luna.


" And we have decided that Draco and Luna will be the god parents of James " Hermione said making Draco and Luna extremely happy.


" What about Lily " Remus said.


" Well I am glad you asked because he were wondering if you and Tonks would be her god parents " Harry said.


" Are you serious " Tonks said.


" Yes we are " Hermione said.


" Then yes we would love to be her godparents " Remus said as he puts his arm around Tonks.



It is month later and Harry and Hermione went back to school and they left the twins with Harry's parents while they finished school. But, Harry is planning to propose to Hermione. He has gotten help from Draco, Luna and Dumbledore to have it perfect He is going to have Draco and Luna bring Hermione into the great hall on her birthday and Harry will come in on Dumbledore's Que and sing her a song while he plays the guitar then when he finishes he will propose to her.


A/N: This song is called Just You and I by Tom Walker.


(  The day of the proposal ) 


" Hey Draco and Luna have you seen Harry he wasn't in our room this morning " Hermione said.


" No I have haven't seen him all day " Draco said. " Me neither " Luna said.


" Oh okay let's go get some breakfast then " Hermione said a little sad thinking that harry forgot about her birthday.


" Okay then let's go " Draco said and they all walk to the Great Hall.


They sit down and put food on their plates and start to eat but, all Hermione does is stair down at her food and slowly moves it with her fork looking very sad. When Draco and Luna see this they signal to Dumbledore to bring Harry in. Dumbledore sees this and tells Harry to come in and grabs his guitar and grabs his wand and puts it to his throat to make his voice loud so everyone can hear him.


" Attention everybody attention I don't want to disturb but I have been waiting to do this since my first year at hogwarts " Harry said and starts to strum is guitar. Hermione looks at him in shock and wondering what he is doing.  He then starts singing.


Let's get drunk
I'll pour my heart out through my mouth
This year's been hard for us no doubt


Let's raise a glass to a better one
And all the things that we've overcome
Are bring home to us 'cause
Me and you we can hold this out
Only you understand how I'm feeling now yeah


Harry keeps singing and starts to walk towards Hermione. Which makes her go into a little bit of a shock.


And I know, I can tell you anything
You won't judge, you're just listening
'Cause you're the best thing that ever happened to me


'Cause my darling, you and I could take over the world
And one step at a time, just you and I (just you and I)
'Cause you're the only one, who brings light just like the sun
One step at a time, just you and I (just you and I)


He reaches Hermione and grabs her hand and takes her from where he is sitting and leads her back to the front of the hall while still singing


Let's get drunk
We'll reminisce about the days
When we were broke, not getting paid and taking trips on the weekend
When I would drop down to see you
And we would paint the town
Too many chugs, I'll be passing out
'Cause I can never keep up quad vods now I'm puking up


And I know, I can tell you anything
You won't judge you're just listening, yeah
'Cause you're the best thing that ever happened to me


'Cause my darling, you and I
Could take over the world
And one step at a time, just you and I (just you and I)


They reach they front of the hall and Hermione and him stare at each other as he sings to her.

'Cause you're the only one, who brings light just like the sun
One step at a time, just you and I (just you and I)

Tired of chasing paper
Staring at this screen
Been saving up for weeks now
Just to get to you, my dear
And though you're far from my home
This ain't no weekend bar
And oh my heart grows fonder
Must be city love


Then he casts a spell that keeps the guitar running and places it on the stand and grabs her hands and continues singing.


'Cause my darling, you and I
Could take over the world
And one step at a time, just you and I (just you and I)
'Cause my darling, you and I
Could take over the world
One step at a time, just you and I (just you and I)
'Cause you're the only one, who brings light just like the sun
One step at a time, just you and I (just you and I)
Yeah, one step at a time, just you and I
Yeah, one step at a time, just you and I


Once he finishes he lets got her hands reaches into his pocket and grabs a red velvet box and gets on one knee and says " Hermione Jean Granger I have loved you ever since I saw you on the Hogwarts express when we were eleven years old and I can't imagine a life without you in it. So, will you do me the honor and marry me ?"


Hermione starts to cry tears of joy and wipes them and says " Yes of course I will marry you".


He then placed the ring on her finger and kissed her hand then gets up and kisses her on the lips in front of everyone. All the teacher and students from all houses started clapping and cheering for the future Mr and Mrs. Potter.


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Chapter 14: The Wedding
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It is Christmas Day and the day of the wedding. Hermione wanted the wedding to be on Christmas day because it was her parents favorite holiday. The wedding is being  held at Hogwarts on the Quidditch field  because in their third year that is when Hermione saw Harry playing Quidditch where he was in his element and seeing him playing confirmed to herself that she loved Harry and at that same game while Harry was looking around after he caught the snitch he saw Hermione cheering for him and he thought the she gorgeous and this confirmed to him that  he was in love Hermione.


Draco would be Harry's best man and Luna would be Hermione's maid of honor along with Neville, Seamus, Dean and Remus as the other Groomsmen and Pansy Parkinson, the Patil twins and Tonks as the other Bridesmaids.  


( With Hermione and the Bridesmaids )


" Hermione are you ready for this " Luna said.


" Ready as I'll ever be " Hermione said sounding a little nervous.


" Don't worry Hermione you will be fine " Tonks said trying to hep Hermione calm down. " And besides if I were you I would be ecstatic. You are marring the love of your life, you have two wonderful babies with him and not to mention Harry is super rich " She said with a little smirk.


" Your right Tonks thanks " Hermione said then hugs her. " Any time " Tonks said.


" It is going to be funny when e go back to Hogwarts and they are going to call you name and say Hermione Jean Potter please come here " Pansy said and started laughing.


" Oh shush " Hermione said blushing.


" Oh Hermione before you walk down the aisle " Luna said before pulled a necklace out of her pocket that Harry had given to her and told her to give to Hermione to wear during the wedding.with the letters HJP written in it and handed it to Hermione.


" What is this Luna it is beautiful " Hermione said and started to tear up. " Harry told me to give it to you to wear during the wedding and he said that it is ironic because you and him while have the same initials after this HJP " Luna said.


" Wow that looks expensive. Did he say how much it cost by any chance " Padma said.


" I think he said it cost 5000 galleons." Luna said.


A/N: In my story 1 us dollar equals 5 galleons.


" What that is way way to much he needs to return it " Hermione said feeling guilty.


" He said you are worth every sickle " Luna said.


" Fine then can you help me put it on Luna " Hermione said and Luna nodded and put the necklace on Hermione.


" Harry is going to die when he sees you Hermione. You look utterly amazing " Parvati said while smiling. 


" Oh... thanks " Hermione said blushing very hard. Then a bell rings telling them it is time for the ceremony.


( With Harry and the Groomsmen)


" You ready mate " Dean said to Harry. 


" Of course I am. I'm about to marry the love of my love. The only thing that might come close to today is when my kids were born and any of my future kids I have " Harry said.


" Well then mate you seem ready because once you walk out these doors your life has changed forever " Seamus said.


" Yup and I will be spending it with Hermione and our kids " Harry said.


" I just hope Luna remembered to give Hermione the necklace. She doesn't have the best memory in the world " Draco said and starts laughing.


" Ya me too " Harry said and then he starts laughing and then everyone else in the room starts laughing and before they know the bell rings.


" Well here we go then " Harry said.


Everyone gets to the seats and the groomsmen and bridesmaids get to there spot and then Harry come and get to his spot and then Dumbledore goes to his spot as he is preforming the wedding for them.


Then the song that Harry sang to propose to Hermione with starts playing and everyone knows that Hermione is coming so all the guests stand up and then James walks in with Hermione and starts to walk her down the aisle in place of her father. Hermione is smiling from ear to ear as she sees Harry at the end of the isle waiting for her. Once they get to the end James gives Hermione a kiss on the cheek then walks to his seat and sits down.


Hermione walks on to the stage and Harry grabs her hands then they both look at Dumbledore and wait for him to speak. " Ladies and Gentlemen we are here today to celebrate the marriage of Hermione Jean Granger and Harry James Potter. We are gathered here, not to witness the beginning of what will be, but rather what already is! We do not create this marriage, because marriage is created in the hearts of two loving people. We have watched them grow and mature in to wonderful people and now into parents.  "You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore. You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days. But let there be spaces in your togetherness, and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another, but make not a bond of your love; let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your soul. Fill each others' cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf. Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone. Even as the strings of a lute are alone, though they quiver with the same music. Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping. For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts. And stand together yet not too near together: for the pillars of the temple stand apart, and the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow. Now with all that said before we go on does anyone see a reason why these two should not be together speak now or forever hold your peace ".


No one spoke.


" Very well then. Hermione and Harry it is time for your vows. Hermione will start. "


" Harry James Potter I have loved you since we first met on the Hogwarts express. I have dreamt of two things for years that I wished so desperately would happen. First was to have our own family one day and have already accomplished that one. And the other was the day where you would place a ring on my finger and after today all my dreams will have come true. I vow to never lie to you, never keep secrets from you, never to lay myself with another man even though I wouldn't want to in the first place. I vow to love and cherish with every bone in my body. I vow that I will love yo now and forever " Hermione said.


" Hermione Jean Granger  I have loved you since we first met on the Hogwarts express.I have never thought I would see he day where I would be marrying you. I always thought you were way out of my league. I would always thought you would marry some other guy and start a family with him instead of me and I would have to be supportive for you even though I would be miserable knowing that you are with a this guy that could never love you as much as I would and would do anything to have you as my wife. So you don't know how happy  I was when you kissed me while I was telling you how much I love you.  Today will mark the end of a chapter in out lives ans a start of a new one and I vow to never do anything to hurt you. I will never lie keep secrets or cheat on you even though that would be a waste.I vow to love you till the day I die " Harry said.


" Now do you Hermione Jean Granger, take Harry James Potter to be your lawfully wedded husband, promising to love and cherish, through joy and sorrow, sickness and health, and whatever challenges you may face, for as long as you both shall live? " Dumbledore said. 


" I d0 " Hermione said.


" Now do you Harry James Potter, take Hermione Jean Granger to be your lawfully wedded husband, promising to love and cherish, through joy and sorrow, sickness and health, and whatever challenges you may face, for as long as you both shall live? " Dumbledore said. 


" I do " Harry said.


" Well then I glad to pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride " Dumbledore said with huge smile on his face. 


Harry and Hermione smile at each other and lean in and have their most passionate kiss to date. While they are kissing Fred and George fly threw the  Quidditch hoops and throw fireworks into the air that turn in to a heart around a firework that says H + H. They break away from the kiss and grab each other hands and walk down the aisle together.

Chapter 15: Back to where it all began
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" Hurry you guys we are gonna be late " Hermione said grabbing the trolleys for her kids.


" Honey we are an hour early I don't think... " Harry was saying before being cut off by Hermione.


" Say one more word and I will hex you I do not care if we are expecting number 5 I will still do it " Hermione said. " Okay sorry " Harry said but he was taken by surprise on how Hermione was running so fast when she was 6 months pregnant with their fifth child. He couldn't believe still but had to stop thinking about it because he was falling behing Hermione and the kids.


When they got to the platform and " Hermione... I didn't... know... you... could... run... so... fast " Harry said out breath. "


" How does it feel to be the best seeker in the world and losing in a race with a 6 month pregnant woman "Hermione said laughing a little.


" Not great but if I had to lose to any one I am glad it is you " Harry said and grabbed her by her waist and kissed her and she started kissing back.


" GET A ROOM " James and Lily said unison as they covered their little siblings Sirius and Sofia's eyes. Harry and Hermione break the kiss and start laughing in till Hermione says " If me and you dad get a room then this baby will be a big sibling soon " then she smirked at Harry.


" Okay okay just give us a heads up next time. Kids do not usually like to see the parents snogging " Lily said as her and Jams took their hands off of Sirius and Sofia's eyes and making Harry and Hermione laugh again.


" When are we going to Hogwarts mum " Sofia said. " Soon I promise you " Hermione said.


" Where is Uncle Draco and Auntie Luna with Scorpius and Narcissa " Sirius said but kind of sounded like whining. " Look behind you " Harry said pointing behind Sirius. Sofia, James and Lily to where Draco and Luna were walking towards them with their kids.


" UNCLE DRACO AUNTIE LUNA " Sirius said as her ran to them and gave them  big hug. " Softy " Sofia said. The Hermione gave her a stern look and said " Sofia ". " What it is the truth " Sofia said. " SOFIA!!! " Hermione said almost about to yell at her. " Ugh fine sorry " Sofia said in defeat knowing she wasn't going to win this battle with her mum.


" You have you mom's feisty spirit I must say " Harry said before getting elbowed in the ribs by Hermione. " What that was a complement " Harry said rubbing his side.


" Sure " Hermione said sarcastically. " I am serious it is one of the things out of the many things I love about you " Harry said and then kissed her on the cheek.


" Are you ready to go to Hogwarts " Scorpius said. " Ya I ca't wait to see what house I'm in " Lily said in extiment. " Ya me to I hope we get put in Slytherin " James said.


" Well I am sure you three will all get into Slytherin because you are all very ambitious ad very very cunning " Draco said. " Ain't that the truth " Luna said making all the kids laugh. They stayed there in till it was time for them to get on the train. 


" Please be good you two don't be like your father when he was at school " Hermione said as she hugged her kids and kissed each of their heads.


" Hey if I remember when I did all those things there was a certain brown haired witch by my side the whole time " Harry said with smirk.


" I only did that to keep you out of trouble " Hermione said.


" Surrrreeee " Harry said sarcastically making everyone laugh.


Harry and Hermione give each kid one more hug and kiss and then let them go on to the train. As they see their kids have at them as the train starts to leave they look into each others eyes and knew that they were always bound to be more than friends. 


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