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The Light Found in Ilvermorny by SmileyCat

Format: Novel
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 14,202
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure, LGBTQA

First Published: 02/25/2020
Last Chapter: 05/22/2020
Last Updated: 05/22/2020


Luz, Camille, and Emery are about to embark on their final year at Ilvermorny. They think their in for a smooth year, but what happenes when dark magic begins to rise in the American Wizarding World?

Modern day (2020)

This book takes place the last year at Ilvermorny.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Luz De Leòn
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Chapter 1: Luz De Leòn








Luz De León awoke to a ruckus right above her. Her hand reached over to her nightstand, fumbling to find her wand.

The sound of glass breaking comes from the hall. 




Her ash wood wand illuminated. It was 14”, had a werewolf nail core, and was slightly flimsy. She removed her blanket and touched her feet to the floor. She shined the light on her cat, Finch, a Selkirk Rex breed. His curly fur was moving up and down. He was still asleep.


Someone began pounding on her door. The cold wood creaked as she moved closer to her door. Her hand turned the doorknob. 


Her mother stood in the doorway. 

Her father on the ground. 



“Come with me, mija.”




Luz jolted awake. 


She knew what had just happened. It was a dream, rather nightmare, she had been having for the past 2 years. It’s a nightmare she’s experienced in her real life.


When Luz was 15 years old, her mother murdered her father  and fled to join the Dark Wizards. Her younger sister Amada we’re left with their abuela, Amorosa in Los Angeles. 

The sisters were students at Ilvermorny. Amada, a Pukwudgie in her 3rd year. Luz was a thunderbird, approaching her final year. She didn’t have many friends. Luz had trauma, causing her to be more reserved than her bubbly, warm sister.


Amada was asleep when the events occured. Therefore, she had an easier time handling it all. However, Luz witnessed her mother’s demise firsthand. She was the one to tell her abuela of her father's passing. She was the one who rejected her mother’s offer. She let her mother go. 


Luz looked around her room. The daylight was creeping in. She returned to Ilvermorny today. 


She got out of bed, approaching her dresser. It being in California in the summer, it was over 100 degrees. Luz looked in her mirror. Fixing her short dark curly hair. She changed out of her tank top and pajama shorts and into denim shorts and a black halter top. Perfect for the summer heat. She walked out of her room to find the house quiet. 


She was the first one awake. 


She wasn’t rich, but she wasn’t poor. They lived in a no-maj neighborhood in East LA. She grew up in this house. It was actually her abuela that immigrated from Guatemala when Luz was 5 years old. 


She grabbed a glass of water and walked outside to sit on her porch. She always enjoyed this time in the morning. Luz préférer solitude. 


Although, her solitude was interrupted by her neighbor Alfonso who was out on a morning jog. He was her age and and was terribly in love with Luz. 


However, to Luz’s annoyance, he’s been completely unaware that she’s not interested. In fact, never will be, in men that is. 


“Nice to see you this early, Luzzie” Alfonso said seductively. 


Luz cringed at the sound of “Luzzie”, her horrible nickname from Alfonso, but covered it up with a short nod and annoyed smile. She’s learned the best thing to do is stay quiet. 


“So, I’m gonna try this again… Luzzie…”


Luz internally vomited


“Tonight. You, me, maybe a movie and dinner?” Alfonso finished hopeful.


It somewhat hurt Luz to hurt Alfonso over and over again. She pitied him for not understanding. ‘He has to learn the hard way’ Luz’s told herself.


“Alfonso, I’ve told you, I’m just not interested. I’m sorry, I hope you find what you need.” With that Luz got up and moved back to the door to head back inside.


“I tried… I’ll get you some day, Luzzie.” Alfonso said as he headed back to his morning jog.


‘There were so many things wrong with what he just said to me’ Luz thought.




Luz stared at the suitcase in front of her. She began to think about the upcoming year. Her last year as an Ilvermorny student. She had already begun to look into curse-breaking programs within the MACUSA. She wanted to continue her father’s work. She wanted to be just like him. He was hardworking, loving, dedicated, a good father.

She missed him. 


And she never liked to admit it, but she missed her mother too. As much grief she caused the family, as much as she wanted to hate her, she couldn’t bring herself to feel that way. There was always a part of her that held onto the mother she once was. The other part could never forgive her, disgusted by her and her actions.


She was confused to say the least.


Luz put her last shirt into the case and cast a protection charm on it. She grabbed Finch along with his kennel. She walked into the living room.


“Ready?” Amada said.


Her and their abuela stood by the basement door.


“¡Luz, ustedes dos llegarán tarde si no se van ahora!” Amorosa said in a hurrying tone.


“Abuela, we’ll be on time.” Luz said as she kissed her abuela’s forehead. She gave the two sisters a smirk.


They stepped into the basement and walked down the stairs. It was a room with just a large cabinet big enough for people to walk in. Nothing else. They all walked to the cabinet.


“Bien, mis amores, ¡ten cuidado!” Amorosa then turned to Luz “Tus padres estarían orgullosos de ti.” She said as she put her hand on her cheek.


Luz reached down to give her abuela a hug and a kiss. Amorosa then turned to Amada and they did the same.


“Te amo, abuela.” Amada said. “We’ll see you soon.” She finished with a kind smile.


With that, the girls grabbed their bags and Finch and opened the cabinet and stepped inside.


Chapter 2: Chapter 2: The Journey to Ilvermorny
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Chapter 2: The Journey to Ilvermorny


In the cabinet was a long hallway. Once they reached the end, there was a set of doors. They opened them to a large cave. They had just taken their vanishing cabinet to the sister cabinet located deep within a cave in the south part of Mt. Greylock reservation. They exited to find a set of carriages pulled by Aethonans.


“Sabine!” Amada yelled and without a goodbye, ran to her friend’s carriage. Luz watched her leave. 


“Well, looks like you’ve got to make friends, Luz.” She muttered to herself. She began to look around and all of them seemed to be full except for the last one. Inside sat Camille Greene, all alone. With no other choice, she walked to that carriage.They had spoken a few times in potions or herbology, but other than that, a conversation between them was rare.  


Luz had nothing against the girl. She was in Luz’s year, a Horned Serpent. She found her to be a bit odd, awkward. Luz thought, that's probably why she’s alone, she doesn’t have many friends to begin with. Granted, neither did she, so maybe they could get along. 


She had long fawn colored hair with bardot bangs, a red tinged deer shaped face, long but delicate at the same time, and pale skin. Camille was from Bennington, Vermont.  Many wizard families inhabit the town. She lived with parents, her two older brothers, and younger sister. Her grandmother had immigrated from Ireland during the famine. She began her life with a distant relative of  Chadwick Boot, the adopted son of Isolt Sayre. At this moment, She seemed to be sketching away in her notebook.


Luz stepped into the carriage and Camille’s big brown eyes looked up at her. “Luz, hey!” She said a little too eagerly.  She realized this and became a little embarrassed. “Thanks for joining”. 

Luz smiled and eyed her notebook. “What were you drawing?”


“Oh, this?” She grabbed her notebook and passed it to Luz. “They’re the umbrella flowers hanging in my greenhouse back home. They have a lovely scent and can often be found in perfumes.”


“Huh.” Luz said. “You’re really into plants, are you going to study Herbology after you graduate and become like a professor??”


A passionate smile formed on Camille’s lips. “I LOVE Herbology! I don’t think I want to teach it, but I’d love to own a shop one day, like an apothecary/plant store!” She said and laughed awkwardly. “What about you? What do you want to do?”


“Curse breaking.” Luz said calmly. “My dad was one, and he told me all about his adventures around the world.” 


“That’s so  cool! You must be really close with your dad, yeah?” She asked intrigued


Luz’s face fell. “I was, yeah. He passed away a few years ago…”


“Oh, I’m so sorry.” It was quiet for a bit. “My brother passed away not too long ago. Gulliver. We were all devastated when it happened. It was for the best, though. He had been sick and in pain for a long time. My mother has a portrait of him in the living room, but it’s not the same.” The carriage became gloomy. “He often just makes funny noises.” Camille said with a laugh. Luz laughed along with her.


The two began to talk a bit more, maybe, they could be friends. 


The carriages began to move out of the cave one by one until Luz and Camille’s was left. The Aethonan began to move forward when suddenly a shot was heard from a young man. The two turned around to see Emery Novak and his younger sibling, Phoebe. The carriage stopped and the brother and sister climbed aboard.


The girls eyed Emery. He had brown bronze skin, his hair was curly and short, he had light freckles on his wide nose, and dark brown eyes to tie it all together. He was a 7th year Wampus. Very popular and had barely even spoken to the two girls in front of him. He lived in New York City with his father and younger sibling. He was on the quidditch team, but really had no interest in making a career of it.


While Camille starred at Emery a bit longer with cheeks redder than usual, Luz’s eyes wandered to Phoebe. They had long curly hair, it was pinned back out of their face. Unlike their brother, they had hazel eyes. They shared freckles with their brother. Phoebe was a year behind them all. They were also a Wampus alongside their brother. 


There was something Luz found captivating about Phoebe.


“Luz, right?” Emery said, out of breath. Luz broke out of her trance and nodded. “And you’re…” he continued as he turned to Camille. However, she stayed silent, still starring, cheeks getting pinker by the second. 


“Camille, she’s Camille.” Luz answered. Camillie looked to Luz with a thankful smile on her face. 


“Well Luz, Camille, it’s nice to meet you both. I’m Emery.”  He Said as he moved to shake the girls hands. When he took Camille’s hand, she smiled and he smiled at her back. They let go of each other's hands and there was a lingering moment between the two. Emery shook out of it. “And this here, is my sibling, Phoebe.” 


“Hey.” Phoebe said in a goofy manner. Luz smiled.


The carriage began to exit the cave as the four conversed.




“So, you really want to be a professor?” Camille asked. She had gotten less shy with Emery as they furthered the road to Ilvermorny. 


“Yup, I want to teach Defense Against The Dark Arts. It’s always been my best and favorite class.” Emery said. It seemed that the two were off in their own world. Luz was drifting off to sleep, while Phoebe had already knocked out.


“Wow, I wouldn’t expect that of you.” Camille chuckled. 


Emery’s brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”


“Oh, I meant no offence!” Camille said timidly. “It’s just that you’re on the quidditch team, I just assumed that you’d go professional or become an Auror of some sorts. But, there’s nothing wrong with teaching. I think it’s admirable.” 


Emery gave her a sweet smile. “Thank you. And Ms. Greene, what is it that you desire?”


“I want to own an apothecary/plant shop. Maybe in Grumblewood.” Camille said shyly. “I’ve always had a green thumb.”


A thought came to Emery. “Camille Greene has a green thumb.” He said with a goofy smile. Camille melted at the sight of this smile.


Although Luz was half asleep, she saw what was going on between the two. She thought it was sweet. 


A few hours later, they finally arrived at Ilvermorny. The White Castle stood tall in the dark woods of Massachusetts.


Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Detention
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Chapter 3: Detention


After that carriage ride, the four didn’t speak to each other often. There were simple nods in the hall on the way to class, but that was all.


Emery went back to his quidditch friends


Camillie spent her time alone in the greenhouses


And Luz, well Luz sat alone. The only person she really spoke to was Amada, but even then Amada was too busy for her sister. Instead, Luz spent her time writing her abuela. Luz would tell her all about the professors and what she was learning. Her abuela was the only one keeping her sane in this castle. Her abuela would write about how Luz was so much like her father and if he were alive to see her today, he’d be proud.


Not too many people knew about Luz’s mother. Her being a dark witch and all. Luz wanted to keep it that way, and it had been like that for the past 2 years. That was until a month into the year when…


“Hey De Leòn!” 


Luz turned her head around to see if it was her that the person was calling after. It was a girl in her house. Naya Torchin. She was tall, thin, blonde, and quite dull. She was known to cause trouble.


“Heard about your mom. I’m half-blood, are you gonna kill me? Is my blood dirty, you fucking traitor?”


Luz was shocked. Her blood began to boil. She wasn’t her mother. She wouldn’t do that. She would never do that.


“Say that to me again. Go ahead.” Luz said in an unsettling tone. Luz was kind and reserved, but she was also tough. If you really upset her, it’d be best to stay out of her way. 


“Oh, did I hit a nerve? What’re you gonna do, kill me like your mom killed your dad?” Naya questioned. She was really crossing the line.  Naya began to announce to the crowd around her “Look everyone, let’s all witness this sick fuck end my life!”


Luz lost all awareness of the people around her. She was furious. Luz always kept to herself, she never hurt anyone before. This is how she’s repaid? Luz knew that the best thing was to just walk away. She knew that she could be the bigger person. But, she couldn’t do that. She had to defend herself. “You know what Torchin.” Luz took a step forward and as she did, Naya was levitated into the air and was hanging upside down in mid-air. Everything in her robes fell out of her pockets. Everyone began to crowd around her and laugh. Naya’s pale face was now a tomato red. Then, Naya began to fly higher and higher until she was dropped. She fell on her arm and broke it. She began crying and screaming for help. Professor Myke, the Defense Against Dark Arts teacher came running into the hall. 


“SHE DID THIS, LUZ! SHE'S A DARK WITCH! SHE WAS THREATENING ME, YOU HAVE SEND HER HOME! SHE’LL KILL US ALL!” Naya blubbered out. The nurse came and collected her and Professor Myke grabbed Luz and brought her to his class.


“Professor, I swear, I didn't do this. I’m not a dark witch.” Luz said pleadingly. “Please don’t send me home.”


“Luz, I’m not sending you home. I know you’re not a dark witch. I’m only going to give you a Saturday’s detention.” He said, “Just one.”


“For what?” Luz asked incredulously.


“I know you’re not a dark witch, but I don’t know if you’re responsible for breaking Ms. Torchin’s arm. Don’t worry, I’ll give her a harsher punishment when she recovers, but you did involve yourself in this dispute. You need to learn to walk away sometimes.” Luz looked away.

“You’re smart Luz, you have a bright future. Don’t let your anger jeopardize that.” With that, Luz nodded and walked out of the class.


Luz then had a thought.


Who was responsible for breaking Naya’s arm?




The week passed within seconds and Saturday had arrived. A part of Luz was annoyed that she was being forced to go to detention, the other part of her was glad it gave her something to do. She walked into Prof. Myke’s classroom to find two familiar faces. 


There they were. Camillie with her nose in her sketchbook, her hand moving rapidly, and Emery staring up at the ceiling making odd noises with his mouth. There was another student in the room with them, but he was knocked out, snoring. 


“We’ve been reunited I see.” Luz said, grabbing the attention of Emery and Camille. They both gave a small smile. Luz moved to sit by them. They weren’t exactly far from each other. She sat on the seat next to Camille.


“So, what did we all do to get in here?” Emery asked. “I for one, was caught cheating on my arithmancy test.” He looked at Luz. “You?”


“I lost my temper with Torchin.” Luz said annoyed. “I’m surprised you didn’t hear about it…”


Emery chuckled in disbelief, “You mean when she was hanging in the air? You did that?” 


Luz shook her head “I was angry with her and yelled at her, but I didn’t do that. I don’t know who did exactly.”


“Hmm.” Emery thought for a second then looked at Camille. “And you, Ms. Greene?”

Camille looked up from her notebook “I was sketching in Potions and Professor Gutherson got angry with me.” She said in an embarrassed voice. “I don’t really know what we’re doing today, I’ve never had detention before…”


“Well lucky for you, I am an experienced detention goer.” Emery said with a cocky smile. Luz and Camille laughed. “You’ll be fine, really. Myke is probably just going to have us clean the pukwudgie sleeping quarters.” He finished with a soft smile.


“Actually Mr. Novak, I’m changing things up a bit. You all will be going to the school basement to sort through old student records.” Professor Myke said as he entered the classroom. “Just wanted to change the old routine, you know?”


All three of them looked at him confused.


“Well, let’s not waste time then, c’mon!” He said in a chipper voice.


Professor Myke had always been her favorite Professor. He was the youngest professor at Ilvermorny, he seemed to be from the midwest, Luz remembered him mentioning Minnesota. He was always understanding and pushed his students to do their best. He always saw the best in them.


“What about Bettle over there?” Emery questioned pointing the student snoring on his desk.


The professor nodded “I don’t want him to walk down the stairs half-asleep. I’ll give him another task.”


With that, the three students rose out of their seats and followed the professor to the basement.




It had been four hours since the three had been left downstairs. They had been sorting through decades of class records. To say the least, they were all incredibly bored.


“Do any of you guys want to take a break?” asked Camille. 


Emery sighed “God, yes.” He said with relief as he walked over and sat on a crate. “My fingers have about 50 paper cuts on each of them.”


Camille moved over to him. “Here, let me see.” She said. He gave her his hand. “Episky.” she said and waved her wand at his fingers. “Better?” She asked with a slight blush rising to her pink cheeks.


Emery didn’t speak, he just gave a small smile and nodded.


“Ahem” Luz coughed with a smile. “I believe I have some fingers that need healing as well!” She said playfully.


Camille laughed “Oh, but of course!” She said with a smile. She crossed over to Luz and performed the same spell. Luz eyed Emery for a bit, watching as he held his hand, looking at his fingers with a smile. However that didn’t last long. She saw his eye catch something behind the aisles and aisles of cabinets. 

“Novak, what do you see?”  Luz asked. Camille turned around to look at him.


Emery looked confused, “I could’ve sworn I just saw someone…”  He got up to observe, but a spell came hurling at him. Luckily he ducked in time and grabbed his wand. Luz did the same. 


“Wait guys, shouldn’t we get a professor?” Camille whispered. The three ignored her and continued to walk forward. She then shakily pulled out her wand and followed the two, right behind them.


“BOMBARDA” A man’s voice shouted out. All three ducked.  Cabinets fell around them. The sound of wizards aparating away could be heard. 


“Stay down.” Luz said as she got up. She determined that the coast was clear and helped them up. 


“What the hell just happened?” Emery asked exasperated. “Are you all alright?


“Yeah, just a little shocked.” Luz said. The two turned to look at Camille but she wasn't standing next to them anymore. “Greene?” Luz called out


“Guys…” Camille answered from behind a pile of Cabinets. The two moved to follow her voice. When they reached her, they were greeted by a wall with their photos hanging. They had marks all over them, threatening marks. Luz’s picture had a drawing of a hole in her brain, in the same spot as her fathers. Emery seemed to have a knife where his heart was located. And Camille had a vine with sharp thorns around her neck, choking her. 


Above the pictures read a message written in a sticky black oil:


“Beware, the dark wizards are rising.”


Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Finch the Curious Cat
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Chapter 4: Finch the Curious Cat


The three students patiently waited outside of Headmaster Fontaine’s office. Currently, his booming voice could be heard throughout the hall. He was reprimanding Professor Myke for neglecting the students. Finally, after an hour of shouts, Professor Myke came storming out of his office without giving the three a glance. Headmaster Fontaine calmly walked out of his office and his light brown arm extended to them. 


“If you all would join me in my office, I would appreciate it.” He said warmly.  They stood up from the uncomfortable wooden bench and in a line walked through the door. They looked around.


Lilac tapestry surrounded them. Portraits of famous witch and wizard thespians hung on the walls. They all seemed to be entranced by the starry sky hanging above them. Plants were all around them.This of course, interested Camille.  Beside the Headmaster’s desk a Demiguise slept. They all followed the Headmaster to his desk.


“Please, sit.” he said as he sat in his own chair.


All three of them sat on comfortable cushioned chairs. They were all silent until Camille decided to speak up. 


“Headmaster Fontaine, we are so sorry for destroying the basement and mixing all of the school records. I will personally go and clean up the mess if I have to. The punishment should fit the crime.” She finished as she tilted her head down.


The headmaster gave a deep chuckle. “Well that’s good to know Ms. Greene. However, I find that won’t be necessary. None of you are in trouble here.” With that all three of the students looked at him confused. “I just want to check in with you and make sure you’re alright. I do also have a few questions to ask.” He said as he leaned back into his chair. His hand came to his graying beard and scratched it. His beard was short and close to his face. “Tell me, who do you think you saw in the basement?”


Emery straightened his back and sat up. “Well to be honest sir, I was the only one who saw a figure. Unfortunately, they were wearing a black cloak, so I wasn't able to see their faces.” Camille seemed a little nervous.


“Headmaster, does this mean that the dark wizards…” She couldn’t finish her sentence.


Fontaine shook his head. “For our sake, I hope not,”  he said solemnly as he continued to stroke his chin. “Please stay away from these matters if you can. You don’t need to be the boy who lived.” He inched closer to them, sitting straight. “If I find that any of you go searching for these troubles, I’m afraid that there will be harsh consequences. Your safety is my number one priority. Are we understood?”


All three of them nodded.




Luz was quiet the whole walk to the school’s mess hall. It was already time for dinner. She began to think about her mother. The events from this previous week couldn’t have been just a coincidence. There’s no way. First, she’s accused of being a dark witch and then suddenly Naya Torchin’s arm is broken. Then,  an intruder is found in the basement and all three of the student’s pictures are hung on a wall with threatening drawings and messages. There was some correlation between all these situations. Was her mother back to get her? Why did her mother become a dark witch in the first place? Was she destined to become her mother? Luz had too many questions on her mind. Camille noticed the silence between them and decided to break it.


“So…. Do you guys want to eat dinner together?” she asked awkwardly. 


Luz smiled and nodded. “Yeah, that sounds really nice actually.” As she said this, they were approaching the wooden doors of the Mess Hall.  Camille smiled back, happy to be making a new friend. Luz then looked to Emery “What about you, Novak, care to join us?”




“Hey E! Come on over, what the hell happened today?” One of Emery’s dorm mates, Abraham Mintle shouted across the hall. Emery looked to the girls embarrassed.


“How about next time? They’re gonna beat it out of me later if I don’t go over now.” With that, he sadly walked over to his other friends. Camille’s face dropped.


“Cheer up, Greene. We both know he’d rather sit with us.” Luz said with a small smile.


“Right.” Camille said, putting on a fake smile.


They walked over to an empty spot at the Horned Serpent table. It was the quietest table in the hall. Many of the students kept to themselves in their secluded little study groups, unlike the loud rambunctious tables surrounding them. “So, I’ve noticed you and Novak. Do you guys have a history, or do you li-” Luz was cut off by Camille’s hand.


“Don’t say it out loud!” Camille whispered.


Luz removed her hand and laughed. “I think putting your hand over my mouth is a little more obvious than me saying it.” Camille began to laugh at herself a little. “Do you?” Luz asked seriously. 


Camille’s cheeks turned red as she nodded. “But, there’s no way he feels the same way as me.” She said defeated. Looked at her dumbfoundedly for a minute, then shook her head. “What?” Camille asked


“Girl, you must be blind.” Luz said as she grabbed some food and put it onto her plate. “That boy is head over heels in love with you…”


“He is not. Even if he were, it just wouldn’t work. Him and I are in completely different groups. His friends would make fun of him if we dated.” Camille finished as she grabbed her food. Luz noted that there was no meat. Of course she’s a vegetarian, Luz thought. 


Luz and Camille then looked over at Emery. He was two table rows down from them. He sat there quietly eating his food as his friends wildly shoved each other and goofed off. “Looks to me like he doesn’t like his friends much.” Luz commented.




The girls continued to talk as they finished their dinner. They were walking out of the hall, back to their separate common room, when Camille asked “Are we friends?”


“Yeah, we are.” Luz said with a smile. They both felt a wave of relief to have a friend again. It had been so long. With that, they felt they had nothing more to say to each other. They felt content leaving the day off with new friendship. They both hugged and went their separate ways.


Luz began to walk to the Thunderbird tower. She got to The common room door and said the passcode to the painting of a Captain in his quarters. “Bulbous Badgers.” The Captain took a swig of his rum and the painting door swung open. She walked into the common room. It had drapery colored royal blue hanging all around the glass roof that always had a thunderstorm. The couches were black with bright yellow pillows. Bright oak paneling surrounded the slightly lighter blue wallpaper. In the center of the room a thunderbird flew above all the students. A window was always left open so that it could leave in the night, but it would always come back in the morning to wake the students.


She walked up the round wooden stairs to the girl’s dormitory. As she opened the door, she saw her five other dorm mate’s beds empty. She was always the first to return on a Saturday night. She walked over to her cat finch that seemed to be clawing at one of the wooden panelings on the wall. Luz came and took a closer look to find that the paneling was loose. She looked around the dorm to make sure that no one could come in, and there was no one around her to witness her take the paneling of the wall.


Once she removed it, she looked inside. It seemed to be a long dark hall. Finch of course decided to run in that hall. 


“Finch!” She scowled. With a sigh, she pulled out her wand. “Lumos.”


She crouched to the height of the hall, and began to walk down the hall. Thunderbirds were known adventurers, so Luz had no problem exploring this hall. She was prepared to attack if that was needed. 


She continued down the hall.  As she furthered down, the ceiling of the hall became taller. Soon enough, Luz was able to walk straight and not have to crouch-walk.The end of the hall could be seen. There was a light, it seemed like a candle light. She reached the doorway and looked inside. The wax had just begun burning, meaning whoever lived there wasn’t far away. Luz felt a tinge of fear in the pit of her stomach. She still  needed to find Finch.


She quietly walked around the room looking in every corner. She finally found Finch sitting on a notebook. Finch then moved and rubbed up against Luz, leg. Luz grabbed the notebook and began to skim through it. She saw her picture, along with Camille and Emery’s. The page after that, had a log of their days. 


They were being followed. Why? By who? 


Luz was caught up in her questions, she almost didn’t hear the footsteps approaching the room. “Shit!” She whispered to herself. The footsteps grew closer. Luz put the notebook in her jacket and grabbed Finch and ran back through the hall. 


She finally reached her dorm room and put the paneling back. For safety's sake, she cast a strong glue-like charm on the panel just to keep whoever was in their out of their dorm. 


She felt violated. How many times did that person come into her dorm and watch her? She decided that she would have to show Camille and Emery the notebook tomorrow.


Right now, she was tired and ready for sleep. 


Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Greene Woods
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Camille always had a hard time dealing with silence. Perhaps it was because her brother Gulliver was always the loud one in the house. She used to follow in second. In fact, when she began at Ilvermorny, She had many friends. It was something that Gulliver encouraged her to do, make friends. They both had big plans.  He graduated Ilvermorny as a Horned Serpent when Camille was in her 4th year. They were the only two Horned Serpents in their family of Pukwudgies. Gulliver wanted to study the world. He wanted to discover new islands, new land. After he graduated, he embarked on his journey around the world. 


“When you leave Ilvermorny, let's go see the world, yeah? That way, you’ll be able to study all the plants this planet has to offer!”


Camille smiled at the memory. She lied in her bed. Thinking about him. She missed him. She felt the closest to him out of her family of 5. That memory quickly faded as Camille started to feel completely alone in this world again. After Gulliver passed, Camille found comfort in the fairy that lived by her house. Her name was Aerwyna. Of course, this was something Camille liked to keep secret. 


She slowly crept out of bed and sluggishly put on a tight green turtleneck sweater and high waisted black pants. She slipped her socks on and buckled up her chunky mary janes. It was getting colder on Mt Greylock. Autumn days were quickly fading into winter.  She brushed through her hair and fixed her bangs. She looked at her face in the mirror one last time, took a deep breath, and left her dormitory. 


As she opened the door to the Serpent Cellar, the painting guarding the common room’s voice rang throughout the hall.


“FINALLY YOU'RE OUT! This strange girl has been pacing back and forth and asking me if you were in there every 5 minutes!” The usually calm Edwardian woman shouted with relief. She wore a white dress and a sun hat. She stood in a beautiful, green garden. “She’s over there!” The young woman pointed over to Luz leaning against the wall.


“Camille!” Luz yelled as she saw her friend approaching her. “You’ll never believe what I found! C’mon, we’ve gotta get Emery!”




The three sat in the library. Luz sat nervously in her seat. She looked like she had caught the plague. Emery’s face was just as pale as Luz’s. However, Camille kept looking through the pages. She frantically scanned each page for some kind of clue as to who this journal belonged to. Finally she found something. Her eyes widened in excitement.She flipped the book to show Emery and Luz. There was a detailed drawing of a map.


“I know this place! My brother Oliver used to go here to hang out with his friends.” She said. “It’s deep in the woods, so he never let me go see it. So I don’t exactly know what it looks like, but I remember him talking about this ” She pointed to a strange hole in the ground. “He was always trying to figure out where it came from. He told me it was this crazy tunnel. He broke his arm once trying to get into it once.” She finished.


“So do we want to try and go there?” asked Emery.


“I think we have to.” Luz said with a breath. “It’s all we have on this person. Okay then” Luz said nervously. “How about tonight? We can’t go in the day, or else we’ll get in trouble. So, 11 o'clock tonight?”

Camille nodded. They then both looked to Emery.


“Yeah, okay. I’ll be there.” Emery said defensively. They all then began to laugh. “What are your guy’s plans for winter break? He asked sheepishly.


“I’m heading back home to Vermont. My family from Ireland usually comes for Christmas. It’s a big event” she finished with a small laugh.


“I’m going back to California. There’s not much to do for me there though, my sister usually goes to her friends and my grandma spends most of the time with her creatures.” Luz said. “What about you Emery?”


“I’m staying here for the holidays.” Emery said. There was a sadness in his tone. “My dad’s quidditch team is doing a winter tour, so I’m staying here.”


“What about Phoebe?” Asked Luz. She thought she might have asked a little too eagerly.


“Oh, well they're going to their moms. Phoebe’s actually my half-sibling.” Emery had a look of discomfort on his face. “Their mom doesn’t really like me much… she’s a bit traditional when it comes to wizard bloodlines, not a fan of half-bloods.” 


Luz felt an ounce of disappointment rise in her stomach.


“Well why don’t you guys come to Vermont with me?” Camille asked. Her already pink tinted face reddened.


Luz smiled with excitement. “Yeah, that actually sounds like fun!” 


Emery joined in the excitement. “My dad and I have never actually celebrated Christmas before. My mom was jewish, so we continue to celebrate Hanukkah.” Emery had a thought. “We’ll have to celebrate Hanukkah too!”


All three of them laughed at Emery’s excitement.


“Sounds like a plan! I’ll just owl my mom now!” Camille said as she began to pack up her stuff.


“See you at lunch Ms. Greene.” Emery said. Camille’s smile grew even wider than before. She nodded eagerly.


Then it was just Luz and Emery.


“Tell me Novak, up for a game of quidditch?” Luz questioned. Her competitive side was rising.


A sly smirk appeared on Emery’s lips. “You better be ready to lose.”




They had been up in the air for about an hour now. The clouds were beginning to gather and it looked like a storm was upon them. Of course, this was only driving Luz’s competitive edge even further. She had been a chaser for the Thunderbirds for the past 5 years. She had competed with Emery before, but this year he was captain of the Wampus team. Of course, his cockiness got the best of him and Luz was currently beating him.


Luz was about to hit the quaffle when something caught the corner of her eye. She began to fly down.


“Giving up already, De Leòn?” Emery taunted. He then saw the seriousness in her face. He began to follow her. “What is it?”


The bushes rustled as if someone had just ran through them. 


“I think they’re here.” Luz said.


They both reached the ground. Branches snapped in front of them. They began to follow the sound.


They were now in the forest of Mt Greylock. The two had heard many horror stories of the Sasquatch that inhibited these woods. With those stories in mind, they took precaution.


The two were deep in the woods now. They had been searching for this mysterious person for more than an hour. Rain had begun to fall, but luckily the trees were blocking the water from soaking Luz and Emery. They were about to give up then and there when suddenly, Luz saw movement behind a tree. She signaled to Emery and quietly pulled her wand out. They crept over to the tree. Luz moved to the left side of the tree and Emery to the right. Luz counted with her fingers, 1 2 3…


She moved around to the other side of the tree her wand at the perpetrator's neck. It was a young man. He seemed to be in  these woods for a very long time. 


“Please, please! I am not here to kill you!” The man pleaded. He had a french accent. “I am trying to save-”

“Shut it.” Emery said. “We’ll be the ones talking. What’s your name?” he inched closer, his wand pressing into his collar-bone.


“Bastian Dubois, I am from the Wizard Resistance” He answered timidly. “I promise you, I mean no harm!” Luz could see the fear in his eyes.


“Emery, go easy.” She said. With that, Emery moved his wand away from his neck. “What do you mean by trying to save us?”


“There is an Uprising coming… the- the MASCA has been infiltrated. Mangemorts are trying to- to regain power.” His words were shaky. He had a hard time pronouncing many of the words. “The Ministère des Affaires Magiques has already been affected by mangemorts-”


“Mangemorts, what are mangemorts?” Emery asked urgently.


Bastian looked confused for a moment and then realized what he was asking. “Oh! You call them dark wizards, yes?” He said with a nod. “Well these dark wizards are targeting you! They want you to join them. You three have relations to a dark wizard.”


“Was it your notebook that I found in the hidden room?” Luz asked.


“Notebook? No, no I’ve been in these woods. I swear I have not entered the castle!” Bastian had a look of concern on his face. “What is this notebook you speak of?”


“I don’t have it, Camille took it with her.” Luz said with an ounce of frustration. 


Emery then stepped forward. “Wait a minute, how can we trust you?”


Bastian then moved away from the tree. “Follow me to my tent, yeah? I will show you all that I have.” He looked at the wand “You can even keep it pointed at me.”


The three walked to his tent. Emery stood in back with his wand pointed at Bastian’s back. He led them to a small tent. He opened the tent and let them in. The tent inside was a small little studio. This man had clearly been living here for months. All of his items were strewn all over the tent. The sink had a mountain of dirty dishes piled up. It was obvious he wasn’t lying.


“Look, my documents.” He handed them a file. Luz opened the file to open a Ministère des Affaires Magiques employee file “See! That is me, you can trust me.


Emery and Luz looked at each other. Emery gave her a look of resistance, Luz returned that with a look of annoyance. Emery then gave in.


“Okay, we trust you.” Emery said reluctantly.


“Good! Good, I’m glad! I will help you!” Bastian said excitedly. “Where is Camille?” He asked.


“She’s owling her mom.” Emery said protectively.


“Okay, I should probably explain everything when all three of you are here. When will you all be able to come?” Bastian questioned.


Luz thought for a moment. “Well tonight we’re going deeper into the woods. We found a map from that notebook.” Luz said with caution. “It might be good to have an auror with us.”  Luz finished.


Bastian nodded “It would be smart for me to come. Alright, meet here at my tent. What time?”


Emery rolled his eyes “11.”


“Okay, I shall see you then.” Bastian said with a nod.


The two then headed back to the grounds of the castle.


Chapter 6: Chapter 6: A Game of Hide and Seek
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Luz and Emery were heading back to the castle for dinner. They arrived at the Mess Hall, eager to finish dinner and move onto their plan for tonight. However, they needed to inform Camille on their new friend. They both scanned the hall looking for the girl with the fawn hair. They finally spotted her, alone at the Horned Serpents table. Just as they began walking over to her, Abraham Mintle came over and obnoxiously slung his arm around Emery’s shoulders.

“Emery! Where have you been, man?” Emery’s face grew red as he tried to shrug off his “friend’s” arm. “You’ll never guess who I fucked last night…” Abraham said in a low tone. Although it wasn’t low enough that Luz couldn’t hear. She let out an annoyed and rolled her eyes. Emery looked at her apologetically. Abraham didn’t continue his late night shenanigans because he became distracted by Luz. His blue eyes looked her up and down. “Hello, mamì….”

Luz almost choked on her spit. She wanted to punch this idiot square in the jaw. Did he just call her mamì? Luz began to feel her blood boil. She had to walk away from this idiot or else he’d be dead in seconds.

“Emery, we should go.” Luz said in a deep tone. He nodded eagerly.

“Well bud, it was… good catching up with you.” Emery gave a small smile. “But I’ve gotta take care of some things. I’ll see you later.” 

They walked away from Abraham. Luz immediately began to question Emery’s choice in friends. “Novak, tell me, why do you like that asswipe?”

Emery began to laugh “I don’t like him. He’s just… he’s got a lot of power in the Wampus house.” He said “It’s all just really complicated.” he shrugged

They both reached the table and Camille lifted her head from a botany book. “Oh, hey guys.” She said. She looked over at Emery. “Why aren’t you eating with your friends?” she asked in a concerned manner

“Don’t want me here Ms. Greene?” Camille smiled at her new pet name. “Besides, you guys are my friends.” They all smiled.

Camille’s smile was the biggest. “I’m glad to be your friend.”

Luz enjoyed this moment but unfortunately had to end it. There were more pressing matters at hand. “So Camille, we need to talk.” The attention was switched to Luz. “So, it’s not going to be us three alone tonight.” Luz lowered her voice. “We found someone who is helping us.

Camille raised an eyebrow “Who?”

“His name is Basitan Dubois.” Emery chimed in. “He’s with- or was with the french ministry. It’s been infiltrated by dark wizards. Apparently the MASCUA is next.” 

“He was sent to help us.” Luz finished

Camille felt nerves run to her stomach. But instinctually, she felt that this was safer. “Okay. Where is he?”

“In the woods.” Emery said

“Okay, okay.” Camille said “And you’re sure he’s with the ministry?”

Luz nodded. “We saw his documents.”

The grand clock in the Mess Hall began to ring signaling the end of dinner and the beginning of curfew. It was 9 o’clock.

“Okay, we’ll see each other in two hours.” Luz said. “By the training grounds.”


Emery got out of bed at 10:30. He was already wearing outerwear so he didn’t have to waste time and get dressed. He crept out of the boy’s dormitory and into the common room. It had the Wampus’ signature Red and Black colors all over the room. Sleek black furniture surrounded him. He exited the portrait hole and looked back. The portrait of Sachem Metacomet was fast asleep. Emery quietly walked away so as to not alarm any portraits. He climbed the stairs of the Wampus tower to get to the ground floor. 

When he arrived on the ground floor, he was so close to the exit when he saw the light of a wand approaching.

“Shit” He said under his breath. 

He quickly hid behind the wall. The Wampus prefect speed-walked right past Emery. The coast was clear so he emerged from his hiding place and stepped out into the cold Mt Greylock air. He made sure to stick to the walls of the courtyard so that if anyone were to look out the window it would be hard to see him. He exited to the courtyard and checked the pocket watch in his coat.


He would have to run to get there on time. He didn’t want to disappoint Luz and Camille. He wasn’t sure why, but since that carriage ride when they had first met, he’d been more interested in being their friend rather than the ones he had made in his own house. In fact, Phoebe was the only person in his house that he actually liked and they were his half-sibling. The people he knew in The Wampus house were rude and quite frankly disgusting. All they ever wanted to talk about is who had sex with who and all they ever wanted to do was go out, throw parties, and flirt. Not that Emery didn’t like those things, he actually found himself to be quite the romantic, but that's ALL they wanted to do. No variety. But with Luz and Camille, it was exciting.It felt like they had been his friends all along. He felt like he had known them his whole life.

He was tired of his douchebag friends, sure. But, there was a part of him that knew he couldn’t leave them. They were the only people he knew in his house. They had done so much for him. They had been there when there was arguments with his pure-blood step-mom, they were there when his heart was broken by Vurella Gordon in his 4th year. They had been there for him. He felt kinda obligated to be their friend. He owed them. 

Emery’s thoughts about his friends disappeared when he saw Camille alone at the training grounds. She was shivering due to the arising winter weather. Emery however, felt warm just looking at her. They made eye contact. She smiled. He smiled back. 

“Hey, glad you made it.” Camille said through her chattering teeth. Emery laughed at this.

“Yeah,” He checked his pocket watch. 10:59. “And on early!” He finished with a smile. 

“By a minute!” Camille said as she laugh-chattered.

He looked at her concerned. “Do you want my jacket?”

Camille shook her head. “No, no. I’ll be okay. I already have on a coat, so I’d have two on and you’d be coatless.” She said with a goofy smile.

“Ahh, you know your math!” Emery said. They both laughed. “You must be one of the top students in your house then.”

“Top student in the school, actually.” Camille felt a sense of pride in her stomach.

“Did Ms. Greene brag?” Emery said with a look of mock surprise. 

Camille raised her eyebrow “Just wanted you to get the facts straight, that’s all.” She had a smirk planted on her lips. 

“Oh wow, and here I thought you were Ms. Modest.” Emery said as he shook his head.

“Oh, I’m shy. But, I am not modest.” Her cheeks flushed red at the double-meaning of modest. Camille’s smile faded as she searched the yard for a couple minutes. A nervous expression grew on her face. “What time is it?”

Emery pulled out his pocket watch and showed her. 11:10. Her brows furrowed. “I hope she’s okay.”

They waited seven more minutes until finally, They spotted her. She seemed to be out of breath, running to Camille and Emery.

“We need to run, Nerman saw me.” 

She grabbed their hands and ran into the woods. They found a large bush and hid behind it. The light from the groundskeeper’s lanturn shined bright. They were all nervous. Camille squeezed her eyes tight and held her breath. A drop of sweat fell onto Emery’s brow. Luz squeezed her hand to keep from hyperventilating. They all knew the punishment for being caught in the woods.


They were almost finished with their final year at Ilvermorny. They couldn’t end it like this. 
The light began to fade away.

They waited for a minute. 

Emery slowly turned around and lifted his body just so that his eyes peered above the bush. Groundskeeper Nerman was already at the top of the hill by the training grounds. 

“We’re okay.” Emery said in a breathy voice. “We should hurry.” He said as he stood up. He extended his hands to his friends and pulled them up. They began walking to the tent in the middle of the forest. They finally reached Bastian’s tent. They opened the flap. Bastian looked up from the pot he was cooking his dinner in. His brown eyes widened, he smiled and looked at Camille. 

“Camille! I’m so glad to meet you.” His dark brown hair flew out of his hair as he walked to Camille and took her hand and shook it. “It truly is a pleasure to meet you.”

Camille gave him a startled smile. Maybe he came off a little too strong. “You too…”

“Well, I believe we should get a move on!” Bastian said cheerfully. He hadn’t actual human contact for months until today. The three decided to let his overly excited mood slide. “Did you guys bring the journal?” Camille nodded and grabbed it out of her satchel and passed it to him. “Okay, and you know where we’re going?”

Camille nodded. “Yes, I believe it's just a mile east from here.”

“Well then, lets go.” Emery said. They all felt a bit of nerves rise from the pit of their stomachs.



They had been walking in the cold dark woods for about an hour now. They were about to lose all hope until Luz spotted an abandoned shed with a gigantuous hole next to it. “Guys…” Luz said with a nod in the direction of the hole. It looked like the ground had been hit by a small asteroid. It was still a very large hole. They began to approach the area. 

Bastian pulled out the notebook and began searching as to why this area was drawn up in this book. Everyone began to disperse around the area. Luz went into the shed, but now that she was close up it looked like it had been hit by a tornado. Emery walked the perimeter making sure that they were alone.

And Camille walked to the hole observing it. “Lumos” She said as she pointed her wand in the direction of the hole. She moved it closer to the entrance of the tunnel and saw a familiar face. Could it be him? There’s no way. The young man with the brown eyes and dirty blonde hair smiled and beckoned Camille. Without even a second thought, almost as if she was in a trance she followed him. She carefully slid into the hole. Tears began to fall down her pale cheek. She disappeared into the darkness.
An expression of confusion rose on Bastian’s face. He looked for the person closest to him. “Emery” He signaled Emery to come over with his hand. Emery walked over, still keeping an eye on their surroundings. “This does not make sense… the facts in here, they are all wrong. Everything written in this notebook seems rushed.” He flipped to a journal entry. The date of the dark wizard infiltration happened after the date of this journal entry. How would they predict that?” He then looked at Emery, brows furrowed, brown eyes narrowed. “Are you sure this is the right notebook?” 

Emery was extremely confused at this point. “Yeah, that was the notebook Camille had at lunch… Camille?” He looked over to the hole where she once was but she was gone. He then looked over at the shed. “Luz?” He called out. No reply. He raised an eyebrow.

Luz heard her name being called. She made no movement. Instead tears were spilling out of her eyes as she stared at the person in front of her. Her mother held her wand to Luz’s face. “Say anything and you’ll feel the worst pain in your life.” Her mother whispered.

Emery hit Bastian’s arm and pointed to the shed. “You go in there and I’ll go in the hole.” Emery Whispered.

Bastian nodded.

Camille didn’t know where she was going. She didn’t really care either. She followed him down the long tunnel. He would turn around once in a while and give her that familiar grin. That warm, friendly grin she could never forget. 

Emery was running down the tunnel at full speed. He noticed the footprints on the floor. There were normal sized feet, and huge footprints. He knew this couldn’t be good. He finally saw the light and the silhouette of a figure.

Camille had almost reached the end of the tunnel. The young man stopped and turned around. He held out his hand gesturing for her to take it. She walked closer and about to take it when she heard her name. 

“CAMILLE!” Emery shouted as he wrapped his arms around her from behind. She looked at him in confusion. The tears in her eyes made her vision blurry. She then looked back to find the young man, but he was gone. 

“Gulliver?” she choked out. “He was just here.” she began to sob. “GULLIVER!” She yelled as she held up her wand. Instead of her late brother, stood a tall and angered sasquatch awoken from his slumber.

They both stared in shock. “Camille, we need to go. Now…” Emery said into her ear. She nodded and grabbed his hand. They ran in the opposite direction. They could hear and feel the thundering stomps of the sasquatch. He was close, but somewhat slow.


Bastian was at the door listening to the conversation inside. 

“Luz, you should have come with me.” Her mother said. “This wouldn’t have happened if you had just listened to me. Ancient bloodlines have earned the right to dominate unlike the mudbloods who breed into our world.” Her face was dark. She seemed to have lost touch with sanity. There was a look in her eye that luz recognized. The same look she saw her father die. Luz looked at the door and saw Bastian’s head peer around the frame. He put a finger to his mouth as he held his wand up at Luz’s mother. “You and me Luz. I never connected with your sister as well. But you, you're like me.”

Luz shook her head. “That’s where you’re wrong. I will never be like you. I may have a hard time finding my worth, but I know I’m a hell of a lot better than you.” She said through her tears. 

“You’re no daughter of mine.” Her mother said.

“I’m glad.” Luz spat. She then looked to Bastian. “NOW!”

“Stupify!” Bastian shouted. Her mother flew across the shed. Luz ran and joined Bastian. She pointed her wand at her mother. She had a look of shock in her eye that shortly turned into a laugh. 

She smiled darkly at Luz. “You wouldn’t kill your own mother now…”

Luz inched closer, her grip on her wand tightening. 

“I’ll be back to get you.” and just as Luz flung a spell at her, she turned into dark mist.


Emery and Camille saw the end of the tunnel. He boosted her up and once she was up she extended her arm and grabbed him. She was pulling as much as she could, but Emery’s legs kept falling on the dirt. They could hear the sasquatch getting closer and closer.

Finally, Camille pulled him out and he landed on top of her. They were holding each other tight. They sat up, still hugging each other. They saw the sasquatch come out of the tunnel and into the open. All of the sudden. It started to back away. They could see it’s look of anger on its face as it faded back into the shadows. Camille and Emery sat there catching their breath, covered head to toe in dirt. They then looked at the shed and ran to it.

Luz and Bastian were staring at a paper that had been left behind when her mother apparated. 

Camille and Emery ran in. As soon as Luz saw her, she gave her the biggest hug. Camille saw the tears. “What happened?”

“I saw my mother.” Luz said, wiping her tears. She then noticed the tear streaks on her dirty face. “What happened to you?”

“I saw- or I thought I saw Gulliver… I don’t really know.” Camille said. She had an unsure tone. “What did we find out?”

“The notebook was a ploy.” Emery said, arms crossed leaning against the door frame.

“But, we found this.” Bastian held up the paper. It was a business card. 

It read: 

“Alden Burthow, Maker of Fine Elixirs at Remedy Me Not”

Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Confronting Illusions
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The walk back was silent. It’s not that they wanted to be quiet, they were just in shock. They didn’t know what to say to each other. There were about a million questions running in their brains. In Luz’s head, she was questioning her mother’s intentions with joining the rise of the Dark Wizards. What changed her? Camille was reflecting on her late brother. Was he still alive or was it merely a trick of magic? Emery was pondering on the importance of the meeting place tonight. Why was it there? And Bastian was trying to figure out the leader of the whole movement. Could it be another Voldemort?


It was Bastian who broke the silence. “Break is coming, yes?” They all nodded. “And where will you all be?”


“Vermont.” Camille half answered. Her mind wasn’t completely there.


Emery noticed and decided to speak up for her. “We’re staying at Camille’s for the winter break.”


Bastian nodded to himself. “Good, good.” He stopped and all three turned to look at him. “Promise me you won’t do anything until we come back from the break.” The three nodded hesitantly.


They all knew they weren't promising anything.




The carriage ride back to the cave was oddly serene. Although their encounter the previous week had brought them confusion, the three friends felt a sense of relief leaving the school. They could enjoy their last few months as minors. Luz looked outside the window of the carriage and felt the excitement of finally sharing a Christmas with her friends. Amada always went to Sabine’s house for the break, while Amarosa went back to Puerto Rico to care for her creatures there. Amarosa was a well known Magizoologist in South America. With them away, Luz often had a lonely holiday break. 


Not this one though, she had friends to celebrate it with this time.


“So I have some news.” Camille said with excitement hiding in her throat. “I’m continuing my education at The Salem Witches' Institute next year.” She wore a big smile on her face.


Luz and Emery joined in. “Camille, that’s awesome! I heard they only accept a select few each year!” Luz said hugging her.


Emery also gave her a hug and then asked “When’d you find out?”


“This morning!” She said. This was clearly something she was proud of. “I wanted to tell you guys along with my family, but I couldn't keep it in! You’re looking at a future S.H.E (Sorceress of Herbology Education) graduate!”


“Not finished with Massachusetts huh, Greene.” Emery said playfully “Well, I’ll be seeing a lot of De Leòn next year!”


Luz rolled her eyes. “We MIGHT be working together! We don’t know if we’ll have jobs there yet.” She said 


“Sure, we don’t know that yet, but we’ve got a good chance of getting work there!”  He said with a sly grin. “Your dad was well known there and I'm extremely charming!” 


Emery still had dreams of becoming a professor, but that was a goal for later in his life. The more he heard about Curse Breaking, the more interested he became. He had time to figure out what he wanted to do. 


They all laughed in the carriage. For the first time in weeks, they felt normal. They felt their age. It was a good feeling that they knew would come to end soon. When they arrived at the cave, it was filled with parents greeting their children. They stepped out one by one. Emery gave the Aethonan a small pat as he left the carriage behind. Without looking, he bumped into a familiar face.


“Emery, it's.. Good to see you.” Francis Novak, his step-mother, or rather ex-step-mother. She was a posh french woman. She had curly light brown hair, hazel eyes (Phoebe inherited them), and a long nose. She could smell pathetic from a mile away. She wore a light blue suit, always trying to show her Beauxbatons pride.


“Francis.” Emery replied with a nod.


“I did not see your father, did he forget about you?” Francis said in a condescending joking manner. She always knew how to rub the salt into wounds


Emery put on a smile and fake laughed. “No, no, he’s away on a trip, so I’m spending the holiday with my friends.”


Francis’ face turned into a look of mock pity. “How unfortunate. Well, I must my daughter, aurevoir!” She strutted away from him in her pale blue heels.


Emery cringed at Francis’ statement. One, she always referred to Phoebe as hers, like they had no relation to Emery and his father. Two, she said daughter. Francis had never accepted Phoebe’s pronouns. When they came out, Francis continued to call them her “little girl”. Phoebe eventually grew tired of fighting with their mother and decided to just ignore her when she did that. Emery knew it still hurt them. Emery turned around to find Luz and Camille waiting for him. They didn’t just walk off. He was grateful that they didn't.


Luz patted his back and they began to walk towards a tall couple. The man was blonde, he had a long curly beard that stopped at his chest. His hooded eyes were an unmistakibly bright blue. You could see them from across the room. He wore a brown suit jacket with a burnt orange scarf. His pants were the same orange but they had a yellow tartan pattern. They finished just above his ankle, so his clean white socks were showing above his leather loafers. 


His wife however, had dark brown hair. Her eyes seemed to be the exact color as her hair. This woman was easily recognized as Camille’s mother. They had the same deer shaped face. Her hair was up in a whimsical knot, she wore a light brown short sleeve sweater with a dark purple paisley patterned thermal shirt underneath. Her flowy maroon skirt went down to her ankles and barely showed off her dark brown boots. 


They made eye contact with Camille. Ms. Greene’s face turned into a warm sweet smile as she approached her daughter. Mr. Greene followed in suit with a bright smile displayed on his face. When they got closer to Emery and Luz, they could see that they looked tired. Like they hadn’t slept in months. 


“Camille! So glad you’re back home!” Camille’s father said as he pulled her into a tight hug. They let go. 


Camille then faced her friends. “Ma, Da. This is Luz,” She said as she pointed to Luz. “And this is Emery.” Her hand moved over to Emery.


“Oh I am just so glad that Camille is bringing you two for Christmas!” Camille’s mother extended her hand to the two. “I’m Fiona Grenne.” She said with a thick irish accent. “Everyone will be just so glad to meet you two!”


“Wait till you two meet my mother!” Her husband said. “She is quite the character alright… Well, I’m Aden, pleasure to meet you two.” Unlike his wife, he had the faintest hint of an irish accent. It was clear that he was born in America. “Well we best be off!” He said as he pulled open the cabinet door.




After coming to the end of the long dark tunnel, Aden pushed open a single dark oak door. They opened to a beautiful Greenhouse. It being winter, not all the plants weren’t ready for harvest. However, the Umbrella Flowers hanging above them gave a beautiful fragrance. One by one, they climbed out of the small cabinet. 


“Oliver isn’t back from picking Orla up from school yet. Why don’t you give them a tour Camille,” Arden said to his daughter. “We’ll take these inside for you guys.” He took the trunks from Luz, Emery, and Camille. 


“Oh Camille,” Fiona said. There was a tinge of worry in her voice. She seemed hesitant to speak. “Welcome home.” She finally said with the same sweet motherly smile. Although, Camille knew she was going to say something else. 


They reached the grand glass doors of the greenhouse. They Emerged into a living room. It was quite warm in the house. There was brightly colored furniture around the room. Vintage comfy chairs in a variety of yellow, dusty pink, and olive, a wooden end table with a tasseled lamp atop, bookshelves against the white walls, and what wasn’t covered by a bookshelf, was instead engulfed of family portraits of each member in the household (There was even one for the hairless cat), and beneath it all was a tapestry carpet resting on dark oak wood. The room gravitated to the bright burning fireplace where a painting of a young man sat above it. He simply slept. Below it read;


Gulliver Greene

 Rest easy my dear son.


They all began to remove their heavy coats and placed them on the coat rack and left their winter boots by the door. “Well, we just left the greenhouse. That's where I spend most of my time.” Camille said with a small grin. “This is the living room, we usually come in here for game nights and such…” She trailed off as she made contact with her brother’s portrait. She shook her head and continued onto the next room. Luz and Emery followed. “Here’s the kitchen.”




Camille had finished the tour and they were all now sitting in her room, chatting, laughing and unpacking.


“So do you think Bastian will be here soon?” Luz asked.


Camille shrugged “I’m not sure, I gave him the address and asked how he would get here,”  She shook her head. “And he said ‘It is none of your concern’” She said in a horrible french accent. They all began to laugh at her attempt. 


“Say Greene, are you sure you’re just irish?” Emery said as he gave her a small nudge “I mean, you sound basically fluent!”


 They suddenly heard the sound of a car pulling up. Camille knew it was Oliver, he was the only one who knew how to drive a no-maj car. Next thing they knew they heard the front door slam shut and footsteps running up the stairs. The door to Camille’s room burst open and a young girl, probably 12 or 13 years old, emerged with her snowsuit and still on. She ran and jumped onto Camille. 


“I missed you so much!” The young girl exclaimed. Camille held her tight. The young girl then looked at Luz and Emery and gave them a huge grin and ripped herself from her sister. “Are they your friends?” Camille nodded. 


“Guys this is Orla, she’s my little sister”


Luz extended her hand “I’m Luz.” Orla took it and shook her hand widely. 


Emery moved towards Orla and also extended his arm out. “Emery” He said with that grin Camille thought was just so charming. 


“Ohhhhh so you’re Emery…” Orla said, giving her older sister a side glance.


Camille’s cheeks flushed a rather red hue. “C’mon let's go find Oliver” She said as she ushered Orla out of the room. Camille closed the door and it was just Luz and Emery once again.


Emery was quiet for a minute. He then turned to Luz “Do you-”  He didn’t know how to get his words out. “Is Camille seeing anyone?” His face was now the same shade as Camille’s


Luz looked at him and raised an eyebrow “Don’t you think she’d tell you that?”


“I don’t know…” Emery gave a half shrug “You guys are just closer, I was just wondering if she had said anything.” 


“She’s not, no” Luz turned back to her clothes and continued to fold them into some of Camille’s empty drawers. She was grinning to herself. “Why do you ask?”


Emery tried his best to come up with a suitable answer. “You know… I’m, well…. I’m her friend. I just want her to be… safe, yeah, safe.”


“Mmmhmm” Luz said. “And you're sure that’s all?”


Emery sighed. “Am I that obvious?” He sat down on Camille’s bed.


“Maybe just a little bit.” Luz said as she sat down on the bed with him. “Why haven’t you asked her out yet?”


“I just don’t think she feels the same way.” Emery said. He sounded heartbroken. Luz laughed at Emery’s statement. He looked at her with a frown. “What, what's so funny?”


Luz shook her head, grinning to herself. “You’re absolutely blind.” To that, Emery stared at her in total confusion. “That girl is head over heels for you. She’s just too shy to say anything.”


Emery shook his head. “How would you know?”


“She told me.” Emery’s eyes widened and his thick eyebrow lifted. All Luz could do was smile and nod. “Well, lover boy, we better get to your girlfriend…”


Emery playfully jabed her. “She’s not my girlfriend.” Luz made it to the door first and reached for the knob. “Don’t think I don’t see the way you look at Phoebe…” Emery said quietly but peacefully.” 


Luz’s face became the color of a tomato.




Silence. Utter silence.


Camille didn’t really know what to say, let alone feel. She felt sadness, she felt anger, she felt fear. She wanted to cry and yell at the top of her lungs. Why hadn’t they told her this sooner?But she didn’t.

Instead, she stared at her parents and older brother in complete disbelief.


“I know this is all hard to comprehend. Trust me, it took days for me to wrap my head around it.” Oliver said. He stood tall, but Camille could tell he wanted to break down and cry.


“Camille, honey. This is something we have to take seriously.” Fiona said. “There have been reports-” Fiona didn’t get to finish her sentence as Emery and Luz came down the stairs. She patted her daughter’s shoulder and kissed her head. “We have to be brave, pet.” She smiled at her husband and they walked out of the kitchen. Camille turned her teary-eyes to Luz and Camille and quickly wiped her face.

“Hey guys, this is my brother Oliver.” She said quietly, not making eye contact with the two. She knew she’d start to cry again. Luz and Emery kept a cautious eye on her as they approached Oliver. He was quite tall and built. He shared the same dark chocolate eyes as Camille, but had his mother’s deep brown hair. He wore a maroon suit with a patterned teal vest. On the lapel of the suit was a “Rinforge Bank of America” pin. 


“Pleasure.” Oliver said with a stony smile. “Well, I best be off. I’ve got plenty of documents to review before the holiday break. You know goblins, They can be fickle.” Oliver turned to exit but then looked to his younger sister. “We can talk more tomorrow.” He then exited.


Camille then turned to her friends and brought them back to her room. She made sure Orla wasn’t around to hear. “Sit.” She said. It was the most upfront Camille had ever been. She either looked like she was going to explode or wallow away in the corner. It was quite confusing. 


“Is everything alright?” Emery asked.


“They found Gulliver.” Camille said. “At least they think they did.” She looked at her friends for the first time. They just stared at her with confusion written all over their face.


Luz formulated her words “I thought you said he was sick and that he-”


“That's what we all believed too.” Camille’s face boiled with anger, her tears finally made an escape. “That’s what the doctors at St. Jouge’s told us. They told us he..” Camille couldn’t bring herself to say it. “They said he was spotted in Luxembourg taking money out of his vault. Was it him that I saw in the woods?” Her mind drifted


Emery moved to Camile and Luz followed him. “I don’t think so. We would’ve heard him disapparate. There wasn’t really anywhere for him to run.”


“So it could be someone pretending to be him.” Luz said reasurrigly. She didn’t know how to help.


Camille didn’t know what to feel. She wanted him to be alive because then she’d have her older brother back. But she wanted him to stay dead so that her grief wouldn't've been in vain. She simply just nodded.


Luz then pulled her into a hug. Emery joined in. 


Whatever was happening, they were going to figure this out together.




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