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Custody by Hedwiggranger

Format: Novel
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 10,337
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers

Genres: Drama, General, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Bellatrix, Lucius, Narcissa, Voldemort, Blaise (M), Draco, Fred, George, Ginny, OtherCanon
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC

First Published: 02/21/2020
Last Chapter: 05/23/2020
Last Updated: 05/23/2020


What if you were captured, forced into a way of living that was horrid, told you're someone you're not, and then have to deny everything you know and love because of one thing...


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Chapter 1: The Malfoy house
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Hi everyone I just wanna say that the main story won't be happening till a but further on in the book as I needed to introduce the OC first :)

Olivia Malfoy. Witch. 11 years old.


Draco Malfoy. Wizard. 11 years old.



Olivia Malfoy ran down the stairs of the Mansion she loathed. Only to be stopped by the most loathsome person in existence. Luscious Malfoy was her Captor, her father by force. "We need to speak to you" he breathed, his voice reminding her of that dreadful day, the day she became a Malfoy.



"Your Mother and I have been talking," he said with the evilest look on his face. "You have still not given in to the fact that we are now your family". "Why should I..!" "DONT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT" he screamed making me jump"."Here are some rules for Hogwarts".



Since Olivia's capture, she had been given a whole bunch of rules. You are a Malfoy, you do this and that and this. It was mostly a whole bunch of rubbish and she didn't listen. The first few weeks were terrifying but she got over that and started to backchat and stuff (which got her a whole lot of torture.)


 " You will be in Slytherin, whether you like it or not" he boomed making me shudder. "You call people Mudbloods and filth if they are not pure blood" "you will also not be friends with Harry Potter". " Yes Lucious," I said very quietly. "Also I am now your father, there is nothing you can do to change it"

"Yes, father" I pleaded, not making eye contact with those deep green eyes. "Now go get ready to go to Diagon Alley, we will be collecting your school stuff".

I slumped up to my room, miserable as ever.

Hey guys. So this is my first story.  I know the chapters are quite short and I'm gonna try to improve that. I don't have much time on my hands so I will try and update as much as I can. I am gonna try and all the books but dunno if that will happen. Please review so I can keep trying to make it better. I hope you like it:)

Chapter 2: Diagon alley
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Olivia Malfoy and her brother (by force) Draco Malfoy walked into Madame Malkins to get Hogwarts robes. "I can't wait to get my wand!!!" Olivia exclaimed with an excited tone. Draco was the only Malfoy she liked. He understood her like no one else. He talked to her when she was alone, comforted her when she cried (which happened quite often) He was always there for her.


"Ouch, watch where you're putting those pins woman" Draco complained."Draco, don't be so rude" Olivia says, with a smirk on her face. "Ok little sis" he teased. His smile meeting her eyes. Just then a boy came into the shop, looking a little lost. Malkin showed him to the stool beside Draco and Olivia. "Hogwarts too?" Draco asked. The boy nodded, looking like everything he was seeing was a dream. "Are you.. our kind, I don't think they should let the other kind in don't you?". "If you mean my parents were witch and wizard, then yes". The boy's face had hatred all over it. "I'm Draco by the way, and this is my errr sister, Olivia". " Ok you 2, you're finished, you can go now". "Bye," I said kindly to the boy. He smiled back revealing a deep lightning scar. Then it hit me, the boy that Draco was so rude to, was Harry Potter...



After they had finished with robes at Madame Malkins, they went straight to Ollivander's to get their wands. Olivia did not tell Draco about the boy in the shop being Harry Potter, as she knew he would start boasting to father about it. But the feeling of guilt stabbed her and for some reason brang her back to her childhood that she missed so surely.



When they got to the wand store Olivia was filled with the most mysterious feeling. She could feel magic around her. It was like a tingling feeling had overcome her body took over her sadness and made herself new. Her hands started to glow. Then she saw an old man, quite frail in fact, staring at her with curiosity. He kinda creeped her out.


"Aaaah, a new Malfoy I see, and Draco, I've been waiting for you, both of you" he gasped. He gave off a kind of dark feeling, making you want to start the wand picking process sooner. "Master Malfoy you first"



After Draco got his, the anticipation started to build up in Olivia's gut. Finally, it was her turn. "Let's see, how about willow and unicorn hair" He gave her the wand and she gave it wave. Almost immediately he took the wand and gave her another. "Tut tut tut, not this wand, how about this, oak and dragon heartstring" But this wand did not stratify him either. As soon as the girl touched the wand he snatched it back! "Not this one either" he stated, shoving the wand back on the shelf. "Hmmm, interesting, interesting indeed" "um sir, Mr Olivander, what's so interesting?". "Ohh it's just..." Olivander stuttered. "How peculiar, try this wand, elder and Phoenix feather" It was magical, as soon as she touched it she felt a warm glow traveled through her spine into her fingertips which were glowing mysteriously." ah yes, I think you will find that wand will do powerful things for you, young lady. Yes, you and Mr Potter are going to do well indeed". 



Lucious led them down to knock turn alley to return some dark object that he doesn't want in the house and then they went to the last stop of the day, quality quidditch supplies. On the way, they saw a family of redheads. The lady, mother perhaps, was busying herself with 5 kids. "Weasleys" Lucious grimaced. "The filthiest blood traitor family there is, I hope both of you make their life hell" "but.," Olivia argued. "You've got to make people's life hell, get used to honey" explained Narcissa. As they walked into the book store.

Sorry, guys another short chapter. Some of the drama starting to poke through In this chapter but not much. I'll make sure I update again. Keep those reviews coming in. It will help me make the books better. ENJOY:)

Chapter 3: The Train ride
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"How do you get to the train exactly?" Olivia asked Draco. They were sitting in his room, talking. "You walk right through a wall between platform 9 & 10, father told me". Draco loved her like a sister. Ever since his father had selfishly captured her he had felt sorry for her. She mentioned so much to him. The little sister he had never had. She was excited about Hogwarts and so was he. Their 1st year, together. He could see in her eyes that she felt the same way about him.

As they were talking Olivia couldn't help feeling a sense of belonging, something she hadn't felt in a long time. He was so kind to her, even though he was the same age as her she felt as if he was the older brother she's never had.


As she was walking to her room where she would get ready for bed and the dinner their house-elf dobby brang up to her, she was called by Narcissa to come to have dinner at the dining table! She never had dinner at the dining table before! But that was mostly because she always denied the invitation, but this time she had no choice. 



Olivia walked slowly down the staircase and strolled into the dining room. There were a whole lot of people she didn't know there. Most of them looked evil actually. She took a free seat next to Draco who gave her a look that read: you're not going to like this...


"Olivia, welcome," Lucious said, with a kind tone that was a little funny actually."This is your aunt Bellatrix, Theodore Nott, and Severus Snape, Snape is the potions master at Hogwarts, he is also head of Slytherin house." Snape gave me a look that clearly stated he would rather be doing other things. His hooked nose face and greasy hair made him look even eviler. She couldn't believe that she would be stuck with him for the next 7 years!



Bellatrix turned out to be mad. Her laugh made that even more obvious. She enjoyed teasing both her and Draco

Theodore Nott turned out to be their just because. He was horribly thick and ate anything in the sight of him (apart from the humans obviously) In her room that night she lay on her bed, sleepless. She was so worried about the next day. Wondering whether she would have the heart to talk trash about people. She was worried that she wouldn't be in Slytherin. Maybe she should just stay near Draco or maybe she should branch out, be herself. "And earn a whole lot of torture," A voice said inside her head. She would just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings

Draco ran into his sister's room and shook Olivia awake. "Livie, time to wake up," he said. Even though he was only 4 months older he was definitely going to be protective of her. She woke saw him and threw a pillow at him."Aww is little sissy not liking mornings" he said smirking. "No, it's just nobody likes being woken by a slimy haired git " She had a cheeky grin spread on her cute face.



The 'family' arrived a the kings cross 15 minutes early. Draco took Olivia's hands and they ran towards the wall, disappearing over to platform 9 & 3/4. Draco hugged Narcissa and Lucious. "Now no funny business" Lucious said sternly to Olivia. He had that look in his eyes, telling her he meant it.


Draco and Livie got in a Compartment with 2 really thick boys and one quite slender. The thick ones were called Vicent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. The slender one's name was Blaise Zabini. Crabbe and Goyle were just as thick as they looked. They had fewer Brains then 50 flobberworms mixed together! Zabini, on the other hand, was quite good looking. He was still a git though, Olivia thought. They were all pretty nice to her though.

Draco looked at his sister, he wondered what she was thinking. Crabbe and Goyle were absolute gits but they were still good enough to be in intimidating. Zabini was eyeing Olivia with curious eyes. 'If he touches her though' Draco thought threateningly.



A little while later a bushy-haired girl came into the apartment. "Have you seen a road, a boy named Nevilles lost one?" she said this in a bossy tone you could almost tell she would be trouble. "No. And if we did why would we tell you"Draco spat. "Well that's a bit rude," she said, sounding a little offended. "Sorry about my slimy haired git of a brother. What's your name?" Olivia said. "Hermione Granger. I think your brother is a scrawny flobberworm" and with that, she left the room with a flick of her hair



"What was that for," Draco said as they walked off the train. They were both in identical black robes and almost identical hair. The Malfoys had to dye Olivia's hair blonde, she was also to keep the top brown though. "You were so rude that girl," she said desperately to him. "You have to be meaner" he paused for a second "otherwise he will torture you"

"I know," she said, sorry.



"Firs' years, firs' years this way pleas'" said a big friendly looking man. Draco and Olivia followed him to a number of boats.'we are sailing over!' Olivia thought this day just got better.

So this chapter was longer. A little bit of a better Introduction to some other characters. what do you think about Zabini do you think he and Olivia will get together? Comment on your views down below. Enjoy:)

Chapter 4: The sorting hat/The great hall
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I don't own HP

As we walked into the great hall with a bunch of first years, Olivia was amazed. The candles! They were floating! There was 4 tables spread apart with each of the four houses. She glanced over to the house she was supposed to be in. They looked like quite an unpleasant bunch. "Look, there's the sorting hat" Draco pointed out. She moved her eyes towards that direction, what she saw was a rugged old hat. "How does that sort us into houses?" She asked. "You'll see" said Draco. Lucious had told him a lot. Then the hat started singing.

"Abbott, Hannah." The strict teacher McGonagall barked. The blonde haired girl stepped forward and she placed the hat on her head. "HUFFLEPUFF" The hat shouted. The table in the middle left of the hall cheered loudly and welcomed her over. Blaise went next, making it into Slytherin. The table on the far left screamed at the top of their lungs. "Blaise deserves that house' thought Draco. Soon enough it was his turn. "Malfoy, Draco" Mcgonagall called. As soon as the hat touched his head it shouted "SLYTHERIN" He walked over to the screaming table with a smirk on his face, but he couldn't help noticing that the red head Weasly and the Potter boy he met on the train had a look of absolute loathing on their face.

Olivia stood there, shaking with nerves.'what if I'm not in Slytherin' Olivia thought. Worrying, Lucious Malfoy could do horrid things, things she didnt want to think about. But when Draco got Immediately sorted into Slytherin, she had a fit. She had to be in his house, she just had to be! "Malfoy, Olivia" Professor Mcgonagall barked. She went up, her face going red. She could see the bushy haired girl, Hermione looking at her hopefully. She had been sorted into Gryffindor. 'Lucky' Olivia thought. She sat on the still and then the hat was placed on her head.



"You're are not a Malfoy" the sorting hat's voice said. "Please be Slytherin,  please be Slytherin, he will torture me otherwise!" She thought miserably. "Hmmm you would do good in Gryffindor,  but I can feel yourself pleading,  no one likes a sad student, so here goes, SLYTHERIN" The table on the left screamed and she went to go sit by Draco, she looked over to Hermione, who gave her a look that was very sorry.

Hermione had been placed in Gryffindor with Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. She was delighted  ut couldn't help noticing that the mysterious Olivia Malfoy looked relieved but sad to be in Slytherin. Her brother on the other hand, looked absolutely full of himself. His greasy white hair made her cringe. "Ok everyone, quite down, now is the time the speech" boomed an old-looking man with a long grey beard. "My few words of wisdom today are, Odmint, blabber, and tweak" the whole hall clapped in admiration. "Is he a bit mad?" She heard Harry ask another Weasley brother. "Mad? Hes brilliant! But yes he is a bit mad" she chuckled. "This year the 3rd floor corridors out of bounds unless you want to dye a very gruesome death" he explained. The Weasley twins laughed. "Hes not serious?" Ron asked. "Very" she guessed, not wanting to find out what was in that corridor

"We're in Slytherin!" Draco said, excitedly to Olivia. They made there way to their common room and were shown around. "The password to the common room is pure blood, remember that" said the prefect."Who's in your dorm?" He asked Olivia. "Pansy Parkinson, Milicent Bulstrode and Sally-Anne Perks" she says."they're all quite big-headed but they will do. How about you?" She asked, curiously. "Crabbe Goyle and Zabini" he said. "We got to go to our dorms now, see you tomorrow, our first class is charms" he added making sure she knew. "Bye" she spoke softly, as if she was on the verge of tears. He saw in her eyes the fear he saw on the first day they met...

Another chapter done. I know Draco sounds a lot older than he is but I'm just trying to create a picture of him being a protective brother. Please review, it really helps. Just comment on anything. chapters are still short, sorry. I hope you like it. ENJOY:) 


7/5/2020: Ok so I wrote this in the wrong order so to make everything more clear the next chapter is meant to be before this one, sorry bout that...

Chapter 5: Friends... and some not
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Hi everyone. I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who has looked at this story, over 40 views! I'm really happy about it! I am gonna try to update more often but still really busy with school and stuff so yeah. By the way, if writing changes from her to the narrator that is just me because I am not focused well enough:)

"So you're the mysterious Malfoy" Pansy breathes. I give her an annoying look, but quickly change it into a smirk. "Yes, if that's what they're calling me these days, just don't ask too many questions " I instruct. "Anyway, what's our first class " I manage. The thought of being mysterious gave me a cold feeling, one I did not like. 'I guess I'm just gonna have to live like that' I thought miserably. "Charms, then Herbology, then Potions, I think" Pansy explained, swinging her robes over her slim body. Milicent and Sally-Anne  had already gone to breakfast, I didn't particularly like them, but Pansy was nice."So, my brother, I saw you looking at him yesterday, I know that look" I said cheekily. She gave me a look of annoyance, but said: "He is kinda cute, to be honest". "Oooh, look who has a crush!" I squealed. She through her pillow at me. "Let's just go to breakfast," she said, desperately.

Hermione walked to breakfast with a girl called Lavender Brown. She sat down beside Percy Weasley, who started talking to her about a subject that he found useless. She stopped listening after a while and tucked into her meal. After a while, she couldn't help glancing over time at the Slytherin table where Olivia was. She saw her giggling with a girl she knew as Pansy Parkinson, she was also sitting by her brother, Draco who was talking to a very thick kid known as Gregory Goyle.

She was looking forward to her first class of the day charms. She packed up her stuff and headed towards the class.   

Draco walked towards the charms classroom with Olivia and a cute girl called Pansy. He and Olivia sat down at a desk together and started chatting. "So how are you're room mate's?" He asked. "Pansys cool, Bullstrod and Perks, not so much." She commented. "How about you?" "Zabini is the only one with a brain but they'll do," he said. "Ok class let's start" short wizard barked. "Remember the wand movement,  flick and swish now your turn." "Flick and Swish" the class chanted. "Now say Winguardium Leviosa". All of a sudden another brainless Gryffindor made an explosion. " Idiot" Olivie whispered to Draco. At the end of the lesson only the muggle-born Hermione, Olivia, and Draco had managed to make the feather fly. They had all earned 10 points for their house. Then they started heading down to Herbology.

After Herbology (which is very boring by the way )Olivia found her self walking beside Draco to lunch. "Look what we have here" he breathed to me. I looked over to find Harry and Ron walking in front of us. "Look what we have here," he said aloud this time. They turned around with a great look of annoyance on their faces. "Potter, Weasley this is going to be fun," I said with a smirk on my face. "Shove of Malfoys" Harry calls. "What did you do to get those robes, Weasley. Bet you had to dig through the trash" I grunt without really thinking. "How dare you..." "But it's TRUE isn't it Weasley, they probably cost the same as your house" Draco spat. Harry raised his wand, I raised mine, Ron raised his, Draco raised his. I don't think either of them knew how to jinx anything, but Draco and I did as Lucious had taught us a few back at the manor. "Let's settle this somewhere else, "Draco said "I agree" I breathe. "Midnight" "tonight" "trophy room," we said. "Wizarding duel, Olivia's my second". "Yeah, I'm his second" Ron said, with a motion towards Harry. With that, we walked off. "We're not actually going to go to the duel are we?" I ask Draco. "Huh no way, this is a way to get them in trouble."



"Ok, today we will be brewing a simple draught of death." Professor Snape barks. "I expect that you will have it perfect".  "He so bossy " I whisper to Draco. "Yes but he's also your house leader" He was standing right behind me!!!!! "10 points from Slytherin I think and detention" he barked at me. It wasn't that bad, but the worst thing was that Draco was just sitting there laughing at me...



After Potions, I walked with Draco and Pansy towards the Common room. "Hey I think I'm gonna go to the bathrooms" "Ok just be safe" Dracos said, the protective brother he was. I ran off to the bathrooms only to find Hermione standing there. 


"What do you want" I bark. "To know the truth" she said. "What do you mean..." I speak with a worried tone. "About your Childhood" ...


1 hour later,

"Wow I didn't know," she said. "You can't tell Draco though, he'll tell Lucius and I'll get tortured." "Ok," she said, understandably. "Hey can you meet me here tomorrow,  there's someone I need you to meet. " "ok see you then" .......

P.s this meeting actually happens after Halloween, when The trio is together, she doesn't really need to do anything with the troll. Thanks for viewing:)



Chapter 6: A meeting and a Detention
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I waited in the abandoned Bathroom for Hermione to turn up. "Olivia? Are you here?" I heard her soft voice speak. I could hear two other sets of footprints scuffling behind her. She came around the corner and said "Hi". Then they came round the corner, Potter and Weasley came round the corner! "WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE!!!!!!!" I yelled, in frustration. "WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE!!!!!" they yelled at the same time. "You expect me to be kind to her!!" Ron asked Hermione, his ears glowing red. "We can get her here though, no Malfoy to back her up" smirked Ron. "In your dreams Weaslebee " I spat. "STOP, this is ridiculous, Olivia tells them why they're here" Hermione ordered. "And why would I tell these kids, I don't trust them..." I spat. "Oh c'mon stop acting like a 5-year-old," she said with annoyance spread on her face. "Fine then" I spoke. Both the boys had looks of confusion on there faces. "What is it Malfoy?" Potter asked. I sighed and then answered, "I'm not a Malfoy"...



1 hour later,

"You can't tell anyone" I gasped. I had told the boys the story and they looked flabbergasted! "Also I'm going to have to be mean to you around Draco, you have to be mean back". "Wow, and I thought I went through a lot, I promise I won't tell anyone," Harry said. "Yeah, I mean that is so harsh, I promise to," Ron says. "You should meet brothers, Fred and George,  I reckon you'd like them" "Yeah sounds good, the same place same time?" I asked. "Yeah but maybe in the empty classroom on the fourth floor?" "Sure". "Ok let's go back to our dorms, see ya live" and with that, the 3 of them left.


Dracos POV


"Where have you been!?" I ask Olivia as she walks into the room. "Just wandering" she answers. "I've been worried" I spoke softly stroking her hair. "Olivia, Professor Snape wanted me to tell you that you're detention is happening now" Pansy called from the other room. "Uggggh just what I need," she said. "I'll see you tomorrow," I said not wanting to deal with her temper any longer.

Olivia's POV 


As I walked down to Snapes Office, I wondered what the teacher gave for punishments. When I got there I knocked on the door and it opened magically. "Ahh, Olivia you will be sorting through these records and putting them in order for an hour. I hope this makes you learn your lesson " He spat. I scowled at him. "I'm not gonna tell your father but be careful"... 



Sorting through the records wasn't that bad. I got to see what bad things Lucious did as a child, which was amusing. All of a sudden I froze, the name I saw I recognized, It was my Father's!!!!!!

So there's some drama. I'm probably not gonna update much this week but will try to update on Sundays. For those who are still following. Thanks to Lillian Rose Potter for commenting by the way. You're awesome!:)

Chapter 7: 5th year, The toad
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Authors note:

Hey everyone, sorry it's been a while. I haven't been able to write as I have been settling into a routine now that my countries in Lockdown. I am jumping to 5th year because I had a vision about the future with my character.  This year you will find out why the Malfoys have captured Olivia. Here are some spoilers so the whole thing makes sense, Olivia has the inner eye as she finds out in 3rd year, she helps Harry and Hermione save her Sirius Black and has kept in touch with him (you will find out why soon) she has also been recruited by the Order as a spy. Draco now knows that Olivia is Friends with the trio, but Lucious does not. So you find her hanging out with the trio a lot more. A lot of things won't go with the original storyline of the Order of the Phoenix. I own nothing apart from Olivia. Hope you enjoy:)


Olivia's POV


Sirius Black is my Dad I thought. We had owned each other every other day, talking about all her problems with the Malfoys. He kept me sane, now that Voldemort is living in the manor. I didn't go out of my room very often, but occasionally Lucius would question me with questions that I didn't understand. I had not seen the dark lord yet, so I hadn't managed to get much information out. I am now a member of the Order of the Phoenix (even though I am not of age) my job is to spy on the Death Eaters.



Draco and I walked to the train, chatting. "I wonder who the new DADA teacher is?" I asked. "I hope it's someone good, I mean we have OWLs this year so I would hope so," he said. "I wish Lupin was still here, he was the best teacher we ever had" I commented, I hadn't seen any of the order all summer and was longing to see them. "You really liked him didn't you," he said with a smirk. "I'm gonna go find Harry," I said, he rolled his eyes at this but didn't say anything against it.



I found them in a compartment with Ginny, Fred, and George. "Olivia!" said George, he gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Everyone looked shocked at this and I blushed but sat next to him huddling close to his warm skin. Ron wolf-whistled. "Before any of you ask any questions about me and George, how was your summer! Your so lucky, getting to hang with the order!" I explained. "Not really," Fred said "We aren't even allowed to join! George and I are of age but they just won't give in! we haven't been allowed to any of the meetings, you are the only kid that is actually on the order!" I turned to Harry this time asking "How's Sirius?" "Happy enough, but you can tell he's pining for you, every time an Owl arrives at the house he pushes forward just to hear from you," Harry said with a look of pity in his eyes. I told them about my summer, and about all the Death Eaters staying at the manor after the breakout. "Bellatrix is especially meaningful to me, she's Sirius's cousin, so she knows, in fact, all of them know who my dad is now, it's not very nice." I said then added, "also I've been seeing more, it isn't very clear but it doesn't look good". "So about you and George," Ron and Ginny asked with a smirk on their faces.



We arrived at Hogwarts and I said bye to the group and went over to join Draco at the Slytherin table. The food was good. I got the usual insults at the table, most of them about how I could date such filth. Draco jumped to my defense which I was grateful for as I didn't fit in with the Slytherins anymore. I got an Owl from Dad saying how much he missed me and reminding me that if I saw anything unusual to tell him immediately. I made a note to write back to him tonight and tell him that I could spend Christmas with him. The only reason I hadn't been with him all summer was that as soon I hopped off the train at the end of last year Lucius grabbed my arm and apparated me right out of the station. I had gotten beaten for trying to escape.



We had our first class the next day. All the teachers giving us big lectures about our OWLs and about how important they were. Turns out DADA was a complete waste of time. The teacher was a complete toad-like lady who had also became the Hogwarts 'High Inquisitor' apparently she was from the ministry. That position, however, gave her the right to expel teachers from their job if she didn't think that they were up to scratch. I hope Trelawney doesn't crack under the pressure of the lady I thought, worried. Speaking of Trelawney I started to make my way to her class for the first divination lesson. It was my favorite subject, but only because I was the only true seer in the class. I joined Harry and Ron at a table just in time for Trelawney to start talking. "Welcome class, as you all know your OWLs will take place this year, beware only a few will pass, and only one will get top marks" She looked at me with her loopy eyes. "I just can't wait to drop this subject" Ron muttered. I sniggered, knowing that even though I loved the subject I would not be joining next year. "Today we will be looking at crystal balls and deciphering their secrets," Trelawney said. Just then Umbridge walked in. "I believe you got my Owl saying that I would be observing the class today, but of course you would have already known I was coming with your abilities" we continued on with our work. "Ok that will be enough for today you can pack up and you may go," Trelawney said. "Hem hem" the toad-like woman cleared her throat. The whole class stopped moving and looked form her to Trelawney "could you... see something for me?" Umbridge asked. Trelawney looked like someone was about to smash all her crystal balls. She was about to say something but I cut in "Professor if I may, Trelawney has taught me all I know... to prove that would you mind if... I do the seeing?" I asked. "oh sorry miss Malfoy but that won't do I have to see if the teacher can not the student, would you please go back to your seat" I stepped back and sat down with a huff. Harry looked at me in surprise. "Also Potter your Detention will take place tomorrow" The toad spat as she walked away, her ugly pink cardigan flowing behind her. Oh how much I hated Umbridge.

So this was a bit rushed but I promise it won't be in the future! Please review! I need constructive criticism so I can make my writing better. Hope you enjoy:)


Chapter 8: The DA
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Olivia's POV



That morning I scrambled out of bed, hastily chucked on my robes, and did my hair into a very messy bun. I had the care of magical creatures that day. I couldn't wait to see Hagrid, so I rushed down and joined Draco and Zabini (The only other kid in Slytherin including the quidditch team who didn't loath me with great passion, perhaps it was his slight crush on me for the past 3 years, I did not know) at the dining hall. "The great oafs not here!" Draco said with enthusiasm. I elbowed him in the ribs "He is not a great oaf!" but all the same, turned towards the teacher's table to find no Hagrid sitting, but Professor Grubbly Plank taking his place at the table. My heart sank. Just then Dumbledore came in, he caught my eye, giving me. I broke eye contact with him and turned back to Draco. I knew what he wanted and I would give it to him. I made a mental note to go to Dumbledore's office as soon as classes had finished. I started to listen to the conversation Blaise had started about muggle-borns but soon zoned out because their conversation was pointless. I saw Hermione, Harry, Ron, and the twins stand up to leave the Gryffindor table. "I'm gonna go," I told Draco softly. He smirked "have fun with Weasley," he said, and then added. "Honestly I don't know what you see in him" "He's better than you think," I told him. "Yeah whatever," he said. I said my goodbyes (Zabini looking slightly glooming at the mention of Weasley but said bye any way) and ran off to join the others.

Georges POV



"Olivia!" I said with excitement as I saw the girl run towards me. I hugged her and asked, "how was your sleep?" "good," she said. "Hey Hogsmeade trip is coming up, do you wanna go with me?" I asked. "Oh Yes please, but what about Fred?" she answered. of course she would worry about Fred! She had the biggest heart in the world, that's one of the reasons I loved her. "Oh we can meet up with him later, he will be fine" I answered. I gave her a kiss on the cheek which quickly turned to us both kissing passionately, scaring off a few 2nd years in the process. All of a sudden Snape walked in! We pulled away looking at the teacher. "5 points from Gryffindor, I think," Snape said glaring at me. Olivia gaped at him, she was about to argue back but the professor interrupted, "Miss Malfoy I believe you have classes to get to" "Bye George" she said giving me a peck on the cheek. Snape's look of disgust was horrifying "I will be notifying your father about this Malfoy" he spat. She gave a lethal glare, one which had much loath in it. "Which one" she said coldly. I looked at her in surprise, It was unusual for her to lash out like this. Some passing 5th years also seemed very surprised at the remark, "1 point from Slytherin Miss... Malfoy" he spat back. She turned on her heels with a furious look on her face left the corridor, pushing some frightened 1st out of her way as she stormed down the corridor to her lesson. I watched her go then turned to Snape who said "I would rather not see you snog my students Mr Weasley" he turned and left without another word. "Geez man" said a familiar voice from behind. "Fred! I need your help how do I understand girls?!" I asked with a desperate, but joking tone of voice. "I don't know mate, they are as confusing as it gets" And with that we left, planning our next prank.

Draco's POV



"I believe you got my note about the date and time of the inspection" I heard Umbridge say to Grubbly Plank, but I didn't listen any further. Olivia hadn't arrived yet, I was starting to get worried. Finally, I saw her running down the hill towards the class. "Sorry I'm late professor, I just got, ummmm caught up," She said. The Gryffindors sniggered, knowing what that meant. Some of the Slytherins made motions of throwing up. She came and stood next to me. "Who caught you this time?" I asked her. My face fell into a smirk as I saw her blush. "Snape, and man he is a git" she answered, anger now overcoming her red face. "Ok class let's begin" Grubbly Plank said.



"Well YOU seem to know what you're doing then," Umbridge said at the end of the lesson, making a big emphasis on the 'you'. I felt Olivia tense up at these words, so I decided not to show any joy at the remark. We walked back to the school together, chatting about the Hogsmeade trip that weekend. "Do you wanna hang with me and Blaise?" I asked her, but to my disappointment she told me "I'm sorry Draco but I'm going with George, but I promise I'll spend the rest of the weekend with you OK? " "Yeah ok" I replied. Once we reached the castle, she left to go join Potter. 'I don't get it, what does she see in them?' I asked myself, She has been so distant lately, "I wish the old Olivia was here," I said aloud without realizing. "So do we all mate" Blaise said. I smirked as I looked around to see Crabbe and Goyle, who had just joined the conversation, nodding in agreement with Blaise. 

Olivia's POV



"Oh, Olivia how are you?" Hermione asked as I joined them. "Olivia?" Hermione asked " yes?"I answered "what do you think about this" Hermione said, looking carefully over at Harry, who as I just noticed was looking extremely frustrated. "I think we need a new Defence against the dark arts teacher" she took a breathe "and I think Harry should be it"



After another 15 minutes of Hermione explaining, and Harry protesting I finally got a chance to speak "Well I think it's a great idea" I said, giving Harry a look. "Oh fine" he said as he finally gave in. Ron fist-pumped the air. "I'll tell anyone who's interested to come to the hogshead at 3:00 pm during Hogsmeade trip," Hermione said, excited. "I'll go tell the twins," I said as I stood up. I ran off to find George and Fred, who were no doubt scheming another prank.



Hogsmeade weekend


"Thanks for taking me George," I said, as we walked arm in arm towards the 3 broomsticks. "Anything for you my lady," he said, trying to sound posh. I giggled. We walked into the pub and were greeted Rosmerta and shown to a table near the window. "What would you like today," she asked, "2 butterbeers please" George answered and took out some sickles to pay. "It's so lovely to be with you," I told him. He took my hand and we chatted for a while. "Are you coming to ours for Christmas?" George asked. "Yeah" I answered, "I'm meant to be staying at Hogwarts with Draco, but I'd much rather be with you and Sirius" "That's good," he said.  He moved his chair around so he was right next to me, I put my hands around his waist, feeling his warmth. He put his hands on my face and we kissed. The kissing didn't stop for a while. "Butterbeers?" Madam Rosmerta said feebly, she put them down and left. We broke away, a bit embarrassed. I soon realized the whole shop was watching in amazement. The Slytherins in the shop looked horrified, but I didn't care. George seemed to notice, so he put his arm around me and said "Yeah that's right, we are dating if anyone's got any questions, just make a beeline and we will both answer them with a hex" I smirked at him. We walked out, arm in arm, with very smug looks on our faces.


Hermione's POV


I waited nervously in the shifty pub with Harry and Ron. "They should be here soon," I told them, checking my watch. Just as I finished speaking George and Olivia walked in, Olivia looking very red. They were holding hands. Fred came in straight after, shaking his head. I laughed at his antics, getting looks from Olivia, who was clearly very happy. Loads of people came in after that, each of them sharing very shocked faces to see Olivia there. One boy (whom, I might add was very rude) asked with great annoyance "What's she doing here!" I was about to answer but she cut me off, "I am here because if you haven't noticed, one of their best friends, and I'd watch your mouth if I was you because I know a few people who would make your life hell" The boy shut up immediately, maybe it was the fact he knew who she was talking about, I did not know. Once everyone was here I started explaining. 



Over the next 15 minutes I ran over the idea. "Is it true that you can produce a corporeal Patronus!?" a girl asked Harry. "Yes," Harry replied. "He also saved the sorcerer's stone in his first year," Neville said. "And he saved me from the Basilisk in his 2nd year" Ginny piped in "In his 3rd year he fought off all those Dementors," Another girl said. "Not to mention all the stuff he did last year in the Triwizard tournament," Olivia said. "Yes but..." Harry tried to protest "Harry don't deny it, yes we know you had help but your still the best at DADA in our year" "Oh OK," he said finally giving in "When do you all want to have the meetings?" "It can't clash with our quidditch practice," said Angelina Johnson, the Gryffindor quidditch captain said. "Or ours," Said the Hufflepuff, Ernie Macmillan, "Nor ours," said a Ravenclaw named Zacharias Smith, "Or mine" Olivia said, a few people glared at her, but agreed. I realized how much everyone here hates Slytherin and didn't give a damn if it clashed with their practice or not. I got them all to sign a piece of paper to say that they would join, and keep the secret. "That went well," I said to Harry as the last of the people left the room. "Did you see how they were looking at Olivia though! some people just don't understand?" Ron said, clearly frustrated. "They don't know about snuffles Ron, of course, they don't understand" Harry replied as we walked be to the castle. "It's also because she will have bullied most of those kids most of their life here at Hogwarts," I said, remembering how to mean she had been back then. "She has changed a lot, hasn't she" Ron replied. How true that was...

Authors note:

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Chapter 9: Quidditch
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Olivia's POV



"MALFOY YOU WILL PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!" I squealed as he picked me up and started running towards a sofa. Some people looked our way and sniggered, some just ignored it. He stopped and said "I'll think about" "Hurry up Malfoy or I will give you something to think about, " I said, with an evil tone. "Sometimes I wonder why you doubt your evil self, no wonder you were put in Slytherin," he said, smirking as he put me down. He was so annoying sometimes.


He joined me on the sofa and I elbowed him. He looked at me in surprise and elbowed me back. We started having a little fight with our elbows, Blaise, Crabbe, and Goyle joined us at the indication of the fight, perhaps just in case, it escalated. We stopped after a while and started chatting. I saw Pansy Parkinson looking at me with a jealous look in her eye. "Oh come on Parkinson, he's my brother!" I shouted across the room to her. She blushed as Draco turned around to see who I yelled at. He rolled his eyes and went back to the conversation they were having about quidditch.


"So are you 5 ready for the Quidditch match tomorrow?" A deep voice said, joining the conversation. I looked over to see Montague, the new quidditch captain. He looked at all of us, waiting for an answer. Crabbe and Goyle had joined the team this year as Beaters, Draco was seeker, and Blaise and I were Chasers. I was also the only girl on the team. "We were just talking about that" I answered. "Did you all hear about there new keeper?" Montague asked. "You mean Weasley?" Draco said, his smirk widened "Yeah, he's going to be trash, we've even made lyrics to a song for him" "WHAT!" I spat at him, Montague, Crabbe, and Goyle backed away at my antics, knowing that if they stayed around he would have to break up the fight that was coming. "Yeah, it goes like this, Weasley is our King, he was born in a..." Draco started but didn't get to finish, "YOU... COMPLETE... ARSE. MALFOY" I screamed, whacking him with a pillow. "It's going to put him off so much! What are you thinking!!" I shouted at him. "That's kinda the point, firecracker," Blaise said, ripping the pillow out of my hands. "I can go tell them now you know!" I said with force. "Good thing we are not letting you out of our sight until the match," Draco said, the others all nodded at this. I reached for my wand but Draco had already anticipated this move, "I will be taking this" he said, I gaped at him, the others sniggered. I crossed my arms, huffed, and said "I can do wandless spells you know" wiping the smirk off Montague's face, "but that's NEWT'S level work" he said, astonished. "This is going to be hard Malfoy," Blaise said, just as astonished as Montague. "Don't worry, she can only do a few without her wand so we will be fine" Draco said, putting an arm around me. By now the whole team had gathered around to watch. I shook his arm off, "YOU SET ME UP!!!" I shouted again. The team all laughed and Montague spoke "Can't let our secrets get slipped can we" They all smirked and nodded. I huffed and said "fine you win" I couldn't do anything, as most of the team were over 16 and really thick, so I really couldn't escape.



The day of the quidditch match dawned, as I reached the bottom of the girl's dormitory stairs, I was immediately accompanied by the whole team. They were like bodyguards, it was quite daunting actually. "You guys don't have to be this protective aye," I told them as we sat down at the Slytherin table. The whole team smirked and Draco said "Oh we just don't want someone sabotaging our chaser" I rolled my eyes at him. "Anyway firecracker, we need to discuss how we play today," Montague said. I stopped my tantrum and started to listen.



"Look at Weasley! He looks like he might barf!" Draco remarked joyfully. I elbowed him, he looked at me but didn't get to retaliate. "Don't start that you 2" Montague said threateningly. We both turned our attention back towards the game. Montague shook hands with Angelina, they both looked ready to kill. "I want a fair game from both of you!" Madam Hooch said firmly. Both teams nodded and I gave Ron a look of good luck and we took off!



"Malfoy with the quaffle, she shoots... she scores," Lee Jordan said, in quite a gloomy voice. The score was now 30/nil to the Slytherins. "WEASLEY IS OUR KING!" I heard the Slytherin side of the crowds sing. I gained possession of the quaffle again, passed it to Blaise who passed it to Montague, who passed it to me. Katie Bell barged into me hard, but I managed to get back on course, I took a shot and.. I scored! "40/nil to Slytherin," Lee Jordan said. Another chorus of WEASLEY IS OUR KING from the Slytherins. Just then I saw Alicia Spinnet with the quaffle, she passed it to Angelina, I barged into her, so did Blaise, she passed it to Katie. "Bell with the quaffle, SHE SHOOTS... SHE SCORES!!!" Lee Jordan Screamed excitedly from the commentator's box. All of a sudden I saw Harry go into a big dive, Draco, who was singing Weasley is our King, noticed as well. He went into a big dive. They were both neck and neck but Harry was faster. He caught the snitch, but as soon as he did Crabbe swung a big Bludger at him. "GRYFFINDOR WINS!!!" Lee Jordan shouted. We all landed, Draco threw his broom on the ground. 



The Gryffindor team was surrounding Harry. "C'mon guys lets go provoke Weasley," Draco said, I was about to reply but our keeper, Nott pushed me forward, I decided I had no choice so I followed. "Did you like our song Weasley?" The team looked over. "We tried to fit in fat and ugly, You know for his mother" I looked at him, surprised. "Just ignore them, let's go" Angelina tried to say to Ron but no one moved. "We couldn't find room for a useless loser, for his father" I elbowed him. Ron lunged at him but Harry held him back, Fred and George who also realized what he was talking about lunged at him too but were held back by Katie and Angelina. "You go there during summer right Potter, probably love that dump they call a house" Harry let go of his hold on Ron, and George broke out of Katies hold. "George don't," I told him, but he didn't listen. All 3 of them lunged forward, Fred was struggling to get out of Angelina's hold. Montague stepped forward to save Draco from the attack. "What do you think you're doing!" Madam Hooch shouted angrily. "Malfoy provoked us, Miss," Harry said. "You three come to my office," McGonagall said sternly, she joined the conversation.



Once the teachers left I confronted Draco "What did you do that for!" I shouted at him, pushing over in the process. Montague and Goyle held me back. "Let me go!" I screamed, shoved them off, and ran towards the changing rooms. Maybe I had overreacted  but who cares. What Draco said was horrible, so I pushed him. It wasn't the first time I had retaliated, once I had made Nott turn into a slug. But all the same, I didn't talk to them at all that afternoon.

Chapter 10: Dumbledore\'s warning
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Hi everyone. So here is a long-awaited chapter. I was actually meant to get this chapter out weeks ago, but I had a bit of writer's block. Before we begin though, I need to explain Olivia's role as a seer. First of all, she does not see all the time, she sees the future in dreams, and that is where some people have a misunderstanding. She only gets visions when fate thinks she needs them. On her background, her Dad is Sirius Black and her biological Mum is actually Marlene Mckinnon, who died so Sirius married a muggle woman before he was put in Azkaban. The muggle woman married another man and had 2 kids. At the age of 10, Lucius Malfoy kidnapped her because of a prophecy (not going to spoil too much) that the Dark Lord found in the first wizarding war. So there's a bit of her background, now let's get to the story



Olivia's POV


"Banned," George said "I can't believe it" I put my arm around him in an attempt to comfort him. I was sitting with the twins, Ginny, Harry, and Ron. "And to think Montague only got lines," I said in aghast. Harry had a very depressed look on his face, Fred was silently looking down the corridor. He looked at me and asked, "You still mad at them?" Everyone turned their heads towards me. "Yeah, but they'll apologize soon though, we have practice on Thursday, so they kinda have to, and Draco will warm up to me tonight" I replied, shrugging. Ron looked at me amazed "You're making them apologize!?" "Yeah," I said, grinning maliciously. "Your Evil" They all chanted at the same time. Smirking, I let my head rest on George's shoulder, he put his arm around my shoulder and rested his head on the top of mine.



Just then Hermione came rushing towards us. Harry looked up at her, sadness rimming his eyes. She looked at him with a pitying look and said "Don't be so gloomy Harry" Fred muttered something like "easy for you to say". She ignored him "I have something that will cheer you up, Hagrids Back!" Harry's face filled with Joy, he and Ron jumped up and ran towards his hut. "You coming, Olivia?" Hermione asked. "Nah, I've got a meeting with Dumbledore so I can't come" I replied, she ran off in the same direction of Harry and Ron.


"I better get going," I told Fred and George. "Aww, we going to start having fun" George complained. Fred rolled his eyes and I smirked. "You 2 go blow up a toilet seat, we'll have fun another time," I said, kissing him on the cheek as I left.




The walk up to Dumbledore's office took 5 minutes. "Sherbet Lemon," I said to the Gargoyles in front of me. I walked up the stairs to the office, thinking about the dreams I had had that summer. It was funny how I could always remember my dreams, I guess that's just the privileges of being a seer, not always the best thing to remember though.


"Aah Miss Black, please take a seat," Dumbledore said, he smiled gently showing off that slight twinkle in his eyes. I smiled at his use of my real surname, "There is no point calling you a name that is not you" he said, reading my mind. He amazed me greatly, the way he stayed calm during tight situations was incredible. "Yes, I agree, sir" I replied. Some of the other teachers like McGonagall, and Flitwick were calling me by my real surname, which was really nice. "I have called you here to remind of something that is of great concern" He spoke softly. "I just need to remind you that Not everything is as it seems, you can't believe everything you dream if you misinterpret something it could leave everyone in grave danger" "Yes sir," I said. "Make sure you keep a diary of all your dreams and make sure you practice your clemency," He said. "Yes sir" I replied, then something hit me, "sir, has Hagrid been chasing the giants?" I asked, he looked at me, he had something that looked like disappointment in his eyes. "Yes, and I suspect you know what happened" he stated "Yeah, they talked about at the manor" I informed him. He smiled and said "You may go now, something tell's me your Slytherin friends want to make up with you" I smirked and said "Thank you, sir, yes they are quite easy to control" He chuckled, and I made my way down the stairs, down to my common room where I would be able to see the hilarious faces of the quidditch team apologizing.




"Olivia, you have to listen to me, c'mon..." Draco said the whole team was there ready to... well do what they would call apologizing. "Just say the magic word and I'll come around," I said, smirking. "Damn it, Olivia, we're sorry Ok," Balise said desperately. "Oh fine, It was fun well it lasted," I said, a huge smirk entered my face. "You're evil you know," Montague said. The others nodded their heads in agreement. "So I've been told," I said shaking my head.

A/N: So I know it's short, and kinda a filler chapter, the next chapter will be much longer, so it probably won't be out for a while. I will try to update weekly. Hope you enjoyed it! :)

Chapter 11: A Snake Bite and Sirius
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A/N: I am back with another chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This chapter is quite a bit more exciting. You will find a bit more about how Olivia was captured. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry's POV


Gliding through that corridor again, I started noticing the different patterns in the walls. I stopped in front a large door, the same door I had been stopping in front of for the whole year. 'C'mon, just go through' but no, I turn round a corner and glide down the next leg of the corner. Wait, hold on whats that? I can see a man, he has red hair, hold on, that's Arthur Weasley! Whats he doing here? All of a sudden I'm lunging at him full force. Whats happening!?! I look over, no, down to see Arthur Weasley, unconscious, covered on blood!! WHAT! WHAT HAPP.... I woke with a start, lurching into a sitting position. I saw Ron looking at me with a worried, "Ron, Ron, it's your Father, he's been attacked"...... 


Olivia's POV


CRACK, I jumped, not ready for the loud noise. I was swinging on the swing-set outside my house, alone, like usual. Startled by the loud noise I grabbed a stick. I was going to go back into the house, but curiosity got the better of me. With my stick in tow, I creeped towards the corner, peeped around the corner and froze. There was a long haired blonde man standing right in front of me! "Hello Olivia," the chilling voice said. He lifted his wand and spat "Petrificus total....."  Then the dream changed... Now I'm standing in a dark corridor. I look around the hallway, noticing the patterns on the tiles of the walls. I try to get up, but realise I can't move! I turn my head to get a better veiw of the place but, Wait, WHATS THAT.... I see a man, a man with radiant red hair, It's Arthur Weasley!!  "Oh no, oh no, oh no" I think to myself. HISSSSSSSS, I jerked my head around and noticed a giant snake, A GIANT SNAKE, and it was lunging right for Arthur!!!  "NO NO NO NO NO NO!" I shout, "Ummm, Olivia are you OK" Pansy said tiredly from her bed. Then everything came back to me, that was a vision!!!!!!! "Yeah I'm fine, just need some fresh air.." I whispered. 


Jumping out of bed, I put on a jumper, and some sneakers and ran out of the room. It was pitch black dark, so I couldn't see anything, nut managed to find my way to Dumbledore's office. "SHERBET LEMON" I shouted at the gargoyles that lead to the head masters quarters, not slowing down. I started to race up the stairs, but was stopped by none other than Severus Snape. "Don't run in the corridors Miss Black, he's waiting for you" he said. I nodded and sped walked up the rest of the stair case.


"LOOK AT ME!" I heard Harry shout as I stormed into the office. "It's Arthur, he's been" I panted but was interrupted, "We know" Ron said dryly. I ignored him, looking Dumbledore straight in the eyes, "Where is he?" Dumbledore asked. I paused, thinking, "Department of Mysteries" Everyone looked astonished, even I was surprised I knew that! "I'll send you all to Sirius, use my chimney"



Standing in front of Number 12 Grimmuald place, I looked over to my boy friend. He didn't look back. His face showed nothing but longing and sorrow. I wanted to go comfort him but Harry stopped me. "Just let him deal with it himself OK" he told me, I sighed but did what he said anyway.



 The doors of the house swung open, a man with shoulder length black hair stood in the door way, ushering us in. The Weasleys went in first, then Harry. I walked behind all of them, trying not to recall the dream.


I looked up at Sirius and felt the tears coming to my eyes. He pulled me into his arms and gave me a big hug. "I missed you so much" I said through sobs. "Shhhhhhhhh, it's going to be OK" he said rubbing the back of my neck. I wanted to say more but words wouldn't come. I stayed with my face burried into his chest, crying silently. "Later, you're going to tell me how Malfoy is treating OK" he said. I looked up at him "Absolutely"



Sitting the dining room with everyone was edgy. Nobody in the room was talking, the only eye contact that was made was between me Harry and Sirius. Kreacher made us some food, but it wasn't really touched. 


The first sign of life was when a patronus, Mrs Weasleys patronus came with some news. "Your father is still alive, stay where you are, and don't do anything stupid!" it had said. "Still alive, that makes it sound like.." George said. "No, don't think like that, everything will be OK" I snapped back, maybe a little too harshly. "And how do you know" he said, a little harshly. I put my hand on his arm and said "I just know"