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How to take revenge by Slytherin1102

Format: Novel
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 6,754

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU, LGBTQA
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Lucius, Narcissa, Blaise (M), Cho, Draco, Ginny, Luna, Pansy, Crabbe Jr., Albus, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: Lucius/Narcissa, Other Pairing

First Published: 11/03/2019
Last Chapter: 11/10/2019
Last Updated: 05/14/2020


This story contains the ships: Luna x Hermione, Ron x Hermione, Draco x Harry, Luna x Ginny and Blaise x Ron and Lavender x Pansy. This is also an AU that takes place in an omegaverse.

Chapter 1: Chapter one: the start of a disaster..
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Disclaimer: all of this happens in an AU that is an omegaverse. That will make lots of sense with some stuff that happened in it :) in this story Luna is an omega, Hermione an alpha, Harry an omega as well, Draco an alpha, Ron an beta, and Ginny an beta, Blaise an beta, and Lavender an alpha and Pansy an alpha.


Hermione was walking to the Griffindor common room, when she saw Luna, sitting 9n the floor, softly sobbing. She Sat down with her. "Hey Luna, why are you so sad?" She asked. "G-ginny... She was really mean to me.. She yelled at me... that I don't care about her and that I'm selfish.." She cried really loud now. "Hey Luna, does she behave like this more often then when she behaved nice? If so I think Ginny doesn't actually love you, or she is having her period. "Yeah, I think so too, that she's on period" Hermione gets up. "Hey, what do you say of it when we go to the library and get some 9books for us to read?" Hermione asked. Luna nods. "Sounds fun!" Hermione helps Luna up and the girls walk to the library. They sat there reading books, eating snacks, and talked a lot for 3 hours. The girls really enjoyed it.

They left to the great Hall so happy, and Luna was as cheerful as always again, thanks to Hermione. As thanks Luna gave Hermione an "thanks a lot" peck on the cheek. Hermione blushed a bit. Luna is such a sweet, caring person! Even thinking about her cheers her up. She Sat down between Ron, Harry and Draco. Harry Sat on Draco's lap and he was more busy flirting with his boyfriend than eating. Ron was busy eating untill he notices his girlfriend (this was in 4th year, and they were already dating). "Where have you been?!" Asks Ron. "I was with Lovegood. Just studying" Hermione ignored the rest of what Ron said to her. Ginny Sat across of the 4 and was complaining a lot about Luna, and she was flirting with anathor girl Hermione didn't know. Ginny leaned to the girl and kissed her. Hermione was pissed. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" Hermione yelled angry. "WHAT THE F*** GINNY!! YOU KNOW YOU HAVE AN GIRLFRIEND, WHO IS REALLY NICE TO YOU!! AND YOU REPAY HER WITH CHEATING!?! YOU ARE AN SICK LITTLE BRAT!!" Ginny watched Hermione yell at her, but she stayed silent. "For how long have you doing this..?" Luna stood beside her and was crying. Ginny remained silent. Luna slapped Ginny in her face. "Is this how you repay me??!!" Luna ran away, crying. Hermione stood up an chased after Luna. "That little rat, I'll ruin her life so bad that she'll bag for mercy, crying!! That sick little f*ck" Hermione thought. Luna sat down , in a thight ball. "Hey Luna.." Luna looked up, her eyes red of crying. "I'm really sorry about what happend.." "i know, she's always mean to me, I don't know why.. and now she cheated on me... I CAN'T HADDLE IT ANYMORE!!" Luna even cried louder. "Thats why i have the ultimate plan to get revenge" "I don't want to hurt Ginny" Luna said. "But don't you want to get revenge after all she did to you? She was mean to you, hurted your feelings, didn't care about you, and even cheated on you! So do you allow her to still hurt you and drive you into an emotional wreck? I'm pretty sure you don't allow her to do that..." Luna got angrier within every word she said. All of this was true. "So, are you in?" Hermione asked. 

Chapter 2: Chapter two: the plan
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"I'm in. I'm really sick of her behaviour against me! What's the plan?" "First, I'm going to break up with Ron. After that you'll be my 'new girlfriend' and we'll make Ginny jealous. After that comes the tricky part, so I'll be asking Draco, Harry, Pansy, Blaise and Cho for help. We will ruin Ginny's reputation and make people hate her, and make her realise what she did. And then she'll beg us for mercy" Hermione said, with an evil grin on her face. "Do I have to break up with Ginny?" Luna asked. "Yes, that'll be very handy! Otherwise she'll notice what we're doing" "ok, I'll do it right away!" "Ginny, I'm sorry but, we are over" Luna said when she saw Ginny after dinner, she was already holding hands with the other girl. "Ok" Ginny said, and she rolled her eyes. "Ronald, I don't think this is working out. From now on we are only best friends and nothing more" his eyes grew wide. "Y-You don't love me anymore?.. please, take me back!! I-I'll be nicer, spend more time with you!! Anything for you but please take me back!! I frikin' love you Hermione!!" "As i said, its just not going to work, Ronald" while Hermione said that, Ron started to cry. Hermione felt bad for Ron, but she had to do this for Luna. Hermione walked to the library, where the others already waited. Luna was sitting on the floor, talking with Cho. Blaise was flirting a bit with Pansy, who was blushing madly. Harry and Draco were making out, with Draco as top (and yes, they were using their tongues and you could see that (it looked a bit like they were biting each other, but not with their togues outside, if you may thought, that would look a bit weird and discusting) Hermione cleared her throat. "Hello everyone, you probably don't know why you are here, but I'll explain later. But first you guys need to swear that you'll never ever tell anyone about this!" Everyone sweared it not to tell anyone. "The reason why you guys are here is because Luna and I decided that Ginny needed to learn a lesson, because Ginny treated Luna like an piece of sh*t.  So we decided to make her really jealous and to ruin her reputation. We also  needed your help. Your part of The plan is to pretend we have an party at Hogsmeade and that, well, Ginny wil regret what she's done. And after that we will ruin her reputation by gossiping about her and that stuff and make everyone hate her. I know Slytherins are good at that part, and some of you are Slytherins, so that's really handy. So, are you guys in?" "Oh surely I'm in!! That b*tch tried to steal my babyboy from me!!" Draco procetively laid his arms around Harry presses his cheek to Harry's and kisses him. "I love ya too, Dray" Harry gives him a kiss too. "We're in too!" Replied the others. "So, who is pretending to have that party thing?" Cho asked. "It's almost my baby boy's 16th birthday, so that's the most logical idea" Draco said, still hugging his boyfriend. "Good idea!" Luna said. "Draco, stop calling me 'your baby boy', its embarrassing, especially in front people!! And i'm not an baby anymore!! Im almost 16!!" Harry replied. "Well, you're my boyfriend, so I basicly can call you whatever I want, and I thought it was a cute name! Or do you want me to call you 'saint Pottah'?! Be happy I even have an special name for you!!" Said Draco, a tiny bit irritated. "And you're my sweetheart, and a boy, so I though it was a cute name!" "Fine, you can call me babyboy, bit please don't do it in front of others, ok babe?" Harry laid his hands around Draco's lower parts of his cheeks and chin, gently rubbing the higher parts of  his cheeks with his thumbs. "Fine, I can't stand the tenderness into your eyes" they both leaned in for a kiss on the lips. "Even they are together for a while and done this for a dozen of times, its still really cute" Pansy said. The other girls nodded. Draco and Harry are just really cute, and they are both head over heels in love with each other. Draco started to get an frown on his forehead and started to kiss Harry an little more intense. He was thinking about the day. He knew it was going to be sooner or later. About what day you may ask? Well, about the day Draco will loose his virginity. He really wanted to lose it to Harry, but he knew Harry didn't want to do 'it' now. He said that he doesn't want that untill he's 16 years old and ready for it. But Draco already tried an few attempts but failed them all. If today wouldn't do it, he was going to do it on Harry's birthday, and with success, no matter what!! Draco's lips teared apart when Harry's tongue entered his mouth. He also entered his tongue into Harry's mouth. Draco really liked those kind of kisses, because it reminded him of the first time they did this kind of kissing. "You're good at kissing, really good actually!" Said Harry back then. Draco started to become a little bit wilder. When they finished Draco took Harry's hand. "You're coming with me!" He said and pulled Harry out of the room, walking towards his dormitory. "Be sure to keep the noise down, and don't forget to lock the door!!" Yelled Blaise after them. "We are not going to do have sex!!" Yelled Harry back angry. "We'll see about that babyboy, and i'm pretty sure you'll like it~" Draco whispered into Harry's ear. Harry blushed madly.

Chapter 3: Chapter three: the start
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When Draco and Harry entered Draco's dormitory he didn't lock the door. He pinned Harry at the wall and kissed him. He unbuckles Harry's belt and untied Harry's pants kisses him again. Harry pushed Draco off him. "Draco!! You know I don't want to do it untill I'm 16 years old and ready for it!! I told you multiple times!! You are sleeping on the other side of the bed and you can't cuddle with me tonight!" Yelled Harry. "Will you not be so loud!?" Harry gave Draco an angry look and walked away from him. The rest of the day they didn't speak to each other. Draco felt really bad about that fight. When is was night time they both slept on a different side of Draco's bed, without touching. It was around 1 A.M. Draco couldn't sleep without Harry, so he wanted to make it up with him. He turned around and laid an hand on Harry's shoulder. "Harry-" "go to sleep Draco" mumbled Harry. "Harry-" "no Draco, not now!" "Harry, listen. I'm sorry about what happend. I won't do it again or try untill you're 16" Harry grabbed Draco's hand. "I forgive you, I can't stay long angry on you anyway, babe. Please cuddle with me because I'm cold" Draco moved to Harry and spooned him. "I'll keep you warm, I don't want you to be cold, babyboy" and they happily fell asleep. 5 day later is was Harry's 16th birthday. And after classes, they all went to Hogsmeade, with Harry, Draco, Hermione, Luna, Cho, Pansy, Lavender, Ginny and Ron. They all had some beers and Lavender got drunk together with Ron. Ron was really horny and started kissing Lavender. Luna and Hermione kissed in front of Ginny. She wanted to cry, because she misses Luna, but didn't do it, because she wanted to seduce Harry, and smash him, she was looking at Harry's a$$. She liked her lips and got an butterbeer, poured some extra alcohol in it and some sort of r*ping drug. Draco secretly saw it all, while he was dancing with Harry. "Hey Harry, I got you an drink!" She wanted to hand it to him but Draco pulled Harry's hand away. "I know what you did to that beer, you poured some kind of drug in to make Harry faint. Good try though, but don't even try to give him that sh*t, you sick r*pist!!" "Is this true, Ginny!? Do you want to r*pe me!?" She ran away embarrassed. "If we tell other people about this, it will ruin her reputation so bad" said Harry. "Yeah" Luna said.  Around 6.30 P.M everyone left, except for Draco and Harry. They sat down, talked a bit and went back to Hogwarts. They entered Draco's dormitory. They took off their coats and trew them aside. Harry locked the door. Draco pinned Harry against the wall and kissed him. Harry was ok with it, he was 16 now and he kinda wanted it to happen. Draco untied Harry's pants and his own one and took them off. They both took off their own shirt and Draco turned off the light. He pinned Harry on his bed and kissed him. Draco pulled the covers over them. He turned Harry onto his stomach and took down his boxers and Harry's boxers. ( you probably know what he did next, I'm not telling everything in details °-°). Harry grabbed the end off the mattress really tight and started to moan. "H-harder D-daddy~.." Harry moaned. "I want you to go mutch harder and mutch deeper! ....Ahhh~~!!" When Draco goes harder on Harry, Harry moans harder. Draco went very hard his boyfriend. Blaise tries to open the door to see what what that strange noise was, untill he realized it Harry, moaning really loud. He walked back to Pansy. When Draco and Harry finished, they putted their undies back on. Draco unlocked the door and went laying back on bed next to Harry. Harry laid his head on Draco's chest and fell asleep. Draco was playing with Harry's hair when Blaise and Pansy walked in. "And, how was it for your first time?" Pansy asked. "It was pretty good atctually, right babe?" Harry nodded and wrapped his arms around Draco. "Well, you guys must be really tired, so me and Blaise will go away now. Goodnight!" The 2 walked away and closed the door. Draco also went asleep.

Chapter 4: Chapter four: trouble gets his way..
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The next day in potions class Harry's back started to hurt, his back hurted already when he woke up. But he guessed it was normal. Around lunchtime Luna and Hermione were eating in the library. Then Ginny walked in with her new girlfriend. "So you already moved on? I didn't know you liked my brothers ex girlfriend. Two rats together, what cute." Said Ginny sarcastically. "Get lost Ginny" Luna said. "Don't tell me what to do!!" Ginny yelled. Luna stood up and slapped Ginny right on her nose, and it started to bleed. "Get lost prat!!" Hermione screamed." And if you hope we ever will be together or friends again, only in your dreams!!" Yelled Luna after Ginny, who was walking away, crying. Draco also walked in with Pansy an Blasie to tall about the plan. After they spoke about what to gossip about they left and went to gossip with some people about Ginny. Hermione and Luna went to see the Room of Requirement. "I need an room where I can have some fun with Hermione" Luna said while opening the door. There were some big bookshelves and an big bed. They choose an book and started to read it. It was about all sorts of special animals.l and how to care for them. Luna grabbed Hermione's hand and kissed her in her neck. "Hermione, will you be my girlfriend for real?" "Sure" the 2 kissed. Hermione took off her socks and shirt, and you probably know where it went. A few hours later Luna felt sick and went to the bathroom. She took an pregnancy test and used it. She was in shook and started to cry. She was pregnant  by Hermione!!!

For the next nine months she kept it an secret, untill May 1st..

Chapter 5: Chapter five: Luna's secret
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On May 1th around 11.45 A.M Luna felt very sick. She went to the toilet and when she sat just down she spilled a lot of water. She was in shock. She knew the day would come, but she hoped, even prayed it would not be today, because she had an test. She went outside holding her stomach when she bumped into Harry. "Are you alright?!" He asked worried. Luna started to cry. "I need to go to the hospital wing ASAP!!" Harry walked there with her while she confessed everything. "I had nine months ago some fun with Hermione, I ended up pregnant and I'm in labour now!!" All what Harry did was listening and comforting her. Soon they arrived at the hospital. "Nurse!! This is an emergency!!" Harry said. "Luna is in labour" Luna went to lay down. "Are you the father?" The nurse asked. "No, Hermione is the one who got Luna pregnant" "please get her here ASAP" Harry ran back to class. "Hermione! Luna is in the hospital and it's an emergency!!" The two ran back, and Draco tagged along, because he had an free period. "Luna!! What happend sweetie?!" She asked, while Luna grabbed her hand. "Do you remember nine months ago? I ended up pregnant and I'm in labour now!! It hurts as h*ll!!" "Boys, will you two please leave?" The nurse asked. "No!! I want them to stay here!! They are my best friends!!" Said Luna angry. "Alright hun, you choose who can stay" "why didn't you tell you were preggers?" Hermione asked. "I was scared, okay? I was scared that you would leave me behind with an baby" Luna said. "I would never do that" "Draco, can you hold my other hand?" "Sure, you can squeeze it as hard you will. You gotta deliver this baby" "I'll be there for backup. In case someone needs to pee or something, you know" "thats really sweet of you guys"

3 hours later..

Luna was pushing for almost two hours untill she heard the nurse say something. "I see the head and torso, keep going!! You're doing great!!" Luna gave an few more pushes when she heard someone's scream. "Hermione, would you like to cut the connection cord?" The nurse asked. Hermione cut the cord. "Congratulations guys!! It's an beautiful baby girl!!" The nurse said when she wrapped the baby in an cloth and gave it to Luna. "What are we gonna call her?" Hermione asked. "I dunno either.." Luna said. "What about Molly? I think it's an beautiful girl name" Draco said. "I though about Lola, it means 'smart'" Harry said. "That are good names! We will think about it" Luna said. "Well, well see you guys after dinner! Cya!" Draco said and they walked away. Harry started to get It really warm and started to get an stomach ache. He fell to the ground out of pain and started to cry. "Babe!!" Draco picked Harry up and carried him to the Slytherin dormitory. "What's wrong babyboy?" Draco asked, while he laid Harry down on his bed. "I-i'm in heat, and I don't have pills for it. Can I borrow some from you please?" Harry asked while crumbling up from the pain, what got worse. "Yes, but they won't work for you unless you're an Alpha, but you're not, right?" "No, I'm an omega, but please help me with it!!" "How am I supposed to help you? Do I need to get some pills for ya?" "No, that's not the way I meant. I meant the old way!" Draco now knew what Harry ment. "Fine, I'll do anything for my babyboy!" Draco kissed the poor boy and untied his pants. "I'm actually in rut (thats also heat, but that is how it's called by alphas) now, so I can use some help too" Draco whispered. After dinner Harry, Draco, Cho, Blaise, Pansy and professor McGonagall went to visit the girls. Everyone cheered on the new baby. "What is her name?" Pansy asked. "Well, Hermione and I thought about some names, but we picked one with some help from Draco and Harry. Her name is Molly Lola Minevra Lovegood-Granger. And we wanted to ask Draco and Harry: would you guys like to be her godfathers?" Said Luna. "We would love too!" Harry said. "You called your child after me?! Thats such an big honour! Miss Lovegood, may I hold the child please?" Miss McGonnagall asked. "Sure!" Luna gave the baby to the professor. She grabbed her wand. Luna raised out of her bed. "What are you going to do Professor?!" Luna asked. "I'm going to cast a spell on her, that she will have mutch luck in her life, if I may do that?" She said. "Thank goodness, you sure may do that, I thought for a second that you were going to curse her!!" Sighed Luna. "I would never do that! Avera cadavera!! Bless this girl with all of the luck of the world for her whole life!" The professor handed the baby back to Hermione. Ginny and Ron walked in to see the baby aswell. "Hello guys!" Ron said. "Congratulations girls with the baby!" Ron shakes Luna's and Hermione's hands. "I'm really happy for you". "Hello everyone" Ginny said as well. "Can I hold her?" Ron asked. Hermione passed Ron the baby. "She's such an beautiful baby! Just like you Luna!!" "Thank you!" Luna replied. "May I hold her too, please?" Ginny asked. "No" Luna said, she knew Ginny was up to something. "Oh come on babe, just let her hold her Molly, I see she really wants it" Ginny nodded. "Fine, but don't you dare to hurt her!!" Ron handed Ginny the baby. Ginny looked at Molly: an small little baby, peacefully sleeping. She gave it an arrogant look and let the baby fall out of her arms. Ron was so quick to catch Molly in his arms. "YOU PSYCHOPATHIC B*TCH!! HOW DARE YOU TO HURT MY BABY MOTHERF*CKING WH*RE!!" Luna stood up, grabbed Ginny by her ginger hair and hitt her multiple times on her nose, untill it started to bleed and it was broken. Molly started to cry, but it were no tears, it was blood what she cried!! Luna quickly grabbed her from Ron and gave her an kiss on her forehead. "S-shes crying blood?!" Said Cho in shook. "Yeah, but even if she cries blood, i don't care, that makes her more unique!" Said Luna while she cradled her daughter. "That kid is an freak, just like you" Ginny said. "You are coming with me, miss Weasley!" Professor McGonagall said. The two walked away. "I'm sorry about my sister, she's been like this for the past 6 months, because her other girlfriend also broke up with her after she saw her cheating on her with anathor boy" Said Ron, looking sad. "You don't have to be sorry Ron" Hermione said. When the others left Harry went to the nurse. "Hey I'm, I got an little question... gosh, this is awkward to ask.. but, can an omega male get pregnant though having 'it' with an alpha male?" He whispered. "Yes, it's an 1,5%% chance and 3,7%% while heat and 5,7%% while the alpha is in rut too" "Thank you!" He walked towards Draco and grabbed his hand. "You're welcome hun! Come see me anytime!" 

The next week Luna was out of the hospital and had an crib next her bed, covered in the ravenclaw colours. Harry felt really sick and went to see the nurse with Draco. "Hello guys, what can I do for you?" She said, while she was changing some bedsheets into fresh ones. "Well, I've been really sick for the last week. My back hurts a lot and I've had several stomach aches throughout the week, and they all were  really bad. And I've ate nothing wrong" Harry said. "Well, I need to take some blood" the nurse took an sirynge, took some blood from Harry and left. About 30 minutes later she came back. "Well, Harry. You do i say this... Well, you're pregnant Harry" Harry's face became pale and Draco's face went ghostly white. "What?! Please tell me you're joking!!" Draco yelled. "No, I'm afraid she's not babe.." Harry said. "This, this Is not true. I don't believe you!!" Draco was really confused. "I'm not, Mr. Malfoy. I'm really honest with you." The nurse said. "Oh, f*ck... my parents are gonna kill me!! Especially my father!" Draco became really scared and sad at the same time. Harry gave him a kiss. "Don't be scared, just think positive about it; we are going to be a family in nine months! Won't that be amazing?" "Yeah, that's been always my dream: starting an family with the Chosen One" "but before you guys are going to tell everyone, almost every baby that's carried by an omega man will die, but only 0,001%% of the babies wil survive. But if you want to have more luck of the baby surviving, I advice to see me every time you feel sick, even if you feel a little bit sick! And for you Harry, it'll be better if you don't play Quidditch after you're pregnant for 1 month, and maybe you could get an pregnancy pillow to sleep comfortable. And if you still want to exercise, go for a walk, it's good for both of you, and no alcohol and no smoking!! That is also for you Mr Draco!! And for you Draco, if Harry has back pain it will help if you massage him, and having s*x is no go from now on.  And be prepared that Harry might eat a lot more than usually, it's very normal" the nurse said. "Ok, thank you" they walked together to see Luna and Hermione. They were sitting on Luna's bed, reading some books while Molly was asleep. "Hey guys, what's up?" Luna asked. "Well, we gotta tell something" Draco said. "Well..."

Chapter 6: Chapter six: special news from Harry and Draco
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"What is it?" Hermione asked. "Well, Harry is pregnant with my baby" Draco pulled Harry's back against this chest and laid his hands on Harry's stomach. " Congratulations guys!! When is the baby expected to come?" The girls asked. "We're not fully sure but there is an big chance the baby will die, so don't be too happy" Harry said. "We are also going to tell the others, so cya around!" The boys left. They found the others sitting in the Griffindor common room, Ron sat there as Well. " Hey guy, we have to make an little announcement" Draco said. The others looked up. "Well, don't tell anyone else, but Draco and I are going to be parents in nine months, if the baby survives it.." Harry said. "Bloody hell mate!! That is amazing news!! Can I see the baby bump?" Ron asked happy. Harry pulled up his shirt to let the crew see his stomach, that has grown a little bit. "You can't see it yet but soon you'll be able to tell" Harty said, while he rubbed his stomach gently. "When will the baby be born?" Cho asked. "Next year, but not this school year" Draco said. "Will you still be able to drink butterbeer?" Ron asked. "No, it's not good for the baby" Harry responded. "So, you're pregnant And the chance is big that the baby won't survive? I'll help ya already" the one who said that was Ginny. She walked up to Harry and gave him a rather hard punch in his stomach. "The baby!!!" Harry screamed while he fell to the ground from pain. "You sick little f*ck!!" Cho punched Ginny so hard on her head that she passed out. Draco helped Harry up and rushed to the nurse, with Harry on his back. "Harry got an really hard punch on his stomach!!" Draco yelled. "Go lay down Harry with your shirt up. I'm going to make an scan for to see if the baby is alright" Harry started to sob. "Please let him or her alright!!" He sobbed. Draco held his hand. The nurse looked at the screen. "And?" Draco asked. "The baby is totally fine!! But, I see something strange, but I can't tell what it is... it's probably some dried up blood that will go away soon, that's nothing to worry about" the nurse said. "Thank goodness.." said Harry releaved. "But who gave you that punch?" "Ginny, Ginny weasley" Draco said while he goes trough Harry's messy hair with his silk, pale fingers. At that moment professor Snape walked in with Ginny in his arms. "I need to talk to Mr Potter for an little moment, alone" he said. Draco and the nurse left. The nurse went to take care of Ginny, who awakened. Draco was alone, waiting for Harry to come. 10 minutes passed, then 30, and now an hour passed. He went to see why it took so long. When he was about to open the door Harry walked out. "Draco, can you carry me? I'm so tired.." Draco picked Harry up and went back to the Slytherin dormitory. When he entered Blaise and Ron were kissing. "If you guys are going to do stuff, keep the noise down and keep the curtains closed!" Draco said. He laid Harry down and laid on his bed as Well. Blaise looked up. "Can youguys please leave?" Blaise asked nicely. " No, Harry wants to sleep. And don't worry, I don't mind you guys doing your buisness, but keep the noise down" "Ok then" Blaise said and they continued it. "Draco..." "Yes babyboy? What's wrong?" Draco asked. "My lower back hurts.." Draco helped Harry taking off his shirt and rubbed Harry's lower back. "Is that better?" Draco whispered.  "Yeah, a lot.. thanks.." Harry wispered back. They soon heard Ron's very soft moaning. Harry and Draco gave each other a look that meant: 'The ship sailed' . The next day Harry has Quidditch practise. He walked up to the coach. "Um, professor Hooch, after this month I can't practise Quidditch anymore for a few months atleast" Harry said. "And why is that?" The professor asked. "Because I'm pregnant" professor Hocch was silent for a few minutes. "Well, that's bad to hear, but congrats anyway, who is the mother or father?" She asked. " Draco Malfoy" "I didn't know you two were together! Since how long are you together?" "Since I became fourteen, professor" "you two kept it an long secret then. Well, today we are practicing with Malfoy's team" they went to their tower, ready to take off. When they entered their position the professor flew to the middle. "Before we start, we are going to keep it calm and easy for Harry!" Said professor Hooch. "Why? Whats wrong with Harry then?" Crabbe asked. "Because i have some problems with my stomach" Harry replied. "Ahhh, do you have an little bellyache? And what are you going to do now? Cry by your mommy like an little crybaby? Little r-" Draco slapped him in his chest. Harry started so feel really sad, he really missed his parents, and Crabbe knew that. "Stop talking sh*t about Harry!!" Draco yelled at him. "Woah Malfoy! Why do you care about him?" Draco ignored him and went to Harry, who went to sit down at an bench, and cried. "Well, it looks we are not practising today, tomorrow we will!" The professor said. "Lets see what Malfoy is hiding for us!" Crabbe and the others went to see what the Draco and Harry were doing. Draco sat down next to Harry and wrapped his arms around him. "I know you miss them, but know i always will be there for you and the baby" he said and the two kissed each other, also using their tongues. Draco pulles Harry on his lap, putted his hand under Harry's shirt and rubbed his stomach very gently. Nine months later...

It's January 17th. Today was the last contest for Draco's team. If they won, they would be champion. Harry was sitting on the Tribune and was watching. He started to have a lot of pain. Harry went to professor Snape. "Professor, I think the baby is coming! Please let Draco know he needs to come to the hospital!" Snape helped him to the hospital and he let professor Hooch know that Draco needed to come. "Draco!! You need to come here!!" She yelled. Draco flew to her. "Harry is in labour! You need to go there!" Draco went to the hospital. Harry laid down on an bed while Draco rushed to him. "Draco!!" Harry started to cry. "Shhh, don't cry, I'm here. We are going to this together, ok? Here, hold my hand" Harry squished Draco's hand. 1 hour later the nurse said that Harry could starting to push, and after 2 hours their baby was born. "Congratulations, it's an beautiful baby boy!" The nurse said, while she gave the baby to Draco. "I feel anathor one coming!!" Harry said. And he was right; 1 minutes later there was anathor baby born. "Its anathor beautiful baby boy!" The nurse said, this time handing the other baby to Harry. "And He has dark hair like you! And it's extremely rare for an omega male to give birth to twins!! This is the first time this happend!!" She said. Harry started to cry. "They are so beautiful both. I'm calling this one Albus Severus Malfoy-Potter" Harry said. "And this one looks like me! This little boy's name will be Scorpius Malfoy-Potter" Draco looked at Scorpius, he got platinum blonde hair, just like him. Draco sat down on the bed and looked at Albus. "He really looks like you, like exactly like you!" Draco said. Hermione, Luna, Cho, Pansy, Blaise and Ron came in running. "There is an baby that needs be be delivered!!" Ron yelled. "Well, they're already born" Harry said. "They?!" Cho asked shocked. "Is it an non-bionary child?!" Luna asked. "No, we had twins, Albus Severus and Scorpius Malfoy-Potter. And Harry's holding Albus and I'm holding Scorpius" Draco handed Scorpius to Harry. "I'm going to pee, I'll be right back". When Draco left the bathroom he saw his team captain. "Where the hell have you been?!" He asked really pissed. "Well, Harry was in labour so I had I be with him. Did we won?" Draco said. "Yeah, we did win, and congrats! What's the baby's gender?" "We had an twin, two boys. The first twin to be born from an omega male!" Draco said really proud. "Well, that's really special! Wish Harry well soon from me!!" "Ok! I will" Draco left. When he came back the crew stood outside, and Luna and Cho were crying. "What happend?!" Draco asked Ron. "Well, Harry started to shake uncontrollably. There is an doctor checking him up to see what's wrong" Ron replied. Draco started to cry. "Mister Malfoy? Can I speak to you?" The doctor asked. Draco walked back in. "Well, it seems that your boyfriend is in an very deep coma, and he might not survive... do you want to see him?" "Yes!! Where are my children?!" "They are with the nurse" the doctor walked with Draco to Harry. Draco sat down next to him. He wanted to talk, but he couldn't say anything. He just cried. Three weeks long he visited Harry every day. He also slept next to him. One night Draco was crying. The twin was sleeping in his arms. "Harry, please wake up.. I can't loose you.. I love you.. you're the person who understands me the most, likes me the most and loves me the most. I need you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.... but please don't die... please wake up.." someone laid his hands on Draco's shoulders and kissed him.

Chapter 7: Chapter seven: an happy end for just now..
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Draco looked over his shoulder to see Harry, sitting in bed, giving him an loving smile. He laid the twins on the bed and hugged Harry really tight. "Please don't leave me ever again!!" Draco said while he gave Harry lots of kisses. "I love you too with my whole heart". "Harry, please marry me. I don't want to stay only being your boyfriend anymore! I want to take our next step-" "I would love to marry you, darling" Draco took off his shirt, laid the twins on the bed next to them and pinned Harry down on the bed. "Is there anyone else?" Harry asked. "No, and No one can hear us. The boys are sleeping" said Draco and started to make out with Harry. Harry took off his shirt too and turned around on the bed. "I'm ready for you, daddy~" Harry said. The next day Draco woke up with him spooning Harry. Harry was still sleeping with Albus next to him and Scorpius next to him. Draco stood up and sat down on the bed. Harry turned around and gave Draco an kiss on his back. "Hey Darling, slept well?" Draco asked, while he grabbed Scorpius and held him. "Yeah" Harry replied. "Do you know where the baby milk is? The twins need to eat" "yeah, I guess. I'll get it if you want to hold Scorp for me" Draco handed Scorpius to Harry and grabbed an bottle that said: "baby food for young wizard babies". Draco poured some of it into 2 babybottles and added some water to it. He gave one to Harry and held Scorpius to feed him. Scorpius was very quiet all the time, but Albus was an very active baby. He made happy noises all the time and always smiled. The only times when Scoprius cried or made an noise if Draco didn't held him or wasn't around. "That kid is going to be a daddy's boy" Harry said. "Just look at him: he looks exactly like you!!". "So that's the person you got pregnant?" Draco knew that voice to well; it was his father. "Oh, hello father.. And mother..." Draco said a bit scared. He knew that his parents would find out sooner or later. "I didn't know you guys were going to visit us". "And I didn't know my only son was gay!!" Replied Lucius very angry. "After all those years we fed you, gave you everything you wanted and this is how you repay us!?  You became gay!?" Draco quickly gave Scorpius to Harry. "I didn't 'became' gay! In fact, I always was gay!! Why can't you just accept that I like boys!? I don't and never will like girls!! And you know what!? Harry and I are going to get married!!" Draco yelled. Lucius totally snapped when he heard the last thing. "NO!! YOU ARE GOING TO MARRY A WOMAN!! NOT AN MAN!! AND NEVER WILL YOU MARRY F*CKING HARRY POTTER!! YOU ARE A DISSAPOITMENT TO THIS FAMILY!!" Lucius walked up to Draco and slapped him multiple timed on his face. Draco started to cry. "STOP!! DONT TOUCH ME!!" Draco screamed while he was covered in blood and crying. Professor Snape rushed in and grabbed Lucius by his arms so he couldn't slap Draco. Draco ran into his mother's arms, who hugged him tightly. "GO DIE IN HELL YOU F*GGOT!!" Lucius yelled at Draco. "Its okay Draco, I still accept you even that you're gay" his mother whispered into his ear. Snape walked away with Lucius to the dungeons. The nurse rushed in and bandaged Draco's face up. "May I hold the twins, please? So that you can calm Draco down" Narcissa asked Harry. Harry handed the twins to Narcissa and held Draco's hands. " Scorpius looks so mutch like you Draco!! And Albus is exactly you Harry!" Narcissa said. "Just wait untill Scorpius opens his eyes" Draco and Harry said. Scorpius opens his eyes. "They are so beautiful! But for how long have you guys been together?" Draco's mother asked. "on Harry's birthday, 3 years this year" Draco said. "Shall I help you two raise these 2 beautiful boys?" "Yes, please. Help is always welcome!" Harry said, while he kissed Draco. 

Chapter 8: Chapter eight: the afterlife..
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What happend after all of that? I'll tell you.


After that, they ruined Ginny's reputation so bad, that everyone hated her, even Dumbledore!! She dropped out of school and no one ever heard of her again, but rumours said she committed suicide or moves to anathor country. Harry and Draco got married after they graduated from Hogwarts and the same for Hermione and Luna. Sadly, it didn't work out for Ron and Blaise but they did stay good friends. Ron married Cho and had one daughter: Raeleigh Chang. Blaise and Pansy got married and also had an son of their own: Tobias (Tobi) Zabini and an adopted son: Caiden Zabini. (his father is Celdric Diggory but his mum is unknown)


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