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The Dawn society by Robin Thunderbolt

Format: Novel
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 10,011
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Mystery, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Pomfrey, Lupin, Hagrid, Snape, Trelawney, Molly, Percy, Bellatrix, Cho, Draco, Ginny, Luna, Fudge, OC
Pairings: Cho/Cedric, Draco/Harry, Ginny/Dean, Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Remus/Lily, Draco/OC, Ginny/OC, Hermione/OC

First Published: 10/09/2019
Last Chapter: 12/02/2019
Last Updated: 12/02/2019


All of the girls from Hogwarts decide to form a mystery club after one of their teachers is murdered and things have been stolen.

Chapter 1: Chapter One: Platform 9 and 3/4
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The Hogwarts Express was waiting at the 9 and 3/4 platform for students to get on. The students had been on holiday for six weeks and it was now to return to what they knew best. Hogwarts seemed to be the only safe place for wizards these days thanks to the Death Eaters everywhere and I mean everywhere. Even the students seem to be under threat these days. The Death Eaters seem to not even realize who they are affecting. Maybe they don't even care.


Cho was looking up and down the platform. She was waiting for someone she knew to turn up. All the people she had seen already were new students or older kids looking down on her. She was in her fifth year but that didn't make any difference to them. She was under enough stress without thinking she was the only one of her friends returning this year! 

"Cho over here!"

Cho smiled and ran over towards her friends. Luna, Ginny, Hermione were standing by the edge of the platform. Finally some people she recognized. 

"Where have you been? I've been looking for you three everywhere!"
"We've been here like three minutes." Said Hermione.

"Yeah no thanks to my brother making us all late." Ginny replied.

Cho looked awkwardly at the ground. She knew that the other three got a lift together to the platform. Percy gave them all a lift whilst on his way to the ministry. Ron, George, Fred and Harry got their own lift from Arthur Weasley. Cho had to take a muggle bus as the knight bus only work sat night and her parents are always working. 

"Had a good summer Cho?"
"Yeah it was great."

"Really? You don't look very sure in your answer."
"It was fine Luna!"
"Okay calm down!"
"Sorry I'm just stressed."
"Look, we haven't even got to school yet. Why are you stressed already?"

"We have exams this year."
"Blimey and I thought I was bad."
They all laughed. Hermione was right. She was normally the one who was scared about schoolwork. Cho needed to calm down. They still had most of the year before their first exam.

"Hey girls."
Ron and Harry walked towards them. Cho blushed. It had only been a year since Cedric died and hadn't seen Harry since. He had sent her a letter but she hadn't responded. Harry had looked after her and let her cry on his shoulder since Cedric had died. Now she didn't know what their relationship would be like.

"You know Percy made us late this morning?"
"What how? He's like always on time." Ron piped up.

"Apparently Errol was giving him grief."
Harry looked over at Cho but didn't say anything. Cho caught his eye and smiled back at him. Harry looked away sharpish. Luna saw this and tried to make Cho join the conversation.

"How was your journey Cho?"
"Busy seems like everyone was on the road."
"Lucky we had a flying car then."

"Yes Luna it was."

The group then went quiet. It was a very awkward silence. Luna had tried to ease the tension but it seems she only made it worse. Harry tried to speak but nothing came out. Hermione twirls her hair as she did when she was nervous and Ginny swayed from side to side with her broom. The only thing that was going to break that silence was another student coming up to interrupt them. Draco came sneakily into the group.


"Well this is a quiant scene."
"What do you want Malfoy?" Ron snapped back.

"Alright keep your wig on. I want to talk to Potter."
"You're not going with him are you Harry?" Ginny asked worried.

"It's just a little talk. Won't be long." Harry replied to calm her down.

"Hurry back. You don't want to miss the train."
"What like your second year Ron? No don't worry I'll be back before that happens."

Harry followed after Draco as the group that were left looked on. Ginny was the most worried. None of them liked Draco and no one knew why Harry would talk to him. 

"Well he'd better hurry. Looks like the train's coming in." Ron said to break everyone's concentration.

As he says that the Hogwarts Express arrived at the station. 

Chapter 2: Chapter Two: The secret is discovered
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The girls were still waiting for Harry to come back from his talk with Draco. Ron had gone on ahead and sat down with his brothers. The girls were now starting to get worried as they only had a short time to get on the train and that time was running out fast. Harry needed to finish the talk and quickly. 

"Oh come on Harry!"
"You worried Ginny?"
"What? Me? No."
"I think someone has a crush on the chosen one."
"No I don't Luna."
"You're lying."
They laugh. Ginny had, had a crush on Harry since they first saw one another. Of course Ginny was the only one to be worried about him but who had the guts to go and get him from Draco.

"Someone should go and get him."
"Go on then Hermione."
"Not me. Malfoy hates me!"

"He hates all of us."
"Right if no one else is going to go, then I'll do it."
"You sure Luna."
"Draco barely notices me. He won't be bothered."
"He'd better not be."
"Don't worry Cho I won't bother him."  The girls all agree and Luna walks over to where Draco and Harry disappeared to. 


Draco had Harry pinned up against a wall on the other side of the station. He had one of his hands on Harry's chest and the other on the wall. Harry couldn't move. He was caught. 

"Why didn't you answer my calls Potter?"
"I was busy."
"That's a lie."
"Look I have to stop this for Ginny's sake."
"And what about my sake?"
Luna heard them talking and tiptoed to them to listen to their conversation.

"Ginny's my girlfriend."
"I thought you didn't love her anymore."
"We were on a break. Now we're together again."
"So I don't matter anymore."

Harry put his hand on Dracos face.

"Of course you matter. Don't ever think that."
"Then break up with her."
"You know I can't do that."
"Why not?"
"Fine. I will but later."
"You'd better."

Harry smiles. Draco loved Harrys smile and kissed him on the lips. Luna put her hands to her mouth. How could Harry do that to Ginny? She needed to tell her. 

"See you at school then?"
"See you there."



Harry walks away and Draco slaps him on the bottom. Harry turns back without noticing Luna behind him. Luna runs towards the girls with a look of terror on her face, The girls were shocked to see her like this.

"Luna what's wrong?"
"Is Harry okay?"
"Yeah he's fine. Let's get on board."
Luna hops on board. The girls look worriedly at each other and got on the train after Luna. 



Chapter 3: Chapter Three: Stranger on the train
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As the girls got on the train, they tried to look for an empty compartment to fit in. Ron and Harry, if he had caught up, were in another compartment. They walked up and down the train, walking backward and forward. With no comparments in sight that were empty, they found one with one person in it.

"This will have to do girls." Hermione said.

Everyone agreed and entered the compartment. Luna was still keeping quiet after what she saw. She sat next to the window and continued to look out of it. A stranger was sat across from her covered in a cloak .

"Anyone recognise that person?" Ginny whispered to the other girls.

"No. Must be new." Cho replied.

Hermione thought back to three years ago when she got onto the Hogwarts Express and the last time she saw a stranger on the train. Remus Lupin was her professor and she had met him on the same train. Even though he was nearly pushed out he remained to look after the students. Obviously Professor Snape wasn't very pleased but it seems all the other Professors were happy to have him stay. Let's hope that he can handle being a werewolf this year.

"Hey Luna. You okay?" Hermione perked up.

"I'm fine." Luna replied still staring out the window.

"You don't sound it." Hermione said.

"I'll tell you later. Not with that person in the room."

"You'd better."

The stranger moved. Well at least they're alive. The conversation died down and Ginny and Cho fell asleep on each other. Hermione looked through one of her books and Luna just looked out of the window chewing over what she was going to say to Ginny about Harry.


As Ginny and Cho slept, Hermione looked over towards Luna. She didn't know what to say but she knew she would have to say something. She put away her books and folded her arms.

"I know what you're trying to do Luna."
No response.

"Just tell me what's wrong."
Luna still didn't say anything.

"I will talk to you. Even if I have to force it out of you."
Luna still said nothing. Hermione was close to giving up when Lavender walked past the door. The worst person in the world. She would keep talking until you either dead or asleep. Hermione really didn't want to talk to her right now. To be honest she wouldn't want to talk to Lavender any other day of the week. Lavender looked back and stiffled some laughter.

"What do you want Lavender?"

"Keeping out of trouble?"
"Go away!"
"Alright. I'm going."
Lavender couldn't keep her laughter in anymore. She burst out with laughter as she walked to her own compartment. Hermione was thinking how weird she was. Lavender would burst with laughter at the most random times. Even keeping silent was better then talking to her.

"What a jerk?!"
Luna said what everyone else was thinking. Hermione smiled as Luna turned round to face her.

"You're so right."

"I thought it was better to talk then stay in slience."

"Thanks. Sorry the others aren't awake."
"Let them sleep."
"Were you going to tell me something?"

"I would but Ginny would have to be awake first."

"Is it that important to her?"
"Yeah. It could change her."

"Right. Got all your work done?"
"Is that all you care about?"
"Have you?"
"Yes. I can't wait to get into classes."
"Care of magical creatures is you're favourite right?"
"Yeah with Professor Hagrid."

"Can't wait."

They both laughed. Professor Hagrid was one of the best if not the best Professors on campus. He wasn't even suppose to be a Professor but somehow with his love for creatures managed to convince Dumbledore to make a Professor. Magical creatures had changed over the past few years including Draco getting attacked by Buckbeak and Hagrid nearly being fired. Luna had always been a fan of magical creatures thanks to her seeing creatures others couldn't.


Hermione got up, sat down next to Luna and hugged her. Luna accpeted it and put her head on Hermiones shoulder. Luna really needed support right now even more then Cho normally does and Cho needs a lot. Luna needed to tell Hermione what she saw. She would have to.

"Hermione can you keep a secret?"
"Yeah. Why?"
"Harry might brake up with Ginny."
Hermione pulled away from Luna and looked judgingly at her.

"Why would he do that?"
"Maybe we should wait until Ginny is awake."
"No tell me."
"Did Harry seem any different to you at the platform this morning?"
"Not anymore then he usually does."
"He may have changed a little over the summer."
"Guess. He wanted to talk to Draco."

Hermione gasped and put her hands to her mouth. Luna nodded.



"I don't know how to feel right now."
"Neither did I."
After some silence Hermione finally found how she was feeling.
"Good for them."
"Yeah. I mean I know it's bad for Ginny but I always thought there was something between those two."

"Me too."
"All those looks they give each other."

"And they always want to be together in class."

"Yeah. They're perfect for each other."

They hugged and then looked back at Ginny.

"What are we going to tell Ginny?"
"I don't know Luna."

"Let't wait for another time. Harry will have to tell her soon anyway."
"Yeah. He'd better."
"I wonder how Ron is getting on with him."

Chapter 4: Chapter Four: Telling your best friend
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"You what?"
"Ron keep it down."
"But he's like your worst enemy."
"I know but not anymore."
Harry had just told Ron about him and Draco. It wasn't going very well. Harry knew that Ron would be mad as Ginny was his sister and everything but not this mad.

"What about Ginny?"
"She'll find someone else."
"You'll break her heart."
"She can find someone better then me."
"She'd better otherwise you're dead to me."

Ron sat on the seat sideways to not look at Harry. Harry looked down at the floor.

"Were you forced into it?"
"No. I love him."
"Like you loved Ginny?"
"One time yeah."
"How long has it been?"
"Since the break in summer."

"I knew it."
"Knew what?"
"You and Ginny never have a break. It had to be something very important."
"And it was."
"It's just a lot to process right now."

"It's fine. Take as long as you need but don't tell Ginny."
"Okay but you're going to tell her right?"
"Yeah sure."

"Promise me!"
"Okay I promise."

That was new. Harry didn't normally make promises he knew he might not be able to keep. He would have to keep this one though. He had to make it up to Ginny after such a long break from each other. Ron was right. I would have to tell her sooner rather than later.

"Draco eh?"
"Yeah. I know right."
"That's one person I would never think of."
"Neither did I until the summer."
"Were you going to announce it last year?"
"I was until.. You know."
"Is that why you were so awkward earlier?"
"Was it that obvious?"

"A little bit."

"I love Draco and he loves me."
"Good as long as he treats you alright."
"He does."

"I'm happy then."

"Thanks bro."
Ron and Harry fist bumped.

"I wonder what the girls are doing?"
"What do you think?"

"Hermione's going to be studying, Ginny is probably talking about Quidditch, Luna is probably drawing soemthing and Cho is talking about her feelings."
"That's all she ever talks about."
"How do you know?"
"She sent me loads of letters over the summer. She wanted to talk about Cedric."

"Did you respond?"
"No. I didn't want to make it worse."
"You feeling any better after everything last year?"
"Not really but new year isnt it? Just want to get through a unstressful year."
"Yeah right. You never have a unstressful year at Hogwarts."
Ron laughed and Harry just smirked. He was right. Every year they had been at Hogwarts something had happened. Let's hope this year is a little bit different.


Harry and Ron kept chatting as the train chugged on it's way to Hogwarts. It felt like they hadn't been there in so long. It had only been six weeks but it felt like a lifetime especially for Harry having to deal with his uncle and aunt. That was the worst thing about summer though. Going home to muggels who don't understand what you are going through. Hogwarts was so much better. Harry could actaully feel at home. Even with you know who and his followers everywhere, Hogwarts still felt safe. Plus Harrys Professors were the best he had in years. Lupin had stayed even though he was close to leaving and Hagrid lessons were always fun. The only one he didn't get along with was Snape but he didn't have as many lessons with him so it didnt really account to anything.

"Hey Harry look!"

Harry looked up to the platform for Hogwarts come into view. They were so close they could smell Hogwarts.

"Ready for another year Ron?"
"Ready as I'll ever be."

Chapter 5: Chapter Five: The Carriage
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"Ginny wake up!"
Ginny woke up with a start. Cho had been shaking her awake for five minutes at least. The train had stopped. Ginny got her things down from the rail above and ran after Cho and the others.

"Guys wait up!" She shouted after them.

"Hurry up! We're going to miss the carriage."

Ginny sped up. The carriages wouldn't wait for anyone and leave without her. Her friends were so nice to wait for her! Ginny finally caught up with the others.

"Thanks for waiting for me!"

"You're welcome." Luna replied unaware to Ginny sarcasm.

Ginny laughed under her breath. Luna was so unaware of everything. She was so sweet. Don't tell her that though, she'd kill you.

The last carriage was still waiting for them. As per usual the carriage wasn't being pulled by anything. Even though apparently Harry had seen it being pulled by something. The girls got on.

"Wait up."

A girl was running along the path to catch the carriage. She was probably the latest girl student ever plus she looked new as her robes were all intact. The girl climbed intot the carriage just as it was about to leave. She placed down her bag and got out a notebook and wrote something down.

"What are you writing?" Hermione asked.
"Oh I'm sorry. Just my journey."
"Sorry I'm new."

"We guessed."
"Sorry I'm really awkward."

"It's fine so is Luna."

"Wait Luna Lovegood?"
"The one and only." Luna perked up.

"So wait. Are you Hermione Granger and are you Ginny Weasley?"
"Our reputation precceeds us."

"Yeah you're like some of the most famous witches on the planet."
"I'm Willow Jackson. I'm new."
"I know. You said."
"Sorry. I'm just really nervous. Meeting my heros right now."

"We understand."
Willow shook everyones hand. Must be one of the best moments of her life.


As the carriage carried on down the windy path towards Hogwarts, the girls were all looking through books to tell them about their new classes and topics.

"So Willow what year are you in?" Ginny asked Willow.
"I know I don't look it but Year 5."
"Same as us then." Hermione said.
"Yeah I thought I was."

"You look really young." Cho said.
"I get that a lot."

"How come you're only just starting?" Luna asked.

"Late starter I guess."

"Do you know anybody?"

"My brother is coming here as well."
"Oh great. What's his name?"
"Oh cute name."
"Don't tell him that."
"I won't."

"What year is he in?"
"Bit intrusive Ginny."
"I just wondered Cho."
"Don't worry. He's in the year above. He went to Ilvermorny before this school."
"Oh you're American?"
"Yeah. Well half American. My dad's British."

"I think we should stop there."
"Oh come on Hermione."
"It's her first day Ginny. Let's not scare her."

"I'm not scared."
"Well we'll be there in a minute. We don't want to know her whole backstory on her first day."

"You're such a buzzkill Hermione."
"Someone has to be."

As she said this the magic castle came into view. Hogwarts! Finally!

Chapter 6: Chapter Six: There's always someone else watching
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Willow followed after Hermione, Cho, Luna and Ginny towards her new school. The castle loomed over them like they were toys. Willow stopped to look up. The castle walls looked very old intertwined with ivy and roses. As she looked back the other girls were miles ahead. She had to keep up otherwise she will get lost and she didn't want that on her first day. When she managed to catch up the girls walked through the arches into the courtyard. A lot of students were standing about talking and laughing to each other.

"Get used to it Willow. You'll have to spend everyday here."
"I know but it's just wow!"
"Leave her alone Ginny."
"Yeah you had the same reaction."
"Alright Cho."
"Girls stop fighting. It's our first day."

"And we don't want to get told off by a Professor."
"Good point."
Ginny looked at Cho and smiled. Cho smiled back. Let's hope they stay friends. Willow was scared. She'd never been in a school this big with so many students to. Like Ginny said, she would just have to get used to it.


The doors opened. The students all piled in to get to the Great Hall. The sorting cerenomy was about to begin and every student had to attend. Then Hermione thought of something.

"Willow youre not a first year. Do you know what house you're in?"
"No idea."

"What you thinking Hermione?"
"Well, if she isn't a first year then she won't get sorted."
"Oh yeah."

"There must be a Professor who knows."
"Yeah but you know who it'll be."
The girls groaned and all said in unison...

"Something wrong about that?"

"She's very strict."
"I don't know Hermione. Maybe she's mellowed."
"Oh crap."


The girls looked up. Mcgonagall was looking over them on a set of staircases.

"Hi Miss."
"What are you five dordalling for?"
"We're going miss don't worry."
"Ginny wait."


"Oh yeah. Willow she's up there."

"Its fine. I'll see you guys later."
Willow walked up the stairs that were going to move as soon as she stepped on them and went to Mcgonagall.

"Well done Ginny!"
"What was I suppose to say?"
"Something else."
"Why didn't you say it then Cho?"
"I wasn't going to interupt you."
"Next time do."
"Thanks Hermione."
"Well she is right Ginny."
"Stay out of this Luna."
"Come on let's go in."


Ginny tuted and walked in first. The other girls followed. Ready for the sorting cerenomy.

Chapter 7: Chapter Seven: Keeping it cool
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Harry and Ron had just got off their carriage and were walking towards the castle they had seen on their way in. They were walking along chatting and trying to hear each other over the loudness of the other students, when another voice was calling Harrys name.

"Harry! Harry!"
They turned round and found Draco running towards them. They stopped walking and waited for him.

"I'll leave you two alone."
"Sure. I'll see you up there."

Ron followed the other students up to the castle. Draco caught up with Harry. They held each others hands as the last of the students carried on past. As the last student went past them, Draco pulled Harry to one side.

"How was your jounery?"
"I told Ron."
"I thought we weren't going to tell anyone yet."
"Well he's my best friend. I had to."
"Okay no one else though?"

"Nope no one else."

"Good. Let's keep it that way until we really need to."
"Got you."
"We'd better go."
"Yeah the Professors will be mad."

"Unless you want to stay out here?"
"No not really. It's so cold."

"Okay maybe later then?"
They kiss and went their sperate ways. Harry went first and Draco soon went afterwards. The sorting cerenomy wouldn't be important to them but they couldn't risk being told off on their first day.

Chapter 8: Chapter Eight: The Sorting Cerenomy
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Every student was sat down in the Great Hall. From Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff to Slytherin and Griffyndor, the houses sat together. The only time they actually looked unified. Before long they would be mortal enemies in the quest to win the House cup. For now they were all friends with the new students milling round trying to find their friends.

Hermione and Ginny were sat down together. Ron and his twin brothers, Fred and George, were sitting across from them. Ron was mostly waiting for the food. The food was the best bit for the older students who were already sorted. The best bit for Ron was also food. It always was.

Luna and Cho were sitting at the table next to them at the Ravenclaw bench. They were chatting to their friends but kept looking back to see the others. They sometimes had to listen to the witty conversations that other Ravenclaws had with each other. Appartently it was a trait of all Ravenclaws but they felt a little bit out of that chain.

Harry sat down next to Ron after he had seen Draco. He was still smiling after the encounter. Ron punched Harry in the arm. Harry stared at him. Ron pointed at Ginny who was talking to Hermione. Harry knew to stop smiling just in case she asked why. Ginny smiled when she saw him and he smiled back. Ginny was always happy to see her boyfriend but more so then after their break in summer.

As Harry sat down the Professors came into the room and sat down. The students kept on chatting. They didn't have to stop until the headmaster walked in. They had to listen to what he was saying.

"Hey Harry look!" Fred pointed.
Harry and the others looked towards the Professors table. Lupin was missing and so was Snape. Weird. They would be the last Professors to be out together. They were sure the Professors would be back soon though. Snape was never late and Lupin cared about the students too much to miss this part of the year.


As the conversations carried on Dumbldore came in. The students went silent. Dumbledore walked up to the podium. The room went silent to hear the news he was about to say.


"Welcome students to a new year at Hogwarts!"

The room went into applause.

"Welcome to the new and the old. This year of Hogwarts could be your first or your last. Whatever it is, make it your best year you've had. Now we have the same Professor team as last year but as you can see two Professors are at this moment missing. Professor Lupin and Snape will join us later. They had some buisness to attend to."

Everyone whispered under their breath. What were the two Professors up to?

"Continuing on. The third floor is still of limits and Mr Filch has told me to remind you not to go up there under any circumstances. Now Minister Fudge.."
The whole room groaned. Minster Fudge didn't exactly support Hogwarts and the tactics they were using. To be honest a lot of the minstry didn't these days.

"Minister Fudge has told me to remind you that it is dangerous to go outside as Sirius Black is still on the lose and appartently he is still very dangerous."

The whole room laughed together. Everyone knew that Sirius Black was no longer dangerous towards them.

"Now let's get on with the sorting cerenomy."


Dumbledore waved his hands and the new students formed a line that went down the hall. Mcgonagall stood up and grabbed the sorting hat. The sorting cerenomy was about to start and two Professors were missing. What a start to the year?!

Chapter 9: Chapter Nine: Two Professors missing
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"Look at me Remus."
Lupin was being pinned against the wall. Snape was shouting in his ear and they were missing the sorting cerenomy. Lupin tried to pull away but Snape wouldn't let him.

"What do you want?"
"You shouldn't be here this year."
"And why not?"
"You're a danger to the students."
"If you think this why would Dumbledore keep me?"
"You're so annoying. Ever since school."

"So have you."

Snape put his arm up to Lupin's throat. Lupin could barely breath.

"Listen to me. If you want to keep your life you would leave now."
"Well I won't and you can't make me."

Lupin pulled Snape's hair and that made Snape get off him.

"And if you'll excuse me, I have a cerenomy to go to."

Lupin walked away and left Snape confused. Snape watched him go and then went the other way to get away from him.


Lupin walked towards the Great Hall. Mcgonagall was waiting for him.

"Where have you been?"

"Great to see you too."
"Snape wanted to talk to me."
"You mean yell at you."
"Is it over?"
"You missed it. They're having their food now."
"How many students do we have?"
"Wow quite a few then."
"You going in?"
"I would if I didn't have to see Snape's smug face."

"Have you got everything under control?"
"Mostly. I just want to see the students and teach classes."

"Well I'm here for you if you need it."
"Thanks Minerva."
Mcgonagall put her hand up to Lupins face. She smirked.

"Another scar Remus?"
"As always."
"What will Tonks think?"
She walked away as Lupin looked on. She went back into the Great Hall. Lupin wanted to follow but knew he would upset Dumbledore more if he did. Plus he didn't want to see Snape again not after what just happened. He left towards his classroom. Let's hope it's not a full moon.

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten: The Common Room
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Hermione and Ginny ran up the stair cases, if they didn't move, towards the Common room. They were happy to be back at Hogwarts. It felt like home to them. Even though they had spent all summer with each other they still had a lot to catch up on, not to mention with the other girls in the group. Now they just had to unpack and hope nothing to crazy happens on their first night which normally doesn't. Now they just had to find Willow and find out how she was getting on.

They got up the stairs and went up to the fat lady portrait. They said the pass word that had changed again, probably got some advice from Sir Cadogan. They then stepped inside to show the younger years what the best rooms in Hogwarts looked like. Ginny jumped onto the couch near the fire and Hermione laughed. The younger years carried on up to the bedrooms. Hermione and Ginny left them alone to explore.

"Why did we have to do this again?" Ginny asked with a dramatic sigh.

"Because it's fun Ginny."
"No it is not!"
"Well I find it fun."
"Why? We won't spend anytime with them."
"Yeah but it's nice to know they have someone to turn to in trouble."

"You really think they want to talk to Hermione Granger?!"
"Why not?"
"They're scared of you that's why."
"They have nothing to be scared of."
"Well trouble does seem to follow us."
"True. Hopefully nothing will happen this year."
"Don't hold your breath Hermione."
"You're so pesimistic Ginny."
"Living with Ron taught me that."
"You'll find out soon."
"What's that suppose to mean?"
"You and Ron."
"What no!"
"Oh come on Hermione. Everyone in the year knows that you two love each other."
"You're so secretive."
"It's good to be like that."




The girls laugh as another person comes through the portrait. The girls turn round to find Willow on the other side looking at them. She was bundled with bags and some of them were bigger than her. The girls walked up to her.

"So you're in Griffyndore then?"
"Looks like it Ginny."
"Need some help with those bags?"
"It would be useful."
Ginny took Willow's bags up to the room Ginny and Hermione shared leaving Willow and Hermione alone to talk.

"Are you enjoying it so far then?"
"So far. I don't like Professor Mcgonagall though."
"Don't worry you'll get used to her."
"Does anyone?"
"It takes a while."
"I'll be fine."
"Is your brother here?"
"Yeah but he's in Slytherin."
"Oh. How come you're in different houses?"
"Trust me. We are so different."
"I'll take your word for it."

"You'll get to meet him soon."
"I really hope I do. He sounds very interesting."
"Well I don't think he'll live up to those hopes but you can meet him at dinner."
"Guys are you coming or not?!" Ginny shouted from up the staircase.

"Coming!" Hermione answered.

Hermione grabbed Willows arm and pulled her up the stairs after her.

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven: Dinner time
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Hermione and Ginny had helped Willow unpack her massive bags. They were now waiting for her in the lower bit fo the common room. They were suppose to be going to dinner but Willow was taking forever. They might have to leave without her if they wanted any food before Ron ate it all and he would just to spite them all for being late.

"Willow come on!" Ginny shouted up the stairs.

"Just a second." Willow shouted back.

Ginny sighed. She looked at Hermione but Hermione just smiled at her. Ginny knew that she would get that response from her but still looked for some sort of redemption.

Willow then ran down the stairs after what seemed like an hour.

"Ginny leave her alone."
"What if Ron has eaten everything then Hermione?!"
"He won't have. Stop being so dramatic."

"Let's go then."

Ginny led the three of them out of the common room. Ginny wanted to get the most food she could before Quidditch starts and it was winter. Hermione also wanted food but not as much as Ginny and Willow just wanted to meet some more people.



They got down to the Great Hall which they had been to earlier and sat down at their table. Luckily the food hadn't turned up yet so Ron was going to be mad. They sat down across from Ron, Harry, Fred and George. Fred and George were playing with some fireworks that they had found. Harry was sitting with a very stern look on his face, what's new? And Ron of course had his elbows on the table waiting for the food. The teachers hadn't got there yet so that's probably why the food wasn't out yet. The teachers maybe sometimes annoying but even they needed to eat. Let's hope that Snape and Lupin could join them this time. Then the teachers walked in and took their seats. Great Lupin and Snape were back.

"Hey Hermione look. What's the matter with Lupin?"
Hermione looked up at one of her favourite teachers. Lupin looked even more injured than usual. Another scar for another year. Not surprising to be honest.

"Let the feast begin." Dumbldore waved his hands and feasts appeared on the tables.

As per usual Ron was the first one to tuck in. Willow followed his lead and also tucked in. Hermione and Ginny took a more laid back approach to eating and Harry as per usual took ages to tuck in. The room was filled with chatter and laughter as the students tried to make each other laugh with their eating. Their table was the loudest as per usual. The students carried on eating until some of the boys on their table took out a newspaper and went silent. Willow was the one to notice this first.

"What's the matter?"
They didn't answer. Willow nugged the others.

"Why didn't they answer me?"
"I don't know. Might be because you're new."

"Can you ask them then Hermione?"

She turned towards Dean and Seamus.

"Hey guys what's up? You're normally the loudest on this table."

"It's this newstory." Seamus answered still looking at the newspaper.

Hermione looked at Ginny. What hasn't Dumbledore told them now?

"Let's have a look then."
"Give me that." Ginny reaches over the table and grabs Seamus' newspaper which they shouldn't even be reading at dinner anyway but who cares. What was so interesting?


The headline read:

"Two aurors lie in hospital tonight as members of the Order of the Phoneix are attacked."

The group huddled around the paper as the paper carried on moving with pictures. Everyone gasped as they read the headline and saw the pictures linked to the attack.

"So that's why Lupin looks so bad." Hermione said with a gulp.

This made the year even that more interesting and if a little scary.

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve: A normal Hogwarts night
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Willow, Hermione and Ginny walked towards their common room after the news that one of their teachers might be in danger. Willow had only been in the school for a few hours but already knew that Hogwarts was going to be trouble. Ginny and Hermione was used to it but still didn't want their teacher to die from death eaters or something else that could have caused the attack. The teachers were supposed to be looking after them not the other way around.

Once they got up to the room the younger years went to asleep first. As they were older they got to stay up later lucky for them. Ginny jumped onto the couch by the fire that hadn't been lit yet. Hermione went to the desk by the window even though it was very dark outside. She got out her favourite book and stayed quiet. As it was Willow's first night she didn't have anywhere to sit so she stayed standing instead.

"So anyone else scared about that headline Seamus told us tonight?"
"Nope not really."
"Oh come on Hermione. How many people have died around us when we were with Harry?"
"Loads but that's not the point."
"So what is your point?"
"I don't know anymore."

"Then just read your book."
Hermione read her book even more angerier flicking through the pages at twice the speed.

"Everything will be fine Willow."
"You sure?"
"Hogwarts is the safest place on earth. Everyone will be fine."

"Okay. I trust you."
"Your the first."
They both laugh.



Harry, Ron, Seamus and Dean came into the room. The girls stopped laughing and the room went silent. Ginny carried on looking into the fire trying to get it to light with her eyes even though she knew that wouldn't work. Willow whislted to try and break the silence. Dean and Seamus went up the staircase to their room to see what pranks they could pull on the younger years. Ron went to sit by Hermione even though he knew he was going to be annoyed by him being there. Harry sat in front of the fire to annoy Ginny.

"Dude what the hell?"
"You're in my way."
"There's nothing there."
"Light the fire Ginny."
"No you light it."
"Why should I?"
"You're closer."

"I don't want to get burnt."
"So don't sit so close."

"Is there something wrong with you Ginny?"
"No nothing."
"Then why are you mad?"
"I'm not mad Harry. I'm tired."
"Then go to bed."
Ginny carries on sitting on the couch.

"I want to be warm first."
"Then light the fire."
"Fine I'm going to bed."

Ginny stood up and made her way towards the staircase. She stopped before she went up.

"You coming Hermione?"
Hermione followed her much to Rons disgust. Harry stared after Ginny as she went up. He hoped no one had told her about him and Draco. No one would know. Hopefully.

"Come on Ron. We'd better go as well."
"Fine. Night Willow."
Ron and Harry ran after each other up the stairs. Willow could now finally sit down on the couch without interuption. She sat down and also wanted to light the fire but couldn't be bothered to light it. She quickly fell asleep on the couch with no noise around her as everyone had either gone to asleep or are somewhere else. Nothing, nothing was going to wake her up.



Scratch that. Something would.

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen: What was that noise?
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The shout woke everyone up and everyone ran down stairs to see who it was. Ginny and Hermione were the first down as they knew Willow was still awake and thought it might have been her.

"Willow why you screaming?" Ginny shouted thinking Willow had screamed to wake her up on purpose for something.

"It wasn't me!"
"Well who was it then?"
"I don't know it came from downstairs."

"I think wed better check it out."
"Isn't that dangerous?"
"Oh Willow you can tell it's your first night." Hermione laughed.

"Come on lets go see."
"Are the others coming?"
"We'll leave them asleep but they can come if they want to."
Ginny hadn't realised at that point that the scream had literally woken up the whole common room. So when she said that, all of the others wanted to follow her. Great remark Ginny! As everyone scared they made the girls go first as both Hermione and Ginny had faced danger before. Willow also wanted to go last but she was pushed forward by the other students.


The staircases were normally moving everywhere but tonight they seemed to have come to a standstill like the scream had scared them too. Hermione and Ginny became more concerened because they had never seen the staircases like this but knew to continue on if they wanted to quench their thirst for the knowledge of who screamed. As both of them were the most curious out of the whole common room, nothing but where the sound was coming from would do this. As they went down two staircases the scream came again but with no words just a prolonged scream instead. The other students hid behind the other stairs and each other whilst pushing Hermione, Ginny and Willow forward towards its direction. Ginny took the lead as she could see the other two dragging behind. Ginny found...

Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen: Really?!
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.... Lavender. Lavender freaking Brown. On the other side of the door was Lavender Brown. I mean really. It had to be her. That's like the worst person to be found. I mean this is even worse then finding Mr Filch and Mrs Norris together and the students see that everday. So Lavender had made the scream well Ginny thinks so anyway.

"Lavender, what the hell?"
"I broke a nail!"
"Seriously. You got the whole school awake for a broken nail?!"
"Yeah it's really bad!"

If Lavenders scream hadn't woken up the whole school, Ginnys shouting would have done the tick. As soon as Ginny realised how loud her shout was Mcgonagall, Lupin, Sprout, Flitwick and Snape turned up.

"Fudge." Ginny whispered under her breath.

"What are you two doing out of bed?" Mcgonagall shouted not as loud as Ginny but to let the rest of the school know she was there.

"I broke a nail!" Lavender answered.

"That is not a reason to wake the whole school!"

"Yes it is."
"Go to bed. All of you."
The students did so. Even though Mcgonagall was only head of Griffyndore but everyone knew not to disobey her otherwise they would be in detention for the rest of the year.

"You too Ginny. And you Lavender."
Ginny did so but Lavender stayed to try and put her nail back together.

"Miss Brown?"
Lavender walked with her tail behind her legs. Lupin, Mcgonagall, Flitwick, Sprout and Snape stayed behind. They had to search the area just in case anyone else had screamed as well.

"A nail really?!" Lupin said once every student had gone.

"Yes Lupin how stupid." Sprout agreed.

"At least it's not one of my students. I think 10 points should be taken away from your house Minerva."
"Haven't you got anything else to do Snape?"
"Yes I have Remus but I'd rather just fight with you."
"Why you little..."
"Boys please."
Sprout kept Lupin from fighting with Snape.

"Right well I've got a lot of charms to fix." Flitwick perked up to try and diffuse the tension in the corridor.

"Yes and I've got mandrakes to prepare." Sprout replied after him.

Sprout and Flitwick left. Snape, Lupin and Snape were left alone. Great idea.

"Come on Remus."
"No Minerva. Snape come outside."
"What with you?"
"I won't waste my breath."
Snape left towards the dungeon where his potions class was. Minerva had to grab Lupins hand to hold him off from attacking him.

"I'm sorry. That was uncalled for."

"Don't worry. Have you had the potion tonight?"
"I'm fine."
"Really? Because you don't sound like it."
"I've had the potion. I won't kill Snape if that's what you're worried about."
"Just watch yourself."

"I will."
"I'll tell Tonks if you do."
"What a threat!"
Minerva smiled and walked towards the common rooms just in case any students were still awake. They would be straight in detention but she needed to check just in case any first years were worried. Lupin wanted to go with her but he knew he might need some sleep before his first lessons tomorrow. If he saw tomorrow that is if Snape comes anywhere near him again, Dumbledore might kick him out.

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen: Sleep
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Everyone returned to their common rooms as Mcgonagall had told them to. Willow was one of the first to get to her common room as she didn't want to be told off on her first night. Ginny stomped back to the room with Hermione following her. As they got into it they found no one still awake and persumed that everyone was too scared to stay up any longer. Ginny ran up the stairs first to show how angry she was. Hermione followed soon after with Willow right behind. They got into their room and tried to go to sleep. However, with Ginny still being angry towards Lavender it didn't look like they were going to get much. Luckily they were the furthest away from everyone else so no one would be able to her rant about what had just happened.

"I cannot believe her."

"Ginny please be quiet."
"No Hermione. If she hadn't screamed we would be asleep right now."
"It could have been something important."
"With Lavender I doubt that."

"And if hadn't have been Lavender?"

"Fine I still would have checked it out."

"Knew it."
"Stop being right all the time."
"It's hard not to hanging out ith you every day."
"Thanks a bunch."
"You're welcome."

"Well Willow how's your first night turning out to be?"
"Scary at the moment."
"What because of the screaming?"
"No because of the feast. Why do you think she's scared Hermione?"
"She could be home sick."

"Don't worry I'm not."

"Good because you would have to get used to it fast."

"Sorry. It's just Lavender."
"Hopefully we don't have lessons with her tomorrow then."

"I really hope not."

"You know you will have to get used to her one day."
"Yeah but not tonight."

"Fine but one day you will need to get along."

"Do you guys know what you have tomorrow?"
"Why don't you Willow?"

"No not right now."

"Someone will tell you in the morning."
"I just want to know."
"You will."

"Thanks Hermione."

Hermione turned over and Willow knew not to disturb her anymore. Ginny however, was still awake. Willow wanted some sleep before her first day though. She also turned over and tried to go to sleep and hopefully nothing else would happen tonight.


Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen: The morning after
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Willow woke up with a start. She looked around and the room was empty. Great! Hermione and Ginny had left without her for breakast. Right she had better hurry up then before there's nothing left. She also hoped that nothing had happened over night.

Willow walked down the stairs, trying to stay on her feet without falling over the side of the stairs. She managed to get to the Great Hall without falling over. She was just about to enter when  she saw Harry walk towards her looking a bit ruffled. His hair was everywhere and his tie wasn't on straight. As soon as he saw her though he put them back into place. Willow didn't think anymore about it, he was probably just tired or rushing like she was. Oh yeah that's why she was down there. She then ran into the Great Hall to get some breakfast.

As per usual the teachers weren't there as they had lessons to plan for the day. The tables were once again full with students from each house either eating or talking to the people next to them. As she came through the door the whole of Slytherin house was staring at her. True they were probably silently judging and so were Ravenclaws just they didn't show it as much. She had to walk all the way to the front to sit with her friends and as she sat down she could tell they just wanted food.

"Hey Willow." Ginny said as she approached.

"Thanks for waking me up."
"You looked so peaceful. Didn't want to wake you."

"Right. Well thanks."

"You're welcome."

"Anything else happen last night? I was kinda out of it."

"Yeah we noticed. Didn't we Hermione."
"Yeah. Nothing happened no more screams."
"I probably would have heard them if there had been."

"Are you going to sit down?"
Willwo sat down next to Ginny who was tearing into a bowl of porridge. Hermione was slowly eating away at an apple. Willow didn't expect anymore. Willow got a banana and peeled it.

"Willow have you seen Harry?"
"Yeah he was outside. He looked a bit rough."
"He always does."

"I'm sure he'll be here soon."
"He'd better be. I need to tell him something."
At that moment Harry came in. He looked a little bit smarter then he had but still a little ruff.

"Finally!" Ginny yelled.


"Where have you been?"
"You took ages."
"I need to tell you something."
"Me too."
"After you."

"You first."

"Why don't we tell each other at the same time?"
"Can I sit down first?"
Harry sat down opposite Ginny. He put his head in his hands. Willow knew what he was going to say next.

"Ginny I tell you first."
"Go on then."
"I think we need a break."

When Harry had said this the room went so silent you could hear a wand drop. Ron put down whatever he was eating and Hermione did the same. It was like the whole room was waiting for the response.

"Ginny?" Willow asked after a while.

"It's fine. I was going to say that anyway."

"Ginny let me explain."
"No it's fine. You've made your choice. I don't think it's the right one but you've obviously made it.."

Harry stared at the table. Ginny was obviously strong and could take anything anyone threw at her. Harry wasn't as strong. Willow sat there feeling very awkward. Harry got up and left.

"Wait Harry! You haven't finished your apple!" Ron shouted after him.

"You have it." Harry shouted back.

Ron took the apple and bit into it.

"Ron really?!" Hermione gasped.
"What? He said I could have it." Ron replied with his mouth full.

Hermione tutted in disgust. Ginny carried on to eat her porridge a bit more angry then last time but everyone could understand why. Maybe nothing happened over night but something was defiently going to go down in the next few hours. Can't wait for the first lessons to begin.

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen: Mysterious boy
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Hermione got her books and followed her year to the class. Her first lesson was with Professor Lupin though. She liked the professor and hopefully the class wouldn't be too tense. She hadn't seen the others since breakfast that morning so hopefully they would have calmed down by now. She walked into the classroom and as per usual she was the first one there. Lupin wasn't there yet but she wasn't surprised it was a full moon last night so he could still be healing from a night without transforming. She went to her desk and waited for the others.

"First one here." someone called from the door. Hermione turned round and found a boy she didn't recognise standing at the door.

"Who are you?" She called back unsure of how to react.

"I'm sure you know my sister."
"You're Willows brother."

"So do I get to know you're name?"
"Maybe. Maybe not."
Hermione was getting annoyed. She always wanted to know things and she wouldn't stop until she got the answer.

"You're going to tell me."

"I think I should decide that. Don't you?"
"Fine but I will find out."

"I'm sure you will. Anyway must be off, don't want to be seen with younger years on my first day."
"I'm that bad am I?"

"Not you just the others."
"You havent met them yet."
"I know enough already."

When he had said that, the mysterious boy left the door and walked off. Hermione was very confused but decided to leave it until later. Willow could tell her later anyway. I'm sure the others would be there soon.

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen: Cupboard
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Harry was walking along the corridor towards Lupins classroom. He was already late and didn't need any distractions but someone else had other ideas. Harrys arm was grabbed and was taken into a cleaning cupboard. He was very confused until he saw who had brought him into it.


Draco pulled Harry in for a kiss. Harry accepted and kissed him back. That felt good. They hadn't kissed properly since the summer as everyone had been watching them. Harry pulled away when he realised he had been rushing past.

"I have to get to my lesson." Harry tried to open the door but Draco pulled him back.

"Right now. Couldn't you wait a little longer?"
"Lupin will be cross."

"Who cares about that werewolf?"
"I do. He's one of my best teachers."
"Well I think he's dangerous."
"I don't care what you think. I'm going to his lesson."

"Don't you love me anyore?"
"Of course I do."

Draco held Harry by the scruff of his neck against the door.

"I promise."

Draco put him back down.

"Good. Now you will spy on the other students for me."
"What why?"
"Because you will do what I tell you. Unless..."
"No please. I'll do anything."
"Good. So you will spy on the students then for me?"
"Yes Draco."
"Good because you know what will happen if you don't. Oh and you have to tell Ginny."
"I already have."
"Good. How did she take it?"
"How do you expect?"
"At least we can be together now though right?"
"Yes Draco."
"Off you go then, if you're so late."
Draco opened the door for Harry to go out of. Harry very slowly left the cupboard. He closed the door behind him and walked towards the room he was supposed to be in already.

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen: Where's Lupin?
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Hermione, Willow, Ginny, Cho and Luna were sitting around the desk. The whole class had now turned up since Draco and Harry had finished in the cupboard. They were waiting, their teacher still hadn't turned up yet and it didn't look like any time soon he was going to. It was the first lesson back, he was never late. He was one of the most commited of all of the teachers.

"So do we have to stay here or?" Willow asked.

"He'll be here in a minute." Hermione answered her.

"He is taking forever though." Luna replied worried.

"He'll be here."

"What's up Hermione?" Ginny asked frustrated with Hermione and her sounding like she was mad.

"I just want the lesson to start."
"So do we."

Hermione went silent. Ginny spinned round on her chair. Willow and Cho carried on talking and Luna played with her hair. The rest of the room kept talking loudly. Usually a teacher would calm them down but with no teacher, the class can go wild.


Mcgonagall walked past the class. She didn't want to bother the professor but the class were being really noisy and she couldn't hear herself think. She looked in through the window into the classroom. The only thing she could see is the pupils going wild. They were standing up and on tables, making paper planes and sending them flying, chewing magic gum and just being noisy. Mcgonagall looked around the classroom and couldn't see Lupin anywhere. She opened the door and the room went deadly silent.

"What's going on in here?" Mcgonagall shouted at the pupils.

The class didn't answer her.

"Is anyone going to answer me?"

Still no reply.

"Right. Well, I think I had better sit here until Professor Lupin turns up." Mcgonagall sat down. The class sat there twiddling their thumbs. Thirty minutes passed and still no Lupin. Mcgonagall got up and walked to the front of the class to get the pupils attention.

"It doesn't look like the Professors going to turn up then. You can go. Class dismissed."

The pupils stood up and left the class talking quietly just in case that disturbed another class that was still learning. Hermione led the girls to someone she knew would help them out. Hagrid.

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty: Hagrid's hut
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The girls walked down near to the forbidden forest. Willow didnt really know where she was going but just followed because she didn't want to leave her friends. Plus she had next lesson with them and she didn't know where she was going, so she had to follow someone who knew they were going. Luckily the four other girls knew where they were going. Only one person could help them with their feelings right now and it obviously wasn't going to be Mcgonagall.

Hagrid was sitting in his hut. He hadn't got any lessons until later that day so he had some time to rest and look after Fang. He wasn't expecting anyone to come along unless he had forgotten to teach but five people were walking towards the hut. He looked up and smiled when he saw Hermione walking towards the door. He also recognised Luna and Ginny thanks to them being very good friends with Harry but he didn't recognise the other two. Ginny opened the door to the hut and stepped inside. The bats that usually flew around the hut nearly flew out the door and hit Willow in the head. Willow ducked a little to late but Luna managed to catch it before it could fly to the castle.

"Thanks Luna."

"Hermione. Ginny and of course Luna. What a surprise?!"
"Good to see you Hagrid." Hermione said back. Ginny and Luna nodded.

"But I don't know you two." Hagrid said looking over at Cho and Willow.

"This is Cho and Willow." Luna said happily.

"Willow's new she won't have seen her yet and Cho is really quiet so you won't notice her too much." Ginny said afterwards.

Cho nugged her with her elbow. Ginny smirked at her.

"Nice to meet you both. Now was there something wrong?"
"Yes there is." Hermione replied to his question.

Hermione sat down next to Fang looking for some comfort. Ginny sat down next to her and Luna on the other side. Willow and Cho stood by the door. Hagrid looked at their faces and knew that it was something worrying them.

"What's wrong?"

"We're worried about Professor Lupin." Hermione said looking down at the floor.

"Yeah he didn't turn up to our lesson first thing." Ginny carried on.

"And he's never not turned up to our lesson." Luna said after that.

"I can see why you're worried."

"Have you seen him this morning?" Cho asked.

"Not yet but I thought he was just doing some last minute marking."

"He must be somewhere." Ginny said putting her hand on Hermiones shoulder.
"He'll turn up. He might have just forgotten he had a lesson."
"I doubt it." Hermione said under her breath.

Hermione got up and left the hut after she said that. Ginny and Luna looked after her, helpless. They knew they couldn't do anything to help her with her feelings.

"So, what are we going to do?" Willow said after being quiet for the whole conversation.

"I'm sure the Professor is fine. He might have had a bad night last night."

The girls bar Willow looked down at the floor in unison. Willow looked a little surprised but let them do it all the same.

"He might just be sleeping it off. Now you need to run along to your next lesson. What you got?"
"Potions with Professor Snape." Luna said calmly.

"Ah better be off then."
The girls laughed. They knew that he was right, Snape was the worst teacher to be late for. They needed to go now. The girls said their goodbyes and left the hut towards Hogwarts again. Hermione was waiting outside for them. They joined back up again and carried on walking together.