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Life's Never Easy by WhatChooFellOverFor

Format: Short story
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 9,833
Status: 2

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Dominique, Fred II, James (II), OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 09/17/2019
Last Chapter: 05/22/2020
Last Updated: 06/04/2020


Life was never simple being the best friend of James Potter. Now add in being a Chaser on the Falmouth Falcons Quidditch team, crazy fangirls that are incapable of staying in the past, jealous ex-boyfriends who refuse to stay just that and dating said Potter, life's not going to get any easier. 


I being Arielle Primeaux (soon-to-be-Potter, according to the tabloids, but you know, that requires actually having a boyfriend who's got the balls to propose in the first place).


But hey, what do I know about having an easy life?


Welcome to my world, for he second time.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1
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"James! Hurry up!"


"Hang on, I'm coming, keep your hair on!"


"How long?"


"Er... ten minutes?"






Yep, that's pretty average for us. I mean, coming from the fact that he's the firstborn son of the saviour of the wizarding world, that's almost tame.


"Charlize, where's my broomstick?"


"By the shed, where you left it last night."


"Thanks a million!"


I glanced at my watch; if we weren't moving in the next five minutes, we were going to be late.




"Alright, lady, I'm here!"


His trademark messy hair appeared at the bottom of the stairs, and with a dull clunking sound his trunk appeared with him.


"James, Charlize, are you gone yet?"


"Yes mum, we're definitely gone. That's why we're stood here having this conversation with you," James replied dryly, picking up his broomstick. Ginny Potter scowled, her red hair dancing in the light.


"I meant, are you ready yet?"


"Yes, we are, Ginny," I said, cutting across James quickly, quite keen to stay on her good side (if you don't know, Ginny Potter can be quite scary when she's mad).


"Ok, then, let's go," she said, chivying us out of the room and out to the front door where Harry Potter was stood. Now, if I was an ordinary person, I would have grabbed my mum's hand by now and would have squealed like a crazy fan girl, "Look, mum, it's Harry Potter!" But I probably don't qualify for an ordinary person, as I see Harry Potter every year, and have done since I was a baby, and he's like a second dad to me. And also the fact that I have had baths with James Potter II as a baby. And also the fact that I, well, er, sort of accidentally, called James an idiot in front of his parents, only to find them laughing their heads off at us. Oh well, what can you do, you can't have everything in life, can you?






The journey to King's Cross was uneventful, as Harry had hired Ministry cars for us, and we passed through the barrier without any issues as always. When we were on the other side, the last thing I remember seeing before being obscured by a storm of strawberry blonde hair was the scarlet steam engine, and it took me a split second to realise that my other best friend, Dominique Weasley, had just hugged me so tightly I couldn't breathe.


"Charlize!" she shrieked, squeezing me even tighter. Over her shoulder, I spotted James chuckling rather annoyingly at me. I glared at him for a moment before choking out, "Can't... breathe..."


"Sorry!" she squealed, letting go as I gasped for breath and massaged by ribs. "How are you doing?" 


Great, thanks, especially now you've almost killed me. Thanks for asking.


"How did I almost kill you?"


Shoot, I said that out loud?


"Yes, you did," Fred Weasley said, looking amused as he walked over, before promptly sweeping me into an ever tighter hug than Dom.


"Fred... Fred..."


"Fred, you're killing her, mate."


"Oh, so that's why you said that she almost killed you," he sad, grinning, before dropping me onto the floor. I staggered a few steps back, gasping for breath, as I managed to choke out, 


"Is it officially Kill Charlize Parloux Day or something?" I wheezed, as I walked back to them. "Death by Hugs Day?"


"No, but we can make it that, if you want us to," James said, grinning as he advanced on me, his arms stretched out.


"No no no, I'm good thanks."





As we found ourselves a compartment on the train, the distant shouts of, "Be good!" "Stay safe!" "Don't upset the teachers!" and "Don't pull any pranks!" (I'm fairly sure that last one was from Ginny, but all of them aimed at us) followed us on and I said to my friends, "Saying all that stuff is like telling Rose to get a detention."


Rose Weasley is the good girl of the Wotters (Weasley-Potters - keep up) and has never had a detention in her four years at Hogwarts. We're all in the year above her, sixth year, and the longest we've lasted without a detention is two weeks into term (I know, very impressive). But hey, that's perfectly normal for anyone associated with a Wotter, right?


"Guys! Over here!" 


We looked up and saw Max Belen and Georgia Wood waiting for us in a compartment, their owls twittering around their heads.


"So. What's the first prank gonna be?" Max grinned, taking out a sheet of parchment, a quill and some ink to write down some ideas. As Freddy began to describe his idea of what levitating flying pigs into the Headmistress' office, I leaned back in my seat, wondering what stupid prank we were gonna do this time.


Whatever it was, it was gonna be epic.


Just saying.


Because my best friend is a Wotter.


And cos I'm epic.


Got the idea? Good. Cos I'm not gonna explain.




We walked into the Great Hall, chatting animatedly, and the usual stares followed us in. However, we ignored them and took our seats at the Gryffindor table. The Sorting happened without incident, and I watched while drawing out patterns idly on a spare piece of parchment. When the Feast was over and Professor McGonogall had dismissed us, three girls suddenly appeared out of nowhere, standing menacingly in front of us. To be honest, considering they were wearing enough makeup to last them two hundred lifetimes, I was surprised they recognised us. 


"Yes?" I said, bored. Jasmine Greengrass, Samantha Vane and Sofia Chang were all in Slytherin and all equally stupid. They were the school sluts, and, in short, they hated us to the moon and back. You know what, forget that, to Pluto and back. And around again. They had actually tried to become our friends in first year, but I suppose that was because they wanted to get closer to James, Freddy and Max (considering they're the three hottest guys in the school. Hang on, they're my best friends, I'm not supposed to be thinking about them like that, goddammit!)


"Get lost."


I looked up (all three boys had a good six and a half inches on me at least, and I'm tall as it is) and I saw them stood beside me, flanking us. They immediately went into flirting mode, simpering and drooling over them - the whole hair flip business, too (eurgh). James just walked past, looking annoyed, and the rest of us followed. They were wearing identical looks of shock on their practically plastic faces as we strode past.


Well, they're gone for another day. Hopefully.







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Chapter 2: Chapter 2
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"Hi, James!"


"Hi James, you're invited to my party!"


"Hey, Charlize, my bed's feeling lonely! Wanna come help me make it feel better?"


I scowled, ignoring the annoying calls of annoying fan girls and boys, and especially the last one. For some reason, James always tensed up whenever someone made a comment about me like that, although Freddy said it was because he was always like that; playing the overprotective big brother role.


"When's Quidditch tryouts?"


James looked at me disbelievingly.


"Charlie, I've played on the same team as you for five years. You're definitely making the team!"


I shook my head at the captain. "It's gotta be fair, doesn't it?"


"Yeah, well, unless you're not on the team, there's no way that anyone's gonna play fair, is there?" he snorted, turning back to his breakfast. "And we have no chance if you're not on the team." I shrugged, and followed him down to the pitch when he had finished.


More than twenty hopefuls had put their name down for trying out, but I was pleased to see that the other Chasers, Freddy and Max, were among them, and Albus Potter the Keeper, and Harrison and Alfie Wood, both fourth years, who were Beaters on the team last year. It turned out, not surprisingly, that most of the people who turned up were people who wanted to spend more time with James (or anybody else on the team, really, as they were all famous in a way). I was the only girl on the team, but I wasn't really bothered to be honest. 


As expected, everyone who was on the team last year got in this year too and I joined them as we headed to the locker rooms to have the first team meeting of the year.




James turned around to look at us, about to begin his famous start of year speech, before someone barrelled into the changing rooms, and we turned to see that it was Andrew Smith, or Smith Junior. You know, Zacharias Smith's son? How did he get into Gryffindor, though?


"Give me another go."


"No," James said, frowning. "Charlize won the spot for Seeker, fair and square."


"I bet she's actually only on the team because she's your best friend and a Veela," he sneered, fury blazing in his contorted face.


"She's on the team because she outflew the competition and has the skills to rival Viktor Krum's," he said calmly, although I could see that he was angry.


I watched them argue for a while merely for a source of entertainment, and also sort of because angry guys are either amusing, or plain damn hot.


Calling your best friend hot now, are you? Cos that's not fucking normal.


What in the fucking name of all that's holy?!






You're calling yourself a hypocrite right there.


Wha- How??


I'm in your head, you see.


No, I don't see, actually. What the fuck are you doing in my head?


Baking a fucking cake.


Haha. Who are you, anyway?


I am a Voice, or your conscience, in other words.


Ok... If you could kindly leave now, that would be greatly appreciated. Round about now?


Ok, then, but you're stuck with me for the rest of your life.


What?! Hell no!


Ok, then, I'm leaving now. See you later!




...Nothing. Fan-fucking-tastic.


"Charlize? Are you alright? You look very confused. Like, as in taking confused to a whole new level."


I blinked and looked up to see the boys looking at me in concern.


"I'm fine," I grinned. "Just mentally preparing myself for the speech."


James rolled his eyes. "Which will not be happening."


"What?! The world must be ending!"


I fell to the floor dramatically, writhing and pretending that everything around me just collapsed. Within seconds, Freddy had joined me and we lay on the floor, begging to God for mercy. The twins and Max fell about laughing whilst Albus sat in the corner, trying not to burst out laughing. James, however, was glaring at us.


"Fine, then. I'll give you your fucking speech."


"I don't know whether we should be cheering or not about the fact that the Quidditch Nazi just came back," Max said, grinning.


James glared at us again before promptly launching into his speech.


It was going to be a very long season.






After a long and gruelling practice, I stood in the hot shower, letting the water rush over me. It was incredibly painful getting hit by Bludgers repeatedly and trying to stay on my broom while James yelled at us for not hitting the Bludgers hard enough. I mean, I love him and all, but really?! The guy has fucking issues worse than a two year old having a tantrum.


I turned off the shower and stepped out, wrapping a towel around myself. I headed over to the bench where my bag was and my towel slipped down a few inches. I cursed and was about to adjust it when the door to the changing rooms swung open.


It was James.


We stared at each other for a fraction of a second before I screamed and stepped backwards, tripping over my towel and flying backwards. James' hand shot out and grabbed my arm before I fell, but my towel fell even further. We stared at each other again, before I pulled myself upright and adjusted my towel, before running into a cubicle, my cheeks flaming. I called out to him,


"Can we just pretend this never happened?"




I heard the sound of a locker shutting and the door slamming, and I quickly changed. Hurrying back up to the Gryffindor Tower, I almost wished that today had never happened. Courtesy of you, Voice.


I am actually still here, you know.


Curse you.


That's not very nice, is it?


I know. That's why I said it. Duh.


That's still not very nice.


Fuck off.




That's not very nice, is it?


Fuck off.


Fuck you.


Still not very nice.


You really need to get lost. 










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Chapter 3: Chapter 3
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As I walked back to the Gryffindor Tower, I wondered what James was doing right now after that little, er, incident.


Thinking about him again?


He's my best friend, it would be a bit mean not to.


You know what I'm talking about.


Sorry, I really don't.


Put it this way. You've had baths with James as a kid, and now, when he sees you without a towel for a mere two seconds and you run away with your face brighter than a baboon's arse. What's that all about?


How am I supposed to know? And that was before I had boobs!


Uh-huh. If you say so.


I do say so, so fuck off.


Ok, then.


Hey, I didn't mean that!




And he's gone again. Or she. I don't even know yet. Don't assume genders, it never ends well.


I'm a she.


So you are still here!


I can't voluntarily leave, you know.


Well, I don't know, so fuck off.




I don't fucking give two flying shits.


Ok, then. See you later!


What in the name of- 


Actually, never mind.


I gave the password to the Fat Lady and stepped through. I saw James sat on the couch, looking slightly dazed and his cheeks tinged with pink. As soon as he saw me, however, he sat up straight and his usual smirk spread across his face.


"Looking good, Parloux!"


I strode over to him and smacked him on the arm.




"I thought we agreed not to talk about it?" I hissed, glaring at him.


"Well, actually, when you asked that, I simply said 'mhm', which could mean anything, really."


I smacked him again.


"Ow! I'm your best friend!" 




I stalked away, leaving a very confused Potter in my wake. However, before I had even reached the bottom of the girls' staircase, someone hurtled into me and knocked me over. Shrieking in alarm, I attempted to twist out from his grip and pulled away. However, him being him with his massive muscles, he managed to keep me pinned down.


"Get off me!"




Suddenly, his evil smirk stretched across his face and he immediately dived for my sides with his hands, tickling me to death. He was, effectively, straddling me at my waist as he tickled me and several fifth year girls looked quite sulky as they walked past. Anyway, being the saddo I am, I was extremely ticklish and within seconds I was screeching.


"Get - OFF - ME!"


I managed to whip out my wand and point it directly at his face, and he immediately sobered up, looking quite frightened. And so he should be - I had a fearsome reputation when it came to duelling. However, he pulled out his wand too and warned me, 


"I won't get off until you say that I'm the best friend in the world and you love me with all your heart!"




"Fine, then."


He continued to tickle me until I screamed, "Ok, fine! You're the best friend in the world and I love you with all my heart!"


At that, everyone in the common room stopped to stare at us and I suddenly realised that we were in a very compromising situation: he was straddling me and his hands were at my side, very close to my chest.


"Oi! Quit staring! Don't you all have stuff to do? Like, I don't know, fucking in a broom closet somewhere?!"


"You're not in much of a position to talk. But, however, you are to fuck."


I looked up to see that Faith McLaggen had chosen that moment to arrive. And she was also James' girlfriend. What he sees in her, I do not know. Never have, never will. True, they've only been going out for about two days, but I already hope that it's just one of his flings again. Cos she's more annoying than trying to avoid a beach ball sized Bludger. That has been cursed to fly after you at top speed. I mean, it's hard enough to avoid a normal one! 


I craned my neck and saw that Daniel McLaggen, her twin, was stood with her, and he was smirking down at me.


"Yes, you are in a position to fuck. Want to try out that theory?"


"I'd rather wake Voldemort up from the dead and ask him to do the naked tango with me," I said coldly.


James and a few onlookers, including Freddy and Max, sniggered.


Faith turned to her boyfriend and started screaming, "How could you cheat on me with a tramp?! HOW??"


"Excuse me! Cheating on you?! I mean, that would be quite understandable, but he wouldn't stoop as low as to cheat on you!"


"And Charlize is not a tramp!"


A few murmurs of agreement came from the gathered crowd, but they immediately died after a furious glare from The Blonde Bitchy Bimbo. Actually, most of James' girlfriends are Blonde Bitchy Bimbos. Hey, that's a catchy name for her! The Blonde Bitchy Bimbo. The BBB. Nice.


The BBB gazed at James, who was actually still straddling me, before running away with a dramatic sob.




I blinked at James in surprise before asking, "Why don't you just break up with her if you hate her?"


"Good point. Oi, Faith!"


BBB looked around before batting her eyelashes at him.


"Yes, Jamesie?"


I almost gagged at the nickname and everyone else looked like they were thinking the same.


"I'm breaking up with you!"


BBB stared at him for a second before bursting into rather dramatic tears again and running out.


"Finally, I've wanted you to do that for ages!"


"Freddy, it's been two days."


Freddy and Max were making their way over, and suddenly the latter turned around and said, "You owe me ten galleons!"


Freddy scowled and handed over the money, rolling his eyes.


"Actually, you both owe me ten galleons," I said proudly, holding out my hand.


When they both gaped at me, I added smugly, "I bet on two days. Freddy bet on five. Max bet on three. So, because I guessed correctly, you both owe me."


They stared at me, dumbfounded, before giving me the money.


"What? You bet on me?" James said indignantly, looking more amused than annoyed.


"Every time."




"Well, it was kind of obvious," I said, shrugging. "And it's funny. And I get rich." He rolled his eyes at me and slumped back on the couch. Then he smirked.


"So, then. About - "


I leapt up and clamped a hand over his mouth, preventing him from saying anything.


"You say anything and I'll personally make sure you won't ever be able to have kids," I said threateningly, and James almost winced in pain; I guess he remembered what happened the first time he challenged me about it.


"That goes for you too!" I added, turning my wand to the other two, who immediately nodded warily.


I sank back in my seat, a smirk on my face. The effect I had on these guys was quite funny.


You don't think?


Oh, fuck off, already.






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Chapter 4: Chapter 4
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I sat at the back of Transfiguration, having a whispered argument with James about which broomstick was better: the Nimbus 3500 or the Firebolt IV. 


"Yes, but the Firebolt has a 190 maximum!"


"The Nimbus has a 0-90 acceleration in 10 seconds!"


"If you're quite done."


We looked up and saw Professor Chang stood in front of us, an evil glint in her eyes.


"Let's see. Detention tonight, yes?"


"Alright, then, Professor," James said with a nonchalant shrug. She scowled and strode back to her desk - I think, sorry, I know, that James' dad might have something to do with the fact that she doesn't like us very much. At all. And also possibly the fact that James has turned down her daughter about a million and one times now.


"Potter! Can you tell me what the effects of incomplete Transfiguration can have on a human?"


"There is a chance of permanent damage to the human form, and it can be quite dangerous unless performed correctly," he recited lazily. Chang scowled and went on to say, 


"Homework! Two foot essay on the effects of human Transfiguration and Animagi!"


There was a collective groan as the bell went and everyone packed up their stuff. Fan-bloody-tastic.







At 8 o'clock, me and James arrived at the trophy room for our detention, discussing ideas for the prank that we were yet to pull. I should probably explain, though you've probably guessed.


Yeah, I have.


For fuck's sake, I wasn't talking to you!


You sure?




Ok, then. So I take it I can disappear now?


You're always free to.


Thanks. See ya!


Thank God.


I can still hear you.


Fuck off.




Anyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, me, James, Freddy and Max always pull a prank during the first week of term. Dom and Georgia always help us on the brainy part so that we can get on with the physical part.


No, not like that, GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER. OK??!


Good. Glad we sorted that out. Anyway, we had decided to levitate pigs, which had been charmed to moo or sing the national anthem of various countries at regular intervals, into the Slytherin dormitories while they slept and stick them to their heads. We had also decided to cast a charm on the door to the Slytherin common room so whoever walked in or out of the door would only be able to speak in various barnyard sounds, consisting of baas, moos, quacks and oinks. The best part? It lasts for 48 hours. Like I said, it will be epic. And also hilarious.


I was also responsible for making sure that they could cast the charms and do the levitating without being caught and doing the research for the actual charms. Did I mention that it will be epic? Ok, then. It will be EPIC. In capital letters.


What's better than epic? EPIC WOTTER STYLE.







"I've had an idea for the prank!"


Me and James had just stepped through the portrait hole after detention and Max had already jumped up and ran towards us. 


"What if we charm all their robes to have an animal with the head of a duck and the body of a pig instead of a snake? And for them to say 'Quackerin the Idiots'?"




"Glad you think so," he replied, grinning at me. He had a twinkle in his eye not unlike the one he always had when we had briefly dated back in fourth year; James had refused to speak to either of us for the two weeks when we were dating, and we had mutually decided to break up for his sorry sake. I never found out the reason why he was so mad at us for it, but I never bothered to after he refused to continue discussing the subject.




Freddy's voice broke me out of my thoughts and I looked up to see him grinning at us.


"Is that part of the plan?"


"Hell yes!"


"When are we doing it, then?"




"Nah, that's too soon, we need time to prepare!"


"Ok, ok, but I NEED to get their faces on camera or I will never forgive myself. Or any of you guys. Ever."



Fuck, this is gonna be good.


You bet.


I'm not gonna say anything just cos you're agreeing with me for once. Be grateful.


I am. Very.







As I went up to the dormitory after half an hour of intense planning, I suddenly had a thought. Why was James so protective and depressed whenever I had a boyfriend? I pondered on this thought for a moment, before clambering into my bed after changing. He was like that with all of his female cousins, but he took overprotective to a whole new level with me.


Oh, you really are thick, aren't you?


What? I don't know what you're talking about.


But don't you?  *insert sly smile here*


No. He can't.


...Can he?


You know full well it's possible.


Nah, I'm his best friend of 16 years. He can't. He just can't.


Well, look at it like this. You're a part Veela, meaning you're hot, you're on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, meaning you're fit, and you're top of the year, meaning you're smart. And you know him better than his own parents, meaning you know him inside out. Everything he looks for in a girl.


It.. I don't know... He just wouldn't.


Wouldn't he?


No. No no no no no no. C'est impossible!


But it isn't. Open up your mind a bit more. Remember, this is Hogwarts we're talking about right now. And this is you, Charlize Parloux, and James Potter II. Anything's possible...







Translation: C'est impossible = It's impossible


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Chapter 5: Chapter 5
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As I woke up the next morning, the reality of yesterday's conversation with myself, sorry, with the Voice, hit me with the force of a ton of bricks. Hence, I swayed on my feet and collapsed on my bed. As if I had just been hit it the head. By a ton of bricks.




Dom was standing over my bed, looking concerned. "Are you ok?"


Yeah, I'm totally fine, cos I think your cousin's pranking me under the Cloak and thinks it's funny to hit me in the head with a ton of bricks.


"What? Why would anyone do that?"




Shoot indeed.


Fuck off.


"Um... I was joking, I've got a headache, that's all."


"A headache that kills like a ton of bricks?" she said skeptically.


"You see, I'm thinking, and apparently, that's bad for your brain if you've just woken up. Or any other time of the day, actually, you see," I said, deliberately with the maddening air of someone explaining that 2 + 2 = 4 to a two-year-old child - something that I knew Dom hated. She scowled and walked back over to her bed and pulled out a hairbrush to start brushing her strawberry-blonde hair, which was naturally streaked with Weasley red. My own hair, like Dom's and unlike Vic's, is not your typical Veela style hair; it's light brown, sort of the colour of caramel with darker streaks and also gold ones. I have an older brother, Matthew, and a younger sister, Danielle, who both have the signature platinum blonde hair like every other person in my family who has Veela blood - I'm the only one without it so far.




I immediately recognised the voice as Lily's (she has a big voice for a little kid - understatement of the century, by the way) and I instantly hurried down; I'm a bit terrified of Wotter women, if you haven't noticed yet.


You know what, that's the understatement of the century.


You don't say, hmm?


I'm perfectly aware that I'm a wimp when it comes to Wotter women, thank you very much.


And you say you're a Gryffindor.


Get lost.


Anyway, when I had got downstairs, I saw Matt threatening a third year boy who was cowering in a corner with Danielle stood beside her, screaming at our overprotective brother. I walked up to them and raised my wand, and said, quite calmly, "Protego."


Matt looked round at me furiously, but I simply shoved him out of the way.


"Now, what is your name?" I asked the boy kindly, gazing at him.


"Sam Goldstein," he squeaked, looking terrified.


"I take it you're going out with Dani?"


A nod.


"Well, then. I'll explain the rules in short. You may do what you like with her, save shagging, give that a few years - " both third years went bright red - "but other than that, I don't really care -  and neither does Matt. Do you?" *insert death glare here.* "But I can assure you that if your hurt her in anyway, I will make sure that you will never have the ability to reproduce. Is that clear?"


Another nod. Am I really that scary?




Forget I bothered asking.


I suppose all the boys also agree, seeing as they all winced at the mention of hurting his precious man bits. Ah, the memories of kneeing someone in the groin when he wolf-whistled at me. Good days.


"You can go, then," I said briskly, but not unkindly, and they scurried away.


"What were they doing in here? They're both in Ravenclaw. As are you," I added, looking at him reproachfully. He shrugged.


"Why didn't you let me handle it?"


"Because you would probably scare him away," I stated simply as I clambered out of the portrait hole for breakfast, leaving a very confused Matt behind. Do I really have that of effect on all boys?


You know what, don't even bother answering that.


I wasn't going to.




An arm suddenly shot out and grabbed me, pulling me into the broom closet behind me. 


"What the - "


A hand clamped over my mouth, but I willed my Veela power to burn, so he recoiled when he felt it.


"What the fuck is going on?"


When my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I made out a pair of icy blue eyes staring at me, but the rest of his face was hidden.


"Hello, sexy," he whispered.


"What the - " I wriggled and twisted, but he kept me in a vice-like grip.


"Let me get straight to the point. Go out with me, or I will make your life living hell. Or, let me be your fuck buddy. Your choice."


I glared at him, and with one more tug, I wrenched my arm out of his grasp. I tumbled out and staggered down the corridor, which was thankfully empty, and hurried towards the Great Hall, flattening down my hair.


"Charlie? What's going on?"


James had appeared at the doors of the Great Hall and was looking at me in concern.


"James, I - "


My tongue suddenly curled up and stuck itself to the roof of my mouth, and I found myself unable to speak.




I gestured helplessly at my mouth before before mouthing, "Change the subject!"


He gave me a strange look, before saying, "Who are we playing first?"


My tongue immediately unglued itself and I said, "Hufflepuff first. Tongue-Tying - "


That was as far as I got before my tongue curled up again. James nodded in half-understanding before we walked into the Great Hall together.


"Anyway, I wanted to show you something."


He pulled a copy of the Hogwarts Gazette, the school magazine, out of his cloak pocket and handed it to me. On the front cover there was a picture of James straddling me and tickling me - it was when his hands were dangerously close to my chest. The photo was captioned, James Potter cheats on girlfriend Faith McLaggen with Charlise Parloux, and underneath there was a detailed explanation of what had happened.


"'An exclusive interview from Faith McLaggen,'" I read, before snorting. Of course it was exclusive, no one else cared about her petty little love life. "At least get my name right!" I added, pointing to the mistake. "Who wrote this? Ah, Savannah Skeeter..." Delightful woman. 


She's a downright Drama Queen Bitch with capital letters. Enough said.


"I should talk to McGonogall about this," James said thoughtfully. 


"Nah, we get all the gossip from this thing. And plus, you love seeing your name at number 1 on the Fit List, don't you?" I added in a teasing tone, waving the magazine in his face. He rolled his eyes, but I know him well enough to know that he meant it good-naturedly. I mean it, though. There is a Fit List. You heard me right. A bloody Fit List. The point? To blow up their already blown-up egos. I mean, I'm number 1 for the girls and 2 overall, but still! 


As we walked into the Great Hall, joking and teasing, everyone looked up and stared at us.


"So. The rumours are true, then," Savannah Skeeter sneered.


"Skeeter, you run the Gazette, surely you should know what's true and what's not?"


She scowled, but before any of us could say anything, Faith had marched up to us and she slapped me round the face.


Yep, proper bitch slap.


"What the fuck?" I hissed, refusing to touch my now probably red face. 


"JAMES CHEATED ON ME BECAUSE OF YOU!!" she screamed, and moved her hand to slap me again. However, I grabbed her wrist before she could and upon burning her (wow, burning two people in 10 minutes? New record) she pulled her arm away. Her eyes were filled with tears, and instead she settled with pulling out her wand to duel me. In short, two words. Stupid idea. I managed to beat her within 20 seconds (wow - I have a thing for setting records today, don't I?) and she finally had the common sense to run away. Crying. Her mascara was running down her face in ugly streaks, barely slicing through her heavily thick make-up.


"Miss Parloux."


"Professor McGonogall."


"My office, please."


I swallowed. This could not be good.








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Chapter 6: Chapter 6
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I was sat in the seat opposite McGonogall in her office; the last time I was in here, I was with James because we had set up a portable lake in the Great Hall. Result? Detention for the next month.


She peered at me over the top of her square spectacles.


"Miss Parloux, I hardly need to remind you that duelling outside of class is against the rules," she said sternly.


"No, professor."


"However, the magic you performed was extraordinary. What do you plan to do in the future?"


"I want to go into professional Quidditch, but if no team accepted me, I would apply for an Auror training course, or Healer."


"And you would do well in all three," she said, still scrutinizing me. "Like I said, that magic was extraordinary; even some of the top N.E.W.T. students in Defence Against Dark Arts wouldn't have been able to perform that. Would you like to move up to the seventh year Defence class?"


I sat staring at her, stunned. I had expected to get detention, sure, but not this.


"Professor, could I consider this and tell you another time?"


She nodded, before adding, "I'm sure that this would be beneficial for you, but I think that there may be spells that you are yet to learn this year. That is something that you must bear in mind."


I nodded, taking this as a sign of dismissal, before standing up and leaving the office. This needed some serious thinking.







"So? Have you thought about it?"


I was sat in the common room with a book in my arms and my feet in James' lap, still mulling over what I should do about DADA.


"I mean, I hardly think you need it, but I think it will be helpful. But I do want you in our class, who else is supposed to get me through the exams?" he added with a pout. 


"Yeah, I know, but..." I bit my lip, staring into the fire; its flames were dancing merrily and throwing long, quivering shadows on the wall.


"It's your choice in the end."


I turned my head and gazed at him, and suddenly a tiny fire seemed to have started in my stomach. I don't know what made me say it, but I said it anyway.


"I'm staying. For you."


"For me?"


James took shock to a whole new level as he stared at me.


"You're missing out on a really good opportunity... for me?"


"Remember what we said in our first year?"


"'I solemnly swear to be there for you every second of every day, be it for a shoulder to cry on, for a friend to laugh at, or for an idiot to shout at. I will be there for you'," he recited, his eyes gleaming.


It was a pact we made, and I was going to stick to it. Like a wart plaster.







I was stood inside the Headmistress' office, about to tell her my final decision. I took a deep breath.


"Professor, I want to stay in the sixth year Defence class," I told her nervously. She gave me that piercing look that I received so often from James; it was the kind of look that makes you feel like you're nothing more than a thin sheet of glass. But I get this stare from James normally, who I have known for my whole life (literally. We were born on the same day in the same hospital in the same ward in the same hour - you get the idea), not the Head of the school, so I basically shitted my pants.


Is it shitted?


Or shat?


I have no idea. And I don't give a flying fuck, either.


Actually, I do. Here we go:



Dear whom it may concern,


I assume you created the word 'shit'. What is the past tense of shit? Is it shitted or shat?


Yours sincerely,

Charlize Parloux, the crazy woman who doesn't qualify for normal.



Wow, such a jolly and normal letter. Just like my life.


I can feel you judging me.


Stop judging me.




Which is not a good idea, because last time I did that, it ended with two people in the hospital wing, one in St. Mungo's, several tantrums and another month's worth of detentions. Whoopeedooda.


Definitely normal.


Shut up.


Anyhoo, I realise I just veered off topic like a drunk house-elf on crack behind the steering wheel of the Knight Bus, but hey. I'm very normal. If you haven't realised yet.


So, McGonogall is currently x-raying me with her eyes. HER EYEBALLS. NOT SOME CRAZY RADIATION DEVICE. HER EYEBALLS.




SO. Attempting to be a normal person. She gazed at me for a moment longer, before nodding.


"I understand. But if you change your mind, you're always welcome to move up."


I nodded and quickly left the room, wondering if shitted or shat was the correct word.


Yes, I'm still thinking about that.


No, I'm not normal.


Thanks for asking.


Moving on.










Just when you were beginning to think me and James are all chummy chummy, nooooooo. He had to go and ruin it with a bloody Quidditch practice, didn't he? Don't get me wrong, I love Quidditch and all, but I do NOT appreciate a Quidditch Nazi telling me to break my neck. From a 50 foot dive, no less.




"Fine, then, I'll bloody dive," I muttered mutinously, pulling up in the air so I was level with him. Then I spun my broom around and shot towards the ground, hurtling at an alarming speed. The ground was only a few feet away now, and normally I would have already pulled out of the dive, but I pushed for an extra second before pulling up. That extra second was not a good idea, though; my broom spun out of control and even though I was only a couple of feet up, the broom dragged me a few meters along the ground and rose up dramatically before plummeting down again. I hit the ground at an awkward angle with a thud, and then blackness swallowed everything up.






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Chapter 7: Chapter 7
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Bright lights. Muttering. Bright lights. Bandages. Bright lights.




Wow, alliteration.


I know, right.






"I DON'T GIVE A BLOODY FLYING FU- oh, hello, Madame Vane."


The matron walked over to me, holding an alarming amount of potions in her hands.


"You landed on your neck at a bad angle, so you've twisted it in a way. You've also broken several ribs, but I've fixed those. I'll have to keep you overnight, though."


"Of course," I muttered, shifting in the bed slightly as she walked away. I looked around and noticed the rest of the team gazing at me at me for the first time.


"Well, at least we know that you haven't changed," Freddy said with a grin. The rest of the team chuckled, but my eyes were trained on one figure who was staring at me with a ghostly look on his face.


"I... I thought..."


"James, you have to know by now that I'm well and truly used to it," I told him as he continued to stare at me as if I was dying.


"I know, but it was my fault, and I wouldn't be able to live with the guilt if you, well..."


I looked round at he rest of the team, and asked them at large, "How long was I out for?"


"Eight hours," Max replied, regarding me carefully.




I wasn't really concerned; I've been out for longer than that before. I glanced around again and noticed that James was looking at me with a torn expression: torn between guilt and relief.


"You should all leave now, she needs her rest," Madame Vane said, bustling back over with yet more potions.


"Can I stay?"


I don't even know why that surprised me, but it was nearly curfew and the professors were especially strict about curfew - Georgia, being a prefect, was the only one out of us all who could get us out of being out of bed. We seriously owe her one. Or about two million.




The desperation in his voice really threw me that time, and I turned to look at him, but he was avoiding my gaze and staring determinedly at the matron, who was debating on whether or not to let him.


"Alright, but I'll be giving her a Sleeping Draught, so she won't be able to talk to you, ok?"


James nodded and settled himself down more comfortably, gazing at me again. Madame Vane handed me a small purple bottle, and I swallowed it all down. I gave James a sleepy smile, before a hazy darkness took over me, and I fell asleep instantly.







James' POV



I waited until Madame Vane was out of sight, before turning back to Charlie's sleeping form. I brushed her honey coloured hair out of her face and gazed at her, imagining her hazel eyes gazing back at me. She never really liked her eyes; she always said that they looked boring, but I loved them: they were a light brown, with flecks of gold and dark brown. When she laughed, they would light up and sparkle. When she was upset, they gleamed with a certain defiance. When she was angry, sparks flew from them. I had never seen them dull for a moment in my life.


Now, I know what you're thinking. I'm obsessed with her eyes. I won't deny it, cos they're the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen in my entire life, and she's the most beautiful person. Now, you're gonna be like, she's a Veela, that would deny the point, but Veela or not, she's amazing. And she doesn't even know it.


I've liked her since our fourth year, maybe even before then, and I knew it when she started dating Max, because let's face it. I was a teeny weeny bit jealous, you know. Just an itty bit.


Fine, I was quite jealous.




Ok. Moving on.


And smart she may be, she's too dense to realise that. 


"Charlize, I'm sorry, I'm a bloody Nazi when it comes to Quidditch, but I know that you're amazing, and that's why I told you to dive more. I'm an idiot, and a git, and every other insult you can think of. I deserve it. So, when you wake up and remember what happened, I deserve what you call me."


I brushed my lips across her forehead, and came to a sudden realisation. I'm 16, I've known her since birth, and I've only just realised this. I am stupid to not have thought this before.


"Charlie, you're my best friend of 16 years. And I love you."







She stirred sleepily as I murmured the three words over and over again, but I froze suddenly. What if she didn't like me back? I didn't want to mess up our friendship just because I was head over heels for her, but I can't help it if she's gorgeous. Is it my fault if she's the most amazing person in the world? No, I shouldn't bloody well think so. But I am the luckiest guy in the world to have her for a best friend.


I pushed the growing worries to the back of my mind and took her hand, stroking it gently with my thumb. She looked so peaceful, with her golden hair fanned out on the pillow beneath her head, and the corners of her mouth were quirked up very slightly, as if she was smiling in whatever dream she was having. My affection for her blossomed in the pit of my stomach as she turned slightly so she was facing me, and she yawned widely. Her eyes fluttered open, and she grinned at me.


"Morning, James."


I vaguely remember my answer being something resembling an, "Hmmpff!" before I ran off. Because I'm such a Gryffindor.


Actually, the real reason was because the truth hit me like a ton of bricks. A very painful ton of bricks.


Holy Hippogriff shite.


I'm in love with my best friend.







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Chapter 8: Chapter 8
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Charlize's POV



I woke, weak rays of sunlight filtering through the window. I let my eyes flutter open and I gazed up to see James sat beside the bed, staring at me with an unreadable expression.


"Morning, James," I greeted drowsily, with a sleepy grin spreading across my face.




I blinked, but before I could register what had happened, he had bolted out of the door and disappeared. I blinked again. I had always been able to read James, even if his eyes were closed, even if he was asleep. So why all of a sudden does he have this look in this eye? This look that I haven't been able to decipher, to read?


Right, Voice. Are you thinking, why aren't you confused that he ran off?


I'll tell you, Voice.


I am bloody confused, but I'm more worried about the fact that I can't read him. Knowing what he's thinking is very helpful and important. And worried.


I felt an odd twinge inside me as I stared at the space where he had disappeared.


Odd twinge?


I know I'm in the infirmary and all, but I'm technically not ill. 




Why did I have to go and be friends with James Potter II of all people?


Voice, if you're gonna say something, now would not be a good time. Never does happen to be a good time, though.


You know, I wasn't gonna say anything.









James' POV



I leaned my back against the door of the infirmary, breathing heavily.


I. Am. An. Idiot.


End of.


Why in the name of Merlin's saggy Y fronts did I run?


...Why in the name of Merlin's saggy behind am I always in such annoying situations?




You know what, I'll stop now.


But seriously, why? Why me? Did I do something to upset you, Merlin, oh great one?


Actually, don't answer that. The answer's probably yes.


...As per usual.






What do I do? What would any normal Gryffindor 16 year old male do if they suddenly ran away from their best friend of 16 years? And love of 10 minutes?!




I know that.


I also know that I am not normal, so out goes that idea.


I know on top of that that she's not normal either but that just cancels out, doesn't it?


That is something I don't know.


Where's Dumbledore when you need him? Or even Aunt Hermione?


Why is my life made up of screw ups?


And questions?


And every other annoying thing that happens to exist on this madhouse of a planet?


Because I'm James Potter II. That's why. I'm not meant to be normal. Or know any of the answers to my questions. Or know all that much at all, really.


Because I'm James Potter II. If I was normal, the world would end. Quite abruptly. Which, of course, would probably be a normal occurrence.


Because I'm James Potter II.


...I realise I've said that three times now.




Because my luck is crappier than Hippogriff crap, that's why.


So, I conclusion:


1) I'm James Potter II

2) I'm in love with my best friend

3) I am an idiot

4) I seriously need to get some mental help

5) Did I mention that I'm James Potter II?

6) I'm in love with my best friend

7) I need help. Really badly.

8) I'm an idiot. Big time.


Don't tell me. I know. I'm a repetitive person, ok?


I can feel you judging me.


Stop judging.


No, I'm serious.


Cos I'm James Sirius Potter.




But really.


I'll get the firstborn Saviour of the Wizarding World to hex you.


Laughing, are ya?


Well, that's insulting.


I'll get my crazy Wotter family to hex you instead. And honorary Wotters, and you know who I'm on about.


That got you listening, huh?


Now my job is to figure out an excuse as to why I decided to dig myself a huge hole of crap that I managed to bury myself under.


I think I may as well rechristen myself as 'Owner of the Crappiest Life Ever'.


Probably suits me better, anyway.








Charlize's POV



I blinked again.


What in the name of all that's holy is going on?


I'm not even being funny, I genuinely would like to know right now.


The odd twinge in my stomach seemed to intensify as I studied the ceiling, mulling over the extremely confusing things that had happened in the span of 10 seconds.


Suddenly, while I was still wondering why my life was so shitty, the doors burst open and in comes what seems like nearly the entire Wotter family as I stare at them in confusion.


James sidled up to me and explained quietly, 


"I promised to tell them when you woke up."


"Did you?" Freddy's voice asked from somewhere in the gaggle of bright red hair - I heard the stamp of someone's foot and a distinct cry of pain.


Real subtle, guys.


Dom squeezed through and asked me, "How are you doing?"


"Alright, I suppose. I'm being let out this morning, anyway."


"Good. But you're coming straight back here if you feel any pain, though!" came Rose's voice as she appeared beside her cousin with a teasing grin on her face, but a serious gleam in her eye.


"Don't worry, I've got my bed booked already," I replied with a chuckle, and suddenly realised that James had been unusually quiet the whole time. I glanced around for him and saw a bold splash of black hair sliding through the red hair.


What was he hiding from me?








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Life's Never Simple - REWRITE:


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