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Quinn Carter: Lost Legacy by I A Gallegos

Format: Novel
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 10,934
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild violence

Genres: Mystery, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ravenclaw, OC

First Published: 06/24/2019
Last Chapter: 07/05/2019
Last Updated: 07/05/2019


Quinn Carter lived a peaceful life in the No-Maj world.  A series of events and a mysterious group led Quinn into the life of the Wizarding World, a world he thought was just made up based on books he read growing up. Follow Quinn's story as he uncovers a past he never knew about while thrown into a completely new world filled with magic and mystery. 

Chapter 1: Peaceful Times
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The day was a beautiful one, not a rare occasion in the area in which the Carter family called Gammon Village. The area was far from being a village though, as the only building in the tree-covered area was the Carter’s home. Quinn, a strawberry red-haired boy, curls overlapping in each and every direction as if creating its own labyrinth on his head, was focusing on his new prey of the day. Quinn’s father was a survivalist type, teaching skills in which you rely little on technology. At least that’s what his Uncle Eric conveyed to him while raising him. Quinn barely remembers his own father, who left on a venture out to sea once and never came back. His mother, dying upon giving birth to him, can only be imagined in his head from stories Uncle Eric has told him countless times.


‘What was she like?’ Quinn would ask him anytime the thought of her crossed his mind.


‘Beautiful, ‘he would always respond, no matter how many thousands of times Quinn would ask him, ‘Ruby locks of hair, much like yourself. She read and read until her eyes would drift her to sleep – always learning – always appreciating and holding knowledge to the highest esteem.’


This was backed up with the countless number of books she left him, each with a signature on the bottom corner behind the back cover, signifying she completed the book. His thoughts and longing to go back to the cabin to ream more of what his mother Angela read herself distracted him from his hunt before being brought back to reality by his brother Samael.


‘Wisen up little Q, wouldn’t want to let him get away, now would you?’ he whispered to him, trying not to startle their prey, ‘Uncle Eric would have your head on a plate if you cost us tonight’s dinner.’


Samael, 2 years older than Quinn at 13, looked at him with a serious gaze as he hid behind a tree, rugged brown hair blowing aside as a gentle breeze sweeps through the forest. The boys both carried a crossbow, waiting and watching patiently into a clearing where a grey spotter Bobcat was roaming, likely looking for its next meal.


‘Why am I out here with you, you’re more than capable of doing it on your own Sam!’ Quinn raised his voice a bit at his annoyance, ‘I rather be back at the cabin reading mom’s books.’


‘Quiet down Quinn, you’re going to star- ' Samael stopped at the sight of the Bobcat that they were supposed to be hunting now slowly creeping up behind Quinn, who was crouching behind a tall bush. ‘Don’t move!’


Samael quickly raised his crossbow and aimed towards the Bobcat. Quinn did not have to guess, as he saw his brothers face of excitement, that he has now become the prey of what they were hunting. Before Quinn could react though, the arrow that was one Samael’s crossbow just seconds ago whistles by his shoulder. He quickly fell and turned around to see the Bobcat, only feet away, lying still on the ground, an arrow square between its two eyes. Quinn was more annoyed now at Samael that he dared to shoot so close to where he was crouching.


‘What if you hit me?’ Quinn yelled at Samael in frustration.


‘What if I had missed the Bobcat?’ Samael quickly retorted. ‘Now come on, we have to take it back to the cabin before Aunt Katherine has both our heads for wandering out alone.’


The two walked back, sharing the weight of their next meal for a few miles before finding their cabin, or Gammon Village as they liked to jokingly call it, before being greeted by their Aunt, sitting patiently outside of the cabin. She was looking towards the sky, as if daydreaming, the sun reflecting off her red face as though from heavy exercise to longed exposure to the heat.


‘You two do realize what I’m going to say, correct?’ She gave them a stern look as they approached.


The two brothers dropped their prize near the area where they often skinned their previous dinners. Samael looked at Aunt Angela in triumph.


‘I know, I know, but look at how big-'


‘I don’t care what you brought with you,’ Aunt Katherine told Samael in a surprisingly calming manner,

‘You both could have been seriously injured or worse. I’m assuming you dragged little ol’ Q with you as bait, didn’t you?’


‘No! Of course not! I just wanted- ' Samael tried to explain to no avail.


‘That’s enough Samael!’ Aunt Katherine told him, a little more sharply than her previous tone, ‘Quinn, go inside with your Uncle Eric. Sam, you’re going to stay out here until you properly prepare that Bobcat for dinner.’


Quinn quickly ran inside before his Aunt could change her mind and made him help Samael for being involved.


The cabin was hand-built by his father and Uncle before he was born. It was just big enough to house his

brother and him into their own rooms. The entire cabin was made of logs from trees nearby the house. Quinn wondered how his father and uncle were able to build it between just the two of them when the logs looked so incredibly heavy just to lift. They both seemed to have a knack for woodworking though as almost everything inside the cabin was also made from wood. The only things that weren’t were some decorations such as the clock sitting above the fireplace in the living room and the fireplace itself, which was outlined in brick. Uncle Eric was on a chair near the fireplace, dozed off into his dreams, probably dreaming of what he can make out wood next. Quinn crept up to his room quietly as to not wake his uncle who would not have been happy being woken up, he imagined. Quinn’s room had two noticeable thing inside it, his reading chair next to his bed, which Uncle Eric built with him and Samael for his birthday last year, which come to think of was coming up in another month, and the bookshelves that covered up the rest of his walls. The bookshelves were filled up from top to bottom with every book his mother had owned. He will be the first to admit that several of the books were fiction books that dealt with the fantasy of magic and mythical creatures. He figured that she loved to dream of an alternate world where the unreal was real as a lot of the books had incredible detail. He marveled at the authors for having the creativity to come up with their material.


Quinn sat at his familiar spot on the chair and picked up the book he had tossed onto his bed before being convinced by Samael to go hunting with him. The book, titled Book of Spells, by Miranda Goshawk, was the current one of his mothers’ books that he was attempting to memorize as many terms in the book were mentioned in other books that were stored on his shelves. He considered it as a dictionary of sorts to help him understand whenever the spells in the book were mentioned in others. A few hours had passed before Samael had finished preparing their dinner and had taken an outdoor bath to get rid of the stench that lingered onto him from the Bobcat, which was now sitting on a plate along with carrots and potatoes that were grown outside behind their cabin. Samael stopped before passing Quinn’s room.


‘Dinner is set, and ready Q,. Eric and Katherine are waiting for us at the table,’   said Samael, looking tired from their earlier adventure, ‘Let’s not make them any more upset than they already are.’


‘They’re mainly upset with you though.’ said Quinn.


‘Shut it, and just hurry up.'


The brothers joined Uncle Eric and Aunt Katherine at the table, Aunt Katherine looking cheerier usual, at least compared to her annoyed temper from before. She usually forgets what she is feeling and looks infatuated when she talks to and hang around her husband. Mid-way through the meal, Uncle Eric stops eating and looks at Quinn.


‘As you are aware Quinn, your 11th birthday is coming up at the end of the next month. As your brother created his first woodwork on his own for his 11th birthday, you will do the same to commemorate a tradition we have followed since before me and your father.'


Aunt Katherine now looked at him too, with a more serious look.


‘I have an idea of what you are planning on making Quinn, and if it involves anything from the books your mother left behind, I want you to talk to me about it.'


Even Samael looked at her quizzically, but Quinn even more so as he was thinking of making something based on his mother’s books but had no clue as to how Aunt Katherine could have guessed.


‘Why not make a crossbow like I did?’ Samael interrupted with a proud smile, which quickly turned to a shamed frown as Aunt Katherine looked at him sternly, clearly not having forgotten what they did earlier that day.


‘Now now Kathe,' interrupted Uncle Eric, trying to diffuse the tension, ‘It’s my own fault for having sent them on their own. They were doing me a favor since I was exhausted from fishing all morning. I am to blame for getting them into danger.’ He looked at the two brothers and winked.


The brothers looked at each other, knowing Uncle Eric was lying. He fell asleep and was supposed to accompany them but Samael got impatient and wanted to prove he can hunt on his own. Aunt Katherine seemed to have settled down as her cherry colored cheeks receded back to the normal skin tone.


‘I’ll let it go for now then, but-' she looked at the brothers sternly again, ‘-don’t let me catch the two of you doing something so reckless again or you will both wish there weren’t so many trees to chop down.’


Quinn and Samael both were familiar with being punished and having to hack at the thickest trees in the woods until Aunt Katherine was content, though they could never fully cut one down as they were still too small and weak.


‘Yes, Aunt Katherine.’ They both said together in monotone as though they said the phrase hundreds of times a day.


She smiled contently to their response.


‘Good, now help clean up and go off to bed as it is getting late.’


After cleaning off the wooden plates and ensuring the wooden table was clean according to Aunt Katherine’s standards. Quinn went off to his room, while Samael went off to his. Before Quinn got too comfortable in bed while still reading Book of Spells, Uncle Eric and Aunt Katherine knocked on his open door and stood at the doorway.


‘Don’t stay up too late,’ said Uncle Eric, ‘We’re going to start your project tomorrow to get ready in time for your birthday.’ Uncle Eric smiled at him and left to likely say goodnight to Samael.


Aunt Katherine still stood by the door, eyeing Quinn as though he was hiding something.


‘Your father also loved that book you know,’ she said, nudging her head toward one of the bookcases, ‘The one you’ll probably use for your project.’


 ‘How did you know that I was going to use that book for my project?’ Quinn asked curiously.


The book in question, he realized was not the Book of Spells he was currently reading but Advanced Wand Making by Charles Carter.


‘Because it’s one of the only books your father wrote and gave to your mother as a present when they were younger-'


‘It just intrigues me how my dad could write a book based on the world that my mom loved to read about.’ Quinn said with a face of admiration.


‘They really were in love,’ Aunt Katherine said, giving Quinn a smirk, ‘And you may one day learn that the world your mother read about isn’t so far-fetched.’


Quinn looked at her confusingly, trying to understand what she meant.


‘Anyway, hurry up your reading and go to sleep Quinn. Goodnight, and as your father used to tell you and your brother, Pete Sapientia.


She left him to his thoughts as he tried to remember the face of his dad and imagined the face of his mother, happy and together like Uncle Eric an Aunt Katherine.


The next morning, Quinn was reviewing Advanced Wand Making to prepare for his project. He has already gathered Beech wood with the help of Uncle Eric and was approached by Aunt Katherine while struggling to carve out the wood according to his father’s book


The wand must be tailored to the user, as the wand will not respond to the user if

it chooses.


Quinn thought that part sounded odd, but regardless, he tried his best to follow his father’s instructions. Aunt Katherine sat next to Quinn with an object in hand, wrapped in a handkerchief, handing it to him as he paused his carving.


‘Your mother and I were good friends,' said Aunt Katherine. ‘Her, your father, and Uncle Eric, we all went everywhere together. When your father proposed to your Uncle Eric to make a log cabin out here in the middle of the forest, he did not hesitate to say yes. The four of us came out here and made the clearing in which our log cabin now is, using the trees that were once there to provide us the shelter we sleep in every night.’ 


She looked around their surroundings, admiring the work that she helped put in to shape their home.


‘I’m going off on a tangent,’ said Aunt Katherine, coming back to reality, ‘That object I just handed you was left to you by your parents. Assuming you fully read the book by your father, you can guess what that is for.’


Quinn unwrapped the object, steaming with curiosity as to what his parents could have left him. Upon unwrapping the handkerchief, his eyes fell upon not just one object, but two within it. One was a necklace, with a brown leather line attached to a metal piece that resembled a ball of yarn. The second object, a shiny, deep blue crystal, a jewel Quinn has never remotely seen in his almost 11 years of living in the forest.


‘The necklace belonged to your father and left for us to give to your before he left for the sea,’ said Aunt Katherine, seeming to admire her surroundings again, ‘The shape of that metal piece is called a Gordian Knot. You’ll recognize a similar one on the bracelet your father left your brother Samael for his 11th birthday.’


Aunt Katherine's gaze now fell upon the blue crystal in Quinn’s hands.


‘The crystal was left by your mother. She claimed it to be one of her most prized possessions, having it handed down since before her great grandmother. It will serve as the core of the wand you are making. I will put in the core myself once you have finished carving out your wand as the process is quite difficult to do.’


Quinn remembered the chapter from his father’s book that dealt with wand cores and was relieved to find out Aunt Katherine would deal with the wand core as the book did mention it to be a difficult and trying process to perform. He continued to carve, his excitement teeming more than ever. Before he could get to comfortable, Aunt Katherine interrupted him again.


‘Your brother went over to the beach again Quinn-' she began to tell him with a worried look, ‘Can you go find him and see how he’s doing?


‘Sure. I’ll be back in a bit.’


‘Don’t be out too late.’


Quinn stopped carving and started towards the beach a few miles away. This wasn’t the first time he has gone to check up on his brother as he frequently to the beach by himself. He walked through the forest at a steady pace, not being able to keep the making of his wand out of his mind.


After a while, he came across the edge of the forest with a wide ocean beyond it. The only visible building was a lighthouse, which was abandoned and used mainly by Samael when he came. Quinn entered the lighthouse, passing easily through the door with a broken lock, which was done by Quinn and Samael when they first discovered the tower. At the very top, Samael sat, legs over the edge of the railing opening on the bottom of the nearest floor. His gaze towards the sea showed a longing and sadness that Quinn is all too familiar with when finding his brother atop the tower.


‘Do you think he’ll ever come back?’ said Samael to Quinn without breaking eye contact with the ocean.’


The waves seemed restless, crashing against the white sand of the beach and quickly retreating to the rest of its body. It was another beautiful day, clear skies with only the nearby seagulls and the sun appearing in the sky.


‘I hope everyday-‘  Quinn started telling Samael. But he quickly lost his words as he saw the slightest tear run down the cheek of his brother.


They both looked out at the sea, and endless blue that only held anticipation for Quinn and Samael. After some time of sitting in the silence, they headed back to the cabin before sunset as the forest was much more difficult to navigate in the darkness of the night. 


The sun has just set as the brothers found their cabin. Walking towards the front door, they noticed the front door was left opened, the voices of their Aunt and Uncle echoing from the inside. 


‘We promised Charles!’ said Uncle Eric in a disgruntled tone.


‘Your brother was a fool!’ retorted Aunt Katherine in a similar but calmer tone.


Quinn and Samael dared not to walk in to whatever argument their Aunt and Uncle were in the middle of. Instead they crouched by the door, hidden in the shadow of the darkness of the outdoors, trying to listen to what they were talking about at the mention of their father. 


‘He should have never left his only children behind to go looking for her.’ said Aunt Katherine. ‘Those poor boys growing up without either one of their parents.’


Quinn and Samael looked at each other. Their father went looking for someone? Is THAT why he left? Who was he looking for? A thousand questions went through their minds as they continued to listen without being caught.


‘He left for THEM, leaving us to care for them. He trusts us to protect our nephews and I say moving to England will help keep them safe from those monsters!’ said Uncle Eric, slightly raising his voice. ‘Listen,’ he said in much quieter tone, ‘I’ve got news that the Potter kid has finally taken care of Voldemort. England should now be safe for us to move there. They can attend the school next year after they reopen it and-’


‘No!’ said Aunt Katherine. ‘I won’t have them attending that horrid school. That's why we raised them in the No-Maj world, to avoid being caught by them. You convinced me to help Quinn with his wand but I thought we agreed that would be the closest thing to our world minus his mother’s books that he and Samael would be revealed to.’


We’re running out of options Katherine! It’s time for them to fulfill their potential to help them defend themselves, we won’t always be there for them.’ said Uncle Eric. I would have them attend Ilvermorny but with them at our doorstep, it would be better to send them to England.’


A moment of silence fell between Uncle Eric and Aunt Katherine. Quinn and Samael were now sitting on the floor, trying to understand everything they just heard. Even more questions were going through their head, but Quinn more so as his wand was somehow involved in their conversation. He wondered what Aunt Katherine meant by No-Maj. He hasn’t heard of or read that word before. 


‘We’ll continue this conversation another time,’ Aunt Katherine’s voice echoed through the open door again, interrupting the silence, ‘They should be back any second now. Better to not try to explain anything to them just yet.’ 


Quinn and Samael retreated back to the woods, managing to get out of sight just as Aunt Katherine walked outside through the open door. They pretended to have just come back, trying to distract their minds from everything they just heard as they walked back again towards the cabin.


'Ah there you both are!' Aunt Katherine cried out as she saw the two brothers emerge from the dark words. 'You both had me worried sick! Why didn't you make it before sunset?'


'We got distracted looking at the ocean.' Samael quickly replied, as Quinn was still awe struck, unable to think properly, much less speak. 'Quinn wanted to stare out a little longer than usual.' Samael lightly nudged Quinn.


'Yeah, umm- yes, that's right.' Quinn said shakily as he tried to keep eye contact with Aunt Katherine. 


She eyed both of them suspiciously before a thought rushed through her head.


'Ah that's right, I nearly forgot, your dinners are at the table ready. And clean up after you're finished!' she yelled out to them as they ran inside, eager to get away from Aunt Katherine's sharp eyes.


Quinn was back to carving his wand in his room after dinner. He has had experience carving wood into different shapes before, but this wand was a special exemption, trying to put more of his personality into the wand than any of his previous projects. He worked on it until late into the night, putting finishing touches onto his wand before dozing off to sleep.


The next morning, Quinn found Aunt Katherine outside tending to their garden behind the cabin. 


‘Where’s Uncle Eric?’ said Quinn, walking up to Aunt Katherine watering the area in which they plant their carrots.


‘He went with Samael towards the ocean to catch some fish for dinner tonight.’ said Aunt Katherine, now moving onto the patch of cabbages. ‘Your brother modified his crossbow to use for fishing, he always was a bright one whenever it involved hunting. The only area you are weaker at than your brother.’ She said looking at him as to not discourage him. 


Quinn gave a small smile in appreciation to the compliment.


‘I finished my wand last night.’ he said excitedly, handing over the wand he was holding behind his back to his Aunt.


‘This is your best carving I’ve seen yet.’ Aunt Katherine told him while admiring the detail Quinn managed to carve into the Beechwood that was once a small log. 


The wand measured 11 inches. The top end, thin and smoothed out to a nice round point, while the mid-section of the wand was carved into what seemed like two rings. The bottom end of the wand was a bit thicker, from the edge of the second ring to the very bottom, the area Aunt Katherine seemed more intrigued with.


‘I see you managed to carve out the shape of the Gordian Knot on the end here.’ said Aunt Katherine, carefully studying the bottom end of the wand. ‘Good work, I will hand it back to you when I manage to combine the crystal with the wand.’ 


‘Thank you Aunt Katherine.’ said Quinn as he started to walk away.


‘Where are you headed off too?’


‘I feel like going for a stroll through the woods.’ Quinn said in a now more nervous tone.


Aunt Katherine eyed him suspiciously, similar to the one he received the night before.


‘Alright, but don’t go off hunting alone again like you did, or this wand will be the last thing you ever use your hands for.’ she told Quinn, as he looked at her wondering if she was joking or being serious. 


Quinn sighed with heavy shoulders as he got away from Aunt Katherine’s sight, deeper into the woods. He tried to act normal, to not mention what he heard last night or even give off a hint that he was eavesdropping on her and Uncle Eric. Quinn wandered through the forest, finding a tree with low hanging branches on which to climb on. He sat on top of one the tree’s branches, his mind racing with a million thoughts. He chanted every spell he could remember from Book of Spells, trying to recall the more difficult one he recently learned such as Amato Animo Animato Animagus, Incarcerous, and Meteolojinx Recanto.


He repeated each and every spell he has able to memorize repeatedly until he eventually fell asleep, still sitting on top of a branch.


A few weeks have passed, the season slowly changing from summer to fall as trees around Gammon Village started changing color and floating to the ground, covering every inch of the ground. Quinn continued reading his mother’s books, continuing to learn as much as he could from them and trying to look for any clue, a hint at least remotely related to the conversation he and Samael unintentionally heard over the summer. Samael continued in his experiments for hunting, trying to find new ways to hunt, and developing more tools to do so. Aunt Katherine still tended to their garden, keeping the two brothers in line and working on combining the crystal to Quinn’s wand, having failed multiple times already. Uncle Eric has started chopping down more trees in preparation to keep them warm during the winter season soon that was soon to follow the fall. 


Quinn found himself one night in his usual spot by his bed reading No Incantation, No Problem!, by Colin Dahmer. The book explained how a witch or wizard could cast a spell without the need of an incantation, and provided a guide on how to do so. 


Quinn read late into the night as he usually did when reading a new book, finishing it within the day that he started the book. Upon finishing the book, Quinn’s ear twitched, hearing a rustling that seemed to be coming from within the cabin. Before he could try to figure out what the sound was, Uncle Eric burst through his bedroom door. His face was masked with a dark shade of something Quinn could only guess was residue from burning wood. 


‘Grab whatever you can carry into a bag, QUICK!’ said Uncle Eric in an alarmed voice. 


‘What? Why? What’s going on-’ said Quinn in a startled voice, still trying to figure out what was happening.


‘Just do it! I don’t have time to explain right now Quinn.’ Uncle Eric ran from Quinns room towards Samael’s room, hearing him yell similar stuff to his now half awake brother. 


Quinn put on his necklace that was left behind by his parents, grabbed his backpack from beneath his bed and started gathering his favorite books left behind by his mother, including the one written by his father.


‘Hurry up and meet me outside!’ yelled Uncle Eric as he ran past Quinns room again. 


‘What’s going on?’ Samael asked Quinn as they met in the hall, now running towards the front of the house.


‘I know as much as you do.’ Quinn said shakily, eyeing the backpack on his brothers back and carrying the crossbow he made in his hands.


They met Uncle Eric outside, gathering whatever he could from their garden that looked ready to be taken.


‘Where’s Aunt Katherine?’ said Quinn, looking around for his Aunt, unable to find her.


‘She went to grab the boat, she is waiting for us at the beach by the lighthouse.’ said Uncle Eric, still gathering whatever vegetables looked edible.


‘We have a boat?’ Samael asked puzzingly as he started to help Uncle Eric.


‘I’ll explain later. Right now, we have to get going.’ He looked at Quinn and Samael, fear in their eyes, not understanding what was happening. ‘It’s going to be alright.’ said Uncle Eric in a calm tone. ‘We’re going to be alright.’ He gave them both a smile, trying to ease their fears.


Quinn went towards the beach, running beside his brother and uncle, darting his eyes desperately looking for his aunt. He finally caught a set of lights at the edge of the beach to what he guessed was the boat that Uncle Eric was talking about earlier. 


‘What’s going on?’ said Quinn, hoping to get an answer out of his aunt. 


‘Get in, both of you. Quickly now.’ She said calmly, ignoring Quinn’s question. ‘Did you grab everything Eric?’


‘Yes.’ replied Uncle Eric, climbing aboard the boat. ‘We managed to get enough supplies to hopefully last us the trip.’


The boat was big enough to comfortably carry the four, still having room for them to walk around near the front. The boat had an area that was accessed by steps, used to navigate the boat through the ocean. Just below it was a small cabin, with a bed occupying most of the space and a counter. 

Quinn, despite still being in fear and not knowing what caused the sudden packing and leaving of their cabin, was in awe of the boat as he has never been on one before. He looked over the edge and developed a worried face as he saw the water too shallow for the boat to comfortably move along.

‘How are you going to get this boat off the sand?’ asked Quinn, looking at Uncle Eric as he walked towards the back end of the boat.


Quinn saw him pull something from his right pocket. 


‘Is that a wand?’ Quinn asked surprised. Why did Uncle Eric have a wand? What was he planning to do with it? 


Uncle Eric swished his wand in mid-air. Quinn was still in awe that he barely heard Samael yell from the front of the boat.


‘We’re moving!’ yelled Samael. 


Quinn looked over the edge again, astonished that the boat, now free from the shallow waters and sand, glided over the water, moving towards the open ocean. 


‘What did you do?’ asked Quinn to his uncle, trying to wrap his mind around what was happening.


‘Go with Samael at the front of the boat and sit there, I will explain in a moment.’ said Uncle Eric, still waving his wand around in mid-air. 


Quinn joined Samael at the front of the boat where they both sat in silence. He stopped asking questions, knowing he won’t get an answer until his aunt and uncle were ready to tell him.


A few days have passed. There was no land within sight that Quinn could see. Just the ocean reflecting the moon and stars from the night sky. His aunt and uncle still haven’t explained to Quinn or Samael what was happening, much less where they were headed to. 


Aunt Katherine joined Quinn and Samael, who were slowly dozing off to sleep with nothing to look at but the ocean. 


‘I know this is rough on the two of you right now.’ said Aunt Katherine softly, wrapping her arms around the two of them. ‘Follow me, I have to show you two something.’


She led them into the cabin, passing underneath Uncle Eric who was now at the wheel. She picked up a statue that resembled an anchor. 


‘I’m showing you two this in case of an emergency.’ she looked at them each in the eyes, her tone now more serious. If we tell you to, grab this anchor, close your eyes, and hang on to it.’

Quinn and Samael looked at her with questioning expressions. 


‘Just trust me, ok?’ said Aunt Katherine as she put the statue back on the bed. 


‘When are you going to tell us what’s happening?’ asked Samael. He looked more annoyed now, more than ever. 


‘We will tell you when it is time.’ said Uncle Eric, now at the entrance of the cabin. ‘Both of you go to sleep. We still have a long trip ahead of us.’


Quinn laid in the bed, next to Samael who had quickly fallen asleep. Why did Uncle Eric have a wand similar to the one he carved? He couldn’t stop asking himself stuff that he knew he wouldn’t know the answers too for some time. 


Quinn heard Uncle Eric and Aunt Katherine talking outside in almost a whisper, but loud enough for him to hear them clearly.


‘I already contacted the Ministry.’ Uncle Eric’s voice came from above the cabin. ‘They’re sending someone to meet us at the harbor and will provide us with a place to stay for the time being until we find a new home.’


The Ministry? Quinn now got up from the bed, careful not to wake his brother and crept closer to the entrance of the cabin. 


‘Who are they sending?’ Aunt Katherine’s voice now echoed from the same location. 


‘I’m not sure, but we’ll find out soon enough-’


‘ERIC!’ Aunt Katherine's voice came screaming from above.


Quinn lost his balance as the boat rocked from one side to the other violently. Everyone’s belongings now scattered along the floor of the boat outside. Samael, now awake, raced passed Quinn, crossbow in hand as though his hunting instincts have taken over. 


Quinn followed Eric outside as his eyes fell upon countless shadows in the sky. The shadows seemed to be following their boat, catching up to them at an incredible speed.


‘They found us!’ yelled Uncle Eric as he was attempting to get up from underneath Aunt Katherine who fell on top of him. ‘Quinn! Samael! Get down into the cabin now!’


Quinn saw what looked like a firework emerge from one of the shadows, quickly hitting the side of the boat, knocking him and Samael to the floor.


‘What are those?’ yelled out Samael as he struggled to get up.


‘Get back into the cabin now!’ Uncle Eric repeated, now on his feet and making his way in front of them. 

Another spark emerged from one of the shadows. Quinn braced himself, expecting the spark to hit the boat again but felt nothing. He looked up at Uncle Eric who was waving his wand. Quinn was once again in awe, seeing his uncle bounce the sparks off from in front of him in what looked like a blue barrier. His gaze quickly fell on Aunt Katherine as she now also had a wand in her hand, and was shooting sparks of different color towards the shadows in the sky. 


A large spark managed to evade Uncle Eric’s barrier and hit the side of the boat, knocking both him and Aunt Katherine back onto the floor. Samael was the first to get up, grabbing his crossbow in hand and shooting an arrow up at the sky. It seemed to have no effect as the arrow seemingly vanished in mid-air with no trace. 


Samael looked, dumbfounded as to the disappearance of his arrow that was aimed towards the shadows before being grabbed by Uncle Eric by the collar and yanked back towards the front of the boat. 


‘Don’t get involved Samael!’ Uncle Eric yelled at him, ‘I’ve told you both to get into cover, it's too dangerous!’


Distracted, Uncle Eric screamed in pain as a spark hit his left arm. 


‘ERIC!’ yelled out Aunt Katherine as she stepped in front of him, now producing the same shield Uncle Eric made earlier. 


Quinn was in shock next to his brother. They both lied on the ground at the front of the boat, trying to get cover from the firework-like sparks that kept coming from the shadows in the sky. Quinn looked around, trying to look for anything to help. Anything to stop all of this from happening. He wished he was back at the cabin reading his books under the light next to his chair. 


‘The light!’ Quinn yelled out.


‘What?’ said Samael. ‘Quinn get back here.’ He yelled out as Quinn got up and ran towards the back of the boat. 


Quinn remembered one of the lights he managed to see from a distance at the beach. He ran up the steps, stepping over his uncle who was still on the ground, grabbing onto his arm. He grabbed onto the bright light that was used as a spotlight, and aimed it towards the shadows in the sky. He figured if something was aiming for them, then he might be able to reduce their accuracy by blinding them temporarily. 

Quinn managed to aim the light at one of the shadows as a spark came shooting out of it, completely missing the boat. 


‘I knew it! Quinn exclaimed. 


His victory was short lived as he saw four of the shadows now making their way onto the boat. He ran to his uncle’s side, hoping to protect him from anymore harm. Aunt Katherine backed up directly in front of them as the four shadows landed at the edge of the boat. Quinn soon realized that the shadows that were following them weren’t just shadows, but actual people as the black smoke around them dissipated, revealing their bodies. 


‘We finally found you!’ said the man in the middle.


He was tall, wearing a black long coat and a yellow boater hat. His face looked grimacing, a mustache covering his upper lip. ‘Now time for all of you to sink to the bottom of the ocean.’ He looked at them with the most menacing of smiles that Quinn has ever seen. 


The mysterious man, along with the others that came with him, all raised their hands, each holding a wand. Quinn couldn’t believe that the one thing he made that he thought was unique just happened to have duplicated into everyone's hand. He wondered why everyone also had a wand. Weren’t the books he read just fairy tales? There was no way all these people read the same book from his father that he did, right? 

Just as sparks started emitting from the man’s wand in the middle, he yelled in pain as an arrow hit the top of this shoulder. Quinn looked over to see his brother Samael, now standing on the side, reloading another arrow into his crossbow.


‘You will not touch my family!’ Samael yelled out to the mysterious group. 


A member of the group sent a spark flying towards Samael, who went flying out of Quinn’s view towards the front of the boat.


‘Samael!’ yelled out Quinn.


‘You will get yours now!’ screamed out the man in the middle as he raised his hand again, holding a wand.


‘Bombarda Maxima!’


Aunt Katherine shot a spark towards the man, trying to stop him from releasing his spell but was thwarted by another member of his group. A loud noise rang through Quinn’s ears as an explosion occurred at the area that the man in the middle pointed towards. He and his uncle were sent back into the cabin, crashing against the edge of the bed. He managed to see the group that landed on their boat surround themselves again in black smoke as they took off back into the sky. Aunt Katherine’s voice could be heard from outside of the cabin.


‘Quinn! Eric! Are you two alright? I’m gonna go grab Samael and then we-’ she was interrupted as smoke from the fire on the boat entered her lungs. 


Another spark from one of the shadows above in the sky hit the floor behind Aunt Katherine, sending her sprawling to the floor, coming into eyesight of Quinn and Uncle Eric. Something fell out of her pocket and rolled down into the cabin near where Quinn and Uncle Eric were lying. Quinn eyed the object, visioned blurred from the earlier explosion that sent him and his Uncle flying. He realized soon after focusing on the object that Aunt Katherine had dropped his wand from her pockets. Quinn gaped in awe that she even had time to grab it during the commotion when leaving the comfort of their home. 


Another spark had started flying towards Aunt Katherine from another one of the shadows. Quinn quickly got up from where he lay, grabbed his wand from the ground and ran in front of his aunt.

Without thinking, he remembered the manner in which his aunt and uncle flicked their wands in the air to create the barrier, trying to imitate it as best he could. Quinn felt a force push him back as the spark hit the blue barrier that he was able to create. He looked at his wand, shocked that it even worked. What did he do? Did the spark really just hit him without hurting him? Caught in his own distraction, Quinn looked up, seeing a purple light quickly racing towards him as he stood there, frozen in place. 


‘NO!’ cried out Uncle Eric as he ran up shielding Quinn, ignoring the pain that was still soaring throughout his arm. 


Quinn was knocked back into the cabin again along with Uncle Eric, crashing hard on the floor. Quinn freed himself from the arms of his uncle, who now laid on the floor, motionless.


‘Quinn!’ yelled out Aunt Katherine after him, having now stood up from the floor. ‘The Anchor! Grab it and do as I told you earlier! Make sure you hold onto Eric when you do it!’ 


‘What about Samael?’ said Quinn, now forming tears in his eyes. WHY was this happening, he thought, who are those people and why are they trying so hard to hurt my family?


‘I will take care of Samael, but you and your uncle need to go now!’ Aunt Katherine looked Quinn in the eye,


‘I love you both.’ she said as she flicked her wand in his direction. 'Sepe Sapientia.'


The statue of the Anchor was flung from the bed onto his legs. Quinn gave one last look to his Aunt Katherine as she turned around and created another blue barrier, dispelling multiple sparks coming from the shadows. 


Quinn reached for his backpack that was still on his bed, putting it on his back. He grabbed his uncle by the arm and then onto the statue of the Anchor, closing his eyes.


Almost immediately he felt himself being sucked into the Anchor. He felt his body get pulled in every direction, distoriting all his senses. He felt himself hit the ground along with his uncle, the tugging and pulling on his body seeming to have stopped just as quickly as it started. He quickly got up, looking at his surroundings. Where am I? Land? But how? The sounds of the fire and sparks around the boat were now gone. He was in what he thought looked like a park near the ocean. 


He looked over to his uncle still lying still on the ground. He tried turning him over to have him lie on his back before falling back himself in sheer horror. His eyes now laid on his uncle’s left arm, or lack of left arm, from his body. Quinn laid there, thinking if the pulling and tugging from the anchor had somehow had a part in removing Uncle Eric’s left arm from his body. 


Quinn, now remembering Aunt Katherine and his brother Samael, looked out towards the sea, hoping to catch of glimpse of the boat or any sign of them. Instead, he was met with shadows flying towards him and his uncle, the same that were following them just minutes ago on the boat. 


Multiple sparks flew from the shadows towards them. Quinn closed his eyes and threw himself over his uncle, trying to protect him from any further harm. Instead, nothing came. Quinn looked up at where the sparks should have been now having been replaced with a big blue barrier, similar to the one he made earlier. 


Quinn looked behind him to see a group of men and women, all wearing dark attire. They each also held a wand in their hands, sparks flying from them towards the shadows over the ocean. Quinn looked back at the shadows, now seeming to have retreated from the direction in which they came. 


One of the men separated from the group and ran towards Quinn and his Uncle. Quinn quickly grabbed the wand, lying next to him, aiming at the man running towards him. 


The man stopped in his tracks and held up his hands.


‘Whoa there! Hey, we’re friendly.’ said the man with a cautious tone. ‘We were sent by the ministry to come collect a family coming in by boat.’


‘I think- I think that would be mine.’ Quinn struggled to say, his voice now coarse. 


The man looked at Quinn and his uncle and then around the area, as though looking for something. He wore a long black trench coat. His face looked young, glasses sitting on his nose. His hair dark and messy, blowing over by the wind that came from the ocean. 


‘We were told there was four of you.’ said the mysterious man. 


‘There was!’ said Quinn, now looking towards the sea, hoping to catch any trace of the boat. 

The man walked up to Quinn cautiously as he still laid on the ground, wand in hand. He gently put an arm on his shoulder.


‘We’ll find them.’ said the man now smiling at Quinn. His attention quickly fell on Uncle Eric as he saw him lying on the ground. ‘Sabine! This man needs attention, quick! He’s been splinched.’ the man yelled out as he saw Uncle Eric, bleeding from where his arm once was. 


The man looked at Quinn again, forcing a smile on his face as he spoke to him.


‘What’s your name?’


‘Qu-Quinn. Quinn Carter sir.’ 


‘Nice to meet you Quinn Carter. Don’t be scared anymore alright? Everything is going to be fine. Your family member here will live.’


Quinn looked at the man, resting his shoulders a bit as he realized he was there to help him and his uncle. 


‘Wh-who are you?’ asked Quinn. 


‘Oh, where’s my manners!’ said the man, giving him a wide smile, ‘Hello Quinn, my name is Harry, Harry Potter. And I’m an Auror.’

Chapter 2: Grumps
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Quinn sat by his Uncle Eric's side at the medical ward after being led there by Harry and the rest of the Aurors who saved them from the mysterious group that followed and attacked Quinn and his family. 


‘The healer said your uncle will be ok.’ said Harry as he entered the room in which Uncle Eric was being kept. ‘He’s lucky Sabine knew a bit about healing and that St.Mungo’s Hospital was nearby.’


‘Healer?’ responded Quinn with a questioning look.


‘Ah, right, I meant doctor.’ 


Harry gave Quinn a smile as he scratched the back of his head with embarrassment.


‘Not being in the muggle world for so long- I’ve almost forgotten different words are used between the two.’


‘The muggle world?’ said Quinn, looking even more lost than before.


‘You did use a portkey to get here didn’t you?’ Harry stared at him. ‘Your uncle called the Ministry for help, I figured.... Oh, I see.’


‘I’m sorry Mr.Potter, but I have no clue what you…’


‘You grew up like me didn’t you, not knowing anything about the Wizarding world.’ interrupted Harry.


Quinn and Harry sat in the hospital room next to Uncle Eric as Harry explained to Quinn as much as he could about the world he was suddenly thrust into. 


‘You don’t seem all too surprised.’ said Harry, taking a breath after talking endlessly.


‘After everything that happened in the last 24 hours, I would believe just about anything.’ 


Quinn sat deeper in the chair, trying to fit everything new he just learned to what he already knew. 


‘So that group that was following my family,’ said Quinn, finally composing himself, ‘Who are they? And why did they attack us?’


‘I, along with the rest of the Aurors are trying to figure that out. Sad to say whoever wanted you and your family gone will probably come back looking for the both of you.’


‘What about my aunt and brother?’ Quinn asked with a quivering voice. ‘Have you found them yet?’


Harry shook his head.


They sat in silence for a while before Quinn managed to say something, holding back his tears from stinging his eyes.


‘So if magic exists, why isn’t my uncle awake and healthy? There has to be something to help heal him right?’


‘Usually the healers would be able to bring him back good as new Quinn, but whoever went after your family used magic that I haven’t seen before.’ Harry looked at Uncle Eric lying in bed, only his chest moving up and down. ‘That was the other matter that I came to talk to you about.’


‘What do you mean?’ said Quinn, becoming panicked at his words.


‘Relax Quinn, like I said, he is going to live. Unfortunately when we wakes, he will only have control of his eyes, almost as if he’s in a petrified state-’ 


Quinn remembered reading about petrification from one his mother’s books. It was the process of being turned to stone by a Gorgon or a Basilisk. 


‘There can be an instance where a Gorgon or a Basilisk can petrify a person,’ continued Harry, ‘but the healers at this hospital are certain this is something else entirely, most likely dark magic.’


Harry pulled his wand out from his black trenchcoat and waved it at the door to the room.


‘Come in Grumps.’ said Harry motioning with his hands beyond the door.


Quinn looked in bewilderment as a figure with long-ears, a big head, and a crooked nose walked into the hospital room they were occupying. 


‘Erro there.’ said the figure in a high pitched voice, big bulging eyes looking up at Quinn as it walked towards him. ‘Me names be Grumps!’ The figure suddenly twitched his head and bellowed a deeper voice different from which it spoke just seconds ago. ‘I’ve heard of you plenty Mr.Carter. You’re surrounded by trouble, that’s all you are, that’s all you ever-’ the figure’s head suddenly twitched again, suddenly bowing down to Quinn. ‘Grumps really apologizes Sir Carter, me really didn’t say what me just said!’ 

Quinn looked at Harry, eyes in disbelief as to what he was seeing. 


‘Grumps here is a house-elf Quinn, more specifically, he is going to be your house-elf.’


‘My house-elf?’ said Quinn, looking at the small elf who still bowed at his feet. 


‘He is bound to serve you for the time being. He will help take care of your uncle while you attend Hogwarts next year.’


‘I’ve heard of my aunt and uncle mentioning that place,’ said Quinn, now sitting up straighter in his seat, ‘What is Hogwarts exactly?’


Harry gave Quinn a smile, standing up and pacing around the room. 


‘It’s a fantastic place!’ exclaimed Harry. ‘I remember attending the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the first time like it was just yesterday.’ Harry looked at Quinn with beaming eyes.


‘You mean there’s actually a school for magic?’ Quinn looked at Harry with wonder. Were the books his mom left behind based on this world then? ‘And I’m going to be going to this school? But I’m not a wizard!’ 


Harry stopped pacing.


‘I can only guess from the information that your uncle has given me, as he himself is a wizard.’


Quinn looked at his uncle, still motionless in bed, with his jaw open. 


‘Uncle Eric?’ Quinn said under his breath. ‘Uncle Eric is a wizard?’


‘My other guess to you being a wizard Quinn, is that wand.’ Harry pointed to Quinn’s wand being tightly gripped in his hand.


Quinn forgot he was still holding on to the wand. ‘I made this myself.’ he said, loosening his grip as he saw his knuckles turn white. 


‘Brilliant!’ said Harry, ‘May I see it?’


Quinn reluctantly handed the wand over to Harry. He marveled at the wand, looking at it thoroughly as if inspecting the craftsmanship.


‘And you made this yourself? Simply brilliant! I’ll have to introduce to you my old friend Garrick Ollivander.’


Harry saw Quinn look at him confusingly.


‘He’s one of the best wandmakers around. I’m sure he’d love to meet someone so young with the same interest as him.’ 


Grumps grumbled in the corner of the room, having moved from where he bowed over for Quinn. 


'Does he always do that?' asked Quinn, looking at Grumps facing the corner, his grumbling starting to sound like words.


'He is one of the few house-elves that I know that has more than one personality.' Harry smiled at Quinn. 'That's what makes him unique. He may be a bit on the odd side but you can trust him to help you out.'


Grumps banged his head against the wall, grunting at the pain afterwards.


'You don't say.' said Quinn, raising an eyebrow at Grumps who was still banging his head.


'Grumps,' said Harry, making the house-elf turn around to look at him, 'take Quinn here to his new home. I'll take Eric here myself as he's not in a good place to aparate.'


'Aparate?' said Quinn.


'Yes, it's basically the same as using the portkey that you used.' Harry picked up a statue of an anchor that was sitting on the floor next to Uncle Eric's bed. 'Except most wizards just apparate after learning how to do so. House-elves can do it much more easily than us wizards and witches.'


Grumps held out his hand while bowing his head down at Quinn.


'Sir Carter, grabs me hand and Grumps can take Sir Carter to Carter's new home sir.'


Quinn grabbed the now calm and non-muttering Grumps by the hand. The unpleasant feeling of being stretched around in each and every direction followed, and again just as when using the port key, the feeling went just as quick as it came. 

Quinn landed hard on the floor in an area that looked like a furnished living room.


‘Sir Carter’s new home-,’ said Grumps, running his hand through the air, ‘Sir Carter may look around if it pleases Sir Carter, sir.’


Quinn got up on his feet, taking in his surroundings. The living room reminded him of Gammon village, a couch of blue velvet, a brick fireplace, and a clock above it. On the opposite side, a kitchen counter with a unique light fixture. Quinn walked up to the light fixture for a closer look. A dozen birds, glowing white from the inside flew around in random patterns, staying in the small area that was meant for the light fixture. The rest of the kitchen lay beyond the counter, looking like an ordinary kitchen with wooden table serving as the center of the room.


On the middle of the table sat a statue of a woman, wearing long robes that came down to the base, covering her feet. The woman’s hair was long, reaching far down her back. Her hands held out a book in front of her chest as the statue of the woman looked up, seeming to have a stern but calming look. 


Quinn walked up to the statue of the woman and touched the book she was holding. As soon as the tip of his finger made contact with the book, his vision went dark. He heard a voice call out in a whispered tone-


‘The head of the serpent. The head of the serpent. The head of the serpent.’


The voice kept repeating the same phrase slowly before Quinn felt an arm grab the back of his shirt and pull him. His vision came back to him, the kitchen coming back into view. He looked to see what had pulled him from the trance.


‘Yer a menace Mr. Carter. Ye best be careful, before something happens to young Mr. Carter.’ Said Grumps sounding cold and giving Quinn a wicked smirk.


A loud whip filled the room as Harry appeared out of thin air in the living room. He looked around and spotted Quinn along with Grumps in the kitchen.


‘I see you two are getting along.’ Said Harry with a smile. ‘How do you like the place Quinn? It’s set up to be tailored to how you would want your home to look like. The light fixture and the statue of Rowena on the table are my housewarming gifts that I found at the market to make the place look a bit more- magical. 


Quinn looked back at the statue, ignoring Grumps who was still pulling at his shirt. 


Rowena?’ Asked Quinn, looking at the statue cautiously.


‘Rowena Ravenclaw, one of the four founders of Hogwarts. She along with Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, and Salazar Slytherin built the school long ago.’


Quinn stared at the statue of Rowena. He wondered whether he should tell Harry about losing his sight and hearing voices before the front door of the house by the living room burst open. 


‘Careful, careful. In through here, lay him on his bed in the second room on the right.’ 


Sabine Hibbins walked in followed by two healers who carried Uncle Eric on a stretcher. 


She looked at the two healers walk by, carrying Uncle Eric to his bed before looking content and shifting her attention to Quinn.


‘Your uncle woke up before we started heading here.’ She gave a warm smile to Quinn. 


Quinn ran towards the second room on the right, towing a now normal looking Grumps behind him. He slowed down let the healers walk past him before walking in slowly. Uncle Eric lay on the bed, eyes open looking at the ceiling.


‘Uncle Eric!’ Cried Quinn, Uncle it's me, Quinn.’ 


Uncle Eric’s eyes shifted slowly, laying his gaze on Quinn. A tear rolled down his cheek.


Quinn sat in the chair next to Uncle Eric’s bed, telling him the events that occurred up until then, everything from the attack on the boat to using the statue of the anchor that was actually a port key. He told him how he met an Auror name Harry Potter and how Sabine Hibbins was the reason he was still alive. He mentioned how he was supposed to attend Hogwarts starting next year and then an idea hit him.


‘Uncle Eric, if the healers don’t know how to help you, then I’ll find a way!’ Said Quinn with more excitement than he intended.

‘Hogwarts is supposed to be a school for magic. I’ll just learn the magic to bring you back to normal!’ He looked at Uncle Eric, this time more sternly. ‘I’m going to help you and we will find Sam and Aunt Katherine. I promise you this.’ Quinn grabbed his uncle’s hand with his own and laid his head on his chest. 


He later joined Harry and Sabine in the living room having a casual conversation about Loitelle’s market. 


‘Ah, Quinn-’ said Harry as he saw Quinn enter the room, ‘-We were just about to head to Loitelle’s market, the same one where I got you that light fixture and statue.’


‘I’m sorry to pry-’ interrupted Sabine, ‘but you look rather...calm, Quinn. Especially after everything that just happened.’


Harry wanted to stop her from mentioning anything about the incident but he was too curious to stop her from asking.

Quinn stared at the floor, leaving an awkward silence before finally answering.


‘I jus- I just know they’re still out there,’ Quinn said, keeping his voice from quivering, ‘and I’m going to learn how to cure Uncle Eric, and together we’re going to go look for them. I can’t just wait around doing nothing.’


Sabine and Harry looked at each other smiling.


‘Bloody brilliant!’ said Harry. ‘Your family will be back to normal as soon as you know it.’


Sabine got up from the couch and looked down at Quinn with a determined look.


‘I like this kid Harry.’ She knocked her knuckle on the top of Quinn’s forehead and headed for the door. ‘Let’s go! I want to get there on time to see Tabharas Zamas perform! Grumps, look after Eric!.’


‘Mes will look after your uncle Sir Carter,’ said Grumps in a honeyed tone, ‘Sir Carter can trusts Grumps, sir!’


Quinn followed Harry and Sabine out the door, feeling normal for the first time since he left his quiet home of Gammon Village.