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Erased From History by After All This Time

Format: Novel
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 2,714
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Humor, Mystery, Romance, LGBTQA
Characters: Dumbledore, Slughorn, Sprout, Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 04/25/2019
Last Chapter: 05/13/2019
Last Updated: 05/13/2019


Birdie Havens from a Slytherin Pure-Blood family, famous for Parseltongue, is sorted into Hufflepuff! Birdie is favoured by many teachers and all joke about how she should be in their house. Lily Evans becomes a close friend and tries to help her friend to find out why she seems to be confused about house. Meanwhile Peter Pettigrew learns he has an enormous crush on Birdie and- two of his friends get jealous and try to win Birdie's heart. However secrets are spilled when Birdie and Lily enter Dumbledore's office for an explanation. And it leaves three Marauders heart-broken and confused. AND leaves Birdie in a sticky situation... 

Chapter 1: Some Sorting Hat, Am I right?
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The atmosphere was still chilly, and Birdie's robes were still sopping and stuck to her skin after a dramatic incident in the Lake. Blushing in embarrassment, she could feel students eyes on her and hear muffled giggles. 


"Get off me!" She hissed, almost like a snake, when a boy with shaggy black-blue hair had prodded her. 

He flinched, looking alarmed, and slumped back to his chair. 


Some children whispered and snickered behind her as she turned away. 


"Fools." She hissed again under her breath. 


Another dark, long haired boy turned in astonishment. Like the other boy, but his hair looked more... Greasy. 


"Wow, your going to be in Slytherin." He grinned, impressed and clearly chuffed. 


"What? Because I'm a bitching git am I?" She shot back, angrily. 


"Well...that too." He grinned, handing me his palm.


"I'm Severus, Severus Snape."


Birdie rolled her eyes slightly.


"I'm Birdie, Birdie Havens." 

She parroted sarcastically, ignoring his grubby hand. 


"Cool! So your from the Pure-Blood family, right?" He smiled excitedly. 


"The one and only..." She muttered sarcastically. 


"Hey, may I ask, is your middle name-" 


"YES! IT IS! NOW CAN WE NOT TALK ABOUT THAT!" Birdie rapidly whisper-yelled. 


"Sure-?" Severus was cut of by Professor McGonagall. 




Damn it, did she gave to say the middle name? 


Birdie, surely convinced she was crimson by now, nervously rose from her seat and anxiously shuffled to the top by the stool and antiquated, battered brown wizard hat. 


She felt every living souls eyes on her, she glanced up and swore she saw Dumbledore, dazzling blue eyes shining, whispering to his magnificent fiery, gold Phoenix in the distance. 


The hat rested on her head tenderly, making nervous shiver run down her back, then started contemplating to itself in a bizarre fashion. 

Oddly enough, Birdie felt the hat wriggle uncomfortably on her head seeming dumb-founded. 


A minute rolled past in silence, although it felt like a month had finally finished. 


"D...Do you need any help?" Birdie desperately whispered, who was starting to feel a bit sweaty. 


The Sorting Hat chucked strangely . 

"Oh, silly infant, no brain can out wit the Sorting Hat's decisions!" It cried proudly.


"Well what's taking so long? What are we waiting for the Blue Moon?" Birdie muttered impatiently. 


Birdie couldn't see, however she could sense the Sorting Hat was very offended. 


Suddenly, with a loud song full cry and a blur of Autumn colours, Dumbledore's Phoenix soured over towards them. 


It perched nobly on Birdie's shoulder, digging it's claws in so it hurt a little, then bent to the Sorting Hat and crowed softly.


The students, and Professors, were gawping inquisitively at the unusual scene. And Birdie swore she heard a few gasp.


"Yes, yes, you see I was considering Slytherin because well-her Parseltongue." Whispered the Hat very quietly so Birdie could only just hear it. 


"But then, I could sense her wiseness and I felt she would do splendidly in Ravenclaw-but" 


"It was like Godric himself was shouting out her giant amount of bravery, and she seems quite decent..."


Then the Phoenix crooned a soft and short melody and Birdie felt the Sorting Hat shift a nod. 


"Yes I can see her great with animals too, some kind perks to her..."


Birdie just remembered it had been 5 minutes already! And all the student's eyes were glued the "performance" and Professor McGonagall seemed be shifting, slightly confused.


The bird elegantly flew away to its master and the Sorting Hat cleared it's throat (or made the noise indicating that). 


"I have come to my conclusion..." He boomed confidently. 


"You must be in HUFFLEPUFF!" 


There was an awkward applause from the yellow flagged table and Birdie swiftly made her way towards it, wishing she could just disappear. 


The gossip fled around the pupils like wildfire. Strange... Birdie thought smashing the families "flawless" Slytherin chain would feel hard and difficult. However, sitting at the Hufflepuff table only felt like she was laying in the peaceful sun...


But this also meant she was the first Hufflepuff in history to be able to speak Parseltongue.


Birdie watched the ceremony continue untill the final child sat on the miniscule stool. 


The Sorting Hat followed it's comical "face-pulling" and finally announced the chestnut colour haired boy, who was named August Stroham, in to Hufflepuff. 


He strode, face sour, towards the glowing table and flopped beside Birdie.


"Right hello,I don't like you, no I don't wanna be buddies, Im FINE not speaking and call me GUST not the ridiculous name my mother declared my birth with!" He ranted suddenly.


Birdie sighed and turned to him. "If you think your names weird, then I bet you've never met someone called "Birdie"!" 


He thought about it then grinned. She grinned back.


"Some Sorting Hat, am I right?" Gust sighing, still grinning.


"Yep..." Birdie replied. 


And then they turned to eat the feast that had suddenly appeared.

Chapter 2: Sloppy Sleepovers
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After completing the complicated barrel tapping session, Gust and Birdie entered the Hufflepuff common room. The place was literally an earthy tunnel leading to a nature themed, low-roofed room with the Hufflepuff logo scattered everywhere on flags, cloths, pillows and many more.


"Wow," Mumbled Gust, trying to hide he was quite impressed. 


"Yea... A lot more my liking..." Birdie sighed.


"What's wrong?" Gust asked.


"It's just my family are all in Slytherin and I bet they will disown me now..."


"WOW! So your, like,  one of the Pure-Blood obsessed families!?" 


"YEA!? What's that supposed to mean?" Birdie snarled.


Gust gasped. 


"Ugh, what is it this time?" Birdie moaned irritably. 


" Parseltongue?!" 


The bombshell dropped. 

She hadn't know she had been doing it! It was honestly just when she was... Angry


"Uh... S...sorry 'bout that um it kinda runs through my blood..." Birdie stuttered, very embarrassed. 


"It's ok" Gust smiled reassuringly. 


They both found an antique squashy armchair, largely decorated with badgers and yellow, that was big enough for the two 11 year olds to sit on comfortably together. 


"So Gust, tell a bit about yourself" Birdie started, propping her self against a small sunny pillow. 


"Oh, alright .... Well for starters, my Mum's a Muggle and my dad's a wizard. I have a younger sister, Ebrill, she 9 and uh oh I have a cat." Chatted Gust. 


"Ebrill?" Birdie inquired. 


"Oh yes, my dad's  Welsh, it means April in Welsh..." He said. 


"Your parents like... Months don't they? A...are they called June and July!" Giggled Birdie. 


"Shut it! Your parents like birds do they!?" He snapped, a grin tugging at his lips.  


"Alright! ALRIGHT!" She squealed, blocking a thrown pillow.

"And no, it was my Great Grandmother who named me-and YES she liked birds, ok?" She replied, catching the smirk on Gust's face. 


"Ok, ok! I declare we both have ridiculous names." He sighed as Birdie threatened with an adult pillow. 


Then finally they burst out laughing. Gust's chestnut hair in his hazel eyes and lightly toned and freckled face. And Birdie's short shoulder-length,thick, pale blonde hair swooping by her dark Ocean blue eyes and paler also freckled face. 


They soon grew slumped and drowzy on the cosy chair, sleepily droning on about their life. It was happy and comfortable untill an anxious faced girl with dark skin and black hair and eyes  came down and gasped dramatically at the sight. 


"You must go to the girls dorms Birdie! And he must go to the boys!" She exclaimed. 


Gust's eyes darted around then looked down. Birdie was actually asleep! Softly breathing, quite angelically, with her hand lazily placed on Gust's. 


He rapidly pulled his hand away, as if his hand was in goopy gone off porridge, blushing pink.


"Ugh, Birdie get up" Whined the girl.


"Huh? Wah?-" Birdie mumbled


She glanced at Gust trotting up to the boys dormitories, and yawned. 


"Oh! I forgot, thanks Maya" Birdie chuckled, surprised she remembered "Maya". 


"Um, it's Nikaya" She mumbled.


Oh well close enough.



The night was horrendous. The girls in Birdie's dorm were endlessly snickering and giggling as sickly as sugar about boys and snogging! As much as she tried to block out the noise, even after the giggling when they finally fell asleep, she could not sleep. And when she finally did, she could of sworn as soon as she blinked it was morning. Also she had woken up with a bald, wrinkly and narrow cat curled on her pillow. She had let out an ear-piercing scream when it had woken her up with a lick in the face.


"AAARGH!!!!" Birdie screamed, causing the cat to quickly scuttle away in fright. 


"You don't look so good" Frowned Nikaya all of a sudden. 


"Thanks a bunch." Birdie groaned rubbing her temple, try to rub the ache away.


" I...I didn't mean that I!" The now worried girl trembled.




Birdie look up at Nikaya who had now flicked her wand at Birdie.


Panic rose in Birdie. 


What on earth?


"There." Smiled Nikaya, her face relaxing in satisfaction.


Birdie rushed to the mirror, her face was no longer shadowy and groggy but hydrated and smooth. Her hair was shiny and brushed, not tangled in an enormous knot. 


"Wow!  Thanks Nikaya its great!"


"Where'd you learn that?!" Birdie exclaimed, clearly chuffed.


"Oh, from my Mama, she went to a magic school in Africa, its s popular spell there..." Nikaya shyly mumbled, smiling. 


"Well it's BLOODY fantastic!" Birdie roared jokingly. 


"C'mon get changed!" Nikaya giggled ambling out the door.


At that moment Birdie smiled. And quickly sprinted out.



"... You should look after" Birdie heard Nikaya, lecturing somebody.


"Well poor Cleo got half scared to death!" She heard Gust point out.


"Whoops...sorry" Birdie laughed 


They both looked up at Birdie.


"Dreadfully sorry Cleo, didn't mean to hurt your cat Gust, though I am more of a fan on dogs..." Birdie chuckled.


"Yea, cats are lovely, but dogs are better in my opinion!" Nikaya agreed, lightly petting the glaring cat. 


"Don't worry Cleo, you poor cat" Crooned Gust while cradling the content cat. 


"Yea, again sorry about your..." Started Birdie, sharing glanced with Nikaya.



"" The two girls said in unison.


And they all laughed.

Chapter 3: Very...Charming
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"Looks like we all have Charms" Gust concluded, analysing a sheet of parchment.


"I bet Nik' will be great at it" Birdie huffed enviously, playfully nudging Nikaya.


"Erm... As I said before, My mum's from Africa so most of the spells I know are from there..." Nikaya admitted.


"Well what spells do you know" Gust asked, stuffing the parchment into his pocket.


"Well, easy ones like, Repairo and Alohamora. And other ones from my Mama."


"Cool" The other two chorused. 




"Ugh, were with the Ravenclaws..." Birdie sighed 


"What's wrong with them?" Nikaya questioned.


"Yea, I know what you you mean, snobby little know-it-alls they are" Piped Gust, wrinkling his nose in disapproval. 


"Wingadium Leviosa? I learnt that when I was 8!" Chortled one of the snobbish looking Ravenclaws.


There was a loud buzzing sound of talk in the classroom untill a  stout little man furiously waddled into the classroom.


"Oh no! I'm late again! Sorry children-uh-" he rushed as he straintenged his askew, blue, tie. 


He cleared his through and gave himself a little shake then proceeded to scribble words on the black board. 


"Wingadium Leviosa. The levitating charm. Remember students, swish and flick."

He droned on.


" Oh yea! I'm also Professor Flitwick." Professor Flitwick cheerfully smiled, flicking his wand, making long ,fluffy, white feathers appear infront of every child. 


"Wingadium Leviosa. Repeat after me, Wingadium Leviosa." Professor Flitwick chanted. 


Many Ravenclaws had theirs up in a single "swish and flick", while the Hufflepuffs were struggling. 


"Wingadium Leviosa, Wingadium LEVIOSA!"

Yelled Gust, fretting at his motionless feather. 


Birdie giggled, but then remembered her feather strands had only wiggled when she tried.


"How are you getting on Nik'?" Asked Birdie, slamming her wand on the table, defeated. 


"Um, not very good, I think I forgot its name. Was Wingalia Levidum?" Groaned Nikaya, pouting at her slightly burned feather. 


"Wingadium Leviosa..." Corrected Gust, blowing the feather lightly in frustration. 


"You know what..." Muttered Nikaya processing something in her head. 


Nikaya muttered,almost inaudibly, under her breath creating strange wand movements at the feather. 


It shot up like a firework, all the Hufflepuffs stared in awe as the feather floated successfully. A few Ravenclaws glanced at the first Hufflepuff to levitate their feather. 


"Well,well, good job Miss Pine, 10 points to Hufflepuff!" Cried Professor Flitwick. 


"How did you do that!?" Hissed Gust in disbelief. 


"Rocketing spell, it from my Mama" Smirked Nikaya, making the feather zoom her friends faces. 


"Teach me!" Whined Gust 


"It's African, it will be hard for you." Said Nikaya, making her feather spring behind him. 


Birdie frowned as she continued to try and charm her feather; unsuccessfully. 



Swish and flick...


Birdie thought to herself. She sighed and tried her most dramatic "swish and flick" she could muster and finally it soured up gradually. 


"Well-done Miss Havens" Cried Flitwick. 


"How did you do that?" Moaned Gust. 


"Just do as dramatically as possible-it worked for me!" Birdie informed, nodding at Gust's suspicious look.


He took quite an overly large inhale then he tilted his body and wand hand back and then suddenly bowed forward, diving his wand hand down and up while crying out "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!" 


Nearly everybody screamed with laughter; not just because his feather didn't budge with any magical force. 


Because his dramatic "swish and flick" was quite unforgettable along with his decent "Drunken Queen of Britain" voice screaming the charm. 


The two girls were choking with laughter, gasping loudly for air. 


Gust was a red a tomato and had a scowl on his face 


"Oh ho! Quite-quite... CHARMING!" Barked the Professor, whom was also wheezing with laughter. 


Gust cursed under his breath quite loudly.


"HM! Young sir I think you will be having detention for that foul language!" The Professor croaked.


Nikaya howled with laughter, accidently causing her feather to sour speedily at the Professor's face-also getting a detention. 


Birdie shook her head then suddenly bumping into a Ravenclaw boy. 


"OI Bird-brain" He yelped

Birdie shoved him 


And soon she, the Ravenclaw and her friends all had detention at 8:00pm.


"Be there SHARP" Yelled the fretting teacher. 






Author note: the chapter 2 and this chapter are important for the character's friends to have a personality and become friends. Also for it to lead to the plot 😊.


Chapter 4: The Peculiar Prefect...
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Gust slapped his homework sheet on the arm of the, large,old, comfy, armchair and slithered down off onto the floor. He landed, in a strange contortionist pose that looked very painful and difficult, on Birdie's thigh that was crossed over her other straightened leg. Birdie, whom was engrossed in her "Old but Effective Potion Remedies" ,  only realised this when Nikaya let out a low and quiet wolf whistle. Birdie ripped her eyes from her book to Gust, who was resting oddly but comfortably on her thigh, she let out a high-pitched scream similar to a Screech owls and jerked her thigh away rapidly. Gust realised the situation, it felt like swallowing a bowling ball as embarrassment consumed him, and turned his body away in the same fashion cleary flushing bright pink. 


"Er-um-s...sorry I, um, I fell asleep!" Gust burbled. Nikaya laughed. Birdie sat further away still blushing, legs pinned to her chest.