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Hogwarts: The new Riddle by Haley Riddle

Format: Novel
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 18,131
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Snape, Lucius, Narcissa, Voldemort, Albus, Dominique, James (II), Louis, Rose, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 03/27/2019
Last Chapter: 04/05/2019
Last Updated: 05/02/2019


Haley is going to Hogwarts after 3 years at Durmstrang. The only problem is that she Is the Daughter of Tom Riddle

Chapter 1: The Rumors were true
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Haley was born to the Riddle family. Into power and wealth. Her father was Tom Riddle Or to most people Lord Voldemort. She was to go to school with Harry Potter’s children. Haley went to durmstrang for two years. Her mother decided she would write the headmaster of the school Minerva McGonagall to enrol her to Hogwarts before she passed. She didn’t know it yet but Haley’s life was about to change.


When I first walked in the Kings Cross I was rather lost considering my parents had left me thinking I would know what to do. It wasn't until I ran into someone that I finally wasn't lost anymore. “Hey watch where you're going!” A boy with white blonde hair, pale skin, and dreaming blue eyes turned around. I guess he knew that I was new when he saw me. “Oh sorry, are you new?” He asked “Yeah” I stretched out my hand. “Haley. Haley riddle.” He took my hand and shook it. “Scorpius Malfoy.” A man that looked similar to Scorpius was now behind him. he looked at me strangely as if he knew me. but I know I didn't know him. “Who's this?” his father asked “Haley this is my father Draco. Dad this is Haley. Haley riddle.” he introduced me to his father. with another awkward stare, his father Draco said “Well then Scorpius go to the train. Take your friend too.” Draco pushed Scorpius toward me. Scorpius then pulled my arm as if signalling me to follow him.

We walked into the platform between 9 and 10 and the Hogwarts express was there. It was shining red and kids were waving their hands out the windows to depart from their parents. It was great. The smoke was filling the platform i had to stand there for a minute to take it all in. After we put our trunks in a pile with the others they magically floated into the train and it started to take off. Scorpius jumped on and he grabbed my hand to pull me up too. He waved to his dad and his mum and then we went  to find a seat. Most of them were filled and as I walked by most people stared at me and Scorpius. When we got to a cart there were two people in it they almost look like brothers. They had black untamed hair and one had green eyes and the other had brown. One was taller than the other too. They looked at me for just a bit at my face and that my features. I guess Scorpius knew these boys. He sat down right away. one of the boys looked up and said “I'm James Potter and this is my brother Albus. I'm a fourth-year. Scorpius knows Albus well if you couldn't tell already. They're best friends. by the look of you your new. maybe Slytherin? I'm a Gryffindor. May I ask if we can be friends maybe best friends if you want a course.” he held out his hand for me to shake and I shook it. At this Albus started talking to Scorpius. “ I'm Haley and considering you two are both Potters you might not like what I'm about to tell you.” I said both of the boys looked at me like I was weird “I'm a Riddle. Haley Scabior Riddle.” Albus and James looked at me like I was a Bogart. “you mean you're Voldemort's daughter?” Albus said.

“Yes but I promise you I won't be as bad as you think he was. I live with my grandma and grandpa of course since my mum died when she gave birth to me and oh, your father killed mine.” I pulled out my wand to show them and said “10 inches burnt cherry wood Dragon heartstring core with emeralds. compliments to Salazar.” My wand was black with a sharp pointed tip. The bottom was lined with bright green emeralds, then a few inches up it had small chunks of emerald. My father had this wand too but he never used it, as it was too elegant for him. They looked at me for a minute or two in the cart went quiet. It was almost like they were analysing all the details I just told them. “I need a minute while you guys process that.” I got up with my things and walked to find another cart. A boy with brown tousled hair and emerald-green eyes stopped me. “ You must be new. I'm Alexander or Alex to the ladies I'm in Ravenclaw. you must be looking for a seat. Where are my manners?” He said this with a wink. “Yeah maybe I am Looking for a seat” I said as I rolled

my eyes. “ Follow me. You can sit with me if you want.” We found an empty cart closer to the back to sit in and we talked for a while. Turns out Alex was a pureblood who belongs to the Black family. he was supposed to be in Slytherin but the Sorting Hat put him in Ravenclaw. when we finally stopped talking he said “We should change into our robes we're getting pretty close to Hogwarts. come on”. When we finished changing and were on our way back to our cart we saw Scorpius. “Hey. I guess you met Alexander now. You guys must be new friends now.” he looked bummed. “Well… Go to go” He ran off leaving me and Alex with our thoughts. “So friend sounds nice. But best friend sounds even better.” When we got back to our car and settled in we were getting even closer to Hogwarts. “Look out the window you can see Hogwarts perfectly clear from here.” Alex said. I looked out the window just in time when a castle-like building appeared on a mountain. It was beautifully lit. Alex looked at me and said “even if you are in Slytherin we can still be friends. also, you are the boss don't let others be .” “Yeah. Ok,” I said to him as the train came to an abrupt stop. I grabbed my things and I accidentally hit a girl with black hair and brown eyes with my trunk. She was Not short But not tall either.

“Watch It.” She had her wand in her hand. Her expression was changed when she looked at me. It seems the word got out on the Daily Prophet Because most people looked at me with fear. Which was ok because I kinda liked what my father had. Power. Some say he was power Hungry but I don’t see it. The girl spoke up while I was still in my thoughts. “Sorry, I didn't realise you were… A Riddle. That's cool because I'm a Parkinson. Pansy is my mum.” I knew that she wanted to be my friend already. “ Besides we’re basically meant to be friends. Come on let's go to the great hall I'll show you where it's at.” We walked off the platform and met a boy. He was relatively skinny and had dark skin. “ this is Zabini.” Parkinson told me. I stuck out my hand for Zabini. “ Is it true that you’re going to be the next dark wizard. I mean you are a Riddle right?” he asked me “ Yes I am a Riddle. And we will see how it all turns out I guess. But for now, You guys are with me.” I told both of them. With my wand in hand and my trunk in the other, We walked in a triangle like shape. Me in the front and the other 2 on the side of me. The wind picked up And it blew my long blonde hair and my school robes all over the place. We pushed a bunch of kids out of the way. Some kids here and there stared and some whispered things to their friends. We got to the boats and the one we sat in had a kid in it. He had light brown hair and it was styled with the front out of his eyes. He had relatively short hair. “May I ask what your name is?” I said to the boy. He turned his head to me And I saw his golden eyes. “Cornelius Longbottom.” He answered. “ Oh, how lovely. A Longbottom. Are you able to do actual magic?” I told him. “Yes, actually I can. I couldn’t help but notice, your really beautiful.”

“Oh, why thank you.”

“You look amazing. I think I know you. Your A-”

“Riddle. Yes, I know. What house are you in Longbottom?”

Parkinson spoke up “He's in Slytherin. He’s perfect for it.” “Oh?” I said. By then the boats had arrived at the castle, It was extraordinary. Longbottom got out first and offered me a hand. I took it. I walked up the grand hall and I sat with the Slytherins. Headmaster McGonagall started the sorting.

First, she sorted the first years. “Miss Riddle?” she called All the teachers started to whisper to each other. “Come. Sit here.” She told me. I sat on the stool and she started to put the hat on my head but before she could it shouted “SLYTHERIN!” The whole Slytherin table burst into applause along with Professor Snape. Alex stood up and clapped the loudest for me. I sat right next to Albus, Scorpius, Longbottom, Zabini, and Parkinson. At that Professor McGonagall stood in front of the legendary owl podium. “As you all shall know, We have welcomed a certain someone to the school. Some of you have heard the storeys. And indeed they are true. It takes a great deal of welcoming and decision making to help her feel at home.” she said. Most people started to look at me and mumble things. It didn’t affect me considering I already suspected this would happen. “ Now. Let's eat. Shall we?” she sounded cheery this time. After the feast, I met Alex and chatted

with him. “You think people will like me?” I asked. “Of course. I mean you're pretty cool.” he told me. We continued to chat as we made our way to the Slytherin dormitories and there were some first years there talking to the Bloody Baron. “This is my cue.” Alex said. He then hugged me and said goodbye. I looked at the portrait and said “ Garsalous.” it opened and I entered my atmosphere. It was maybe 10:30 when I entered. I had assumed most people were asleep because there were only a few kids talking. I saw Scorpius on the couch reading something. His eyes were red. “What's wrong?” I asked him. He jumped at the sound of my voice. I guess he didn't realise I was there. “What's that?”. I asked him. He handed me an opened letter as he wiped his eyes. It read:

Dear Scorpius, I'm very sorry to inform you your dear mother has passed. We both loved her very much

-Your father

Scorpius sat back on the black leather loveseats in the middle of the common room. He put his head into his knees and started to sob. I sat next to him and put my arms around his shoulders. “It is ok. I'm here for you. It'll be alright.” he looked up, his blue eyes now a bloodshot red, and his face soaked with tears. He put a small smile on his face and said “ really?” “yes.” I said. I wiped his face with my hand. “Now go get cleaned up and go off to bed.” As I watched him go into the boys' dormitory Professor Snape walked in he sat by me. I had my face in my hands thinking. “You made quite the entrance today.” He said. “Yeah not what I was expecting.” I said. “ I wish I had my parents with me. Or I could talk to them”. Snape looked at me with sympathy. He pulled out a piece of old and weathered parchment. He handed it to me to read. “Your Mother sent this to me shortly after you were born. I read it

Dear Severus, I am writing in bad health. I know it won't be much longer. Haley won't have a family other her muggle great aunt. After I have passed I will allow you full custody of her. That is until the ministry is aware of the conditions made. Care for her. I will -

But that was all I could read. The rest was ripped. I looked up at my godfather. “Is it true that you can take me into your home?” I asked. “Yes.” he answered. I hugged him and he hugged me back. It felt good. I hadn't hugged a person as I hugged him. He is like a father to me now. After that a ran through the hall and through the dungeon-like door to a room that was green and silver. There were a bunch of four-poster beds with green covers and curtains. The light from the water bounced all over the walls making it seem as if we were underwater. I could definitely get used to this. I went to my bed over by the window. All my things were laid out and my green baby pet snake was curled in my bed. Her name was Nagini. Like her mum. I opened my trunk and pulled out posters of my family crest and put one over my bed. I also laid out my clothes for tomorrow. Lastly, I pulled out a quidditch poster it was of Bulgaria of course because I was on their team. If you're wondering how I got in because it's only for boys I can answer that. My Mum Paid big money and now they are starting to enrol girls. I was still stunned by how beautiful the girls’ dormitories were. It was late so I got under the covers and went into a deep sleep. Ready for whatever tomorrow may bring.

I got up to Nagini’s tongue tickling my face. I picked her up and kissed the tip of her mouth. I went into the refreshing room and did my blonde hair. I curled it into ribbon curls and put on a bubblegum pink gloss. I also put on mascara and brushed my teeth with spearmint toothpaste. It always woke me up. The smell of mint. I put on my white shirt, black skirt, and tie. I walked out to the common room and met Gloria. She was already up and ready. I grabbed my shoes and robe and quickly put them both on. Just as I was walking out Nagini slithered in front of me. Gloria yelped and I picked my pet snake up. “She won't hurt you. She just gets so lonely when I leave.” I told her. I said stay here love you in parseltongue to Nagini. “Whatever you say.” Gloria told me. Just outside the portrait hole, we spotted Zabini talking to some Hufflepuff girl. “Ahem. Let us go

now.” I said to him loudly. It was a nice walk down to the great hall for breakfast. The paintings were all alive and chattering as students passed. It was nice and sunny out as well. I think by this point the word was out on The Daily Prophet that I was a Riddle and Voldemort was my dad because everyone whispered to each other and when I walked down the corridor people ran the other way.

A boy in Hufflepuff robes stepped out in front of me and put an antler jinx on me. People laughed and I got furious. “Serpent Sentia!” I yelled and a serpent formed out of thin air. I talked to it in Parseltongue and it moved closer to the boy, fangs out ready to strike. I felt a fire like no other in my soul and I heard a voice in my head Do it. Kill the boy. It said. I kept speaking to the snake as it moved closer and closer to the boy. The boy shouted “petrificus to-!” but he was cut off by my godfather. “ ENOUGH!” He shouted. He used the counter-jinx to make the antlers on my head disappear as he had his wand pointed to the boy. “ Reese, 50 points from Hufflepuff,” the group of boys with Reese groaned. “Get to class!” he looked down at me and said “Let us go Haley. I shall escort you in case anyone tries to jinx you again.” at that last part I glared at Reese but he just winked.

The way to potions was quiet. We walked downstairs into a cold and dark dungeon. There was moisture in the air as the sound of dripping water ringed through the dark corridors. I walked behind Snape and watched as his long black robes trailed behind him. He opened the door and propped it open. “You can sit at the table closest to my desk if you would like.” he said to break the silence. I sat down and got out my cauldron from under the desk. Whenever I set it on the table kids started to come in. A few Hufflepuff and some Slytherin. In this group, I saw Reese and his friends from earlier. Gloria sat down at the table with me and Reese passed to sit next to me. He put a small piece of parchment on my table in front of me. I grabbed it and put it in my pocket. I was to read it later. When everyone got seated Snape discussed today's lesson. We were going to make a sleeping potion. When people started to get supplies I sent Gloria to get ours. I pulled out the parchment Reese gave to me and started to read it.

Sorry about earlier. The boys, you know. By the way, meet me at the black lake at 9? Also, I think you're kinda hot.


I blushed a little and Just then Gloria snatched the parchment out of my hand. She giggled as I tried to get it back. Even worse she started to read it out loud “meet me by the black lake? Haley’s got a date!!” She said in sing-song. “Stop give it back Gloria!” I said as I laughed. She threw it at me and I looked back at Reese. His friends all whooted and Reese blushed. I looked at him a little longer to take in his features. He was tall and had jet black hair. It was tousled and semi-long. He had Purple eyes and freckles. He had pale-ish skin. He also had a piece of his hair dyed yellow. I assumed for Hufflepuff. “Haley! Stop staring before you look weird.” Gloria told me. “Oh right,” I replied. I pointed my wand to the gooey purple liquid in my cauldron and said “Inferno.” The potion set a fire for a couple of seconds then blue and purple smoke rose up. Professor came to me as I bottled the potion for him. He said “Haley has brewed a sleeping potion. The effects are drowsiness. If she made it right 20 points to Slytherin. And this antidote should cure me. Only if she has brewed it perfect.” Everyone had their eyes on me and Slughorn. I handed him the purple liquid and he drank it. “As you can see,” he said with a yawn. “I am getting tired.” He yawned again and his eyelids fluttered. He drank the bright orange liquid in a bottle from his coat

and it restored his energy. The bell rang and he said “Class, Dismissed. And 30 points to Slytherin.”

I ran to go find Reese and indeed I found him talking to his friends. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around. “I don't mean to bother you but I was just wondering if what you said was true.” He blushed and said “Yeah. I really like you Haley and I think we can get somewhere.” I looked into his purple eyes and he leaned into my face and we snogged. His friends whooped and hollered. I looked up at him and all of a sudden he turned into a young cheetah. His friends laughed and I pet his head as the cheetah/ Reese purred. It was kinda cute. He transformed back into Reese and he said “Sorry. It happens when I'm nervous.” he ran his hands through his hair. “No, I like it.” I said. And I snogged him again. After that, I turned and walked to the greenhouses. If you're asking about how I feel about Reese and him being an animagus. I'm afraid I can't answer that. Right when I was about to enter the greenhouses I saw platinum blonde hair. I knew it was Scorpius. He came up to me and I went in to hug him but he pushed me away. “What in the world got to you?” I asked him. He looked at me like he was furious with me. “Oh, what happened to me? What happened to me?! My dead mum happened to me but you wouldn't understand!” He screamed at me. I pulled out my wand and pointed it at him. “Excuse me but I do understand! And I'm sorry I couldn't go to your mums funeral. It would've helped if you invited me!” He pulled his wand out too and pointed it to my head. There was a crowd now around us. In the crowd, I saw Reese, Alex, Gloria, and Zabini.

“You're really gonna threaten me!?”

“Yeah, and what if I am?” He said.

The fire I felt earlier came again. Last time I didn't get too far but the voice came again. You know the curse. Use it. This time I actually followed it. “CRUCIO!” Scorpius started howling with pain. Luckily there weren't any teachers around. DO IT the voice told me. “Avada-” but then Reese got in front of my wand. The fire slowed down and came to a stop. “Haley. Stop. You wouldn't kill me. Take the curse off him.” Reese said. I flicked my wand at Scorpius. He got up and made way to the hospital wing. Tears were streaming down my face and I couldn't stop crying. I got on my knees and dropped my wand. It hit the ground with a clatter. “I didn't mean to! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I'm sorry.” I said through me crying. Reese got down next to me and wrapped his arms around me. He stroked my hair and told me “It's ok I know you didn't mean it. Shhh.” It took 2 minutes and the crowd was gone and Reese had calmed me down. It was great that I had a free period. So did Reese but I wasn't thinking about him at the moment. I walked up to the astronomy

tower and sat with my knees to my chest by the window. The very spot Dumbledore had died. I felt the breeze blow my hair and breathed in the cool air. I stared out in the sky and my snake had slithered up next to me. Where have you been? Boy did I miss you. I said to her in parseltongue. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and I turned to see Reese. He sat next to me and we dangled our feet off the tower. “It is pretty.” He said. I looked at him and said, “I can tell you anything right?”

“Yeah of course.”

“I hear these voices in my head. I don't know who it is or why it happens but whenever you and I duelled the voice took over and I was about to kill you. The same thing happened with Scorpius. I don't know what it is. I just,” I turned to look out at the sky. “I go out here to think. And no one goes up here so.” Reese was still looking at my eyes. I looked at his. He leaned in but I looked down. “Sorry. I don't know what's wrong.” I picked up Nagini and kissed the tip of her mouth. “Oh so your gonna kiss her instead?” he laughed. The rest of my day went by fast. Herbology, then DADA, then Divination. After Divination, I decided to pay a visit to the hospital wing. I sat next to Scorpius. His face was so peaceful. I brushed his hair out of his face and kissed his forehead. “I'm sorry. I didn't mean for you to get hurt. You're supposed to be my best friend.” I whispered. Albus Potter came into the room I guess to see Scorpius. “Is he ok?” he asked

“Yeah, he's ok. I didn't mean for any of this to happen.”

“Hey. It's ok” he said as he sat down in the chair next to Scorpius. “Your not as bad as I thought you would be actually. My dad writes to me almost every week asking about you. He's obsessed. He's saying your gonna try to kill us all.” He said with a nervous chuckle. “You wouldn't though. I know you wouldn't.” I looked at Scorpius’s face. “Thanks.” I pulled out a piece of

parchment I had written earlier saying I was sorry and explaining everything. I set it on the table beside Scorpius’s bed. I walked out of the hospital wing and out to the black lake where the full moon reflected off of it. Reese was sitting on the grass so I sat next to him. “My mum wrote to me today. She just decided to tell me Cedric Diggory was my dad. I assume you already know what happened to him.” He started to cry. “I'm sorry.” I said. “Just promise me you won't do anything that bad.” I grabbed his hand and laced my fingers in his. “I promise.” I said as I put my head on his shoulder. He put his head in my lap, laid on his side and fell asleep. I let him sleep for 30 minutes. I brushed some dirt off his face and he awoke. “We should head back.” I said. I got up and offered him my hand. He took it but tripped on a rock when we were halfway up the hill. He fell into me and I caught him and we laughed. We snogged one last time before we departed for our dormitories.

The rest of the week went by in a flash. Snape spent more time with me as he promised and so did Alex. My main hangout spots were the Astronomy tower and the black lake. I was an everyday visitor to Snape’s Office. For lunch of course. It was the end of Friday and I was on my way back to the common room to meet Gloria and Zabini. I saw Scorpius and ran up to him. “Hey. I didn't know they let you out early.” He looked at me but turned and kept walking. “What's wrong? Was sorry, not good enough?” He stopped walking and turned around his eyes were starting to water but he held the tears back. “My dad. He doesn't want me to be friends with you. My grandmum says that the dark lord wouldn’t have spared me for a second so she told my dad that if you were anything like him… You wouldn't spare me. I know you said your sorry and I really want to forgive you and makeup. But my dad and the ministry. Minister Granger, she's on my dad's side on all this.” my mouth was hanging open. “So you're going to believe A filthy mudblood like her!? You have no idea how my father actually felt. Nor my mother. And you definitely don't know how I feel either!” my mouth was trembling as if I was about to start crying. “Now I'm starting to feel like you don't care about anyone but yourself.” then the tears came. “You don't know… I do want to be your friend again… I..” he started to say. “No. Just go.” He stood there looking at me with sympathy written all over his face. “GO!” I shouted. He stood there and then walked away. I stopped and dropped on the stairs. I put my hands in my face and just cried. The paintings were all looking at me and whispering to each other about the events that just took place. I was crying for a while then a book fell on my head. I looked up and saw a girl with black curly hair and amber eyes. She had tan skin and freckles. She wore Gryffindor robes. “Oops sorry ‘bout that. Should've seen you there.” she said. She sounded really sincere and nice. I wiped my nose on my robes and laughed. “You're fine. I'm Haley.” I said. She sat down next to me and said “Jazmarie Potter. My mum is Cho.”

“So you're related to Reese?”

“Yeah sadly. He talks about you a lot.” she said. Just then a boy in Hufflepuff robes came to Jazmarie. He had Brown hair, deep brown eyes and tan skin. He looked like he was in his fifth year. By that, I assumed Jazmarie was a fifth year too. “Well, I got to go. Justin and I kinda have a date. Hang out sometime?” she asked. “Yeah. Why not.” She left me sitting by myself for a while. But then I got up and walked down the rest of the stairs. I found the right cellar door and whispered “cantantum.” and it swung open. The common room was filled with excitement. Including my groupies. Some people turned to see who it was who had entered the room but turned back when they saw it was just me. I had learned that it was a party for completing the first week of school. After a few pumpkin juices and butterbeers, the party was fun to me. Until Scorpius entered the room. I saw him and immediately started to cry. So I ran to my room and went to the bathroom and locked the door. I started to sob uncontrollably. I heard a knock on the door in the middle of me crying. “Go away.” I said. “Hey, it's me. You gotta open the door Haley. There is someone here to see you. He’s waiting for you whenever you’re ready to open up.” She told me. Even though I had mascara streaking down my face I opened the door and walked out into the common room. A blonde boy with blue eyes and fairly tan skin was sitting in one of our chairs talking to Zabini. He stood up with a smile as he saw me. He was 4 inches taller than me if I remembered correctly. I ran to him and he hugged me as he lifted me up and spun me around. “Louis! I missed you so much!” I said. Louis was part veela. He was also Bill and Fleur Weasley’s son. Aka my real best friend. I had paid visits to his mum all throughout the summers. His mum said I'm the daughter she wishes she had. I’m also friends with his sisters too but not as much. Louis and I told each other everything but this summer I couldn't because I was busy packing and getting everything ready and prep talks etcetera. He used to have a big crush on me but now I’m not so sure. But I don’t care.

After Louis had a butterbeer, he and I left. We were just outside the common room when he said, “Haley, I want to tell you something, ever since I heard you were coming to our school my heart leapt. I think...I like you again. I mean soo many girls like me but I don't like them.” I looked into his baby blue eyes and thought about one thing. “Come with me.” I said. I wanted to take him to the astronomy tower. We walked up the stairs and ran over to the railings and dangled our feet off the edge. We talked about the summer and what happened during it. “Dominique is 16 now. Mum can’t wait until she’s 17 so she can do magic outside of school. I really missed you.” he said. I hugged him and playfully punched his shoulder. “Aww Louie”. I said. The sky was clear and you could see the stars and moon clear from here. He looked at me and I looked at him. He leaned in and he said, “I thought you had a boyfriend?” “He doesn't have to know.” I answered. “Besides, I like you better.” I said as I leaned in closer and we snogged. He pulled back and I asked him “Was that bad? Because I can stop.” He snogged me again and we kept going for a while. I fully accepted that he liked me because deep down inside I liked him too. After we promised each other we wouldn't tell anyone about events of tonight and we wouldn’t tell anyone about what we talked about and stay friends, we left our separate ways to our common rooms. When I entered my dormitory Gloria attacked me with questions about Louis. “Do you think he likes me? Maybe he’ll ask me out. Are you listening?” I was playing with my snake Nagini and not even paying attention. “Yeah. And I think we should go to bed.” I said as I got under my green silk sheets and covers. I fell asleep easily.

I woke up early and got dressed. I went down to breakfast by myself and took a few things with me. I made my way to my godfather's office and knocked. The door opened by a girl who looked like she was done with detention. I sat down in the chair in front of his desk and placed a napkin and some croissants on the napkins. Snape came from around the corner and stood in front of me. “Good morning Haley. I see you brought breakfast.”

“Yeah just thought you might want something to eat since I didn't see you at breakfast with the other teachers.”   

“Just needed some air and I had a detention student.” he said as he picked up a croissant and started to eat it. “Yeah, I saw.” I said as I picked up a croissant for myself. “I also meant to ask you something..”

“I'm listening.” he said. As he pulled up a black leather chair. His office was very plain. Stone walls with some pictures of his mother and father. His desk had some books piled on it and He had his black quill and black ink close by a piece of parchment.

“Well, the other day when I got into a fight with Reese. I heard a voice. I don't know who's though. That's what I'm tripped up on. And also I discovered that I can do this now.” I said as I closed my eyes for 20 seconds. I opened them up and they were now red and had slits for eyes. “Interesting.” He said. “I don't have any explanation for that matter. But i'll give it thought.” he told me. “Great. Your the best. Love you.” I said as I started to walk out. He hasn't said he loves me back just yet but just as I was about to exit I heard it. “I love you too.”

Potions class had gone really well and I was top of my class in no time. Snape took pride in my accomplishments too. I had successfully made potions even seventh years couldn't make. I made Versaterium, Armorentia and Polyjuice Potion. When I finished my Polyjuice Slughorn wanted me to see if it would work. “Haley will need a few hairs from the person she will be transforming into. Do so now.” Professor said. Keep in mind I had this class with some Hufflepuff students. A bunch of people raised their hands. I looked around the room at various people. I decided I didn't want to choose a boy. I guess I went with my gut and chose Gloria. I cut a few strands of her long black sleek hair and dropped it into the thick brownish frothing liquid. It sizzled for a minute. I then used my ladle to pour it into a vial. It was a very small Amount almost enough for 10 minutes.

I drank the thick liquid. It tasted of severely burnt popcorn but I gulped it down. Then it started. I shrank one inch. My nose got longer and pointier. My hair got longer and turned a jet black colour. My skin colour changed to a porcelain colour. I had fully changed into Gloria. “I think it worked.” I said in Gloria’s voice. “50 points to Slytherin for pure excellence.” Said Slughorn. I high fived Gloria and some other kids came up to me to ask how I did it and how it felt and what not. The only person that was sitting was Scorpius. He was doodling on his piece of parchment. I sat down as the effects started to wear off. Gloria saw I was bummed. “All the guys in the world. You have Louis. You don’t need to worry about a Malfoy... Why don’t you join quidditch? I heard you were great on The Bulgarian team.” She said. I thought about it for a second. “Maybe it will take your mind off of some things.”

She's Right. Maybe joining quidditch might be just what I need to give me a little more self-motivation. I picked up my stuff and hurried out of the classroom. “Haley! Where are you going?” Professor asked. “No time to explain!” I said and went on my way to my dormitory. I went to my trunk and found my quidditch robes. I put them on and tied my hair back. I went into our broom cupboard in the common room and took out my shiny new Firebolt. I walked down to the quidditch field and met my other soon to be Slytherin teammates. Out of the group I saw, Cornelius, Albus, Zabini, Goyle, and Crabbe. There were also a few others but I didn’t know them. The captain Is Marcus Flint’s son. Luke. “Welcome guys and ladies. Get ready to try out mount your brooms and do some laps to see how fast you can go. Then we’ll play some scrimmage.” he told us. Just as I kicked off the ground and dust flew up I saw Scorpius. I didn't want to think about him right now. I just want to make the team. I did my laps the fastest and best of course. We moved on to scrimmage and it was an easy game. I was on a team with Cornelius and Zabini and Crabbe. We won. The team was announced at the end. “Riddle, Your chaser. Longbottom your Keeper.” Me and Cornelius high fived and His shiny white teeth shined when he smiled. “Zabini your Beater. Crabbe your a chaser. I will tell you to follow up on Haley. She knows what she’s doing. Potter,

Seeker. Malfoy, Beater. And Goyle your also a keeper.” We all high fived each other but Scorpius and I avoided contact. Cornelius and I went to the benches to talk some. Long story short, He Was Neville’s son but Neville disowned him when he was put in Slytherin and was almost suspended when he got into a huge duel and almost killed several people. Crazy. I and he got along really easily.

Just as I was picking up my water bottle I saw the Hufflepuff team making their way down to the field. I saw Louis and Reese talking to each other holding their brooms. The team had already been chosen and Reese was a chaser and Louis was a beater. Reese ran up to me looking shocked. “Since when did you join quidditch?” he asked

“Just now. I’m a chaser. Like I was in Bulgaria. If you paid attention you would know.” I said to him. It was true. He hadn’t talked to me all week. And when he did he only talked of him making the quidditch team. “Haley don’t even start. I’m not gonna deal with your lot of problems.”

“It’s not my fault you loathe yourself. Admit it. You don’t even like me. You're in love with yourself.” I said as I drew my wand. Louis grabbed my arm. “Let's go Haley. Come on.” I snatched my arm away and gave Reese a death stare. “Fine.” I barked. It was a Tuesday and thankfully I had 2 free period back to back. Louis and I, well me leading because I was mad, headed to the astronomy tower. The sun was sinking lower in the sky giving it an orange colour. I was walking up the stairs and by this point, I thought Louis was gonna leave. But I heard his footsteps on the stair behind me. I still had my wand in my hand and I was pretty sure I was fuming. “You can go now.” I said loudly. “You might want to help poor old Reese.”

“Haley your way more important.” He said. I stopped for a minute but continued walking. “You know that’s a lie.”

“I know it’s not a lie. You're my best friend.” he said. I reached to the top of the steps and crossed the opening of the tower. I leaned on the railing. The breeze that was rolling through cooled me off. Louis knew to stay away from me when I was like this so he was on the other side of the tower. After 2 minutes I wasn’t mad anymore. Nevermind I was still kinda mad. “I’m sorry,” I said. “You know the anger gets to me sometimes”. I said to Louis. He came over and gave me a brotherly hug. “You know all is forgiven.” I was turning to leave when I saw a cheetah with Purple eyes stop me just right in front of the steps. “What do you want Reese?” I asked. The cheetah turned into Reese suddenly and he said “I’m sorry. I know I got carried away in quidditch and I never thought to ask you about yourself. Just please bear with me. It won’t happen again.” he said. He went to grab my hand but I moved it away. “ I need to sleep on it. Give it some thought.” I said. I walked by myself all the way to the common room. I was really worn out from quidditch. I just wanted to take a shower and go to bed.

Chapter 2: Why couldnt you tell me before?
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Monday was a rainy day. No one really wanted to go anywhere but we still had too. Breakfast wasn’t as bad as I had assumed. I walked and sat with Jazmarie. “Hey Haley,” she said. “We are gonna crush Y'all this weekend.”

“I’m not so sure about that. We are pretty good this year I mean I was on the Bulgarian-”

“Team. I know Haley. You told me a thousand times! It’s all blah blah blah Reese blah. Blah blah Quidditch and blah blah blah classes.” she laughed. “By the way. We still are going to Hogsmeade together right?” I asked. “Of course. You're a really great friend to me. I wouldn’t forget.” She said. I grabbed a flaky croissant and took a bite. It was buttery and soft in my mouth. It was soo good.

“Good,” I said I shoved the rest of it in my mouth and ate it. I almost forgot to chew if I'm telling the truth. I went over to the Hufflepuff table. I hugged Louis from behind and said hi. You can already assume that Reese and I made up. He was sitting across from Louis. I went to him and sat next to him. He was talking about quidditch when I sat down. He saw me and smiled. “Hey!” he said. “Hey, you,” I said with a wink and I tapped the tip of his nose. I put my head in my hand and leaned it against the table. I listened to what the boys were talking about. Something of Quidditch forms and strategies. I heard their game plan for the Slytherin team. I got up and said “Thanks for telling me your plans!”  I ran but didn't get far. Reese picked me up from behind, he was 5 inches taller than me so he had an advantage, and wouldn't put me down. I squealed and some people turned their heads. They saw me and Reese and some teachers did too and just laughed as if to say “young love”. Reese was just laughing while he was walking back to

the table still holding me. His teammates laughed at me. He finally set me down. I looked into his purple eyes and we put our foreheads together. We stared at each other playfully. “I love you Haley.” he said. We snogged and some people watched. Some of Reese’s friends were in that group.

After breakfast I made way to Defense against the Dark Arts. I walked into the crowded classroom I had this class with the Ravenclaws. I could see that Snape had already started teaching. I walked and found an empty seat next to Alex. “10 points from Slytherin for Haley being late.” Snape said. I ignored him and looked at Alex. “So what did I miss?” I asked. “Were doing notes on Boggarts. 1 roll of parchment. But I already finished. You can copy.” he said. He handed me his piece of parchment and I inked my quil and started to write. “I love having a Ravenclaw friend like you.” I told him. He just laughed. At the end of my notes professor spoke up “So. Now we are going to see these boggarts. The only way to defeat them is with laughter. Repeat, Riddikulus.” The class repeated. “Wands out. And form a line.” we all got out or wands and formed a line. In the front was Alex, Scorpius, Zabini, Gloria and then me. “All right. Alex wand out and get ready.” Professor said. With a flick of his wand the boggart came out. Professor Mcgonagall came out and said Alex was Expelled. “Riddikulus!” he shouted and she said “Mr Black, I have to Inform you that you shouldn't be socializing in the bathroom.”  Everyone laughed and the boggart left. Next was Scorpius. “Wand out.” said Snape. The boggart stepped out and it was Me. His worst fear was me. I scoffed.

“Nice one Loser.” I said. He just said Riddikulus and I turned into a barking seal. I couldn't help but laugh. I learned that Alex’s boggart was being expelled, Scorpius’s was me, Zabini’s was having no money, Glorias was her mom saying she hated her, And Longbottom was him being told he was a squib. Then I was next. “Now get ready dear. Wand out.” Snape said. My father stepped out and was choking to death. I stood there speechless. Tears rolled down my eyes. This wasn't what I thought my boggart was. I kept standing there, tears rolling down my eyes listing to my father, Lord Voldemort dying. Snape stood in front of me so that the boggart took his fear instead. His boggart was my dead body. He said riddikulus and I sprang up and did a tap dance and the boggart disappeared. I still stood there like a dementor just sucked out my soul. I felt like it too. This wasn’t just sadness from a breakup or getting rejected, or losing a quidditch match. I felt like I just dyed. Horribly. I just walked by my godfathers desk, put my wand on his desk, and walked out, not saying a word. I just walked. For a while. I ended up walking all around the school.

I walked to a window sill and sat in it. Mrs. Norris came up to me but i just pet her. I looked out at the rain. It made the window cold. Which was surprising because of the thick robes I was wearing. I kind of felt relaxed because of the cold rain. I felt like something was missing of me. Like I wasn't me. The bell rang to dismiss class ad I got up. I just wanted to get some fresh air. I walked through the now flooded corridor, through all of my fellow classmates. I passed my posse and they asked me if I was ok but I kept walking through everyone to get back to Defense against the Dark Arts. There I saw Professor Snape getting ready to start class with Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors. I looked Snape In the eyes. “My wand please.” I said.

“Miss Haley Im afraid Im going to have to give you detention.”

“But-” I said

“You disrupted my class.” he said. I turned to leave and saw Reese and Louis. I remembered I had one last thing to say. I ended up shouting it. “Did you see what I saw?! If you wont help me I don't know who will! And I'm sorry. Give me detention. Just know in the future, remember what That Felt like.” I snatched up my wand and left. I didn't care what people were saying and I didnt care what Snape had to say. He was going to punish me for how I felt. I kindly just walked out of the class room and he continued teaching.  I had To go to quidditch practice so I got into my robes and went down to the field. I saw the Gryffindor team out there too. I saw James and Jazmarie. James ran to me first. “Hey Haley! I heard your Slytherin chaser. Good job.” He said but I wasn’t really paying attention. I was just looking at Wood and Flint arguing. “I was wondering if maybe you would wanna get a butter-” I cut him off. “Maybe Later.” He looked bummed that I didn’t say yes but then I ran up to Jazmarie

“What’s with them?” I asked her.

“Flint is mad because we were here when the team came. We were just leaving.” She told me.  Just then some of the Gryffindor team started to argue with the Slytherin team. I tried to break up some arguing but some people just got mad at me and threw insults. One of the other teammates threw a punch at me. The first one missed but the second one hit my jaw hard. Then I heard, “Stop it you idiots! You’ve hurt Haley! Great job Losers!” My lip was continuously bleeding and so was my nose. I turned to see who it was who had just stopped everyone from fighting. It was a boy who looked older than me maybe by one year, a Slytherin, He had wavy long black hair not too long though. It reached his shoulders. He had black eyes and semi- pale skin. He looked like someone I had seen In pictures at my home back In London. The boy came to me and said. “You ok? Bloody hit they took. We can't practice now because of you lot!” he yelled at the Gryffindors. “Come on let's go to the Hospital wing.” He said as he grabbed a rag and held it to my nose to try to clean up some of the blood. I looked into his eyes. I knew him from somewhere I just didn't know where. “Im Snatcher by the way. Scabior Snatcher ll. No need for you to introduce I already know who you are. Im a fourth year so I hear things.” I kinda chuckled. That's why I knew him. He was Scabior’s son. He looked like his father. He was very handsome. But I didn't think about that very long. “We should hangout sometime. You’ll find me in the Library.” he said as we reached the Hospital wing. I remembered it well.

Beds were lining the walls, and tables and chairs beside them. It wasn't as busy today. Madam Pomfrey fixed me up fast and I was on my way back to the field to fetch my broom. The rain that had stopped now started again. It was cold and hard. I ran fast down to the benches by the field to find that my broom was gone. Great. I’ve lost my broom. I was soaked for no reason and I was starting to get really cold. I rushed to the common room in hopes that my broom would be there. The password had changed over night so I found the right door and whispered. “Glorifying.” The door opened and I hurried inside because I was cold and wet. I ran to the broom cupboard and indeed my broom was inside it. Gloria came up to me. “What happened to you?” she asked. “Oh I ran to the field to find my broom I had left and it started to pour.” I told her. “Oh. Yeah Scorpius brought it up here and put it in the cupboard.” She said. I went to my dorm and took a quick hot shower to warm me up. Gloria said that classes were canceled today because of the storm that was starting to roll in. It was a forming hurricane. “Yeah Headmaster wanted us all in the right dorms and all together because its gonna be a bad storm. And If anything goes wrong she said to go to a safe place in our dorm.” She was saying as I was drying my hair. It was a little damp as I finished. “I hope Louis and Reese and Alex are ok.”

“I’m sure they will be.” She told me. Since there was no class I put on my fluffy Slytherin pajama pants and a long sleeve gray shirt with the crest on it. I wanted to feel comfortable what can I say. I put on socks because the stone floor was cold. I put my damp hair in a bun too before I went down to the common room. I was the only one who was in pajamas. Most people wore junky clothes or lazy outfits. I didn't care. I was still kind of cold. I found Zabini and Longbottom sitting on the couch by the fire. I also spotted Scabior and Luke sitting by the tables talking. He looked over at me and I gave him a small wave as I made my way over. I had to weave my way through kids who were in their little groups talking. I finally made it over. “You look really... comfy.” Snatcher said with a laugh. “Figured if we were in the cold it would be nice to feel warm.” I said as I pulled up a chair. “So what's with this storm? It's kinda weird. Can't we just use magic to make it stop?” I asked the boys. “Technically yes, but the minister said to let it pass because It will be a big one and all the muggles will get confused if we made it disappear. Since most of them are already preparing for it.” Said Luke. I nodded my head. Luke got up a minute later and left. “He likes you-you know.” Said Snatcher. “Isn't he a 7th year?”


“Ew gross. I prefer someone like you to be honest. You don't like muggles, You liked my father, and your parents were death eaters.” I told him. “The best in fact, Bellatrix and Scabior. Their great.” I said. I saw Snape enter the common room and lock the doors and board the windows with a flick of his wand. A loud strike of lightning caused people to scream and the power to go out. “Everyone stay calm!” said Professor. The fire was the only thing providing light. I did get kind of scared because I didn't have Reese and I had never experienced anything like this. I looked in Scabior’s direction. “I know this might sound crazy but i’m kinda scared. I dont know whats gonna happen.” I said. The wind picked up outside and hit the side of the castle walls. The water was rushing at the windows. I started to think of what would happen if the water came in. which made me freak out a little. My friends went to their other friends and people huddled up together. Scabior lit his wand and grabbed my hand. We moved our chairs over to a windowless wall.

“Come here Haley don’t freak out.” He said. I sat next to him and hugged his chest. “I’m scared.” I said with a trembling voice. He put his arms around me and I put my head on his chest. he was much taller than me. Almost a foot. We sat there listening to the rushing water and the wind and lighting and thunder. It started to get stronger and an our passed. The storm was still going strong. “Everyone get a sleeping bag and we are going to sleep out here. Don't worry the storm

shall pass soon.” I hope. I thought. I let go of Scabior and went to get my sleeping bag. I put it right in front of the chairs we had just been sitting in. Scabior came and set his next to me. He laid down and patted the ground next to him. I layed down with my head on his chest and my arms around him. We kinda cuddled up together to stay warm. It was very cold and everyone was getting antsy. Waiting for the storm to pass. It was difficult. Very. considering most people didn't have the people they loved or they were just scared. I know I was. But at least I had Scabior. He was here for me. Reese wasn't. That was my last thought before I fell asleep.

I was awoken later. Some of the professors were standing at the door. I sat up and saw my godfather above me giving me his hand. Just then Scabior awoke. “Go back to sleep. I'll be back I'm sure.” I kissed his forehead and he laid back down. I grabbed Severus’s hand and followed him to the teachers. We walked out and into the main hall. The giant wooden doors were bolted shut and the people in the paintings were all sleeping. They stopped walking and looked at me. “You have your wand Haley. Correct?”

“Yes but why would I need it?” I asked. Professor Mcgonagall looked to me. “We believe you are what's needed to stop the storm. So We need you to go out.” I looked at her for a minute and Snape grabbed my hand and got down to my level. “If anything happens.” he paused. “I love you.” This almost made me cry. I nodded my head. What could I expect. I looked back to see if anyone was watching because I felt someone was and indeed someone was. It was Reese. I smiled gently and The great doors opened. I had my wand in my hand and the wind blew my hair all over the place I started to walk outside and as the doors were closing I heard reese Yelling “You Can’t send her out there! Shell Die! NO!” I turned and tears were going down his face and the teachers were holding him back. I heard the doors bolt shut. I held back my tears and stepped forward. I spoke loudly. I didn’t know exactly why but I did. “I don’t know who or what you are but I guess Im Supposed to stop this.” I saw black smoke all over the place. And green and red sparks. Then I saw White smoke too. “Hello?” Then It happened. Death eaters. The whole lot of them. They came down to me. “Who are you?” Macnair said. “Im Voldemorts daughter.” He immediately dropped down in front of me. “My lady I'm so sorry.” he kissed my feet. I pointed my wand to him. “Get up.” Rookwood came to the front of the crowd and said “The rumors are true?”

“Indeed they are.” I answered. “What are you fools quarreling over?” I asked

“Harry Potter My Lady. He killed your father. We want him destroyed before we go to Azkaban. We also want to rid this world of the Weasley and Longbottom. Their children too.”  Rookwood told me. I thought about this for a minute. Tell them who you are. Make them pay for being foolish. Show them your arm. I heard the voice. I pulled up my left sleeve and a brand new Dark mark showed up. I tried to rub it but it was permanent. I held out my arm to show them. “I'm your new master. You see. I will lead you all. Your being foolish. Who ordered you to make a move tonight?” No one moved. Yaxley moved forward. “It was Lucius, My lady.” I saw the long blonde hair in the distance. “Lucius! You fool! Your not thinking!” I flicked my wand and immediately he dropped down on the ground and screamed. I had put the cruciatus curse on him. Narcissa ran up to me. She was crying. “Please stop! Don't kill Him! Well do anything! Please!” She said. “Go into hiding. Don't do anything stupid any of you.” I said. And I flicked my wand again and Lucius got off the ground.

Dolohov came up to me. “You lie! There is no daughter of the dark lord. She lies! She’s on the other side. For that order!” All the death eaters bared their wands screaming things. I pulled mine out but didn't do it fast enough. I was hit with a sectumsempra curse. I fell and my body felt like it was being stabbed. I saw blood form a pond around me. I just laid there gulping for air. I was slowly dying. So this is how I die. I’m gonna miss everyone. I tried. I really did. I thought. Just then I saw the dark mark. The storm had gone and so had the death eaters. I heard screaming and doors banging open. I also saw people gasping and screaming at the sight of me. Then I blacked out.

I awoke to sunlight in my face. I noticed this place well. The beds, stone walls, great long windows. I was at the hospital wing.  I looked to the side of me and Reese was asleep holding on to my hand. I looked to the other side to the table and saw flowers, gifts, cards and other things. I sat up and my body ached as I did. I noticed I was in different clothes too. My dark mark showed ink black. I looked at the table and picked up the daily prophet. The headline read

The dark Lord Back?

A few days ago left us with shocking news. The dark mark. Yes it was placed above Hogwarts the night of the storm. A girl named Haley Riddle. We are sure she Is the descendant of Lord Voldemort himself. She was found almost bleed out. But what we noticed was the dark black Dark Mark fresh On her skin. This leaves us wondering if it was the works of the dark lord, or her herself. Our questions are still unanswered as to why these dark marks are showing up or why but-

The article continues on page 7

Reeses had awoken after I had set down the Article. There were 2 more about the incident. “Rubbish huh?” Reese said. I ignored the question and I asked him “How long was I out?”

“About a…. Week.” Reese said. My heart sank. I had missed the first quidditch match. “How was quidditch?” I immediately asked. “Slytherin won against Ravenclaw.” He said. “Yes! I knew we would win.” I said pumping my fist in the air. I looked at Reese’s face. It looked as though he had been crying. His hair also had a different color strip in it. My favorite color, Silver. He grabbed my hand “You know, So many people were worried you’d die. No one knew exactly where or why or even that you had gone. I even thought you were gone. Snape healed your wounds and carried you into the hospital. You had lost so much blood.” I listened to him as he went on. “Your really frail So you have to stay here until you get better.” He said. I was still wondering how I had recovered though. Considering the amount of blood I lost. “How did I get the blood back?” I asked him. “It was hard. Madam pomfrey said we had to use snake blood. Weird but your blood isn't exactly human.” my mouth formed an ‘O’. “so many people have been coming. I'm here everyday when I don't Have class, So is Snape. Well every now and then. The muggles came to talk to headmaster. Your friends too. They come. So does your good friend, Scabior was it? He's pretty cool.” Reese told me. All this information kind of Made my head hurt. I saw Madam Pomfrey and she gave some potion to give me full health again. She told me I didn't need to be in the hospital wing anymore because this potion was complete early. Reese had left and Professor Snape came into the room. He wore black robes as usual. He looked really tired as if waiting for something. He flicked his wand and everything on the table next to me disappeared. He reached my bed and sat down. I Gave him a huge hug. I had missed him so much. “Haley, You made the storm stop. The death eaters are now following you and I’m here to help you lead them into telling the ministry everything to find all of them.” He told me. What  if I like being the next dark lord? I asked myself. I just nodded my head and He pulled up his sleeve to see the dark mark on his body. “Haley. You are the dark lord. I can’t sugar coat it but You are.”

It made sense but what if they didn’t believe me? And how was I supposed to betray all of my friends like that. Especially Scabior. Snape patted my hand and said “I'll let you think. And you were dismissed from all your classwork. You don't need to make them up.” He gave me a hug and got up and left. It was a new month. It started to snow now and the Hogsmeade trips were starting. As I was getting up to go back to my common room a familiar boy came to me. James Potter. He looked flustered. As he got to me he hugged me unexpectedly. “Is it true? Are you really one of them?” He took my hand and turned it to see my dark mark. Then he tried to rub it off but it didn't budge. “Listen. I want you to come with me to Hogsmeade. If your not busy that is.” he said really fast. Without giving me time to answer he hugged me fast and left. Ok? I was still stunned about what had happened. I had found the door to my common room and I said the password and the door opened. The lights were off. “Hello?” I walked into a couch by accident, then the lights flashed and people said “SURPRISE! Welcome back! Congrats new Death Eater!” Suddenly I had a pain in my head.

I fell over in cold sweat and a vision came to me. It was my father. He was saying to fulfill my destiny. He was talking to Professor Snape about a prophecy. Albus Potter isn't to live very long. Neither James. The death eaters would rise and Dark magic would become all mighty. “Haley!” I gasped for air and people were standing watching me. Flint was in front of me and helped me. I got up and Staggered for a minute to find my steps and words. How can I protect them, but not at the same time. What does this mean? I thought. I was shocked but I waved people off to continue. People got up to look at my dark mark and touched it. I didn't feel any expression. So I kept a blank face. I walked out of the common room and out in the hallway. I stopped on the steps and sat down. I inhaled the cold air around me. I started to get chilly from the short sleeve shirt I was wearing. It was snowing outside after all. Someone sat down next to me. It was Scabior. I couldn’t stand how much he looked exactly like his father. He almost looked like a smaller clone. “You cold?” He asked. “Actually ye-” He had thrown a blanket on my face. “Thanks Git.” I laughed. And so did he. I wrapped up in the blanket and gave him a hug. “So.. What's been happening in quidditch?” I asked.

“Oh nothing much. Flint has missed you. His delicate flower.” He said elbowing me and trying to impersonate Luke. I laughed. “Does he really call me that?”

“Yeah when your not around.” We stopped to laugh. When We stopped laughing I put my head on Scabior’s shoulder. “You know I like you Haley.” He said. “And not because your the new dark lord or that you even like dark arts. I like you for you. Your personality, Your talent, and your beauty.” He put his finger under my chin and moved it to where I was facing him. He then put his hand on my cheek. My lips brushed his and before we knew it we were snogging. I couldn't help It. I mean, he was there for me when Reese wasn't, he believed in me no matter what, and his father was a death eater. At this time nothing was going through my head and It was clear finally for the first time. I pushed his chest away and looked at him. “What’s wrong?” he asked me. I needed to talk to someone. Someone I could trust to tell them what really happened. I stood up, dropped my blanket, pecked his cheek and ran off.

I reached the barrels that lead to the Hufflepuff room, tapped the barrels and a door swung open. I couldn't believe what I saw. Number 1 I saw Zabini snogging with a girl in one of the corners of the room and the whole common room was buzzing. It looked like a swarm of bees. All the yellow around me was crazy. But the room was beautiful. It had vines going down walls, Sunlight went through the ceiling. It reminded me of ancient Rome. Finally I found who I was looking for. “Louis!” I yelled and waved. Of course he was talking to Reese. Not who I wanted to see. I ran to him over by the fireplace and gave him a hug. “What's up?” he asked me. I grabbed his arm and led him away where there weren't many people. He saw me trying to hide my dark mark but he grabbed my arm and pulled it out. “What In the world Haley.”

“I needed someone to talk to. I figured You were the one.” He sat down in a char at a table and looked at me. “Shoot.”

“I'M the next dark lord. I'm an allie with the death eaters and yes I am one of them.” I said it all fast and breathed hard at the end. The common room smelled of sweet honey. Louis’s mouth was open. “Wait. This makes no sense. Why would you. Why? How?”

“You wont understand. Just know that and don’t be spreading the word. If Reese knows.. I wouldn’t know what to do.” Reese walked up just then. “If Reese knows what?” He asked. I stood up and put my arms around his neck. “It’s a surprise.” I said simply. “I don’t believe you. Tell me.” oh no. I can’t tell him. The only thing I thought of was to kiss him.  So I did. We were snogging and I led him outside the common room to an unoccupied room. We snogged until I thought he would have his mind off of earlier. I finished and he was speechless. “What was that for?”

“Nothing in particular. I just love you.” I said. The day was almost done and I needed to be back before curfew because it was a Thursday. I held his hand and pulled him towards the lake. This was one of my favourite spots. I didn't want to tell him just yet about me and the death eaters because of what happened to his dad so I had put makeup over my dark mark to make it seem as though it wasn't there. Just as I was reaching The edge of where the sand met the water black smoke appeared. It was Yaxley. His long blonde hair braided, his pale skin reflected the water. He was much much taller that me as well. 2 more people appeared too. Dolohov and Alecto. He stepped forward and Reese and I stepped back. “Haley, Why are they here?” Reese asked. I let go of his arm and stepped to face them. “Revealo” Dolohov said and my dark mark appeared still jet black. “Tried to hide it from us didn't you? Don't you want this?”

“Shut Up.” I said.

“Sorry my lady. We wanted to Inform you that we are.. Fully… committed to you as our lord. We shall follow you now.” Yaxley told me. Reese snatched my hand. “Your joking. Please say your joking.” He said. I waved my wand in a circular motion and fresh dark marks appeared on them. I'm assuming the others too. “Stay quiet. Don't make false moves either.” I told them. “Yes my lady.” Alecto said. And they disappeared with black smoke.  Reese looked at me as I turned around. I had forgotten he was there. He looked struck. “What?! Your part of them now! You're their leader!” I went to grab his hand but he jerked it away. “No. Don't act like your just gonna talk to me like nothing even happened! Your supposed to tell me these things! Remember no secrets?!” I opened my mouth to say something. “You think I really had a choice! I didn't want to tell you because I knew It would hurt you!” I screamed. “No! I don't care! You need to shut up! I don't wanna hear whatever you have to say!” He slapped me square in the face and I started to cry because it hurt. “You never, Ever, keep things like this from me! Your supposed to be there, to help me!” I fell to the ground and said “what about all the problems im going through! You don't ever listen! You don't care about me!” I said through sobbing.

Reese scoffed and walked away leaving me alone. I finally saw the bad in him. What he really was. I sat in the white powdery snow, on my knees and cried. The blood from my lip was staining the white snow underneath me. I can't tell anyone this. I don't know what to do.  Even though the snow started to fall and the sun started to set, I stayed in my spot. I wanted to move but then again I didn’t. When It was dark I headed back to my common room. My eye had swollen up and my nose had dry blood on it.  I got to the door and I saw Louis. He ran to me and wrapped me in a hard tight hug. I started to cry and he said “What's wrong?” I wiped my nose and said, “Nothing. I need you Louis.” I was sobbing into his shoulder now. “Im here. Im here.” We went into the Hufflepuff common room  even though I didn't want to see Reese. Louis pointed to my black eye. “What happened? Who did this?” Reese came up to talk to Louis but when he saw how he had messed up my face He almost ran off. “Sit and tell me.” he said.We sat down on the Couch and he wiped my nose with a wet cloth. “And I didn't want to tell him. Why did this happen to me?” I asked as I cried. Louis wiped my face with his hand and shushed me. He put his hand on my head and pushed my head gently into his chest. He put his chin on the top of my head and rested it. “If a boy like him could do something like that to you. I don't know who they are. Especially Reese. I thought he was a cool dude.”

I had fallen asleep in his arms and I woke up in my bed. My groupies already knew Reese had hit me and I didn't exactly tell any teachers yet either. In divination this morning I had almost fallen asleep. Professor Trelawney Came Up to me after class. “Miss Riddle, I’m afraid, I have discovered something dark in your future. I thought I ought to share it with you.” She said. She touched her crystal ball and It showed me. But older. I was in dark robes, and bared the death eater symbol. “You will be the next Dark lord. And You will rule all. So I’m asking you this. If you choose to be the Dark lord, and take over, Make good choices.” She patted my head and pushed me off to leave. That got me thinking. I went through the rest of my classes and rushed to go to the black lake. I touched my dark mark and all the death eaters were summoned. They were all in front of me. “Yes my lady?” Yaxley said. “Its go time.” I told him. I was assigning him to take down the ministry or attempt.  “Yes My lady. Gladly.” He said with a smirk. I didn't care what the professors were telling me about bringing the death eaters down.

The next day It was in the Daily Prophet the headline read.

The dark lord strikes with his/her death eaters

Yesterday the death eaters attacked the Ministry. Many were killed and many were injured badly. We believe its the dark lord. Minister Granger says, “There is no need to worry if we all have each other and create a strong force together.” Most people want to believe  Granger but-

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I put the paper down on the table in front of me. I was at breakfast eating. I laughed and said “Well done.” Quietly. As I was Satisfied with their work. Louis came up to me with the paper. He tapped my shoulder and I turned around still smiling. “Did you do this Haley?” he asked. I just shrugged my shoulders and continued to eat. I meant strictly business. Everyone was dressed warm and ready to go to Hogsmeade. I ran over to James whos hair was untamed and his green eyes were gleaming. He was dressed warmly in his Gryffindor robes and scarf. He held out his arm and I put mine through it. Linking us together. He was kinda cute. “So where do you want to start first? We could go to Zonko’s. Or The Three Broomsticks. Or even Honeydukes.” He said. “Wherever you want to go. Lead the way.” I told him. We reached a shack with a sign that said The Three Broomsticks. It was very warm as we went into the doors. It was also very cozy. It was kind of small but not too small and It had the smell of butterscotch in the air.

James lead me to a little booth and I sat in front of me. A waiter came to take our order and Brought us a butterbeer and a pumpkin juice. “How did you do it?” James asked. “Do what?” I asked. He leaned in to whisper, “I know your planning on taking down the ministry.” He said. “It’s not as bad to me.” He assured me. James and I talked a lot after that. We left the Three Broomsticks and went to Honeydukes. James bought me my favorite acid pops and a chocolate frog. We went to the shrieking shack and he dared me to jump the fence and go inside. Of course, I did it. “Sick!” he said when I came out the door. I jumped over the fence and threw a snowball at James. “Hey!” he said. I threw another one at his face but missed. “ Oh, You're on!” He said as we made snowballs and threw them at each other. We hid behind trees to not get hit and eventually we got worn out from all the laughing and running and throwing. We sat down in the snow and finished our treats from Honeydukes. James spoke up “You're really really fun. No one in my family does things like that with me. There always to ‘busy’.” He said with air quotes. I laughed. “I don't have siblings, or parents really. So I've never done things like that before.” I said with a sigh. We both reached in for a chocolate frog and our hands touched. I will admit he was starting to grow on me. He held my hand for a minute and he warmed my hand because It was cold. Like usual. He leaned in and snogged me fast. He blushed and rubbed his hair. Almost out of embarrassment. “First time?” I asked and he nodded his head. I leaned in this time and it started to snow. We snogged a few times and then decided to leave because we were getting cold. When We were in Hogsmeade village again he stopped me. “I was wondering… If you would want to go out with me. And I don't care what my dad or mum or family says. I really like you.” He said as he held my hands. “Sure.” I said. He hugged me and I hugged him back. I didn't mind dating him because he wasn't like a normal Potter. He was different. Nicer, Funnier, and sweeter. Definitely.

Once we were back in the warm castle, I had to go to potions. James walked me to the dungeons and once we got to the doorway. Hufflepuffs and Slytherins were finding their partners inside the classroom. James stopped and ran his hand through his hair again. I knew this as him being nervous. “So.. um.. I should...go. Yeah.” He turned to leave but I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. His arms were around my waist and mine were under his arms. I snogged him before he had left. He blushed hard and then left. I liked his shyness. I turned to go to my seat and realized everyone saw me and James. The room fell silent and I Heard a quilt snap as I sat down. I looked behind me and Louis waved very friendly to me. Reese’s face was Red with anger. Gloria leaned into me to whisper something because Professor Slughorn had started talking. “Are you dating James Potter?!”

“Yeah.” I Said.

“What's he like? Do you think he’ll give you away to the ministry?” She asked

“No I doubt It. He's really nice. I actually like him.” I said.

“Yeah and Reese Is mad Jealous. And your a Riddle. Your dad wanted to kill his father. Isn't that fishy?” She asked again.

“No I don't think it is. And Good for Reese. He deserves it anyway. Considering what he did.” I told her. We were making Living Death in class today. I had successfully made it first. Slughorn had explained me as the potions master. “Your father was exceptional but you. My dear, are way better than your father. Very expert.” Slughorn said to me. The bell had rung and he dismissed us. I ran to Find James after. What I saw shocked me. Reese had his wand out to James. James didn’t notice. “Petrificus totalus!” Reese shouted. James turned around and I dove in front of him. I fell on James and The spell had reversed itself to Reese. It had bounced off the mirror James was standing in front of and hit Reese. I was on top of James and I was getting up but he pulled me back down and snogged me. “Thank You Haley! Gosh I don't know what got into him.” He said. I walked over to Reese. His body frozen on the ground. I Picked up his wand and said “Obliviate.” His memory was extracted from him. I then Grabbed James’s hand and walked off.

“That should do him.” I said. We stopped walking in front of the room of requirement. “I want to tell you something but you can’t tell anyone. Promise.” I said to him.

“Yeah I Promise.” He said. I started to speak quiet. “I had a dream. It was a prophecy. I think.” I told him. “You should tell snape he would want to hear this” James said.

“No! I can't. And The prophecy was that. You and Albus were… going to die. But I'll protect you by all means. I just need to give you something.” I told him. I grabbed his arm and pulled up the sleeve. “No. You can’t. I can’t” He said. “You must! You will die. If you Don't pretend your on my side. The death eaters or snatchers will try by any means possible to get you. Hunt you down, and kill you. Reese. He was under the Imperius Curse. Possibly by one of my death eaters. Besides, it's me. I won't make you hurt or do anything bad. No one has to know.” I said to try to persuade him. I wanted to protect him. Make it seem as though he was on my side. “If it's the only thing than yeah. Give it a go.” He said. I put the tip of my sharp wand to his skin and said the incantation in my head. A black dark mark was on his arm. He almost cried because it hurt him. Dark marks burn the skin when appeared. I put my hand over it. I then kissed his arm. I branded one of the Potters. Father would be proud!

I pulled his sleeve back and I held his hand. He walked me back to my common room, kissed me goodnight and left. I had mixed feelings on giving him a dark mark to be honest. I don't think the death eaters would believe he was devoted. I actually really like him. Almost with all my heart. In the common room everyone was gone. There on the couch was Lucius Malfoy. His old age catching up with him. He was holding a glass of whine facing the fire. “As I am aware, A boy today was given a dark mark. That boy was James Potter ll. Am I correct?” He said. I didn't say anything. He set down his glass and looked at me. “You have made a very big mistake young lady. Very big. And who were we to listen to a little girl.” he said. I stood up straight with my wand in hand. “I am no little girl Lucius!” I said. “I am your lord!” I said. His voice was still calm. “Now you just let me lead the Death eaters. If they follow you you will lead them wr-”

“YOU SHALL NOT TELL ME HOW I LEAD MY OWN PEOPLE! I have rules! You follow me!” He coward in front of me as I was screaming. “I can turn you into the ministry and off to Azkaban you go.” He said as he snapped his fingers. “Like that. Just let me lead and you will be forgiven.” “NO! My people MY rules!” I screamed at him. “You Gave the Potter a Dark Mark! Who are trying to turn us into! I will turn you into Azkaban. And I will put more people to the task to kill Harry Potter and his Family. Mark my words Riddle.” He raised his wand. But I had raised mine faster. “AVADA KEDAVRA!” I screamed. A jet of green came from my wand and killed Lucius Malfoy. Good Job. A true Riddle at heart. Im proud. The voice I thought to be my fathers had said. I screamed to the top of my lungs after. I hadnt meant to actually kill him. Maybe to brutally harm, but not Kill. People from all over came in. They screamed at the sight of Lucius Malfoy on the ground dead. Next professors came in. Snape Whisked me away and took me out to The main entrance of the castle. All the students from the houses gathered around and Lucius's body was taken outside in front of me. Draco and Narcissa and some of the few select ministry people were there. Like the Weasleys and the Potters. Narcissa screamed when she saw what happened. Snape was holding my hand next to me. Draco cried and Scorpius ran to his dad. So did the Potter boys and the Weasley kids. Narcissa ran to me and grabbed me. She put a knife to my throat. James ran up to her with his wand. “Let her go.” he said. Demanding. “This girl will die. I will bring her to Azkaban or I will murder her. Your choice.” Harry looked at his son. “James, what are you doing? Get back here now.” He said. But James stayed put. “No.” He said. “Now!” Shouted Harry.

James turned around fast and looked at his father. “I'm not going to let her die dad. I love her. Believe it or not. I don't care what you or Mum say either.” He said. Harry looked at his son with anger. “Get over here. NOW!” What happened next shocked me. Narcissa put the knife tighter on my throat. “Tick Tock.” she said. James pulled up his sleeve of his left arm and showed his dark mark. Ginny started to cry and people gasped. “Yeah. Im on her side. And you know what? I think i'm the only one who will actually believe she won't hurt me. She saved my life.” He said as he smiled at me with tears in his eyes. Harry looked at him understandingly. “Love is powerful. And she is saving me. She wanted to help Albus too. But she won't be able to if she dies.” He had tears going down his face. “She heard a prophecy that Me and Albus were going to die soon. She was protecting me.” Harry and the ministry lot finally understood. Draco grabbed his mum but the sharp blade of her knife made a deep cut down my face. I bled a little but then Draco disappeared with his mum and reappeared without her. “She won't say anything.” He said. James Ran to me and Wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tight. Harry came up to me and James and said, “I understand James. I will give you permission to be with Haley.” He turned to me and shook my hand. “And thank you for saving him and trying to protect my boys.” He called Albus over and told me to give him a dark mark too. I did willingly.

I talked with the Minister about Lucius and how he was blackmailing and trying to take over the Death eaters and lead them to destroy everything. She understood and I was forgiven. I also told them of the prophecy. When everyone had left the death eaters showed up. They congratulated me on killing Lucius and locking up Narcissa. “They were very demanding.” “Old lot that didnt do anything.” “Tried to tell us you weren't worthy and they were.” a bunch of the death eaters explained. We all laughed. “Now listen to me carefully. A few of you shall go to the muggle world. And Kill the Ambassador. Then I will lead you from there. Fail to do this and there may be consequences.” some nodded and Yaxley said “Yes my lady.” I looked at him. “Your my new favorite Yaxley.” I said as I shook his hand. He smiled and left. Great work. Said the voice in my head.

I made way back to the common room to get my Quidditch robes. When I got those on I left for the field. I saw Scabior and Reunited with my team. Ok! Ok! Quiet down! Welcome back Haley. We are glad to have you back. Now. Laps! 20 of them! Then we play scrimmage.” Flint said. I easily did my laps fast and other people came after. We played a good game of Scrimmage and everyone said they were glad to have me back because the team runs smoother with me on it. When I was on my broom with the quaffle my head started to hurt. Then everything went black. I saw Harry talking to Hermione. He was saying that they were gonna act fast to try to get rid of me. “The prophecy might be true…” “...Boys dead….” “Expelled….” I heard. I woke up on the bleachers with the team around me. My eyes fluttered open and some of the team covered their mouth. “What? What's wrong?” I asked. “Your eyes Haley.” Cornelius told me. I ran to the quidditch showers and looked into a mirror. I had slits for eyes. I tried to close my eyes and open them to make it disappear. But it didn't. I guess it's one trait from my father. I'll just have to accept it? I went back out and I told them it was a trait from my father. It just didn't show before now.

I walked with the team back to my common room but just outside the door Flint said he wanted to talk to me. “Yeah what's up?”

“I just wanted to tell you how much I like you Haley.” He said as he grabbed my hand. “Sorry Luke but I don't-” I started to say but he grabbed my other hand and pinned me to the wall.  He leaned in to kiss me but I screamed “HELP!” I screamed again but he yelled at me. “Shush! Don't you want this?” he asked. “NO! HELP!” I yelled. Just then I saw James behind him. “Hey Loser.” He said. Luke let me go and James punched him in the face. Luke walked away with blood down his face. “Thank you.” I said. “He was trying to kiss me and confess his love for me.” I said. James held my hand and my wrists were purple from how tight Luke’s grip was. “You should tell professor.” James said. I shook my head “It's fine. I think your punch scared him.” James leaned against the wall in front of me. I wrapped my arms around his stomach. “You make me happy Haley.” He said. I got on my tip-toes and kissed him gently. Then he put his hands around my face and kissed me again. He smelled like Cinnamon. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and led me to his common room. We chatted on the way there. “No. I just wish I wouldve met you sooner. So we could have gotten to know each other.” he said as we walked. “Yeah honestly. It wouldn't change my mind though. About you. I wish you weren't the one to die though. Wish it was someone else.” I said. He stopped walking and put his hands on my shoulders. “Lets not start that now. I don't want to think about it. And besides, I should be fine.” He said as he pulled up his sleeve to remind me.

“Right. I almost forgot.” I said. Then he put his arm around my shoulder again and we started walking. “It's not like I completely wanted to do it. I mean I did but not on purpose.” I said. “I understand. You like having power I mean Who doesn't?” He said. Then we reached the portrait of the fat lady. She looked at us. “Potter who is this?” She asked “A Slytherin?!” He ignored her, said the password and then the portrait swung open. The room was very red. There was a grand fireplace, couches, tables, and scattered objects around the room. It was very cozy. We sat down on the couch and I greeted Jazmarie like an old friend we chatted for a few minutes. Then James came back. But he came back with someone else. An attractive Red headed tall boy. “Haley this is Fred Weasley. Fred. Haley Riddle.” James introduced us to each other. Fred and I shook hands. “Pleased to meet you Haley. Heard many stories.” He said. “Yeah you too.” This was George Weasley’s son. I heard of him a lot. The jokester. He told a few jokes and we got to know each other. Then he left me and James alone. “The jokester that one. But he's still my best friend.” he said. I snuggled close to James. He put his arm around me and we drank our beverages. I had pumpkin juice. He had butterbeer. We sat and watched the fire while talking to each other. We told each other everything. I think It was the first time I opened up to someone that way. I guess I just trusted him. My only fear was that he would turn me in. Tell the ministry all my secrets. And defeat the Death eaters.

I didnt think about it very long. I left the common room and went out to the corridor. It was dark and cold. I lit my wand and made way down to my common room. The temperature dropped drastically. Luckily I had packed my fluffy fur blanket. I got it from my great aunt. She said it was from my mother. I got into my common room and people were by the fireplace. It was my friends. I hadn't seen much of them in a while. Or even talked to them. Even though Gloria slept in the same room in the bed right next to me. They saw me and they jumped out of the couch. I hugged Gloria tight first. Then I hugged Zabini, shocking. Scorpius was there but he didn't get near me. Albus was sitting next to Scorpius but he just waved. “Where have you been? We missed you.” Gloria said as she moved over to make room for me. I sat down on the leather couch and the fire was warm. It felt really nice on my cold body. “Everywhere. Doing everything. But I missed you lot.” I said. “Tomorrow I start off with transfiguration.” I said. “That’s gonna be tough. I had her yesterday. You guys are going to be working with books. We turned ours into rabbits. Really advanced stuff.” She explained. “Yeah I should have it with Alex so he can help me.” We all caught up with each other and talked out our classes. Then It was time for lights out. Gloria and I went up to our dorm after we said goodbye to the boys. I took out my big fur blanket, curled into bed and Nagini laid next to me on top of the covers. Gloria got into her bed and she asked me something. “Do you think prophecies are true?” she asked. “I don't know. But I sure hope they are.” I didn't hear her voice but only her breathing. I threw a pillow at her as hard as I could to make sure she knew I was mad at her for not even listening to me. She jerked up. “WHAT!” she said. I laughed so hard I fell out of bed. She started to laugh to and she almost fell out of her bed.

We grabbed pillows and had a pillow fight while the others were sleeping. One of the prefects came into the room, turned on the light and said “lights. Out.” I accidently hit her with a pillow. By this point all the girls in the fourth year room were awake. The perfect named Liza picked up a pillow and said “Oh it is on!” Gloria, Liza and I were now hitting each other with pillows. Soon the other girls joined in and there were feathers flying everywhere. After 30 minutes of pillow throwing, laughing and feather flying we all were tired. We all put our pillows on the floor and grabbed our blankets. We started to talk to each other. “Ok Ice breaker. We say our name, first and last. Then we say if we are pureblood, or halfblood. After that say 3 things about yourself. And don't forget what you have pride in yourself about.”. The girls nodded their heads at what I had just said. “Ill start. Im Haley Riddle, Pureblood. 3 things about me is that I’m a potions master, I love the dark arts and My dad it Lord Voldemort. I have pride in, how forgiving I can be and that my father was the dark lord. Also Im a death eater and i’m a parseltongue.” Some of the girls squealed and asked to see my mark. I showed them and they awed.

Gloria was sitting to the right of me. “My name is Gloria Parkinson. I like Dark arts, I like Dueling. I also Have a crush on Haley’s best friend!” Some girls squealed at this and I made a barfing noise. “I have pride in me being a pure blood.” She said. There was a brown haired dark girl on the right of Gloria. The girl looked fairly tall and skinny. She had brown eyes and long lashes. “Im Courtney Coralina. Pure blood. I like Quidditch, Arithmancy, and I love animals. I have pride in My kindness.” She said. I had noticed she was on our quidditch team. Her voice was very shallow and high. We all were glad to meet her. To the right of her was a tan girl. She had Auburn hair and Blue eyes. “Im Benita Jones. Half-blood. I like to read, Write and I like divination. I pride myself for my imagination.” We said it was good to meet her. Next to her was a pale girl with blue hair. She was average height. “My name is Hella Hawkins. Pureblood. I like plants, i’m a metamorphmagus, and I like ancient things. I pride myself in my love for dragons. I have one at home. My dad works with them.” We oohed at this. Next to her was the Prefect. But she was in 5th year. “Im Liza Love. Im From Sweden. I'm a pureblood. I like dueling, Dark Arts, and I am A wanna be death eater. I pride myself on my determination.”

After that we all knew each other and were ready for bed. I enchanted the roof of our common room to look like the night sky. We then all fell asleep on the floor.