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Everything We Wanted by x3CherryWatermelonx3

Format: Novella
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 14,800
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers

Genres: Fluff, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Albus, James (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius

First Published: 12/30/2018
Last Chapter: 03/04/2019
Last Updated: 03/04/2019


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One spot is where it all started. Their cordial agreement, their friendship. Through the other romances and heartbreaks, the one spot was always there for them to rely on. It was the place that always brought them together. Will the place where it all began be the place where it all ends?

Chapter 1: Prologue
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A dull glow was coming from the closet. The young girl had always been warned to stay away from it. After the warnings, her curiosity began to take over, and she eventually asked why she couldn’t go near it. Normally, an adequate answer was given to her, but this time an answer wasn’t elaborated.


“I said no, and that’s final,” a woman said, the tone in her voice meaning to secure her words.


However, it only made the young girl even more curious. She stared at the closet for a rather long time, debating on what she was going to do. Should she heed the warnings or should she quench her desire?


As she stood and debated, she couldn’t help but to think of everything she had been told since she was younger – that she definitely had her blood coursing through her veins. Her natural curiosity, her need for wanting to know the unknown, her mischievousness, and her ability for tricks was very similar to how her uncle was, if not downright identical. Some would say that her uncle reincarnated into her, which was weird to her as she thought of such a notion.


Rather than listen to the feeble voice that was warning her to stay away, she took a step closer to the closet. The glow was drawing her in. She couldn’t stop herself from moving, even if she had wanted to. It was almost as if there were voices coming from the glow that drew her in.


Once she was close enough, she reached toward the closet door. For a split second, she froze. Then, without a second though, she reached out again and gently touched the old, dark woodened door. It was rough against her touch. How it was, she never knew because when looking at it, it had seemed so smooth. She pulled the door toward her to see a Pensieve. It was what created the blue glow that had caught her attention.


Looking over her shoulder, she checked to see if anyone was lurking. She didn’t see anyone. Cursing herself mentally for not having an Extendable Ear on her, she strained her own ears to listen, making sure she didn’t hear anyone moving along the hall or up the stairs. When the coast was clear, she looked back to the Pensieve and furrowed her brows. She leaned in closer to it, seeing figures and hearing hushed whispers that were separated from her by the liquid that filled the bowl. Her hand moved over it, wondering if a feeling would come to her. When it hadn’t, she moved even closer. Before she knew what was happening, she was suddenly falling through memories and places she only remembered hearing about.


“Ugh,” she groaned as she landed flat on her back on the wooden floors of what seemed to be the kitchen. Sitting up, she looked around and realized she was in a kitchen with two women, one of them being young and the other quite a bit older.


“What else would you like, dear?” the elderly woman asked gingerly. She took her wand and flicked it toward a couple of goblets, which followed the unspoken command and soared into the basket that was on the counter in front of the younger woman.


“Do we have any treacle tarts left? He loves those.”


“Just made some this morning!” Suddenly, some treacle tarts made their way past me and lied themselves delicately in the basket. “Is Albus coming with you today?”


“I’m not sure,” the younger woman said as she brushed a lock of red hair from her face. “I’ve tried to get a hold of him, but he must busy. Or maybe he’s left already for his trip? Isn’t he supposed to visit Ilvermony in North America soon?”


“I believe you’re right, Rose. I remember your mom saying something about that now,” the older woman said with a small smile.


Rose. Finally, a name to the face. The young girl watched as Rose and the elderly woman finished off the basket neatly. Once it was covered, Rose hugged the elderly woman.


“Thank you so much, Gran,” she said with a smile.


“Any time, my dear,” Gran, for lack of any other name, replied. She kissed Rose’s cheek and then patted it gently with her hand. “You go and enjoy yourself now.”


Without another word, Rose began to walk out of the kitchen. The young girl had wanted to stay to see more of Gran, but she was pulled along with Rose. They wandered through the yard, past the garden, and began going toward a great amount of large trees.

They walked through the slight opening the trees made and began to walk through what seemed to be a mini forest. The more they walked, the more the young girl wondered if they were ever going to stop.


After about a mile, the young girl wondered where exactly they were going. Rose wasn’t dressed in very shabby clothes, ones where a normal witch would go hiking through trees in. The young girl then wondered if Rose’s long black pants, her green top that hugged her shoulders and chest but flowed freely down to the middle of her thighs, and nicely tanned, slightly heeled booties were part of her shabbier outfits. In thinking that, the young girl looked down at her own clothes and grimaced.


Finally, the darkness that the treetops created began to brighten. As the young girl looked up, she could see the sun shining down ahead on what looked like an empty field. Her brows furrowed again as she wondered why on earth, of all places that could be visited, Rose chose to come here.


Rose walked through the small opening, identical to the opening that they had gone through to get in here, and walked toward the middle of the field. As the girl followed, her previous questions were answered. When looking around, she saw the trees that she had been cursing under her breath as they walked through the small forest. They were so tall that they seemed to be able to touch the clouds that were passing by. The leaves on them were beautiful as they were turning colors. With the foliage, the young girl determined it was either late September or October. As she deduced it, she couldn’t help but smile at the bright sun that shone down on to the field, creating glimmers along the small pond that she had just noticed a little ways away.


She heard Rose sigh and noticed her hand fall down back to her side. Perhaps she had just finished looking at her watch. “It’s already quarter past… Always late,” Rose mused as a small smile played on her lips.


Without even a warning, the field was vanishing around her. The brightness began to whir and a blend of colors created the atmosphere around her to become slightly dark. Finally, everything stopped whirring, and her eyes grew wide in amazement. She was, yet again, in one of the places that she had always heard about.

Chapter 2: Already Ready
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The young girl looked around in amazement, wondering how something so magical and fantastic could exist. Dozens upon dozens upon dozens of witches and wizards were bustling about with trollies, pets, children, and other family members. There were screeches of excitement mixed with some sniffles.


Smoke billowed all around the place, almost concealing the bright scarlet train that rested on the tracks underneath it. Of all the stories she had heard, she couldn’t fathom how someone could even try to explain it because no description ever came close to what she was seeing before her.


Turning around, the young girl saw the red hair she had seen in the previous memory. Instead of the young woman she had expected to see, she saw a child, around the same ages as her. Her mouth opened slightly in shock. “Rose?”


“Rosie, don’t go too far ahead! We have to wait for your father and Hugo,” a voice called toward Rose, who was walking ahead of what the young girl assumed was her mother.


Suddenly, Rose stopped in her tracks, her trolley jerking slightly. The young girl turned to see what had caused her to stop. She wasn’t exactly sure, but there was a young boy with platinum blonde hair and steely grey eyes who was looking at her. The young girl looked at Rose and back to the boy a few times.


“There you are! Ah, found the Malfoy’s have you?” a deep voice asked. The young girl turned around to see a man with red hair that matched Rose’s standing behind her. His hand rested on her shoulder, and he nodded toward the man that stood behind the young boy. “Do me a favor, Rosie, would you? Make sure to beat Malfoy in all your classes? You have your mother’s brains, thank Merlin, but even if you just get Acceptables on everything –“


“Ron!” Rose’s mother scolded.


Ron leaned closer to Rose and continued quietly as if he had never been interrupted, “and are beating Malfoy, that’ll be okay. Oh, and I’d really try to stay away from him too. Malfoy’s usually are slimy gits. Just ask Granddad.”




“Hermione, I’m just trying to make sure that our Rosie has the best year she could have.”


“You’re just using the past –“


“To continue on your ways of not enjoying the positives of having complimentary wizardry relations. After Hogwarts, the Houses really don’t matter,” Ron, Rose, and Hugo, the young girl assumed since he had walked up with Ron, said together.


Clearly, it wasn’t the first time that they had heard the lines. The three of them went into a fit of laughter as Hermione, Rose’s mother, pursed her lips slightly. It looked as if she were trying not to laugh at the situation.


“What did we miss over here?” a young woman asked. She had hair just like Ron and Rose did.


“Albus!” Rose said excitedly as she spotted another young boy about her age.


“Oh, you know,” Ron said nonchalantly, not noticing Rose’s sudden shout. “’Mione’s trying to give us a lesson in honorable wizardry relations again.”


“Why this time?” a man with jet-black hair and emerald green eyes asked. The young girl looked at him curiously, wondering why he seemed so familiar to her. He had glasses and lightning shaped scar. Instantly, she knew who he was. He wasn’t just the character that was in her stories. He was right here… And that meant that Ron and Hermione were actually his best friends. The three of them were the golden trio, as she had heard them being referred to a numerous number of times. And the other woman with the red hair was Ginny; which also may have meant that the man that stood behind the young boy Rose had been staring at was Draco Malfoy. Suddenly, she became start struck and wasn’t listening to the conversation that was going on between them. She couldn’t believe she was actually seeing them, memory or not.


“If you forget anything or you’d like something from home, owl me,” Hermione said to Rose, who nodded in response.


“Don’t forget what I said,” Ron said.


Suddenly, out of nowhere, another boy came running toward them, shouting, “Dad! Dad, you’ll never guess what I just saw! Teddy Lupin was SNOGGING Victoire Weasley!”


Lupin was a name that the young girl had heard before too. He was the man who was also a werewolf. She didn’t remember his name being Teddy though. What was his name, she wondered.


“Leave them be, James,” Harry had said, shaking his head slightly, although there was a smile on his face.


Without realizing what she was doing, the girl was stepping on the train after Rose. After her and Albus waved goodbye, the girl stared out of the window at the group she had considered heroes. Ever since she can remember, she heard of them constantly and had only wished they were real.


“Let’s go find a compartment?”


“Yeah,” Rose said.


They walked, and the young girl followed behind them. They passed compartment after compartment. Stopping at one, they saw James, who was surrounded by his friends.


“Can we sit in here with you?” Albus asked.


“Rule number one: The train ride is where you’ll meet your best friend in ninety-nine percent of cases!” James exclaimed, a grin on his face. “Keep looking, Al.”


Albus rolled his eyes as he shut the compartment door. “I swear, sometimes I wonder if we’re truly related.”


“Well,” Rose said with a slight chuckle, “he is right, isn’t he? Our dads met on the train, along with Mum. And your dad has told us that Sirius Black and your granddad had met on the train too.”


“Must you always agree with James?”


“Only when it makes sense.”


Finally, they made it to the one compartment they hadn’t tried and opened the door, revealing the young Malfoy and another boy with chocolate skin. Their heads turned to look at Albus and Rose.


“Everywhere else is full. Do you mind if we sit here?” Albus asked as he looked between the two boys, his voice thick.


The young Malfoy boy nodded before his eyes went to Rose. Her brows were furrowed, but her bright blue eyes didn’t waver from his grey ones. After Albus sat down, he looked up at Rose.


“Rose, are you going to sit down?”


“No,” she said. The young girl noticed that her voice shook slightly. “I think I’m going to change into my robes before I do.”


The young girl looked at Rose to see that she was already in her robes. What was she getting at?


“You already have your robes on,” the unknown named boy said.


“Right. Well, I have to use the loo. Excuse me.”


Without another word from any of them, Rose turned around and began to make her way down the train again. The young girl followed, wondering what was going on through Rose’s mind. Did she really have to go to the bathroom? Was it just an excuse? Where was she going to sit? Where was she going to go besides walk up and down the aisle?


“The bathroom’s the other way,” the young Malfoy boy said behind Rose, his hands in his pockets.


“What?” Rose asked as she turned around. When she saw it was him that spoke to her, her body tensed slightly. “Thank you. Are you following me?”


“All I did was see you go the wrong way to the loo, and I wanted to let you know. I’m Scorpius. Scorpius –“


“Malfoy,” Rose finished for him. “Thank you for the help.”


“Sure. See you back in the compartment?”


Rose shrugged in response and walked past him. The young girl continued to follow her until they were both in the bathroom. Rose looked at herself in the mirror.


“You’re Rose Weasley. You’re going to be sorted into Gryffindor. You’re going to make friends. You’re going to have the best time.”


“Do you give yourself a pep like that every day?”


Suddenly, another young girl popped out of one of the stalls with a slight smile. She had sandy blonde hair that was tied into a braid and blue eyes. She was a few inches taller than Rose.


“Did I scare you? I’m sorry. My dad tells me I have the tendency to do that some times. He says I’ll be a great Chaser one day, although he’s a Keeper,” the girl explained as she washed her hands. “I’m Gabby Ryan. Is this your first year as well? My dad has been telling me stories for years about Hogwarts. I was so nervous I wasn’t going to get a letter. So, I’m just grateful that I’m here. What’s your name by the way? I’m sorry, I was being rather rude. My mom tells me I talk a little too much sometimes.”


“I’m Rose Weasley,” Rose answered simply.


Suddenly, everything around the young girl was dissolving once again. Then she was on a boat, looking up at the grand castle that Hogwarts was. It only lasted a few seconds before she was standing in a hall, surrounded by a bit more than a dozen witches and wizards. She looked up at the grand table that was before her and turned around to see the four House tables.


“Gryffindor, right, Albus?” Rose asked as she looked at him.


“Maybe,” he shrugged, a playful glint in his eyes. “I don’t think Slytherin would be so bad. Malfoy and Zabini were actually pretty cool.”


“Malfoy?” Rose looked astonished. “You can’t be serious.”


“Scorpius Malfoy,” a woman, most likely a professor, called out.


Scorpius walked up to a stool and sat down. The woman just about put the hat on his head when it shouted, “SLYTHERIN!”


One of the far tables began to shout. The young girl watched as Scorpius walked over with a grin on his face. When she turned back, she looked at Rose, and something seemed to be different. It seemed almost as if she were disappointed.


“Albus Potter!”


“Good luck,” Rose whispered to him before he walked up to sit on the stool.


It took a little longer with Albus than it had with Scorpius, but after a moment, the hat shouted, “SLYTHERIN!”


Again, the table began to shout, but it was slightly louder than it had been for Scorpius, along with some chanting. The young girl looked to Rose, and she could see the disappointment on her face this time. It made her seem as if she were older than she was.


“Rose Weasley!”


Rose jumped slightly and quickly made her way to the stool. She sat down on it, and like Scorpius, the hat barely grazed her head when it shouted, “GRYFFINDOR!”


The young girl followed Rose as she skipped over to the table. She sat down next to Gabby, who was sitting across from James.


“We did it!” Gabby shouted as she hugged Rose tightly.


“Crazy about Al, isn’t it? Guess I shouldn’t have teased him so much about it!”


“He used to hate Slytherin!”


James shrugged.


Everything dissolved again, and now they were in a classroom. The young girl noticed Albus and Scorpius in the classroom with Rose.


“You guys will pair yourselves up, then I’ll create groups of four.”


The young girl instinctively knew that Rose and Gabby were together by the way they nodded at each other. Rose looked over her shoulder at Albus.


“Done? Good. One person from each pair raise your hand. Good. Weasley, take your partner and go to Potter.”


Rose suddenly hung her head back slightly and let out a sigh. She looked to Gabby and rolled her eyes. Gabby gave her a comforting smile before they made their way to Albus and Scorpius.


“Hello! I’m Gabby. Gabby Ryan.”


“Hi there. I’m Albus, and this is Scorpius,” Albus answered. He looked at Rose and smiled. “How was your first night?”


“It was good. Yours?”


“Fantastic! The common room is brilliant!”


“I’ve heard your common room’s quite cozy,” Scorpius said.


Ignoring him, Rose looked down at her notes, but Gabby responded. “Oh, it’s wonderful! Can’t imagine anything better!”


“Settle down, settle down,” the professor called.


Suddenly, there wasn’t a classroom anymore. They were outside in the stands. Everyone was cheering. The young girl watched as there was one person zooming around and around the Quidditch pitch. Eventually, they landed on the ground, and the rest of their team came rushing up to him, crashing into their body.


Quickly, things moved, and Rose was walking into a room beneath the stands. The young girl watched curiously as she followed Rose.


“James, I know you’re in here,” she said softly as she stopped. “You didn’t head up with the rest of the team or anyone else. You played brilliantly out there. I heard from an older student that there’s going to be a party.”


After a pregnant pause, James finally showed himself and smiled at Rose. He walked over to her and handed her a small, golden, winged ball. She took it in her hand and held it gently. A smile came to her face.


“I’ll be the star of the party. Are you going to come?” he asked, ignoring her questioning eyes.


“I don’t know. I have a lot of homework.”


He nodded. She wanted to hand the ball back to him and tried, but James shook his head at her. “No, I want you to keep it. You should.”


“But you caught it.”




“Why don’t you want it?”


“I already have my fair share. Besides, by the time I get out of here and go onto becoming a famous Quidditch player, I’ll have loads!”


Rose laughed. “Somehow, I can picture that.”


“Of course you can! It’s my future!” he said with a grin. When she didn’t respond, James’s eyes furrowed, causing him to look more like Harry. “What’s wrong, Rose?”


“It’s nothing… I’m just being silly.”


“You? Not a chance,” he responded. “You’re too analytical to be silly. Unless, of course, you’re helping me with some pranks.”


“We’re going to need to do that soon. I miss it.”


“We’ll start planning some. First, I want you to tell me what’s wrong.”


Rose sighed and sat down on the bench, James following suit. “So far, everything’s just a lot more different than I thought it would be. Al isn’t in Gryffindor, and he and Scorpius Malfoy are becoming really close friends. Every time I think about it and about Scorpius, I just get this feeling in my stomach, and I can’t shake it.”


“Just because you’re in separate Houses doesn’t mean that you guys can’t hang out or anything. Has he been ignoring you?”


“No, not at all. He’s always around Scorpius though.”


“Has Scorpius done something? Do I need to go punch him?”


“Nah,” Rose chuckled. “Dad said to stay away from him as much as I could.”


“Well, maybe see for yourself. My mum said that after the war, things changed. I’m sure your mum would say the same. Although the animosity between Slytherin and Gryffindor is still there, especially with Quidditch, doesn’t mean that all Slytherin’s are bad. I mean, Albus is there,” James said, nudging her shoulder with his. “Can’t be all that bad.”


“You’re right.”


“But if Scorpius ever does anything, you let me know, all right? I’ll take care of him,” he said with a wink. Rose laughed, and James gave her a quick hug. “Want to take a broom for a ride?”


“I-I don’t know about that… I can hardly get through my own Flying lessons…”


“You just don’t have the best teacher. C’mon, let’s go!” he said eagerly.


Grabbing his broom, he hurried out of the locker room, Rose following close behind. The young girl followed them quickly and stayed a little way back, just watching them. She had always wondered what it would be like to fly on a broom with the wind flying through her hair and just the feeling of being free.


The Quidditch pitch was dissolving around them, and the young girl was back in the place where she had watched the sorting. She looked for Rose at the Gryffindor table, but couldn’t find her. As she scanned the room, she was surprised to see Rose making her way toward the Slytherin table. Quickly, she hurried toward her, wondering what was going on.


“Rose! Want to join us?” Albus asked happily.


“No, I already ate. Plus, I wanted to get to the library before class. I haven’t been there yet, surprisingly.”


Albus laughed. “You’re joking! You’re going to love it.”


“You’ve been there?” she asked incredulously.


“Oh, yeah,” Albus said. “Scorpius wanted to see see if there was anything good.”


“You like books?”


Grimacing at her, Scorpius looked up at her. “Am I not allowed to?”


“I didn’t say that.”


Without another word, Scorpius stood up and walked away from the table. Rose looked at Albus, who shrugged, not knowing what had just happened either. Instead of staying and talking to Albus, Rose followed Scorpius. The young girl had to run to catch up.


“Scorpius, wait!” Rose called after him. He didn’t wait. He didn’t even pause. “Come on! Where are you going?”


He continued to go up staircase after staircase, which made the young girl curious because from her stories, the Slytherin common room was in the dungeons. Perhaps things had changed?


To her surprise also, Rose continued to follow him. He finally stopped on the fourth floor and started to go down a corridor. He walked into a room, and when the young girl followed Rose in, she realized it was the library. Of all the places, why would he come to the library?


“Scorpius?” Rose asked timidly as she walked further into the library. “I don’t even know what I’m doing up here or why I followed you. I shouldn’t have.”


As she turned around to walk out of the library, he grabbed her arm and pulled him toward her. She seemed to freeze, her face looking shocked.


What’s going on? What is he doing? The young girl wondered as she watched curiously.


“Let me go,” Rose said sternly. When he didn’t, she slapped him across the cheek. “I said, let me go.”


“What’s going on over there?” a voice came from one of the aisles the bookshelves made. Scorpius and Rose both remained silent.


“Weasley, are you kidding?” Scorpius hissed in a hushed voice.


“I would apologize, but you didn’t let me go.”


“So you slap me?”


“What else did you want me to do? You were hurting me.”


Scorpius scowled at her. “Before coming here, my father said that I should try to be cordial to you and your family. I do just that, and what do I bloody get? It’s no wonder Albus can’t stand you.”


The young girl could see tears forming in Rose’s eyes. However, Rose was able to keep her composure and ignored his comment about Albus. “Funny. My dad said the exact opposite about you. He warned me to stay away from you.”


“Funny,” he mocked. “You’re here with me right now because you followed me.”


“You were being a bloody arse!”


“Do you talk to your mum with that mouth?”


“Ugh!” Rose stomped. “How does Albus stand you?!”


“I’m just downright charming, Weasley. You’ll come to see it one day.”


“In your dreams, Malfoy. Never would I stoop as low to be charmed by a foul snake as yourself.”

Chapter 3: Somewhere Only We Know
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“Rose? Rose, are you home?”


The young girl realized suddenly that they weren’t at Hogwarts anymore. After hearing Albus’s question, she realized though that she was in Rose’s house, which also meant it was Hermione Granger’s and Ron Weasley’s house. She was in the Weasley’s house…


“Albus, what are you doing here? How’d you get here?” Rose said as she walked through the back door.


“Floo powder, of course,” he answered. “Where is everyone?”


“Mum’s working, and Dad’s at the joke shop. Hugo went with him.”


“Care to come with me then rather than staying home by yourself?”


“Where are we going? And what did you tell your parents?”


“What, do you think I would just slip off?” he asked. “That’s more of James’s quality, I think. I told them that I was going to Gran’s and Granddad’s.”


“And are we?”




“Okay then,” Rose said, shrugging her shoulders.


“Good! I’ve missed you, you know,” he said as they walked over to the fireplace once more. “Things have been a little weird.”


Rose seemed uncomfortable to the young girl. She shifted from one foot to another, playing with her hair slightly. As the young girl watched her, she realized that Rose had grown a little bit. Just as she had, so had Albus.


“Sorry,” Rose said softly.


“Me too. You know I love you right? You’re family – my best friend. I can’t not have you in my life, Rosie.”


“Right back at you, ya sentimental git,” she responded, nudging him with her shoulder.


He laughed and shook his head. “Your future boyfriend will love you for hating the romance.”


“And who said I hated it?”


“Me, myself, and I,” he answered.


“Hm,” she said, a smirk playing on her face. “Well, are we going to get going or what?”


Suddenly, after Rose Flooed, they were at the Burrow, which is what Albus and Rose had shouted. The young girl looked around and recognized it immediately. It was the same place she had first seen when she fell into the Pensieve.


“Gran’s out shopping, and Granddad’s in his Muggle world. Let’s go, I want to show you something.”


They walked out of the house and walked toward the area of trees that the young girl had followed the older version of Rose through earlier. There wasn’t an opening yet though like there had been when they had entered before. As they walked through the mini forest, Rose questioned Albus on where they were going, why they were going there, and why he hadn’t told her she’d be getting her clothes dirty.


Finally, they arrived to the field, and the young girl watched Rose as she looked around. She wondered if her face looked just like Rose’s did right now.


“How did you find this place, Al?”


“Give me a minute, yeah? I’ll be right back,” he said, ignoring her question.


Before she could ask where he was going, he had already disappeared through the trees. The young girl watched Rose and wondered what was going through her mind. She also wondered why Albus would just leave her here. Where did he go? What was he doing? Why couldn’t Rose go with him?


Her thoughts vanished after playing unlikely scenarios, and her attention turned back to Rose, who was still looking around in amazement. Rose had made her way over toward the pond that was there. For the first time since seeing her in the Pensieve, she looked content. How could a place do that? Was it really possible to just be somewhere that it brought someone such contentment? If so, the young girl really hope she would find that place for herself one day.


She wasn’t sure how long Albus had been gone, but she knew some time had passed at least. Rose was becoming slightly irritated. The young girl could tell because her arms were crossed while her lips thinned slightly.


“Albus Potter, I swear if you don’t come back here soon, I’m going to hex your arse! Expulsion or not,” Rose said, her voice raised slightly.


“Calm down, Weasley,” another voice said through some rustling.


“What?” Rose asked.


“We’re right here,” Albus said as he stepped back into the field, Scorpius right behind him. “Sorry, I had to go get him.”


“What’s he doing here?”


“Well, I decided that the three of us needed to have a chat,” Albus answered.


“What for? He’s a prat.”


“And Daddy dearest said not to spend time with me,” Scorpius said, cutting her off. Rose glared at him. He chuckled slightly and rolled his eyes at her. “You know, if you weren’t such a brat, Weasley, I’d say you could pull off the mad look.”


“Stop flirting with my cousin, Malfoy,” Albus said suddenly, catching Rose and Scorpius off guard.


“You think that’s flirting, Albus? It’s not even flattering.”


“Getting back to the point,” Albus said, ignoring their attempts to argue. “I can’t have my two best mates fighting. And I’m not going to be taking sides. I want us to just get along as well as we can.”


“Fat chance,” Rose spewed.


Scorpius looked from Albus to her and back to Albus. His eyes looked for something in Albus’s face before he looked back to Rose. “I’m willing if you are.”


Looking taken aback, Rose stared at Scorpius. Suddenly, his hand was extended toward her, and she looked at it.


“C’mon, Rosie. For me?”


She looked at Albus and seemed to detect something in his face. With a small sigh, she took Scorpius’s hand. The young girl noticed that as soon as Rose took Scorpius’s hand that something had happened. She wasn’t sure what it was, but it was something. It was something that she didn’t think Rose was expecting.


“How about we start over? Scorpius asked.


“Rose Weasley,” she started.


“Scorpius Malfoy.”


“Albus Potter,” Albus added in with a laugh. “Now that that’s out of the way. Let me answer your question from earlier. Scorpius and I had been trying to get together all summer to hang out, but whenever we asked our parents, they shot us down.”


“They want us to play nice, but they’re not comfortable with either of us going to the other’s house. They also aren’t keen to the idea that we’re friends. They’re all mad.”


“So, one day, while Mum, James, Lily, and I were here, James and I began to explore some. Lily was annoying us though, so we ended up walking into the woods, knowing she wouldn’t follow us in here.”


“Then I received a letter from Albus about this place. Since we figured right now we should keep our friendship away from our parents until they spruce up to the idea, we thought this place was perfect.”


“But how are you two going to keep coming here when neither of you can Apparate? Don’t you think it’ll be suspicious? And why would you tell me all of this? You know I can’t keep a secret from Aunt Ginny, Al.”


“That’s not true,” Albus said. “You keep loads of secrets. I know you’re the mastermind behind most of James’s pranks. Mum always asks, and you never let slip that you’re even a part of it.”


“Yeah, because before I can, James always swoops in and saves the day,” Rose said with a sigh.


“You won’t even have to worry about it because I’ll pull a James and make sure everything’s covered. We’ll be fine.”


“And you?” Rose asked as she looked pointedly at Scorpius.


A smirk came to his lips. “Falling for that charm already, Weasley?”


“My name’s Rose.”


“No need to worry about me.”


“How, exactly, do you guys plan to get here each and every time without being discovered? Don’t you think you’re bound to be caught?”


“Not with the two of us working together,” Albus said, grinning at her.


“Oh, I see, I’m your accomplice and or decoy!”






The two boys looked at each other with a look, and Rose began to laugh. She continued to laugh as they looked back to her, bewildered expressions on each of their faces. After another moment, she fixed her body and wiped her eyes slightly, catching the tears that were daring to fall.


“Count me in. Saying we’re going to Grandmum’s and Granddad’s will be perfect. We’ll just have to make sure we plan our days ahead and go from there. However, every year, the week before leaving for Hogwarts, we must meet up. No matter what.”


Remaining quiet for a moment, the three of them exchanged glances, making it seem as if they were communicating something the young girl couldn’t catch. Finally, the three of them nodded.


Everything began to spin around. Colors and memories that seemed to be placed on fast-forward rushed past the young girl. She wondered what was going to come next.


Before she could think anymore, she was back at the Quidditch pitch with James and Rose. As she looked up in the sky, she watched them zoom around on their brooms. Although she’s only heard stories of the game, she thought that Rose had gotten very good since the last time she had watched her practice with James. She was more confident and actually had a smile on her face while she sped through the air.


The young girl blinked slightly, and before she knew it, the entire scene had changed. Instead of the peace and quiet, other than hearing James’s and Rose’s shouts and laughter, she was now surrounded by what looked like most of the students at Hogwarts. They were yelling at cheering. She could hear their feet stomping on the wooden panels beneath them to create more noise.


“Well, would you look at that!” said the commentator up in the box near where the professors were sitting. The only reason the young girl knew that was because she recognized the Potions professor from one of the previous memories. “It looks like we have a few change ups this years!”


Boys and girls, who were clad in green and silver clothing, erupted with a new fervor of energy. The young girl wasn’t sure she had ever heard anything so loud. As she covered her ears, a grin came to her face.


“Let’s introduce our Slytherin team!” the commentator exclaimed. “We have Zabini! Kurian! Bock! Goyle! Peters! Along with a new Seeker, Potter, and a new Chaser, Malfoy!


“Okay, okay, okay, let’s settle down! It’s time to introduce the Gryffindor team,” the commentator said over the Slytherin side hollered, whooped, and chanted yet again. “We have Wood! Weasley and Weasley! Potter! Galway! Ryan! And another Weasley!”


The young girl watched as the Gryffindor team filed out from their end of the Quidditch pitch. Once she spotted Rose, she couldn’t help herself and began to jump up and down while cheering her on, although no one could hear her.


When a witch with short, spiked, grey hair came to the middle of each team, the young girl looked over at Albus and Scorpius, who were eyeing Rose curiously. They looked puzzled.


Suddenly, the witch who was in between the two teams blew her whistle, and both teams soared into the air quickly. Although the young girl had heard plenty of stories about Quidditch, she didn’t understand all the fundamentals or the positions. Mainly, when she had heard stories about it, she imagined it as being the equivalent to football.


She watched the players soar through the air and play their game. Rose had already scored four goals. From what she could tell, she was surprisingly good. Apparently, Rose and James had practiced quite a bit since the first time she tried out his broom. The young girl wondered if Hermione and Ron were shocked when Rose had announced that she wanted a broom.


“That’s it, folks! James Potter has caught the Snitch, making the score 230 to 70!”


As the colors of maroon and gold began to flood the pitch, the scene began to change. With a blink, they were in a room that the young girl didn’t recognize. She marveled at how remarkable it looked. Maroon and gold streamers were magically blowing themselves around while above the fireplace a sign read Gryffindor with a decorative, drawn lion’s head next to it. The sign also flashed in Gryffindor colors each time the lion let out a roar.


“Rose Weasley, you’re bloody brilliant!” shouted one of the boys that had played in the Quidditch match with Rose and James. “Where in Merlin’s beard did you ever come from?”


“My family, of course!” James said as he stumbled his way over to them. “How’re ya doin’, Rosie Rose?”


Rose blushed slightly as James called her that. “I’m good. Your parties are great.”


“Thanks,” the random boy said. “If it weren’t for James, we’d never be able to sneak these Butterbeers and Firewhiskeys!”


“Firewhiskey?” Rose asked, her brows furrowed slightly.


“Yeah! Ya want to try some?”


“Rosie wouldn’t drink that,” James said as he grabbed the bottle from the boy. “She’s the best of the best in our family. She’s our little book lover and rule follower.”


Suddenly, Rose’s features became agitated. Her eyebrows rose as her lips pursed. She grabbed the bottle from James.


“What are you doing, Rose?” he asked, his joyful face suddenly turning serious.


For an answer, Rose took a long sip from the bottle of Firewhiskey. When the bottle left her lips, she closed her eyes tightly and swallowed, her face contorting slightly. The young girl wondered what it tasted like. From the look of Rose’s face, she concluded that it might not be that great.


“There,” Rose responded.


“All right, Weasley!” the boy said. Suddenly, he grabbed a few goblets, took the bottle from her, and poured the Firewhiskey into the goblet.


He handed two of the goblets to Rose and James, keeping one for himself. “To the greatest team Hogwarts has ever seen! On the count of three, we drink! One…two…three!”


The three of them drank their goblets. James and the boy finished theirs before Rose had. Once Rose was finished, she opened her eyes and looked at them.


“I think a trip to the kitchens is in order.”


“Rose, I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” James slurred.


“I do!” she said rather loudly. She began to walk toward the portrait of the common room. Looking over her shoulder, she looked at the boy and said, “Are you up for a trip?”


“Count me in,” he said as he followed after her.


The young girl watched as the boy followed after Rose. As they were about to climb out of the portrait hole, she looked back to James, whose face was hard to decipher. Before she could study his face, she was being pulled toward the portrait hole. After moment, she was back with Rose and the boy.


“So, you’re the famous Keegan,” Rose said as they walked down the stairs.


“The one and only!”


“Why don’t I see you around?”


“Oh, you do,” he said as he ran his hand through his sandy blonde hair. “You’re usually just too busy with your books.”


Rose turned to look at him, and before she could say something, her foot missed the step underneath her. She fell down a few steps, and Keegan looked stunned. Her shoulders began to shake, and Keegan’s stunned look turned to horror. Why would he be afraid, the young girl wondered.


The young girl walked a few stairs under Rose and looked at her. A couple tears were rolling down her cheeks as her shoulders shook. Then, without warning, Rose’s laughs began to echo among the stairs. Keegan quickly made his way to her and looked at her with a puzzled look on his face. However, a few chuckles escaped him.


“A-Are you okay?” he finally asked through his laughs.


Rose just nodded. He helped her up and they continued to laugh as they clumsily made their way down the staircases. When they reached the Great Hall, they began to make their way toward a door that was to the left behind one of the large pillars.


Following behind, the young girl couldn’t help but wonder how many more secret passageways were hidden in Hogwarts. She followed the two, who were still mumbling and laughing down the stairs. When they reached the bottom stair, the young girl marveled at the stoned corridor. There were portraits upon portraits aligned among each other on the walls, each of them with fruit. There were some with just oranges, some with grapes, others with wine, others with a landscape, and one portrait that looked like almost everyone’s kitchen bowl of fruit.


Keegan and Rose went to the bowl of fruit portrait, where Keegan reached out and seemed to tickle the pear. To the young girls’ surprise, the pear began to let some small giggles out as it wiggled. As it continued to wiggle, it transformed into a handle.


“What can Starky get you?” a weird looking creature suddenly asked.


“We were looking for some snacks,” Rose said with a hiccup.


“What snacks would Miss like from Starky?”




“Anything really,” Keegan answered with a shrug.


Starky gave a low bow before scurrying off. Not even a minute later, he was back with a basket filled with different sorts of snacks.


“Thank you!” Rose squealed as she reached for a chocolate frog.


Giving another bow, Starky scurried off again. Rose and Keegan made their way out of the kitchen and back into the portrait filled corridor. They went up the stairs again and through the door. Apparently, Keegan had said something hilarious – or something rather stupid, the young girl thought – because Rose went into a fit giggles.


It wasn’t a moment later that a door nearby opened, slamming against a stoned wall. Footsteps began to move down a corridor. Whoever it was, they were becoming closer and closer. Keegan tried to quiet Rose down, but nothing was working. After another moment, Keegan made his way back to the door where they had just came from to hide, leaving Rose slumping against the staircase railing.


“Rose!” another voice suddenly hissed from the shadows of the corridor that led to the Potions classroom. “Rose!”


She looked over to where the voice was coming from, her giggles still escaping her. “Whooooo’s thereeeee-y-ereeeee?”


“Come on, Rose. If you don’t get over here, you’re going to get caught!” the voice said.


Suddenly, out of the shadows, Scorpius moved toward her quickly. He grabbed her arm and began to pull her toward where he had come from.


“Scorpius! Did you come to play?” she asked with another giggle as she wrapped her arm around his shoulder.


“Yeah, it’s called get the bloody hell out of here,” he commented sarcastically.


“Not so fast,” an old, hunched over, grey-haired man wheezed as he shuffled closer to the duo. Scorpius stopped, and Rose hiccupped again.


“I knew I heard someone. Mrs. Norris warned me. She pawed at the door, knowing someone was out here. Students aren’t supposed to be out of bed. No they’re not, are they, Mrs. Norris?”


“Please, sir, let us go to bed. She’s not feeling the greatest,” Scorpius said as he seemed to swallow the nerves that were etched on his face.


“Oh, I will, but not before giving you these,” the man wheezed as he took out a quill and something to write on. He scribbled on two pieces quickly and handed them to Scorpius. “One for you and one for your friend. Oh, I can’t wait for the night. What do you think, Mrs. Norris? Those trophies and bedpans will be as clean as can be.”


The man continued to mumble to himself as he shuffled away from them. Rose hiccupped and giggled nervously as she looked to Scorpius.

“Well, at least we won’t be tortured alone, Scorp!”


“Yeah, the joys,” he responded with a sigh. “Come on. Let’s go before we get another detention.”


The scene suddenly began to change, and Rose and Scorpius were suddenly in another corridor filled with hundred of trophies. The both of them were working on their own trophy with a rag and a bucket filled with soap and water. After a few moments of silence, Rose let out a sigh, lifting her hand to head.


“You doing okay over there?”


“Oh, just fine,” Rose said. “This is exactly what I wanted to be doing after a long night.”


“How much did you even drink?”


Rose shrugged, and silence enveloped them again. As she started to begin cleaning another trophy, Scorpius looked at her. His brows were furrowed, as he seemed to be thinking something in his head.


“Why don’t you like me?”


“What?” Rose asked, her eyes widening slightly.


“You heard me,” he answered softly.


“I don’t dislike you.”




“We come from two completely different families… Our fathers hate each other... Even you and Albus can’t get your dad and Uncle Harry to agree enough for you two to hang out over the summer. We’re not supposed to get along.”


“Albus doesn’t ignore me just because his daddy doesn’t like mine,” Scorpius responded sarcastically.


“You’re in Slytherin,” Rose said as if that settled anything.


“So? You’re still close to Al.”


“That’s different. We’re family.”


“I think you’re just daddy’s little girl who doesn’t want to disappoint him. But I’m not some slimy Slytherin git like he thinks.”


“Oh no? Then how did I end up in your common room?”


At that, Scorpius’s jaw dropped slightly. “I’m sorry I was just trying to help you out. Instead of listening, you decided to stand there and look up at the ceiling like you were a bloody centaur looking at the stars.”


“Helping me? I was just fine!”


“Now I know for next time not to bother,” he mumbled.


Silence overcame them again. The longer neither one of them said anything, the more awkward it became. Rose looked up at Scorpius, whose brows were furrowed, darkening his features. She opened her mouth to say something, but when nothing came out, she closed it and bit her lip. Suddenly, his grey eyes met her blue ones.


“I’m sorry,” she said softly, her voice barely above a whisper. “I’m sorry I got you stuck in here with me, and I’m sorry that you feel as if I avoid you.”


“You do avoid me,” he corrected. “Unless, of course, you need to talk to Al or we’re on that field.”


“You got your apology, what more do you want?” Rose asked with a sigh, her eyes still not wavering from his.


“Nothing,” he said, a small smirk playing on his lips.

Chapter 4: Party Girl
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The young girl was now in a kitchen. Rose was standing at the counter making sandwiches. Suddenly, Ron walked in with a smile on his face as his eyes landed on Rose.


“Is that sandwich for me, Rosie?” Ron asked, walking over and peeking over her shoulder.


“No, Dad,” she said as she shook her head. “Al and I were going to hang out.”


“You’re on your third sandwich,” he pointed out.


“It’s Al, Dad,” Rose said with a nervous edge in her voice. “He eats a lot. Don’t you remember Christmas?”

Ron let out a chuckle.



“Ronald, aren’t you going to be late?” Hermione asked as she walked into the kitchen, Hugo following behind her.


“Doesn’t really matter, does it?” Ron asked with a shrug. “All I’m doing today is the paperwork for the bloody hooligans who’ve been breaking into Muggle homes. You know, Dad’s starting to remind me of Moody, thinking there’s more Dark wizards.”


“Something has been a little off about him lately,” Hermione said thoughtfully. She paused for a minute, her brows knitting together slightly.


“Perhaps we should talk to Harry and Kingsley about it.”


“Nah, Dad’ll be fine. He knows when he’s had his fill.” Ron rubbed Hugo’s head, making his hair bushier than it already was. “Well, I’m off. I’ll see you soon. You’re coming in shortly, aren’t you?”


“Yes,” Hermione answered as he leaned in to peck her cheek. “I’m just going to stop by the Three Broomsticks to meet someone for the House-Elf –“


“Enough said,” Ron said as he held up his hand to stop her from saying anymore. “See you soon.”


He walked toward the fireplace in the living room. After saying, “The Ministry of Magic,” the flames roared, and he was gone. The young girl looked back to Hermione, who was looking at Rose suspiciously.


“Rose, what are you doing today?” Hermione asked.


“You heard me,” Rose answered with a sigh. “I’m going to be hanging out with Al.”




“What? You don’t believe me?”


“If I were her, I wouldn’t either!” Hugo exclaimed as he poured some water into a goblet.


“No one was talking to you!” Rose said as she glared to Hugo.


“Well, maybe they would if they knew what I knew…”


“What do you know that I don’t, Hugo?” Hermione asked, turning to him.


“Rose would like to know!”


“Yeah, whatever. Aren’t you going to be late for your Muggle convention or whatever?” Rose asked as she rolled her eyes, turning her back toward Hugo.


“She’s right, Hugo. We don’t want to wait. Your granddad has been so excited,” Hermione said. “Besides, you can tell me once we get to the Burrow.”


“I’ll come with you!” Rose exclaimed suddenly as she quickly packed the sandwiches into the bag that was lying on the island behind her. She grabbed it, threw it over her shoulder, and hurried into the living room after Hermione and Hugo.


The young girl watched as Hugo stuck out his tongue at Rose before he disappeared into the green flames. Hermione followed after him, and Rose let out a quick sigh before she followed after the two of them.


Suddenly, the Burrow appeared and a voice called, “I was wondering where you were, Rosie! I was just asking your mom.”


“Yes, he was,” Hermione asked as she folded her arms and looked at Rose and Albus questioningly. “I’m going to fetch Mum and let her know you’re here. I’m sure she needs help de-gnoming the garden and such.”


The young girl noticed Rose’s and Albus’s looks as they glanced at each other. As she looked back at Hermione, there was a small smirk playing on her lips before she started to climb the stairs.


“Well, we better make our move now, or we’ll never get away,” Rose said as she started to head toward the door.


“Who are you? What have you done with the Rosie who tries to keep me from getting into trouble?”


“Learn to love the rebellion, Al. You and James have rubbed off on me, I suppose.”


“Oh, what perfect timing you have!” Mrs. Weasley’s voice began to linger from the stairs.


“Let’s move it,” Albus said as he quickly made his way after Rose.


Molly and Hermione finished their way downstairs and looked around.


“Where did they get off to?” Hermione asked suspiciously.


Chuckling, Molly responded, “They probably went off to see Arthur. Don’t you worry, dear; they’ll come back around. You go to work.”


“There you two are! Thought you two were going to leave me stranded here,” Scorpius said suddenly as the scenery changed into the large field. “I’ve been here for at least a good half hour!”


“What are you on about? You’ve been waiting for probably ten minutes.”


“Yeah, but the ride over was long,” he complained.


“I brought sandwiches. Here,” Rose said as she handed him and Albus a sandwich. “At least one of us remembered to bring food.”


“Thanks,” Scorpius said as he took the sandwich from her.


“How’s your holiday been, Scor?”


“Not bad,” he answered. “Mostly boring though.”


“Same,” Albus and Rose both responded.


“James has been going off and Lily’s been so annoying. All she does is ask questions about Hogwarts.”


“Hugo’s been the same. He’s been begging Mum and Dad to take him to Hogsmeade so he can catch a glimpse.”


“Younger siblings. They sound like a pain.”


They continued to talk for quite a long time. The young girl grew tired of their conversation and began to look around the field again. She still couldn’t help but marvel at the surroundings. It seemed quite familiar to her as she continued to look around.


Without another warning, the area changed, and they were back in Hogwarts. In the Great Hall, the students were sitting at their designated tables. Their heads were turned to look at the group of young students that were standing in front of the High Table.


“Lily Potter!”


A small, red haired girl walked up to the stool and sat down. She had a proud grin on her face. It was almost as if she already knew what House she was going to be sorted into. As suddenly as the Sorting Hat touched her head, it shouted, “GRYFFINDOR!”


The Gryffindor table began to shout. Lily stood from the stool and flitted toward the table without a single doubt.


“Hugo Weasley!”


Hugo quickly made his way up the stool. He swallowed hard as the hat sat on his head. The hat took a little more time to come to a decision. Finally, it shouted, “GRYFFINDOR!”


Some relief seemed to come to him as a lazy smile came to his face. He walked to the table and sat in between Lily and Rose.


“I told you you’d be in Gryffindor!” Lily exclaimed as she hugged him tightly.


“I was nervous for a minute there.”


“As you should’ve been. You could’ve ended in Hufflepuff,” Rose said.


“Stuff it.”


The dining hall vanished, and the young girl stood in a room filled with a few beds. She began to look around, seeing the posters that were hung, the trunks that stood at the end of each bed, and the clothes that hung over them.


“Rose, aren’t you coming? Classes are going to start any moment,” a girl with dark brown hair asked as she looked toward one of the beds.


“No,” Rose answered from under a pile of blankets, “I’m not feeling well. I’ll try to make it later on this afternoon.”




The girl left, closing the door behind her. The young girl could hear the footsteps and then the girls’ voice traveling up the stairs. She looked at Rose, who was still under the covers. Walking closer to the bed, curious as to what was wrong with Rose, she leaned over the bed slightly. Suddenly, Rose sat up quickly, causing the young girl to leap back and let out a shriek.


Rose wasn’t in her robes, but she was already dressed in regular clothing. She grabbed something out of her trunk, sat on her bed, and remained still. The young girl watched Rose curiously, wondering what she was staring at and what she was going to do.


After some more time passed, Rose shot up and sprinted out of the room. The young girl hurried after her. Rose had practically slid down the spiral stairs, dashed through the common room, and hurried through the secret passages. She stooped behind a statue. The young girl stopped as well, panting, wondering how Rose’s breathing wasn’t labored as well as why Rose had stopped.


“Shoo!” Rose hissed. “Get out of here you.”


The young girl stared and noticed the cat that was staring at Rose. A pair of shuffling feet sounded down the hall, and the young girl looked and saw the man that had given Rose and Scorpius detention. Once her attention was back on Rose, she saw Rose crawling on the floor, turning the corner to another hallway. When the young girl followed, she watched Rose soundlessly stand and walk toward a door, slipping inside.


“Mrs. Norris, what did we find?”


It was a couple minutes later when Rose came out of the classroom and made her way down the hallway she was going down before. Another couple of secret passageways and down another hallway, Rose stopped behind one of the columns that stood on either side of the closed, classroom door.


Rose grabbed a piece of parchment out of her pocket, looked at it, and a smirk came to her face. She let out a little whistle and waited. She let out another whistle and waited. Finally, she let out a longer whistle and waited.


After a moment, she moved further out of sight from the door as it opened. The young girl looked to the door and saw Scorpius outside of it, his brows furrowed. Another whistle sounded, and he walked toward the column.


Without a word, Rose jumped out at him, her arms wrapping around his neck. Scorpus flinched slightly before a surprise look came to his face. His hands grabbed her waist as the look on his face filled with curiosity.


“Why aren’t you in class?”


“Come with me!” Rose whispered excitedly.




“I want to go to the lake! Let’s go,” she said, grabbing his hand and pulling him away from the classroom.




“If we don’t go now, we’re going to get caught. I don’t want another detention, do you?”


They stood there another moment, and the young girl held her breath as she watched them. Something overcame Scorpius, and he gave into Rose. The young girl couldn’t help but grin and followed them down to the Entrance Hall and onto the grounds. They kept going, remaining silent. Scorpius and Rose would exchange glances every now and then, but never said anything.


Eventually, they made it to the lake, and Rose sat down. Scorpius stood for another moment, looking at Rose. He grabbed a stone and tried skipping it over the lake.


“Well, that was a miserable try,” Rose chuckled.


“Probably wasn’t flat enough,” he said with a shrug. He sat down next to her, and they were surrounded by silence again, until he broke it. “So… Why are we down here? And since when does Rose Weasley skip a class. Especially when it’s so close to exams?”


“What’s with all the questions?”


“Like you didn’t expect questions, Weasley. We hardly speak to each other, unless Al is around, but he’s back in class there.”


“What made you come out when you heard that whistle?” she fired back, her attention turning to him.


“No one else was willing to come look,” he answered.


“Don’t be an arse.”


“Ooooh… Feisty, are we?”


“When it comes to you, Malfoy,” she said, a smirk on her face.


“Huh. Guess I really should follow through with my plan.”


“What plan?”


Without answering, Scorpius stood up and pulled Rose to her feet. He clung to her shoulders and started pushing her toward the lake. Rose began to fight against him.


“Feeding you to the giant squid!”


Their laughter filled the air as they struggled with one another. Right before Rose’s feet could reach the water, she tried to dart out of his reach, but he grabbed her and pulled her close to him. Their bodies were close together, and both of them were grinning. As their eyes locked, their smiles began to melt away as the atmosphere seemed to change. Then, suddenly, Rose reached up and kissed Scorpius.


Pulling away, the two of them looked at each other. Rose’s eyes grew wide after a moment. Her lips parted, as if she was about to say something. Before she said anything, she ran past Scorpius and back toward the school.




Suddenly, the scene whirled, and everything had changed. The young girl was still outside, but she was in an area that looked like a locker room. As she looked around, she saw the people in the room were wearing the uniforms they wore during the last Quidditch match and had all of their brooms. Rose was sitting on a bench away from the rest of the team. Her face was pinched, as if she were trying not to cry.


“See you later, Rosie?” James asked.


She nodded. James left. Thinking that everyone was gone, Rose put her head in her hands and sighed deeply. Keegan walked over and sat down next to her, placing his hand on her back.


“Don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault that we lost,” he said gently.


“It kind of is.”


“Well, I’d rather James lose sight of the Snitch than see you get hit by a bludger.”


“If only I could’ve gotten a little lower,” she said with a slight chuckle as she looked to Keegan.


“Don’t sweat it,” Keegan said. “We still have a chance for the big win!”


“Thanks for the pep talk. You didn’t have to.”


“Well, that’s what I’m here for! Besides, I’ve been meaning to ask if you wanted to hang out sometime.”




“Cool,” he said with a smile. “C’mon, let’s go get some post-Quidditch food.”


“Kitchens?” she asked as they began to make their way out of the locker room.


“Probably the best option.”


“You’re not going to leave me to fend for myself again, are you?”


“We’re not pissed drunk are we?”


“Not yet,” she said with a mischievous tone.


“I knew I liked you, Weasley!”


Keegan wrapped his arm around her shoulder and they continued to talk the rest of the way up to the castle.


Suddenly, the scene changed; Rose and Keegan were walking up the stairs when, munching on some snacks.


“I dare you to try this one!” Rose exclaimed as she held out what seemed to be a jellybean.




“Come on! I bet it’s great!”


“No way.”




After a moment, Keegan rolled his eyes, grabbed the jellybean from her, and popped it in his mouth. His face, for a moment, was natural, but then it began to contort. Rose began to crack up.


“What was it?” Rose asked through her chuckles.


“Garlic!” Keegan responded. “If only there were a vampire around…”


A suspicious look came over his face, and when Rose looked at him, her mouth dropped open. She ran up the stairs as fast as she could, Keegan following after her quickly.


“Vampire Rose, don’t you want to taste my blood?!”


“You’re gross!” Rose squealed as she made it to the flat hall. As she was about to begin sprinting down, Keegan caught her arm and pulled her to him. She tried to wriggle out of his grasp, his garlic breath invading her personal space.


Suddenly, a loud noise sounded nearby, and someone began walking down the hall. The young girl’s attention turned to see Scorpius. He paused as his attention went to Rose and Keegan, who were still close together. A strange look came to his face, and his mouth turned into a scowl. He cleared his throat.


Glancing toward Scorpius, Rose’s face grew hot. Keegan smiled at Scorpius. “What’s up, Malfoy?”


“I’m trying not to hurl,” Scorpius answered.


“Keep on walking then.”


Rose bit her lip and looked away from Scorpius. She grabbed Keegan’s arm. “Let’s go find James.”


“He’s in the Room of Requirement, hosting a party.”


“Great!” Rose responded as she began to pull Keegan down the hall.


“Do you have a second, Rose?”


“Sure,” she said. Biting her lip again, she looked at Keegan again. “I’ll meet you there, okay? Get me a drink?”


“You got it!”


When the loud noise appeared and disappeared again, Rose turned back to Scorpius, her eyes looking anywhere else. Scorpius continued to look at Rose.


“Well, are you going to say anything, or are we just going to stand here?”


“What are you doing?”


“What do you mean?” she asked pointedly, her eyes finally looking at her.


“You’re hanging around him again? After he left you to get in trouble by yourself?”


“That was last year. People change, you know.”




“What’s wrong with you?”


“Nothing,” Scorpius answered.


“Then stop it. You shouldn’t even care what I do.”


“I just don’t want you getting in trouble.”


“Worry about yourself.”


“Fine. Next time he leaves you alone, I won’t be there to help you!”


“I never asked for your help in the first place, Scorpius. Let’s go back to how it used to be – pretend nothing ever happened.”


“And what did happen, Rose?”


She glared at him, her eyes watering. Her face began to become redder, and her hands balled into fists. “Nothing.”


Turning on her heel, she quickly made her way to the Room of Requirement. Once she entered, she was greeted with cheers. A small smile came to her lips, but it quickly waned when the door opened again behind her and she saw Scorpius. He looked at her for a moment and turned to make his way to Albus, who was near the fireplace with a couple of his other friends.


“Where’s the Firewhisky when you need it?” Rose mumbled.


“Just a goblet away!” Keegan exclaimed as he poured some in a goblet in front of her.


“You’re a lifesaver,” she responded, her attention turning away from Scorpius.


“Glad to be! Now that I’m your lifesaver, may I ask you something?”


Rose giggled. “You could’ve asked me before you earned the title.”


“Well, I thought it may give me a better chance.”




“Of you saying yes to go to Hogsmeade with me. It’s coming up, you know.”


“Hmm…,” Rose said as she rolled her eyes to the ceiling, tapping her chin as if she were thinking. Finally, she looked at Keegan and grinned, “Of course!”


“Fantastic! A drink to our date!”


Rose’s mouth turned into a small “O” before a grin crossed her face and her eyes sparkled with glee.


The warm glow of the Room of Requirement left and was replaced with a snow-covered ground and brightly lit windows of shops. Students and other shoppers were bustling around the street. After a moment, the young girl finally caught a glimpse of Rose. She was standing next to Keegan, looking into a window that had a display of brooms.


“Look at it! What a beauty!” Rose admired.


“That it is,” Keegan responded with a smile.


The young girl looked at him, noticing that he wasn’t looking at the brooms in the window, but at Rose. Letting out a small sigh, Rose turned to Keegan. She noticed the way he was looking at her, and she blushed slightly, ducking her head and tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.


“Where to next?” she asked softly.


“Honeydukes? Three Broomsticks? Shrieking Shack?”


“The Shrieking Shack?”


He shrugged. “Not a lot of people go there because of those old legends.”


“How about a Butterbeer? It’s getting a little chilly…”


“A Butterbeer it is!” he exclaimed.


They began to walk down the street, weaving in and out of the crowd. Eventually, they made it into the Three Broomsticks, and Rose went to try and find a table while Keegan went to the bar to grab the drinks. As she was searching, Rose reached a table where Albus was sitting.


“Rosie!” Albus said, a grin coming to his face. He instantly stood up and wrapped her in a hug. “Where have you been?! I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages!”


“Hey, Al. Oh, you know, just around.”


“I hear you and Keegan are hanging around each other quite a bit.”


“And where did you hear that from?”


“Oh, you know, just around,” he answered flippantly.


“Ha, ha,” she said dryly, a small smile still on her face. “But, yeah, we have been. He’s actually getting us drinks right now.”


“How gentleman-like,” a snarky voice said behind her.


Turning her head to look over her shoulder, she saw Scorpius. She rolled her eyes as she turned back to Albus, who looked from Scorpius to Rose curiously.


“I can’t believe how packed it is in here,” Keegan said as he walked over with the two Butterbeers in his hands. “Is there a free table?”


“I haven’t seen any,” Rose answered.


“You can sit with us, if you’d like,” Albus offered.


“Thanks, Potter,” Keegan said as he set the mugs down.


Keegan sat down, and Rose followed suit, sitting next to him. Albus sat down, and Scorpius plopped down like he was a throw pillow.

“Are you guys getting ready for that match against Hufflepuff?”


“They’re Hufflepuff,” Scorpius scoffed.


“Their Chasers have been really up to par from what I hear. Probably in the best shape the Hufflepuff team has seen in decades.”


“I’ve heard that too,” Rose added before taking a deep sip of her Butterbeer.


As Keegan and Albus continued to talk about Quidditch, Scorpius stood up and walked through the crowd toward the bar again. The young girl watched after him, puzzled. She didn’t understand why he was in such an odd mood.


Rose watched Scorpius through the window. He paused and looked at her, their eyes searching one another’s. Before too long, Rose turned back to the conversation with Keegan and Albus.


“I’d better see where Scorpius went off to,” Albus said as he stood from the table. “I’ll see you later, Rosie.”


“Bye,” Rose and Keegan said.


Suddenly, Keegan wrapped his arm around Rose, his hand resting on her waist. He rested his head upon hers for a moment as they sat in silence. Before long, Rose squirmed slightly and took another sip of her Butterbeer.


“Did I thank you for the Butterbeer?”


“You’re welcome,” he answered. “Thank you for coming here with me. I’m sure you had other plans, especially with it being your first official Hogwarts trip.”


“I actually wasn’t planning to at all, but I’m glad I did.”


“Me too.”


The scene suddenly began to change, and the young girl was back on the snowy grounds of Hogwarts. Keegan and Rose seemed to be making their way back from their trip. They were talking about something though because the young girl could see their breath.


Before they reached the Entrance Hall, Rose slowed down slightly, letting Keegan get ahead of her. When he didn’t notice that she wasn’t right next to her, Rose bent down and scooped up some snow in her glove-covered hand. She quickly stepped back up to him, stood on the tips of her toes, and threw the ball of snow onto his head.


“Hey!” he hollered as a shiver ran through him. Rose started laughing, and he looked at her in surprise. It wore off shortly though because a mischievous look came to his face. “You’re going to regret that Weasley.”


“Only if you can catch me!”


Grabbing a handful of snow, Keegan began to run after Rose, who had already taken a head start. Rose turned around and began to run backwards, watching Keegan. He threw the snowball he had at her, but she easily dodged it.


“It’s going to take more than that!” she cried with a laugh.


“You better get a move on then!” he shouted back as he started to run at her faster.


Rose let out another shrill laugh as she turned around. As she was about to head toward the cobbled path that led to the Entrance Hall, Keegan had reached her. He wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled her to the ground. Landing softly, Rose continued to giggle, Keegan falling beside her.


“Merlin! What a hoot,” Rose said as her last few chuckles softened.


She looked at Keegan, who was looking at her. A small smile was on his face. The young girl watched them, wondering why they weren’t moving or why they weren’t saying anything. Rose’s cheeks seemed be a little more red than they were before.


“You’re a hoot,” Keegan said softly, almost too quiet that the young girl couldn’t hear. Then, without warning, he leaned down and kissed Rose on the lips.


A strange mixture of emotions filled the young girl instantly. She was happy for Rose. She was horrified of what was happening in front of her eyes. She was sad. She was in shock. Her eyes remained on them as Keegan broke away, but she didn’t really notice. All she could do was try to decipher why she wasn’t just happy for Rose and that be that.


Before the young girl could try and fill her thoughts with answers, different images began swimming around her. They were mainly of Rose and Keegan, the Quidditch games, and parties. A minute passed, and a cloud of smoke cleared all of the whirling pictures.


The young girl looked around, and she realized they were back at Platform 9 and ¾. Looking around, she noticed that all of the students were pushing their trolley’s of things around toward their families. It must have been the end of term.


“I’ll come visit you! And you can come visit me. It’ll be a great summer,” Keegan said as he was leaning against one of the stoned walls.


“I can’t wait for it,” Rose said as she leaned up and kissed him with a smile. “I better go meet my family, or they’ll come looking for me.”


“I could always go with you.”




“Why?” Keegan asked, his brows furrowed, yet he seemed to have a knowing smile.


“We’ve already discussed this, Keeg,” Rose answered.


“I know. I just like teasing you. Send me an owl, okay? We could always meet at James’s.”


“Okay! I’ll miss you.”


“I’ll miss you.”


Rose wrapped her arms around Keegan tightly, resting her head on his chest. When she pulled away, she smiled slightly, kissed him again, and then walked away, her trolley following behind her. As she was walking away, tears filled her eyes.


“Chin up, Weasley!” Keegan called after her.


Turning, Rose looked at him and smiled, the tears still in her eyes. She wiped them away quickly and turned to walk the way she was going before.


“There you are, Rosie!” Ron’s voice filled the station as Rose walked into view. “Where were you?”


“I was having some trouble with my bag,” Rose lied. She instantly bit her lip, her eyes turning elsewhere. “James’s friend, Keegan Galway, stayed behind to help me.”


“That was nice of him,” Hermione said with a small smile. “Did you say Galway?”


Rose nodded.


“Do you know them, ‘Mione?”


“Yes, and so do you, Ronald.”




“Can we go now? I’m starving! Is Grandmum making her famous welcome home spread?”


“Of course! Pretty sure she’s making all the favorites.”


“Thank Merlin!”