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Ice Princess by D_W_Slytherin

Format: Novel
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 637
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild violence

Genres: General, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, James, Lily, Draco, Luna, Neville, OC

First Published: 04/14/2018
Last Chapter: 04/15/2018
Last Updated: 04/15/2018

- “All hail, Harry Potter, the boy who defeated the Dark Lord!” -
- “I’m the chosen one! You’re just my stupid little sister who is good at nothing but chores!” -
- “No! There must be a mistake! Harry is the chosen one, not her!” -
- “Give me one reason why I should help you, after you made my life a living hell!” -

Artemis Potter is Harry Potter’s younger twin, neglected, unwanted, nothing but a burden for her family. However, after multiple discoveries, everything changes.

Chapter 1: Prologue
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Life was held in Death’s embrace as they stood together in Death’s realm, hand in hand. Their scents mixed together, the foreign smell of plants and animals clashing violently against the smell of ashes and decay.

Life stared into the distance, her golden hair floating around her in a halo. Her voice cut through the eerie silence, smooth like honey, no different from that of a melodic angel.

“I didn’t expect Fate to agree.” She stated, eyes downcast. “I mean, even though Fate owes us a dept, I didn’t expect for her to agree to this. Using her powers to give us a child who would live on Earth...” Life trailed off whilst shaking her head. “Forget it. I just hope that Fate doesn’t make her life too hard.” Life said, closing her eyes. Death, too, closed his eyes, and silently agreed.

Unknown to them, down on Earth, a new adventure was just beginning.

- Line Break -

The Dark Lord, otherwise known as Lord Voldemort, made his way to the nursery in Godric’s Hollows, after stunning the two adult Potters. Making his way up the stairs, two by two, he blasted the door open. Gliding towards the crib with his hooded cape billowing around his, his took his time to study the two infants.

Turning to look at the one on the left, he was greeted with disgust. It was a boy, a carbon copy of James, apart from the small tufts of bright, red hair on top of a shiny head. His almond, brown eyes were scrunched up with ushered tears, and snot dribbled out of his nose.

Voldemort, turning his Jose up in distaste, turned to the other child. Studying the second child, he immediately recognised it as his equal.

The child, a young girl, started up at his with a pair of pale, cloudy blue eyes with wisps of gold swirling around in an eternal pattern, her gaze alert and calculating. Her soft, rosy lips were curved upwards in a smile and her golden blonde hair, white at the tips, went up to her shoulders in short, uneven patches.

Voldemort sighed heavily. “I really don’t like to murder infants, due to the fact that they can’t protect themselves. However, you must forgive me, as I am not lying when I say that I have no other choice. This is necessary in order for me to achieve my goal, to restore the wizarding world to its former glory. Mud bloods and hallfblood, and heck, even some purebloods are turning their backs on our wizarding traditions, instead replacing them with muggle ones.Tonight is an example, where wizards and witches used to celebrate Samhain, a celebration of the dead, but now it’s all about Halloween. And with you alive, especially in a position where it’s easy to have Dumbledore manipulate you to his will to do his bidding...” He paused his rant, before sighing. “I am truly sorry.”

Throughout Voldemort’s speech, the smile on the child’s face had slowly curved downwards into a frown. She stared up at Voldemort with watery eyes, reaching out a pale hand.

She opened her mouth, a word tumbling out. “T-Tom...?”

Eyes widening, Voldemort took a step back from the infant. Taking a deep breath, he pointed his wand at his target as he voiced the words he used so often.

“Avada Kedavra.”

- Line Break -

No longer than a week later, on the front page of the Daily Prophet was a picture of the great Albus Dumbledore who held an infant in his hand, and infant that many believed to be the next great saviour of the wizarding world. Underneath the picture were eleven bold words that were highlighted.

“All hail Harry Potter, the boy who defeated the Dark Lord!”