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Easton goes West by MarsyManv

Format: Novel
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 18,110
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Regulus, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily

First Published: 03/12/2018
Last Chapter: 03/28/2018
Last Updated: 08/30/2019


Everything went west when Easton Greengrass was sorted into Slytherin.


Easton wasn't ambitious. Easton wasn't cunning. Easton lacked any sense of self-preservation in every meaning there was.


Easton Greengrass wasn't many things, and, oh dear Merlin, she most definitely wasn't a Slytheri

Chapter 1: 1 | John Travolta is a manwhore
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Easton Greengrass wasn't ambitious. Easton Greengrass wasn't cunning. Easton Greengrass lacked any sense of self-preservation in every meaning there was (she came close to killing herself during Potions on numerous occasions).

See, Easton Greengrass wasn't many things, much to her parents' dislike, and, oh dear Merlin, she most definitely wasn't a Slytherin. However, funnily enough, this little fact didn't prevent the Sorting Hat from putting her in the House that embodied everything Easton Greengrass wasn't, and everything her family hoped she would eventually become. Which she didn't.

She still couldn't wrap her mind around how it came to be, really. A twist of fate? A seek joke? Sodding karma finally making her pay for that one time she almost burned her sister's hair off when they were seven?

Even six years later, six years of hours spent thinking of where she went wrong in life to deserve this, Easton Greengrass still hadn't an answer. And so she learned to live with it.

Sort of.

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, except for the characters created by me and me only. Everything else belongs to J.K Rowling.

A/N: Hello there, thank you for stopping by and reading this story! Anyways, I won't take much of your time, just wanted to say that comments and votes will be grrrrreatly (horribly bad Scottish accent intended) appreciated and that I love each and every one of you ❤

Without further ado, welcome to Easton's world.

Kind of.

KING'S CROSS STATION WAS PACKED with people that morning, and Easton wasn't particularly enjoying the crowd. To be completely honest, she was one step away from yelling at the group of people in front of her, who were without a single doubt muggles and who made it their personal mission to walk as slowly as bloody possible. 

But Easton couldn't really yell at them; no these days Easton Greengrass was all about positivity and love-spreading that she'd read about in one of the magazines Penelope'd sent her that summer. 

So instead of verbally traumatizing the irritating twats, she took a very, very deep breath, closed her eyes for a couple of seconds and emptied her lungs just like the article had instructed.

But Easton couldn't say it worked.

"Excuse me," she seethed whilst fighting her way through the crowed with a huge trunk behind her and a fat cat under her right arm. The cat, who's name was Fawlty, grumbled in annoyance when somebody bumped into Easton's side, "hey, watch it!" she yelled after the stranger, but he was long gone, "What a bloody gentleman".

Finally Easton, the trunk, and the grumpy Falwlty all made it to the Platform 9 3/4 safe and sound, which couldn't be said about all the people she'd basically run over with her luggage. 

Easton stopped in front of the brick wall and let out a loud sigh—that was the last time she'd ever see it, the last time she'd get on the magical Hogwarts Express and spend the whole year in the wizarding boarding school with a bunch of hormonal teenagers. And Merling was she ready to get it over with.

"But mum, what if I get sorted into Slytherin?" Easton heard a little first year whimper, and she couldn't help but smile at the irony—these words were the first she'd said and the last she'd hear at the sodding brick wall.

"Oh, you won't, darling! Your father, your brother and I—we all went to Ravenclow, and so will you! Just wait and see, Addy, it's going to be just fine!"

Yeah, right. 

With the bitter thought, Easton went through the wall, at last, only to be greeted by more fuss and noise.

"Easton!" called the horrifically familiar voice of her dear mother who was already nearing her with the look on her face that Easton new all too well—wrath and...yes, that was about it, "Where on earth were you? Your sister and I have been looking everywhere—"

"Calm down now, mother, I stopped by a kiosk to buy something to read", Easton explained with as much calmness as she could muster.

"Should your father learn of your pastimes, Easton, you—"

"Then we'd better make sure he doesn't, do we, mother?" she looked at Mrs.Ophelia Greengrass née Rosier with cold determination in her clear blue eyes until the latter gave up and switched her attention to something else.

"Why didn't you leave that wretched cat home?" She crinkled her perfect little nose at the ginger ball of purr in Easton's arms, which made her hold on to Fawlty even tighter, "Salazar knows it's way too old for this. We could've got you a new one—"

"I'm perfectly content with the old grumpy cat that I have, mother, but thank you for the concern".

"Hurry up now, Easton, we're going to be late!" oh, yes, her sister was there too. How in the world could she have forgotten about that what with Josefine's "sparkly" personality and a yellow leather jacket to match.

Josefine Greengrass was a year behind her older sister and yet somehow managed to actually have a social life, which would explain her exasperating eagerness to get on the train and snog the appalling jock the younger Greengrass so dearly called a boyfriend.

"Alright, Easton", Ophelia started with the tone that forebode a lengthy monologue, "This is your last year at Hogwarts, which means this is the year you are to finally take your N.E.W.Ts. Remember what your father and I have talked to you about, now will you, dear? We..."

"You hope I don't fail and embarrass the whole Greengrass family, you hope I'll do better than Evan, which I certainly won't, seeing as he's a sodding Prefect, a golden member of the bloody Slug Club and the Quidditch captain, mother".

"Easton, language!"

"What's another disappointment to you?" Easton deadpanned and grabbed tightly to her bag, fully prepared to say her goodbyes and board the train, "'Righty, mother dearest, I shall be off".

"Oh, Easton, please write to father and I, we—"

Easton interrupted her mother for what must've been a hundredth time that morning, "I sure will, now goodbye!"

"Goodbye, darling! Oh, Josie, take off that dreadful leather jack—oh, never mind you. I'll be waiting for your letters, young ladies!" Mrs.Greengrass shouted, but her pleas just dissolved into the cacophony of station sounds and endless farewell talk, while both Easton and Josie were making their way through the train in search of a compartment.

"I'm sitting with Trevor," Josie informed walking in front of her older sister. The seemingly innocent statement meant that Easton was certainly not welcome to join them.

"Great, tell him I said hi."

Leaving Josefine to walk off to her boyfriend's compartment, Easton stopped at the one in the middle and, sliding the door open, let out an involuntary groan, "I hate everything". She slumped into the seat across from a bushy-haired blond who was deeply engrossed in a magazine.

"I've missed your positivity, my bright ray of sunshine you," her voice practically dripped with sarcasm.

Easton gently placed sweet Fawlty on the seat beside her and looked up at her friend.

"What are you reading?" she asked, taking off the cardigan which left her in a thin yellow t-shirt that, ironically enough, said "Good day, Sunshine".

"Oh, the "Sun". Listen, you won't believe what that Travolta guy...Oh. My. God," the blond was now staring at her friend in pure shock, the magazine completely forgotten, "Have you...have you dyed your bloody hair?!

Easton smiled mischievously.

"D'you like it?" she ruffled her now almost red locks and styled them into a weird hairdo that instantly fell apart without the help of her hands.

Penelope Abbott, Easton's best and probably only friend, was at a complete loss for words, staring at the redhead in what was a mix of confusion and total amazement.

"Are you trying to seduce Potter now, little Tony? What about Black, huh?" she snorted, "Never coloured you to be such a shameless hussy", she could barely hold back her laughter.

Easton smacked her friend with the cardigan.

"Oh, my precious Lily Flower," Penelope sing-songed in her best James Potter impression,"will you go to Hogsmeade with me? Oh, will you marry me, Lily?" Penny was practically screaming at this point, and Easton smacked her harder, though dying of laughter herself.

"You look feisty, though, Tony," Penelope sniggered, recovering from the fit of laughter.

"Oh, sod off," Easton smiled and suddenly ripped the magazine away from her friend's hands to scan the front page, "Oh, Merlin, he did what?!"

"Yep, told ya'," Penelope said with a knowing look, "that sodding manwhore, m'I right?"

And so began the fateful train ride into what was their last year at Hogwarts.








Chapter 2: 2 | Greengrass s'alright
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 WHEN OPHELIA GREENGRASS SAW her daughter's bright red hair, she almost had a fit, and and Easton would've lied had she said that it wasn't the reaction she'd initially anticipated, or rather gone for.

Her father, on the other hand, only gave Easton a probing once-over, looked her straight in the eyes, pursed his thin lips in a highly unimpressed manner and then left without saying another word, leaving his wife to deal with the rebellious teenager herself. And deal she did though unsuccessfully.

Easton was by far the epitome of what one would call a troubled teen. The defiance itself had began on her very first day at Hogwarts when the bloody ancient Hat had placed the poor Hufflepuff at heart into the House of snakes.

Her family was ecstatic, of course; had she been sorted anywhere other than the sacred alma mater of her ancestors, Easton would've been shunned even more than she was now.

It should be known that the older Greengrass daughter was quite used to living among snakes, however, no matter how hard she tried, which she at all didn't to be quite candid, she could never fit in. It didn't sadden her, really; no, Easton was actually rather happy, and the thought of being sorted into a House that would finally help her embrace her personality, made Easton giddy with eagerness.

But alas, life put a huge damper on that one dream. And then on many others.

"I hate green," Easton grumbled straightening her Slytherin robes. The burning red color of her short hair looked even brighter now in contrast with the cold green and silver, and Easton hated it. She hated her hair, hated her stupid tie and hated the sodding bag that she couldn't get off the upper shelf.

"What're you gonna do with the robes after we graduate?" Penny asked nonchalantly, putting on the yellow and black Hufflepuff tie, "Mary says she'll keep 'em for her future love child with Alex," suddenly she seemed deep in thoughts, "D'you think they've already?..."

Easton snorted, "Have you seen the way he looks at her? That man has either seen her naked or has a hell of an imagination. As for me, I'll go into the woods and burn the sodding hell out of them robes, that's what," she stated fiercely, her face now matching the hair, that hard she was pulling on the bloody bag, "and then, dear Penelope, I'll go running around the little stake, absolutely naked and laughing and laughing...what're you staring at?" Easton huffed breathlessly noticing the strange look on her best friend's face.

"D'you maybe need...em help with that?"

The silence that instantly set in the compartment was so palpable you could throw a Bludger at it and it would bounce right into your face and knock you down. To be honest, Easton would've preferred that instead of having to face Remus Lupin who stood awkwardly in the doors of their compartment probably regretting his decision to intervene.

Easton was about to say that yes, of course she'd love some help and then nicely thank Remus for being a sweetheart that he was, but suddenly there was a loud thump, and Easton instinctively jumped away from the bag that chose that exact moment to fall down.

Awkward silence once again filled the small compartment. Penny looked to Easton, Fawlty hissed angrily at the bag that'd almost crashed him, and Easton herself finally found it in her to say something, "I'm good, thanks," on second thought, she should've probably stayed silent.

"Right," was Remus's humble response. He most definitely thought the girl in front of him was bonkers but was too much of a gentleman to show it. Instead he smiled that warm and friendly smile of his, bode them goodbye with a sheepish "See ya' then!" and disappeared leaving the two girls completely dumbfounded.

"What's just happened?" Penny was the first to give any signs of life.

Easton picked up the bag from the compartment floor and looked and the place where only seconds ago stood one of the infamous Marauders.

"That, my dear Penny, was our nonexistent social life flipping us a bird," and she made to get off the train.

"Bloody Remus Lupin," Penelope mumbled under her breath and then noticed the ball of fur on one of the seats, "Hey, Tony, you forgot the cat!"

•• ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ••

After all the first years were sorted into their rightful Houses (and Easton could've sworn the boy she'd met at the barrier was now thrown into a snake pit beside her) it was time for Headmaster Dumbledore's annual opening speech.

Easton had been successfully ignoring it for all the six years, but this time something in the wizard's normally cheery demeanor and voice seemed very off. And somehow she knew exactly what it was.

The past couple of weeks the front pages of the Daily Prophet had been filled with the horrors of the upcoming war. The previous week it was a family of muggles, and only two days ago a Muggleborn Ministry official who had been found dead in his house, reportedly tortured and killed with an Unforgivable.

Easton remembered the way her mother's face had paled with unease when she read the headline of one of the articles. She also remembered her father's reaction or better yet lack thereof. Given, Gideon Greengrass had never been generous when it came to showing emotions, but what kept Easton at night was the terrifying tranquility in his eyes and the ghost of a smile tagging on his thin, almost nonexistent lips.

"...I now invite you all to eat, drink, and make yourselves at home!"

Easton paid no heed to the foods appearing magically on the table. Instead, her eyes involuntarily moved to the far end of the Slytherin table occupied by the so called "Gang of Slytherins". The lot of them were whispering amongst each other, cackling at something her cousin Evan Rosier'd said.

Easton couldn't hold back an exasperated sigh that escaped her lips at the sight of them, a scowl finding its way to her face. Honestly, hadn't she known better, she would've thought their little Slytherin club some sort of cover for something much more intimate and embarrassing.

"What's with the frown, Greengrass?" asked the girl at her right, whose name Easton couldn't memorize for the life of her.

"Or better yet what with the hair," the familiar voice instantly pulled Easton out of the strange trans.

Felicity Higgs made her way to their part of the table, having previously been conversing with her younger brother Trevor, and sat beside Easton. Her porcelain skin seemed even paler now which brought out the slight darkness under her big, brown eyes, caused by many sleepless nights spent on the Quidditch pitch with her idiot of a sibling.

"Hello, Felicity," greeted Easton in an uncharacteristically reserved manner and put some food onto her plate. She wasn't really hungry, having lost all her appetite thanks to the Slytherin's finest, but tried to at least pick at some chicken for appearance's sake.

"Where's your sister?" asked another girl, Daisy Flint was her name.

"Haven't the slightest."

Easton tried to keep small talk to a minimum, because it inevitably led to bigger talk and that in its turn was a Slytherin way to wiggle out new gossip and possible blackmail material.

"So, Easton," those words were never followed by anything even remotely positive, "us girls have been thinking lately," oh, that's bad, "What's going on with you and that Mudblood from Ravenclaw?" she practically spat out the word as though only saying it could somehow taint years of her spotless inbred heritage.

Felicity was quite possibly referring to the poor Ravenclaw Prefect Adrian Williams who was unfortunate enough to have been assigned Easton's Transfiguration tutor at the end of last year. He wasn't helping her now for obvious reasons (which all had to do with her being hopeless at it).

Easton grabbed onto the fork even tighter imagining Felicity's smug face and that piggy little nose of hers crinkling at the thought of pure-blood contamination. All Easton really wanted to do was stand up and leave the Slytherin table to join Penelope and the other Hufflepuffs, but the bloody rules prohibited her from doing it—apparently you had to suffer through breakfasts and dinners with your sort. And suffer Easton did.

"Not to seem rude or anything, Felicity," those article tips must've really paid off, for now Easton was the embodiment of serenity despite the urge to strangle the gangly Slytherin Chaser, "but why exactly are you talking to me?"

"Why wouldn't I be talking to you?"

Easton didn't even think the question worthy of an answer—her red hair, robes that had all sorts of pins stuck onto them and bright blue nail polish spoke for themselves.

"Right," Felicity concluded clearing her throat, "but seeing as soon we are to become...sisters of sorts—"

"What?" Easton looked at the blond in confusion, the fork now ready for action.

"You really haven't heard, have you?"

"Heard what?"



And it was time for the daily Gryffindor circus show, ladies and gentlemen. Everyone's eyes were now fixed on the lions' table, witnessing what was the normal interaction between Lily Evans and James Potter, also known as this year's Head Girl and Head Boy. Easton had no idea what was in those crazy Dumbledore's candies, but he'd sure lost his marbles.

"I didn't sniff it! Come on, Lily, I promise!" James looked pleadingly to his best friend Sirius for some sort of support, but the latter only snickered, "You totally sniffed it, Prongs."

And suddenly Easton found herself completely enticed by Sirius Orion Black.


It was as if the whole Great Hall had narrowed to just him and his infectious, barking laughter filling the stone walls with its angelic melody. She couldn't take her eyes off his genuine, slightly mischievous smile, his ever ruffled raven hair that hung just above his shoulders in light waves. Ah.

Easton knew she was sick long before the illness really kicked in what with the sodding pixies in her stomach and complete loss of any self respect when it came to the grey-eyed Marauder. She'd been terminal for five years, ever since he'd pulled the most amazing prank on the Slytherins (her included, but Easton couldn't care less because seeing her cousin Evan covered in disgusting green goo was just precious).

For five years she'd been pining after Sirius Black and yet the only time he really acknowledged her existence was during Potions, in their fourth year, when James quite vocally deemed all Slytherins slimy bastards, and Sirius exclaimed "Oi Greengrass s'alright", upon hearing which, Easton'd almost toppled her cauldron.

"Black is rather fit, isn't he?" Daisy noted and took a bite of her roasted chicken in a manner that made Easton wonder what was really on her mind in that moment.

"I saw him on the pitch yesterday," chipped in another girl whose name Easton didn't even bother to learn.

Their eyes were glued to the subject of the heated discussion, that Easton didn't really fancy being a part of. And yet there she was, right in he middle of it all the while staring deeply at her plate.

"The way he works that bat...Salazar, I don't care care if he's a blood traitor, he can Bludger me any time."

Easton almost choked on her pumpkin juice.

"I've heard he's dating that Mudblood McKinnon"

"Sirius black doesn't date, Irma," Daisy scoffed, "Esme Clearwater from Ravenclaw once said that he's simply shameless and that thing he does with his—"

"Clearwater shagged him?" Felicity almost laughed at such ridiculous and apparently false statement, "she probably had a dream about it and thought it was true. Honestly, how she got sorted into Ravenclaw is beyond me, that girl can't even get into their Common Room most of the time."

Yes, it was true. Easton once saw poor Esme screaming at the merciless door knocker ordering it to open and let her in. She'd been on in for at least an hour, until someone finally came to her rescue.

"Whatever, my parents would kill me if I got mixed up with him anyway," the nameless girl sighed in pure sadness. How truly dreadful it was, the prospect of never getting to shag Sirius Black, to which Easton could relate on a deeply spiritual level.

"Some things are simply worth dying for, Margery."

Oh, so that was her name.

Chapter 3: 3 | Petrified is the new sexy
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 EASTON GREENGRASS DIDN'T HAVE MANY FRIENDS. In fact, she really only had one and hearing Penelope humming one of Celestina Warbeck's "hits" now made her wonder if their friendship was ever true at all.

They were in the library sitting on the floor between the Herbology and the Charms sections, killing time before the next period and eating away the muggle candy Penny's mother had sent her the previous morning. Neither of the two girls dared disturb the blissful peace each absorbed into their own thing: the cheery Hufflepuff was reading another magazine snuggled in the corner of the aisle while Easton was mindlessly sketching Sirius's aristocratic profile in her notepad.

"Would you stop singing that bloody song," Easton grumbled having had enough of her friend's screeching.

Penny smiled sweetly, "Sod off," she answered and casually flipped the page of the magazine, "God, Julie Christie is a goddess."

"Show me," Penny instantly turned the magazine around so that Easton could see the front page, "Oh, Merlin, Al Pacino is so hot," Easton whined.

"That he is," the blond nodded in agreement and continued scanning the page, "we should definitely see "Godfather" again.

"We could make it a binge," Easton suggested, her face instantly lit up by the idea.

"How about this Christmas? You can come stay with me, it'll be fun."

Penelope couldn't see the way her best friend's face instantly sunk, and Easton was thankful for that. Ever since third year, she would sneak out to visit the Hufflepuff for Christmas despite her parents' protest because apparently, "meddling with a half-blood" was simply inexcusable, especially for a Greengrass. And if Easton didn't care about what her parents said before, now she couldn't shake off the eerie tightness in her chest that felt disgustingly like fear.

Easton Greengrass was afraid. Afraid of everything that was going on, afraid of what could happen, afraid of her father, who she was almost completely certain had a part in all of it. And she didn't want to leave her mother alone with him and her dimwit of a sister.

"You okay?"

Easton instantly looked up at Penelope. The Hufflepuff was regarding her closely, concern evident in her kind blue eyes.

"Yeah, I was just thinking," Easton mumbled and put the notepad aside, "my mother...she wanted to visit her family in France this Christmas, so we'll probably head there for the holidays."

Lying was one of the few things Easton was surprisingly good at. She could get herself out of any situation only by opening her mouth and letting her silver tongue do all the work. But if most of the time, or rather all of the time, it brought her exceptional joy, now Easton felt nothing but guilt and remorse. For she'd never lied to Penelope before and hated herself for doing it now.

"Oh, bugger," Penny looked genuinely disheartened by the sudden news, which only made Easton feel worse, "It sucks, Tony, but I promise to save you some of mum's pecan pie," she added and winked playfully, "that should heal away all the horrors of your upcoming quality time with 'the fam'."

"And the Mars bars?" asked Easton in a small voice.

Penelope rolled her eyes and laughed, "And the Mars bars, now stop sulking and let's do this quiz."

Easton smiled and crawled closer to Penny to take a good look at the page.

""How to know if your crush likes you back"," she read dutifully, and it took a while for the title to truly register.

Penelope snickered.

"Ha-ha how very funny, Penny, congrats, truly," Easton laughed sarcastically and graced her friend with an unimpressed stare.

"But in all seriousness, Tony, a girl's gotta now, come on, let's take it!"

"Really, Penny? I doubt Black knows of my existence much less likes me, yeah right," snorted Easton and took another bite of the chocolate.

But Penelope Abbott wasn't kidding, for now she looked positively murderous.

"We've already been through this, Ton," she almost growled impatiently, "he knows who you are. Potions? Fourth year?"

"He's probably forgotten all about it already," dismissed Easton.

"You're the most un-Slytherin Slytherin to have ever existed, Tony-Ton, if anything you should be his personal hero. A Superman to his Loise Lane," Penelope added dreamily.

"Really, Penny? A Superman?"

"I'm just saying that it's the last year, which is the perfect time to embarrass yourself if something goes wrong," Penny returned to reading the magazine looking oh so innocent as if she hadn't just turned Easton's world upside down.

"Why if it is the year of embarrassments, dear Penny-Pen," Easton began in a sickeningly sweet voice, "why don't you finally invite Andrew Bones to Hogsmeade and tell him all about how you stole his Quidditch jersey last year?"

There was a minute of silence.

"I hate you," Penny finally replied.

"I hate me too," smiled Easton and picked up her notepad.


The small Muggle Studies classroom was filled with golden sunlight; it came in through the window glass spreading its rays to the walls, wooden desks and Sirius Black's shiny raven hair, that looked like a dark night sky lit up by thousands of shining stars. Or at least so thought Easton with a pencil between her teeth and eyes glued to Sirius's mesmerizing main.

She probably should've been listening to Professor Burbage telling away about the wonders of the Muggle world but found daydreaming much more interesting. Easton couldn't help but wonder if his hair was soft to the touch, how it would feel to run her fingers through the silky black locks, wondered if he liked...

"...Miss Greengrass?"

Easton had almost fallen out of her seat dropping the pencil in the process; a dull sound of it hitting the desk instantly resounded in the classroom walls. Before she knew it all eyes were fixed on her—the only seventh year Slytherin in the Muggle Studies class.

"Y-yes, Professor?" Easton stammered and looked to the front of the classroom where the teacher stood regarding her intently with twinkling mirth in her eyes. Easton couldn't care less about the idiot Bones, who whispered something to his friend whilst pointing a finger in her direction, didn't give a flying Snitch about McKinnon barely holding back her without a doubt angelic laughter. No, Easton was used to such looks and they didn't really bother her, but there was one pair of eyes amongst many others that made her cheeks grow almost as red as her new hair.

"Would you like to join our discussion or would you rather keep on daydreaming?".

Normally, Easton loved Professor Burbage for the most part because she taught Muggle Studies- the only subject Easton was quite decent in (thanks to Penelope). However, right in that very moment, Easton wanted nothing more than to strangle the woman.

"Sorry, Professor," she mumbled and dropped her eyes to the plain wooden desk, squirming uncomfortably in her seat.

Unfortunately, Easton was not lucky enough to be left in peace.

"We were just talking about muggle means of transportation, Miss Greengrass," Professor Burbage was all too happy to continue her torture, "Would you happen to know anything about it?"

She did in fact. About a year ago Penelope had shown Easton the wonders of the London tube, and they spent almost all day riding it, after which the two friends hopped on one of those silly buses and rode around the city until almost midnight. Penny's parents were livid, but it had definitely been worth it.

"Em..." Easton wasn't really sure what she was supposed to say, so of course she went on babbling, "There are... cars? B-buses? Oh and the tube of course, yes, definitely that one."

Merlin, I hate myself.

"And which one is the fastest?" asked Mrs.Burbage way too smugly for Easton's liking.

"S-surely the tube," Easton answered timidly playing with the pencil in her hands, "I mean with buses and cars you could easily get stuck in a t-traffic jam, but the tube will take you anywhere in just a matter of minutes."

The class went silent. And so did Professor Burbage, thank Merlin.

"Thank you, Miss Greengrass. Now open your books on the page..."

The rest of the lesson went without any further embarrassments, for which Easton was eternally thankful, and Mrs.Burbage quickly dismissed the class after assigning them a ten-inch essay on pros and cons of muggle transportation. Easton was the first to jump from her seat and start packing; she threw the books and quills into her cross-body bag and all but stormed out of the classroom.

"Hey, wait!"

Easton stopped in her tracks in the middle of the corridor and just stood there without moving a muscle. She knew that voice. She also knew the sound of his steps, which were closer with each passing second, and boy oh boy was she not ready for that.

Sirius Black now stood in front of Easton. His grey, steely eyes were looking at her directly, his hair, holy Founders, it took all of her not to reach and touch it. And, Merlin, his smile, it was positively enthralling. 

No wonder so many panties fell under its bewitching charms.

"As far as I remember we've got History next so why in the world are you in such a hurry?" he laughed. Easton laughed too, and she was wishing she hadn't, for it'd sounded more like cackling.

"He knows I'm in his History class" it suddenly dawned on her.

"Easton, right? Easton Greengrass?"

It's not like Easton was completely dense. She knew that this was one of those situations, as it happens in all dialogues, when it was her turn to say something or at least move, but she could do neither. She just stood there looking like there was a Giant Squid in front of her—absolutely horrified.

"You know a lot about the Muggle world for a pure-blood," Sirius pointed out humorously narrowing his eyes at her, "what's your secret?"

Come on, Easton, say at least something.

"A secret? I-I don't think I have one, really," she stammered; Easton could feel her heart doing triple axels in her chest, "I'm a shite secret keeper, to be honest. Huh, that's funny, actually. I once was covering for my sister, you know Josefine, right? Of course you know her, who doesn't, am I right?" as soon as nervous giggles left her mouth Easton knew she was done for. But, alas, it was already too late, "Right, so I was covering for her while she was out having a weekend-long snogging session with that boyfriend of hers, Trevor, Trevor Higgs, you must know him, he's an absolute arse. I—" Easton suddenly stopped when she noticed that Sirius was watching her with an amused smile on his face, "Oh, fuck, I'm so sorry, it's..."

"Oi Padfoot! You won't believe what the tea leaves told Moony...Oh," James Potter halted when he saw that his best friend wasn't alone. And Easton wished nothing more than to just magically disappear.

Remus Lupin slowly walked up behind Potter, seemingly less eager to share the quite subjectively exciting story looking rather run down. James, however, looked like a hyper puppy who vitally needed his friend's attention and was quite disappointed to find him busy, with a Slytherin at that.

"Oh, hello," Remus broke the silence again gracing Easton with his amiable smile, "Easton, correct?"

Easton was shamefully proud of herself for mustering a nod.


"I should probably go," Easton said quickly, interrupting Sirius; she winced at her own stupidity, "I'm so sorry, you were going to say something, and I..." she felt herself starting to babble again, but, thankfully, managed to control it this time.

"It's fine, Easton," Sirius laughed, quite amused by her awkwardness, "T'was nice meeting you."

Easton froze as if petrified. Really, she could do nothing but stare at Sirius Black in the most creepy and embarrassing way, playing nervously with the bag strap.

"R-right," she mumbled at last and slowly started to retreat, "Goodbye then—I mean, 'see you', ob-bviously, we have History together," she giggled, "Alright, bye!"

Easton swiftly turned her back to them and started walking away as fast as possible without coming off weird. Well, weirder.

The three Marauders just stood in the middle of the empty corridor watching the girl awkwardly turn the corner and disappear from sight.

"That girl is all kinds of bizarre," Remus Lupin pointed out.

"What else can you expect from a Slytherin?" James sighed as if nothing the snakes did ever surprised him, "the lot of them are off their rockets, what with all that inbreeding".

"Nah," said Sirius, "Greengrass s'alright."




Chapter 4: 4 | Oh, pure-bloods
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EASTON WASN'T THE BRIGHTEST WITCH OF HER AGE and she never claimed to be one. Even if she did, no one would have believed her, for she continuously failed in all her subjects and had barely passed her O.W.Ls with only 2 O's (Muggles Studies and Divination in which Easton excelled thanks to her vivid imagination and a knack for acting).

And seeing as she didn't have it in her grand plans to become the brightest witch of her age anytime soon, Easton thought it wasn't such a bad idea to skip Transfiguration and spend the now free period in the common room reading a horribly clichéd and sappy romance book instead. The book of noble wizards with a wand that in its power could rival the Elder's (if you know what I mean) and fair maidens who were, to put it plainly, easy. Such books weren't particularly educating (in the traditional kind of way, that is), but Easton enjoyed them nonetheless, for it was a great escape from the boring Hogwarts reality. 

Well, as boring as magic and wizardry could get.

The Slytherin common room was surprisingly deserted that morning, which was rather unusual, but then again, Easton was skipping a class. With that observation she felt free to comment on every stupid line in the book, as she happened to be prone on doing quite often, and right when Torquin took hold of Ophelia's hand and pulled her into his arms, Easton burst in girly giggles knowing full well what would follow.

"Right," she snorted soundly stuffing her mouth with leftover candy from Honeydukes, "Now that's a foreplay, my boy".

"Enjoying yourself?"

Easton could feel her face burning red and gripped the damned book for dear life as if could save her from the quite unavoidable embarrassment. She didn't dare look up at the intruder, instead, she shut her eyes tightly, took a deep breath and then quickly opened them to keep on reading the scene that was as hot as her face at that moment.

"Could you maybe leave and pretend it never happened," Easton begged incoherently, her eyes still locked on the page although right about now the words seemed more like a collection of random letters to her.

"Relax, Greengrass, it's hardly blackmail material. Everybody already knows you're weird," the voice said, and Easton got curious. That's why she tore her eyes away from the book and looked up at none other than Regulus Black, who sat in an armchair across from her pensively (as per usual) staring in the distance.

"Don't you have classes?" she asked timidly.

For some reason Easton was scared of Regulus Black, even though he was a year younger, and she was supposed to be an intimidating seventh year. Yeah, em, no.

He wasn't particularly frightening in the way that her father or Lucius Malfoy were; no, despite his unexplainable affiliation with the "Gang of Slytherins", which Easton always found strange seeing as Regulus was ten times the wizard that they could ever be, he had a different kind of 'scary' to him. 

Regulus wasn't violent, at least not physically. His words, however, at those rare times he actually spoke, stung deeper than a serpent's teeth; his calculative, stormy grey eyes that were so much like his brother's and yet so very different, probed deep into your soul as if seeing right through you.

Regulus Black was a Slytherin shadow—it's like he wasn't even there and yet everywhere, behind every corner, every corridor, every room. Easton guessed it was a skill he had acquired by living with his parents, and couldn't help but feel sorry for him. For despite his cold demeanour, she was sure that Regulus Black was just a little boy craving for human affection and receiving none from his harpy of a Mother.

"Don't you?" he shot back not even bothering to look at Easton.

"Yes, but I'm too far gone at this point," her pathetic attempt at joking went unappreciated.

Regulus said nothing. And he continued saying nothing for so long that the silence started to make Easton uncomfortable. For if there was anything she couldn't handle, which there was admittedly a lot, it was silence. Just to make it abundantly clear–Easton was not one of those people who found long pauses calming and peaceful. No, to her they were bloody mortifying, which might or might not have had something to do with her utter lack of self-confidence. 

Was it something she'd said? Did she have to start talking again just to fill the awkward silence with something she'd later regret? 

"So..." Easton trailed tentatively, "are you—D-do you like reading?" she tried to look as if she'd fully intended to ask this question and didn't just want to fill the awkward silence.

"We don't have to talk, Greengrass."


"Yeah, sure, no problem," Easton laughed nonchalantly. She stole another glance at Regulus, who was still sitting in the same position with the same reflective look on his regal face, and quickly dropped her eyes to the long-forgotten book. Easton was sucked back into the imaginary world in a matter of minutes; Torquin's hand was in Ophelia's thick blond curls, his lips devouring her mouth with a fiery passion, his other hand...

Blush crept up Easton cheeks. She peeked at Regulus to see if he'd noticed anything to yet again find him in the very same position. At this point she was wondering if he was even breathing, let alone blinking.

"Stop staring at me, Greengrass," Regulus droned in his apathetic voice, and Easton almost jumped.

"Sorry," she mumbled.

Easton really did try to get back to the reading but found it rather difficult, what with Regulus just sitting there and looking like a statue. So she stroke the most casual pose she was physically capable of and started flipping through the pages of the book.

She looked at Regulus.

He didn't even move a muscle.

Easton then closed the book soundly and started examining its cover with almost theatrical seriousness whilst humming a new Beatles song that she'd recently fallen in love with.

"Stop it," ordered Regulus's monotonous voice.

Easton instantly shut up. But it didn't last long, "Don't you like the Beatles?"

Regulus's face finally moved in what was utter disgust, "What, the filthy insects? What is wrong with you, Greengrass?"

Oh, pure-bloods.

"Forget it," she huffed.

"Gladly," Regulus seethed sarcastically.

And just like that Easton realized she had nothing to do, which happened to be another thing she was ridiculously bad at handling. So she picked up her book and stood up from the couch.

"I'm gonna go now," Easton announced unsurely. She didn't even know why she felt the need to explain herself.

Regulus said nothing.

"Right, well, good luck with your—this, em," she made a weird gesture with her hands, "thinking,".

Regulus said nothing. 

Easton finally left. 

•• ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ••

There weren't many people in the Great Hall, for it was lunch time and many preferred to spend the peaceful break in the dorms or in the library, finishing their homework. Students were spluttered at the tables in no particular House orientation, mingling and talking to each other, and only Slytherins still occupied their rightful places, observing what was "House Unity" with absolute loathing.

Entering the Hall, Easton instantly spotted her blond-haired friend and hurried to the Hufflepuff table where Penelope was actively chatting with some girls from Gryffindor, who she recognized to be Mary McDonald and...Marlene McKinnon?

"Hello," Easton greeted way too loudly, somewhat confused as to why her best friend was talking to Sirius's girlfriend.

That bloody traitor.

Penny instantly stopped whatever it was she was saying and looked up at Easton, smile instantly gracing her features, "Blimey, if it isn't Easton," she gasped sarcastically, "sleep well?"

Easton narrowed her eyes at Penelope as if showing that she wouldn't be played like that and then slumped on the bench next to her.

"Perfectly well, thanks," she replied with a tight smile that screamed "I'll murder you in your sleep even though we're in different Houses, beware".

But Penelope chose to ignore her friend's foul mood and perked up in her seat, "The girls told me that Lily Evans was looking for you," she informed with casual indifference.

"Something about Charms," Mary supplied with a friendly smile.

Easton always wondered how it was that Mary and Marlene were friends, for Mary was a pure angel with kind dark eyes and a disposition that could melt the heart of any Slytherin and Marlene...well, Marlene just was.


"Great," muttered Easton and took out the chocolate frog she'd brought with her.

Just when she was about to take a bite, Penny spoke, "Oh, I almost forgot," she reached for her school bag, and after a couple of torturous moments of digging in the Mariana Trench she extracted an envelope and handed it to Easton, "Here."

"What's that?"

"A letter. Your owl dropped it off at breakfast that you missed," Penelope eyed Easton with pure contempt, "And seeing as you'd decided to sleep in, it couldn't well deliver the letter to the dungeons, so I was the next best thing."

"Ah it's from my mother," Easton muttered looking at the beautiful curvy handwriting, "It's the tenth letter in two months, she's truly outdone yourself."

Easton was surprised it wasn't a Howler, for she hadn't replied to the two of her mother's previous letters and carefully opened the envelope not particularly ready to be exposed to Ophelia Greengrass's blazing rage. However, it never came, for the letter wasn't from her mother.

It was from her father.

Easton recognized it instantly: by the way he addressed her as "Easton", just "Easton" without any words of endearment, the way his handwriting looked pedantically perfect on the crispy parchment, reminding of ancients Gothic manuscripts. 

But her father had never written a single letter to her in all the six years at Hogwarts. Why the sudden change?

"Tony?" called Penelope not missing the way her friend's face had suddenly paled.

But Easton couldn't bring herself to say anything coherent. She just stared at the letter in utter puzzlement as if the whole concept of letters was completely foreign to her and then awkwardly stood up from the seat under the concerned eyes of Penny and equally curious stares of the two Gryffindors, "is everything okay? Where are you going? "

Looking absolutely lost in the moment, Easton gripped her bag and hastily headed to the exit.

"Everything's fine, I...I'll be right back," she wasn't sure anyone had heard her indecipherable mumbling and didn't really care at that point.

Easton ran out of the Great Hall, the letter held tightly in her hand, and continued running down the corridors until she found a little alcove. She immediately slid into it so that no could see her and opened the letter again with trembling, cold fingers.


As you have probably noticed, I wasn't able to join your mother at the station this year to see off Josefine and yourself, quite unfortunately. However, I've planned on having a long talk with you before the school year began, an opportunity which I, again, missed due to the Ministry work.

Thus, I'm sending you this letter.

You have a very important year ahead of you, Easton, and I expect nothing short of compliance regarding what this letter will go on to say.

Your mother has informed me of the previous...quarrels you shared, and for many years, Easton, I urged her to bare with you and your adolescent quirks, but it can last no more, child".

Her eyes were rapidly scanning the contents of the letter, gripping at random words and phrases until they stumbled upon a sentence that had Easton instantly stop and lean again the cold stone wall in defeat.

"Times are ever-changing, Easton, believe me when I say: the change is to come sooner than you might think, and for that you have to be prepared. For your own sake and, of course, for the sake of our family.

I demand that you put a stop to this infantile rebellion and become the daughter your mother and I expect you to be, show the behaviour worthy of a Greengrass heir that you are.

I've also managed to have a talk with Professor Slughorn, who didn't fail to inform me of your rather unsatisfactory performance at school. Naturally, together we agreed that this year you'll be provided with a tutor for each subject that you have no care to study yourself, as it appears to be."

Easton scoffed at her father's ever-present condescendence and continued reading:

"We expect good results from you come Christmas, Easton, for this year our home will welcome a number of guests I'd like to introduce you to. You can see how important it is for our family, that you'll be on your best behaviour.

Do not disappoint me again, Easton.

Orpheus B. Greengrass"

Easton could feel her body slump to the ground while she was trying to comprehend her father's words. "Do it for the family" he repeated over and over again, oh what a phenomenal puppet master he was. But did she expect anything different from the man who'd manipulated her mother and then herself all those years? Josefine was too young, or rather too dimwitted to see what went on behind the doors of his gloomy study room, what hid behind his dark brown eyes, what was going through that twisted mind of his while he mindlessly caressed the dangerously alluring onyx that crowned the handle of his elaborate cane. But Easton suspected.

She doubted that anyone else really did, for the thought itself made you want to look the other way. Away from a hungry that cat that would inevitably snap your curious nose should you stick it where it did not belong.

Hours seemed to had gone by when Easton finally composed herself enough to get up and leave the tiny alcove. She negligently shoved the letter in one of the pockets of her dishevelled robes and made for the Great Hall, when suddenly there was the familiar cackling behind her back.

"Oi, freak!" called one of the voices.

Easton instantly tensed but paid them no mind and continued her way.

"Talking to you, freak!"

Oh, how she wanted to spin around and hex every single one of those goons, but she took a deep breath and quickened her pace instead. Unfortunately, the disarmingly idiotic members of her dear House had much longer legs (oh, how Easton envied them) and in a matter of seconds stood in front of her.

The holy trinity that were Cordiac Avery, Regulus Black and her dear cousin Evan Rosier were blocking the way to the Great Hall, stuffing the air with their sickening aura of misplaced self-importance. Evan looked the smuggest, with his toothy smirk, that looked utterly off-putting, and equally obnoxious disposition.

"I believe you didn't hear us, Greengrass," he pointed out in a manner that he found quite threatening.

Easton batted her lashes innocently, not at all intimidated, "Oh, I sure did," she said sweetly, "Did you have anything important to say, Evan? See, the lunch is soon to be over and I'd like to spend this time eating a sandwich rather than talking to you."

Evan's smirk grew into a full-on sociopathic smile as he shared a funny look with his goons.

"Think that horrendous red hair of yours makes you dangerous, do you now, Tinny?" he cooed, the sound Easton found absolutely nauseating.

"Don't call me that," she muttered for no one to hear.

"What's wrong, Tinny? Do we make you uncomfortable?"

"Just say what is it that you want, Evan," Easton fumed which was bound to make them laugh. And they did, under her malicious glare.

"Easy, there ickle Tinsy, it's really unbecoming of a lady to act like that. Your father would surely be disappointed if he isn't already."

He knew he'd hit a nerve when rage in Easton's bright blue eyes morphed into the mixture of surprise and fear. Did he know about the letter?

"Hanging out with half-bloods, dating a mud-blood, taking up Muggle studies?" Evan hissed almost snake-like, "What exactly do you study there, Tiny? How to be filthy and useless? In that case, you have nothing else to learn, do you? You've already excelled in it."

"Out of my way, Rosier," Easton gritted through her teeth, her fingers enclosing around the wand in the pocket.

"Oh, come on, Tinsy, don't fret," Evan drawled and came closer, now dangerously towering over her, "Your mother told me to look after you this year, ickle cousin. I am intending to just that," he smiled, and Easton found it took everything in her not to hit him in the face at that moment.

She held Evan's eyes defiantly not showing an ounce of fear until he finally backed away with the same cocky smirk on his lips. 

"See you later, Tinsy. I'll be watching you."

Well, fuck. 


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Chapter 5: 5 | Easton is mysterious
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 THE SUN WAS SHINING HIGH in the cloudless azure sky but its rays no longer brought the delightful sense of warmth, instead almost mocking you with the beautiful illusion.

Autumn was at its peak, mercilessly shredding the old, noble oaks of their emerald coats and turning the leaves into an equally mesmerizing golden carpet. On it, underneath one of the mighty trees, sat Easton. She seemed to be deep in thought while mindlessly petting Fawlty, who sat comfortably on her thighs enjoying the ministrations. 

Easton, however, was not nearly as peaceful.

It was almost the end of October, which meant that Christmas was coming awfully close, which meant...

"Oh, sod it," Easton heaved in annoyance, "That's exactly what he wanted, Fawlty, and I fell right into his...his mind game. Really, I did, how stupid," she let out a nervous, shaky laugh and kept on complaining to the cat, "It's what he does, you know—he fucks with your bloody mind like a—Ah! That...that bastard!"

Fawlty only purred, obviously approving of the new pressure that came with Easton's sudden fit of anger.

"If I were a cat, I would've scratched that bloody smirk off his aristocratic face," she seethed through clenched teeth and then suddenly looked at Fawlty as if having an epiphany, "Could you do it?" She asked, "I'd pay you in milk. Lots, lots of milk!"


"So, what do you say?"

Fawlty wiggled his furry tail and meowed.

"Yeah, I know the offer sucks," Easton sighed, excepting her defeat, "but I'll come up with something. You just wait."

Believe it or not, but there was actually a reason for Easton's sudden desire to take a walk to the Great Lake instead of spending time in the Library doing homework or reading a romance novel in her cozy four-poster bed. And the reason was Sirius Black, which really shouldn't be surprising at all.

Everything happened very quickly, to be honest. Easton was just gathering her things after another "successful" class when she overheard Sirius talking to James about something, which if his mischievous smile and childish giddiness were anything to go by, was quite exciting. She listened to the conversation all the while pretending to sort her quills, which wasn't at all suspicious, but failed to make out anything interesting.

What happened next Easton couldn't quite explain, for she herself didn't understand what'd made her follow Sirius Black to the lake, hiding behind every tapestry and pillar on her way like an awkward excuse for a spy.

And yet there she was, sitting behind the tree trunk with Fawlty in her hands, trying to discreetly look Sirius's way and see what it was he was so excited about.

The mystery was soon no more. 

Easton couldn't decide if she was happy or disappointed because the reason for the grey-eyed Marauder's elation was...his girlfriend Marlene McKinnon. Oh, how very boring. Easton expected something in the lines of skinny dipping or sexy mid-day workout, or a hot date with some hussy from Ravenclaw, but alas, it was just a romantic picnic. 

Who had bloody picnics in Autumn?

Easton should've felt terrible for watching them, but she didn't, not really. She made sure to scoff in annoyance every time Marlene flipped her perfectly golden curls in a nauseatingly girly manner and wanted to stuff the girl's mouth with a slug whenever the Gryffindor laughed as gracefully as the Queen of England. 

Merlin, you couldn't even really insult her, for there was nothing not to like about Marlene McKinnon. And that was the only flaw Easton could really find.

"Pathetic," came an exasperated sigh.

Easton was so absorbed in her stalking she didn't notice Regulus Black sit next to her on the cold ground and nearly shrieked of fear.

"What the fuck, Regulus?" she whisper-yelled, turning to the younger Slytherin, "you scared the shit out of me!"

He didn't acknowledge her accusations in any way; he simply looked bored.

"What are you doing here?"

Again, no reaction. Easton wasn't even sure Regulus knew she was actually there. His face bore the expression of utter disinterest while he was looking at his brother.

And then it suddenly dawned on her.

"Did you follow me?" Easton asked, irritated.

"Why would I follow you, Greengrass?"

"Well, you and my dear cousin seem to be bosom friends these days; he could've asked you to do my mother's dirty bidding."

Regulus finally shifted his stealthy cold gaze to her, and Easton felt shiver creep down her spine from its intensity. She couldn't remember him gracing her with direct eye contact, like, ever. And it was quite intimidating, for it seemed Easton's choice of words had triggered something in the younger Black.

"I do no one's bidding, Greengrass," he said slowly and in a dangerously quiet manner as if delivering a threat.

Easton wasn't sure how she managed to breathe under his burning glare but suddenly found herself talking, "Why are you here then? Surely not to spy on your brother."

"He's no brother of mine," Regulus spat, his voice devoid of any emotion once again. It's like he had this switch somewhere deep inside that let him turn them off, and Easton found she quite envied that ability.

"Right, he's a blood-traitor," she "suddenly" recalled with mock obviousness, "I bet all of you wonder how it is that my family hasn't disowned me yet. Believe me, it's one of those universal things I reflect on when sleep fails me instead of counting hippogriffs, which never helps by the way, it's a fat lie," Easton blubbered on and on, without a care in the world, "Personally, I think it's because they know Josefine is too dimwitted to be trusted, and seeing as they didn't make any more babies, that leaves me."

It was as if Regulus hadn't heard a word she'd said, and only when Fawlty purred in his sleep, did he show any signs of life.

"What's that thing?"

"Really? That's a cat, Regulus, educate yourself, Merlin," she shook her head disapprovingly at him.

"I know what it is, it just looks horrendous."

Easton drew her breath at this remark, deeply offended. She then pressed Fawlty closer to her and kissed his furry head, "You're perfect, darling, don't listen to him," she whispered affectionately under Regulus's puzzled stare.

"I don't get it," he suddenly said.

"Don't get what?" Easton asked briskly, still angry with him for fat-shaming her cat.

"You," it seemed unsure of his own words, "I don't get you."

If Easton was surprised by his unexpected fit of honesty—and she was—she didn't show it.

"Are you saying I'm mysterious?" she scoffed.

"That's one way of putting it."

Easton could've sworn on Audrey Hepburn's brows that she'd caught a ghost of smile on Regulus's lips.

"You're not so bad either," she found herself saying, "When you don't hang around with my cousin, that is."

Silence set between them. And then, "Why did you color your hair?"


"You knew that would only make people laugh at you more, so why did you do it?" Regulus sounded genuinely interested, and Easton couldn't get angry at him for such insensitive question even if she wanted to.

"Honestly? I did it to piss off my mother. And it worked," she smiled at the wonderful memory.

Regulus huffed, "You're just like him."

Easton followed his eyes; Sirius was in his best element, telling Marlene one of many ridiculous stories of the Marauders' adventures, and she was hanging on his every word like the perfect girlfriend she was.

The happy couple, however, was absolutely unaware of the two very angry Slytherins watching them with what was utter disdain.

"No," Easton said thoughtfully, still looking at Sirius, "I would never leave my sister."

She turned around to see Regulus watching her intently with a slight puzzlement in his stormy eyes, brows furrowed as if he was trying really hard to figure something out.

•• ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ••

One of the few things that helped Easton make it through the day was the thought of returning to the dorms after classes were over. No matter what happened, Easton knew that despite anything she would end up in her bed, snuggling in its warmth and softness.

And that was exactly what she was doing now: as soon as she entered the dorm room, Easton practically jumped onto her bed.

Oh, wonderful, she closed her eyes and let out an exhausted sigh, feeling her lips stretch into a content smile.


Not so wonderful.

"What are you doing?" Daisy Travers asked in confusion. She stood in the doorway quizzically regarding Easton, who was lying across the bed fully dressed in her school uniform.

"Whaddo you wan'," Easton groaned, her words stifled by the bedsheets.

"That mudblood Evans is waiting for you at the Common Room's entrance," Daisy informed her in a bored voice, "says it's 'urgent' " she scoffed.

"Ebans?" Easton tore her head away from the softness of the pillow, "What does she want?"

"Do I look like a Seer to you?"

Easton rolled her eyes at the blond and reluctantly got up with a loud sigh that perfectly rendered all the pain she was feeling at that very moment. Leaving the girls' dorms, she managed to sneak through the Common Room unnoticed by Evan and his merry band that were occupying the sofas near the fireplace. It was the only source of warmth in the freezing coldness of the dungeons.

Easton could hear her cousin's disgusting chortles dissolve into barely audible echoes as she neared the exit. Merlin, how she despised him and the way her mother always put the Rosier heir on the pedestal. Evan this, Evan that—it's like they wanted  Easton to hate him.

The stone wall slowly slid open, and Easton found herself face to face with the red-haired Head Girl. 

"Hi," she smiled brightly enough to light up the gloomy dungeons, "I'm Lily, Lily Evans."

"Yeah, I know."

"And you must be Easton Greengrass, is that right?"

"I...guess?" Easton droned unenthusiastically.

Lily seemed a bit confused by her reply, but it was barely enough to discourage her, "Wow, you're a tough person to find! I mean I've been trying to catch you for two weeks, but it's like you always...disappear," she laughed.

"Yes, well, I've been told I was quite mysterious," Easton admitted with all seriousness.

"Right, so...I take it Professor Slughorn has already...filled you in?" Lily trailed.

Easton raised her brow inquisitively, "On what?"

"On the whole tutoring thing," Lily supplied, "He didn't tell you?" she sounded absolutely horrified, her emerald eyes becoming the size of a Bludger.

"Ah right! The tutoring thing," Easton exclaimed as if it's just come to her, "Sorry, I just...forgot about it, I guess. So are you the martyr?"

Lily laughed, "You could say that. I'm in charge of Potions and Charms," she explained dutifully.

"How...charming," Easton looked awfully proud of herself, "Did you get it? 'Cause...oh, it was horrible, I know, I'm sorry."

Lily could barely stifle a snigger and stay professional, "How does this Sunday sound to you?" She asked.

Easton shrugged, "Yeah, it's fine."

"Great!" Lily smiled again.

Easton could tell that there was something else by the way the fiery Gryffindor was examining the walls.

"Something wrong?" She inquired.

Lily instantly blushed for being caught red-handed.

"I...Oh, it's nothing really," she laughed and shook her head at her own silliness, "One of my friends has been trying to guess the passwords to your Common Room, and I was just wondering myself, that's all."

"It's Pure-blood," Easton suddenly said with absolute nonchalance, as if she'd not just betrayed her whole House.

Lily blinked at her in total awe, "What?"

"I know, very original," Easton rolled her eyes, "Tell your friend to make good use of it. I'll be waiting," she grinned mischievously, "Bye, Evans!"


It was almost 3 a.m when Easton woke up with a sudden and most acute need for ice cream. The feeling was one of those unexplainable things that just happened, and all you could do was follow your instinct and quench the aching urge.

That was exactly what Easton did.

In her Pink Panther-themed pajamas and a robe thrown atop, she made it to the kitchens through the deadly silent—and quite scary—corridors of Hogwarts, all the while looking out for any sounds of meowing that would undoubtedly lead to disaster.

Easton and Penelope discovered the entrance to the kitchens back in the second year after Penny'd seen a door open near the Hufflepuff Common Room. Ever since that mysterious incident the two girls made in their life's purpose to find the door and where it led, which they finally did. And what a divine discovery that was.

Still in a daze after waking up in the middle of the night, Easton tickled the giggly pear in the painting and watched as the door appeared in the middle of it.

"Tappy?" She whispered, carefully walking in and looking around.

As if on cue, the little house elf popped up in front of her.

"Is Miss Greengrass in need of help?" asked Tappy, blinking her big blue eyes at the sleepy Slytherin.

"I wondered if I could have some ice cream?"

"Of course, of course!" the little elf fussed and with a snap of the fingers conjured a bowl of all-flavored dessert, "what else can Tappy do for Miss Greengrass?"

"It's all I need, Winky, thank you," Easton smiled warmly at the house elf and took the bowl with almost childish excitement.

After the little elf disappeared, she climbed atop of one of the tables near the brick fireplace to keep herself warm and Accio'd a spoon. There was no way to describe how absolutely happy Easton was when the sweet treasure found her mouth. It was like the missing piece of the puzzle that was her life had finally found its way home, and everything suddenly made sense. With every spoonful she took, Easton felt more and more content and by the end of it realized that ice cream could actually save the world, if only Voldemort tried it once.

"Damn, I'll have what you're having!"

Easton stopped eating and completely froze with the spoon in her mouth. Was it her sleep-deprived brain playing tricks on her or was it actually?...

"Are you alright?"

Okay, now you can panic.

Easton took the spoon out of her mouth, swallowed the ice-cream and finally looked up at Sirius Black, who was watching her with that smirk of his... Ah!

"Hey," she smiled timidly.

"Hello to you, too," Sirius stepped closer and jumped on the table opposite her with a plate of pumpkin pasties in his hands.

They sat in complete silence for a couple of minutes that, to the terror-stricken Easton, seemed more like hours. All of a sudden she lost her appetite and was now just playing with the mushy ice-cream in the bowl.

"Knut for your thoughts?" Sirius spoke, taking a bite of a pasty.

"It's nothing. I...sorry, my brain's just a bit fuzzy now, probably should've stayed in bed instead of raiding the kitchens," she laughed weakly.

"How'd you find the entrance by the way?"

"My friend did back in the second year," Easton explained, barely looking at Sirius—she wouldn't be able to keep direct eye contact with him. She'd probably just faint.

Sirius let out an impressed whistle, "That's badass! We did it only in the third year!

Easton just shrugged and smiled shyly in response.

"Your friend is Penelope Abbots, right? The Hufflepuff.

"Yeah," she replied, "Why?"

"A Slytherin and a Hufflepuff," Sirius mused, "that's something."

"It shouldn't be, really," Easton regretted the words as soon as they'd left her mouth.

"What do you mean?" Sirius asked, intrigued.

Easton felt extremely uncomfortable being the center of his attention. Admiring was easy when he hadn't been aware of her existence, that, however, was something she was definitely not ready for.

She gripped on the bowl tighter nervously tracing its edges with her index finger, "I think that's what's wrong with our school—the House prejudice," she began in a small voice, "A friendship between a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin shouldn't be weird, you know? I mean...we're all people, all the same, so why should the color of our uniform or...p-purity of our blood determine who we're friends with? It's...stupid. "

When Sirius said nothing, Easton wanted to take it all back and just run away to the comfort of her bed, however, when she finally found the courage to look up from the bowl, she was caught by his grey eyes. That's exactly what they did: trapped you inside their depths, almost hypnotized you and rendered you absolutely speechless. 

The flames danced in the fireplace coating the room in a dull, orange light, and Easton could see the fires flicker in Sirius's eyes. In this lighting, he looked even more mesmerizing than usual, with his dangerously sharp jawline and high, slightly hollow cheekbones.  

"How is it that you were sorted into Slytherin?" Sirius wondered, his eyes still on Easton.

"Who knows," she managed to utter ever so quietly, "maybe there is something snaky in me, and I just haven't realized it yet."

"I doubt it," Sirius smiled at her, and Easton only hoped that he couldn't see her cheeks grow burning red in that lightning, "I feel kind of stupid right now, to be honest."


"Because we only met now, in the last year. So many lost pranking opportunities," he sighed in genuine regret, "Only imagine what we could've done together? You could've been our agent on the inside, delivering all the dirty snaky secrets."

Easton laughed, but then something hit her and her lips grew into a mischievous grin.

"What's that?" Sirius asked, catching the sudden change in the girl.

"It's only October," she reminded him, "we still have the whole school year ahead of us." 


Chapter 6: 6 | ABBA kind of girl
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"D'YOU RECKON WE COULD GO to The Rolling Stones concert this summer?" Penelope mused, her nose stuck in another magazine while the two girls were climbing the stairs back to the castle after the Care of Magical Creatures.

"I don't know, Pens, depends on my parents," Easton replied distantly, her mind busy with what had happened the previous night. She'd talked to Sirius Black. Not about him , not next to him, with him. And she flirted. Why did she do that!?

"It sucks that we can't even play music here," whined Penelope, "My parents got me a sick Walkman for my birthday and I can't even use it! And Magic is supposed to be fun."

Surely it had been all the sugar because never in her right mind would she have done that.

Merlin, what if he decides to take me up on that offer?

"I mean, I bought the complete ABBA album that I don't get to enjoy until Christmas–are you even listening to me?"

What is wrong with me?


Easton jumped from the loudness and blinked rapidly at her very angry friend.

"Have you heard a word I said?" Easton maid a "sorry I didn't listen but I still love you" face but it didn't really work on Penelope, "Some friend you are," she huffed, "what's up with you today anyway? You're all pensive and whatever, I don't like it."

Tony stopped in her tracks, "Are you implying that I tend not to think?"

"Not so much you don't." Penny replied as they continued their way, "Anyways, if we are not allowed to play music, we can create it ourselves," she declared.

"Penny, no—"

"—Remember that song we danced to this summer, on my birthday?"

"How can I not? As soon as it came out you said you'd play it on your seventeenth birthday but, Penny—

"You are the dancing queen—"

"—oh Merlin—"

"Young and sweet; Only seventeen," Penelope started singing, swinging her hips in tact, "Dancing queen—Come on, Tony, sing along!"

Easton tried to get out of Penny's grip and escape the embarrassment but she knew her best friend too well to think that this would work. So she didn't fight it.

"Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah," Easton joined in with her low and a bit husky voice that could barely take the high notes and made the lines sound like a cry for help.

Penelope grabbed Easton by the arm preparing for the best part, "You can dance! You can jive! Having the time of your life," they sang–or more like screamed–together. "Ooh, see that girl," Penelope narrowed her eyes, flipped her hair and pointed a finger at Easton.

"Watch that sc—"

"Hey there, Greengrass!"

Her eyes widened at the sight of him but it was too late to retreat. And so she tried to wave at him. And she did. But she also stumbled. And then fell. Right on her sorry arse.

"Merlin, Tony!" Penny hurried to help her up, "Are you alright?"

Easton quickly looked up to see if Sirius had noticed the humiliating fiasco but the Marauders were already nearing the castle.

"Yeah, m'alright," she grumbled dusting the dirt off her robes.

Penelope's face changed in a matter of seconds and turned from that of concern into that of rage, "You better be because I'm about to kill you for not telling me WHY THE HELL SIRIUS BLACK SAID BLOODY "HEY THERE, GREENGRASS" to you!," she yelled in her best Sirius Black impression while continuously attacking Easton with punches that were surprisingly hard and aggressive for a little Hufflepuff.

"OW, stop it—OUCH, that really hurt! Hey, Penny, really—"

"Serves you right!" she punctuated each word with a punch.

"So do you—OW—want me to tell you or do you—STOP—want to keep hitting me?" Easton shielded herself from the Hufflepuff with both arms.

"I can't decide, give me a second—"


"Alright, I'm done," Penny sighed, exhausted by her vigorous assault, and stepped away.

Easton eyes her with suspicion.

"Really, I am. You're safe," Penelope assured.

"Can we go now?"

And so the two friends continued their climb to the castle, where they quickly found a private spot to gossip in an alcove behind one of the tapestries. Easton told Penny everything—from the conversation she'd shared with Sirius (although it was hardly a conversation, seeing as 'a conversation' demanded two people to actually talk) after which she received another much-deserved punch. Every now and then Penny would let out an excited squeak or stare at Easton in utter disbelief. By the end of the story, Penelope's jaw was practically reaching the floor.

"You're telling me," she began slowly, "that you spent the night with Sirius Black and didn't even try to shag him?"

Easton wanted, she really wanted to think that the question was a joke but Penelope looked dead serious.


It took the Hufflepuff some time to truly take in this information.

"You are no friend of mine," Penny then spat and made to leave the alcove but then suddenly paused, "you didn't even snog him?" she asked in astonishment.


Penelope looked as if Easton had betrayed her in the most horrible way possible.

"Goodbye, friend."

"Penelope, stop it!" Easton ran after her.

Penny saluted without slowing her pace, "Our friendship is over!"

"Oh, for Merlin's sake! What are you, five?"

It went on for an embarrassingly long time.

"How did you get into NEWT level Charms again?"

Easton wasn't really offended by this question, for she knew that Lily Evans was genuinely curious. And that curiosity was more than justifiable.

"No idea," Easton shrugged practicing—or rather trying to practice—a fifth year's spell wand motions, "I'm always on the verge of complete failure but somehow manage to stay afloat. I think it irritates the hell out of all the professors and, to be honest, I can't say I don't love it."

Lily only laughed at her silly quirks and opened the book, "Do you have any specific spells you want to practice? Any incantations?"

"Lily, I don't even know what it is I don't know," Easton deadpanned, "Like seriously, I'm not even joking—"

"Did someone call for me?"

"Oh no," Lily almost whined, her face the grimace of pain at the sound of the voice.

Oh no, Easton ground internally.

"I certainly heard something, Pads," mused another voice that caused Lily to tighten her grip on the Charms book.

"Okay, Easton," she began way too loudly. Evans tried to compose herself and ignore the sounds but wasn't doing a great job at it; Easton could notice her left eye almost twitch of anger. The whole image was rather scary, really, "We can start with—"

"Is it truly her or do my eyeglasses fail me?" James Potter exclaimed dramatically.

"It sure is, Prongs," agreed Sirius Black, "A fine sight indeed."

Oh boy, it won't end well.


"How about we practice hexes, Easton? I could think of a great guinea pig—"

"—I don't know if that's wise—"

"Oh, Evans, I found you at last!" Potter threw himself on the chair opposite the two girls and cupped his face directing his dreamy hazel eyes at the red-haired witch, "did you miss me as much as I missed you?"

Easton concentrated all her attention on her wand, trying to get the hang of the movements and miserably failing because of the certain Marauder. Why did he have to be here? She'd managed to pass through almost all stages of grief and live with the idea that the "Nightly Rendezvous" had been nothing but a dream. This unfortunate encounter set her at least two steps back.

"Potter," Lily was almost shaking with anger, "don't you have any Head Boy duties?"

"I'm waiting for you to guide me like the brightest star in the sky—"

"Hey!" Sirius looked positively hurt.

"—Sorry, mate—"

For a mere second Easton pulled her eyes away from the wand to glance at Sirius and instantly regretted her curiosity, for he had caught her peaking at him and…winked?

Absolutely not expecting this turn of events, Easton got ridiculously flustered and in her anxious attempts to pull herself together, lost the grip of the wand entirely. The piece of wood fell on the table with a dull thud.

Easton froze.

"S-sorry," she forced out a tight smile and slowly picked up the wand.

But no one seemed to have noticed that, except for Sirius, of course, who grinned at her knowingly.

That wanker.

"Easton," Lily high-pitched.


"Easton, I think we've covered enough today," she exclaimed fiercely, looking anywhere but at James, "Do you mind if we call it a day?"

"S-sure, but Lily—"

"Great!" she quickly stuffed all her belongings into the bag and got up from the table, "Have a nice day!" Lily made a point of throwing a deathly glare at Potter before she stormed out of the library.

Which left Easton…

"That was," Sirius looked at the grandfather clock that proudly stood in the library, "two minutes, Prongs. New record!" He leaned back into the chair in a most relaxed manner as if he owned the whole place. And oh, dear, was that a sight. Easton tried to keep her eyes off him, she honestly did and yet once again found herself staring at him. Easton wished there was a better name for it but there wasn't. She was staring at him. Penelope would call it 'eye-fucking', the perverted little Hufflepuff she was.

Shamelessly and with a hunger of a starved wonderer, Easton was slowly scanning his shaggy raven hair that fell into his face, his robes that looked as if he had halfheartedly put them on after a quick shag in a broom closet (which quite possibly was the truth). And the way the first few buttons of his white shirt were undone leaving so much more to her pure virgin imagination…

"Hey, Greengrass, what do you think?"

And he talks.

As if on cue, Easton's cheeks flared up and she was positive it didn't escape Sirius's attention. Nothing ever did, as far as she could tell from the years of crushing on him.

"Sorry?" she asked in a croaked voice. Why the bloody hell was her voice so croaked?

"You're a girl," James pointed out as if it was a great revelation.

"Well, I'd like to think so, yes," Easton started aggressively fumbling with the wand looking between the two Marauders and at the same time trying to escape direct eye-contact with Sirius.

James she could handle, though he, too, was devilishly handsome with his cute and dorky personality but there was this roughness and boldness to Sirius that almost dared you to do something stupid in front of him. Which wasn't a difficult task for Easton, who did something stupid on a daily basis. Her life just wasn't complete without stupid. It was a universal rule.

"As a representative of the other half of humanity, would you say that our ickle Jamsie here," Sirius ruffled James's hair which made the latter jerk away and glare at his dear friend, "—has any chance of wooing Evans?" Sirius's brows jumped suggestively on the second last word.

Easton couldn't really properly hear what he was saying all because there was that little sound in her head, a voice even, screaming why the hell hadn't she left when she had the chance.

It probably had a point, come to think of it.

"Erm…I—well…y-you see," Easton rumbled.

James was looking at her expectedly with such hope in his eyes that it pained her to disappoint him. However, there was very little Easton could say to help the bloke. It's not like she was a relationship guru, seeing as the only time her life took a romantic turn was in a muggle park when a boy had so gallantly presented little Easton with a flower. Or was it a weed? She couldn't tell back then. Not that she could now.

"I m-mean, there's always a c-chance…"

Clearly, it was all James needed to hear, because his face instantly broke into a toothy grin.

"Told you, Pads!" he exclaimed victoriously and jumped off his sit, "She'll come 'round, just you wait!"

Easton wanted to tell him to keep it quiet but Madam Pince's murderous scowl did it for her and was a thousand times more effective too, for Potter instantly shut up and toned it down.

"Evans's probably in the common room," James mused and fixed his glasses that'd slid down his nose, "I'll go check on her!" he whispered excitedly and ran out of the library stumbling with every step in his eagerness.

And then there were two.

Easton wanted to volunteer to kill herself right there and then but Sirius didn't let her, "Poor Evans, she has no idea what's coming her way," he laughed.

Was she supposed to say something? What was she supposed to say?

Unfortunately, her alerted brain didn't have any more time to think—suddenly Sirius leaned on the table, his face moving closer to hers, "So tell me, Greengrass," he drawled mischievously. Easton just sat there, absolutely speechless, blinking at him, "What's your favorite muggle band?"

Having lost any ability to talk, Easton just raised her brows in surprise. What was he driving at?

"I'll just take a guess then," Sirius's wicked smile and that devilish glint in his stormy eyes made her stomach flip, "Is it the Zombies? Pink Floyd? Queen, maybe? No? Alright…Beatles then? Wait," he leaned back a little, deep in thought, which gave Easton an opportunity to breathe, "I think I know what it is," his smile grew with each guess as did Easton's confusion "It's a wild one but could it be….ABBA?"

Oh no he didn't.

Easton knew there was no limit to perfection but sincerely hoped that this rule didn't spread on other things; things like embarrassment. She liked to think that once you'd reached what you thought was the pits of it, it couldn't get any worse.

Apparently, she was wrong.

And Sirius Black doubling in laughter in front of her, trying to keep it down to avoid Madam Pince's wrath, was the perfect proof.

"You have a beautiful voice, I'll give you that. And the way you take those high notes," he looked into the distance and sighed, as if there was not a word worthy enough to properly describe the wonder that was her singing, "One day you'll give Miss Warbeck a run for her money, missy, you mark my words," now he sounded like her old grandfather Greengrass with a cigar in his mouth.

It was sheer luck that her wand didn't break because instead of directing all her anger at Sirius, who totally deserved to be hexed, Easton was assaulting the poor wooden stick. It took all of her to finally stop fumbling with it and start packing her things, all the while fuming with rage.


She couldn't hate Sirius. Or could she? No, he was Sirius. No one in their right mind hated Sirius. Except for all the poor souls he had hexed. And all the Slytherins. And probably some more people.

"Hey," the subject of all her thoughts finally stopped laughing; he sounded a bit guilty now, "I'm sorry, it was insensitive. See, Remus-my personal moral compass-gives me a subtle kick whenever I'm being an arse but he's not here right now so I'm kind of lost."

Easton liked that he was trying to explain himself to her. But she still didn't say a word, didn't even look at him and threw the bag over her shoulder.

"Right, I was a complete arse," Sirius admitted, "Your singing's really good though, Greengrass, I'm not kidd—hey, Greengrass!"

But she was already walking away. With a smile on her face. 

Chapter 7: 7 | Riddle me that
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"Come on! You didn't even—"

"Absolutely not," Easton kept walking with Penelope following her like a newborn hippogriff.

She groaned in exasperation, "Why are you always like this?"

The Hufflepuff had almost bumped into Easton when she suddenly stopped.

"Like what?" her blue eyes were glaring murderously, left brow lifted as if daring Penny to continue.

And she did. Sometimes Easton wondered why she hadn't been sorted into Gryffindor instead, for Penelope Abbott was thick-headed, opinionated and, for the lack of a better word, an attention whore, "Pretty please?" she pouted.

"I am not talking to Andrew for you," Easton fumed and continued her path to the Wooden Bridge.

"But you know him, you can...


"Please! I'll do anything!"

Easton took out a worn out sketchbook from her bag, "I don't need anything," she simply replied.

"I'll do your Herbology homework for a month!"

She gave Penny an unimpressed side glance, "You suck at Herbology."

Penelope opened her mouth to object but then closed it because, well, it was true. They were both pants at studying. It was one of the many things that had brought them together in the first place.

With a dramatic sigh worthy of a broadway diva, she lowered her eyes and whispered, "I have nothing to offer."

Ignoring her friend's antiques, Easton took hold of her very muggle pencil and started sketching the view from the bridge. It had always mesmerized her, and every single year she came out here to try and capture the beauty of the foggy Scottish hills.

"If I push too hard it's because I want things to be better," Penelope almost cried.

It didn't take Easton long to recognize the words. Her pencil stopped millimeters from touching the paper as she slowly turned her head to face the blond, "I want us to be better. I want you to be better," Penelope solemnly declared.

"Are you seriously quoting Barbara Streisand to me?"

Penny broke her miserable act and cracked a smile, "Is it working?"


"Easton!" she whined, "don't be such a wench!"

"I can't help it, Penny," Easton smiled sarcastically at her, "I'm a Slytherin, you see."

They both stood in the middle of the massive bridge, Easton with a sketchbook in her hands, Penelope following her with a constant pout of a five-year-old. Easton gave a long and thoughtful look to the magnificent view that lied before them and brought a pencil to the paper, starting with a few gentle strokes.

Penny's face, devoid of a iota of happiness, morphed into a grimace of confusion.

"Again? You're drawing this shit again?"

"I sure am," Easton drawled in a surprisingly good American accent.

"Why are you—"

Easton let out an almost animalistic growl and glared at Penelope, "I'll talk to Andrew if you sod off and leave me alone, deal?"

Her friend's face instantly lit up with a bright smile as she reached to hug Easton but the latter quickly jumped away, barely managing to escaping the torture, "Thank you, Thank you, Than—"

"GO AWAY," the murderous yell seemed to bring Penelope to her senses, and the Hufflepuff slowly started retreating to the West Wing, an elated smile still on her face. "Thank you" she mouthed but Easton only dismissed her with a middle finger and returned to the sketching.

•• ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ••

Easton walked the corridors, desperately trying to warm herself by rubbing her numb palms together and then breathing on her hands to bring them to life. She had spent nearly an hour drawing in the cold with only a scarf and a set of thin robes, which definitely had had its toll. However, it had been worth it, Easton decided, for she had managed a nice sketch.

It was in that sophisticated state that Easton met face to face with her beloved sister. The happy and rather unexpected family reunion took place near the Grand Staircase, where Josefine was heading to get to the Ravenclaw common room. Easton still couldn't understand why in the world had the Sorting Head put her sister into the House that prided itself on having the most academically gifted students, when Josefine was anything but. And Easton had been sorted into Slytherin. Go figure.

"What are you doing here?" Josefine asked, her perfectly arched brows furrowed.

"Well hello to you too, Josie, it's ever so nice to meet each other in the castle that we both happen to be studying at," Easton's voice was dripping with venomous sarcasm that had clearly gone unappreciated by her little sister. Josefine always had a hard time understanding Easton's jokes. Or any human emotion for that matter.

"Never you mind," she huffed indignantly and made to leave.

"Wait," Josefine stopped and turned to Easton, irritation evident in her almond-shaped brown eyes, "Has mother told you about Christmas?"

"You mean the party? Yes, of course she did," she scoffed at the obviousness of this, "I can hardly wait for the next Hogsmeade trip to buy a new dress," and then suddenly became extremely serious and suspicious, "Why?"

Easton knew it was a long shot—trying to get to her sister—but nevertheless hoped that just this once Josefine would at least try to listen, "Doesn't it worry you one bit?"

"Should it?"

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

"Did to share the "guest list" with you by any chance?"

Josefine thought hard for a minute. It never took her longer.

"Evan told me the Rosiers were coming, oh and the Malfoys, and...and someone else," she furrowed her perfect feathery brows again, which made Easton worry that Josie would truly overexert herself, "I don't remember really. Why are you so interested anyway?"

The Rosiers and the Malfoys, Easton thought with a scoff, wouldn't be surprised if Father's invited all his Slytherins buddies. What a great school reunion indeed: a tad of black magic, one sacrifice and an innocent virgin for dessert—classic.

"Well there's your answer, Josie."

"I don't get it."

Of course you don't. 

"Josie, have you read the Profit lately?"

"Oh no, it's too gruesome," Josefine wrinkled her elfin nose, "with all those headlines, sweet Salazar..."

Easton quirked a brow at the exclamation.

"You realize you're in Ravenclaw, right?"

"Yes. So?"

She opened her mouth to give a full explanation but then decided against it, for it was a battle already lost.

Easton sighed in defeat, only now feeling the weight of the day coming down on her, " careful, Josie, alright?"

What followed, she absolutely had not anticipated.

"Why are you so nice?" Josefine screeched, sounding almost offended, "don't you dare being nice! If you're nice than I'll have to be nice and I really don't want to be nice, especially right now. stop it!"

Easton was taken aback by the little fit of spoiled hysterical ego-maniac and could only manage a slight nod, "Right," she concluded, unsure how to react, and then looked her sister in the eye, imploring her to listen, "Still, do be careful, Jo. I'm not kidding. Malfoys, Lestranges, Mulcibers—they're dark, the lot of them, okay? They—"

"Are those really my two favorite cousins?"

Easton felt her face pail and legs turn to wobbly jelly sticks at the sound of that voice.

"What a treat!"

Josefine, however, instantly brightened at the sight of her favorite sibling, "Evan!" she smiled as if Easton hadn't been trying to warn her against the evil spawn this whole time. Said evil spawn, in his turn, looked as smug as ever in his immaculate robes with a shiny prefect badge pinned against his chest and a devilish grin plastered on his pointy face.
Easton couldn't help but wonder if Even had overheard her conversation with Josefine. She nervously bit her lip, trying to shake off the eerie feeling she got every time he stood nearby and suddenly caught the Rosier heir looking directly at her with the smile that most girls found charming; the same smile that made her want to simultaneously vomit and run as far away as possible.
"...are you, Easton?"

Apparently, she blacked out for a bit.

"Am I what?

Josefine threw her a disdainful glare and then looked to Evan with nothing short of pure admiration.

"She is," she replied curtly.

Evan looked thrilled by the answer, and Easton really didn't like it. She also wasn't quite happy about being the center of discussion when she had absolutely no idea what it was about.

"That is simply wonderful, Easton," exclaimed Evan looking like a content cat.
Easton seriously needed to keep up with that conversation because oh boy, she really didn't like the look in her cousin's eyes.

"Hey, Josie, do you mind if I borrow your sister for a while?" Easton could feel his hand finding her upper arm rather gently and tried to suppress the anxiety that was building up in her chest.

"Oh, please do," Josefine laughed in a very pure-bloodish sophisticated manner that made her look awfully like their Mother, paying no heed to the grimace of complete horror on her sister's face.

The next thing Easton knew, Evan's grip was no longer gentle but painfully barbaric; it would surely leave marks on her arm, which wasn't something she wasn't used to. Being a rebellious teen in a Greengrass household taught Easton to take a punch and then another, and with time she had perfected the art of Concealment Charms (Lily was surprised to see that Easton knew at least those).
Evan was dragging her down the corridor like a duffle bag, and Easton was finding it somewhat hard to keep up with his pace without stumbling.

"In here," he barked and shoved her into a broom cupboard, promptly shutting the door behind them.

Easton could hear her heartbeat echoing in her head while she stood, plastered to a wall, not daring to move in en endless wait for what Evan would do next. Which she absolutely hadn't expected to be a laugh. A merciless, cold and blood-curdling kind of laugh.

"Tinny, Tinny, Tinny," he spoke in a manner one would reprimand a little child, shaking his head in disappointment .

Easton was eyeing Evan like a terrified lamb watching out for a devious predator, who would come at her at any moment, "You're making it really hard for me to look out for you, do you know that?" Rosier came a little closer, towering over her. His proximity made her tilt her head to the left a little, eyes still locked on him, "With that long tongue of yours... you've got to be careful. You never know who might be dropping eaves, little cousin."

Oh buggering bloody fuck. 

"It wasn't a lie though, now was it?" she finally found some courage to speak up, her voice unsteady, "what I said. With all of you being—"

"Tut-tut, Tinny, don't disappoint me."

Easton scoffed at the remark and received and scathing glare in return, "You don't suppose I'm so daft as to think that this Christmas party is nothing but a merry little reunion, right?" she narrowed her eyes at Evan.

"Now aren't you a little Auror in the making?" he sneered, "Fret not, ickle Tinny, soon enough you'll see it for yourself. Just don't go around declaring your silly assumptions for the whole school to hear, will you?"

Easton knew he was ready to dismiss her. She could tell it by the way his stance was no longer threatening and the way his dull eyes bore no hatred but the usual irritation that was certainly mutual. And everything would've ended right there and then, had she not spoken again, "Or Lord Voldemort is going to come for me, is that right, Evan?"

He stilled for a moment, just looking at her as if deciding what to do next. Kill her? Torture her? Both?

"Or should I say Tom Riddle?" Easton said with a mocking smile, enjoying the way way Evan's eyes widened in surprise, "Yes, I've read grandfather's diaries, Evan, I know who he is. In fact, I know more than I let on about your little fan club of psycho groupies. How did you get the membership, ha? Kill a muggle or two? One of those families reported to be murdered in their own—"

"Shut up, Easton—"

"I will not!" she yelled, amazed by her own fierceness, "How can you do it, Evan? Don't you realize it is one thing to be a bigoted arsehole and quite another being a bloody murderer?"

Evan, however, truly looked the part right now: his jaws clenched tightly, nostrils flaring with rage, eyes dark and ruthless.

"If you know what's good for you, Easton, you're going to shut your mouth and never—and I repeat for that little brain of yours—never disgrace the Dark Lord's name again."

Easton smiled, "You should know by now that I clearly don't know what's good for me, Evan. You can play your little Death Eater game all you want but you're going to lose, all of you. The world you know is going to crumble, and your Dark Lord will leave all of you useless puppets to suffer the aftermath of his demise—"

The sound of a slap knifed through the palpable tension of the small cupboard room. Easton instantly pressed a hand to her right cheek, feeling it burn under her palm—there was a little blood on her skin, the blood he had spilled.

She didn't make a single sound. Easton only lifted her eyes at Evan with cold indifference to show him that he hadn't hurt her. He never could. None of them did.

"You're a disgrace to our family," spat Evan and suddenly gripped her by the collar of the robes, pulling her closer as if she was a doll. Easton held his eyes defiantly, though she could feel tears prickling in her eyes. She wouldn't cry in from of him. She couldn't.

"If I hear any more nonsense from you, It'll be more than just a slap, Tinny. Hope we're in the clear," he let go of her abruptly, and Easton almost tripped, her knees to weak to keep her standing. Luckily she was quick enough to grab on to one of the shelves to steady herself, "It was rather unpleasant," Evan grumbled and rubbed the hand he'd slapped her with.

"Fuck you, Evan," spit Easton.

Evan chuckled as if she'd just told him the funniest joke and opened the cupboard door, letting cold air into the stuffed room.

"Behave, little cousin," he winked at her a left, leaving the door open wide.

Anyone could see Easton leaning against the shelves, her robes disheveled, hair looking like a Fwooper nest and now filthy tears streaming down her cheeks, burning her skin like a branding iron, forever staining it with shame.

She hated it. All of it.

But most of all she hated herself for being so helpless and useless in the war that'd been raging right under her nose all those years. She hated that her family—the people who were supposed to support and love her—regarded her as a blood traitor. It stung, yes, despite the fact that she was proud of what stood behind that name.

And yet some part of her, the part that was naive enough to believe in familial bonds, that little girl, who wanted her father to smile back at her and her mother to put her silly drawings on the refrigerator like Penelope's did, wanted to fit in. Wanted to feel included.

And here she was, a traitor to her own family and an enemy to the rest.

Easton used to think it was badass. Now she simply felt...lonely.

•• ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ••

Easton closed the cupboard door and waited another fifteen minuted for the classes to begin, so that she could get to the dorms unseen by the students. What a treat it would've been for them, however, to see a crying Slytherin with a broken lip and a slap print on her cheek? The Gryffindors alone would've been ecstatic.

Brushing her hair, that now hung a little passed her shoulders, with her fingers to make herself look a tiny bit presentable, Easton brushed away the tears with the back of her hand and stepped into the corridor with a deep sigh. She was already late for Herbology, she figured, and ever so selflessly decided not to interrupt the lesson. In reality, Easton couldn't care less about the subject. She was going to drop it anyway.

Walking back to the Entrance Hall, she looked around to make sure the coast was clear and made for the dungeons, when suddenly a barking laughter echoed through the cold stone of the majestic walls. She new that laughter. It used to make her insides twirl, used to turn her into a daft Ravenclaw bimbo as Penelope had so kindly put it. But now all Easton felt was fear.

She couldn't be seen. Not like this.

Panic was paralyzing every part of her body and brain, apparently, as Easton continued standing in the middle of the hall, helplessly looking around for a way to escape.

The staircase!

Just as she'd seemingly found a perfect sanctuary for her sorry arse under the Grand Staircase, where only minutes ago she'd shared a sweet conversation with her dear sister, the laughter got louder. So, so, so loud...


She grimaced in embarrassment without facing him.

"Greengrass!" Sirius called with the usual cheerfulness and then added to his friend in an angry whisper, "Just wait a minute, Wormtail, will ya'? Circe, so impatient. Hey, alright, Greengrass?"

Seeing no possible ways of escaping this encounter, Easton tried her best to cover her face with her hair and finally turned around to face the music. Sirius was smiling at her brightly in all his rogue-ish glory, and next to him stood a short chubby fellow with downy dull blond hair and beady watery eyes that were regarding her with surprising scorn.

"Hello, Sirius," she waved at them weakly, hoping that they wouldn't come closer. She wouldn't be able to hide her war paint then.

"Why aren't you in Herbology?" asked Sirius, smiling playfully, "Not skipping by any chance, are you?"

Easton couldn't help but grin back at him but just as her lips stretched, she winced from a stinging pain.

"Are you okay?"


"Yeah, perfectly," Easton dismissed unconvincingly, stifling the pain in her broken lip, "I—I have to go though, was nice—"

"Wormtail, tell James I'll be there in a bit, okay?" She heard Sirius instruct his friend.

Oh, hell no

Easton headed to the dangeound with a newfound energy before Sirius could stop her but she had no business playing races with a Gryffindor Beater. That's why he'd caught up with her in only three steps and took her lightly by the upper arm. By sheer instinct Easton torn it away, wincing at the pain once again, and Sirius most definitely noticed that.

"What happened, Easton?" He asked, voice no longer cheerful nor playful.

Easton turned away, hiding behind her hair as if it were a curtain. But Sirius knew better and reached for her chin, gently taking it between his thumb and index finger to make her face him.

"Fucking hell—who...who the fuck did that, Easton?"

The evident pity in his eyes made her sick. Easton couldn't bare seeing Sirius Black look at her like that. Anyone but him.

He was one part of her life that had nothing to do with her crazy family, the beautiful eye-candy that brought her joy and made her school days seem bearable. He didn't know who she was, and she loved it.

Now it was ruined. She didn't even have that.

Easton jumped away from Sirius, his soft fingers slipping from her face. She missed the feeling of him touching her. But then, who wouldn't?

"No one," she snapped, "I fell, everyone knows what a clumps I am."

The skeptical look Sirius was giving her clearly meant he didn't take her bullshit seriously.

"You aren't going to tell me then," he concluded with a sigh, "I can respect that. But it doesn't mean it isn't stupid."

Easton was a bit taken aback by his reaction, "Right," she nodded, puzzled.

"At least let me take you to the Hospital Wing—"

"I'm fine, really—"

"Your lip is bleeding—"

"I can take some blood, I'm not a sissy—"

"I didn't say you were I just—"

"Yeah right," she huffed and tried to smile again, which was a bad idea, "we should probably stop interrupting each other."

Sirius chuckled, "We probably should."

And then Easton noticed that he wasn't wearing his school robes. And that he was, in fact, skipping Herbology, too. That sneaky bastard.

However, Easton had to admit that a tight white muggle shirt and a pair of black jeans looked insanely sexy on him. Complemented by his shaggy raven hair and a shadow of stubble on his face, Sirius looked like one of the bad boys from the American movies she and Penny loved so much.

"Heading somewhere?" Easton asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

"More like from somewhere. The boys and I have go—em, we were erm, we were at Hagrid's, a nice little lad he is," he blabbered. Sirius Black blabbered.

Wasn't it her job?

Easton let out a soft chuckle, "He might be nice, however, I wouldn't be so sure about 'little'."

Sirius let out a slightly shaky laugh, his hand reaching to ruffle his hair. Easton used to do that when she was nervous. Interesting.

"I'm going to go then," she said.

"You sure you're alright and there's nothing you—"

"One hundred and fifty percent positive," she nodded suppressing a smile.

"There's no such—"

Easton rolled her eyes and huffed,"Bugger off, I failed Arithmancy. See you around, Sirius".

Do not smile you fucking moron

"Se ya', Greengrass," he winked giving her a two fingered salute from his brow and headed for the Courtyard.

Maybe Easton didn't feel so lonely after all.