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Invisible by Mystical_Mayhem

Format: Short story
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,508

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers

Genres: Fluff, Romance, Angst
Characters: Snape, James, Lily
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 12/31/2017
Last Chapter: 01/02/2018
Last Updated: 01/02/2018

He loved her from the second he sw her, but she never sees him.

He was annoying right? Well now her world has changed, and the boy she ignored suddenly wasn't so invisible anymore. 

Chapter 1: The Girl with the Emerald Eyes
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Disclaimer (Do I really have to do this?): I own nothing but the internal monolouges and style! Thanks to JK for the amazing world that I can play with!

Ever since he had seen her, he loved her. The second he laid eyes on her he knew he wanted her. And yet somehow, even though everyone else would be dying to be with him, the one he really wanted was off with her nose in a book.

How did he get himself into such a mess? All he wanted was to be with her and now she hated him. Him and his proud, rude, prat self. What had he done? He sighed. He just wanted her. Her and her gorgeous green eyes and strawberry red hair. She was everything, and yet he couldn’t get to her. She would pass and he would call out to her, yet she never seemed to hear him. Every day, a new scheme was devised to get her attention, yet still he was ignored. How? He was the king of Gryffindor! Yet still, the girl with the emerald eyes was in another world, a world where the boy with the messy black hair didn’t exist.


She saw him, and yet she didn’t. Since his first antic, she knew he was nothing but a selfish, prideful, rude, egotistical prat who thought he could win her affection. Well, she would show him. She hung out with the boy from her hometown. She did not know him very well, but he was nice to her when her sister made fun. He seemed to understand what it’s like to be called a freak. So she spent time with the Slytherin boy, and ignored The Other Boy. Or so she thought

They all grew up together, moving through Hogwarts, and as time went by, the fiery Gryffindor found it was not as easy as she anticipated to ignore the boy with the mussed black hair and round glasses. He is invisible. He doesn’t exist. She would say to herself. Only he wasn’t, and he did. And so she continued to deny what was happening. He kept showing off, she kept ignoring him.He would talk to her, she threw up her guard and put on her condescending tone. He was rude and she didn’t want anything to do with him.


He only had to say the word and most girls would throw themselves at his feet, be his if only he asked. She was not most girls. He had to do something. He knew she saw him as a playboy, nothing more than someone who wanted a girl to snog. That was true, for the most part. She was not the most part. It was irritating, the way she ignored him. She knew he wanted her. After all, he had asked her to Hogsmeade every trip from third year until now. Yet still, to no avail.

He didn’t understand why she was friends with that Slytherin boy. He was rude, and insensitive. He didn’t understand what she saw in him. While that Slytherin is off with that fiery redheaded Gryffindor, he was invisible. She would talk to that boy for hours, and yet she wouldn’t even talk to the boy in her own house. He couldn’t stand it! He had to do something. He refused to be invisible anymore.


She ran, her ears ringing. She couldn’t believe what the jet-black-haired boy and his stupid friends had done. They were so cruel. And yet that wasn’t the worst part. Him. The one who had been kind to her since before Hogwarts, the one who wasn’t constantly begging for her attention or badgering her to date him, had betrayed her. Her sister called her freak, he had called her Mudblood. Mudblood. The word rang in her head. What have I done? Was I just an annoying pest to him all this time? Is that what he really thinks of me? I’m nothing more than a silly, Gryffindor Mudblood. Thoughts raced through her head as she ran, tears streaming down her face. She ran, no objective in mind except away. Away from that boy and his friends, away from the Slytherin, away form the mess that was the last hour of her life. She ran until her chest was tight and her side was cramping in pain, and then ran some more. She had to get out, out of her head, out of this mess, out of Hogwarts, anywhere that wasn’t here.

Her feet carried her, faster and faster until she couldn’t take another step. She tumbled to the ground and found herself on the far bank of the Black Lake. She wanted to keep running but she couldn’t bring herself to leave, so she just sat, crying. She couldn’t understand why he would do this to her. He loved her but yet here she was, broken. The two boys, her best friend, and the one who had a crush on her, had left her broken, unable to understand why anyone could be so cruel. She wanted nothing more than to fade into the background and become invisible. But she sat on the shores of the black lake, anything but invisible.


He watched her as she ran, the way her auburn hair glinted in the sun. His heart melted. Suddenly, watching the sallow-faced boy hang from one ankle in the air wasn’t so funny. It hit him like a ton of bricks that he was bullying her friend. He stopped the nonsense and sent the kid running. Then he took off after her, the girl with the emerald eyes. He ran as fast as his feet would carry him, sprinting across the grounds. He had to find her.

He bolted through the grounds, calling out to her. There was no reply. He had no clue where she was. Suddenly he had an idea. He sprinted to the Quidditch pitch, and grabbed his broom. Dusk was falling and he had to find her, quickly. He mounted his broom and flew around the grounds, just high enough that he was mostly hidden by the clouds. He flew for half an hour before he finally spotted a flash of red in the treeline by the black lake. As fast as he could, he flew back to the shed, then galloped through the edge of the forest until he reached her. He slowed to a trot, then began to walk once again. He called out, but still, no reply. She started walking away. He realized she probably didn’t want to see him, but still, he had to try. He had been a royal git, and he had to make it up to her. He called to her again, approaching gently. She ignored him once again. He didn’t know what to do. He was invisible and unnoticed. He slapped himself mentally for his git-ness and pushed on. He didn’t know how, but he would make her see him. He refused to be invisible any more.


From far away she heard her name. He was calling out to her. She groaned and crawled into the trees. She did not want to be found. Not by him, not by her friends, no one. She was dried out, no tears could come anymore. She just wanted to be alone. She needed to think. She sighed. Why did today have to happen? She wished she had a time turner. Then she could have told him to stay away from the boy with the round glasses. Why did he always have to ruin things? She just didn’t understand.

Dusk fell, and she decided to head back to the castle. She could always talk to her best friend and dorm mate back in Gryffindor. That is if she could get past him. She was ready to face people. Well, maybe not two specific people. She stood and walked out of the trees and began working her way around the black lake. She froze. One of the two humans she had no desire to make any contact with was behind her, and calling to her. She continued walking as if she hadn’t heard him, as if he was invisible. Oh, how she wished she was invisible. Yet wherever she went, she managed to be noticed. He called out again. She ignored again. He needed to learn how to back off. Doesn’t he know that when a girl ignores you, it means they DON”T want to talk to you?


He caught her shoulder. She whipped around to face him.

“What? What could you possibly need that is so important, you just had to disturb my evening walk?” She was silently glad she had stopped crying ages ago. He could NOT--

She paused. His expression was not one of haughty superiority, but of vulnerable concern and… was that regret? Was he... sorry? She was momentarily disoriented. He was never sorry, yet here he was. Suddenly he wasn’t invisible, and it didn’t matter. She was fully seen and she didn’t care. He was… sorry! She was utterly dumbfounded, but she ventured on.



“What? What could you possibly need that is so important, you just had to disturb my evening walk?”

He was stunned, and a little hurt. He started to fire back, to defend himself, but he stopped. There was no one here to impress. He was here to apologize. He had to show her that he had matured, that he really understood what he had done, and how mean it was.

“Well?” She prompted, staring back at him in challenge with those gorgeous green eyes and

Get it together man! Apologize! Show her you’ve changed! You’re running out of time you know!

“Listen,” he started. “I need to talk to you. Can we please sit? It’s really important and I need you to listen.”

She glared at him, but obliged

He silently thanked God for letting her listen.

“Look, I’m sorry. What I did was both cruel and immature. I never should have hung your friend by his ankle. I just hope i haven’t screwed up so badly that there is no hope for me now. And also, I get that you’re not interested. I have decided that I’m going to stop badgering you now, something I should have decided a long time ago. Can we at least be friends?” His words hung in the air, heavy in the silence between them.


He panicked. What if he said something wrong? What if one of the things he said made him sound like the entitled prat she thought he was? He turned away. He couldn’t bring himself to look into those emerald eyes, so full of hurt and confusion. He could tell she hadn’t expected this, but he was worried he had done something wrong. He looked back to see a small tear , rolling down her face. She looked furious yet beautiful. His heart was full of longing, longing to be loved, to be understood, to be seen by her, the girl with the emerald eyes.

She took a deep breath. “Look, I… I can’t do this right now. I… Someone I thought was my best friend called me something despicable-- oh you were there, you know. I just…” She sniffed… I thought he would come after me, you know? At least to apologise? I mean... ugh, i don’t know why I’m telling you this.” she sighed


He looked away, and she was glad. She let a tear fall. She didn’t understand why but she was so upset. She supposed it was because her best friend had betrayed her but she didn’t know. He looked back. Ugh! He saw her cry. He looked like a puppy dog, eagerly waiting for her answer with those big, brown eyes. No! She shook herself out of it. He is a haughty child with an enormous ego that constantly needs to be stroked for him to be happy. You are NOT falling for him. It’s just because you’re tired, and he’s doing what you secretly wanted your best frien- your best friend  who just insulted you  - to do- listen, and apologise. Get yourself together.

“Look, I… I can’t do this right now. I… Someone I thought was my best friend called me something despicable-- oh you know, you were there.” A tear rolled down her cheek. She silently cursed. “I just thought he would come after me you know? At least to apologize? I mean, ugh… I don’t know why I’m telling you this.” She sighed.

He just kept looking at her. She looked away. He inched closer. She didn’t flinch away. Suddenly he was right beside her, stroking her hair. She shrank away, curling into a ball. She couldn’t take it anymore. Everything in her world, everything she understood, was crashing down around her. The Slytherin did something despicable and never even tried to find her. The jerk, was the one who came and was now sitting on the edge of the black lake with her. Tears rolled down her face as she laid there, small and confused. He sat, stroking her hair gently. After a while she sat up.

“We should go inside.” She stood, wiping away the wetness on her face. He stood and walked with her all the way back to the common room.

“Thank you,” she said. He nodded in acknowledgement, and turned to leave. She bit her lip in hesitation.

“Wait!” He turned back, a mildly surprised look on his face. She hesitated for a moment. “Yes.”

He stared back, confused. “Yes what?” He asked.

“Yes. I will go to Hogsmeade with you.” She smiled shyly. Maybe he had changed. He certainly seemed to be more mature tonight. She would just have to see.

He turned around, his face hidden from her, but she knew he was overjoyed. He straightened and turned back to face her, smiling the biggest smile she’d ever seen.

“Meet me in the Entrance Hall at 10?” He asked.

“See you then.”


~One Year Later~

She stood in front of him in her beautiful white dress, the girl with the emerald eyes. She looked at him as if they were the only two people in the world.

“James Potter, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.”

“Lily Evans, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do!”

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

In that moment, James Potter knew that he was fully seen and fully loved by the love of his life. He was no longer invisible, and that was the best thing in the world. He loved being visible.


AN: Hey guys! Hope you liked my very first story on here! I've written more but I need to edit and continue them! Thanks so much to my sister for being the inspiration for this story, and my beta, and thanks to JKR for creating this amazing universe for my mind to play around in! Love you guys! ~Mystical_Mayhem