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Privilege and Deprivation by Tasha9315

Format: Novel
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,272
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Drama, Mystery, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/Tonks, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 12/23/2017
Last Chapter: 12/27/2017
Last Updated: 12/27/2017

Tom Riddle Jr. decides to gain power as a shrewd politician instead of becoming Lord Voldemort. He manages to become Minster of Magic. Muggle-borns are sent to a lower standard wizarding school and are deprived under his rule. Lily Evans Potter is Hermione Granger's teacher and decides to take her under her wing. Harry Potter is raised by James and Lily. Also includes Marauders. James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are investigating offiicers who investigate Tom Ridde's corruption. 

Chapter 1: Blood test
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A/N: This is more of an introduction instead of a first chapter. I thought it was better if I posted an introduction just to give a brief glimpse into the state of the wizarding world in this fic (More of to set the stage for my story).

Aside from Minister of Magic Tom Riddle, the struggles of muggle-borns (Lily and Hermione highlighted), there will also be a focus on Harry and his siblings being raised by James and Lily. And of course, this will include the Marauders (Sirius and Remus have wives and kids too). This is my James are Lily lived fic.


Tom Riddle never killed anyone, never sought to become immortal and never became Lord Voldemort. He decided to gain power by working his way up in Ministry of Magic. After graduation, he joined the Ministry as an assistant and used his good looks, talent, manipulative nature and charm to work his up. He also found himself a wife from an affluent, pureblood family.

In 1971, Tom Riddle became the Minister of Magic with the support of affluent pureblood families like the Blacks, the Malfoys, and his in laws, the Yaxleys. He had gained their favor by presenting a government that deprived muggle-borns and gave purebloods extra privileges. In 1976, he came up with a law that banned muggle-borns from attending Hogwarts. Aside from depriving muggle-borns, this also served to reduce the contact between wizard-borns and muggles in order to reduce the chances of wizard-borns marrying muggle-borns. However, the muggle-borns who had already begun their Hogwarts education prior to 1976 were allowed to complete their Hogwarts education.

Tom realized that leaving muggle-borns in the muggle world would pose as a threat to exposing their world to muggles. Hence, he set up a new school for muggle-borns called TMBS (The Muggle-born School) in order to bring muggle-borns into their world and bind them by their wizarding laws. TMBS had a curriculum that was much lower in standard than Hogwarts. The curriculum at TMBS served mostly to help them control their powers rather than use it.

Each summer, ministry representatives were sent to the houses of the new students who were about to enter Hogwarts to do a blood test on them. The blood-test had to show they were at least half-bloods before their enrollments were confirmed. Any student who failed the blood test were sent to TMBS. Muggle-borns were also tested by the representatives sent to their home in case they had unknown wizarding ancestry. Surprisingly, some were indeed discovered to be half-blood due to a hidden paternity, adoption or being switched at birth.

Muggle-borns were severely deprived of job opportunities in the wizarding worlds. Muggle-borns who desired to work for the ministry were only allowed low positions. Teaching at TMBS was one of the limited job opportunities that were available to muggle-borns as they were not allowed to teach at Hogwarts. In 1990, a law that banned purebloods and half-bloods from marrying muggle-borns and muggles was enacted.

Potter Manor

Lily Potter walked into the Potter Quidditch pitch where her husband and sons were engrossed in a game of Quidditch. She watched them play for a few moments and smiled at the fray of their bonding. There was James with messy black hair and hazel eyes who never lost his childish grin, something Lily secretly admired about him. There was almost eleven year old Harry who was his father's clone in looks aside from his green eyes which were his mother's. Last but not least, there was seven year old Daniel who was a right mix of both his parents in looks with brown hair and his father's hazel eyes.

"Boys, that's enough for today. Get down," she called out.

It took a few seconds before James, Harry and Daniel noticed her.

"Can we please play for a little while longer?" father and sons pleaded with identical tones.

"The Ministry representatives are about to arrive for Harry's blood test," Lily pointed out. "Sirius and Remus will be here any minute with their families."

"Alright, let's get down, boys" said James.

The three Potter boys gracefully landed on the ground with their brooms, Daniel's broom being a smaller kid's broom.

"Race you inside, Dan," said Harry as both Harry and Daniel raced inside.

"I hate how they do a blood test before admitting a child at Hogwarts," said James.

"I know," Lily said understandably as she put a hand on his upper arm,"

"Still think it's a bad idea to move out of the country?" James appealed.

"James, our life is here and so are our family and friends. Besides, I love teaching muggle-borns and helping them the best that I can. You know … since our kind is thought of by the government as not deserving anything," said Lily dejectedly.

James took both her hands in his.

"Lil … things will better soon. I feel it. Tom Riddle can't be Minister of Magic forever," he squeezed both her palms reassuringly.

"I know you don't entirely believe that, but I appreciate you trying to make me feel better," Lily smiled appreciatively.

James and Lily walked into the house to find Harry and Daniel arguing.

"I won fair and square," said Harry.

"No you didn't. You're older and taller," said Daniel.

"That's not my fault,"

"It's not …"

"Cut it out, boys," Lily rebuked.

"But muum," both boys protested but fell silent at Lily's glare.

"You missed all the fun, Abby," said Harry.

"I don't care for a silly sport, Harry," said Abby in a bored voice.

James and Lily smiled at each other in nostalgia as they recalled how Lily gave James that exact same line during their fourth year when he tactlessly asked her what she thought about the "great" seventeen Quaffles he scored.

"Except when dad plays, of course," Abby added as James kissed the top of her head appreciatively.

Nine year old Abigail (Abby) was James and Lily's middle child. She mostly resembled Lily with dark red hair and green eyes.

Two ministry representatives who introduced themselves as Parkinson and Caydrell were at the Potter Manor along with a healer. Joining the Potters were the Blacks and the Lupins. The Blacks consisted of Sirius Black, his wife, Mary and their son, Rigel. The Lupins consisted of Remus Lupin and his son, Max.

Remus' wife, Nicole had passed away mysteriously six months ago. Mary Black (previously McDonald) was a muggle-born, and enraging his mother was one of the major reasons Sirius began going out with her, though he eventually did fall in love with her and genuinely married her out of love.

"It's nice and convenient that all three boys are here. It saves us the trouble of making two additional trips to the Blacks and the Lupins," said Parkinson.

"Isn't the fact that the Potters, Blacks and Lupins have been wizards for generations proof enough that our sons are at least half-bloods?" asked Sirius.

"I'm afraid not. The Ministry considers the possibility of children being switched at birth, adopted or given the wrong paternity," said Caydrell.

"Harry James Potter," Parkinson called out as he looked through his list.

Harry looked skeptically at James and Lily who both gave him encouraging looks to give the healer his arm. The healer took a sample of his blood and divided it into two petri dishes.

Parkinson pointed his wand on the first dish and said "tertiam generationem paternitas revelare" which caused the blood sample to split into seven compartments. The arrangement of the seven compartments were in three tiers; one compartment on the bottom tier, two compartments on the middle tier and four compartments on the top tier. .

"That spell is to reveal the past three generations of your paternal ancestors. The compartment on the bottom tier represents your father, the two compartments on the middle tier represent your father's parents and the four compartments on the top tier represent your father's grandparents," Caydrell explained.

Parkinson then poured a solution on the sample.

"That solution would reveal if they were wizards. The compartments that remain red represent muggle or squib ancestors with no magic. The compartments that turn white represent ancestors who were wizards, whether pureblood, half-blood or muggle-born," Caydrell continued explaining.

Parkinson then repeated the process with the second dish using "tertiam generationem maternitatis revelare" to reveal Harry's maternal ancestors. They watched as all seven compartments in the first dish turned white, while only one compartment in the second dish (that represented Lily) turned white.

"Eight out of fourteen of your ancestors from the past three generations were wizards. You're good for Hogwarts," Parkinson declared.

"How many did I need to pass?" asked Harry.

"At least three, but that alone would not have sufficed. At least one compartment from the top tier should have turned white. In other words, at least one of your great-grandparents should have been a wizard," said Parkinson.

"Alright, Rigel Orion Black,"

Like Harry, Rigel had all seven compartments in his paternal dish and one compartment in his maternal dish turn white.

"Maxwell Lyall Lupin,"

Max who had both half-blood parents had four compartments turn white in each dish. All three boys had an eight out of fourteen.

After the Ministry representatives and the healer left, the kids were in the Playroom while the adults were in the living room, having a discussion.

"Look at what our world has come to," said Sirius.

"I don't like it either, but unfortunately there isn't anything much we can do about it," said Remus.

"As long as Tom Riddle's Minster of Magic, the only escape is leaving the country," said James.

"Sirius considered that several times," said Mary who was a brunette with blue eyes.

"So did James, but it's not just Tom Riddle. Most affluent pureblood families and high ranking ministry officials support his laws. Even most wizarding families who aren't in favor of his laws are indifferent as it doesn't affect them," said Lily as James, Sirius, and Mary nodded in agreement.

"Are you alright, Remmy?" asked James who noticed that Remus looked worried and preoccupied.

"Oh, it's nothing. It just …" Remus began hesitantly.

"Go ahead, Remus. We're your friends. You can tell us anything," Sirius coaxed.

"I got a court notice from Nicky's parents today. Apparently I'm a werewolf and incompetent to raise my son. They're filing for Max's custody since Nicky's no longer alive," Remus said gloomily as his friends exchanged apprehensive looks.

"Remus, they can file all they want, but surely they aren't entitled to take Max away from his own father," said James.

"That's for normal fathers," Remus said with a sarcastic snigger. "I'm a …"

"Stop it, Remus. Don't let society get to you. Stop measuring yourself with their prejudiced standards," Sirius rebuked.

"There's nothing wrong with you, Remus. You just have a little problem during the fullmoon," said James, assertively.

"Even if I don't look down on myself, that's not going to change the law. According to the law, Nicky's parents have a very good chance of winning this case," said Remus dejectedly as all four of his friends threw him sympathetic looks.

"We'll fight this," said James.

"Yeah, we've got your back, mate," said Sirius.

"If we proof Max is safe with you, I'm sure you'll win," said Lily comfortingly.

"Max doesn't know yet. But I'm afraid have no choice but to tell him now, with the court case and everything," said Remus.

Since his mother's death, Max took turns spending the night at the Potters or the Blacks during the full moon. He was usually told that his father was sick or out on business.

"I'm sure he'll understand. He's almost eleven," said Mary encouragingly.

"What if he rejects me and prefers to live with his grandparents?" asked Remus fearfully.

"Remus, you were afraid that Sirius, Peter and I would reject you when we found out, but we accepted you because we love you, didn't we?" said James.

"You were afraid Nicky would reject you when she found out, but she accepted you because she loved you too, didn't she?" said Sirius.

"Max loves you. I'm sure he'll love you just the same when he finds out," said Lily.

"You really think so?" asked Remus.

"Yes," they answered in unison.

"I'm sure it will go fine, Remus. It's best if he hears it from you, so you can tell him with your own terms," Mary advised.

"I suppose you're all right. I'll tell Max tonight," Remus resolved. "I just hope he still looks at me the same way," he added nervously.

"He will," James, Sirius, Lily and Mary assured him at the same time.

=to be continued=

A "fury little problem" was taken from Chapter 16 (A very frosty Christmas) of Half Blood Prince.

A/N: Please, please review, so that I know if I need to improve or change anything. One thing I need to apologize for is if I come off as using tell instead of show in areas when I'm supposed to used show instead of tell. The "show not tell" is something I'm definitely working on.

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