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A Bird Wanted by a Snake by Silver_Raven

Format: Novel
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 824
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Crossover, Drama, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Snape, Narcissa, Draco, OC, Newt, Porpentia
Pairings: Draco/OC

First Published: 12/19/2017
Last Chapter: 12/20/2017
Last Updated: 12/20/2017

She moved to New York when she was only a moth old. But things felt so familiar when she moved back. Eleanor Birdget Scamander, the youngest granddaughter of Newt and Tina. Her love for the beasts was obviously her grandfather's, but she obviously was a thunderbird like her grandmother. Though she was wanted by the horned serpent as well, she chose the bird. Then in Hogwarts, she's a Ravenclaw, again another bird. And another snake would want her...

Chapter 1: The Quidditch World Cup
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“Eleanor, time to go!”

“Ok, grandpa”

It is unusual for the Scamander’s old house to be so cheerful as this. Newt and Tina has got their only granddaughter back in England. She’s Eleanor Bridget Scamander, 13, the younger sister of Rolf. Her family – she, her brother, and her mother, moved to New York when she was only a month old. Her mother is a muggle, a cardiologist, so it was considered unsafe for them to stay in England after her father died, being killed by a death eater not long after the boy who lived defeated the dark lord. Now, she’s moved back in to England without her mother or brother.

“Ready, grandpa”, she just landed on both feet after skipping two steps of the staircase.

“Before we go, tell me the plan”, Newt asked.

“So, you are going to drop me off at Charlie’s, then you both will go with your old friends and I will watch the game with Charlie’s family, and you will pick me up at their tent after the game”

“Off we go then!”

They were suddenly in an enormous camp ground full of people. They walk and walk through the crowd and over many almost the same tents until they stopped in front of one.

“I think, this is it”, Newt exclaimed.

He lead the way to enter the tent.

“Look who’s here”, said one, and probably the oldest, of the ginger men, “Sir Newton Scamander in the flesh, with his beautiful wife, and”, he stopped for a while looking at Eleanor, “You must be the youngest, Eleanor, right?”

“Yes, sir”

“Ah, you were just a little baby the last time I saw you”

He shook all of the Scamander’s hand excitedly.

“Ellie!”, a more familiar ginger called her, coming closer with wide open arms.

“Charlie!”, Eleanor hugged him.

“Kids gather around!”, the oldest ginger, Arthur Weasley, called out, “Meet the Scamanders”

Then, Ellie started to learn the names of all the gingers or Weasleys –the eldest son, Bill, the twins, Fred and George, the second youngest, Ronald, and the youngest and only daughter, Ginevra, and also the other two non-ginger kids, the bushy hair girl, Hermione Granger, and no other than the boy with lightning bolt scar, the boy who lived, Harry Potter.

“Thank you so much for doing this, Arthur”, Tina started their got to go message, “She hasn’t got any friends around here, it’s good for her to know her friends before starting school”

“And she will be bored to death if she’s coming with you”, Ellie said sarcastically.

“No big deal, it’s nice having her with us”, Arthur replied.

“Thank you, we probably have to go now, we will pick her up after the game”, Newt said to Arthur then turn to Ellie, “Be careful, okay? Stay close to them, do not wander around by yourself”

“Yes, grandpa”, Ellie responded and the two walked out.

It was a bit awkward for her being there, but at least there is one person that she has known for some time, Charlie. And somehow, she felt safe like she has known the other as well. Then the two girls invited here to their corner of the tent.

“So, you just moved back here?”, Hermione asked responded with a nod by Ellie, ”and you’ll be transferred to Hogwarts next term?”

“Yup, I’ll be in third year”

“We’ll be in the same year”, Ginny said.

“Really? Hope we can be good friends”

“Absolutely. But first, you have to be sorted into Gryffindor. Or anything but Slytherin”

“Yea, I heard. So all of you here are Gryffindors?”

“Yes, we are. Do you have houses there? Ivelmorny, isn’t it?”

“We do. Just like Hogwarts, they’re four of them. I’m a thunderbird, just like grandma and Rolf, my brother. It’s a bit like Gryffindor, but I was wanted by two houses, the other one was Horned Serpent, more like Ravenclaw”

“How’s that possible?”

They spent their time talking a lot about Ivelmorny and Hogwarts. Until it was almost the game time and they were heading to the pitch. They were climbing stairs to their tribune.

“How high should we go?”, one of the ginger complained.

“How about I put it this way?”, a very unfamiliar and unpleasant voice came from a pale man with a platinum blonde hair, “When it is raining, you will be the first to know”

“We’ll watch from the ministry box, the minister himself invited us”, said another unpleasant boy who resembled the man.

“Don’t boast, there’s no need with them”, said the man tapping the boy’s stomach with his odd stick.

It was a rather unpleasant father-son-relationship even to Eleanor who never knew hers. The boy looked up again and see her, which she was convinced that he gave the who-is-this-girl look at her, then they went away.

“Who was that?”, she asked Ginny.

“The Malfoys. The boy, Draco, he goes to Hogwarts, same year as Harry”