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The Otherworld by Cornelia Grimm

Format: Novella
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 788
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild violence, Spoilers

Genres: Crossover, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Voldemort, OtherCanon
Pairings: Ron/OC

First Published: 09/08/2017
Last Chapter: 09/09/2017
Last Updated: 09/09/2017

Max Mcdaniels and David Menlo find themselves in different reality, a different world, where they meet the staff and students of Hogwarts as well as the Golden Trio

Chapter 1: In Which A Different World is Introduced
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the following characters or places, they either belong to the great minds of JK Rowling or Henry H. Neff.


 The Second Siege was over, Lord Astoroth, a being much like and much comparable to the Dark Lord Voldemort, was gone and had taken with him The Book of Toth in exchange for the Director of Rowan, Miss Gabrielle Ritcher, and a Second-Year student, Connor Lynch. The Director and student were taken to the hospital ward of the cavern in which the staff, students, and their families were taking refuge.

But seeing as Astoroth, in exchange for the Book,  had promised to leave Rowan alone (and hand over the Director and student as well),  they would be moving back into the Manse, where the students and staff normally resided. The problem was, after the attack of Astoroth's army of thousands, would there be a Manse to go back to? And what about Old Tom? Or Maggie? (Those were the buildings where classrooms and offices were.) 

As 13 year- oldMax McDaniels silently watched his roomate, David Menlo, lay in his hospital bed (he had gotten stabbed in the side by Astoroth's imp, Mr. Sikes), his mind raced with frusting thoughts; why did Cooper have to get sick? How could he bs so stupid as to trust the imp, Mr. Sikes, with his deepest worries and secrets and not figure out who the imp actually worked for? How could Vilyak be such an idiot? Why wasn't David better yet? He had been in the same, faltering condition for weeks despite the Moomenhoovens best efforts to make the young blond Scorceror strong again. Strong enough so that he could lift his great veil to hide Rowan from the Enemy once again.(It had fallen when Mr. Sikes made him write the spell to bring the veil down after stabbing him.) Deep down, Max knew the answer to all of those questions; the witch's curse. When Rowan failed to meet Bram's Oath, the witch's cursed; "I declare Rowan's sons and daughters will fall sicken at their hour of need. The witches' curse is invoked!"

David, Cooper, Miss Ritcher, and a large amount of staff and agents were all sick during the Siege- Rowan's hour of need. But, their hour of need was, over, right? Did that mean that there was a potential for the sick to start getting better? At a normal rate?


Max stood up and left the cavern, waiting patiently as the little wooden platform was lowered by a set of pulleys. Where would he go? Out of the Sanctuary, to find what was left of Rowan's great buildings. As the platform came to a halt, Max took off running towards the little exit from the Sanctuary, approxiamately, 4 km away. But that didn' t matter because Max had learned to Amplify his body in his first year at Rowan, something most Third-years couldn't do. To Amplify meant to use your Mystics energy to amplify your bodies capabilities. Meaning that, if Max Amplified, he could outrun an Olympic sprinter. 

Max reached the crumbling wall seperating the Sanctuary and the rest of Rowan and leapt across the debris. He saw before him the ruins that had once been the Smithy, where students learned to make things and had Devices. He continued to run, eager to see the rest of the buildings and found what had once been Maggie; the bottom half of the great building was now a mound of concrete, glass and wood, the top half was resting on this pile, lazy curls of smoke still rose from it. Old Tom looked no better, it's bell, which had once rested in it's tower on the roof of the building, was gone. Max scrambled up Old Tom's pile and hefted himself up the tower. From there he could see the wrecked,          half-burnt Manse, and the vast ocean behind it.

That's when he saw it, a mist rose slowly from the ocean and started to spread upon Rowan's campus. Soon, the layer of mist,  soft and white,  covered the grounds and treetops. Max gasped and his eyes widened. All of a sudden, there was a low roar, and the mist started swirling, forming a great funnel that expanded until the mist was pushed out to the edges of the campus. It seemed Rowan had been uprooted and set within the clouds, hidden from the rest of humanity. Max's mouth was agape in shock; this could only mean one thing- David was awake.


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