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The Requirements by tedddylupin

Format: Novella
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 7,362
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild violence

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Lucy, Rose, Scorpius, Teddy, Victoire
Pairings: Teddy/Victoire, Rose/Scorpius, Other Pairing

First Published: 08/22/2017
Last Chapter: 08/28/2017
Last Updated: 08/28/2017

 Voldemort might be finished but that doesn’t mean his legacy isn’t. The children of the Second Wizarding War now have to fight their own against a powerful and mysterious dark order that threatens to destroy both the Wizarding World and the Muggle World. While Voldemort discriminated against blood, these assassins only go for those that won’t buy into their ideas.

Chapter 1: Prologue
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 A boy, practically a man, walked under the guise of darkness, his silvery hair practically glowing under the few street lamps on the street. He did not walk quickly but he did walk with a purpose. The street was deserted of course. It was like the Muggles knew that they should stay inside and keep their shutters closed for fear of angering the witches and wizard who had come out to play.


                The figure made it to his destination and took out his wand and tapped lightly twice above the door frame and once to either side. The door opened from within and the man stepped through easily and made his way into the darkened room, lit only with floating jars of fire.


                “Ah Scorpius, we were wondering when you would show.” A gruff voice called out to the man and the man pursed his lips unhappily.


                “You didn’t need to worry about me Goyle,” Scorpius said in a snide tone, “I had to make sure I wasn’t followed. Unless of course you want a raid.”


                Goyle straightened in his chair and frowned but said nothing back. Scorpius gave him a cold smile and sat at the table and looked around the room. Most of the faces were those he had grown up around, a few were newer to him, but trusted just the same.


                “How are we coming along with the spell?” He asked as he removed the scarf from around his neck.


                A petite woman with a curtain of dark hair cleared her throat before speaking in a raspy voice. “We are nearly complete with the fine tuning. The Muggles we have be working on have all succumbed and the few wizards we could corner were sent to St. Mungo’s. We have gotten reports that they have also succumbed.” She looked around the room and spoke again, but this time with a hesitant tone, “Are we sure we should have sent them to St. Mungo’s though? Wouldn’t that alert those working there that something is going on?”


                Scorpius scoffed. “Lucinda, we need them to be found, otherwise what is the point of all of this? If they aren’t found then no one will know of our presence. We are at a critical crossroads. Do we stay in the darkness or do we make our move? I know for a fact that those horrible spawn of Harry Potter and his supporters are working their way up in the Ministry and it won’t be long before we will be surrounded by those that want to intermingle with Muggles. Just the other day I overheard someone say that our world shouldn’t be hidden anymore.”


                He stood and walked towards the window. The street was still deserted though the wind was picking up, making the trees bend and shake. A storm was coming once again it seemed. He turned back to the gathered group. “We need to protect our world and ourselves. It’s time the Dark Order comes out into the light.”

Chapter 2: Lucy Weasley
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A/N: so each chapter will have a different perspective as the story goes along. Let me know what you think! 


The corridor was echoing with the sound of pounding feet. Several witches and wizards who were in the way of the red-haired girl were quickly moved out of the way with startled yelps and grumbling voices of discontent. The girl had no time to stop however, and kept racing toward the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.


                She gritted her teeth as she nearly wiped out after turning a corner. She could not believe they moved up the meeting to now. She had a feeling that James had something to do with the time change; he never could resist messing with her. She would not be late though, she may only be a junior Auror but she was every bit as important as the rest of them, and if they didn’t think so she would be quick to bring up the numerous occasions where she had gotten nearly everyone in the office out of a jam.


                (Of course, they all could come up with many more times that they had to save her skin but that was beside the point.)


                Finally, she made it to the office and she skidded to a stop. Sofia McMillian looked up from the front desk and gave her an unimpressed look, but said nothing and went back to her writing. She nearly stuck out her tongue at Sofia but knew that it wasn’t worth it, instead she sucked in a deep breath, trying to mask the fact that she was out of breath from running halfway across the Ministry and opened the double doors to the conference room.


                The men in the room were all milling about, some sitting, some talking in small groups but all turned to look at her disheveled look and pink cheeks. A few raised an eyebrow at her, and a few just rolled their eyes and went back to their conversations.


                She straightened herself and walked confidently over to where James and Albus were sitting in discussion.


                “Thanks for the heads up boys.” She frowned at them.


                “Oh did that letter not get to you until now? Sorry, I was sure I had sent it off earlier this morning.” James tutted and shook his head, “Must have slipped my mind.”


                Albus rolled his eyes, “I only found out about it a few minutes ago as well Lucy, don’t worry.”


                “Well it would have been nice to know,” Lucy hissed as she took the chair next to Albus. “I had to sprint from the Control of Magical Creatures. Honestly I don’t understand why we can’t just Apparate in here.” She muttered at the end, mostly to herself as she leaned back in the chair.


                “Because Lucy, we don’t want random bodies flying into each other and getting Splinched,” An amused voice broke the lull of the room.


                Lucy looked up to see Teddy Lupin staring at her with a wry smile and she felt her cheeks heat up. Figures her one offhand comment would cause the rest of the room to quiet. “Right. Sorry.” She muttered again.


                Teddy cleared his throat and gestured for the rest of the members of the Magical Law Enforcement to take their seats with Teddy sitting at the head of the table. He had been promoted to the head of the department when Harry Potter had stepped down in order to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. Personally, Lucy was glad that she only had one year under Harry Potter before Teddy took over. She couldn’t bear her famous uncle seeing her screw up and Teddy was much more comforting to her seeing as she grew up with him.


                “We’ve been getting strange notices from other departments of occurrences that no one has ever seen before. Magical creatures are amassing in pack formations that have never been found to occur in nature. Muggles have been disappearing from their homes and turning up dead with poison that doesn’t come from their world. The most alarming occurrences however, have been out of St. Mungo’s. They have had three wizards in the past month that have come in with a sickness that no one has been able to cure, and have ended up dead just days after their admittance.” Teddy spoke in a seriousness that Lucy had never heard before.


                “We have asked all the departments to send their strange occurrences to our department and I am asking all of you to split into teams to work on following up with either the Ministry employee who has the information or going out in the field and investigating.” Teddy looked around to each member of the Magical Law Enforcement.


                “Teddy, we already have cases of our own to deal with. Why is some random creatures and Muggle deaths so important?” A man called out.


 “Because Gavin, these reports are alarming on their own but together they are impossible to ignore. I know that this is asking a lot from everyone but I believe there is a pattern here that we need to investigate. It is better to be safe than sorry.” Teddy said with a rather forceful tone and Lucy snuck at look at Gavin Pritchard whose lips were pursed so hard they were practically invisible. “Now any other questions? No? Alright then, your assignments are in your packets.”


Lucy pulled the packet of parchment towards her and opened it. She found her name lumped together with James and Albus’s at the top of the sheet and a list of names and houses. She frowned and looked at her two cousins sitting next to her.


“Honestly Lucy use your head,” Albus rolled his eyes as he saw her confused look. “We’re going to these houses to search for clues. Looks like we’ve got both Muggles and the witches and wizards who died at St. Mungo’s.”


Lucy scrunched up her face at Albus and James snickered behind him.


“Come on let’s be serious people.” Albus said with a sigh and stood with his packet in hand. “We can start the search tomorrow when we’re fresh. Besides I’ve got things to catch up on if we’re going to be focusing on this from now on.”


Lucy nodded and stood as well only to bump into Teddy. “Whoops sorry.”


“It’s alright,” Teddy chuckled. “Did you by chance get the reports from the Control of Magical Creatures?”


“Oh right!” She has almost forgot the reason she was halfway across the Ministry. She reached into her robes and pulled out the rather thick report and handed it over to Teddy. “Teddy, if I may…” She hesitated and Teddy gave her an expectant look. “Is there a particular reason you placed me with James and Albus? I mean Molly works in the Control of Magical Creatures so it would be simple for me to just collaborate with her.”


“Why would you want to do that for?” Teddy cocked his head.


Lucy was a little taken aback by the question. Why would she want to work with her sister?


“Well it seems obvious, doesn’t it?” Lucy said slowly.


“Exactly my point.” Teddy smirked. “What’s the point of joining this department if you aren’t going to expand your talents? I know you and your sister collaborate well already, but you have a lot to learn from Albus and James. They care about you.”


Lucy scoffed at that comment. “James and Albus care about me? More like they care about embarrassing me every chance they get.”


Teddy crossed his arms. “Lucy, think of all the times they’ve had your back and you’ve had theirs. You three work well together even if you don’t believe in and I’m pretty sure they don’t either, but you have shown a lot of progress over the past year. You should thank them actually though from what I hear they should also thank you.” Teddy grinned and Lucy had to grin as well.


“Don’t let them hear you say that, I think we might have a wizard’s duel on our hands.”


Teddy let out a loud bark of a laugh. “Oh please they wouldn’t stand a chance.”


“Yeah you’re right,” Lucy laughed.


“Now if they give you trouble tomorrow just tell them that I assigned you three together for a reason and if that doesn’t straighten them out just remind them of the cave incident and I’m sure that will get them to stop talking. Thanks for the report,” He shook the thick packet and gave her a wink and she smiled brightly at him.


Guess tomorrow would be an interesting day for Lucy to say the least and she was not looking forward to it.

Chapter 3: Victoire Weasley
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 There was never a dull moment at St. Mungo’s for Victoire Weasley. From the moment she got to the inconspicuous Muggle building till she left it for her home just outside London, she was constantly bustling about and thinking quick on her feet.


                The Wizarding World could be a beautiful and enchanting place, but it could also be incredibly dangerous for even the most capable witch or wizard and Victoire often saw the wrong end of it, but she didn’t mind being in the thick of things on her floor of Spell Damage. She knew she wanted to be a Healer from a young age and her parents encouraged her to go after her dream.


                She had a feeling that part of it was because of her father. One of her first memories was her sitting on his lap and feeling the scarred part of his face and him holding her tiny hand tight in his while telling her the story of how he got it and how he was saved by quick thinking Healers. Now she was one of them and one of the best too.


                Pulling her shiny blonde hair back into a bun, she looked herself over in the mirror of the employee breakroom. She saw her cousin coming in and she gave her a smile. “Morning Lily.”


                Lily looked up and smiled back. “Morning Victoire! I heard from Katie that Mr. Boot is getting discharged today, is that right?”


                “As long as he can keep down his food I think he should be good to go,” Victoire nodded and placed her bag in the cubby that was labeled with her name.


                Lily snorted, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man so angry at the fact that he can’t eat.”


                Victoire chuckled, “He tried to steal the pudding from his neighbor’s plate when she wasn’t looking yesterday.”


                The two girls made their way onto their floor. Victoire was one of the main Healers while Lily was still a Healer-in-training but she had the markings of a becoming a great Healer as well. Victoire was glad for her cousin’s company on the floor. The two had grown up together though Victoire was some eight years older than her, it was like the two were the exact same age. Lily had an old soul and connected well with the older patients that came through and Victoire found herself looking on in pride as Lily treated the patients with respect but also held her own when necessary.


                Victoire made her rounds to the current patients, chatting with them as she changed their bandages or brought them their potions to help clear up whatever nasty spell they had found themselves on the wrong end of. A lot of times it was making sure the person was comfortable or as comfortable as possible and keeping them company. She enjoyed her work and found herself looking forward to coming back each day to check up on the current residents on her floor.


                “Victoire!” A sharp cry rang out and she instantly broke off her conversation with Terry Boot and ran towards the stricken voice.


                She found Lily on the floor next to a patient she hadn’t seen before, a new one it looked like. He was convulsing rapidly with foam coming out of his mouth. Instantly Victoire found herself focusing on the signs and how she could help the man.


                “Lily grab the Methymercury potion and a bezoar.” She snapped and Lily nodded, quickly getting to her feet and running towards the store room. Victoire hovered over the man and said clearly <i>”Anapeo”</i> while moving her wand over the man. The spell did nothing to stop him from choking and she snapped her head up as Lily came running back with the potion and bezoar. She took them and forced the bezoar into the man’s mouth, closing it so that he would swallow it which she felt him do, but he continued to convulse. Her eyes narrowed and then she took the potion and forced a bit down his throat and waiting a moment.




                ”Patet faucium”






                Victoire rocked back onto her heels and hung her head. Everything she could do for this man was spent and now he lay there, unblinking, his eyes staring at the ceiling seeing nothing. She let herself hold this position for a moment before rising.


                She turned to the orderly who had brought the man in. “Do you know who this man is?”


                “Lu-Lucas Kirkpatrick,” The orderly cleared his throat and Victoire nodded.


                “Please bring him to the morgue and have one of the secretaries contract his family.” She turned to Lily and motioned for her to follow her to the store room. Once the two were inside she shut the door behind them.


                “That’s the fourth one this week alone Victoire,” Lily murmured and Victoire frowned. “Don’t say this isn’t a coincidence. What kind of poison couldn’t be cured by a bezoar or the Methymercury potion? Along with the <i>Remedium</i> spell? This is getting dangerous.”


                “I know,” Victoire hissed and closed her eyes and sighed and opened them once more, “I know. I’ve already told Teddy about these attacks and I know he expects me to figure this out but how can I when the victims can’t even tell me what happened?”


                “You know he needs to know,” Lily said gently and Victoire nodded. “I can take over for the moment, you need to get to him straight away.”


                Victoire gave Lily a grateful smile and quickly Disapparated into the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic. She hurried along towards the lifts and punched the second level. She felt the familiar jolt and soon she was walking quickly along the hallway and whisked into the waiting room of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. She heard Sophia give a brief sound of protest but Victoire ignored it and instead barged right into Teddy’s office.


                She found him with Gavin Pritchard who gave her a shocked look but Teddy’s normally light and amused facial expression instantly darkened though with what emotion she couldn’t quite put her finger on.


                “Will you excuse us Gavin. I need to speak to Victoire.” Teddy said, not sparing Gavin a glance. Meanwhile Gavin gave a huff of annoyance.


                “I really need to turn in these reports as soon as possible Lupin, you know that.”


                “Yes of course, but this is most urgent.” Teddy said, finally tearing his gaze from Victoire and giving Gavin a determined look. The man pursed his lips but left all the same. Victoire watched him leave and felt Teddy’s gaze on her once more.


                “Teddy—“ She started before she was cut off.


                “It happened again didn’t it?” Teddy muttered and Victoire nodded. Teddy’s brow furrowed and he stood up, hands clasped behind his back. “Who was it this time?”


                “Lucas Kirkpatrick. He worked with the International Magic Corporation didn’t he?”


                Teddy nodded absent-mindedly. “Did you try everything?”


                Victoire narrowed her eyes. “Are you insinuating that I did not do my job correctly?”


                “Not at all I was just—“


                “Just what? Just thinking that poor Victoire doesn’t know what she’s doing?”


                “Victoire I would never—“


                “Oh sure let’s just assume that a man died in front of me just because I felt like letting him die!” She spat furiously before collapsing in one of the chairs in front of Teddy’s desk. “Don’t you think I’m trying everything I know? I did everything possible and he still died Teddy! He died right in—right in front of me.” She murmured the last part with a choking gasp and let her head fall into her hands as she felt the hot tears come that she didn’t dare let anyone see before.


                She felt strong hands come around her and she raised her head to find it in the crook of Teddy’s shoulder and she wrapped her own arms around his. It was a comforting and all too familiar feeling.


                “I don’t know what to do,” She whispered fiercely, feeling slow tears make their way down her cheeks to rest on the fabric of Teddy’s robes.


                “We’re going to figure this out together, I promise.” She heard Teddy’s low voice rumble into her ears and she let out a sigh.


                She released her arms and pulled away from the warm and inviting body. “But how? How many more people are going to die before we can?”


                “I have all my Aurors that aren’t away working on this. I’ll get the Department of Mysteries working on it too.” Teddy said, rubbing her arms.


                “You don’t think….you don’t think this is another war do you?” She asked in a soft voice and Teddy frowned.


                “I have no reason to believe that this is any cause for war Vic. We’ll figure this out.” Teddy said in the same soft voice but with an encouraging tone.


                Victoire nodded and gazed at the boy turned man. They hadn’t been this close for a long time. She hadn’t trusted herself to not do something rash. Their schoolyard romance had consisted of some of her favorite memories but she needed to not let herself think of those at the moment. Her silly fantasies were not important right now. Right now, she needed Teddy the Auror, not Teddy the boy that had made her laugh and made her swoon.


                But she was so close, close enough to kiss him if she wanted to. And she saw in Teddy’s eyes that he was thinking along the same lines as she was. Just a few feet to close the distance…


                She stood abruptly. “I need to get back. Lily will be needing me.” She said in a burst. Teddy jerked back but caught himself and rose as well.


                “Of course.” He nodded. She backed up and turned to walk out of the room. “Victoire—“


                She turned back. “Yes?”


                “If you…if you need to talk more I’m always here.” He said with a hint of yearning in his voice and she nodded slowly.


                “Of course.”


                “And if anything else happens…well…just do your best I suppose.” He said awkwardly and she gave a slight sad quirk of a smile.


                She turned and walked out of the room. She had gone in there sad and distraught and left feeling confused.


                It was never a dull moment.

Chapter 4: James Potter
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 If it had been his choice, he would have gone in alone, but of course it wasn’t his choice and instead he was saddled with both his younger brother and his cousin who sometimes took after his annoying uncle Percy too often than he would care to admit. He would never say any of this out loud of course. He was the oldest of the clan and therefore was the protector.


                If he was being honest with himself he didn’t want the role. He didn’t want to be the one that others turned to when times got tough. Teddy was there for that. He was there to make sure that there was still laughter in the world and make sure that Alby didn’t get a big head.


                He remembered the first time he and Albus were out in the field. A rogue dark wizard had snuck up on them and he had pushed Albus out of the way just in time to avoid the green killing curse. That was the first day that he got just an inkling of what it had been like for their father and he didn’t like it one bit. He was afraid.


                He was afraid for his life and for his brother’s life. He didn’t have to worry about Lily at St. Mungo’s, but he and Albus were out in the thick of things.


                And now it felt like they were on the precipice of something dark and nasty and instead of turning tail and hiding his face, he had to put on a brave persona that often felt like a thin façade that was in danger of cracking any minute.


                But he was James Sirius Potter.


                He was named after two heroes. He couldn’t let them down.


                It was a weight on his shoulders that some days he couldn’t bear to hold up.


                Being a Potter meant more than a name, it was a reminder to the world that his father won against evil and he was meant to do great things.


                Today felt like the start of those great things, but it wasn’t himself leading Albus and Lucy into the abandoned house of one of the deceased from the unknown poison.


                No, he was bringing up the rear reluctantly.


                “We’re allowed to just go in, right?” Lucy turned her head back to him and his face contorted back to his easy-going smile.


                “Yeah Luce, we’re allowed to go in.” He smirked and gestured for her to follow after Albus who had unlocked the door with a wave of his wand.


                Inside the much cooler house, he let his eyes adjust for a moment. The place looks normal, like someone’s house who was just waiting for them to get home from work. James frowned for a moment before walking slowly into the house. He heard Albus and Lucy in the other rooms and he let them explore. After all, 6 eyes were better than two.


                He found his way into what appeared to be a study. Papers were in a neat stack on a rather nice cherry wood desk that had he not been looking for some sort of clue he would have admired for longer. He made his way around and sat in the leather chair and opened drawer after drawer, finding more papers in each of them. His mouth set into another frown and turned around to painting behind the desk that he knew had to have a safe behind it. It would be too boring otherwise.


                Sure enough there was a safe behind the painting that swung outwards. He brought out his handy knife that could unlock anything and he was inside and his frown set deeper.


                There were galleons, knuts, and sickles of course, but there were also several bound notebooks that he pulled out and rifled through. It was mostly family papers such as birth certificates as well as an old diary with important dates. Nothing useful by any means.


                He moved to place the notebooks back into the safe when a slip of paper dropped out of it. He bent to pick it up and narrowed his eyes at the seal that instantly caught his eye.


                It was a fiery gold wax with an emblem of a skeletal bird whose tail ended in fire.


                “Hey Alby come look at this!” He called out and a moment later Albus peeked his head into the study followed closely by Lucy. He handed the paper to Albus who also narrowed his eyes at the seal.


                “What do you think it means?” Albus looked back up at James and Lucy took the paper from Albus’s hands.


                “What kind of bird is that?” Lucy asked.


                “If I didn’t know any better I’d say that was a phoenix.” James said softly and Lucy’s head whipped up to lock eyes with him.


                “But this seal would be impossible in the natural world.”


                “I know. It’s disturbing, isn’t it?” James muttered before looking back down at the notebook still in his lap. “What do you think it’s doing in this house?”


                Albus shook his head. “I don’t know but I don’t like it. We should show Teddy.”


                James pursed his lips and gave a curt nod. “He’d want to see this. I’m bringing these notebooks too. Who knows what will be useful.”


                The three exited the house and made their way back to the Ministry by way of Apparation and were in Teddy’s office within the hour.


                Teddy leaned back in his chair and took in a deep breath and let out a sigh. Lucy and Albus were sitting in the chairs across from Teddy while James lingered back, leaning against the wall, his nose in the notebooks while Teddy examined the seal.


                “I’ve seen this seal only once and it wasn’t good.” Teddy said in a grave tone. James looked up at that and saw that Lucy was practically on the edge of her seat. “You said that this was in the locked safe James?”


                “That’s right, it was in one of these notebooks but there’s nothing of importance in here so far. Just family dates that reaches back to the medieval ages before the Wizarding World went into hiding.” James answered.


                Teddy gave another sigh and rubbed his jaw with his hand. “What I say to you does not leave this room. I know I can trust you three but I don’t want others knowing about this unless we have to disclose it.”


                At this point Lucy looked about an inch from falling off her seat. Albus looked just as interested and James closed the notebook with an audible thud.


                “There has been record of a secret organization that was created before wizards went into hiding from the Muggles. No one really has any idea what their purpose is, it’s been lost to time, but all I know is that they are dangerous and will kill anyone who goes against their purpose. All I know is that their insignia is a skeleton of a phoenix, just like the one on this seal.” Teddy said in a low voice that James practically had to lean in close to even hear.


                “So if no one knows what that purpose is then how are we supposed to stop them?” James asked in a slightly defiant voice.


                “That’s the problem, isn’t it? Without information, we have no leverage and these killings seem to be random. We need to find the link between them.” Teddy replied as he looked off to the side as if speaking his thoughts out loud.


                “What now?” Albus asked.


                “I want you to find the link between these victims.” Teddy said simply. “And do not let anyone know about this secret society. We can’t be sure who’s involved and who isn’t.”


                The three nodded and got up to leave before Teddy called out for James to stay behind. He froze and turned around in his spot.


                “I want you to investigate those dates and the family in that notebook James. I have a feeling and if I’m right the names in that notebook will lead us to answers.” Teddy said and James nodded yet again.


                “Of course Teddy,” He responded.


                Teddy watched him for a moment. “Are you afraid James?”


                James was taken aback for a moment. What would even possess Teddy to say such a thing? But it was true, wasn’t it? He was afraid.


                “It’s okay if you are. We are children of war heroes aren’t we?” Teddy gave James a faint smile. “All I had growing up was stories of my parents fighting hard for the freedom we have now. Tell you the truth I wish people would tell me stories of their laughter instead of stories of how hard they fought till the very end.”


                James was speechless. He had never heard Teddy talk like this. Truthfully, he sometimes forgot about the fact that Teddy was an orphan his entire life. It made him thankful that his own father was still around.


                He sank into the chair in front of Teddy’s desk. “How do we know that this isn’t another war?” He whispered fiercely.


                “We don’t.” Teddy said plainly and James’s eyes sharpened with a spark of fear. Teddy leaned forward. “But we have the tools to stop this war before it even begins.” He said in a strong tone that eased some of James’s fear.


                “How though? I feel like I’m walking into the unknown every time I leave my flat.” James murmured.


                “Fear is what makes us human James, but we cannot let it control us. We will find the people behind these attacks and I refuse to let them control my fear. I refuse to let them create chaos and panic. My parents and your parents did not fight so hard to let this sort of thing happen again, so I promise that we will find these horrible people and put a stop to it.” Teddy said and James felt a jolt of strength course through him. “Will you help me?”


                “Of course Teddy. I want these terrible people caught and brought to justice. We can’t let it happen again.” James straightened his spine and spoke fiercely. Teddy gave him a smile and a nod.


                “Good now let’s show these people that they aren’t as smart as they think.”


                James let a slightly cruel smile curl onto his lips and he gave Teddy a nod back and stood to walk out the door.


                Yes, he was still afraid, but he refused to let it force him to bow into submission. He would fight back.

Chapter 5: Rose Weasley
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A/N: Let me know what you think! Personally my favorite chapter so far!


 Rose Weasley was not one to be trifled with. She looked kind and considerate and she was…up to a point. She had no patience for the older men she worked with in the Department of Mysteries with their outdated beliefs and backwater thoughts on young women working in the department. She was one of the youngest in history to join the department and that didn’t seem to sit well with most of the men, especially those that had been there since before the Second Wizarding War. Personally, she wondered if they ever got a good look at the room of Death because they were headed there soon.


                She would never discuss these feelings out loud of course. She kept her head down and did her work and only really talked with the other women in the department and of course her former classmate, Scorpius. They had both gotten the job together, the only two of the entire class and it was only on an internship basis till the employees decided that they had to chops to stick around.


                Being an Unspeakable meant that she knew things that people only dreamed about, but she could never discuss it outside the workplace, no matter how much her family badgered her about it. That was when she was grateful for having Scorpius around. He understood the immense pressure of working in a place that held such wonders. Recently though, she had noticed he seemed a little distant to her. Their playful joking manner had seemed to become hollow and no matter how much she off-handedly pried, she never got a true answer of what was going on with him.


                At the moment though, she didn’t have enough time to ask him questions. She had better things to spend her time on.


                Working in the room of Magic meant that she had to first understand the history of where wizards came from. The past year she worked basically as a historian and truth be told she loved it. She liked learning about the rich history of magic and the Wizarding World, but with everything good, she learned about all the darkness and tragedy that surrounding their world like a cloak of darkness.


                That’s why when she saw the seal that Teddy had brought to her the other day she instantly froze. She had seen that seal multiple times that it was practically an omen of horrible and tragic things.


                “Where did you find this?” She hissed.


                “Do you recognize it?” Teddy asked with a curious look on his face.


                Rose looked around. The two were in the hallway in front of the Department of Mysteries where the no longer used courtrooms stood. She grabbed Teddy’s arm and pulled him into a doorway so they were both in the shadows. “That seal means something terrible. Where did you find it?”


                “We found it in the home of one of the victims of a curse. Some sort of poison that not even Victoire could cure,” Teddy said gravely.


                Rose’s eyes widened. “Poison you said?”


                “What, does that mean something to you?”


                Rose bit her lip for a moment and Teddy frowned. “Rose tell me. I know you aren’t supposed to talk about your job but this is something that transcends any department.”


                Rose sighed for a moment before nodding. “Okay I will, but not here. Let me gather some things and I’ll bring them to you by the end of the week.”


                Of course, she didn’t realize just how hard it would be to sneak out things from the Department of Mysteries. Because of her age she seemed to never be alone unless she was with Scorpius, so she stuck by him like a magnet. She didn’t think he would notice until he gave her a raised eyebrow when she pulled him into the library in the room of Magic.


                “There a reason you’re pulling me in here Rosie?” Scorpius asked.


                “I just need your help for a moment. I need to sneak some things out and I want you to be the lookout okay?” Rose said in an almost breathless voice. She knew she didn’t have much time to gather the things she needed.


                Scorpius’s eyes narrowed. “What are you doing?”


                “I need to get some things to Teddy okay? I think it might be life or death.”


                “Wow life or death okay,” He said with a little smirk and Rose gave him a frown.


                “I’m being serious. Now just watch out for people.”


                Scorpius raised his hands in defeat and with a little smile he turned around and watched the doorway, leaning against the door jam in an almost lazy way. Rose stood for a moment watching his figure but then shook her head and quickly went around the room to the hiding places she had kept the things she knew Teddy needed. She pulled the scraps of paper and thin notebooks out and stuffed them into her purse. She looked up and caught Scorpius staring at her.


                “What are you doing?” She hissed and pointed at the doorway and he quickly turned around with a grin. She rolled her eyes but she couldn’t help a small smile form on her lips. She finally got the last thing she needed and she walked quickly toward the doorway, wanting to get out of the department as soon as possible. She grabbed Scorpius’s hand and dragged him away from the library before stopping short of the exit to the room with the spinning doors.


                She turned quickly to face Scorpius. “Will you tell the others that I needed to go see Teddy? Or really just make up any excuse if they ask.”


                “Of course, Rosie, but you owe me a story later,” He said with a pointed look and she nodded before reaching up on her tippy toes to give him a kiss on the cheek.


                “Thanks Scorp I owe you one.”


                And with that she hurried out of the department and up to Teddy’s office. She waved to Albus who was in the hallway. “Sorry no time to chat!” She said as he opened his mouth and walked into Teddy’s open office and shut the door behind her. Teddy looked up and instantly cast the Muffliato charm on the door and Rose walked over to his desk, pulling out the papers she had gathered from the library and took a deep breath as she sat down.


                “I have seen that seal many times during my time in our library and it has never been a good thing. Before I could work on anything in the department, I had to first learn our history and that meant knowing all the horrible and unspeakable things that have happened to the Wizarding World and that seal is one of them.” She said in a slightly urgent tone.


                Teddy sat up straighter as she put the papers on his desk. He looked down at them for a moment but then looked back up at Rose for her to explain more.


                “The seal of the bones of a phoenix is the symbol for a group of wizards who call themselves the Order of Mordred.”


                Teddy flinched at the name. “These people dare evoke that name?”


                “I know, but you have to understand this is a very old and was once a very powerful group. It is rumored that they actually followed Mordred in the flesh and that they were the group that wounded Merlin. I know the history books say that it was Mordred himself but there is no way that he didn’t have help.”


                Teddy nodded, “So how long as this order been in power?”


                “Those papers I brought you are notes and letters starting from the Age of Merlin to the Black Plague when the Wizarding World separated from the Muggle World. It seems that the order wished to stay in the Muggle World and overtake it to make the Wizarding World the only world, but by the time of the Black Plague there were so few of them left that it was easy to overpower them.” Rose explained as Teddy rifled through the papers.


                 “Why do you think this is the same order now? Besides the seal of course,” Teddy asked.


                “In several of the letters with the seal it mentions a powerful spell that renders the person utterly helpless. For a while I thought it was some sort of freezing spell, but in one of the later papers in talks of the victim foaming at the mouth and nothing being able to be done to stop it.”


                Teddy’s eyes flicked up Rose’s face. “Like the poison victims? This is a spell?”


                Rose nodded gravely. “It’s the only explanation. This currently reincarnation of the order must have gotten their hands on a way to create the spell and are using it on those that are against their agenda.”


                “What do you think their agenda is? We haven’t been able to find a link between the victims.”


                Rose leaned forward in her chair. “I have a theory but I’m not sure if it’s right.”


                Teddy leaned forward as well and nodded for her to go on.


                “I think they are targeting those that want to bring the Wizarding World out of the shadows and expose ourselves to the Muggle World.”


                Teddy’s eyes narrowed. “But that’s the exact opposite thing that the original order wanted. They wanted to stay where Muggles knew about us and eventually take them over.”


                “See that’s what I thought too but think about it Teddy. If we expose ourselves to the Muggles it would cause hysteria on a global scale and the Muggles these days are practically itching for any reason to cause catastrophe. It would be like the witch hunts all over again.”


                “So…they’re protecting us? In a dark and twisted way?” Teddy asked, mostly to himself.


                Rose leaned back in her chair and shrugged. “Who knows what they’re doing. I think they’re trying to create a civil war within our world. The idea of coming out of the shadows is growing to become a popular idea. If they get enough followers it could become a serious idea, but I know that those that believe we should stay in hiding would fight tooth and nail to keep our world a secret. This order is creating turmoil either way. The spell they have is powerful and in the wrong hands it could be disastrous.”


                Teddy was silent for a moment before standing up. “Thank you for this Rose. Can I keep these papers for the time being?”


                Rose stood as well, knowing she should be getting back. “Keep them for as long as you like, as long as you have my back if the old coots in my department try to come for me.”


                Teddy laughed. “I’ll be sure to do that. Don’t worry if anything goes wrong, I’ve got the entire Department of Magical Security on my side.”


                “See that you do,” Rose gave an arch of her eyebrow and turned to leave but stopped for a moment at the door. “The world will never be at peace, will it?”


                “Who’s to say? Do they not have a room for that in your department?” Teddy gave a wry smile.


                “I don’t think we’ve evolved enough for that,” Rose gave a sad smile back to him and turned to walk out the door.