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Changes and Secrets by Tasha9315

Format: Novella
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 5,612
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Lupin, James, Sirius, Draco, OC
Pairings: Harry/Hermione, Draco/OC

First Published: 06/22/2017
Last Chapter: 08/24/2017
Last Updated: 08/24/2017

 AU Rewrite. In the summer before his 3rd year, Harry Potter learns that James is still alive but Dumbledore got James and Sirius thrown in prison so he could send him to the Dursleys and used his influence to fake James' death. James and Sirius come out in the summer before Harry's 3rd year and changes happen. Also involves the pairing of Harry and Hermione. The Marauders in action!

Chapter 1: James is still alive!
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I always wondered what would have happened if James somehow survived but Harry still became The Boy Who Lived due to Lily's sacrifice. I have 2 fanfictions in mind for this. This one involves James and Sirius being in prison until Harry's 3rd year and James' death having been faked by Dumbledore for 12 years.

The other one involves Harry being raised by the Marauders (sans Peter) instead of the Dursleys. This is the first one. Not sure if I'll write the other one after this. Depends on the reviews. I'm trying to to make the story as logical as possible. Dumbledore is manipulative and has slightly shrewd ways in this one but he's not exactly evil. This story also involves Harry/Hermione's pairing.

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any part of Harry Potter. This is merely a fanfiction.

Outside of Azkaban

It was July 30th 1993. James and Sirius had just been released from prison. They had been in Azkaban for almost 12 years. Almost 12 years ago, Sirius had been cleared of all charges at James' testimony. But unfortunately, they admitted to being illegal animagi to Dumbledore in secret, in order to make it easier to catch Petter Pettigrew. They didn't expect Dumbledore to get them in trouble with the law, but Dumbledore told on them to the ministry, and they both got sentenced to Azkaban. There was still an unsuccessful look out for Peter as an animagus.

"Should we go confront that old coot for betraying us to the ministry first?," asked Sirius.

"No, I wanna see my son first," said James.

"Right. My Godson must be a fine young teenage boy by now," said Sirius fondly.

"He turns 13 tomorrow," said James fondly. "That Dumbledore must have left him with those dreadful Dursleys. We have to get him away from them as soon as possible," James resolved.

"First, we have to get shaved and cleaned up. We might scare Harry off if we visit him in this state," said Sirius.

"Right. I can't visit the Dursley's in this state. Harry and the Dursleys already think I'm dead thanks to that old coot's manipulation. I bet he only got me thrown in jail so he could send Harry to the Dursleys," said James hotly.

Privet Drive

Dursley Residence

At about 11am, Vernon and Petunia opened their door and got the shock of their lives.

James and Sirius, clean shaven and neatly dressed were at their doorstep.

"You? Aren't you dead?" Vernon shrieked in shock.

"Oh ya, this is my ghost and I'm here to haunt you," James said sarcastically.

Vernon and Petunia knew he wasn't a ghost due to his realistic appearance and the fact that he looked visibly older.

"But how are how are you still alive? That old man said Harry had to live with us as Lily and you were dead?" Petunia scoffed.

"And who's he?" Vernon barked, pointing at Sirius.

"This is Sirius, one of my bestfriends and Harry's Godfather. Do I have to explain everything on your porch? Or may we come in?" asked James, impatiently.

Vernon and Petunia let them in as they were afraid of neighbors witnessing the exchange on their porch.

"Now, tell me, how are you still alive and why did that crackpot old fool say that you were dead?" Vernon asked, or rather barked impatiently.

"I was attacked by Voldermort but I wasn't dead. Voldermort and I were dueling and one of his spells left me unconscious, but Volderomort thought I was dead and went upstairs for Lily and Harry," James explained.

"Then where were you all these years. Why were Vernon and I stuck raising your son?" asked Petunia.

"I was in prison," said James.

"Ah, so you're a criminal," said Vernon accusingly with menacing triumph, earning dirty glares from both James and Sirius.

Just then Harry and Dudley came down.

"What's going on?" asked Dudley.

James glowed as he finally felt alive in 12 years after he laid eyes on Harry.

Harry starred at James. James looked a lot like his dad from the pictures.

"But he can't be my dad. My dad is dead," Harry thought to himself.

"Harry! My boy" James hugged Harry.

"Well boy, your father is still alive. So we don't have to put up with you anymore," said Vernon.

"But…How?" asked Harry, stunned.

James explained everything to Harry including how he ended up in prison and became an animagus.

Harry just stood there in shock for a few moments, letting everything sink in. Then it finally sunk into him.

"So it's really you, dad?" he asked gleefully.

"It's really me, son," said James as Harry hugged him, a few happy tears falling down his face.

He had never felt safer in his entire life, being in his father's arms. Until 5 minutes ago, he was an orphan, and now he had his father.

After they let go, James introduced Sirius to Harry, and both Godfather and Godson had a happy hug too.

"It's a good thing you're taking the boy away now. My sister's about to visit," said Vernon.

"You mean that bulldog who drank a ton of brandy at your wedding?" asked James as Sirius, Harry and Dudley sniggered.

Despite being afraid and shocked of James' and Sirius' presence, Dudley couldn't help but snigger at the remark about his aunt as he wasn't very fond of her either.

"Don't you dare speak that way about my sister," Vernon threatened.

James just rolled his eyes."She doesn't know about our world does she?" he asked.

"Of course not. She thinks your son goes to St. Brutus' Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys just like the neighbors," Vernon said triumphantly.

At this, both James and Sirius angrily grabbed Vernon and pointed their wands at him.

Vernon, Petunia and Dudley gave out terrified shrieks.

"How dare you make my son out to be a criminal," James said threateningly.

"Look at the state of Harry. These clothes are definitely hand-me-downs, presumably from this kid," said Sirius, pointing at Dudley.

"He even looks really thin like he's unfed," said James angrily.

Both were still pointing their wands at Vernon.

"Dad, Uncle Sirius, it's alright. Let him go. I don't want you both to get thrown in prison again for hexing a muggle. Let's just get out of here," said Harry.

James and Sirius lowered their wands.

"Alright Harry, grab your stuff and we'll be away from these dreadful people," said James.

Harry grabbed his stuff as quickly as he could, but made sure that he didn't leave anything behind.

"Wait a minute," said Vernon as James, Sirius and Harry were about to leave. "I spent 12 years raising your son. I think that deserves a proper compensation. I understand that your family is rich and owns several assets," said Vernon.

James, Sirius and Harry threw him disgusted looks.

"Raised my son? Seems like you've been ill-treating my son," said James. "Harry, be honest, have these people been treating you well?" asked James.

"No. They've always hated having me and they've always treated me like I'm scum," said Harry as James and Sirus threw the Dursleys more threatening glares.

"I don't think you even spent that much on my son, seeing as his clothes are hand-me-downs. But nevertheless, I'll send you cash once I get to the bank," said James who didn't want to be in the Dursley's debt in the slightest.

"How much and when will I be receiving this cash?" asked Vernon.

"Don't worry Vernon. I'll send you more than you ever spent on my son. You'll receive it by tomorrow," said James coldly.

"And you, treating your own sister's child that way. You should be ashamed," James said disgustedly to Petunia before the 3 of them left.

Dumbledore's Office

Dumbledore was pacing around his office unhappily. His plan was being ruined. He had tactfully gotten James and Sirius thrown into jail for 17 years, so that he could send Harry to the Dursleys and so he could control Harry the way he wanted. The punishment for being an illegal animagus was only 7 years of imprisonment, but he had used his influence to increase the sentence to 17 years. He also got everyone including the Daily Prophet, except the few wizards at the trial to believe James was dead by using his influence. How could he not be informed beforehand that James and Sirius were being released 5 years earlier for good behavior? Surely they had gotten hold of Harry by now. He had to do something.

=to be continued=

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Author's note: The phrase "crackpot old fool" was taken from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Chapter 4.

P.S: Sorry about the title. I'm really bad at titles. This story does NOT involve Ron bashing. He's the same Ron we know and love.

Chapter 2: The Marauders discuss Dumbledore!
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James, Sirius and Harry were now at the Potter Manor. With them, was Remus Lupin. They had gotten hold of Remus and filled him in.

"I can't believe Professor Dumbledore would do that," said Remus who was shocked.

"But Moony, I put your name as the 2nd guardian of Harry and my assets after Sirius. Shouldn't you have gotten guardianship of my assets and Harry?" asked James.

"But the legal document that Dumbledore produced at court showed that you left him as the guardian," said Remus.

"What? I did no such thing. I should have known better than to leave the original document with Dumbledore. I bet he got rid of it and forged a new one," said James, hotly.

"I still asked Professor Dumbledore for Harry's custody, especially when I found out he was placed at the Dursleys, but Dumbledore insisted it was for Harry's protection. Something about wards involving Lily's blood and Harry's need to be placed with her blood. He also said that if I tried to legally question Harry's placement, he would use the fact that I was a werewolf against me. He never even let me see Harry all these years. He kept making excuses to prevent me," said Remus.

James and Sirius were red with anger.

"But Harry, why didn't you reply any of my letters? I couldn't write to you before you entered Hogwarts, but I did write to you several times, while you were at Hogwarts," asked Remus.

"But I never received any letters from you, Uncle Remus," said Harry, confused.

"I bet that's also that meddlesome old man's doing," said Sirius.

"More than Dumbledore, I'd like to get my hands on that sneaky worm rat," said James, with full fury.

They all agreed and the 3 Marauders swore Peter Pettigrew would have hell to pay when they got hold of him.

"Harry, I'd like to know exactly what went on in your life this past 12 years. If you're ready to talk, that is," said James.

Harry filled James, Sirius and Remus in on his life with The Dursleys and his first 2 years at Hogwarts. After he finished, the 3 Marauders didn't know who they felt like pounding and hexing more; Dumbledore, The Dursleys or Severus Snape. They were amazed at how Harry could recount the horrible events in his life without crying.

Before either of them could react, Dumbledore arrived through the Potter's Floo Network to be greeted by 4 very nasty glares. 2 glares in particular, from James and Sirius looked about ready to kill him. After Dumbledore, another face they all hated stepped out of the Floo Network, Severus Snape.

"Hello Professor," James and Sirius said sarcastically through gritted teeth. It took all their self-control to refrain themselves from attacking Dumbledore.

"Now, now, James and Sirius. I understand that you would both be furious. But I had to do it for Harry's safety. You were against sending Harry to the Dursleys. I had to put you in prison to carry out my protection plan for Harry. I knew I wouldn't be able to convince you to send Harry to the Dursleys," Dumbledore tried to explain.

"Darn right I would never have agreed to give Harry to those dreadful people," said James.

"James, you have to understand. It is essential that Harry returns to The Dursleys," said Dumbledore.

James and Sirius had to be held back by Harry and Remus as they lunged at Dumbledore.

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Would it be completely illogical if I wrote in a twin sister for Harry, who grew up with James' cousin and attended Ilvermony? She's not part of my plot yet, but if I do add her, I have a side plot of her transferring to Hogwarts and changing Draco Malfoy to be a better person.




Chapter 3: Marauders confront Dumbledore
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 This chapter is completely about The Marauders confronting Dumbledore about everything. By everything, I mean all of it. That's why it's quite long.

"James, you have to understand. It is essential that Harry returns to The Dursleys," said Dumbledore.

James and Sirius had to be held back by Harry and Remus as they lunged at Dumbledore.

"Since Lily sacrificed herself for him, the protection charm to protect him from Voldermort can only work if he has a home with her blood," said Dumbledore.

"But professor, Voldermort has lost all his power," said Remus.

"I'm afraid Remus, Voldermort is not gone forever. When he rises to power again, Harry needs the protection wards he has from Lily's blood," said Dumbledore.

"There are other ways and other types of magic to protect a person, professor. And it doesn't explain you cutting me off from Harry or disregarding James and Lily's decision on their son," Remus pointed out.

"You didn't even do a darn thing to ensure Harry was treated well at The Dursleys. They made him sleep in a cupboard under their stairs for 10 years where they would often lock him up with no food as punishment," said James, hotly.

"Not to mention they made him their house slave and they once locked him up and put bars on his windows the summer before his second year," Sirius added, hotly.

"That bastard, Vernon even hit him as punishment," said James, enraged.

"Forget everything else, but we refuse to accept your lame reasoning for betraying us and sending us to prison," said Sirius, heatedly.

"In all fairness Sirius, it was illegal for James and you to become illegal animagi," said Dumbledore.

"Oh, so this is about abiding the law now. Then we should get you thrown in prison for forgery, illegal manipulation of the law and being an accessory to child abuse, proofesssor," said Sirius.

"We know you used your influence to increase our sentence from 7 years to 17 years. And you didn't just do it for Harry's protection. You wanted him under your control until he was of age. Which explains why you produced fake documents that left you as the guardian of Harry and my family's assets," said James, hotly.

"That is not true," said Dumbledore defensively, although he knew it was true that he wanted to control Harry as his weapon against Voldermort.

"You made me out to be dead instead of making it publicly known that I was in prison," James spat.

"Of course he did. He didn't want Harry to know his father was still alive as it may have led to Harry learning about his manipulation," Sirius spat.

"You also stopped me from having any contact with Harry. Harry never received any of my letters. You had something to do that with too didn't you, professor?" asked Remus

Dumbledore knew that there was no point in denying it.

"You stopped Remus from having contact with Harry because you didn't want Harry to have a relationship with someone else he might trust more than you. You wanted to be his most trusted confidant, so it would be easier for you to control him," said Sirius.

"And you were afraid that Harry being in contact with me would lead to him learning about Sirius and eventually, James. James' cousin, Luke wanted to take Harry with him to The United States, but you stopped that too," said Remus.

Dumbledore sighed as the Marauders were calling out his true intentions. He had nothing against the boy, but the boy was unfortunately his biggest weapon against Voldermort and he did everything he could to have full control over his weapon. He didn't do a thing about Harry's treatment at The Dursleys as he knew it would make him more vulnerable and lower his self-esteem, which would make him an easy target to bring under his control and influence. His main concern was Harry being kept alive at The Dursleys.

"My father has a cousin?" asked Harry.

"That's right. He moved to the United States a few years before you were born. He offered to take you in but Professor Dumbledore put a stop to it, telling him you were only safe with the Dursleys," said Remus.

"He knew he wouldn't be able to control you if you were raised by people that cared about you," Sirius spat.

"If you were raised by my cousin, you would have been attending Ilvermony. Of course, he couldn't have that. He wanted you under his nose at Hogwarts," James spat.

"But Harry loves Hogwarts," Dumbledore appealed.

"He would have loved any magic school he went to," said Sirius.

"Speaking of Hogwarts, I don't think I want Harry returning to Hogwarts. The amount of times he could have gotten himself killed in his first 2 years there is unbelievable," said James.

"Professor, why would you choose to hide the Philosopher's Stone in the school?" asked Remus.

"It was the safest at Hogwarts. Hogwarts has the best security," said Dumbledore.

"Oh sure, the best security, where Voldermort can just walk in at the back of a teacher's head," said Sirius, sarcastically.

"Not to mention, the danger you put the students in with that three headed dog guarding that stone," said James.

"I mentioned that the third floor corridor was out of boundaries," said Dumbledore.

"Right, because children always listen to those warnings," said Sirius

And sending Harry and his friends to the Forbidden Forest as punishment, when students weren't allowed into the Forbidden Forest," said James.

"They had Hagrid with them. I would trust Hagrid with my life," said Dumbledore.

"Hagrid split the group up and sent Harry and Draco off by themselves with a coward dog," said James

I don't know what Hagrid was thinking, sending 2 first years off by themselves in the Forbidden Forest," said Sirius.

"Not to mention the dangers he faced trying to save that stone from the wrong hands," said James.

"Come of it Potter. Your son would not have been in any danger if he wasn't nosy enough to snoop around or arrogant enough to think he could save the stone by himself. No one asked him to save the stone, but your bigheaded son and friends tried to save the stone so they would get the glory of being heroes. He's just as arrogant, bigheaded and rebellious as you are," said Snape, snidely, earning annoyed glares from James and Sirius.

"It's not like any of the school staff did anything to stop Quirell, nor were they even aware that someone was attempting to steal the stone. Any adult that my son approached in the school only dismissed his concerns. At least my son was heroic enough to save the stone by himself," said James, proudly.

"If his first year wasn't enough, my Godson faced the same thing with the Chamber of Secrets," said Sirius.

"Again, your Godson was the one who chose to go meddling and getting himself into trouble," said Snape.

"It wasn't just him, the 4 petrified students only survived because of sheer coincidental luck of having something to look through the basilisk with," said Remus

"The school should have been temporarily closed down for investigation after the first attack, but the only step the school took was to start a dueling club run by the least competent teacher in the school, as if the students could have used their dueling skills to fight against the monster. The school was still running as normal, with so called extra precautions, even after 4 students were attacked," said James, disbelievingly.

"They didn't temporarily shut the school down because Professor Dumbledore over here probably cared more about the school's and his own reputation than the safety of its students," Sirius spat.

"They only decided to close the school down once Ginny Wesley was taken into the chamber. Even then, they chose to task that dimwit, Lockhart with handling the monster, knowing full well that he wasn't capable while the other staff did basically nothing," said James

"Harry and his friends were the only ones who actually figured out the mystery and had to go down there themselves when none of the adults seemed to do anything," said Remus.

"Harry received assistance through my phoenix, Fawkes," Dumbledore appealed.

"I bet that was your plan all along wasn't it? You wanted Harry to risk his life going down that chamber, as part of your training for him to fight Voldermort. Your phoenix assisted Harry because you needed him alive. To you, he's nothing but a weapon that you wanted fully prepared when Voldermort rises to power," James spat.

"Even with the Philosopher's Stone, I bet it was his plan for Harry to save the stone as part of his 'training'," Sirius spat.

Dumbledore knew he had been cornered. As much as he prided himself for his intelligence, he could not think up of any good excuses to make up for his actions. The Marauders had accurately called out his intentions. He had done everything in his power to have full control over his weapon against Voldermort. He had sat back and let Harry deal with Voldermort in his first 2 years as part of sharpening his weapon. He decided to appeal to Harry.

"Harry, please believe me. I never meant you any harm. Everything I have done was for your protection and to prepare you for your destiny," Dumbledore appealed.

"I'm sorry professor, but what you did was messed up," said Harry, heatedly.

"No point appealing to my son professor. We're filing a lawsuit against you," said James.

"A lawsuit?" asked Dumbedore, shocked.

"Are you out of your mind, wayward hair? Don't be an ungrateful prat," said Snape.

"Stay out of this, hooknose! I'm not out of my mind. I'm actually filing a legit lawsuit against Professor Dumbledore for forging legal documents, manipulating the law to increase prison sentences, and being an accessory to child abuse," said James, determinedly.

"Heck, we may even throw in questionable running of his school for good measure," said Sirius.

"I used to respect you, professor. Probably even more than my own father, but now you've completely lost that respect. I would appreciate it if Snape and you left," said James, disappointedly.

Dumbledore knew it was not wise to continue arguing. He would have to appeal to them again, once they had cooled down.

"Come on Severus, let's go," he said defeatedly.

Before leaving, both James and Snape glared at each other one last time. It was hard to tell who hated the other more. Dumbledore and Snape both took turns disappearing through the Potter's Floo Network.

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Chapter 4: A day with the Marauders
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"Snivellus hasn't changed a bit has he?" said Sirius with disdain after Dumbledore and Snape had left. Harry sniggered, but wondered where the nickname came from. James and Remus groaned at the thought of Snape.

"At some point, I partly felt bad for making up that name for him, but now I think he deserves it. How pathetic of him to take out his hatred against me on my son who never did a thing to him," said James, disgustedly.

"Dad, what exactly was the deal between you and Snape? I mean, everything I do or say seems to remind him of something he hated about you," asked Harry.

"You've heard of love at first sight, but for your father and Snape, it was hate at first sight. And I hated him just as much," said Sirius.

"I heard him saying he wanted to be sorted into Slytherin. I was only a kid, so I couldn't help but be stereotypical that Slytherin's the evil house. I said I'd leave if I was sorted into Slytherin and he made fun of me for wanting to be sorted into Gryffindor. That's how I came up with Snivellus," said James, with a hint of regret.

Harry chuckled. He remembered being stereotypical himself, and pleading with the sorting hat to sort him anywhere else but Slytherin.

"So that's it?" asked Harry.

"I also despised him for being fascinated with dark arts and being friends with Slytherins that I knew would become Death Eaters, especially Lucius Malfoy. I knew Lucius Malfoy for the prat and pureblood supremacist that he was, having encountered him several times at social events before I attended Hogwarts. I was kind of a prat myself though," said James.

James, Sirius and Remus began telling Harry a summarized version of how James and Sirius used to bully Snape and hex students for fun. Harry was at first overwhelmed by his father being a bully, but he relaxed when they said James and Sirius cleaned up their acts by their 7th year and when he saw that they seemed remorseful about their actions.

"So, you stopped bullying Snape in your 7th year?" Harry asked hopefully.

"I did, but he wouldn't let it go. He would constantly hex me in our 7th year. I usually told him to stop and I'd even walk away from him but he'd chase after me and continue hexing me until I retaliated and hexed him back. I don't think I should be expected to just sit back and let him hex me about a hundred times," said James.

"He nearly killed your father once with that dark art spell of his. Sectumsempra, I think," said Sirius, hotly.

"What?" asked Harry, shocked.

"Luckily the teachers got to him in time to heal him. It's quite ungrateful of him since your father saved his life once," said Remus.

"I've heard about that. But how did that happen?" Harry asked curiously.

"I'm afraid that's my fault," said Sirius ruefully as he told Harry how he tried to play a nasty prank on Snape by sending him down the Shrieking Shack during Lupin's transformation and how James risked his life to pull Snape out of harm's way.

"And Snape's not at all grateful?" asked Harry, disbelievingly.

"He tells himself I did it to save Sirius' and my own skin. It's partly true, but I would never have sat back and let him die. As much as I hated him, I never wanted him dead," said James.

"Ok, enough about Snape. Let's show Harry his room," said Remus.

Harry was brought into a room with marble flooring and Gryffindor themed walls. The room was filled with Gryffindor and Quiditch themed decorations. The bedspread was scarlet red and gold with a large golden snitch on the bedspread and pillows. Harry marveled at the room once James, Sirius and Remus cleaned the room up a bit, using cleaning jinxes.

"This used to be my room, but you can redecorate or pick another room if you want," said James.

"It's perfect as it is. But maybe I'll make a few adjustments," said Harry, still admiring the room.

"I'm famished. Let's have lunch at Diagon Alley while the maids clean up the house. I've been dying for a good meal in almost 12 years," said Sirius.

"Me too. I think I lost the taste in my tongue after all that Azkaban food," said James.

The Marauders and Harry had lunch at Diagon Alley and they insisted Harry be bought new, fashionable clothes to wear instead of the hand-me-down clothes the Dursleys made him wear. Harry was given a tour of the mansion after they returned. Harry had never seen a more magnificent house. The house came with a swimming pool, home gym, dueling room, library and Quiditch pitch. He especially loved the Quditch pitch. His most interesting visit was to the home library.

Harry and James entered the home library but there was some sort of a barrier that came up as Sirius and Remus stood at the entrance. James pressed a red button which got rid of the barrier and enabled Sirius and Remus to enter the home library.

"It's a charm my great-grandfather placed on the library. Only Potters can enter at will," said James at Harry's puzzled look.

"But why place that charm on the library?" asked Harry.

"Most wizarding families with a home library use that charm, including mine," said Sirius.

"Family libraries usually contain the family's ancestral research work and old, limited edition books that other families don't possess. In order protect them from other families, the charm enables only family members and people allowed by them to enter the library," James explained.

Harry looked around the library. It was as magnificent as the rest of the house and was almost as big as the library at Hogwarts. Most of the books looked more than centuries old. The walls and flooring were marble.

"Hermione would love this," said Harry gleefully.

"You can show it to her during Christmas break. We're planning on having a Christmas party and inviting the Weasleys and Grangers," said James.

"Great!" said Harry.

Harry was delighted to meet his grandparents through their talking potraits in the library. The portraits of Fleamont and Euphemia Potter were just as furious with Dumbledore when they were brought up to date but were pleased to meet their grandson.

"Is there a talking portrait of mum?" Harry asked hopefully.

"Sorry son, we never got around to taking one of your mum," said James ruefully.

At 12am, Harry was woken up by exploding fireworks to find the 3 Marauders grinning cheekily at him.

"Happy Birthday!" they chanted together.

"I almost forgot it was my birthday," said Harry, bemused.

He was presented with a cake and a promised celebration later that day. James, Sirius and Remus handed him their gifts.

Harry received 2 gold rings with his name engraved on bottom from Sirius (one had its top shaped like a snitch and one has diamond cut stripes), a cherry box with his name engraved on it and Quiditch themes keychains from Remus, and to his delight, a Firebolt from James. Harry emotionally hugged and thanked each Marauder. It was the first time that his Birthday truly felt like his Birthday.

This was made even better when 3 owls appeared at his window, bearing more Birthday gifts and letters.

Harry relieved the tawny owl that he knew came from Hogwarts first. He open Hagrid's package to find a book titled the "Monster's Book of Monsters." The book immediately scuttled sideways on the floor and shuffled rapidly across the room. James, Sirius and Remus tackled it, shut the book and magically bound the book with a rope.

"What in the world?" asked Sirius, disbelievingly.

They then read the note from Hagrid saying that Harry would find it useful nest year.

He opened his Hogwarts letter which came with a permission slip to visit Hogsmeade Village.

"Ah, Hogsmeade," said Sirius fondly.

"The trouble we used to get ourselves into," said James fondly.

"Good times," said James, Sirius and Remus together, reminiscing their Hogwarts days.

He then freed Hedwig with a letter and gift from Hermione. Hermione's gift was really heavy. Harry expected it to be a book full of difficult spell but was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a Broom Servicing Kit.

Lastly, Harry freed Ron's family own, Eroll. He received a Pocket Sneakoscope from Ron and was delighted that Ron's family had won 700 galleons and was vacationing in Egypt. James, Sirius and Remus looked intently at the picture of Ron's family.

"It's him" said Sirius darkly. James and Remus agreed.

"Who?" asked Harry.

"Peter Pettigrew," they said with utmost loathing.

"That rat's his animagus," said James

"But that rat's Ron pet, Scabbers," said Harry.

"He's been disguising himself as a house pet," said Remus.

"But how can you be so sure he's Peter Pettigrew. There must a plenty of rats that look the same," Harry appealed.

"Oh, we've been with him enough to recognize his form. It's exactly the same color and markings. We're a 100% sure it's him," said Sirius.

"He even has a toe missing," said James.

Harry couldn't argue with that determination.

"Let's get him right now," said Sirius determinedly.

"But Ron's in Egypt. He only gets back in 3 weeks," said Harry.

"We've waited for almost 12 years. We can wait for another 3 weeks," Remus reasoned.

"Alright. Harry, write to Ron and ask to him keep 'Scabbers' locked up," said Sirius.

"When he gets back, Peter will have hell to pay," James swore.

Harry wrote a letter to Ron, giving him a summary of the situation and begging him to keep Scabbers locked.

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