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I'm a Grimm, not a Kelpie or a Nixie, Black. by Harry Potter rules

Format: Novel
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,244
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Crossover, Drama, Mystery
Characters: Dumbledore, McGonagall, Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Bellatrix, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, Lily/OC, OC/OC, Remus/OC

First Published: 05/14/2017
Last Chapter: 05/29/2017
Last Updated: 05/29/2017

Megara Grimm, daughter of Charlie Grimm, is a witch. After her father dies, the orphan is sent to Hogwarts.Can she escape Sirius, Jared and Teague who all love her? Can she break the Grimm curse?

Chapter 1: The Grimm Curse.
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A N: I don't own Teague, Charlie, Mina, Brody or the Grimoire, it belongs to Chanda Hahn.Also, anything hp is J.K.Rowling's. i'm not her!

It all started hundreds of years ago. Wait. I feel so rude! I shall introductory myself. I am Megara Grimm. Anyway, continuing, my ancestors, Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, didn't like the fae, yes fae, they are things like nixies, pixies, brownies, kelpies,faeries, etc and the shifters ... you get it. They didn't like the Fae in our world. They had to complete fairy tale quests and if they died, their ancestors had to do it, all over again. Of course they had no idea of this and the Fae didn't lie, they can't but they can twist the truth.The Fae love stories. At the time there was a prince, Teague. He practically had two personalities, a good and a bad one. He called off an engagement to a princess of a neighboring kingdom, this caused war. The Fae King and Queen Maeve decided to split his personalities into two. The queens handmaiden, a sprite, came and bound them to Teague's journal, the grimoire. It was split in two and Jared, Teague's good personality, sent to the physical plane, our world.When I was 6, Aunt Mina died during a tale. It passed to Dad.He lasted 10 years. he died a day before school began and,as I tried to save him, magic, witches and Fae, poured out of me. Dumbledore visited and took me to Hogwarts instantly. This is how my story begun. But it is far from over.

Today I went to Diagon Alley and did shopping for supplies and got a wand, etc. I got spray paint for my room as I was assigned my own and therefore would not be pestered as much about the grimoire..I had painted one wall with an image of the Fae plane from Aunt Mina's Drawing I had in my hand, when there was a knock at the door. I quickly put away my spray paint and answered the door. " Hello Boys. To what do I owe this pleasure." I said before I even saw them.

"How do you know we're boys? we could just have a hard knock and talk in low voices." I smirked. How DARE they not answer the question of a Grimm. They were heavy footed and idiotic and the Marauders.



 " You are two of the heavy footed, idiotic Marauders, aren't you. Yes, I was warned about you two especially." A handsome, dark haired marauder was admiring my work of art..


"Woah! who made this ?" He asked, in awe of my incredible artistic skills.


" I- I- I did" I said quietly, the other one seeing me and pointing at me.#


"....... Umm.. What is it?" I went white all of a sudden and crumbled to the floor.

*Sirius' POV*
Wow. What a painting! What was it with? What was it of? I asked her that and she suddenly went white and crashed to the floor. I dove for her and caught her. Then I saw her. properly. Her light- brown hair in waves cascading delicately over her shoulder, her porcelain skin, her beautiful, sparkling, ocean blue eyes just a hazy memory, a charm in her hand, of a little ???? Kelpie? Nixie? A delicate charm bracelet with a Heart, book and a T. What? A little knife was on it to. Weird charms. In the heart , was a photo ( like in a locket) of her, a woman who looked quite similar, Her mum maybe, A man who looked like her with a leather bound notebook in one hand and an arm around, her aunt who looked just like her. All captivated with fear. "Mate? Is there a leather bound notebook in here?" James saw the photo and I placed her frail,beautiful body on her bed and searched.    


Why are we searching? Accio!" It came straight to James' hand and we placed it on the table by her bed. James left, leaving me alone whilst she's unconscious. I picked up the book, placed it in her hands, lightly kissed her forehead and lifted her gently into my arms, bridal style. She smiled at me in her sleep and moved towards me. I smiled down at her. I quietly took her to the hospital wing.

Wow. She's beautiful. I want her. Will she consider me? What beautiful name has she got? on some parchment I wrote down some names:Maria- lady of the sea. Alessia- protector of mankind. Megara- A fury.Elena- Bright one. Miána- the love of your life.Tia- Goddess. Adrianna- wealthy. Corinna- maiden. Emma- Whole.Sierra- mountain. Belle- beauty. Ugh .I'll ask. I had left her reluctantly and had gone and listed the names above as possible names. Prongs said Miána, moony= Corrina, wormtail= Belle, Evans= Elena, frank= Tia, Alice= Emma, Kara= Sierra, Mia= Maria, Cory= Alessia,Ruby=Adrianna and me? I SAID MEGARA. Going up to the hospital I realize that I really like her. I conjured an exquisite red rose and a vase and when I get there place them there beside her on the table. I kiss her forehead lightly and start to leave. I'm almost at the door when I hear " Hello?Where am I?" I confidently swagger over to her and begin to reassure her that she IS safe, I DIDN'T look in her notebook, she'll be well cared for in the HOSPITAL WING.


Then I say, "What's your name?" remembering the bet, she definitely looks like a Megara.


"Ummm.. Megara. Grimm." Ha! Take that James, Remy, Pete, Evans,Frank, Alice, Kara, Mia,Cory and Ruby! They owe me 10 galleons each!


"Meg, Can I call you Meg?" She nodded as best she could." Will you go out with me?"She shook her head "Why not?" She pointed at the journal and I opened it to an empty page. Then suddenly it said:


No offense meant, but 1. you're a player.2. I'm a Grimm. I have too many things to worry about.3. The charms on my bracelet mean: heart- family, in remembrance. Book- this one, the Grimmoire. T- to remind me of my mortal enemy, Teague, and how evil he is.Knife- what I must do to Teague eventually. You cannot stop me. I have no choice. He is practically responsible for what happened to my Dad and why mum disappeared. You see, my parents are dead. I'm an orphan because of that monster, and, if I don't kill him, any descendants, and living relatives would have to endure him until the curse breaks.Which, killing Teague will break it. BTW,Jared, is Teague's nice personality. Anyways,i'm cursed. When this tale's over, you'll forget about me, you all will.


She stopped messaging and was actually crying.I took her into my arms and pressed my lips against hers. "Listen, Babe, we'll see about that.Darling, Get well. For me?" I pressed my lips against her luscious, soft, ruby-red lips lightly.Then on her temple. "Anyway, Megs, I should go and you should rest." I tried to leave but her hand was in mine. I pressed my lips to the back of her hand,smiled dazzlingly at her, squeezed her hand and left.She didn't see me smile and I didn't know that my feelings weren't just a tale. but the first one began.............. Tomorow.We needed to stop procrastinating.