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The Night Pettigrew Betrayed Them All by UnchartedExpressions

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 845

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark
Characters: Pettigrew, Voldemort

First Published: 01/01/2017
Last Chapter: 01/02/2017
Last Updated: 01/02/2017

 The story of Pettigrew the night James and Lily we're killed

Chapter 1: The Night Pettigrew Betrayed Them All
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Fear coursed through him as he was led inside the Manor by a man wearing nothing but a black robe and a white mask fashioned to look like a skull. Pettigrew nervously swallowed down his dinner that was threatening to escape the confines of his stomach. He took several calming breaths as his escort stopped him before a massive set of double doors. The man, Avery he presumed, quickly slipped inside to alert his Master that Pettigrew was awaiting just outside.

The broad mahogany doors slowly swung inward, allowing Pettigrew to see inside what was evidently a ballroom that had been converted to serve as a throne room for the Dark Lord. Nervously, he strode forward until he came to kneel before the figure seated at the end of the room.

“I assume you have some secret worth sharing for you to have interrupted me at such a late hour, Wormtail,” his master hissed his disapproval at Pettigrew’s cowardly stature, “Out with it, before I lose my patience!”

Pettigrew was visibly shaking but did his best to keep the quaver from his voice as he spoke, “My Lord, as you have instructed, I have been waiting for Potter to contact me and inform me of his whereabouts. I’m glad to say that not only did the fool give up his location, he made me his Secret-Keeper!” He stoked his pride a little at this before continuing, “The Potter’s and the child you’ve been searching for can be found at their Summer Cottage in Godric’s Hollow.”

Voldemort grew visibly excited at this revelation. “Wonderful Wormtail, it pleases me to know that deigning to give you my Mark was not an utter waste of my time. I shall act on your information tonight, but before I do, is there anyone else that knows the location?”

“Yes, my Lord, Sirius Black as well as Dumbledore. I believe it to be unlikely that the old man will be there, he was included so to be able to check up on the Potter’s occasionally. Black on the other hand, may be there as he frequently visits with the family.” Wormtail gave as much information as he dared before bowing his head.

“Rise Wormtail, you have done well for me. I have no doubt that I can handle the Black and Potter without assistance, although I do think it would be prudent to preserve my spy. Before I enter the residence I shall have you determine whether or not Black is present and return back to me. The rest of your instructions you will receive when you return. Go quickly, I wish to end this war tonight!” Voldemort looked giddy as he cried his instructions to his servant. Pettigrew nodded his understanding before scurrying from the room.

Once he was outside the wards, Pettigrew apparated to the graveyard in Godric’s Hollow and promptly changed into his animagus form. Quickly, he made his way to the Potter’s house, climbing up the brick wall to enter through an open window in the rear of the house. Fear of being caught twisted his stomach as he scented Lily’s cat nearby. He hurriedly made his way through the house and sought shelter underneath the kitchen oven.

Calming himself using the Occlumency he’d been taught by his Master, he ignored his rat form’s fearful instincts and focused on identifying the scents present in the house. He quickly isolated Sirius and Dumbledore’s scents but could tell that the old fool hadn’t been around since the Fidelius had been cast. After examining a little while longer, Pettigrew determined that Black had left soon after dinner had been finished.

His assumption was verified as he was scurrying away. “How could you let him show up dressed as a goblin?” Lily scolded James, “You better be glad I didn’t hex both of you before he left, he could have really scared Harry!”

Satisfied that he had what he needed, he scuttled back to the cemetery before Disapparating to his Master. He quickly made his way through the Manor and informed Voldemort of who was there.

“Hmmm, this does complicates things slightly… Wormtail, your services are required further tonight. I need you to leave a trail of magic for Black to follow and lay a trap for him. I still require your services as a spy and do not wish for anyone to know that you were the Secret-keeper. Either kill Black yourself or ensure that he ends up unable to inform others of your betrayal. I shall leave the details up to you, I trust you can manage that on your own?” Pettigrew nodded his assurance. “Go! Prepare for what you need to do, I need to make preparations of my own for tonight.” Voldemort turned from him as he issued his orders.

Bowing before he left, Pettigrew made his way from the Manor, pleased to have been provided the opportunity to help the Dark Lord. As he set upon his task, however, he couldn’t help but notice a growing sense of unease that nothing would go as planned tonight…