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The order of the Court by Crescent Moon Darnell

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 841

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong violence, Spoilers

Genres: Crossover, Drama
Characters: OC, OtherCanon

First Published: 09/21/2016
Last Chapter: 09/25/2016
Last Updated: 09/25/2016

 This is the Harry Potter Lunar Chronicles crossover we all have been waiting for!! In this story, Queend Levana has found a man quilts of possessing a magic greater than the lunar gift. This is about the trial. 

First story, so no hate please!!

Chapter 1: The order of the court
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A/N- I am not the creator of Lunar. Chronicles or Harry Potter.

"Next!" Levana shouted. The court of wealthy aristocrats shifted and murmured. Levana could only wonder what the next man could've done that was worse then the last.

The last man had rallied up a whole agricultural sector after the cyborg Lihn Cinders video and killed a guard and a third-teir thaumaturge. She had him tried, found guilty, and sentenced him to a self-inflicted hanging. Levana could only wonder...

"Teddy Sams" a guard replied. "Guilty of possessing a magic greater than the lunar gift."

At this, Levana started. She hadnt heard of a more misguided (and also alarming, but she wouldn't say that) conspiracy. "Impossible! No such thing exists!"

"I'm afraid it's true, Levana. Us wizards have been known to resist the lunar gift better than earthans and house a magic of our own. Why, back in the second era we-"

"Laughable" Levana sneered, and the court, excited to get a chance to do something, laughed and sneered with her. "Sentenced to-"

"I can prove it, Levana"

"You will call me your queen! Do you wish to sign your own death warrant?"

"No, Levana, I wish to prove to you that there are people powerful than you."

The court murmured and groaned. Levana was losing her cool. Head thaumaturge Aimory Park helped her out, "Nonsense, Levana is the most powerful among us all. All hail Queen Levana!!!"

The court muttered their accent "All hail Queen Levana!!!"

Thaumaturge Park paused, then continued. "Sentence him, your majesty!! Sentence him!"

"Silence!" Levana shouted. The court immediately went silent. She turned back to Sams. "Today, I give you a choice. You can either accept that you are lying and get 100 lashings for lying and disrespecting the crown. Or you can prove to me that magic exists and revive an even bigger punishment."

"I chose to prove to you that magic exists." At this Sams took out a stick, looked around the room, and focused on Aimory. He pointed his stick at Aimory and shouted, "AVADA KEDAVA!!!" There was a flash of green light and the head thaumaturge lie dead at her feet, his smug expression still permanently etched on his face.

Levana was alarmed (This was the second dead head thaumaturge in a year, the job application would not get as many people) but she didn't let it show through her glamor. "Well done Teddy. You proved that your taboo."

"I do not know what you mean." Teddy responded. Levanas indignation flared. She tried to used her glamor to force him to kneel and call her 'my queen' but no mater how she tugged at him with her mind, she could not reign control over him.

"Well Sams, you shouted and Aimory died. Proboly of a heart attack. Sentence--"

"It's not true!!" Teddy slammed against his bindings and the guards tried to retrain him to no avail. "Take him to your science labs, study him, dissect him. There will be nothing wrong with him!! I swear you foul beast who--"

"Silence!!! You dare speak to your queen that way. I will, and have you killed for treason!!"

"My queen, if I may..." A young guard spoke. Levanas face turned red, but she hid it through her glamor.

"Yes, Kinney isn't it. What do you wish to say?

"I would like to point out, my queen, that though the death can be explained, the green light cannot. There are no green lights within this courtroom, and if there was someone with a green light, you would've sensed them. Plus, the light was coming from the stick, or wand itself."

Levana tried to keep her cool, but she was starting to fail. It was true that she could sense Teddy, just not control him. She made a mental note to kill this guard later for bringing it up. "Very well. Guards, take him back to prison. We will examine the body and continue with the sentence later. If Aimory died of natural causes, then you will be hung. If you did kill him with," she looked at the stick indignantly, "'magic' you will be stabbed, and then hung, and for good measure, your head will be cut off. Now off with you." Teddy was taken off and Levana was left to think.

If Sams was right, and there were people like him who could cast spells, then she had to get rid of them. She would reinstall faith within her subjects, telling them about how they were brutal, feral men who could kill at first sight. Whatever she had to do to keep her crown.

Her first order of business was to appoint a new head thaumaturge. Caroline Scar would make a nice one, so that's who she decided to do. She would then call a meeting to send her Special Operatives to earth and find those magicians so she could kill them. That would get rid of all of them.

Levana had thought Cinder was the only trouble, but now magic was loose.