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Sacrifice by Frankie05

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 500

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Spoilers

Genres: Horror/Dark
Characters: Lily

First Published: 04/16/2016
Last Chapter: 04/21/2016
Last Updated: 04/21/2016

 Lily's strength the night she died.


Every Word Count's Challenge

For Quill and Ink Challenge (if they'll still have me!)

Chapter 1: Sacrifice
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A million thoughts run through your mind as the door explodes open. The first and most present feeling isn't fear, which is what you would expect, it's betrayal. One word stamped forever in the forefront: Peter. Questions of why? How? When? They invade the space before you hear James tell out to take Harry. You run and grab your screaming toddler from the play pen and you run upstairs. So many noises, so many words, so much screaming. 

Like a beat to a drum the same word crosses your mind: why? 

 Why? Why? Why? 

 The sound of your feet slamming against each step is the same tempo as the drum beats of why revolving around your head.

 You spell the door closed as you put Harry in his crib. Your instincts kick in as you pace around the room throwing up protection charms. You believe that they will be strong enough but thoughts of James downstairs pass through your head. You question every decision you've ever made, especially in regards to Peter. This man stood beside you at your wedding, he was there for the birth of your son, you enjoyed his company in school, and now he has betrayed you. Again, why? Is there anything you could have done?

A heart wrenching sob racks your body and you fall to the ground. No, there is nothing to do to change the past, and that thought kills you. This is your family. What was once the Marauders, they were your family. Now it’s all over.  The moment on the ground lasts for just that, only a moment. You hear a loud sound and you know that your charms didn't hold. How could they? Lord Voldemort is strong. Stronger than you and you know it. Getting up off the floor, you square your shoulders and stand with your head held high. There is nothing in this world that will ever be about to separate you and your son, not even the vilest man on the planet.

The door flies open; your wand is ready in your hand. You try pleading, he laughs. The laughter chills your bones. It rocks you to your core. Yet, you are resolute. You stand tall. He can’t and he won’t have Harry. You are filled with love for your son. He taunts you. You stand sure. You will guard Harry until your dying breath, which you are sure is coming. Thoughts of bravery fill you. The thoughts look so like love. You must be brave. You concentrate only on your son. If you can prolong Voldemort’s destruction on your family, you will. Courage fills you to the brim. Thoughts of a long life for Harry fill you up. All your energy focuses on that thought as a blinding green light makes its way to you. Thoughts of a long life for Harry are the last thing that filter through your mind. You don’t know why, but you walk into death, knowing that Harry is finally safe.