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Life As She Knew It by Drummergirlred

Format: Short story collection
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 5,022
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse

Genres: AU
Characters: Harry, Dumbledore, Snape, James, Sirius, Regulus
Pairings: Snape/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 03/27/2016
Last Chapter: 08/25/2017
Last Updated: 08/25/2017

“He’s dead Black,” She spat back at him, “I’m sure that’s the best news you’ve heard in ages.”



Chapter 1: January 1980
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Author Preface: I haven't written any fan fiction since 2011 but this is something I just had to get down. 

Aug 2017- Wanting to try to get back to this. I made some minor changes (spellings) and am working on the 2nd chapter, which was originally written for a challenge that I never completed. It was a dialogue only challenge so I'm trying to decide if I just publish it as it is or add in some narrative. I’ll never EVER claim to be a good writer spelling or grammar wise AT ALL, but I do think I come up with some good ideas. 

“I thought I’d find you here.” Naomi spoke softly as she took a seat next to her former house mate.

“You should be in class?” he responded without looking at her staring down at his drink.

“I snuck out. I had to find you Severus. I need to ask you about Regulus. I haven’t heard from him in since New Years and I was hoping,” her words ran together as she tried to get everything out in one breathe.

“Naomi,” her interrupted her then stopped unsure of how to move forward. Severus turned to look at his friend’s fiancé. He remembered the girl who would come to him asking for help with homework. She never seemed to struggle with her coursework she was one of the top students in her year. Yet she had developed the habit of coming to him for guidance on an essay or to review before a test ever since her first year. “I am not sure how but Regulus is gone.” He watched as a single tear fell down her face. “The Dark Lord lost his trace fifteen days ago.”

“And you don’t know what happened?” She asked accusingly. “Did the Order get to him? My brother? Are you sure the Dark Lord didn’t get rid of him?” She rattled off the questions like she was writing down a grocery list.

 Severus figured Naomi has been thinking about the possibilities for a couple of weeks. “I honestly do not know what happened to him. If I knew I would have come to you.”

“No you wouldn’t have. You have never known how to talk to me.” Her voice was bitter.

Severus ignored her comment and took a drink. “How did you know I would be here?”

 “It’s her birthday.” Naomi emphasized the word her as her faced shifted into one of disgust. There was silence for a minute or two, “I do not understand why you continue to pine over her.” She a paused a money and spoke almost to herself, “I learned how to stop that behavior.” Severus didn’t react to her comment. She looked over to Severus “Have you heard?” Naomi voice was slightly taunting, “I’m going to be an Aunt this summer.”

"Do you even love Regulus?” He asked not looking up as he stared into his glass.

“Of course I love him. Loved,” she corrected herself.  She studied his face but she rarely could read him in school and now that almost two years had passed his barrier was impenetrable. She did have an idea of where his line of questions was going. “I was not in love with him.” She looked down at her engagement ring, “I figured I could learn that part, as time went on. I knew he was in love with me and he knew how I felt.” Severus took another drink but still didn’t say anything.

Naomi leaned in close to Severus’s face, “You know very well how I felt about him. You know I have only been in love once, just like you.” Her mouth was centimeters from the corner of his mouth as she spoke. “Severus,” she paused and he turned towards her their lips almost touching, “I am going to leave.”

Severus distanced himself from Naomi, “Hogwarts?”

“Hogwarts, England the whole lot I am getting out. There is not anything for me here anymore. I cannot face all of this.”

 Severus knew she was referring to the war. The chance of facing her brother and other wizards she knew. Naomi was tough but she did not have the desire to do the work needed for a new world order. She was completely neutral about the Dark Lord’s mission. She would live in either world the winner wanted.

“Can you help me get out of here?” She almost begged.

 Severus didn’t have to think about his response. He felt a slight obligation to her now that Regulus was gone.  “I will help you.”

“Thank you.” She placed her hand on his thigh and kissed him on his cheek. She leaned closer to him maneuvering herself between his face and his drink. “Severus, you know I would stay here for you. All you need to do is ask.”

There were a few moment of silence between them. He closed his eyes in thought, “an Aunt?”

“This summer,” she replied. Naomi kissed him very softly on his lips and backed away to sit proper in her chair again removing her hand from his thigh in the process. Naomi had wanted to kiss Severus Snape since she was a third year after Severus returned to the common room very upset. That day was the most emotion she had ever seen Severus express. Her fourteen year old mind figured a kiss from a girl would cheer him up. She found out a few days later that was the day Severus had called Lily Evans a Mudblood. The kiss was not what she had dreamed of as a young girl but at 18 she would settle for a peck especially since she would more than likely never see him again. Her biggest fear now was he would end up dead just like Regulus.

“Let’s go,” Severus threw some money on the bar and got up. Naomi lost in her thought, not paying attention, was several steps behind Severus as they made their way to the door.

Sirius Black walked in the door followed by James Potter. Severus stopped in his tracks and used his arm to stop Naomi from making anymore forward progress. Naomi was tripped up when she ran into his arm, “what is wrong Severus?” she asked annoyed not seeing who was in front of the two of them.

“Hello sister,” Sirius said with heavy sarcasm.

Naomi’s eyes quickly moved from Severus to Sirius and James, “I am not nor will I ever be your sister, Black,” she responded with a bit of anger.

“What happened to the happy couple?” Sirius was amused with this unknown turn of events to his brother’s impending nuptials.

“None of your business Black,” Severus responded before Naomi could. “Potter, shouldn’t you be home with your pregnant wife?” Severus asked in the most unemotional flat tone Naomi had ever heard come from Severus.

“None of your business Snape,” Sirius shot back at him.

James looked at Naomi slightly concerned, “Why aren’t you at Hogwarts?”

“None of your business Potter,” Naomi tried to be as even tempered as Severus but failed.

Ignoring Severus, James took a step towards Naomi, “Mimi, let Sirius and me take you back to the castle. I bet no one even knows you aren’t there.”

“We were just leaving.” Severus spoke grabbing Naomi’s hand and pushed past James and Sirius, dragging Naomi with him.

“Don’t do this Mimi,” James shouted at Naomi.

Naomi pulled away from Severus and turning back to James looking him square in the eyes, “It is already done.”  She turned back and left the bar with Severus.

James and Sirius followed them out the door. “What’s the deal Potter, one Death isn’t enough for you? You got go cheat on my slouch of a brother with his friend who also happened to be your brother’s worst enemy on top of that?”

“He’s dead Black,” She spat back at him, “I’m sure that’s the best news you’ve heard in ages.” Sirius froze speechless.

James again approached Naomi extending his hand out to her, “I am so sorry Mimi. Please let me take you back to the castle,” he pleaded. “I’ll explain to Dumbledore so you don’t get in trouble.” James had a rush relief come over him. Regulus was dead and he now had a chance to save his sister. All he needed to do was get her back to Hogwarts and away from Snape.

“She is coming with me Potter.” Severus was not going to lose this battle. James took Lily from him so he was going to take Naomi from James. He grabbed Naomi’s hand again and whispered in her ear, “Come on we can go to my place.” Naomi nodded in agreement.

“Think of Mum and Dad, what do I tell them?” James continued his pleas.

“Tell them I’m dead. I’m sure that will bring them more comfort than the truth,” She was so unlike James in every way. They did not look alike and they especially did not act alike. He was reckless and she was very calculated. He loved sport and she could not stand the frivolousness of it all. He was a Gryffindor and she begged the sorting hat to place her in Slytherin. Naomi had followed Severus around school since she arrived at Hogwarts because she knew how much James disliked him. The distain James had for Severus only drove her closer to him He was their parent’s favorite and she argued with them constantly. She would not be missed in the Potter home. With those last fleeting thoughts there was a pop and Severus and Naomi were gone.

“We should have killed him,” Sirius said angrily. He couldn’t believe he was so close to a Deatheater and didn’t immediately immobilize him. Flashes of their last confrontation with Snape, in a bar, still fresh in his mind.

“Not tonight, I couldn’t do that to her, not now.” James was filled with too many emotions to comprehend what had just happened. They had come here tonight hoping to run into Snape. Of course James didn’t tell Lily where they were going. He lied and told her there was some quick Order business that needed to be taken care of and Sirius and he wouldn’t be back within an hour maybe two. If he had thought his little sister would have been there and with Snape no less maybe he would have planned better and said something different or maybe he would not have come at all. “I need to get back to Lily.”

“All right mate, we’ll get him next time,” Sirius’s voice was full of disappointment. He was looking forward to some action this evening.  A couple of pops and they both disappeared from the road.

Naomi woke up next to Severus and very carefully slid out of the bed. She dressed quickly and grabbed her bag on his dresser. She paused with her hand on the door knob. She turned and looked at Severus asleep on the bed and thought he was going to be so mad he didn’t hear her leave. A small smile of satisfaction crossed her face knowing the frustration he would have for a few moments but she knew he would not care for more than a few minutes. And so she left him on his bed asleep and along with her life as she knew it.

Author's Note:
This was partially inspired by 'Severus Snape and the Marauders'. Watching the fan film brought a little idea I had to life.
I'm thinking of turning this into a short story collection but won't say for sure because I'd have to write the other snippets of Naomi’s life! Thanks for reading. A review would be awasome! 

Chapter 2: September 1973
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“Welcome students, new and old.
Please take a seat as my story unfolds.
Hogwarts is the place of learning, for all of you young wizards and witches.
Soon you’ll be sorted and you then you can experience all Hogwarts’ riches.
Now listen to me, it's time that you learn of the school's founders' past.
Because soon you will have several spells to be cast.
Godric Gryffindor sought out students by declaring;
Those who were brave, chivalrous and daring.
Tolerance, patience and of course fair-play
Are all the best traits, Helga Hufflepuff would say.
To belong with Rowena Ravenclaw, she would permit
Those with the traits of wisdom, creativity and whit.
Self-preservation, cunning and a desire to always win.
These qualities will land you in the house of Salazar Slytherin.
You will all take a turn, as I am placed atop of your head.
It's time to open your minds, so that you may be read.
Do not worry, young children, as your Sorting begins!
I, the Sorting Hat, have never made a mistake; as my decisions are right in the end.”

As eleven year old Naomi waited her turn to be sorted. She thought back to the day before at her family home.

“Don’t worry Mimi you can tell the hat to put you in Gryffindor,” James attempted to reassure Naomi as she expressed her fear and curiosity of the sorting ceremony.

“HUFFLEPUFF!” the hat shouted out and quickly again, “GRYFFINDOR!”

Naomi was going to be content with whichever house she was sorted. Than less than 24 hours ago supper happened. She was used to her brother’s teasing and the occasional small prank but when he had pulled out her chair at the table right when she went to sit down something inside her snapped. Her reaction could have been chalked up to preteen angst but Naomi was the only one in the house not laughing as she sat on the dining room floor having fallen smack on her bum.

”GRYFFINDOR!”……..”RAVENCLAW!” She had lost track of how many names had been called.

“Rabastan Lestrange,” a name she knew. Rabastan had called her a blood traitor on the train when he and his brother saw her sitting with James and his friends. She did not respond to their comment but merely thought, “I’m no traitor,” as her brother and Sirius Black chased after the brothers.

“SLYTHERIN,” the hat shouted, to no surprise to anyone in the room. The next student was called, ”HUFFLEPUFF!”

“Naomi Potter,” the women in green called and as she smiled slightly at Naomi as she made her way to the stool. The hat was gently placed on her head.
“Hummm a Potter, this should be quick and simple.”

“Hey, not so fast hat! You need to make sure to take your time.” She was determined to get her way.

“Yes, I see now, quite different than the other Potters.”

“I think I’m very different than my brother,” she responded smartly.

“Perhaps, a bit more wit and a desire to prove yourself, Gryffindor will still be a good fit for you.”

“No, not there, I don’t want to be there. I’d rather be in Hufflepuff than Gryffindor,” it was true and perhaps the first wizard in history to say such a thing she thought to herself. However, she was determined to keep away from her older brother.

“I haven’t decided yet littlest Potter, you must let me think. No, you will not be in yellow and black.”

“I know I belong in Slytherin! I can’t wait to see James’s face, just put me in Slytherin, please,” she begged.

“You want to be a family divided, I don’t care to do that too much, but it is the individual I must judge, not the whole.”

Naomi felt the eyes of the school on her and the realization that she was taking a bit more time than normal, “Hurry up already, the whole school is starting to stare at me. Don’t you dare stall on me hat!”

“Yes, yes a very intellectual mind, even more so than the others. Ravenclaw may be the perfect place for you.”

“Well I know I’m smarter than my brother, he spends all his time playing tricks on others or playing Quidditch. I don’t even know how he has passed any of his classes.”

“Difficult, so difficult.”

She was becoming impatient, “How much longer is this going to take? I was told I can just tell you where I want to go and I want to be in Slytherin!” Naomi was aware she was acting like a brat to the sorting hat but she was eager for the school to stop starring at her.

“Are you sure that is where you belong? I do think Ravenclaw too would a great success for you.”

“Just don’t put me in Gryffindor. I think I would die if I had to live with him at school and at home. He is so annoyingly annoying,” she sounded almost exhausted.

“Yes I do know just the place, it will be, SLYTHETIN!”

“Yes,” She shouted loudly, most of the hall heard her. “Thank you hat,” she said quietly in relief.

As the hat shouted Naomi’s fait James Potter jumped out of his seat to make his way to the front of the Great Hall, “NO! Redo it! The hat is wrong!”
Sirias grabbed his friend and pulled him back to the Gryffindor table. “Sit down James, we’ll figure out how to deal with this later.”

Whispers filled the entire room but Naomi ignored them as she proudly walked to the Slytherin table.

“Welcome to Slytherin House, Potter,” greeted Rabastan Lestrange.

“It’s Naomi,” she answered. She was going to separate herself from James in every way she could.

So this was originally written as a dialogue only chapter. I'm not super satisfied with the narrative but I'm proud of my sorting song! Chapter 3 is by far my favorite that I have written. Guess I should work on the others! Please leave a comment, let me know you're reading!

Chapter 3: December 1995
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The last time she had been in this house there was a small celebration. Regulus Black had brought Naomi home to his family for the first time as his fiancée. She was very happy that day. She did not take the decision to marry Regulus lightly in fact she spent weeks mulling it over before giving him an answer. Regulus was never a patient person but when Naomi was concerned he was always calm and collected. Not once did he pester her for an answer, which was one of the reasons Naomi said yes. Of course her parents had mixed emotions on the match. They saw their only daughter was happy and despite James and Sirius screaming at the Potters ‘Regulus was a Death Eater’ they gave their blessing and offered to foot the bill for the ceremony and dinner but said they would not attend.

The Blacks found Naomi not to be a perfect match but she was suitable. They were convinced Naomi was not against The Dark Lord, which satisfied them. Regulus’s parents were just pleased the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black would have a new generation. Walburga had questioned Naomi that day why it took her so long to say yes to her beloved son. Naomi had simply told her mother-in-law to be that she did not want to make any rash decisions at such a young age. Walburga was satisfied with her answer and the conversation had quickly turned to wedding planning.


Naomi came back to the present as she was startled, “Lupin?” Remus Lupin was the only friend of her brother’s she had ever held a civilized conversation. He looked much the same to her but very different. They were both older of course but he seemed almost broken.

“Never thought I would see you again,” he moved closer as to give her a hug but thought better of the gesture and stepped back. He never understood Naomi Potter. How could a girl raised in the same house as James make such different decisions? He had always figured maybe that was why the match with Regulus made sense.

“Where have you been?” he asked, after all she didn’t even show up for her own brother’s funeral.

“I’ve been away. I needed to leave,” she paused, “for obvious reasons.”

“Yes, of course. Dumbledore?” Naomi only nodded slightly in response as she noticed him approach from behind Remus.

“Ms. Potter, it is good to see you again.” Dumbledore announced cheerfully. Naomi smiled slightly not wanting to say something completely rude. He had blackmailed her to show up and her sudden return would be rumor enough, she did not need to add any fuel to that flame. “Remus, if you could please excuse me and Naomi.”

“Yes of course, Albus.” Remus gave Naomi a small smile and went into the kitchen.

Dumbledore waited for the door to shut before addressing Naomi. “Does he know you are here yet?”

“No, it is not as though I have his number, well I have not sent an owl. I assumed he’d be here.”

“I do think you need to tell him. He is risking too much not to know.”

“I do not think he needs to know Albus. I thought you were forcing my hand and that is why you summoned me back here.” Naomi’s voice rose with anger.

The door to the drawing room opened up, “What is going on out,” Sirius Black did not even finish his sentence before his wand was at Naomi’s face.

Naomi did not flinch at his response, “Black,” she said flatly, “is there something I can help you with, perhaps manors?”

“What is she doing here?” He ignored Naomi completely and addressed Dumbledore angrily.

“She is here at my request Sirius, no need to be alarmed,” Dumbledore simply stated.

“Sirius, what is the commotion?”

Naomi looked at the entry way and almost fell to the ground. She was caught so off guard that she didn’t even care Sirius was the one who prevent her from falling to the ground as her legs nearly gave out from shock. Sirius helped Naomi to steady herself as she stared at Harry. Harry responded to her stares with a very puzzled expression. She looked up to Sirius who was still holding her waist and whispered to him, “He looks just like James.”

“I know,” he replied as a small smile crept across his face.

Naomi gently pushed Sirius’s arm away and approached Harry. She places her hands either side of his face as to see if he was real. Harry didn’t move as he was very confused. “Those blasted green eyes,” she let go of his face and touched his mop of a head, “he couldn’t figure out how to brush his hair either.”

“I am sorry but who are you?” Harry finally asked. Naomi pulled back without saying anything wiping off a couple tears that fell from her face.

“Sirius, perhaps these two could go into the study and get acquainted?”

“I do not think they should be alone.”

“Nonsense they will be fine.”

“Is this why I am here Albus, to torture me?” Naomi asked quietly glancing over her shoulder to address him.

“I honestly did not think you would run into young Mr. Potter here but perhaps that is your true purpose. Sirius and I will leave you two alone.” Harry looked between the headmaster and his God Father confused and curious.

Sirius gave him a small nod, “you just yell Harry if you need anything, I’ll be close.” Sirius turned back towards Naomi, “Don’t do anything stupid Potter; I’m not afraid to hex you into next week.”

“Nice to see you are still nothing more than a child Black,” she said walking into the study.

Harry followed behind her with his head buzzing. Naomi pulled out her wand which caused him to jump back but she merely closed the door.

“Are we related?” he asked.

Naomi didn’t respond but turned her attention at the Black family tapestry. “Has your God Father explained this to you?”

“Yes, we were just discussing it,” Harry responded moving to stand next to her.

Naomi reached out and touched Regulus’s depiction, “Did he tell you about this one?”

“Yeah, Regulus Black, he was Sirius’s brother.”

“That’s it, nothing else about him?”

“Said he was a Death Eater and You Know Who probably had him killed off.” Harry was so thoroughly confused and had no idea why this woman was talking about the Black family when Sirius clear addressed her by the same surname as himself.

Naomi moved her hand to the blank space next to Regulus and drew an imaginary oval frame. “This place here was for me, but we never made it that far.”

“You were engaged to Regulus?” Now Harry’s mind began trying to figure out this puzzle.

“I was. Your father was so furious when he found out he sent me a howler.” She laughed a bit at the memory.

“Why would my dad be so concerned…”Harry’s words faded as the puzzle began to come together. “Are you my Aunt?”

“I am Harry. I am James’s little sister, Naomi.”

“But how is that possible. No one has ever mentioned my father having any siblings.” Naomi simply starred at the tapestry. Harry continued, “But you’re here so you’re not a Death Eater. I’ve been raised by Muggles.” Harry’s voice began to be filled with anger.

Naomi looked at Harry and could tell he was hurt not only by her but everyone else who would have known. “Harry, when your parents were killed I was eighteen and in no position to take care of a baby. I had run off to America after it was assumed Regulus had been killed and I never planned on coming back to England. I am sure you’ve had a rough time with your Muggle aunt but it was much safer for you. That is why Dumbledore placed you in her care. My relationship with my brother was not good, Harry. James always gave me the benefit of the doubt and I always reacted like a spoiled brat. Something I’ve grown to feel great regret over time.”

“You weren’t a Death….”

“No,” she interrupted.  “I was two years behind James and wanted nothing more than to be completely different than him. I was sorted into Slytherin, which is what I wanted. There is a lot pressure being in that house, as you probably know.” Her words faded a bit but she continued, “Regulus and I had a bit in common being separated from our brothers and I accepted Regulus’s choice to serve the way he did but when he was gone I couldn’t stay.”

“So why are you here now?”

“I do not know Harry. Dumbledore contacted me and did not give me a choice but to show up here. I hope not to be here too much longer. I do not think it is safe for me to be in England and I would probably cause more trouble for you.”

“Is that why Sirius was ready to curse you because you cause trouble?”

She laughed slightly, “I do not try to understand Sirius Black and what goes on in his head. The last time I saw James he was with him and it was not a pleasant encounter. I am sure he is more upset because I did not show up for their funeral.”

“Mr. Potter,” the voice drawled, “Dumbledore is requesting your presence in the kitchen.”

Naomi’s heart felt as though it stopped as she turned to face Severus for the first time in fifteen years. If Severus was surprised to see Naomi he certainly did not show it as he glanced at her but turned his attention back to Harry.

“Right, Professor Snape, this is my Aunt,”

“I am well aware of Naomi Potter and who she is, Mr. Potter. I do suggest you do not keep the Headmaster waiting.”

“Right, well it was good to chat perhaps we can talk more later?” Harry asked his aunt.

“I am sure that would be fine Harry.” Naomi opened her arms slightly and Harry walked over and hugged her. As she pulled back she placed her hands on his face again and used her thumbs to move his hair away from his forehead. She inspected his scar for a moment and kissed it softly. “I’ll find you in a bit.”

Harry squeezed through the door avoiding physical contact with Professor Snape who sneered as Harry closed the door behind him.

“How do you stand it Severus? You must see him nearly every day.” Naomi took a seat in one of the leather chairs.

“Albus says you have something to tell me, perhaps an apology for not giving me the courtesy of saying good bye.”

“Oh please Severus, you’re only upset because you did not hear me leave. I do not know why he summoned me or why he would tell I have something to tell you..”

“Nothing to say to me?” His voice lowered in anger as he moved to tower over her, “You leave my room in the middle of the night not even leaving so much as a note as where you have run away. I searched for you for months, I thought you were dead! Albus at least had the decency to tell me you were alive. I think a simple sorry is not too much ask.”

“You wouldn’t say sorry.” She shot back at him, “What makes you think I would apologize?”

“You are insufferable.” He spun around and walked across the room eyeing the tapestry.

She stood up and walked towards him, “me! I’m insufferable? You sure were not thinking that fifteen years ago!”

Severus turned around and looked down at his an old friend, “well I’ve had fifteen years to think it over!” he bellowed back causing Naomi to inhale quickly. They starred at each other several moments challenging each other.

Naomi finally gave in silently and headed to the door. She turned to him with her hand on knob, “I do not think we have anything else to say to each other,” she then left the room to find Harry.

This is my favorite chapter. I need to the others but I don't know if I can top this one.