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Civil War by LilyFire

Format: Novel
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,470
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure
Characters: OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 10/29/2015
Last Chapter: 11/01/2015
Last Updated: 11/01/2015

The last great war of the wizarding world ended a century ago. Since then, so much has changed. Muggles discovered the secrets of magic and, other than being mystified, went on about their lives, more than happy with their technology that allowed them to do the same things magic allowed wizards kind to do. Somehow everything got turned around and now everything is going wrong. I don't know why or even how this all started, but I do know that my friends and I are in the middle of the mess. Wizards declared war. Muggles are good at fighting back. 

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Just the Beginning
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Chandra was sitting on the floor, playing with a stuffed bear that had belonged to her older brother. Her springy, corkscrew curls framed her face, barely brushing her shoulders when she moved her head. Everything was perfectly silent—there was no loud bangs or quick zaps to be heard from anywhere. The siren had fallen silent long ago, but the all-clear wail still hadn’t come.

Graham was checking the weapons the Muggles had provided him with. He always seemed to carry twice as many as the rest of us, especially Nolan and me. I guess, since the two of us had wands, we didn’t really feel the need. Wands don’t need ammunition, after all. He would look over at me, his dark eyes revealing the fear that this time, maybe, would be when all hell broke loose for us. Finally, it seemed he was satisfied with his weapons, as he put them all away. An ankle knife in each of his boots and a couple guns in holsters. It seemed like there was an easy-to-reach weapon on every part of him.

I sighed. We had already been in the bunker for what felt like days, though in reality it had only been a couple of hours. I was ready to resign myself to taking a nap when the all-clear wail sounded. “Finally,” Nolan grumbled, scrambling to be the first out of the door. I helped Chandra up, and we followed the two boys out onto the quickly-filling streets. Now outside the bunker, Nolan was in full commander mode. As the leader of our alliance group, he walked up to the Chief. “Task Force 13, reporting. No supplies used. Bunker 8 needs a new light bulb.”

Chief nodded and wrote a few notes onto his clipboard. “Good, Corporal. Return to your base camp.”

“Yessir,” Nolan said with a salute. Chief walked away as Nolan came back to us. “Okay. We’re clear to go. Let’s find the rest of the squad.” We walked back to the base camp, waiting for the other four, including Sergeant Mills, to arrive and debrief. After an hour had passed, we started to worry.

Then the sirens came again.

I jumped up from where I had been sitting, seeing Chandra grabbing gear and throwing it on. I made sure I had my wand, the most important thing, and before running out with the others grabbed a few Muggle weapons. If the last one had been a drill, this one had to be the real thing, which meant real danger. I was already on edge from earlier.

I dropped and rolled as a yellow flash passed millimeters from my face. “Wizards,” I yelled, hoping the others heard me. I didn’t seem my teammates anywhere. A practice shield was still set up from PT, so I dove behind it, pulling out my own wand. After a second to catch my breath, I looked out and saw wizards apparating away as muggles shot empty air.

I shot spells at the wizards while the muggles distracted them. So many colors were flying through the air that it was hard to keep track of what was going on, not to mention the bullets from the muggles guns not being very visible. Across the yard I saw Connor trying to use a building as a shield. A wizard was creeping up on him, so I threw a shielding spell, causing the wizards spell to fizzle out.

A break in the combat allowed me to dash across to make help Connor. He was just a kid, really. First Class Private working to help bring peace. At least, that’s what we were supposed to be doing. It was hard to bring peace and help both sides of the war compromise when they were attacking us every other day. “Thanks, Rowan, I didn’t hear him.”

“Probably cast a quieting spell on his feet. It’s okay. Look, let’s make it to the trees. Lots of cover and we can help out from there.” He nodded, and we made a dash for the tree line twenty feet away. I felt something fly past my ear, whether it was a bullet or a spell, I don’t know. I could feel my heard beating in my chest, hear every intake of breath, every exhale as I sprinted toward safety.

Naturally, nothing could go the way I wanted it to. Five feet away from the trees, a burning pain started in my calf and I fell, my wand flying from my hand. Connor didn’t notice and kept running. I pushed myself up, trying to see who had shot me. No one was focused on me, so I couldn’t tell where the bullet had come from. It might not have been meant for me at all, and just ricocheted off a shield spell. I looked around for my wand, hating feeling defenseless even though I had muggle weaponry.

I could see Connor in the trees, shooting spells in strategic places. The dead brown grass did nothing for the scene, as people in U.S. Army uniforms fought with magical militia men in whatever it was they had decided to wear. The robes did nothing for their movement, like the uniforms did for us, but they did make the wizards a harder target. You could think you were aiming for an arm and get nothing but cloth.

It didn’t look like many people were falling, which was good. Normally these skirmishes were meant to scare, not hurt. The wizards wanted the government to realize that things needed to change and they thought this was the best way to do it. Especially the lay-wizard. This war, as it has been declared, is a weird thing. Four different sides all wanting basically the same thing but fighting over methodology.

The general Muggle population was happy with how things were going. And why shouldn’t they be? They had advanced their technology a lot farther than wizards were really paying attention to. I don’t know why, but somehow many inventions had slipped by major wizard notice even with muggle born wizards. They could teleport, though it wasn’t as handy as apparition it worked in much the same way. Muggles had even invented a way to have their personal transportation devices fly in a much more comfortable way than a broom.

Then the wizards. I don’t understand what happened with our side. The Muggles discovered wizard kind some years ago, before I was born, and unlike the mass hysteria that wizardkind expected, we were met with a sort of happy indifference. Muggles were mystified by what we could do and we became something of a fad for a while, to my understanding, but then everything seemed to go back to normal, minus the muggles not knowing. Then about seven years ago, when I was fifteen, The Thing happened. I don’t actually know that it is, so I call it The Thing.

The Thing is what started this whole mess. Of course, it was my beautiful country where it originated. Politics has always left me a little beffudled, but this confuses most people I know. Either way, the American Muggle government and the American Magical government started arguing, and I guess that wizards do things differently than muggles are used to, but we decided to show the muggles a thing or two, and now a civil war has broken out.

So you have the American Muggle government and the American Magical government, who are in the process of merging into one government thing, trying to show that muggles and wizards can get along. So that is where my teammates and I come in. Muggle and Magic Army. Was in the reserves to help with school, but this whole thing came up and now I’m here.

The militia groups are really strong though, and there are multiple on both muggle and wizard sides. It seems like the government is the only one that has a blend of muggles and wizards, but I haven’t been active very long.

Suddenly, someone is kneeling before me. “Hey, are you okay?”

I nod. “Wand. I need my wand.” I still haven’t been able to find it.

The blurry figure picks something up and hands it to me. “Here it is. Right beside of you. Are you hurt?”

“My leg. Shot.” Sentences seem to be hard to say. I wonder why that is for just a second, before the mysterious helper explains everything.

“These muggles got their hands on a potion and put it on their bullets. You’ll be fine, it just slows down your reaction times. They ran off. I guess they did what they wanted to do. I’ll send a med team to you.”

I frown. The fight was just happening. I had just slipped and dropped my wand. It was over that quickly?