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James and Lily by Elessar987

Format: Short story
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,826
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Action/Adventure
Characters: Dumbledore, McGonagall, Pomfrey, Lupin, Snape, James, Lily, Bellatrix, Lucius, Pettigrew
Pairings: James/Lily

First Published: 08/23/2015
Last Chapter: 08/29/2015
Last Updated: 08/29/2015

A start on a James a lily adventure. I have started in the middle but let me know what you think and I will write more.

Chapter 1: Danger in the hallway
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 Inwardly cursing for how she could have been so stupid Lilly rushed down the corridor she had been in the library and stay far too long she had only just now finish and looked at her watch it was gone midnight she would be for it if she was caught out of bed now even being head girl though she supposed that her punishment might be great in view of that fact she whirled round the corner on the third floor two floors to go till she reached the safety of the heads dormitory she slowed her steps as the books in her hands threatened to topple to the floor and her breathing quickly followed that was when she heard it two or possibly three voices coming from around the corner she was about to turn “so have you got yours yet”

“don’t be so silly Crabb of course not, the dark lord wouldn’t brand us we are still at school”

“but well this is our last year after all Malfoy three more terms of this and we will be out of here free the serve”

“and share in the glory”

“indeed Bella” Lilly recognised the last voice it was Snape along will Bellatrix, Malfoy and Crabbe all four seventh year Slytherins Lilly felt a slight wash of fear and pushed herself behind a suit of armour her Griffindore courage and ravenclaw curiosity however her held her to her spot they were speaking of Voldermort the dark wizard that was so much in the news lately

“its about time someone did something about all of the mudbloods about this place” said Crabb

“indeed though blood traitors are just as bad”

“that’s not how the dark Lord feels Malfoy” replied Bella cattily relishing in the fact that she had more information than the others “what do you mean?”

“the dark Lord what’s all pure blood family’s to be involved there is power in pure magical blood its basically fact the dark Lord knows that the ones he will value the most are the pure blood followers that we bring him they are the ones we need to focus on” At this statement Lilly gasped her hand flew up to her mouth as the noise was sure to alert them to her presses but they were recruiting for Voldermort inside Hogwarts right under Dumbldores nose she had to get this word out creeping backward slowly she tried to make her way down the corridor on stepping backwards however her cloak caught on the suit of armour turning round to release it made her books lurch away from her she tried to right them but the top one fell to the ground with a heart stopping thwack, all four Slytherins rounded the corner and stared at her wands out she quickly reached for her own casing a silent shield charm around herself as she drew it this deflected the initial expeliamus that came from Bellas wand “you filthy little mudblood how dare you be here”

“now now Bella we must be gracious” came Malfoys low drawl he made a move to circle behind her but Lilly moved to block him knowing that she needed to keep them all in front of her as her focus was on Malfoy she missed the second expeliamus her wand whipped out of her hand caught by Crabb “nice one Crabb” said Bella “don’t you think Snape what shall we do to the filthy little mudblood now” Snape looked as if he did not know what to say after all this was the girl he had loved quite unrequitedly since he had met her but no that was before, he had chosen his path now he needed to stick to it “the cruciatus curse should be enough to make sure she holds her tongue” said Snape  “we need to practice on someone after all”

“good plan Snape” said Malfoy pointing his wand at the now wandless Lilly and saying “Crucio” Lilly dodged but to no avail the curse hit her shoulder she fell to the ground the indescrible agony echoing deep into every one of her bones it lifted for a moment only to begin again as she her another voice this time from Bella screaming “crucio” the pain began again Lilly felt she would die it was too much every section of her body being stabbed burned and wrung simultaneously then it stopped again, “come on Severus its your turned” Lilly screamed as the wand of her once friend turned on her and yelled “crucio”


James was sat in the heads common room he had open an old transfiguration book from his library at home but he wasn’t really concentrating on it his mind kept drifting to Lilly they had been dating for about two weeks now he still could not believe his luck she had said yes after years of the no she had said yes he still couldn’t quite believe how it had happened he had just begun to settle himself with the idea of them being friends when she had told him that she had liked him and he had finally gotten a yes to his ‘will you go out with me Evans?’ the last two weeks had been heaven and he was determined that there would be many more to follow the fact was that he and Lilly were made for each other he had known it for a long time now and at last Lilly seemed to be seeing it as well. These thoughts in his head he glanced at the clock it had gone midnight where was she probably in the library still she would be in for it if she was caught “I will go and get her” he thought “the usefulness of the invisibility cloak strikes again” he got up and grabbed the invisibility cloak from his room seeing the marauders map on his dresser he snatched it up and muttered “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” he may as well check she was indeed still in the library. Scanning the parchment he searched in the library but quickly surmised that she was not there he scanned the parchment quickly it was easy to see as there were not many people roaming the castle he glanced over Filtch roaming the astronomy tower and then to Dumbldore pacing in his study then his eyes caught a tiny black dot on the third floor labelled Lilly Evans and just around the corner stepping closer towards her four dots Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, William Crabb and Severus Snape. James heart went cold, Lilly his Lilly he turned and ran.

Tearing his way down the corridor he turned the corner and his heart nearly stopped taking in the scene in front of him Lilly was on the floor writhing and twitching in obvious pain four wand on her with mass of laughter coming from their owners his expeliamus curse came without much thought he saw Crabbs wand fly out of his hand dropping on the floor behind him he threw up a shield charm as the attention of the four Slytherines turned to him he glanced at Lilly. To her relief she had stopped twitching she felt the pain lift though her entire body felt bruised and she was unsure if her legs would still support her weight she felt something under her body moving her fingers slightly she felt them wrap around her wand she grasped it and slowly began to move off the floor. James looked at the four in front of him “Potter” spat Snape “come to join our little band?, but no the blood traitor in you will be too strong for that”

“Now now Snape a handsome rich boy like this think of the joy of the match, we were after all meant to be James weren’t we you and I shame your parents never agreed to the arrangement of our marriage”

“Once again Bella I thank my stars for my parents and their sense and judgment and hatred of all dark magic” said James his mind whirring how could he get Lilly out of here safely out of the corner of his eye he saw Lilly move she stood up shakily he moved himself in front of her. “well Potter a mudblood for you to protect well let see what you can handle” said Malfoy raising his wand everyone seemed to react at about the same time Lilly started with a shield charm casting it around not only herself but James as well it held out for Bella’s jet of pink light a spell she didn’t recognise however it shattered on the impact of Malfoys curse throwing and expliamus quickly she saw it ricochet off Bella’s shield charm and dissipate into the floor below Snape and James were duelling profusely Malfoy was on the ground hit by a well placed inflatus curse of James, Bella however turned to face her she threw up a sheild charm which Bella shattered quickly then she heard it “sectumsemprare” she felt her body going weak as if she had been ripped from the inside she had no strength left she felt the floor coming suddenly towards her she supposed she must have fallen looking down she saw the ground around her turn red ‘oh’ she thought then the blackness overtook her.

James saw it as if in slow motion the curse sent from Bellas wand towards Lilly he screamed “NO!” and lunged towards her aiming to throw himself into the curses path but to no avail he watched as the curse hit Lily full on the stomach making deep gouged which immediately poured with blood he watched as she fell to the ground it was as if his world had crumbled apart then he felt Snape’s diffindo curse hit him in the shoulder heard Malfoy shouting a curse which also hit him  he crumpled to the floor next to Lilly hearing Malfoys voice “I think you will both know better than to come against the power of voldermort again that is if you live to have another chance” this was followed by Bella high pitch laughter then saw the feet of the three as they receded down the corridor.

“Lilly” he spluttered feeling the blood in his mouth he spat it out making his way to her ripping of his jacket and pushing it to her gushing cuts. Feeling the mirror in his jacket pocket against his hands he pulled it out “Sirius! Sirius”

“What’s up Prongs” came Sirius’s voice from the mirror

“It’s Lilly she’s hurt get help get down here third floor corridor NOW!” under his hands he felt Lilly stir and a groan echoed from her mouth she was still alive there was hope

James had no idea what happened next he remember the faces of Sirius, Mcgonagall, Dumbldore and him urging Madam pomphrey to help Lily then nothing blackness