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The Days After by WeasleyFangirl

Format: Novel
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 5,932
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Crossover, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Filch, McGonagall, Hagrid, Snape, Arthur, Percy
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Arthur/Molly, Draco/Harry, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna

First Published: 07/28/2015
Last Chapter: 10/20/2015
Last Updated: 10/20/2015

The Days After is about Harry's journey after The Battle of Hogwarts was won. In this story we will get into the nitty gritty of what things were going to after the Dark Lord had been defeated. We will get to see inside the mind of some of the characters from the beloved series. it is all going to the first time in a while that Harry Potter actually thought about what he truely wanted for his life outside of Hogwarts and his future. I certainly am excited about the comings and goings of some of the people in this story in all things perseverence is key.

Chapter 1: Beginning again
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   It was with a heavy heart that all the inhabitants of Hogwarts school to get through all the funerals themselves. it was even harder that they had to try and get their lives staightened out. it was definitely a drag for Harry James Potter, the one who had conquered the Dark Lord, it would take some time to undo the memory of losing Remus and Tonks themselves. as it was Harry Potter the boy with the brillant green eyes ( and well you know what he looks like), who admitted that it was a relief that Voldemort was gone those that had been Death Eaters had been either captured as well or on the run. some had alreay run during the last part of the Battle of Hogwarts. there were some amongst those that had helped save their beloved school who didn't know what truely happened that day but Harry kept repeating that even their deceased Headmaster knew that it was important to remember why these things had happened and whose to blame in all these disaterous moments.

he would have been proud of the way most of the students that had been under his tutlege had stood up and fought for their school as one force. it had said that they truely were loyal to the school where they lived and learned and laughed. it was heart warming to know that they had not given him to the Dark Lord at that terrible moment in the Great Hall when he first had showed his face to Professor Snape himself.  who had proven himself greatly forgiven since he had saved that memory for just the right time. it had not been that easy to keep up with all that had gone on but it surely made things come to better days to come.

one thing that is certain it will be in their memories what they needed to do now that it was certainly over. but it was not the war they had to face now. they had to face rebuilding the wizarding world itself and help get families together and back in good health. it was that the wiarding hospital had been over run by countless paitents in need of care, it was hard to take in that number as well as those that had died. it was just the ones that were still alive that could be helped back towards what they had before.

it had been just yesterday evening when Harry had gotten a chance to speak to Ginny Weasley to tell her he was planning to Marry her someday but first they had to date for a while to pleae her brothers unless they were okay with the idea. it wasn't all her brothers it was just Ron. also Ron was planning to accopmany Hermornie Granger in the search for her parents but she said she had forgotten that her parnets hadn't a clue they were there except for what they thought they were thinking and that she should leave well enough alone and live alone now. then ron stated that they would get their own place close to family as soon as they could. it was just that he wanted Mr. Weasley's permission first after they finished at Hogwarts.

after that he went to look for Professor Mcgonagall to ask her if he could come back to Hogwarts in order to get his N.E.W.T.S. When he found her she was sitting in the Great Hall resting. he went quietly towards her, cleared his throat when he reached her and said," Professor?" As she responded to his voice her face lit up like a candle. she was so greatful that he had done what he had done. She gained her composure and answered, "What is it that i can help you with , Potter?" He said clearly, "Can I come back to Hogwarts to finish my education, I want to at least do that before any decision making? Would that be okay?" Professor McGonagall spoke with clear joy in her voice, "Yes, I think you should. I will be able to help you catch up with the work and make sure what ever it is you want to be comes to being."

Chapter 2: The last days of Summer
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it was with apprehension that Harry Potter approached the gate of the new Dursley Home. He was thinking that they probablt didn't care that he had told them by muggle post that he was going to come back for the last days of summer. Which considering what had been between them was a bit of a hole in his plan. but at least he could consider going to the Weasleys if this didn't work out. he knew also that Professor McGonagall had told him to be careful these days because of his record around these people. though it would be brutally likwly that things hadn't changed. it was with shock that he watched Aunt Petunia race to the front door to welcome him into their home with anticipaton.

his Uncle was just in the hall when he was ushered in the room. this was a much better welcome than he ever had received before at the home of his only living relatives. it was just shocking and kind of heart warming too. it was just as he was headed towards the large sitting room that he noticed something different. There were actually other people sitting on the couch that he thought had been dead for years.

there was his Dad, (James Potter) , his Mom, (Lilly Potter) and most important was Sirius Black. they of course were smiling at him with pure joy at the sight of him. Aunt Petunia explained that a member of the Ministry had looked at s charm that could bring a small number of people back from the dead. it had been decided to reward Mr.Potter for doing what was considered impossible so they had asked the wizards who were loyal to Harry Potter to come together to try the spell to see if it was legit. it turnes out to bring back three people and those were the people who had located the Dursleys and told them they wanted to see him. that was the main resoan they wanted to bring him here for a good time and covince him to go stay with his parents at Sirius Blacks House or somewhere that they would be able to live together.

at this point James stood up and walked over to his starstruck son and spoke softly," Hey its okay it is really us. We thoguht you would be surprised. Just know that we are very proud of you and want to be in your life as long as we can untill we pass on years and years from now." Harry Potter was just so close to actual tears that he walked into his fathers arms and gave him a hug.

thats when he heard his alarm and reaized he had started fantaziing this for weks since summer had begun. it was just when the dursleys had told he could stay with the weasleys if he wanted to they were not going to worry about it. they said they wanted nothing further to do with him thank you.


so that summer he went to the Weasleys' house which he was certainly not going to be a bother. when he got an idea. "Mr.Weasley, would it be okay if me and Ginny got married earlier than planned? it will get better for us if it were done before we went back to school?" Mr.Weasley thoughtfully spoke in reply," Yes I think thst you should Marry Ginny before hand that way you'll never be truly seperated." with that he went to go tell Mrs.Weasley the good news. it was a great surprise when Fred and Geroge produed the perfect ruby ring that they wanted hime to give to Giinny. they also produced a ring with dimonds rubys and saphires set in the band. they said this was the ring for the wedding. he gladly took the offering from his future brothers and smiled at the thought.

it was going to be hard put to arrange. he wanted a small wedding he said just family and friends. he was wanting to not otushine any of the others with a big wedding. they planned it for the day before Harry's eighteenth birthday. witht that he took the first ring and went to find Ginny who happened to be sitting in the kitchen with a tearful Mrs.Weasley. he approached her with care and bent to one knee and spoke as clearly as possible condiering the nerves. he said,"Ginny Weasley will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" The tension in the room was thick as everyone waited for her answer. she answered with tear filled eyes,  "Yes, Harry Potter, I will Marry you and become your wife."

Chapter 3: Harry's visitor
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 It was two days after the proposal that Harry and Ginny were to be married and there was alot still to do to prepare even for a small gathering. It had been decided to have it at the Burrow. It was the most likely that the backyard could handle another quick wedding like they had during the time right before the War. It was about time to get this done, Harry thought to himself as he picked out not only clothes for the wedding but little things he knew he would need for his seventh and final year at Hogwarts including several books he had to replace. It was shocking however when out of the blue that Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon showed up via Mr. Weasley on the afternoon of the first day of prepping that he actually felt glad to see them.

They told him that Dudley hadn't felt like coming this day for he quite remembered the last time he ran into the Weasleys. So he was visiting Aunt Marge at her house during the whole occassion. But they themselves wanted to be here to see their old charge get married since he was Petunia's sister's son and all. Which considering who was talking was a great compliment. So they were settled into the first bedroom that had been stripped of anything magical or strange for that purpose. And since they had had enough of being kept from knowing about the magic. The ministry had told him that these two were the exception since they were his family.

In the last few hours that day Harry told his Aunt and Uncle what he had dreamed about the other night. They told him it was probably to be expected. They also said that they had changed their minds about not letting him stay witht them because they could see now how it was for the new part of the faily and gruanteed Harry that the Potters' most likely had some kind of property in the wizarding world that he could possibly have for his family. The miinister KIngsley Shacklebolt had told them to tell him to go to Gringgotts and find out. They also told him that his Aunt would be taking him with his uncle in tow to diagon alley because even though she hadn't admitted it she was sure she knew where it was located still becasue of the years she went with her parents and lilly. One thing was pressing to get out and they determinely told him that they were very proud now to say that the late headmaster of Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore had trusted them with him at that time in their lives when they could still be there even though they didn't quite understand the importance of his stay there until much later.

it was rather heart warming to know that they were going to be ther he told them he would except their offer cause he kneew they had hit the problem on the nose with the comment about the house the new part of their family as they had put it had to live in . With all the people that could have been invited to a much bigger gathering it was a bit of a relief not to have to shower the Dursleys with the magic they were allowed to know about now.

It was ten in the morning when the had the service, it was touching to see alll the previous Hogwarts Staff in attendance and few other guest like the Weasleys and the Longbottooms and the Lovegoods. It was in a beautiful summer sunset setting with the color scheme to bring light into their young life. The two of them were in creams and tans, the bridesmaids Fleur and Luna were in light yellow and white and the maid of honor Hermione was in a light gold silk. It was Mr. Ron weasley who got to give his sister away to his best friend. It was Aunt petunia that was the Matron of honor and Uncle Vernon and Charlie stood next to Harry. The minister conducting the ceromony was actually a shock Professor Snape had valiantly made it known that he would do the ceremony. It was with simply written vows that they took before family friends and each other that tied the knot . Harry looked Ginny in her deep brown eyes and spoke these words: I take thee know my Ginny, to be my lover and my frined forever, to be my wife forever and for always. In the depths of my heart our love will never grow old and it shall never fade. I will give you what you need and want in a relationship. I will love and protect your body mind and soul from all things that may come against us as we go throuhgout the years you will never have to want for anything for I can and will provide , in sickness and in health, for better for worse poor or rich untill eternity takes us we will have strong love like those who loved us for who we were and who we will and have come to be. I love the Ginny. " Ginny repeated a similar vow and then the master of cermonines severus snape said to them each in turn the valued question that would bind them as one flesh,and they eacha answered I do.

With that they walked to the center ailse kissed and threw the flowers yellow roses. It was a beatiful sermon after that and drinks all around . Before to long the two love birds said they wanted to visit with Aunt Petunia and Ucle Vernon for the rest of the summer . So Mr. Weasley drove the four of them back to the Dursleys new address and parted ways with harry's new father in law. Once in the house they talked about how beautiful Harry's choice of words were and how happy it would have made Lily.

Before it got to late Harry and Ginny were shown to a guest room well furnished and went to bed for the night for in the morning they had to start getting ready for hogwarts again.Really it was a good start to a new life to be loved by this family. It was going to be a wonderful start to the school year harry thought.

Chapter 4: Diagon Alley and Heading back to Hogwarts
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    Thia ia what he had been waiting for the day he and his Aunt and Uncle left the house for Diagon Alley they had reasonably had a good last few weeks of summer. They had advised not to tell Aunt Marge anytime soon that Harry was in fact a wizard for his uncle couldn't bare it just yet. It was with less strain than usual that Harry willingly helped around the house which was quite a help to the family he had gotten to know real well on how they liked things. He didn't complain when Aunt Petunia said he needed to do his own laundry sometime before they headed off to Diagon Alley and King's Cross the next day. For he was by far old enough to do it himself and didn't need her to do it this time thought she might do it with him to make sure he got everything done to his liking as long as his clothes got clean. She secretly knew he hated laundry so she and her nephew worked on it a load or two at a time together in great effort to make there time together last with less cross words and anger between them over what now seemed silly.

Harry seemed all to willing to let things go and he did evrything that was asked of him and that was something. He wanted this arrangement to work if they were to live together for at least a little while . Harry had been told that he could come a visit for the holidays this year if he had a mind to. It would be wonderful as long as he kept his behaviour accordingly. Also his Uncle had told him of his wish for him to get a job teaching and not fighting anyone else. For he feared it would harm Harry more in his mind than need be. He had thought about all the things that could have gone wrong this change of heart they would have missed. As well as what could have happened to the world of magic and muggle alike if the dark lord had won. It was he said a relief to see and talk to his nephew again he said he was very proud of his bravery. It showed him how much he truely cared for his nephew.

It was the next morning when he woke that he found a present from his Aunt that he hadn't expected. Harry opened his eyes stared at the bright green package on his bedside table: it was a wedding present, he took the package woke Ginny with a little shake and said,"This is so unexpected that they would give us this" She smiled and told him to open it. Harry did just that inside the pretty packaging was a Brand new Gold and Ruby studded watch set, engraved with the words, love is inside and flaming forever, never let it go. To his way of thinking he had gone straight to the hear t of why he had  decided to give the Dursleys a second chance to be apart of his life.

He hopped out of bed just then and proceeded to get dressed and ready for the day. He told his wife she needed to be up to for they were going to Diagon Alley today and then on to Hogwarts. He had told her they had inherited quite a great deal of money from his family. The Gringotts goblins had  said that if he said it was all in the planning he could have it and he did just that. He didn't laugh but he knew it was just that funny.

He then strarted packing wht he already had and helped his uncle who had come into the room with the trunks . He believed that if they got their early they would be able to get ther rest quickly and get to the train on time. Seriously Harry thought he should probably go to Ollivander's and get a better wand to use for the years to come for he really didn't want Draco's. So they got into his uncle's sporty number and drove of towards London. BY the time they got their his Aunt and Dudley were waiting for them.

Harry provided that he knew they were outside the Leaky Cauldron led the way throught the pub. it was as dark and gloomy as ever it had been, and now you could see the relief on old Tom's face as Harry walked in. Tom hailed him and pointed towrad a table, and there low and behold was Hagrid who wasn't surprised to see him. " Hullo 'arry 'ow y' duin?" Hagrid asked timidly glaning at the Dursleys who were actually smiling up at him in greeting. Harry answered his greeting by saying, " Hello to you too Hagrid, I am just great thanks ... um would you like to come with us through Diagon Alley for old times sake?" He really hoped he would , Hagrid teared up and said he would like to go with um. He said goodbye for now to the pub keeper and paid for his drink. Then he led them to the back where the entrance to Diagon Alley was hidden behind a brick wall. Hagrid did the honors and shocked the Dursleys when the gateway revealed itself. There it was a recovering but doing better Diagon Alley. He could see a lot of the shops mainly all of them had reopened in time for the school year. He finally walked to the bank where they took the cart to his vault and got his money and Ginny's as well enough for a long while.

Then they went back to the shops where they bought everything and then Harry did two other things . First he went into the Owl Emporium to buy a new owl, he found a beautiful brown owl that was perfect he bought him . /he cristened him PhoenixFeathers . Then he went to see Ollivander, who had spotted him in the Bookshop of Flourish and Blotts. He went inside and there waiting was the elderly white haired man whom had given him his first wand. He asked timidly, " Could you provide me with a better wand. Please I don't want Draco's." Mr. Ollivander smile slightly and nodded queitly and commenced with the long process. Then he produced a wand of Birch and Unicorn Hair Twelve and a quarter inches and pliant. fifteen galloens and six sikcles. Harry paid him and left the shop. Feeling better he went to find the others who were waiting just outside.

after that they headed to the Kings Cross station. For the ride to hogwarts.

Chapter 5: Hogwarts Renewed
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Harry Potter recalled roughly how to get to King's Cross Station, with enough sense to let his uncle drive as fast ass possible without getting a ticket! The traffic was light enough this morning that they got there within forty-five minutes to spare. They quickly gathered the trunks and pets, loaded them onto two trolleys,and locked the car.

As they walked through the crowded station of muggle travellers, Harry told the Dursleys that there was a specific way to get onto the platform. That they also had to do it without other muggles noticing what it was that they were doing.

Harry's Aunt Petunia informed him calmly that she well remembered how to get onto Platforms Nine and three quarters, and that in his letter the new Minister of Magic had written that they specfically had acess to the platform without worry, and woulf meet another student who would be waiting for them at the Barrier. He had actually volunteered to do so.

She told him kindly that he was to write to her and his uncle as much as he could or wanted, for they wanted to be informed on the daily life at Hogwarts school. It was a fact now that they had changed their views toward him since he had left to fight the Dark Lord,last year at this time.

They quickened their pace as PhoenixFeather, Harry's brown owl, started to hoot with impatience. He wanted to get to their destination now! Thank you very much!

It was now with thirty minutes to go that they spotted Draco Malfoy and his mother Narcissa Malfoy apparently waiting for their arrival at the Barrier. Draco, looked disleveled and Narcissa , nervous that they were going to be told to buzz off, by Harry. But, Draco straightened as Harry and his family came up beside them and said clearly, "Let me help you and your..., er .., family get through the Barrier. Now , M'am , you and your fine husband go arm in arm with Ginny and my mother. While Harry and I take a trolley as my friend Crabbe already gone ahead with mine with the help of another family member of mine." With that he and Harry, ( Harry grudgingly), took a hold of a trolley and waited for the Dursleys to got  ahead of them with Ginny and Mrs.Malfoy. Then after they had successfully gone through the Barrier they themselves took the trolleys at a steady run without really thinking about it, as they melted through it and found them standing beside a dumbstruck Uncle Vernon. This was his first time staring st the Scarlet Engine that was the Hogwarts Express. Draco, lead them to a handy carriage where Crabbe waited with an equally dumbsruck look to equl Uncle Vernon's. He looked rather confused at they attitude between Harry and Draco, but with a look he accepted it and helped heave the luggage onto the train.

That was when it was time to ssay goodbye and promise to write as often as possible. Then they jumped aboard shut the doors, waved as the train started getting ready to pull out.

----------------- Time Goes By--------------------------------------------------------------------------

 They , that is to say Harry, Ginny and Draco and Crabbe were seated in a compartment to themselves for the first time since they had started to Hogwarts in their first year. Their beloved train was heading through sheep studded countryside when the old witch with the sweets cart came up to there open compartment door asking if they wanted anything sweet. For the first time He, Draco bought sweets enough for each of them with the help of Harry and together they split it between the four of them. Draco telling Crabbe to put his on the  other side of him so that his wouldn't mix with Ginny's.  However before he had ripped open a Choclate Frog and taken a big bite , Draco spoke with clear geniuine honesty, "My mother wants me to join the Order of the Phoenis because just in case another nutter like the Dark Lord tries to recruit me as a follower. I wanted you to know that the member of my family is not at all happy with the situation he's been put in. My Father has been told that he can gain back his freedom if he proves he is done with the old ways. He gave them his word. AS Soon as he got word that you had arrived he Apparated before he could or had to speak to you personally. He is having a lot of issues these days but he also wants me in the Order . To protect myself from further harm. Is that enough to tell you that he approves of us being friend this year?" He had said this very fast as if it had been on his mind all day. He seemed to feel better now that that was out in the open, Harry had to admit it was not at all what he was expecting. Of course he had hoped that Draco had changed to but that was a feeble hope at the time. He didn't know what to say really at this point.

He knew he probably should get Professors Mcgonagall and Snape in on the decision and that was what he told Draco for now because it was really up to them for they were leading now well at least their Headmistress was. He and Drsco now and for now had settled their differences and they started talking about the anitcipated arrival at Hogwarts and who they were likely to see.

He knew of course that somewhere Ron was sharing a car with Hermonie and neither of them would understand this little arrangement but it was pleasant for the time being. Ron had been persuaded to return since he needed his N.E.W.T.s as well and that they needed this last chance. They told Harry they would see him at Hogwarts for they wanted to be alone to talk. So they were that along the train as they were still going and that Hermonie had been picked for Head Girl and Draco Malfoy was Head Boy. Out of that they needed to give each Prefect the new passwords and everything they needed this time to themselves. But hhe wasn't to worry about that they would see him at the Gryffindor table.

Chapter 6: Hogwarts good beginning
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         Harry was now eager to get away from Draco so that he had time to process what he had  said. He was also anxious to see Ron and Hermornie who would hate the idea of befriendiing Draco. I mean he had been their nemesis since the first year. So yes he was a little aprehnsive about the whole idea. It hadn't been a great start for Draco as far as being friends was concerned. Ron would be red- eared at the very thought and watch Draco like a hawk the rest of the year. So there was really no point to discuss it with any amount of time. Then there would be Hermornie's point of view which was that this confession might well be a ploy or something to spy on the Order. Which would be agreed to by all who were in the Order at the moment in time.

Draco would have more than Harry to deal with on his return to Hogwarts. Especcially when every student would see him as a reurtning Death Eater and everything. It would take a miracle to clean up Draco's act all together. Harry really didn't want to get involved with that guy. It was a complete joke. It had to be! Who would actually believe Draco at this point.

*********************** TIME PASSES NOW IN GREAT HALL ****************************

  When he had finally sat down at the Gryffindor table, he started to relax knowing he wouldn't have to sit by Draco at all. He felt hungry more than usual, and the next time looked around he saw Them. Ron and Hermornie were headed toeards his end of the table looking happy to see him. Of coarse he had been excited that he had finally spotted them himself. As they sat down on either side of him, Ron was the first to speak.... "So..., we heard that our friend Malfoy was trying to make as many new friends as possible? Did he ask you?" Ron was obviously not happy that Harry and Ginny had sat sat in the same carriage as Draco, but he decided to see if Harry was still his friend. Harry replied dryly, " He did But I didn't even answer and he decided to stalk out of the carriage ordering Crabbe to leave the sweets he bought, and just left without another word." He looked at Ron who nodded his consent that that was the right coarse of action in this case. Hermornie however had other things on her mind, which she voiced before she could get interrupted again, " Well, that thought aside. I wanted to formally congradulate you and Ginny on your wedding, and hope you forgive me for not sending anything right away. For I wanted to give it to you in person. I'll give it to you when we get to Gryffindor Tower. Right now we'll just make you and Ginny wait." Harry heard the sly tone in her voice at this bit of news. But didn't think he could get anymore out of her at the moment.

Just then their new appointed Headmistress was looking expectingly at the first years coming up the hall towards the staff table. They all looked very nervous being back since most of them were some of those that had heard of what ahd happened here. As usual the sorting ceremony was about to begin. They had to many students to go through so it was over very fast and as efficent as possible, so as soon as they were sorted everyone had been housed and ready to here the opening speech by Professor McGonagall. She stood before them all looking much calmer than she ever had appeared before this. She was actually smiling at all the students in warm welcome and affection. Some of the returning students were of those who had fought in the Battle of Hogwarts, including Harry and his best friends. To this woman they were her heroes all of them. She was just so proud she said and that she hoped them the best and pressed them to continue doing their best this year. For those who were new they were to follow the lead of these who had been named heroes of the second war. As well as remember those who had fallen in the last years. For them to not let the past stay in their minds that they should move forward and not backwards. Especially those who had proven what they could really do. It was going to be  a great year she could just see it. They had even enlarged parts of the castle and had added new things to get invovled in this year. So don't hesitate to get involved with these events. And let the feast begin with joy.

With that  an loud noise rose as she sat down as the whole student body applauded her with true loyalty. It was a great beginning. There was quiet murmurring as the food finally faded. They all chatted as they were sent to their beds for the night. It would be the first peacefully sleep Harry would get in so long. He was home in more ways than had ver been before. He was finally at peace in this beloved castle.He hoped for everyone's sake it would stay that way.

It was very good that he had been back to this place so many times because it didn't take as long to get to the Tower, which he had been sleeping for years. It was a good start.

####################### ..... The Talk with Snape..,

 Later after eating a sumptuous meal that night, Harry felt like just going up to his four poster bed and going to sleep. But apparently, he was not going to let of on that note. Because right at that moment Professors Snape and McGongall gave a look that told him to stay behind this time. They obviously wanted to speak with him at the moment but didn't want to too obvious. Which made him feel a bit nervous about what they were going to say to him.

 But then he saw them both smile encouragingly to let him know that they had good news for him. And with that he headed up to the Staff table with a quick goodbye over his shoulder to Hermonie and Ron. It was just that they were nervous about him aproaching the Staff table in fornt of the others but they understood it was to be expected.

So when he reached the Professors he gave them a quick smile that said that he was glad to be back. Harry was the first to speak,." You wanted to talk before I head to my dormitory Professors?" He waited until last of the crowd of students before he spoke for Professor Snape didn't want to spoil the waiting surprise the next day.. "I want to talk to you first thing tomorrow before everyone makes it to breakf ast and to ensure that you are able to make it, you will be placed in you new living quarters that have become recently available to you. I will explain in the morning and Professor Mcgonagall wi show you where they will be located."