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Lover's Spark by Slytherin Eagle

Format: Short story
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,702
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Contains profanity, Scenes of a mild sexual nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, LGBTQA
Characters: Harry, Charlie, Draco, Ginny, Albus, Hugo, Rose, Scorpius, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 07/04/2015
Last Chapter: 07/05/2015
Last Updated: 07/05/2015

A short story in three sections, each following a separate moment in the relationship of Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy.


Written for The Addicted to Albus & Scorpius Challenge


Chapter 1: Green Moss
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A continuous trickle of water flowed over the rocks at the edge of the lake. Green moss covered the stones, making them slippery. Many a student had slipped and injured themselves playing on the wet stones.
A fact to which Scorpius Malfoy could testify. A fact that did not make him appreciate the enthusiasm of a particularly bubbly Albus Potter, who had dragged him out here in the dead of the night along with Rose Weasley and her brother Hugo. A fact which had him seriously questioning the reasons behind why he was even friends with this boy.
Of course he had been told about Albus' parents by his father. He had seen the articles in the Prophet about the Potter family, had seen the way people crowded for their autographs in Diagon Alley. On the other hand, people would smile at his family, but not really mean it. Greet them and then sigh with relief the moment they were free from the presence of the Malfoy name.
It hadn't been until he went to Hogwarts that he realised how nervous he had been about properly meeting this famous family. Albus' older brother was already at the school and showed Albus off to everyone on the train, proclaiming him to have 'a non-existent sense of humour'. Scorpius had been sorted into Slytherin, which he, and everyone else, had expected. But when Albus Potter joined him, the whole hall had fallen silent, broken only by a loud yell from the Gryffindor table announcing something along the lines of, "He is so not my brother!"
Albus, as had it turned out, was the ultimate definition of shy. He had hidden in the dormitory bathroom the first night until Scorpius had decided introductions were in order, and had sauntered in there. They stayed in the bathroom the whole night, eventually being found fast asleep on the cold tiles in the morning when the other first year boys woke up.
Well, we've come a long way since the bathroom floor, Scorpius thought wryly, almost falling over when Albus grabbed his hand to drag him along faster, his long fingers cold from the night air. Rose grumbled behind them, struggling to not trip over the hemline of her robes.
"Honestly Rose, I don't even know why you insisted on wearing that ridiculous outfit. If you're cold you could have worn the jumper Nana made for you," Hugo said with an air of smugness. Rose stuck her tongue out at him. Hugo laughed and pushed her so she tripped.
"Can't you two behave like civilised people for once? You're ruining the suspense." Albus had stopped and was frowning down at the two Weasleys. "I didn't invite you Rose, so you can't complain, and Hugo, you're a pain in the arse and wouldn't stop annoying me. Which, if I say so myself, you still are." He turned back and stalked further along the bank, Scorpius scurrying in his wake.
"C'mon Hugo, I'm going back to the castle and I'll write to Mum if you don't as well. Stop whining, you have no choice, I'm older than you and therefore have the right to boss you around when I feel like it. Which I is exactly what I’m doing." Rose stepped behind her brother and gave him a shove in the direction of the castle.

Albus and Scorpius had reached the end small jetty that stuck out into the lake from the middle of a small copse of trees.
“Ok you lot, if you’re going to be here you might as w-,” Scorpius stopped talking abruptly. “Where’d the others go? Back up to the castle?” he asked, looking around.
“I think so. They won’t tell on us I don’t reckon though. Rose isn’t like that, and Hugo couldn’t care less. He’s a firm believer in Uncle George’s ‘If there’s rules left unbroken, you haven’t had fun’ policy.” Albus laughed a little at the end.

Scorpius chuckled too, familiar with Albus’ uncle. George owned the joke shop in Diagon Alley, and visits to with the Potter family almost always included a trip to the store. No matter how much Scorpius had begged his parents when he was younger, his father had never let him even set foot in the store. The first time Albus had taken him, Scorpius had run around the store collecting samples of everything.

Albus scuffed his toe on the mossy wooden planks of the jetty. “Well I guess if that’s the case, you and I are taking this midnight dip by ourselves then.” With that statement hanging in the silence, Albus stepped backwards, over the edge of the jetty. Startled, Scorpius yelped and sprung after him, crouching at the end of the jetty and peering over the edge.

Albus was nowhere to be seen. Taking a deep breath, Scorpius prepared to jump into the water. A sudden splash of water on his face and the next thing he knew he had been dragged off the jetty into the lake. His limbs flailed wildly as he tried to remember the instructions his father had given him for swimming in the lake. Finally resurfacing, Scorpius took in a lungful of air and regained enough control over his limbs to tread the water cautiously.

Albus’ head broke the surface of the lake, water streaming through his hair, a grin spreading across his face. “Isn’t this fun, Scorp? I’ve always wanted to do this!” Albus paddled across to the edge of the jetty, hauling himself out onto the wood before offering his hand to Scorpius. Scorpius took it, and was subsequently dragged out of the water into the freezing air.

“How c-can you stand t-this, Albus?” he asked teeth clattering against each other. “Aren’t you cold?” Scorpius poked his best friend in the shoulder. “Are you listening to me?”
“No, I can’t hear you over this weird whining noise, but it seems to have stopped now.” Albus ducked as Scorpius palm flew towards his face. Scorpius stood up and walked down the jetty towards land, dripping water everywhere as he went. Albus remained sitting at the edge, knowing his friend needed time to cool down. He expected to have to wait a few minutes before Scorpius would come back and talk to him.

He didn’t expected to hear charging footsteps behind him just before being tackled off the edge of the jetty and back into the water, weighed down by the body of his friend. Together they sank to the bottom of the lake, pushing off from the ground to resurface.
“What the bloody hell was that for Scorp?” Albus spluttered, trying to wipe all the water out of his eyes.
“That was for dragging me in before, and then for calling me a whiner.” Scorpius looked Albus dead in the eye, a smile trying to pull up the corners of his mouth. “Do you have a problem with that?”

They swam back to the jetty and pulled themselves out again. Albus sighed. He ran a hand through his wet hair, making it stick out like his father’s did. “Look, Scorpius, I’m sorry for pulling you off the jetty earlier. I thought it would be fun to come down here, to get out of the castle. I didn’t think you’d be that against it. Is this about the other two being with us earlier? You know I didn’t ask either of them to come don’t you? Rose ran into me in the entrance hall while she was on Prefect duty, and Hugo had been buggering me about it all afternoon. He knew I was up to something and wouldn’t leave me alone until I told him what it was. It’s not my fault he picked up Slytherin traits somewhere along the line, or that he was Sorted into Slytherin the day he got here, half the time I swear he did it just so he could annoy me. I was so happy when they both left because everything was finally going the way I originally wanted it to go.”

Scorpius heard his friend take another breath, ready to start his apology all over again. Albus’ hair was sticking out all over the place and all Scorpius wanted to do was smooth it down so it would sit flat against his head. Knowing it would also make Albus shut up, he decided to go for it. The strands were softer than he had expected, given the lake water. Scorpius continued smoothing down the hair until it was flat once more.

Albus stared at his friend. “What are you doing Scorpius?” he asked quietly. When Scorpius didn’t respond, Albus reached his hand up and took Scorpius’ wrist, lowering his arm until it rested by his side. He let go allowing Scorpius’ hand to fall naturally.

Scorpius’ looked up, and a sparkle in the green eyes that were watching him startled him, throwing every scrap of sense and self-preservation that he had out the window. He touched Albus’ shoulder lightly, unsure of where he stood with the other boy. He almost stepped backwards as Albus stepped towards him, catching Scorpius’ lips in a soft kiss.

Shocked, Scorpius froze. Albus took a step back, a faint pink spreading across his cheeks.
“I’m sorry Scorp, I don’t know what happened, it just did, and I didn’t mean to, it’s just-”
“Do you regret it?” Scorpius whispered. A shake of the Albus’ head was all the encouragement he needed. He seized his opportunity, pulling Albus closer by his waist. “Kiss me again.”

And with that Scorpius was flying, soaring through the clouds above, the moisture from them soaking through his jumper- Wait a second, he thought. Am I sitting down? He opened his eyes to find that he and Albus had overbalanced, slipping on the moss-covered edge of the jetty, and that they were now sitting in the shallow water that lapped gently at the stumps of the jetty. A stunned Albus looked down at him, water dripping from his hair. Scorpius sat up, looking around before cursing under his breath.

“Damn that green moss.”




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