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The Mystery Girl by HarryPotterLover999

Format: Novel
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 601
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Mystery
Characters: OC
Pairings: OC/OC

First Published: 06/06/2015
Last Chapter: 06/12/2015
Last Updated: 06/12/2015

 Kate has always been a fan of animals. But little does she know about what she really is and how she was found. No one knows who her parents are and she was found living with vella. Now when she figures out she is a witch she has to solvethe mystery that is making her famous.

Chapter 1: The Letter
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  Kate got on her bay warmblood mare and started warming up to get ready for her competition. She looked at her hands noticing she forgot her gloves. “Oh mom. . .” she stopped her gloves were now on her hands. “Yes dear?” Her mom asked coming over to the fence. “Oh um never mind” Kate said looking at her now gloved hands. She shook her head and continued to warm up. She was thinking so hard she didn't notice the jump was getting closer. Her horse, Magic, jumped over the fence and Kate bounced awkwardly on her back. “Ouch that hurt!” Magic said. “Oh I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention” Kate began looking around for who had spoke. Then she froze how could other people feel anything. “Why thank you, I have been looking forward to a conversation with you.” Magic continued ignoring Kate sitting stiffly on her back. “Er... can you understand me” Kate began hesitantly. “Yes now just think I can hear you when you think” Magic snorted. Then Kate realized something, she could feel Magic's feelings right now. Magic was showing off, a little annoyed, exited, nervous, and confused. “Magic, why are you confused?” Kate asked as she spoke through her mind. “Have you gotten you're letter yet?” Magic asked. “What's a letter have to do with this?” Kate asked. “Oh you will figure out but tell me course and I will win” Magic said as an overpowering urge to win flared up inside her. Kate explained the course and talked about what to expect.


Kate was laying on her bed looking at her blue ribbon. Magic had won the competition like she said she would. Kate glanced at her clock. Eight thirty. Magic's words about the letter kept repeating themselves in Kate's mind. Then she realized she hadn't checked the mail today. She ran down her drive way and opened the mailbox. Nothing. She laughed to herself, what would a horse know about a letter. Skipping back to the door and owl landed on her porch. It was holding a letter. Kate stood stiff as a brick staring at the owls wide eyes. The owl dropped the letter, hooted, and flew off. Kate ran to the letter and ripped it open. There it read...


We invite, Kate, to come join Hogwarts this year.

I, professor Dumbledore, would like to ask Kate to join us as a first year this year.

I will send Hagrid to pick you up from your muggle home the day after you get this letter. He will be there at 2:30.


Thank you,

Professor Dumbledore


Kate stood re-reading the letter. After a while her mother came out the door. “Hello dear. Is something wrong?” She asked as she saw Kate's face. She handed her the letter. She saw her mothers face frown. “This is a dumb trick, whoever did this” She said waving the letter. “What if it is real though mom” Kate argued. This would explain the gloves, talking to Magic, and the other weird stuff that had been happening. It might even involve her hair. “Honey tomorrow will prove this is nonsense” She barked. Kate gave up and stumbled inside. Her mother sent her to bed early to get the letter off her mind but she kept on thinking about it. She stared at the ceiling wondering if someone would come tomorrow. She felt her blue chunk of hair in the front of her head. Her hair was suppose to be all dark brown but a single chunk of it was bright blue. Did that have something to do with all this?