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Who's to say this is wrong? by Lady__Malfoy

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 5,565

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Contains profanity, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Spoilers

Genres: Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Draco, Ginny
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 03/21/2015
Last Chapter: 03/21/2015
Last Updated: 03/21/2015

 We tend to look at things in life as being right or wrong. But who id to judge what should be right and wrong? Who's to say this new life is wrong, especially when it feels so right...

Chapter 1: Wrong
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Wrong, this is all wrong. I opened my eyes expecting to see the sun streaming through the thick curtains, yet there was only darkness. The hangings around my bed were the wrong color, why were they that color?

I crawled out of bed to see the room empty, in my trunk were all my things, but even my school robes were wrong.

I shrugged into them anyways, fearing I was late to class. My friends would be worried about me.
The common room was dark and unfamiliar, where were the plush armchairs by the fire? And why is it so cold?

I made my way out of the portrait hole, emerging from the dungeons, why was I down here?
“Mione, there you are, I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” I happy voice said from a corridor as he wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek.

In my haste to pull away from him I tripped over my own feet and went sprawling onto the cold floor, my bag spilling and my things going everywhere.
“You’re such a cute little klutz” he laughed as he got onto his hands and knees and began picking up my things.

He was wrong too. Where once I knew a cruel boy, with hard grey eyes and never a smile on his face that would have sooner die than help me, now here he was picking up my things from the dirty floor, laughing and smiling, kissing my cheek and calling me cute.
“Are you alright darling? You seem confused,” he asked as he helped me to my feet, his eyebrows furrowed in concern, worry in his eyes.

Didn’t those eyes used to be cold and grey? Now they seemed to be a melted grey metal, glistening with life and light.

“I… I don’t know. I’m not myself today,” I stammered, not knowing what else to say.
In return he said nothing, he only pulled me in for a tight hug, his arms wrapping around me protectively.

When he pulled away he linked his fingers with mine and led me towards the great hall.
Great, I could get into the great hall and find my friends and finally figure out what was going on.
We walked down the length of the hall between the Gryffindor table and the Slytherin table, my face lighting up when I finally caught sight of my friends.

They returned my stare with harsh glares, “What are you looking at Granger,” Ron spat venomously.

“Ignore them babe, the ‘golden trio’ has nothing better to do with their pathetic lives,” Malfoy smirked as he pulled me along and we sat down at the Slytherin table next to Blaise Zambini and Pansy Parkinson.

What did Malfoy mean the golden trio… I was a part of the golden trio, me Harry and Ron…
“Earth to Hermione!” Blaise said loudly as he tossed a bagel into my face, snapping me out of my thoughts and causing those around us to laugh.

“I tried to wake you up this morning, but you were really insistent on sleeping in so I left you there. Draco didn’t want you to be late for Transfiguration, McGonagall already has it out for you,” Pansy was explaining cheerfully as she nibbled on an apple.

What did she mean McGonagall had it out for me? I was her favorite student? Why was everything so wrong…

Pansy was right however. All through Transfiguration McGonagall would look at me with stern looks and wouldn’t call on me when I knew the answer. The same happened in Herbology and Charms, Potions was nothing new either.

We had Potions with the Gryffindors after lunch, Malfoy was my partner and it would seem we were Slughorn’s prized team.

I kept finding myself looking over my shoulder to get a glance of Harry and Ron, who were failing miserably to make the Alihosty draught even though it was I rather simple potion.
I felt like I had taken some of the potion already, seeing as it caused hysteria and I was about ready to break down.

After dinner I excused myself from Malfoy and found myself rushing to the library.
Luck was on my side when I saw Harry, Ron and Ginny sitting at a table working on the long report McGonagall had assigned just today.

Who should I try and talk to? Ginny who was my best girl friend? Ron who was in love with me most? Or Harry who I always shared everything with?

“Can… Can I talk to you for a minute?” I nearly choked as I walked up to their table.

“Get out of here Granger,” Ron spat.

“Nobody wants to talk to you,” Ginny sneered.

I ignored them as I only had eyes for Harry, he seemed reluctant but got to his feet and followed me out of the library and into the hallway.

Before I could even explain what was going on I just broke into tears while Harry stood there staring awkwardly at the ground.

I took a deep breath and regained myself, “Harry… I don’t know what’s going on. I was in Gryffindor yesterday, best friends with you Ron and Ginny and I woke up this morning in the dungeons, with Malfoy trying to kiss me and Parkinson trying to be my best friend and Zambini throwing bagels at me andI don’t know why everything is so wrong,” I said fast and shakily.

My heart nearly stopped when I looked into his green eyes… he didn’t believe me.

“Why should I believe you. You can’t even prove it,” he said coldly…

He thought this was a joke.

“Harry you have to believe me, I can prove it just let me think… umm… you have a birthmark on your butt!” I exclaimed, remembering the summer at the burrow when I accidentally walked in on him getting out of the shower.

“That’s just creepy, how would you know that?” Harry said doubtfully.

“Ginny’s room is decorated in horses, Ron’s in a revolting orange of Chuddley Cannon stuff, umm… Sirius left you Grimmauld place and and… Witherwings is Buckbeak that we rescued from being executed in third year, and your aunt and uncle put bars on your window and were horrible to you, and Hagrid gave Dudley a pig tail the night you found out you were a wizard” I finished with tears falling down my face.

“I believe you,” Harry said dazed “How else would you know all of that…”

I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, he didn’t think I was crazy!

“Let’s keep it between the two of us for now, we’ll go to Dumbledore on Saturday night. I have another lesson with him but I think this is a bit more important. Meet me outside his office at midnight,” Harry said as he pulled away from me and went to head back inside.

“Harry… Thank you for believing me,” I said with a sad smile.

He returned with his crooked goofy smile of his, “try not to hex that ferret boyfriend of yours,” and with that he went back into the library.

And so the week went by and I was Malfoy’s girlfriend, Pansy’s best friend and sat at the Slytherin table with Blaise and the Greengrass sisters.

It was interesting to see this new side of the Slytherins, that contrary to popular belief, they were actually really nice and fun to be around.

Every night I found myself cuddled up on the couch with Malfoy while we were both reading, and I found myself looking forward to my evenings with him.

I found myself comparing him to Ron, and Malfoy came out better in every detail I could come up between the two of them.

On Saturday night at nearly midnight, I kissed Malfoy goodnight as we went our separate ways to bed, but as I heard him close the door to the boys dormitory, I went back and slipped out of the Slytherin common room and went to meet Harry.

Dumbledore heard us out, believed me and was quiet for some time before finally speaking, “Miss Granger, I believe someone has cursed you. For what reason I cannot be sure, but I believe someone wanted to keep you away from Harry and Ron. However… I feel like we could use this to our advantage. We have eyes on the inside, someone close to the children of death eaters, in a relationship with young Malfoy who is believed to have a mission from Voldemort, you can get information,” he said slowly.

“Draco isn’t bad, he’s actually surprisingly nice, so are all the other Slytherins,” I blurted out unnecessarily.

“So it’s Draco now?” Harry asked critically.

“It’s just once you get the chance to see the real him… he’s different, they all are. They’re not who we think they are,” I defended.

“Apparently you’re not who I think you are, Professor,” Harry said curtly as he got up from his chair and left, leaving us in a stunned silence.

“I’ll figure out what I can on them Professor, but I don’t think they’re all bad,” I said ashamed.

“Thank you Miss Granger. I shall look into this curse and see if there’s a way to reverse it. Perhaps we can get you back to being a lion again, but for now you must play your part as a serpent. Goodnight Miss Granger,” he said as he dismissed me.

And so I did my part playing the serpent, and fitting in more than I would have liked, but how was it my fault that the Slytherins made me feel more at home than the Gryffindors ever did? Who was to say that this was wrong…

I found myself spending less time with Malfoy, he’d say he had extra quidditch practices, or had to go to the library but never let me go with him…

“Draco sure has been busy lately,” I mentioned casually to Pansy one night.

“Well he has to be under a lot of stress having to do.. well you know,” she said as she was painting her nails.

“What are you talking about?” I said a little too eagerly.

Pansy however didn’t seem to notice, “We talked about this on the train Mione, and we both swore to never talk about it again. Draco was scared to tell us in the first place. I just hope he can suceed…”

“What’ll happen if he doesn’t?” I asked almost dreading her answer.

“The Dark Lord will go after his family… and you,” she said calmly.

I excused myself and slipped out of the common room, fleeing to Dumbledore’s office where I told him all that I knew.

“I’m afraid for him professor,” I admitted.

But Dumbledore nearly chuckled, “Voldemort will come after you if the boy fails, yet you’re afraid for him and not yourself,” he commented.

I found myself blushing, perhaps my logic was a little wrong, almost like back in first year when I thought being expelled was worse than being eaten by fluffy… but those were only stories now that in this reality hadn’t actually happened…

I left for the night, running into Malfoy on the the 7th floor…

“What were you doing up here?” I asked him curiously. He was pale and jumpy, but smiled at me nonetheless.

“I was just looking for you, I left the library and you weren’t in the common room,” he said as he grabbed my hand. His palm was clammy with sweat.

We got back to the common room, instead of reading on the couch he dismissed himself to bed and left, leaving me alone and suspicious.

This went on a couple times a week, before I finally decided I needed to follow him.. So I went to the owlery and wrote a note on a strip of parchment.

I need your dad’s cloak. It’s important. Meet same place same time as last time, -HG

Now I could only hope that he showed up, and thankfully he did.

“Thank you so much Harry… How is everyone?” I asked shyly.

He shrugged, he still wasn’t happy with me for defending Malfoy…

“I needed the cloak to follow Malfoy… he has a mission from Voldemort,” I tried to explain.

“Looks like your Slytherin prince isn’t so perfect,” he said with anger in his voice.

“Nobody is perfect Harry. I’ll get the cloak back to you soon,” I scowled and walked away.

The next night I got my chance to follow Malfoy as he kissed me goodbye as he went to the library.

Under the cloak I followed him closely as he made his way back to the 7th floor and just as I though, the room of requirements.

I slipped in right behind him before the door could close and was met with a room filled with junk, piled up to the ceiling and overflowing the small walkways.

I followed him with caution, one knocked over pile of junk could blow my cover. But finally he stopped at a broken old cabinet, and next to it was a cage of birds.

“C’mon, I think I did it this time,” he cried out desperately as he placed a bird into the cabinet and shut the door. But when he opened the door a moment later, the bird was dead at the bottom.
His curses echoed throughout the room and he had his head in his hands, tears rolling down his pale face.

“Maybe I can help you fix it,” I said quietly as I pulled the cloak off.

His face was unreadable as he towered over me. Was he upset? Furious? Ashamed?

“I… I was worried about you Draco so… I decided to follow you. Is this a vanishing cabinet?” I asked when I couldn’t stand the silence anymore.

Instead of answering me, I found his lips pressed against mine and my back pressed against the vanishing cabinet. This was by far the most passionate kiss I had ever experienced, leaving me dizzy and breathless.

“I’m so sorry Hermione… I never wanted you to be involved. He… he’ll hurt you if I don’t fix this cabinet… I shouldn’t have lied to you but i… I was going to break up with you so he might not go after you when I fail… the cursed necklace failed and the poisoned mead failed…. I’m going to fail and he’s going to go after everyone I love… he’s going to go after you…” he cried, standing broken in front of me.

“I love you too Draco,” I found my lips saying, yet I wasn’t aware that I was. I loved Draco Malfoy?

And then we were kissing again and I never wanted it to end, but unfortunately it had to…

“Did you mean it though...? will you help me fix it? I know you’re against the plan…” he asked as he pulled his lips from mine.

“Well maybe we can discuss the plan while we work on the cabinet and we can change how I feel about the plan,” I said, still breathless from the kiss.

And so we discussed the plan while we tried to fix the cabinet, and he was right. I was very against this plan.

I slipped out of the dormitory again that night and went to Dumbledore’s office to find him in there with Harry.

“I found out Draco’s mission,” I said as I sat down next to Harry.

Both of them looked at me expectantly, so I began to tell them what happened. “… but the bird was dead and he broke down crying. That’s when I revealed myself and offered to help and told him we’d talk about the plan while we work on the cabinet.”

“Ok? And what’s the plan? His mission is just to fix a stupid cabinet? ” Harry said impatiently.

“No… his mission is to kill you, Dumbledore. He… he has to fix the cabinet to let the death eaters into the school. He tried to curse you with the necklace that got Katie Bell and the poisoned mead that Ron drank so now he’s onto this plan, we have to stop him,” I said urgently.

“But if he fails Miss Granger, Voldemort will go after you. Believe it or not… I already thought I knew his mission and you just confirmed it. I have made arrangements… but I would appreciate it if you could stall Mister Malfoy as long as possible for I still have some work to do with Harry. He got a specific memory tonight and we’re on the hunt for horcruxes now,” Dumbledore said with an old smile.

“So you don’t mean to stop him. Professor are you mad? He’s going to kill you!” Harry argued.
“Alas Harry, I am an old man. And I do not believe young Draco will kill me, but I have arrangements that you need not worry about. You must worry about horcruxes while miss Granger must worry about stalling Malfoy,” he replied calmly.

“You really care about him… Don’t you,” Harry said as we left Dumbledore’s office.

“Call me crazy, but I do. I think I might be falling in love with him Harry,” I admitted, missing talking to Harry.

“You’re crazy…” he mumbled more to the ground, not meeting my eye.

And then his lips were on mine, hard and uncomfortable as he forced me to kiss him, I shoved against his chest to get him away from me and took a step back.

“I’m so sorry Mione… I’ve always loved you. I don’t love Ginny and I think she knew before all this happened. I can’t stand seeing you with Malfoy. I love you,” he explained desperately as I glared at him.

“Goodnight Harry,” was all I could say before I turned and ran away, it was more than I could take.

I sat in bed that night thinking about how wrong and screwed up my life was. I should be in the Gryffindor common room with Harry, Ron an Ginny… I thought me and Ron were going to get together soon , but then this happened.

I should be telling Ginny all my problems, gossiping about boys and telling her about my feelings for Ron.

Instead I talked to Pansy and I was talking about Draco…

He was wrong too. He hated the real me, mudblood Granger who’s life he made hell. But here it turns out I’m from a long line of a pureblood family, so of course he would go out with me.

And now I have to knowingly help Draco in his plan to kill Dumbledore, and that was wrong on so many levels.

But what troubled me most was what happened with Harry. He had never come across that sort of way as being in love with me. And what did he mean he think Ginny knew? I talked to her on a daily basis and she never…

Oh merlin I think she did. Now that I think about it, she was always going on about how Harry kept looking at this other girl and would get defensive when she asked him about it… she was so jealous and angry about it and told me she was going to figure out a way to get this girl out of the picture so she could have Harry all to herself. Was that other girl me?

The next morning I watched Ginny at breakfast, clinging to Harry’s arm like a poor lost puppy. But Harry still didn’t want her they way she wanted him…

The end of May was quickly approaching , and Draco and I were too close to repairing the vanishing cabinet but Draco was so stressed lately…

He hardly ate, never smiled and broke down every time we failed, even I couldn’t comfort him anymore.

After our most recent failure he stormed off to the bathroom, saying he needed to be alone for a minute… but he was gone much too long.

I ran to the boys bathroom, where I could hear shouting and noises. Once I was in there saw Draco cornered by Harry, Draco didn’t even have his wand anymore.

At the same time I screamed for Harry to stop, Harry yelled a curse I wasn’t familiar with.

“Sectumsempra!” Harry’s voice echoed off the walls and Draco fell, deep slashes erupting in bursts of crimson on his chest.

I ran to Draco’s side, water and flood were pooling in the floor and soon I was covered.

“I’ll heal you, you’re going to be ok, you have to. I love you Draco,” I sobbed as I swept his hair from his eyes.

Then before I could even fumble with my wand, Snape was there. He told Harry to go get his potions book then he was next to me and began muttering spells.

I told him all that I saw as I cradled Draco’s head and then followed Snape to this hospital wing as we levitated Draco there.

It wasn’t until two days later that he opened his eyes, he had lost so much blood but luckily he made it through.

“Mione…” he whispered in the dead of night, and I was at his side in a heartbeat.

“I’m here, oh I’m so glad you’re away,” I cried, tears wetting my face.

I leaned down and gently pressed my lips to his, I needed to feel him.

After Madam Pomfrey came to check on him, I sat there holding his hand as he began to tell me what happened.

“Potter came in out of nowhere and started going on about how I took the only thing he ever cared about away from him. I told him he was crazy, that I never took anything away from him, that he was precious Saint Potter and had everything he could ever dream of… But he said he loved you and that I stole you from him an he said I cursed you to take you away from him…” he said, even he was confused about it.

“Then… then you were there, and I saw your face and that’s the only thing I cared about when Potter sliced me up like a ham. Then there was pain… A lot of pain and you… You said you loved me…” He finished quietly.

“I do love you Draco,” I replied just as quietly. It was official and real, I loved Draco Malfoy, the same guy I punched in the face in another life.

“What did he mean by saying I cursed you Mione?” he asked, his grey eyes sad and confused.
I told him I didn’t know and that he needed rest, that we would talk more in the morning. Once he was asleep I slipped out of the hospital wing , desperate to see Dumbledore.

“So you think Miss Weasley has something to do with this curse of yours… hmm, the things people do for love. I think I’ve found a cure, that is if you still want it Miss Granger?” he said calmly as I told him my theory.

“I… I have to think about it professor, I hope you understand,” I replied, not knowing if I wanted to go back to how it was.

I was about to leave his office when Dumbledore spoke up one last time, “I know the Vanishing Cabinet is fixed. I believe the day draws near that young Draco will have to face his mission you hsvr to decide before then. Be alert on Saturday Miss Granger,” and with that he dismissed me to my thoughts.

Saturday… Saturday Draco was going to have to kill Dumbledore or face the consequences… I had the chance to go back to my old life, to not be someone Voldemort will come after to punish Draco. But did I want to?

Could I just leave Draco after all this time, after falling in love with him?

But Harry and Ron used to be my best friends… We went through so much together, Ron liked me, I thought I liked him. And that whole time Harry was in love with me and it would seem Ginny did this to me for revenge…

I could stay here and be in Slytherin, dating the son of deatheaters who has his own mission from Voldemort. Best friends with Pansy Parkinson, and enemies with my old friends.. I think I knew what I had to do.

Saturday morning came much sooner than I would have liked, I hadn’t slept and quickly dressed to go find Draco.

He was sitting alone in the common room, staring blankly at the fire, he didn’t even look up as I approached.

I wrapped my arms around his waist as I slid down next to him on the couch, my lips finding his neck, kissing his neck was his weakness.

“I love you so much,” I murmured against his neck, trailing kisses up to his jaw where I could feel the faint lines of a smile.

He spun around so fast and pressed his lips against mine that I squealed in surprise and kissed him back eagerly.

“I love you too Hermione,” he breathed, staring into my eyes.

“Would you love me even if I was in Gryffindor?” I asked, kissing tip of his nose.

He looked at me strangely but laughed, “I’d love you even if you were a muggle.”

“What about a mudblood?” I asked quietly.

“What are you talking about love, you aren’t making sense,” he smiled, running a hand through my hair.

I shook my head, “ it’s nothing, I just love you Draco… I never thought I could, but I do and I never want to let you go… I’m afraid for tonight,” I said sadly.

He said nothing, instead he just kissed me. Again and again and again.

I went back up to my room to get my wand, and Hedwig was sitting on my bed, I untied the note an read it.

Mione, meet me in the room of requirements. Bring Malfoy. –HP

I sighed and crumbled up the paper, this ought to be good. I told Draco that Harry wanted us to meet him, he was reluctant to go but a few more kisses persuaded him.

The room of requirements was warm, comfy armchairs and a cozy fire, and Harry was sitting there waiting for us.

“It’s tonight, isn’t it,” Harry said more than asked.

Draco nodded, clenching his jaw and holding my hand rather tightly.

“Me and Dumbledore are leaving tonight on a mission, he told me you would probably attack the castle with your deatheaters while we’re gone to draw us back,” Harry stated an again, Draco nodded.

“Hermione, listen to me… he has the spell that’ll set everything right,” Harry said desperately.
Draco looked at me in confusion but I only shook my head.

“This is right Harry, I’ve made my decision, now we just have to wait for everything to play out,” I answered, I knew I was going to have to explain to Draco…

“Malfoy… You better protect her. Tonight especially,” Harry said coldly before he walked out, leaving Draco and I alone.

“Please don’t ask… I’ll explain when all this is over. Just know that I love you and let’s just stay here and relax before all hell breaks loose tonight,” I pleaded.

His response was kissing me and pushing me down on the couch, and that’s how we spent our afternoon.

“It’s time,” Draco whispered as he shook me awake. We quickly got ready and ran to the room of requirements, going to the room of junk and opened the vanishing cabinet.

Deatheaters swarmed into the castle and before long there was a battle raging at Hogwarts. I found myself making my way up to the astronomy tower with Draco and soon harry and Dumbledore arrived.

“Harry, go get Professor Snape while I have a nice conversation with Mister Malfoy. Miss Granger, would you be so kind as to go with Harry?” the old mad said, hardly able to stand on his two feet.

“I love you Draco,” I whispered as I hugged him tightly.

“I love you too Mione,” he said with a small smile as he kissed my forehead.

I kissed Draco one last time I found myself under the invisibility cloak with Harry, but before we could leave we found ourselves frozen in place.

“So Draco, tonight is the night you’ve come to kill me,” Dumbledore managed with a sad smile.

Draco remained quiet but I could see his wand pointed at Dumbledore, his hand shaking.

“I can offer you protection you know. You’ll be safe,” Dumbledore said casually.

“I don’t care about me. What about Hermione?” he asked, his wand falling just the slightest inch.

“She can be safer than you would think possible, if you just say the word” he said simply.

I wanted to scream and tell him no, knowing that the only way I could be safe is if Dumbledore used the spell to set everything to how it was and I didn’t want that, I wanted Draco. But I couldn’t say a word.

“Please, save Hermione… make her safe,” Draco pleaded as he lowered his wand.

“Iniuriam,” Dumbledore muttered, yet I didn’t notice anything changing, my eyes were locked on my blonde Slytherin prince who stole my heart.

And then the world began to spin, colors fading into each other in blurs of time, and when I opened my eyes I was no longer in the astronomy tower.

I was laying on the steps of the entrance hall, Ron was next to me cradling my head, house points gems were strewn across the floor, the battle was over here.

“Where’s Harry? And Dr-“ I began to ask, but then I thought better of it… this past year with Draco hadn’t happened but I still remembered it…

Ron protested as I got to my feet, but before he could grab me, I was running to the astronomy tower, praying I wasn’t too late.

Coming down the steps I ran into deatheaters who shoved me out of the way, and at the tail was Draco.

“You’re too late Mudblood, Dumbledore’s dead,” he sneered as he too shoved me into the wall.

But as he touched me, I thought I saw I flicker of something in his eyes, but it was gone as fast as it had come, and then he was gone.

I continued up the steps and found Harry staring out the window, down towards the grouds where Dumbledore lay.

“It was Snape… Malfoy lowered his wand. But Snape came in and killed Dumbledore, Snape did it…” Harry cried.

I grabbed his hand and led him down to the great hall where everyone had gathered.

The first thing I noticed was the glare on Ginny’s face, but then again I was holding her boyfriend’s hand.

“Harry why are you holding her hand,” Ginny seethed as we walked up.

“It’s just Mione Gin, it’s not like it’s Pug face Parkinson,” Ron joked.

The look that flashed across Ginny’s face was priceless… she didn’t know her curse had been reversed.

“Yeah Ginny, it’s not like I’m some Slytherin who hasn’t been friends with Harry for the past 5 years,” I smirked. A bad habit I picked up from Draco.

Ginny’s mouth gaped open like a fish out of water.

“Dumbledore’s dead and Snape was the one who did it. Malfoy was supposed to but he surrendered, maybe we were wrong about him… but that doesn’t change the fact that Dumbledore is dead

It was the day of Dumbledore’s funeral, Harry was off talking to Ginny alone, I think he was breaking up with her and I was walking along the lake with Ron.

“You seem different,” he said with a sad smile.

“It's been a crazy year... Is it a bad different?” I asked as I kicked a rock into the murky water.

Ron shook his head, then slung his arm around my shoulder, and I knew then everything was going to change.

Ron and I could never be more than friends, and I think he knew that.

He went off to be with his family as I stared off at the lake, “Draco, wherever you are… please remember me,” I sighed and kicked yet another rock into the lake, watching the ripples until the water stilled again.

So my life was back to what it once was, but I couldn't help but feel out of place. The lion on my robes seemed wrong, my friends weren't the same and being without Draco... That was just wrong.