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Lily Potter And The Lunar Problem by Sally Shipton

Format: Novel
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 16,247
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Spoilers

Genres: Mystery, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Characters: Hugo, Lily (II), OC

First Published: 02/15/2015
Last Chapter: 09/01/2015
Last Updated: 09/01/2015

 Lily Luna Potter has been excited about going to Hogwarts for her whole life, and she is ecstatic when she recieves her letter. Her parents organize a camping trip as celebration, but everything goes horribly wrong. She is bitten by a werewolf and hospitalized. She recovers and goes to Hogwarts as planned, even managing to make a few friends, but something happens that could throw her life in jeopardy.

Chapter 1: A Camping Trip
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Lily Potter froze with fear. There was a Hogwarts owl coming toward the open window at which she was sitting. “MUM!!!” She shouted, “It’s here!!!!”

Ginny ran into the room, out of breath. “Lily, that’s wonderful! Now all of you are going to Hogwarts!”

The owl in question, a tawny owl, dropped a letter in Lily’s lap. Ripping it open, Lily saw the welcome letter and the supply list that she was expecting.

“Albus! James! It came! It came! I got my letter!” Lily screamed. She was filled with exhilaration.

“Good job, Lily,” her older brothers Albus and James said.  Albus would soon be starting his third year at Hogwarts and James would be starting his fourth year.

Lily kept talking about her excitement for Hogwarts until dinner, at which point her dad, Harry, had had enough and shouted “Lily Luna Potter! I think we have heard enough about your upcoming year! Besides, some of us also have announcements that we want to say.”

“Sorry Dad,” Lily muttered.

“Thank you dear,” Ginny said, “and what we wanted to tell you guys was that we will be going to the Irish countryside and muggle camping for three days in celebration of all our children going to Hogwarts.”

“Yes!” James said.

“That sounds… interesting,” Albus said in a measured tone, “When will we be doing it?”

“Your mother and I were thinking next weekend, on the full moon.” their father told them.

“Yay!!!” Lily shrilled.

“Well, I’m glad that two of you are excited,” Ginny said with a wry smile.

The next morning, a Wednesday, Lily was still excited, but James had managed to subdue it by promising that Lily could help play two or three pranks on the teachers if she didn’t talk about Hogwarts for the next two days. Later that day, Lily flooed to her cousin, Hugo Weasley’s house in the country, in order to play some quidditch and speculate about what houses they would be in that school year. The morning after that, Lily decided to pull a prank on Albus and James, so she invited Hugo over to her house and they managed to turn Albus’s hair red, to “look like a proper Weasley”. (The color came out after three and a half hours.) Surprisingly, James got blamed for that instead of Lily, because Lily and Hugo claimed that they had gone for a walk.

Late that Friday, Ginny, Harry, and Teddy (who was coming along for the weekend) side-along apparated the three kids to the place where Harry and Ginny went to the Quidditch World Cup in the summer before Harry’s fourth year in Hogwarts.

That night, as Lily was falling asleep, she heard a shout. Jumping out of bed, she ran over to where she heard it come from, and saw Albus lying on the ground, for he and James had got it into their heads that it would be a good idea to duel in the waning light.

“All I did was a trip jinx,” James said.

“It still hurt,” Albus protested.

“Even if it was just a trip jinx, you still need to apologize, James,” his mother said.

The next day Harry asked everyone to gather at a tree stump, for he had an activity planned for all of them.

“Today, Ginny and I have organized a nature scavenger hunt,” Harry said, “each team will be made up of two people and you will have half an hour to find as many things on this list as possible.”

“The groupings will be Harry and Albus, James and I, and Teddy and Lily,” Ginny informed them, “The lists were made randomly and some have clues or riddles guarding them. I see you are all ready, so the rules are no magic, and no muggle dueling. The hunt starts in three, two, one… start!”

A sheet of paper fell into Teddy’s hands, and he ran over to Lily so that they could start hunting.

“Okay, so what is on the list?” Lily asked.

“Here, take a look at it yourself,” he replied.

The list said “Here are the eleven items you need to complete the scavenger hunt:

Three toads

Four Mushrooms

A doe foot print (use the back of the page)

Two worms

Something twisted

A snake

Something dead

A bear claw

A rose

Something that had significance in the final battle

A person over six feet tall

Teddy and Lily ran into the forest, looking for any of these things. Right away, they saw several toads and mushrooms, so they had the first two items on the list.

“Here,” Teddy said, ripping the page in half, so that the first six were on one side and the last five were on the other, “take your part of the list and find as much stuff as possible.”

Lily took off running, looking down at the first six items on the list. “So, I have to find a doe’s foot print, two worms, something twisted, and a snake,” she muttered to herself. Soon, she came upon a doe. Quickly, she grabbed the doe’s leg gently, pushed it into some mud, and pressed it onto the page. Finding the two worms was easy. All she had to do was dig about a foot down and she spotted about ten. For the something twisted, she just found a stick that had been carved into a twisted pattern. She even got a snake to follow her (probably a result of accidental magic). She went back to the campsite with minutes to spare, but Teddy came back with seconds to spare still missing a person over six feet tall. After tallying up the points, Harry’s team won. Later, talking to Teddy, Lily found out that she had the easy ones, but Teddy had to solve a riddle for all of them. The rest of that day was spent fooling around and so was the next day.

The last night of camping was very funny, with Teddy trying to light a campfire and nearly burning down the tent.  The tent was fairly ugly though,  so Lily wouldn’t have minded. But late that night, by the light of the full moon, something terrible happened.

Lily was lying in her tent with her eyes open, trying to get to sleep as the moon rose. All of the sudden, she heard a low growl outside the tent. Raising slowly so she didn’t wake up her mum, Lily walked slowly to the flap of the tent and poked her head out.

Before she noticed anything, a force knocked her onto her back and Lily felt a crippling pain in her left leg, like a bite. She screamed as loudly as she could before blacking out from the pain.

Chapter 2: St. Mungo's
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This is the first fanfiction that I have ever written, so sorry if it isn't very good.


For what felt like forever, Lily was stuck in a fog of pain and dreams. But eventually, she heard voices and pushed her way to them.

“Look! She’s waking up!” One of the voices gasped.

“Well, it’s about time,” someone said grumpily. Wait! Was that James?

Struggling, she slowly opened her eyes and found herself in a white room, surrounded by Albus, James, her mum, and her dad.

“Lily! Do you feel all right?” Her mother asked.

“Yeah, but I hurt all over,” Lily whispered.

“I’ll go get the Healers,” Albus whispered. “Come on James, let’s go.” Albus and James left the room, leaving Lily alone with her parents.

“What happened?” Lily asked sleepily.

“You…” Ginny’s voice cracked and she looked at Harry for support. Reaching down to stroke Lily’s hair, she continued “you were attacked, and bitten by a werewolf.”

Suddenly, Lily was wide awake. She and all other children of the Potter clan had heard stories of children bitten by werewolves and then abandoned by their parents.

“Lily, you know that we would never abandon you, or either of your brothers, no matter what happens,” her father assured her.

“But…but will I still be able to go to Hogwarts?” Lily asked frantically.

“Yeah, you will be, Mum and Dad were in contact with Headmistress McGonagall over the two days that you were unconscious. You and Dad are going to have to go up there a couple days after they let you out of here, so Madam Pomfrey can explain some stuff to you,” Albus said, coming back into the room with James and a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes in tow.

“Hello Lily, I am Healer Golden, I will be helping you both while you are here and after you leave with your new condition,” the woman said. “I am sorry to inform you, but you now have lycanthropy.”

“I know,” Lily muttered.

Healer Golden went to a cupboard and grabbed out a tray of three potions, one of which was emitting a blue smoke. “Just take these potions, you were injured very badly,” she said.

Lily took the disgusting potions and immediately started feeling drowsy. Lying back, she fell asleep.

Throughout the week, all of Lily’s family came by at one point or another and sat with her until Healer Golden made her fall asleep again. But by the second week, her wounds started looking much better, and by the third week she could walk around again. Soon, the healers stopped giving her potions to make her sleep, but they made Lily start taking Wolfsbane Potion a week before the full moon.

They obviously wanted her to stay in her room, but she noticed that after Healer Golden gave her the potion at noon, no one came in for an hour after that. So, one day, four days before the next full moon, July 12, 2019, a Friday, Lily snuck out of her room after drinking the potion, even though she was very tired. Walking as normally as possible, she went down to the ground floor, and looked for the level for creature bites.

Finding the level, she snuck up there to see where her grandpa had once been for being bitten by Voldemort’s snake and horcrux. Surprisingly, there was no one in the room. It had been transformed into a memorial to everyone who had been harmed by Voldemort or any of his supporters. Lily slipped in and sat down on the bed. All of the sudden, Lily fell backwards and the next thing she realized, James was standing over her and shaking her.

“Lily! Get up!” He whispered frantically, “you can still get back to the room in time, but we have to go now!”

“I’m too tired,” Lily slurred.

“Well then, it’s on your head,” he said, shaking his head.

Right then, Harry and Healer Golden came in to the room.

“Lily!” Harry said, “you’re not supposed to leave your room! Come on, we’re going back.”

Lily reluctantly stood up but then collapsed on the spot and lost consciousness.

When she woke up, she was back in her room with Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione’s family.

“Hey Lily, you okay?” Rose asked her.

“Yeah, I’m just really tired.” Lily replied.

“Healer Golden told me that’s a side effect of the lycanthropy and the potion that they are giving you,” Aunt Hermione told her, “she also told me that you will be apparated to a forest on the night of the full moon to transform.”

“Okay then,” Lily said, “I’m going back to sleep now.”

The next few days before the full moon went much like that, but each visit got shorter as Lily started sleeping much more. Lily also figured out that the only families who knew about her lycanthropy were Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron’s family, Teddy, and her own immediate family.

The night of the full moon, Healer Golden and a stern-looking man apparated with Lily to a remote forest and left her in a clearing. Once the full moon rose, Lily felt a searing pain in her leg, where she had been bitten. When she looked down, her legs were elongated and slightly furry, and she felt the painful transformation spreading to the rest of her body. Strangely enough though, she kept her human mind, unlike the stories of not being in control after transformation. Lily curled up on the warm ground and tried to go to sleep, only succeeding after an hour, because she had so many thoughts rushing through her mind.

When Lily woke up, she was back in her bed at the hospital and Healer Golden was sitting next to her.

“Why did I still think normally after the transformation?” Lily asked.

“You still kept your mental facilities because you have been taking the Wolfsbane Potion,” she answered. “Because it worked for you, we will release you from the hospital today. I will be in contact with Madam Pomfrey to supply her with enough Wolfsbane Potion to get you through the year.”

An hour later, Lily was standing at the door with her family.

“Ready?” Her father asked her.

“Yes, I've been wanting to get out of here since I came in!” Lily replied.

“Okay then,” her father said, taking her hand and apparating back to 12 Grimmauld Place.

Chapter 3: Chapter 3 - Home again
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Lily appeared in her house clutching her dad’s hand.

“Surprise!” all of her cousins, aunts, uncles, and her grandparents shouted.

Grandma Molly waved her wand and decorations for a party appeared, as well as a banner proclaiming “Welcome Home Lily!”

Her cousins surged forward, lead by Hugo. With permission from the adults, some of them flooed to Hugo and Rose’s house in the country for a game of quidditch.

Lily and Fred Jr. were chosen as captains, so the teams were Lily, James, Rose, Roxanne, Victoire, and Louis against Fred, Dominique, Molly (Percy’s daughter, not Grandma Molly), Albus, Hugo, and Lucy.

There were not enough players for  full teams, so each team had a seeker, a keeper, two chasers, and two beaters. On Lily’s team, she was the seeker, James and Louis were the chasers, Victoire and Roxanne were the beaters and Rose was the keeper. On Fred’s team, he was a beater, along with Molly, Dominique and Lucy were the chasers, Albus was the seeker, and Hugo was the keeper.

They didn’t have a proper referee, but Teddy had come along to play so he was the ref. Standing between the two teams, he threw up the balls. Almost instantly, James caught the Quaffle and he zoomed toward the three rings on the opposite side of the field. Lily and the rest of the team, already in the air, zipped toward their positions. Lily slowly moved above most of the action and began to circle the makeshift pitch and saw Albus doing the same thing. Being outside for the first time since her transformation, Lily realized that suddenly she could see, hear, and smell much better than she could before. Looking around the pitch with her new enhanced vision, she spotted the Snitch right away and knew instinctively that she could catch it, but decided to let the game go on a bit longer. Looking down at her team mates, Lily saw Roxanne holding the Quaffle and flying as fast as she could toward Hugo at the other end of the field to score.

The game continued, very evenly matched and about two hours later, the score was tied at 200-200 with Lily not bothering to catch the Snitch and Albus not having seen it yet. Lily saw her team tiring down below, so she pretended that she had just spotted the Snitch and she flew toward it to catch it. Lily was halfway to the tiny golden ball before Albus noticed, and she caught it with a satisfactory feeling.

Everyone, sweating like dogs, flooed or apparated back to the house. The adults were all huddled together in the kitchen, closing the door when the kids came in. Teddy and Victoire, the only of age people there, went into the kitchen and closed the door behind them. Following a signal from Fred, who had inherited his father’s love for pranks, all 11 children who had played walked quietly upstairs and into James’s room. The children who had stayed behind were playing a game in the sitting room.

“Do you guys have any Extendable Ears?” Fred asked.

“Yeah, all three of us have got some” Lily answered. “Hugo, you know where I have mine, can you go get them? I’ll get Albus’s, I know where he hides them from Mum.” Lily and Hugo left the room and went into two rooms across the hall. In Albus’s room, Lily crossed to his closet and stuck her arm into his pile of dirty socks. “Come on, I know you’re in here,” she muttered to herself. Finding four, she grabbed them and went back to where her cousins and brothers waited.

“How’d you know where I hide those?” Albus demanded, angry.

“Well, I had to do something while you guys are at Hogwarts and I don’t have school,” Lily muttered.

“I’ll deal with you later,” Albus promised as Hugo came back into the room, holding four Extendable Ears.

James reached under his bed and drew out three Extendable Ears, so there were enough for everyone.

The eleven kids snuck down the stairs and inserted their Ears into the door crack.

“What should we tell the kids?” Aunt Fleur was asking.

“I-I don’t know,” Harry answered, “maybe we should just tell them the truth.”

“Speaking as the person who was most recently at Hogwarts, I can testify that secrets spread within days,” Victoire said, “and if what you told us is true, if it happened to her, then the last thing we want is all of Hogwarts knowing. It’s not that they aren’t trustworthy, it’s just that secrets rarely stay secret at Hogwarts without some sort of spell. Hermione, any ideas from that wonderful brain of yours?”

“Well, we could use the tongue-tying curse,” Aunt Hermione responded, “and I’m sure there is a way to tinker with it that they could only talk about it with us or the rest of the kids, and that they couldn’t write about it.”

The conversation continued, but Lily wasn’t paying attention and her head was pounding. They were talking about her! She was in such shock that she didn’t notice when her Ear was yanked out and hid by Hugo, who was next to her. Grandma Molly had come out and was glaring at them.

“How many times have I told you,” she shrieked, “no eavesdropping!” Grandma Molly hustled them up to the attic and gave them a lecture until they had to go home, but Lily still wasn’t listening. Why were they talking about her condition?

That night at dinner, they had Lily’s favorite dinner, shepherd's pie.

“Sorry for eavesdropping on you guys this afternoon,” Lily muttered.

“Thank you for apologizing, Lily,” Ginny responded.

“That’s okay Lily. It was our fault for not putting an Imperturbable charm on the door. Me and your mum would have done the same thing, were it us in that situation. It’s actually a bit hypocritical for us to always say that you shouldn’t eavesdrop. We eavesdropped all of the time when we were kids.” Harry said.

“I beg to differ! We only eavesdropped once I was in fourth year, remember? That was the year that...they came up with the Extendable Ears.” Ginny responded.

“Oh, so you mean that you never eavesdropped before then?”

“When did this become about us instead of them?”

Lily, Albus, and James snuck out and fell asleep, wanting a good rest for the next day.

The next morning, the Potter family went to Diagon Alley.

“Here’s twenty galleons each for pocket money,” Ginny told the kids, “don’t spend it all on sweets or Weasley’s products!”

The three Potter siblings ran away from their parents, and when they couldn’t be seen, they went into Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. Separating, Lily went right to the fireworks section and quickly loaded up on some of the timed delay ones, already planning to play pranks at Hogwarts. They met back up after paying, and Lily discovered that she had five galleons left (George gave all Potters discounts, claiming that Harry helped them in a way he couldn’t say.) The siblings then bought themselves some ice cream and then went to meet their parents at Flourish and Blotts.

When they got there, they discovered that Harry and Ginny had already bought all the books that would be needed. Ginny and Lily went to Ollivander’s in order for Lily to get a wand, and Harry brought the boys to Madam Malkin’s to get new robes for them.

In Ollivander’s, the aging Mr. Ollivander gave Lily a selection of wands to try out and on the fifth wand, red and gold sparks shot out. The wand that chose Lily was eleven inches long, made with pine, had a phoenix tail feather for a core, and was reasonably springy.

Lily and her mum went to Madam Malkin’s to get her first Hogwarts robes, and there they found James being fitted for his new robes. About ten minutes later, when Lily and Ginny came back from getting Lily an owl (a brown owl whom Lily named Celeste), James, Albus, and Harry were gone, so Lily went through the annoying process of getting fitted for her robes.

Later, holding the bags containing her books, wand, robes, cauldron and potions ingredients, scales, Weasley products (which her mum still didn’t know about), and also holding Celeste’s cage, the two girls came home and Ginny started preparing dinner while Lily went up to her room to unpack everything. Right after Lily had unpacked all the bags and had a giant pile of stuff on her bed, she heard a bang and a stream of curses came from James downstairs.

“James Sirius Potter!” she heard her mum shout, “don’t set those off in the house!”

Five minutes later, obviously following a lecture from their mum, a smiling Albus and a sullen James walked into Lily’s room (their favorite to gather because it was the biggest and always the neatest).

“What’d you do this time,” Lily smirked.

“Set off a Decoy Detonator,” James muttered.

“Mum blew up at him,” Albus informed Lily.

“Enough talk,” James suddenly said, “What stuff did you guys get at Weasley’s? I got some Decoy Detonators, three packets of Peruvian Instant Darkness powder, and a few more Extendable Ears, since Grandma Molly binned all of the ones we had.”

“I got two things of u-no-poo, a portable swamp, and four skiving snackboxes,” Albus said, looking in one of the bags on his arm.

“I got some time-delay fireworks,” Lily said, “why are you asking?”

“Because I snuck away while Albus was getting his robes fitted, and got three boxes that no one can see except the person whose stuff is inside. I got the inspiration from dad’s old moleskine pouch, and figured it would help us keep them from being discovered if and when Filch tries to search us. I learned my lesson the hard way not to let him see you with banned items. My arms still ache from scrubbing the front doors. The incantation to make it disappear is ‘evanescent dominus’,” James answered, “here, take one.” James handed them each a unassuming clear plastic box about the size of two Quaffles. He and Albus then left the room at some prodding from Lily, who wanted to sort all of the stuff she got.

About two hours later, after dinner, Lily finally got her stuff all put away and she sat on her bed, wondering what would happen when the family went to Hogwarts the next day, to talk with Madam Pomfrey. After a while, without noticing it, she fell asleep and woke up the next day when James made his wand quack like a duck right next to her ear.

“Shut it!” Lily hissed, throwing the nearest thing to her at James, which turned out to be a book that Lily had started to read the night before - The Standard Book of Spells Grade One.

“Doing a bit of light reading?” James asked, smirking, “There are lots of books that could teach you more useful spells, like this: Levicorpus!”

Lily got yanked into the air and turned upside down. “Put me down James,” she said calmly.

“Or what?” He taunted her.

“Or I’ll tell Mum that you were using magic against your poor, weak sister,” Lily said, “Mum doesn’t know about my pranking, she just thinks that I get dragged in to it or I manage to get you blamed. Although I guess actually getting good grades helps.”

“I do get good grades!” James protested, dropping Lily on her bed.

“No you don’t,” Lily said, “I heard Mum and Dad talking about it and Mum said that she wishes that you got good grades like me and Albus.”

James, with no good response for this, left her room in a huff, promising to “make her pay for it” during school.

Lily dressed in her new robes and went down to breakfast, feeling happy and smirking at James when her parents’ backs were turned. James spent the entire morning glaring at her, and Lily was happy to escape his glare when Harry called for her so they could go to Hogwarts to talk to Madam Pomfrey.


Here's the whole weasley-potter family tree for you all

Ron-Hermione          Harry-Ginny               George-Angelina                Percy-Audrey
             l                                   l                                          l                                          l
             l                                   l                                          l                                          l
Rose-third year,  James-fourth year,      Fred jr-seventh year,           Molly- sixth year,

Hugo-first year,   Albus-third year,             Roxanne-fifth year,                 Lucy-8,

                                   Lily-first year,                       Gina-6                                  Andrew-7

Bill-Fleur                                            Not actually part of the family, but close enough

Victoire-19                                                                     Teddy - 20

Dominique-fourth year,

Louis- 10,

Ricard- 9

Chapter 4: Hogwarts
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Grasping Lily’s hand, Harry apparated them inside the Hog’s Head, much to the surprise of the bartender, who dropped the glass that he was holding.

“Reparo,” the bartender said gruffly, pointing his wand at the shards.

“Sorry, Aberforth,” her dad said, “old habits die hard.”

“I’m guessing you’re not trying to sneak into the school this time?” Aberforth said.

“No, no, I just haven’t been here since the battle,” Harry responded.

“Well, no death eaters here anymore,” Aberforth said.

“Yeah, we’ve almost gotten all of them under lock and key. Only one is still on the run.” Harry said, walking out and towards the castle, “oh, and by the way, if either of my two boys come here next year could you owl me?”

Harry and Lily walked up to the castle and into the hospital wing. They went into Madam Pomfrey’s office, and found a note saying “at St. Mungo’s, be back soon”. Lily sat down in an armchair and waited. Very soon, Madam Pomfrey came back. She walked to her desk and set down a book she was holding before noticing Lily and Harry.

“Oh,” she gasped, looking at them “I wasn’t expecting you, I must have lost track of time. You must be Lily.”

“Yes, I am,” Lily said.

“You’re probably wondering why Professor McGonagall asked you to come here today,” Madam Pomfrey said, “she wanted you to know how to disable the spells around the Whomping Willow, because she decided that she was going to put spells keeping the tunnel to the shrieking shack closed off.”

The next hour was spent with Madam Pomfrey explaining the incantation to unblock the tunnel, how to freeze the tree, how long Lily would be kept in the hospital wing after each transformation (depending on how bad her injuries were), and finally how each teacher knew about her condition, and how they would make some exceptions, but they would still treat her like a normal student.

After Madam Pomfrey was done explaining how it would work, Harry and Lily walked back to Hogsmeade and apparated back to 12 Grimmauld Place.

The rest of July and all of August passed without incident, and before Lily could say ‘quidditch’, it was time to go to Platform 9 ¾, and Lily was starting to panic.

“I will be in Gryffindor!” She told James, “I have to be! All of our cousins are and so are You, Albus, and Rose!”

“Who knows? You could be in Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin too,” he responded, “You don’t choose. You get sorted.”

“Thanks a lot,” she muttered, her fear barely abating. The family got a car from the ministry and drove to King’s Cross, barely making it before the train pulled away, forcing their Mum and Dad to keep reminders and farewells short.

Once on the train with her trunk safely stored, Lily walked up the aisle holding Celeste’s cage, looking for a mostly empty compartment. About halfway up the train she spotted a compartment with three other first-years, two girls and one boy.

“Can I sit here?” She asked them, stepping in.

“Sure,” the boy said, “come on in.”

She stepped in and sat down, placing Celeste’s cage next to her. “I’m Lily, what’re your names?”

“I’m Eben,” the boy said.

“I’m Eloise,” the girl with brown hair said.

“I’m Margaret, but you guys can can call me Maggie or Mags,” the red-headed girl said.

Very soon after, Hugo came in and everyone did introductions again.

They spent a while talking about subjects like explaining quidditch to Eloise, who was a muggle-born, speculating about what house they each would be in (and explaining that to Eloise too), and other random subjects.

A while later, after the trolley witch came around, James stuck his head into the compartment.

“Everything okay Lily?” He asked, slightly surprising Lily, because he wouldn’t normally be so protective. Albus, yes, but James? No way. James would protect Lily, but he wasn’t this overprotective.

“I’m fine, James. Can you go away?” she responded, turning away.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friends before you kick me out?” He asked.

“Fine. You already know Hugo, so this is Eben, Maggie, and Eloise,” she said, annoyed, “Hugo, you already know James, so Eben, Maggie, Eloise, this is James, my older brother. Can you go away now?”

“Nice to meet you,” they muttered, intimidated by her brother’s wand and the fact he was a fourth year.

James left, and about an hour later, Albus poked his head in. “Everything okay?” He asked.

“You too?” Lily asked in disbelief.

Albus looked confused.

“James came in about an hour ago. Can you please go?”

“So who are your friends?” He asked, ignoring the last bit of what she said.

“These are Eloise, Maggie, and Eben.” Lily said, gesturing at each of them in turn. “Guys, this is my other brother, Albus. Now Albus, can you please get out of here? I don’t need to be protected. I can handle myself.”

Albus shot her a look and left the compartment.

The rest of the train ride passed by quickly and before they knew it, the train was pulling in to the Hogsmeade station and the sky was dark. The four new friends piled out and over to Hagrid, who was shouting, like normal, “Firs’ years over here! Firs’ years over here!”

“Hey, Hagrid,” Lily said when she got over to him.

“Well if it isn’t little Lily Potter,” he said, “I didn’t realize you were coming this year.”

Lily grinned and walked with the other first years over to the lake. Lily, Hugo, Eben, Mags, and Eloise climbed into a boat, trying to be alone, but a very pale boy who acted very snobby climbed in after them and about halfway across the lake, Lily got sick of his snobby manner.

“Impervious,” she muttered (a spell Albus had taught her), a plan forming in her mind. Grabbing Eben’s arm, she whispered her plan and he passed it along. She said the spell once more for each of her friends, keeping them all dry.

At Lily’s signal, the five of them all lurched to one side, and tipped the boat over to completely soak the snobby kid, who had told them that his name was Ben. The impervious charms kept them dry, and they tipped the boat back over and clambered back in. Ben, however, was soaked and the boat was going too fast for him to climb back in, so his flailing, scrawny body was picked up by a smiling Hagrid and set down in Hagrid’s boat. The rest of the boat ride passed uneventfully, with Ben glaring at them the whole time. In the entrance hall, they waited nervously for Headmistress McGonagall to come summon them in.

“First years, please come along with me,” She said, walking into the room and then back out again.

All of the thirty-ish first years walked into the great hall, which fully lived up to it’s name. Multi-coloured banners for all of the houses hung from the ceiling and speaking of the ceiling, it looked exactly like the dark sky outside. All of the first years gaped in awe, including Lily, and Hugo, whose family had always refused to tell her about Hogwarts, no matter how much they begged.

Right then, Headmistress McGonagall put a sturdy, three-legged stool and an old, dilapidated hat in front of all the tables. Right then, the hat burst into song, startling all of the first years.

After it was done, Headmistress McGonagall called, “Adams, Miranda,please come up here and put on the Sorting Hat.”

A small, mousy girl walked up to the stool that had been put in front of the four tables.

“RAVENCLAW!” the hat yelled.

The girl smiled and ran to her new table, where she sat down at the front.

“Andel, Eloise,” she called.

Eloise walked up to the stool, looking as pale as a ghost. She slowly sat down on the stool and put the hat on.

“Gryffindor!” It shouted, after a moment’s hesitation.

Eloise grinned and ran to the Gryffindor table.

It went on like this, the person getting sorted and running down to their table. Well, some people more walked slowly, annoyed, but everyone got to their tables.

Then, McGonagall called “Eben Osborne!”

Eben ran up to the stool, looking excited and nervous at the same time.

“Gryffindor!” The hat shouted. Eben and Eloise looked happy that they, at least, were in the same house. Lily knew how her dad and all of his friends had been in the same house, but she thought that that couldn’t possibly happen.

The next name that McGonagall called was Maggie’s. Maggie walked up to the stool tentatively and put the hat on.

“Gryffindor!” The hat called.

Maggie broke out into a grin and walked to the table, where her friends were sitting.

Lily could barely believe it! All of her friends were in the same house and the only thing that needed to happen was Lily and Hugo getting sorted into Gryffindor. While Lily was thinking, she didn’t notice the other names getting called.

“Potter, Lily.” McGonagall called.

Lily was very nervous, but nevertheless, she walked to the stool and gently put the hat on.

“Hmm, very interesting,” the hat said inside her mind.

“What’s interesting?” Lily thought back.

“You are very much like your father, mother, and brothers. You would do well in a few of the houses, but am I right in guessing that you would wish to be in Gryffindor? Oh, my. You’ve gone through a lot in the past few months. You have definitely handled it with bravery, but also used it. You would do well in either Gryffindor or Slytherin, but I think Gryffindor is the right fit for you,” the hat said.

Lily smiled the tiniest bit.

“Gryffindor!” The hat shouted for all to hear.

Lily felt a great weight come off her shoulders, and for the first time since coming into the castle, she smiled.

Running down to the table, Lily was ecstatic. She sat down next to Maggie and turned to watch the rest of the students be sorted, six of them left.

First, Rabon, Jessica was sorted into Hufflepuff. Next, Sage, John was sorted into Gryffindor, making  it five first years there. Then, Tebb, Ashley and Vale, Benjamin, the boy on the boat, were sorted into Slytherin. Finally, Hugo was called.

He ran up to the chair, very excited, and was sorted into Gryffindor right away. All four of the friends and Hugo grinned. They were so excited that they almost missed Dex Winters, the last person, being sorted into Ravenclaw.

McGonagall stood up. “Welcome to Hogwarts, first years! Welcome back older students! I have more announcements than usual, but first, eat.”

Food appeared in front of all of the students and the first years gasped. Lily saw loads of food heaped on each plate and she saw her friends loading up their plates.

While taking some barbecue ribs for herself, she looked up at the teachers table and noticed Professor Barrett, the DADA teacher, looking at her intently until he noticed Lily looking. Then, she looked at her food.

Turning her attention back towards her friends, she saw Nearly Headless Nick and the other ghosts glide through the wall.

“Hello, first years,” Nick said, “what do you think of Hogwarts?”

“I think it is the most amazing place in the world!” Lily and her friends chorused, and then looked at each other with surprise.

“Well,” Nick said, chuckling, “I’m glad you like it!”

He floated away and under the table, his head reappearing in a large pot of soup, startling a bunch of fourth years.

Soon after most of the people there finished dinner, Professor Longbottom waved his wand and dessert appeared.

After dinner and dessert were served and finished, Professor McGonagall stood back up.

“Okay, now on to the less fun stuff,” she said, magically amplifying her voice, “Filch has posted the longest list yet of banned items, but a general tip is if it is a Weasley product, then it is banned. Many people at the Gryffindor table would be able to inform you about this.” McGonagall smiled.

“Hey, Professor,” Fred yelled, “that’s insulting!”

“Insulting it may be, Mr. Weasley, but it is true,” Professor McGonagall said, “Also, as always the Forbidden forest is strictly off limits to all students unless accompanied by a professor, you can only go to Hogsmeade if you are in the third year or above with parental consent, and starting this year, the whomping willow is very strictly off limits to anyone, and I have set up spells around the tree that will ensnare any trespassers and then inform me. No dueling in the corridors, there will be time for that in the dueling club. Only second years and up in the dueling club. Behave yourselves and now off to sleep.”

Roxanne and another boy who introduced himself as Jerry Fitz stood up and ushered the first years out of the room.

While explaining how Hogwarts works, with the point system and what various things would get you detention. They also explained how we would have flying lessons for all of first year, but you couldn’t be on a team until second year.

“Umm,” Lily said, “my dad was on the team in first year.”

“Yeah, well, your dad‘s Harry Potter, he’s special.” Roxanne said after a hesitation.

They continued in silence after that and reached a portrait of a fat lady panting.

“Password?” She asked shrilly.

"Cras Finibus," Jerry said.

The painting swung aside to reveal a hole in the wall. Following instruction from the prefects, the eleven year-olds clambered through into a cozy room decorated completely in scarlet and gold. The first years were very tired, so they went into their directed dormitories (Girls on the left, boys on the right) and after changing into her pajamas, Lily fell asleep quickly, dreaming about today’s events.



Chapter 5: The Room
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Oh my gosh, I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I've had a lot of stuff going on.

Chapter 5 - The Room

The next morning Lily woke up and momentarily forgot where she was. Then she took a good look at her surroundings and remembered that this was her first day at Hogwarts. She jumped out of bed… and hit her head on the board above the bed.

“Eloise! Maggie! Get out of bed! Get out of bed! It’s time to start our first day!” Lily shrieked.

Maggie sat up, but Eloise she took a bit more persuading (translation: hitting with pillows). The three girls walked down to the Great Hall for breakfast and found that the boys weren’t there yet. Nevertheless, they started eating. Halfway through, the boys still hadn’t shown up.

Right then, Hedgy, her parent’s owl, fluttered down. (They were feeling sentimental when she was named.) Lily took the letter from Hedgy’s claws and tossed her a strip of bacon.

The letter read:

Dear Lily,

How did the sorting go last night? Have you made any friends? How do you like Hogwarts? Owl us as soon as possible!

With love,

Mum and Dad

Lily tucked the letter inside her bag and kept eating, making herself a promise that she would owl them later.

Breakfast ended and Professor McGonagall gave the students their schedules. Looking at their schedules, they saw that they had double Charms first thing tuesday mornings. The three girls walked out of the the Great Hall and to the Charms room. They very nearly got lost, but Lily had spent time with her father’s Marauders Map while Albus and James were at Hogwarts, so she had memorized some parts of Hogwarts (she lied told all of her friends that the map was still at home).

When they walked into the classroom, the two boys were sitting there. Sitting down next to them, Maggie asked “where were you guys during breakfast?”

“Long story, involving a very bad idea thought of by yours truly,” Hugo replied, “I’ll tell you later if we can get a private spot.”

“I’ll ask James about finding one at lunch,” Lily said.

“Good morning students!” Flitwick squeaked, walking into the classroom, “I am Professor Flitwick, and today we will be learning the levitation charm. The verbal component is wingardium leviosa and the wand movement is swish and flick. Say it with me please.”

“Swish and flick,” the class, made up of Slytherins and Gryffindors, chorused.

Flitwick distributed the feathers with a sweeping motion of his wand and left the students to practice, pulling out a novel.

Lily’s friends were having trouble casting the spell, but ever since Lily had discovered that she was a werewolf, she had been practicing spells as much as possible, since she had been told that she would be missing lots of classes.

“Wingardium Leviosa!” Lily said, moving her wand, and her feather rose several feet off of her desk. Suddenly, Lily had an idea. Flicking her wand, she attempted to make the long feather go across the room toward the Slytherins. It got about halfway there before dropping and landing on Professor Flitwick’s head.

Flitwick stood up and looked around the room for the person who had sent it. Noticing that Lily Potter was the only one without a feather, he broke out in a big grin.

“Notice how Lily Potter has gotten her feather to rise and move!” He called out to the class, making some people drop their feathers, which had risen about a foot in the air, “ten points to Gryffindor!” He sat back down after sending her feather back at her.

“How’d you do that?” Hugo asked her.

“I practiced over the summer with an old book of Albus’s,” Lily said.

“Nice job,” Harvey Jordan called over.

“Thanks,” Lily called back.

During the rest of class, Lily perfected being able to get it across the room, and all of her friends except Hugo had managed to get it in the air at least four feet. Homework was to practice the spell.

The friends walked out and back to the great hall for lunch. Lunch was basically make-your-own sandwiches and halfway through, Lily snuck out to go to the common room and look at the Marauders Map (she had sort of lied to her friends, it was at home, but James apparently had stolen it from Harry’s desk, so Lily stole it from James). Lily spread out the map on a table, not really sure what she was looking for. Lily was so engrossed in the map that she didn’t hear a voice giving the password for the Fat Lady to open up.

“Lily?” The voice said, startled, “what’re you looking at?”

“Ack!” Lily shouted, folding the map as fast as possible, then looking up.

“Why aren’t you at lunch?” A startled Albus asked. “And seriously. What were you looking at?”

“Nothing! Nothing!” Lily said, her tone of voice as good as a confession.

“Yeah, right,” Albus said, walking over to her and yanking the piece of paper out of her hand.

“Give that back!” Lily cried.

“I’m not giving this back,” Albus said, “by the way, how did you figure out the password?”

“What password?” Lily asked. “It was already open like this when I took it from James’s dormitor-” she stopped herself.

“James’s dormitory?” Albus asked.

“Fine.” Lily said, “James took it from Dad’s desk, so I took it after he had been using it at midnight last night, when he wasn’t there. I was just looking at it, but I didn’t know that there was a password.”

“Well good.” Albus said, turning back to the map and he whispered something that I couldn’t make out. “I’m telling James about this.” He turned around, stuffed the map in his bag, and started to walk off, saying over his shoulder, “oh, and you should probably get to your next class. Lunch is almost over and your friends noticed that you left.”

Lily gathered her stuff back up and made her way to Herbology with the Hufflepuffs.

Lily got to the greenhouse that they were going to be working in and went over to her friends.

“Where’d you go during lunch?” Eloise asked her.

“I’ll tell you guys later,” Lily said, saved by Professor Longbottom walking in and starting the class.

“Good afternoon students!” He said. “I am Professor Longbottom, and I’m not going to give any lengthy introductions. Now, can anyone tell me the difference between nettles and wormwood?”

Lily’s hand shot up.

“Miss. -” Professor Longbottom said.

“Potter, sir. Nettles are used in potions, teas, and soups, whereas wormwood is only used in potion-making and wormwood oil can be poisonous in large amounts.”

“Very good, Miss Potter, you have the brains of your aunt and your mother,” he praised her, “ten points to Gryffindor!”

Lily blushed and looked away from the gaze of her classmates. They then proceeded to take out their quill and parchment and take notes during a lecture about the culinary uses of herbs. Professor Longbottom said that their homework was to procure food with a herb in it.

After Herbology was over, the first years went out to the front lawn to have their first official flying lesson.

“Hello everyone, I am Madam Grax,” a young, tall woman with blonde hair said. “Please stand next to your brooms and extend your hand over it, then say, not shout, up.”

Lily walked up to a broom that looked like it was in fairly good shape, unlike many of the other ones. For this lesson, she split up with her friends because there wasn’t brooms in good shape next to each other.

“Up,” she said and her broom went straight into her hand. Then, she looked around in amusement. They had flying with the Ravenclaws, and Dex was miserably failing to get his broom into his hand. Lots of the Gryffindors, however, had gotten the broom up on their first, second, or third try. Hugo, Eben, Eloise, and Maggie had managed to get the broom in their hands by the time Lily looked at them.

“Now please put your broom in between your legs, but do not kick off.” Madam Grax said after she saw over half the class had brooms in their hands. Lily mounted her broom and tried to quell her desire to kick off and fly circles around everyone. She managed to not kick off before Madam Grax called for everyone to kick off from the ground and to “try not to collide into each other”.

Lily kicked off and went up over people, watching them for any threats at quidditch. Hugo was very good, but Hugo was a keeper, not a seeker, and a good keeper at that. Dex had been having trouble getting his broom up, but he was an excellent flyer.

All too soon, flying was over and they had to go inside for dinner. Lily was actually nervous about dinner, because of the incident with the marauders map. Now that she was thinking about it though, how did Albus and James figure out the password? Harry had shown it to them many times and all they had to do was ask for him to open it, because he wouldn’t tell them the password (and he had it locked in his desk). Lily didn’t even know that there was a password!

The five friends walked into the hall and sat down at the end of the table furthest from the teachers. Lily sat down and tried to stay small and unnoticed, but she hadn’t been fast enough. James looked over their way, saw them, and started walking their way, getting a seat next to Eloise and across from Lily. Lily’s heart dropped into her gut. There wasn’t any getting out of it now, because everyone had come in and someone would no doubt notice her.

The food appeared like normal (that night’s dinner was shepards pie) and Lily’s brother looked toward her with a hard expression on his face.

“Why did you steal the map from my dormitory?” James asked, trying to maintain a calm tone of voice.

“Because you left it open and it was easy to take,” Lily shot back, “why did you take it from Dad, how did you figure out that there was a password, and how did you figure out what the password was?”

“You don’t need to know why, you just need to know that you can’t steal stuff from me!” He said.

“Wait. What’s this about Lily stealing stuff from you?” Eloise said, distracted by the siblings’ argument.

“Lily snuck into my dormitory last night and took the marauders map,” James said, clearly annoyed.

“You told us that the map was at home!” Eben said, turning toward them.

“Yes, well I needed some time to look at it myself before all of us used it. And in my defence, it was at home before James took it and I took it from him.” Lily said with downcast eyes, “I’m sorry, I should have just told you.”

“Apology accepted,” Maggie said.

“Thanks guys,” Lily muttered.

“Anyway, you can’t just take my stuff whenever you want! I have half a mind to tell Mum and Dad right now and see how you deal with your first howler.” James said, practically shouting at this point.

To this, Lily said, “oh, you really don’t want to do that.”

“And why wouldn’t I?”

“Because then you’re going to have to tell them what I took, and you weren’t even supposed to have it in the first place.”

“No, I’m just going to tell them that you took something else.”

“What’re you going to tell them that I took? You don’t have anything else that I want.”

“I can tell them that you took my broom and used it near the whomping willow.”

“Like they’re going to believe that. I wouldn’t take your broom and use it, I have access to the school brooms.”

“Yeah, you would take it.”

“Yeah, I would. But you wouldn’t do that to your poor, favorite sister, would you?”

“You’re my only sister, not my favorite one. So yeah, yeah I would and will send a letter home and let you get a howler, you deserve it. Besides, with that pranking in you, you’d better get used to them.”

Lily was speechless. James was the one that had always been the one to send lots of owls home and the one to comfort her when a cousin played a prank on her, that is he did until she started toughening up and started playing pranks herself. James was the brother that she looked up to, the one who in her eyes could do no wrong. She knew that he could be harsh, but he never had been harsh or mean to her.

“Hey, Lils, are you okay?” James asked, a new softness in his voice when he saw the look on her face.

“Yeah,” she gasped, tears welling up in her eyes. Lily stood up and rushed out of the room, not looking where she was going. All of the sudden, she was on the seventh floor in front of a tapestry. She stopped running and started pacing.

Why would James do that to me? I need a place to go that isn’t the common room, just to process some of this. Lily thought, among other thoughts in her tangled mind. On the third pace, when she turned around, Lily gasped. A door had appeared in the wall she was pacing in front of.

Lily slowly turned and grasped the door handles. She opened the doors and walked into a room that looked exactly like the Gryffindor common except for that it had a bed just like the one in her dormitory in the back corner. She walked in slowly, half expecting for something to happen to her, but she made it all the way in without incident. Lily walked over to the couch and silently thought “Wow. I should tell my friends about this. They’re probably searching for me right now. Let me just sit here a whil- no! I have to find them! But I just want to sit here for a while. I have to be a good friend though, they’re probably annoyed with me about the map. I already have secrets from them, like the true reason why I have scars on my leg, so I should be true as much as possible. But if I tell them, I don’t have this place to rest alone. You have to be a good person! Oh fine! I’ll go tell them.”

Lily stood up slowly and walked out of the room. When she closed the doors behind her, she noted that they disappeared. She walked back to the common room and found her friends there looking for her.

“Lily! Where were you!? We’ve been looking for you!” Eloise said, running to her and giving her a hug.

“I need to show you guys something,” Lily whispered, trying to remain unnoticed by the people now in the room with them. “Follow me.”

“Wait. Hold on a moment. You run out from dinner, causing a commotion, we can't find you anywhere, and now you just expect us to run off with you? Tell us where you went first.” Hugo said.

“I need to show you, I don’t exactly know how to explain it!” Lily whispered fiercely, “the others can’t hear about it! I need the place to- We should keep it as a private place to hang out without all this noise.”

Maggie, Eben, and Eloise looked confused, but all of them followed her out into the deserted hallway. Lily led them to the wall of the seventh floor that she had found accidentally. Trying to remember how it appeared, she paced in front of the wall three times thinking what she had been thinking the first time, although she also thought about how she needed to know what the room was and how it worked. On the third pace she heard her friends gasp and she knew instinctively that the door had appeared. They walked in and perched on the couches and chairs that had appeared like before. This time, however, a side table with a piece of parchment on it was there too. The parchment read:

Congratulations! You have found the room of requirement! The way to get into this room, as you already know or accidentally found out, is you pace in front of the wall three times while thinking about what you want. We are sorry, but we can not provide food. This room was created for Ravenclaws and Gryffindors in need.


Rowena Ravenclaw and Godric Gryffindor


Do not let any Slytherins or Hufflepuffs get in this room

“Hey guys! I found something!” Lily cried, “it’s a letter from the founders of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw!” She passed the letter around to her friends.

“Cool,” Hugo remarked.

The five friends sat there chatting until it was time to go to night Transfiguration. They picked up their bags, which Eben had had the foresight to bring, and sprinted to Transfiguration, getting there right before a wind-swept man with blonde hair and green eyes walked in.

“Someone must have been outside,” a wry Eloise remarked to Lily.

The chance to answer was taken from her when the man started talking. “Good evening students. I am Professor Smith,” he said, “Transfiguration is some of the most complex and dangerous magic you will learn at Hogwarts. Anyone messing around in my class will leave and not come back. You have been warned. Tonight you will not be trying anything, but you will listen to a lecture on the science of transfiguration."

He then proceeded to lecture the students on the transfiguration formula. None of the Gryffindors except Lily actually took notes, but all of the Ravenclaws did.

After what seemed like forever the bell rung. The students hightailed it out of there after he assigned a page-long essay on the formula he had taught them. Lily and her friends went back to the Room and flopped on the couches. Their first day of school had brought them an essay, an assignment to get some sort of food, and to practice a spell.

“I didn’t think there was going to be so much homework!” Eben sighed.

“Where were you guys this morning?” Lily asked, remembering their absence at breakfast.

“Oh yeah, that.” Hugo said, “well, at midnight last night, I had the great idea to sneak out and plant a dungbomb in the dungeons. I woke up Eben and we snuck out to the dungeons to put it there, but apparently Professor Heral likes to take midnight walks. He walked in on us and gave us detention tomorrow night from dinner until astronomy at midnight.”

“I tried to pin it on him, say Hugo made me come along, but he didn’t believe me,” Eben said.

The girls laughed. “Well, as we discovered, Lily also had a midnight idea,” Eloise said, still annoyed.

“Jeez Eloise! I said sorry didn’t I? Besides, I didn’t know if you two would approve. Only now do I know that you three also like to play practical jokes,” Lily said.

“Actually,” said Maggie, “I don’t like to play them, I just like to see the effects of them. Also, you said three, there’s four of us.”

“Hugo’s my cousin,” Lily explained, “I already knew that he likes pranks.”

“Wait. Hold up. Was that the curfew bell?” Eben suddenly said. A great big bell had just rang, signalling curfew.

Lily swore. Everyone’s heads swiveled and looked at her. “What? I’ve got two brothers.”

“Nothing, nothing,” Hugo muttered, “can we just get back to the problem on hand? We’re several floors away from the Fat Lady and there are prefects patrolling the corridors! What are we going to do!?”

“Umm-” Eloise started, “Maybe we should take the tunnel that’s over there in the corner with gold and red banners?”

“Good idea,” the other four muttered, their cheeks ablaze.

The five friends walked up the tunnel and several flights of stairs, reaching the common room. The girls and boys split and walked to their respective dormitories.

“No midnight journeys tonight,” Lily promised herself, “I can get back the map another time.” She laid down and fell asleep instantly.


Chapter 6: It didn't work/detention
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Guys, I'm really sorry that I haven't posted for such a long time. I was really busy recently. I'll try to get the next one posted soon.



Chapter 6 - It didn’t work/Detention

Lily woke up in a haze still shaking from her nightmares, dressed, and stumbled down to the Great Hall. Hugo was already there, buttering a roll. She plopped down next to him and groaned.

“Nightmares?” He asked, unfazed.

“Yeah, they’re worse around the full moo-” she said, then cut off when she saw Eben walking over.

“How’d you guys sleep?” He asked, sitting down next to Lily.

“Terribly,” Lily said.

“Good,” Hugo responded.

“Me too,” Eben said, “the good part, not the terrible part. Why didn’t you sleep well?”

“Just couldn’t sleep. Nerves, I guess. So, I went down to the common room to work on homework, and got scared within an inch of my life by a prank set up by my lovely cousins.”

“Which ones, and what prank?” Hugo asked.

“Roxanne and Fred, and they put a spell on the chairs near the fire to burst into flames once someone sits on them, they had a good laugh at me,” Lily said, “I promised them that I would get them back sometime this year, I need ideas.”

“Well, what years are they in?” Eben asked.

“Fred’s in seventh year and Roxanne’s in fifth,” Lily responded, “Why?”

“Roxanne’s taking OWLs this year and Fred’s taking NEWTs, so what if we send them a letter that says that they have their tests earlier than everyone else,” Eben said with an evil grin on his face.

They all considered the idea, but wiped their faces clean of any guilt when Fred and Roxanne walked over.

“Lily! You’re looking tired. Did you get a good night’s sleep last night?” Fred asked, sounding maddeningly like their dead uncle.

“You know very well I didn’t!” Lily hissed, glaring at them.

The siblings grinned. “You’ve got to admit, it was funny,” Roxanne said.

“All of us agreed at the beginning of the summer that we would work together, but we wouldn’t play pranks on each other!” Lily said, her not anger abating. She could almost always stay angry long enough to get any of her cousins or siblings in trouble.

“Sorry. Besides, we didn’t set it up for you, just for the first person to sit down. We wanted to test it so that we could do it in the Slytherin common room.” Fred said, not looking in any way sorry. Still, Lily didn’t find it in her to get mad at them.

“Actually, that’s not a bad excuse. But you have some problems. First, how are you going to get in their common room? And second, actually a suggestion. If you do that, then what about finding a way to dye anyone’s hair who it happens to gold or scarlet?” Hugo said, smiling with the siblings.

“Good idea! I think I’ve heard something about Lily’s grandpa doing that, maybe we could do a type of air-borne dye and have it be released when the fire starts. As for the getting in the common room, leave that to us,” Fred said, smiling wider, if it was possible.

The siblings smiled and departed, looking like their father and his late twin.

“I don’t think that would work, Eben. They would see through that in a heartbeat.” Lily said thoughtfully.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Eben said.

Right then, Eloise and Maggie came down. They all finished breakfast quickly and hurried, for the second time, to the greenhouses. Today’s lesson again was a lecture and they got assigned an essay with the promise that if over half the class passed, they could move on.

The friends walked to History of Magic alongside the Ravenclaws, chatting. They took seats in the back of the class where Professor Binns, a ghost with bad eyesight, couldn’t see them. They started class with a very boring lecture on the importance of History of Magic. Lily fell asleep half an hour through and was shaken awake for lunch.

After lunch, they went to DADA with the Hufflepuffs for what seemed like would be the most interesting lesson of the day. Professor Barrett, who had unnerved Lily at the welcome feast, turned out to be the head of Hufflepuff house and a very interactive teacher. He started their first lesson by shooting (mostly) harmless jinxes at them and then he had them practice a shield charm, as well as some of the jinxes he shot at them. Their homework was to practice everything he had taught them. Then they enjoyed their first free period.

The friends walked to the Room and plopped into chairs.

“So,” Hugo started.

“So what?” Maggie asked.

“It’s almost the first Sunday of the month!” He said, “and that means….”

“Prank time!” The cousins chorused. Seeing the puzzled expressions on their faces, Lily explained. “Every first Sunday of the month, Hugo and I think up a prank.”

“Sounds fun,” Eben said, “I’m in!”

“I think I’ll sit this one out,” Eloise said.

“Eben, Hugo, I don’t think that’s a good idea. You two already have detention.” Maggie said, sounding like Aunt Hermione.

“Whatever.” They said together. Lily, Hugo, and Eben went into the corner to plot and the other two stayed by the fire, watching the clock on the mantle.

“What should we do this time?” Hugo asked.

“Well, we might be able to convince one of your cousins to tell us the entrance to the kitchens,” Eben suggested.

“Hey! That’s actually not a bad idea,” Lily said, “we could find a charm to turn all of the Slytherin’s food into rats or something.”

“Yeah, James told me once that he knew were the kitchens were, I bet we could convince him to tell us,” said Hugo.

The three pranksters plotted until dinner and through dinner, deciding on sneaking down the following day to scope it out. Lily planned to take the Map again that night, and the trio only stopped when it was time for the boys to go to detention. They stumbled into Astronomy hours later, cursing Filch. Apparently, he had made them scrub all of the toilets in all of the boys’ bathrooms without magic.

Astronomy was fairly interesting, but the Slytherins kept messing around, so Lily was glad to get back to the dormitory. There, she could take the map and fall asleep. She got the map without incident, but her sleep was tortured with nightmares about all of Hogwarts finding out about her… condition.

The next morning, Lily left the map in her trunk, remembering last time, and walked down to breakfast blearily. As it was a week before the next full moon, she managed to sneak off to take her potion in the Hospital Wing, and then slipped into History of Magic without anyone noticing.

Binns gave another lecture, this time about the soap blizzard of 1378. Before, Lily had managed it through half an hour before dozing off, but this time, due to the wolfsbane potion, she fell asleep almost instantly. After the lesson Hugo shook her awake and whispered, “wake up! We’ve got flying lessons!”

Lily slowly stood up, yawned, and walked to the courtyard.

“Today we will be learning how to make basic maneuvers on the broomstick,” Madam Grax called, “everyone please mount a broom just as I showed you last time and fly over here to the lake. Lily Potter and Dex Winters, please fly over here to show how to do it.”

Lily and Dex glared at each other, mounted their brooms, and flew over to her.

“See how they gripped the end tightly? Now come over here,” Madam Grax called out again, and then whispered to the two, “you two are on lake duty. Try to keep people from falling in the lake. If they do, pull them out.”

Lily and Dex mounted their brooms again and flew cautiously above the lake. A few people had mounted and kicked off, either flying toward them well, flying slowly but in control toward them, or flying to them out of control. Lily tried to herd all of the out-of-control Gryffindors toward the ground, but Kian Banne and Eloise fell in the lake. Eloise swam to the shore, but Kian apparently had never gone swimming before. Lily flew to him and fished him and his broom out of the water. Everyone got across, and Madam Grax had them fly slowly around the front lawn until the bell. By the bell, over three quarters of the class had enough control to make a lap of the lawn

They went to dinner and Hugo, Lily, and Eben started talking again. They talked until the last crumbs of dessert had disappeared and they had to go to Potions.

The five friends walked down into the damp, dark dungeons and into the classroom with the Slytherins. Professor Heral started out with a lecture about the sensitivity of potions, and then had them attempt a basic cure for boils. Unlike tales of Professor Snape, Heral stayed at his desk and let them do it on their own instead of walking around and intimidating everyone. But like the tales of Snape, Heral favored the Slytherins, taking a total of ten points from Gryffindor and giving five to Slytherin. When vials were brought up to the front, he took the only two that he deemed perfect, set aside the ones that were decent, and vanished the ones that were bad. The two potions that were perfect were from Ben Vale and Lily. They all left the room as quickly as possible, and the three pranksters cornered James.

“What do you guys want?” He groaned when he saw them.

“How do you get into the kitchen?” Lily asked.

“Why do you want to know?”

“We just do. Tell us and we’ll stop bothering you.”

“You go to the portrait of the fruit in the corridor under the Great Hall and tickle the pear. Use the door right there,” James said tiredly.

“Thanks,” Hugo said as the three began to walk away, “oh, by the way, do you know where the invisibility cloak is?”

“Albus has it,” said James. “Now go away.”

The three walked away and accosted Albus for the cloak. He gave it to them on the condition that they return it.

They snuck out later that night without the help of the Map, which Lily still had not figured out how to open. They reached the painting without incident, Eben tickled the pear, and they went down the tunnel. They were met there by several house-elves, who welcomed them to the kitchens.

“Hello sirs and madam!” They squeaked.

“Hi, can you show us where the food is put prior to the meals?” Eben asked.

The house-elves brought them to a place directly under the great hall, complete with the four tables and the head table, where there was golden plates and goblets identical to the ones above. Apparently, before the meals, the elves put the food on the tables, which then disappeared and reappeared up top. As the looking around was done for the night, they went back up, returned the cloak to Albus, and went to sleep. Lily was thinking of pranks as she fell asleep, but had nightmares, like normal.

The rest of the week dragged on, with them getting assigned more homework. On Sunday, they had found a charm that would change the plates to snakes when food was put on them, but at the insistence of the elves and a bit of help by Albus, the snakes would change back to plates after an hour to make cleanup easier. They snuck down before breakfast, performed the charm on the Slytherin’s plates, and snuck back up to their beds.

When it was time to get back up, Lily dragged a protesting Maggie and Eloise out of their beds, insisting that it would be worth it. They sat down at their table, making sure to keep expression, including tiredness off of their faces. Eloise whispered to the others at the table to look at the Slytherin table when the food appeared. The whisper got all of the way around the table, due to the large amount of pranksters. When the food appeared, all of the Gryffindors except for those few who disapproved looked at the Slytherins. The Slytherins didn’t notice them, and they started putting food on their plates, each of which let out a loud hiss, and turned into a snake, but most of them stayed coiled up where they were. Everyone else let out huge laughs when they saw, even some of the professors, but Heral stalked down to the Gryffindor table, because he alone had noticed people staring at the Slytherin table.

“Which one of you did that!?” He hissed, sounding slightly like the snakes that were on the table.

“Potter did,” a suck-up seventh year said. Gryffindors all along the table glared at him.

“James Potter! Come with me!” He said. James stood up slowly, with Albus about to stand up and take the blame, but Lily stood up first.

“Sir, it wasn’t him,” she said breathlessly.

“Then who was it?” He whipped his head around and said. Behind him, James was shaking his head frantically.

Ignoring James, Lily confessed in front of everyone. “I did,” she said bravely, fighting against exhaustion and the desire not to get punished.

“You?” He scorned. “You couldn’t have performed that level of magic!”

“No offense, Sir, but you have seen my skills in your class. I did do it and I will not let my brother be punished for something I did.”

“Very well,” he said, “you come with me.”

Lily stood up, feeling the eyes of everyone on her back, and walked out of the room, following him. After she left, she distantly heard everyone let out a breath and start talking again.

“Twenty points from Gryffindor, and detention every Saturday morning for a month starting next week,” Heral said, a look of hate in his eyes, “You will go back up to your common room and you are not to come back to the Great Hall until lunch.” He gathered his robes back around him and swept back into the Great Hall. Lily went back up to the common room and sat by the fire until people started arriving back from breakfast.

James walked in with his friends, holding some toast. He walked over to her and managed to get the last chair before anyone else. He handed her the toast, and started talking. “That was an idiotic thing to do,” he said, “you should have let me get the punishment. What did he give you?”

“Four detentions, and twenty points from Gryffindor,” Lily said, her shoulders slumped.

“That’s nothing,” James said, surprised, “I once got a term’s worth of detentions and fifty points taken away.”

At this point, several more students had walked in and they started congratulating Lily on standing up for her brother, and on the prank. Some others had brought up chocolate or other treats from breakfast, and they were surprisingly supportive of her, despite her losing twenty points. Lily excused herself from the throng of people, saying she had to go to the bathroom, but she went to the Hospital Wing for the potion. After actually going to the bathroom, she went back to the common room, where the clump of people had finally left. She did homework for the rest of the day and got all of it done.

The next morning, when Lily went down for breakfast, like lunch and dinner the day before, the Slytherins hissed at her, but all of the other people regarded her with a new respect. In pranking the Slytherins, she had earned herself a place in the pecking order of the school.

The day struggled on, with Lily fighting her exhaustion at every class, and just barely staying awake enough to finish her potion and hand it in under Heral’s glare. She didn’t go to lunch, instead opting to sleep in the Room after getting her potion from the Hospital Wing, and she fell asleep in History of Magic, and then Herbology. Lily also missed dinner, and she fell asleep in the Room during their free period, after Eben and Hugo expressed their thanks for her not turning them in. The next day was worse. It was the day before the full moon, so Lily took her potion and slept throughout the whole day, having her friends turn in homework for her.

The day of the full moon, if it was possible, was even worse. Lily had to be carried to the Hospital Wing by her brothers, for she wouldn’t wake up, and when she did wake up at noon, she could only drink the potion before falling back asleep. That night, she was woken up enough to stumble down to the Shrieking Shack and transform. She felt the pain and the transformation again, but this time instead of knowing who and what she was, she felt all control slipping away. Madam Pomfrey, luckily, had left before Lily lost all control.



Chapter 7: Halloween
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Guys, look. I'm sorry, but it takes me a long time to finish editing each chapter. I'm a perfectionist. And now I'm completely redoing the next chapter.


Chapter 7 - Halloween

When Lily came to, she was in the Hospital Wing with bandages on her head and on both of her arms and legs, and a lot of pain everywhere. Madam Pomfrey noticed her coming to and rushed over.

“How do you feel?” She asked.

“Tired. And in pain.” Lily responded. “Why?”

“The wolfsbane potion didn’t work this time. You completely changed. And because you were the only one there, you hurt yourself,” Madam Pomfrey said sadly.

“How long do I have to stay in here?”

“As long as it takes for your injuries to heal up." She said firmly. "Also, your friends have been asking to see you, do you want me to let them in? They’re at the door. I would suggest blaming the Whomping Willow for your injuries.”

“Yes please. And thank you.”

Madam Pomfrey opened the door, and Lily’s four friends rushed in and they went to her bedside. “You have ten minutes.” She said warningly.

“What happened?” Maggie asked.

“I had a disagreement with the Whomping Willow,” Lily lied.

“When?” Eloise asked.

“The night I stayed in the hospital wing all day, I wanted a walk, so I snuck out and I wasn’t paying attention where I was going, so I ran into the tree.”

“Why did you want a walk? How’d you get out?” Eben asked.

“I couldn’t sleep, and I just waited until Madam Pomfrey left the room.”

Maggie turned to Hugo. “For her cousin, you seem fairly fine about this,” she said, an accusatory tone in her voice.

“Lily gets into situations like this alot.  Last summer, she was on a camping trip and she got attacked by a wolf. She was in St. Mungo’s for a month.” Hugo answered.

They talked like this until they were shooed out, and Lily learned that she had been out for a day. James, Albus and some of her other cousins came in and talked with her for a bit, but Lily spent most of her time alone or sleeping. After four days Madam Pomfrey finally, if a bit grudgingly, let her out.

Lily celebrated by sneaking down to the kitchens for a treat (or a bunch of them), but life was soon back to normal, and before she knew it, a month (and another transformation) had passed. This time, Lily only had to stay for a day. It seemed that the potion would sometimes work and sometimes not work, and that was actually really good, because the first time, Lily had gotten severely behind on homework. True to Heral’s word, Lily had detention every Saturday morning at six for a month, and it was the first Saturday without prepping ingredients since before the prank. She was sitting down by the lake in the chilly air with her friends.

“Do you guys think we should do something special for Halloween?” Maggie asked.

“Yeah, we should play a prank. It’s been too calm around here,” Eben said.

“That’s not what I meant! Remember what happened last time?” Maggie practically shrieked. “You got detention, Lily!”

“Sure, but it was worth it." She said easily.

     "By the way, we should talk to Fred and Roxanne about the fire thing that they had planned. So, what should we do?” Hugo interjected.

“Maybe we could do something with live animals?” Eloise suggested.

“You want to help us?” Hugo asked.

Her tone grew defensive. “Yeah. You guys aren't the only ones who enjoy a good prank. So I was thinking, maybe we could fill the suits of armor with spiders or something.”

“Maybe,” Lily said, “I also have a good idea, unrelated to that. Let’s watch the quidditch practices.”

The friends walked over to watch the Gryffindor team practice, on which Albus was a seeker and James was a chaser. They watched until dinner, then grudgingly walked back in. The rest of the month before Halloween was boring, and by two nights before Halloween, they had their prank mostly set up and they had asked the rest of the Weasley-Potter clan to sit on one end of the table at dinner.

“What’s all this about?” Dominique asked.

“We-we need some help. We think that we should have, basically, a prank night. We were thinking the night before Halloween, everyone could play some sort of prank. We’re going to play a prank on the entire school,” Hugo said.

“That’s not a bad idea,” James said.

“I can’t. Sorry.” Molly said, “Dad needs me to have good grades. He’s the senior undersecretary to the Minister.”

The rest of the Weasley-Potter clan agreed to all think up a prank and put it into motion. They all went back to their friends.

“That went surprisingly well,” Eloise said.

“Yeah, normally we have a lot more arguing,” Lily reflected.

The next day, a Wednesday, brought Herbology. They were working on repotting puffapods. Lily was quickly becoming top of her class in a bunch of classes, whether she wanted it or not. They then went to History of Magic, where Lily actually managed to stay awake and take notes for the whole lecture.

At lunch, James stalked up to Lily again.

“Where’s the Map?” He asked, unnaturally annoyed.

“In my dormitory, locked up and hidden,” Lily answered.

James glared. “I’m telling Mum and Dad.”

“Aren’t you a bit old for that?” Lily asked. “Besides, seeing as I saved you from getting detention, you shouldn’t be threatening me, or else I might let you take the blame for it next time.”

“That was over a month ago!” James said.

“I took it the second time over a month ago too,” Lily pointed out, “I’m surprised you didn’t notice it before now.”

“Yeah, well I need it!” James shouted.


“For a prank.”

“I’ll leave it in your trunk. If you're nice to me.”

“Fine.” James stalked away.

“Weirdo,” Lily muttered to herself.

After lunch they had DADA again and a pop quiz, in the form of dueling the other first years. Lily and her friends ran back to the Room after DADA to work on their prank. They had agreed to put live bats in some of the suits of armor, and fireworks in others. Lily had the fireworks, but the bats were being harder to come by. Hugo decided to sneak down to the transfiguration classroom to try to find out. When he got back, he reported that the second-years were learning how to turn pillows into bats. He had pickpocketed a student’s notes before he had to leave so that they’d have time to set everything up. They went back to the room and got a pile of pillows. After some trial and error, Lily and Hugo both finally got a pillow to turn into a perfect bat. They all made fifty bats in total, simply by duplicating the bats, and stunned all of them for later use.

That night, they snuck out with the rest of the Weasleys and Potters, and before everyone went their separate ways, Hugo got Fred to charm the fireworks to go off at one-hour intervals and Lily had snuck some sleeping potion from the Hospital Wing to feed the bats. When their work was done, Lily and Eloise headed back to the common room.

“So now what?” Eloise asked, as this was her first time helping them play a prank.

“We get back to the dormitory and pretend we know nothing about it when everything happens. Make sure you keep a straight face before it happens though. I once got caught putting jelly slugs in Molly’s soup because I kept giggling when she looked at her soup. Bite your tongue if you have to.”

“Anything else?”

“If you get caught, don’t say the names of who did it with you. Cras Finibus.” They had just reached the portrait hole.

The two girls walked in ahead of the boys, who were talking behind them. They tiptoed up to their beds and fell asleep. At some point during the night, everyone made it back, not being seen by Filch except for Albus (Rose had stayed behind), who had the Cloak. Lily woke up at 6:30 and roused the two others in her dormitory. They groaned but grudgingly got up. Lily was obviously not the only one who had gotten this idea, because by the time they dressed and got to the common room, almost all of the Gryffindor boys were up, and over half of the girls were.

“I see you girls had the same idea as us,” Harvey Jordan, Lee Jordan’s son, a first year like them said.

Yeah. Who got you up?” Lily asked coolly.

“Who do you think?” He asked, “Hugo.”

Lily walked away with her head held high and Maggie and Eloise by her sides.

“I think Harvey’s got a crush,” Eloise said in a sing-song voice.

“Shut it, Eloise,” Lily snapped, blushing.

“You’re blushing,” Maggie said in an infuriatingly calm tone.

“You too, Maggie,” she said, blushing furiously.

Thankfully, the girls left it at that. At five ‘till, they all walked down, staying in a group so that they wouldn't set off all of the pranks.

They filed into the Great Hall, earning some strange looks, but it was worth it when others started coming in, sopping wet, with colored skin, or rubbing their eyes because of lack of sleep. All of the pre-warned Gryffindors laughed, but almost all of the people who had been pranked glared at them. A few people in other houses, presumably the ones with the best sense of humor, laughed along with the Gryffindors. The majority of the Ravenclaws looked sopping wet and the Hufflepuffs all looked like they hadn’t slept very well. But the hilarious one, the one where everyone was laughing, whether they had a prank pulled on them or not, were the Slytherins. Their skin had turned scarlet, and their hair had turned gold. They all were glaring at the Gryffindors, the obvious cause for their troubles.

“How’d you do it?” Lily asked,  turning to Fred, who was next to her.

“Why ever would you think it was me?” He asked in an obviously false innocent tone.

“The day that that wasn’t you or you and Roxanne is the day that Draco Malfoy becomes Minister of Magic.”

“It was both of us,” he said.

“But how?” Lily persisted.

“Don’t ask. Just don’t ask”

Lily smiled and started eating her toast, but when she reached for her pumpkin juice, her cup let out a squeal and floated out of her reach. The same thing was happening to all of the students all across the room. She shrugged and just ate some fruits before standing up to leave with a couple other people.

“Not so fast,” Professor Heral called, glaring at them. “As we can see, some Gryffindors decided to pull some pranks. Rest assured that we will be looking in to this, as we do not know how someone got into the Slytherin common room. Slytherin prefects, please meet me at the head of your table to learn the new password. When we figure out the culprits, we will send letters home to parents and you will get detention. Instead of waiting to find who did it, each day that nobody confesses, twenty points will be taken.”

“Tell everyone we they need to meet us at the third floor corridor in the middle,” Lily whispered to Hugo, Eben, and Lily.

They struggled through the day, with the half-hour outbursts of bats and fireworks the only condolences. Worst of which was all of the meals, Charms, and Potions, for the Slytherins still hadn’t found out a way to get rid of the dye. Even the Halloween feast, which was still fun, wasn’t the best, since all Gryffindors had to leave halfway through “as punishment” Finally, they got through their last class, and all of the pranksters met in the hallway. She led them into the Room (without telling them how to get in, although all of them looked like they already knew). Lily was slowly realizing good things to request for the room, like a passageway to the hallway outside of Gryffindor tower in case of staying out after curfew, lots of couches, a bed in the corner, a chalkboard, and a large fire to keep the room warm.

“I’m guessing you all want us here to discuss what we should do next?” Dominique asked, “also, nothing against you guys, but why do we keep meeting at a first-year’s whim?”

“I don’t know, you guys are the ones who agreed to meet here.” Lily said, shrugging her shoulders.

“We need to decide who’s going to turn themselves in. Who hasn’t gotten in trouble this year yet?” Fred asked, taking control.

“I have gotten in trouble,” Lily said.

“Me and Dominique have,” James said.

“I think those three are the only ones,” Albus said, “I could say I did it, I get good grades and I wouldn’t get as bad of a detention. Besides, I think Filch saw me before I got the Cloak on.”

“I should say I did it too,” Roxanne said. “Our Mum and Dad are the most laid-back about pranks, and I also do well enough in school to tell them that I did those charms, and the professors will believe me.”

“I’ll be the third one, I only got found out after curfew that one time,” said a small voice, and they all were surprised to find out, including himself, that it was Hugo. He and Rose tried to avoid letters home, since Aunt Hermione’s howlers rivaled that of Nana Molly’s. Hugo had been found in the corridors after curfew while Lily was in the Hospital Wing, and he had still received a howler for it.

“Well, then that solves that.” Fred clapped his hands together, “anyone up for a game of exploding snap?”

They played until way after curfew, and then snuck up the passageway to Gryffindor tower.

The next morning at breakfast, before having the food appear, Heral stood up.

“Are the pranksters from Gryffindor ready to turn themselves in?” She asked.

The three who had decided to take the blame stood up at a nod from the rest of them.

“Meet me in the library after breakfast,” he said and sat back down.

The food came up, and everyone at the Gryffindor table ate with an unease. Lily still felt that that she should have owned up, but she had already gotten in trouble this year. After breakfast, Roxanne, Albus, and Hugo stood up and walked to the library.

Lily, Eben, Eloise, and Maggie walked to transfiguration but they all were distracted. The matches that Eloise and Maggie were trying to turn into needles kept catching on fire, and Eben and Lily kept messing up their Avifors spells. Halfway through class, when Eloise and Maggie were on their thirtieth match (each), and there were collections of birds on Lily and Eben’s desk with various things for beaks, wings, and tails, a dejected Hugo walked in.

“What’d you get?” Eben asked as Hugo sat down next to them.

“I got four detentions and a letter home, but that was nothing compared to Albus and Roxanne’s punishments. Albus said he was responsible for the charm outside of Hufflepuff that woke everyone up, and the water balloons, so he got seven detentions and a letter home. Roxanne said that she had gotten into the Slytherin common room and put a charm on the chairs so that once someone sat on them, the dye would be released. Apparently, it still won’t wear off until Sunday. She got fourteen detentions and a letter home. Also, they sent a letter to Nana Molly.”

“Wow. make sure that you sit near the door tomorrow for breakfast. Nana Molly and Aunt Hermione will probably both send you howlers,” said Lily.

“Yeah, well, nothing I can do about it.” Hugo said.

“Yeah,” Eben said.

They got back to work, and by the end of the lesson, all of Lily’s friends were able to make a match a needle. Lily walked to DADA, but while she was doing so, she heard some older kids talking.

“Escaped from Azkaban,” a sixth year Ravenclaw said as she passed.

Lily went pale. That was the seventh breakout this year. Her parents said that when the dementors still guarded the prison, only one person had ever escaped, and he was an animagus who had been wrongfully convicted in the first place.

She walked into the DADA classroom and relayed the information to her friends.

“What!” Hugo said.

“What’s Azkaban?” Eloise asked.

“Azkaban is the wizarding prison,” Eben informed her, “it’s where they keep the high-security prisoners. Everyone used to be there, regardless of what the crime was, but when they got rid of the dementors and put human guards in, the Ministry built a smaller one for lesser crimes on top of a different island. If it’s an Azkaban escape, that’s bad. No one in there is in there for crimes lesser than being a war convict. All of the old Death Eaters are in there, and so are people that helped You-Know-Who.”

“Who escaped?” Maggie asked, her face ashen.

“No idea. The only thing I heard was that someone escaped.”

At that point, Professor Barrett walked in and shot a Jelly-legs curse at Eben. They didn’t have a chance to talk for the rest of the lesson, and even at lunch no one seemed to have any information other than that there was an escape, so they all were forced to wait until the next morning for further information.

The owls swooped down the next morning holding the usual letters and newspapers, but five of them had howlers. All five howlers swooped toward Hugo (two for him), Roxanne (one for her), and Albus (two for him), and the three people in question ran out into the entrance hall. The rest of the students could hear angry voices overlapping out there, and some people laughed but then a Hufflepuff first year picked up his edition of the Daily Prophet and gasped. She showed it to the person next to her, and that person yelled “look at the Prophet!”

Lily wrested the Prophet out of Louis’s hands and looked at the front page.

Jake Rodan Escapes From Azkaban

Early yesterday morning, Jake Rodan escaped from Azkaban.

Rodan landed himself in Azkaban three years ago for hunting down and killing

fifteen werewolf children. Wizards are reminded that Rodan is dangerous and should not be approached. Rodan did not escape with a wand in hand, but may have acquired one. Harry Potter, Head Auror, has stated that “all possible forces are hunting this convict down.” Where the convict is headed remains to be seen. If you sight Rodan, keep all children away and owl the ministry.

Lily looked away. James was looking at Lily with an expression of horror on his face. When he noticed her looking, he looked away, but Lily knew he had been thinking what she had been. “What will happen if he learns that there is a werewolf at Hogwarts?” Everything seemed to become a haze. She vaguely remembered her friends asking her if she was alright, and then being in the Room curled up on the couch in a fetal position with Professor Longbottom and all of her friends standing over her.

“Lily! Lily! Are you okay!” she heard Professor Longbottom shouting.

“She’s been like this for the past hour, sir,” Eben responded.

“Why are you all being so quiet?” Lily tried to ask, but nothing came out of her mouth.

“When did it start?” He asked in a muted tone.

“When she read the Prophet article,” Eben answered.

“Which one?”

“The one about the Azkaban break-out."

Then everything went black.

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