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Reincarnation by Midnight spark

Format: Short story
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 14,033
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Albus, Rose, Scorpius, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Other Pairing

First Published: 05/26/2014
Last Chapter: 06/15/2015
Last Updated: 06/15/2015

PheonixAlthor@tda ia an absolute banner-making goddess--Summary credit to Maia!

Rose never believed in reincarnation when she was alive.  Of course, now that she's inhabiting the body of Rhea Sanchez, she has a lot less room to be skeptical. But why waste it when it is her chance to take revenge on the man responsible for her death?

But of course, things like this never did run smooth, and it gets a lot more complicated when Albus Potter is involved.

Chapter 1: Back
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Hi there people. I hope you have read the prequel for this story ‘Night of Betrayal’. If you haven’t, I suggest you go and read it. I’m planning to have three different stories for the different stages of this story. My plans might change. For now, this story is a short story. So enjoy!








CI by Oakinwode @tda!



For months, her soul wandered for a shelter, a body. Her own body had submitted itself to the heavens, so why hasn’t her soul?


The soul never dies, so she had heard. It lives on, especially if it has a reason to live. A debt to fulfill, a promise to keep, a revenge to have.


A revenge… the word rang a bell.


She started wandering again, just to escape the pain. Something was there to be remembered, she just couldn’t remember what it was. Just some random names and words. Scorpius Malfoy. Alexander Zanbini. William Parkinson. Revenge.


They had to be inter-connected somehow. But how?


The name Scorpius Malfoy brought on a piercing pain in her chest. An unnamed desire, an unknown wave of anger, a mix of both emotions.


Her thoughts stopped when she saw a hand poking out of a bush. She drifted closer to investigate.


A mane of straight blond locks.


Blond… again, a dull thudding pain at the place where her head should be. A vivid image of windblown platinum blond hair. She flinched and the image was gone.


Had she just remembered something? More specifically, someone?


She went closer to the body. A human. A lady of about twenty. She could feel no soul in the body. Dead. The soul was gone. She could feel magic in the body. She was a witch.


A witch… Wasn’t she a witch too?


An innocent person. A person with no debts to fulfill, no promises to keep, no revenges to come back for. The perfect body for her.


She could feel the acceptance of this new body. She closed her eyes and willed herself to mold with the body.


She opened her eyes to see the world from a different set of eyes.  A whole new world.


She needed a place to rest. A place where she can start anew.


Her feet moved on her own accord. It carried her over to a road. Her hands shot out to stop a cab.


Her body slid into the back seat.


‘Where to go, missy?’ The driver asked with a kind smile on his wrinkled face.


‘House 16, Dwellers Road, Godric’s Hollow, please.’ Her voice rang out clear and sweet, like a thousand chime-bells speaking in harmony. The address came to her easily. Whose address was it? Hers or this body’s? Whatever the case, the address sent a wave of warmth through her.


‘Sure thing, lady. That would be 15 cents. ‘


‘I’m terribly sorry, sir. I was raided by a group of robbers on the way. I’m afraid I have no way of paying you.’ The lie came easily on her lips. The correct amount of innocence, panic, sadness, despair, fear, regret, all emotions rolled into three simple sentences.


The driver looked at her with pity. ‘Ain’t goin’ to be any problem, little one. Consider this a free ride.’ He smiled kindly. She couldn’t help but smile in gratitude to the old man.


She relaxed against the head rest of the seat and closed her eyes.


The wave of memories came faster than lightening, starting with a girl’s face. She instantly knew it was her own. The body she had possessed before it was stolen from her. Wavy auburn red hair. Chocolate brown eyes. Splash of freckles on her nose. A beautiful body, curved in the right way.


Another image of a boy with jet-black hair and emerald green eyes. Her memory put a name to the beautiful face. Albus Potter. A cousin, she was sure of it. The warmth he embraced her was evidence to it.


Another black-haired boy, expect with brown eyes. James Potter.


A red-haired young girl. Lily Potter.


A red-haired boy. Hugo Weasley. Her brother. She sighed.


A red-haired man and brown-haired woman smiling at her. Mom and Dad.


A black-haired man and red-haired woman. Uncle Harry and Auntie Ginny.


A strawberry blond. Dom Weasley.


A white-blond. Victoire Weasley.


A blond. Louis Weasley.


A brunette. Alice Longbottom.


Her mind flipped through many other images.


Brown-haired Alexander Zanbini.


Red-haired William Parkinson.


Two more black-haired men.


Her memories stopped on an image of the platinum blond she had a glimpse of before. Storm-grey eyes. Full lips. Platinum blond hair that fell in his eyes.


Her heart did a somersault. Before she could place a name to the handsome face, the driver called for her, taking her out of the trance she was in.


‘Lady? We are here.’


She thanked the kind man and got out of the cab. She looked at the building before her.


She felt a memory coming as she looked at the abandoned house in front of her.


‘Wow, mom! It’s perfect!! Thank you!’ she hugged the brown-haired woman standing near her. Hermione Weasley. Her mom.


‘I knew you would love it. If you are to live alone here, it must be of your own choice, right?’ her voice was kind.


‘Well, our daughter is all grown-up now, eh?’ A red-haired man put his arms around the woman. Ron Weasley. Her daddy.


‘Since you guys have surprised me with my own house, I would like to give you a gift as well.’ She smiled and continued. ‘I’ve got a job as the Head Secretary of St.Mungo’s!’


‘That is the best gift you could have ever given us turkey!’ Dad embraced her warmly. Mom beamed with proud.


‘Red! You already told them?’ Albus Potter moaned while entering the house.


‘I just couldn’t keep it in any longer, Al.’ she stuck out her tongue at him.


‘I have good news for you, Red. Remember my best friend? He is going to be working along with you. You guys have been made partners.’ He smirked as she looked horrified.


‘This cannot be happening.’ She said in a monotone.


‘Don’t worry turkey. You all are grown up now. You are not in Hogwarts anymore to still keep up with those school-time grudges.’ Dad reassured her.


She nodded uneasily.


She snapped out of the memory. So she had to work along with a guy who she hated, and he was Al’s best friend.


She stepped inside the house. Her legs guided her to a large, brightly-lit room. It was her room. She just knew it.


She made her way to the full-length mirror in one corner. She looked at herself in awe.


Straight blond hair. Bright blue eyes which glittered with intelligence. She was wearing a simple top and jeans shorts with black combat boots. She could tell that she usually didn’t prefer this type of dressing. Her first body was more comfortable in full length jeans rather than shorts.


She touched her beautiful face. Her body was Rhea Sanchez, but she was Rose Weasley.


Rose Weasley. She finally remembered her name. A beautiful name, fit for her beautiful body.


Rhea Sanchez… a name fit for this beautiful body.


She hoped she would remember the name of the handsome blond that haunted her mind.



Well? I hope you liked this chapter. If you didn’t, I’m sorry, but I wanted to show that Rose Weasley is back.

And please do check out my story ‘Healed and Broken’ (shameless advertising of myself)!

Next up: She remembers the exact reason why she’s back.














Chapter 2: Remember
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Hello everyone. This is the second chapter of Reincarnation. Sorry if I took long, because I’m writing another story at the same time, and I’ve got a lot of homework to catch up on. Seriously, it’s not easy been in high school. Do check out my other story, its Scorose and Al/OC. Please do review!





Beauty made by Oakinwode @tda!

She walked out of the room that held so many memories for her soul. She could not remember anything expect the name of this body. Rhea Sanchez… such a beautiful name. Such a sad death.


She went out to the little garden outside. A little patch of dirt had wild daisies growing on them.


Daisies… wild in any season. It creeps on and envelopes the whole place.


Her name was a flower too. Rose. Rose and Daisy. Flowers. One is a beautiful flower, selfish enough to stay in one place. Daisy, on the other hand, is a wildflower. It’s not selfish like the Rose.


‘Excuse me?’ A woman’s voice snapped her out of the trance she was in.


She twirled around to see a middle-aged woman looking at her with surprise from the house next to hers.


‘Yes?’ she asked politely.


‘Where’s Rose?’


She smiled. She didn’t remember the woman. She wasn’t part of the large family, which is for sure.


‘Actually, Rose had to leave this place due to some personal matters. She left this house for me.’  Again, the lie came easily. Her soul wasn’t comfortable with lying, but this tongue seemed to have no difficulty with it.


The woman raised an eyebrow. ‘Oh, really? It’s really strange of her to just leave abruptly.’


‘It is. Trust me when I tell you, it was an emergency, otherwise I’m sure she would have told you.’ She smiled again.


The woman seemed to soften a bit. She didn’t blame her; this body’s smile was dazzling.


‘Oh, never mind. I’m sure she must have had a valid reason. What’s your name?’


‘Rhea. Rhea Sanchez. And you are?’


‘Margaret Maywood.  It’s a pleasure to meet you. Hope you enjoy this neighborhood.’


‘Margaret Maywood. I think I know you.’ She was confused. She couldn’t shake off the feeling that she knew the woman standing in front of her.


‘I’m sorry, but I don’t think I know you or have seen you before this day. You must be mistaken.’


She blinked her blue eyes. Then it widened in the realization of what she had just said.


‘Silly Rhea.’ She chided herself. ‘Margaret Maywood would be in Rose’s memory!’


‘Umm… yeah. I remember now. Rose told me about you.’ She covered up.


Margaret seemed to buy it. Again, this tongue had no difficulty in it. No difficulties her old body might have, like the blush that will creep on her pale skin and the way her nose will flare.


Margaret smiled and went back inside her house. Rhea couldn’t stay there any longer. She got inside the house again and lay on the four-poster bed to wait for sleep to engulf her.



‘For the last time Malfoy, NO.’ she was Rose Weasley. Rhea knew this was her past.


‘Come on, Weasley. Just one dinner.’ Her heart did another one of those somersaults. It was the unnamed platinum-haired boy. Her soul had been protecting his face for the right time.




‘How pathetic can you get Malfoy? You ask a girl out to dinner, okay! But who did you choose? Me! The girl who you call by her surname! Rose Weasley, go out on a date with Scorpius Malfoy? Impossible. Daddy will FLIP.’


Scorpius Malfoy. The handsome face finally got a name to go with it.


‘Why do you have to worry about what your ‘daddy’ thinks for everything you do? Why, Rose? Little Rosie-Posie too scared to disappoint daddy dearest?’


She felt shock. She was seeing the hate between these two re-surface.


Rose looked speechless. ‘Did you call me Rose?’ she discarded everything else he said.


Even Scorpius looked shocked. That made the three of them.


‘I- No-Y-Yes.’ He looked down.


Scorpius Malfoy was blushing.


Rose smiled secretly and headed towards her cubical.



She was in the same room Rhea was in right now. She had a bouquet of roses next to her and dozens of letters.


Rose shook her head. ‘What on earth has happened to Malfoy? Going this far just to ask me out?’


She walked to the study and wrote a note-






She attached the note to her snowy owl, Pixie, and watched it fly away, a smile on her face, the moonlight illuminating her high cheekbones.



She was on the sidewalk of an abandoned road, looking at her watch now and then.


7:05. 7:10. He was late.


She twirled around when a man whispered in her ear.


She addressed them with familiarity, like she knew them.


They said some more things and laughed, making her face turn pale.


She started to back away in to the forest as they advanced. She turned and started to run.


She fell over a fallen branch and looked at the aught up to the men who had caught up to her.


There was no escape.


She screamed as the black-haired man stepped on her legs.



They left her to die in the bitter cold winter night. Her clothes were torn, no use at all to her shivering body.


A single whisper escaped her. ‘Scorpius Malfoy, your prank went too far this time.’


Her eyes closed on the harsh world forever.



Rhea woke up drenched in sweat, vivid in her mind.


She had a reason to come back. She couldn’t remember why before, and it had infuriated her. Now that she had, she wished she didn’t.


The emotions, they were so real. The anger she felt. The fireworks in her stomach when she saw him blushing, the happiness she felt when she got the roses, the impatience to meet him, the surprise of seeing the men, the fear she felt, the pain… oh, the pain! The emotion she felt deepest was the betrayal. He betrayed her. He played with her, toyed with her emotions, and killed the trust for anyone in her. She didn’t even trust herself.


She remembered her dying promise. They will pay.


And so they will. Most importantly, he will pay.


Scorpius Malfoy. Behind the beautiful face was a devil hidden inside. The initial awe she felt seeing the flawless face had turned to disgust and anger. Still, still, she can’t forget the love in her heart for that handsome face that lingers in her mind.



Not such an interesting chapter after that long wait, but I’m really sorry for that. She had to remember everything so that she can plot her revenge. The story is really going to start now!! ^_^


Next up: She looked at the blonde in front of her in bewilderment. She could handle the dreams, but seeing him right in front of her was too much for Rhea to handle.


‘Um… Rhea? This is my best friend.’ Al said.


‘Scorpius Malfoy.’ She whispered.

Chapter 3: Know
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Hi! I know this story is updating too slowly, but I have a lot of chapters prewritten for my other story, so I’m uploading them first. Do enjoy this chapter!




Love this CI by Oakinwode @tda!

There was plenty to do in the house. Rhea noticed the calendar which hung on the wall beside a wide assortment of framed pictures. She would look at them later.


The date read 12 January 2027.


The last date she remembered was 12 January 2026.


It’s been a year.


12 January. Otherwise known as Albus Severus Potter’s 21st birthday.


The huge circle on the date and ‘Al’s 21st!’ written in red ink helped.


Al… she sighed. She missed Al. She missed his warm hugs, his sweet smile, hell, even his smirks!


She missed her Al so much.


She went to look at the pictures. Suddenly she wished she didn’t. When she started, she couldn’t stop.


First picture showed her with Al on their first day of Hogwarts.


A picture of her and Al in their second year.


Another one of her, Al, Hugo, Lily and James.


A picture of her with Alice and another blond girl. Freya Malfoy.


A wave of affection for Freya and Alice went through her. Her best friends, who had been there for her always. Freya, Scorpius Malfoy’s twin sister and Alice, Neville Longbottom’s daughter.


She could feel herself tearing up as she moved to the next picture. The picture made her heart stop and a thousand emotions played with her. A memory flashed in front of her.


They were in Seventh Year. Freya and Alice had dragged her to the Black Lake to take some pictures. Al, Louis and Malfoy were also there. Scorpius was laughing at something Al was telling. She felt her heart somersault seeing the carefree laugh on his face. It vanished and a scowl replaced the laugh when he saw her. She scowled back.


‘Freya… you didn’t tell me the Weasel is coming with you!’ he said to Freya.


‘Come on, bro. She’s my best friend! And she’s your best friend’s cousin. Can’t you guys get along for once?’ Freya sighed.


‘Never!’ both of them said at the same time.


‘Can’t say I didn’t try.’ Freya frowned but brightened abruptly when Al entwined his fingers with hers. Rose raised her eyebrows at Freya, who blushed.


Didn’t see that one coming.


‘Come on, let’s take a PIC!!’ Alice yelled and pushed Freya and Albus, who landed in the lake with a splash. They dragged Alice and Rose, who had been holding hands into the icy cold water with them.


‘Oh, you are not getting away!’ Rose yelled and dragged Scorpius and Louis into the water as they were trying to get away.


Her head pounded with pain, what happens always when a memory hits her like that. The picture had captured all of their laughs, Freya and Albus with arms around each other, Rose and Scorpius splashing water at each other, Alice and Louis smirking at all of them. The perfect picture.


She wiped away her tears. It was not the time to remember her past. It was time to be in the present and build the future.


Rhea went into the bedroom to clean it out. She had been putting it off for too long.


She had finished cleaning out the drawers, which were full of dusty magazines. After that she went to clean up the cluttered window-sill when a bundle of papers caught her eye.


Rhea made her way to it, and so that they were her subscriptions of the Daily Prophet. 365 newspapers littered the floor. She picked up the one dated 23 January 2026.


Rose Weasley, kidnapped or a runaway?


Rose Weasley, daughter of Ron and Hermione Weasley, head secretary of St.Mungo’s has been missing since 12th of this month. Her family had got worried when she didn’t show up for the 21st birthday celebrations of her cousin and co-worker Albus Potter. Her partner at St.Mungo’s, Scorpius Malfoy had told media that she hasn’t been seen since 11th January.


Rhea didn’t want to read more. Scorpius Malfoy… that liar…


But he wasn’t exactly lying, was he? After all, Rose Weasley hasn’t come to work since 11th January 2026. Rose Weasley hasn’t been alive since 12th January 2026.


Why defend him? She had no idea.


She took another newspaper, hoping for better news.


It was worse.


Rose Weasley… dead?


Rose Weasley, who has been missing since 12th January is now claimed to be dead. The search for the lost Weasley had been going on without a stop, but even her family gave up hope after a month of non-stop investigation. A very distraught Al Potter told us, ‘We think it’s best for us if we just accept the fact that Rose is gone forever. I know it’s going to be very difficult for us, she was so close to us all, but we have to accept it.’

Dominique Weasley seems to be with Albus. ‘Looking for a person who isn’t even there won’t do us any good. We just have to move on. Rose will always be there in all of our hearts, where she’s immortal.’

No one else of the Weasley-Potter family wanted to have a say in this very sad matter.

We spoke with Scorpius Malfoy too, seeing that he must have been very close with Rose. His words touched the hearts of all, including the members of the family, seeing how they embraced him.

‘I just want to say that, wherever Rose is, I just wish she’s happy. She deserves it.’


Tears streamed down her face. Dom and Al… her best friends….


The family seemed to have made Scorpius one of their own, her bitter side thought.


He deserves it, another part of her said.


She wasn’t sure which part was Rose and which part was Rhea anymore. Her thoughts were so mingled. Damn him… she hated him, why wouldn’t she? He had taken away her life, he’s the reason why her family is suffering so much, and she couldn’t even go to comfort them! But the unnamed desire in her heart keeps her from hating him. She hated the way he made her feel. She wanted to hate him and not think a thing about it. But her heart just won’t have it. She was going to go mad one day if things go on like this.


Were her thoughts this confused back when she was Rose Weasley?


She could feel another memory coming, as the pain in her head increased.


She was in the Heads Dorm, two large portraits of Rose and Scorpius on either side of the Dorm, concealing the entrance to their rooms.


She looked up from the paperwork she was doing as a very angry Malfoy flopped into the armchair beside her. He didn’t say anything and kept looking at her. She went back to the paperwork.


‘What is it?’ she asked finally when she had enough of him staring.


‘Are you going to Hogsmeade with Finnegan?’


She felt surprise at the question. How did he know? ‘So?’ she answered, acting as if she wasn’t trilling inside at the fact that he cared that she was going to Hogsmeade with another guy.


The human brain is a very complicated thing. You hate the guy, but you feel like dancing when he talks to you!


‘Nothing. Just wondering how long you had to beg to make him finally say yes.’


That’s rude. ‘Actually, he asked me. How did you know about this anyway?’


‘Al.’ he answered as if that explained everything. She guessed it does.


‘Cool.’ She went back to the writing she was doing.


Hogsmeade arrangement- check


Yule Ball discussion- check


It was really difficult to focus with his eyes on her. She finally snapped.


‘What IS it?’


He surprised her by picking up the fallen hair on her face and tucking it behind her ear. His touch left trails of hot fire on her face.


‘What…’ She forgot how to talk when she felt his breath on her. They were too close.


They were leaning into each other like magnets getting attracted. They broke apart when the door opened.


‘What’s going on here?’


Al! He looked stunned to see both of them so close to each other.


Rhea’s heart lurched when she saw her carefree cousin. It was too much. She loved Al so much.


‘It’s nothing. Weasley got something in her eye.’ Malfoy stood smoothly and walked up to his room, mentioning Al with his hands to follow.


That was that.


Ignoring the pain in her head, Rhea picked up the newspaper form last month.


Job opportunity available at St.Mungo’s


It’s been almost a year since the ‘death’ of Rose Weasley and her spot as the head secretary still remains empty. Her partner Scorpius Malfoy had opened up the opportunity today.

Contact Scorpius Malfoy at St.Mungo’s, Venue Street, Hogsmeade.


She knew what she had to do.


She started writing the letter that can change the future of both of them.


Dear Mr. Scorpius Malfoy,

I saw  your advertisement in the newspaper last month. My name is Rhea Sanchez, and I hope I’m not too late. I would like to apply for this job.


Yours sincerely,

Rhea Sanchez.


She attached the letter to Pixie and watched her fly away.


The replay came soon.


Dear Ms. Sanchez,

You are lucky as the post is still open. You may come for an interview tomorrow morning at 7am. Just ask for Albus Potter at the front desk, as he is the one you must meet. If he approves, you may join us.


All the best,

Scorpius Malfoy.


Just what she wanted. Tomorrow might be the best day of her life.



She woke up feeling better than she had been before.


She got dressed casually, in a simple blue blouse and cream skirt. Her favorite dress.


When she apparated to St.Mungo’s, she started hyperventilating. She was about to see Al after such a long time. The sad thing was that Al won’t even know that she was his cousin. His own flesh and blood. And if she gets the job, she gets to work with Scorpius Malfoy. The pressure was too hard to contain.


Somehow she managed to control herself and not run out of the room by breathing in and out evenly.


‘How may I help you?’ The lady at the front desk asked in a kind voice when she approached. Mary Mayfield, her memory noted.


‘I’m here to see Albus Potter regarding the job opportunity as the senior secretary.’ Mary’s eyes tightened. She was a good friend of Rose.


She regained her smile. ‘Do you have an appointment?’


‘Yes, I do. For 7am.’ She could tell what Mary might be thinking. Blond hair, blue eyes, French accent, all in one spelling TROUBLE. Mary always puts catalogs like that. Blond means bimbo airheads, blue eyes means probably fashion conscious contact lens wearer, and French accent means a slut.


It was all wrong. Mary smiled again. ‘Name please.’


‘Rhea Sanchez.’


‘Please wait.’


Rhea sat, waiting for her name to be called.


‘Rhea Sanchez?’


Here goes nothing. She opened the door to see her cousin sitting on the chair.


Her heart thudded painfully. To see Al after such a long time…


He mentioned her to sit. She sat, not taking her eyes off him.


Al hasn’t changed much. His hair was shorter and shoulders broader, other than that, he was still the Al she knew and loved. The same smile, the same bright green eyes.



‘So you are here to take over my cousin’s old post?’ his question was straight-forward, not bothering with the pleasantries. She smiled. It was so Al!


‘No. I’m here to take the post as the senior secretary, not your cousin’s post.’ She smiled.


Al looked taken aback. The Rose-style of talking startled him. ‘You get the job.’


Her heart leaped. She knew it would work!


‘Really? Thank you, Bright- I mean, Mr. Potter.’ She yelled at herself inside. She nearly exposed herself to Al! She nearly called him ‘Bright eyes’, her nickname for him. He calls her ‘carrot’.


‘Call me Al.’ he smiled. ‘You are Rhea, right?’


‘Yes. And, I guess you can call me Rhea.’ They both laughed.


Somebody knocked at the door. ‘Come in!’ Al called.


The next few seconds happened in slow motion for Rhea. It was still burned in the back of her mind.


He got inside the room, raising his eyebrows at her. Her heart seemed to stop as the person around whom her world had started to revolve stepped inside.


She looked at the blonde in front of her in bewilderment. She could handle the dreams, but seeing him right in front of her was too much for Rhea to handle.


‘Um… Rhea? This is my best friend.’ Al said.


‘Scorpius Malfoy.’ She whispered.


They looked at her in shock. ‘How did you know?’ Al asked.


She calmed herself down and tried to ignore her hammering heart. ‘You are pretty famous, you know.’


Their faces visibly relaxed. ‘Oh, right. Nice to meet you, partner.’ He offered her his hand. She took and snatched it away as an electric shock passed through them.


He looked just as stunned. ‘Did you give me a shock just now?’


She shook her head. Fortunately, neither of them had anything else to say on that matter.


‘Well, Rhea, welcome to St.Mungo’s. We hope you have a nice time here.’ Al excused himself with a last lingering look at her which felt wrong somehow. She couldn’t explain it.


Scorpius looked at her. ‘Ready?’ he asked.


‘Ready.’ She nodded.


She was ready for what was to come.



Phew, longest chapter! I have an author’s page on the forums, so pop up over there if you have any questions, and it’s the best way to know when the next chapter will most likely come up. Oh, and I know, 12th January is Zayn Malik's birthday, I'm his greatest fan, and also of Al, so i made their birthday as same! And there is a new character, Freya Malfoy! I promise, the next update will be sooner!

Chapter 4: Hello
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Hello! Do enjoy this chapter! And extremely sorry for the almost three months absence! I’ve no excuse, except the fact that I had flu and a very important exam AND my muse went for a long vacation. All that’s over now, so hopefully I can update faster.




Totally amazing CI by Alice Pleasance@tda!!

‘Miss Rhea? Mr. Potter would like to see you in his office.’  Mary called. Rhea noted the cold note in her tone. Even after one week of working there, Mary is yet to warm up to her.


‘Yeah, sure. Thanks.’ Rhea said in a sweet voice. She nodded at Scorpius on her way out of the room they shared. He nodded back with a smile, and she tried to ignore her thudding heart.


‘You called for me, Al?’ she said as she opened the door to Al’s room.


‘Oh, yeah. Come in Rhea.’ Al and Rhea had grown closer in the week she had been working there. Al doesn’t know that she is actually Rose, but Rhea was content.


‘Sure. What did you want to talk about?’ she asked, sitting on the chair he mentioned.


‘You know that the first time you came for this job, I straight away gave it to you without asking for any formal papers, right?’ he asked. Rhea nodded. ‘I don’t know what made me do it, but there was this voice in my head saying, ‘she’s the one.’ And I couldn’t ignore it. But the heads require your pass papers from the Healing School. They are coming for a verification round this Friday.’


‘My pass papers must be back at home. I will bring it when I come tomorrow.’  Rhea smiled at Al, feeling her heart flutter at his words and stood up to go. She had a pile of work pending, and she didn’t want to leave Scorpius to do all the work.


‘One more thing, Rhea.’ Al stopped her. She turned around, trying not to seem impatient.


‘Yes, Al? Anything else?’ she asked, her eyes narrowing when she saw Al fidgeting and running his hands through his hair. She recognized the gesture, but couldn’t exactly place it.


‘Um… actually, I was wondering whether… um… if you would like to go out for dinner tonight with me.’ Her smiled slid off as she stared at Al in shock. ‘I mean, just as friends.’ He added hastily, seeing the look on her face.


Rhea let out a sigh of relief. ‘I guess I am free tonight.’ She regained her smile.


‘Great!’ Al exclaimed happily. Too happily. A strange voice at the back of her head said. That was a voice she didn’t recognize. It almost felt like someone else was trying to talk to her.


‘So, I will meet you tonight at eight, okay?’ Al asked with a wide smile to which Rhea had to smile. The Rose inside her forced Rhea to smile at the smile on her cousin’s face. ‘Tell me your address so that I can pick you up.’


‘Huh?’ Rhea said, snapping out of her thoughts. ‘Right, my address…’ Rhea wasn’t willing to tell her address to Al. She did not want to explain to him why she was living in his dead cousin’s house. Not yet. ‘Why don’t we do this, I can meet you there itself. I probably won’t be home till late today and will be in a rush. So most probably, I won’t be ready by the time you get there.  I don’t want to keep you waiting.’ Rhea smiled, hoping Al would agree and not push her, even though her excuse didn’t even make any sense.


He seemed to understand. ‘Okay. Just apparate to Chez Potter. It is my brother, James’s restaurant.’


Of course, Rhea already knew that. ‘Okay. See you then.’ Rhea skipped out of the room.



‘What did Al want?’ Scorpius asked her as she sat down.


‘Nothing much. He just wanted some of my papers for the validators.’ She turned back to her work.



Rhea flopped on her bed with an exhausted sigh. She had so much to do that she brought some work home with her. She kept her file on the bedside table and opened the drawer. After a lot of searching, she finally found the graduation papers. With a flip of her wand, she changed the name from ‘Rose Aurora Weasley’ to ‘Rhea Maria Sanchez’.


‘Now that’s not good.’ The strange voice chided her. She felt like needles were running down her spine.


‘What?’ she turned around, trying to find the owner of the voice. She found none.



At 7:45, Rhea was almost ready. She stood in front of the mirror, turning from side to side to side.


‘Wear blue. It’s Al’s favorite color.’


‘Okay, now this is creepy. Who are you?’


‘You are looking at me right now.’ She could hear glee in the voice.


All that was in front of her was the full-length mirror, showing her reflection, blue eyes  wide with confusion and blond hair ruffled.


‘What do you mean?’ She felt stupid for talking to herself. For all she knew, this just could be her imagination. ‘Forget it, I don’t care.’ She said and pulled her hair up in a tight ponytail. After a few minutes of consideration, she changed her red A-line dress into a blue number. Why not go with the voice? Rhea didn’t know about Al’s favorite color before, she had access to only some of Rose’s memories.


It seems like the soul really does live on.


Ten minutes later, Rhea found herself at Chez Potter. The whole place took her breathe way. She could feel memories bubbling inside her, but she forced it down. The twinkling fairy lights and the beautiful garden outside was the same as it was a year ago.


‘Hey, Rhea! Over here!’ she turned to the sound of Al. He was standing near the entrance of the restaurant, in simple black shirt and jeans, which made her, seem over-dressed.


She made her way over, blushing slightly at his wide eyes. ‘Hi Al. You look good.’ She nodded, trying to ignore the fluttering in her stomach, which she found very strange.


"Thanks. You look beautiful Rhea. You know, blue is my favorite color." Al said, taking her hand, sending electric shocks down her spine. They entered Chez Potter, where James was waiting to greet them. Rhea could feel herself tense up- James always saw through Rose. But this time he didn't; he gave them a smile and guided them to their table. Al pulled the chair for her-just like the perfect gentleman.



Would it hurt to say that she had the most fun time of her life that night? She kept dancing as she flopped on her bed after dinner at midnight. For once, she was just Rhea Sanchez. Just Rhea, no trace of Rose Weasley in her to dampen her spirits. No thoughts about Scorpius Malfoy, just Al, only Al.


For once, Rhea Sanchez slept easily. She smiled as she dreamed about Albus Potter.



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Chapter 5: Memories
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Absolute brilliance by visenya.@tda!


Rhea was dreaming. Again. But this time, it was different. It wasn’t the memories of Rose Weasley she saw through her eyes. She saw herself.


She was standing on her balcony, looking at the Eiffel Tower in the distant. The breeze blew and she inhaled the smell of fresh cookies. Her mom was baking. She turned and ran towards the kitchen, hair swinging in its ponytail.


“Yum, cookies!  J’taime, maman!” she laughed and sat on the stool next to the counter.


“Patience, chère.” Her mom said, the smile crinkling her eyes, which was so similar to Rhea’s. She brushed her hair back, which was a fading blonde, and set the plate on the counter. “Here you go. Cookies.” Her mom laughed.


“You are the best, maman.” Rhea laughed again and took a bite of the cookie. The chocolate melted in her mouth. “It’s great, maman.” She said with her mouth full.


“Bad habit, Rhea. Never talk with your mouth full.” Her mom chided her. Rhea nodded. It wasn’t the first time her mom had scolded her for that; and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.


The door-bell rang, startling the two, who were eating in comfortable silence. “I’ll get it.” Rhea jumped off the stool and opened the front door. “Welcome home, Papa.” She greeted her father, who stood outside with a wrapped present in his hand. “How come you are so early today?”


“How can I miss my little baby’s birthday?” her father smiled, his British accent contradicting Rhea and her mother’s French accent.


“I’m not a baby anymore, Papa, I’m twenty!” Her Papa laughed at her pout.


“But you are still my baby.” He reminded her. She smiled back and made way for him to get in.


Her mother greeted her father with a kiss on his cheek, which he didn’t return. Her mom smiled sadly and pushed the cookie plate towards her father. “Want some cookies, dear? I made them, fresh out of the oven.” Her eyes begged her father to take one. For Rhea’s sake. They didn’t want Rhea to know about their fights, even though she hears them all. Her father sighed. “Maybe after having a bath.” Her mother nodded and took the plate back to the kitchen.



“Maman? Are you okay?”


Rhea found her mother sitting on the garden chair, alone and crying. She knew what had happened. Her mother and father had yet another fight. It’s been like that ever since she returned from Beauxbatons after graduation. It made her wonder how things were when she was safe at Beauxbatons.


“Of course I’m okay, chère.” Her mom said, wiping her eyes. Rhea sat next to her. Tout ira bien, la maman. Everything will be okay.” She assured her mother.
“Bien sûr.” Her mom agreed. They sat there, again in comfortable silence.
“Are you sure you’ll be okay without me, maman?” Rhea hugged her mother tight. She didn’t want to go to England. She hated it there. It was too cold, always raining. She preferred Paris.
“I’ll be fine, chère.” Her mom returned her hug. “Just listen to what your father says, will you do that for me? Promettre?”
“Promettre.” She promised. “Anything for you, maman.”
“That’s my fille douce.” She said her goodbye and went to meet her father, who was impatiently waiting for her. “What took you so long?” he asked.
“Désolé, père.” She said, knowing that the fact that her father didn’t know French irritated him.
“Don’t speak in French. We are going to England.”
“Yes, Papa.” She followed her father to their car.
The flight to England was long and silent. Her father did not speak a word to her, and went on speaking to some Hermione on the phone. A lot has changed in a year. A year ago, when she was twenty, her father was sweet towards her. Yes, her mother and father were having problems back then, but they made her feel loved. Now, her father was slowly pulling away from her.
The flight was long, and the car ride was longer. Her father was still chatting away on the phone. Rhea was impatient- her father was a wizard, surely he would have preferred apparating than the Muggle transportation. Maybe he was trying to keep his word to her mother that he won’t use magic to travel. Her mother did not like magic-it made her feel strange.
She was to live in a flat. That was the final straw. “What are you playing at, papa? First, the long, Muggle transportation, now I have to live I a flat? You promised Maman that you would take care of me!”
“Shut up, Rhea! You are not with your mother anymore; you aren’t living in her luxurious mansion anymore! You are here with me, and I say that you will do what I say.” Her father looked livid. What had happened to him?
“Papa, I…” she trailed off when she remembered the promise she gave to her mother. “Yes, Papa.” She looked down and went inside the small room. The only room in the dingy place. She knew that her father wasn’t rich like her mom, but surely he must have had enough money to rent a decent place for her.
The days went long and dreary. She woke up to the rain and went to sleep to the rain. It was inescapable- she had already said her goodbyes to the sun.


Her father didn’t make her work for the first month she was there. She spoke with her mother every day, lying about the condition she was kept in. Her father came thrice a day with food which wasn’t enough for even one. Even though she was twenty-one, Rhea Sanchez was innocent and childlike- she suffered in silence.


“Wake up Rhea.” Her Papa called. It was the first time he came before she was awake.


“Yes, Papa?” she stood up from her bed.


“It’s time for your job.” He said impatiently. He waited until she was ready and apparated.


A shrill tone took Rhea out of the ocean of memories she was trapped in. Rhea’s eyes flew opened as she looked at the alarm clock on her bedside table. She groaned and cut the alarm off, rolling on to her stomach.


Would you explain what that was? The strange voice was back yet again. At first, you go on a date with my bloody COUSIN, dance around after that and then those memories? They aren’t mine!


Rhea was shocked. It felt like Rose was talking to her. That made no sense. Wasn’t she Rose? Wasn’t she Rose Weasley’s soul, even though the body wasn’t Rose Weasley?


Everybody’s soul lives on. It never dies, Rhea.


‘It’s talking to me!’ Rhea thought.


I’m a female, you know.


This was getting even stranger. Her life was turning dark. She couldn’t understand what was happening. She was Rose-then how can Rose be talking to her?



J’taime: I love you

Maman: mother

Désolé, père: sorry, father

Promettre: promise

Chère: dear

Bien sûr: of course

Tout ira bien, la maman: Everything will be okay, my mother.











Chapter 6: Confusion
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The dreams continued. With that, the voice in the back of her mind became stronger day-by-day.


Will you cut that out? I hate doing that.


Rhea momentarily stopped drumming her fingers on the table.


‘It’s my body. I can do whatever I want with it.’


She started drumming her fingers again.


But it’s because of me that you are here right now.


Rhea couldn’t understand what was happening. She was in a big confusion: She was Rose Weasley. Then how can Rose Weasley be speaking to her?


Moreover, why was the voice becoming stronger and more prominent, judging and criticising every single thing Rhea did?


She could think of just one answer: It was the house. The house contained so many memories of Rose. It was her parents’ gift to her. It was where she spent two years of her life.


Rhea had to get away from there. Anyway, but not there.


That was why she found a new place for herself, near the countryside in Scotland. It was much nearer to St.Mungo’s than the house in Godric’s Hollow, and it was far away from Rose’s memories. At least, Rhea hoped it was.


She went outside to say her goodbyes to the little daisy garden and to Margaret, who she found out to be a Muggle.


The courier was late. The dealer had promised her a courier containing the portkey to her new home within an hour. It was an hour and a half past when the courier suddenly materialized in front of her.


“Finally.” Rhea murmured. “Finally, I might get some peace.” She opened the courier to see a muggle mobile inside with a note saying, ‘The portkey leaves in ten minutes from the time it reaches you.’


Rhea quickly stuffed all of the boxes and her suitcase inside her handbag, which had an Undetectable Extension Charm on it. She managed to touch her finger to the mobile just as it glowed in a bright blue colour.


The feeling of as if she was being pulled by a hook vanished after a second, when her feet touched the ground. The first thing she registered was the salty smell of the sea.


Rhea grinned widely and twirled. She felt herself to be in very high spirits. The ocean always managed to do that to her.


Rhea entered the room and levitated all the boxes and the suitcase out of her handbag. A couple of wand waves later, the house was in order. Rhea ran to the balcony and found the ocean facing her. That was what had made her love the house so much. She quickly scribbled a thank you letter to the dealer, grabbed her hospital file along with her graduation papers and apparated to St.Mungo’s.  


“Miss Rhea. What are you doing here?” Mary greeted Rhea with the cold note still in her voice.


“Good morning Mary. Can’t I be here?” Rhea was confused.


“No. That’s not what I meant. It’s not time for your shift yet.” Mary looked down.


“Oh. I was bored at home.” Rhea walked inside her room, ignoring the glare Mary sent her.


She was restless. The voice hadn’t spoken up since an hour ago at her old house and there was yet another hour left for Rhea’s shift to actually start. She had finished all the left-over paperwork already and there seemed to be nothing left to do.


Rhea walked around the room and stopped next to Scorpius’s table. A pang of emotion went through her. There was no name for the emotion. Was it desire? Or was it hate? Rhea had no idea. Suddenly, the sun burst out from behind a cloud, momentarily blinding her. The sun made something on the blonde’s table gleam. Rhea reached for the mystery object from under a huge pile of papers.


It was a picture. More specifically, her picture. Rose’s picture. The picture had captured her laughing with her arms around another blonde, who was laughing along with Rose. With another pang, she realized that the blonde was Freya. Was it just her, or did Freya looked… just like her? Freya had her arms around Albus, who had an arm slung over a brunette’s, Alice’s, shoulder. The smile on Albus’s face made Rhea’s heart pound in the most annoying way.


No. no. no. You have no right to feel that way about my cousin, young lady.


Rhea nearly dropped the picture in surprise. The voice was back again.


‘Feel what?’ The voice always said things Rhea did not understand.


Never mind.


Rhea wanted to tear out her hair in frustration. If it wasn’t for the voice, she would have happily kept the picture aside and went back to her table. But the voice made the questions in her mind even more prominent. It created even more questions in her mind.


“Good morning Mr. Malfoy. Even your partner is early today.” Mary’s voice snapped Rhea out of her thoughts. She quickly put the picture back in its original place and sat on her chair.


“Good morning Mary.” Rhea heard Scorpius say. With yet another pang, she realized that Mary didn’t even say ‘good morning’ to her.


“Morning, Rhea. I see that you are early too.” Rhea sat a bit more straight and tried to act as if she wasn’t going through his personal things just then.


“Good morning. I woke up too early today, to shift my house.” She replied, turning her attention to the patient file in front of her, after giving a smile to Scorpius.


“You changed your house? Where?”  Scorpius asked, sitting on his chair and turning around.


I hate when he does that.


‘Does what?’


Don’t say a word to him.


‘Why don’t you ever answer my questions?’


“I live in a little house near the sea, in Scotland. I figured that it would be easier for me to apparate here.” Rhea answered, and her head thudded. It felt as if the voice was beating her head.




‘Shut it.’


“Scotland? I live there too. What a coincidence.” Scorpius grinned widely, and then his expression turned to concern. “Are you okay, Rhea? You look like you are in pain.”


“I… I’m not feeling too well. Must be the tiredness.” Rhea clutched her head as the pain grew more.


“You look a bit green. Take a day off.” Scorpius advised, standing up and helping her up. Her body tingled at the touch.


I hate him touching me. Makes me feel weird.


‘He’s touching me, not you.’ Rhea surprised herself and the Voice with her possessive tone.


“I guess I better do that.” She started to walk, but stumbled. Scorpius caught her.


“I’ll apparate you. Just tell me your address.”


“Cottage Shells.” Rhea whispered.




Scorpius chuckled. “Nice name.”


“Don’t be mean.” She protested weakly. “Just take me home.”


“Alright, here we go.” Rhea felt everything spin and after a second, she landed in the garden of her home.


“Will you be okay?”


Humph. He actually sounds concerned.


“I’ll be fine. Thank you!” Rhea ignored the Voice and waved at Scorpius. He disapparated with a wave and soft crack.


Rhea forced her weak legs to carry her to her bed, where she fell asleep at once.



Rhea woke up to see that it was past six o’ clock in the morning. She felt surprised. She had slept a whole day.  Still groggy, she made herself a cup of coffee and waited for the morning owl to deliver The Gossip.


It was late. Rhea sighed. Time to get ready for office.



Her eyes caught the magazine lying on the counter as she was about to make her way out. Blue eyes widened in shock as she read the front page.




An unnamed source informed us yesterday that Scorpius Malfoy, the partner of Rose Weasley, who was claimed dead last year, might be guilty for the ‘death’ of the Weasley.


The source wore a veil over her face, which did not allow us to see her face clearly. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. She told us that Scorpius Malfoy had asked Rose Weasley to meet him the night she disappeared.


We don’t know the accuracy of this news. The Aurors are investigating in to this as we speak.



Rhea stared at the newspaper in shock. Who is this mystery person? And how did she know about this?


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 “You? You did this? Or was it me?” Rhea whispered in shock.




























Chapter 7: Pain
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“Have you seen this?” Rhea apparated into the office, startling Scorpius. She slammed the magazine on his desk and looked at him expectantly, hoping for answers. Hoping for him to admit that he was responsible for Rose Weasley’s death.


“Oh, that. It’s all taken care of now.” He said in a calm voice. Rhea looked at him in confusion. “It was just a rumor somebody spread.” He explained.


 I don’t believe this.

‘But I believe that he might not be responsible. He is so sweet.’ Rhea contradicted the Voice.

Keep thinking like that. I don’t want to die again.

“Oh.” Rhea dropped the subject. “Is Al in his office yet?” she asked.

“I guess so.” Scorpius shrugged. “How are you now?”

“I’m fine. I just needed a lie-down.” Rhea smiled at Scorpius’s concern. The Voice was wrong. It had to be. The man who was talking to Rhea wasn’t like that. “I better get my graduation papers to Al.” she gave another smile and walked out of the room, ignoring the glare Mary send her way, which had become a daily routine.

“May I come in Al?” Rhea knocked on his open door. Al looked up from his papers and broke into a wide smile when he saw Rhea.  Rhea’s heart started to do what it always did when Al was around: run a marathon.

“Why ask? You are always welcome here.” Al gestured for her to come in. Rhea sat down with a smile. She had no idea why, she always had a smile on her face when she was with Al. The Voice hated it for some unfathomable reason, but Rhea could not control it.


“I came to give this.” She handed her graduation papers to Al, careful not to touch his skin, for the fear that the tingling sensation she felt might still be there.


“Oh, right. The moderators will be here after lunch. You have to be ready to talk to them.” Al said, flipping through her papers, frowning.


Rhea’s heart thudded. Did he find out that it was not really hers?


“Wh-what is it?” Rhea asked hesitantly.

 “Nothing, it just… your results reminded me of Rose.” Al said, with his throat thick. Rhea’s heart lurched for the suffering man in front of her. She stood up and made her way near him and kept a hand on Al’s shoulder and squeezed it.

My Al. This is what Scorpius Malfoy did to my family. I can’t bear to- to just watch from inside you like some sort of a parasite. I want to be there in flesh, to be with my Al. He’s my COUSIN, for Merlin’s fucking sake! How can you think of him in such an unholy way? It’s incest!

‘I-I don’t understand. I’m not thinking of Al in anyway like that.’

Al cleared his voice. “Sorry about that.” He smiled sheepishly.



 “I understand Al. Wounds like that does not fade away so soon. Rose was very close to you, it will take time.” Rhea smiled reassuringly.


Rhea winced. Her head pained a lot when the Voice shouted like that. She smiled again to cover up her moment of pain. “I lost both my parents, I understand more than anyone.”  She had no idea whether it was the truth or not, but the words came out of her lips without her control.

“Rhea, I’m so sorry.” Al hugged her. She stood in shock for a moment and then hugged him back, feeling electricity surge between them. Whatever emotion that was there in her heart for Scorpius was gone at that moment. It was Al, only Al. Just the two of them, just Albus Potter and Rhea Sanchez.

“Ahem.”  A voice from the doorway made the two of them jump apart. Rhea turned to see Scorpius standing there, looking extremely awkward. “Sorry to disturb you two,” he smirked at them and Rhea felt herself blush for some unknown reason, “but Al, Freya wants to see you.”

Rhea’s eyes widened in shock. Freya Malfoy.  She felt Al drop his head on her shoulder with a groan. Rhea started and then relaxed.  “No offence mate, but I really don’t want to deal with your sister right now. She’s damn scary.”

Scorpius chuckled. “None taken. But you have to face her someday, Al. You can’t just put it off.”

“I know, I know.” Al sighed and walked out of the door with an exasperated look at Rhea.

 “What was that?” Rhea asked Scorpius, picking up her graduation papers form Al’s desk. She had thought that they were still together. But it didn’t seem so, from the way the two men were conversing.

“Freya is the Senior Assistant to the Head of Magical Law Enforcement. She is here on a case regarding a patient. But Al and Freya’s relationship has gone rocky after they broke up, so they aren’t really comfortable around each other.” Scorpius explained with a sigh of frustration. Rhea could tell that he hated the rift between his best friend and his twin sister.



 “Who is Freya?” Neither Scorpius nor Al had mentioned her before, so it was necessary for it to seem as if Rhea didn’t know her.

“Freya is my twin sister. She looks sort of like you, with that blonde hair.” Scorpius smiled.

“You have blonde hair too.” Rhea pointed out.

“Yeah, but you see, Freya’s hair looks like my dad’s. Mine is a bit lighter than them.” Scorpius ran his fingers through his hair.

“I see.” Rhea nodded, and let silence fall over the place.

“I have to see a patient.” Scorpius finally broke through the silence. He wasn’t a Healer- he was just one of those who handled all the papers and stuff. Rhea knew he just wanted to escape the awkward silence, so did she. Rhea nodded, keeping her eyes down.

The sound of the opening of the door sounded in her ears. Rhea could feel a headache coming. She was about to burst because of the frustration building inside her. She was so damn confused all the time. She had to escape from the pains and unknown emotions which haunted her every waking moment. Not only waking moments-they haunted her even in her dreams. Even when she was asleep.  How long can one survive without cracking?

“I have to get out of here.” She whispered to herself and ran out of Al’s office, towards the door, which was her only escape.



She was close to the door; she knew she could make it. Rhea could have just apparated-but that required concentration, and Rhea’s head was in a million places at once. She would probably splinch herself if she tried to apparate in her condition.





“Where are you going?” the familiar voice made her stop in her tracks. Al stood in front of her, with a blonde close behind him. She could see the blonde’s eyes narrow as Rhea came closer.

 “I have to go home.” Rhea panted. “I’m not feeling right.”

“So this is the one you brought to replace Rose.” The blonde spoke up in a cold voice. “Bad choice Albus. Just like all of your other choices.” The blonde stepped right in front of Rhea and Rhea had to force down a gasp. Freya Malfoy stood in front of her, looking like a carbon-copy of her expect the eyes, which were a stormy grey. Even Freya looked a bit surprised on seeing someone so similar to her, but regained her cold expression.

“She didn’t come to replace Rose. She just came to take the job which used to be Rose’s.” Rhea smiled gratefully at Al. “And you are no one to judge my choices, Malfoy. Keep your thoughts to yourself, and please keep them work-related. Don’t get personal.”


What happened to Freya and Albus?

‘Didn’t you hear what Scorpius said earlier?’

They were the perfect couple.

For some reason, that made Rhea very angry. Look at the two of them fight! They were not the perfect couple. Al doesn’t look happy with Freya.

“Whatever. My investigation is done for now. Update me regularly on the patient, Mr. Potter. I’ll be off now.” Freya gave a brisk, formal nod to Al and a cold glare towards Rhea and disapparated.

“Sorry about that, Freya is just…you know what I mean.” Al ran his fingers through his messy hair and suddenly, Rhea had the urge to run her own fingers through it. The thought scared her. She had never felt an emotion like it before.


Rhea nodded. “I understand. She isn’t taking Rose’s death well, is she?”



I’m not dead. The voice said in an annoyed voice.

‘Shut it.’



“The moderators will be here in an hour. Are you well enough to stay back?” Al asked in a concerned voice. Rhea smiled at him. “I’m fine Al.”

Al nodded and gave her a pat on the back, sending shivers down her spine. “Go and have lunch, and they’ll be here soon.” Rhea nodded back at him and walked into her room. Scorpius wasn’t there.






 “Are you Rhea Sanchez?” The bald moderator asked Rhea. She nodded. An image flashed.


A kind smile on the bald man’s face. “Good job, Ms. Weasley.”


Rhea wanted to groan. Everything seemed to be about Rose. Rose. Rose. Everywhere she went, everyone she talked to, everything seemed to be connected to Rose somehow. Rhea had had enough of it. It irked her, how everyone doted on Rose, when Rhea knew Rose wasn’t the perfect girl everyone thought of her to be. Rose Weasley was selfish. Rose Weasley treated Rhea as if she was scum under her feet.


Rhea took a deep breath and smiled. “Yes sir.”

The man smiled back. “Glad to meet you Ms. Sanchez. I’m Nicholas Hemmingway. I don’t remember you at my Healing Class. Who was your teacher?” he frowned as he inspected her papers.

Rhea’s heart thudded painfully against her chest. This was it-she was dead.



Madam Gladys.

‘Huh?’ The name sounded familiar, but no memory of Rose sprung out. That confused Rhea.

Say it!


“Madam Gladys.” Rhea answered. After all, Rose must know better than Rhea.


“Ah… now I see why I don’t remember you. It must be a pleasant thing to work here, right?  Rose Weasley was my student, you know.” He smiled proudly. “She was the brightest student I’ve ever taught. Always gets the spells right, just like her mother.”


Rhea felt like gagging. She tried not to let it show as she plastered a wide smile on her face, which did not reach her eyes.

“You seem like a bright student. Just like Rose, always getting full marks.” Rhea decided that she really hated the balding man. She was no second Rose Weasley, she was the first Rhea Sanchez, and to be frank, she didn’t want to be compared to anyone else.


“Thank you sir.” Rhea said formally.


 Nicholas Hemmingway smiled brightly. “You’re all verified now.”


Rhea had to smile back. “Thank you, sir.” Nicholas nodded and walked out of the room, taking Rhea’s papers with him.


‘Won’t he know that I told a lie?’ It was the first time Rhea had taken the initiative to talk to the other soul in her head.

He won’t. Madam Gladys died two years, sorry, three years ago in a fire accident at her house. And you seem to be brilliant at lying, he didn’t suspect a thing.




 ‘He can check the records, you know.’

Nope. The records were with her when the house burned down.


Rhea let out the breath she didn’t know she was holding. For some reason, Madam Gladys, her burned house, they all seemed to hold some importance to her.



What do you know? The Voice asked wearily. It sounded tired.


‘Are you tired?’


Answer my question.

‘I’m sorry. I don’t remember anything. Now answer mine.’


Yeah, I’m tired. I have no idea why. Let’s go home.


‘You don’t talk this much at home.’

That’s because I have no use of being there when I know I have no memories there.

That’s it. That is the way to get the Voice to be quiet. Stay away from places and people connected to Rose Weasley. That would mean staying away from Al, and that thought made Rhea feel weird. She didn’t want to stay away from Al. She never felt such a connection with Scorpius, who she thought she was in love with. But the electricity they had between each other had faded and now Rhea only imagined the blonde man as her colleague, her friend, her partner. Al was what kept her moving; what made her come back to the place which she couldn’t wait to get away from every day. Al had started to become her everything.


‘What sort of stuff?’


You can’t fall in love with my cousin!

‘I’m not in love with him. He’s my friend. My best friend.’

Please let it stay that way Rhea. Please.

Rhea couldn’t speak. The Voice said her name for the first time. For the first time Rose acknowledged that Rhea was there. Rose Weasley was begging.


Thank you.



Don’t seem so shocked. I am polite. I just don’t like you so much.


‘If that makes you feel better, I don’t like you that much either.’


That does make me feel better.


‘Glad to know I was of some use.’


You’re welcome.


Rhea should be scared like a normal person would be. But Rhea Sanchez was not normal. Here she was, having a conversation with another in her head.


Rhea passed by Al’s office on her way out. “Al, I’m going home, okay?” At her voice, Al hastily hid something underneath his papers and gave Rhea a smile which didn’t reach his eyes. “Sure Rhea.  Bye.” With that, Al turned to his papers and buried himself in it, leaving Rhea very hurt. He had never done that. Now it felt like Al was shutting her out and for some reason, the thought cut her deeper than a knife could.



 “Bye.” She mumbled and held back the tears which threatened to flow for some reason. She ran out of the room and out to the courtyard where she could disapparate.

Why are you so affected by Al’s behavior?



‘He never shut me out like that before. I didn’t want to feel like this. It just happened. I’m confused Rose.’

Then stay away from him. Rose’s voice turned hostile. The little amount of concern and friendship in her voice was gone.

“I can’t. He is too important for me.” Rhea said out loud.




 “Who are you talking to?” Scorpius asked, suddenly appearing next to her. Rhea quickly brushed away the tear that had fallen and turned to smile at Scorpius.


“No one. I’m going home. Tell Al that I might not come tomorrow.” Rhea informed the blonde. Scorpius looked confused for some time, and then nodded. “Bye.”



Her own goodbye was muffled by the crack sound made when she disapparated.







Why did she feel so tired? It was as if the mysterious tiredness Rose was feeling had transferred to her. Why was Rose tired anyway? Rhea suddenly felt too tired to think of an answer.

 Still in her clothes, Rhea ran inside the bathroom and opened the shower head. She hoped that a quick shower would help calm her mind and perhaps help her to sleep. She did not bother taking off her clothes; they were dirty anyway.  A sudden pain that shot through her forced Rhea to clutch her head tightly. She felt dizzy. The whole room was spinning. The shower kept running, and Rhea could not reach out to close it. She clutched the bathroom sink with one hand and tried to steady herself.


The spinning slowed a bit and a new pain shot through her eyes. Rhea opened the flip that protected the mirror from the water from the shower head nearby and opened her eyes to look at herself. Instead of the brilliant blue she was used to, Rhea saw brown eyes. A wave of shock, fear and surprise ran through her body.



“What on earth?” she blinked furiously, once, twice, thrice, hoping that she was just having a misunderstanding, and that her eyes were still the same blue as her mother. Maybe it was the mirrors fault. She wiped the mirror with her sleeve, but the colour did not change. Rhea started to shake with fear. What was happening here?


“I’m in control now.” The voice that came out of Rhea’s mouth wasn’t her words or her voice; it was the same voice she had been hearing inside her head. It was Rose, speaking through her.

“That’s not possible.” Rhea found out that she would speak too. It was like in her head; both sharing the same thoughts. Both could talk. Her head thudded painfully, and Rhea knew that a memory was coming. As soon as the memory hit her, she found out answers to almost all of her questions.


Rhea looked in the mirror in her bedroom and smiled upon seeing brown eyes instead of blue. She raised a piece of opaque lace and clipped it with her hair, covering her mouth. With that, she apparated with a loud crack.

She was in the garden of her old house. The daisies had withered and died. Rhea made her way to the nearby bushes and after a bit of digging, found some pieces of papers. With yet another crack, she disapparated.


Rhea was in an office. Newspapers cluttered the desks. A large sign read ‘Magic Daily’.

Rhea gasped. It was the same magazine in which she saw the news about Scorpius.



“What do you want miss?” A man of about thirty asked her. Rhea smiled at the man. “I come with evidence that Scorpius Malfoy is responsible for the death of Rose Weasley.”


The man’s eyes widened. “What? What sort of evidence?”


“This.” Rhea handed the man the papers she took from behind the bush of the house in Godric’s Hollow. The man read the papers and his eyes widened even more.



 “Rose, meet me near the Forest of Dean on Al’s birthday at seven. I have a surprise planned and everything. Scorpius.” The man read.


“Albus Potter’s birthday. The same day Rose disappeared. This must tell you enough.” Rhea said.

“Bu-but how did you get this information?” The man asked.

“Don’t ask me how. Just do your job.” With that, Rhea disapparated from the office, back to the house.


She snapped back to the present from the memory and stared at her reflection in horror. “It was you who did that? But I do not remember a thing.” Rhea whispered.


“Yes, it was me. The world deserved to know who the real devil behind Scorpius Malfoy is. And yet, he is living his life to the fullest.” Rose’s voice said bitterly.



“Why did you do it?” Rhea sobbed. Anger bubbled inside her. But this anger was not her own; it was Rose fueling the frustration and confusion inside her.

“Why did I do it?” Rose whispered furiously. “I’ll show you exactly why!” With that, Rhea was plunged into another memory, this one more familiar to her.


She was standing at the edge of a forest, anxiously glancing at her watch now and then.


Rhea wanted to run away as far away as she could. She didn’t want to see the memory. Not again. As the men spoke, she felt pure fear this time. Suddenly, Rhea realized that it was her memory. It wasn’t like before. She wasn’t seeing Rose suffer. She was Rose. She was feeling what Rose felt.



The pain was unbearable. Rhea shivered and sobbed.


She was jerked from the memory. Shaking, Rhea stood from the wet floor she had fallen upon and looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were blue again.


Rhea. Avenge me. You saw what they did to me. What he did to me. Take revenge. Please, Rhea. Please. Rose’s voice said in her head.

Rhea felt red-hot anger. Anger towards the men, anger towards Scorpius.






Chapter 8: Truth
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 Chapter 8: Truth

The next morning was, if possible, worse.

Rhea woke up with a splitting headache. She kept staring at the blank, white wall, wincing as the memories of the night before flooded her mind.

Everything was much clearer.

She finally found out the reason for the return of Rose Weasley. She finally understood the redhead’s thirst for revenge.

But there was one thing she still hadn’t figured out. There was one thing she still didn’t understand. Her feelings for a certain black-haired person haunted her mind every waking moment. She hated the way she felt. It made her feel weird and wrong on many levels. Rhea was sure she had never felt such a strong emotion before. It warmed her to the very core of her heart.

Her feelings scared her.

Rose obviously hated it. Rhea wondered whether it was Rose’s disapproval and hatred for the way that she felt that was fueling her emotions even further. Rhea had finally given into the demands of Rose Weasley. The blonde could feel the redhead inside her mind, silent yet smug at the same time.

The urge to see Albus was too overwhelming. Rhea glanced at the clock desperately, willing for it to skip the next forty eight hours, so that she could be with her dark-haired, green-haired angel.

Stop. It.

Rhea groaned internally. “Good morning to you too, sunshine.” She had no qualms about talking out loud to the voice in her head while she was safe at home. Nobody would hear her there. There wouldn’t be anyone to shoot her weird looks saying ‘Are you mad or something?’ written all over their faces.

Stop with the feelings for Al. That is my cousin.

“I do not have feelings for your cousin. Your mixed feelings for Scorpius don’t allow me to.” Rhea noted with surprise that her tone sounded almost bitter.

For once, I’m thankful that I find my murderer attractive.

“So, Weasley, you really are attracted to your best friend’s twin.” Rhea stated, smug.

So, Sanchez, you really are attracted to the cousin of the person who brought you back to life.

Rhea stopped in her tracks on the way to the kitchen with a glass mug in her hand and turned to glare at the empty air at the general direction of Rose’s voice. She could just pretend that Rose was standing in front of her, being a nuisance, when in reality, Rose was inside Rhea. Or she was inside Rose. The body was Rhea’s, her thoughts were first Rose’s, and then suddenly, there were two of them inside her mind, which was starting to get awfully cluttered.

This needed to stop.

The confusion, the mixed feelings, the contradicting thoughts, all would one day become too much for the fragile blonde to handle. One day she won’t be able to take it anymore. One day she would fall apart. And that day wasn’t far away. Rhea could feel it. And when that day finally came, Rhea would be in big trouble. Her lies, hidden secrets, everything would be out for the world to see. She was going down; and Rose Weasley was going down with her. That was a promise.

Her eyes suddenly felt heavy. The feeling was familiar. Rhea knew that another memory was on its way.


“Ms. Malfoy, are you sure you are capable for this job?” A stout man behind a table asked her. She wanted to yell that she won’t do it and run away from the men surrounding her, the fat man behind the desk, from her father standing behind the man, discreetly nodding his head pointedly at her.

Of course she wasn’t going to agree for the job. She wasn’t a murderer like them. She locked eyes with her father, bright blue eyes staring into the cold grey ones devoid of any emotion. Her father stared back, eyes unforgiving. Swallowing, she turned her gaze back to the man. “I – yes, sir. I’m sure I can do it.” She replied, stomach coiling with disgust at the ghost of a smile on the man’s face which lasted for a millisecond.


“I won’t do it, papa!” she yelled, crossing her arms in defiance, flopping on the sofa at her father’s place. Her father had somehow had enough money to live in a luxurious bungalow while his own daughter was kept at a dingy one-roomed hut.

“You disgrace the Malfoy name.” her father snapped.

“Well,” she snapped back, “Draco Malfoy, maybe that’s because I’m Rhea Sanchez and not Malfoy. I do not want to be a Malfoy.” With that, she pulled herself off the sofa and stormed off.

“Rhea! Come back here this instant!” she could hear her father shouting. She paid no heed to his words, breaking her promise to her mother.

She hated Draco Malfoy, her devil of a father, from his blonde hair she had inherited to his stone-like heart.

Rhea could feel Rose shocked to silence in her head, the sound of the glass mug in her hand shattering into a million pieces sounding in her ears.

They did not sign up for this.

Hello, Rhea Sanchez, daughter of Draco Malfoy and sister to Scorpius and Freya Malfoy.

Rose’s words had no effect on the shocked blonde. She slid to the floor, not caring about the shreds of broken glass on the floor, cutting into her arms, legs.

Numb with pain from the bleeding glass cuts all over their body, Rhea Sanchez and Rose Weasley broke into tears, their tears, their pain, perfect accompanies for each other.

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Chapter 9: Fury
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Chapter 9: Fury






Rhea knew that she had to get herself together. But it was almost impossible to do so. There was too much pain.






Sometimes you just can’t agree with the fact that life isn’t butterflies and blushes at all times. There are painful moments, moments in which you wish you were not even alive, moments that seem to last forever. But one day, you’ll see the bright light at the end of the dark tunnel and it’s all worth it.






Rhea closed her eyes at the voice. For once, Rose Weasley was right. For once, Rhea found herself relaxing, agreeing with her. Life wouldn’t always go the way you want it to. You have to face hurdles; you have to face heartbreaks, pain and suffering. Wasn’t she the best example for that? Hadn’t she experienced it all? She was still in the same pain, longing for Eden. Longing to be free of the pain. Pain she still didn’t understand. The blonde didn’t even know why she was hurting. Of course, she knew most of it, but there was still a part of her life that she was being kept in the dark about. She just didn’t know what the missing piece was. Whatever it was, it was very essential, she was sure of that. The missing piece of her memories was very important; it could be her ultimate weapon to free her life of the parasite by the name of Rose Weasley. To take Rose’s revenge on Scorpius, to sort out her feelings for the green-eyed angel.






Pull yourself together, Malfoy. The name made Rhea recoil in disgust.






“I prefer Sanchez, please.” She grumbled out loud as she made her way out of bed.






Whatever you say.  The voice sounded almost smug. Rhea hated her. Her pity for Rose had seemed to have washed away over-night. The only thing she felt towards the parasite residing in her brain was a dull hatred.  She had no idea where her feelings were coming from. It was both confusing and irritating. But the little feeling of pity she felt was still intact somewhere deep inside her heart. Within a span of less than twenty-four hours, the immense pity in her heart that had welled for the redhead had receded, and a sudden, familiar hatred had replaced the pity. Maybe it was the way Rose sounded after Rhea’s flashback. Maybe it was her body acting to the new changes. Maybe her hormones were running wild. Whatever it was, Rhea had a feeling that the little moment in which they had bonded was long gone.






Sometimes, Rhea wondered whether her anger made Rose more powerful. It sure seemed so. Whenever she was angry, Rose seemed to be much stronger and clearer to hear. Maybe that was why Rhea had this urge to stay as happy as she could always. Rhea did not want to be anymore closer to Rose than she already was. She had no idea what else she was going to have to endure, having Rose Weasley in her mind. Was Rose there to stay forever? Would Rose ever go away? If Rose really did go away, what would happen to Rhea? Would she die again?






She did not want to die again. Not when she had got a reason to live. A reason to survive.






A part of her wondered whether it would hurt to die again. She did not remember how she died, or whether she actually did die. She only had Rose’s words as evidence, nothing else.












It was after she walked inside the office she shared with Scorpius when she realized that he was her brother.






She was his sister.






That explained why her mind rejected any foreign feelings towards the blonde man. Her sub-consciousness had realized their bond before she was aware of it herself.  Rhea’s heartbeat quickened as she gave Scorpius a shaky smile. To think that she thought she had feelings for him! That sounded absolutely horrible to her now.






“You okay?” Scorpius’s voice made Rhea jump about a foot in the air, which made the man even more confused and concerned.






“I-I’m fine.” She mumbled, before making her way to her desk, and avoiding eye contact for the rest of the day. When Al asked for her, she made up an excuse not to meet him, saying that she was busy, causing Scorpius to raise an eyebrow at her, since she was sitting idle, staring at the desk.






As soon as her shift was over, Rhea quickly apparated home, and just cried her heart out, her sobs echoing around the empty house.






She was broken. Completely.










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