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Teeth are Always in Style by ScoroseOTP

Format: Novel
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 60,616

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, Teddy, Victoire, OC
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire, Other Pairing

First Published: 02/03/2014
Last Chapter: 12/24/2014
Last Updated: 12/24/2014

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My name's Albus Potter, my girlfriend is Livy Adams she's beyond amazing. My cousin Rose Weasley is getting married to the father of her child Scorpius Malfoy (who happens to be my best friend).
This is our life six years later.

Chapter 1: My Best Friends Wedding
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July 30th 2029
Rose and Scorpius’ wedding day

Livy's POV-

“Livy?” Rose appeared at the top of the stairs, in her dressing gown, her hair done up in a towel looking very stressed

“Yeah?” I calmly answered her, trying to stop her from stressing anymore

“Is everything ready?” She asked, truly frantic about the day’s events

“Of course. Just like they were 5 minutes ago when you asked me last” I reminded her

“Yes. Yes. (She still repeats things often) So the cake is done?”

“At the Burrow and completely finished”

“The marquee is it up yet?”


“And the decor, exactly what I... I mean, we picked out?”

“Down to the last place mat”

“The preparations for the switch?”

“Working great”

“They tried it out?”

“Only because I asked. Al told me it went smooth”

“Good. Okay. So everything’s sorted there”

“Completely sorted”

“Wait. What about the bridesmaids?”

“We’re all down here, waiting for your okay to come up and help you”

“Even Maia?”

“No. You she’s still at The Burrow with Scorp, but once we’ve done all the hair and make-up. I’ll go and get her, so we can put all our dresses on together”


“It’s all sorted Rose. We’ve had this planned for a year! Can we come up now?”

“Yes. Yes. Of course” she flustered, realising that I was indeed still stood at the bottom of the stairs along with Lily and Hayley

We went upstairs and transformed Rose’s bedroom into Wedding Central, we had a station for hair, another for make-up and then the guest room was filled with our dresses.
Lily who has a talent for make-up was in charge of creating a set of beautiful bridesmaids and a stunning bride. We had shimmering silver eye shadow with subtle amounts of mascara and pale pink lips with rosy cheeks.
Hayley was better than me at hair and therefore was in charge of this. She turned Rose’s hair into a cascading waterfall of curls, in the end reaching her lower back, with a simple braid of each side of her head that reached at the back held into place with a silver clip that would later on hold her veil. Her bridesmaids were put into a curly looking bun with a strand of hair on the right side that was curled and was held into place by a sliver and blue heart pins.
Once everyone looked beautiful to the point we couldn’t really recognise ourselves, we performed a spell over our heads, one that Felicity (Victoire, Dom and Louis cousin) had created to hold your hair and make-up in place and exactly the same until you uttered the counter curse. When this was in place, I went to fetch my goddaughter.

“Hello?” I asked generally into the Burrow

“Liv?” Al answered from the next room

“That’s me” I smiled, walking in to find Al and Scorp all dressed up and playing with Maia

“Auntie Livy! Look at what Auntie T (Victoire) did!” she smiled up at me twirling so I could see her hair all curled and fixed into place

“Aren’t you beautiful? Ready to come and see Mummy?” I praised her

“Yes! Yes! Yes! (a repetition that has apparently been passed on)” she jumped up and down

“Okay. Say bye to Daddy and Uncle Al then. We’ll see them in a bit” I told her

“Bye Daddy” she hugged Scorp

“Remember to stand up straight when you walked down to Daddy later on baby girl” he reminded her, hugging her tightly

“I will! Bye Uncle Al” she smiled, hugging Al as well

“See you later princess” he let go of her, grinning

“Come on then Mi” I reached out my hand towards her, which she accepted and we walked to the fireplace which we were going to use for this journey

“Oh and Liv, you look beautiful” Al added as I was leaving the room

“So do you! I look nothing next to Rose though. She’s beaming” I deflected his compliment

“How is Rose?” Scorp mentioned nervously

“Stressed. But what else did we expect?” I laughed

“Yeah. I guess”

“She’s fine Scorp. Honestly. Don’t worry about it. I’ve got this sorted” I beamed myself, I really did have this maid of honour business sorted, in fact I even had a schedule worked down to the minute that I came up with for Rose. “See you in 43 minutes” I giggled looking at the clock

“Bye” they answered, as I hopped into the fireplace with Maia

When we arrived back Maia was eager to know where her Mum was,
I told her and she practically dragged me all the way there, “Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!” she squealed as she ran

“Maia baby! Look at you! Aren’t you gorgeous?!” Rose exclaimed when her daughter came into sight

“Thank you!” she innocently and gratefully smiled

Lily picked up Maia at this and took her to put her little flower girl dress on but also her own and Hayley disappeared as well to get her dress on.

“Who did Maia’s hair?” Rose asked me

“Her Auntie T” I smiled, I still think Maia’s nickname for Torie is the cutest thing ever

“I’ll have to thank her later” Rose made a mental note, “Did you see Scorp?” she asked, while passing me my dress and turning so I could get dressed

“Yeah, I did” I held back the laugh knowing that she was going to ask how he was, “Zip me up will you?”

“Yeah. Sure. So... how is he?” she causally wondered, zipping up the back of my dress

“He asked the same question about you” I looked at her, she gave me a look saying And...? “He looked fine. He and Al were all ready and playing with Maia when I showed up. I guess they’re just going over everything again” I continued

“Good. Yeah, that’s good” she nodded to herself, trying to think the day’s events through

“It’s is. How does it look?” I stepped away from her, swaying so she could see my dress properly

“Wonderful. Where are my other girlies?” she praised

They walked in and stood by me, the 4 of us together looking all pretty and posh. Maia had a really sweet pale blue high neck dress that had tiny silver swirling heart detail on the thick straps and down the right side. Hayley, Lily and I have the same patterned dress, a chiffon strapless dress with a waist hugging belt with the same detail as Maia’s straps, Hayley and Lily had a dress the same colour as Maia’s but I had a slightly darker shade of blue seeing as I was maid of honour. We did look very good if I do say so myself.
Next it was Rose’s turn to put on her dress, it was stunning, completely and utterly stunning. It was a one shoulder dress that was simply held up by silvery vines made into the same pattern as our swirling heart detail, falling or intertwining into her dress all long the top of her dress that hugged her figure to her waist and then fell gently downwards, just like her hair, in almost a waterfall way. She was amazingly beautiful; it was quite frightening how gorgeous she was.
Hermione then turned up for the pre-wedding photos with 25mins until the final showdown. We posed for several pictures in the lounge where we had already set up and sweet little backdrop, with wedding stuff everywhere. Then when it was 15mins to spare we were allowed to the Burrow, Scorp was moved into the marquee so we could go into the house.

It really was sunny outside and really warm, a perfect summer wedding. Rose however was in no way worried about the weather; she was more concerned about everything else. We arrived at the Burrow and she immediately dragged me into the bathroom.

“Rose? What’s wrong?” I said frantically

“Livy, I can’t do this” she replied, looking afraid

“Don’t be silly. Yes, you can. There isn’t a bone in my body which would make me think otherwise” I simply stated to her

“Are you sure?” she seemed wary

“Yes. I’m bloody sure! You just have some pre wedding jitters. One look at him and you’ll be fine” I decided

“You’re right. When did you become the calm one?” she smiled, back to herself

“This morning. I doubt it’ll happen again, you may as well treasure it while it last Rosie!”

“No I’m sure it’s happened before. And it’ll happen again!” she laughed

I’m not good at a lot of things but one thing I know for sure I am good at? Looking after my best friend. Making her laugh. Making sure she’s going to be okay. Those are things I’m good at.

“Come on then. Let’s get you married!” I exclaimed, opening the bathroom door


“Maia sweetheart, you’re first and you know what to do right?” Ginny bent down to her and asked

“Yep! I’ve got to throw the petals on the floor” she replied

“Well, scatter them. Gently. And after that you’re going to sit with Nana Moine.” Rose reminded

“Then Hayley you’re going down next, followed by Lily, make sure two paces apart girls and then you’re sat next to myself, Hermione and Maia.”

“We got it” they said in unison

“Then we have our Maid of Honour and Best Man. Make sure you’re also two paces away from the others” she turned to me and we all realised Al wasn’t there. “ALBUS?” Ginny shouted in hysterics

“I’m here. I’m here”

“Wonderful. I don’t have time to explain it again. So do what Livy does”

He nodded

“Then Rosie darling it’s you and your Dad honey. You guys go on the music’s cue” she smiled sweetly

“It’s time. Good Luck darling” Hermione came in and took Ginny with her as they left to take their seats.

“Maia my little princess, off you go” I asked her and she nodded, trotting off and from the resounding “awww’s”, she was doing her job.

Hayley then went, then Lily and before I knew it. Al was taking my arm, “My Lady” he joked

I took his arm with just enough time to quickly turn back, blow Rose a kiss and say, “Love you Rosie”

We walked two paces behind Lily and smiled to the crowd of people who weren’t looking at us at all but stretching their heads to try and see Rose.

“I cannot believe our best friends are getting married” I whispered to Al discreetly as we walked down the aisle

“Neither can I” he replied in the same way

“It’s so perfect” I smiled, looking around, “I’m so glad you’re here to walk me down the aisle. I don’t know if I could without you” I added, noticing I was weak in the knees with excitement and anxiousness

“Hopefully next time, I’ll be the guy with the goofy grin at the end that you’ll be walking towards” he looked down at me almost hopefully, with a hint of a smirk but before I could answer we’d reached the end and met Scorp.

I smiled supportively at my figurative big brother who looked just as nervous as Rose was when she told me she pregnant, possibly more nervous than that actually. I stood opposite him smiling and trying not to laugh as Al was making some sort of face from just behind Scorp. That’s when the music started. I then directed my attention to my best friend who was simply beaming, having chosen the perfect time to walk down the aisle because the sun was behind her, quite literally making her shine.

Rose POV-
“Rose. I want you to know I’m proud of you” Dad turned to me just as Al and Livy disappeared in the marquee

“Daddy” I turned to him as well, tears in my eyes

“Seriously I am. I’m proud of how you have brought up Maia.
I’m proud of how you handled everything. I’m just proud of you” he revealed, tears in his eyes as well

“Daddy. I know. I know” I nodded vigorously, wiping my tears away thanking the gods for Felicity’s new invention.

“I haven’t told you enough. I should have done” he tried to say

Although I interrupted, “But you have now”

“You look beautiful Rosie, my little Rosie”

“Thanks Dad” I smiled, without looking at him

“I can’t believe how grown up you are”

“Neither can I Dad, neither can I”

“How mature. You’re so like you’re Mum. Every time I look at you, you remind me of her” he said genuinely smiling at me as he pulled my veil over my face.

“That’s probably the nicest thing you could have said” I was relatively calm as he put his arm through mine and held onto my hand.

The music then started- the ‘here comes the bride’ tune.

I clutched onto his hand tightly, my heart quickening, my hands sweating.

“Ready baby girl?”

I nodded slowly

“Okay” he nodded slowly himself, walking forwards and tugging me along slightly.

We turned into the marquee and I placed a smile on my face as I saw the first set of people,
That smile then turned into a grin while I looked around and saw my family’s handiwork, exactly to my direction.
That grin then slowly changed into a smiling beaming mess of pure happiness and love, once I saw the goofy grinning face of my soon to be husband, my friend. He looked at me, grinning from ear to ear, visibly relaxing with each step I took toward him, my hand also slowly relaxing in my Dads.
Once we reached the end, Dad let go of my hand, kissed it and then placing my hands in Scorp’s. He then sat down in his place and grabbed hold of Mum’s hand for support, he was more nervous than we were.

“Hey” I said looking into his beautiful eyes full of wonderment

“Hi Rosie” he said back down to me, looking deep into my eyes, I hope he could see the love

“Are we ready to begin?” the priest asked us,

We both nodded

“Today, we are here to celebrate the joining of Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy and Rose Weasley” he continued, “Scorpius, do you take Rose to love and to hold, for better and for worse, till death do you part?”

“Of course” he said as if it was obvious (that got a small laugh)

“Wondeful. Rose, do you take Scorpius to love and to hold, for better and for worse, till death do you part?”

“Always” I agreed

“I have been asked to now allow these two to give their own vows and promises to each other” he says

Livy passed me my vows and Al did the same for Scorp. Both us them knew it off by heart because we'd been writing them for months but were afraid we'd miss something if we didn’t have the notes in front of us.

“Rose. My best friend. In front of your family and in front of my own, today I can call you my wife. This is all beyond perfect, but I can promise you that it doesn’t matter to me whether we get married in a shack or even have to live in one because today all my dreams come true. It doesn’t matter if we lose our jobs or our home because I’m with you. If you gained 16 stone or even killed 16 people it wouldn’t make a difference because I’ll love you forever. As long as I have you and our beautiful daughter (Pause for Maia to come up and receive many Aww’s as her Dad picks her up, kisses her and continues) nothing can go wrong. You two are my world. My everything. So for us to become an official family means I have nothing else to wish for. No matter how much you doubt yourself, you are a wonderful Mum and never cease to amaze me with your abilities. I’ll love you forever if you’ll have me for that long and I’ll look after you for always if you need me. You don’t even need to ask. Although that would be helpful. Thank you so much for everything. For this little angel (directed at Maia), and for the love we share. I hope that never ends. I love you” Scorp finished, barely stopping from crying himself while he looked at me with tears falling down my cheeks

“Scorpius. I love you so so much, there isn’t even a question about it. You are my rock, I need you. You support me in anything I do and it means the world. You are the best role model for our beautiful Maia. I love you too baby girl(directed to Maia). But back to you. I promise to always be there for you, whether you decide you want to be pilot and fly muggle aeroplanes or if you decide your lifelong dream is to live in Africa. I’m right there beside you every step of the way. I promise to look after you if you get sick, to make sure you’re able to do whatever your heart desires. I promise to never tell you off unless you deserve it. I promise to never set the house on fire again. (When Maia was about 2 she accidently set the kitchen on fire when she went to see Maia in the lounge where she was sleeping). I just want you to know that I’m forever grateful for what you’ve done for me. You never left me side, even when I told you I was 18 and pregnant, and I intend to spend the rest of my life showing you the same amount of dedication. Because Scorp, I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you. So, thank you. I never want what we have to end. I hope it never does. Because I promise I will never try and make it. And now I’m going to steal the very same thing you said to me when we graduated. I love you to the moon and back and I always will, until the end” I said through my tears, determined to finish this speech, smiling the whole way through.

“Wonderful! I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride” the priest granted

Scorp then removed the veil from my face and kissed me, while everyone around us clapped, wolf whistled and cheered.

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Chapter 2: My Two Dancing Girls
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Rose and Scorp made their way back up the aisle and back outside on this glorious day, with the view of the never ending fields in the background was where in moments time we were going to be made to have our pictures taken. It was mine and Livy’s job to firstly get everyone outside for a picture, which was to be taken from high up in The Burrow on everyone looking up and smiling. Then take them all back into the transformed marquee where the majority of people will be able to start drinking. But those of us important in the wedding will have to stay and have more pictures taken.

“Okay everyone could I have your attention?” Livy politely tried to be heard over the crowd

“Could I have your attention?” she tried again

She then she cast the sonorous spell on her voice so it boomed, “Excuse me?”

Everyone turned around immediately, she looked quite proud of herself, “If you’d all make your way to the designated area pointed out by the Weasley-Potter women and make sure you look upwards and smile for the picture, that would be incredibly helpful. Please help yourself to confetti provided by the bridesmaids on your way out of the marquee. Thank you” she smiled

Nothing happened

“If you’d like to go now” she prompted

There was a resounding “ooh” and everyone left.

“Good thinking Batman” I laughed, knowing she always finds my muggle references random and enduring

She performed the counter charm and resumed talking normally, “Thanks Robin”

“Ready for picture time” I asked as we followed everyone out making sure no one was left behind

“Of course. I think Rose might shoot me though if I said anything else” she joked

“Maybe so. I’d be quiet about it just in case though” I teased

We then posed for a few over head pictures with everyone then put everyone back in the marquee, when just family was left. So there was the Wotters all together including all other halves and without. Then Rose requested pictures with each Aunt and Uncle and then their families, so with Uncle Bill and the family, Uncle Charlie, Uncle Percy and the family etc. Then it was our generation and then with all their families, so Vidy (I stole that from Livy), Noah and Clayer. Dom and Nicolas. Louis, Elizabeth and Dylan. Rox, Jason, Logan and Lola. Freddy and Beau. James, Anna and Ashley. Lily and Lysander. Hugo and Penelope. Lucy and Alexander. And then just Moll, who hasn’t got a boyfriend but she’s only 21 so who’s worrying? Then everyone buggered off until it was just, Lily, Me, Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione who were actually part of the Wotter clan because we were part of the wedding. Then we had Scorp’s family pictures, which didn’t take half as long because it was just Draco, Astoria, Scorp’s Aunt Daphne (on his Mum’s side), Uncle Tristan and cousins Paige and Theo. It didn’t take long for that to finish as that was just them all, then his Aunt and Uncle, then them with Paige and Theo. Then they moved onto parents, Draco and Astoria, then Ron and Hermione, then both sets of parents, then the Mother’s and then the Father’s and then each individually. Of course all of the above included Maia. After that it was parents and everyone involved in the wedding, so Livy, Lily, Maia, Hayley and I. Then just us involved with Rose and Scorp. Followed by just the bridesmaids and them. Moving onto just the bridesmaids and Rose or Scorp. Going into just me, Rose and Scorp. Then just me and Scorp or Rose. Next Rose, Scorp, Livy and I.

“Does your face hurt?” I asked between clicks

“So much” Scorp whispered back

“I’m in so much pain from watching you two smile for each picture” Livy added

“Only a few more to go. We can do this! ” Rose decided

Rose and Scorp then had individual pictures and pictures of the two of them, as well as their little family. Once Livy and I had done we nipped inside got drinks for us and them, returning outside to watch them do their shots, giving them an incentive of drink for when they were done.

“Done! Truly beautiful!” the very enthused photographer beamed

“Thank you so much” Rose thanked

“I will spend you the bill shortly!” he exclaimed packing up his stuff

“Of course” Rose replied, rather sarcastically

“Here.” Livy smiled, thrusting a drink into her hand while I gave one to Scorp

“You’re a life saver!” Rose accepted, Scorp just nodded in gratitude

“Anytime” she brushed it off

“Probably best to start drinking now. It’s going to be a long night. You’ve got the entire family in their... like everyone” I laughed

“I’m still trying to remember all their names... even with the flashcards Rose made for me” Scorp sadly noted

“You’ll get it in the end” I reassured him

“If I know them, you’ll get it” Livy joked, “Ready for your grand entrance Mr and Mrs Malfoy?” she continued

“Mrs Rose Malfoy. Sounds good doesn’t it?” Rose thought

“Sounds perfect to me” Scorp kissed her

“Let’s go and make the big announcement. Just wait for our cue guys.” Livy, started to take me back into the marquee

“Do I get to do it?” I asked nicely

“I guess I did the shouting earlier... but I get to clink the glass” she wavered

“You’ve got it” I agreed

*Clink. Clink. Clink* Livy tapped her glass with a spoon she found as she walked in

“Ladies and Gentleman if I could have your attention. I’d like to do the honour in introducing Mr and Mrs Malfoy” I gestured towards the entrance (I had already cast the sonorous charm)

I loud applause followed as Rose and Scorp came in.

We had a great three course meal and the large majority of guests drank a bit too much! Livy and I made amazing speeches talking VERY truthfully about our best friends. Ron and Draco also made very sweet speeches about their children which just made everyone smile throughout even if we were all in tears. After that though and Rose and Scorpius had had their first dance, setting off the after party, more people arrived and it was difficult to see them again. We mostly looked after our goddaughter...

I grinned as I watched Livy and Maia dance from my seat next to the dance floor.

Liv was leaning down and holding Maia’s hands while they were jumping up and down and moving their arms in a back and forth sort of action, all out of time with the music but obviously neither of them cared.

“Alright Alby?” James used my family nickname as he sat down next to me

“Never better Jamesy” I replied, not taking my eyes off my girls

“Just wait until you have one of your own” he tapped me on the shoulder and pointed towards his girls- Anna had Ashley in her arms and was twirling her around while she looked as if she was laughing her head off

“I can’t wait” I nodded

“It’s unbelievable, you don’t think it’s possible to love anyone so much” he sighed sweetly

“I think I can hazard a guess” I tried

“You can’t unless it’s yours” James said with a serious tone in his voice

“Well then I can only imagine” I empathized

“That you can. You’re a lucky guy Al” he admitted

“So, are you” I insisted

“I know. Who would’ve thought it though? I certainly didn’t” he confessed

“I would have done. I’ve always known the good guy, he’s a damn good brother” I voiced for the first time in a long time (maybe there is something about weddings that make people more emotional)

“I’ve always thought so. But his little brother didn’t need much looking after” James looked at me smirking due to his cocky comment

Just then Livy’s sister Peyton came over, she was hired as the official photographer for the party.

While in France she found a passion for photography, but not portraits mostly concept photography capturing those moments you never want to forget, those ones that a majority of people miss. And because Rose didn’t want to miss a single bit, jumped at the chance to have Peyton come and capture it for her. This is was the second time she’d met James, although I’d seen her every Christmas for the last 5 years.

“Fancy a picture of this beautiful brotherly heart to heart moment?” she teased, wiggling her camera in front of us

“Sure” James shrugged, wrapping one arm around my shoulder and grinning stupidly

I did the same and we both said “cheese” while she took the picture

“Very posed. Not my speciality but I got some perfect ones before. Still it’s a good picture” she waffled, I found with Peyton, she doesn’t stop talking, you never really have to listen completely, just the end and the start.

“Could you do me a favour?” I asked

“Anything” she smiled, she really does look up to Livy and has said that I’m perfect for you, so I guess that’s why she’s been so quick to help with anything

“Could you take a couple snaps of Liv and Maia please?” I asked

“Anna and Ashley too please” James added

“Absolutely. Ashley’s your daughter isn’t she?” Peyton wondered

“Yeah, she is. And Anna’s my girlfriend” James proudly told her

“She’s beautiful. Honestly beautiful. Both of them actually. You’re very lucky” she praised

“Thank you. I count my lucky stars every day” he replied, looking very pleased with himself

“You’re very welcome. Obviously I don’t have to tell you how lucky you are though Al, my sister’s one special lady. I’m glad she has you. Well, I aspect I’ll see you guys later. Or at least at some point before I go back home. Bye” She waved, walking around the dance floor and taking pictures of our girls without them noticing, getting them as real as possible.

“Right. I think I’m ready to get back out there. You coming too?” James decided getting up

“Right behind you brother” I got up and hit him on his back, sending him on his way.

I danced with Liv and Maia for a bit and then we went back to sit down and enjoy a drink, when at 9 o’clock, right on time, Draco and Astoria came over to collect Maia (to Rose’s pervious approval), as she was falling asleep in Liv’s arms and should have been in bed hours ago.

“Livy! Albus!” Astoria came over to us and kissed us each on the cheek

“Astoria, Draco, you’re right on time! Ready to call it a night?” I joked

“Ready to take this little one to bed” Draco smiled down to his granddaughter as Liv kissed her and then placed her into his arms

“You must be very proud. He’s a great young man” Livy complimented

“We know. He’s all grown up though now! It’s ridiculous!” Astoria got into a small flap

“I’ve never seen him so happy. I can’t believe they got married today!” Livy got into an equal flap

“You just wait. It’ll be you two soon enough!” Astoria wagged her finger between us

“Who knows?” I noted

“Well, we must be off. We promised we’d find Rose and Scorpius so they could say goodbye to Maia before we took her home” Draco intervened

“It’s great to see you two. We must do this more often!” Astoria exclaimed

“Absolutely! We’ll send you an owl” Livy planned, hugging Astoria and planted a kiss on Draco’s cheek

“Bye Princess, Auntie Livy and I will see you in a couple of days” I waved at a very sleepy Maia

“Yeah, see you soon gorgeous” Livy added, while I hugged Astoria and sent a nod to Draco.

“Have a good night kids” Draco nodded back, walking through the crowd to find his son.

“What do we do now?” Livy turned to me, physically lost without Maia to run after and entertain

“Have fun!” I stated, dragging her towards the dance floor

“That was fun!” she protested, trying to slow down

“You know what I mean” I pleaded

“I do! Let’s do this!” She smiled; dancing like no one was around.

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Chapter 3: My Family's Little World
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Everything was great. The rest of the night we danced ourselves, not caring who saw. We drank some, but not a lot. But most importantly we spent time with the family we have hardly any time to see. We got to have a brief chat with everyone who had kids, because most had to leave as soon as Maia had left us. Although with Vidy, Roxy, Louis and James, we made a promise with them that we had to meet up again before Liv went back to Hogwarts. We had a wonderful talk with everyone else, which is really the one thing I miss. All of us seem to be in our own little world at the moment, and the one thing about a Wotter wedding is those little worlds collide and prejudgment and caring what other's think is out of the window before you can give it it's first look. 

“I love this” Liv smiled, just after we’d said goodbye to James, Anna and Ashley

“Weddings?” I asked, thinking that was quite a vague sentence

“Yes. But no. I love this, the family thing” she revealed

“Me too. We don’t see everyone enough”

“I know. I’m sorry about that”

“Don’t be. It’s not your fault at all”

“Yeah it is”

“Everyone lives hectic lives; we can’t possibly see everyone all the time. Plus, I could go and see everyone if I wanted to without you”

“Charming. What a wonderful boyfriend I have!”

“That you do”

“Of course, where’s Hugo? I haven’t seen him in what feels like forever”

“I don’t know. Penny’s probably got him onto the dance floor again, he’ll love an excuse to come off, let’s go and find him”

We found Hugo and he told us all about his life working for The Daily Prophet and how Penny had just started a new interior design business that was already doing well. I was dragged to go and speak to Dom who let slip that her and Nick were going to start trying for baby, which of course got Liv excited and so I ended up having a conversation with Nick about dragons. Which really are fascinating creatures. We saw Fred as well and his beautiful girlfriend Beau it turns out that this relationship is serious and he’s moving to California in October, which is sad in one respect but also great because we’re all so glad he’s found someone to look after him. We found Lucy just as she was about to leave and had a quick conversation with her before she left, saying she had to get up early the next morning for a business trip in Australia, she works in the department for International Magical Co-operations along with Alex. Molly was very drunk when we found her and sent her home, she’s going through a rebellion phase, and we hope it wears off soon. Then we had a great talk to Lils, but she always makes the effort to come up and see us, as we do with her, so nothing much was new with her, she’s currently working in the Department of Magical Transportation but hates it and is training to become a psychologist in St Mungos.

Between that of course we had some drinks and danced a little, we also saw all my Aunts and Uncles before they left, all of which complained at how old we’d gotten and all said that it was our turn next. It was a tad pressuring, but I know for certain it’s going to happen soon, I’m just not sure when or where or how. One thing that we had to take part in before we could escape was the bouquet throwing. Both of us were kind of dreading this part because throughout the night EVERYONE kept telling us that we were next.

Rose and Scor decided that everyone who wasn’t married had to take part. Obviously not children though. Al and I were dreading it, I mean, not because we didn’t want to get married or anything, but everyone who has ever caught the bouquet at a Weasley wedding has gotten married next. It’s sort of a given. The males are all sort of pressured into proposing. And to be honest. I’d rather him to ask me to marry him when he actually wants to.

“Hey Sugar” I smiled while I bumped Lily in the side with my bum, in a big sister joke sort of way when I found her in the group of ‘no ring women’

“Sugar?” she laughed

“That’s what I’m sayin’” I joked, as we were told to quieten down

“Okay....” Lil rolled her eyes at me and then directed her attention to Rose

“Hi everyone. I want to say once again, thank you so much for coming and sharing this magical day with us. We also want to stress our gratitude to our best man, Albus Potter- (Big light directed to him, who politely waves and smiles and smirks at me knowing I’m next) who I’m sure without this whole thing wouldn’t ever be happening. And another huge thank you to my Maid of Honour, Livy Adams- (big light on me- I also smile and wave politely while listening to Rose) who has always been there for me and pretty much organised everything, so this Really wouldn’t be happening without her. So can we have another big applause for two of our favourite people” she spoke to everyone pausing for everyone’s applause- meanwhile both mine and Al’s faces were getting redder by the second

“Okay. Thank you. You ready then girls?” Rose laughed and turned around away from us

“Three” she turned back grinning

“Two” she faced away

“One!” she threw it backwards and it came straight towards us

And guess what? Lily pushed me straight into it. And I caught it.

“Shit” I muttered under my breath and shot an apologetic look at Al- who looked bewildered

Everyone immediately surrounded me saying Congratulations and I told you so. I almost passed out, it was rather over whelming

“Thanks. Thank you. Really. Okay. That’s very nice of you. I know. Of course. Thanks” I said, walking through the people, heading to Al

“Oooh! Livy! I can’t wait for us to do the same for you!” Rose was audibly heard as she spoke into the microphone

“Alright Beautiful. Do you wanna get married then?” Al joked when I caught up with him

“Oh. Of course. Although perhaps tomorrow. I think we’d be stealing Scorose’s thunder if we did it now!!” I replied sarcastically

“We wouldn’t want to do that” he smiled back

The last people we caught up with were Rose and Scorp, who we saw to say goodbye as it probably was best we got home.

“Sorry to interrupt” I apologised as we came up to Rose, Scorp and I think Scorp’s friend Cameron

“Not at all, I was just leaving. Congratulations you two, I’ll see you soon” he said, giving Rose a hug and Scorp a handshake

“We’re about to call it a night. Just coming over say goodbye” I told them

“No. You can’t leave yet!” Rose sounded disappointed

“We really should” I sighed

“But you’re coming to ours tomorrow night right? Oh and here’s your beautiful bouquet back Rose” Liv reminded

“Of course” Scorp nodded

“Thank you. Congratulations are in order of course” Rose smiled waving the bouquet about

“Good. We’ll see you then. But there isn’t any need to congratulate us!” Liv nodded, giving Rose a hug

“Fine. But seriously, thank you so much. Both of you. You’ve gone above and beyond tonight. We really are thankful for everything you’ve done” Rose thanked us

“You’d do the same for us if we asked. Plus, what are friends for!” Liv smiled, letting go from her long hug with Rose

“It’s your big day anyway, we should be congratulating you rather than you us” I joked, hugging Rose while Liv hugged Scorp

“We just don’t want you to think we’re taking advantage of you” Scorp revealed

“We’d never think that!” Liv scolded him “And with that we’ll love and leave you” she continued taking my hand

“Have fun you guys” I granted as we left

“Love you two” Rose called after us and her and Scorp waved

“Love you two too” Liv called back

Once we’d reached the apparition point, we did just that. Arriving outside our little home, which unlike Rose and Scorp isn’t a big place. We have a tiny little 2 bedroom cottage on the edge of Hogsmeade. It’s on the corner and has a garden going almost all the way round it, we have a little gate and a path directing you to the front door. You walk in to find the living room with a big fireplace surrounded by a mismatch of chairs, the walls are all bare brick with loads of picture frames that practically cover all the walls actually. At the end of the living room is an archway to the kitchen that is very countryside rustic looking with a vintage set of table and chairs fitting six at a squeeze. There you can find the back door and the door to the study, which pretty much just has a desk and a bookshelf in it, we go in there to do work, it’s our do not disturb room, and beyond that your back at the front of the house and can get into the living room. In the living room is also the staircase for upstairs, from the small landing you have a choice of 3 doors, the spare room, the bathroom and our room. We immediately went to sleep as soon as we got back seeing as it was early hours of the morning.

I woke up before Liv the next day, I was lay flat on my back with Liv lying on her front, one arm underneath her and the other over my stomach hugging me, my one hand holding hers into place. Comfy. No other words to describe it. Perfect.

I looked down at her for a while before she began to stir.

“Morning beautiful” I smiled

She seemed to furrow her brows but relaxed quickly and tightened her hug, “Mmmm” she muffled into me

I leaned down and kissed her head, before she moved her lips to mine and gave me a quick kiss

She opened her eyes and frowned again

“What’s up gorgeous? Did it happen again?” I asked, concerned, she’d started to get nightmares recently, I’m not sure why

“Yeah” she nodded, “Not as bad though. It had a happy ending”

“What was it about this time?”

“Us. Again. But this time we had a son. We were in a car crash and almost didn’t survive. We did though” she leant against my shoulder now as I’d just sat up

“Liv. You’ve got to try and stop these nightmares”

“That’s easier said than done”

“I know. But at least you know it’s not real. We don’t have a son. And we don’t even own a car”

“I know. It’s just so convincing”

“Go and take a shower. Wake yourself up. It’ll be okay after that”

“That’s a good idea” she kissed me on the cheek and got up, disappearing to the bathroom

She came back in dressed in some lounge wear she must have found in the airing cupboard, “You can go in now. I’ll going to make breakfast, so don’t be too long” leaving once more and calling up the stairs, “I’m starving”

I laughed, had a quick shower and came downstairs to find her flipping pancakes

“You know it’s 2o’clock? I don’t think we can call this breakfast” placing them on two plates and handing one to me

“Lunch it is then” I accepted the plate a put it on the table grabbing a knife and fork for the two of us

We sat down and ate, quickly, “Are you feeling better now?”

“Yeah. Completely. I don’t know what it is that’s making me have these nightmares. I don’t like it to say the very least”

“I’m glad you’re better now. It really is a mixed bag of stuff you dream about though Liv”

“I know. My family falling apart seems to be a theme though. I figured that out while I was in the shower earlier”

“Yeah? That’s the one thing you don’t have to worry about though”

“It’s always on my mind though. Ever since I lost Dad. It’s always there”

“But why all of a sudden has it come into your dreams?”

“Not a clue! I mean, all of them seem pretty dire situations as well. I mean, almost every night someone dies”

“They haven’t though. Not one of them. So, it’s fine”

“Yeah. Maybe it’s not a good idea to speak of it. I mean I know everyone’s fine. But the sooner I forget it, the better”

“You’re right. I’m sorry”

“It’s okay. We should probably go out. I’ve just used all the milk”

“Maybe you should go and see Lily? She’s just about finished training. She might be able to help”

“Maybe I will” she replied pulling on a coat, “Let’s pop to the supermarket then”

We went to the supermarket got the milk, came back home and sent Rose, Scor and Maia an owl, saying they could come round whenever, seeing as we had nothing else to do.

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Chapter 4: My Sort Of Mother Of A Wife
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 "Ding dong" Rose shouted as she walked through our front door.

"Mr and Mrs Malfoy! What a surprise!" Liv joked as she went over to Rose and gave her a hug as if she hadn't seen her in years, "And with Maia our beautiful little Angel, have you had a good day with Mummy and Daddy?"

"Yes Auntie Livy. We went to the Zoo and saw a monkey and he stuck his tongue out at me!" Maia exclaimed

"What a cheeky monkey!" She laughed and picked Maia up, "Are you ready to stay with us for a of couple days?" she asked her

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" She laughed as Liv tickled her

"Are you ready for her to stay with us?" I asked Scor who looked more that a bit tense and had several bags under each arm

"Well she's packed and ready. We're also packed to go but not ready to leave her" he sadly shook his head

"Do you want to bring that stuff upstairs?" I took a couple bags off him and headed up to our guest room

He followed and came into the guest room looking surprised, "Have you not redecorated since..." He wondered aloud

As he caught sight of the purple room ready for a baby girl, the wall stickers with butterflies and the Hogwarts shield that we made into a border going around the top of the room. The rocking chair in the corner next to the bookshelf shaped like a princess castle that we charmed to never run out of stories to tell. Next to the little wardrobe that had an image of Babbity Rabbity hopping all over it, empty of course. The only noticeable thing that perhaps wouldn't be for a baby was the big girl bed we transfigured the cot into as soon as we knew Maia was coming.

"No. Not since the miscarriage" I answered before he had to say the m-word himself. You see, late December of last year Liv had a miscarriage at 20 weeks, we'd found out the gender a couple weeks prior and had already sorted out our baby girls bedroom

"Well Maia's going to love it" he smiled a small smile

"I hope so. We didn't bother changing it because we knew she'd be our little visitor" I smiled genuinely because although the miscarriage was difficult and horrible, we realised that obviously it wasn't our time and we had respect that and get on with our lives

We went back downstairs to find the girls were sat in front of the TV, Maia sat happily on Rose's lap while her Mum played with her hair.

"She's all unpacked to stay with Auntie Livy and Uncle Al" Scor said as he walked down the stairs

"Goody! When are you going Daddy?" Maia asked innocently

"Charming my own daughter wants to get rid of me!" He joked, "Mummy and Daddy aren't going until after you've gone to bed"

"Oh" she looked slightly put out

"Which reminds me. She should probably have her tea soon" Rose remembered, "Do you want a special treat before Mummy and Daddy go sweetheart?"

"Yes!" She squealed

"Yes what?" Rose asked

"Yes please!" She added

"Good girl. Livy, you coming with me to get a takeout from The Three Broomsticks?" She turned to Liv

"Sure" she nodded getting up and putting on a pair of shoes

When they returned we had a takeout fish and chips, got Maia in the bath and ready for bed and then we left Rose and Scor to put their daughter to bed, seeing as they wouldn't get a chance for a week while they were on their honeymoon.

"Night night Maia. Mummy's going to miss you" Rose said as she walked down the stairs, weeping slightly

"Sleep tight. Remember Auntie Livy and Uncle Al are just opposite if you need them and make sure you get them to write to us every day. Have fun baby girl" Scor said as he closed the door and made his way downstairs

"She'll be fine" I smiled as Rose, touching her arm

"I know. I know. I'm just being silly is all" she pulled me into a hug

"Besides, she's here with her favourite Aunt and Uncle" Liv chipped in, "What could go wrong?!"

"You're going to be alright aren't you?" Liv asked Scor who was just stood there at the foot of the stairs

"We'll be fine. It's just a big step. Leaving her for such a long period of time" he nodded

"You know it's in the contract that as godparents, you trust us with her" Liv smiled cheekily up at him

"Oh yeah. I remember that bit now" he sarcastically joked as he took his wife from me

"You're right. We should probably be off" Rose nodded at the notion Scor didn't even audibly propose

"Can't you stay a bit longer?" I asked

"No. We should go home and check everything before we get the portkey" Scor said

"Fine. Have a great time guys. Try not to miss us too much" Liv resigned, hugging Scor goodbye

"Right. So remember Maia needs to be in bed by 7, not too much sugary stuff, don't treat her too much or she'll expect it. Make sure she eats at least 2 pieces of fruit a day, she doesn't like grapes and is allergic to bananas okay? Oh and on a Friday my Mum and Dad normally pick her up from playgroup, so if you could go over to there’s then that would be great. We don’t want to break up her routine too much" Rose rattled off a load of things we'd been told before

"Rose. We know. We've looked after your daughter before" I said, while Liv pulled her into a hug

"I know. Just look after my baby" she tightened their hug, while I had a man hug with Scor

"Always" Liv smiled as she let go of Rose

"Try not to panic. We're good godparents Rose. Just focus on relaxing for a week" I said, pulling her into a hug

"You would have made good parents as well" Rose sniffed

Ah. That's the badger. She's seen the room. Of course she has. Apart from Liv and I, Rose was the most upset about the miscarriage. She just couldn't understand what happened. She couldn't get over it. It was a good thing Liv had to go back to work really because Rose couldn't speak to us for a couple months without crying.

"I know. But we can't change anything now Rose. Not just yet anyway." I spoke into her hair finishing the hug

Rose immediately went into Liv's arms again because she had a single tear falling down her cheek, "I'm sorry. I just. I mean. The bedroom. I'm sorry" Rose apologised

"Its fine. Rose, honestly its fine" Liv stayed strong and didn't allow anymore tears, "Have a good honeymoon! We'll write every day. I promise" Liv exclaimed once the hug was over

"Thank you. We'll see you in a week then" Scor waved as he took Rose's hand and left.

As soon as Rose and Scorp had gone Liv and I sat down and watched our Sunday film. Yes, each Sunday we watch a film, any film from our collection, which really is quite vast. This Sunday Liv won and we watched a Rom-com, ’27 Dresses’, she loves it and to be honest, I don’t hate it. Although just as soon as I’d sorted out the film and turned around to her I found she wasn’t too interested in the film. She had her hands on her stomach and was crying. I immediately leapt to her side and tried to console her.

“Liv beautiful. Stop crying, it’s okay” I rubbed her back while she turned into me and hugged me, “Rose didn’t mean to upset you”

“I know she didn’t. But Al it’s difficult to escape from. We had a little baby, a little version of us. And it died” she shook her head, crying slightly more

“It just wasn’t our time. The world wasn’t ready for a little us” I stroked her hair

“Why though? We’re good people. We’re good godparents aren’t we? We have been for almost 6 years!” She complained

“We’re good people Liv. We are. And we’re the best godparents the world has ever seen” I told her, looking in the wide lilac puddles of her eyes

“Then why couldn’t we have our baby?” she asked, in the same way she had done months before hand when we found out, stern and annoyed with life

“I don’t know. I just don’t know. I’m sorry Liv. If I could change it for a second you know I would” I looked down, not meeting her gaze

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap. Maybe we should have redecorated the room. Then we wouldn’t have to deal with this” she apologised, meeting my eyes again

“We could. Do you want to though, really?” I contemplated

“No” she shook her head, “I don’t want to lose them. She’s looking down on us, I know she is. We have to keep it the way it is until she gets a sister or brother” she decided

“Then we’ll keep it the way it is. Everything is going to be fine. Maybe one day we can try again, have that baby, but for now, we have Maia to look after” I reminded her

“Of course. Our beautiful little goddaughter” she nodded, snuggled into me and watched the film as if nothing had happened.

We sat and watched the rest of the film, finishing at about 10 we decided to go to bed. We got ready for bed and were in bed for about half past and read until 11. We were just drifting off to sleep when we heard a little voice calling.

“Mummy?” was a faint little whimper

“Daddy?” was louder and followed by little footsteps on the landing, with the age of the house we could hear quite clearly the creaking of the floorboards as she walked

I exchanged a look with Liv and we both looked up and went to the door, “Maia” I spoke softly as she was making her way downstairs, probably trying to find her parents

She turned around, obviously half asleep, “Where’s Mummy and Daddy?” she started to walk up to us

“Mummy and Daddy went on a little holiday remember?” I told her, as she came closer

She shook her head and frowned

Liv picked her up and bobbed her up and down just like she used to do when Maia was little, “We’re going to look after you Angel, remember?”

She frowned again, “Did I do something wrong? Why did Mummy and Daddy go away?”

With that Liv maternal instincts kicked in, she held her close and said “You didn’t do anything wrong. They’ve just gone on a little break. They left you with us so we could have some fun! Now let’s take you to bed okay?”

Maia nodded looking very tired in Liv’s arms, was falling asleep there.

“Al, could you push the door open a bit further?” Liv asked and I realised I was just stood there being rather useless

“Sure. Of course” I pushed the door open and sorted out the covers for her bed

Liv dropped Maia onto the bed and pulled the covers over her, “Go to sleep now sweetheart. Wake us up in the morning”

Maia nodded, snuggling into her duvet

“Night night Princess” I stroked her hair away from her face and kissed her forehead

Liv and I went back to bed but not for long as she suddenly whacked me on the arm and gathered a firm grip there at about 3 in the morning

“Al.” She panicked

“Liv? What happened” I panicked as well

Her grip lessened, “It happened again”

“What? What happened?” I said, still half asleep

“Another nightmare. I lost you” she tightened the grip once more

I turned on a small lamp in our room so I could see her, she had tears falling down her face and was sat bolt upright, sweating, I could tell she was distressed.

“It’s okay. I’m here. I haven’t gone anywhere” I said, taking her hand from my arm and placing it in mine

She shook her head

“Liv look at me” I persisted, bringing her face to mine

She sighed, shoulders relaxing, “I’m sorry I woke you”

“It’s okay. I’m always here for you. Don’t ever be sorry for that” I scolded her slightly

“Okay. Thank you. I love you Ally Wally” she smiled, turning off the lamp

“I love you too Liv Div” I replied, snuggling back into bed, her body close to mine

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Chapter 5: My Decision On The Day Out
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We went back to sleep and I wasn’t woken up again until 8 in the morning, when a little person poked me awake

“Uncle Al” Maia whispered smiling at me when I opened my eyes

“Morning Princess” I whispered back getting up and putting on my old man slippers

“Can I wake up Auntie Livy?” she asked, edging her way to the other side of the bed

“Not just yet. We’ll go and make breakfast first, yeah?” I whispered

“Okay” she nodded, I had a suspicion that she wakes up Scor normally in the morning for a fear of angering a Morning Rose (obviously something to avoid)

“Where are your slippers Little Missy? The floors very cold downstairs” I said, holding out my hand and taking her into her current room

We found her slippers put them on and made our way downstairs, “What’s your favourite breakfast?” I asked her once I’d placed her on the counter

“Waffles!” she exclaimed

“Well then, you’re in luck because Uncle Al has a waffle press” I said rummaging about in the cupboards until I found it

“Yay! Can I have golden syrup on my waffles please?” Maia smiled

“Of course you can, seeing as you asked so nicely” I nodded as I put everything in a bowl

“Thank you!” she appreciated, “Can mix it up a bit please?” she asked

“You sure can” I nodded and passed her the bowl

She sat there for a couple of minutes mixing it as fast as she could and getting out of breath very quickly

“Got it? Do you want me to take over for a bit” I asked smiling at her

She nodded and handed me the bowl

I took it from her and found she’d done a pretty good job, (I’m thinking I’m in the presence of a future chaser or beater... I’ll have to see how she is with a bat) I finished off the mixing and she helped me pour it into the press

“How long do we have to wait?” she asked eagerly as I put down the lid

“Till the ding” I said, hoping this thing had a ding, “Now don’t touch it because this is going to get very hot” I warned her

“Okay” she nodded shuffling as far as she could away from the machine

“So, what do you want to do today?”

“Ummm” she pondered for a while, knocking her legs on the cupboard below her, “Can we go bowling?”

“On a beautiful day like this?” I mentioned to the window where the sun was already flowing through

“Hmm” she pondered again

“How about we go out to the hills and go for a walk and a picnic?” I suggested, getting plates ready for the waffles and finding the golden syrup

“Oooh. Yes, let’s go for a picnic!” she decided

‘Ding’ the waffle press went off and opened it and found four perfect waffles, “How many do you want?” I asked Maia

“Two please” she said with a cheeky smile, I guessed normally she’d only be allowed one but she was on ‘holiday’ (even if it was just at ours), she could have some treats

“Okay, just don’t tell your Mum” I shrugged

She nodded and her eyes widened as she saw them on the plate

“Do you want to go upstairs and wake up Auntie Livy? We can all eat them in bed then” I wondered

“Okay” she smiled as I picked her up from the counter and popped her down on the floor

“Orange juice or Apple juice” I asked putting my head in the fridge

“Apple juice please” she took the carton from my hands

I then muttered Wingardium Leviosa and the waffles (now on plates), the glasses for the three of us and the golden syrup floated and followed us up the stairs. We got to the top and I gave Maia the nod and she went to wake up Liv.

“Auntie Livy. Wake up” Maia poked Liv

“Morning Mi’, alright now are we?” she said sitting up and then noticing what we’d done, “What’s all this?” she sounded shocked

“We made breakfast, didn’t we?” I prompted I got back into bed next to Liv

“We made waffles” Maia grinned as Liv picked her up and put her between us

“Oooh! That does look good” Liv smiled as I placed a plate on her lap and apple juice by her side

We ate happily and in the end Livy got her magical mobile out (created to do just what a normal mobile would but you can also charm it to do other things), she got it out and let the camera take the picture of the three of us from just the right distance away, not cropping anyone out. Almost like a ‘selfie’ but better. I showered and got dresses while Liv helped decide what Maia was going to wear and she showered and got dressed while Maia and I packed a picnic.

“Are we ready little truckers?” Liv jumped down the stairs like a little kid, enthusiastic as ever, “What hills are we climbing today?”

“I thought maybe we could go down to the Malvern Hills?” I suggested

“Can we pop into my Grandma Linda’s first then?” she asked, childlike once more

I nodded, thinking we were going to go there whatever I said

“Great. I think Peyton’s there actually. Come on then, let’s go!” she exclaimed grabbing hold of Maia’s hand and dragging her to the fireplace, “Rose Cottage, Malvern” and with that they got sucked up the fireplace, leaving me to bring the basket

“That’s my Mummy’s name” Maia smiled, as I got out of the fireplace

“Yes, it is” I nodded, “Where’s Auntie Livy gone?” I asked, noticing she’d just left her goddaughter in the middle of a living room she’d never been before

“To find her Grandma” she said and then I heard her voice

“HI GRANDMA. WE JUST POPPED IN TO SAY HELLO BEFORE WE WENT UP THE MALVERNS” Liv shouted at her very elderly grandmother, her grandfather passed away a year or so ago, so now it’s just her Grandma Linda

“We?” her Grandma asked, coming into view, “Oh, yes. Hello Albus. And Dear Lord, who’s this little girl. Kept this one a secret didn’t we Olivia?”

“NO GRANDMA. THAT’S MY GODDAUGHTER MAIA. I’VE TOLD YOU ABOUT HER BEFORE? ROSE AND SCORPIUS DAUGHTER, REMEMBER?” Liv shouted once more and helped her Grandma into her seat and went into the kitchen to make her cup of tea

“Oh, yes. Yes. I remember. Hello darling, would you like a sweetie?” the old women smiled and Maia

She looked at me

I smiled and nodded

She nodded too and accepted the mint that Liv Grandma gave her, “Thank you”

“What did she say Albus?” Linda asked


“Oh. Yes dear, it’s quite alright” Linda nodded and accepted the tea Liv was giving her

“WHERE’S PEYTON GRANDMA? I THOUGHT SHE WAS STAYING WITH YOU?” Liv wondered and as if by magic Peyton came downstairs (I have a feeling it was more shouting than magic but still)

“I’m here. What are you shouting about?” she asked, waving hi to Maia

“I don’t know where Grandma Linda’s put her hearing aid” Liv pondered

“Oh. She hides that. I found it under the sink yesterday” Peyton said, summoning the hearing aid

“I didn’t think to use magic” Liv smiled, taking it off her sister and giving it to Linda

“Grandma. You’re meant to always be wearing that” Liv scolded her

She just waved her hand and dismissed it.

“When do you have to go back to France Peyton?” I asked her before they both started to argue with their Grandma

“Wednesday” she replied, a sad tone in her voice

“Oh. Well. We’ve got Mi’ for the week but we could all do something tomorrow if you want? I probably won’t see you until Christmas after this visit!”

“I don’t want to ruin your time with Maia” Peyton denied

“Nonsense. You don’t mind do you Mi’?” Liv shook her head at her little sister

“No. You can come and play with me, Auntie Livy and Uncle Al if you want” Maia granted

“Well in that case. I’ll be around about 10” Peyton decided, bopping Maia’s nose

“Great. Right we best be off. Lots of walking to do today! I’ll see you next week Grandma” Liv gave her sister and Grandma a hug

“It was lovely to see you again Linda. We’ll see you tomorrow then Peyton” I smiled and hugged them both too

Liv already had Maia by the hand and we at the door, “Say bye Maia”

“Bye” she waved and we left.

We spent the rest of the day having a great walk up the hill, Livy, despite being good a Quidditch is awfully clumsy on her own two feet. Walking up a rough, uneven track on the side of a big hill is not a good idea for the uncoordinated, or a 5 year old. I managed to get us to the top without too much difficulty. Livy fell over a couple times but without serious injury and Maia was pretty good she just tired quite quickly and started to moan. Once we’d reached the top though Liv got to sit down and Maia too, so the moaning and pain stopped while we ate the picnic we’d prepared and took more pictures.

“Hold up the apple and mango Maia, your Mum will kill me if you don’t have two pieces of fruit a day, may as well take photographic proof” Liv said, camera in hand

“Cheese” Maia smiled and held up the fruit

“Now without the fruit, I want a nice one of you and the view” Liv asked

Maia obliged again and again. Until Maia had had a picture with each of us and us together. I had a feeling this was going to be what the week was going to consist of.

Liv wondered off and took more pictures while I flew a kite with Maia, it was all very sweet. The pair of us couldn’t do it and in the end I have a suspicion that Liv brought on a small wind with magic to allow the pair of us to at least get some success. It worked well. Maia was delighted. Truly delighted at her abilities, I was proud. Anyway, it’s was on the way down that was the disaster. Liv took quite the tumble.

“Oh... Sh...Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow” she almost cursed and moaned after she had fallen quite a way

“Liv!” I shouted as I chased her down the hill, holding onto Maia’s hand as she trailed after me

“Auntie Livy. Are you okay?” Maia immediately got to the fall as her Mum would have done in the same situation

“Yeah. Don’t worry about me sweetheart. Is that a ladybird over there?” she distracted the 5 year old easily

“Al. Albus” she hissed quietly while I also got distracted by the ladybird, “Albus Severus Potter” she hissed louder

“Yeah? Why aren’t you getting up?” I asked, bewildered to the fact she was still on the floor

“Because I can’t you nitwit. I think I’ve broken something, my ankle, arm maybe. Can you fix it?” she asked

“Do I look like a healer?” I blatantly waved my hand about

“No. But I thought you were intelligent?” she asked, annoyed

“Maybe so, but I don’t think I can fix bones. We’ll have to take you to St Mungos” I frowned

“But. What about Maia?” she wondered

“She’ll have to come with us. Or maybe... What time is it? 3.Ummm. Hugo?” I wondered aloud

“What the hell are you on about?” Liv hissed once more, in agony and annoyance

I summoned my patronus, a large Sun Bear, “CICE- Little Mr W- Collection- Star Bright”

Before I knew it Hugo had appeared with a faint pop.

“What happened? I thought you were looking after her?” Hugo looked annoyed

“Uncle Hugo!” Maia ran up to him and gave him a hug

“Hi Maia, do you fancy coming over to see Penny?” Hugo asked

“Why? I thought I was staying with Uncle Al and Auntie Livy?” Maia looked confused

“Well, Auntie Livy’s fallen over so we just did to fix her up and we’ll come and get you” I said while her face fell

“Come on we’ll have great fun!” Hugo tried to cheer her up

“I’m sorry Maia. We’ll be as fast as possible Angel” Liv smiled sadly

“Okay. Bye bye” She smiled and waved while holding Hugo’s hand and disappeared with the same faint pop

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Chapter 6: My Girls Girly Day Out
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 I woke up at about 3 in the morning, hungry, thirsty and feeling awful. I mean, I’ve broken bones before but this time it was awful. I also spent a while sat on the sofa reading the note from my adorable boyfriend.
Morning Liv Div,
I decided it was best not to wake you but wrote the note just in case you woke up confused.
When we got back you immediately fell asleep on the sofa so I went and rescued Hugo, retrieving Maia.
She’s upstairs right now, I got her ready for bed and everything (washing her hair wasn’t easy).
Love you loads,
Ally Wally.

He didn’t even mention how much of a bitch I’d been to him before he left; I think I may have got lucky with this one. I got up (eventually), ate a breakfast bar I found on the side and had a glass of orange juice (no bits) before lying back down on the sofa and returning to sleep.

“Auntie Livy” Maia whispered, poking me in the forehead

“Hmmm?” I asked, half asleep

“Are you okay?” she asked as I opened my eyes

“Yep. I’m all fixed and fine now” I smiled, sitting up

“Good” she nodded

“Did Uncle Al tell you to come and ask me that?” I wondered

“No” she shook her head and looked upstairs

“Oh. Okay. Do you want some breakfast?” I shrugged

“Yes please” she nodded

“Cool. We’ve got some cereal; do you want some of that?” I asked

“Have you got any Coco Frogs?” she asked

“Yep. One bowl of them coming right up. Sit your bum on a seat angel” I smiled, lifting her up onto a seat at the kitchen table

She sat and ate that, while enjoying a cup of apple juice and I had a coffee to wake me up a bit when I realised it was now 5:30. Then once she’d finished, we went upstairs and picked what we would wear during the day (around Al, who seems to sleep like a log nowadays), then we decided to go and wake Al. Therefore because Al had woken me up in an unsuspecting way the day before, I decided to do the same. Although very different.
I threw Maia on top of him. He didn’t exactly appreciate it.

“AHHH!” he screamed sitting up quickly and almost throwing Maia off the bed but thankfully catching her once he realised, “Woah there little lady! What you doing?”

“Waking you up” she smiled

“Good job” he smirked, looking at me (who replied with a shrug and mischievous grin)

“I’m just going to have a super quick shower Al. She’s picked what she wants to wear. Just watch her will you? Oh, and there’s a cup of coffee next to you with your name on it” I gestured to beside him on the bedside table, where he did in fact find his named mug full of coffee 

I got out of the shower and got dressed as fast as possible and found Al had managed to get Maia dressed (well watch), get dressed himself, washed up his mug and was now sat watching some kids show on TV. (He’s always one upping me!).

I slumped down next to him on the sofa and grinned, “Morning by the way”, kissing him on the cheek and then making myself comfortable leaning on him

“You feeling better now?” he smiled at me, his green eyes softly and slowly turning me to a mess on the ground

“Much better” I revealed

“Good” he nodded “When’s your sister coming round again?” he then continued

“Around 10 I think” I shrugged “We’ve got loads of time, it’s only quarter to 7”

“I know. I might just do some work, you don’t mind do you?” he asked

“Are you kidding me?” I started, exclaiming my words, “I love this show!” I smiled, pointing to the TV

“Of course you do” he rolled his eyes and went into the ‘do not disturb’ room

“I do! This was running when I was a kid!” I called after him and turned to find Maia had moved to sit next to me on the sofa

“I like this one too” she smiled and I couldn’t help smiling back, wider though because it was just so sweet, she reminds me of me when I was her age.

Although we only had an hour or so of peace and quiet, which we spent writing a letter to Rose and Scor and sending them one of the pictures we took together yesterday. It was disturbed because quite suddenly a man’s face popped out from the fireplace, alarming me somewhat.

“Albus?” the face asked

I jumped out of my skin and made my way to the fireplace to find it was Harry Potter himself, “Oh. Hello Livy. How are you?”

“I’m great thanks Harry. Just sat watching telly with Maia” I said, ushering over Maia to say hello to her (great?) Uncle Harry

“Hello Maia. Are you having fun with Uncle Al and Auntie Livy?” he asked

“Yep! It’s great!” she exclaimed and then proceeded to run back off

“Sorry about that” I frowned

“Not at all. Is Al there though?” he persisted

“Oh, yeah. Of course. Sorry, again” I apologised and took a couple steps away from the fireplace and shouted “AL!”

“What? What is it?” he had his wand out ready

“Nothing’s wrong. You’re Dad’s in the fireplace though” I shrugged and apologetic look on my face (I forgot you only disturb a person in the study by coming up to them, if not, it’s an emergency)

“Oh” he relaxed considerably and went to talk to his Dad.

He left the conversation with his Dad and started to go upstairs, he returned after having changed, now in his works outfit, “I’ve been called into work”

“What happened?” I asked, stopping him to fix his tie

“Not sure. Dad says he needs me though. I’ve got to go anyway” he shrugged

“Fine” I resigned

“I’ll be back as soon as possible. Have fun with Peyton, tell her I say Hi” he smiled, kissing me quickly before turning to Maia, “I’ve got to go Princess but I’ll be back later. I promise”

“Bye Uncle Al” she waved, more concentrated on the TV

“Charming” he muttered

“The TV is always going to be more interesting. But I’ll miss you if you’re worried about no attention?” I offered

“ Thanks Liv” he smiled

“Stay safe” I told him as he got into the fireplace

“Always” he replied before flooing to work. That’s a thing we do. I used to panic a lot that he would be badly hurt or harmed when he went to work because of course it’s an Auror’s job to look after other people before themselves. Although then he’s looking after people who are unfortunately in awful situations, therefore he’s in more danger. I used to tell him I loved him every time he went away but he kept coming back and it kept making me worry more so “stay safe” is now the best I’m getting. Besides, the word “always” is special to Al’s family, so I’m fortunate I guess.

Peyton came at 10 as expected and decided to take Maia shopping on a girl’s day out considering we didn’t have Al.
We went to a huge shopping mall and went through shop after shop and bought LOADS of stuff, more than I should have done. Then what we did was go into a big play area in the middle of the mall for lunch. Healthy of course. And then let a slightly agitated Maia lose in a ball pit. (not too different to the one we created in the room of requirement).
While she was doing that Peyton and I had a wonderful chat.

“I’ve spent way too much today” I commented looking at the bags all around me, “I’m afraid I’ll be in trouble for that later”

“Who cares?! We’ve been having a great time” Peyton exclaimed

“Yes, we have. I’ve missed you, Pey” I leaned on her shoulder

“I’ve missed you too” she moved her shoulder causing me to have to move my head

“Are you going to come round before Christmas?” I asked

“Probably not” she shrugged, my face dropping (it’s always nice to have my little sister around), “Don’t look like that. You’ll be a work in September and won’t be off again until Christmas!”

“I have some weekends!” I defended

“I’ll see what I can do. Send me a list when you have it and I’ll try and come” she laughed

“You know, you can actually stay for Christmas this year if you want. Everyone asks after you every year. The more the merrier is literally their motto!” I offered- you see, the two of us switch years for catering for each other every Christmas period. This normally means from about the 17th to Christmas Eve, one of us hosts while we celebrate Christmas day just like we used to when we were kids. Christmas Eve being our Christmas together and then Al and I always go to The Burrow for Christmas Day (with the invitation of Peyton coming too, which she’s only ever done once, 5 years ago).

“I know. But I always feel as if I’m intruding. I’m not family” she shrugged

“Neither am I!” I reminded her

“Well, you’re as good as!” she retorted

“Touché little sister. But if you haven’t got any where else to be, why not?!” I declared

“Who says I haven’t got anywhere else to go?!” she said suggestively

“Oh My God! You have somewhere else to be! Where? Who with? Ahhh!” I exclaimed

“Well, I might do. He hasn’t asked me yet but it is only August so who knows?” she smiled

“Who’s he? There’s a he? Can I meet him?” I blurted

“He is my new enough boyfriend, Lucas. No you cannot meet him. Not yet anyway” she said strictly

“Why not?” I questioned

“Well, we’ve only been going out for a month and he hasn’t even met Mum yet and she lives in the same country as me!” she revealed

“Fine” I grumbled and then directed my attention to my goddaughter, or tried to, “Crap” I let out a very small curse

“What?” Peyton asked, confused

“Maia. Where is she?” I said, getting up and trying to find her

“Good question” she said warily, “But she has to be around here somewhere” she nodded, standing up and trying to see as well

“Maia!” I shouted slightly in a ‘cool’ I haven’t lost my child voice while circling the ball pit

When this didn’t work, I went back to Peyton and huffed, “I’m going to have to go in there”

“Go in there?” she repeated

“Yeah. She didn’t leave; she’d have to go past us. So, she’s hiding. I’ll have to go in and check” I explained the method to my madness

“Okay. Have fun with that. I’ll be here when you come back” my sister cringed

I went into the ball pit and looked like a complete idiot while doing so. I searched the whole place and the little girl I was looking for just happened to be at the top. “Auntie Livy!” she squealed

“Maia Electra Malfoy! Did you hear me?!” I screamed

“I was coming down” she defended

“Why didn’t you shout an answer to me!” I shouted

“I... I’m sorry” she stuttered

I grabbed her and hugged her tightly, “It’s okay! Just never. Ever. Do that again” I squeezed her tightly

She nodded into me

“Okay. Let’s get down shall we?” I prompted, sitting on the conveniently placed slide and offering her a seat on my lap which we took

“Weeeeeeeee!” she squealed as we slid down the biggest and best slide in the room

I picked her up and waded through the ball pit until we got to the edge and placed her down. She then ran off quickly to find Peyton.

I sighed for a second and continued to work my way through the crowd to Peyton and Maia, all eyes on me- the woman who lost the child, when I woman tapped me on the shoulder, “Don’t take it personally love, it happens to the best of us” she smiled nicely

“Thanks. I’m kind of new to this, I’m her godmother you see” I smiled back

“Well, you’ll get used to it hun, they don’t sit still for long” she shrugged and walked away as a small child was dragging her along

I smiled at the mother who was obviously more experienced, being quite a bit older than I am. Then I moved along back to Peyton and Maia, declaring it was time to hit a few more shops before we left.

We then went into a huge kids store and Maia’s eye’s quite literally lit up. She went running off down the end of a big aisle, stopping at the end to examine something. Peyton and I took a more relaxed slow pace getting there and talked all the way

“That was a nice scene you created back there” she commented, hiding a huge smile

“Was it really that bad?” I asked, frowning slightly

“Oh yeah. I could hear you word for word” she nodded

“Bugger” I muttered under my breath

“It was very sweet though. If that makes you feel any better” she offered

“Thanks” I joked, rather sarcastically

“You looked as if you had fun on that slide though!” she laughed

“Oh, I did” I laughed back

“It looked like it! Maia’s a great excuse for you to jump into ball pits!” she continued to laugh as she spoke

“She is indeed! I love having her around” I smiled at the little girl who looked spoilt for choice

“I know you always loved kids when you were younger too” she reminisced

“Do you remember when I used to dress you up?” I asked, remembering the ridiculous outfits I used to put her in

“Oh god, yes! That was awful! I also remember you saying that when you were older you wanted a little girl to dress up because I’d be too old then” she said, smiling still

“I’d still love a little girl” I mentioned without really thinking, while reaching Maia who was so wrapped up in the things around her she didn’t even notice us

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to...” Peyton started before I cut her off

“It’s okay, Pey, honestly, I’m okay” I reassured her, touching her arm slightly

“You say that but I’m not sure I believe you” she looked into my eyes, her blue ones that match Dad’s so perfectly sparkling with guilt, while my lilac ones (a bluey, grey sort of colour really) trying to ignore the sympathy in hers

“I’m as good as it’s going to get” I assured her

“That’s better. You’ll get your chance, I know you will” she nodded

“I hope so” I nodded too, just as Maia shoved a doll in my face, claiming she needed it

By the time we got back it was almost time for Al to come home too, so I put the kettle on and we each emptied our bags everywhere to examine what we had bought. (And took a picture of the three of us with the bags, with the stuff from the bags and just the three of us). Once we’d done all that and we’d safely put everything away Peyton had to leave. So, as a good big sister should, I hugged the life out of her and told her she should write more often, which she promised she would do and say hi to Mum for me. Just as she had disappeared though the fireplace Al appeared at the front door, (he decided the whole “Honey, I’m home” thing was something that he should do and he could only do that by entering through the front door every day.

“Honey, I’m home” he shouted as he walked in to find Maia at the table with an apple and me with a cup of tea

“Hello darling, had a good day at work?” I said, smiling through gritted teeth (and I’m expected to keep this up too- thank god I’m not at home for most of the year)

“I would have preferred to stay here with you two” he frowned, “What did you girls do today then?”

“Shopping!” Maia exclaimed

“Ah. Maybe work was better. Did you get anything nice?” he asked

“About that...” I started

“Yeah! We got loads and loads of things, didn’t we Auntie Livy?” Maia interrupted, excited

“Uh-Huh. We sure did” I smiled, apologetically to Al

“That sounds like a lot of fun then. Did Peyton come to?” he asked, knowing that my little sister could probably persuade me to buy magic beans if I even showed the slightest bit of interest towards them

“Yeah. She did” I nodded

“And we went to a ball pit and Auntie Livy almost lost me!” Maia continued, seriously excited- but adding to the list of things I shouldn’t have done today

“Did she?!” Al played along

“Yeah! But its okay, she found me at the top and we went down the big slide together! And then we bought a doll for me!” Maia exclaimed (I may have caved in with the whole doll thing)

“You did?! Where’s the doll then?” he asked, sounding very eager to see it

“It’s upstairs, I’ll go get it” I jumped up

“No. Sit down. Maia, why don’t you get it?” he asked her and she jumped up faster than I did, abandoning her apple on the table

“You almost lost her?!” Al exclaimed as soon as he could hear her footsteps on the stairs

“Yes and no” I said

“So yes?” he decided

“Okay, maybe I did a bit. But she was just hiding in the ball pit so not really!” I defended

“Liv, I can’t believe you almost lost our goddaughter!” he complained

“But I found her soon enough!” I protested

“After climbing into the ball pit!” he reminded me

“Yes, but I still found her!” I reminded him

“And I’m glad you did! I am not going to be the one to tell Rose you almost lost her daughter!” he put his hands up into the air

“She doesn’t need to know! I didn’t lose her!” I exclaimed

“Well, at least you did” he nodded

“Hey! It’s not as bad as it sounds. She was playing in a busy ish ball pit that had loads of things in it and it so happened that at one point I couldn’t see her” I resigned

“Look Look!” Maia suddenly came running in parading the doll in my boyfriend’s face, who smiled politely and then continued to ask her what she wanted for tea

We then had tea and all got ready for bed quite early, all of us showered and in our pjs and slippers by 6:30. This meant both Al and I squished into her bed and read her a bedtime story, then leaving her to sleep soundly for the rest of the night. I then explained fully what happened today and in the end he understood that I hadn’t lost our goddaughter and was much happier when he found I’d bought him a new outfit and pen set. (He may not be an obvious geek like Rose or Scorp, but we all know he has a soft spot for stationary). He told me about work, apparently something had arisen from a previous case of his that he needed to tie up and when there was much more he needed to sort out he got his work partner Alfie Norton, with the promise he would go in tomorrow afternoon, Saturday morning as we’ve already to booked to go to the seaside for Thursday and Friday.

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Chapter 7: My Sister Has A Plan
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“LIV! LIV!” I screamed at the top of my lungs from downstairs where Maia currently had me pinned to the ground (she’s stronger than you think), tickling me because I’d threatened to do the same to her

Before I could think of what time it was (7am) and could process that maybe I shouldn’t be screaming at this time in the morning, I was doing it again, “LIV! HELP ME!”

Immediately after “ME” had left my lips there was serious movement upstairs and Liv came running down the stairs, wand ready pointing towards me

“AL?! WHAT THE... Oh my god” she collapsed onto the sofa with a huge sigh

Once she’d collected her wits she snatched Maia off me and tickled her to death too.

“You cheeky little monkey!” she smiled, causing her goddaughter to squeal with laughter in response

“Uncle Al! Help!” she squealed for me to help her

“Oh. No little girl, you tickled me first!” I laughed

“Please! Stop!” she giggled more

“Fine!” I sighed dramatically and sprung on Liv

“Okay! Okay! Truths! Al!” Liv spoke between sharp intakes of breath, while both Maia and I were tickling her

When we finally stopped we were all passed out on the sofa, the three of us panting for breath. A picture we had to take. We sat there for a while until Liv perked up and said she’d bought a new Omelette maker yesterday and thought we should probably try it out. That was an interesting experience. We managed to get everything, everywhere. The two of us aren’t particularly skilled in cookery (I’m better though). It’s probably a good thing she sends most the year in Hogwarts where every meal is prepared for her. Although we’d both live off take-aways if we could, not that’s a good or healthy thing to do. In the end, they didn’t taste too bad and Liv had managed to take a few good pictures of us trying to figure everything out.

“That could have gone better” Liv sighed as she watched over Maia wash her hands, arms and face

“Maybe” I shrugged, waving my wand to take away the mess

“Right. Who wants to get dressed?” Liv asked as Maia had finished

Maia quickly responded with a yes but then proceeded to be spoilt for choice in the clothing department since they’d gone out and bought a load of things yesterday. Let’s just say it took about an hour for Maia to get dressed and then another of Liv, considering they both couldn’t decide. This meant I could pop into work for an hour though which meant I could get back earlier. I suppose those two have their uses. Then with the sun shining we took off for our adventure at the park.

Once there Maia completely let lose, she ran about screaming and enjoying herself a bit too much. The swings were her favourite and of course I got dragged into pushing her while Liv sat on the swing next to us swinging gently, whereas the 5 year old wanted to go higher than actually possible, which was almost possible with a little help from magic. She squealed her head off but appeared to be having a good time. She wouldn’t stop long to have a drink, let alone eat a few things Liv had brought with her. We had to force her to eat a couple of raisins and an orange before she ran off again. She was very impatient, wanted help on the monkey swings and the fireman’s pole and almost had a fit when I said I was too tired to help her on the climbing wall. We had to calm her down a bit after that and force some water into her system, making her sit still for a while so Liv could put some sun cream on her. When I had to go, we were all going to go back home, but Maia had Liv in a puddle on the ground when the puppy dog eyes came out and said she’d stay and play with her for a bit longer.

I went home, changed and was out again before I knew it (that’s a man for you- we don’t mess about). When I reached the ministry I was immediately brought to the attention of one of the many women in my family, “Albus Severus Potter” was spoken from behind me

“Mum?” I turned slowly to find Lily

“No but it was a good impression wasn’t it?” she smirked, not to dissimilar to James’

“You got me this time Lils” I pointed out

“It’s got to happen sometimes” she shrugged, “Wait. Aren’t you meant to be with Maia this week?” she continued

“Yeah, but work needs me. She’s with Liv. Aren’t you meant to be a work?” I asked

“Oh that, well, I’m just taking a half day today” she stuttered

“Lil, you need to go to work” I scolded her

“I know, but I hate my job!” she complained

“And you’ll be quitting soon, so stop complaining” I went all big brother on her

“Yes! And I will! But right now, where did you leave Livy and Maia?” she turned to focus of conversation away from herself

“At the park” I said, rolling my eyes at the unsubtle trick my little sister just pulled

“The usual one?” she asked

“Yes” I moaned

“Great! I’ll see you later Alby!” she giggled sweetly and practically ran off

I went straight from Al to Livy and Maia. Smiling widely when I reached them, I received the same smile back.

“Auntie Lily!” Maia exclaimed, jumping up at me

I picked her up and exclaimed “Maia! You having fun with Auntie Livy in the park?!”

“Yes! Watch me go down the big slide!” she jumped off me now and ran off

“How come you knew we were here?” Livy asked as she watched Maia run off

“I ran into Al” I said, “Hi by the way”

“And hello back” she laughed as we “Ooooh(ed)” at Maia

“I ran into Al yesterday as well actually” I started, waving at Maia at the same time

“You did? He didn’t mention it” she questioned

“Yeah. He said something about nightmares?” I touched on apparently a sensitive topic

“Not this again. He’s convinced they mean something! I didn’t have a bad dream until recently and now all the ones I’m owed are coming through! I’m fine” she protested

“I never said you weren’t chick. And I wasn’t offering you any help, I just wondered” I shrugged

“Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap. I don’t know what it is but I’m a tad wound up at the moment” she apologised

“It’s alright. It doesn’t bother me” I shrugged again

Maia then came over and freaked out over the fact now she could go on the obstacle course because she had a person on each side to hold her up, of course we conformed and held her up as she leapt across things, wobbled on a thin bar and hung off a climbing wall. Talking while we did so,

“When’s the day you quit the ministry then Lils?” Livy asked

“I’m so so close! 2 weeks, hopefully, if I pass my entry exam St Mungos says I have a job!” I kind of squealed

“You’re bound to pass! You’ll be out of there in no time!” she exclaimed

“Let’s just hope you’re right” I nodded

“Oh. I will be” she laughed, “You think Auntie Lily’s clever don’t you Mi?”

“Very clever” Maia joined in and agreed with Livy

“Thank you little one” I booped her nose and made her laugh

“Hey! I’m not little! I’m almost 6” Maia decided to stop abruptly

“You’re little to us darling” Livy revealed to her

“But I’m not little! I’m a big girl!” she stomped

“How is this big girl going to be then?” I asked

“6!” she told me excitedly

“I think she might be right Auntie Livy, 6 is a big number” I agreed with the 5 year old

“I don’t care. You’ll always be little to me angel!” Liv stayed strong on her original statement, shrugging

“But Auntie Livy!” Maia complained

“Fine. You’re a big girl” Livy muttered

Maia lit up and looked at me with a big smile while Livy looked at me and shook her head rapidly, telling me she wasn’t at all. The pair of them did make me laugh.

“So...” I said trying to think of something to say after we’d finished the obstacle course and Maia had gone back onto the climbing frame thing.

“Hmm?” Livy asked

I exhausted all thoughts until I got to this point, “So... when you getting married to Al?!”

“What?!” she shouted

“What?” I asked

“What do you mean ‘What’?” she said, rather high pitched

“I mean, what’s the big deal?” I shrugged

“The big deal is we haven’t talked about it” she revealed

“You haven’t?!” I exclaimed

“No. We haven’t” she emphasised

“Why not?!” I asked

“I don’t know. Maybe because we’re only 24” she offered

“But Rose and Scorp are only 24” I reminded her

“And we don’t have a child together” she stated

“Fine. Teddy and Torie were only 24 too” I fought my case

“And we aren’t completely and utterly childhood sweetheart perfect for each other” she waffled

“I wouldn’t say that” I pointed out

“Why not? We’ve only been going out for 6 years” she shrugged

“I’d say 6 years was a long time. I think anyone would be lucky to be in a relationship for that long” I told her

“Yeah. Maybe” she shrugged again

“And you’ve been living with each other for, what, 5 years?” I asked

“Yeah. Almost” she nodded

“So, what would you say if he asked you?” I pushed

“Idon’tknowwelli’dprobablysayyesbutohmerlinIdon’tknowbutweallknowi’dsayyes” she blurted, very fast but don’t worry, I caught that

“OH MY GOD!” I exclaimed, causing many people who were just leaving to quicken their pace

“What do you mean ‘oh my god’?” she asked, almost offended

“I mean, YAY!” I amended my first statement

“Oh. Thank Merlin!” she sighed

“That’d be amazing. Livy! Ahhh! Sorry. I’m sorry” I apologised

“It’s okay. I just figured you knew that” she shrugged

“Well, I hoped so” I revealed

“You hoped so?” she said sweetly, touching her heart

“Yeah, I love you Livy. I really do, you’re my twat of a brother’s perfect match. I’ve already paired James to Anna, although that prick hasn’t asked her” I looked up at Livy at this point and saw her frowning at me, “Sorry. I mean, well, I just want my brothers to be happy” I shrugged now

“Thanks Lils. I love you too” she smiled and then turned more serious, “I think we all want to see your brother’s happy, as well as you anyway”

“Of course you do. I reckon they need more looking after than I do” I stated

“Maybe, but we all need help sometimes. I’m always here for you though chick” she smiled

“I know. But! Right now, I’m going to sort the two of you out!” I jumped up and picked up Maia un- expectantly to make sure Livy couldn’t disagree

We then went back to Livy and Al’s and I persuaded everyone to have a shower and change into pjs. This was important because when I’m at home I live in my pjs, it only makes sense to me! But then we all put on aprons and made homemade pizzas. I had BBQ chicken, Livy had Pepperoni, Maia had a mini cheese pizza and we all created a very nice ham and pineapple one for Al- he’s a strange child, I mean pineapple. On a pizza, really? That’s beside the point though. As soon as he came in he was directed upstairs to his pjs and then shoved pizza into his face- all in the nicest way possible.

Then, we played some board games!
“That is not fair Al! Are you cheating?!” I exclaimed at my brother who had won 5 out of the 7 games we’d played so far, the other two being won by the 5 year old

“How can you cheat at snakes and ladders?!” Al argued

“I don’t know but you must have done!” I protested

“I did not!” he moaned

“Did to!” I preached

“Did not!” he stressed

“Did to!” I ranted

“Liv!” we both shouted at Livy at the same time turning to her dramatically just as we used to do with our parents when we played board games when we were younger- I guess things never really change

“You two need to grow up! Lily, Al is not cheating and Al, chill out” she justified with, “Now, you two need to hug and make up!” (she had a nice smirk on her face there)

“But...” I started

“Hug” she insisted

“Fine.” I grumbled, hugging Al in a awkward not meaning it at all way

Coming out of the hug to find Maia and Livy sharing a look and a roll of the eyes, which made me smile and then Maia added, “Proper hug please”

By which we agreed and shared a proper hug, then laughing at the situation harder than I had in a long time. We played some more games and I won one, after joining a team with Al... he’s too good at these games. After that however, Maia had to go up to bed, Livy offered to take her and then left me and my brother alone.

“Hey, big brother. When you going to ask your girlfriend to marry you?” I bluntly asked him

“I think you may be confusing me with James” he replied

“I need to have a similar conversation with him to be honest. But right now, I’m not mistaken. You’re Albus Severus Potter, the strangest named child I know, my big brother” I shrugged

“Why thank you Lil” he avoided my question

“Soooo?” I prompted

“I’m not sure Lils, we’re only 24. We’ve got time” he replied, and he had a point really

“But why not do it now?!” I wondered

“I can’t, it hasn’t even been a year since the miscarriage. Things are still a bit rough for us” he sighed

“But shouldn’t that have made you guys stronger?” I wondered

“Maybe it did. Now just isn’t the time” he persisted

“But surely there is always going to be a reason not to do this” I reminded him

“Lil. No. I just can’t do it, as much as I’d like to” he trailed off

“Why not? Give me one reason. Make it a good one” I smiled

“I can’t do it to her” he stated

“I know you’re a pain but you’re not that bad!” I punched him on the arm

“It’s not that. She’s always wanted her Dad to walk her down the aisle but then she wanted her child to. I can’t remind her of the fact she has neither” he revealed

“Oh. Okay” I slumped down in my chair, “Wait! I have a plan!” I exclaimed standing up

“Should I be worried?” Livy asked Al, coming down the stairs

“Maybe. I’ll see you guys soon! Bye! Love you both!” I smiled, apparating home

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Chapter 8: My Emotions
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After Lily had gone we didn’t really do a lot, Liv went to a supermarket and picked up a few things while I looked through the pictures Liv had taken throughout the last couple of days and sorted them out into a good and a bad pile. Then made duplicates of them all so we could have a copy and so could Maia (well, Rose is going to be the one wanting them but still). After that we composed a letter for the two love birds:

Mr and Mrs S Malfoy (Rosie Posie and Scorpy) 
We both hope you’re having an amazing time and don’t miss us too much! We also hope you got your daughters letter. She’s fine by the way. (Liv only lost her once). I didn’t lose her at all; she was in a ball pit. Hiding. I didn’t lose her! But I may have spoilt her again (she did spoil her). I won’t tell you all the details of the past week because I aspect we’ll do that when you come home!
We miss you! And I think Maia does too (she’s been spending too much time with her amazing godparents though so she doesn’t care much) Sorry, about that, but it’s true. We’re having the best time! You need to let us look after her more often! She’s been as good as gold. A real credit to you both!
Love you two,
Can’t wait to see you on Sunday,
Livy and Al

We eventually went to bed and got woken up by a really horrible alarm Liv had set the next day because we decided it was necessary to go to the beach. Early in the morning. We were off at 7:30, flooing to Liv’s Grandma to pick up the car Liv has there. Yes, I let her drive. No, I can’t drive. I can practically hear the questions. After Liv had sorted out her Grandma we drove Weston-Super-Mare, it’s a really nice coast about 2 hours away from her Grandma’s house. As we were going we stopped off at a fast food branch on the motorway and had breakfast. Then spent the whole day at the beach, we made a huge sandcastle and I took Maia to the sea while Liv sunbathed and looked after our stuff for a bit. We had more than a couple ice creams of many flavours and then had fish and chips on the beach and went to the arcade before bed.

We stayed overnight in a little bed and breakfast and woke up in the morning and went to the aquarium on the pier before we left, just before lunch time. We then left to go the Grandma Linda and in the end got back to ours. We had a shower and washed all the sand off us. This was somewhat difficult. Nonetheless we did it to ensure we followed Rose’s instructions. Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione normally look after Maia on a Friday afternoon, so we took her to them.

“Knock on the door Mi’” I spoke to the 5 year old currently giving us the silent treatment because we were dropping her off at my Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione’s house

She shook her head

“Maia” Liv started, getting down to eye level with her, she looked away,
“Look at me young lady” she said sternly, to which Maia conformed, in shock of the sternness in Liv’s voice,
“We will be back to pick you up before you know it. But right now you have to go inside and spend some time with Nana ‘Mione and Grandad Ron. Are we clear?” she said, still quite sternly looking into her wide blue eyes that suddenly crumpled

“Yes” she nodded

“Good girl, now knock on the door” Liv asked

And this time she did as she was asked, and as soon as Aunt Hermione opened the door suddenly perked up, “Nana Mione!”

“Hello Maia! Grandad Ron’s in the sitting room” Aunt Hermione told her and Maia ran off to find him

“How are you two?” she asked politely as we walked in

“Good thanks Aunt Hermione” I smiled, hugging her quickly

“How are you?” Liv asked, hugging her too

“I’m fine sweetheart. Had your hands full this week have you? I heard the little talking to Maia received before she came in. I guess spending time with her cool Aunt and Uncle is better than her Nana Mione!” she frowned slightly but brushed it off quickly

“Don’t say that! I think she’s just tired, we went to the beach yesterday, she had a late night” Liv smiled

“Let’s put it down to that shall we?” she asked

“That’s probably a good idea” I agreed, smiling

“Hi Ron!” Liv went straight into a hug with my Uncle

“Alright you two?” he asked

“We were just saying, we’ve been busy this last week with this one” I stated and shrugged at the fact this was bound to happen

“All good fun though” he grinned at his granddaughter

“Of course. When do you want us to come back and pick this one up?” Liv wondered

“7?” Aunt Hermione asked

“7 it is. We’ll see you then” I agreed and we left the house, apparating home when we got outside the premises

We both immediately slumped into bed when we got home, utterly exhausted from the week we’d had, we had several hours before we had to pick Maia up. So we had time for a nap and that’s just what we did. I woke up naturally about an hour after falling asleep and got some work to do next to Liv while she was basically passed out sleeping.
Although after a while she started talking in her sleep-

“I can feel it” she mumbled

“Al. Al” she repeated in her sleep

“Liv? Beautiful, are you awake?” I asked, trying to lean over her to see her eyes without waking her if she was asleep- which was challenging as she was facing away from me

“I can feel them” she muttered

“You can feel what?” I asked, softly but confused

“The baby” she smiled- I found a way to see her face, she was asleep but defiantly smiling

“She’s kicking Al” she smiled wider in her sleep

I sat back comfortably and couldn’t help but let out a sad sigh. I know that more than anything in the world she’d love a baby, a baby girl. And obviously her unconscious mind has created one in her dream.

“No!” she suddenly spoke very clearly, tears running down her face, turning very rapidly to sit bolt upright

“Liv. What happened?” I asked, thinking I probably knew the answer and moving my work out of the way so I could hug her

“Not again. No. Not again” she shook her head and rejected my hug, sounding very firm with herself

“What happened? What happened again?” I asked

“I lost her. I lost her again” she shook her head, angry with herself and looking ready to smash something

“It was only a dream” I revealed to her

“I know. But I... But it just felt so... so real” she dissolved into tears next to me, her head swinging into my chest and just staying there

“I know, I know. But it’s okay now” I said softly, stroking her hair

“Why is it that every time we talk about this, you have no emotion” Liv quickly detached herself from me and looked outraged

“What do you mean?” I wanted clarification for this accusation

“I always end up crying and you just sit there. No emotion” she clarified

“You can accuse me of a lot of things Liv, but not this. I have emotion. Who was there crying with you from the moment you found out? I was. Who was there trying to console you but failed because I couldn’t sort things out in my own head? Me. Who didn’t freak out and leave you? Me, because I love you too much. Who has supported every single one of your ideas since then because he can’t bear to see you sad again? Me. Liv, I can’t physically feel any more than I do. We were going to have a baby but that was taken away from us. You of all people have to understand how angry that makes me feel. But I’ve cried out all my tears and I need to look after the most important person in my life. You. I need to make sure you’re okay. If I can’t have two girls, I need to make sure the one I have doesn’t go anywhere” I blurted out all she needed to know

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I’m sorry Ally” she said, reminding me of the 11 year old I met on the Hogwarts Express, all freighted and not sure what to do

“It’s okay. You had a bad dream” I shrugged

“No. It’s not okay; you need to disagree with me more often. I’m sick of feeling vulnerable” she declared

“Okay. I’ll try” I shook my head in disbelief at the mood swings on her

“Good” she nodded, snuggling up against me and falling back to sleep

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Chapter 9: My Extended (Not So Much Family) Family
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 We collected Maia later that day and got ready for bed as normal, once ready for bed however we received a two letters from Rose and Scorp. One addressed to Maia, and the other for Al and I.

Maia’s letter touched us all as they pretty much poured their heart and soul into a very small amount of words for their daughter. After that we couldn’t do anything but hug her and tell her they’d come back soon as she started to cry and say she missed them terribly. We also let her have an ice cream... and some more stuff, she also had some raspberries (that balances it out I think).

Livy and Al (Practically Mr and Mrs A Potter),
We’re having a great time but are missing our daughter WAY too much. (We miss you guys too). We cried when we got Maia’s letter (Rose cried when she got the letter). Very glad to hear she’s okay and having an amazing time with her favourite Aunt and Uncle. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU LOST MY DAUGHTER! OLIVIA, YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE. (Don’t listen to her, she did the same thing a couple months ago). Didn’t I also tell you not to spoil her... did you listen to anything I said?
I hope she had a good time with Mum and Dad today and she enjoyed spending time with Peyton (Maia told us).
We miss you too! And hope that she doesn’t miss us too much because we’ll be back before she knows it! Maybe we will leave her with you more often, as long as you promise not to lose her again! (Again. She’s done it before. More than once)
Love you two too,
See you on Sunday,
Rose and Scorp (Mr and Mrs Malfoy)

That made me laugh quite a lot but Liv didn’t appreciate it very much at all. Although she loved Scorp a bit more for sticking up for her, she appreciated that quite a bit. After all of that happened we sat around and didn’t do a lot, we went to bed early in the end because we all knew Maia was tired and although we’d both had a nap earlier, we welcomed sleep very easily.

We were both woken up the next day by a little girl jumping into our bed and making herself comfortable lying between us.

“Morning Gorgeous” Al said, turning to look at Maia and I

“Morning” Maia and I both replied in unison, smiling at the fact he could have been talking to either of us (or at least that’s how I’m going to take it)

He chuckled at this and noticed the time, 8:00, he got up without too much fuss and asked, “What you girls going to do while I go to work then?”

Maia shrugged and looked at me

“Well, I was thinking we could eat breakfast, play dress up and then see what Grandma Astoria and Grandpa Draco are doing?” I suggested

“Sounds like a good idea. Do you want me to send them an owl?” Al offered

“Could you?” I asked

He nodded

“That’d be great. Thanks Ally” I thanked as left the room with his clothes to get changed in the bathroom

“Does that sound like a good idea Mi’?” I asked the girl still lying next to me

“I don’t have any of my dress up clothes though Auntie Livy” she frowned slightly

“That doesn’t matter. You can borrow some of mine. We can have a little fashion show if you like” I asked

“Oooh! Yes please!” she giggled, getting excited

“Okay, go grab your slippers and we can go and get breakfast then” I smiled

She agreed, ran off and before I’d even gotten my slippers on I could hear little footsteps down the stairs

I left my room just as Al was grabbing some stuff from the study to take with him into work and had almost reached the bottom of the stairs when he stopped to shout up them to me,

“Astoria says she’s not doing anything until 1, so you’re welcome to come round anytime before then” he said as I got to the bottom

“Thank you” I smiled, giving him a peck on the lips

“I’ll be back as soon as possible” he smiled back, kissing me on cheek and turning to jump into the fire, “See you in a bit Princess” he grinned at Maia as she joined me in front of the fire place- she waved bye back.

“Stay safe” I said

“Always” he nodded, disappearing

We had some toast and then went back up stairs to find some dress up clothes. I have a box of clothes in my wardrobe that is full of old Halloween costumes and clothes I wore when I was in Hogwarts. I decided this would be a great place to start because it would be easy to shrink those to fit Maia and if not she’d look really cute walking round in my old oversized clothes.

Maia went straight for my old costumes, pulling out a 60s hippie dress with a thick hair tie that was the same material as the dress, a Disco fever 70s outfit with thick white boots to go with it, an 80s outfit with neon necklaces and leg warmers to match. (for a while I was very much stuck in the past). She also found the Cow Girl costume I wore in my first year for Halloween (fit with hat and boots to match).
She loved them all and paraded around in each for a while. (I took some very cute pictures). Then, after going back into my wardrobe found some old clothes of mine from my first year- some very questionable dresses that I can’t believe I actually wore. One being a very glittery black dress that looked like a glitter bomb had exploded onto in. Of course the 5 year old loved it. She tried it out and squealed “Yes!” when I offered to help her find some jewellery, hair accessories and shoes to match. I did her hair all pretty and found some black heels for her to put on (which were WAY too big but she loved them to bits).

“Come on Auntie Livy! It’s your turn!” she exclaimed, walking as fast as she could to my wardrobe and wedging it open, flicking through all my dresses.

“Oh okay” I said, “How about this one?” holding up my newest dress, a skater dress with a floral pattern on it (a pink belt too)

“Nah” she shook her head

“This one?” I suggested, holding up a maxi day dress with multi coloured stripes (it looks better than it sounds)

“Nope” she disagreed once more

I started to think maybe she’d rather have me in party dress and changed my tactics, “Okay... Do you like this one?” I asked, picking out a black strapless dress that puffed out at the end- I hadn’t worn in years

“Yes!” she agreed, nodding her head a lot

I changed quickly and Maia did my hair and chooses my jewellery. I looked amazing. She says in a very sarcastic voice. My hair was pinned up with LOADS of hair clips and grips (it took me a while to get them all out). I then set the timer on my camera to take pictures of us posing on our imaginary cat walk. We both looked a picture to be honest though, I shrunk Maia’s dress slightly but it was still too big and so were her shoes and even though my clothes did fit me, my hair looked a state.

After we’d done all of this and got changed for the day the two of us were pretty exhausted but decided it was a good time to go to Astoria and Draco’s at just gone 10. We flooed in and smiled as Astoria and Draco we waiting for us in their sitting room.

“Hello Maia!” Astoria immediately attacked her granddaughter with hugs and kisses

Draco stood beside her grinning widely and addressing me, “Thank you for Owling us, I know this is your week with her”

“Not at all. I haven’t seen you two in ages, I think it was about time we had a catch up and why not bring Maia for an excuse” I joked, giving him a hug

“She certainly is an energetic excuse” he noted

“Well, she has been having a lot of fun with her Godparents this week. This is calm” I commented

“Grandpa Draco!” Maia suddenly spoke up and jumped up at him

“It’s so good to see you Livy!” Astoria gave me a squeeze

“I know. It’s good to see you too! I haven’t come here in what feels like forever!” I smiled, looking round

“And we’ve missed having you around. You’re always a delight!” she smiled, “Maia, do you want to go up to the play room?” she directed her attention to Maia

“Yes please!” she nodded and ran off

“I think that’s our cue to follow” Draco nodded, directing us forward to follow her

Which we did so, I sat on floor with Astoria and Maia playing with Scor's old toys, while Draco sat on a chair beside us and watched as well as joined in the chat sometimes. Astoria asked all about my job as well as how my sister, Grandma and Mum were. I asked how her family were and all about her job and the charity work she was doing at the moment. I then asked Draco the same things. We had a small chat about everything and anything for a bit and then Al came into conversation.

“And Al, he’s busy at work then?” I asked politely, smiling as Livy lit up at the mention of him

“Yeah, he was meant to be off but this is the third time he’s had to go in this week!” she explained, obviously annoyed at this slightly

“Oh, well it’s good to have a workaholic around” I said, looking at Draco who was too busy watching Maia to notice

“Hmm. I shouldn’t complain, it’s worse for him when I’m constantly at work for term time” she shrugged

“Is he okay though? It’s not too much?” I asked, my motherly instincts for those two kicking in

“No. No. He’s good” she smiled widely

“Has anything happened yet?” I asked, eagerly, Livy always brings out the girly girl in me- she’s like the daughter I never had

“Sorry?” she said, confused

“Has he popped the question per say?” I wondered, I really do care about these two

“No! Not just yet. Scorp and Rose deserve their limelight” she exclaimed, understanding that I was his mother and everything

“He’s had his day though!” I blurted before I thought

“Astoria!” Draco said, apparently paying attention now

“I’m sorry. It’s just exciting” I apologised to both my husband and Livy

He nodded in response

“It’s fine. You have a point but I don’t think it’s quite our time” she said almost apologetically

“And of course, it’s your decision” I nodded

“Yeah. It is. Actually...” she started before we heard someone wandering around downstairs

“Hello?” a voice rang through the house

“Look at that, speak of him and he appears!” I grinned, while Draco went to get him

“Apparently so” she agreed, smiling

“Hello Astoria, how are you?” he said coming in and giving me a hug

“I’m good thank you. How are you?” I smiled

“I’m pretty good actually. I just came over to pick up the girls. It’s almost 1 and I assume you need to get ready for later” he smiled back, always the considerate one Albus

“Is it that time already?” I exclaimed, “Well, that is very good of you. Thank you”

“Not at all” he nodded, “Come on Mi’ time to go back to ours” he said, picking her up and dragging her away from the toys

“Bye Grandma Astoria” she waved from the fireman’s lift Al had her in, “Bye Grandpa Draco”

“Bye Maia” I waved, “Be a good girl for Auntie Livy and Uncle Al” I smiled

“I won’t leave it so long before I come back” Livy promised, giving me a hug goodbye, “see you soon”

“Good! Just send us an owl and we’ll figure something out” I said, hugging her back

“It was nice to see you Astoria, Draco” Al said turning out of the room

“Bye Draco” Livy said, hugging him goodbye too

“I expect we’ll see each other soon” he said

“Of course we will! See you then” I agreed waving to them as they flooed home

When we got back home, we all made a scrapbook of the week we all had together. It was Liv’s idea actually; she went out and got all the stuff as well. The glitter, the stickers, card- everything and more that we needed. We had a great time. Sticking in the pictures we’d taken. The girls this morning seemed to have had a great time. We both helped Maia write what she wanted around it and everything. It was very cute by the time we’d each finished. We had three really cute scrapbooks.

We all got ready for bed after we’d had our dinner and I found myself alone with Maia, sat on my bed while we waited for Liv to have a shower.

“Mummy and Daddy will be back tomorrow Mi’” I said to her as she lay there looking at the ceiling

“Really?!” she asked, getting excited

“Yeah. They’ll be taking you back home” I frowned slightly (It’s not that I don’t want her to be happy but I don’t want her to leave!)

“Oh” she joined me in a slight frown, “Can’t I stay here with you and Auntie Livy?”

“You can, of course. But I don’t think Mummy and Daddy would like that” I told her

“But maybe... Can we all live together? Can you two come and live with me, Mummy and Daddy. They won’t mind. They love you too” she suggested, trying to find a way around all of this

“But Auntie Livy and I live here” I turned to look at her

I watched her face change to frustration as she said, “But Mummy and Daddy won’t mind” reassuring me

“I don’t think we can do that” I frowned and she joined in, looking at me

“What you guys talkin’ ‘bout?” Livy came and lay in between us

“Do I have to go home?” Maia asked her

“Yeah Angel, you do. But you can come and see us any time” she told her, “and we’ll come and see you all the time” she added

“Okay. Promise?” she wanted assurance on this point

“Double promise” Liv agreed

"Triple promise” I amended that statement

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Chapter 10: My Girlfriend's Big News
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Both Liv and Maia slept in on Sunday. I woke them up and we had pancakes while watching TV. Scor and Rose were due to arrive at around 2o’clock which didn’t really leave us much time to do anything. We all got dressed and that was about it apart from packing all Maia’s stuff away. We were sat on the sofa reading when they walked in at 2 on the dot.

“Where’s my baby?” Rose said, walking in and demanding her daughter

“Here!” Maia grinned at us before her Mum trapped her in a hug

“Mummy’s missed you so so much” Rose repeated over and over while Maia was squished

“Daddy!” Maia squealed after Rose had moved ever so slightly so she could see her Dad standing behind them

Maia managed to get away from Rose and jumped straight into Scorp’s arms, he held her up hugging her tightly and stroking her hair saying, “Hello gorgeous. We’ve missed you”

Meanwhile Rose turned to Liv and sarcastically said, “Charming. He always gets the longer hugs”

“Maybe so but I’ll give you a hug!” Liv joked, hugging her best friend, “All better now?”

“All better” Rose nodded, smiling at her

“Good! But look at you, you’re so tanned! Did you have a great time?” Liv asked

“It was fantastic, we really did need the break” Rose sighed, “Mummy wants another hug now” she decided, taking her daughter off her husband

“Welcome home mate” I said to him smiling

“Thanks. How was she then?” he asked

“She honestly was good as gold” I smiled

“Yeah? Well, we hoped so. We missed her loads” he frowned slightly

“You could’ve written more often” I said

“If we’d have done that, we would have wanted to come home” he shrugged

“You had fun too though, right?” Liv asked, getting up to give him a hug too

“Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong. We had a good time” he nodded, hugging her back

“What did you do then with Auntie Livy and Uncle Al?” Rose asked her daughter

“Auntie Livy, where’s my scrapbook?” she turned to Liv who got up and gave her the scrapbook, pushing Scor into her space onto the sofa as well so he could see

“Thank you” Maia said, opening the book up and showing her parents what she did with us each day

They “Oooh(ed)” and “Ahhh(ed)” at all the things we did while Liv and I watched and smiled at Maia explaining what we had done.

“That looks great Maia. We’ll have a proper look later but maybe we should go home now” Scorp said

“Do we have to?” Maia frowned, looking at the two of us

We both nodded while Rose said, “Yes honey, we do. Go grab your things”

She ran off upstairs and Liv went to help her

“Thanks for taking her to see Mum and Dad” Scorp thanked

“It was Liv’s idea. I’ve been at work a lot actually. She needs the most thanks really” I said

“Apart from losing Maia” Rose joked

“Yeah. She didn’t really lose her but she did break her leg, if that makes you feel any better?” I wondered

“She did what now?” Scorp interjected

“She broke her ankle actually. Sprained her wrist and desolated her knee as well” I shrugged

“How’d she manage to do that?” Rose asked

“We all know she isn’t very good on her feet” I shrugged again, “she fell down a big hill”

“She’s okay now though?” Scorp asked

“Oh, yeah. She’s fine” I nodded

“Good. That doesn’t make me feel much better though” Rose decided

“I gave it a shot” I joked, “We’ve had the best time with Maia, she’s wonderful, you guys have done a good job” I added

“We gave it a shot” Scorp joked too, while Rose mouthed “Thank you” to me

Just then Liv came back down the stairs with a load of bags, Maia behind her with a couple herself

“Say goodbye baby” Rose nodded towards the two of us

“Bye Uncle Al” she said, giving me a hug

“Bye Princess, make sure you’re a good girl for Mummy and Daddy” I smiled down at her while she was still frowning slightly but nodded nonetheless

“Bye Auntie Livy” she said, now giving Liv a hug

“Bye bye Angel. We love you lots, thank you very much for coming to spend the week with us” she squeezed the life out of her, smiling widely, “Come back soon”

“I will” she promised as she took her Mum’s hand

“We’ll send you an owl later. Thank you for looking after her for the week” Scorp thanked us, picking up the majority of Maia’s bags

“See you soon. Love you both” Rose smiled, grabbing the last couple of things

“Love you three too” Liv smiled back, closing the door behind them

After they’d gone we both slumped onto the sofa, exhausted. We also weren’t sure what to do. Having Maia was wonderful but it changed our entire lifestyle for a week. We defiantly wouldn’t have been up so early (this might be why we were so tired) and we wouldn’t have done half the things we did.

“What do we do now?” Liv asked, turning to me

“What we normally do I suppose” I shrugged, looking at her too

“What’s that again?” she asked

“I have no idea” I noted as she smiled at me

“Well, I guess we’ll just sit here until we figure it out then” she said, turning away from me, her expression changing to be somewhat concerned

“What’s wrong?” I wondered

“Nothing” she said in a very unconvincing voice

“Liv” I stated, moving so I was sat side ways on the sofa

“How is it you know there’s something wrong?” she turned to me, looking slightly outraged

“You look upset and your voice isn’t very convincing that something’s good” I said, looking into her eyes that were slowly welling up

“Well, nothing’s wrong” she said, sounding surer of herself

“Then what’s up?” I asked, holding onto her hand

She moved quickly so she was sat on her legs, facing me on the sofa, “Promise me you won’t freak out?”

“I promise” I nodded

“Okay. What would you say if I said I wanted a baby?” she asked

“I would say, you’d be a great Mum and I’d love to be able to give you a baby. As long as you think you’re ready” I replied with the truth

“Would you really?” she asked, looking slightly taken back

“Of course” I smiled

“Great!” she said, slumping back onto the sofa

“Woah. Would you like to finish that conversation?” I said, pulling her back to face me

“Oh. Yeah. Well. About that. I think we’re ready” she grinned like a school girl

“How ready?” I asked, thinking I may have figured out where this conversation was going

“For me, about 4 days” she smiled

“And...” I prompted

“For real, about 4 weeks” she grinned

“Are you telling me what I think you’re telling me?” I asked in disbelief

“I’m pregnant Ally” she nodded, speaking softly and smiling widely through her speech

“You’re pregnant?” I repeated

She nodded

“And you’re sure?” I wanted clarification

She nodded again

“But, you had your fall” I reminded her

“I know” she nodded, still grinning

“And you’re still sure?” I asked again

“On Friday, when I went to the supermarket. I also went for a check up” she revealed

“And you’re pregnant?” I asked

She nodded

“But...” I started

She interrupted saying, “This time we have a fighter”

“A fighter!” I repeated, shouting slightly, “We’ve got a fighter!”

“That we do!” she joined in, “We’re going to have a baby!”

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” I wondered

“I knew you wouldn’t have let me have any fun with Maia” she shrugged

She was right. I wouldn’t have let her do half the things she did do. But if we still have a baby I guess I’m not going to argue with her.

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Chapter 11: My-Our-News Is Shared
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We didn’t tell anyone about Baby Potter for another 4 months. We waited until we were well passed the four month mark. It was our Christmas surprise for everyone. Liv had already had to let Hogwarts know and they were all so supportive of her, which was the best. First people on the list to tell were my parents and we went to see them as soon as Liv got home for Christmas on the 19th. They were expecting us.

“Merry Christmas!” Liv shouted once we’d flooed in and made it into the corridor

“And a Happy New Year!” Mum smiled as she trapped Liv in a big hug

“Hi Dad” I nodded towards him as he appeared in the door way

“Alright Al?” he asked

“Great thanks” I smiled passing him into the sitting room

The Christmas tree was up and was perfect as always, “Did Lil come round and sort out the tree?” I asked

“Of course she did. It doesn’t look as good if we do it” Dad replied, referencing to Mum

Mum and Liv came in a sat down. We had the usual, how are you conversation and then exchanged presents before either of us to forget and then we told them.

“We’ve got another Christmas surprise as well actually” Liv grinned

“Oh you do?” Mum said, intrigued

“Yeah. We’re having a baby” I smiled

“You’re having a baby?! Thank god because Livy my darling you’ve put on a few pounds!” Mum squealed, grabbing hold of Liv’s hand

“Yeah. We are and that should explain it” she laughed

“How far along are you?” Dad asked

“5 months. I’m due April 7th” Liv explained

“We’re sorry it took so long for us to tell you but we had to be sure” I added

“It doesn’t matter! Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” Mum exclaimed

“No. We wanted to wait until everyone knows and then find out” I told her

“Well, that’s great! Our second grandchild! We may even have our first grandson Harry!” Mum continued to exclaimed

“Yes Ginny, we might. Congratulations you two” he smiled

“Thank you Harry” Liv smiled, getting up to give them a hug

Before we left Mum and Dad promised they wouldn’t tell anyone so we could tell them and said they couldn’t wait for everyone to know. Peyton then arrived just after we’d seen Mum and Dad and squealed the roof off the place. Shouting at her sister for not telling her earlier and keeping it a secret from her even though she found out the day they went out together with Maia. She also said she’d be back but had to go and tell their Mum in person, catching a portkey and promising she’d be back for Christmas Eve, which left us a few days before Christmas to tell all the important people. Although after she’d been told we had a small issue. Who to tell next. James, Lily and Scorose needed to know. Considering Peyton knew, I should have told my brother and sister before Scorose but that’s not how it happened.

We went to the Scorose household on the 18th for lunch and Liv couldn’t have been any faster at letting slip we had to tell them something.

“Merry Christmas” I said, as we walked in, shaking the snow off our shoes

“Happy Christmas Uncle Al” Maia smiled before shouting into the house

“UNCLE AL AND AUNTIE LIVY ARE HERE!” she then proceeded to walk off (This little 6 year old is confident)

“Okay, okay. I’m here little Madam” Rose walked in from the kitchen

“Merry Christmas you two” Scorp said as he stepped down from the stairs

“We have some news!” Liv blurted “and Merry Christmas” she added afterwards

“Spit it out then” Rose encouraged

“I’m pregnant again!” she squealed

“How far along?” Scorp’s facial expressions slowed down and he looked concerned

“5 months” I mentioned, a lot quieter than Liv had been previously spoken in

“WHAT?!” Rose exclaimed

“I’m so so sorry we had to keep it from you but we had to be sure this time” Liv apologised

“And that makes sense” Scorp added, walking towards Liv and giving her a hug

“I’m having a baby Scorpy” Liv dissolved into tears while Scorp comforted her

“When’s your due date?” Rose asked

“7th April” I said

“I can’t believe it!” Rose squealed, trapping me in a hug and weeping slightly onto me

“Neither can we” I whispered and squeezed her tighter

“Livy! You’re going to be a Mummy!” Rose let go of me and squealed at her best friend

“I’m going to be a Mummy!” Liv smiled, through her tears, hugging Rose whose tears become more prominent

“One baby step at a time” Rose whispered into Liv’s hair

“One baby step at a time” Liv repeated, the pair of them now sounding like a drowning cat

Maia walked into the hallway and her face showed shock, “What’s wrong with Mummy and Auntie Livy?”

“Nothing’s wrong Maia” I shook my head and crouched to be at her eye level

“Auntie Livy and Uncle Al have some big news that makes everyone very happy” Scorp told her, crouching down as well

“What news?” Maia asked me

“Auntie Livy and I are going to have a baby” I said

“When?” Maia asked

“In a couple of months” I explained

“Can I see the baby when it comes?” she asked

“Of course you can” I agreed

“Isn’t that good Mi’?” Scorp prompted

She nodded, I’m not sure she really understood but she must have done a bit because she then went and hugged Liv and her Mum’s legs.

“Congrats Al” Scorp said, standing up

“Thanks” I nodded

“Maia. Can you go and get the special gift we got Auntie Livy and Uncle Al please?” Rose said through her tears

Maia did as asked and Rose exchanged a look with Scorp. They both nodded and exhaled before Scorp led us into the lounge and said, “We have some news too. We were going to tell everyone at Christmas but we should really wait a little bit before we do”

“So, we’ll just tell you. But you have to promise not to think we’re trying to steal your limelight or anything” Rose continued

“Here you go” Maia ran back in and gave us a card

“But, we’re expecting our second child in August” Scorp finished and we opened the card to find a Christmas card signed by Rose, Scorpius, Maia and the bump

“Thanks Mi’” I smiled

“You are! Again? Oh my Merlin! That’s great!” Liv squealed

“Another little Malfoy? Does this one know?” I asked, referring to Maia

“Yeah. She does” Scorp said, just as Maia wondered off again

“What does she think?” I asked

“We’re not sure. I don’t think she fully understands yet. But we’re working on it” Rose smiled

“You can tell everyone. Don’t keep it secret. We’ve kept ours for a long time, but that doesn’t mean you have to! I can’t believe it! This is amazing. We both have people living inside of us!” Liv smiled widely

“That we do. But are you sure?” Rose asked, looking at me

“We’re sure” I nodded.

So, we told Scorose, in the hallway of their house. And then they told us about their second Baby Malfoy, which is amazing, but quite frightening too. Pregnant Rose will be coming back, joined by a pregnant Liv.
It happened quite quickly and loads of questions followed which we answered numerous times over the course of telling everyone. They both promised not to tell anyone and said the only people they were going to see before Christmas was Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron, so we decided to tell them after immediate family (they were delighted and honoured they got told separately), as well as Astoria and Draco, who we paid at visit to after Hermione and Ron (Astoria was ecstatic, they both said they couldn’t be more pleased, and were both honoured to have been told separately as well). Liv had wanted to tell them separately anyway, seeing as she loved them both like her own family. Lily screamed her head off, not very different to Peyton actually and was extremely happy we’d told her before James. She promised to help with anything before we’d even asked her anything, and couldn’t stop smiling, which meant she had to swear not to tell anyone. James, Anna and Ashley were all really pleased. Well, James and Anna were, they were really happy we were being allowed our baby this time, and so were we. By the time we told everyone else on Christmas, it had become slightly tedious answering the same questions over and over.

“Livy!” Peyton shouted as soon as she got into the house on Christmas Eve

“Pey?” Liv shouted back from upstairs, she was just changing into her Christmas Eve day Pjs

“She’s upstairs changing into the correct Pyjamas” I filled her in, while sat on the sofa surrounded my presents waiting for them both to get ready

“Thanks Al. I’M COMING UP!” she nodded thanks and took off up the stairs

Once they came back downstairs Liv looked very flustered but Peyton was beaming. Both in the most ridiculous pyjamas, I’ve ever seen, an old tradition they used to have for Christmas at home.

“What’s happened?” I asked carefully

“Peyton’s got some news” Liv said vaguely, joining me on the sofa

I turned to Peyton who looked excited, sat opposite us

“Well, I went home and told Mum. She’s so so happy! She even squealed a little bit. Anyway, she says she can’t come over for Christmas because it’s awfully short notice. I covered for you by the way, I said, you couldn’t come over because you’re all pregnant but you sent me because I’m practically you. Again, anyway, she says she’s going to come over for New Years! Isn’t that great?!” Peyton spoke quickly and all at once. I can’t be the only one who gets lost.

I looked over at Liv to see what I was meant to be feeling. She just looked exhausted. So I had no idea what to say, “Ummm... Yeah, that is great. I’m glad your Mum’s happy because of course we’re over the moon” I decided to say

“See. Al thinks it’s a good idea. Why don’t you?” Peyton said

I received ‘The Look’ from Liv, “I don’t think it’s a bad idea” she started

“Well then what’s wrong?” Peyton asked

“It’ll be stressful” Liv replied

“How?” Peyton persisted

“Well, Mum’s never visited before for one” Liv said

“I’ll come over too if you like; I’ll take her from France all the way here to Hogsmeade!” Peyton offered

“But we haven’t got any room for both of you. We barely have room for you!” Liv explained,

“It’ll be okay. We can postpone the baby’s room. You and Peyton can share our bed. Your Mum can stay in the baby’s room and I’ll sleep on the sofa” I suggested

“Sleep with my pregnant sister?” Peyton repeated

Hey! You say it like it’s a bad thing!” Liv complained

“She’s not that pregnant yet” I commented

Yet!” Liv exclaimed

“Exactly! We’re talking about a while away” Peyton decided to complain now, using Liv’s outrage as agreement

“She won’t be that big” I added

That big?! Excuse me!” Liv exclaimed, “I’m still here you know” she started flapping her hands about (the hormones have just started to kick in)

“We know. I’m just trying to make this work Liv” I said calmly, holding onto her hand

“Can you think of another idea?” Peyton asked

“Peyton. You’re on the sofa” Liv stated, patting the seat with her free hand

“Why do I have to?!” she questioned, like a child to her Mum

“Mum can’t, I obviously can’t and you don’t like Al’s idea. So this is the only option” Liv shrugged

“Fine” she resigned

“Okay. So, you’re okay though with Mum coming?” Peyton checked

“Yeah. Well, it’s done now” Liv shrugged

“It’ll be fine” I squeezed her hand a bit tighter

“Al! Oh god she’s only ever spent 4 days with you!” she realised

“And I’m charming. It’ll be fine” I joked

“Al” she shook her head at me “Wait. Is she bringing him with her” Liv quickly turned on her sister

“No. Just us girls. And Al. That’s how she put it” Peyton revealed and Liv let out a visible breath

“Good” she sat back in her seat, relaxing

“Good” Peyton repeated

“Shall we have Christmas the Adams way then?” I asked

“Yes!” the two girls simultaneously turned to each other, both grinning widely

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Chapter 12: My Adams' Style Christmas
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The girls both got very excited once I’d suggested we started Christmas Eve. Every year we do Christmas Adam’s style on Christmas Eve. And every year I deal with the same giddy, excited sisters. It brings both of them back to a time where everything was much simpler and I'm glad because the smiles on those two girls every year is quite the picture that I forget about everything else and just join in and enjoy myself. 

“Go upstairs then” I prompted, they both did as told and I moved our presents into three piles in the lounge, each next to a chair we had already picked as our spot

“Okay. Come on down” I shouted

Peyton ran down the stairs and started attacking her presents, while Liv took a bit longer after I reminded her to slow things down slightly, she then took to attacking her pile of presents. I took a few pictures of them and then dug into my own pile of presents.

“Peyton, you shouldn’t have!” Liv squealed as she opened a jewellery box to find it had a charm bracelet in it, with a selection of charms. One being a best sister charm

“But I had to really. I saw it and immediately thought of you” Peyton brushed off the complement

“Well, open your card and that little box” Liv gestured towards the table

“Okay...” she said sceptically, “Oh. Liv. Is that? Is that the baby?” she stuttered

“Uh-Huh” Liv nodded

“Oh. It’s beautiful!” she exclaimed, getting up to give us a hug

“Wait until you open the box” I said and she sat back down to open the box

“I guess sister’s think a-like” Liv smiled as her sister opened the box to find a similar looking charm bracelet with an Aunt charm on it

“It’s gorgeous!” she exclaimed, giving us a hug this time, “Does Lily get one too?”

“Yeah. Expect hers is gold” I explained

“That’s great!” she said enthusiastically

One thing that had to happen at an Adams style Christmas is muggle games. New ones and old ones. We have a Wii, a Playstation and an Xbox... as well as half a cupboard full of board games. Any new games for any of these consoles are bought for Christmas Eve. This includes dancing, sports, violence and any other genre of game you can think of, in fact, we have enough embarrassing footage of each other we could probably make a movie series (of about 8 movies).

“This year I am prepared to beat you Albus Severus” Livy taunted, rolling up her sleeves

“Is that so Olivia Victoria Marie?” I smirked back at her, picking up a remote 

“Oh it is so Big A. So prepared” she teased, picking up her own remote and perching on the edge of the sofa

“Well, shall we refer to the chart Little O” I tormented her by walking over to the cupboard under the stairs where we keep the score board on the back of the door and opening it, showing her the evidence she did not want to see.

Livy- 2023
Albus- 2025, 2026, 2027
Peyton- 2024

As you can probably tell, Liv won the very first year we set this up, an Adams Christmas Eve that is. Peyton won the year after that, and then the champion for 3 years is me. And I’m not afraid to remind the pregnant woman.

“Woah there Mr and Mrs Nicknames, I think you’ll find I’m going to make an inspired return to the games this year” Peyton interjected just as Liv was about to retort something (most likely offensive) back at me

“I don’t think so Peyton Renee” Liv turned her attention to her sister and argued while I closed the door again to the cupboard (after retrieving some games that were stored in there).

I closed it  and started to turn away before the many photographs hanging in their place on the wall caught my attention, causing me to double take to inspect them, something I haven't done in a long time. Some of them are from before we’d even met, baby Albus sits on a broomstick aged 1 and baby Liv looks about ready to sink into a bean bag aged 2. A 7 year old Liv wrapped up in woolly clothes next to a 4 year old Peyton, building a snowman. As well as us at Hogwarts, laughing hysterically at something I don’t even remember now, aged 14.
I smile a bit wider when I see Liv’s favourite photo from our graduation, Scorp, Rose, Liv and I all pulling random funny faces. All the photographs are in loads of different frames we’ve acquired and bought over the years, all very different, different colours, different shapes. Mismatched. Random. Different. Surprising. Just like us.

“Al?” Liv brought me back to life

“Yeah?” I asked vaguely

“Done reminiscing and ready to be beaten?” Liv asked, quite short-tempered

“Born ready” I nodded, sitting in between the two sisters, all three of us perched on the edge of the sofa ready for the game to begin.

Let’s just say that thanks to the majority of new games out this year being dance and song related, and both girls having done dance classes since they were old enough to walk, I lost this one. Peyton may have made a truly inspired come back this year with her beating the two of us in both dance (Liv’s pregnant and I’m an awful dancer), she then proceeded to beat us in both of the singing games because apparently she’s got a good voice now and then managed to beat us in the sports game. HOWEVER, I did beat her in the zombie game, because no matter when the apocalypse comes, I will be ready for it.
Between games we ate a buffet style lunch and then by the time we’d finished playing the board games, that Peyton also seemed to win at, it was evening and time to watch the Christmas film they’ve watched every year since they were born.
After they’d both cried at the emotion I never seem to get (I suspect its nostalgia), Peyton had to leave but said she’d be back at around 10am on the 1st.

“Well, that was disappointing” Liv sighed as she got into bed that night

“It was?” I asked, confused while turning to put on an alarm for about 7:30 the next day

“Yeah. I really thought I’d win this year” she frowned as she snuggled down

“Well, there’s always next year” I reminded her

“There is yeah but then we’ll have to add the baby’s name to the list and we all know then it’ll be them that wins” she decided

“Fine. If you want to let them win, you can. I won’t be doing so but I guess it’ll be easier to beat you and them that way” I smirked at her

“That’s not very nice” she pointed out, instinctively touching her stomach

“It’s going to be a couple of years before our little fighter can play anyway, I’ve got time to win a few more times” I shrugged,

“Al!” she squealed slightly

“What? It’s true! They’re not going to be able to play for a good 5 years! You’ve got time to win some more too if you like” I complained

“No Al, she knows!” Liv explained, throwing the covers away from her

“Who knows?” I asked, looking at her and seeing how wide eyed she was

“The baby! Stop asking questions!” she exclaimed, grabbing hold of my hand and placing it on her stomach, “She’s kicking Al. She knows you’re talking about her!” she exclaimed

“Can you hear me little fighter? You going to come and ruin my winning streak?” I asked, speaking to Liv’s slightly swollen stomach that moved slightly with a small baby’s kick

“What winning streak, eh bubs? Auntie Peyton won today” Liv also spoke to the bulge in her stomach

“I can bring it back next year!” I remarked

“Sure you can. I don’t think he will though bubs, I reckon your Mummy will win next year” Liv told our baby

“You don’t believe that do you?” I asked

"Don't listen to him bubs" Liv shook her head and spoke animately causing the baby to stir once more 

“There you have it Al, she thinks I’m going to win” Liv smirked now, apparently very proud of herself

“She thinks does she? It’s a girl then?” I asked, taking my hand off her stomach

“I’m only guessing of course, but I’m fairly certain it’s a girl” she nodded, pulling the covers back on herself

“I’m not so sure. Men are meant to be prominent in my family. I’m part Weasley” I said lying down in bed

“And the larger proportion of women really proves it” Liv grinned, sarcasm in her voice

“Touché” I said, wrapping her in my arms (being the big spoon), realising that she was right and the large majority of my cousins are, in fact, girls.

“Besides, my family’s mostly girls too” she said yawning

“They are indeed. Love you Liv” I smiled, as she placed her hands on top of mine

“Love you too Ally” she said, falling asleep

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Chapter 13: My Wotter Style Christmas- Part 1
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“Merry Christmas!” Liv smiled as I turned to look at her the next morning. Christmas morning.

“Merry Christmas” I smiled back, “have they come?”

“Oh, they’ve come” she nodded, passing me a parcel and starting to open her own

We both held up the product of Nana Molly’s knitting, I received a dark red jumper with a gold A on it and Liv got an awful mustard yellow coloured jumper with a red L on it.

“Could you do me a favour?” she asked

“Sure” I nodded, putting on the jumper I’d received

“Marry me right now” she said just as I had my head in said jumper

“What?!” I spoke through the jumper, certainly surprised at her forwardness.

“So I don’t have to wear this horrible jumper” she added

“Oh” I sighed; pulling the jumper on properly, “I think you look great in it” I smirked, getting up to go to the bathroom

“I’m not hearing a yes or a no” she called after me jokingly

We have figured out quite recently that as Nana Molly gets older each family has a different colour. Well, not really, there aren’t enough colours to take up everyone but still. For example, my family, the Potters, they’re all red, all from Gryffindor (obviously); the only difference is that each little family has different coloured lettering. Dad, Mum, Lily and I all have gold because we haven’t got our own little family yet (you need kids or be married to qualify). James has black writing on his, Anna’s and Ashley’s jumpers.

As soon as we were ready we went straight to The Burrow.
“Knock, knock, knock!” Liv shouted as we walked into the kitchen to find no one was there

“We’re in the lounge” a voice shouted

We walked into the lounge to find those people with kids, James and co (in red jumpers and black lettering), Vidy and their little ones (in blue and light purple), Rox, Jason and the twins (in orange and black), Louis, Elizabeth and Elliot (in blue and light green) and Rose, Scorp and Maia (maroon and navy). As well as Nana Molly and Grandad Arthur, all of which smiled at us and most of which returned to presents after this.

“Can I have my Nana Molly hug please?!” Liv asked immediately upon reaching her

“Of course” Nana Molly stood up and squeezed her tighter than I’ve ever seen

“Livy my dear, have you and Al got something to tell us?” Nana Molly said just after she’d hugged her

“Well, umm, yes” Liv nodded and looked towards me, surprised

“Liv’s pregnant again, but at 5 months this time” I grinned widely, while picking up baby Elliot to say hello

“That’s just wonderful! You, my dear, are on the list for getting extra’s today!” Nana Molly decided, referencing to Dom of course who’s expecting a daughter around the 27th February and therefore needs more too

“Have you been to see one of those muggle doctors Livy? Did you have to do your business on a special stick to see?” Grandad Arthur asked Liv, he’s gotten quite old recently and doesn’t tend to think before he says

“I did go to the doctors actually Arthur, and I did go to the loo on a special stick per say” Liv smiled at the old man

“Did you really? Now, how exactly does that work?” he wondered aloud

“Would you like me to explain to you? Why don’t we head into the kitchen?” Liv offered and Grandad Arthur gladly accepted, taking her off to the kitchen, Nana Molly following muttering something about food (I just think she’s fascinated as well to be honest)

“So, you’ll have a little one soon?” Louis asked as he watched me carefully with his son

“I guess so” I nodded, “How you doing Lizzie? Elliot sleeping any better now?” I decided to ignore my cousin for a little bit and talk to his fiancé

“Thanks to this little man sleeping better I’m feeling a lot better thanks Al” she smiled

“Good, I’m glad” I nodded, pulling faces at Elliot

“You should be, you’ll be the one not having any sleep soon enough!” she joked nervously as I still held her son

“We really do wish you luck with that one Al” Louis said hitting me on the back in a supportive way

“Thanks” I smiled

“Right. I think he needs changing again. I’ll go take him this time Lou” Lizzie took Elliot off me, and Louis despite Lizzie saying she’d take care of him, followed her to change him

How a Weasley Christmas works by the way, is that we send all our presents for everyone to The Burrow days before the big day and Nana Molly and Grandad Arthur put them under the tree. Then those with kids sleep over at The Burrow on Christmas Eve to wake up early and get their presents. Therefore, by the time the majority of us arrive, they’ve already open their presents from us. Although Liv and I are always the first couple to come, much earlier than everyone else, so they tend to open their presents in front of us.

“Uncle Al?” Noah came over to me, followed by Clayer as soon as I’d sat down

“Yes?” I asked

“Can we please open our presents from you now?” he asked very politely on behalf of all the children in the room who had suddenly caught on and had surrounded me

“Don’t you think we should wait for Livy, Noah?” Teddy asked his son in a slightly scolding tone

“Why don’t you go get her?” I suggested, “She’s in the kitchen with Nana Molly and Grandad Arthur” (they don’t like it if you add ‘great’)

Noah ran off and returned with Liv being dragged by the hand behind him. She sat down next to me with a huge grin on her face and took my right hand in her left.

“Can we open our presents please?” Noah spoke up again

“Of course you can” Liv nodded and I agreed

Noah, Clayer, Ashley, Maia, Lola and Logan all opened their present, then all smiled and showed each other and their parents what they had received and then each in turn gave us each a hug and a kiss to say thank you.

“How did it go with Grandad Arthur?” I asked Liv, after we had a break in children

“He’s so sweet. He made me go through the whole doctor’s experience, step by step” she told me

“You know you don’t have to do that” I reminded her because she really doesn’t have to care as much as she does.

“I know but I like doing it” she shrugged, hugging the life out of a 3 year old Clayer

“Watch out there, you don’t want to kill her” I joked while Clayer looked as if she was suffocating slightly

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to squish you. I just wanted to squeeze you!” Liv grinned using a baby voice

“It’s okay Livy” Clayer looked up at her a smiled

“So, what’d you get today little miss?” I asked and Clémence sang off a long list and then brought them all to show us
We played with the all the little ones while they’re parents had a nap or a cup of tea for a bit but before we knew it all the grandparents turned up. Bill and Fleur came first (Blue and Silver jumpers) and cooed over their grandchildren. Then George and Angelina (Orange and Red) turned up and stole Lola and Logan from us, followed closely by Mum and Dad (Red and Gold) and Ron and Hermione (Maroon and Black) both taking their granddaughters off us. Being left we headed into the kitchen where we found all us so-called adults and Nana Molly and Grandad Arthur all sat having a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

“So, do you guys know the sex of the baby yet?” Teddy asked as he stood up and gave Liv his chair, passing her a mug of hot chocolate as well

“Thanks Teddy” she appreciated while I answered the question

“No. But we’re going on the 28th to find out” I revealed

“So, you’re not going to wait and see?” Rose wondered, thinking about it, we never had this conversation with her

“No. We want to know so we can be prepared” Liv said, “We don’t want to have a mad rush getting stuff just after I’ve given birth” she teased Rose, because out of everyone, she’s the only one who decided against finding out the sex of the baby

“Ha ha. When’s everyone else expected to arrive Nana?” she diverted the conversation

“The usual time Rose. Everyone’s here for Christmas dinner at 1. Whether they come a minute before or not is their choice” she shrugged, sipping at her tea

“Someone eager to open presents?” Victoire joked

“Maybe?” Rose joked as well causing everyone to laugh

While everyone laughed I noticed Rose whisper something to Scorp who then came over to me and asked if we could just leave the room for a second. I agreed. Not bothering to tell Liv, she’s in her element here, practically part of the family, I don’t think it would even matter if I was her boyfriend, maybe I should just not bother marrying her, it’d be a lot easier. (But let’s face it, we know I’m going to someday).

We went through into the scullery room and he started to talk, “Sorry this seems a bit odd”

“I’ve known stranger things to happen” I shrugged

“Rose wants me to go and get your entire family” he blurted

“What?” I asked

“I know” he exhaled a sigh along with these words, “I need you to help me”

“Why does she need everyone here now?” I wondered aloud

“She wants to make the baby announcement to everyone right now” he sighed again

“Why on earth does she need to do that?” I questioned

“I don’t know! She probably just wants to make sure she gets extra food” he exclaimed a possible theory

“Is it bad that that wouldn’t surprise me?” I laughed slightly while Scorp just scowled at me, “I’m sorry. Just tell Nana Molly then? Besides everyone tends to get here early and if not, make a speech before we eat” I suggested

“Can’t we just go get everyone?” he whined not wanting to disappoint Rose

“No. It’s Christmas! I’m not spending it rounding everyone else up! It’ll be fine” I put my hand on his shoulder and led him out of the room

“But. Al! This is pregnant Rose!” he complained

“She’s not that pregnant yet. Man up” I smirked

I led him back to the kitchen so he could hide from Rose until 1 o’clock. Escaping the wrath of Rose wasn’t hard because in this house on Christmas Day things go a certain way. Once all our parents turn up, that’s at about 10, the men and women split up for a bit. First the girls headed by Nana Molly make sure foods done or at least in the oven, welcome everyone and send them in different directions but also look after the kids. While that’s happening the men are setting up the table that now needs to sit 43 plus 3 bumps (21 and a half girls, 22 boys and 2 unknown halves), we have to find a way to make the outside warm, it’s challenging but I mean, are we wizards or not?

I was assigned to the welcoming committee along with Victoire and Roxy. Therefore, our job was to sit in the kitchen, check on the food and then direct those who walk in according to their gender. 

“Hey! I hear you have some news!” Dominique walked into the room and beamed at me, followed by Nick who was smiling too, both looking annoyingly amazing in blue jumpers with Aqua lettering

“What?! How?” I asked, standing up to give her a hug

“A certain little birdy outside couldn’t keep it in” she revealed

“Al told you? He’s in so much trouble! You were on my list to tell!” I complained

“Congratulations” Nick smiled while he hugged me

“Thank you! We’re only about a 1 month apart as well; your little girl will have a buddy soon after she’s born!” I told them

“He didn’t tell us that! What’s the due date then?” Dom grinned

“April 7th” I explained

“That’s great! So where’s everyone else?” she asked

“The lounge and then all the men are outside Nick, I’m afraid you’re going to have to brave the cold” Roxy laughed, “Dom, check on the twins for me will you?”

“Sure thing” Dom nodded as she waddled slightly into the lounge, Dom being quite a bit rounder than me, “Where are Auntie Dom’s favourite trouble makers?!” was all we heard as she went through into the next room.

I turned to smile at Rox who was already grinning from ear to ear, I suspect due to the simplicity of that statement she was reminded her childhood best friend had never really left her, even if she lived in Romania most of the year.

At around 11:30 Lily and Lysander (who unfortunately has the same fate as myself and isn’t related to a Wotter and therefore had the brave a bright lime green coloured jumper with yellow writing) turned up. Lily discreetly asking me once they had jumped out of the fireplace whether everyone was up-to-date with our news and then both proceeding to make a fuss and exclaim to everyone how wonderful it all was. Not long after them Charlie turned up and said he was pleased, heading outside to find his brothers. Then roughly 10 minutes after him, Hugo and Penny both arrived, (Hugo wearing Maroon with black lettering and Penny wearing a Mint green jumper with black lettering one- not a bad one to be honest) thinking that the news was absolutely great.

Then, at around 12 Rox swapped with Rose and Victoire wandered off to spend time with her kids and her parents.

“When you going to tell everyone about you know what?” I spoke quietly and as discreetly as possible in a house full of people

“As soon as they all get here I suppose” Rose shrugged and frowned slightly

“What’s wrong?” I asked, concerned, while getting up to take out some biscuits that had been cooked and replacing them with the next batch.

“Nothing” she dismissed, “Sit down, I’ll get that” she insisted as I moved the kettle onto the stove to make a drink

“No, I got it” I replied, to quote a young Rose ‘I’m pregnant. Not dying’, so everyone fussing isn’t really necessary, alas this does not stop them

“No. Sit” she demanded and as I dislike to admit, being pregnant is quite exhausting, so I did as I was told

“Rose. You’re not raining on my parade. You know that right?” I reminded her, because I know she doesn’t want to take this special moment away, although I do wish she’d take some of the attention, everyone keeps coming in to check on me.

“I know. It’s just a big day. I love you Livy and I’m just…” Rose began but was interrupted by her Mum, I

Who bless her soul keeps mothering us both (considering she knows about Rose too), “How are you girls doing?” she smiled as she walked in, “I’ll do that Rose, what did you want?”

We both asked for a hot chocolate and Rose obeyed her Mum and sat down without dispute, thanking her for our drinks, Percy, Audrey, Lucy, Christopher, Molly and her current boyfriend Ryan appeared from the fireplace all sporting pink jumpers with red writing. (Apart from Christopher who received a respectful turquoise jumper with navy lettering and Ryan who was sporting a awful brown number with moss green writing, poor kid).

“Liv. I don’t mean to be blunt, but have you put on a few pounds?” Molly asked in all seriousness, while hugging me

“Is it really that noticeable?!” I complained, having come up with a perfect speech to tell everyone the news, but either being beaten to it by Al or being told I was fat and telling them that way, I had not been able to use it

“Sorry. But it kind of is. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad or anything” Molly started to ramble and receive a couple harsh looks from her family before I cut her off

“No, that’s not it. I think you’ll find I’m a little rounder” I pushed my jumper tight (although thinking about it, it already was quite tight) to show a small baby bump

“You’re pregnant?!” Lucy exclaimed, one thing about Lucy, she loves babies

“That I am” I nodded, grinning.

By the time they had all congratulated me and gone out to find Al and congratulate him too, they didn’t return and Al came through the kitchen door instead

“Everyone knows!” he exclaimed

“Just Freddy and Beau left” I corrected

“Oh yeah, he’s cutting it a bit fine. Dad just told me to get everyone to start going outside. Nana Molly’s cue to get the food ready properly” he noted

“He’s got time” I decided, “Outside we go!”

“Yes indeed, save me a seat” he smiled and kissed me on the cheek, then helping me up, "and careful on the ice" to which I nodded.

“It’s got to be freezing outside Al, don’t we need coats?” Rose questioned, getting up to follow me

“Nah. You’ll be fine. Have a little faith Rosie” he shook his head and headed toward the lounge

“Look Rose it's snowing.” I remarked, opening the door and feeling the cold wind rush into the kitchen, she stood next to me to see and I whispered, "I love you to Rosie Posie, you know that".

“Come on then ladies, you’ll freeze if you stand in the doorway must longer” George joked, motioning us to move carefully but quickly towards the marquee, not dissimilar to the one that’s been used for all the weddings I’ve attended at The Burrow.

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Chapter 14: My Wotter Style Christmas- Part 2
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Rose and I held onto each other tightly as she walked over to the marquee, trying to desperately not to fall over and as we went, to help everyone else, defrosted a path from the house and made it repel water so the snow would avoid it as well.

We walked in to find two horse shoe shaped tables.

One smaller table sat the 7 kids in the middle and their 10 parents opposite them (or anyone really). Surrounding that was a much larger table, still in a horseshoe shape, sitting 12 on the inner bit and opposite them, sitting the remaining 14.

“Good plan, we should have thought of that” Bill commented as we walked in, although, having looked up to take notice of him I got distracted, as, somehow, they’d managed to enchant the ceiling to show the weather outside, just like the Great Hall at Hogwarts

“Sorry?” I questioned, having realised he wasn’t speaking anymore

“Unfreezing a path. We should have thought of that, especially with you and our Dom walking around” he explained

“Yes, well, we wouldn’t want anyone falling over really” Rose swooped in and saved me noticing I still wasn’t paying any attention

“The ceiling’s beautiful” I noted, being dragged away from the door by Rose

“Honestly Livy, you see this every day at work” Rose said impatiently, “Scorp! Can you go get the you-know-whats” she called over to her husband (something I still love to say)

“Yeah” he nodded, “Where’s Mi’?” he wondered, noticing she wasn’t with us

“She’s around here somewhere, with Mum and Dad I think. She’ll be fine” Rose huffed

“I will never get bored of that” I decided, still looking at the ceiling.

“And that’s lovely, now, sit down” Rose now decided and sat me down on the inner of the second table, centre of the action.

“Auntie Livy!” Ashley squealed, running towards me.

“What’s up Ash?” I smiled, picking her up onto my lap which was beginning to get more difficult, what with her age and my state.

“Noah’s chasing me!” she squealed again and buried her head in my chest.

“I can’t see him, Angel. But, I’ll protect you!” I told her, giving her a hug with a small squeeze.

“Thank you” she sighed, her breathing slowing from all the running she was doing.

“There you are! Ashley Ginerva Potter, what have you been running from?!” Anna walked quickly toward us, slightly red in the face (I’m not sure whether that was due to the cold or having probably searched the whole house to find her daughter).

“Auntie Livy protect me!” Ashley turned into me even more.

“She said Noah was chasing her, although I didn’t see him” I mentioned to Anna who sat in the seat beside of me.

“Oh did she really? Well Noah was playing with Maia the last time I checked” Anna said, in a motherly scolding way.

“Really? Hear that Ash? There’s nothing to worry about at all” I tickled her in the side but she did everything she could to stop the giggles leave her.

“Come on then Madame, let’s go sit down and get ready to have some food” Anna said, trying to pry her daughter off me, but ultimately failing to do so.

“Come on Ash” I encouraged before realising it wasn't going to work and saying, “You know what Anna, its okay, Auntie Livy loves a hug”.

“You’re sure?” she clarified, I nodded but she still continued, “I’ll go get Daddy and see if he can do anything. She can be really stubborn sometimes”.

“Is she gone?” Ashley whispered.

“Yeah” I whispered back, “Ash, have you seen the ceiling?” I asked, distracting her.

“Huh?” she looked up at me confused.

“Look” I twisted her around on my lap so she was looking up and pointed.

“Wow!” she gasped, flinching slightly as if she thought the snow would hit her.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” I grinned, looking from the sight to the astonished look on Ashley’s face, “You know at Hogwarts, there’s a big room where this happens every day”.

“Every day?” she asked, clearly impressed.

“Yep. Why don’t you go show the others?” I suggested, feeling the weight of her properly on my stomach as she leaned back to see the view.

“Okay” she nodded, climbed off me and ran to the kids table where all the other kids were already sat, then started pointing to the ceiling and telling everyone she could about Hogwarts.

I couldn’t help but smile while watching Ashley get excited and looking so proud while telling everyone else about the ceiling and then Hogwarts. It made my already quite fat heart swell. Causing me to feel very emotional and I’m sure I looked teary. But apparently it also had an effect on the baby because, out of jealousy or excitement, a little kick hit my stomach. Causing me to jump slightly and let out an “Oooh!” sound. Unaware to me, while Ashley and I were having our moment, everyone else had entered the room and sat down around me, so, making a sudden movement and sound caused a certain amount of distress to those around me.

“What?! What happened? Livy, are you okay?” a very concerned Freddy panicked from beside me.

“Freddy! I didn’t realise you’d arrived!” I reached over to hug him and realised Beau (she gets a nice dark purple jumper with black lettering on it) was on the other side of him, “Hiya Beau! How are you both?” I exclaimed.

“We’re fine. Are you okay?” he focused on me.

“Actually, Al and I have some big news...” I started.

“Yeah, yeah, you’re pregnant. He told us. Are you okay?” he interrupted me and stressed.

“Oh, I’m fine. Why?” I asked quite confused.

“Did you or did you not just jump out of your seat while squealing ‘Oooh!’” he asked, using his best ‘girly’ squeal voice for the ‘Oooh!’

I suddenly became aware that this wasn’t a conversation between the three of us but half of the room (mostly men but also inexperienced women) had stopped what they were doing and were watching me, “Yeah, well, I did but it was just a kick. Sorry, our little fighter caught me by surprise”.

There was an audible sigh of relief and everyone turned back to what they had previously been doing.

“Is it your main goal in life to frighten the life out of me or is that more of a hobby” Freddy complained.

“What do you mean?” I said, trying to suppress a laugh while attempting to sound innocent as well.

“Just remember I now know you can swim” he warned me, referring to a certain prank that I helped Al and Scorp play on James and Freddy in my third year.

“Point made. I’d say it was more of a hobby though; my main goal in life is to frighten the life out of Al. I think I’m doing a good job so far” I joked, finding Al in the crowd of people still milling about.

“I’d say. He looked about ready to crap himself” he observed.

“I do my job well” I smirked.

“What’s this about being able to swim?” Beau had apparently caught onto our conversation and not fully understood it.

Freddy and I both launched into a very odd rendition of what had happened that day. Beau’s face at the end told me that she probably still didn’t have a clue what had happened but found it funny nonetheless. Although I don’t blame her if she was confused, the two of us fought throughout to say it from our own point of view, resulting in a very miss-matched story. Yet she still seemed to laugh in the right places, so maybe we did have a good story in the end.
It was really nice to have Freddy back in the country, he’d only been gone for two months but he already had a tan that looked as if it could last a lifetime and his teeth already seemed whiter. I’ve always found Freddy to be a good laugh and enjoyed spending time with him, so him, Beau and I chatted right up to Nana Molly standing up to announce lunch.

“Merry Christmas Everyone!” Nana Molly announced, silencing us all, “Before I begin with our usual thanks and toast. You’ll find in front you all an envelope, it appears Rose, Scorpius and Maia has some news for us!”

I didn’t have an envelope but I knew why, I had already opened mine and already knew of the new Malfoy due to enter the world later next year. At this moment I looked up and saw three things: the first, the smiles on everyone’s face while reading their cards and realising what it meant. The second thing was that somehow Al wasn’t anywhere near me, being, basically as far away as possible. I could see him if I turned round completely, looking past Rose (who was sat behind me), past Maia (who was sat in front of Rose), past Noah (who was sat behind Maia), past Teddy (who was sat opposite Noah) and finally past Hugo (who was sat behind Teddy). Past those 5 people was my boyfriend, around me were (the third thing I saw) Freddy and Beau to my left, Dom and Nick to my right, Rose and Scorp behind me and opposite me were Angelina, George, Ron and Hermione, but I was completely comfortable (Al’s family love me and I love them back). Despite that, I was feeling quite high on emotions and could have done with an Ally Wally hug.

My train of thought must have been too loud because the next thing I knew Nana Molly was addressing everyone again, “So now back to our Christmas day. I hope each and every one of you got what you wanted this year because I certainly did. Today, I am thankful for you all making us so happy by travelling all the way here, as it seems no distance will stop you, to spend Christmas with this old lady and Grandad Arthur. We love you all, whether you are one of our own or not and we could not be happier to share this holiday with you. Christmas is for family and personally, I thank the lord every day that I have all of you in mine. Now, as some of you seem particularly scrawny and don’t seem to be eating properly as well as three of you eating for two, I say let’s eat!”

The food appeared before our eyes and, as you can probably imagine, that was me gone. I was crying. What made me feel slightly better was that I had an excuse and Dom was doing the same thing next to me.

“Dom!” I laughed through my tears.

“Livy!” she laughed back, pointing from my eyes to hers, both spilling tears down our cheeks, “Hormones!” she shrugged, hugging me.

It turned out we could only speak a word at a time, through crying and laughing, “Uh-huh!” I nodded vigorously into her.

“Wow, this certainly is a scene. I haven’t seen hormones like this since Rose was pregnant first time round” Freddy joked and caused almost the entire room to boom with laughter.

“Everyone?” I questioned Dom.

“Everyone” she nodded, the pair of us now in complete hysterics, while everyone else started to join in.

All I heard was hysterical laughter and I knew immediately who it was, just like I knew earlier she would have been captured by the ceiling (which was true because I managed to catch Liv showing Ashley earlier). I leaned slightly to my left and past 5 different people until I could see Liv in an embrace with Dom, both crying their hearts out and laughing their lungs out at the same time. I couldn’t help but laugh slightly to match her contagious laugh, thinking that, yes, Nana Molly’s speech was sweet, but not cry worthy.

“Umm, Al, I think you’re girlfriend might need some help over there” Charlie pointed out.

“Nah. She’s in good hands” I justified, just as Ron handed her a handkerchief.

She dabbed away her tears and noticed the food, immediately digging into whatever was in front of her.

“We all look ridiculous” Lysander stated once we’d all eaten quite a lot and the noise level had risen once more, he wasn't wrong though, we all looked very special, matching jumpers is really only a one day a year thing though, so we can manage it.

“You better hope to Merlin Nana Molly didn’t hear you” Lily teased, only half-joking.

“We do though. These jumpers are beautifully made but are quite ugly as well” he informed us as if we weren’t already aware.

“Speak for yourself, I quite like mine” Penny pulled at her jumper, a mint green colour with a black P on it.

“You’re goin’ have to get used to it kid, mine’s been the same since I was born” Charlie confessed, gesturing towards his green jumper with a blue C on it, “Besides, if you stick around long enough, it’ll change” he added.

“Zen you vill get a Potter one. Ask Lizzie what ‘er colour vas. You won’t feel so bad aft-ter zat” Fleur interjected, and she wasn’t wrong, Lizzie had a browny-yellowy-green coloured jumper with maroon writing; it was not a good jumper.

“Did Hermione help her this year?” I asked anyone who might know the answer.

“Yeah. I think it’s going to become a thing, Mum helping out. I think she’s getting Harry to help out too” Hugo revealed.

“My dad? Knitting? Now that is something I would pay to see” I choked slightly on the drink I’d just taken a swig of.

“Yeah. I think your Mum said she’d have a go as well” Hugo added.

“My Mum will never have enough patience for that!” I joked.

You better hope that your mum doesn’t hear you kid. You’ll be on the wrong end of a hex at this rate” Charlie inputted.

“You’re probably right Uncle Charlie. She’s all the way other there for now though” I directed his attention to where Mum was diagonal to us on the other side of the room.

We all sat and chatted through two helpings of a main course and dessert, maybe two, you could tell if someone wasn’t related by how much they ate. For example, Lysander ate two helpings of our main course but only managed to eat half his dessert, whereas Lily next to him ate two and bit main courses and then two desserts. Lily possesses a proper Weasley appetite, as Nana Molly would put it. After that it was time for us to open our presents, a somewhat difficult challenge as we can't fit everyone in the lounge, so the tables disappear but some chairs stay, a Christmas tree appears with presents too. It’s only been like this for a couple years though, only since our (the next gen’s) kids have arrived, we used to have everyone squashed into the lounge and up the stairs and in the kitchen doorway, in every nook and cranny, so we could see everyone’s faces as they opened our gifts, now though what with making up the marquee every Christmas we have more space and are able to see everyone easily.

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Chapter 15: My Wotter Style Christmas- Part 3
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“Presents time kiddies! Everyone up and by the door” Nana Molly shouted over everyone and of course everyone did as they were told, “Eyes closed” she instructed, and again, we did as told, making sure all the little ones had their eyes closed too.

By the time we opened them again there it was opposite us, the Christmas tree from the lounge and the piles of presents that were underneath, the little ones had obviously opened their presents and so they appeared too, so they would have something to do while everyone else opened theirs. Chairs appeared in different places in little sections so we could chat to different people. There were even 3 ‘comfy’ chairs for our 3 pregnant women. Everyone dispersed to different places in the room and sat on chairs and on the floor, Noah volunteered himself and Clayer (Noah is like your ideal child, he’s so sweet and looks after everyone so well, even if he is only 6) to hand out everyone’s presents as well, so we all relaxed for a bit. Once again though I was caught talking to someone different and became separated from Liv.

Jason, Rox and I were chatting about the twins when Noah came round and gave us our presents, “Logan’s got a lot better actually, he’s stopped throwing tantrums so often” Jason explained

“We just hope Lola will catch on and do the same!” Rox laughed, but was deadly serious.

“Uncle Jason, here’s your presents” Noah smiled as he passed him presents and then Clayer did the same.

“Thank you very much little man” Jason thanked Noah and accepted the presents.

“Merry Christmas Auntie Roxy” Clayer giggled when she returned with presents for Rox, Noah bringing the rest.

“And thank you little lady” Rox thanked Clayer while tickling her slightly.

Clayer giggled until Rox stopped and then spoke quite timidly to me, “Uncle Al, we put your presents with Livy, is that okay?”

“It sure is, I’ll go over now” I nodded, “I suppose I’ll catch up with you guys again later” I told Jason and Rox.

“Absolutely, could you send Lo and Logie our way?” Rox asked as I got up.

“I will do” I agreed.

“Hiya Lo, Mummy wants some help opening her presents I think. Logan, I think she wants you too” I informed the two twins I found on my way to Liv.

“Why?” Logan asked, he’s at that age, he wants to know why everything happens.

“I’m not sure mate, you’ll have to ask her” I replied and he nodded, running off to ask her.

“I don’t want to go to Mummy!” Lola put her foot down.

“How about Daddy?” I changed my strategy, unfortunately it didn’t work as she shook her head at me, “Okay. Well, don’t then. Logie can just open all Mummy and Daddy’s presents on his own. It doesn’t matter” I shrugged.

“I want to open some more presents!” Lola complained to me, stropping slightly.

“Quick then or else Logie will have opened them all Lo!” I encouraged and she ran off just like her brother had down a couple moments before.

“Uncle Al said he was going to come and open the presents with you now” Clayer informed me, big eyes a dark blue and very wide looking up at me.

“Alright sweetheart. Thank you” I beamed down at her, full of happiness as this day really was turning out to be amazing.

I looked up in search of my boyfriend whom I haven’t seen in a couple of hours, I found him with Lola and Logan, and from what I could decipher from lip reading and reactions, he was trying to convince them to go back to their parents. Which seemed easy for Logan to do although Lola seemed to need more persuasion but did go in the end. He looked up once he’d finished with them and caught me watching him. I watched his face change into a smirk (that still challenges that of his brothers) as his vivid green eyes grinning at me even though his mouth looked cocky. I rolled my eyes at him and looked back to the people around me, Ginny, Hermione, Rose, Lucy and Audrey were all there chatting amongst themselves when Al came over and kissed me on the cheek.

“I hear you have my presents” Al got straight to the point and sat down like a child next to me.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love it, I love it so much!” Lily screamed in my ear and hugged me from behind

“You’re very welcome Lil” I grinned at her but she was off showing everyone her gold charm bracelet with an Aunt charm on it.

“Did Peyton get one too?” she suddenly asked.

“Yeah, but in silver” I revealed, fully noticing that the two of them had really hit it off and were treating each other as family, something I’m very happy about.

“Oh that’s great!” she exclaimed and disappeared to show more people her gift.

“That was really sweet guys, you know Lily’s probably more excited about this than you are” Ginny said knowingly.

“I don’t know Mum, but she’s well up there” Al laughed, “We knew she’d love it as soon as we saw it so of course she had to have it” he added after. Ginny just laughed and looked at her son proudly.

“Present time!” I squealed much like the little ones did earlier at the thought of presents.

“Can I have mine now?” Al asked just as I was about to open the first present I had on my lap.

“Most of them are addressed to the pair of us” I commented, going through the pile and handing him the ones that had his name solely on it, (which was actually quite a lot considering my presents to him that he didn’t open yesterday were there too).

“Wait. That’s not even fair. We’re not married yet, why would they put our presents together?!” Al moaned, obviously very annoyed that we hadn’t got a gift each.

“Albus” Ginny said in a scolding voice, her proud look gone, “Don’t be so selfish” she added, but apparently no one else was paying attention to that as they were all just looking at Al and then at me and then Al again.

“Sorry” Al apologised and hung his head slightly in shame, bringing it up to notice Hermione, Rose, Lucy and Audrey all looking at us, “I did just apologise, what else do you want from me?” he asked.

“Umm Al, you do realise you just said yet?” Rose wondered, and caused me to flush a deep red that turned a red much the same as the Rose’s trademark hair.

“What?” he questioned.

"Yet" Lucy said. 

"Did I?" he asked. 

“Yes, I’m sure you did” Audrey replied, certain and nodding to prove it.

“Well, it’s always a possibility, but we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?!” Hermione thankfully came to our rescue, allowing me to return to my normal slightly rosy cheeks.

To ensure I change in conversation I quickly opened a present on my lap from Ron and Hermione to find the cutest baby-gro, yellow with little ducklings on it.

“Awww, Hermione, you shouldn’t have! It’s adorable! Thank you. Al, look at the little duckies!” I thanked Hermione, getting up to give her a hug.

“It’s alright, a little bit of last minute shopping never does anyone any harm” she smiled and hugged me tightly, “Merry Christmas sweetheart” she whispered in my ear as we broke apart.

I don’t know what it was about that simple geuster but it got to me. Hermione had always been there for me, as a second mother looking out for me when my Mum didn’t and caring for me more than she ever needed to. Those three words caught me off guard because she seemed to hold onto me longer than necessary and meant those words so much. Both her and Ron have always been like a second family to me even though I never asked them to be and Hermione’s sympathetic face full of love as we broke apart in that hug reminded me of the face she put on every time she saw Rose when she was pregnant and vulnerable to the world and even though I’m not as vulnerable I understood she was telling me she was there for me, whatever it was I needed. This led to me crying quite suddenly but only silent weeping tears of joy.

“Hey hey hey, no need to cry” Ginny reassured me, trapping me in a hug which Hermione also joined in on and then Rose, having us all in a warm embrace, “You’re already family Livy, you know that” Ginny now whispered in my ear, causing more tears to flow.

I relaxed and allowed my weight to be supported by Ginny as I put my head on her shoulder and hugged her with appreciation. When everyone started to let go she held me at arms length and said, “All better now?”

“Perfect” I replied and it was.

Al exchanged a look with me to check but I’d already started to grin from ear to ear again so all was well. I opened more presents from the people around me and then as I really had no energy to get up and thank everyone else, I opened my presents from Al.

The first present I came across from him was a little box that I only managed to get the wrappings off as before I could see the contents of it Al caught my attention by holding my hands, and Rose sent off silver sparks in the air, which caused a deafening silence by which I could've heard a pin drop were one to have done so.

I looked from the sparks to Al and saw a sweat trickling slightly from his brow, his face looking concerned but before I could ask what was wrong he’d started to speak,
“Liv Div, you mean the world to me and despite everything that’s happened between us, there’s never been a moment you’ve meant less to me or I’ve ever loved you less than with all, or almost all, of my heart. I mean there’s a bit of my heart that loves my family and whatever but mostly it’s you and, well, now our little fighter but still.Basically, I love you a lot and I know I’m messing this up but I’m really nervous and I’m not sure why” he stopped for a second to wipe his brow.
“So anyway, I’m sure there isn’t anyone alive as willing as I am to spend every living minute of their life with you, not that that would be a bad thing, it’s just I couldn’t imagine the rest of my life any other way than waking up to your face every morning, even when we’re both old I want to be there with you. And… I’m sorry, did any of that even make sense? I’m really messing this up, can I have a do-over?”

My mind racing, I couldn’t say anything, my brain just wasn’t responding. I was looking into his eyes, his green eyes looking clearly as nervous as he sounded while stuttering and tripping over his words. Messing up some sort of speech he had prepared. Although as the pieces of his speech came together in my mind I started to smile because I beginning to understand what was happening.

“Cut to the point Al!” I heard Scor’s voice encourage him from not too far away.

He nodded in response and got down on one knee taking the box from my lap and opening it so I could see a Vintage Edwardian Engagement ring (a ring I’ve always said I wanted), I began to shake my head with the severity of this action, tears falling down my face once more.

“Right, the point is. I love you more than life itself and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So, will you do me the honour of taking my last name, becoming an official member of my family and marrying me?” he proposed after Scor’s encouragement in front of his entire family but looking and focusing completely on me as if they weren’t even there to witness.

My head shaking turned into nodding, that’s all I could do. I then (eventually) built up the courage to speak and blurted out, “Yes! I mean, of course. I mean, Ally Wally! I mean, I love you too! I mean… wait, can I have a do-over?”

He placed the ring on my finger and grinned at me saying, “No need” and then kissed me quickly as I’m sure we were both aware of the many faces now surrounding us.

I got up and practically squeezed the life out of him, “Did you just ask me to marry you?” I asked for clarification.

“Yeah, and you just said yes” he admitted, still smiling from ear to ear.

“I did didn’t I. Could you just excuse me for a second?” I asked, nodding.

“Sure?” he agreed, sounding confused but everyone had started congratulating him by now, so it didn’t really matter.

I turned round quickly and wasn’t disappointed as the person I wanted to talk to was still next to me, “OH MY STARS ROSE I’M GETTING MARRIED!” I squealed, jumping up and down with her like a lunatic.

“I know! But you’re also really quite pregnant” she reminded me, slowing me down and making me sit down to.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot. Sorry little fighter” I apologised, stroking my stomach and looked up to see Al watching me, smirking.

“You love it really” I joked with him.

He held my hand, moving my ring slightly and smirked still saying, “I know.”

Everyone said a congratulations and hugged us for the rest of the day, my other presents, lets say did not live up to the same standard as my engagement but were all truly thoughtful and beautiful. It dawned on me however, later in the day that everyone knew about this, or else it wouldn’t have gone down so well.

Al and I were sat with Dom, Nick, Hugo, Lily, Freddy and Beau when I realised, “Wait a minute, you all knew didn’t you?” I accused them all.

“Maybe?” Lily beamed at me, cheeky written across her face.

“All of you knew?” I repeated

“Only for a couple of weeks to be fair” Dom held her arms up as if at gunshot and laughed.

“For the record, we didn’t even know” Freddy inputted,

“We just went along with everyone else” Beau added, shrugging.

“Okay, fine. Could you really not have sent them a message Al?” I turned to Al who was not expecting me to blame him although he just shrugged in response.

“That’s one of the reasons we were so surprised to hear your baby news, we all thought we were updated on the Al and Livy story. Apparently we weren’t until this morning, for most of us anyway” Hugo confessed, purposely looking at Lily once he’d finished, (Lil may or may not have kept going on all day that she knew I was pregnant and therefore knew everything before most people).

“Oh. Well, I’m not being held responsible for that, I only had one secret!”I joked, “You two must have known for ages though, right? How long have you been planning this for?!” I wondered aloud.

“You do realise how long you’re at work at a time Liv?” Lily reminded me, and I suppose when I’m gone for term time I barely see anyone.

“Besides, I decided for sure I was going to ask you on Rose and Scorp’s wedding day, I’ve had a lot of time.” he revealed.

“Did the bouquet really sway you that much?” I frowned at him, guessing that was probably it.

“No, that wasn’t it at all, I decided before that. Do you remember I was a little late to the meeting just before they got married and Mum was angry at me but it was fine and she didn’t really need to be?” he remembered.

“Yeah” I nodded, remembering how nervous everyone was before showtime and how Ginny didn’t have a lot of time to explain everyone’s roles, causing her to be very disgruntled when her own son didn’t turn up on time.

“Well, I was talking to Scorp and he was saying how nervous he was but how it didn’t really matter because he couldn’t stop thinking about how Rose was and how nothing on this earth mattered to him more than Rose. He even said that he couldn’t wait for this bit to be over so they could start their lives together” he recalled.

“Did he really? That’s so sweet, bless ‘im” Dom couldn’t help but say.

“Yeah, but while he was going on and on about that, all I could think of was that you were exactly what Rose was to Scorp and how if they could get married, why couldn’t we. So then I decided that I’d ask you when I built up the courage and perfected my speech” he smiled at the memory and chuckled slightly at the fact his perfect speech hadn’t gone to plan.

He deserved the kiss he got after that because it really was beautiful, remembering back I even brought back the memory of him joking he’d be the groom the next time I walked down the aisle and I guess at this rate, he will be.

“And I couldn’t be happier that you did” I squeezed his hand and the conversation went into how he had secretly told people what he was going to do and went ring shopping with almost everyone to get their opinions and Rose had come up with the silver sparks idea. It was all very sweet to be fair, he went to serious lengths to make sure it was perfect and even then, the only thing that no one could help him with, his speech, he messed up!

We stayed until late that night, because, well, it was Christmas. The little ones got to stay up late but most of them collapsed in different places and had their parents carry them to their beds for Christmas. Us adults talked into the night, some drinking and being escorted home by partners, siblings, cousins and in a last resort parents. Overall we had a great day. I mean, I’m going to become Mrs Potter soon enough… What’s not good about that?

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Chapter 16: My Baby's Mum
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The day came very soon after that to find out the sex of the baby, Liv was so excited she literally had to use the loo four times before we left. When we did eventually leave, we found Rose was at work on the desk to the maternity ward.

“Good morning. Do you have an appointment?” Rose smirked, she has to be professional at work and pretend she doesn’t know us.

“Yes, we do actually. Under the name of Adams” Liv smiled.

“Ah, yes Olivia. If you’d like to follow me” she led us to a room and got Liv to change into a special gown.

“Healer Webb will be with you in just a moment” she left the room but quickly popped her head back round to say, “I’m just out here, I want to know as soon as you leave this room!”

We waited for a moment and just as Rose said, a woman in her mid-30s appeared, her hair tied back in a bun.

“Hello again love. How are you holding up?” she grinned.

“Great. Actually, this little one sure is a kicker though!” Liv mentioned.

“Some of them are love” she nodded, “And how are you Albus? Waiting on her hand and foot I hope!”

“Of course, as much as I can. I’m fine though, how are you?” I asked politely

“I’m very well. Let’s get on with this then, shall we?” she asked, rubbing some gel on Liv’s stomach and projecting a screen quickly with her wand before hovering it over her stomach, “You wanted to know the sex didn’t you?” she clarified.

“Yes please” Liv nodded.

“Right, so, I don’t know if you can tell but you two will be the proud parents of a baby girl” she smiled widely.

“A baby girl?” Liv practically choked on her words.

“Yes. She seems perfectly healthy. I’m just going to record her heartbeat. Would you like a copy of the ultrasound?”

“Yes please. 8 if we can” I answered as Liv was tearing up.

“Of course. I’ll just go and sort them out. You can get cleared up now love” she left the room and motioned her wand clearing up the gel from Liv’s stomach.

Liv changed and Healer Webb came back, gave us the copies and of course she was gone. Liv was crying again. “A baby girl. Al, we’re having our baby girl” she shook her head in disbelief.

“I know. Now do you want to tell Rose or shall I?” I offered.

“Rose!” she weeped some more, and quickly got up and left the room, myself in her wake, “Rose!” she met her best friend coming out from behind the desk and hugged her tightly, “It’s a girl. I’m having my baby girl” Liv spoke through her tears which were now getting Rose’s pink uniform damp.

“You’re what?” Rose questioned.

“We’re having a girl” I replied.

“Oh Livy. Congratulations!” Rose grinned, tearing up slightly herself and holding Liv at arms length so she could see her properly, “A baby girl! Livy that’s fantastic! No, more tears. Come on. This is great!” Rose cheered up considerably but I could still see the faint traces of a few tears falling down her cheek.

“I know. I’m just emotional, But why are you…” she began but was cut off by Rose,

“Look what you’ve done. I’m all emotional now. Al, take her home before we’re both a mess” Rose instructed me and waved us off before composing herself and getting back to work.

We got back home and didn’t really feel like talking to anyone, we just sat in each others company, feet up on the coffee table, Liv reading some sort of pregnancy book and I was looking through a file for work. It wasn’t until we got an Owl from Mum that we thought maybe we should send out a message. Mum and Dad got their copy of the Ultrasound and a note saying it was a girl back with Mum’s owl. We attached two other copies of the ultrasound for Liv’s Mum and Peyton to Snowflake, Liv’s owl and sent her on her way. Then I got Aphrodite to deliver Nana Molly and Grandad Arthur their copy. While I did that Liv used our phone (that hardly gets used) to call her Grandma Linda and let her know the news and then got a letter ready to post her copy too. I put my copy in my wallet, Liv put hers in her purse and we put the last one on our fridge along with the other ones from previous ultrasounds and check-ups.

“Hey bubs! Guess what we just found out? You’re a girl!” Liv started to speak to the baby once she’d finished writing the letter.

“I bet you don’t even know what that means. Just go with it. It means you’re just like Mummy” I filled her in.

“Yeah. You might be like Daddy in other ways though” she explained.

“Maybe. Now we know you’re a little girl though, Mummy and Daddy have to decide on a name for our little fighter now” I realised, looking a Liv and promoting the use of Mummy and Daddy, it’s going to be difficult to start to putting that into our everyday vocabulary.

“Okay. Ooh! How about we make it a game?” Liv exclaimed.

“A game? How?” I asked, unsure of how she was going to work this into a game.

“I say a name and you say yes or no. That way we get a smaller list the closer we get to the birth. Then we get to decide from a few when she’s born” Liv explained and I had to admit it, it was a good idea.

“Good plan. You go first” I decided

“Sky” she offered

“No” I replied

“Why not?!” she complained

“Sky, as in the thing up there?” I pointed outside, “It’s just be confusing!”

“It’s not confusing!” she argued

“If this is how it’s going to be for every name, I don’t think I want to play anymore” I frowned.

“No, you’re right. Your go” she agreed.

“Poppy” I suggested.

“No” she shook her head.

“Can I ask the reason? Actually can we put reasons on the end?” I asked.

“Yeah. Good idea. It reminds me of war. It’s a muggle thing” she shrugged, looking sad, “Crystal”

“No, is that really different to Sky? Still confusing for her” I denied, “Scarlett”

“Scar as a nickname? No, the poor thing!” she disagreed, “Eliza”

“Yes. Actually, I like that one” I nodded, “Eliza, nickname?”

“El, Liza, Ellie?” she made some up.

“Eliza is on the list for possible names” I smiled, “How about Bluebell?”

“Hmmm, maybe. I quite like the idea of a flower girls name actually” she decided

We kept going finding that Heather was a no and so was Blossom, Emerald, India and Destiny. However, Ivy, Posey and Riley were potentials, joining Eliza and Bluebell in the list of possible names.

We went to bed that night with a small smile on our faces, a little list of names next to the bed and the knowledge of our baby girl in our minds. We woke in a very different way.
She threw me into a state of panic. Screaming, a high pitched, deafening scream that I’m sure the neighbours would have heard if I hadn’t cast Muffliato charm. She was screaming and trying to move, kicking me, but seemingly constricted.
I woke up and tried to move her, to comfort her, but she wasn’t awake. She was dreaming. Experiencing a nightmare. Again.

I sat up straight, watching her, trying to help but at every touch could feel her tense and move violently to get me away. I waited and waited but she didn’t seem to stop, so I gently held her arm. To this she quickly woke and turned on me, wand in hand, performing Levicorpus on me so I was upside down.

“Liv!” I shouted in shock, and then hoping this might have brought her to her senses, which thankful it did.

“Al! I’m sorry!” she apologised, bringing me down safely.

“It’s okay. Are you alright?!” I was honestly more concerned for her than me.

“It was just a bad dream” she shook her head, nuzzling back down to go back to sleep.

“That wasn’t just a bad dream. You were screaming. That’s never happened before” I commented, because in with her nightmares, never once has she physically scream out loud that much.

“Did I? I’m sorry” she apologised, “Will you please lie back down? It’s 4 in the morning” she continued, complaining I was still sat up right.

“No. Don’t be so nonchalant about this. It’s a big problem” I replied, suddenly deciding to be stubborn about this and put my foot down.

“Don’t you think I know that? But what can I do about it Al? Nothing. What do you want me to do?” she argued, I suspect slightly due to hormones, slightly due to lack of a good nights sleep.

“I want you to go and see Lily” I quite simply put it, Lily is, of course, now a psychologist one floor above Rose.

“But… I… Fine” she caved and as I lay down snuggled into me to sleep.

“Is Lily Potter in?” I asked Lily’s shared assistant who was sat behind a desk as I approached her.

“I’m afraid I can’t divulge that information. Have you got an appointment?” she snobbly asked.

“No. But I’m sure if she’s free she’ll see me” I replied, getting a bit hot-headed.

“I can enquire. What’s the name and the reason for your visit?” she asked, raising an eyebrow at me and picking up the phone.

“Livy, her brother’s fiance, Hogwarts Professor and axe murderer. Here to speak to her” I smirked, raising an eyebrow to match hers.

“Sorry Miss Potter. Yes. It’s just a person is here to see you. She insisted. It’s Livy, your brother’s fiance, Hogwarts Professor and axe murderer? She's here to speak to you” she rang Lily who didn’t seem to impressed to begin with. The woman not breaking eye contact with me the whole time she spoke, trying to stare me out, which of course, didn’t work, “Yes. Okay. I’ll bring her in then. Thank you, bye” she put the phone down and stood, “If you could just follow me”

I smirked, a smirk that could rival that of James Potters, “Of course!”

We walked along a hallway, plastered with different pictures drawn by kids who were patients here. We didn’t stop until we reached the end of the hallway, were a bright purple door stood, with a rather shiny yellow sign stating L. Potter.

“There’s my favourite axe murdering sister in law!” Lily squealed as soon as she saw me, “Thanks Carol” she nodded to the woman closing the door, “Congratulations! I can’t believe you’re having a baby girl. Am I ever going to get a nephew?”

“At this rate, I doubt it!” I smiled, hugging her, “thank you though gorgeous” I thanked, squeezing her a bit tighter.

“Anytime. Now what does my almost sister require this morning?” she wondered.

“Al asked me to come. Seeing as you’re a fully trained psychologist and all” I complimented her greatly as she deserved it.

“Oh. So, the nightmares have gotten worse?” she jumped straight to the point, “Take a seat chick, make yourself comfortable” she gestured to the leather lounge chair, which I sat in while she took the seat next to me, a comfy looking bean bag that reminded me of the ones she had in her own room. It was blue as the sun is yellow.

“I guess. It’s really nothing to worry about. I just, I accidently hung Al from the ceiling last night. In my sleep. It was his own fault really, he touched me. Completely caught me off guard” I explained

“Why would that catch you off guard though? You guys share a bed!” she laughed.

“Well, yeah, but I was… well, in my dream, I was, well, I was stuck. I couldn’t move, my hands were tied around my back and I was giving birth and I was all alone and I couldn’t help or do anything” I rambled on, “I was screaming and screaming for help, the pain was so unbearable. And then Al touched me and I managed to pick up my wand, half asleep and cast the spell on Al” I took a deep breath and sighed.

“Livy, now listen, I know you don’t talk about your family a lot but could you tell me a little bit of what happened in your childhood?” Lil spoke quietly, forcing as much care into one sentence as possible.

“Lil, I can’t” I shook my head,

“Can you try? For me? Have you ever even spoken about it?” she persisted,

“No. I haven’t” I replied, not looking at her.

“Maybe it’s time to start” she stated, calming me and drawing my attention fully.

I looked into her green eyes, the eyes I’m told make her look strikingly like her grandmother, Lily and the eyes that match that of Al's.She was pleading me to share the things I never had. She looked almost helpless, wanting to help so much but being simply unable until I let out the extent of my past. But, I guess, maybe it is time, maybe I shouldn’t marry someone who doesn’t know everything about me.

“Lil, can we record this, for Al, and only Al. He deserves to know and I don’t want to talk about it twice” I asked, as my only condition.

“Anything you want” she nodded, and brought out a special wand she used for purely this type of issue.

“Okay. First of all. I’m sorry, you’ll tell me after not to be, but I am. I’m sorry for not telling you and I’m sorry because this may take a while, my hormones will drag it out, I’m sure” I apologised.

Lily just nodded and look at me sympathetically, something I didn’t want, but have always presumed would happen.

"Well, we all know that my Dad died and that was really hard, because obviously how couldn't it be. And the thing was that Mum moved on so quickly, it's not that I wanted her to be some sort of lonely cat lady or anything... It's just my Dad died on the Thursday and by Saturday Mum was over him and had a new boyfriend. I just never thought that my Mum was like that, I always had this image of my Mum as some perfect woman I wanted to be, but truthfully, if I end up like her, it'd be the worst mistake of my life" I took a breath and looked at Lily who smiled sadly and nodded for me to continue.

"So, her new boyfriend, I don't even remember his name, or whether he even told me his name. All I remember was that he was abusive. Now there is never a reason for that, I don’t know why he did it, nor do I ever want to. He treated me like shit. He was better to Peyton and Mum but for some reason he hated me. I didn’t feel good enough until I left for Hogwarts. I met Scorp on the train and then your brother and Rose and realised that some people’s lives are a lot worse, so things got better. I started writing letters to my Dad which helped. So, now I’m fine. Especially since Mum and Peyton went to France and now Mum’s got this new bloke, who, to be honest, doesn’t seem too bad. They’re okay, so I am too” I shrugged, feeling relieved that that was off my chest.

“Do you think this has anything to do with your nightmares?” Lily inquired.

“Yes. No. I don’t know. They’re mostly about death, about losing someone I love too quickly. Last night was just a one off, he was there, stroking my face, running his fingers down my body. Making me freeze with dreaded anticipation. He would stop just before, just before anything actually happened, just to spite me or scare me. That was the dream, but I wasn’t experiencing it, I was watching a little girl with black hair and lilac eyes” I looked Lily straight in the eye, “It was our baby, Lil. You can’t possibly understand how that feels, and I hope to the end of the solar system that you never do. I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t move, I tried so hard, so so hard but it was useless. And then Al touched me, so I defended myself. I’m just glad I didn’t do anything else” I protectively held my stomach, not letting go and trying to feel the movement of my daughter moving inside of me.

“How do you feel right now?” Lily asked, trying to hide a grin.

“Relieved” I sighed, “Relieved and tired” I thought about it.

“Good. Let’s see if that makes any difference” Lily decided enough was enough, “I really admire you for being able to say that. It takes a lot of guts”

“I bet you say that about all your patients” I laughed

“Maybe but I don’t always mean it.” she shrugged,
“I mean it this time” she confirmed.

A knock on the door indicated our time was up. “I’ll see you soon” I stood up and hugged her, she passed me the wand and didn’t speak another word about, saying everything with her eyes.

“Bye baby! Say Hi to her Daddy for me” Lily spoke to the little fighter, and then to me, “Stay rested” she reminded me and as I opened the door, “and remember to give that axe a rest for a while” she called after me.

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Chapter 17: My Girlfriend's Family
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“Why did we agree to this again?” Liv shouted to me, while hoovering the lounge.

“Because she’s your Mum” I shouted back from the study.

“Does that really mean anything though?” she asked, ever since I found out about her past, she’s done three things, make me promise not to talk about it to anyone, discreetly talk about it, and complain her Mum is coming.

“Yes. It does. She never did anything to you” I shouted and then quietened down once the hoover had stopped, “Besides, this is her first grandchild, she’s bound to be excited”

“I know. I know. It’s just a lot to handle. When did Peyton say they were coming?” she asked

“About 20 minutes” I replied, still making the study look presentable.

“Okay. So quiz time” she decided dusting the lounge now, “Mum’s name?”


“Good. How does she have her tea?”

“Milk, no sugar”

“Yep, and Peyton?”

“She doesn’t like tea. You’re both more hot chocolate kind of people”

"What are you not allowed to do?"

"I'm not allowed to talk about your Dad if I can help it but most importantly I shouldn't disagree"

“Right. Wait. Did you sort out the baby’s room?”

“Yeah, we did that yesterday, stop panicking” I stood in the archway of the study and watched her frantically dust the fireplace, she was wearing a dress a wintery sort of long jumper which showed off her bump that just keeps getting bigger and leggings, her hair was getting longer now and was moving swiftly past her shoulders as she moved.

“I’m not panicking, it just has to be perfect. I mean, now we’ve got to announce we’re engaged. She barely knows you, she’s bound to have an opinion on that” she replied, now re-folding the sheets for Peyton.

“Why are you so worried about that? How come I’m suddenly not good enough?” I questioned as it seemed ever since we’d gotten engaged this was a problem.

She stopped in her tracks, placed the sheets down and turned quickly to face me, she looked upset, “It’s not that. It’s never been that at all” she put her stuff down and came towards me, taking my hands in hers, “It’s just, when I was little, Mum and I used dream about this moment. We had it all planned out, I was going to have my first baby when I was 24, then have another when I was 26, and then when I was 27 I’d get engaged, but not have the wedding until I had a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old to have beautiful little pageboys or flower girls” she grinned, and I couldn’t help but feel bad, because we’re a heck of a lot younger than she ever thought she’d get married.

A million things went through my head about her doubt as she continued,
“So, I’d have Peyton, a friend, and maybe a sister-in-law as bridesmaids go down first with the respective groomsmen, two of the cutest kids going next and then Dad would walk me down the aisle. It was so perfect. And then of course, I’d get pregnant on my honeymoon and have another little one, making one perfect little family and living happily ever after. I promised her, then, you know when Dad died, we decided that my kids would walk me down the aisle. I promised her that’s what would happen, but I’ve found out I don’t have a lot of control over my life” she frowned slightly at the end, and I could practically see the scene she explained being played in her eyes.

“I’m sorry I messed with your happily ever after” I stepped back slightly from her, feeling worse than I had before.

“That’s the thing though Al, this is my happily ever after, I just didn’t know it then. Even if it’s only ever just me, you and our Little Fighter. I don’t need all that” she stepped closer, speaking with her eyes to show me the truth, “I just feel guilty because those we the last conversations I ever really had with Mum that meant something” she shrugged ever so slightly.

“To be fair, you’ll almost be 24 when you give birth and you’ll have a sister-in-law” I mentioned, looking at the ground.

“Exactly, but what I wanted when I was 10 was a blonde haired rugby player that was at least 6 ft something and looked completely terrifying but was really nice and because I sucked at sports I decided I would go to all of his games and sit with all the other WAGs and be supportive and travel the world with my husband until we fell in love with Australia where we then lived forever with our kids” she rambled on.

“What I actually fell in love with was very different though. He’s a black haired Quidditch player who is 5ft 10 and doesn’t look the tiniest bit scary and actually plays the same sport I do, so I haven’t got a lot of time to cheer him on because I mostly play with him. He actually works for the ministry, not a sports team, and works way too hard to protect people he doesn’t even know. As for travelling, we haven’t done a lot and doubt we ever will because we both fell in love with the place we fell in love in, so the odds are we’ll live here, maybe not in this house but here, for the rest of our lives because it’s perfect for us” she smiled, looking up at me.

I closed the gap between us completely and leant down to kiss her.

“Besides, when I was 10 I wanted to be a professional Quidditch player with a tall blonde wife, who would wait on my hand and foot and have one son who would follow in my footsteps, becoming the world's best keeper, so one day we’d be in the record books as being the worlds best seeker and keeper. While my wife stayed at home and cooked us the best food ever that would challenge Nana Molly’s cooking” I revealed, laughing

“But now I’m a Auror, following my Dad, not Mum, with a brown haired fiance, who quite rightly so does not wait on my hand and foot and we’re going to have a beautiful baby girl who I seriously hope doesn’t follow my footsteps because I’d never want her to be in danger. Then, I hope we can fill the world with a couple more gorgeous kids who follow their Mum with her gorgeous good looks and do something relatively safe as a job, like teaching and not have enough time to cook food every night, because they have better things to do.” I continued honestly, “You may not be what I thought but Liv, you’re much much better than I ever imagined”

“This” she nodded, referencing our life, “This is what I wanted. I love you so much it’s unbelievable” she smiled, her eyes locking mine.

“I love you more than anyone will ever comprehend” I smirked, “Always”

“Awww! You two are adorable” Peyton’s voice snapped us out of our trance.

“Shhh, you. Happy New Years Eve!” Liv trapped her sister in a hug,

“Mum! It’s so great to see you!” Liv then turned to her Mum for a hug.

“Alright Al? Looking after my sister well I see!” Peyton smiled and hugged me too

“I’m definitely more than alright. How are you? How was your portkey?” I asked

“I’m great! Mum on the other hand didn’t appreciate the portkey so much” Peyton complained, rolling her eyes.

“No, my stomach’s been turned inside out and back again” she agreed, walking in and taking a seat.

“I’m sorry about that Mrs Adams, would you like a glass of water?” I asked, politely heading towards the kitchen.

“It’s Hazel, I haven’t been called Mrs Adams in a long time” she replied, not actually saying whether she would like some water.

I looked at Liv for a reply and she nodded quickly and discreetly pointed towards the kitchen, “Would you rather have a cup of tea Mum?” she asked.

“A good cuppa would go down well right now, yes” Hazel nodded.

“Did you hear that Al? A tea and two hot chocolates please!” Liv called as I walked off to the kitchen, where Peyton joined me to help.

“Where’s the hot chocolate?” Peyton questioned

“Cupboard over the bread bin” I replied

“Where? Oh, I got it” she smiled and passed it to me, “Fair warning Al, Mum’s really happy about the baby, she’s just a bit disappointed she wasn’t told sooner”

“But we didn’t tell anyone until…” I started before she interrupted

“and I told her that, but she’s still miffed about it” she shrugged,

“Okay, anything else I should know?” I asked.

“Um… Mum’s a tad allergic to magic, try not use too much around her” picking up a mug of hot chocolate, “Oh and Al, you better tell her about the engagement in the next 5 minutes or she’ll flip and I’m not kidding” she added before heading to the lounge and taking a seat in ‘her’ chair (a rocking chair, kitted out with comfy pillows) that she always sits in while she’s at ours, slightly opposite but more next to her Mum and sister on the sofa.

I picked up the tea and other hot chocolate and distributed them to the correct people, sitting down next to Peyton on the cream lounge chair, discreetly signally to Liv that we should tell her Mum about the engagement by pointing to my finger and then hers while her Mum commented on our home. Liv shook her head slightly at me and then after I gave her ‘the look’, so she sighed and nodded.

“Thank you. Liv decorated it herself. Now, not to be dramatic but we’ve got something to tell you both” I smiled, looking to Liv to carry on.

“We’re engaged!” Liv squealed, sticking her hand out in front of her to show off her ring, “Isn’t it great?!”

“Oh my stars! That’s fantastic! Congratulations!” Peyton jumped up and hugged us both.

“A baby and an engagement, all before you’re 24! You two really aren’t wasting any time!” Hazel exclaimed.

“Yeah, but it’s a good thing Mum. I mean, on what planet would that be a bad thing?!” Liv defended.

“I just didn’t know that was what you wanted” Hazel shrugged and drank her tea.

“Well, obviously Mum, it is, or else she wouldn’t have said yes” Peyton interjected.

“I realise that thank you Peyton” Hazel replied, irritated.

“Al’s been a big part of Livy’s life for 12 years now, that’s a long time. How long have you two been dating?” Peyton argued still, looking between the both of us.

“Five years?” I answered questionably, looking at Liv to verify but caught her staring me down as if I’d done something wrong.

“Five years! Did you hear that Mum, five whole years!” Peyton exclaimed and she received the same look from Livy who was clearly trying to stop any arguments.

“Yes, Peyton, I can hear you. That’s a long time, I’m merely pointing out that they’re only 23, with a baby on the way very soon” Hazel nodded, “I just want to make sure Livy does what she wants. Now, where will I be staying darling?”

“Right, ummm, in the baby’s room” Liv stood up and showed her Mum upstairs.

"Sorry" I mentioned to Al once Mum and Livy had left the room.

"Don't be, this house has heard far worse arguments" Al shrugged.

The thing was that I'd spent the last couple of days hearing nothing but moaning about how Livy was wasting her life, giving up her young adulthood, all to start a family. I'd heard nothing but bad things about the way Livy was handling her life and I really could not take it anymore. The reason I went to Beauxbatons was to prove to my Mum that I wasn't just her second child, back then it was all good things, I don't think I ever heard a bad word about Livy until her pregnancy the last time. It was almost a relief for Mum when she heard of Livy’s miscarriage. Not that I agreed with her then, but I let that one slide. But now it was staring me in the face that she thought Livy was making a mistake with Al, a guy Mum barely knows, that was the last straw, because nothing is better for our Livy than Al and nothing could convince me otherwise.

“She’s been getting on my nerves lately” I commented, placing my drink on the coffee table.

“All Mums do that sometimes” he shrugged again.

“You remind me a lot of a person I knew a long time ago” I remembered, a man who used to shrug a lot.

“Yeah? Who would that be?” Al asked, genuinely interested.

“My Dad. I don’t remember a great deal, Liv’s memory though, she could tell you a lot. Anyway, something that I do remember is that he used shrug at me a lot when I used to ask him things. Of course, after I’d asked Mum, he wouldn’t have much to say anyway. He’d never try and disagree with her. My parents almost never fought, you know” I recalled.

“Really?” he looked shocked.

“Really, really” I got up and then hovered for a moment at the bottom of the stairs, to go and apologise to Mum but stopped, saying, “I just want you to know that. And, no matter what Mum says or does, Dad would have liked you. And that’s all that matters really. I know it would’ve made all the difference to Livy. She really loved him”, I smiled sadly and then turned to go up the stairs but found Livy stood in front of me.

“Pey” she shook her head at me, tearing up.

“Don’t” I replied to her tearing up, “It’s true. I’ve got to go apologise, Baby’s room?” I asked, perhaps being too short with her, but I didn’t really want her to hear, I know she gets upset.

"Yeah" she nodded, sniffing and looking strong again, continuing down the stairs.

I went up to the baby's room and found it as it was the last time I came. Fit and ready for a baby girl, apart from the bed. Mum was pulling out her stuff and organising it all so she was comfortable.

"Can I help you?" She asked, tired sounding and not looking at me in the doorway

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you, I'm not really sure what came over me" I apologised with the half truth

“It’s quite alright. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again” she nodded and carried on with sorting out her things.

“I understand. I won’t. Okay, well, I’ll see you downstairs” I nodded too and left her be walking downstairs to then be dragged into the study by dear sister.

“I hate to defy the rules of the study. But what the hell was that?! You don’t argue with Mum. I argue with Mum” she talked louder than normal but not particularly loud really.

“I argue with Mum” I stated

Livy gave me the ‘Big Sister’ look.

“I do, maybe not a lot, but I do, it’s just, well, Lucas and I are getting pretty serious”

“Shit. Pey, I completely forgot”

“It’s not your fault. I haven’t mentioned him”

“No. I should’ve remembered. It’s just, I’ve had quite the baby brain recently. Not that that’s an excuse”

“It's fine. But anyway, he’s a wizard that I went to school with, in the year above me, so I never really spoke to him until he called me to be the photographer for his wedding”

“His wedding? But?”

“Don’t jump to the same conclusion she did. It’s not my fault they aren’t getting married anymore! I was professional for the whole time he was talking to me. I even met his fiance, she was really lovely as well. I felt really bad when she rang me up crying, a couple weeks before the big day, saying the wedding was off”

“I’d never do that! Mum thought you broke up a marriage?”

“Yeah, so when I introduced him to her, she immediately didn’t like him and asked repeatedly about his ex-fiance”

“Oh. She didn’t did she? Wait, of course she did. How is it that you met up with him after the wedding was off though Pey?”

“He rang me up again at work, he said he had to ring because it was bothering him how familiar my face was to him. We quickly found out we both went to Beauxbatons, and then he came into my shop and asked me out for lunch. I promise. If it is my fault, I didn’t lead him on or anything”

“I don’t know what to say. Other than it doesn’t matter really, if you two are getting serious, obviously you two should be together. Everything happens for a reason chick” she smiled and hugged me, “besides it’s not as if Al broke up with anyone to be with me” she sarcastically laughed.

“Oh no, nothing like that would happen to you” I joked.

“Of course not, she wouldn’t have done anything like that” Al grinned from the doorway, his voice sarcastic as well.

“Therefore, we don’t judge you” Livy shook her head as Al came to stand next to her and held her hand, stroking her thumb ever so slightly, “and we’d love to meet Lucas. If you’re happy, we’re happy” she added as Al nodded next to her.

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Chapter 18: My Family and Her Family
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 Lucky for us, my parents decided that it would be a good idea for the four of us to go to theirs for lunch. A family lunch, which meant James, Anna, Ashley, Lily and Lysander were all invited too. The only problem was, that seeing as Hazel had some sort of hatred towards magic, including floo powder, we had to embark a 3 hour car journey to Mum and Dads. Which was as awkward as it comes. When we finally arrived, everyone had already arrived, therefore proper introductions were in order, especially considering no one had seen Hazel since our graduation.

"Hiya Ginny! Harry!" Liv exclaimed immediately as she saw them walk through the front door to meet us.

"Bimey Livy, I'm sure you've gotten bigger since Christmas!" Mum joked, giving Liv a big hug

"Alright Al?" Dad asked over the car as I opened the door for Hazel, nodding to him in answer.

"Ginny, Harry, you remember my Mum, Hazel? Mum, this is Harry and Ginny Potter" Liv introduced.

"Good afternoon Hazel, it's so lovely to see you again" Mum extended a hand to Hazel.

She accepted Mum's hand and then continued to walk up the stairs to the front door saying "it's good to see you. I didn't quite know how famous you were, of course the girls told me, but by the size of your house..."

Liv quickly interrupted as soon as she saw Lily and Lysander walking in the hallway, "Mum! I don't suppose you remember Lily? And this is her boyfriend Lysander"

"How was the drive? Did my brother obey the speed limits? It's fantastic you're here, we've been waiting a while to finally meet you" Lily immediately gave Hazel a hug.

"The drive was fine. Albus drives very well. It is nice to be here, I've heard a lot about you Lily" Hazel quickly answered Lily and took to taking her coat off and passing it to Liv.

"You all know Peyton don't you?" Liv smiled through gritted teeth taking the coat and placing it on a hook with her own.

"Of course we do! How are you?!" Lily exclaimed, trapping Peyton in a hug and directing her into the sitting room, where we found James, Anna and Ashley.

"You guys remember Peyton, but this is Hazel, Livy's Mum" Lily introduced Hazel to them.

"Of course. Mum said you were coming, it's very nice to meet you Hazel, I'm James, this my girlfriend Anna and our daughter Ashley" James stood up and shook Hazel's hand, introducing her to his little family.

"And you" Hazel nodded, "how old is Ashley?"

"She'll be four in February" Anna grinned at her daughter

"Wow! I remember when you were four Livy, you certainly weren't as pretty as this little one" Hazel grinned down at Ashley

"Thanks Mum!" Liv replied light-heartedly then adding, "do you want a drink?"

"A cup of tea would be nice" Hazel nodded and started to ask Ashley questions.

"Anybody else?" Liv offered it up to the room and got an answer from everyone.

I offered to help and followed her out of the room where she sighed and then continued into the kitchen to get drinks. Where she huffed and puffed until I told her to stop and did it myself.

"Why is it she has to say such inappropriate things?" Liv complained, leaning against the kitchen counter and filing some cups with hot water with her wand.

"It wasn't exactly inappropriate, Mum and Dad get that a lot" I shrugged

"Why is it then that she constantly has to put me down? I mean, I know Ash is probably forty times prettier than I was, I think there's something in that Potter gene, but is there any real need to tell everyone?" She asked rhetorically.

"For the record, I always thought you were a cute child. And actually, if it's Potter, our 'little fighter's' going to be gorgeous, especially considering your looks" I mentioned.

"You guys need any help? Your Mum's wondering why a simple cup of tea's taking so long" Mum asked as she walked into the kitchen

"Could you help carry a couple things? Hazel's not magic's best friend" I asked.

"Of course" she said, coming further into the kitchen, about to pick up some drinks when Liv hugged her, "You alright chick?"

"Yes, just needed a hug from my almost Mum-in-law" Liv stated, picked up some drinks and took them into the sitting room.

"Alright then" Mum said, looking at me puzzled.

"She's a tad stressed" I stated and carried on with the drinks in my hand

"Well that's no good for her blood pressure Al" Mum said, quickly picking up what drinks were left.

"I know. She should relax a bit while she's here though. It'll be fine" I decided, hoping to Merlin's saggy underwear that I was right.

The rest of the afternoon went smoothly, Hazel played with Ashley and talked at great lengths with Harry and Ginny how strange it was that we were all growing up and making babies of our own. Peyton got on really well with Lysander and of course, Lily. Liv spent the whole time constantly flitting between everyone’s conversations. But I suppose, so did I, although I spent most of the time catching up with my big brother, which is something I don’t get chance to do very often anymore. We had a late lunch/early dinner at Mum and Dads which was simple enough. We had polite, nice conversation and Liv only had to bite her tongue once.
It was really nice to be with family again, just to relax. Ashley was adorable, she loved the attention Hazel was giving her. Her hairs gotten a lot longer recently, so she now has thin brown hair that falls down the middle of her back, her side fringe being pushed back with a red headband that matched the red dress she was wearing and brought out her big brown eyes. Anna and James could not have looked more proud of her, she was polite and smiled the whole time. It was like a little gang had created at one point though, it was like a cult of the non-Potters. Liv, Peyton, Anna, Lysander and Lorcan were all chatting, it was almost as if they didn’t care we were there. Anna joked she should've invited her sister, which of course, she should of done really and she did call her to see if she could make it but she couldn’t. I think I was right about Liv relaxing, she did really well even though I know she was worried about her Mum being there.
The ride home though, well, it was okay until we were about half an hour from home.

“Your family are awfully lovely Albus” Hazel complimented.

“Thank you. Mum and Dad care a lot about us, they love family” I mentioned.

“You’re right at home there aren’t you Livy?” she asked, “More than you’ve ever been at my house” she added, spitefully.

“I’ve probably spent more time at the Potter’s than yours for a start” Liv explained, “and then, they’ve always gone above and beyond to make me comfortable while I was there” she added.

“Are you trying to say that I don’t care about you as much as them?” Hazel questioned, outraged.

“No, they just have a better way of showing it” Liv decided.

“Maybe you’d rather have Ginny for a Mum then. If she has a better way of showing her affection towards you. Ginny a woman you barely know” Hazel suggested, obviously not meaning a word.

“Mum!” Peyton breathed as if about to intervene before she saw Liv moving.

Liv turned in her seat to look at her Mum, tearing up, “Don’t you dare bring her into this, I know Ginny a lot better than I know you”

“Do you Olivia? Do you really? How dare you, how dare you even think, even for a moment, that I don’t care about you as much as she does! You and Peyton are the most important people in my life” she started to cry in front of us.

“Mum, there’s no need to cry” Peyton rubbed her shoulder slightly and looked at Liv poiently.

“If I was that important to you, this wouldn’t be the first time you’d been to see me. You wouldn’t be, now, getting to know Al’s family, or Al for that matter. Just because I’ve got all interesting, just because I’m having a baby, this shouldn’t be the reason you come over. You should also believe Peyton when she says she didn’t destroy a marriage. If we were that important, knowing us better would have been top of the list. Do you understand how twisted this all sounds?” Liv spoke fiercely holding back the tears.

“Perhaps you’re right. I’m sorry Livy” Hazel apologised, still crying.

“I don’t think that’s going to be good enough this time” she said turning back round to face the front, causing silence for the rest of the journey, aside from Hazel’s occasional sniffing.

When we finally reached home, Liv got out of the car and went straight upstairs, Peyton gave me a pained look and followed her leaving me with Hazel. I got in, put the fire on and made a drink for myself and Hazel while we just awkwardly stood in the kitchen. She took her coat off and placed it around one of the chairs. Accepted her cup on tea but continued to stand behind the chair her coat was on. Therefore I choose, instead of sitting down, to lean against the kitchen counter.

“She reminds me so much of her Father. Daniel was always very stubborn, very strong-willed. He was never wrong that man” she mentioned out of the blue.

“Liv likes to think she’s right” I offered.

“Yes” she nodded once knowingly, “You know, Albus, I do care about her, obviously more than she knows. I know I haven’t been the world’s best Mum, but I’ve always tried, and in my own little head, I thought I’d succeed” she sipped her tea, deep in thought, “she got you to memorise how I had my tea didn’t she?”

“She wanted everything to be perfect for you” I noted.

“See, I think I’ve done okay. Look at our daughters. Two beautifully well grounded young ladies. Both very happy and have done so well for themselves. We made them, they’re our babies and they’re so amazing. I cannot believe how wonderful they are and what they’ve done with themselves! It’s astonishing!” she spoke as if to prove a point,
“Our Livy, she’s a professor, not just a teacher, a professor! Of magic no less! Defense Against The Dark Arts! And has made a fantastic family all on her own, she has Al, and his parents and siblings who love her so much. Dear lord and she’s having a baby, a baby girl, and she’s getting married. It’s all coming together for her. Oh, but let’s not to forget to mention that fabulous Rose she’s always raving about, I do hope I get to meet her again, and her little family, Scorpius, the brother she never had, that’s what she says, and she’s a godmother to their daughter Maia. She’s got to be about 6 now. Her little house is something we’d of dreamed of, so quaint and pretty in the most gorgeous little village that looks freshly painted. She’s done so so well, she didn’t even need us” Hazel spoke, without looking at me, or even speaking to me for that matter,
“I think I’m going to go to bed Albus” she addressed me, “Thank you for the tea and the lovely day. Make sure to thank your family, they were wonderful” she nodded, placing the mug on the table and walking away from me.

No one really talked too much that night, we left Peyton pretty early on in the evening, allowing her to shower and then go to ‘bed’. Liv and I talked though when we were in bed and decided tomorrow to invite our favourite little family over, which thankfully they were more than happy to do. I told Liv about my theory, thinking that Hazel was talking to her late husband. She was shocked and just wanted to apologise and give her Mum a hug, but thought against it. She decided Hazel needed to suffer a bit more. Of course, her decision. We slept and I got up early to shower and snuck downstairs so Peyton woke up to the smell of waffles.

“Oooh! Al, you gorgeous man, the smell of waffles in the morning!” Peyton grinned widely at me as she walked into the kitchen, pouring herself some Orange Juice (no bits).

“Are you flirting with my fiance?” Liv walked in with perfect timing, sitting down at the kitchen table and helping herself to waffles with a LOT of blueberries.

“Obviously” Peyton laughed and sat down next to her sister, taking some waffles and placing a LOT of raspberries on them.

“Is that waffles I smell?” Hazel called walking down the stairs.

“Strawberries too!” Liv and Peyton both said simultaneously, both then looking at each other and screaming, “Jinx!” before bursting into laughter.

“It’s like I’ve been taken back in time” Hazel commented and sat down opposite Liv, waffles on her plate, piling a LOT strawberries on top.

“I guess I get the banana then?” I laughed sitting down after making a tea, a coffee and pouring another glass of Orange Juice (no bits).

“It’s always been this way” Peyton replied, mouth full of food.

“Expect Dad used to just put chocolate syrup and whipped cream on his” Liv shrugged, mouth full too.

We had a delightful little breakfast and Liv and Hazel silently apologised and forgave each other. Rose (the nonexistent bump-seriously she’s put on zero weight), Scorp and Maia came over at lunch time and we went out to The Three Broomsticks for lunch. After that, we headed back to our place.

“This New Years, Mum let stay up until midnight! Dad says I was really lucky, he said not many six year olds get to stay up that late, even on New Years Eve” Maia explained to Hazel, who loved talking to Maia almost as much as she loved talking to Ash.

“Merlin Rosie, I never thought I’d see the day” I laughed.

“And Mummy and Daddy kissed at midnight. It was disgusting” Maia continued.

“That sounds horrible Mi’!” Liv teased, sticking her tongue out.

“It really was Auntie Livy. I said, “Ewww!” and then they told me to go to bed” she looked disappointed.

“That was a bit rude” Liv joked.

“I know right!” Maia agreed, nodding her head, while Liv received a disgruntled look from Rose and Scorp to which she smirked at.

“Would you like to play the name game?” I asked, offering up to the room.

Once we’d explained the name game with the room, they decided it was a good idea and so the random names came flowing in.

“How about Willow?” Peyton offered first.

“Willow? Nickname?” Liv asked.

“Will, Lo’, Willa?” she raised.

“Willa Potter? Middle name?” Liv asked.

“Ummm” Peyton was lost in thought when Rose jumped in with “Elyse?”

“Willow Elyse Potter. I quite like that one” I nodded.

“What he said” Liv agreed, “Next?”

“Matilda?” Hazel suggested

“Ooh! I like that one!” Rose spoke up, “Like, Mattie for a nickname!”

“That is pretty good Mum” Liv praised, “What do you think Al?”

“Mattie Potter seems pretty good to me” I nodded.

“Evelyn is quite a nice name, how about that one?” Scorp wondered.

“Evelyn? It’s a bit old but Evie’s cute” Liv granted.

“I’ve always quite liked the traditional names” Scorp shrugged.

“Evie. It’s a maybe” I nodded at my friend.

“How about Lacey?” I voiced

“No. Al, why do you choose such strange names? Where did that even come from?” Liv straight off said no.

“Come on! Lace is a cute nickname!” I complained.

“Al, I just don’t think you’re going to win” Peyton said sadly.

“Fine” I admitted defeat, “Anyone else want to try?”

“I like Tessa” Maia suddenly spoke up.

“Tessa, hmmm” Liv contemplated but I could see in her face she wasn’t it’s biggest fan.

“Well, we wouldn’t want to steal that name away from you now would we?” I jumped in.

“Thank you” Maia nodded, “That’s probably best” she granted.

“What’s your opinions on Isla?” Liv asked the room.

“It’s nice” Scorp noted.

“It doesn’t really grab you though does it?” Rose added.

“It’s cute, but there’s something not quite you about it” Peyton explained.

“Okay, so that’s a no then” Liv laughed slightly.

We some how got distracted from the name game after this and talked about jobs… please don’t ask me how, it just happened. Anyway, the Malfoy’s left in the evening and so did Peyton and Hazel. Everyone left on good terms and Peyton promised to be back soon to see an ever growing Liv, Hazel said she hopes to come over but if not she will definitely return when the baby’s born. They left us in complete peace which was great but did seem a bit lonely, especially when Liv went back to work.

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Chapter 19: My Hormonal Fiance.
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“For Merlin’s sake Al, I’m pregnant. Not dying. I can get my own drink” Liv snapped at me for the fifth time today. It’s 12 pm. She woke up 45 mins ago.

“I just offered, I’m going to get one myself” I explained, if I argue back she may not talk to me for the entire day, it's happened more than once.

“Well good for you” she rolled her eyes, moved uncomfortably and went back to turning on the tv, “Dom was 6 days late. I swear to you Albus if this baby is late…”

“You’ll just have to deal with it” I cut her off, it’s the 30th March and Liv is not happy. “Besides, how beautiful is Aurora? Dom forgot all her moaning the moment she saw her baby girl”

“I know. I know. She’s beautiful, I know” she nodded, “You just try being pregnant for 9 months, I’m carrying a little person inside me!” she went back to complaining.

“You know I would if I could” I reminded her,

“Of course you would. I totally believe you. Honestly Al, do you have one not annoying thing to say today?” she moaned at me, again.

“No. I don’t believe I do” I mumbled, getting up and walking away.

“For crying out loud Al, will you please speak up?” she asked,

“I probably don’t have an non-annoying thing to say. I’m going out, do you want anything?” I put a jacket on and paused in the doorway.

“Yes. I want the 7th to hurry up and come already” she screamed as I left.

I only got to the gate before I stopped, looking back towards the house, a very large woman was trying to stand from her place on the sofa. She was barely recognisable as Livy. More a hormonal whale than Livy, her feet, hands, bottom, stomach, face, everything was all swollen and bloated. I really couldn’t blame her for feeling so awful, she probably just wants to be able to fit into small spaces again. I don’t want to get her angry, I just want her to stay safe and healthy. I just want to help. However it seems every time I try, I make things worse. My secret refugee recently has been the Shrieking shack, so I headed there for a couple hours until it was time to come back and apologise.

I bought flowers and a hot chocolate for her and walked in to find her on the sofa, in a slightly different place to where I left her, “I’m sorry”

“I know. I’m sorry too” she frowned, “Thank you” she kissed me on the cheek as I passed her the flowers and the drink.

“You’re welcome. I didn’t mean to annoy you earlier, you know that, right?” I asked.

“Of course. I over reacted. I just… this is so uncomfortable… I don’t want it to last any longer than it needs to” she sighed, taking a sip.

“Hey little fighter, Mummy wants you to come out soon, okay? It’s almost time to see the world” I sat next to her and spoke to her bulging stomach.

“Not too soon though, Healer Webbs isn’t back until the 5th. Anytime after that though bubs” Liv joined in, stroking her stomach, once she’d placed the flowers next to her.

“Got that? ‘Cause Daddy might not survive” I joked and thankful Liv took it well,

“Ha. Ha. He might be right bubs. You’re just so heavy! But Mummy loves you anyway” Liv cooed, “Right, Mummy needs to pee again. Could you please stop leaning on my bladder please?” she stood up and made it to the stairs before bending over in pain, “Arrrrrrrggggg” she moaned.

“Woah. What happened?” I quickly ran over to support her weight.

“I said not yet bubs!” she said, her teeth clenched, “Al. I think she wants to come now” she looked me in the eyes, fear written in them.

“Okay. Okay. Do you think you can lean on the fireplace, I’ll grab the hospital bag” I placed her so she was leaning on the fireplace edge, “Just breathe” I called as I ran up the stairs and grabbed the bag and her pillow.

We got to the nearest hospital fairly easily, she may have screamed at the woman at the front desk, but to be fair, she wasn’t being very helpful. Anyway, we got her in her private room (eventually) and then she started to panic.

“Al, I’m not ready. I am not ready for this. I can’t have the baby now. Wait, I can’t have this baby. Healer Webb is not here. She is not in the country” she rambled on, sounding very similar to her sister on a normal day, “I’m not doing it” she declared, getting up from the bed.

“Yes. You are. You haven’t got a choice. Who do you need? Rose? Scorp?” I guarded the door.

“Who the hell is going to be able to help me right now?” she asked, rhetorically, coming towards me, trying to get out.

“Come on, is there anyone you need?” I asked again, holding her off.

She suddenly collapsed onto me shaking her head, “I need my Dad” she barely whispered.

“I know...I’m sorry” I said, holding her close.

“Ooooh. Arrrggg” she complained and sat down on the bed again, “this hurts like a bitch” she frowned.

“Just tell me what to do” I offered.

“Could you get someone to kick you in the balls?” she suggested

“Ummm… Why?!” I asked, taken back.

“I’d like to see you in a bit of pain” she smirked.

“No. I will not do that. How else could I help?” I asked, shaking my head at her.

“You need to tell people. Everyone. I also need a midwife, well a Healer to deliver my baby?” she decided

“Right. Yeah. On it” I nodded and left the room.

I was like a mad man dashing from place to place, sending my patronus everywhere and anywhere. Mum turned up almost immediately and Hermione wasn't long after that, both went and sat with Liv. I was busying answering questions, talking to family, friends and Healers that were trying to find someone to deliver the baby. I even ran into Rose, who was at work.

"Al?! What are you doing here?" Rose asked upon seeing me,

“Ummm, Liv. Baby. Early” I explained.

"Liv’s having the baby?!" She exclaimed, covering her face with the clipboard in her hand.

"Well, her contractions started" I put it simply.

"Oh my Merlin. But, Al, Healer Webb is on the other side of the world?! What are you going to do?" She exclaimed some more.

"Really Rose? I hadn't realised? That wouldn't be the reason I'm out here instead of with Liv would it? No. I prefer the foyer" I sarcastically frowned at her.

"I'm sorry. Al. I got this" she smiled and then was in her element talking to the witch on desk duty, "Kim. Who's on duty? Okay, who should be tied up? Okay. Well, I'm about to come off. Yeah, okay. I'll be back soon though"

"Umm. Rose?" I questioned as she started to walk off.

"Oh. Al. You need to tell Scorp and Maia. Have you done that? And everyone else, does her mum know? And Peyton?" Rose asked.

"No. I'm just about to do it though" I replied

"Well get on with it then!" She huffed and continued

"Wait, Rose. Do I need to find a Healer?" I asked for clarification

"No. I got this. I'll deliver the baby if need be" she declared and walked in to speak to Liv.

My contractions were very real but were really quite infrequent still. This was going to be a long labour. Hermione and Ginny were both looking after me, relaying birth stories. Apparently James was a big baby which made it easier for Al and Lil to practically "slide out" (Ginny's words not mine). Rose also made a sudden and short appearance.

"Don't panic. You will have a Healer. I promise. Just don't give birth for a couple of hours. Okay?" She waited for a response in the doorway.

"That doesn't exactly sound reassuring. Rose, she's coming when she wants. I'm not running this show, she definitely is" I tried to grin but couldn't very convincingly.

"It's fine. I'm a professional, I'm at work, I wouldn't lie to you anyway. I will sort something out" she reminded me.

"Rose, where are you going with this?" I prompted.

"I'm just coming off my shift but I promise after I've slept a bit I will be right back. I love you. Just hold on" and with that she was gone again.

"Is Rose going to deliver my baby?" I questioned.

"Perhaps" Hermione said calmly and took my hand, stroking my thumb.

“Oh. Okay. Right” I nodded before I broke into tears, “This is a complete disaster!”

“No. No it’s not. We’re here in the best place possible. You’re safe. Baby’s safe. Shhh” Ginny pulled me into a hug, “I promise it’s going to be fine”

“But it’s not. I’m sorry, I sound like a spoiled little kid. I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to come down, you’re meant to be a work. I’m not your problem, I’m not even your daughter, I’m sorry!”

"You are as much my daughter as Lily. Don't you ever think otherwise" Ginny suddenly got angry with me.

"There are much more important things in the world than work. And you are most definitely one sweetheart, we stick together darling, no gets excluded from that" Hermione added, trying to sound understanding.

I sat there and cried for a while until my next contraction, “Arrrrgggg. When’s this going to stop!”

It didn’t last long, but then as long as they kept coming, I was still in pain and even more uncomfortable than I ever was in pregnancy. Midwives were in and out, each one saying they couldn’t stay long but that I was perfectly fine but not ready to give birth yet. My visitors were just as frequent and just a varied with a different person every time.

“Lil, I’m sorry, but, and trust me that when I say this it’s with all the love in the world, fuck off” I said bluntly, “I really really need you to stop telling me it’s okay. You are not the person pushing a watermelon out of your private parts soon. For merlin’s sake, it better bloody be soon”

“Woah. Fine. Who do you want me to send in? Everyone’s out there” she asked, holding her arms up in defence.

“Everyone?” I complained, “For fucks sake, it’s not as if this sort of thing doesn’t happen often! Tell them all to bugger off home!”

“I am not going to be the one to tell everyone to go home" she stood her ground, "you know births are a family occasion!"

"Well I'm not family though? Am I? I'm not a Weasley. I'm not a Potter. You all need to go home and leave me alone!" I practically screamed at her, probably loud enough for everyone to hear.

She looked about ready to cry and I immediately regretted everything I'd said, "I'm sorry, Lil, I didn't mean it!"

"Don't say that! You may not be a Potter yet but you will be soon! Does that ring not mean a crap to you?" She shouted back.

"No. Lil, it does. It means the world. It's just..." I tried to give excuses but she interrupted.

"It doesn't matter. I'll go home. I'll get everyone to go home" she spoke calmly, which was incredibly unnerving. She stopped before leaving the room and said, "Just let me know how it goes" and with that she closer the door quietly and left.

That caused me to break down into tears and cry for ages. I felt so awful because I honestly did not mean it, I was just stressed and worried about my birth. What didn’t help was Al storming in not long after Lily had left,
“What did you tell Lily? She’s getting everyone to leave?” he said frantically as he ran in, “Woah, are you okay?” he asked immediately after looking at my face, tears and all.

“I’m sorry. Al, I love you so much. You know that right? I do, I really really do” I blurted out, “Al, I didn’t mean it. I want to be a part of your family. I love them so much. All of them. Even Audrey, and we all know she dislikes me for some reason. And Lily? We both know how much I love Lily. I mean, don’t let them leave! I don’t want them to go. I want them here when our little fighter comes. I really do...” I explained, still crying my eyes out.

Al interrupted me, “What the hell are you on about? Calm down, I know, I know, I love you too, and so does Lily. And well, Audrey doesn’t like anyone, she’s only here because it’s an event. Why are they leaving?” he replied, taking hold of my hands and looking incredibly confused and stressed.

“I just… I said I didn’t want them here. I said I wasn’t family so why were they bothering… I… I don’t know why I said it… but… but” I stuttered, tears flowing down my face.

“You didn’t mean it” Al finished, “I’ll go get them back, just calm down, okay?” he asked as if it was that easy to stop.

It took a midwife to get me to stop after she told me I had to sort myself out or else my blood pressure would get out of hand and I’d be giving birth at the wrong time without a midwife. Which shut me up pretty fast. As time went on and I touched on the 5 hour long labour mark things started to get ridiculous.

5 hours was a long time, it was 8pm and everyone started to leave, this time not at Liv's request but mine, it was getting silly how long these people had been sitting outside. Mum and Aunt Hermione refused to go anywhere claiming there was no way they were going to miss this, but everyone else left, mostly because they had lives to be getting on with or had kids to put to bed. Dad and Ron, along with Lily made us swear that as soon as something happened they would be the first to know about it. Scorpius and Maia stayed until Rose arrived at 9pm and even then Scorp took Maia straight to his parents (Astoria, who apparently got very excited and wanted to know and visit the baby as soon as too) and came back. I think for my sanity more than Liv's and I honestly appreciated it. This was hard.

Rose wasn’t officially on duty but after proving (somehow) that she had slept and was fully capable of delivering a baby, was allowed to stay on backup, just in case no one else could deliver the baby.

Mum, Hermione, Rose, Scorp, Liv and I all sat for hours, breathing through the pain with Liv of each contraction and trying to keep her from crying.

"Whhhyyyy is this taking so long?! Come on bubs, please do Mummy a favour and come already!" Liv complained between contractions which were coming faster now.

"It's your body adapting to the situation honey, we can't do anything but wait" Hermione tried to help.

"How the hell do women do this?!" Liv asked, "how the hell did you do it? You were so young!" She asked Rose with the utmost severity.

"I honestly have no idea, but it hurts like a bitch" Rose shrugged in answer.

"That's what I said earlier! Bloody hell,this is all your fault Albus" Liv moaned.

I looked at my Scorp pleadingly and he just shrugged as if he had no idea how to answer that either, "It's how it's always been Al, until men can give birth, this will always be your fault" Mum put it simply and I sat and accepted all abuse.

"Come on, you remember my birth though don't you Livy? I mean, you were there the whole labour!" Rose laughed at the memory, "you sat here, where I am, stroking my thumb, just like I am, telling me I could do this"

"Yeah, I remember, Merlin that seems like eons ago" Liv smiled now, ignoring the pain of her contraction and the side of the bed and Rose's hand for dear life.

"And then when the actual giving birth thing came along you almost fainted because you couldn't breathe properly. It stressed you out more than me! The Healer had to take you out afterwards to check you were okay!"

"I know and that meant Al got to hold Maia before I did! I was so disappointed!" Liv laughed.

"It was so strange, having her in my arms, all I wanted to do was show you my little human and you weren't there" Rose reminisced and it sounded as if she were talking to Liv and no one else was in the room.

"You won't leave me, will you? Promise me" Liv almost whispered and Rose just nodded.

We waited longer and longer, there was no sign of a Healer being free for Liv and it became less and less likely that she was ever going to give birth. When the time finally came round we were all so exhausted. And Liv? Well, she was just plain angry. It was close to midnight when she was finally dilated enough to push.

“Okay, Livy, it’s time” Rose looked up at Liv and then to me, “I’m just going to run outside and see if anyone can deliver the baby. If not, I’m going to do it” she ran outside and came back in with no one by her side, “Right, I’m going to have to do this on my own, there is literally no one. Mum, could you help me?”

“Of course, if that’s okay with Livy?” Hermione checked.

“I don’t think I have any secrets with you any more Hermione” Liv put in plainly as she clutched onto the bed in pain.

“Right, now technically you can have two people in the room. But, Scorp, Aunt Ginny, can you go and alert the family?” Rose asked.

“On it” Ginny smiled and kissed Liv on the top of the head and then Rose before leaving as whispering, “Good luck” to Hermione before she headed out with Scorp who patted me on the shoulder for support and whispered, “you’ve got this little sis” to Liv before he left to alert his Mum while Ginny told our family.

To be honest, I’d like to say they missed a wonderful birth, but I’d be lying because through Liv’s screams she swore like a sailor, cursing me repeatedly and was in a considerable amount of pain as she pushed our ‘little fighter’ out of her. and trust me when I say she was appropriately named that, because she just didn’t really want to come out and caused a couple complications, first off she was the wrong way round, but Merlin did that girl fight until she caught fresh air. Rose’s face was so focused, she really was at work, she had to do so much to ensure she came out safely, she had to talk Liv through everything very carefully and Hermione had to pay great deals of attention to ensure Rose could get her job done. But the look of relief on Rose’s face when she got the baby out was a picture I would pay to see again, she just looked elated and so proud. Liv looked exhausted but the relief on her face was clear as she actually sighed, let go of my hand that had gone purple and took a deep breath, which was something she reminded me to do as it would seem I had been holding my own breath for a while. Hermione looked as if she were crying while she tried to wipe off some of the blood and wrapped her up in a towel to pass to Liv.

“Hi baby, welcome to the world, most people call me Livy but you can't” Liv grinned as she carefully stroked our daughter’s cheek.

"That's right, that's Mummy to you sweetheart" Hermione grinned as us.

“Al, do you want to cut the cord?” Rose asked, having composed herself, I did and Rose then had to try and pry the ‘little fighter’ from Liv’s arms in order to get her cleaned up, “Liv, I promise, I’ll be as fast as I can, I just need to make sure she’s okay and clean her up and you can have her right back” Rose persuaded Liv.

“I just had a baby” Liv sighed and sat up higher in her bed.

“You just had our baby” I nodded, sitting down in a chair next to her.

“You two are now the proud parents of a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Congratulations” Hermione said proudly herself, handing Liv back our baby.

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Chapter 20: My Family's Introductions and Announcements
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“Now, this is Daddy, but most people call him Al, just in case you get confused and he’s going to be living with us, so get used to his face” I smiled, because I just couldn’t stop, “and this is Rosie, she’s not really your Aunt but you have to call her that because she’s my best friend”

“When you can talk that is” Rose inputted.

“She’s your godmother” I carried on, ignoring her “and this is Scorpius, or Scorp, he’s your godfather so you have to call him Uncle as well because of that and he’s Daddy’s best friend and I pretend he’s my brother, so just go along with it” I continued.

“And this is Nana Ginny, she’s Daddy’s Mum and this is Grandad Harry, that’s Daddy’s Dad. They’re pretty amazing people. Sorry if this is too confusing but you’re going to getting a lot of this, Daddy’s got a huge family” I introduced our daughter to her grandparents.

“This, is Auntie Lily, she’s actually your Auntie, so you most definitely have to call her that and she’s going to be your fun Aunt that takes you out places”I grinned at Lily widely who did the same back.

“Remember that name little lady because we’re going to go on all sorts of magic adventures together” Lily laughed, cooing at her.

“These two are very special, Mummy jokes they’re her parents but they not really, so this is Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione, they’re technically something like your Great Aunt and Uncle but we won’t call them that, they’re actually not that old” I smiled at them and they looked so happy.

“Can I please have her back now?” Al complained to me

“You just gave her to me” I pointed out, “besides she loves her Mummy and I’m still introducing her to everyone” I added.

“But I want to introduce her to someone and she loves her Daddy too” he complained some more.

“Will you two stop arguing like children?” Ginny spoke before she realised what she’d said and caused everyone to start laughing.

Our ‘little fighter’ started to cry at the noise and everyone silenced immediately, watching Liv bob her up and down in an attempt to stop her from crying, which she got to do quickly enough.

“Okay, if I promise Daddy can introduce you to people tomorrow” Liv looked at me, eyebrows raised at her proposition, I nodded and she continued, “are you ready to meet some more people?” she said nothing so Liv took that as a yes, “right then, this is Astoria and Draco, Mummy jokes that these two are her parents as well, but they’re not. That means you have to call them Aunt and Uncle though, so add them to your mental list of Aunts and Uncles”

“She’s beautiful” Astoria reached out and touched her gentle on the nose, “She’s got the Potter’s piercing green eyes too, definitely her father’s daughter” she shot a smile at me which I thankfully widened my own in return.

“Can I see?” Maia asked, she’d been patiently sat on her Dad’s lap after she insisted on coming in and meeting the ‘little fighter’ everyone was talking about.

“You sure can Mi’, hop on up” Liv nodded, and gestured a seat next to her on the bed. Liv positioned the baby in front of her, resting on her on a bean bag contraption Liv had on her lap so the baby could look lie directly in front of her and look at her and Maia. “This is Maia, she’s Auntie Rose and Uncle Scorp’s daughter and the eldest 3rd cousin you’ve got. Now that might sound complicated but let’s put it this way, she’s 6 whole years old and your 30 whole minutes old, that’s a big difference. She’s also Mummy and Daddy’s goddaughter and that means she comes over all the time, so here’s your first friend” Liv explained to her daughter.

“What’d you think Maia?” Scorp asked as she watched Maia slowly touched the baby’s hand.

“Her hands are so small” Maia smiled, “What’s her name?”

Liv and I shared a look and she nodded at me, as if she knew what I was thinking and giving me permission to tell everyone, “Willow Rosalie Jean Potter, after the two women who helped deliver her”

“You don’t have to do that” Hermione shook her head immediately in disbelief,

“Mum’s right, you really don’t have to do that” Rose agreed nodding her head and looking as if she was about to cry.

“We’ve been thinking about it for a while actually, Jean was always going to be her middle name” Liv revealed, playing with her daughters little feet.

“It would be an honour to share my name with such a beautiful little girl” Hermione grinned about as wide as Liv and I were.

“A real honour” Rose agreed holding back the tears, “Okay, Liv, you need to sleep now, we’ve all been introduced, so it’s time to sleep now” she decided getting up and ushering everyone out.

Everyone hugged Liv and then me as they left and promised to let everyone know and come in stages tomorrow when it was possible for everyone to come. Hermione gave me a extra big hug on her way out, and Dad hung back for a bit while Rose took Liv to get washed, so Dad and I were left with Willow.

“I’m really proud of you Al” Dad said suddenly while we both watched her in her basket.

“Thanks Dad” I nodded, not taking an eye of my daughter.

“You did a really nice thing there, naming her after Hermione and Rose. I’ll never hear the end of that. First James does that for your Mum and then you do it for Hermione. Can someone please have a boy to even it out?” Dad laughed and Willow looked at him in a peculiar way.

“I can’t believe she’s mine to name” I shook my head in disbelief as Willow’s face changed into a more neutral expression after Dad had stopped laughing.

“Neither can I. Both my boys have babies and that’s something that’s difficult to accept” he agreed, “I best leave you too it though son, you’ve got a lot of bonding to do”

“Thanks Dad” I repeated, getting up to hug him and seeing him out. Then going across to my daughter and picking her up.

“Hi there, I’m not sure you caught it, but my name’s Daddy and your half me. So, yeah. I don’t know whether you recognise my voice or even understand what I’m saying but I’m really glad you’re here” I smiled down to my daughter as she stared up at me.

“Al, you do realise my name isn’t actually Rosalie?” Rose had suddenly appeared and sat down next to me.

“Yeah, but Rose didn’t sound right, so now that’s your name” I shrugged slightly.

“Fine. I cannot believe you just did that. You named your baby after me” Rose shook her head, still not quite believing.

“I know I did. You may not realise but you’re incredibly influential in our lives” I replied, looking up at her.

“Well, thank you” she said, as if for once, she didn’t really know what to say, “Way to make me look bad though, name Willow after my Mum too! We haven’t named Maia after anyone!” Rose joked.

“Yeah… Sorry about that. It was James’ fault though really, Ashley Ginevra started it off” I blamed my brother, who I could not wait to introduce Willow to.

“I can live with that, we’ll blame James” Rose agreed, “I cannot believe you have a baby”

“Apparently I do, her name’s Willow and you're her godmother, so you should probably get used to it” I grinned down at Willow, her eyes matching mine so well.

“That’s a title I’m going to have to get used to. My first godchild! A perfect little god daughter!” Rose praised and Willow looked in her direction as if she knew Rose was talking about her.

“That’s right, that’s Auntie Rose” I praised her as she looked up at Rose.

“Where’s my baby?! I want to hold her again!” Liv bounced into the room as if she were on cloud 9.

“One more hug and then she has to go into the baby room and you have to sign some stuff to say she’s yours and everything” Rose told her and smiled as Liv’s face dropped, “Come on it’s late”

I had to leave, Liv went to sleep and Rose whisked Willow off so she could sleep too. I’m not sure how much sleep I actually got, all I know is that I got up very early to be the first person to arrive and she our daughter. I watched the Healer bring her out to me, looking all bright eyed and, I like to think, thankful to see me.

“Now, that’s not fair” Liv stood in the hallway arms crossed, “I’ve been here all night and you still managed to get to her before me”

“I think it’s perfectly fair, you snooze you lose” I mimicked a phrase Aunt Hermione had always said when I was little, a muggle phrase she’d said it was. Liv turned around and I followed her back to her room, Willow in my arms.

“What time do you reckon everyone will arrive then Daddy?” Liv asked, “Oh my stars that is something I’m going to have to get used to” she laughed

“I’m not sure Mummy, but I don’t expect we’ll be alone for long and then it’ll be pass the baby” I smiled, passing her Willow so she could have some time before everyone else turned up.

I was right, it didn’t take long for the before school visits, Vic, Teddy, Noah and Clayer came to visit Willow first and as Liv promised, I got to introduce her to them.

“Another girl!” Noah laughed all dressed up in his uniform, “Elliot, Logan and me are the only boys!”

“Come on mate, you can’t complain, they’re all gorgeous” Teddy smiled down at his son.

“I like little girls” Clayer noted, holding onto her Mum’s hand tightly while Vic cooed over Willow.

“Thank you sweetheart” Liv smiled at her and requested a hug to calm her down, she doesn’t particularly like hospitals.

“Right, so Willow, this is Auntie Victoire, Uncle Teddy, Noah and Clemence. Now, they’re related to us, I promise, Lupin’s are really part of the family, a real important part. Teddy’s like my brother, and just like his name suggests, he gives great teddy bear hugs” I introduced.

“It’s true” Teddy agreed, “I’m always available for a good hug if you need one” he granted, grinning.

They left to take Noah and Clayer to school but before they had left Maia and Scorp were back before she went to school and Scorp to work.

“I’d like to hold my goddaughter please” Scorp pretty demanded as he sat down in the chair next to me, I allowed this and he sat holding onto Willow with care, “I remember when you were this small Maia, I used to stay up for hours, just holding you while you slept”

“Why?” Maia wondered, innocently.

“Because I couldn’t bring myself to look away” he replied,

“Oh” Maia said, not really sure what else to say.

“Her eyes are scarily like yours Al” he continued.

“And the poor girl will always be reminded of it” Vic laughed, “We best be getting off. I’ve got to have a chat with little miss’ pre-school teacher before I go to work. I’m assuming you’re having another day off?”

“I sure am. Perhaps the week” I nodded.

“Fair enough, bye Willow, stay beautiful” she smiled, kissing her fingers and placing them then on Willow’s cheek.

“Bye all. We will come baring gifts soon” Teddy winked at us and then left.

Throughout the day, my less busy Aunts and Uncles came in and out to meet the new member of the family. Bill and Fleur, George and Angelina, Percy and Audrey. It was really nice for them to come, and they fussed greatly over our little girl. Louis, Lizzie and Elliot came in briefly because they couldn’t not come and see Willow. Dom, brought Aurora in for a check-up and made sure she introduced an adorable little girl to another cutie little girl. Seeing as there was nothing wrong with Willow or Liv, we were allowed to leave pretty soon and that’s when we got even more visitors. Hugo and Penny came round, Rox, Jason, Lola and Logan all made an appearance. Lucy, Chris, Molly and Ryan all came over too, and so did Louis, Lizzie and Elliot. It wasn’t at all long until she had met almost her entire family.
Although it wasn’t long at until we had another baby join the family, Leo Orion was born on the 6th August 2030 much to the delight of his parents as well as everyone else. So, it was more visiting and presents just for a more experienced set of parents. It also made it more difficult to see Scorp, Rose and Maia, because our babies always seemed to be out of sync with each other with their sleeping or eating patterns. A quick phone call seemed the best option and work very well for us all to still speak to one another.

Willow was introduced to a Adam’s Christmas Eve that year, even getting to go to France at a mere 9 months! She loved every minute, or at least we think she did. The tally came back in my favour and I won… again! I think Willow distracted the two women in the room, so she really wanted me to win, as I knew she would.
We stayed at The Burrow for the night and woke up for a Wotter Christmas day, and not that she’ll ever remember any of this, but she got a LOT of presents and appeared to be enjoying herself, loving every minute of attention she could get.
The scene reminded me of pass the parcel but with pass the baby, as Willow, Aurora and Leo were passed between relatives and cousins who were surprised while holding the little ones. The three of them spending very little time with their actual parents.

“Do you know where our daughter is?” Liv asked me, while bouncing Aurora up and down on her knee while she giggled.

“To be honest? No, I don’t” I replied, craning my neck to see if I could catch a glimpse of her, while we were sat in the marquee, “Do you think Dom knows where her daughter is?”

“No, I don’t suppose she does” Liv laughed, “But you don’t mind do you gorgeous?” Liv cooed at Aurora.

“Do you want me to go and find her?” I wondered, because I wasn’t worried at all.

“I think if she needed us she’d be screaming right now” Liv paused for effect, “No screams, no need” she shrugged

“No screams, no need” I repeated, thinking the trust I had in my family was seriously high.

We also got news from the Lupin’s, Vic being pregnant and was due on the 11th June. So along with the babies, Vic got a lot of attention.

“Vic! Congratulations on the new baby!” I grinned at her and motioned to the chair next to me that Liv had previously vacated because Aurora needed a change (the rule is, if you smell it, you change it).

“Thanks Al, how’s Willow doing?” she took the seat and sighed.

“I have no idea” I shrugged, “How about Noah and Clayer? They having a good Christmas?” I asked.

“If you find them, ask them for me” Vic joked, “Thanks for asking though, I’m sure they’re having the best time with their cousins, they always do”

“Reminds me a lot of what it was like when we were little” I reminisced, “Next they’ll be having sleepovers in the room of requirement every year” I teased her, it’s only a four more years and Noah will be going up to Hogwarts and Vic is not happy about it.

“Don’t say that! They’re too young to be doing that!” Vic laughed.

“How’s the attention been? I know pregnant women rarely get a moment to themselves on Christmas day. They also rarely see their husbands, how’s all that going?” I smiled.

“Oh, I opened presents with Teddy a while ago but apart from that I haven’t seen him. I never do though on Christmas day, he plays with the kids all day. You know that man’s thirty-two but he’ll never admit it, acts like a nine year old most of the time, it’s even worse at Christmas!” she laughed, “You know what though, the prospect of a new baby, this family goes insane! It’s not as if we don’t have a lot of those anyway!” she commented.

“I suppose you’re right, you’re new one will be the eleventh!” I realised, “And there’s quite a lot who haven’t even had kids yet” I noted.

“Exactly. It’s incredibly strange” Vic nodded, “Not that I don’t love it, because I do” she added.

“I know you do, nobody used to look after us better than you did” I remembered how Vic used to always been in charge and look after us no matter what, she loves family, “We didn’t know what to do when you went to Hogwarts” I laughed, remembering how Rose and I used to just sit there waiting for Vic to organise us or give us instructions until we realised she wasn’t there.

“Aww, Al, you little sweetheart!” she giggled, giving me a hug, “It was worse for me, I knew you guys were all having fun without me. I was stuck with Teddy when you got everyone else!”

“Don’t pretend you didn’t love it” I nudged her.

“I was only 11!” she exclaimed, laughing.

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Chapter 21: Our Wedding
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 “Oh my stars. I can’t do this Rose. I can’t go down on my own. I just can’t” I locked myself in the bathroom at The Burrow, screaming this through the door.

“Why am I getting a sense of deja vu?” Rose joked from the other side of the door.

“At least we know things have gone back to normal” I sighed.

“This is Mrs Granger. It’s almost time, 15 minutes Future Mrs Potter” the walkie talkie I’d forgotten I’d taken in with me buzzed, (we used them to try and save our voices, because, of course, we normally scream everything. And we decided on code names that basically consisted of our last names or maiden names)

“Can I come in?” Rose asked.

“No and I’m not coming out either” I collapsed onto the toilet seat and started to cry, “Why did I decide I could do this on my own? You should have known I wouldn’t be able to Rose!”

“It's going to make things more difficult if you stay in there” Rose pointed out the obvious, “I can’t help you if I’m on the wrong side of the door”

“Give Al a talkie, I’ll tell him if you like” I offered, still weeping and ignoring Rose.

“Oh yeah, and what are you going to say? I’m really sorry Al, but I can’t marry you today, or any day for that matter. I’m not prepared to walk down the aisle. So sorry about the expense and the whole waste of time this was. Give everyone a slice of cake and tell them to leave?” Rose mocked.

“No” I replied, “I want the cake” I smiled to myself, the crying drying up.

“Well that’s not fair” Rose responded, seemingly lost for words.

“This is Mrs R Malfoy, Future Mrs Potter is refusing to leave the bathroom. She can’t walk down the aisle alone we have a total of just under 14 minutes. Any suggestions or help?” Rose spoke into the walkie talkie.

“This is Miss L Potter. Who do you want to walk you down then? Uncle Ron? Draco? Scorp?” Lily asked.

“This is Mr S Malfoy, standing by” Scorp spoke into his talkie.

“No one. I don’t want anyone” I frowned into the walkie talkie.

“Miss L Potter still here, you have to do this. You can do this. I believe you can on your own. This was your decision” Lily tried to install some confidence.

“I can’t. I’m so sorry. I just can’t” I repeated.

“Livy?” Peyton’s voice came from the other side of the door.

“Pey’ I’m sorry. I can’t do it” I repeated again.

“I’m not the one for you to be telling that to” she sighed

“Someone. Anyone. Could you tell Al?” I spoke into the walkie talkie.

“What?!” A voice said startled down their walkie talkie, “Sorry, I mean, Sorry, this is Mrs G Potter, oh forget that, Livy? What exactly do you want to tell my son?” Ginny essentially shouted.

“I want nothing more than to able to do this, but I can’t. Can I have my baby please?” I asked for some comfort

“No. You can not. I’m sorry Livy, as much as I love you darling, you’ve got to get married today because this is what you want. Not what I want. Not what anyone else wants. It’s what you want” Ginny asked, clamer, telling me what I needed to hear.

“If I came out, could I see my daughter then? I just need a hug from my baby girl” I braved it.

“Okay. We’re coming up lovely” Hermione’s voice came through the talkie.

“Thank you” I unlocked the door and walked out to find Rose and Peyton waiting for me, and Willow being carried up the stairs by Hermione.

“Mum Mum!” she squealed at the sight of me and I immediately trapped her into a hug, a huge sigh of relief falling out of me.

“Livy, not to alarm you, but you’re meant to be walking down the aisle in about 2 minutes. Everyone’s ready. Everyone’s in place” Hermione held onto my arm and frowned at me.

“I’m not ready though! I can’t do this. Please. I want to, so much, I want to. But I can’t do this without my Dad” I shook my head and held onto my daughter tighter.

“How about you take Willow down?” Peyton suggested, stroking a loose bit of hair out of Willow’s face.

“No, that wouldn’t work. She’s your responsibility” I frowned.

“Hermione Granger. Do you need me to come up, I have waited a whole minute and” Hermione’s walkie talkie buzzed, Ginny’s voice blaring out sounding incredibly stressed, “I have 9 kids down here ready for take off and none of them are happy about sitting around for much longer”

“Oh my stars, why did I think it was a good idea to get everyone involved?” I moaned.

“I don’t know, but you insisted” Rose shrugged.

“I’m getting married today. I just need to sort myself out” I decided, talking Rose’s walkie talkie from her, “Maia? Little Miss Malfoy?” I asked.

“Auntie Livy? Why aren’t you ready yet?” she asked, confused and innocent.

“I don’t know Mi’ but I need you to do a very important, oldest cousin job” I claimed, “I need you to ignore Auntie Ginny and everyone else and take the walkie talkie you have straight to Uncle Al” I instructed.

“Okay” she said proudly, “I’m going right now” she sounded as if she were running, “I just had to run past Daddy and Auntie Ginny. They looked angry” she said, giving us a description of what she was doing.

“Maia, this is Mummy, don’t worry about Auntie Ginny and Daddy” Rose explained to her daughter, she understood this needed to happen too.

I didn’t hear anything for a while after that, I even went to sit back down on the toilet, allowing Willow to sit on my lap, until Al’s voice appeared in the walkie talkie.

“Liv? What’s happening? Maia’s just handed me this and said you needed to speak to me. She said you won’t come out of the bathroom. What are you doing?” Al questioned.

“Al! I’m sorry. I’m just so sorry. I needed to speak to you before I even tried to, well...” I gasped, “Actually the bathroom door is open for the record” I laughed.

“Liv, I’m sorry, but you sound a little crazy” Al sounded puzzled.

“I know. It’s just, Al, I can’t walk down there without my Dad. But I’m going to figure it all out. Just give me a moment. I love you” I blurted out.

“I’ll walk down” he replied.

“What?” I asked, all 3 women upstairs frowning at me, not knowing what he meant.

“Oh, and I love you too” Al added as if that’s what I was implying.

“No, well, yes, thank you. But, no, what do you mean you’ll walk down?” I questioned.

“We can swap. Have a backwards wedding? I mean why not, we do the same, just backwards. Mum?” Al explained.

“Yes Albus?” Ginny said, crossly.

“Will you give me away?” he wondered.

“Yes of course” she sounded a lot less cross and more proud, then going into organiser mode “Al, I need you inside immediately. Pass the walkie talkie to your Dad, he’s going to have to explain to everyone” Ginny instructed, “Wait. Albus. Go straight into my room when you come inside. Rose, you go and meet him there and then give Liv the clear to go downstairs with your talkie” Ginny said, making up a plan as she went along

“I’ll see you real soon. I love you so much Livy, stay brave” Rose hugged me and then kissed me on the cheek.

“Love you too” I said in the hug and Rose ran down the stairs.

I hugged Willow tightly for one last time and handed her to Peyton who took her downstairs to get ready with all the other kids. Hermione and I adjusted the sparkly belt on my big puffy lace ball gown of a dress, let’s just I can’t move very fast and my arms are cold because I have no sleeves, but it’s probably big enough to hide about 5 kids in it. We also checked out my hair, making sure the waves were just right. Then Rose’s voice went through the walkie talkie and Hermione snuck me into the marquee through the side entrance and everyone gasped at the sight of me causing me to jump and hold onto Hermione tightly.

“Don’t worry. You’re just so beautiful people are overwhelmed” she whispered.

“Oh! Merlin, I feel stupid now” I frowned.

“Don’t be. Smile a little bit too. You’re meant to be happy my lovely” Hermione laughed and left again to tell everyone we were ready.

I stood there in anticipation, feeling incredibly stupid as was completely alone, I don’t see how men do this all the time. It’s so awkward. I didn’t even have my bouquet to fiddle with. I looked out into the people in front of me, grinning my face off when I saw Grandma Linda waving at me and Mum rolling her eyes at her and at me probably, I had a hunch I’d have to explain this properly to her later. Ron and Harry were both pulling faces at me, I think to calm me down, but I was relatively calm at this point. Everyone I loved were in front of me, or at least about to be.

I jumped again when Hermione appeared behind me, placing a reassuring hand on my back and instructing the band to start playing then taking her seat.

I looked up and saw Peyton, dressed in her plain but beautiful coral dress, standing at the top of the aisle, Willow on her left, holding her hand, Maia on her right, sprinkling pink petals all along the aisle. Both flower girls wearing what we’d planned, white dresses with coral petals inside the skirts, with coral belts and a wreath with the same coloured flowers around it to match. Peyton glowed, her now naturally brown hair (she likes to dye it constantly) was tied up in the same hairstyle as Lily and Rose, a plaited twist into a bun sort of thing (I decided I got to be the comfortable one and have my hair down). Peyton got to take my daughter and goddaughter down as they were the people she knew best. She just looked so grown up, I had to remind myself she was 22 and I was 25, so neither of us were particularly young anymore.

After Peyton, was James, Ashley and Logan. James and Logan rocking the grey suits we’d talked about. Logan looked so adorable at the age of 6 wearing a little suit, he looked a bit disgruntled having to scatter the petals with Ashley, but James seemed to be enjoying himself, holding Ashley’s basket in one hand and her little hand in the other.
He got to the end and whispered to me, “I think you just made my day, my brother is a bride” he stood opposite me and grinned his face off.

Next up was Lily, Aurora and Noah, Lily had Aurora on her side, carrying her down the aisle. Noah, stood up nicely, by Lily’s side and sprinkling even more petals on the ground, the white was now getting lost in the amount of petals there actually were on the floor. Lily seemed to be whispering into to Aurora’s ear for a bit until she looked up from where she was nestled in Lily’s next and saw her Mum, Dad and grandparents waving at her to which she got excited and waved back too quickly. Lily laughed subtly as she tried to wiggle out of her grip and run to her Mum.

“Mum made us promise not to make fun of Al” Lily whispered as she walked past me, getting into place.

“But, the rest of his life? That’s up for grabs” James whispered over to me too, making me laugh slightly.

Scorp, Leo and Clayer followed them. Scorp was carrying his son, who seemed to have decided to not want to do anything at all but hide into his Dad. Clayer on the other hand, looked gorgeous and strikingly like her Mum, even at the age of 6, while she was perfectly posed and scattering more petals onto the ground. The two of them made a total of eight kids down and two more to go, and it was looking as if having the little ones as part of the wedding was a good plan.

Lastly there was my best friend, Rose, and as bad as this sounds the last two kiddies Elliot and Lola. Both of them had a basket and were scattering even more pink petals down the aisle. At this point I could see no, number two shade of white, all I could see was a sea of pink, the petals leaving a trail for what was meant to be me, the bride. Rose was grinning the whole way down, not having to hold anyones hand or carry anyone, she was professional but just looked happy. Which was an immediate relief for me, even though I was calm, seeing her so happy made things better.
Once Rose had reached the end, and was in place, (so it went, James, Scorp and then Me, Rose, Peyton and Lily) all at the front. All the kiddies were in place as well, sat with their parents or grandparents, whoever they wanted to sit by really. “Ready?” Scorp whispered from opposite me, smiling widely.

Before I even had the chance to respond it happened, ‘here comes the bride’ came on and I looked away from Scorp to the direction of the entrance, where Al and Ginny appeared. First the look on his face showed amazement, just sort of shock while I shrugged and waved at them discreetly, not really knowing what to do otherwise. After that he tried so hard to keep and serious face and I think Ginny next to him was trying to fight the urge to laugh. I on the other hand just couldn’t, there was no way I could keep a straight face and ended up laughing, not very loudly admittedly but I did. Ginny and Al, looking at me got the giggles and silently moved up and down with laughter as they continued towards me.

“You’re not allowed to laugh. I wouldn’t laugh at you” Al smiled when he got the end.

“Yes, but I’ve spent about five hours getting ready this morning, that would be rude” I reminded him.

“You look very puffy, stunning, but puffy” he laughed as Willow managed to hide herself in my dress.

“I know. Thank you” I laughed to, trying to guide Willow out of the dress where she’d gotten stuck, “If it keeps her warm though?” I questioned.

“Good way of looking at it” Al nodded as Willow came out and wanted an “Up!”

“Are we ready to start the ceremony?” the registrar asked, taking us out of our own little world.

“Oh yes, sorry. Mum, can you do one more thing for me today?” Al asked Ginny, she responded with a nod of the head and a laugh and picked up Willow and took her to sit down.

The ceremony was like any other ceremony I’ve ever been to. We said some basic vows and that was the ceremony. Basic but nice. It didn’t last long either, which was good. We then had the dilemma of going outside, where the wind had decided to pick up and take pictures. But pictures with nine kids and then trying to fit the entire family inside was practically impossible.

“You’ll freeze to death if you’re outside for too long Livy dear” Nana Molly fussed.

“I’ll be fine Nana Molly! My hearts still beating so fast I’ll keep warm” I laughed.

“No, I can’t let you do it. How about we do the photographs in here? Everyone can go inside while they’re not being photographed” Nana Molly decided, the similarity between her and Ginny still astonishes me.

“But that’s a lot of people Nana” Al pointed out.

“Nonsense Albus” Nana Molly shook her head, “Rosie my dear, could you explain to everyone the situation? And get all the family in here for a second, we’ll do friends first”

Rose nodded and sorted everything out. In fact, she figured that no one really needed to come inside at all. She just got rid of the chairs at the back, so everyone just stood around and chatted while people came in and out of pictures. We stood in the ‘altar’ thing for the pictures and the photographer used the petals on the floor to his advantage. Managing to get it in quite a lot. So anyway, we had friends pictures first, that mainly consisted of Al’s family friends, like Luna, Rolf and the twins, but we had a few old Hogwarts friends too. Liberty was there as I still owl her quite a lot, some people from work as well, that’s mine and Al’s. Then we did my family, so Peyton and Mum, and then my Auntie Rachel and her sons Harvey and Lewis, who I don’t ever talk to actually, she’s my Dad’s crazy sister, but we had to invite them or else it’d be rude. After that was the challenge of the whole Wotter family, and then of course each little family separately, like the Potters and then cutting that down further to be just the ‘kids’ of that family’s little family, (James, Anna and Ashley for example). Of course, then we had to have bridesmaid photos and flower girl photos and pageboy photos and groomsmen photos. Then the maid of honour and best man. In the end it was just Al and I, which was quickly becoming very uncomfortable as everyone decided to watch in the end until we were done and everyone had to have a moment of freeze to death before we went back inside the marquee for the meal.

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Chapter 22: Our Speeches
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“Can we all take a moment to exchange money? What for you ask? If all involved in the bet of whether Livy and Al would marry please see James, Freddy or Dom at some point during the night we would all be very grateful. But also I have it on high authority that the person who guessed the closest date to their marriage will be announced in James’ toast” Rose revealed starting off the toast’s apparently.

“Did you really bet on our future?!” I exclaimed, mouth wide open, looking at almost everyone in the room.

“You guys bet on the gender of my babies!” Rose laughed (and just to point out... I was right with Leo), “Now, shall we start the toasts properly?”

“I think that would be a good idea” Al nodded, laughing.

“Then we will. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Rose, Al’s cousin and best friends to both Al and Livy and that’s something I’m very proud to say. Obviously, since I’m the elder, I’ve known Al my entire life, he’s been one of my best friends for as long as I can remember and for a very long time I did almost everything with him. I’ve been saving him from stupid situations since he was born and I couldn’t be happier that his marriage is not one of those situations. Although, as I am the maid of honour, and I wasn’t aware we were going to have a back to front sort of wedding, my speech is all about Livy" Rose started, I looked over at Al and saw his face light up, he loves his cousin and I couldn't be happier that she got to be my best friend.
Rose however quickly caught my attention when continuing "I met the bride in question on the Hogwarts Express and as it has done for many others, it created a life-long friendship in the two of us. We’ve been through first boyfriends, broken hearts, stressful exams, makeup, teenage pregnancy, adult pregnancy and now a wedding each together! She’s already done her speech for me and it moved me to tears, so, my best friend, I hope mine does the same to you” she laughed, and so did everyone else in the room.

“I remember you on the train the first time we met, an incredibly excitable little girl who didn’t know the first thing about magic. We had to explain everything to you but it was great, you didn’t have any preconceived ideas about us. Scorp, Al and I weren’t seen as anything to do with our Dads, because you didn’t know who they were. It was the most ideal situation for us. The thing was though, well, it could have been anyone, it could have been any random muggle-born, but it was you! It was little Livy Adams! Al and I could have walked into anyones compartment, but I count my lucky stars it was yours. Not just because I met my future husband there but because I met you Livy” Rose started her speech, it went on to be spectacular. I cried. So did some other people though, so it wasn’t just be being wimpy.

She gave me a huge hug once she'd finished which made the tears just flow more. Her speech made me remember things I'd long forgotten, times when we did nothing significant were mentioned, like "one baby step", but obviously they meant the world to her. I was grinning so widely though that it was okay and the tears dried up quickly enough as Scorp started his speech.

“How to follow that then? It’s a good question, but hopefully I’ll do it well. I’m Scorpius Malfoy, the best man at this event. I’ll say a few words about Livy as well, just to keep in with the backward tone. I obviously also met the bride and groom on the Hogwarts Express, from there on we forged a friendship that will never break. Livy, had and still has a special quality to her, she has the ability to make people love her from the moment you meet her. I immediately fell under this curse, Livy is the little sister I never had which means I would do anything to protect her. This includes giving Al ‘the talk’ this morning, hopefully, I’ve successfully scared him into never doing anything to hurt you” Scorp stood up and started to deliever his speech and it's safe to say, I was already laughing and crying again.

“Officially scared” Al nodded, hiding a laugh rather unsuccessfully.

“There you go then, Livy, you can thank me later” Scorp laughed, “Right, now, today I am Al’s best man, so now I will talk about the groom although, not too much, because his brother is here to tell you more about him. Al is one of the most important people in my life. He’s my best friend, he’s my daughter’s godfather and I’d trust him with my life. We met and my first impression was that he was Rose’s sheep but I was wrong. He may have been in the past, but Hogwarts certainly made him more independent, which is not a bad thing. He has been a wonderful friend to me over the years, it’s been is 15 years 1 month and 27 days. Yes, I calculated that myself. You have been there for me when I didn’t know what to do with Rose and no, I can’t name just one time. We were eleven when we first met and now, well, that seems like a lifetime ago” Scorp also went on to do a fantastic speech.

I cried at his too. This time it was just me though. The whole day was pretty goddamn emotional and his speech made it worse. It may not have been about me but because it was about Al, there weren't many moments that I didn't remember. Considering we've been friends for a lot longer than we've been dating. 

James told many a hilarious story about Al as a child, the winner of the bet was Lily actually. She guessed a long time ago, when we were about 15, that we’d get married at the age of 25 in August, which was the closest. Peyton also shared a few baby photos of me and and as many funny stories, some of which she must have got from Mum. Then we did our speeches too. Which were admittedly impressive.

"Not a day goes by that I don't feel thankful for my life. I have a wonderful family, my parents have always provided for me and have done everything in their power to help me in any way possible. My brother, James, at this point, I'd like to thank you for your advice that you have given me, for the laughs you have shared with me. Now Lily, my little sister, you have caused me stress but have also been responsible for eliminating it. I love you all, my family, for loving me too, especially when it was difficult to. I could go on and talk about you forever because you have helped me through too much and have loved me through everything too" Al spoke up now doing his speech. 

We decided that we each had people to thank and they got to be mentioned first, each one getting something extra special as a gift. Parents, siblings and The Malfoys got flowers and chocolates in between the speeches though.

"The Malfoys may not be immediate family, but they may as well be. Rose and Scorp, we can’t express how much you two mean to us but we hope you know, roughly, at least. Then our not so little goddaughter Maia, you make us so happy, we love you so much and are always here of you ever need us. And now little Leo, you haven’t been around for too long but we love you too and care about you very much as well" Al thanked, giving them hugs and as did I before giving them some gifts.

"Now, onto my new family, my own little family. First to my baby girl, Willow Rosalie Jean Potter, you may not fully understand this bit right now but I hope when I show you this on your birthday or wedding day, it'll make more sense. You, above everything in the world, even your Mummy, are the single most important thing in my life. I wake up everyday and can't wait to see your face. You make me smile by just being alive and I can't wait until you're old enough to understand I love you, because I'm sure this annoys you all the time from me. I love you so much and I'm grateful for you every second of every day" he grinned and 
I have a lot of women in my life, but one stands out above all, I love her almost as much as our daughter and she's the reason we're all here today. "Olivia Adams, but call me Livy", the first thing you said to me, yes, I remember.
You were my best friend, you are my best friend and I know I’d be a different person today if I hadn’t met you on the train to Hogwarts for the first time. Back then of course, I never thought that I’d be standing here, in front of you, declaring to the world how much I love you, calling you my wife. But here I am doing exactly that” Al’s speech went on for much longer, and I cried, obviously. It was just so sweet. I definitely married the right man.

"I'm really glad you feel like this, because I was considering leaving after you left me to last!
So, before I talk about you, our life, our journey, and since you’ve already thanked a large majority of our most important people, I'd like to talk to our baby girl too because you're right, there is nothing on this planet that's more important than her. She's a rainbow on a rainy day. She's that little bit of light in the dark. She's what brings us even closer everyday. I’m so so proud of you baby, you know, you said Mum Mum first, no matter what your Daddy says. I’d like you to know that everything I do, when I have to leave you to go to work, it breaks my heart but I do that because I love you. I hope this embarrses you slightly when you get older because this is part of the reason we’re doing it. Providing you with the memories, that you’ll probably forget tomorrow. Mummy and Daddy love you so much, please stop growing up, we’re not ready yet" I just couldn't help myself. Willow is quite literally my little wonder, she gets bigger everyday and never ceases to surprise me the knowledge she has.

"My baby sister Peyton, I love you so much, the older we’ve got, the closer we are and I couldn’t be more happy that that’s how it’s been. Our Christmas’ Eve games days are outstanding and I am determined to beat you this year!" I laughed and gave her a big hug handing her some flowers and chocolates too.

"My other little sister, Lily, I know Al’s already mentioned you, and I know we’re only just officially family, but I’m just going to say, you’ve always been there for me and I couldn’t appreciate it more. I love you.
Personally, I’m surprised that Al hasn’t already done this, his extended family, all Weasleys should be thanked for their continually help and reassurance, in times of need and in times of congratulating. Each and every one of you. We love you all. Oh and can we give a shout out to the two pregnant women in the place? Beau we all wish you and Freddy loads of happiness with your first baby and Lizzie and Louis, we hope you enjoy life as much as we do with a baby girl around" I said, picking out those two couples to prove that we still go mad for babies around here! 

"Now, Albus, I guess this is where I talk about you. You’ve given me everything and more I’ve ever wanted or needed. You’re my soul mate and I love you” I began and this was my heart wrenching speech, which also moved me to tears.

Basically there was a lot of crying on my behalf, but they were happy tears. I pretty much had the best day. Everyone was having fun and laughing constantly, it just good to see my family enjoying themselves. They did dancing and we even had a bit of karaoke, the kids table was full with loads of different activities to play, it was perfect. I wandered around everyone, getting congratulating, dancing with adults and children alike, perfect. Most importantly though, it was the feeling of belonging somewhere that made my day. I was finally part of that big family I always hoped to be a part of. I was related, through marriage, but still, to all Wotters. To Rose and Scorpius and everyone else. I was actually an Auntie now and I had a niece! It was the most amazing feeling.


One thing we did do, is record the whole thing, everything was recorded, so Willow could see it when she’s older and any other little ones that aren’t here yet, they could see it too. I think it’s the best idea I’ve had in a long time and it worked well. In fact, Liv got everyone to record a message to their kids and their future kids as well as us.

“Hi Willow, I bet you don’t recognise us. We’re Mummy and Daddy, but much younger than you know us, not that we’re that old to you now though” Liv laughed with a serious undertone, she couldn’t be that old.

“This is our wedding day” I gestured around and the camera followed my arms looking around the room.

“and we just thought we’d let you know we love you lots and lots” Liv smiled

“Look there you are” I pointed out a little girl on the dance floor, “look at you dancing with Nana Ginny and Nana Molly!”

“You’ve got some groovy moves!” Liv agreed, “So, to you, Happy Wedding Day! I hope you haven’t seen this before your big day. But I can’t wait to see you all ready to go!”

“I’ll walk you down the aisle in a bit. Hope you’re ready, because I know your Mum and I aren’t” I grinned at the camera.

“Okay baby girl, we’ll say bye now” Liv waved at the camera, “Mum Mum loves you”

“Dada loves you” I added while the camera was being turned off.

But before it could Liv shouted, “Hope you haven’t cried too much!”

We then did another one, for any other kids we might have. It was slightly difficult, seeing as we didn’t know them yet, but we needed to do it to be fair.

“Ummm.... Al, what do we say here?” Liv asked me

“How about.... Ummm.... So, I’m Daddy and this is Mummy. But you probably already knew that” I smiled.

“Yeah, and this is our wedding day” Liv grinned, “If you’re wondering why it looks so amazing, it’s because Auntie Lily, Rose and Peyton helped quite a lot. When you see us, make sure you don’t mentioned to us that we look very young in this clip, because we can’t possibly be that old to you, right?” she turned to me.

“No, we can’t be that old, so don’t pull that one on us” I warned, “Here’s the thing though, you don’t remember this event because you haven’t been born yet. This means this should be some massive surprise for all of us!” I decided

“We’ve made one of these for your sister Willow because she’s alive, but you’re not. So we’ll give you the best pieces of advice we can think of and don’t knock it, we may only have been married for a couple hours, but we’ve been dating for 8 years and living together for 6” Liv explained,
“So, if we have another beautiful girl, first of all, I bet I get to name you Ivy or Eliza, if not hi Lacey, I'm really sorry I let your Dad win” she rolled her eyes, “Anyway, advice. Sometimes, you just have to go into typical wife mode, I know equality is important, but who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies? You probably know that’s pretty much all I can cook. It makes everyone happy, including you”

“It’s true, all of it. Now, if you’re my handsome son, Daniel. Yes, sorry, we’ve already decided your name. If there’s more than one of you though… I’m sorry mate. Now, advice. Your soon to be wife? She’ll almost always be right. I can guarantee it. But hopefully, you’ll land a lady who doesn’t mind being challenged, that way you can tell her she's wrong. If you don’t though, be very careful and never ruin a good thing over a simple matter. You may never find anyone more meant for you” I advised.

“There you have it then. Our best pieces of advice. And our love, we may not know you right now, but we can’t wait to meet you. Love you!” Liv blew kisses at the camera.

“Daddy loves you too. We’ll see you in a minute.Tell us when you're done watching this, we want to see your little face!” I blew a kiss and grinned into the camera.

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Chapter 23: Epilogue
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A/N- Just a quick note. I know this probably should be from Al’s POV. But we started off with Livy in the fic, so I had to finish with her!

“Alright gorgeous?” I asked, looking up from my desk quickly as Maia walked into my classroom.

“No! Livy! I can’t believe I’m leaving this place!” she complained, moving her hand widely and walking through the room, stropping almost, “I mean, do you remember when I used Wingardium Leviosa right here for the first time?” then running to stop by the window, “And here, this is where Pippa’s wand fell the first time I ever disarmed anyone!" she exclaimed, naming anything she could remember about her DADA lessons.

"I remember" I nodded in agreement, still doing a bit of marking.

“Oh! And there” she pointed to the desk at the back of the room, “that’s where Carter held my hand for the first time” she reminisced, “under that very desk” she then came up to stand my desk, “Here though, this is where you told me you were pregnant with Ivy! Do you remember that?”

“The first thing you said to me was why I needed another kid! Because I already had two!” I laughed, “and then how much time I’d have off!”

“I didn’t want to be here without you” she shrugged, shrinking into herself slightly.

“Tell me about it! I don’t want to be here without you either” I agreed with her, I cannot believe that she is old enough to leave Hogwarts. “I remember when your Mum and I snuck you in when you were a baby, just so you could see the place" I laughed at the memory, stopping the marking, "you screamed your head off and blew our cover. McGonagall was furious!"

"Didn't you hide me under your robes?"

"Yeah and it worked before you started crying"

"Sorry" she apologised, "I'll be crying again soon enough, this time though it'll be because I don't want to leave"

"Come on where's my brave little Gryffindor gone?"

"No where, she's just not feeling very brave anymore”

“Oh! So you’re finally more like your parents! Are you feeling more Slytherin or Ravenclaw Angel?!” I joked.

“Ha ha. Very funny. I’m not feeling smarter or more cunning. Just a sadder Gryffindor today” she sarcastically laughed and then frowned.

“I know all about those. I’ve got one of those at home” I laughed, trying to make her feel less upset.

“See, it happens! Besides, Al’s my family, being a Gryffindor is in my blood” she defended, “I just don’t wanna leave Livy!”

"I don’t want my favourite godchild to leave either, you’re our eldest baby” I stood up and sat on the front of my desk, “Don’t tell your brother, or your cousin for that matter, I’m not meant to have favourites” I added, although, there is no denying that there will always be a special place in my heart for Maia.

“I promise. I won’t tell Cas or Lexi as long as you keep our midnight walkabouts promise” she raised her eyebrow at me in a way that would challenge that of her Mum.

“Cross my heart” I grinned, Maia’s quite the rebel sometimes, I’ve found her out in the middle of the night all the time, something she’s made me swear not to tell her Mum or Dad. As the coolest Auntie/Godmother ever, it is very common for me to do awesome things like keep secrets from parents. This is a good example, I mean, she’s not stupid enough to get caught, so why not let her have a bit of fun?

“Good!” she sighed, sitting down next to me.

“You know what, I also remember sitting right here watching everyone try and create a patronus” I elbowed her in the side in a playful way, “You looked so surprise when you did it! That peacock was amazing though!”

“Thanks” she leant her head on my shoulder, being gifted with height, she was already significantly taller than me so she had to lean significantly. “I’m seriously goin’ miss you Auntie Livy” she looked up towards me, making me melt when she said ‘Auntie’, big girl Maia stopped calling me that a long time ago.

“I know Mi’, but I’ll miss you more” I frowned, looking into her big blue eyes, her long blonde hair slowly attaching itself to me as she was still leaning on me, “It’s not going to be the same without my little gossip buddy” I laughed.

“Exactly! Who’s going to give you the low down on everyone if I’m not here!” she sat up straight and looked at me in the utmost seriousness, “I’ll just have to stay!”

“Come on, I’ve got Noah” I reminded her.

She looked quite upset and frowned, "You and I both know he's not going to be the same"

"Maybe not but Ash is still here, she seems to have followed in your prying footprints!" I joked but continued when she looked outraged, “Sorry, and actually, Willa’s constantly moaning to me you’re leaving. She’s not too happy about her ‘big sister’ not being here when she comes next year” I frowned

“I know, this is what I’m telling you, I don’t wanna leave!”

“To be honest, I may need some moral support, my biggest baby starting Hogwarts is not something I’m used to. You may not mind being seen with me but I have a suspicion that she won’t want to” I sighed, Maia’s always been there to hang out with her favourite Auntie and I’ll miss her because she was always that little bit of home, which technically should continue as my daughter who actually lives with me comes, but I highly doubt that.

“Exactly! You know you’re just supporting my case right now?”

"I know, but you can’t stay Angel, as much as I wish you could. You’re going to go into the big wide world and be a journalist, and finally write all the stories they’ve been writing about you. Prove the world wrong”

“I know, I know. I just wish I didn’t have to leave all this and still have the chance prove them wrong” she sighed

"I wish there was a way too"

“Not that I don’t love journalism, because I do. It’s just, why do I have to leave here in order to do it?”

“I don’t know” I shrugged, she may expect me to know everything, but I don’t.

“Why is it, actually, that people assume that because I’m the result of a teenage pregnancy, I’m a total mess up?” she continued, getting more angry, tears starting to glaze her eyes.

“I don’t know Mi’, but no one knows better than us, that they’re wrong” I stood up holding my arms out for a hug.

“Very wrong. I guess I don’t want to leave because that means exposure, I’m smart enough to realise that’s what this castle protects me from” she frowned, ignoring my hug.

“It protects us all” I agreed with her.

Witch Weekly and other gossip magazines, apparently, have had nothing better to talk about but Maia. Unfortunately, she’s been the centre of attention since she was born.

“Come on Angel, don’t ignore Auntie Livy when she wants a hug” I stretched my arms out even further.

She accepted my hug and held on tight, “I just don’t want to leave” she whispered in my ear.

“No one ever does” I shook my head with some difficulty as her head was tucked into my neck.

She looked up at me, frowning, telling me with her eyes that she didn’t doubt me for a second.

“Teeth are always in style gorgeous, smile” I stroked her face, brushing away the remains of a few tears.

She did as asked and smiled, her face getting brighter, “Happier?”

“Much” I nodded, grinning at her too.

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